November 30, 2007

"Eeew!" or "Hellooo, Missy!"

As indicated by the title, I'm starting this post with a pop quiz.

(Chandler, Arizona) A local person arrived home to find a naked woman sleeping in a bedroom. The resident called the police.

The naked woman, Jacquelyn M. Pearson, 25, told police she did not remember entering the apartment and that her last memory was that of getting ready for work, according to a police report. Her boyfriend told police Pearson dropped him off at work, said she felt ill and needed to head home.

Pearson told police she was not intoxicated, injured or using any type of drug, and that she had no legitimate reason for being in the apartment - but could not explain how she ended up there, the report stated.

Pearson was arrested for first-degree trespassing.

So, the question is "Was it a man or a woman or an alternative biology believer who reported the offense?"

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I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

David Chase, eat your heart out. Something like that would have been a far better ending to The Sopranos than the lame-ass thing you did.

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Evil Knievel Dies


Evel Knievel, the hard-living motorcycle daredevil whose exploits made him an international icon in the 1970s, died Friday. He was 69.

Knievel's death was confirmed by his 21-year-old granddaughter, Krysten Knievel. He had been in failing health for years, suffering from diabetes and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, an incurable condition that scarred his lungs. He had undergone a liver transplant in 1999 after nearly dying of hepatitis C, likely contracted through a blood transfusion after one of his bone-shattering spills.

His death came just two days after it was announced that he and rapper Kanye West had settled a federal lawsuit over the use of Knievel's trademarked image in a popular West music video.

RIP Evel.

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Breaking: Hostage Situation at Clinton Campaign HQ

Update 20:13Larwyn emailed at 5:30 that it was over. I dunno Rusty just told me to update to post. Something about In and Out Burger and Ann Coulter? I have no idea. But from what I hear, the nut surrendered. I'll see about a link, Howie.

I was going to link Ace, but he didn't care either. Gateway Pundit reports the man was named Leland and has video of his arrest here.

UPDATE 16:10: Flares, not pipe bomb or TNT. So, er, why don't they just go in and get this nutjob?

UPDATE 16:05: Suspect is Troy Stanley. [Update within an update: AllahP reports that may not be Troy Stanly]

UPDATE 15:35: Michelle Malkin, following the story closely, reports that 2 hostages release, but 2 more inside.

UPDATE 15:11: Fox News:

Clinton has canceled her speech that was scheduled for Friday afternoon at the Democratic National Committee fall meeting later Friday in Northern Virginia, party chair Howard Dean announced Friday afternoon.

Clinton was said to be monitoring the situation from her Washington, D.C., home. ...

The hostages are campaign staffers, sharpshooters have been positioned near the building, and negotiators are also being sent. A bomb squad unit also is on the scene.

Two Clinton campaign workers held hostage in Rochester. WMUR:
An armed man has taken two campaign workers hostage at the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, police said....

"A young woman with a 6-month or 8-month-old infant came rushing into the store just in tears, and she said, 'You need to call 911. A man has just walked into the Clinton office, opened his coat and showed us a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape,'" witness Lettie Tzizik said....

The assailant is being described as in his 40s with salt-and-pepper hair.


H/T: Larwyn

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Muslim Cartoonist Sues Air Canada Over "Discrimination"

Will Bush-Hitler stop at nothing in his quest for world dominance?


A Muslim political cartoonist has filed a complaint against Air Canada, claiming he was barred from a flight because of his race, his religion and his criticism of the Bush administration....

"We are worried that Shahid [Mahmood] is on the U.S. no-fly list, perhaps due to his political cartooning. He has been critical of the Bush administration in the past," Miss Chrolavicius said.

Or, maybe it's just that his first name, Shahid, means martyr in Arabic? As in the word Muslims extremists use to describe those who blow themselves up while killing innocent civilians.

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The Wrong Guy Fired at Kent State

Mike Adams at Townhall reports that Kent State has fired its History Department Chair John Jameson for allowing terror supporter and professor Julio Pino to take a trip to the Middle East in the middle of the semester.

