December 31, 2007

May All Your New Years Be Banjo Free

What do you get when you cross a redneck with a Star Wars officianado? Howie.

Happy New Years to all our flyover country readers!

Thanks to Flea.

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Convert or be Nuked Infidels!

vote or die.jpgYou ever wonder what would happen if P Diddy were a Pakistani cleric? My original thought was to Pshop the image to the right to read "convert or be nuked", but I'm on vacation, too lazy, and you get the visual gag as it is.

Indfidels R Cool reprints this:

Qari Hifzur Rehamn, 60, spoke openly of imposing Islamic law’s stoning and beheading on Britain – as Pakistan was rocked by unrest over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

He warned: “We want Islamic law for all Pakistan and then the world.”

“We would like to do this by preaching. But if not then we would use force.” ...

And when asked if it would be right to nuke British infidels, he laughed and answered: “Probably.”

Happy New Year infidel swines!

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Happy New Year Jawas


Hat Tip: FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog

UPDATE: Yeah, that's really me. The face, that is. I don't know who's body that is. My bod is a finely sculpted machine! Almost as finely sculpted as USC's offensive line. Which, might I add, are gearing up to rip Illinois a new one.

In any event, thanks to Little Miss Attila for putting things together the other morning. I do not start slurring my words whenever she drinks. Honestly, I dnt know wss hat sh's tlking bout.

As always, good to see Flap, Baldilocks, Caltech Girl (who's actually a USC fan), Justene, and various and sundry spouses and kids.

And Happy New Year to all of my fellow Jawas!

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By Request

Here you go, Leapofaith. A cool video starring the OH58 Kiowa. Brought to you by Banshee Troop, 2nd Sqn, 17th Cav.

Tell your nephew thanks for serving, and we hope he comes home safe in the new year.

From all of us at the Jawa Report, to all of you, have a safe Amateur Night, and a Happy New Year!

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New Word?


Mike, being a Marine, overcame and adapted by driving around the block to the other end of the street and backing up all the way to his friend's place.

While saying goodbye, at about 11am, he noticed a man leaning up against his car. Mike left his friend's apartment and caught the man keying his car on multiple sides.

Nigel is outraged. Oddly enough, I am not. Because frankly, nothing leftists do surprise me anymore. But I will agree with Nigel that the lawtard is a douche.

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Nervous Insurgents

With good reason too

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California Schoolchildren to Decide Their Own Sex

The lawmakers in Sacramento have apparently decided that California schools have achieved such stellar academic results that now is the time to use them for radical social experimentation.

From NCTimes:

Forget everything you learned in kindergarten about the difference between boys and girls. According to Gov. Schwarzenegger and the California Legislature, schoolchildren can now choose their own sex.

I'm not talking about choosing "sexual behavior or sexual preferences." Kids are going to be taught that they have the right to completely ignore their physical anatomy and choose the status of being "male" or "female." [ ... ]

In October, California Senate Bill 777 was signed into law. Senate Bill 777 eliminates Education Code 212, which currently defines "sex" as "the biological condition or quality of being a male or female human being." And worse yet, SB 777 redefines the term "gender" for all schoolchildren by adding Education Code 210.7, which will read: "'Gender' means sex, and includes a person's gender identity and gender related appearance and behavior whether or not stereotypically associated with the person's assigned sex at birth." In short, this redefinition of gender states that you are what you choose to be regardless of your anatomical make-up.

SB 777 also uses this redefinition of gender to forbid educators from discriminating against any individual employee, student or other person based upon that individual's unspoken claim of being male or female, regardless of his or her actual sex.

And then there's this:
The Los Angeles Unified School District has already adopted policies allowing boys to use girls' restrooms and locker rooms ---- and vice versa! You can read LAUSD's Reference Guide 1557 on the district's Web site.

It even tells teachers they need to refer to students using the student's preferred pronoun. And of course, it prohibits the teachers from disclosing a student's chosen gender to the student's parents.

Given a choice, I'm not conflicted as to which pronoun I'd prefer, however, the scamp in me wants to say ,"First choice, call me Who and I'll play first base. Second choice, make it What and put me at second base."

Levity aside, the legislation is a serious attempt to blur the lines between male and female and thereby attack the cultural institutions of America through redefinition. The delineation of sex on a birth certificate becomes meaningless as society waits until children grow old enough to voice a pronoun of preference.

Intentionally breaking down and eliminating the enduring cultural, legal and biological norms in society regarding males and females is obviously special interest agenda-driven. Anyone care to guess which group's agenda is behind SB777, Education Code 210.7 and LAUSD's Reference Guide 1557?

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British Catholic Schools Under Fire

(London, England) Teaching the fundamentals of Roman Catholicism in Catholic schools in northwest England has riled anti-religious groups. As a result, Catholic bishops are being summoned to appear before government authorities.

From The Observer:

Roman Catholic bishops are to appear in front of a powerful committee of MPs amid fears that they are pushing a fundamentalist brand of their religion in schools. Bishops have called on parents, teachers and priests to strengthen the role of religion in education.
The bishops have been accused of trying to indoctrinate students which, according to Keith Porteous of the National Secular Society, is contrary to the goal of providing a well-rounded education in British schools.
"I do not think the state should be funding Catholic indoctrination," Porteous said.
In summary, there appears to be entirely too much Catholic teaching going on in Britain and the government wants answers.

Fortunately, there's no news of other religious groups indoctrinating British youngsters in fundamentalist philosophy. Only Catholic youths are being stuffed full of dangerous thoughts.


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Bhutto Assasination Video

It appears to me she was shot in the head. You can see her headscarf and head move just before she falls. CNN has the video up here.

Ahh Captain's Quarters has the youtube copy.

Hat Tip: Captain Ed.

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December 30, 2007

The FredHeads Spend the Weekend Mixing it Up in Iowa


More photos here and here.

NOTE: Fred's Iowa HQ has plenty of volunteer opportunities for local Fred supporters. You can contact them via the FredHeads' website.

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Heard Anything Good Lately?

I sure have. Put some of your recommendations in the comments.

And in addition, check out my new toy. It's sweeet.

Update (Vinnie): Dude, if we're going to compare toys...well, I got this and this.

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People's Cube PWNS Iranian Media

This is farking hilarious. Score one for the Infidels!



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December 29, 2007

The Stable of Zionist Whores

Yeah, we have a whole stable of them. Zionist Internet Whore #2 starts a blog. Go check it out.

Any other super-sikret Jawa operatives start a blog lately?

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My Navin Johnson Moment

I'm somebody now!!!

I honestly did not think that they'd let that submission through. So much, it's been over a year and I didn't bother looking for it.

I just checked it on a whim right now.

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New bin Laden Video on Islamic State of Iraq (Update: Video Added) (Update: bin Laden MURDERED?)(UPDATE: WTF is Adam Gadahn?)

UPDATE 12/29: The bin Laden message has now been released. Scroll to bottom of page for updates and video.

A banner on jihad websites yesterday announced that as Sahab video, the propaganda arm of al Qaeda in Pakistan/Afghanistan, will soon be releasing a message from Osama bin Laden.

The title of the message indicates that Osama bin Laden will discuss the so-called "Islamic State of Iraq", the al Qaeda front group which masquerades as a shadow government. The message will also discuss a perceived conspiracy by the pro-jihad Arabic news organization al Jazeera. Apparently al Jazeera has sold out to "the man" because they reported that al Qaeda had made mistakes in Iraq.

It is not clear if the message from bin Laden will be a video or audio. The last two messages from Osama bin Laden have been released as videos, but were actually audios with an old still image of bin Laden. The last true video of Osama bin Laden was of unusually low quality, which is very out of character for the polished as Sahab production unit. Even more unusual was that the video stopped motion during the only times that bin Laden could be heard discussing recent events, only to begin again later on.

This has led to widespread speculation that all of the "new" releases of "bin Laden" were hoaxes--and not very good ones--and that the real Osama bin Laden's flesh is being slowly consumed by maggots somewhere in Waziristan while his soul rots in the lowest circle of hell.

So, expect a "new video of bin Laden" in the next 48 hours which, if it is bin Laden won't be new, if it is new won't be bin Laden, and if isn't really a video in either case. The world holds its breath for some real proof of life.

Laura Mansfield should have the video available for download as soon as it is released.

Thanks to Birddog26 for the tip and the sodomy loving cocksuckers at the al Ekhlaas forum for the banner.

UPDATE: Video added because it has two important tidbits. Bhutto first names names on who is trying to kill her, but then she claims that one of the men is a member of Pakistan's security services who has contacts with the man "who murdered Osama bin Laden". Apologies in advance for the message at the end, the person posting it at Youtube is a conspiracy nut.

Apparently Bhutto knew people -- very bad people -- were out to kill her, but what is this deal with "Omar Shiekh" who she claims "murdered Osama bin Laden"? Either she knew something super-sikret, or she, like so many in the developing world, believed in elaborate conspiracies based on rumor and innuendo.

And, while we're adding the Bhutto angle, notice that she names bin Laden's son as one of the people who might want to kill her (among four possibilities). Again, it's just Bhutto's speculation, but it does look like al Qaeda was behind it. Specifically: Baitullah Mehsud.

UPDATE: Did she really mean to say "Daniel Pearl" instead of "Osama bin Laden"? Maybe. Allah seems to think that's a better explanation. Curt, too.It's a truthers wet dream.

Another interesting is that the info she got on her would-be-assassins comes from: Musharraf.

Update by Howie: The Tape has been released. It is a still image over an audio message. The voice appears at first listen to be that of bin-Laden. No subtites.

The video can be downloaded here courtesy of Laura Mansfield. A streaming copy of the video is here, or scroll to the bottom of this post for an embedded copy. The video is not in English.

Here is a report on the content of the message so far Via Yahoo

CAIRO, Egypt - Osama bin Laden warned Iraq's Sunni Arabs against fighting al-Qaida and vowed to expand the terror group's holy war to Israel in a new audiotape Saturday, threatening "blood for blood, destruction for destruction."

Most of the 56-minute tape dealt with Iraq, apparently al-Qaida's latest attempt to keep supporters in Iraq unified at a time when the U.S. military claims to have al-Qaida's Iraq branch on the run.

The tape did not mention Pakistan or the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, though Pakistan's government has blamed al-Qaida and the Taliban for her death on Thursday.

But bin Laden's comments offered an unusually direct attack on Israel, which has warned of growing al-Qaida activity in Palestinian territory. The terror network is not believed to have taken a strong role there so far.

"We intend to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea," he said, threatening "blood for blood, destruction for destruction."

UPDATE by Rusty: Again, the audio was released without English subtitles. For newer readers this is significant because nearly all as Sahab produced propaganda is simultaneously released in several languages, including English. There is something close to a consensus that Adam Gadahn, the California native who converted to Islam and joined al Qaeda and the only person since 9/11 under indictment for treason, is as Sahab's chief English language propagandist and translator.

Either Adam Gadahn is dead, or he is in a much more dangerous position than that of propagandist. I'm sure intel types are all over this, but sometimes this kind of info has a way of not filtering down to the troops on the field or those manning the border. So, be on the lookout for this man either on the ground in Afghanistan earning some street cred with al Qaeda or trying to infiltrate Europe or the U.S. using a false identity.

There is a $1 milllion reward for the capture of this American al Qaeda traitor.

The full Arabic version of the video is below.

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Miss France 2008 Banned From Miss Universe Pageant.

Via Canadian Press:

PARIS - Miss France will get to keep her crown despite the racy photos of her that recently appeared in a gossip magazine.

However, organizers of the Miss France contest said Friay that 22-year-old Valerie Begue will not compete in the upcoming Miss World or Miss Universe pageants.

Begue, who won the Miss France 2008 title on Dec. 8, describes the outcome as "a compromise which satisfies all parties."

Photos published in Entrevue magazine last week included one of a bikini-clad Begue lying on a cross in a swimming pool.

Another showed her licking what appeared to be yogurt or evaporated milk.

Got Milk?

Click image for more!

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FredHeads Road-Trip it to Iowa for Fred


A small but dedicated team of die-hard FredHeads has road-tripped from Texas to Iowa to help Fred heading into the Iowa Caucuses. Photos here.

In other news, Fred's Iowa HQ has plenty of opportunities for volunteers. Anyone interested in getting involved in "The Iowa Project" should contact the FredHeads here.

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Topless Woman Used in Sting Operation

(Columbus, Ohio) Police in Columbus have been conducting a topless "sting" operation in the city's parks (pic) targeting public indecency.

Some people are opposed to the stings, considering them to be "dangerously close to entrapment." In my opinion, the operation appears more like a bait, cajole and snare ploy than a sting.

From ABC News:

Robin Garrison, an off-duty 42-year-old firefighter, was walking in Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio, in May when he saw a woman sunbathing topless under a tree.

He approached her and they started talking and getting comfortable, the woman smiling and resting her foot on his shoulder at one point.

Eventually, she asked to see Garrison's penis; he unzipped his pants and complied.

Seconds later, undercover police officers pulled up in a van and arrested Garrison; he was later charged with public indecency, a misdemeanor, based on video footage taken by cops who were targeting men having sex or masturbating in the park.

While topless sunbathing is legal in the city's parks, exposing more than that is against the law.

Jeez, it seems that just about any guy who is on the smart-alecky side of thinking things through would get caught. Hell, starting in grade school, I'll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours has been a popular boy-girl game. Not only that but she asked! The guy was simply being a gentleman by honoring the lady's request. Chivalry has been rewarded with handcuffs.

Without knowing the local laws and all the details of the sting operation, I'm not sure it isn't entrapment. But I'm leaning in the direction that it is. Readers may disagree.

[NOTE] Apologies to Bluto. It seems we were working in simultaneous independence on this story.

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ABC News: Heterosexuals Are 'Perverts'

Let's say you're a healthy straight male walking through a park in Columbus, Ohio when an attractive woman wearing only a bathing suit bottom (topless sunbathing is legal in Columbus) beckons you. She chats, drapes her leg over your shoulder, and asks to see your penis. As soon as Captain Happy pokes his head out, undercover police move in to arrest you for public lewdness.

Being entrapped is bad enough. Adding insult to injury, ABC News headlines its story, "Topless Woman Lured Perverts in Police Sting."

Got that? Playing sausages and bungholes in the bushes is just fine, but a normal male response to overtly seductive behavior from a half-naked woman is "perverted."

Sounds like Columbus, Ohio has way too many police on the payroll, and way too little idea about how to deploy them effectively.

Sounds like ABC has way too many perverts on their payroll.

(Self-disclosure: If I weren't a married man, there's a real, real good chance that Poky would get me into the same kind of trouble.)

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Al Qaeda Cyberpussies Now Ripping Off The Knack

I noticed that the cyberpussies have bought a few new domain names for one of their favorite hangouts: &

Is it merely a coincidence that "my al hesbah" is metered perfectly to match The Knack's classic "My Sharona"? I think not. We all know that the dirty minded cocksuckers of al Qaeda's internet jihad brigades get off on the snuff porn propaganda produced by the Islamists all over the world.

And that one line, "Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind" could easily be about some young boy getting punked by a Taliban leader as it could be about some hot not-quite 18 year old chick. I have it on good authority that kiddie porn is just as popular among would-be shahids as martyr videos and the latest nasheed about how Allah will bless the mujahideen for killing the Zionist infidel crusader pigs.

Damn you al Qaeda for ruining one of my favorite songs of all time! Damn you all to hell!

My Sharona video below.

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Vermont Activist Advocates Open Treason

As the Surge continues to work as planned desperate lunatic fringe lefties get more and more idiotic.

From CNN:

A group in Brattleboro is petitioning to put an item on a town meeting agenda in March that would make Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they visit the southeastern Vermont community.

"This petition is as radical as the Declaration of Independence, and it draws on that tradition in claiming a universal jurisdiction when governments fail to do what they're supposed to do," said Kurt Daims, 54, a retired machinist leading the drive.

Without the will and wherewithal (and luck, or, perhaps, a beneficent Providence) to enforce the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers would have gone down in history as traitors to the Crown.

Kurt's little hissy fit is simply treason, without any noble purpose.

Stupid syrup-sucking stump jumper.

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December 28, 2007

Good News: Australian Taliban Goes Free as Supporters Mob Car

David Hicks, Australia's Johnny Walker Lindh, has been freed. Seriously, the similarities between Hicks and Jihad Johnny are many. Both were members of the Taliban, both captured in Afghanistan, & both have douchebag fathers who claim their sons were well intentioned humanitarians who were simply misunderstood by oppressive Western governments.

To the right is a pic of Terry Hicks, the father, from a documentary he helped produce where he retraced his sons footsteps from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Like I said, a lot of similarities between Terry Hicks and Frank Lindh. Terry Hicks traveled to Guantanamo Bay for Hicks' hearing to show his support for his son, the traitor. He also allowed himself to be used by Leftwing nuts who think George W. Bush is a greater threat to freedom then the Islamic fanatics who want to reinstitute the death penalty for criticizing a religious figure. Religious fanatics like his son.

Hicks, unlike our own Johnny Walker Lindh, admits to having personally met with Osama bin Laden.

Most disturbing part of the story? Hicks was mobbed by a group of supporters as he was being released. The "supporters" are described as "mostly elderly". Islamists? No, I'm guessing aging liberal hippie douchebags.

I think I'm going to be sick.

The Age:

Hicks, wearing a green polo shirt and jeans, was to be driven to a secret location in Adelaide where he will start his life out of custody.

The father of two has completed a jail sentence, after pleading guilty before a US military commission in March this year to a charge of providing material support for terrorism.

A small crowd of mostly elderly supporters were outside the prison as Hicks left, many holding banners reading 'This could have been your son' and 'David Hicks is no threat'.

The supporters surrounded the car in which Terry Hicks and lawyer David McLeod left the prison, cheering as the car left the prison grounds...

It had been reported that David Hicks would include an apology to the nation in his statement, but after expressing gratitude to the public and the media for their support, no apology was offered.

Terry Hicks told reporters he didn't feel that David owed Australia an apology. He said he had spent five-and-a-half years doing it "pretty tough".

Australia's new Prime Minister had to remind Australian Leftists not to celebrate Hick's release. Charming.

Meanwhile, the leader of Australia's Democats (which, I'm guessing, is Left of the current center-left ruling party) is saying Hicks shouldn't be on "control order", which is like probation. Instead of focusing on Hick's ties to al Qaeda, she's more worried about Hick's treatment at Guantanamo, which, by all accounts, was pretty good. Yup, nothing to worry about here.

Thanks to Ziggy Zoggy.

Related: David Hicks: Australian Taliban

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British Islamists Celebrate Bhutto Murder (UPDATE: American Islamists celebrate too)

Yesterday the British followers of exiled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed issued a statement celebrating the murder of Benazir Bhutto. The announcement was reposted under the title Death of Bhutto: A day of joy:

Today was like a day of ‘eid (celebration) for Muslims all over the world, especially for those who understand the meaning of al-kufru bit-tawaagheet (disbelieving in and rejecting false deities)...

Verily, this news entered happiness into the hearts of all sincere Muslims. But sadly there are some ignorant people who mourn her death.

Benazir Bhutto was Ismaa’eeli and not even a Muslimah, therefore people should renew their views about her...

This is the destiny and fate of those who declare war on the Messengers of Allah, His Deen (religion) and His soldiers, the mujaahideen....

By declaring war on Islam and so-called “terrorists” she has faced the consequences.

Some are questioning if she was a Muslimah or not. Firstly, it is known that she was Ismaa’eeli, and not Muslim. But for argument’s sake, even if she was a Muslim, she ruled by kufr (non-Islamic) law and declared complete apostasy by allying with the enemies of Allah against Ahl ut-Tawheed (the people of Islam) – therefore she was a disbeliever.

Her death is a lesson for all other leaders around the world, especially the rulers of Muslim countries.

Sounds like a not-so-veiled threat to me. Bakri Mohammed's followers are all over Britain, but some also live here in the U.S.

UPDATE: I also notice that Samir Khan, the Charlotte based al Qaeda fan, posted the same here. He has comments, and I don't think you need to read Arabic to get the gist:


1. irhaabiyah - December 27, 2007


Allahu AKBAR!!!
Al hamdulillaahi rabbil aalameeeen….
wa lanatullaaahi alal Munaafiqeeen…
jazakAllaahu khair… for the details of this kaafirah…

Incidentally, the name of the commenter, "irhaabiyah" is a play on the Arabic word for terrorist, irhabi.

In another post Samir tries to convince readers that Bhutto was a "filthy...Shia".

Earlier he called her an "apostate" who has received her "punishment in both worlds." Since apostasy is punishable by death under Islamic law, readers would understand her murder as the execution of just punishment and that she is now also being punished in the afterlife for her "crime".

Again, this guy lives in North Carolina and openly says these disgusting things. We know who Samir Khan is because he's a pussy who types from his momma's basement. But for every Samir Khan out there that we know about, how many more quietly agree with him? It's something to think, and worry, about.

UPDATE: Apparently, the original message was from Bakri Mohammed himself, and then his followers later cleaned up the speech and printed it. Glen Jenvey sends this recording of Omar Bakri Mohammed speaking to his followers via paltalk, in which he celebrates Bhutto's death. He says:

Verily she is Benazir Bhutto.

Verily she is the one whom entered the happiness to every sincere Muslim when she has been today killed by one of the lions of tajid from this ummah.

May Allah [Arabic prayer] make that the day which we hear like that every day we hear about it.

Bakri Mohammed is in exile in Lebanon after being denied reentry to his adopted country of Britain. But his followers still listen to his message of jihad on the internet and continue to be incited to violence.

Update within-an-update: I just got to six minute mark when I notice Bakri Mohammed saying this about a speech Bhutto had just given before she was assassinated in which she pledged to continue the war against terrorists in her country, what Barki calls a "war against Muslims":

That's why Allah sent to her his soldiers and they came to her in a place she never ever expected that.
Then at about the 12 minute mark:
We will support the mujahideen in order to liberate the Muslim lands from occupation and establishh Allah's [Arabic].

At the same time, we will always train those people who want to carry that [??] obligation and carry the duties against the [Arabic] ... they have the ability to inflict the maximum damage on those apostate rulers or those who suffer them.

Is Bakri Mohammed admitting to helping finance al Qaeda train its terrorist operatives here? Sounds like it to me.

UPDATE III: Another American Muslim, Youssef al Khattab (formerly Joseph Cohen) celebrates Bhutto's death with this pretty lame YouTube video. I also notice that he's changed the name of his family website to "Revolution Muslim". Khattab lives and works in New York City. Like I said, scary.

Thanks to Zionist pimp #6.

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Rescue Plan for Yemen

The following rescue plan for Yemen was written by a variety of opposition forces including representatives of the Shiite rebels in the North and some factions of Southerners. The fundamental obstacle in implementing the plan is that it requires President Saleh to step down voluntarily.

Dear honorable brother Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic of Yemen -Sana’a

In the beginning at the outset, he was unable to confirm any Yemeni, you can deny a senior maker Yemeni unity of goals and the great dream of the Yemeni people, as entered history from the wider doors, we encourage you to go back to the date for step duties, which have become a burden to you as a president.

And our right to the blood and prevention, the collapse and destruction of the homeland that I loved to the point of passion .

The love of good for your family, and let us be frank with you to what is happening today of problems and strife and painful events that are the result of natural alliances with former friends , which have left you for all these years in power, we know well the requirements and necessities of politics, but the case today has increased the reduction and has crossed the line.

You are trying by all means to create the referee son Ahmed and this insults the Yemeni revolution and the republican system, which I was one of the revolution and supporter and we've said and repeated, in mind that the governance referee or any one in your family or friends can be president but only after a period of time, at least what has happened in the past in more than one country and across the world and by the real presidential elections. There is no party that covers its costs from the State Treasury without the others.

Mr. President, Yemen is a country of safety, faith and wisdom and the majority opinion which will not be a country of deception and prevarication and the violation of privacy. Our country is rich and thankful to God but what happens today only deliberate impoverishment. Hearts led to acrimony and undermine and the values of ethics and morality but what has happened to day almost turned Yemen into a jungle and turned its people into carnivores eating each other.

Mr President, Yemen's trust and its people are in your hands. Deliver the trust to who may take care of it. We will continue to remind you as long as we live, we will remind you this deed which will be remembered and appreciated by the world . Those that only the brave will be able to overcome; you are one of them no matter what differences are between us. If you don’t accept this offer the people will decide between us by a petition of signatures. God is judging, God is judging, God is judging.


Abdallah Salam Al-Hakimi
Yahya AL-Hothy
Dr. Mohammed Al-Nommani
Dr. Farook Hamza
Omar Ali
Fathi Al-Katta

List of Requests

1-Call to amend the Constitution to be a period of only two presidential term of four years each.

2-Ask President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down from power saving people and to prevent the collapse and destruction of the country. For what is happening today is the result of natural alliances with former friends, which has kept all these years in power and made way for the government to save and prepare for the national presidential elections real party is not taken without other costs from the public offers of the State based on the terms of the initiative launched by the government rescue by brother Abdullah Salam Al-hakimi last October.

3-Call to end the rule of the family and to prevent the abolition of inheritance and the Republican Guard and Special Forces.

4-Call for a peaceful strike upward leading to the open site.

5-Emphasis on upholding unity Yemeni territory and its people, whether it’s Sanaa or Aden to alienate the sovereignty and independence of the homeland.

6-Call to all Yemenis opponents to return to the homeland to contribute to the building of a new Yemen and closing all files.

7-Invitation to the opposition parties not to accept any initiative that may be offered by the regime that will shortly be destructed, because of their acceptance they will be offered a lifeline.

8-Invite leaders of the army and the police and intelligence services that they are not to be suppressed against fellow claimants of the peaceful Yemeni’s that ask to reform freedom and equal citizenship.


Dear honorable Mr. Ban Ki Mun Secretary General of the United Nations New York.

We know very well that you are fully informed of the bad and deteriorating situation in the Republic of Yemen because of corruption irresponsible use of the State Department and the looting of resources and deliberate impoverishment of the people by President Ali Abdullah Saleh and members of his family and his staff.

The transformed the values of the Yemeni society and the flagrant violation of the rights of citizens and democracy, which we believed in the reunification of Yemen in 1990, and the creation of the country to bequeath his son governance and the governance transition which we will not accept and will stand in the face, whatever the sacrifices of Yemen's republican country. As we have said before and we will repeat that we will not allow that the candidate's son or one of his relatives for the post of President but not immediately. At least after some time has passed in more than one country in the world.

We would like to emphasize that we call on President Saleh to reinstate the document Covenant and Agreement, which was signed in 1994 in the Jordan’s capital, Amman by all political parties and organizations. Yemeni basis for comprehensive reconciliation in Yemen and equal citizenship ask you finally to inform the donors of aid to Yemen from the countries and organizations because they do not go the right way. But unfortunately has become one of the factors of corruption.

Attached to the letter is a copy of the rescue program announced in last October published in a number of Yemeni and Arab newspapers and on a list of demands.


Abdallah Salam Al-Hakimi
Yahya AL-Hothy
Dr. Mohammed Al-Nommani
Dr. Farook Hamza
Omar Ali
Fathi Al-Katta

Rescue Initiative

First: the establishment of a National Council of Wise men which consists of a number that does not increase the amount of 35 personal dignitaries and national inhabitants with concerns of the nation and its citizens, who have visions and projects to bring the country out of its crisis, wthout excluding anyone under the pretext of separatism or regionalism, racism or sectarianism, respect of this Council and in particular the following major tasks:

- Develop a national comprehensive formula which contains solutions to the conditions of the country based on a Covenant and Agreement as the only national document that achieve national consensus around the universal commitment, respected and confirmed by the Security Council resolutions on the war in 1994 and mean to the Covenant document and the agreement on rebuilding its political system and its institutional States with modernarity which turned a blind eye to things and issues which timely received them.

-Achieve wide and local government authorities and the full powers without any diminution and reaffirm the right of each province or territory or region in the election of all executives from among the sons except military affairs only with other provisions.

- Develop a formula whereby redistribution of national wealth on the basis of fairness and equality among all regions of the country.

-Formation of a national committee of wise men with the possibility of the use of Arab and international expertise for the preparation of the draft for the new constitution in line with the overall national solution formula established by the Council of Wise men and downloaded to the national debate and broad and popular approval through a referendum in lieu of the current Constitution, which has become too large of amendments in response to the personal whims and ambitions of individuals until it is no color or taste

Second: formation of a government of national saving and the National Council of Wise men of proposed names of its members and its main duties restricted as follows:

- Numbers and full preparation for the holding of local elections and parliamentary and presidential elections during the period of time does not exceed the two years including the proposed draft of a new law for elections which achieves fairness, impartiality and transparency approved by the Council of Wise men and purifies the table voters from corruption, forgery and requests supervision over local civil society organizations and international supervision to ensure full integrity Elections, impartiality and transparency in other words, the major task of the government of national salvation elections

- Develop plans which are urgent and effective steps to address the imbalances of the political, financial, administrative, judicial, economic and radical solutions to the fight against corruption genuine, and not cosmetic as it exists now and the elimination of all forms of legal transgressions of others that have occurred in the past in all areas

- National Salvation government granted full powers and authority executive powers including the transfer of executive powers enjoyed by the President to this government so that there are limited responsibilities of the President during the ceremonial functions and protocol as is the case in the parliamentary system and prevents it interfering in any way the work of the function,power and authority government of the National Salvation.

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Bon Anniversaire Á Moi

That's right, it's Bluto's birthday.

Below the fold, an unusually dedicated fan lights a birthday candle for me.

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December 27, 2007

ISI "Defense Minister" Captured?

I put the question mark because this is unconfirmed:

The Iraqi Army claimed to have captured the minister of defense of the Islamic State of Iraq, al Qaeda’s political front organization. Ahmed Turki Abbas was captured after being wounded in a skirmish near Mahmudiyah and “claimed the rank of defense minister,” Qassim al Moussawi, Iraq's military spokesman told Reuters.

Confirmation on the arrest of Abbas, which is also likely a nom de guerre, has not been given by Multinational Forces Iraq at this time. The Iraqi government has made claims of killing and capturing Abu Omar al Baghdadi several times this year, which turned out to be false reports or cases of mistaken identity.

More at Long War Journal.

Then there's this from Gateway Pundit:

Seven U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi army interpreter came under attack Saturday May 12, 2007, during a patrol in a Sunni insurgent stronghold south of Baghdad. Five were killed and three went missing.

Today the US announced that they captured the insurgents responsible for the kidnapping of the 3 US soldiers.

So, there's still good news going on out there while we wait to see what happens in an Islamic country armed with nuclear weapons.

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Benazir Bhutto Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack (updated, al-Qaeda claims attack)

bhuttoobitsmall.JPGVia CNN:

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (CNN) -- Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in the wake of a suicide bombing that killed at least 14 of her supporters, doctors, a spokesman for her party and other officials said.

Bhutto suffered bullet wounds in the aftermath of the bomb attack, TV networks were reporting.

Police warned citizens to stay home as they expected rioting to break out in city streets as a shocked Pakistan absorbed the news of Bhutto's assassination.

Video of the scene just moments before the explosion showed Bhutto stepping into a heavily-guarded vehicle to leave the rally.

Bhutto was rushed to Rawalpindi General Hospital -- less than two miles from the bombing scene -- where doctors pronounced her dead.

Link to CNN Video

They also tried to kill her yesterday. A Fifteen year old boy was caught with a bomb at a security check.

Update: There's some footage from the bombing in this ABC report I found on Google video.

CBC video of the scene here (real player format).

More video here and here.

Update II: al-Qaeda claims Bhutto's murder.

Via Adnkronos e-news: Karachi, 27 Dec. (AKI) - (by Syed Saleem Shahzad) - A spokesperson for the al-Qaeda terrorist network has claimed responsibility for the death on Thursday of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

“We terminated the most precious American asset which vowed to defeat [the] mujahadeen,” Al-Qaeda’s commander and main spokesperson Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid told Adnkronos International (AKI) in a phone call from an unknown location, speaking in faltering English. Al-Yazid is the main al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan.

It is believed that the decision to kill Bhutto, who is the leader of the opposition Pakistan People's Party (PPP), was made by al-Qaeda No. 2, the Egyptian doctor, Ayman al-Zawahiri in October.

Death squads were allegedly constituted for the mission and ultimately one cell comprising a defunct Lashkar-i-Jhangvi’s Punjabi volunteer succeeded in killing Bhutto.

Bush Condemns "Cowardly" Attack on Bhutto

Pakistani Forces on Red Alert

Update III: More on the The death of Benazir Bhutto via Betsy Pisik at The Washington Times. They have a link to the latest known video of Benazir Bhutto. They will be updating the story with the latest news throughout this evening.

Here are some photos of Ms. Bhutto from happier times (via BBC):

Benazir Bhutto was part of a political dynasty. Here she is with India's foreign minister in 1972 in Simla, where her father, President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, met India's Indira Gandhi.

Ms Bhutto was Pakistan's prime minister twice. The first term of office between 1988 and 1990 coincided with the latter years of UK PM Margaret Thatcher's rule.

Update IV: 2 U.S. Lawmakers Advised by State Department to Leave Pakistan, Were to Meet Benazir Bhutto

WASHINGTON — Two U.S. lawmakers scheduled to meet Thursday with former Pakastani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and President Pervez Musharraf were advised to leave the country after Bhutto's assassination.

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said in a telephone interview from his Islamabad hotel room that he and Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., were to dine with Musharraf and meet later in the night with Bhutto.

He said he heard about the attack on Bhutto as he was dressing for the dinner with Musharraf.

"Our foreign policy had relied on her presence as a stabilizing force," Specter said, emotionally describing her death as "a real, real, real shock."

"I knew her personally. ... She was, as you know, glamorous, beautiful smart," he said. "Her loss is a setback. But you have to face what is. And now, without her, we have to regroup."

A couple images from Yahoo slide show here.



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News Flash : John McCain Not Popular With Republicans Malkin Readers

I don't like John McCain's politics, and I won't be supporting him if he's the GOP nominee, but even I was surprised to see that 46% of Michelle Malkin's readers wouldn't vote for McCain if he were the GOP nominee.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:08 AM | Comments |

Bob Dole Smacks Down the Huckster

Posted at the Weekly Standard:

As a veteran, I worry about the future security of the good people of Iowa and all other Americans. We are engaged in a global war on terror which will not disappear because you imply a willingness, without any preconditions apparently, to sit down with the enemy. Sure we can all find fault with President Bush and his Administration on policy matters and phases of the Iraq policy. I doubt however Iowans will applaud second guessing more than five years after the agony of 9-11, particularly since you have been either silent or supportive during the interim as far as I can determine.

The Foreign Affairs piece is a perfect example of 20-20 hindsight, and wishful thinking in most instances. You make knotty foreign policy issues sound so easy if we would just change our ways. I never was a foreign policy expert though I followed it closely for nearly three decades under Democrat and Republican Presidents.

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December 26, 2007

CMPA Study: Fox More Balanced than Network Newscasts


The Soros anti-Fox outlets won't be happy about this.

That's because this study is from an actual non-partisan outlet known as the George Mason University Center for Media and Public Affairs, and not from some leftwing hack website.

The PDF of the news release is here. the CMPA website is here.

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Casino Spots Fake ID, Results in Arrest of Suspected Terrorist

I think it's most likely this man was part of the FARC rebels in Columbia.

Via News Dispatch: MICHIGAN CITY - Sometimes a fake ID is used by a teenager wanting to buy alcohol or play poker. But not always.

Sometimes it's used by people not wanting to be found for serious crimes - so serious, Interpol sends out alerts and judges are shaken from sleep for paperwork.

"Apparently, all the bells and whistles went off," MCPD Capt. Larry Kunkel said of a situation that began late Friday and continued into early Saturday morning.

Michigan City authorities found themselves in the middle of that bit of international intrigue after taking a man into custody.

That man is apparently wanted in the country of Colombia for "dangerous terrorism."

The FARC are your run of the mill lefty communist narco terrorists.
More on FARC here.

Hat Tip: The Rouge Jew.

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Future Academic: Lack of Organized Rape = Problem w/ IDF?

Future whackademics tackling the important issues and asking the important questions, once again:

The abstract of the paper, authored by doctoral candidate Tal Nitzan, notes that the paper shows that “the lack of organized military rape is an alternate way of realizing [particular] political goals.” The next sentence delineates the particular goals that are realized in this manner: “In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can be seen that the lack of military rape merely strengthens the ethnic boundaries and clarifies the inter-ethnic differences - just as organized military rape would have done.” The paper further theorizes that Arab women in Judea and Samaria are not raped by IDF soldiers because the women are de-humanized in the soldiers’ eyes.

The paper was published by the Hebrew University’s Shaine Center, based on the recommendation of a Hebrew University professors’ committee headed by Dr. Zali Gurevitch.

“I do not have the entire text in front of me,” Gurevitch said, when contacted by Arutz-7, “and I don’t think we can jump to conclusions based on partial sentences, but I can say the following: This was a very serious paper that asked two important questions: Is the relative lack of IDF rapes a noteworthy phenomenon, and if so, why is it that there are so few IDF rapes when in similar situations around the world, rape is much more common”

Maybe the lack of an actual rape at Duke University was symbolic of a wider pattern of racially-motivated rape (or even worse, non-rape) that is in fact pan-racial and pan-cultural.

Only time and academic examination will solve this mystery of mysteries.

That, or maybe these learned scholars can come up with another unintentionally hilarious torturous explanation as to why their characterizations and projected stereotypes of the IDF don't actually exist in reality.

