February 02, 2010

Not News: al Qaeda Planning Attacks

I'm not sure if a single thing said by Panetta actually qualifies as news. 1) We've known al Qaeda wants to attack us since well before 9/11. 2) We've known they try to recruit people who can more easiy get into the country. 3) We've known for years that al Qaeda has been attempting to "incite the believers" to individual acts of jihad.

Strike that. The last item is news to the morons in the MSM and, sadly, to many in our national security establishment. Of course, we -- meaning we here at the Jawa Report and a few other like minded CT spectators -- have been warning against this for years. And years. And years.

It was quite comical -- in that dark comedy sort of way -- to sit back and watch the MSM implode over the revelations that Najibullah Zazi was an al Qaeda agent born and bred right here in the US. And then came Nidal Hasan, and from what I hear the Army is still in denial over that.

As if those two examples weren't connected to the dozens of other jihadis arrested last year alone right here in the U.S. Because, you know, those jihadis weren't al Qaeda. Or had failed. Or were going overseas to attack Americans. As if their potential victims would somehow find solace in the fact that they hadn't been trained by al Qaeda, but had only been inspired by them.

Nevertheless, whenever the head of the CIA warns of attacks within the next 6 months it's a reminder the al Qaeda is alive and kicking.


Al Qaeda can be expected to attempt an attack on the United States in the next three to six months, senior U.S. intelligence officials told Congress on Tuesday.

The terrorist organization is deploying operatives to the United States to carry out new attacks from inside the country, including "clean" recruits with a negligible trail of terror contacts, CIA Director Leon Panetta said. Al Qaeda is also inspiring homegrown extremists to trigger violence on their own, Panetta added.

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