To be honest, it seems kind of petty. This kind of stuff happens all the time in academia. Professors go on trips to conferences or to other gatherings. It's considered part of the job..... or at least one of the perks.

It seems to me that a far larger problem than professors going on trips are professors lending their support to terror. But maybe that's just me?

Even worse is the tacit support for Islamist supremacy by academics through the constant equivocation between us and those we fight. Each and every minor flaw or mistake we make is inevitably compared to the grossest human rights abuses and flagrant disregard for life by our enemies.

It is this equivocation above all that is so destructive to the cause of American and of liberty.

Thanks to Marked Manner who has more.

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Video: Full English Osama Bin Laden Message to Europe


Here is the full as "Osama bin Laden" "video" below. "Video" because it's actually an audio message with a still image of bin Laden in the background and English subtitles. "Osama bin Laden" because this doesn't necessarily constitute proof of life.

If it is bin Laden he sounds old and tired.

The subtitles are awkward and obviously not the work of long time al Qaeda as Sahab English language propagandist Adam Gadahn. Gadahn is a native of California and has demonstrated in past videos that he has a solid grasp on the English language. This is not his work.

I've asked this question many times over the past two months, but where is "Azzam al Amriki"?

Video below.

If you would like a copy for yourself, Laura Mansfield has a copy of the video for downloading here.

Thanks to Howie for uploading the vid.

Update by Howie: Readers request a transcript. Laura Mansfield sent us this one.

Sheikh Osama Bin Laden:

"Message to the Peoples of Europe"

All praise is for Allah, who didn't create the Creation for nothing, and didn't leave them in vain, but rather, created them to worship Him. And intelligent people obey Him, and miserable ones disobey him.

As for what comes after:

This message of mine is to the peoples of the states allied to America in the invasion of Afghanistan and I mention specifically Europe. Peace be on those who follow the guidance: It isn't hidden from you that the Afghans have tasted the two bitterest things for two decades at the hands of the Russians and their Communist agents, but they persevered, fought, and were resolute and victorious, by the Grace of Allah.

And before their wounds had healed and their grief had ended, they were invaded without right by your unjust governments, without stopping to think about or reflect on Bush's claim that this invasion was a response to the events of the 11th, although--as I mentioned previously--the events of Manhattan were a response to the American-Israeli coalition's murder of our people in Palestine and Lebanon.

And it was I who was responsible for 9/11, and I stress that all Afghans--both government and people--had no knowledge of those events and America knows that, because some of the Taliban's ministers fell into its hands as captives, and they were interrogated and that became known. And that's why the Taliban government requested America to produce the evidence for the truth of its claims prior to the invasion, but it didn't produce any evidence, and instead insisted on invading; and Europe marched behind it in that, and had no choice but to be its vassal.

It suffices as evidence of this your entering of this war and your excusing of American soldiers from being held to account by the European courts. For this reason, this address of mine is to you, not to your politicians, as it is no longer a secret that Blair, Brown, Berlusconi, Aznar, Sarkozy and those with him and their like love to shade themselves in the shade of the White House. And there isn't a major difference worth mentioning between them and many of the leaders of the Third World.

So to summarize, in this war you have combined two injustices: the first is that this war was waged against the Afghans without right. You didn't have even one piece of evidence suitable for submission to a court. Additionally, you destroyed the camps of al-Qaida and killed some of its members, and you captured others, most of who were from Pakistan. So what is the sin of the Afghans due to which you are continuing this unjust war against them? Their only sin is that they are Muslims, and this illustrates the extent of the Crusaders' hatred of Islam and its people.

Second, in this war, you have not observed the ethics and protocol of warfare. Most of your victims--as a result of the bombing--are women and children, and intentionally so. You know that our women don't fight, yet you target them even on days of celebration, knowingly and adamantly, hoping by that to break the morale of the Mujahideen. This will not benefit you, however, for we are resolute and, by the grace of Allah, the Glorious and Great, continuing to take revenge on the unjust and expel the occupying invaders. I have personally witnessed incidents like these, and the matter continues on an almost daily basis, and the hospitals are full of innocent people.