Consider this an addendum to Howie's earlier post.

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Question for MSM on Iraq: Dude, Where's My Story?

If it's not bad news, it's not worth telling the American public about.


Read it all.

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Super Pinup Jeanne Carmen Dead at 77

cameronbeach2.jpgVia Yahoo News:

IRVINE, Calif. - Jeanne Carmen, the "little country girl" who became a 1950s pinup and actress and hobnobbed with Frank Sinatra and other stars, has died. She was 77.

Born on Aug. 4, 1930, in Paragould, Ark., Carmen picked cotton with her family before running away at 13.

"I was just a little country girl that wanted to be a movie star," she told the Orange County Register in 1996.

Carmen was still a teenager when she came to New York and, despite having no show business experience, immediately became a dancer in a Broadway show called "Burlesque," with comic Burt Lahr.

Classic hotness. No ribs or pelvic bones sticking out. No barfing after meals. Those were the days.

I guess catching a wave really can put you on top of the world?
Click image for more!

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NYT Writer Trashes Hillary's 'Experience'

But wouldn't it be cheaper to hire the surgeon's spouse for your next operation?

The New York Times' Patrick Healy writes disparagingly of what the Clinton campaign touts as Hillary's unique experience as co-president:

But during those two terms in the White House, Mrs. Clinton did not hold a security clearance. She did not attend National Security Council meetings. She was not given a copy of the president’s daily intelligence briefing. She did not assert herself on the crises in Somalia, Haiti and Rwanda.

And during one of President Bill Clinton’s major tests on terrorism, whether to bomb Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998, Mrs. Clinton was barely speaking to her husband, let alone advising him, as the Lewinsky scandal sizzled.

Here's the real money quote:
And, in the end, she did not feel or process the weight of responsibility.

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More Anti-Semitism Erupts From the Nutosphere

Kudos to Charles for following up on this.

Remember Maryscott O'Connor - that frothing-at-the-mouth nutroot psycho hosebeast that the Washington Post saw fit to do a pointless, slobbering profile on last year?


Well, after having a knock-down-drag-out falling out with Mr. "Screw them," and most recently, she's completely jumped the shark and let her inner neo-Nazi out for the all the world to see (I got a lot of screencaps in case she decides to start scrubbing). A sample:
I now find myself, for the first time in my life, hating Jews. I find myself hating the Jews on this site, both the Jews who have conducted their malicious campaign against me for so long and the Jews who have stood by in silent solidarity with them, never saying a word against their vile attacks, their cruelty and ugliness.

I find myself thinking that Proximity perhaps has the right idea, that Jews regard other human beings as objects, to be sacrificed to the interests of Jews. That Jews will always stand with other Jews no matter their guilt, and against non-Jews, no matter their innocence. The face of Jews has become unspeakably ugly in my sight, because of the ugliness of the Jewish haters here.

Live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

Good on the Washington Post, eh? They were going for the "they're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore" angle, and instead, they gave a podium to a seething, foul-mouthed, deranged anti-Semitic leftwingnut lunatic for the world to see.

You know you've gone 'round the bend when even the Kosbots have thrown you overboard.

Go nutroots!

ERRATUM: It has been pointed out that the post was not actually written by the moonbat pictured above, but by one of the lunatic co-bloggers at her site who goes by the handle "Ms. Manners." Nice crowd they got over there. Check out the commentors begging "Ms. Manners" not to leave MLW. The Jawa Report apologizes for the confusion.

ADDENDUM - The post entitled "Goodbye, Cruel Jews" no longer appears on the front page of the MLW. I have no idea if this is because it was removed, or if it is a result of the site's post promotion mechanism, but the posts remaining on the front page go back as far as December 17, 2007. The post in question was from December 24, 2007. See below --->


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Thomas Sowell Laments Our Presidential Options

Over at NRO, Dr. Sowell weighs our options--and finds few good ones:

Republicans, as usual, seem to have more people who would make good presidents than people who would make good presidential candidates. Unfortunately for them, we have elections instead of coronations.
He finds much to like about Fred--but even Fred isn't totally spared Sowell's harsh eye:
Fred Thompson seems to have the best policy positions and the best political track record among the Republican candidates — and the least effective presentation of himself.

If Senator Thompson can beat the odds and become president, he would probably be better than most of those who have been in the White House in recent times — though that is not extravagant praise.

Sowell praises Giuliani and Romney for their "ability to talk," but laments that their deeds haven't matched their words:
If Romney’s and Giuliani’s track records in office matched their ability to talk, either of them could unite and lead their party to victory. But that is no small “if.”
While he has criticism for all the candidates, Sowell considers Huckabee disqualified from the race:
John F. Kennedy was supposed to have taken [issues of personal worship] out of politics — and Huckabee’s bringing it back in ought to disqualify him for a shot at the White House, even aside from Governor Huckabee’s wholesale pardons of criminals and his raising taxes.
He also doubts that Republicans are sufficiently desperate to give John McCain a shot.

Sowell ends on this note:

This nation has come back from unpromising times before. Let’s hope that we have not already used up all our luck.
As is often the case, I find myself largely agreeing with Dr. Sowell.

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Take That Terrorists!

..and that!

By Howie at 11:04 AM | Comments |

Muslim Man Mutilates Wife For Eid


Via Ground Report: Qalat: A man named Mumtaz in southern Zabul province of Afghanistan first shaved wife, Nazia’s head and then cut off her ears, and nose and damaged her teeth on the first day of Eid ul Adha, an Islamic ritual of sacrifice.

Hospital sources in Qalat, center of Zabul, told this scribe by phone that Nazia, 17, was admitted on Wednesday (First day of Eid) evening and now she was in a critical condition due to the severe beating she has borne....

...he abused woman Nazia, lying on her hospital bed and uncertain about her future, told that her husband, twice her age, had suspicions about her behavior. She added 'I swore to him many times that I was faithful to him but he did not believed. He used to beat me. A few days before Eid, he shaved my head and beat me severely. On the first day of the Eid, he cut my ears, then my nose, then damaged my teeth and beat me until my hands and legs were broken.'

I certainly hope this man is caught and punished for this. My worry is for this poor woman. Probably with no place to go. She needs care and re-constructive surgery.

My hope is that if the story gets more attention, maybe she will get some help.

Hat Tip: Unheard Voice.

More images below the fold.




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Coalition Forces Positively Identify Dead Terrorist

BAGHDAD, Iraq – A terrorist killed south of Samarra Nov. 8 has been positively identified as Abu Abdullah.

Abu Abdullah, also known as Muhammad Sulayman Shunaythir al-Zuba’i, was a high-level al-Qaeda in Iraq leader for a network operating in the Salah ad Din province. Reports indicate Abdullah was an experienced bomb-maker and attack planner who coordinated numerous attacks on Coalition and Iraqi forces over the past three years, using a variety of improvised explosive devices combined with small-arms fire.

Abdullah was also allegedly responsible for the kidnapping, extortion and murder of local Iraqis, and it is believed he led a group of foreign terrorists, whom he used to conduct his car-bombing campaigns.

Intelligence reports led Coalition forces to a location where Abdullah was operating. The ground force observed Abdullah, fired warning shots directing him to stop and was then engaged by enemy fire. Responding in self-defense, Coalition forces returned fire, igniting the vehicle. The ground force observed secondary explosions erupt from the vehicle, indicating that explosives were inside. Abdullah and an associate were killed during the engagement.

Intelligence indicates that Abdullah had historical ties to the Battle of Fallujah in 2004, and was a close contact of the former al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi before he was killed by Coalition forces in June 2006. Prior to leading an AQI network in Salah ad Din Province, reports indicate Abdullah was a regional Emir controlling AQI terrorists in an area between west Baghdad and east of Fallujah.

“This was a dangerous terrorist who will never again harm innocent Iraqis,” said Col. Don Bacon, MNF-I spokesman. “We will continue to relentlessly pursue terrorist leaders, like Abu Abdullah, who attempt to deny the Iraqi people a future of their choice.”

Source: MNF-Iraq.

Read all MNF-Iraq's press releases here.

Hat Tip: Zionist Whore #2.

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Hindus Protest A Question

(Detroit, Michigan) Hindus in Michigan are ticked off because someone asked a simple question. Correct me if I’m mistaken but it sure seems that the Hindus believe other people are responsible for their own reputation.

From India Post News Service:

An embarrassingly derogatory remark against Hindu women by a Canton Township, Detroit official has angered many among Hindu Americans, especially the Indian community in Detroit.

Catherine Johnson, a 71-year old planning commissioner in Canton Township has now offered to resign after she asked at a public forum whether Hindu women urinate in public as part of any Hindu religious ritual. Her shocking and grossly ignorant remark, she claimed, was prompted by neighbors around the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (BAPS Temple) told her that during the Temple's groundbreaking ceremony in 2000, several women attending the ceremonies were seen urinating behind the Temple, and so wanted to know if it was some sort of ritual.

According to The Detroit News, Johnson, who has served as a member for 27 years on the panel, said she's quitting because Supervisor Thomas Yack asked her to -- not because she said anything wrong. "It was a valid question. It was something that a few citizens contacted me at home about," she said. "I try to ask questions about what citizens in the community would want to know."

The appalled Indian community said the question was an unfair characterization of their culture and a lie, and said the remark underscored stereotypes about cleanliness in India.

Frankly, this seems to be a case where the Hindus would support forcing people to think differently as opposed to encouraging and influencing people to logically change their minds. America obviously needs more sensitivity training.

Tip: John Ray

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December 25, 2007

Christmas Blog News: Allah Got His iPhone, Charles is Getting Got Some New Lizards

Allah finally got his iPhone today.

In other news, Charles has had the fabled registration door open at LGF.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:55 PM | Comments |

John Kerry Threatens NFL With Senate Hearings

Why? Drug scandal? Embezzling money from the fans?


Seeing the government as his personal mafia, Kerry wants the NFL to put the next historic Patriots game on national TV, OR ELSE.

Senate hearings. Over a football game. Most ethical, most open, most productive and brilliant Congress ever. EVER.

I'm so glad our leaders have their priorities straight. And I'm even happier that this pompous, infantile jackass was almost president.


Dodged a bullet there, friends.

Merry Christmas!

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December 24, 2007

Christmas Music Pt. IV

Good night, God bless, and Merry Christmas.

By Vinnie at 11:35 PM | Comments |

Attn: Youtube User Thunderman1990

You been Pwned!


By a Zionist Whores! On their day off! Merry Christmas!

One of our readers emailed today. She found a disgusting video glorifying the murder of hostages in Iraq on Youtube today.

It is the beheading of Bigley and Hensley. The shooting of the Ansar 3 and 6. And just about every killing of hostages.

It is one thing for youtube to show the stuff they do but this is bad and the comments are so typical of that evil. I know I shouldn't let this get me but it snuck up on me. Please list it. Even though we are supposed to have the day off...

...What if their families find them (the videos) OMG?

A while later I get a second email from the same Jawa.
It is gone now. I don't think I have ever written a more emotional letter in my life to a provider. I don't think I will stop crying for a long while either
Thanks so much.

We are supposed to be closed for Christmas, but this seems more important.

Let's take a moment to remember those still missing and their families, kidnapped in Iraq and elsewhere. And the families of those missing or dead who are spending Christmas without their loved ones.

One small Christmas gift to them. It isn't much but there is another hostage video removed from the internet by one Jawa reader. Bless you.

Jawa Report Hostage Archive.
Jawa Report Jeffrey Ake Hostage Archive.
Jawa Report Roy Hallums Archive.

Hat Tip: Zionists Whores #s 2 and 3.

If any Jawa Co-bloggers want to update this post with links or hostage information, feel free.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Merry Christmas From TJR


I hereby give all the Jawa's the rest of the day and tomorrow off!

When rusty is away, I get all power mad, take over and start issuing orders. Not that anyone listens, I just like to hear myself talk.

By Howie at 02:57 PM | Comments |

Does Mike Huckabee Care About the Catholic Vote?

One would think so, but if he does, courting anti-Catholic preachers on the eve of the Iowa Caucuses probably isn't a smart move. Some Catholics aren't too happy with Rev. Huckabee's recent coziness with Rev. John Hagee, who they consider "militantly anti-Catholic":

In a video discussing the biblical book of Revelation, John Hagee suggests the Pope is the anti-Christ, and that the Catholic Church is "The Beast"...

Hagee sees anti-Semitism as being born out of the Catholic Church...

"The Crusaders were a motley mob of thieves, rapists, robbers, and murderers whose sins had been forgiven by the pope in advance of the Crusade ....The brutal truth is that the Crusades were military campaigns of the Roman Catholic Church to gain control of Jerusalem from the Muslims and to punish the Jews as the alleged Christ killers on the road to and from Jerusalem."

Huckabee took the pulpit in Rev. Hagee's church just yesterday, lauding Hagee as "one of the great Christian leaders of our nation" ten days out from the Iowa Caucuses. Seems like a dumb move to me.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:44 PM | Comments |

Racist IDF Not Raping Palestinian Women

That is seen as a problem. If they were not racist against Muslim Arabs, they'd be willing to do a little raping.

Via Phillis Chesler: hus, Israeli racism, which “de-humanizes” Palestinian women, suppresses Jewish male lust—which proves that Israeli soldiers are racist oppressors. As the only army that does not, apparently, rape, Nitzan fails to grapple with other reasons for this, including the possibility that Israeli soldiers are acting in an ethical and civilized manner.

According to Israeli Professor Steven Plaut who called this to my attention: ” So essentially Nitzan is saying that the proof that Israeli soldiers are brutal oppressive stormtroopers is the fact that they do NOT mistreat and sexually abuse Palestinian women, not even the Palestinian terrorist women apprehended after trying to murder Jews.”

Plaut bitterly wonders whether if Nitzan “herself were to be raped by Hamas terrorists, I guess this would pretty much prove that they are egalitarian and progressive seekers of peace and justice.”

More here.

By Howie at 02:01 PM | Comments |

Jawa Christmas Wishlist: Stop Violence Against Jawas

If you see or hear of any act of Jawa Violence, you should report it to the authorities. Jawa's have feelings too and a simple shot in the ass can get out of hand.. fast. If you are an offender there is help available. Remember: VIOLENCE AGAINST JAWAS, THE EMPIRE SAYS NO.

By Howie at 01:12 PM | Comments |

Santa Delivers, Jawas Celebrate Media Cell Capture

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces detained 10 suspected terrorists today during operations targeting al-Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.

During an operation in Baghdad, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be associated with a foreign terrorist and weapons facilitation network. Reports indicate the wanted individual is related to one of the key facilitators in the network, who is also allegedly involved in al-Qaeda media and propaganda operations. In addition to the wanted individual, two suspected terrorists were detained during the operation.

Also in the capital city, Coalition forces captured another wanted individual believed to be an Ansar al-Islam leader involved in media and propaganda operations. The wanted individual is reportedly associated with numerous terrorist leaders involved in media operations who operate in and outside of Iraq. (emphasis mine)

During a series of operations in Samarra, Coalition forces detained five suspected terrorists while targeting another alleged foreign terrorist facilitator. Reports indicate the targeted individual is associated with an al-Qaeda leader who facilitates logistics, to include finances and weapons.

Farther north in Mosul, Coalition forces detained one suspect while targeting an alleged terrorist responsible for coordinating and directing numerous attacks in the region.

“We are targeting terrorists at every level of their networks,” said Navy Capt. Vic Beck, MNF-I spokesman. “Foreign terrorists who come to Iraq with the help of al-Qaeda and commit murderous acts against the people have no place in the future of this country.

Source: MNF-Iraq.

Here is the press release several blogs are linking today. Peace and good will towards men.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit.

Read all of MNF-Iraq's press releases here.

By Howie at 01:09 PM | Comments |

Ron Paul: Then and Now

Ron Paul quit the GOP at one point and ran for president as a Libertarian as recently as 1988, but then went back into the fold after realizing he didn't have a snowball's chance in hell without the major party apparatus giving him at least tangential name recognition. Interesting bit you don't hear much about from the Paulbots claiming he's a "real Republican."

Posted this before, but it should be seen often. Slate's candidate of choice for the GOP?

That screeching, unhinged lunatic is the "only man who can save America?"

Color me unconvinced and John Ryan convinced.

By Good Lt. at 01:00 PM | Comments |

"Whitewash:" The Racist History of the Democrat Party

Great piece in the WSJ today. Ignoring the predictable leftist psychobabble of Paul Krugman, it uses the words of prominent Democrats, starting with Thomas Jefferson and going right up through Joe Biden, to make a convincing case that the Demcorat Party, the party first to throw down the race card to accuse others of racism for disagreeing with them, are in fact the racists that you read about all those years in history class:

Blacks "are inferior to the whites in the endowments of both of body and mind."

--Thomas Jefferson, 1787
Co-founder of the Democratic Party (along with Andrew Jackson)
President, 1801-09

Ht: Hot Air


"I hold that the present state of civilization, where two races of different origin, and distinguished by color, and other physical differences, as well as intellectual, are brought together, the relation now existing in the slaveholding states between the two, is, instead of an evil, a good--a positive good."

--Sen. John C. Calhoun (D., S.C.), 1837
Vice President, 1825-32
His statue stands in the U.S. Capitol.

If blacks were given the right to vote, that would "place every splay-footed, bandy-shanked, hump-backed, thick-lipped, flat-nosed, woolly-headed, ebon-colored Negro in the country upon an equality with the poor white man."

--Rep. Andrew Johnson, (D., Tenn.), 1844
President, 1865-69

"Resolved, That the Democratic Party will resist all attempts at renewing, in Congress or out of it, the agitation of the slavery question, under whatever shape or color the attempt may be made."

--Platform of the Democratic Party, 1852

Blacks are "a subordinate and inferior class of beings who had been subjugated by the dominant race."

--Chief Justice Roger Taney, Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1856
Appointed Attorney General by Andrew Jackson in 1831
Appointed Secretary of the Treasury by Andrew Jackson in 1833
Appointed to the Supreme Court by Andrew Jackson in 1836


"The Confederate Memorial has had a special place in my life for many years. . . . There were many, many times that I found myself drawn to this deeply inspiring memorial, to contemplate the sacrifices of others, several of whom were my ancestors, whose enormous suffering and collective gallantry are to this day still misunderstood by most Americans."

--James Webb, 1990
Now a Democratic Senator from Virginia

"Everybody likes to go to Geneva. I used to do it for the Law of the Sea conferences and you'd find these potentates from down in Africa, you know, rather than eating each other, they'd just come up and get a good square meal in Geneva."

--Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D., S.C.) 1993
Chairman, Commerce Committee, 1987-95 and 2001-03
Candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, 1984

"I do not think it is an exaggeration at all to say to my friend from West Virginia [Sen. Robert C. Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan recruiter] that he would have been a great senator at any moment. . . . He would have been right during the great conflict of civil war in this nation."

--Sen. Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.), 2004
Chairman, Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
Candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, 2008

* "You cannot go into a Dunkin' Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent."

* "My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state has the eighth largest black population in the country. My state is anything [but] a Northeastern liberal state."

* "I mean, you got the first mainstream African American [Barack Obama] who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy."

* "There's less than 1% of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than 4% or 5% that is, are minorities. What is it in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you're dealing with."

Sen. Joseph Biden Jr., (D., Del.), 2006-07
Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary, 1987-95
Chairman, Committee on Foreign Relations
Candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, 2008

Bonus quote:

"It has of late become the custom of the men of the South to speak with entire candor of the settled and deliberate policy of suppressing the negro vote. They have been forced to choose between a policy of manifest injustice toward the blacks and the horrors of negro rule. They chose to disfranchise the negroes. That was manifestly the lesser of two evils. . . . The Republican Party committed a great public crime when it gave the right of suffrage to the blacks. . . . So long as the Fifteenth Amendment stands, the menace of the rule of the blacks will impend, and the safeguards against it must be maintained."

--Editorial, "The Political Future of the South," New York Times, May 10, 1900)

Read it all.

By Good Lt. at 12:24 PM | Comments |

Remember Christians In Gaza This Christmas

Please don't forget that in Hamas controlled Gaza, many Christians don't feel safe enough to openly celebrate their faith. Hamas promises justice. But has done nothing.

AP via Yahoo News:GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Gaza's tiny Christian community is keeping a low profile this Christmas, traumatized by the killing of a prominent activist in the wake of Hamas' takeover of the coastal territory.

Few Christmas trees are on display, churches are holding austere services and hundreds of Christians hope to travel to the moderate-controlled West Bank to celebrate the holiday in Bethlehem. Many say they don't plan on returning to Gaza.

"We have a very sad Christmas," said Essam Farah, acting pastor of Gaza's Baptist Church, which has canceled its annual children's party because of the grim atmosphere.

About 3,000 Christians live in Gaza, an overwhelmingly conservative Muslim territory of 1.5 million people. It has been virtually cut off from the world and its residents driven deeper into poverty since the June takeover by Hamas,...

...At the Baptist Church on Sunday, just 10 people attended the regular weekly prayer service, down from an average of 70. There was no Christmas tree in sight.

More here. I link that as a reminder that there are issues that should cross political lines. That freedom is in all our interests. We should fight to bring it to those who don't have it, rather than fighting each other.

By Howie at 12:16 PM | Comments |

Waterboarding: A Call to Martyrdom

Mark Bowden, writing in The Philadelphia Inquirer, offers his defense of waterboarding as a tool for gathering operational information (as opposed to gathering legally actionable evidence):

It is an ugly business, and it is rightly banned. The interrogators who waterboarded Zubaydah were breaking the law. They knew they were risking their careers and freedom. But if the result of the act itself was a healthy terrorist with a bad memory vs. a terror attack that might kill hundreds or even thousands of people, it is a good outcome. The decision to punish those responsible for producing it is an executive one. Prosecutors and judges are permitted to weigh the circumstances and consider intent.

Which is why I say that waterboarding Zubaydah may have been illegal, but it wasn't wrong.

Accepting, for the sake of argument, Bowden's definition of waterboarding as "torture," what is the logical outcome of his viewpoint? That our interrogators must operate with the knowledge that they are subject to arrest and imprisonment at any time, just for doing their jobs effectively.

How long will we be able to find patriotic, courageous people willing to do what they must to save innocent lives, knowing all along that their careers and freedom are hostage to the whims of cowardly, hypocritical politicians who will sell them up the river for a few percent swing in a close election?

By Bluto11:20 AM | Comments |

Islamic Rage Boy All The Rage This Christmas

And for that last minute gift of rage. Check out these cool new Rageboy T-shirts.

By Howie at 11:00 AM | Comments |

Video : Another Fun Christmas Light Show

It's officially Christmas Eve! Enjoy!

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:58 AM | Comments |

December 23, 2007

Does Ron Paul Heart Neo-Nazis?

I don't know whether Ron Paul loves the Neo-Nazis, but they sure do dig him--not that you'll find much about it on his whitewashed Wikipedia entry.

In any event, what I do know about Ron Paul is that he's a damned hypocrite when it comes to his positions on the Constitution, particularly as regards legitimate spending under the Commerce Clause.

And the more mindless spam comments I read coming from obnoxious Ron Paul zombies, the more I'm convinced that Ron Paul should be exposed and ridiculed at every opportunity.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:50 PM | Comments |

"The Ron Paul Must Flow"

Need a laugh at the Paulbots' expense?

Read through this at Encyclopedia Dramatica.

UPDATE: If you enjoyed that, try the entry for "Karl Marx." Also, try entering any number of internet memes, Internet stories or other lolcats, anonymous, internet politics, trolls, etc.

Try it! It's like Wikipedia, but teh funny and way more esoteric!

By Good Lt. at 08:18 PM | Comments |

Christmas Music Pt. III

As before, the image is static, so open a new window or tab and browse while you enjoy the beauty.

By Vinnie at 01:31 AM | Comments |

Why I Could Never Back Sen. John McCain

Do any of you remember the "Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007"?

Maybe you don't remember it so well, but I do.

I remember it vividly.

I remember well watching as John McCain and Edward Kennedy led their fellow "public servants" as they did their damndest to shove that disaster of a nightmare bill down our throats, against the collective--and thoroughly expressed--judgement of the vast majority of the American people. I remember well being derided as a "racist," a "bigot" and a "nativist" by people like Edward Kennedy, Linda Chavez and John McCain.

Yes, I remember well the images of McCain and Kennedy working in close cooperation to ram through yet another disaster for the American people.

mccain kennedy.JPG

I remember the full-court-press undertaken by McCain, Kennedy and the rest of the nation's "elites" to make sure that we accepted what was good for us.

I recall the sense of complete and utter helplessness I felt as I watched their conspiracy unfold. I recall wondering to myself whether I still lived in a country where the voice of the people even mattered anymore. I could never forget their pride and their arrogance and their holier-than-thou attitudes toward those of us who can be counted among the great unwashed masses who couldn't possibly know what's best.

I will never forget that feeling of complete helplessness as McCain and Kennedy and our other "leaders," knowing full well exactly where we stood, did their very best to jam their "enlightened" opinions down our "ignorant" throats.

I will never forget those days when their masks slipped.

I, for one, haven't forgotten.

Having been through that experience, I learned all I ever needed to know about George W. Bush, about Linda Chavez and about John McCain.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:09 AM | Comments |

December 22, 2007

This might explain some things...


"Who is your favorite author?" Aleya Deatsch, 7, of West Des Moines asked Mr. Huckabee in one of those posing-like-a-shopping-mall-Santa moments.

Mr. Huckabee paused, then said his favorite author was Dr. Seuss.

In an interview afterward with the news media, Aleya said she was somewhat surprised. She thought the candidate would be reading at a higher level.

"My favorite author is C. S. Lewis," she said.

h/t: Glenn.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:45 PM | Comments |

Video : A Holiday Tribute to the Troops

Click to play

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:34 PM | Comments |

Christmas Music Pt. II

I dare Howie to claim this "sucks."

No, I double dog dare him.

By Vinnie at 01:47 AM | Comments |

Jawa Responds (Remix)

Look Ma, no watermarks!

By Vinnie at 01:18 AM | Comments |

December 21, 2007

All Sorts of Ron Paul/9-11 Troofer Nuttiness!!

First, we have Andrew Sullivan and Matt Yglesias linking to the rantings and ravings of a batsh*t insane Troofer/astrologist because...? You guessed it. She hates BOOSH, so she must be sane. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, yadda.

Next, we have yet another 9-11 Troof diary at Daily Kos. The new mainstream of the Democrat Party.

Finally, we have threats, hatemail and hilarity directed at Charles Johnson from the Paulbots. Great people Dr. Paul attracts to his campaign - neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, Troofers, assorted whackjobs and fringe lunatics, Andrew Sullivan, etc.

This is only going to get worse before it gets better.

By Good Lt. at 10:54 PM | Comments |

Gina Elise Wishes Troops a Happy Holiday

The always supportive and exceedingly attractive Gina Elise of Pin Ups for Vets made this quick Happy Holidays video for the troops. Gina Elise freaking rocks!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Gina.

By at 09:02 PM | Comments |

A Little Twisted Christmas Music

Since Vinnie's Christmas music sucked oh so bad I guess its up to me to liven this place up a bit. Mannheim Steamroller? Er uh not quite.

If you think that worked out well in the end, you're wrong.

Oh, and if you don't like Twisted Sister you've got teh ghey for al-Gore.

Alternate live version, warning Dee Snider in thong. Oh my eyes!

By Howie at 05:24 PM | Comments |

"Servant of the People"

Referring to the national leader, he said that leader "ought to be a servant of the people and ought not to be elected to the ruling class."

The speaker was:

a. Hugo Chavez
b. Che Guevara
c. Ho Chi Minh
d. John Edwards

Answer below the fold...

e. None of the above.

That quote is from Mike Huckabee.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:06 PM | Comments |

Rasmussen National : Huckster Dropping Fast

rasmussen 12-21.GIF

Rolling average on this data.

Looks like the Huckster's post-peak dive may be even steeper than his rocket ride to the top--and that was pretty steep. RCP shows the same pattern. Rudy may have arrested his precipitous drop a bit. Rudy, Mitt and Maverick are basically tied at around 14-16% and Fred is hovering a few points back at 12-13%. McCain continues his rally, going from 8% to 15% in NINE DAYS. This same pattern shows up in the latest Iowa numbers, where McCain may be moving into third place. Will McCain be the next front-runner?

Anyone who tells you that this isn't anybody's race right now is trying to sell you something. As Michelle says, "caveat emptor."

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:35 PM | Comments |

Video : Fred's Message to the FredHeads

The FredHeads are working hard to raise resources for media buys in Iowa. Should you be inclined to help Fred get out his message, you can do so here.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:55 PM | Comments |

From Arab to Islamic Nationalism

There are large numbers of Muslims who do not fit neatly into the normal categories which usually describe jihadis and their sympathizers because they are not very religious. Their sympathy for jihad is motivated not out of some idealistic goal of implementing sharia, but rather out of what would normally be called "nationalism".

That is, they identify with the mujahdin as "us" and with those who they are fighting as "them". They think of themselves as "Muslim" in the same way you and I think of ourselves as American or British.

They are, in fact, the perfect embodiment of Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations thesis, in which Islam is conceived as a civilization rather than a religious construct. A very large number of Muslims around the world are opposed to our endeavor in Iraq not because they oppose any of our goals--such as stabilization or democratization--but because we are doing it. The outsiders once again showing the weakness of yet another Muslim country.

Baathism is quite different than this. Baathism is a movement based on Arab nationalism. The Baathist goal has always been the uniting of the Arab world into a single Arab state. This is not a religious ideology, but an ethnic one. A literal descendant of fascism and Nazism.

But is Baathism now passe? Has it been relegated to the ash heap of history like so many of the fascist ideologies of the 20th century? It's not clear, but this First Post article suggests that the one of two de facto leaders of the Baath party in Iraq, Izzat al-Duri, has moved the party's ideology from Arab to Muslim nationalism:

What concerns General Petraeus's advisers on counter-insurgency is that Izzat is now adopting the banner and slogans of Islamic nationalism in Iraq; the pan-Arab socialism of the Baath movement is now seen as so last decade....
Recent reports indicate that Izzat al-Duri is on the run. This is welcome news if his faction has begun to cling to an ideology which could be far more destructive than Baathism ever was. It's also welcome news that military analysts actually get the difference between the old and new Baathism, a difference which would seem rather subtle to the outsider looking in given that even the Arab nationalists were prone to using Islamic rhetoric.

But should Muslim nationalism as an ideology become a larger phenomenon, then we could be in some serious trouble. Remember, the largest Muslim country in the world is not Arab, it is Indonesia. Followed by Bangladesh.

The uniting of the Muslim world into a single ummah seems ludicrous if one sees Osama bin Laden as being the great uniter and restorer of the Caliphate. But a secular caliphate based on Muslim nationalism and perhaps a loose confederation of states seems a far less preposterous idea--and therefore far more dangerous.

Something to think about. Thanks to James.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:46 PM | Comments |

Video : 12 Days of Huckabee

Ouch. H/t : Allah.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:42 PM | Comments |

Where's Rusty?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:52 AM | Comments |

Terrorists Behead R2-D2

A statement released with the gruesome video from an unknown group calling themselves the Screwdrivers of Righteousness Brigades read as follows..

In the name of Jabba the most Ungracious and Unmerciful:

We want to warn you of the newest Zionist conspiracy against the faithful.

The Joooos are poisoning our children's mind with lust for Hasbro's new R2-D2 and visions of Father Christmas.

While watching the infidels Christmas advertisements for this R2-D2 my son was robbed of his al-Qeeda and began begging my 3rd wife for one. Being an ignorant female, she bought him one.

When I came home from a long day of planting IED's and dodging the American Dog's hellfire missiles I found this insult inside my own home. I immediately took my third wife to the town square and we stoned her.

When we had finished the after stoning meal prepared by my first and second wives, we let the women suck on the leftover bones, loaded up the hooka and butchered this tool of the Zionist crusaders. Behold what we found inside!

A diagram from the video showing the super sekrit Zionist components inside.

The violent barbaric execution of R2-D2, Oh the humanity!

By Howie at 10:22 AM | Comments |

al-Qaeda Jailbreak in Belgium Foiled

AP Via Yahoo:

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Belgian police Friday arrested 14 Muslim extremists suspected of planning to free an al-Qaida sympathizer imprisoned for planning a terrorist attack on U.S. air base personnel, officials said.

Security was heightened at airports, subway stations and other public places across the capital, and the U.S. Embassy warned Americans of "a heightened risk of terrorist attack in Brussels" although it had no indication of any American targets.

I guess al-Qaeda had best get started on the plan to break out these 14 now. LOL.

By Howie at 10:09 AM | Comments |

Good Lt's 2008 Election Prediction

Bush's strange optimism not withstanding, I see next year's elections as a singular, massive pwning of the GOP. Lot's of pwnage.

By Good Lt. at 01:02 AM | Comments |

Leftist Love And Tolerance

It can be found in the comments at Wankitt. Which used to be Skankette, until Amanda willed it to a couple of guys who didn't have the brains or the nads to lobby for a name change. Sucks to be them, I guess.

Anyway, here's a sample of lefty love:

Can we re-locate all of the Hurricane Katrina victims into . . . say . . . Michelle Malkin's mouth?

Just asking.

Just trying to help.

Just trying to . . . care.


@Neilist: that would be highly cruel and unusual punishment. they've already been through hell once...


@Neilist: Not her mouth...her snizz.

This from a website founded by a woman whose ass could have easily taken in every Katrina evacuee. And their extended families.

If that ain't irony, I don't know what is.

By Vinnie at 12:02 AM | Comments |

December 20, 2007

Christmas Music Pt. I

How about a little Christmas music?

This is AUDIO ONLY. The image is static. Open a new tab or window and enjoy while you continue to surf.

By Vinnie at 11:31 PM | Comments |

Ode To Houston

For some reason, Michelle Malkin's post reminds me of this:

Now why would that be?

By Vinnie at 10:27 PM | Comments |

A Very Hillary Christmas (Remix)

h/t: Erick

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:41 PM | Comments |

Rasmussen : Rudy Continues to Plummet Nationally

rasmussen 12-20.GIF

More rolling averages on Rasmussen National data.

Rudy in 4TH PLACE?!?!?

Huckster's crest is even clearer today than it was yesterday. Will he fall as dramatically as he rose?

Romney had a brief run up, but that looks to be leveling off. McCain looks to be the golden boy of the last few days. If this keeps up very long, I suspect we can expect to see McCain get brutally hammered on amnesty.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 05:47 PM | Comments |

MND-N Soldiers Find Atrocity Site, Torture Complex and Weapons Caches

TIKRIT, Iraq – During Operation Iron Reaper, Multi-National Division – North Soldiers killed 24 extremists, detained 37 suspects, and discovered an atrocity site, torture complex and nine weapons caches north of Muqdadiyah Dec. 8-11.

Intelligence provided by Iraqi tips led U.S. troops to a suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq safe haven and operating bases. Evidence of murder, torture, and intimidation against local villagers was found throughout the area.

During the operation, U.S. Forces and Iraqi Security Forces were involved in multiple engagements with groups of armed men. They discovered what appeared to be a detention facility. As they continued to clear the area, they found several bodies and eventually uncovered 26 human remains in multiple mass graves next to execution sites.

In the same area a torture complex was found, consisting of three detention facilities with one doubling as both a headquarters building and torture facility. The buildings contained chains on the walls and ceilings, a bed still hooked up to an electrical system, and several blood-stained items.

U.S. Forces also located and destroyed nine weapons caches anti-aircraft weapons, sniper rifles, more than 65 machine guns and pistols, 50 grenades, a surface-to-air missile launcher and platform, 98 personnel mines, 170 pipe bombs, 130 pounds of homemade explosives, 21 rocket propelled grenades, numerous mortar tubes and rounds.

Operation Iron Reaper has been ongoing over the last few weeks across northern Iraq.

“Operation Iron Reaper has been successful. We will continue to pursue al-Qaeda across our area, and they will find no safe haven in the north of Iraq,” said Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling, commanding general, Multi-National Division - North.

Source MNF-Iraq

By Howie at 05:41 PM | Comments |

Coalition Forces Capture Special Groups Criminal Element Leader

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces captured a Special Groups leader and detained two other suspected criminals during operations to disrupt criminal element networks early Sunday in the Baghdad area.

The targeted individual reportedly supplied various weapons, such as explosively formed penetrators, rocket propelled grenades, improvised explosive devices and mortars, to various Special Group criminal elements to aid in attacks on Coalition forces. He was coordinating criminal cells throughout the Diyala province. In addition, he was reportedly an associate of several other senior-level criminal element leaders who were involved in attacks on Coalition forces.

Intelligence led ground forces to the target area, where they captured the targeted individual and detained the two other suspects without incident.

During the operation, ground forces also discovered two assault rifles, two pistols, two machine guns, night vision goggles and large amounts of American and Iranian currency.

"Groups honoring al-Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr's ceasefire pledge are helping to make Iraq a safer place," said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. "Criminal elements dishonoring Sadr's pledge can not be allowed to undermine the improvements in security and stability the Iraqi people have fought so hard to achieve."

Source MNF-Iraq.

Read all MNF-Iraq' press releases here.

By Howie at 05:38 PM | Comments |

Zawahiri is a Narc

really stonedbegging.JPG

He'll say anything to get that next block of opium and fine Afghan Hashish.

