February 02, 2010

China Spying on Ex-Gitmo Uighurs

(Stockholm, Sweden) According to the Swedish Intelligence Service, SÄPO, foreign spies and espionage operations are rife in Sweden with between ten and twenty foreign governments carrying out spying work. At least ten foreign diplomats since 1995 have been booted from Sweden for spying activities.

Although it's been confirmed that up to a score of nations spy in Sweden, recent news reports have focused on the efforts of the Chinese who seem particularly obsessed with chasing and watching Uighurs (Uyghurs) worldwide with a major focus being ex-Gitmo detainees.

A Chinese man will go on trial next week, charged with spying on Uyghur refugees in Sweden.

The man, a Swedish-based Uyghur journalist is accused of passing on detailed information to Chinese authorities regarding refugees in Sweden from China's Uyghur minority, including former prisoners of the US Guantanamo Bay facility who were found to be innocent.

Although the extent of the linkage between al-Qaeda and the Uighurs is not clear, China arguably treats all Uighurs as dissidents or terrorists. Even so, the Chinese allegedly were able to get one Uighur to spy on other Uighurs.(More ....)

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