You have no religion, morals, humanity or shame. And for your information, the Afghan people are a courageous, defiant, jealous, honorable, religious Muslim people who refuse humiliation and submission to invaders. And their history is rich in resolve and victories. They fought Britain in its glory days and defeated it by the grace of Allah, and fought the Russians in their glory days as well and defeated them by the grace of Allah. And today, they are fighting America and its agents under the leadership of the Commander of the Believers, Mullah Umar, may Allah protect him, and under the command of the Knight of the Field, Hajji Mansoor Dadullah. I ask Allah, the Most High to grant them victory and resolve.

In conclusion, I remind you that the American tide is ebbing, by the grace of Allah, and that they shall soon depart for their homeland beyond the Atlantic and leave the neighbors to settle their accounts with each other. So it is better for you to restrain your politicians who are thronging the steps of the White House and work diligently to remove oppression from the oppressed, for justice is right and injustice is torment, and returning to the truth is the hallmark of men of understanding. And peace be on those who follow the guidance.

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SU Prof to Troops: FU

But Students Disagree
When Marine Major Christian Devine asked Syracuse University's Maxwell School to host a presentation by his DoD outreach program, "Why We Serve," the chair, Mark Rupert , decided to tell him to go pound sand. He felt that allowing serving members of the military to speak would not meet the department's goal to ""foster open and honest discussion."

Rupert apparently based his decision on an article in which Major Devine talked about winning the information war in the mainstream media. Evidently, Rupert prefers that someone else win the information war.

Then Rupert shared his email conversation with Devine with other SU faculty members, and things changed.

From the Syracuse Post-Standard:

After responding to Devine, Rupert made copies of the e-mails available to other faculty members. In that way, the matter came to the attention of Bill Coplin, chair of Maxwell's Public Affairs Program.

Coplin is teaching an honors class focused on ways to improve undergraduate education. One of the topics selected by the class, he said, was whether American universities slant toward left-wing positions. After learning of Rupert's decision about "Why We Serve," Coplin said, he brought the question to his students, who decided to ask Rupert to come in and explain.

Rupert did. The students listened, he said, "but I think they had already made up their minds." He told them he had no objection to the servicemen speaking on campus; he simply did not see this particular offer as appropriate to the mission of his department. In the end, the honors class decided to host "Why We Serve," on behalf of the Public Affairs Program.

Through Devine, the students put together a forum in which three members of the military representing the Air Force, the Marine Corps and the Army will make a presentation Friday at 3 p.m. in the Grant Auditorium at the SU College of Law.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when students are forced to educate their professors.
"I didn't understand the problem with having the actual troops come and speak," said Katelyn Hancock, a student who helped to organize the event. "We can have Michael Moore come and speak on campus, but the troops can't come?"
Yes, Katelyn, that's what Professor Rupert means by "fostering open and honest discussion."

Farbeit from me to suggest that Professor Rupert decided to suppress the military speakers because he is grossly biased, based on this screen cap of Rupert's personal website.

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"Porn Star" Zoey Zane

You may have heard the news of the death of a young Kansas woman named Emily Sander. Emily was last seen alive leaving a bar with a man named Israel Mireles (pic below).


Emily's body was later found. Investigators also found "a large amount" of blood in Mireles' hotel room. There were also reports of an altercation taking place in his hotel room on the night of Emily's disappearance. Apparently, Mireles has a criminal record, although the details are sketchy. Mireles' rental car was later found abandoned in Vernon, Texas. Authorities suspect he may be heading to Mexico.

If that was the end of the story, the name "Emily Sander" would've likely been just another name on the police blotter. In the course of the investigation of Emily's disappearance, however, investigators discovered that Emily had been moonlighting as a nude model under the pseudonym "Zoey Zane." There are pictures out there, but I'm not going to link them (yes, even an unrepentant whore has ethics now and then).

True to form, the news media has been "sexing up" Emily's story by reporting on Emily's "secret life" as a "porn star." To most people, the term "porn star" conjures up images of a woman making wild sex videos with random dudes for money. Now, it may not matter to most people whether the world remembers Emily Sander as a girl who made wild sex videos with random dudes for money, but I'll wager it matters to her friends and family. By all accounts, Emily Sander was a young girl who posed for some nude photos. To a lot of folks, there's a difference between posing for nude photos and being a "porn star."