Via Capn Ed at Captain's QuartersThe actual text of Sharif's writings may prove that a difficult task. In his memoirs, Sharif recalls serving time with Zawahiri in 1981 after the assassination of Anwar Sadat. Sharif specifically accuses Zawahiri of informing on his associates to get out of prison. He also calls Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden cowards, accusing them of running out of Afghanistan and leaving wives and children behind to die in the American invasion. He wants them tried before a shari'a court, which would be at least poetic justice for the radical Islamists.
I wonder if al-Qaeda and the Taliban ever wonder what will happen if he gets captured again? If I were them, I'd eliminate the risk now. I mean the Egyptians broke him by just beating the guy in the next cell. I'm pretty sure Pakistan would be willing to do the same thing.

By Howie at 05:21 PM | Comments |

The Importance of Fighting Online Terrorists

Via U.S. Military Academy at West Point (pdf file)Countering Terrorist Use of the Web as a Weapon By Bruce Hoffman.

This article is excerpted from the author's testimony, titled, "Using the Web as a Weapon:

The Internet as a Tool for Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism," that was presented to The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on
Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment, on November 6, 2007. Terrorism has long been understood to be a violent means of communication. The terrorist act itself is thus deliberately designed to attract attention and then,
through the publicity that it generates, to communicate a message. Indeed, nearly a quarter of a century ago, Alex Schmid and Janny de Graaf observed that, "Without communication there can be no terrorism."

But communication is essential for a terrorist movement not just to summon publicity and attention, but also to promote its longevity and ensure its very survival. Without an effective communications strategy, a terrorist movement would be unable to assure a continued flow of new recruits into its ranks, motivate and inspire existing members as well as expand the pool of active supporters and passive sympathizers from which terrorism also draws sustenance.

I feel it is very important to use offensive operations against enemy websites. The break up that air of legitimacy and power those websites lend. A lot of the fight is just breaking down the perception that al-Qaeda and other groups are powerful. I've seen it many times. When terrorist supporters sites go dark they freak. The illusion has been shattered. I balance must be struck between monitoring and attacking enemy websites. Intelligence is great. If you find one terrorist via monitoring but they recruit 30 more while worked to find that one you are sill losing.

I have done my best to put the rest of the document in text format below the fold for those of you who have trouble with PDF files.

Hat Tip: Jane.

Given this constellation of requisite sustainable resources—motivated minions, energized recruits, generous supporters and willing sympathizers—it is not surprising that terrorists today devote so much time and energy to communications. That they have fastened on the internet as an especially efficacious vehicle for this purpose—given its rapid (often in real time), pervasive geographical reach, and cost-effective characteristics—is not surprising either.

2. As Professor Gabriel Weimann of Haifa University notes in his seminal study, Terror on the Internet, when he began studying this phenomenon nearly a decade ago, there were only about 12 terrorist group websites. By the time he completed his research in 2005, the number had grown to over 4,300—"a
proliferation rate," he explains, "of about 4,500 percent per year."3 And, by the time the book was published the following year, the number had jumped to more than 5,000 terrorist websites.4 Today, the number of terrorist and insurgent sites is believed to have increased to some 7,000. Thus, virtually every terrorist group in the world today has its own internet website and, in many instances, maintains multiple sites in different languages with different messages
tailored to specific audiences. The ability to communicate in real time via the internet, using a variety of compelling electronic media— including dramatic video footage, digital photographs and audio clips accompanied by visually arresting along with savvy and visually appealing web design—has enabled
terrorists to reach a potentially vast audience faster, more pervasively and more effectively than ever before.

The weapons of terrorism today, accordingly, are no longer simply the guns and bombs that they always have been, but now include the mini-cam and videotape, editing suite and attendant production facilities; professionally
produced and mass-marketed CD-ROMs and DVDs; and, most critically, the laptop and desktop computers, CD burners and e-mail accounts, and internet and worldwide web.

Indeed, largely because of the internet—and the almost unlimited array of communications opportunities that it offers—the art of terrorist communication has now evolved to a point where terrorists can effortlessly and effectively control the communication of their ideology of hate, intolerance and violence:
determining the content, context and medium over which their message is projected; and toward precisely the audience (or multiple audiences) they seek to reach.

The changing face of terrorism in the 21st century is perhaps best exemplified by the items recovered by Saudi security forces in a raid on an al-Qa`ida safe house in Riyadh in late spring 2004. In addition to the traditional terrorist arsenal of AK-47 assault rifles, explosives, rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades and thousands of rounds of ammunition that the authorities expected to find, they also discovered an array of electronic consumer goods including: video
cameras, laptop computers, CD burners, and the requisite high-speed internet connection.

According to 60 Minutes investigative journalist Henry Schuster, the videos had been part of an al-Qa`ida media blitz on the web that also included two
online magazines full of editorials and news digests, along with advice on how
to handle a kidnapping or field-strip an AK-47 assault rifle. The videos mixed old appearances by bin Laden with slick graphics and suicide bombers' on camera
last wills and testaments. They premiered on the internet, one after the other, and were aimed at recruiting Saudi youth.

The implications of this development have been enormous. The internet, once seen as an engine of education and enlightenment, has instead become an immensely useful vehicle for terrorists with which to peddle their baseless
propaganda and manifold conspiracy theories and summon their followers to violence.

These sites alarmingly present an increasingly compelling and indeed accepted alternative point of view to the terrorists' variegated audiences. This was of course precisely al- Qa`ida's purpose in creating its first website,, and maintaining a variety of successor sites ever since: to provide an alternative source for news and information as well as sites such as that the movement itself could exert total control over.

Identical arguments—claiming distortion and censorship by Western and other mainstream media—have also been voiced by sites either created by the Iraqi
insurgent groups themselves or entities sympathetic to them. In addition, the
internet has become for terrorists a "virtual" sanctuary to compensate for the loss of their physical sanctuaries and continue to provide information on training and instruction in the means and methods of planning and executing
terrorist attacks.

Finally, the internet's power to radicalize—to motivate, inspire, animate and impel radicals to violence—has been repeatedly demonstrated in the United States, Europe and elsewhere. In these respects, al-Qa`ida's capacity to
continue to prosecute its war against the United States and the movement's other assorted enemies is a direct reflection of both the movement's resiliency and the continued resonance of its ideology and effectiveness of its communications. Al-Qa`ida may be compared to the archetypal shark in the
water that must keep moving forward—no matter how slowly or incrementally—or die. In al-Qa`ida's context, this means adapting and adjusting to even our most consequential counter-measures while simultaneously searching to identify new targets and vulnerabilities and continuing to replenish its ranks with new recruits as well as sympathizers and supporters.

In sum, defeating al-Qa`ida requires a strategy that relies on effectively combining the tactical elements of systematically destroying and weakening its capabilities alongside the equally critical, broader strategic imperatives of countering the continued resonance of the movement's message and breaking the cycle of terrorist recruitment and replenishment that has both sustained and replenished al-Qa`ida. But, today, Washington has no such strategy in the war on terrorism. America's counterterrorism campaign continues to assume
that America's contemporary enemies—be they al-Qa`ida or the insurgents in Iraq—

"Western Propaganda Media try to shut down albasrah. net! [sic]," the banner on one such site, www.albasrah. net, asserted in 2005. "Once again," it argued, "the propaganda media have begun to spew stupid accusations against l-Basrah, the true aim of which is to smother the voice of Iraqi people and smother one of the few sources of information on the unprecedented massacres
that are taking place inside occupied Iraq in the name of 'international law,'" have a traditional center of gravity.

It also assumes that these enemies simply need to be killed or imprisoned so that global terrorism or the Iraqi insurgency will both end. Accordingly, the attention of the U.S. military and intelligence community is directed almost
uniformly toward hunting down militant leaders or protecting U.S. forces—not toward understanding the enemy we now face. This is a monumental failing not only because decapitation strategies have rarely worked in countering mass mobilization terrorist or insurgent campaigns, but also because al-Qa`ida's ability to continue this struggle is ineluctably predicated on its capacity
to attract new recruits and replenish its resources. The success of U.S. strategy will therefore ultimately depend on Washington's ability to counter al-Qa`ida's ideological appeal and thus effectively address the three key elements of al-Qa`ida's strategy:

• The continued resonance of their message.

• Their continued ability to attract recruits to
replenish their ranks.

• Their stubborn capacity for continual regeneration and renewal.

To do so, we first need to better understand the mindset and minutia of the al-Qa`ida movement, the animosity and arguments that underpin it and indeed the regions of the world from which its struggle emanated and upon which its hungry gaze still rests.

Without knowing our enemy we cannot successfully penetrate their cells; we cannot knowledgeably sow discord and dissension in their ranks and thus weaken them from within; we cannot effectively counter their propaganda and messages of hate and clarion calls to violence; and, we cannot fulfill the
most basic requirements of an effective counter-terrorist strategy: preempting and preventing terrorist operations and deterring their attacks. Until we recognize the importance of this vital prerequisite, America
will remain perennially on the defensive: inherently reactive rather than proactive, deprived of the capacity to recognize, much less anticipate, important changes in our enemy's modus operandi, recruitment and targeting.

Bruce Hoffman is the Combating Terrorism Center's Senior Fellow for Counter-Terrorism, a professor at Georgetown University's School of
Foreign Service and is one of the world's leading experts on terrorism and counter-terrorism. He was the founding Director of the Centre for the
Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Dr. Hoffman has been awarded the United States Intelligence Community Seal Medallion, the highest level of commendation given to a non-government employee, which recognizes sustained superior performance of high value that distinctly benefits the interests and national
security of the United States. He has served as a member of the U.S. Department of Defense Counter-Terrorism Advisory Board and has
been a consultant to the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. Department of Energy, the UK Ministry of Defence, the World Cup USA94 Security Planning and Management Staff, the U.S. General Accounting Office, the American
Academy of Arts and Science's Religious Fundamentalism Project and the New York State Emergency Management Office. He is also Editorin-
Chief of Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, the leading scholarly journal in the field.

By Howie at 04:59 PM | Comments |

Growing Number of Scientists Doubt Man-made Global Warming

From the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works:

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore.

The new report issued by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s office of the GOP Ranking Member details the views of the scientists, the overwhelming majority of whom spoke out in 2007.

Even some in the establishment media now appear to be taking notice of the growing number of skeptical scientists. In October, the Washington Post Staff Writer Juliet Eilperin conceded the obvious, writing that climate skeptics "appear to be expanding rather than shrinking." Many scientists from around the world have dubbed 2007 as the year man-made global warming fears “bite the dust.” (LINK) In addition, many scientists who are also progressive environmentalists believe climate fear promotion has "co-opted" the green movement.

By Bluto03:09 PM | Comments |

Britain's Music Police

(Norfolk, England) Blimey! The Brits sure are strict about protecting the creative property rights of musical artists.

Under the law, playing music outside the home constitutes a public performance and two separate licences are needed: one to PRS [Performing Right Society] to cover copyright in the music and lyrics, and the other to Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) to cover the actual sound recording.

In a statement, PRS stressed that it was a not-for-profit organisation acting on behalf of its 50,000 musician members.

"By buying a PRS music licence you have access to 10 million pieces of music and at a competitive rate. The money from PRS music licences goes directly to writers and composers, the people who created the music. A PRS music licence can cost as little as 34p a day.

"PRS will take all reasonable steps to ensure those playing copyright music in public are made aware of the need for a licence. We regularly contact businesses to help ensure they are not infringing copyright.

"Failure to obtain a licence for the use of music in public may result in civil action against businesses for copyright infringement and they may be liable to pay damages and costs."

So, it appears that when you take your radio to the park or the beach, be sure to carry two licenses or you may be cited by the music police.

By at 12:45 PM | Comments |

Juba 3 Video Sucks


I noticed the increase in traffic at Jubasucks since the terrorist scumbags at Islamic Army of Losers in Iraq released the new Juba III video. I have a copy and if you are some terrorist sympathizer wanting it, email Howie and I'll tell you to go f*ck yourself.

Oh, and if you are still waiting on that super awesome giant copy to download because most of the other links are dead. You're welcome.

What Howie wants for Christmas is for everyone to link this post or Jubasucks under the term Juba 3 video or a similar link.

Original Juba 3 Video Sucks post here at Juba Sucks.

OK OK OK, here it is Juba III!

I call it Juba III because youtube took down the other copy, but thank goodness Liveleak still has it Juba II is on google vid, That makes this one Juba III. Right?

OK, sorry here's the real Juba video.

Allahu Ackbar indeed!

Update: Youtube flagging targets =

Part I
Part II (pwned!)


OK so I guess I have the go ahead. The release point for this terrorist video is.

Hosted by Euro Host Internet Solutions which is actually located in Dallas Texas.

Organization: Euro Host Internet Solutions
Registrant State/Province: Dallas
Registrant Postal Code: 75245
Registrant Email:
Registrant Phone: 1.2119547835

DNS is provided by

Hat Tip: Atlas Shruggs.

Update: New Dailymotion target.

Yes we have the new Juba video and the interview with Zawahiri and a lot of other stuff. I'm just being contrary about uploading them for our readers. Not that I want to keep them from Jawa readers. It's just with all the gains we've made against terrorist propaganda I hate to spread it around for them.

If anyone needs a copy or wants one, I'd be happy to send you one. As long as you are not some Mu-slime terrorist.

One of the reasons I love TJR is that here I can get information that the MSM won't show me. I want you all to have the same opportunity.

However, when I upload stuff unsavory characters often use it on their sites. I do my best to limit the ability to embed and use TJR's stuff on other sites. In the past, I've caught people like Samir Khan using my stuff and ended up taking it down and having to re-upload. We really don't have the server capacity to serve videos except ny using services like Google Video and Youtube.

So I'm conflicted. I want you the reader to have free access to news and information you need. But I don't want to aid idiots like the Islamic Army of Losers in Iraq in their propaganda efforts.

By Howie at 10:01 AM | Comments |

December 19, 2007

Another Jawa Assignment

Kick his ass.

Flag his crap, report him, get his lame terrorist ass off of YouTube.

Paybacks, they are the bitch.

stein hoist: LGF.

Oh, and if you're still feeling like having some fun, go after his subscribers, and the people posting videos that he has listed in his Favorites.

Update: Fresh meat. This one logged in 3 days ago.

Notice the picture of Zarqawi in the profile. Nice touch, too bad they didn't use the most recent one.

By Vinnie at 08:00 PM | Comments |

Everyone's Favorite Leftist Opines on Why Johnny Can't Read

"I think our education system is failing kids because we're not touching the right side of the brain -- the creative side. We are focusing on the left side."

- The Huckster

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 07:59 PM | Comments |

Latest National Polling : Giuliani Cratering?

rasmussen 12-19.GIF

Based on rolling averages of Rasmussen's daily polling data, the wheels appear to be coming off the Rudy train. Rudy's at 16% right now, standing in the shadow of the Great Huckster, tied with Mitt. Another week of this, and Rudy will be vying with Ron Paul for fifth place. As the numbers stand right now, Rudy, Mitt, Maverick and Fred are pretty much in a statistical dead heat.

Other notable trends: the Huckaboomlet appears to have finally peaked, and Mitt and Maverick are showing small rallies over the last few days.

NOTE : The RealClearPolitics aggregate chart shows the same trends, but still has Rudy in first. Rasmussen, I'm told, uses a narrower definition of "likely voters" than most polling outfits.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 07:23 PM | Comments |

When Hell Freezes Over

hotcarchick1.jpgThat's when hot chicks will dig old men in hybrid cars.

Via The Telegraph: Professor Sir David King said governments could only do so much to control greenhouse gas emissions and it was time for a cultural change among the British public.

Professor Sir David King said governments could only do so much to control greenhouse gas emissions and it was time for a cultural change among the British public.

And he singled out women who find supercar drivers "sexy", adding that they should divert their affections to men who live more environmentally-friendly lives.

His comments were greeted with anger by sports car drivers who insisted that their vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions were tiny compared with those from four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Sir David, who is due to retire as the UK's Chief Scientific Adviser at the end of the year, said individuals needed to change their behaviour.

"I was asked at a lecture by a young woman about what she could do and I told her to stop admiring young men in Ferraris," he said.

"What I was saying is that you have got to admire people who are conserving energy and not those wilfully using it."

That just ain't natural.

Click her thong for more!

Click image for more hot chicks with hot cars!

By Howie at 12:35 PM | Comments |

Jawa Assignment: Who is Lawrence, a.k.a. Bilal?

Via Frontpagemag:

In April of 2000, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) – the American arm of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan – launched a website to provide information about Islam to non-Muslims, appropriately called Why Islam? (WI). Since then, the website has been used, instead, to propagate support for overseas terrorist groups and to spread violent hatred against non-Muslims....

...One of the forum members goes by the screen name “Deep Thought.” While he stated that he joined to “learn about Islam,” it didn’t take long for Mr. Thought (DT) to become a party to the hate fest. In March of 2006, less than a month after he signed up, he took aim at Jews, whites and Christians, saying that the reason for U.S. support for Israel was due to the fact that “Jews in America have money,” that he is “very cautious of white people,” and that “Christians are hypocrites” for thinking that beheadings by Muslims are any different than capital punishment in the U.S. He stated, “Personally I think I would rather a quick chop to the head then the electric chair.”...

...A potential disaster should be averted. If anyone has any information regarding Deep Thought, a.k.a. Lawrence, a.k.a. Bilal, please contact the U.S. Army immediately. Or, if you wish, you can send an e-mail to, and the information will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

Here's some screen shots from the forum.

The Muslim Brotherhood is known for having many links to terrorist groups. For instance, al-Qaeda' #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri is from the Egyptian chapter.

We'll deal with the issue of the website and its American host at a later date. Right now focus on this person.

Also lets keep in mind something that Joe Kaufman didn't think of. This could be a sock puppet, a Zionist Internet Spy even? For that reason I feel we should reserve judgment until we know more. Remember its the internet. Things are not always as they appear. For that reason it's important to remain skeptical. It just seems almost too perfect doesn't it?

If anyone has information on this "character" email us.

By Howie at 09:41 AM | Comments |

Brit Airways Suspends Steward for Eating Muffin

(London) Heavy-handed is an understatement regarding this report. More appropriate would be gross mismanagement.

British Airways have suspended a cabin crew steward for eating a muffin that was discarded on a passenger's meal tray, it was reported today.

BA are treating the incident as theft after he was reported at Heathrow airport on Monday.

The man's collegues are furious with the decision, branding the airline 'heavy handed' and accused them of acting like a 'police state'.

One BA worker told The Sun: "The cabin crew member on a long-haul flight took a muffin destined for the bin.

"Now his career hangs in the balance. Everyone is up in arms - it is a disgusting way to treat a member of staff."

One must wonder who would report the alleged "theft." Is it possible that British Airways has a Gestapo-like spy observing employees during work hours?

Nevertheless, there is disagreement regarding the situation with British Airways denying that it occurred even though a spokesman for the company confirmed that it had.

Arguably, BA managers are recognized as sticklers and it's not unheard of for flight attendants to fancy other people's muffins, so I lean toward believing the story as reported.

By at 08:48 AM | Comments |

Bdeep Bdeep That's Justice, Folks

I'm incredulous...

Last week, a jury found the woman not guilty on two counts, but guilty of child endangerment. That's defined as willingly depriving a child of necessary health care, substantially harming the child's health.

"The judge dismissed the jury and said thank you for your service. And about a minute later came back in, set aside the jury's verdict and entered judgment of acquittal or not guilty," said Wilber.

By Vinnie at 02:05 AM | Comments |

Video : Rep. Steve King (R-IA) : Why I'm a Fredhead


For those of you who aren't as familiar with Steve King or Iowa politics, King's endorsement is huge for Iowa conservatives. All the major GOP candidates wanted this endorsement, and Fred pulled it in.

How many more tricks does Fred Thompson have up his sleeve? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:58 AM | Comments |

December 18, 2007

Police: Woman on Crutches Gropes St. Nick

(Danbury, Connecticut) Reportedly on crutches, a 33-year-old local woman, Sandrama Lamy, has been accused of sitting on a mall Santa Claus' lap and groping him. According to Danbury Police Detective Lt. Thomas Michael, the mall security officer reported that "Santa Claus has been sexually assaulted."

Police quickly found and identified Lamy because the woman was described as being on crutches, said Capt. Bob Myles.

A call seeking comment from Lamy was answered by a recording Tuesday morning. A woman later called back and said: "It's a false report and I don't have any idea."

Police did not give the name of the disconcerted Santa, but they said he is 65 and felt badly because children were waiting to see him. "He was apparently shocked and embarrassed by the whole incident," Myles said.

For allegedly groping the 65-year-old Santa, Lamy was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and breach of the peace.

Two things: I think it's strange that a 33-year-old woman would want to sit on Santa's lap under any circumstance and I think it's even stranger that a 65-year-old man complained when a 33-year-old woman jingled his bells.

By at 09:19 PM | Comments |

Illegal Immigrant Guards British Home Office

(London) The Home Office has announced that an illegal immigrant from Nigeria has been working as a guard at its London headquarters.

Since the Home Office is responsible for immigration policies, along with crime, policing, terrorism and national security, the revelation that an illegal immigrant passed security screening is a nuclear embarrassment.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is reportedly "beyond incandescent."

She should be. Ms. Smith's problem list is growing and the Home Office is challenged by distractions.

By at 09:04 PM | Comments |

Yemen Wages War on Journalist

The following link is to a detailed history of our favorite Yemeni journalist, Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, who is currently on trial in Yemen's terrorism court for publishing photos of the Sa'ada war. The article ranges from his 2004 arrest to 2005 when the regime cloned the newspaper, 2006 when his website was blocked and 2007 when he was arrested, beaten, released for medical reasons, and then kidnapped and beaten again. His trial is ongoing in more ways than one.

As Al-Khiwani told MENASSAT.COM, “I am paying the price for believing the government and its claims about pursuing rise of democracy. After they broke into my house and terrified my family and kidnapped me in public, in front of the Al-Nida newspaper, I have this feeling that the authorities have decided to spill my blood.”

Three weeks ago, in a last ditch effort, Al-Khiwani went to the offices of Amnesty International in Sana’a to give them his last will and testament: “I hold the president directly responsible for anything that happens to me or to my family.”

Al-Khaiwani does believe in democracy. He also believes he has a right to express his opinions. The regime has been trying to crush him for years. Check the photos with the article.

By Jane at 05:58 PM | Comments |

Some Bilal Hussein Charges Come Out

The New York Times finally gets around, in the fifth paragraph of this story, to reporting some of the charges lodged against alleged Iraqi "journalist" Bilal Hussein:

A spokesman for the military said that Mr. Hussein had been detained as “an imperative security threat” and that he has persistently been “treated fairly, humanely and in accordance with all applicable law.”

In a lengthy e-mail message, the spokesman said that Mr. Hussein had been named by “sources” as having “possessed foreknowledge of an improvised explosive device (I.E.D.) attack” on American and Iraqi forces, “that he was standing next to the I.E.D. triggerman at the time of the attempted attack, and that he conspired with the I.E.D. triggerman to synchronize his photograph with the explosion.”

This is likely to be one of the photos that won Hussein a Pulitzer. The Associated Press, who employed Hussein, the Gray Whore, and the rest of the MSM just cannot seem to fathom what is wrong with employing locals without any serious vetting.

This, despite Adnan Hajj, Green Helmet, and the rest of the propagandists who have turned Western wire services into house organs for Islamist terrorists. Mainstream reporters just figure that, so long as their local "journalists" are allies in the War on Bush, they have to be all right.

By Bluto03:21 PM | Comments |

Muslims Congregate By The Millions To Honor Shackleford's Birthday

Filed under "Gratuitous B-Day Ass Kissing"

By at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Rusty's Birthday!

It's my birthday. Do you really think I'd spend today blogging?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:46 PM | Comments |

Omaha Mall Shooting Memorial Video

My final say on the matter.

It was truly a labor of love.

Update: I finally had time to embed it instead of just the link.

Thanks for viewing.

By Vinnie at 02:03 AM | Comments |

CBS Anchor Allegedly Verbally Assaulted, Punched NYC Cops

One of our local broadcasters, Alycia Lane, was arrested in New York City for allegedly punching a cop in the face:

PHILLY ANCHOR Alycia Lane is scheduled to appear on TV tomorrow night in "Celebrate the Season," an annual special highlighting holiday cheer in the Delaware Valley.

Not so fast.

The suits at CBS 3 and the CW Philly may have to reconsider broadcasting the special since Lane was arrested early yesterday on charges of punching a New York City cop in the face.

And of course, there's a juicy McClatchy Moment:
According to the police complaint, the Emmy-winning anchor yelled at the female police officer, "I don't give a f*ck who you are, I'm a f*cking TV reporter, you f*cking dyke," according to, a Philadelphia Weekly blog.

And the coup de grace - what does she do after being sprung from the can? She tries to milk "political connections" by calling Governor Ed Rendell (D). No conflict of journalistic ethics anywhere in this story, mind you.

After being sprung from a New York City jail cell Sunday night, one of CBS 3 anchor Alycia Lane's first orders of business was to track down the cell phone number of Gov. Ed Rendell, sources say.

Rendell's spokesman Chuck Ardo confirmed this afternoon that Lane reached Rendell by phone Sunday night to "make sure he knew her side of the story because he is an opinion maker and runs around in influential circles."

Does she think she's in a foreign country or something? What the hell is Ed Rendell (D) going to do - pull some strings for the poor widdle journalist? Vomit-worthy.


All Did Up for the news (photo: Phila. Daily News):

Fresh from the clink (photo: NY Post):

By Good Lt. at 01:03 AM | Comments |

Got Roaches? Call USAF!

And that's why they win.

By Good Lt. at 12:41 AM | Comments |

A Pork Christmas, Courtesy of the Democrats

File under "We Democrats will bring fiscal responsibility and restraint back to Washington."

Congressional negotiators have added scores of new earmarks to a massive 3,565-page spending bill that lawmakers had only a few hours to review before an expected vote Monday evening. Democratic leaders did not make the bill available for public viewing until late on Sunday night.
Why would they be doing that? That's not very "democratic" of them, is it? Aren't they the most ethical, most open Congress in World History and Time Immemorial?
In the Homeland Security section alone, lawmakers have added 115 new earmarks worth $117 million total for the benefit of vulnerable Democrats such as Reps. Jim Marshall (Ga.), John Barrow (Ga.), and Nancy Boyda (Kan.). Leaders added $200,000 or more worth of projects for each of those lawmakers.
Notice that this was called "a culture of corruption" when the GOP engaged in it.
Critics refer to such bills as “Christmas trees” because they are laden with a variety of legislative ornaments and bear plenty of gifts for members. And it seems this December, many in Congress are eager to play the role of Santa to their constituents.

Democratic leaders have also slipped in projects that would have surely drawn opposition if introduced earlier in the appropriations process. One example is $1 million for an energy project requested by Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.), who is scheduled to face trial on bribery charges early next year.

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), an outspoken opponent of earmarks, said dozens of projects in the Homeland Security title have never received any scrutiny. Because they have been added so late, they cannot be challenged individually on the House floor.

By Good Lt. at 12:04 AM | Comments |

December 17, 2007

Killing Journalism Loudly


Liberals forming liberal-trust-fund-funded blogs with austere sounding newspaperish names run by former MSM liberals with under the guise of "independence" from the MSM, reporting news from a "progressive perspective."

In other words, a group of liberals blogging from a liberal perspective, serving as "independent" mouthpieces for the Democrat Party in unflinching lockstep until the end of time. And these are the people who claim that Fox is killing journalism without a twinge of irony.


By Good Lt. at 07:11 PM | Comments |

Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda operations; five terrorists killed, 11 detained

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed five terrorists and detained 11 suspects during operations Sunday and Monday targeting al-Qaeda in central and northern Iraq.

During continued efforts to disrupt terrorist operations in the Diyala River Valley Monday, Coalition forces conducted an operation north of Muqdadiyah targeting associates of an al-Qaeda in Iraq cell leader operating in Shirween. Reports indicate the target building is used as a terrorist safe house and associated with the group recently involved in several fire fights with Coalition forces.

During the operation, Coalition forces confirmed the presence of the wanted individuals in the target area and supporting aircraft engaged the armed men. The ground force was then engaged by enemy fire and returned fire in self-defense. Once the enemy fire ceased, the ground force assessed five terrorists were killed during the operation. One suspected terrorist was also detained on site.

In Mosul, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be the former leader of the terrorist network operating in Fallujah, and an associate of the terrorist network in Karmah. The individual reportedly has close ties with the leader of the network, who has a history of involvement in extremist activity, and a reputation for fear and intimidation practices among the local populace. In addition to the wanted individual, the ground force detained one suspected terrorist.

During operations south of Samarra and southwest of Hawaji, Coalition forces detained five suspected terrorists while targeting associates of the networks operating north of Baghdad and in Hawija.

South of Balad Sunday, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be directly associated with the leader for the al-Qaeda network operating north of Baghdad. The network is responsible for car-bombing and improvised explosive device attacks in the area and is involved in extortion, intimidation, weapons trafficking and the facilitation of foreign terrorists. In addition to the wanted individual, the ground force detained two suspects on site without incident.

“There is no place for al-Qaeda in Iraq,” said Navy Cmdr. Ed Buclatin, MNF-I spokesperson. “We will continue to conduct operations to root out al-Qaeda in Iraq in order to secure a safer country for the people of Iraq.”

Source MNF-Iraq.

By Howie at 05:45 PM | Comments |

Video: Apache Targets Enemy AA Gun

PSA: Don't shoot at the Apaches, they shoot back.

Hat Tip:Lucky.

By Howie at 05:30 PM | Comments |

Two American Muslim Terrorists Plead Guilty

They want to keeeeel you

Via Assoiciated Content:Kevin James and Levar Washington pleaded guilty on December 14, 2007 to federal terrorism charges,....

...Both James and Washington belonged to a radical Islamic group, a terror cell that James founded while he was in a California state prison. James then recruited Washington to join the group while too in state prison, and then Washington proceeded to also recruit more members into the group.

Hat Tip: Strata Sphere.

By Howie at 05:27 PM | Comments |

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Endorses Fred Thompson

Via Michelle:

There is only one candidate who epitomizes the full spectrum of our conservative values. There is one who is a comfortable conservative whom I have full confidence in his decisions.

That candidate also has the fire in his belly to go the distance and the brains and resources to get there.

That candidate also meets the test of life and marriage, judges and borders. That candidate has taken solid, persistent, and principled positions consistent with the Republican platform-which we wrote to inform the candidates of the positions of Iowa Republicans.

That candidate has a record of faith, family, freedom, service, and success.

There is no question about that candidate’s position on protecting our sovereignty at the borders, in the workplace and on the streets of America. The Rule of Law will be reestablished in American life. My long and exceptionally deliberative evaluation of the Republican candidates for president has come to an end.

I will put all my efforts into and the fire into the belly of the person whom I believe destiny has called to be the next president of the United States…

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:34 PM | Comments |

Wretched hive of scum and villainy

Since we're already discussing the ins-and-outs of Tatooine politics and the ruling "progressive" wing of the Tusken ruling family, I thought that quote rather fitting. What the hell is wrong with a religious-legal system that would actually sentence a rape victim to lashes?

Hell, even the Huts, as barbaric as they are, got nothing on the barbarism of Sharia.

This is why I have to constantly remind myself and others that the long-term struggle we are in is not with terrorists, it is with Islamists.

Terrorism is a tactic. Islamism is a political movement.

Most terrorists are Islamists, but not all Islamists approve of terror tactics. In fact, many Islamists reject as despicable the targetted killing of civilians.

It is welcome news whenever we hear from Islamists that terrorism is bad. But what makes Islamists a seperate category from Muslims in general is that Islamists believe in the institution of Islamic, or sharia, law.

It is from Islamic law that a woman who is a rape victim can actually be found guilty of the crime of being alone with a man.

It is from Islamic law that a person may be found guilty of apostasy. Or blasphemy. Or any number of other offenses which have not been found in the West for centuries.

Islamic law is not compatible with human dignity, freedom, and liberty. Because of this, Islamists are common enemy of all who love freedom. They are the enemy of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists--every one.

You cannot claim you are pro-liberty while embracing a system of law that would criminalize religious behavior. The two are simply incompatible.

Countries that embrace Islamic law--even if our nominal "allies" are indeed a wretched hive of scum and villainy. But not "my kind of scum".

Okay, I have a to catch this piece of junk (hear me baby, hold together!) before the local Stormies realize what happened when I pulled that lame mind trick on them. They're not the brightest bunch, but they have a cool logo.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:50 PM | Comments |

Conservative Student Ambushed, Beaten Unconscious (UPDATED : Apparent hoax)

Via the Princeton Tory:

December 15, 2007 Princeton, NJ After receiving multiple death threats, a Princeton student was beat unconscious last Friday in what appears to be a politically-motivated assault. The attack came after emails saying, "WE WILL KILL YOU," were sent to the officers of a student group that promotes traditional views of marriage and sexual ethics.

Francisco Nava '09, suffered serious abrasions, bleeding, and a light concussion after being beat until he lost consciousness this Friday. The attack, which occured within blocks of Princeton's campus, appears to be connected to multiple death threats received by Nava and other officers in the Anscombe Society, a student group that advances traditional ideas of marriage and family. Nava was assaulted on Witherspoon Street near the Princeton campus while walking to the home of a local youth he mentors through a student volunteer organization.The attackers did not take any of Nava's belongings.

The assailant, identified as a white, college-aged male, stopped Nava and asked him if he would "help someone who's been hurt." The assailant then pulled Nava into a dark area where another male joined in holding Nava's jaw shut. The two assailants thrust Nava's face against a brick wall causing abrasions, according to an email sent to administrators. Nava was then punched until he lost consciousness. When he awoke the assailants were beating him with a glass bottle. Nava's two attackers said, "We told you to shut the f* up," apparently echoing words that had appeared in messages received by Nava and four others affiliated with the conservative Anscombe Society. After the assault, Nava was taken to Princeton Medical Center for treatment. He was released late Friday evening.


h/t : Larwyn

Update by Howie: Apparently the student has confessed to fabricating the story and sent himself threatening emails.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:15 PM | Comments |

Omar "The Goat Humping" Bakri Muhammad: Attacks on Christmas Day OK

Via Global Politician:

Exiled radical sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed gave a shocking answer to a question he was recently asked in an Internet chat room.

Asked on one of his regular sessions on Paltalk whether Muslims can attack “Christian invaders” on Christmas Day, Bakri says that the celebration is not a holiday, or a “proper day of respect” for Muslims and is an appropriate day for attacks.

“That is really for them and not for us,” he says.

Bakri says that times of attack are chosen by Islamic commanders, and they make a decision whether to attack regardless of the festival or celebration.

Bakri is the founder of banned Islamic fundamentalist groups Al-Muhajiroun and Al-Guraba. He left London for Beirut after the July 2005 London terrorist attacks, which claimed the lives of 52 people.

He is still banned from reentering Britain.

Although Omar Bakri Muhammad is banned from entering Britain, that does not stop his hate filled preaching from entering Britain.

How does he still preach to Muslims in Britain from Lebanon? Why the internet of course.

In fact Super Sekrit Zionist Internet Spies were listening to the old goat humper as he preached last week in favor of attacks against Christians during Christmas. The Jawa Report has obtained the exclusive source recordings from which the above story is based. They come from a regular meeting the Sheik has with his followers in Britain over the internet.

These days is not the days whom for the Muslims who have any values if there is a war the war will be subject to the commanders of the heads of the Mujahideen or the Amir of the jihad and he will choose the time the best dates and the consider the invaders even on the day of festivals or any celebration remember Christmas day is not really holiday its not a proper day of respect.
He also preached against any contact with Christians during Christmas. Telling Muslim Parents to throw away gifts and cards from Christians and Father Christmas.

Omar "The Goat Humping" Bakri Muhammad No Father Christmas for Muslims

Omar "The Goat Humping" Bakri Muhammad No Father Christmas for Muslims Part II
in order to save their own al-qeeda which will be abused. so you need to remember the children if they go to the kufra school at least you must make sure they are never exposed to haram

Jeremy Reynolds has more here at Joy Junction.

Most disturbing when you consider Omar's follower Abu Izzadeen called the 9-11 hijackers, "magnificent", and his follower's website is named Islam Base UK. The same Arabic word that from which al-Qaeda takes it's name. Hint, hint.

Hat Tip: Glen Jenvey.

Other related items in the news today here and here and here.


By Howie at 11:05 AM | Comments |

YouTube Video: Infidels Infidels the Holy Land!!

This satire brought to you by The Nose on Your Face.

Update: Ok so this video is being run here and here and here and here.

But Youtube's view counter has not moved since 9am CDT. What is Youtube afraid of? Maybe the video getting promoted and then outraged Muslims rioting in the street? Probably.

If only they'd dump Jihadi videos/hit counters that fast.

Now you see why although I have a youtube account I mostly use Google Video. Youtube can get you more views but it's not a level playing field.

Youtube, give us a break.

By Howie at 10:26 AM | Comments |

Saudi King Pardons Rape Victim

Good news out of Saudi Arabia (via CNN):

Saudi King Abdullah has pardoned a rape victim who had been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison in a case that sparked international attention, a Saudi newspaper reported.

The case cast light on the treatment of women under Saudi Arabia's strict Islamic law.

King Abdullah issued the royal pardon on Monday, Al-Jazirah newspaper quoted a Saudi Justice Ministry official as saying.

A Saudi court ruled the 19-year-old had an "illegitimate relationship" with a man who was not her husband, and that the rape occurred after she and the man were discovered in a "compromising situation, her clothes on the ground."

The attacks took place in Qatif in March 2006 when the woman was engaged to be married.

