February 04, 2010

Sunni Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Facebook

The Chairman of the Fatwa Committee at what is generally considered the most prestigious Sunni institution in the world, the al-Azhar University in Cairo, has issued a religious edict against Facebook. The fatwa forbids Muslims from using the social networking site claiming that to do so is a sin.

Sheikh Abdel Hamid Al-Atrash said in the fatwa that an increase in divorce rates can be attributed to a rise in the social networking website. The fatwa says that Facebook is (Googlish translation):

very dangerous to the public and people in general, especially Arab and Islamic countries
He also warns that Muslims are going to Facebook for "illicit relations". He does not specify whether he means only meat-world real life affairs or also cyber sex.

He also admits that Facebook can be used for good (such as for spreading Islam) but claims that "warding off evil takes precedence" over the possible good the website does.

The fatwa is apparently based on a research paper from the Egyptian "National Center for Social and Criminal Research" which claims that 20% of all divorces are caused by Facebook. The fatwa also claims that the increased use of Facebook is leading to the demolition of the home and the downfall of Arab and Muslim countries.

The downfall of Arab and Muslim countries, eh? If true, then I may have to change my anti-Facebook stance!

More Facebook please!!!

Thanks to Jane, who is having computer problems today.

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