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News Flash : Former Arkansas Governor Veracity Challenged

The Man from Hope has described his illegal immigrant scholarship program as follows:

I supported a bill that would have allowed those children who had been in our schools their entire school life the opportunity to have the same scholarship that their peers had who had also gone to high school with them and sat in the same classrooms. They couldn't just move in in their senior year and go to college. ... [It] said that if you'd sat in our schools from the time you're 5 or 6 years old and you had become an A-plus student, you completed the core curriculum, you were an exceptional student, and you also had to be drug and alcohol free, and the other provision, you had to be applying for citizenship.
Wish I could say I was shocked to find out most of that isn't true:
Actually, the bill Huckabee pushed for in his 2005 State of the Union address did not apply only to "those children who had been in our schools their entire school life." It required only three years in an Arkansas high school to be eligible. And students did not have to be "applying for citizenship," but rather they had to sign an affidavit stating their intent to do so in the future. All students who apply for state scholarships must "certify that they are drug-free" and "pledge to refrain from alcohol" if they are under 21, just as Huckabee said. But they certainly don't have to be "an A-plus student." The state requires a solid "B" average (a 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale). And the state may reduce that to a 2.5 average if sticking with the higher requirement "would unduly reduce the number of low-income or disadvantaged students who would otherwise be eligible for the program." That's a C-plus average.
On one issue after another, the Man from Hope has been displaying an unfortunate habit of playing fast and loose with the facts. I could be wrong, but I suspect that might become a liability if he doesn't get on the straight and narrow PDQ.

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November 29, 2007

One Killed, Four Wounded in Aden, Yemen Protests

***Jawa Exclusive***

November 29, Aden: One person was killed and several wounded when Yemeni soldiers prevented thousands of protesters from reaching the site of an anti-regime demonstration.


Scores of Central Security units and army battalions were deployed in the early morning hours Thursday, stopping pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the roads leading to the location of the sit-in. Some oppositionists estimate that well over 100,000 people were turned back.

Yemeni President Saleh was also in Aden and delivered an address in May 22 Stadium to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen's independence from British occupation. One kilometer away from the President's rally, tens of thousands of anti-regime protesters held their demonstration at al-Hashimi Station in Sheik Othman city.

The demonstrators criticized the discriminatory policies and practices of the regime in Sana'a, which was victorious after the 1994 civil war. The crowds also demanded that the ruling regime release all citizens arrested during the wave of sit-ins that rocked the southern governorates since May.


In field developments, one person was killed and four wounded at the "Dar-Saad" checkpoint when soldiers attempted to prevent the protesters from reaching Aden. Sources indicated the man who fell at the Dar-Saad checkpoint was killed by helicopter gunfire sprayed on the people below.

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Where's Rusty?

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Bilal Hussein Inquiry Set for Dec. 9th

The AP continues to whitewash its hiring of anti-American propagandist Bilal Hussein, but the military is pressing forward with plans to turn over evidence against him to an Iraqi judge on Dec. 9th. AP:

The U.S. military said Thursday it would submit evidence to the Iraqi judiciary system on Dec. 9 against Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein, who has been held in U.S. custody for more than 19 months...

Under Iraqi law, an investigating judge will receive and review the evidence. The judge, whose role corresponds roughly to a grand jury, has the power to either dismiss the case or recommend it be referred to a three-judge panel for trial...

[T]he military has pointed to a range of suspicions that attempt to link Hussein to insurgent activity, including claims that he offered to provide false identification to a sniper seeking to evade U.S.-led forces and took photographs that were synchronized with insurgent blasts.

I'll also note that Hussein's former boss at the AP believes it was ethical to hire a man who may have had prior knowledge of attacks on U.S. forces, knew who top insurgents were, was embedded with terrorists, and yet did not volunteer any of this information to the U.S. or Iraqi governments.

It seems that "journalistic ethics" have replaced the moral imperative to save life at the AP.

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NATO Ready to Wage YouTube Warfare?