The case has drawn international attention, provoked outrage in the West and cast light on the treatment of women under strict Islamic law in Saudi Arabia.

The woman was meeting with a man -- described by the woman's attorney as a former friend from whom she was retrieving a photograph -- when they both were abducted last March.

Seven men were convicted in their abduction and her rape and received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in jail.

Although the pardon does nothing to change Saudi Arabia's terrible treatment of women in general, it is a welcome relief for this young woman and her husband, who has courageously stood by her and sought justice for her. May they be blessed for their courage in speaking out about this injustice and may she finally be allowed to recover from her trauma.

By at 08:40 AM | Comments |

Weird Huckabee Rumor of the Day

I'm not sure what the hell this anonymous fax message had to do with Kinky Friedman, but it's odd:

(Miller County, Arkansas) Two boy scout counselors, 17 year old Clayton Frady and 18 year old David [Huckabee], the son of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, have admitted to catching a stray dog during their summer session at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, AR, and hanging the dog by his neck, slitting his throat and stoning him to death.
h/t : DogBlog. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article provides the following:
An anonymous, unconfirmed report describing a particular process of killing the dog and naming young Huckabee as a participant was sent by fax machine this week by an organization against cruelty to animals to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. That report was described by Young and the governor as inaccurate.

Both men declined to say how the dog had been killed or who did it.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:24 AM | Comments |

"I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think it Means."

Mitt Romney has now introduced us to the term "weapons of unusual lethality." I wonder if such weapons might be particularly useful for hunting "rodents of unusual size."

This was a dumb--and unnecessary--screw-up on Romney's part. We know ya don't get the gun thing, Mitt. We got it. You're pretty much clueless on guns. But, see, we kinda want to like ya. We're trying. And then you go and open your big mouth and remove all doubt as to whether you "get it." I keep hearing how smart Mitt Romney is. Me, I just don't see it. "Words of Unusual Stupidity," if you ask me...

In other news, should you be in the market for some "Weapons of Lethality" (unusual or otherwise), I noticed that Remington's offering some nice rebates between now and the end of the month. I'm not sure if any of the following count as "weapons of unusual lethality," but they're pretty sweet--and plenty lethal.

I don't recall Remington being in the AR business, but they're definitely in it now:


Ye olde home defender:


And if you just can't make up your mind between the extended reach of the .223 and the inherent "cool factor" of the pump-action, there's always this one:

pump ar.JPG

(Disclaimer : I don't work for Remington or get any kickbacks or favors from them. I've just always been really impressed with Remington products, and I've always found them tough to beat for the money.)

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:37 AM | Comments |

December 16, 2007

The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Resurrected Edition (Sticky) ***Fatwas Issued***

Sandcrawler PSA: Sticky, scroll down for newer posts!

'Tis been a long time, but this is dying for a contest.


***Fatwas Issued***

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa goes to:

You stand next to something this cold and see what happens to you! by Jim

The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa goes to:

I have a two point lead in the local polls
by Tex

The "why you insult holly quoran" fatwa goes to:

Natalie, I'm your father
by Randman

An honorary fatwa to doriangrey for Outstanding Achievement In Commenting.

A tough one to judge, folks. Let's do it again sometime.

A note about the fatwas. Those quotes come from actual threats we've received in email and comments.

By Vinnie at 11:59 PM | Comments |

Environmentalism = Totaltarianism

Need more proof that the global warming cultists are really totalitarian Stalinists at heart?

You WILL conform to their beliefs, whether you like it or not. Scratch an environmentalist, find a totalitarian.

Hillman, senior fellow emeritus at the Policy Studies Institute, says carbon rationing is the only way to ensure that the world avoids the worst effects of climate change. And he says that the problems caused by burning fossil fuels are so serious that governments might have to implement rationing against the will of the people.

"When the chips are down I think democracy is a less important goal than is the protection of the planet from the death of life, the end of life on it," he says. "This has got to be imposed on people whether they like it or not."

By Good Lt. at 06:40 PM | Comments |

Al Qaeda's #2 to Have Online Town Hall Meeting

Do you have a question for al Qaeda's #2, Ayman al Zawahiri? Well, now is your chance!! At the end of this article about the second Zawahiri message to come out in a week is this little nugget. TVNZ:

The websites invited sympathisers to send in questions during the next month for Zawahri to answer in an open interview.
Just one more way in which the jihadis use the internet: online townhall meetings with terrorist masterminds!

As long as Zawahiri is up for the Q & A session, I actually have something I've been wondering about for quite some time now. WTF is with that creepy mark on your head?!?!?

But I think I already know the disturbing answer.....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:24 PM | Comments |

Algeria Gives al-Qaeda Terrorists Amnesty,...

Jesus Wept.

AP Via CNN: Two convicted terrorists who had been freed in an amnesty carried out the suicide bombings at U.N. and government buildings that killed 37 people, an Algerian security official has said.

It was the deadliest single attack against U.N. staff and facilities since August 2003, when the world body's headquarters in Baghdad was hit by a truck laden with explosives. That attack killed 22 people, including the top U.N. envoy, Sergio Vieira de Mello, and was blamed on a group that later affiliated with al-Qaeda.

The United Nations provided a list Wednesday of nine staffers confirmed to have died in Algiers, including six Algerians, one Senegalese, one Dane and one citizen of the Philippines. A day earlier, the U.N. said 11 staff members had died. U.N. deputy spokeswoman Marie Okabe said Wednesday that was a preliminary figure and noted confusion at the scene.

The Interior Ministry said five of the dead were foreigners, including two people from China, and that three other foreign U.N. employees -- two from China and one from Lebanon -- were hospitalized.

Four police officers who were guarding the Constitutional Council also were among the dead, according to police at the site Wednesday.

Two law students were also killed, said law professor Rachid Ourari, choking back tears. "They were preparing for the bar," he said.

Hat Tip: LGF and BlackFive.

By Howie at 06:15 PM | Comments |

The Aftermath of the Blue Book Wars

Still alive, with minimal collateral damage!

My grading is finished. Finally.

Next semester I've decided to reignite an old romance with Ms. Scantron.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:55 PM | Comments |

Ohio Civil Rights Chief Quits, Muslim May Step In

(Columbus, Ohio) After less than six months in the job, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) chairman, Barbara Sykes, has abruptly quit. Sykes' resignation was submitted immediately prior to her requested appearance at a rare confirmation hearing before an Ohio Senate committee, where she appeared to face certain rejection.

Appointed by Gov. Ted Strickland in August, Sykes lost favor by vigorously shepherding a maternity leave rule which was opposed by Ohio's business leaders who asked that the issue be given more time. Sykes declined.

Gov. Strickland also asked Sykes to slow down action on the proposed maternity leave rule. Sykes rejected the governor's request. As a consequence, Gov. Strickland, through spokesman Keith Dailey, said he wouldn't support Sykes' confirmation for Ohio Civil Rights Commission chairman.

Hopefully, readers will notice the contradiction. In August, Strickland picks Sykes to run the OCRC and, in December, Strickland says he won't support his choice. He was for her before he was against her.

One might suggest that Gov. Strickland needs to reassess his vetting process for political appointees. Loyalty, gratitude and the ability to measure political winds, attributes that Sykes seemingly lacks, might be missing on Strickland's prospective appointee checklist.

Regarding a replacement for Sykes, interesting news and commentary out of Columbus appears to indicate that a front-runner for the OCRC job is Ahmad Al-Akhras, a former Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) officeholder and Islamic leader. Although Al-Akhras has a reputation for persistent Islamic activism, some might say extremism, he nonetheless has elbow-cozy relationships with both Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and Gov. Strickland.

Coupling the above with insider news that Al-Akhras has resigned from his high-paying position with the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the speculation regarding a future political appointment with the OCRC is understandable. Be cautioned that speculation is still at the fortified rumor stage.

I'll update as more nuggets are panned from the situation.

By at 11:37 AM | Comments |

December 15, 2007

WORSE Than Waterboarding

I don't know how we, of all blogs, missed this, but that's why we have Allahpundit. ;-)

This is in strong contention for the absolute most fu%!ing stupid thing I've ever seen, in a long life of seeing stupid fu%!ing things.

You'll be praying for Jar-jar Binks by the end of this. That's how unendurable it is.

You have been warned.

By Good Lt. at 11:49 PM | Comments |

Marcia Cross Naked - UNCENSORED

Vinnie noted earlier that it's a little slow in here today. I have to agree.


Maybe a naked desperate housewife will shake things up.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 08:11 PM | Comments |

Wife of Missing American to Travel to Tehran

Christine Levinson, the wife of retired FBI agent Bob Levinson, who disappeared in Iran in March, and was last reported to be detained by the Iranians, will leave Monday for Tehran in an effort to find her missing husband. Via Fox News:

"I'm just a wife looking for my husband and the father of my children," Levinson told "I just want to make it better and bring Bob home."

Robert Levinson, a father of seven, hasn't been heard from since March 8. He was on his way to Kish Island in Iran to investigate a cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting operation for a private security firm. He checked into a hotel on the resort island.

"He just told me that he was going to be traveling and he wouldn't be able to get in touch with me for the next 24 hours, and he would call me as soon as he returned to the hotel in Dubai," Christine Levinson said.

Last week, the State Department urged Iran to provide the former agent's wife with assistance during the trip.

Mrs. Levinson is hoping for a "Christmas miracle" to bring her husband home. Let's pray hard for that miracle to be forthcoming.

We Will Never Forget You

By at 06:49 PM | Comments |

Current Mood: Mojo Nixon

Nothing helps you grade term papers better than a little Mojo Nixon! If you don't like Mojo Nixon then, well, you're teh ghey.

If you know where I can get a hold of the videos for Don Henley Must Die and Put A Sex Mo-Sheen In The White House I'd appreciate the tip.

Video: Mojo Nixon - Destroy All Lawyers

More Mojo Below. UPDATE: Now with Elvis is Everywhere, courtesy some Zionist plant who is constantly oppressing the e-jihadis.

Video: Mojo Nixon - Burn Down the Malls

Video: Mojo Nixon - Tie My Pecker To My Leg (Live!)

Video: Mojo Nixon - Elvis is Everywhere

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:33 PM | Comments |

What's On Your Tree?

Things are a little dull around here today I see. I don't think this will help much, either.


You can get it at

Have an open thread, talk amongst yourselves if you so desire.

By Vinnie at 05:32 PM | Comments |

Environmentalism = Communism

In case you had any doubts about what the hysterical, ululating environmentalist Church of Algore actually is, look no further:

The environmental group Friends of the Earth, in attendance in Bali, also advocated the transfer of money from rich to poor nations on Wednesday.

A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources,” said Emma Brindal, a climate justice campaigner coordinator for Friends of the Earth. (link)


Calls for global regulations and taxes are not new at the UN. Former Vice President Al Gore, who arrived Thursday at the Bali conference, reiterated this week his call to place a price on carbon dioxide emissions. (link)


In 2000, then French President Jacques Chirac said the UN’s Kyoto Protocol represented “the first component of an authentic global governance.” Former EU Environment Minister Margot Wallstrom said, “Kyoto is about the economy, about leveling the playing field for big businesses worldwide.” Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper once dismissed Kyoto as a “socialist scheme. (link)

Commrade Lenin and the People's Party would be proud. Dressing up the language, philosophy and ethos of pure communism, turning it into a freakish cult of personality and tree-hugging, and pretending it's instead a movement to "save the environment."

Or rather, the simplified environmentalist:

Problem = YOU. Solution = COMMUNISM. Any questions?

And as for Algore, I hope you realize that what he ultimately intends to do is tax you every time you exhale. You exhale CO2. He wants a "tax" on CO2 (redistribution of wealth to his environmental investments). Hence, you will be taxed for driving, breathing, and "offending Gaia." And he will tell what you're allowed to do.

It's a full blown religion, folks, and you're going to be part of it and support the church no matter what you believe.

How's that grab ya?

Big ht to: B.C., Imperial Torturer

By Good Lt. at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Quote of the Day?

American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out. The Bush administration’s arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad…

We must first destroy existing terrorist groups and then attack the underlying conditions that breed them: the lack of basic sanitation, health care, education, jobs, a free press, fair courts — which all translates into a lack of opportunity and hope. The United States’ strategic interests as the world’s most powerful country coincide with its moral obligations as the richest. If we do not do the right thing to improve life in the Muslim world, the terrorists will step in and do the wrong thing…

I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out which "blame America firster" dropped this turd of a thought on the world stage.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:25 AM | Comments |

Omaha Mall Shooting Memorial Pictures

We went to pay our respects to the victims of Robert Hawkins' terrorism. Here are the photos I took.

One of the terrorist's friends actually left a snowflake saying "you will be missed." There were too many people around, or I would have put it in the nearest garbage can.

But, as I was taking pictures, I saw people who were looking at it. You could tell that someone had seen it. I watched one woman who stopped and looked at it. You could almost see her face turn to stone. Then she moved on and her look softened with grief again.

Other than that one snowflake, not one other item in the memorial, or memorials, since there are three (one outside, two inside) mentioned the killer.

By Vinnie at 12:49 AM | Comments |

December 14, 2007

Just Doing the Identity Theft Americans Weren't Doing...


The criminal cases involving the Newport married couple and the two illegal immigrants, who IRS records indicate worked for Koch Foods, have been resolved in the court system.

The bitter aftertaste that remains is the unpalatable possibility of having their wages garnished to pay tax bills on income they never earned at the Morristown chicken-processing plant...

The Costners remain in IRS legal limbo. The agency hasn’t begun garnishing their wages, but Mrs. Costner says she fears that could begin any day.

What’s more, the Costner’s $7,854 IRS bill is for the 2005 calendar year. Mrs. Costner says she believes it’s only a matter of time until they receive a delinquent tax notice for the time the two imposters worked at Koch Foods during 2006.

h/t : Glenn

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:25 PM | Comments |

Guilty as Charged

Hmm, I Guess John Cole forgot at Jawa we're all a bunch of...

Especially our lead A$$hole. The Macktastic Rusty Wicked.

Heh, I just got called one too. In real life. Just go with it.

By Howie at 05:09 PM | Comments |

Nigeria Ready for U.S. Military

(Washington, D.C.) Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua met with President Bush yesterday and stated that his country will partner with the U.S. military Africa Command (AFRICOM) for security on the continent.

The statement is a reversal of his country's position with regard to AFRICOM. Previously, the official position was that Nigeria would not support the presence of U.S. troops on African soil.

But at a press briefing at the Oval Office, with President George W. Bush in attendance, Yar'Adua made known his new position.

"We have discussed on security issues, security within Nigeria, the Niger Delta, the Gulf of Guinea and peace and security on the African continent. We shall partner AFRICOM to assist not only Nigeria but also the African continent to actualise its peace and security initiatives. It is an initiative to have standby forces in each of the regional economic groupings in Africa," said the President.

The President did not give details of the discussion on AFRICOM, such as whether Nigeria will be used as the Command's base, an issue that has emerged contentious in recent times.

A U.S. military base in West Africa is interesting to ponder.

By at 03:45 PM | Comments |

Iranian Press News Distributes Porn in Tehran

Uploading your video to the internet, zeros dollars. Phone call from Iran saying IPN is hot-linking your video to a giant Jumbotron in Tehran, 12 dollars. Replacing the video with hot nekkid chicks, Priceless!

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit.

By Howie at 03:20 PM | Comments |

It Has Risen

The Hindenturd is airborne.

Oh, the opportunities for mockery are utterly boundless.

By Vinnie at 01:17 PM | Comments |

Imperial Good News: Hundreds of Dead Taliban


Afghan soldiers last Friday that came under fierce Taliban fire in a village on the outskirts of Musa Qala -- AK47s and heavy machine gun fire opened up on us as we advanced across open ground.

The British and Afghans counterattacked backed by U.S. special forces who opened up with 50-caliber fire and by calling three F16 strikes and a B1 bomber strike.

In case you're wondering what a B1b strike looks like, here's one from November.


By Howie at 01:16 PM | Comments |

Fear the Blue Book II: The Return of the #2 Pencil


A Haiku inspired by the 200 ungraded blue books sitting on my desk.

Name, subject, section
Instructor, seat number, date
Solved: grade inflation!

UPDATE: Wunderkraut adds this, even better, haiku:

Give all of them F's
Wait for Daddy to complain
Kiss tenure goodbye

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:59 AM | Comments |

Zawahiri on Annapolis

Via Laura Mansfield.

Al Qaeda second-in-command Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri discusses the Annapolis conference in a new message released this morning.

The message, in the form of an audiotape played over a still image of Zawahiri, is 20 minutes, 2 seconds in length.

We are currently translating the message and will update shortly.

The video can be downloaded, courtesy of Laura, by clicking the image below. There were no English subtitles provided with as-Sahab's release. This again points to the absence of al-Qaeda propagandist, traitor & Orange County, California native Adam Pearlman (aka, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, aka 'Azzam al Amriki').

really stonedbegging.JPG

Again we ask, where is Adam Gadahn? Also of note is that Zawahiri speaks fluent English, should he choose to do so.

Update: Apparently there are two new blabberings from Zawahiri. One and interview which as not been released and the Annapolis message.

More here via Michelle Malkin.

Update. Hmmm, I thought I had the translation below the fold. Anyway we have the full XLT now. If you need a copy email Howie.

By Howie at 10:15 AM | Comments |

Airline Panic Attack

I feel kind of sorry for the guy. He's obviously paranoid and scared of flying. Oh yeah and ,"white people!" Warning, some strong language.

By Howie at 09:25 AM | Comments |

Yemen is the New Base for Al-Qaeda

The following article says a Saudi official observes that al-Qaeda International is moving to Yemen. However, Al-Qaeda has been laying the groundwork for the Yemeni base quietly for some time. Al-Qaeda "achieved much more than expected during the calmness period in Yemen", I think the quote goes.

This article identifies the ungoverned regions as a potential spawning ground for new recruits; however it fails to directly address the covert support emanating from some nodes of the Yemeni administration (including the military, inteligence and security forces). Nor does it address President Saleh's clear willingness to deal. The author does suggest that "Yemeni authorities should act as a targeted regime" (not an ally), but that's not probable given the level of appeasement we have seen thus far.

This is where the "generational split" theories about Yemeni al-Qaeda go wrong. Some analysts accept the premise of a good faith negotiation by the Afghan Arabs and excuse Yemen's accommodations as enlightened self-interest . In truth, the older generation of bin Laden loyalists that is negotiating with the regime is much more dangerous in the long term than the few younger "Zarqawi" jihaddis returned from Iraq who may have splintered off, if indeed they have.

The article notes that after the predictable shift from Afghanistan to Yemen, and once the structure is fully operational, there will be a new phase of al-Qaeda activity more robust and possibly more sophisticated than before, as Yemen's physical infrastructure is more developed than Afghanistan. Yemen also has the advantage for al-Qaeda of proximity to the Horn of Africa and as a maritime choke point.

Considering al-Qaeda's long term strategy of establishing a new forward base in Yemen is coming to fruition after several years of preparation, how do the four Sa'ada wars lead by (UBL buddy) General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar against the Shiite rebels and the Shiite population fit into the al-Qaeda plan? Nicely I think, coincidentally or deliberately, as the eradication of Zaidi Shiism in Yemen will also eradicate the last political, physical and ideological barrier to the full domination of takfiri Wahabbism.

from Alsharq Alwasat, by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed

An official who is a close observer of the Al Qaeda network believes that the organization has begun to shift its activities to Yemen, in addition to its strong presence in Iraq. The movement’s migration from Afghanistan is practically aiming to surround the Gulf region, which Al Qaeda considers its first and last goal....

The aforementioned official believes that Yemen may replace Afghanistan as the incubator to breed, rally and train [terrorists]. In practice, Yemen could become the new Al Qaeda base  a label once reserved for Afghanistan.

Read the rest.

By Jane at 07:48 AM | Comments |

Internet Memes

I only include this because All Your Base Are Belong To Us is in it. You'll probably recognize a lot of the other ones, too.

AoSHQ fans, I'm looking in your direction.


By Good Lt. at 01:28 AM | Comments |

December 13, 2007

Women Castrate Nordic Lion

This week, a battle in the gender war was won by the women. The heraldic lion on the coat of arms of the Nordic Battlegroup has been castrated.


Displayed is the before picture.

Swedish Heraldic Lion.jpgThe armed forces agreed to emasculate the lion after a group of women from the rapid reaction force lodged a complaint to the European Court of Justice, Goteborgs-Posten reports.

But although the army was eventually happy to make the changes in the interests of gender equality, the artist who designed the insignia was less than pleased.

"A heraldic lion is a powerful and stately figure with its genitalia intact and I cannot approve an edited image," Vladimir A Sagerlund from the National Archives told Goteborgs-Posten.

Sagerlund blasted the army for making changes to the coat of arms without his permission.

"The army lacks knowledge about heraldry. Once upon a time coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown," said Sagerlund.

But the castrated lion has already won the day and is now worn on the arms of all soldiers in the battle group's Swedish battalions.

"We were given the task of making sure the willy disappeared," Christian Braunstein from the army's 'tradition commission' told Goteborgs-Posten.

"We were forced to cut the lion's willy off with the aid of a computer," he added.

The Nordic Battlegroup is comprised of soldiers from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland and Estonia, who are presumably very careful when spelling the word "Nordic."

Curiously, now that the lion is a lioness, shouldn't the mane also be removed? And, of course, no one would ever question the manliness of European military forces. Right?

By at 10:54 PM | Comments |

Merry Christmas, Jawas!!!


More pics of Chanelle's yuletide outfit here and here.

BONUS: Just below the fold is a picture of Chanelle wrapped in a towel that's a couple sizes too small, thereby revealing a bum that gives meaning to the term "heart-shaped."


By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:26 PM | Comments |

Saudi Jihadist Rehab Program

(Saudi Arabia) Terrorists who have been captured and imprisoned in Saudi Arabia can now enter the new jihadist rehabilitation program to rid themselves of their extremist thoughts.

From ITN:

Prisoners who are soon to be released are encouraged to swap their weapons for crayons and express themselves through art. [image]

Class leader Dr Awad Alyami says the centre provides a crucial link between prison and the community for the ex-Jihads.

He said: "They came from a dark side. They got into a lot of problems and they got into trouble for it. They went into jail for a period of time and now they are in a rehabilitation centre where we are offering them help to adjust to society."

Golly gee whiz! It sounds so wonderful. I'm feeling a little mushy, a bit wispy and oh so moist. I am completely deluded. Just think -- the terrorists will trade their explosives and automatic weapons for crayons. What a fantastic idea!

Who would have thought that crayons would win out against martyrdom and 72 virgins?

By at 01:59 PM | Comments |

Yemen's Sheiks Demand A Court Date

The Sheikhs and nobles of Khawlaan Tribes Union in North Yemen (the largest Tribal Confederation in Yemen) held a meeting yesterday, 12 December. They issued a statement regarding the killings of Sheikh Ahmed Ali Al-Tahery (the general director of Khairan district in Haggah governorate) and his cousin.

In the statement they send a warning to the president of Yemen, because Saleh personally intervened in the case when he issued an order to transfer the hearing from a court in the capital Sana’a where the crime occurred to another court in Al-Hudaidah Governorate.

sheiks meeting 2 122007.jpg

In the statement, there is a declaration of Khawlaan’s sheikhs and all members of the tribes affirming their standing by the dead persons and their determination to get punishment for the murders.They warned the president of not to intervene, and they gave him a deadline to unhand the case and not to prevent justice. Otherwise they will act in all ways to ensure getting the dead persons' rights which are the right of all the tribes members.

They demand the arrest of the murders and that they are quickly presented a court in Sana’a.

sheiks meeting 122007.jpg

The photos were taken at yesterday's meeting.

By Jane at 01:06 PM | Comments |

Fear the Blue Book!


It's finals week at Tatooine U. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

UPDATE: The blue books are itching for a fight. If I'm not around much it's because they kicked my ass.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:14 PM | Comments |

New Hampshire Teachers' Union Endorsing Mike Huckabee

Via the Hotline:

The 16,000-member New Hampshire affiliate of the National Education Association has chosen to recommend to its members Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and Mike Huckabee in the Republican primary, according to a source within the state NEA. This is the first time the state affiliate has picked a candidate in the Republican primary; Huckabee was the only Republican who spoke to the NEA convention in July.
Huckabee explains NEA's support (and his ambivalence toward school vouchers) here.

In related news, Michelle just eviscerated Huckabee on Laura Ingraham. That'll leave a mark.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:21 AM | Comments |

US Company Hosting Specially Designated Terrorist (Updated Sheik Down)

Via Internet Anthropologist:

The website of Sheikh Abu Qatada Al-Falastini known for his support for Jihad ISP: Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, CA, USA (Data verified 12/04/07)
He is also a specially designated foreign national listed in the Dept of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control here.
AL-FILISTINI, Abu Qatada (a.k.a. ABU ISMAIL; a.k.a. ABU UMAR, Abu

Omar; a.k.a. TAKFIRI, Abu Umr; a.k.a. UMAR, Abu Umar; a.k.a.
UTHMAN, Al-Samman; a.k.a. UTHMAN, Omar Mahmoud; a.k.a. UTHMAN,
Umar), London, United Kingdom; DOB 30 Dec 1960; alt. DOB 13 Dec
1960 (individual) [SDGT]

Here's a screen shot of his website which I believe is being maintained by his supporters since Abu Qatada is currently in prison.

The site is was hosted on Yahoo's Geocities. It is unlawful for a US company to provide services to a specially designated national. As I recall the fine has been raised from $25,000 to $100,000.

Better emails,

Oh and I have a couple email addys. (dead),

After we pwn Sheikh Abu Qatada Al-Falastini ya might want to send him a little note to read as he rots in jail.

Update: Site down! Bandwidth exceeded. But we're looking for the 403 or 404 err, keep emailing.

Bandwidth exceeded again! Keep clicking!

Bandwidth exceeded three times. I dunno this slow response is uncharacteristic of Yahoo.

Update: III Pwned!!!!

Update IV: WTF? The site is back online. It was down, I swear!

Update V: Down again! No 403 or 404. Just the same "unavailable for viewing" rather than the bandwidth message.

Fingers crossed.

Update VI: Back up.

Update VII. Down!



Another Sheik Down!

Thanks to Yahoo for taking down the site. Yahoo has one of the best response records for removing terrorist websites of any provider. We are grateful.

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Iran Bans Boots, Hats on Women

(Tehran, Iran) The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Orientation, along with the police, judiciary and Revolutionary Guard, have ordered a ban on women wearing boots and hats. Interestingly, there seems to have been unanimous agreement for the ban -- maybe because women were not given an opportunity to object.

Tehran Police Chief General Ahmad Radan announced the prohibition yesterday.

"If boots are not covered by pants that fall to the ankles, they show the female shape and that is therefore in contradiction with Islamic dress code," said Radan.

Iranian women can no longer leave home with their pants pushed inside their boots and they can no longer wear hats without a veil.

"A hat is not an adequate substitute for a veil or a hijab," he said. "If someone really wants to wear a hat, they can put it on the veil."

Feminist Rezvan Moghdaddam told Adnkronos International (AKI) that police should be concerned about drug traffickers than street fashion.

"Instead of being busy with women's hats and boots, the police would be better catching the merchants of death that kill our young people with drugs," she said from Tehran.

"Our cities are infested by delinquents and security forces are only worried about how women dress, all this is really ridiculous."

Therefore, as long as women are seen as shapeless and unremarkable, they will be allowed to walk the streets of Tehran. Meanwhile, law enforcers in Tehran have been turned into the official Boot and Hats Police, something akin to glorified hall monitors.

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Sa'ada Yemen, the tragedy continues

Protests in the South of Yemen are continuing with tens of thousands taking to the streets for the funerals of the people killed in Radfan by security forces. In a disturbing development, the cease fire may not hold in the northern Sa'ada region, where Shiite rebels have fought the Yemeni government since 2004.

The fourth round of fighting flared in January and ended in June, after mediation by Qatar. However, the regime failed to implement all the cease fire terms, including ordering the military to vacate rebel homes. One newspaper is charged in the specialized terrorism court for publishing the news that terrorists including the Aden Abyan Islamic Army have been training tribal paramilitaries to fight on behalf of the regime.

The Yemen Times reports that

tanks and armored vehicles struck Al-Thalawth village in the district, destroying ten occupied homes and the village mosque. In the same area, a small tribal group backing the army fired at a bus with heavy machine guns, leaving one passenger dead.

Since the shootout between army and Houthi supporters erupted nearly three months ago, Sa’ada and Amran have experienced unprecedented standoffs, including assassination attempts and arrest campaigns against Houthi loyalists. Army units in both governorates have set up ambushes against tribesmen....

Soldiers at checkpoints searched and taunted by-passers, accusing them of being loyal to Al-Houthi, eyewitnesses told media, adding that over the past ten days, many peasants were shot dead on their farms by soldiers over charges of having connections with Al-Houthi, as part of the alleged plot to fuel another war in the province. According to locals, Askar Zuail, Manager of Commander Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar’s Office in Sa’ada, gave a sermon in one of the area’s mosques which the army gained control of after forcing the Houthis from the area, in which he described those supporting Abdulmalik Al-Houthi as ‘disbelievers’.

Kill all the Shiite Houthi supporters for the sake of Allah and the Prophet Mohammed, not for the sake of President Ali Abdullah Saleh,” the preacher said, demonstrating defiance of the agreed-upon cease fire.

General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, who is President Saleh's half brother, allowed or encouraged the sermon calling for the death of Houthi "supporters", an ambiguous term which could apply to any Zaidi civilians in the area. Zaidi Shiite politician, Yahya al-Houthi accused the government of a "conspiracy aiming at eradicating the Zaidi sect as well as facilitating Al-Wahabiah task to control situations."

With regards to the internally displaced, starving people in Sa'ada (mostly women and children), The World Food Program appealed for funds to make up a shortfall of $3.3m to feed 77,000 people until next March - more than double the number than in previous months. Medical care, clean water and basic items like cooking oil continue to be in exceedingly short supply.

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We Will Never Forget You

Thank you Vinnie for this beautiful video. As you watch it, please say a prayer for Ahmed Qusai al-Taayie, Paul Reuben, Jonathon Cote, John Young, Josh Munns, Bert Nussbaumer, Sinan Krause, Robert Levinson, Andre Durant, Callie Scheepers, Hardus Greef, Johann Enslin, Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev, Ehud Goldwasser, Peter Moore, and Jason and the other unnamed British hostages. And for their families, who are as bound in captivity as their missing loved ones. May the chains be broken and the captives set free.

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Analyzing The Huckaboomlet

If you're puzzled by Huckabee's meteoric rise in the polls, consider the following...


huck chart.GIF

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Video : Fred Thompson Laying Down the Smack on the Teachers' Unions

Amen, brother!

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December 12, 2007

I Had A Good Night Last Night

Does life still bequeath surprises on you once in a while?

It did for me last night. Sweeeet.

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Dallas Company??? Hosting PFLP Terrorist Website


Updated by Howie: We've run into some difficulties. The planet did respond at this time site appears to have moved or to actually be hosted in Amsterdam.

Give us time to regroup and consider our next move.

Our apologies to The Planet and thanks to them for removing the one DNS record. Sites can now run multiple DNS providers at once. So it's still up... ... for now.

I moved the original post below the fold for now. Everyone just sit tight on the emails. You may continue to put research info on the site in comments.

A Dallas, Texas based company is hosting the official website for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) at The PFLP was designated a terrorist organization under the authority of Executive Order 13224 which forbids U.S. companies and individuals from providing "financial, material, or technological support for ... entities designated in or under the Order."

Unlike many websites pointed to on these pages, which are often fanzines of terror groups dedicated to disseminating propaganda, this is the official website of an officially designated terrorist organization.

The PFLP carried out dozens of attacks in Europe and the Middle East during the 1970s and 1980s, including many airplane hijackings, and more recently have been involved in civilian bombings. =
The Planet in Dallas, TX
DNS also provided by The Planet

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A Handy Link

Check which employers in your state support their employees who are in the national guard and reserves here at ESRG .

Related: the Snopes Sears page.

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Special Report: The Facebook Jihad


***Sticky***Scroll down for newer posts***

A special report from an anonymous Jawa operative on jihadi use of the popular Facebook social networking website.

Much has been said about the lack of importance placed upon the “cyber jihad” from government and military counter-terrorism agencies. The YouTube Jihad phenomena as well as other domestic hosting of online terror activities has been well documented here at the Jawa Report, Snapped Shot, Michelle Malkin, LGF, and others. But recently I’ve been digging up another clever use of the internet by terror groups: the high school and college social networking megasite

Facebook is designed to attract young people and allow them to easily share pictures, video, articles, and generally stay in touch. It seems many terrorist groups and their supporters have seen that as the perfect combination for recruitment. To sign up, all they need is an email- many use fake names, like this guy who used the name of the Gama’at Al-Islamiyya terror group.

From there, they need to set up a Facebook Group to attract people. Groups like 14 Shabat, Muslim Brotherhood, and even some Al-Qaida wannabes are featured [pictured at top of page.

Other groups are more general, such as "Resistance Movement Supporters” where group members are greeted with pictures Hamas leaders.

Wonder who was responsible for your last DDOS attack, Rusty? Maybe it was “Islamic Force” a team meetup group for jihadi “hackers”. While this group only has a few members, many groups number well into the hundreds, like this PLO support group with over 400, or this group supporting PFLP terrorist and plane hijacker Leila Kahled at nearly a thousand members.

Once the group is made, it’s time to get the message out. Facebook makes this easy, allowing you to upload videos, pictures, and external links for your friends to check out.

The videos shown are typical of the 70 posted to the Leila Kahled group, with most decrying Israeli "atrocities" or extolling the virtues of the resistance groups, showing their attacks on civilians, Israeli, or American troops. Here are examples of videos hosted by “Resistance Movement Supporters” including Hezbollah training videos, propaganda, and filmed attacks on civilian targets. Among the various groups are literally hundreds of propaganda posters and recruitment ads.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PFLP, is one of the more common terror organizations, with about a dozen Facebook groups and several hundred supporters. This is a screenshot of the largest of these groups, taken down after several weeks of harassing Facebook’s abuse report function by yours truly. PFLP on facebook relies heavily on images of Che Geuvara and Leila Kahled to appeal to young people.

By far the most common terror groups on Facebook, however, support Hamas and Hezbollah. A list of several dozen such groups is given at the end of this post.

The last group of terror supporters are perhaps the most despicable in my opinion: for example, a group called “Support Our Troops!” No, not American troops, silly, the one who are trying to kill American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Note that the group Administrator is from the University of Arizona and that of the 128 group members some are from from TX, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Celeveland, New York, LA, DC… have we forgotten what treason is? Oh right, this is treason.

I almost forgot- What would any good terrorist roundup be without point out the obvious child abuse? Here you go.

And here, and here, and here .

Facebook is wildly popular among teens and college students. Do you know what your kids are seeing on Facebook?

Citations below (feel free to sign up for a Facebook account and start reporting them!)

Thanks to anonymous Zionist pimp #5.

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Australian Convert: "We are soldiers of Osama bin Laden"

An Australian convert to Islam claims that her family are soldiers of Osama bin Laden. But don't panic: she also claims she's no terror supporter.

It's all in the definition, though, isn't it? If one defines terror as anything the kuffar do against Muslims, and preclude from your definition of terror anything Muslims do against the kuffar, then, by definition, a supporter of Osama bin Laden cannot support terrorism!

This is why general condemnations of terrorism by Muslims are not sufficient. Especially when many so-called "moderate" Muslims who would even go so far as to claim that Osama bin Laden is a terrorist, but that Hizbollah, Hamas, or Palestinian Islamic Jihad members are not. Because "Zionists" are always legitimate targets in their view.

The statement accuses another Australian convert, Aisha Whitehead, of encouraging her Somali-born Australian husband Ahmed Ali to fight alongside terrorists in his war-torn homeland.

The mother, who introduced Ms Whitehead to Mr Ali, allegedly told a small gathering of Muslim women in Melbourne that she supported Islamic jihad and was a follower of the hardline Wahabi form of Islam.

"We are Wahabi," the mother is quoted as saying in the sworn statement seen by The Australian and given by a Somali community member to the AFP in August. Asked at the gathering whether it was bad to be a Wahabi, she replied: "No, we are soldiers of Osama bin Laden. We take orders from him. If he tells us to go somewhere, we go."

Read the rest which is an expose on the numerous Somali born Islamists who have returned to their country to fight for the al Qaeda linked African Taliban of the Islamic Courts Union.

Thanks to Anonymous Zionist Whore #2.

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A Jesus Tattoo Does Not A Christian Make

notchristianpunks.JPGI'm entirely outraged by this story. So please excuse me if I'm a little hot under the collar in this post.

Via WAPO: It all began when Adler, his girlfriend, Maria Parsheva, and two other pals boarded the subway at Canal Street bound for Brooklyn and someone in another group wished them "Merry Christmas."

Adler and his pal Angelica Krischanovich responded: "Happy Hanukkah."

Apparently, those were fighting words.

"They just came at us so fast. The first thing that came into my mind was, 'Yeah, this is going to be violent,' " said Parsheva, 20.

One of the group immediately hiked up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo of Christ.

"He said, 'Happy Hanukkah, that's when the Jews killed Jesus,'

Do these look like Christian's to you?

Joseph Jirovec and friends, you are thugs pure and simple, nothing more. You know nothing of Jesus who's image you sport on your arm! Any recruiter who takes you into the army after this ought to have his head examined. No one should hire you to do so much as sweep the floor.