As my friend Glen Jenvey mentions in this interview, the Taliban's use of YouTube and other online outlets to post videos (for instance this one released today) is key to their recruitment strategy. NATO and the U.S. have long ignored or underestimated the value of enemy propaganda. But no longer. NATO is announcing that it will release more footage from Afghanistan.

Watch the entire CNN video here. I especially love how the brave mujahideen of the Taliban dress as women and post small children in front of houses where they meet.

UPDATE: Looks like Howie also mentioned this yesterday, here. In my defense, I've got the flu.

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Bin Laden Tape Airs On al-Jazeera UPDATE: bin Laden Claims 9/11

Via Laura Mansfield:

A new message from Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is being broadcast at this time on Al Jazeera.

According to Al Jazeera, the message takes the form of an audio tape and calls for Europe to end it's involvement in Afghanistan.

The message has not yet been posted on the internet.

We are monitoring Al Jazeera and will provide a translation of the portions of the messages that were aired shortly.

UPDATE by Rusty: What will the Truthers say now?Al Jazeera:
"It would be better for you if you [restrained] your politicians who flock to the White House and worked actively to end the wrong done to the oppressed," he said in an audio tape aired on Thursday.

"You [Europeans] become followers to America and that is why no US soldier has been put on trial before European courts," he said.

He continued: "I remind you that the American tide is receding ... and that US troops will go home beyond the Atlantic to leave neighbours to settle their problems.

"Involved in this war, you did not abide by ethics of war as most of the war victims were women, children and civilians."

"I am responsible" for the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001," bin Laden continued.

"Bin Laden" uses the logic that he was behind 9/11, and not the Taliban, ergo the U.S. attack against Afghanistan was unjustified.

Hmmmm, why does that argument seem so familiar?

UPDATE: Again, what al Jazeera says in Engllish contrasted with what they say in Arabic. The English version of the story is bad enough, ending with a quote from bin Laden saying NATO is being defeated, but Leesa notes that the Arabic version of the story ends with:

all Muslims must participate in the 'Jihad'."
And the reader comments begin with:
(first comment) God bless you

(second comment) Praise God for the safety of the struggling Sheikh Osama bin Laden

Most of them pretty much run along those same lines.

UPDATE: My understanding is that the message is audio only, so no way to verify, once again, that bin Laden is alive or not.

UPDATE II: Partial transcript of the Arabic by Laura Mansfield below the fold.

Update III: Video added, below the fold.

he truth is, as I mentioned before, that the events in Manhattan (9/11) were a reaction to the American-Israeli coalition killing of our people in Palestine and Lebanon and that I am solely responsible for. I assure you that all the Afghans, government and people, were not at all aware of any of these events. America is well aware of this fact.

Some of the Taliban ministers fell captive in their hands, they were interrogated and they told the Americans the truth. This is why the Taliban government asked America before the invasion to provide them with proof but they couldn't provide any proof. They insisted on the invasion and Europe followed their lead and they decided to play as their tail. It is enough to point out that you (Europeans) got in to this war and the American soldiers were exempt from being tried in European courts and this is why my message is addressed to you and not to your politicians.

At the end I would like to remind you that this American deployment is coming to end by the blessing of God and they will go back to their homelands beyond the Atlantic and they will leave the neighbors to finish off their interests among themselves. It is better for you to address these issues with your politicians who are begging at the doorsteps of the White House and work hard on lifting the injustice on the oppressed. Justice is the right thing to do, injustice is suffering. Going back to righteousness is the characteristic of those who think wise; peace be upon those who follow the right path.

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Mohammed-Teddy-Bear-Gate: Day 4

British teacher Gillian Gibbons has been sentenced to 15 days in jail, but was spared the flogging by a kangaroo Sharia court in Sudan.

Via ABCNEWS: British teacher Gillian Gibbons has been convicted of inciting religious hatred for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad and sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation from Sudan, one of her defense lawyers said Thursday.

"The judge found Gillian Gibbons guilty and sentenced her to 15 days jail and deportation," said Ali Mohammed Hajab, a member of her defense team.