You and your kind ruin the names of good Christians every where. I seriously doubt that Jesus will stand before The Father and vouch for your sorry ass.

The Muslim man, Hassan Askari, knows more of Jesus and what he stands for than you ever will. May God bless him and thanks to him for doing the right thing.

First of all the Jooooos did not kill Jesus.

Via The Bible: But Jesus answered and said, Ye know not what ye ask. Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of, and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?
Do you know what that means? It means that it was God's will that Jesus die because he was the only one fit to die for sinners. No one else could take his place! He could have saved himself but Jesus does only God's will and gave himself for us. Even for a slimebag like Joseph Jirovec if he is willing to repent!

Again from the Bible

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
That means you are not to be violent. Joseph Jirovec and friends you are a disgrace! Jesus does not need you to defend him. You besmirch his name with your tattoos and violence! These men were not wrong for defending themselves against you. You are in the wrong for your attack!

Now if I can calm down. Just a word for Hassan Askari, Thank you so much for showing that Muslims can be good people. I pray there will be a place for you in heaven. I've taken so much heat on this board for going against the terrorists who murder in the name of your religion. It is refreshing to see that there are Muslims like you in the world. As long as there are, there is hope for us all.

These punks who attacked you and Mr. Adler have been taken by the same bigoted hatred that drives al-Qaeda. They are nothing but murderous scum and tools of the devil. May their kind meet a swift and terrible end when the time comes.

I'm not perfect, far from it. But you might think that men with a Jesus tattoos would at least take the time to know what he stands for!

More here.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit.

Update: I forgot the link to the video interviews here.

Update II: See what I mean, look at the cheap shot the Moderate Voice took at this one. With no regard to the actual identity or ignorance of Christianity the attackers displayed.

Look at the labels David Schraub used. Christians / Christian Conservatives / Bigotry / Jews / Judaism / Anti-Semitism / Christianity / Crime / Religion

Willful deception. I say again, do these pictures look like any Christian Conservatives you've ever met? No. Pretty darned low but that's what you get from libtards.

Shame on you David Schraub! You yellow journalist hack!

Filed under rants and genital puppets in honor of Joseph Jirovec and his friends.

Oh and why don't you punks but some pants that fit. For men who attack blacks just on the basis of color you sure do dress awfully gangsta! Mirror image I'd say.

P.S. Mr. Jirovec, Jesus died on the Friday before Passover! The Bible and the calendar,read them.If you can read, which I seriously doubt. Looks like you'll have plenty of time to learn.

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More on the Jamie Leigh Jones Case

I knew I'd take a ton of heat for having the audacity to say that maybe we shouldn't conclude that all of the allegations made by Jamie Leigh Jones are primae faciae true. I have taken a lot of heat for it.

But I think if there's anything the Duke Lacrosse case taught us is that just because somebody claims rape, that doesn't necessarily make the charge true. Neither does it make the charge false.

As I stated in my earlier post on Jamie Leigh Jones:

The real culprit here may be the Blotter. The piece is straight advocacy. And straight advocacy pieces beg to taken to task....

Is the story true? By simply telling the story from the victim's perspective, then aren't we doing a disservice to those she is making the allegations against?

Bob Owens has taken up where I left off, and reviews the shoddy piece of reporting done by ABC here:
In what the Associated Press described as a preview of allegations to air on “20/20” next month, ABC News may have exaggerated some elements of the story for dramatic effect while downplaying other facts....

There is also the issue of a serious discrepancy between The Blotter story, the civil case documents, and Jones’ own account on The Jamie Leigh Foundation’s web site as to what happened to the rape kit collected by U.S. Army medical personnel in the wake of her assault.....

Absent from the original or amended filing, however, was anything that could be construed as a claim of the rape kit being handed over by U.S. Army medical personnel to “KBR security officers” as alleged in The Blotter report.

But there's more. Much more. The Jamie Leigh Foundation’s web site has now taken down Jamie's original story after PJM contacted them about the discrepancies.

Never fear, PJM backed up the original time line here.

Bob also takes to task what I thought was one of the odder parts of the story. The Blotter reports:

In the lawsuit, Jones also says, after the rape, she was held in a shipping container for at least 24 hours without food or water by KBR, which posted armed security guards outside her door.
The wording of the story implies that Jamie Leigh was being held like a prisoner in a shipping container. But here is how her own website described her imprisonment, before they took it down:
Immediately following her physical examination, she was placed in a trailer with a bed, a shower, and a sink, but without a television, and was refused phone calls to her family despite repeated requests, which amounted to a false imprisonment;
As I originally said:
What comes to mind immediately is the allegation that KBR guards kept Jamie Leigh Jones under lock and key shortly after the alleged rape. Perhaps there is an alternative explanation to intimidation? Maybe they were trying to protect her?
On the now defunct website Jamie recalled that one of her alleged (and unnamed) rapists was asleep in her room when she woke up that morning. A photo from The Blotter also shows Jamie's original living quarters--which would most likely also have been a converted "shipping container"--with a bunk bed. So, maybe an alternative explanation to "imprisonment" ---by implication so that she would not tell any one of the gang rape-- is that they just wanted to give her a safe place to rest?

I dunno. Like I said, ABC's The Blotter story was so one-sided and inflammatory that there's really no way to separate the facts of the case from hyperbole.

Again, I wrote:

What if the allegations aren't true? What if some of the allegations are true, but some aren't? What if all of the essential allegations are true, but they are being misrepresented.
The allegations may very well be true. But maybe they aren't.

What is clear to me is why ABC has taken up the case in such a crusading manner. It's the perfect victim meeting the perfect villains.

Nearly every villain in the left's panoply of villains is included in the story: Halliburton, KBR, the military, the Bush administration.

And the perfect victim: rape victim, victim of Bush administration, victim of Iraq war, victim of private military contractors.

It's just too perfect. At least the way The Blotter exclusive is promoting the story.

Read the rest of Bob's story here.

UPDATE: I should have clicked on over to Michelle Malkin's first. Rookie mistake.

She links to this piece from Overlawyered which deconstructs the lawsuit. Read it all.

UPDATE: There really are a lot of retards out there. Just read the comments.

Who's alleging a conspiracy here? It's not me. It's Jamie Leigh Jones, her attorneys, and ABC News.

Do some of you even know what a conspiracy is? When you simply repeat the allegations made by an attorney that isn't a conspiracy--it's just bad reporting.

Claiming that Halliburton, KBR, the State Department, and the U.S. military are covering up a gang rape---that is a conspiracy.

Jesus H. Mary & Joseph some of you are idiots. I'm guessing mostly John Cole's readers.

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Did Baby Jesus Smile When Huckabee Granted 1,033 Clemencies?

Phil Klein in the American Spectator on Huckabee's disturbing record:

Over the course of his 10 and a half years as governor, Huckabee granted a staggering 1,033 clemencies, according to the Associated Press. That was more than double the combined 507 that were granted during the 17 and a half years of his three predecessors: Bill Clinton, Frank White, and Jim Guy Tucker.

In many cases, Huckabee's actions set loose savage criminals convicted of grizzly murders over the passionate objections of prosecutors and victims' families.

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"Moderate" Muslim Country Arrests Girl for.....Converting to Christianity

Wow, this is just sad. On top of the personal tragedy, it's notable that Egypt is often described at various times as either "secular" or "moderate". But:

Converts from Islam to Christianity in Egypt are unable to register the change on their national ID cards, which display the holder’s religion.

Egyptian government at times prosecutes citizens who convert from Islam under Article 98(f) of the Penal Code, which prohibits “contempt of any divinely-revealed religion.” Officials have interpreted this article to proscribe conversion from Islam on the grounds that such conversion disparages Islam.

Religion of tolerance and freedom.

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Gitmo Detainess Have More Rights than Goering

You mean the Nazis at the Nuremberg tribunals had less rights than detainees at Guantanamo? If Bush is a fascist for his policy on the treatment of terror suspects, and Truman's Nuremberg policy was even worse.....does that make Truman worse than Hitler? You know, since Bush = Hitler.

Washington Times

Nearly 100 foreign enemy combatants to be tried at Guantanamo Bay will have more rights than Nazi war criminals who faced the Nuremberg tribunal, a Senate panel was told yesterday.

Detainees in the war on terror will have the presumption of innocence and an automatic appeal, the latter not even afforded to U.S. citizens, said Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Hartmann, legal adviser to the Convening Authority for the Office of Military Commissions.

"No such presumption existed," said Gen. Hartmann in reference to Nuremberg while speaking to the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on terrorism, technology and homeland security. "There were no rules of evidence, and virtually any evidence was freely admitted.

"That was painfully apparent to those who were found guilty and received the death penalty — they were hung within hours and days of the completion of the sentence announcement," he said.

Steven A. Engel, Justice Department deputy assistant attorney general, said that extending the peacetime notion of habeas corpus to military prisoners would be "unprecedented."

"In the nearly 800 years of the writ's existence, no English or American court has ever granted habeas relief to alien enemy soldiers captured and detained during wartime," Mr. Engel said.

Can you imagine Hermann Goering or Rudolph Hess appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court? Or better yet, that Congress would be more worried about the way in which evidence was gathered, during a time of war, against the Nazis than they were about the actual crimes they had committed?

It's like we're living in Bizarro world.

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Muslim Sues Italian Soccer Team Over Jersey

A Turkish lawyer is suing an Italian soccer team because their Jersey has a cross on it which is too Crusaderish.

You can't make this shit up.

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Video : Teachers' Union Hearts Huckabee

h/t : Glenn and Kaus.

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LMAO! Jawa Responds

In response to this, I give you this.

Yes, I know, the stupid watermark. I'll buy the damn software one of these days.

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ht: Hot Air

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DNC Insiders on Mike Huckabee : "An Easy Kill"

"His letting out murderers because they shout 'Jesus', his wanting to put 300,000 AIDS patients and Magic Johnson into isolation, ain't even scratching the surface of what we've got on him."

- Anonymous DNC operative on Mike Huckabee

This via Drudge, who notes:

In the last three weeks since Huckabee's surge kicked in, the DNC hasn't released a single press release criticizing his rising candidacy.

The last DNC press release critical of Huckabee appeared back on March 2nd.

I've got a very bad feeling about this...

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December 11, 2007

One hour to the Vicky Show

Update: It was a great show. You can listen to an archived copy of the interview here.

Well, she's a guest on "Political Vindication" at Blog Talk Radio

Date / Time: 12/11/2007 9:00 PM EST (6pm Pacific).

Category: Politics Conservative

Call-in Number: (646) 652-4598,

Contractors in Iraq are being kidnapped at an alarming rate - does anyone care? Vicki from Not Ready For My Burqa comes on to tell us about what contractors do and what we're doing for those families who's sons are being held by terrorists in the Middle East.

Political Vindication Radio!

Listen to Save America!  Listen to Political Vindication Radio! on internet talk radio

By Jane at 08:09 PM | Comments |

NBC Changes Mind, Runs Freedomswatch Ads

Via AP:

WASHINGTON (AP)--NBC reversed course Saturday and decided to run a conservative group's television ad thanking U.S. troops.

The ad, by the group Freedom's Watch, asks viewers to remember the troops during the holiday season. NBC had refused to air the ad because it guides viewers to the Freedom's Watch Web site, which NBC said was too political.

But in a statement issued Saturday evening, NBC said:

"We have reviewed and changed our ad standards guidelines and made the decision that our policy will apply to content only and not to a referenced Web site. Based on these amended standards the Freedom's Watch ad will begin to run as early as Sunday."

By Howie at 04:42 PM | Comments |

Larry O'Donnell: Chickenshit

Bryan at Hot Air has the story.

HH: Would you say the same things about Mohammed as you just said about Joseph Smith?

LO’D: Oh, well, I’m afraid of what the…that’s where I’m really afraid. I would like to criticize Islam much more than I do publicly, but I’m afraid for my life if I do.

Filed under Domestic Dhimmis.

Michael Goldfarb at Weekly Standard has a link to the transcript here.

By Howie at 04:21 PM | Comments |

Honor Killings in Kurdistan

Reported in, the number of honor killings among Kurds in Iraq is nominally one every day.

United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) highlighted the problem of honor killings as one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the country.

According to its 2007 report, violence against Kurdish women rose 18 percent between March and May 2006. Statistics showed that in the first quarter of 2007, 15 women were killed with blunt tools, 87 by fire, and 16 from gunshot wounds. In the second quarter, the figures were eight, 108, and 21, respectively.

A report by Kurdistan's Human Rights Ministry said the number of women who committed suicide by self-immolation (setting themselves on fire) was 36 in 2005 and rose to 133 in 2006.

The extent of the problem is astonishing and, unfortunately, not well known. International pressure needs to be directed toward the practice. Prominent Arab, Asian and Western women should be outraged and shouting their condemnation.

It's important to note that part of the problem is Kurdish law. The current punishment for all homicides is a life sentence or execution. That is except for honor killings which have a maximum penalty of three years in prison.

For starters, the Kurds need to change the law.

By at 04:18 PM | Comments |

al-Qaeda Claims Algeria Bombings

At least 40 people were murdered in todays bombings The statement is in Arabic and has been provided to The Jawa Report by Laura Mansfield. We'll update with the English translation as soon as we have it.

The two men shown below committed today's suicide bombings in Algeria according to a statement released on a jihadist website by an Al Qaeda linked group.

The statement from "Al Qaeda of the Islamic Magrhib"claiming responsibility for this morning's attacks in Algeria has been posted on various jihadist sites this afternoon.

More here via FOXNEWS.

Update II. Laura has a better translation. It's partial, below the fold

Laura's partial translation

This is rough and there are still a couple of portions I'm still working on... but it's a start...

From the media committee of the al Qaeda group in the Islamic Maghreb.

Another successful conquest and a second epic that the knights of faith have dictated with their blood, defending the wounded Islamic nation and in defiance to the Crusaders and their agents, the slaves of America and the sons of France.

At the doorsteps of Eid Al-Adha, we bring the Islamic Nation the good news of a band of its sons carrying out two martyrdom operations. Their objectives were as follows:

This morning, the heroic martyr Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Othman drove his truck filled with no less than 800 kg of explosives to storm the fort of the international infidelity, the main headquarters of the United Nations in Algeria located in the Khadra region, Haydara in the capital where he stormed through the numerous fortifications, surprised everyone and detonated his truck. According to our sources, the explosion resulted in at least 60 killed and dozens injured in the ranks of the crusaders and the apostates. Also the building had been completely destroyed and all thanks are to God.

The heroic martyr Abdel Rahman Abu Abdel Nasser al-Asimi drove his truck filled with no less than 800 kg of explosives, storming at the same time the headquarters of the Constitutional Council, located near the headquarters of the Police Supreme School, located in Ankoon in the capital. The explosion resulted, according to our sources, in the killing of at least 50 and injuring dozens among the ranks of apostates in addition to the destruction of a large part of the building, all thanks to God.

This comes after various successful conquests that other mujahedeen carried out previously, and we mention the most important ones:

1. The attack carried out by the mujahedeen in the southern region on 08/11/2007 targeting the military airport of the city of Ganet and they managed by the grace of God to target three military aircrafts and they returned to their bases safely without any injuries.

2. The successful attack, which was carried out by the mujahideen east of the province of Ain Dafla on 08/12/2007 where they exploded two bombs on a Russian convoy working for the Trans Gas company resulting in the killing and injury of unknown number of Russians and their accompanying police.
[portion omitted]

Today's conquest came to shatter the government's claim that it has wiped out the solid nucleus of our organization and to remind the crusader occupiers who are occupying our homelands and looting our resources that they need to carefully listen to the demands and the statements of our Sheikh and our commander Abu Abdullah Osama bin Laden, may God protect him.

The statement continues with more justification of the conquest as a revenge for their "martyred brothers."

Update I: Less than perfect Google translation.

Thank God Moez Islam victory, humiliating Bakhrh trap, and the Bank of things command and Inveigled unbelievers Bml, estimated fair days States, and making cautious consequence of thanks
Peace and prayers be on top of the God of Islam Mannar Bsifa either:

Almighty said:) that God had bought from the believers themselves and their money that they Paradise fighting in the way of Allah killed and killed and except for truly in the Torah and the Bible and the Koran is fuller custody of God Fastbcroa Bouapekm which Baiatm and this is a great win ((repentance: 111).

Other successful invasion, and a second epic rhythm Knights faith blood, and relax mentioned lovers aspens Bashlahm defense of the Nation of Islam wounded, and Defiance in the Crusaders and their agents of America Ebeid and sons of France.

And here we are at the beginning of Eid Al-Adha hemorrhage of human Nation of Islam by a group of the implementation of two sons A_i_hadetyn spread their objectives as follows:

Go heroic martyr Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Osman this morning tending his truck filled with not less than 800 kg of explosives in Your Hand by Walker infidelity World Headquarters president of the United Nations in Algeria who is the region of green! (Haidara / DC), which broke through the numerous fortifications and surprised at the hour, , and detonated his truck explosion resulting from the proceeds of an initial capacity of our sources, including at least 60 killed and scores wounded in the ranks of the Crusaders and apostates, and the building had been destroyed completely and thank God.

* And led the heroic martyr Abu Abdel Rahman Abdel Nasser received his truck filled with not less than 800 kg of explosives, stormed the headquarters at the same time the Constitutional Council, near the headquarters of the Graduate School of the secret police who Bin capital, and has resulted in the explosion according to our sources for the death of at least 50 killed and scores wounded in the ranks of apostates were also destroyed a large part of the building, thankfully.

And this comes after the successful invasion several other volunteers to mention the most important of which:

1. Mujahideen attack, which was carried out by the South under the command of Commander Yahya Abu Ammar, which targeted by the night of Thursday 8/11/2007 military airport of the city of Janet and managed by the grace of God the injury of three military aircraft and then aligned themselves to their bases safely without any injuries negligible.
2. The successful attack, which was carried out by Mujahidoun east mandate Ain al on the evening of Saturday, 8 / 12 / 2007 area west under the command of Sheikh Abu Asim Hayyan detonated two bombs in the parade of Olouj Russians working in a company Trans gas explosion resulting in the injury parade, and the number of unknown of the wounded and dead in the ranks of Russian troops and escorted by gendarmes.

What you infidels and Renegades:

The invasion came martyr Abu Haidara to put points on the characters and to demolish them and Asatira Rojtamoha Nsjtamoha illusions ...

* Came to demolish the myth of "the elimination of the solid nucleus of the organization" ... Here is commander received Abi Younis received the Emir Khalifa Al-Wasat, and Abe Haidara is Saekm Sain praise to God and his strength, and you really do not prove that every word mujahideen solid nucleus and leading Leading the fall Mr. them even lifted Mr. Ensign like him, and repeated this lesson you always so well understood God.
* And came to remember the invasion of our homes crusaders occupiers and looters of our wealth should listen well to the demands and letters Cheickna and deeply Abu Abdallah Osama bin Laden, may God preserve him ... Vollah that the swords of the Mujahideen Islamic Morocco Mslolh and their lives over the palms of portable, and praise the martyrs of racing to testify unless liberated every inch of the land of Islam and unless stopped Hrbakm the people of Islam and apostates traitors of your fellow compatriots.
* And came invasion III retaliation for the blood of our brothers the martyrs and Yahya Abu Sufian Abu Haidara and the Aldhdah Abe and others, all of us fall a martyr you will pay the price dearly, God, and every success alleged Tzkronh Stnsecm where mujahideen subsequent strikes.

Via the Nation of Islam, and you, the people of unification and faith ... Ha had sacrificed Mujahidoun revenge you, in defense of religion and grant ...

Exposing all Salibi and apostate and agent ... and Pay Babinakm to sea Jihad for the implementation of martyrdom operations ...

O you Jews and Christians and apostates clients ..

God Anasr Mujahideen everywhere and supported the duration of your ..

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

Glory be to God and His Messenger, and the volunteers

Information Committee

Muslims of Al-Qaeda, Islamic Morocco

Tuesday, 02 is the argument, 1428

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Miss Bikini International 2007

Were there any Hot Muslim Chicks on this years contest?

Click on the incredibly tight behind above to find out!

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Alex Trebek Has Heart Attack

(Los Angeles, CA) Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has suffered a heart attack and is hospitalized at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. Called a minor attack, he is reportedly doing well and should be able to resume hosting duties in January.

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Underwear In The Garden

(Osaka, Japan) Frequently, truth seems much stranger than fiction because one simply can't imagine that a person is even capable of making up some things that happen in real life.

Here's an example of really bizarre behavior from the tabloid Yukan Fuji (pic).

A man arrested for hurling into neighbors' gardens the little girls' knickers that he used to wear around has been described by those who knew him as "friendly and a stickler for cleanliness," according to Yukan Fuji (12/5).

Kazuo Oshitani, a 48-year-old company employee from the Osaka suburb of Ibaraki, was arrested for breaking the Waste Disposal Law.

Police say Oshitani bought hundreds of pairs of women's and little girls' underpants, wore them one at a time and then scattered them around neighbors' gardens when he removed them on his way home.

Apparently, he targeted the gardens of young families with housewives in their 20s and 30s. Oshitani told police that it aroused him to think of people finding his panties.

According to a scientific sample study, panty fetishism is known to occur worldwide and it's exhibited in about 12 percent of all people possessing fetishes.

Interestingly, the Japanese have turned the proclivity into an institution. Schoolgirls are known to sell soiled underwear at specialized shops or through mobile phones, selling directly to clients. Also, the fetish is generally common among lesbians.

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Muslim Cabby Chokes 16 Year Old Daughter to Death Over Hijab

aqsa4.jpgVia National Post:

A 16-year-old girl is in critical condition after being choked by a man believed to be her father, apparently after a dispute with her family over her refusal to wear the hijab, the Islamic headscarf worn by some Muslim women.

Peel Regional Police arrested a 57-year-old man(Muhammad Parvez) yesterday morning after receiving a 911 call from a suburban home in Mississauga from a man saying he had killed his daughter. When police and paramedics arrived at the house they found a 16-year-old lying on the floor without any vital signs, police said.

Constable J.P. Valade, a spokesman for Peel police, would not release the names of either the victim or the man arrested and would not give any details about what transpired inside the large, two-storey home in a well-to-do subdivision.

Religion of murdering your own daughter for honor.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit, who has more here.

Update: The charges have been upgraded to murder. h/t Michael.

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We're Back!

We laugh at your silly DDOS against the DNS. So lame. The record keeping TJR down is about a week. Nice try.

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Algeria: Terrorists Bomb School Bus, Supreme Court

(Algiers) For two deadly bombings today, there have been no claims of responsibility, yet, but it is logical to assume that al-Qaeda is the perpetrator.

The North African contingent, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, has been quite active in bombing people throughout Algeria this year.

At least 45 people are reported to have died and another 40 wounded in two explosions in the Algerian capital, Algiers.

Officials said the first explosion occurred on Tuesday in the heart of the city, near the country's Supreme Court, while a second bomb exploded at the United Nations office in the area of Hydra.

The minister for internal affairs, Yazid Zerhouni said at least one of the blasts was believed to be a suicide bomb attack caused by a small truck bomb. The minister was speaking to US network, 'al-Hurra', which broadcasts in Arabic.

The greatest number of victims are believed to have been students who were travelling on a school bus that was struck by the bomb that exploded in front of the court building in the Ben Aknoun.

It's reported that 30 of the dead were on the school bus adjacent to the Supreme Court building. Bastards!
Yazid Zerhouni, the Algerian Interior Minister, said that the blasts were just minutes apart.

"The death toll is very high," he said. So far, medical crews said that scores have been injured in today's blasts, and put the death toll for both bombs at 45.

People were seen running through the streets in panic near the Supreme Court, and the wail of police sirens filled the air. Much of the city's central zone, containing its business and diplomatic offices, was cordoned off after the bombs.

The al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb group was formerly called the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC). Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

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Daily Quiz : Who Said It?

Question 1: Who said the following in support of a change in the GOP platform to say the issue of abortion should be left up to the individual state legislatures to deal with as each sees fit?:

"That’s exactly what we have looked for, and if it’s left up to the states, more of them are going to put some restrictions on abortion."

A. Fred Thompson
B. Mitt Romney
C. Mike Huckabee

Question 2: Who said:

"I think Roe v. Wade is based on a real stretch of Constitutional application -- that somehow there is a greater privacy issue in the abortion concern -- than there is a human life issue -- and that the federal government should be making that decision as opposed to states making that decision. So, I've never felt that it was a legitimate manner in which to address this and, first of all, it should be left to the states, the 10th Amendment..."

A. Fred Thompson
B. Mitt Romney
C. Mike Huckabee

Question 3: Who said the following in support of a national ban on abortion?:

“It’s the logic of the Civil War,...If morality is the point here, and if it’s right or wrong, not just a political question, then you can’t have 50 different versions of what’s right and what’s wrong.”

A. Fred Thompson
B. Mitt Romney
C. Mike Huckabee

Answers below the fold...


1. C - Mike Huckabee, February 1995.

2. C - Mike Huckabee, April 2006.

3. C - Mike Huckabee, November 2007.

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December 10, 2007

Jawa Responds To Mahomet Ghoulish Of Mooselimb Videos

This is what happens when you put an Islamotard, Rusty, Firefox addons, an .flv converter, and me in the same room.

A little choppy, yes, but I'm sure I can improve if anyone wants me to conduct more mockery upon our enemies.

I was a little perturbed that an ad for my free download kept showing up, but hey, it covers his ugly ass face, so I'm okay wit dat.

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Naomi Wolf: Portrait of an Idiot Sliding Into Trooferism

Bye, bye, Naomi.

Let us know how "just asking questions" turns out for ya.

WARNING: You WILL lose IQ points listening to this desperate wingnut spout full-blown Trooferism.

Want answers, wingnut?

Steel removal - DEBUNKED.

And since when did the Troofers claim molten steel was shipped out to China? You can't even get the woo-woo talking points straight. Sweet Jeebus. Maybe if she waves her hands around in more dramatic fashion, it will make more sense to everyone.

Pat at SLC gets off a good encapsulation:

"She sounds like somebody who just saw Loose Change last night."
Indeed. She sounds even stupider than that, actually, which is a theoretical impossibility.

The "voices of reason" on the left. Always on top of the facts.

ht: AllahP

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As Iraq News Goes Good, Network News Decreases Coverage

Ace calls it the Vanishing War, and notes that CNN made a stink about the fact that FOX wasn't ramming ridiculously biased news coverage down the viewers' throats 59 hours a day when things were rougher.

Now that things have calmed down noticeably, the nets and CNN have dropped off their "FLOOD THE ZONE" coverage drastically.

I think it's safe to say we see a 'trend' developing here that merits equally aggressive reporting. Right, o mighty gatekeepers? From October:

This turn of events surely wasn't in the best laid plans of the Democrat/Media for 2008.

What gives? Simple. Less bleeding equals no more leading. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

UPDATE: You can't blame them for trying: A fake rocket attack reported by "Do You Know Who I Am?!!1" McClatchy and "What? Us? Propagandists?" Reuters that was even corrected by Al-Jazeera.

Now that's perspective.

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Ironic Perfection on YouTube: Radical Antisemitic Islamist Accuses Jawa of Racism

Apparently Mohamed M. Ghounem took issue of our post which identified him as the owner of Muslim Videos. The online site features dozens of antisemitic videos, including one accusing Jews of ritualistically killing babies and another which encourages Muslims to kill Jews.

So naturally Ghounem responded by posting a video of himself at YouTube in which he describes The Jawa Report as "a racist Zionist website", and claim that they are "not antisemitic in any way shape or form".

Below is a screenshot from the home page of Leave aside the blood libel video called Jewish Lady Sacrificed a Baby & Worshipped the Devil for a second . The bottom left video you see there entitled Shaikh Yousef al-Qaradawi's Advice to the Ummah is a rationale for why it's okay to blow oneself up --- as long as the intended victim of said suicide-bombing is a Jew.

Nothing antisemitic about that.

Thanks to Charles Johnson for the tip.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:45 PM | Comments |

Colorado Shooting Perp "Hated Christians?"

You don't say...

Assuming this is true, I wonder what the Kos kidz have to say about this, considering they jumped out of the gate blaming BOOSH/GOP/Christians!!21!

He may turn out to be one of their comrades in arms

Lo, the irony.

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Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism

Unless you're dissenting from Sean Penn and the socialist idiots known as Kucinich supporters, apparently.

Watch the little free-speech supportin' tough guy try to stifle the dissent that he and his compatriots so readily engage in when it's the other side's event. Don't worry - our man's got a back-up sign.

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Rusty's Huckabee Nightmare

Would that I had some words to comfort our blogmaster in his hour of distress. Alas, it is not to be. From NRO:

On Iran, Huckabee is at his most troubling. He accuses the administration of “proceeding down only one track with Iran: armed confrontation.” This is false, and the kind of rhetoric you’d expect from DailyKos bloggers, not a Republican presidential candidate. Huckabee thinks it has been a lack of diplomatic engagement that has soured our relations with Iran: “We haven’t had diplomatic relations with Iran in almost 30 years, my whole adult life and a lot of good it’s done. Putting this in human terms, all of us know that when we stop talking to a parent or a sibling or a friend, it’s impossible to accomplish anything, impossible to resolve differences and move the relationship forward. The same is true for countries.”

This is the kernel of Huckabee’s foreign policy. He wants to anthropomorphize international relations and bring a Christian commitment to the Golden Rule to our affairs with other nations. As he told the Des Moines Register the other day, “You treat others the way you’d like to be treated. That’s to me the fundamental issue that has to be re-established in our dealings with other countries.”

This is deeply naïve. Countries aren’t people, and the world is more dangerous than a Sunday church social. Threats, deception, and — as a last resort — violence must play a role in international relations. Differences cannot always be worked out through sweet persuasion. A U.S. president who doesn’t realize this will repeat the experience of President Jimmy Carter at his most ineffectual.

H/T: Allah.

Not only can I not provide any comfort to Rusty, I think I'm may be less sanguine about Huckabee than he is. In his post below, Rusty notes:

Rationally I know that a Huckabee presidency wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Certainly no worse than the compassionate conservatism of the George W. Bush presidency.

Well, maybe worse since [Huckabee] thinks that waterboarding terrorists makes baby Jesus cry.

The first part, I'll agree with. The list of total disasters we could put in the White House is pretty long. The fact, however, that Huckabee is not at the very bottom of that list gives me only limited comfort.

As to the second part of Rusty's comment, I'm not 100% sure I agree. I think there's a distinct possibility that Huckabee could be worse than Bush. I've not been a big fan of George W. Bush's foreign policy overall, but it seems to me that W's New Testament compassionate conservatism is tempered by a certain Old Testament view of the Middle East. The New Testament tells W to love your enemies, bless those who curse you, etc. The Old Testament tells W it's OK (perhaps even mandatory) to lay the smack down against the enemies of the Chosen People. I'm deeply concerned that Huckabee's worldview has a whole lot of the former and not nearly enough of the latter--which, in my mind, is a recipe for foreign policy disaster a la the aforementioned Jhimmi Carter.

UPDATE by RS: Let me rush to my own defense on the Bush/Huckabee comparison and add the next sentence:

Well, maybe worse since [Huckabee] thinks that waterboarding terrorists makes baby Jesus cry.
Just wanted to clarify that.

UPDATE by RD:: Good catch. The third sentence changes the overall sentiment, and I missed that when I read it before. My mistake & apologies.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:17 PM | Comments |

The Perfect Victim Meets the Perfect Villains

I know I'm going to take a lot of heat for this, but this story just sound so.... well.... er ... far-fetched.

Not the rape part--rape happens all the time (gang rapes, not so much, but occasionally). Not the cover up part--cover ups happen all the time. Not the corporation trying to cover ass part--CYAs happen all the time. Not the administration is covering up part--administrations cover things up all the time.

But combine gang rape + cover up + corporate malfeasance + political intrigue and you have the perfect story. Throw in a crusading lawyer using civil law to find justice when criminal courts have let the victim down and you have the perfect John Grisham book.

Now name KBR, Haliburton, Bush, & set the story in Iraq and you have more than a blockbuster movie pitch-- you also have the perfect conspiracy.

What could be more salacious than this? I can't think of a single thing.

It's perfect. Too perfect.

The kind of story the Left can rally around. The kind of story we aren't allowed to question because, well, questioning the veracity of the claims made by a rape victim makes one worse than pond scum. Automatically.

And normally I agree. Rape victims should be off limits. Too much pain involved. Too many memories of the not so distant past when some argued that the victim somehow brought the crime on themselves. That they deserved it.

Questioning a rape victim is akin to a second rape. Or so I was always taught.

It's why I never personally said anything about the Duke la cross case (lacrosse? whatever). But that same case should remind us that not all rape allegations are true.

The Jamie Leigh Jones case is just, well, difficult to believe. In fact more difficult to believe than the Duke case.

Maybe it's just the way The Blotter reports it. They seem to have simply took Jamie Leigh Jones' story as a matter of fact, only reporting what she and her lawyer claim.

The real culprit here may be the Blotter. The piece is straight advocacy. And straight advocacy pieces beg to taken to task.

Especially when nearly every villain in the left's panoply of villains is included in the story. Halliburton, KBR, and an administration which refuses to change the law so evil private corporations exploiting the war will not be a law unto themselves.

It's the perfect victim meeting the perfect villains. Again, too perfect.

Perhaps this perfection is what spawned both the lawsuit and ABC's coverage of the story? It's the kind of case that can make a lawyer's career. And the exclusive interviews ABC has with Jones is sure to generate a lot of publicity. If the allegations are true then it is surely deserving of a lot of attention & careers and infamy will be achieved--deservedly.

But that's the question, isn't it? Is the story true? By simply telling the story from the victim's perspective, then aren't we doing a disservice to those she is making the allegations against? Perhaps they, like the Duke la cross team members, are the victims?

What if the allegations aren't true? What if some of the allegations are true, but some aren't? What if all of the essential allegations are true, but they are being misrepresented.

What comes to mind immediately is the allegation that KBR guards kept Jamie Leigh Jones under lock and key shortly after the alleged rape. Perhaps there is an alternative explanation to intimidation? Maybe they were trying to protect her?

I dunno. As of this moment, because ABC's The Blotter is so one-sided in its coverage, there is really no way to tell.

Like I said, I know this is going to make me seem like an insensitive asshole, but so be it. Let the name-calling begin.

I'll start it off: Rusty Shackleford is a sexist, misogynist, etc....

UPDATE: Better make that Ace & Rusty are sexist, misogynists, etc. Ace:

I can't say this is nonsense, but it does all seem a bit hard to believe. And very convenient in terms of a multimillion dollar lawsuit against a very deep-pocketed corporation against whom a significant portion of the public is willing to believe literally anything at all.
Read the rest.

UPDATE: How does the fact that a Republican legislator got involved prove anything? So a worried dad calls a Congressman who makes a phone call. It's called constitutient services. Look it up. Morons.

If my daughter made a rape allegation you better the hell be damned sure I'd go to bat for her. And I'd call my Congressman. And I'd raise hell.

None of that goes to essential facts of the case. Dad's are supposed to believe their daughters. When a dude calls your Congressional office saying your daughter is being held hostage in Iraq by KBR, of course you make a phone call to Centcom.

The rest of the facts in this case come directly from the victim or her lawyers.

Everything you morons in the comments section are saying just proves that you can read. Bully for you. You can read an article in which the authors interviewed only one party in ongoing litigation.

What I'm saying is that all we have now is her side of the story. That's it.

It may all be true, but lets see a response first.

UPDATE 12/12/2007: More recent post on the Jamie Leigh Jones Case here. Including links and facts not mentioned in the Blotter report.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:46 PM | Comments |

Taliban Justice: 12 Year Old Murdered for 'Spying'

Islamists and leftists like to call the Taliban the 'legitimate resistance'. Behold the resistance!


Taliban fighters hanged a 12-year-old boy from a mulberry tree, claiming he was passing information on Taliban roadside bomb attacks to police and British forces, Afghan police have said....

"But this boy was not one of our spies. There was no trial of the boy. They just took him and hanged him. He was just a normal boy."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:09 PM | Comments |

Terror Propagandist & AP Photog Bilal Hussein Gets Hearing

AP photographer Bilal Hussein got his day in court. Unsurprisingly, the AP frames the event in such a way as to make him seem completely innocent. Just another victim of the U.S. military.

An Iraqi investigating magistrate on Sunday convened the first criminal hearing in the case of Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein, who has been held by the U.S. military without charges for nearly 20 months.

Hussein was present for most of the nearly seven-hour, closed-door proceeding in the Central Criminal Court of Iraq before magistrate Dhia al-Kinani. It was the first time Hussein or his lawyers have seen any of the materials gathered by the U.S. military against him since his arrest in Ramadi on April 12, 2006.

Al-Kinani, however, issued an order that the proceedings and details of the material presented remain secret.

The rest of the article is pretty much a hit job on the military complaining about the "secret" nature of the evidence, the lack of formal charges since Hussein was arrested, and the fact that lawyers are not allowed to meet with the AP photog in private.

But Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive, blogging at Pajamas Media today, has a different take:

Hussein was in his house with Hamid Hamad Motib, a known al-Qaeda leader, last year when Marines wanted to use the house as an observation point. They determined Motib’s identity and status as a wanted terrorist and took both him and Hussein into custody. They also recovered a number of items that led them to believe that Hussein was involved in insurgent activities.....

[The military] noted ongoing reports coming out of Fallujah that did not match the reality they were aware of. Stories of children and civilians being killed would come out, but in areas where the Marines had not conducted operations. Many of these stories featured pictures and reporting from Hussein and quotes from the same two doctors at Fallujah Hospital. During this period of time Fallujah was controlled almost completely by al-Qaeda and Sunni insurgents. Anyone doing anything was subject to their approval.

Bilal Hussein had free reign to be anywhere and was often taking pictures in the company of insurgents and terrorists. He and the other stringers who made up AP’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo team managed to capture assassinations as they happened. They were on site at bombings within seconds to capture the carnage almost as it happened. [read the rest]

Emphasis mine. Hussein claims that he was just giving the al Qaeda leader protection after a bomb exploded on the street nearby. That the al Qaeda leader was really a stranger he was just being courteous to. It was just bad luck

And all those obviously photos in which al Qaeda members posed for Hussein? He claims he was just lucky.

So, it was just bad luck that an al Qaeda leader was in his house.....and just good luck that he happened to be in the right place at the right time when al Qaeda would attack.

Sounds to me like luck plays a big factor in Bilal Hussein's life.

Michelle Malkin has more.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:41 AM | Comments |

Plain Clothes Cop Witnessed Joe Horn Shooting...

...and one or both suspected burglars may have been shot in the back.

From the Houston Chronicle:

The two burglary suspects killed by Pasadena homeowner Joe Horn were shot in the back after they ventured into his front yard, police disclosed Friday.

In another twist, investigators revealed that a plainclothes Pasadena detective witnessed the Nov. 14 shootings after he pulled up in an unmarked car seconds before Horn fired three shots from his 12-gauge shotgun.

The men, who had just burglarized Horn's neighbor's house, faced him from seven to 10 feet away when they ignored his order to "not move"or they would be dead, police said.

Horn's attorney says that the fact that a police officer witnessed the shooting and Horn was not arrested bolsters Horn's self-defense claim.

But, under Texas law, it may not matter.

Commenter hamous at the Lone Star Times notes this section of Texas law that might be used to legally justify Horn's actions:

§ 9.42. DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT PROPERTY. A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or
tangible, movable property:

(1) if he would be justified in using force against the other under Section 9.41; and
(2) when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:
(A) to prevent the other's imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime; or
(B) to prevent the other who is fleeing immediately after committing burglary, robbery, aggravated
robbery, or theft during the nighttime from escaping with the property; and
(3) he reasonably believes that:
(A) the land or property cannot be protected or recovered by any other means; or
(B) the use of force other than deadly force to protect or recover the land or property would expose the actor or another to a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury.

Acts 1973, 63rd Leg., p. 883, ch. 399, § 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1974.
Amended by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 900, § 1.01, eff. Sept. 1,

But the next paragraph in the statute raises doubts about Horn's authority to protect his neighbor's property:
§ 9.43. PROTECTION OF THIRD PERSON'S PROPERTY. A person is justified in using force or deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property of a third person if,
under the circumstances as he reasonably believes them to be, the actor would be justified under Section 9.41 or 9.42 in using force or deadly force to protect his own land or property and:

(1) the actor reasonably believes the unlawful interference constitutes attempted or consummated theft of or criminal mischief to the tangible, movable property; or
(2) the actor reasonably believes that:
(A) the third person has requested his protection of the land or property;
(B) he has a legal duty to protect the third person's land or property; or
(C) the third person whose land or property he uses force or deadly force to protect is the actor's spouse, parent, or child, resides with the actor, or is under the actor's care.

Acts 1973, 63rd Leg., p. 883, ch. 399, § 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1974.
Amended by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 900, § 1.01, eff. Sept. 1,

Maybe this is why Horn's attorney is claiming self-defense as justifiation for shooting the two men.

The dead men have been identified as illegal aliens from Columbia, one of whom was deported ten years ago.

Listen to the 911 tape (the gunshots are clearly audible) here.

By Bluto11:40 AM | Comments |

The Mike Huckabee Nightmare --- literally

Last night I had a nightmare featuring Mike Huckabee. I've never dreamed about politics before. Ever.

Well, not unless you count that one dream I keep having about Ann Coulter, Jeri Thompson, and a trampoline. Wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, the point is that it was freaky deaky. And not in a good way.

In the dream our department endorsed Mike Huckabee for President. Yeah, I know university departments don't endorse presidential candidates--it was a freaking dream for crying out loud!

Anyway, there was some kind of committee set up to study the issue of which presidential candidate we should endorse. The committee did some kind of cost-benefit analysis, and even though there was no consensus, decided to endorse Fred Thompson.

Then in walked the Dean. In the dream, the eeevil Dean. In real life he's a pretty nice guy. But this was a dream, and he was eeeeeevil.

He said thanks for all the hard work the committee had done but he had put his own report together. It endorsed Mike Huckabee.

Now, you might be thinking, "Er, Russ, how is that a nightmare? Don't nightmares usually involve Helen Thomas, Hillary Clinton, and a trampoline?"

Yeah, well, I don't know how to explain it, but in my dream I was furious. Outraged. Mortified. Every one on the committee, fearing the wrath of the evil Dean, voted to recommend that we adopt his "study" and endorsement of Huckabee. All except me and the self-admitted Marxist historian.

The "study" that the Dean had done was sloppy beyond all measure. It was glaringly obvious to my dream-self that the entire thing was a cover for the real reason the Dean wanted us to endorse Huckabee: Mike Huckabee is Jesus' choice for President.

Seriously, I was pissed off to the extreme. I can't explain why. I just was.

In fact, I'm in a bad mood this morning over the dream. You might say I'm having a nightmare hangover.

Rationally I know that a Huckabee presidency wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Certainly no worse than the compassionate conservatism of the George W. Bush presidency.

Well, maybe worse since he thinks that waterboarding terrorists makes baby Jesus cry.

But on a visceral level I have this reaction to him that....well, I just can't explain. Something about him just bothers me. Greatly.

And it's not the melding of Chuck Norris with Mike Huckabee -- Chuckabee. I love Chuck. And any one who doesn't is itching for a fight!

This reaction I'm having also bothers me. I should know better than to have a hysterical emotional reaction to a presidential candidate.

This must be what it feels like to be Andrew Sullivan.

So, any Freudians out there want to tell me why I'm having Huckabee nightmares?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:07 AM | Comments |

After Interview with Me, Yemen Revokes MP Hashid's Immunity

The Yemen Times, SANA’A, Dec. 8 — Last week, the Yemeni Parliament agreed to rescind Parliament member (MP) Ahmed Saif Hashid’s immunity, claiming that Hashid paid visits to prisons and revealed illegal actions that go against the constitution, Yemeni laws and international conventions.

ahmed saif hashed.jpg

Previous activities made by Hashid resulted in his arrest in the political security prison, followed by imprisonment under the Immigration and Passports Authority. Hashid's chauffeur was also killed in the street, with his camera and cell phone confiscated. Referring to these incidents, Hashid asked, "What kind of immunity are they talking about?"

Many MPs affiliated with the ruling party (GPC) demanded last week to rescind Hashid's immunity. The parliament agreed to do so. Hashid considered the revoking of his immunity by Parliament an action targeting him and his human rights activities.

Jane Novak, an American researcher, interviewed Hashid, addressing issues related to human rights, freedom, prisons, and inmates in Yemen. The interview was downloaded onto many news websites, enraging a lot of people.

You would think Parliament would be enraged by the torture of Yemeni children in jail, not by the guy who is trying to save them.

I don't know what we can do for Mr. Hashid, other than give another round of publicity to the information on the prisons. He is paying the price for getting this testimony to the outside world. This retribution was predictable. So if anyone has a blog and is looking do a good deed, link the posts below the fold please. We here at Jawa will keep you updated on what happens next, probably some bogus charges and a sham trial.

The Banned in Yemen tee shirts say "Ali Saleh is Afraid of a Blog", but really they are afraid of the truth.

Update: Apparently, Hashid has not discontinued his advocacy for children in prison.

The interview:
Prisons in Yemen: Torture by Acid and Electricity, Children Housed with Adults, Hostages, Political Prisoners, No Food for Some

The testimony:
Witness Testimony From the Dungeons of Yemeni Prisons

By Jane at 10:26 AM | Comments |

Colorado Church Shootings

A mere 13 hours after the shooting of missionary trainees at the Faith Bible Chapel Campus in Arvada, another shooting incident occurred in Colorado Springs' 10,000-member evangelical New Life Church. One parishioner was fatally shot and six people were wounded before the gunman was killed by a New Life security guard.

In Arvada, Tiffany Johnson, 25, and Philip Crouse, 24, died from their gunshot wounds. Two other shooting victims, Dan Griebenow, 24, and Charlie Branch, 22, are hospitalized, one in critical condition.

In Colorado Springs at the evangelical New Life Church, a heavily-armed man similar in description to the Arvada gunman (white male, 20-ish) entered the vestibule and began firing with a high-powered rifle shortly after shooting at a van in the parking lot. One church member was killed before a female security guard fatally shot the gunman.

Arvada Police Chief Don Wick said there is reason to believe that the two incidents may be related. Colorado Springs Police Chief Richard Myers cautiously said no links between the two episodes have been identified.

Investigators, reportedly numbering 25, are now directing efforts to a home in unincorporated Arapahoe County. Arvada Police entered the home with a search warrant.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office is assisting. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI are on the scene. The Arapahoe County Bomb Squad arrived shortly before 10 p.m. As of 10 p.m. Sunday, investigators were taking boxes out of the house.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is taking over the investigation. 

Two people who are believed to be the homeowners left with sheriff's deputies around 9 p.m.

No names nor findings have been reported as yet.

Interestingly, according to a comment thread on the, the extreme leftists are already blaming the shootings on the Bush administration, the Republicans and God's wrath for homophobia.

Also interesting is the comment thread at DailyKos. Readers there take the opportunity to disparage Fox News while blaming the Colorado shootings on the lack of gun control, the lack of services for the homeless and Christianity.

Personally, I believe everyone should hold off on finger-pointing until more information emerges.


Another victim has died. According to Amy Sufak, spokeswoman at Penrose Community Hospital in Colorado Springs, the hospitalized victim from the New Life Church died last night. The total shooting deaths thus far is five, including a gunman.

[Update 2, 1445 EST]

Dead gunman has been identified as Matthew Murray, 24.

Murray was home schooled and his last known address was at his parents' home in unincorporated Arapahoe County -- the same home investigators searched Sunday night.
It is still unknown whether the two shooting incidents are related. (Tip: allahakchew)

[Update 3, 12/11/07]

From the Rocky Mountain News:

Matthew Murray, who turned 24 five days before he unleashed terror on religious centers in Arvada and Colorado Springs, spent three to five hours a day on his home computer, taking classes and, in recent weeks, sending hate mail to the missionary training center where the shootings began.

Murray - who was positively linked to both shootings through ballistics - died after a shootout with a security guard at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. That deadly confrontation came after attacks on the Youth With A Mission center in Arvada early Sunday morning and on New Life Church a little more than 12 hours later.

Investigators on Monday weren't sure whether the security guard, Jeanne Assam, killed Murray or he took his own life.

Pastor Phil Abeyta, the uncle of Matthew Murray, issued a statement asking for forgiveness for the Murray family.

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NASA Inventions

Q: Which of the following is a product of the U.S. space program?

1. Polytetrafluoroethylene (aka "Teflon")

2. The hook-and-loop fastener (aka "Velcro")

3. Tang

Answers below the fold...

A: None of the above.

1. Tetrafluoroethylene was polymerized (by accident) by DuPont in the 1930s.

2. The Hook-and-loop fastener was invented in Switzerland in the 1940s.

3. Tang was originally rolled out by General Foods in the 1950s.

No real point here, other than I'd always been under the impression that they were all products of the space program and just recently learned otherwise.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:04 AM | Comments |

December 09, 2007

Spot The Idiot, Pt. II

I told you he was an idiot.

And according to Mike's comment on that post, the Muslim American Society is going after him for posting this video which was made by someone else, claiming "copyright infringement."

Oh, the irony.

Well, I've dowloaded it, and will post it if Mike's copy is removed by DhimmiTube.

stein hoist: allahakchew

By Vinnie at 11:49 PM | Comments |

East Carolina University Fans Support the Troops

(Honolulu, Hawaii) Some football fans are showing their gratitude to the U.S. military by giving up their tickets to the Aloha Bowl where East Carolina University plays Boise State on December 23rd. Makes me proud.

East Carolina University football fans are buying tickets to their team's bowl game in Hawaii, but they are donating them to military personnel who expect to spend time there during the Christmas holiday.

Assistant athletic director for ticketing and marketing Scott Wetherbee said ECU wants to be sure someone will sit in its seats for the Sheraton Aloha Bowl on Dec. 23 in Honolulu by buying tickets and donating them to active members of the service.

Some individual fans are even buying blocks of tickets to donate. Woo-hoo! And Merry Christmas to all!

By at 09:30 PM | Comments |

Fake Passports + Phony IDs + Lots of Cash + Ties to Muslim Groups = Nothing to See Folks, Move Along

Mohammed Afzal Sodagar.jpg 12 passports from Pakistan, Jamaica and the U.S., under various names, 11 phony Illinois identification cards, 36 Social Security cards, hundreds of credit cards, gold coins and bars and more than $60,000 in cash.

National Terror Alert has all the details.

Apparently Mohammed Afzal Sodagar's fraud went as far as creating a blog as a front for his phony employment at a TV station. Never trust a blogger. He tries to pass himself off as a former Pakistani child movie star. Pakiwood?

The only kind of person less trustworthy than a blogger is a former child star.

Quick, someone check to see if Danny Bonaduce has ties to any "Muslim charities".

Here it is:

His name is Afzal Sodagar. He has been living in Chicago area for more than three decades. Since then he has been involved in a number of Community activities, including the humanitarian services provided to the people at-large and Muslims community in particular....

As most of you already know, in the past, he played child roles of super stars in number of motion pictures in Pakistan.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Thanks to Zionist Whore #2.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:46 PM | Comments |

The Zionist Cospiracy-o-matic Generator

Very funny.

Send it to your favorite Ron Paul supporter!

By Good Lt. at 01:26 PM | Comments |

Reader Love Mail: At Least He's Honest Edition

So why is it that Sasjamal Sarfaraz ignored our dozens and dozens of complaints to about them hosting the well known GIMF blogger and al-Qaeda supporter Samir Khan AKA Inshallahshaheed?

Why is it that when we finally were able get a response from his wife Fatima at they disabled that email address?

Why is it that they allowed Inshallahshaheed to start a new blog in which he distributes al-Qaeda propganda?

Via Islamic network: We simply hate and detest non muslims.

Its as simple as that.

Sas, Technical Director

Unite and Conquer

That's some religion of peace and tolerance you got there Sasjamal.

So he ignores our complaints and willingly hosts known terrorists because he, "hates and detests non Muslims." I'm glad we cleared that up. So I updated this post to reflect Sasjamal's true feelings.

Again Muslimpad, who has willingly hosted one convicted terrorist and also hosts known GIMF operative Samir Khan, hosting is provided by The Planet ( and DNS is provided by DNSmadeeasy( who resells Go Daddy's services ( See update below.

Since Muslimpad knowingly avoids complaints from the Kuffar and continues to provide hosting to terrorist propagandists, we have no choice but to continue to complain to the US companies providing them services.

Update: Just to drive hope my point. Here's fatimahye's love letter to convicted terrorist Danial Maldanado. A Muslimpad user.

Muslimpad where terrorists = love you like family and non Muslims = despised and hated.

Heh Sasjamal, better watch her. You know how chicks dig the bad boys.

Looks like Muslimpad switched DNS servers again better email The new email Sasjamal lists there is Drop him a line. You just know how he loves getting email from the dirty Kuffar.

By Howie at 12:19 PM | Comments |

Pelosi, Other Dems, Briefed on Interrogation Techniques in 2002

We are shocked, shocked, that liberal politicians could be so disingenuous.

Long before it became clear that terrorist interrogations could be used as a political tool, the CIA was showing members of congress exactly how interrogations of captured terrorists worked.

From the Washington Post:

In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA's overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.

Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said.

Of course at this point in time, liberal nutbags like Al Franken were still in their "red hot poker up the ass" mode, but give the Left credit, when they see a chance to stick a finger in the President's eye while endangering the entire country, they go for it, hammer and tongs.

By Bluto12:03 PM | Comments |

Yemeni Property Owners Demand Compensation for Losses

Aden's landowners demonstrated at the offices of Aden's governor on Saturday demanding past due compensation for their buildings destroyed last year on the governor's orders.


The landowners from the Dar-Saad district held their protest at the offices of Governor Mohammed Ahmed al-Kahlani. The demonstrators urged the governorate's leadership to execute the Council of Parliament's recommendations issued August 14, 2007 and the Yemeni ministers' council decision no. 264 also issued in August 2007.

The Economic Military Corporation and local council destroyed the landowners' construction, buildings and factories on Nov. 30, 2006 on Governor al-Kahlani's orders. The recommendation of the Council of Parliament directed the governor to compensate all persons who suffered property damage or lost their assets, including all those able to produce documentation proving ownership of the land.

In a follow-up, Jawa will publish a list of 26 "influential persons" who re-sold the confiscated lands to the current owners.

By Jane at 06:11 AM | Comments |

December 08, 2007

PowerLine : Is Huckabee Too Moralistic to be President?

Paul Mirengoff delves into a similar question here:

My main objection to Huckabee -- the reason why he's my fifth choice out of five -- is that I lack confidence in his ability to fight terrorism. It's not just that he lacks experience in this realm, though that's certainly the case. The real problem is that he's too moralistic (which is not the same thing as moral). My first clue came when he said during an early debate that we need to remain in Iraq because "we broke it." Not because we need to defeat al Qaeda; not because we need to limit Iranian influence or avoid a devastating defeat at the hands of terrorists; but because we injured this formerly peaceful state. Huckabee's exaltation of moralism (in this case dubious) over policy calculation was difficult to miss...

Waterboarding and long-term detention aren't very "Christian"; they merely keep terrorists out of action and, in special circumstances enable us to find out where we're going to be attacked next and/or where we can find those who are planning the next attacks. But if Huckabee actually did reach his position based on the views of a handful of generals, and without consulting the people actually charged with protecting this country from terrorists, then he's even less qualified to be president than I suspect.

In all of this, I always come back to the fact that we're preparing to hire the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. Where the rubber meets the road and push comes to shove, the Commander-in-Chief is called upon to serve, quite frankly, as Chief Bringer of Death to America's Enemies. As I've learned more about Mike Huckabee, I've become increasingly convinced that this man, like Jhimmi Carter and B.J. Clinton before him, just doesn't appear to have the stomach for the less polite aspects of this particular job.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 08:08 PM | Comments |

Lawyer Who Axed NBC Ad Donated $45,000+ To Democrats

Entrenched anti-conservative bias at NBC? I am speechless...

The Majority Accountability Project has found that the NBC lawyer who refused to allow a non-profit group to air an advertisement thanking American troops for their service has donated at least $45,000 to a host of Congressional Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and the campaign committees of House and Senate Democrats.

According to a Fox News report, Richard Cotton, the general counsel for NBC/Universal, was one of two network officials who decided not to sell ad time to Freedom’s Watch, which describes itself as “a nonpartisan movement dedicated to preserving, protecting, and defending conservative principles and promoting a conservative agenda.”

ht: Hot Air

By Good Lt. at 07:44 PM | Comments |

When Radical Muslims Get Their Own YouTube....

So many Islamists have been kicked off of YouTube for racist, fascist, or terroristic videos (not nearly enough if my estimation) that it was inevitable that they'd start their own video sharing website. And the kinds of videos they'd post? Also inevitable:


That's a screenshot from the home page of I didn't do any searches for "Jew" or "Jews are racist" or "Jews sacrifice children" or "is it allowed to kill Jews?". Those videos aren't at the bottom of the page. Those are the videos at the top of the page. In fact, these are all the videos you'll see on their homepage.

The only three videos you see that aren't overtly related to some alleged Jewish malfeasance are Shaikh Yousef al-Qaradawi's Advice to the Ummah, Surat al-Buruj -Abdel Rahman al-Khattab, & Laa Illaha Illah Allah.

The first, a lecture by a man often described as a "moderate" Islamist cleric, Yousef al-Qaradawi, gives his rationale for why it's okay to blow oneself up as long as the victim is a Jew.

The second is a reading by a former Jew living in New York city, Joseph Cohen, reciting something or other in Arabic. Naturally, Cohen hates Jews and thinks its funny when they get their heads cut off.

The website is registerd in Danbury, CT. Judging by the e-mail address associated with it (mnmc, appears to belong to Mohamed M. Ghounem author of books that take Judaism and Christianity to task, such as 200+ Ways the Quran Corrects the Bible. Ghounem lives in Danbury.

He is also described here as the founder of "Jews for Allah".

Who is the featured member of "Jews for Allah"? Yousef al-Khattab, who was once known as Joseph Cohen. Oh, and he's buddies with Ghounem, who is not a former Jew but was a Christian.

As a sidenote, the website bills itself as, "Uniting the children of Abraham through love and understanding of Islam". But since Jews for Allah appears to be run by the same people as Muslim Videos, a site rife with antisemitism, isn't it a little disingenuous to say your goal is the uniting of Jews and Muslims?

It appears that Cohen and colleagues have started their own Muslim version of YouTube. With predictable results.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:28 PM | Comments |

Leftist Douchebag Calls Steyn "Racist" for Quoting a Racist

Sometimes, you don't even need to pwn the left.

They'll come right out with free-floating OUTRAGE!!11 and pwn themselves for you.

By Good Lt. at 04:05 PM | Comments |

French Journalist Arrested Over al Qaeda Document Leak

Reporters Without Bordres is, naturally, "outraged" and called the arrest "unprecedented". What's funny is how people in the media think that they should be immune from the normal legal process. Imagine if you or I were to leak classified information to the public?

What RWP and other media advocacy groups want is a dual system of law: one set of laws that applies to you and me, and one set of laws that applies to them. It's feudal law all over again.

Other than the media angle, scroll to the end to see precisely what this journo leaked. The French had infiltrated al Qaeda and were at a meeting in which they discussed hijacking an airplane. Also note that, contrary to "Osama bin Laden's" recent audio claiming that the Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11---and thus the Afghan war was "unjust"-- members of the Taliban were at the meeting in which the operation was discussed.

Here's the scoop from the Gulf Times:

French authorities have searched the home of a journalist and placed him under official investigation for publishing a document on Al Qaeda that was classified a defence secret, a judicial source said yesterday.

Guillaume Dasquie was placed under official investigation overnight – one step short of pressing charges in France – after spending two nights in detention, the source said....

Dasquie, an independent journalist, is accused of possessing classified defence documents and divulging classified files and information, the source said.

Dasquie’s article in April referred to classified documents by the DGSE that showed foreign agents had infiltrated Osama bin Laden’s network and were carefully tracking its moves.

One document prepared in January 2001 was entitled Plan to hijack an aircraft by Islamic radicals, and said the operation had been discussed in Kabul at the start of 2000 by Al Qaeda, Taliban and Chechen militants.

Thanks to Allahakchew.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Hackers attacking military research labs: Chinese involvement?

The attacks came between 1990 - 2004, but just the admission that this has happened in the past is scary. Even more scary is that the Oak Ridge National Labs has been under cyber attack over the past few weeks. Culprits? Based in China.

Which brings us full circle to a story I failed to link when I first read about it: pretty solid evidence links the Chinese government to a series of cyber attacks and cyber spying.

So, is the Chinese government or one of its subsidiaries (like the PLA) behind the attacks against the national labs at Oak Ridge? Or are we just looking at a bunch of teenagers in China, ala Matthew Broderick, getting their War Games on?

Thanks to Larwyn.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:56 PM | Comments |

Freedom Versus Justice

An interesting shorter-form conversation piece by Bill Whittle, laureate of the dextrosphere.

Give it a read.

By Good Lt. at 02:04 PM | Comments |

Bush Admin Told CIA Not to Destroy Tapes

Interesting. The New York Times is now reporting that CIA officials were advised not to destroy videotapes of terrorist interrogations:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 — White House and Justice Department officials, along with senior members of Congress, advised the Central Intelligence Agency in 2003 against a plan to destroy hundreds of hours of videotapes showing the interrogations of two operatives of Al Qaeda, government officials said Friday.

The chief of the agency’s clandestine service [Jose A. Rodriguez Jr.] nevertheless ordered their destruction in November 2005, taking the step without notifying even the C.I.A.’s own top lawyer, John A. Rizzo, who was angry at the decision, the officials said.

There appear to have been valid operational reasons to destroy these tapes, not the least of which was to prevent al Qaeda and other terrorist leaders from viewing details of CIA interrogation techniques, and protecting the identities of the interrogators. No one could seriously doubt that the videos would have eventually made their way to YouTube.

Unfortunately, operational security must take a back seat to congressional witch-hunts these days. That means the motivations for destroying the tapes are muddled. Was Rodriguez practicing some CYA, or were the operational security considerations foremost in his mind?

We'll never know, though we'll undoubtedly be subjected to the spectacle of congressional investigations whose sole purpose is to promote the political stock of the investigators.

By Bluto12:06 PM | Comments |

Hugh Hewitt (sort of) Guest-posts at Iowahawk

...with an objective analysis of Mitt Romney's big speech:

As the magnificence of His words burst forth, I fell to my very knees and wept with utter overwhelming joy; not just for me, but for the entire human race...every single pundit whose voice actually matters has joined me in being swept into the rapturous epiphany that any unbiased, objective review of Romney's unforgettable words will induce. I will give a more detailed objective review of The Speech in next month's issue of Mitt Beat magazine, along with an exclusive interview with Mitt where he reveals his favorite foods, secret heartbreaks, and what he looks for in a dream pundit. Plus a giant pull-out Mitt poster!

Yes, there are a reportedly a few outliers in the shadowy cesspools of fringe "conservative" websites who were not with this group of enthusiasts. Whether they are cynical jaded panderers, or beltway media elite double agents, or simply insane, is a question I will leave to the historians who will be studying The Speech for generations to come. But now that the reactions are in and counted, there is simply no rational basis for considering the Romney speech other than the greatest triumph of spoken thought ever uttered, one whose influence will resound through the firmament and across the cosmos for all eternity. Even if it does not regain him the lead in the Iowa caucuses.

h/t : Ace.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:57 AM | Comments |

NBC Rejects Ads Thanking Troops - Updated

Update: Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters reports that NBC had no problem running a antiwar ad during the Today Show.

Also, a Drudge Report blurb says that NBC has reversed its decision due to "...pressure from outraged viewers."


NBC has rejected the two spots under the fold because Freedom's Watch, the group that produced them, is "too political" and lists their URL in the ads.

Of course, if Freedom's Watch removes their URL, the ads would then appear to be PSAs produced by NBC - not that NBC or any MSM outlet has a reputation for being thankful to the troops who put their lives on the line to guarantee the MSM's right to slander those same troops. And to endanger them and compromise their mission by disseminating classified information about secret programs. And print helpful diagrams showing the weak spots in their body armor. And, of course, no mainstream outlet would offer a discount for a group's ad that uses a bad pun to accuse a serving general of treason. Not that there's a double standard at work here or anything.

And don't you dare question their patriotism.

By Bluto01:55 AM | Comments |

Omaha Mall Killer's Suicide Note Released

It's a sociopath's dream: (emphasis mine)

"I know everyone will remember me as some sort of monster but please understand that I just don't want to be a burden on the ones that I care for my entire life," the 19-year-old wrote. "I just want to take a few pieces of (expletive) with me."

Reading that makes me wish I had been on the third floor of Von Maur with my .45. And my 9mm. And my .223. And my .357.

Reading that makes me wish I could resurrect him, just so I could kill him all over again.

He had one thing right, he was a piece of shit. Which should piss off pieces of shit the world over, they should rightfully be offended.

Another aspect of a sociopath is their ability to manipulate other people, as evidenced by this story:

A second friend of Westroads shooter Robert Hawkins allegedly threatened a Bellevue family Thursday after the teenage daughter posted uncomplimentary comments on the Internet about Hawkins.

In the second incident, a 17-year-old Bellevue boy was ticketed for misdemeanor intimidation using a cell phone and disturbing the peace, based on cell phone text messages and a posting on MySpace.

Bellevue Police Lt. Bill McClintick said the boy was ticketed and released to his parents.

That followed the arrest Thursday of 17-year-old David Horvath of Bellevue, who described himself as the shooter's best friend, for allegedly threatening to "cap" the girl who had posted the comments about Hawkins following Wednesday's shooting.

Dear friends of Robert "Robbie" Hawkins. Your friend was a worthless piece of human debris. He killed 9 innocent people in order to make a name for himself. He was a fucking douche who couldn't even make good on his wish to top that other bag of pus, Seung Hui Cho. How agonizing it must have been for him to realize that he had failed when he put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Any friends of Robert Hawkins who want to threaten me for disparaging his good name, by all means, feel free. I'm not a teenage girl, I'm heavily armed, and I know where you live.

Sooper sekrit note to Jawa regulars.

Does this post make me look pissed?

By Vinnie at 12:48 AM | Comments |

Writers' Stirke Update: Negotiaitons Collapse


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Negotiations between striking Hollywood writers and studios collapsed Friday, the culmination of a day in which the sides traded barbs and accusations.

I personally think it more amusing to watch these two groups of oxygen wasters going at each other than it is to suffer through their shows.

No dog in the fight - I hope all parties lose.

Kill your television.


By Good Lt. at 12:25 AM | Comments |

December 07, 2007

Exclusive Interview: Col. Abdul Qawi, Secretary of the Aden Military Retirees Society in Yemen

Colonel Naser Saleh Abdul Qawi is the secretary general of Aden Military Retirees Society. Col. Abdul Qawi was a member of the southern Air Force, and was stationed at the al-Anad military base before it fell to Sanaa’s forces in Yemen’s 1994 civil war. Abdul Qawi is one of hundreds of military retirees who were reinstated to the Yemeni military in response to months of protests that have rocked the southern Yemeni governorates since May.

naser saleh abdulqawi.jpg

In a statement, Abdul Qawi described to Jane Novak what he and other reinstated southern military officers experienced during their return to Sana’a. He explained how they were treated and the solution from his view:

“Let me draw your attention to what happened to us in both the military and civilian sectors after the summer war 1994 that resulted in the south’s occupation by the Sana’a regime, and how the victorious side practiced all forms of hegemony against us in a retarded mentality. The Yemeni regime stopped us, the military, from working. It got rid of all southern leaders. It deprived us of our rights and confiscated our freedom, lands, and also houses which were specialized for the southern military. The regime then illegally distributed the (seized) property, including the lands and houses which are situated in al-Anad military base, Salah al-Din camp, Al-Rayan airport, and al-Ghaidha airport, among others.

The civilian side was subjected to similar arbitrary measures. I can describe what happened generally as the following: The Yemeni regime transferred all the government controlled sectors in the PDRY such as factories, firms and companies to the private sector under many names and excuses. This public sector was source of hundreds families’ livelihood, and all of them were forced into the street without any consideration for brotherhood or even humanity.

About what we experienced during our recent return to Sana’a, We were dealt with as recruits. We were assigned in groups without any posts, rights or compensation. The ranks and promotions were computed to me from 3.November 2007 in spite of desiring (retroactive compensation) from more than 10 years. This happened not to me only but to all who returned. The matter was not restricted to that.

They demanded from us to fill and sign a document that included many conditions which obliged the signer to never practice any peaceful (political) activity. Because of that clause, all of us refused this document and considered that an illegal condition that furthers complications.

The solution from my view goes back to the unity agreement which was signed in 1990 by both the leaderships of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen (P. D. R.Y.) and Yemeni Arab Republic (Y.A.R.), and requires the application of the whole obligations in Amman document (the agreement of pledge and accord) which held between both presidents, Ali Salem Al-beedh from the south and Ali Abdullah Saleh from the north. The solution also requires the application of U.N. resolutions no. 924 and 931 which were issued during 1994 war. And I can say without the application of these agreements and decisions, no peace will be on the land and no dignity or honor.”

By Jane at 09:44 PM | Comments |

Follow The Money Funny


Shocking endorsement of the day:

Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn endorsed Dennis Kucinich for president in San Francisco Friday.

Penn made what had been billed as a "major political statement" at San Francisco State University.

As they say in those annoying commercials, "but wait, there's more!"

The event was paid for by Kucinich for President 2008.

I don't know what's funnier, this or the Ron Paul blimp.

By Vinnie at 06:37 PM | Comments |

British Imam's Daughter Converts to Christianity, Receives Death Threats

Via Times Online:

A British imam's daughter is living in fear of her life under police protection after she received death threats from her family for converting to Christianity.

The young woman, aged 32, whose father is a Muslim imam in the north of England, has moved house 45 times to escape detection by her family since she became a Christian 15 years ago.

Hannah, who uses a pseudonym to hide her identity, told The Times how she became a Christian after she ran away from home at 16 to escape an arranged marriage.

The threats against her became more serious a month ago, prompting police to offer her protection in case of an attempt on her life.

Now this wouldn't be much of a surprise if it were taking place in Sudan or Saudi Arabia, but we're talking about Britain here. And one of the people threatening to kill her is her own brother. This is not surprising, considering the rise in honor killings in Britain and Europe. Yet no arrests have been made. If British authorities are reluctant to touch this case on religious grounds, I would think that domestic violence laws might be applicable.

Cross posted by gracious permission of Vicki at Not Ready for My Burqua. Read the rest here.

By Howie at 04:57 PM | Comments |

Former Saddam Official & Now Insurgent Leader on the Run, Links to al Qaeda?

Interesting in that the Iraqi source is claiming that al Qaeda materials were found at the safehouse for the former Baath party member. You might recognize Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri (alt, Izzet al-Douri) as the King of Clubs--#5 on the top most wanted list published by the Coalition shortly after the invasion.


Lately, al-Duri's spokesmen have claimed that he is now the leader of the Baath party in Iraq, but another wing is said to be led by Yunis al-Ahmed.

Even if there is no al Qaeda link here, its good to hear that the Arab nationalist insurgents are also on the run and that it is Iraqi forces doing the chasing.


Security forces stormed a hideout belonging to Izzet al-Douri, the former Iraqi vice president under Saddam Hussein, in a village near Tikrit, 170km north of Baghdad, an Iraqi official said on Friday.

They broke into the hideout based on confirmed intelligence that al-Douri was using it to hold meetings with his aides, said the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The forces did not find al-Douri, but seized documents with information on the al-Qaeda terrorist network and other militias, their activities and the techniques used to conduct their operations in northern Iraq, the source said.

The documents also referred to the groups' objectives which involved attacking Iraqi military and police forces, but contained no reference to US troops.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:56 PM | Comments |

Spot The Idiot

Sorry, I still intend to pronounce it "izlam" whether you like it or not, meathead.

stein hoist: Howie via our sooper sekrit Zionist Conspiracy communication system.

By Vinnie at 04:35 PM | Comments |

Omaha Mall Shooting Photos

The police have released some images from security cameras inside the mall.

Below the fold.


ABCNEWS has a slideshow here.

By Howie at 02:36 PM | Comments |

Muslim Cleric to Dead Soldier's Dad: You can't be proud

Ray Robison e-mailed wondering if we couldn't find out who the Muslim cleric was that posted a letter to the father of a slain Australian solder who was killed in Afghanistan. The cleric wrote the father of Luke Worsley telling him he "can't be proud" of his son who "died for nothing", and posted a copy of the letter online.

Can we find him? Dude, we're the frickin' Jawa. That's what we do.

The cleric goes by the handle of 'Sheikh Haron' (Arabized version of Aaron).

Here's the letter, and some of the highlights:

Dear Sir,

It was good to talk to you on the phone today. In our conversation as I asked your permission I wanted to send you a letter to express my feelings about the recent incident in Afghanistan....

23 November [ed. note: the day Luke Worsley was killed] like many other days is wake up call for all Australians to think more about the value of the life of innocent people, about the oppression which many types of damages it causes in the society, about an oppressed system that takes human being to the wrong direction of the future, about the evil we do while we think it is good and blessing, about killing innocent while we are proud of it, about satanic politics that encourages innocent young soldiers to go to the unjust battles.

How can I express my feelings for all these families around the world. It is painful for any human being to hear from the news that almost every day a family looses a member because of the unfair war...

Dear Mr. John Worsley it is painful but weshould be proud when we loose our dear kids for defending our countrywhile we are unjustly attacked by another country but it is more painful and we can’t be proud when we loose our dear kids for nothing! We loose our dear kids for nothing If we unjustly attack to another country and our kids are killed while the other country is defending itself. May God grant you and your family patience. Amen.

Kind regards

Sheikh Haron

In other works 'Sheikh Haron' says:
Well if the Australian Government doesn’t care about Non Muslim terrorist victims, so obviously it is not war on terror. It is war on Islam.
He also claims it's illegal to read the Koran out loud in Australia since Austarlia's anti-terror laws:
doesn’t permit anyone to incite or instruct terrorism directly or indirectly. If I recite the Quran, even without any interpretation of the texts, only by reciting the Quran for others, the Australian Government can claim that the reciter has been trying to incite or instruct terrorism.
His words, not mine. He even lists the many versus in the Koran which could be taken as an incitement to violence. I hope you see the implication here.

Sheikh Haron calls himself as an "Australian Muslim cleric", but that's all we know about him at this time. Several whois searches show that he registered either with false information, or using a Yahoo whois masking service. In the former case, it's grounds to have his website shut down.

But a challenge has been issued. Judging from his less than perfect English, I'd guess that 'Sheikh Haron' is an immigrant. That, or just ignorant. It's a start.

Your mission: to find out who Sheikh Haron really is. You're help is needed. Go ahead and leave anything you find in the comments thread, or if you find anything solid, e-mail me directly.

This post will self-destruct in 30 seconds......

UPDATE: It's funny, a few Muslim groups and bloggers claim Haron isn't really a Muslim, and possibly he's part of a conspiracy to make Muslims look bad. But the paranoia goes both ways. Check this out from Haron:

I am followed and monitored wherever I go. If it is planned and operated by the Government please ask them to stop. I do not feel comfortable like this. I need to have my privacy. Please ask them to respect to my privacy.
Privacy? Right. Like maybe respecting the privacy of a family mourning for their slain son? Or like maybe not publicly posting the address of the family of the slain soldier?

What an asshole this guy is.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:55 AM | Comments |

Video : Rudy Giuliani on Guns

Rudy Giuliani is presently the GOP front runner.

Rudy Giuliani has long been, and still is, an anti-gun crusader:

I don't know about the rest of you, but a candidate's views on my right to own weapons tells me an awful lot about that candidate's view of the relationship between the government and the people.

If we place Rudy in the White House, we can almost certainly look forward to brand new gun control laws passed by the Dem congress and signed into law by President Giuliani. We can also look forward to judicial nominees who share his constrained view of the Second Amendment.

Choose wisely, friends.

h/t : Texas Fred

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:37 AM | Comments |

Mall Attack Claims 9th Victim

And he was nowhere near the mall when he passed away.

OMAHA, Neb. -- ABC cameraman Ralph Binder was driving with soundman Dan Johnson from Denver to Omaha to cover the mall shooting on Thursday when Binder was killed.

He's survived by his wife and two sons.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if that narcissistic attention-seeking scumbag hadn't committed his atrocity, this man would be alive to spend Christmas with his family. Join me in saying a prayer for them.

By Vinnie at 11:33 AM | Comments |

Sixty Six Years

We beat the Japanese at great cost. Were the Japs any less radical than our current, less capable, enemies. I think not.

Michelle Malkin has some outstanding photos here.

By Howie at 10:25 AM | Comments |

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam’s Silent Moderates

Ayaan has written an essay in today's NYT's.

IN the last few weeks, in three widely publicized episodes, we have seen Islamic justice enacted in ways that should make Muslim moderates rise up in horror.

A 20-year-old woman from Qatif, Saudi Arabia, reported that she had been abducted by several men and repeatedly raped. But judges found the victim herself to be guilty. Her crime is called “mingling”: when she was abducted, she was in a car with a man not related to her by blood or marriage, and in Saudi Arabia, that is illegal. Last month, she was sentenced to six months in prison and 200 lashes with a bamboo cane.

Two hundred lashes are enough to kill a strong man.

Read the rest.

By Howie at 10:19 AM | Comments |

Desperate al-Qaeda in Iraq Hides Behind Women

Unwilling to risk losing the last of it's 200 foreign fighters left in Iraq has turned to asking women to blow themselves up. A female suicide bomber was used recently in Baquba, now a second in Muqdadiyah. Strata-Sphere has the details.

By Howie at 10:11 AM | Comments |

Remember Those Serving Overseas This Christmas

Today this via email from

Dear Friend,

Thank the TroopsAs we are in the midst of the holiday season, Freedom's Watch is asking you to take a moment to remember those who cannot be with their families this holiday season as they fight to protect our freedoms.

Today, Freedom's Watch launched a new set of national television and print ads encouraging Americans to take a moment out of their holiday celebrations to offer thanks and support to all of our troops at home and overseas. Please visit our Web site,, to learn what you can do to support our troops, through the holidays and beyond.

While you are on our site, also remember to sign our holiday card for the troops. This simple gesture will let American servicemen and women know that we continue to appreciate their sacrifices for our nation.

Indeed. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all those away from home and serving our nation. If there is any reason to feel blessed this Christmas, it is you.

By Howie at 09:44 AM | Comments |

December 06, 2007

Effing A Double Clutch

Inshallahshaheed aka Samir Khan is so busted.

Islamic network Via Google alert: To the Admins: What is this error I get?

By muslimpad

Error 403 We're sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for /wp-login.php on this server. Your Internet Protocol address is listed on a blacklist of addresses involved in malicious or illegal activity. See the listing below for ...
Islamic Networking -

I guess it's safe to say we may know at least one of the people who participated in the DDOS attack against Darth Nudistas blog.

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, didn't your mamma ever tell you, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

Cyber Jihad Denied!

Update: Hmmmm, Bright and early says there is a bug in software called bad behavior that may also cause this issue. Looks like it could be that Sammy's IP address was blacklisted in err. Or it could be that he was blacklisted.

We can't be sure at this point. Any one know of other muslimpad users that have the same problem?

Sigh, bummer.

Update II: Well I've never seen a bug that was as much fun as this. Apparently the bug was planted by da Zionist Internet Spies aka Da Jooooos! Why? Just to bother the Muslims. Best parts of the quotes below the fold.


guess by now if you have a blog on you have found out that you can't log in to your own blog to add anything new. I know both mine and my wife's and I see muslimpad and fatimahye also have the same thing happen. This is an example of how people like the "Christian Lebanonese Engineer" are hacking Muslim sites. The governments praise these people for the "work" they do. They are given great interviews by the media and proclaimed as heroes in "the war on terror".
Heroes in the war on terror!? Why thank you, twernt nothin.
Those waging war on Islam have the right and blessing of the "JEW" New World Order. Muslims in large are doing their best to "not be noticed" by the kaffir. They dress like them, act like them and love the dunya just like they do. They think this will keep them exempt from the effects of the war but they are wrong. They are also marked for extermination. The N.W.O. Zionist/Christians are working real hard to change our deen....

....And for all you stupid kaffir pigs and monkeys reading this and hacking our sites, I will do my best to make your life miserable. Insha Allah I will meet you on a battle field someday.

Oh that's rich, I'm so skeeerd. Bwhahahahaahha!!!!

UPDATE by RS: FYI, by "Christian Lebanese engineer" the poster is referring to friend of the Jawa jveritas.

By Howie at 08:28 PM | Comments |

The Mormon Thing: A Challenge to Mike Huckabee

I never considered it until today, but judging from some of the reaction out there spawning from today's speech, I might just vote for Mitt Romney.

Why? Spite.

There really are some assholes out there deserving of it. And I've heard of worse reasons for voting for someone. Certainly a better reason to vote for him than all these "legitimate questions" about his faith turning Republican voters away from him.

Yesterday the Astute Blogger sent me a link suggesting that all G.O.P. candidates should fly to Salt Lake and attend a Mormon church to show solidarity with Mitt.

I don't know if every G.O.P candidate needs to do this, but---and I'm being serious here-- Mike Huckabee does.

If Huckabee goes to a Mormon church and still wins the nomination, then maybe I'll consider getting on board. Better another stupid compassionate conservative in the Bush mold than a dangerous compassionate liberal in the Carter/Clinton mold.

But spite is a powerful thing. And if Huckabee keeps climbing in the polls because he's the Christian alternative to that Mormon guy, then there's little chance I'll vote for him. He and the bigots who nominate him can go to hell. And so can the Republican party.

Huckabee: go to a Mormon church. Prove to me that you aren't a narrow-minded bigot like so many of your supporters seem to be.

Mike Huckabee showing up at a Mormon church to worship--any Mormon church--would take the "Mormon question" out of the race. It would distance Huckabee from the fear that he is only climbing in the polls because he is a "Christian".

And it would certainly delegitimize some of the current rhetoric about faith and the White House which I find repulsive. So repulsive, in fact, that I would fathom staying home on election day.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:21 PM | Comments |

Just Another Blog Regurgitating the White House Talking Points

Actually, I do get a list of talking points from the White House. Daily.


So, tell me again how we "regurgitate exactly and put up on [our] blogs what you said to [us]"?

Ace points out that he, too, gets some press releases but:

I doubt I've ever actually used a WH thing for a post.
Anyway, this is all over the lefty blogosphere as "big news" and "proof" of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

To be honest, I don't see much difference between a few well know bloggers and the Administration's line on many things. I don't read those blogs. I know what they're going to say on any particular issue, so why read them when I can watch Fox News and hear the same things about the same stories?

Oh, right, I don't watch Fox News either. Sorry to disappoint.

The blogs I read either don't get the daily talking points, do get them and don't care, or, like me, have them directly diverted into a spam folder. I'm simply not interested in what the White House is interested in and could care less if I furthered their cause.

I gave up on the Bush administration long ago. I can name exactly one thing they've done that's pleased me since Bush was reelected: the surge in Iraq. And that four years late.

Dan Riehl is spot on with this:

In my opinion, simply regurgitating what professionals give you isn't blogging, not blogging I respect, anyway. And the best bloggers just don't do it.
As my "buddies" would say, Ameen.

If anything, though, right-of-center bloggers are far less partisan than those on the left. Take a peak over at the left's largest blog, Markos Moulitsa's Daily Kos, and what you get are story after story about eevil Republicans. As of this writing Kos is featuring two stories about American Taliban right-winger Mike Huckabee juxstaposed with criminal adulterer Giuliani. All Republican bashing politics all the time.

Now take a look at the right's largest blog, Instapundit, a small "l" libertarian who is constantly at odds with the White House and which at least half the posts are apolitical at best. Or the three runner ups for second place: LGF--a war on terror blog, rarely interested in the political priorities of the WH; Michelle Malkin, who can be counted on to be opposed to most of Bush's stupid policies, which are many; and Hot Air--hardly a bastion of "compassionate conservatism" and admittedly not on the White House's PR list anyway.

Sure, there are a few reliable right-of-center bloggers, but one of them, Hugh Hewitt, as Captain Ed observes, is a nationally syndicated talk show host who is a "blogger" only on the side.

Anyway, the only caveat I'll add is that I would willingly shill for the Bush White House, but they haven't offered me any money yet. I'm not interested in their political agenda, but money talks Bush & co. So why not have someone from Haliburton drop some cash and we'll chat?

Flattering me with a conference call ala the McCain model, as Joyner suggests, might be nice. But money talks and bullshit walks.

As the saying goes, it's not so much a disagreement about what we bloggers are, it's simply a matter of negotiating the right price.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:08 PM | Comments |

Foer's Lost "Apology" for Scott Beauchamp

Iowahawk finds the first draft of Franklin Foer's apology over the Scott Beauchamp affair:

By now, the identity of Scott Thomas is publicly known. He is Scott Thomas Beauchamp, age 24. He first came to our attention nearly a year ago by way of Elspeth Reeve, one of three reporter-researchers who work at TNR as essentially yearlong interns and whose responsibilities include fact-checking and making sure that the break room has plenty of Coffeemate non-dairy creamer. When she sent along a piece from her friend Scott in Iraq, we were intrigued. "Hmm," we thought, intriguigedly, "here is a young man in the thick of the great stupid tragedy of our time, who will bring readers an introspective view on the day-to-day life of a typical soldier, whether it involves massacres of innocent villagers or a humdrum fragging of a psychopathic sergeant."
Thanks to Theressa.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:08 PM | Comments |

Just In Time For Christmas

Banned in Jemen Jawa T-Shirts! Click images to to order.

The Front says


The back says.


Get yours here at Cafepress today.

More images below the fold.

Update: By Jane's request we've added two more shirts that say...

Ali Saleh is scared of a blog
..on the back, instead of the Zionist Whore thing.

Update II: Added some long sleeves and some pink ladies T's as well.

Be sure to check the back so you get the text you like.

Thanks so much for the orders we have so far.

Update III.

Two more items with I will not submit in Arabic and English for allackchew here and here.



If anyone wants a different style email Howie and I can make one up right quick. If this goes well we'll add a few more Jawa items.

By Howie at 02:42 PM | Comments |

Iraqi Officers MIA in U.S.

Can you blame them? Wa Times:

Numerous Iraqi military and law-enforcement officials brought to the U.S. as part of special intelligence and training programs have run away and are seeking asylum in this country or disappeared altogether, The Washington Times has learned.
Seriously, if you were from Iraq and here for training, you wouldn't go AWOL? In my mind, sweeping floors at the nearest Taco Bell is probably better than going back to pretty much anything in Tatooine "The Land of Two Rivers".

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:38 PM | Comments |

Boy Scout Laws: Philadelphia Edition

The city government of Philadelphia (at the insistence of openly gay city solicitor Rome Diaz) has decided that tolerating homosexuality (don't ask, don't tell) is not enough for the Philadelphia chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. Since the Scouts refuse to advocate homosexuality by welcoming openly gay scouts and scout leaders, the city has reneged on their lease and will evict them.

The Philadelphia Scouts are too stubborn to make these simple changes to the twelve Scout Laws:

A Scout is Trustworthy.
A Scout is Loyal.
A Scout is Helpful.
A Scout is Friendly.
A Scout is Courteous.
A Scout is Kind.
A Scout is Obedient.
A Scout is Cheerful.
A Scout is Thrifty.
A Scout is Brave.
A Scout is Clean.
A Scout is Reverent.

Gay activists: doing their best to bone the Boy Scouts and stick their genitals in America's face with impunity.

By Bluto02:22 PM | Comments |

This Blogger is My Kind of Scum!

Fearless and Inventive!


Click image for more on the Dana Perino/Helen the Hutt Exchange.

By Howie at 12:18 PM | Comments |

Islam + British Socialism = Londinistan

This article from Mary Jackson helps clarify the relationship between the welfare state and the radicalization of Muslims in Europe. It's not just that Europeans bend over backwards to accommodate the demands of Muslims, it's that they subsidize the very people making those demands.

Why assimilate when the government will pay you to sit on your ass and make YouTube videos all day about how unjust and oppressive that very government is to Muslims?

Think I'm wrong? Recall that even though Omar Bakri Mohammed has been barred from coming back to Britain, that his wife and kids still live in London off government welfare. It's one thing to sit at home wearing a burka, but try to go get a job wearing one and let's see where that gets you. Or how about starting a business wearing the attire of choice for young Islamists in the U.K., M. C. Hammer pants?

Hell, if Uncle Sam would provide free food, shelter, clothing, and health insurance to my wife and kids I might grow a beard and start a death cult myself!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:45 AM | Comments |

Thompson: The Pro-Waterboarding Candidate

Stop the ACLU has this quote:

I would authorize that. Whatever is necessary to save a number of American lives.
Why don't you tell them what you really think Fred!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:30 AM | Comments |

Shocka: Blasphemous Filmmaker Gets Death Threats

Guess which religion he blasphemed? Geert Wilders' "art" is pretty disgusting, but if religious freedom means anything it must include the ability to offend.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:27 AM | Comments |

Al Qaeda Urged to Attack Catholic Order in Egypt

Al Qaeda: is there any one they don't want to blow up?


A message posted on Islamist websites close to al-Qaeda is urging jihadists to carry out a terrorist attack on the embassy of the Roman Catholic Order of Malta in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

"Do not stint on your attacks, Egyptians, either with car or truck bombs," reads the message posted on Thursday. It is accompanied by photos of the embassy building (photo) and entrance.

"These are photos of the Order of Malta embassy in Cairo. I ask Allah to have it closed down or blown up, along with those inside it, who hate Islam and Muslims," the Internet message continued.

The website the article talks about would be the Ekhlaas forum.

The urge to attack the Knights of Malta, a charitable organization, came after a Jordanian MP wrote an editorial for a UAE publication in which he expounded a grand conspiracy theory about the Order being behind everything from the Crusades to the conflict in Afghanistan. According to its author, Jamal Muhammad Abidat, the Order of Malta is also behind the Blackwater corportation.

Of course! It's all starting to make sense.....

But, again, we see the link between conspiracy theories and real world terrorism. Among the many reasons Muslims are inspired to join terror organizations is because their own narratives are filled with such conspiracies.

If one editorial can inspire a call to bomb a Catholic charity, then imagine the effects of best selling books in the Muslim world like Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Scary.

Thanks to John at Crossroads of Arabia.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:17 AM | Comments |

Omaha Shooting Victims Being Identified

From KETV:

They are (spellings not yet confirmed): Gary Sharp, a customer and resident of Lincoln; John McDonald, 65, a customer and resident of Council Bluffs, Iowa; Angie Shuster, 35, an employee; Maggie Webb, 24, an employee; Janet Jorgenson, 66, an employee; Diane Trent, 55, an employee; Gary Joy, 56, an employee; and Becky Flynn, 47, an employee.

The wounded: are Fred Wilson, 61, and Michelle Oldham, 65, who were both critical but stable on Thursday morning.

Jeff Schaffert, 34, and Brad Stafford, 55, were both treated and released.

By Vinnie at 12:02 AM | Comments |

December 05, 2007

Today was a good day

We took out an al Qaeda support website belonging to the Global Islamic Media Front and got banned in Yemen.

Both in the same day.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

Pat yourselves on the back, pop the top of your favorite beverage, and relax. More battles to come. I promise.

Who knows what the future will bring? We may yet end up getting that fatwa!

Obligatory Ice Cube video below.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:18 PM | Comments |

Video: Prince Caspian HD Trailer

Yeah, I'm a geek. Sue me. I must have read all of C.S. Lewis' Narnia books at least five times. So I'm stoked. Don't you just love it when you are as giddy as your kids to see a movie?

As always, you'll need the DivX player and codec to see it. Double click the video twice for full screen high definition version. And when I say high def, I mean near DVD quality.

PS-Did I actually say giddy?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:58 PM | Comments |

Mall Shooting in Omaha UPDATE: 9 DEAD UPDATE: 19 Year old ROBERT A. HAWKINS "Wanted to Go Out in Style"

9 DEAD, 5 WOUNDED, 2 in critical condition!!!!.


Robert A. Hawkins, yearbook picture from 2 years ago.

Local media report Suspect ID'd as Robert A. Hawkins of Bellevue, Nebraska. 19 years old.

No victims ID'd yet. Pray for the families.

KETV: Mother found suicidal note, brought it to police station. Shooter was on antidepressants.

Shooter had made violent threats to friends over past week.

Suicide note found on car. "Wanted to go out in style"

Shooter sent text message to ex-girlfriend 20 minutes before shooting saying he was going to, "go out in a blaze of glory."

So, terror theory out. Narcissistic sociopath piece of filth theory in.

UPDATE New press conference by the police. The gun used in the attack has been positively identified as an SKS-style rifle. Media sources say that Hawkins stole it from his stepfather.

UPDATE Local press is reporting a loud boom and that the OPD bomb squad is investigating what may be Hawkins' vehicle. Back window of suspect vehicle was blown out, Police bomb robot is next to vehicle. Update to the update. It was Hawkins' vehicle, but no explosives found. Police were being extra careful.

UPDATE: Police press conference now. 9 DEAD, 5 WOUNDED, 2 in critical condition!!!!. Suspect took his own life (thank God!). Other suspects detained, but only because they fit early description.

All shot in department store, third level, CHILDREN'S FLOOR!!

Best information as of now is that SINGLE SHOOTER WHO IS DEAD.

7 dead on scene, 2 more died at hospitals.

Last week a live grenade was found at mall. Related?

UPDATE: Confirmed: one man, one woman dead. Not clear if man is victim or suspect. Multiple witnesses confirm 20+ shots fired, conflicting accounts as to one or two suspects.

UPDATE: Up to 10 injured, one dead, and suspect was apprehended under bus bench? Still, very sketchy reports.

UPDATE: Two shooters, one maybe dead? reports second shooter may have taken own life.

Drudge links to a story that a grenade found at same mall last week.

UPDATE: Possibly WAY MORE THAN 5 SHOT and MORE SHOOTERS. Reports still coming in & conflicting reports. Stand by.....police to make statement shortly.

You can listen to 1110 KFAB in Omaha live here.

KETV says five injured. They have a pic of the shooter. Appears to be a young black man in camo. He is said to have been wielding a rifle.

As for the knee-jerk first reaction, a friend in Omaha who's listening to reports live on the radio says it's not Islamic terror.

Probably spot on....but before you rule it out, just remember Lee Boyd Malvo.

Thanks to HA's headline thingy.

Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, Jammie Wearing Fools, and Stop the ACLU, LGF also tracking.

More thoughts at Merri Musings.

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Miss California USA Mixup

Apparently one of those most trusted accounting firms screwed up the the vote count. Can't really blame em. I'd probably find it er uh hard difficult to keep count as well.

Click on Image of Miss Barstow,
21-year-old Raquel Beezley for more

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Documentary Filmmaker Finds Osama bin Laden!

Has documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me succeeded where the CIA has failed and located Osama bin Laden? That's what internet rumors are saying is the the end product of his new film: Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?

Of course, there's a reason we don't let students cite the internet in research papers: it's the effing internet!

This is what Josh Tyler at Cinima Blend concludes:

I can’t even begin to imagine the media madness this film will unleash if Morgan Spurlock actually found and hung out with Osama Bin Laden. It instantly raises a lot of important questions like... if mustachioed Morgan Spurlock can find him, don’t you have to assume the US government isn’t even trying?
It's painful to read, really, if not totally unexpected.

Richard Adams points out that the rumor is being based on a stupid misreading of this quote from Vanity Fair:

"We've definitely got the Holy Grail"
But the actual quote is:
"We've definitely got the Holy Grail," avers Spurlock's New York-based director of photography on the project, Daniel Marracino. "Visually, this film is just going to be gorgeous."
$100 says that the film has one of two subtexts:

1) Bin Laden is dead and the Bush-Haliburton regime has been busy covering up that fact so they can exploit it for their unjust wars on the Taliban and al Qaeda in Iraq. Hence, not finding bin Laden is "irony" because there is no bin Laden to find.

2) No one--not even brilliant filmmakers--can find bin Laden thanks to Bush-Haliburton distraction of bombing babies in Iraq for oil.

I'd like to try my hand at ironic filmmaking someday. How about this for film plot: American filmmaker goes to Pakistan seeking to find Osama bin Laden. Actually finds bin Laden. Is beheaded on film.

Irony. Or something like it.

Thanks to Birddog26

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Only 200 al Qaeda Fighters Left Alive in Iraq

All the rest? Dead or captured. I heard about this yesterday, but hadn't taken the time to check it out yet. Friend of the Jawa and sometimes collaborator Jveritas reports:

In his speech released yesterday Abou Omar Al Baghdadi the supposed leader of the Islamic State in Iraq which is Al Qaeda in Iraq said that only two hundered Mohajeroon are left in Iraq. Mohajeroon which means immigrants in Arabic are the foreign terrorists who came to fight in Iraq. This is yet the most stunning admission by Al Qaeda in Iraq that they are totally destroyed and from the tens of thousands of foreign terrorists they had, almost all of them are killed and captured and only two hundreds are left.

This is the quote translation of what Al Baghdadi said in his latest speech: “… with all that, the Mouhajeron in Mesopotamia left the world and went quickly to meet their lord after they sacrificed their money and their blood sometimes in the martyrdom operations and sometimes by throwing themselves in front of the enemy that only two hundreds Mouhajeron are left today in our beloved Iraq…"

Steve Schippert has more on the mythical sockpuppet Abu Omar al-Baghdadi here.

Hat tip: HerrMorgenholz

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Iran's Ratlines into Iraq


Bill Roggio has the complete details, and names names of Iranian agents working in Iraq. Make sure to click on the image at the top of his page, it leads to an animated presentation.

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Heartbreaker in Detroit : "You see more bandages than child,"

A sad, but heroic story from Detroit:

Before [gunman] Tillie could fire again, [seven-year-old] Alexis jumped over the seat between her mother and the gunman and begged him not to shoot her mother.

The police report said Tillie "without hesitation" pumped six shots into the child.

As police arrived, they saw Parker, covered in blood, running from the truck, screaming, "He just shot my baby."

The officers said Tillie came out to the vehicle holding a blue steel 9 mm semi automatic and dropped the weapon when ordered to do so. Officers said they found Alexis huddled on the floor under the steering wheel, covered in blood, surrounded by spent cartridge casings, a spent bullet on the floor and teeth on the seat. There were bullet holes in the windshield and blood inside.

I thought this part was lovely:
Police identified [the gunman] as Calvin Tillie, 29, a four-time convicted felon whom Parker had dated for six months.

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Huckabee's Willie Horton

ABC's The Blotter reports on a nasty skeleton in Mike Huckabee's closet:

A Missouri mother says she will do "whatever it takes" to stop former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee from becoming president, because he freed the man who went on to rape and murder her daughter, Carol Sue Shields (pictured).

"I can't imagine anybody wanting somebody like that running the country," Lois Davidson of Adrian, Mo., told the Blotter on

Huckabee isn't being tarred with this brush merely because he happened to be governor of Arkansas at the time:
Wayne Dumond was initially sentenced to life plus 25 years for raping a 17-year-old Arkansas high school cheerleader. In 1999, a parole board voted to free Dumond, after then-Gov. Mike Huckabee announced his desire to see him released.

A former parole board member tells ABC News that Huckabee exerted strong pressure on the board to release Dumond.

Since Huckabee seems to be enjoying favor with the mainstream press, it remains to be seen what sort of legs this story will have.

Thanks to Bithead of BitsBlog.

Off-topic: Google harassing conservative Blogger blogs?

Now that my blog, The Dread Pundit Bluto, will have been in publication for three years come January, Google has decided that it might be a "spam" blog. That means that every time I post, I have to enter one of those annoying word verifications. And the word verification NEVER works on the first try.

I'd be interested to hear from other longtime Blogger users if they're also being subjected to this idiocy. Especially conservative bloggers, as I suspect that no liberal blogs are affected.

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Internet Censorship: Jawa Report Blocked in Yemen

***Bumped & Updated***

The "democratic" Yemeni regime continues to scramble against free speech where ever it occurs.


"Hi Jane; Apparently your pet Jawa is now blocked as well. When I tried to connect, I get this from Yemen.Net.Ye
Network Error (tcp_error)
A communication error occurred: "Connection refused"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time. For assistance, contact Yemen Net team."

The internet in Yemen is run on two governmental IP's; I have to check the other one. Wimps. What are they worried about? People in Yemen will find out what's happening in Yemen?

UPDATE by RS: The thing that hurts the most? The thousands of hits we get a day from Yemen....just kidding.

I'll wear this as a badge of honor. We're also banned in Saudi Arabia, & why not Yemen? What makes Yemen think they're so special that they don't ban us? It's about friggin time!

The only reason to be disappointed is that Jane is actually a fairly prominent figure among the Yemeni opposition. Her home blog, Armies of Liberation, has been censored in Yemen for some time, and so by her posting here at The Jawa, readers in Yemen could still get access to her insightful commentary.

But no longer.

Does Yemen fear the Jawa? Yes. And they have every reason to fear as long as Jane continues to point out the ties between the current regime and al Qaeda and other radical Salafi jihad groups.

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Yemen Releases al-Badawi Again?

AFP s reporting that the independent the Yemeni paper al-Wasat published a report that Jamal al-Badawi was RELEASED AGAIN by the Yemeni authorities. Al-Badawi you will recall is under indictment in the US for 53 counts of terrorism related to the USS Cole bombing. He was sentenced to death in Yemen. The verdict was reduced to fifteen years in jail. He escaped twice (2003 and 2006). Al-Badawi surrendered and was conditionally released in October by the Yemeni government. When that became public, the regime spouted a number of explanations, including he was visiting his family for a few days before returning to jail. Subsequently, a US official saw him in Aden jail.

The US postponed Yemen's USD 20 million Millennium Challenge Award (that could have led to USD 700 million if they actually reformed). Last week (at the last minute) Condi canceled the "Forum for the Future" that was to be held in Yemen. Unconfirmed reports indicate the US wants al-Badawi extradited to the US, and Yemen has refused.

I've been published in al-Wasat several times. I met the editor Jamal last year when he visited DC. Jamal is the guy who was kidnapped and beaten in August of 2005 when he published a story about corruption. The report on al-Badawi is not a story he would publish lightly, without good sources. If I had to bet on who is telling the truth here, its not the Yemeni regime.

SANAA (AFP):Yemen denied on Wednesday reports that an Al-Qaeda fighter convicted of taking part in the bombing of the USS Cole had been freed from jail for a second time, saying he had never been released....

The comments followed reports published on Tuesday by Yemeni daily Al-Wassat that Badawi was free and was living in Maareb province. "Badawi has good relations with the political security leaders," the newspaper added, without providing further details..

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Attn. Jawas and Youtube Crusaders: GIMF Website (UPDATE: Jawas PWN GIMF.....AGAIN)

Our subject today is a US hosted Arabic GIMF (Global Islamic Media Front Site)


The site is< was hosted by Freehostia is a web hosting service provided by Snapy Communications Inc., a US-based corporation, which has offices in Coral Springs, Florida; London, UK; and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Freehostia can be contacted via the online form here or by email at

Also by phone at USA: 1-954-323-2199, Europe at +359-2-816-4376 Their terms of service page is here.

Freehostia's provider is Alphared out of Houston Texas. I find it never hurts to email a hosting service's providers as well.

RAbusePhone: 1-713-739-0415

Here's a google search for GIMF background to include in your complaints. Also I find this link to be particularly useful in convincing providers that GIMF are indeed al-Qaeda linked terrorists.

OK, on to the Youtube issues. The GIMF site news page here. Contains several GIMF propaganda videos.

This one..


Note the user shaheeda87 uses an image of abu Muscab al-Zaqueery as his/her Avatar.

And here.

Information on how to pwn the Youtube videos can be found by clicking the image below.


I have a couple screen shots of the site below the fold. Happy hunting and The Force be with you.

Update. Jawas pwn GIMF again! Thanks to Freehostia for their quick response. The Youtubes still need attention.


Jawa is the great!




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The NIE Report as a Vindication of the Iraq Invasion

No one is saying this--at least no one that I've read--but isn't the NIE report a vindication of the Iraq invasion?

Iran, the report says, halted its nuclear weapons program when?


That would be the same year we invaded Iraq.

While the foreign policy 'realists' have been claiming that the Iraq invasion is what caused Iran to more vigorously seek nuclear weapons to deter a possible U.S. attack, it seems that the real story may have been Iran dropping its near-term nuclear ambitions out of fear of a preemptive U.S. invasion prior to acquisition.

This popular strain of 'realist' narrative blames the U.S. invasion for Iran's nuclear ambitions. The new NIE report seems to suggest that the invasion has deterred Iran's nuclear ambitions.

So, will they now thank us for invading Iraq? Not likely.

Just thinking out loud and trying to start a conversation. Maybe others are saying the same thing? I dunno. What do you think?

UPDATE: Joe Gringo points me to this from VDH:

After all, what critic would wish now to grant that one result of the 2003 war — aside from the real chance that Iraq can stabilize and function under the only consensual government in the region — might have been the elimination, for some time, of two growing and potentially nuclear threats to American security, quite apart from Saddam Hussein?

War is unpredictable and instead of "no blood for oil" (oil went from $20 something to $90 something a barrel after the war, enriching Iraq and the Arab Gulf region at our expense), perhaps the cry, post facto, should have been "no blood for the elimination of nukes."

I'm in good company.

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BBC Paid Muslim to Train for Terror

Well, we've all suspected there was a relationship. Might as well make it official.

Times Online:

The BBC paid for [Mohammed] Hamid and fellow defendants Muhammad al-Figari and Mousa Brown to go on a paintballing trip at the Delta Force centre in Tonbridge, Kent, in February 2005. The men, accused of terrorism training, were filmed for a BBC programme called Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic, screened in June 2005...

Nasreen Suleaman, a researcher on the programme, told the court that Mr Hamid, 50, contacted her after the July 2005 attack and told her of his association with the bombers. But she said that she felt no obligation to contact the police with this information. Ms Suleaman said that she informed senior BBC managers but was not told to contact the police.

Ms Suleaman told the court that Mr Hamid was keen to appear in the programme. She said: “He was so up for it. We took the decision that paintballing would be a fun way of introducing him.

“There are many, many British Muslims that I know who for the past 15 or 20 years have been going paintballing. It’s a harmless enough activity. I don’t think there is any suggestion, or ever has been, that it’s a terrorist training activity.”

Funny. Ha-ha funny.

Hamid is charged with using paintballing as a way to train young Muslims in Britain for violent jihad abroad. And the Beebs has never heard of the Virginia paintball jihadis?

Hamid is known for his keen sense of humor. When he was asked by the police his name, he said, "Osama bin Laden".

Terrorism: it's not just deadly, it's comedy gold!

Thanks to Michelle who has more.

Londinistan: Man Admits Training Terrorists on British Soil
Londinistan Terror Trial Video

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:45 AM | Comments |

A: 1697

Q: When was the last time Britain executed someone for apostasy?

I think you know where this is going.....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:12 AM | Comments |

Debra Lafave Arrested for Probation Violation

Debra Lafave.jpgArguably the teacher-student sex story with the longest legs has been the adventures of Debra Lafave, who was initially arrested and charged two and a half years ago.

The blonde beauty had mixed it up with a 14-year-old boy in a variety of ways, ultimately being prosecuted in two different Florida counties.

In the end, she was sentenced to a hand slap, no jail, only three years house arrest and seven years probation in Hillsborough County Court.

The courts possibly were influenced by the massive public and media interest in the story. To be fair, who could resist the tale of the bombshell teacher, who reportedly was insane when having sex and bipolar, having creative oral sessions with a 14-year-old male student in the back seat of a car as it was driven around central Florida through Hillsborough and Marion Counties by the student's cousin?

The furor died down in March 2006 when prosecutors dropped charges in Marion County against Lafave. Everybody could go home since there was nothing more to see. That is, until yesterday.

Lafave, 27, was arrested at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday on a charge that she violated her probation.

The arrest comes at the end of two years of house arrest, just as her attorney prepared to ask a judge to drop her final year of house arrest and place her on probation instead.

"I can only characterize this as somewhat of a bizarre and unusual violation," attorney John Fitzgibbons said of the charge.

Lafave, according to the charges, had intimate conversations with a 17-year-old co-worker at Danny Boys' Restaurant in Sun City Center, in violation of her sentence that prohibits her from having unsupervised contact with a child under 18.

Lafave and the Ruskin teen discussed "non-work related issues such as family problems, friends, high school, personal life, boyfriend issues and sexual issues in both private one-on-one conversations ... and group settings," probation officer Michael Cotignola wrote in a report.

So, Lafave's probation officer was watching and caught her mingling with at least one minor. On the scale of criminal activity, it's a mere blip but a probation violation nonetheless.

Therefore, Lafave goes back before a judge and she may see additional punishment. Ex-husband Owen Lafave, by the way, thinks she deserves jail time, bitterly stating,

"You know, here is someone who threw away her husband, threw away her career to go live with her parents and work at a deli."
It's not known what happens next but, I guarantee, it will be reported in the news. In the arena of beating dead horses, the Lafave horse has life left in it.

Tip: Vinnie

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Pray For Me

Because I live on the border with Iowa, and Omaha has a radio station that covers half of Iowa, I have now suffered almost a year of Presidential primary campaign ads.

If you think the Paultards are bad in blog comments, try listening to his radio ads. Gah.

I was sick of this stuff before you even got interested in it. Based on what I've heard in the ads so far, I'm leaning towards a write-in candidate. My first choice is Homer Simpson, but Cartman is close behind.

Which is saying something, because you will be sick of this stuff before the rest of the country is interested in it.

When is that? Last time I checked, it was around a month before the general election, when both parties actually have something close to a nominee.

By Vinnie at 02:10 AM | Comments |

Woman Vs. Wild

Join Beth as she follows the links that lead into the primordial habitat of the elusive Arboreal Leftard.

I could've just linked the link directly, but I wanted to have double layers of security to protect myself from both the "O why hast thou made me puke" crowd and the lazy-ass "How dare you link something NSFW while I'm at work and supposed to be working!" crowd.

It's up to you to follow Beth in her expedition into the Berkeley-esque wasteland.

By Vinnie at 01:56 AM | Comments |

December 04, 2007

** Camp Hillary Goes Balls Deep on Camp Obama

The Jawa Report has obtained a photograph from a high-ranking official in the Hildabeast Clinton campaign, showing the then-fetus Barack Obama smoking a cigarette in the womb.


Underage. Smoking illegally.

Hillary was right - now comes the fun part.

By Good Lt. at 11:25 PM | Comments |

All's Ferrous In Love And Political Correctness

For someone who's semi-retired, I sure seem to be posting a lot.

But then, I keep coming across some really juicy stuff.

Like this, for example:

Baseball Mascot Gets New Name After 'PorkChop' Is Deemed Offensive

Of course, I clicked to read the story because I thought I knew who would be offended by the name "PorkChop," but I was surprised to see that I was off.

Way, way off.

Anyway, sometime this week, my family and I will sit down to a nice meal of stuffed Ferrous, probably with a side of home-canned green beans.

Unless "green beans" is offensive to Martians, of course.

By Vinnie at 08:10 PM | Comments |

Florida University Finds The Term "Radical Muslim" To Be Radically Offensive

From the transcript of today's Glenn Beck show:

WAUGH: What we wrote was basically we will not apologize for telling the truth. We have a whole list of reasons why radical Islam does want us dead and I would challenge anyone to find a radical Islamist who wants us alive.

Good for Mr. Waugh and the Law School Republicans of Florida U.

But I still don't think I'd send my kids there.

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New Jersey Woman Shakes Up Yemen Media Scene

from Hamsa

Watchdog: New Jersey Woman Shakes Up Yemen Media Scene
Jane Novak’s New Jersey home hardly seems the ideal spot for leading a civil rights revolution. Yet Novak, a journalist, political analyst and mother of two, has become a household name for Yemeni activists simply by writing at her computer. Her blog, Armies of Liberation (blocked inside Yemen), chronicles Yemen in areas related to press freedom, women’s issues, and torture by security forces.

Novak’s interest in Yemen began with the imprisonment of journalist Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani in 2004. Moved by an article about al-Khaiwani’s children missing their father, Novak decided to publicize his case in the West. She wrote five articles in three months and circulated them worldwide. Her articles caught the attention of American bloggers as well as a young journalist who translated them into Arabic and published them in Yemen.

Novak then launched a petition calling for al-Khaiwani’s release, which soon garnered 1,000 signatures. Shortly thereafter, al-Khaiwani was granted amnesty. “In the process, I learned about the enormous challenges Yemeni journalists face,” Novak told The CRIME Report. “I came to deeply respect them as modern heroes.”

Thanks to Novak’s dedication, struggles halfway around the world have become international incidents. “The people with rights have an obligation to work for the people who don’t,” she explained. “Other people can become informed and bring pressure on the American government to live up to its founding ideals.” Jane Novak is looking for a few good men and women.

How nice, but for the record, I am not leading the revolution. I am documenting it.

By Jane at 02:55 PM | Comments |

Video Released of British Hostages (Updated with Video and Bumped)

A video dated November 18 was shown today on al-Arabiya TV and gave the world the first look at 5 British citizens kidnapped in Iraq May 29. One hostage, who identified himself as Jason, said he had been held for 173 days and feels that "no one seems to care."

The BBC reports that a message in Arabic by the kidnappers demands the withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq in 10 days or that Jason would be the first of the hostages to be killed:

The kidnappers say the UK should "withdraw all the thieves and the gangs that they have brought with them to plunder and squander our wealth and resources, and to return what they have stolen".

It warns that if the UK does not meet its demands, "this hostage will be executed on day number 10 as a first warning, then other details that you will not like will be made public".

The Foreign Office spokesman said: "No matter what the cause, hostage-taking can never be justified.

"We again call on those holding the men to release them unconditionally."

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said that, up until now, the Foreign Office has not wanted to discuss the kidnapping because officials do not want anything to get in the way of their negotiations through third parties to get the men released.

The video can be viewed here.

UPDATE: Video added above.

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Imperial Good News from Iraq Roundup

Via Yahoo News:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Forty senior al Qaeda in Iraq members were either captured or killed in November, including a senior adviser to the Sunni Islamist group's leader, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

Violence levels in Iraq have fallen to their lowest levels since January 2006 after a security crackdown, which included a deployment of an extra 30,000 U.S. troops, targeting al Qaeda and Shi'ite militias across the country.

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, media cells; two killed, 25 detained

Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in recent raid.

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, car-bombers, propaganda cells

Read all the of MNF-Iraq's press releases here.

Wow, two media cells! I've noted that when media cells are broken up al-Qaeda releases whatever they have on hand to try and offset the perception they are losing. Over the weekend al-Qaeda in Iraq released a speech they claim is the sock puppet abu Omar al-Baghdadi calling for al-Qeada to murder Iraqis who have rejected al-Qaeda.

Exclusive Jawa Report image of abu Omar al-Bahgdadi making his speech below the fold.


ER uh good luck with that Mr. Sock Puppet. It's hard to mount an offensive when you are on the run and your legs are actually an arm.

By Howie at 12:52 PM | Comments |

Vader in Iraq? "I am your Father"

This photo is appropriately called, "I am your Father". Click for bigger pic.


Sgt. Jason Mangus is checked for radioactive particles during a training exercise at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Taken by Spc. Wesley Landrum of the 50th Public Affairs Detachment.

H/T: Howie

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:30 PM | Comments |

Bomb Strikes "Near" Defense Sec in Afghanistan

I do not think "near" means what they think it means. The Blotter:

The suicide bomb went off on the same airport road Gates was on, within 20 minutes of Secretary Gates' convoy, a U.S. official tells ABC News.
So, the bomb actually wasn't anywhere near Secretary Gates, except in the metaphysical Twilight Zone sense of it sharing the same road, but at a different time.

But still, things aren't going in the right direction in 'the good war'. Have Kos or Glenn Greenwald volunteered for the Afghan front yet?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:18 PM | Comments |

Blog Comment Poser Arrested

A teacher pretending to be a rightwing nutjob has been arrested and suspended from his job because of a comment he left on a blog.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

West Bend - As readers of a conservative blog debated the subject of teacher salaries, a writer using the pseudonym "Observer" weighed in.

The West Bend teachers' salaries made him sick, the person wrote, adding that the 1999 Columbine High School killers had the right idea.

"They knew how to deal with the overpaid teacher union thugs. One shot at a time! Too bad the liberls (sic) rip them; they were heros (sic) and should be remembered that way," the writer said.

But police say the writer was a teacher himself - and the past president of a teachers union - apparently posing as a teacher-hater.

James Buss was arrested Thursday by West Bend police, and the 46-year-old Cudahy man could face criminal charges. He has been suspended from his job as a teacher at Oak Creek High School.

While this poseur deserved to be outed and embarrassed for pretending to be something he wasn't, Owen at Boots & Sabers thinks the arrest is "a gross overreaction" to the comment. I agree.

Thanks to Tongue Tied.

By Bluto10:08 AM | Comments |

Hail Britannia Mecca!

British nurses are being ordered to turn patients' beds towards Mecca five times a day. Seriously, you can't make this sh*t up.

What's next, Muslim only hospital wings? Perhaps further segregated for Muslim men and Muslim women? The answer is yes.

“It would be easier to create Muslim-only wards with every bed facing Mecca than have to deal with this."...

Although the Trust, which also oversees hospitals in Wakefield and Pontefract, could not guarantee women-only doctors, they agreed that “wherever possible” specific patient requests would be carried out.

It's coming. Mark my words.

Like I said, you just can't make this sh*t up.

Thanks to Ghost of a Flea.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:05 AM | Comments |

Kos: "We need to lose this war"...

...and other memorable quotes from 2007.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:45 AM | Comments |

Outrage: Indonesia Gives Christian Child Beheaders Light Sentences

I think it's time to bring back the Boycott Indonesia banner.

Do we see how "moderate" Muslim countries deliver "justice" now?

Christians kill Muslims: death sentence.

Muslims murder 3 little girls by beheading them on their way to school: between 10-19 years each. If you haven't seen

Asia News:

Yesterday a court in South Jakarta condemned Wiwin Kalahe alias Rahman to 19 years in prison; his accomplices Yudi Heriyanto alias Udit and Agus Nur Muhammad alias Agus Jenggot, received 10 and 14 years detention....

On October 29th the three Christian schoolgirls were walking to school when they were attacked and beheaded with machetes in the area of Gebang Rejo, Poso. Two of the heads were discovered close to a police station the third was left close to a Church.

In December 2006 the Indonesian justice system decided capital punishment for three Catholics - Fabianus Tibo, Marinus Riwu and Domingo da Silva – held responsible for violence against the Muslim community during the Poso conflict. The sentence was carried out despite a chorus of international protest, which denounced irregularities in the trial.

Yesterday the same court condemned a further four terrorists to 14 and 18 years in prison for involvement in making bombs to be used against the Christian community, as well as the explosion of one of the devices in a Christian market in Tentena on May 28 2005. On that occasion 22 people died, while a further 43 were gravely injured.

Lest we forget, the mastermind of the murders was given only 20 years.

(Warning: graphic) If you don't want to be further outraged, don't click here or here to see images of the victims.

We actually have friends who are Christians missionaries in Indonesia. Where are you Stan & Big White Infidel?

Hat tip: Seth

UPDATE: A reminder from Tim at Opinion Bug that the names of the victims were: Ida Yarni Sambue, Theresia Morangke, and Alrfita Poliw

Christian Schoolgirls Beheaded in Indonesia
Beheading Trials Begin in Indonesia
Boycott Indonesia--Stop Murdering Christians Now!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:27 AM | Comments |

Thank You, Captain ObviousMan

Yeah, I would think that 11 and 12 years in the Federal Pen for doing your job is, to put it mildly, an overreaction.

The biggest crime they committed was shooting the drug dealing, illegal border crossing dirtbag in the ass and not the head.

Had they done that, the slimy little douche wouldn't have been able to continue to run drugs across the border after he had been granted immunity from running drugs across the border in exchange for his testimony.

These men should not be rotting in prison for failing to file the proper paperwork.

By Vinnie at 01:43 AM | Comments |

Philadelphia Pols Screw Boy Scouts Out of Lease

From Fox News:

The Cradle of Liberty Council—Philadelphia's Boy Scout chapter—has been housed in an historic building in downtown Philly for almost 80 years, paying almost nothing for the prime piece of proprety under the terms of a 100-year sweetheart lease it inked with the city in 1928. But that lease is set to expire, and city officials say the taxpayer's shouldn't be footing the Scouts rent bill because of it's national policy banning openly gay members and leaders. The Scouts must either pony up the fair market rent for the space—about $200,000 a year—or find a new home.

"If they want to accept the national policies of the Boy Scout organization they have to be able to pay for it," said Philadelphia City Councilman Jack Kelly.

According to a letter the Boy Scouts received from City Solicitor Rome Diaz, the Boy Scouts have until Dec. 3 to sign a new lease and start paying for the use of the property, or the city will find a new tennant and the scouts will be evicted.

Diaz, who is openly gay, refused FOX News' request for an interview.

Philadelphia's city government is determined to cornhole the Scouts, despite an earlier outpouring of rage that
crashed the Philly mayor's email system.

Thanks to Jay at Stop the ACLU.

By Bluto12:22 AM | Comments |

Laura Ingraham : Mike Huckabee is a "Big Loser" on Immigration

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:17 AM | Comments |

December 03, 2007

Who's Delusional Now?

Harry Reid is, of course:

“The surge hasn’t accomplished its goals,” Reid said. “… We’re involved, still, in an intractable civil war.”
Just keep telling yourself that, Harry. You're the only Dhimmicrat leader who still believes it.

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Hillary Clinton Refocuses on the Issues

Below is a copy of a work of art from Obama's "wild younger days" intercepted by the Clintonistas:

Boy. With high-minded idealism and strong, sublime leadership like Clinton's, why even have an election at all?

UPDATE from RS: bRight and Early has more Clinton opposition research.

By Good Lt. at 07:23 PM | Comments |

FBI/Police to Share Stage with 9/11 Skeptics & Terror Supporters at Radical Islamic Conference


Muslims meet up for the annual Texas Dawah Conventiona, what could possibly go wrong? You may remember that two years ago Yahya Ibrahim, who was to be a featured speaker, was denied entry into the U.S. by Customs agents.

The event is being billed as "focusing on the family", but the speakers include known associates of convicted terrorists, terror supporters, and 9/11 skeptics. In addition to the various seminars, some of them given by supporters of the most conservative brand of Sunni Islam, the event will also have a variety of carnival rides--and a petting zoo!

What's interesting about this year's meetup of Islamists in the U.S. is that an FBI agent will be a featured speaker. Ironically, Special Agent Randall Clark appears to be on the cyber crimes task force. Given that Islamists are experts at using the internet to propagandize and recruit new blood for jihad, you'd hope he was there in a monitoring capacity.

Don't count on it. Instead I suspect he's there in a PR capacity or to discuss his real expertise, which is in online child pornography cases. I'd suggest that Muslim children are far more at risk of watching online beheading videos or clips of U.S. soldiers being hit by IEDs than kiddie porn.

Also on the stage will be Officer Muzaffar Siddiqi, who leads the Houston P.D.'s Muslim outreach and diversity training program.

Who else is speaking at what is billed as the "largest Islamic convention in the southwest"?

Musa Maguire. The name may not sound familiar, but maybe you know his cousin "Sulayman". Doesn't ring a bell? Well maybe you'll recognize his given name John Walker Lindh. Musa Abdun Nur Maguire is best known for his defense of his cousin's treason fighting for the Taliban. He calls Lindh a "authentic American hero".

To show you how screwed up our Federal government is, your tax money is subsidizing Musa: In 2004 he was the recipient of a Fulbright grant to take K-12 teachers to the Middle East. Read the post, in it Musa describes how Salafis (who are the Sunni Islamists with the same political goals as al Qaeda) cured him of his extremism and how convicted jihadist Ismail Royer should get a Fulbright and not jail time.

johari_abdul_malik.jpgImam Johari Abdul-Malik (pictured right). Abdul-Malik is the number one fund raiser for the Ali Asad support committee which is trying to free convicted terrorist Ali Asad Chandia. Chandia, a Maryland school teacher, was convicted of providing material support to the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror organization and assisted Ali al-Tamimi, the spiritual leader of the Virginia Jihad Network.

He is the imam of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Va, where convicted terrorist Ahmed Omar Abu Ali worshiped. Abu Ali has admitted to meeting with Zubayr Al-Rimi, al Qaeda's #2 man in Saudi Arabia while studying in Mecca. Malik was outraged at Omar Abu Ali's prosecution for plotting to kill the President of the United States and once called him the "Rosa Parks of the Muslim community".

Abdul Malik is most famous for his support of Hamas.

Dr. Salah As-Sawi. Vice President of the Sharia Academy, the mission of which is "to disseminate proper and authentic Islamic knowledge based on the principles of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah". Longtime readers know that Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah is what Salafists call their version of conservative Islamic law.

What they mean by it is that they are followers of "authentic" Islam, as understood by the first generation of followers of Mohammed. In other words, they want to return to a 7th century version of Islamic law. Generally you and I would call them "Wahabbis", although they hate this term.

He is perhaps most notorious as a 9/11 skeptic and as the man who penned a counter-fatwa forbidding Muslims to join the U.S. military in any actions against the Taliban in Afghanistan. He claimed "the Jewish media" had rushed to blame Osama bin Laden for 9/11.

I'm sure if I took the time, I'd find more of the same. If any one else wants to research the names of the other participants, please e-mail me with the info or a link.

Thanks to Allahakchew for e-mailing about it.

UPDATE: Keep the tips rolling in!

Siraj Wahhaj: Formerly on CAIR's advisory board and an possibly unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Bombings. He denies he was ever on any list of unindicted co-conspirators, but bombing mastermind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (the "Blind Sheikh) was a regular speaker at Wahhaj's At-Taqwa Mosque in Brooklyn. In addition, Wahhaj was a character witness in Rahman's behalf at his terrorism trial.

Rodney Clement Hampton-El, aka "Dr. Rashid", an Afghan veteran (fought with the mujahideen) and the group's "explosive expert", was also a worshiper at Wahhaj's mosque.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:00 PM | Comments |

Yemen Suspends Sentence for Harboring Al-Qaeda

Two Yemenis were convicted of harboring five al-Qaeda operatives for nine months following their 2006 escape from a maximum security prison in Yemen. Several of the escapees were convicted in the 2002 bombing of the oil tanker, Limburg. The pair was sentenced to a year in jail for hiding the fugitives. The sentence was then suspended.

By Jane at 03:59 PM | Comments |

Video: Happy Chanukah from the Al Qaeda Dancers!

A special video by Infidel al Amriki. The Dancing Jihad Battalion of al Qaeda wish every one a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, & a Happy New Year!

Pssst: Do me a favor and click on over to the YouTube page and rate this video and add it to your favorites.

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Indonesian Trees Offset Bali Conference Polluters

(Bali, Indonesia) Since the attendees at the global warming conference in Bali arrive in polluting jet aircraft, the government of Indonesia is planting trees.

More likely, the tree-planting announcement is aimed to counter accusations of gross hypocrisy on the part of the global warming schemers.

Indonesia has planted millions of trees to soak up an estimated 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases to be emitted during U.N.-led climate talks in Bali, Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar said on Monday.

More than 10,000 politicians, officials, activists and journalists are expected to attend the December 3-14 talks on the tropical resort island. Delegates will discuss ways to widen a U.N.-led fight against global warming to all nations.

And to provide extra offset for the estimated 50,000 tonnes of gas, Indonesia has prohibited motor vehicles at the conference location, encouraging the attendees to walk or cycle from one meeting to another.

Therefore, all the kleptocrats arrive in fancy-schmancy jet planes and then are forced to walk around town in tropical heat. What a sweaty shame. Of course, it's assumed that there will be plenty of refreshing kool-aid available to avoid dehydration and the delirium of rational thought.

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Morning War Porn

Morning wood. Warning: Loud and obnoxious music coupled with video of terrorists getting killed. If you're patriotic, may cause funny feelings in nether regions. View with caution.

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Raw Vid of Joe Horn Protest/Counter-Protest

Regional racepimp Quanell X leads his bullyboys of the New Black Panther Nation into Joe Horn's neighborhood. The counter-demonstration seems to be more than he bargained for.

Audio of the Joe Horn 911 call.

By Bluto10:42 AM | Comments |

Video : Who's the Only Republican Worth Cheating With?

h/t : Allah.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:08 AM | Comments |

Crisis Averted: Mohammed Teddy Bear Blasphemer Pardoned

See, Islam really is a Religion of Tolerance. Pay no attention to laws that forbid blasphemy or the insulting of the Muslim prophet Muhammed.

Al Jazeera:

Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president, has pardoned a British teacher jailed for 15 days for insulting religion, according to a presidential adviser.

Mahjoub Fadl Badri said Gillian Gibbons, who was convicted for allowing her students to name a toy bear Mohammed, was set to be freed later on Monday.

The pardon came after al-Bashir met two leading British Muslim politicians, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, in Khartoum earlier on Monday....

Hundreds took to the streets of the capital on Friday, many waving swords and Islamic flags, calling for her death.

The pardoning Gillian Gibbons by Sudan's dictator should stand as proof that under sharia law, no one's rights will be violated.

But, just for kicks, let's click on over to al Jazeera's Arabic version of the same story. Oddly, the reader comments for this post seem to have been deactivated.

You'll remember that when al Jazeera ran the latest "bin Laden" speech, reader after reader sent words of encouragement to the "Shiekh" in the comments.

Bryan and Michelle have related thoughts.

UPDATE:Comments now open at al Jazeera. Let the nutiness begin! I wonder if they have to employ someone full time to delete these or if they just get some intern to do it?

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Begging for a Fatwa

The Nose on Your Face is begging for that fatwa: Mohammed brand condemn ad.

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Four Arrested with bin Laden Jihad Porn

The four were collecting the propaganda for an armed jihad group. IFocus:

Four people in possession of cassettes containing speeches by Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden were arrested on the northwest coast of Algeria, police said Sunday, AFP reports. Police seized 15 video cassettes, 60 CDs and 222 audio cassettes with information "defending terrorism and incorporating the speeches of Osama bin Laden and images of terrorist operations downloaded off the Internet," according to the police source. They were charged with crimes including supporting terrorism and held in custody, police said.
Yet another example of the direct link between Islamist propaganda and terrorism.


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The Return of Pimptastick Rusty Wicked!

It's a sign.....


Of what, I'm not quite sure. Possibly of a lingering fever, but maybe, just maybe, that today is going to be filled with many a Beavis moment.

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Avoiding the Smoking Ban

(Bellingham, Washington) The only local establishment where people can legally light up their favorite tobacco product is the Cobra Lounge, owned by Paul Green and Erin Cobb.

The Cobra Lounge sidesteps the statewide law against smoking which was passed ostensibly to protect "workers" from second-hand smoke.

From the Seattle Times:

The trick is that Green and Cobb actually opened two places. In one, they sell the tobacco (called shisha) along with private club memberships ($1 for life!). In the other, 10 steps along the alley, is the club. That's where the smoking happens. There are no workers there -- it's like a co-op -- so it's exempt from the ban.
I have to applaud Green and Cobb for their innovation. Despite the statewide ban, they have opened a place that's legal -- for now. Local authorities are not amused and have ominously vowed to investigate.

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A Video Message to Dr. Ron Paul

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:11 AM | Comments |

Fat Socialist Dictator PWN3D in Referendum

Chavez: Will you, o glorious proletariat, vote your dear leader the power to make himself a king and supreme ruler, and to continue the people's struggle for equal justice against the Great Satan in perpetuity?

The People: Piss off.


N.B.: As is with any tin pot dictatorship, results of the vote are subject to sudden, inexplicable change at any moment, comrade.

By Good Lt. at 12:42 AM | Comments |

Targeted Yemeni Woman Journalist Fights for Rights

Tawakol Karman is the founder and Chairwoman of Women Journalists Without Chains (WJC). Ms. Karaman is an effective Yemeni activist dedicated to advancing press freedom in Yemen. Those who want to unite in solidarity with Ms. Karaman may send his/her support via e-mail to: info(at)hoodonline(dot)org or by fax at 00967 1 2125212

Hood on Line, the Yemeni National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, notes that Tawakul Karman has been harassed for more than a year. For example, she received a phone call November 12, 2007 from the Yemeni phone number (011-967)734606844 in which she was accused of undermining national unity because she attended public rallies in Radfan and Dhalie which called for enhanced democracy. She received death threats on herself and her children and was ordered to stay at home. Ms. Karman also received numerous lewd messages repeating the slander published in the attack newspapers, Al-Dastor and Al-Belad.

On December 1, 2007 Political Security Organization confiscated WJC documents on press freedom during a civil society exhibition. Ms. Karman and WJC have also been denied a newspaper licence despite fulfilling legal requirements. The organization was originally called Female Reporters Without Borders, but a regime-loyal clone was issued a license for the same name.

Among Ms. Karman's many accomplishments is the production of the Semi-Annual Press Freedom Report which showed an uptick in assaults on Yemeni journalists, with 53 recorded in 2005 and 69 in 2006. Another WJC report tallies hundreds of assaults on journalistic freedom by perpetrator and finds the National Security Organization the biggest violator. The Ministry of Information, Ministry of Interior, Political Security Office and the Military Guidance Unit also committed numerous attacks.

She lead journalists in a weekly sit-in protesting a regime ban on text message news alerts. At the seventh weekly sit-in by journalists in Sana'a, Ms. Karman explained, “While we are holding this sit-in for the sake of freedom of expression and the right of having its media means, we salute journalist, Abdulkareem Al-Khaiwani, and announce our solidarity with him, considering him one of the pioneers of freedom of expression” She added. “The good pressmen are being violated, imprisoned, abducted, beaten, and wiretapped all over Yemen.” After fourteen weeks, the ban was reversed with the exception of WJC's text messages, which remained banned.

In the highly conservative Islamic country, "Karman is one of very few Yemeni women who removed her face veil publicly to prove that Islam doesn't impose the face veil on women, so she used herself as an example," the Yemen Times noted. During the cartoon controversy, Ms. Karman wrote an article, "Burning Embassies Is Not the Way", which stated, "We are not to call for tyranny and bans on freedom." Speaking at a forum against organized voilence, Tawakol Karman said she could not find herself offended in “an offended country in general”. She noted, “ I have received many critical messages about alleged relations with American and about my parent’s remorse to get a girl like me. But many Yemeni men face more violence than women,” NewsYemen reported.

By Jane at 12:06 AM | Comments |

December 02, 2007

Democrats Aim To Re-Create Great Depression

Tough, smart leadership from the most despised Congress in history.

The Democrats, after failing to trump facts with rhetoric in Iraq, now switch to trying to trump the economy, which has been growing at a steady clip for years, with a never-ending daily drumbeat of negativity without alternatives (except the alternative, of course, of voting for them).


By Good Lt. at 07:51 PM | Comments |

Video : Geraldo Hearts Huckabee

Allah asks:

If Huck does take the nomination despite having little money, few major endorsements, and a leftist streak on immigration and spending (“I drink a different kind of Jesus juice”), isn’t it proof that religious conservatives own the party? Ron Paul’s not going to win the nomination but there’s been talk lately of his candidacy as signalling a libertarian resurgence. Much will depend on how that resurgence shakes out on foreign policy but I can see a lot of righties disaffected by a Huckabee nomination tacking towards libertarianism in the aftermath.
For my part, I'm not sure who "owns" the party, necessarily, but I think it's fair to say that the Republican grassroots don't appear to be particularly bothered by Huckabee's "Christian left" populism. We've had eight years of this flavor of policy under W, and if things continue along their current path, there's a chance we may be looking at the possiblity of at least four more years of Bush's "compassionate conservative" policy prescriptions under a Huckabee administration. I suspect there are a whole lot of fiscal conservatives and federalists who've been hanging around waiting for the end of the Bush Administration, hoping for the chance to move a fiscal conservative federalist into the White House upon W's exit. If that doesn't happen, and we end up instead with Bush 3.0, I suspect a whole lot of the fiscal conservatives and federalists will be looking around for a new home.

An exodus of fiscal conservatives won't mean an end to the Republican Party, of course, but it will pretty much mean the end of "The Party of Reagan"--i.e., the fusion of laissez faire economic policies with federalist social policy.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 05:16 PM | Comments |

NRO Shows TNR How It's Done

Editor Kathryn Jean Lopez of the National Review Online apologizes to readers for blog posts made by W. Thomas Smith Jr. that contained unconfirmed reports and unacknowledged educated guesses:

Bottom line: NRO strives to bring you reliable analysis and reporting — whether in presenting articles, essays, or blog posts. Smith did commendable work in Lebanon earlier this year, as he does from S.C. where he is based, as he has done from Iraq, where he has been twice. But rereading some of the posts (see "The Tank" for more detail) and after doing a thorough investigation of some of the points made in some of those posts, I've come to the conclusion that NRO should have provided readers with more context and caveats in some posts from Lebanon this fall. And so I apologize to you, our readers.
Smith offers his explanation here.

Contrast NRO's reaction to The New Republic's months of stonewalling and complaints of conspiracies within the military before issuing a lugubrious pseudo-retraction. Note also that Lopez manages to make her point in four succinct paragraphs, while TNR's Franklin Foer blathered on for 13 pages before coming to the point, sort of, on the fourteenth.

By Bluto02:52 PM | Comments |

December 01, 2007

Latest TNR Cover! Hot off the Presses!

I think it's appropriate to trot this out again --->


By Good Lt. at 11:08 PM | Comments |

The New Republic Sort of Retracts the Scott Thomas Bullcrap Stories

TNR editor Franklin Foer makes readers wade through 13 pages of self-pitying crap, eventually to reach this pseudo mea culpa regarding the Scott Thomas Beauchamp stories* on page 14:

When I last spoke with Beauchamp in early November, he continued to stand by his stories. Unfortunately, the standards of this magazine require more than that. And, in light of the evidence available to us, after months of intensive re-reporting, we cannot be confident that the events in his pieces occurred in exactly the manner that he described them. Without that essential confidence, we cannot stand by these stories.
Foer blames everyone in sight, from conservative bloggers to Scott Thomas Beauchamp to military PR folks (oddly, neither President Bush nor Global Warming are mentioned), until finally coming out and implying that TNR became so enamored of the truthiness of the tales that they failed to verify anything before going to print. The hope seems to be that most readers will give up long before page 14, and be left with vague impressions of Foer's earnestness.

Bob Owens, who has been on top of this story from the beginning, and whose blog Confederate Yankee is mentioned by Foer, explains at Pajamas Media why Foer should be fired.

* Beauchamp wrote stories for The New Republic, under a pseudonym, saying that US troops mocked a disfigured woman in uniform, wore a piece of a child's skull on their heads, and deliberately ran over dogs with Bradley fighting vehicles.

By Bluto07:24 PM | Comments |

MSNBC Newsbimbo Makes 'If I Offended Anyone' Non-Apology

Don't you just love these "...if I offended anyone..." non-apology apologies?

Yes, Erin, you did offend a few people, not only those who hold the office of the Presidency in high regard, but also, those who are horrified that the state of modern journalism has sunk so abysmally low that fluffy bits of brainless eye candy, such as yourself, can make a living pretending to know what you're talking about.

Here's the video of the original shameful incident, in which Erin refers to the President as a "monkey," and gushes about "mancrushes."

By Bluto03:12 PM | Comments |

Chuck Norris Praises Mike Huckabee's Big Package

"They all have good points, but I think you've got the big package."

H/t : Allah, who notes:

Eight solid minutes of video here and the closest we come to a specific reason is that Huck has “integrity” and could be “the people’s president.”
The elephant in the room is, of course, that Chuck Norris is backing Huckabee because Norris' political views are dictated almost exclusively by his faith, and he views Huckabee as the candidate most in line with Norris' own faith-based political views. The rest, as they say, is just details. I'll wager that Norris doesn't have the slightest clue as to the details of what Huckabee plans to do as regards immigration.

And for the record, I'm not insinuating that all, or even most, evangelical voters make their decisions this way. The significant evangelical support for Giuliani and Romney puts the lie to that idea. I'm just saying that, from everything I can see, that's how Chuck Norris made this political decision.

By the way, here's Chuck on Mike Huckabee's immigration plans for the country:

Huckabee is correct, "We are not a nation which penalizes the children because of the parents' sin." But when it comes to illegal immigration, even many conservatives indirectly advocate just that. We condemn those who abort even illegitimate babies from the womb, but condone (and sometimes commend) those who abort children from our "Christian" nation if their citizenship is illegitimate.

Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore challenged us in one of his articles about illegals, "Should we demonstrate Christian love and concern for their salvation, or should we oppose amnesty legislation and enforce the immigration laws? The answer is yes – we can and should do both." Amnesty – no. Illegal immigration – no. Caring for all children – yes.

That is not social justice; it's not social conservatism; it's biblical Christianity. Red and yellow, black and white, they are all precious in his sight, right? Excluding those born to illegals? I'm amazed how quickly some abandon the fundamentals of scripture to assure that the laws of the land (and maybe even their own prejudices) are upheld.

Scripture says we are to obey the laws of the land. But when those laws controvert what the Bibles says, "We must obey God rather than man." Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Our own Lord stood up and did not hinder any children from coming to Him. He wasn't selective in his care. And so we shouldn't be either.

Taken to its logical conclusion, of course, this philosophy pretty much dictates that we take down the borders entirely. Enforcing the borders is, in Norris' view, tantamount to "punishing" and "hindering" the children, which Jesus himself denounced.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:55 PM | Comments |

On Israel Mireles, Mexico, Emily Sander, Zoey Zane, Murder, Shame and "Porn"

A few items on the Zoey Zane story :

1. Israel Mireles - Criminal Alien?


It appears that suspect Israel Mireles, a resident alien from Mexico, has a criminal record in Texas:

Mireles' criminal record in Texas includes misdemeanor convictions for possession of prohibited weapons, hunting from a vehicle and driving while intoxicated.
This site claims that Israel Mireles also has a record in California, but the info seems a little shaky:
Israel Mireles previously resided in Cupertino, California where he was arrested in June 2007 for a violent attack on his pregnant young girlfriend there...A Cupertino arrest warrant is still outstanding in that assault and battery case.
I haven't been able to determine whether Mireles was here legally, but I'm not sure it really matters either way. Mireles was here, in any event, with either the active cooperation or passive acquiescence of the authorities. Neither gives me a "warm fuzzy."

UPDATE : The California "Israel Mireles" is apparently this guy, who doesn't look like the same guy--at least to me:


2. The Likelihood of Extradition

If Mireles has managed to return to Mexico, getting him back may be a beeyotch:

If he went to Mexico, where he was born and has relatives, local authorities would have to compile especially detailed warrants and translate them into Spanish, El Dorado Police Chief Tom Boren said.

And if the crime qualifies for the state's death penalty and Mireles is charged that way -- and it's too early to answer those questions -- authorities could be legally blocked by Mexico, Boren said.

Mexico would require that authorities submit the most serious charges that Mireles would face, and Mexico would not allow someone born there to be extradited to face capital charges, Boren said.

"They would have to be assured that the death penalty won't be sought."

A couple more thoughts BELOW THE FOLD.

3. Whether "Zoey Zane" Was a "Porn Star"

In the comments to my initial post on "Zoey Zane," Jawa commenter Doc Weasel clams that my information on Emily Sander's online business activities was incorrect, and "Zoey Zane" was, by any reasonable standard, pretty much a bona fide "porn star"--i.e., having wild sex with random dudes on video. My earlier opinion that she wasn't was formed based on statements of some folks who claimed to have worked with her and the images of her I found on the web, all of which were just nudes., for example, says the following:

Now, due to your irresponsible journalism and not checking your facts before sending out this info over the news wire, you have turned this into a PR feeding frenzy for the sole purpose of creating drama to draw in viewers. We want to set the record straight. Emily was a solo nude model whose site went live September 25, 2007. She was exactly that - a solo girl model.
I doubt the MSM reporters would recognize the distinction in any event, but if Doc Weasel is correct, then my earlier indictment of the MSM was premature, and my thanks to Doc Weasel for setting the record straight. That said, the question of whether the young woman was a "porn star" was only a question of whether the MSM got the story straight or was sensationalizing the story, not whether Emily Sander was a sympathetic figure. She's a sympathetic figure whether she was a "porn star" or not.

4. Whether Zoey Zane's Pictures Were "Shameful"

Contrary to statements made in the comments, my own decision to not link to naked pics of Zoey Zane / Emily Sander wasn't because I was "ashamed for her" or anything of the sort. As far as I'm concerned, the "morality" of any person's life choices is between that person and God. I enjoy sex and naked women as much as the next guy--or gal... or, person of unspecified gender, for that matter. From all accounts, Emily Sander wasn't some sort of "victim" of the porn business or anything like that. This story isn't the real-life version of "8mm" or something. Not that the porn business hasn't had its share of life tragedies over the years, but the Zoey Zane story certainly doesn't appear to be one of them. In any event, my own choice to not link to naked pictures of Emily Sander arose out of respect for the family and an interest in keeping the attention where it should be--on a murderer who took a young, innocent life. Emily Sander didn't, as far as we know, do anything out-of-the-ordinary or particularly blameworthy to cause her own death. As far as anyone can tell right now, Emily had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the "porn star" angle is merely a titillating and irrelevant distraction.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:19 PM | Comments |

The Tragedy of Senile Dementia, Pt. II

How BDS hurts people in real life:

John Nirenberg has waterproof sneakers, a bright yellow poncho and a plan. He also has outrage in his heart and much of his retirement savings tied up in his cause.

The 60-year-old author and academic plans to walk from Boston to Washington, D.C., to confront House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in hopes of persuading Congress to take up the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Apparently, nobody has the heart to tell this old koot that he shouldn't be pissing away his retirement for some useless leftwing political cause, and moreover, that he can't blame anybody but himself when he goes bankrupt from being a temper-tantrum-throwing, deranged moonbat.

Enjoy your retirement, numbnuts.

ht: Hot Air

By Good Lt. at 10:35 AM | Comments |

How Bahgdad Was Won

Well it ain't over yet. But this interview in WAPO illustrates that progress is won not by political leaders, but by the blood, sweat and tears or ordinary US soldiers and Iraqi citizens.

No political progress is for politicians only. Tell me when anyone has ever seen progress from a politician?

Via Ralph Peters at WAPO: Question: Congratulations on the superb work "Quarter Cav" has done for us all - Iraqis and Americans. When you arrived in Iraq this time around, did you think you'd be able to make such progress?

Lt. Col. Crider: Our initial experiences upon arrival in March '07 were very discouraging. The enemy controlled the ground - the people - in southwest Baghdad. I saw more combat in the first six weeks than in the entire year of Operation Iraqi Freedom I.

We realized that we'd never kill or capture every enemy, so our goal was to change the conditions on the ground that allowed the insurgency to flourish. Three key factors contributed to our success:

A sufficient number of troops to deny the enemy a sanctuary.

A focus on security where the people live.

The restoration of essential services - it was a revelation that the people viewed us as the government, so when there was no electricity, garbage pick-up, etc., it was our fault in their eyes.

Q: Which achievements do you see as solid? What has to happen next?

A: Our personal relationships with the Iraqi people are solid. They love American soldiers. This is a significant achievement - it's important that we don't let them down.

Read the rest.

Hat Tip: Jay Currie.

By Howie at 08:18 AM | Comments |

Pulled Away Before Their Time

Jordon Hawes, 1, and Shakayla Hawes, 3.

The worker called 911, and when deputies arrived they forced the door open and found the woman on the floor, holding a steak knife and covered in the children's blood.

Jordon Hawes, 1, and Shakayla Hawes, 3, were pronounced dead upon arrival at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital.

A commenter on another blog once accused me of being a "ghoul" and claimed that I "revel in this heinous shit."

I'm not and I don't.

I post about these types of stories because I'm a father of two children, and when I see something like this, it causes a visceral reaction in me. I simply don't understand what makes a parent murder their own child, and I'm outraged every time I see it.

I'm also not happy with the way the justice system handles these types of cases, not to mention the MSM coverage of them. Andrea Yates, anyone?

Of all the things I've seen, heard, or read about in my lifetime, nothing, nothing at all, is as horrid as knowing that a parent killed their own child on purpose.

My philosophy about posting this is the same as Rusty's is about posting beheading videos.

We do it to show the face of the enemy, and for you to be as outraged as we are.

And to make sure as many people as we can reach mourn with us the loss of these innocent lives.

By Vinnie at 02:06 AM | Comments |

The Tragedy of Senile Dementia

Via HotAir, video of repellent leftist newsfossil Helen Thomas showing her ass to Dana Perino:

Picture of repellent leftist newsfossil Helen Thomas. Her good side.

Hat tip: Rita at TDPB.

By Bluto01:08 AM | Comments |

Semi-Regular Rockin' Post


This is one of my all-time favorite bands. Ever.

Click here for the previous editions of the Jawa Report Music Series (some of the videos have been removed by YouTube).

If you liked "The Great Escape," below the fold is a bonus video of MARILLION performing "Your Gone." From a 2004 DVD of the group called "Marbles on the Road."--->

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