Related some Brits support Sharia over common sense. Also see LGF.

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Muslimpad Threatens to Suspend Blog UPDATE: Samir Khan PWND by Jawa....AGAIN


Did they threaten to suspend terrorist GIMF blogger muslimpad for his gruesome images of dead and dying American soldiers? No.

Did they threaten to suspend Samir Khan for his threats against the king of Jordan? (the Muslimpad owner left the US and moved to Jordan) No.

Did they threaten to suspend Samir Khan for his support of al-Qaeda in Iraq and other terrorist groups? No.

Muslimpad threatened to suspend our friend Darth Nudistas. they call the images on his blog header offensive.

Drop by his blog, he's been keeping close track of Samir Khan and what he's been up to. Plus it's funny.

We have sent dozens and dozens of complaints to Muslimpad about Samir Khan's blog. This is the first evidence that Muslimpad actually reads the complaints.

Muslimpad routinely ignores offensive terrorist blogs, yet threatens to suspend over uncovered meat and pictures of swine. Go figure. It's almost as if Muslimpad supports terror. Oh, wait a minute, they do.

Muslimpad's DNS service is through DNSMadeeasy who resells go daddy services

Muslimpad = is hosted by The Planet

we were able to take down but Muslimpad remains.

The email addy the suspension warning come from is

You know what to do with those email addys boys and girls.

Update: Samir Khan's blog is down!!!!!! We have collateral Damage to Darth Nudista's anti Sammy blog. Sorry Darth. It was such a fun blog.



Jawas win again! How many times we pwn you Sammy? I think it's five.

UPDATE by Rusty: Looks like Samir will have to find a new host to issue death threats against me and my family from. Good luck Sammy, you whiny little bitch.

And thanks to Howie, Allahakchew, Black Flag and especially Darth Nudista.

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A Sandcrawler PSA


My good friend Cookie writes for help in promoting model and UCLA grad Gina Elise's efforts to bring cheer to some of our wounded veterans. She would really like to take at least 100 of her pinup calendars with her when she goes to Walter Reed in January.

You can buy one for any soldier of your choice, or for a vet in Walter Reed, and don't forget to get one for yourself.

The retro cheesecake calendars are more than just eye candy:

Your calendar donation will go towards: eyeglasses for Veterans, the home health program, recreational therapy, spinal cord injury & amputee programs, substance abuse program, women’s Veterans’ program, chapel improvements, homeless program, reading materials and subscriptions for the Veterans, patio improvements, parking lot shuttle, courtesy cart, social relief fund, televisions, wheelchairs, and outreach programs for the visually impaired...
Cookie has some more pics of Gina Elise.

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When Journalistic Ethics are TREASON

An image taken by Bilal Hussein of "insurgents". The above "insurgents" are probably members of al Qaeda in Iraq or a related Salafist jihad group.

I did an online interview with Daryl Lang of PDN about the Bilal Hussein affair. You can read the entire story here.

But notice this from John Moore, a former editor for the AP and Bilal Hussein's former boss. First, Bilal Hussein admits knowing terrorists in Ramadi and Fallujah. The so-called "insurgents" shown in Hussein's Pulitzer photo would be Salafist jihadis supporting the Fallujah Shura Council. For all practical purposes they would have been either members of Tawid wal Jihad (later changing their name to al Qaeda) or a related group with the same goals as al Qaeda. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was in Fallujah at the time of this photograph.

Second, Moore admits that Hussein was very much like an "embed". But not an embed with U.S. forces, but a terrorist embed.

Last, Moore says it would be ethical for an "embed", like Hussein, to have prior knowledge of an attack and to accompany the terrorists on that attack to document it.

Here it is:

"Hussein admitted knowing who the leading insurgent figures were in Fallujah and Ramadi, but denied having a personal relationship with any of them," the AP's report says.

A key concern of the military investigators seemed to be that Hussein cooperated with insurgents in his coverage.

Moore, Bilal's former editor, chooses his words carefully in explaining the ethics of covering one side of a conflict.

"I go on embeds," he says. "The 'money shot' with any embed is to be with them on an operation... That is why you go on an embed."

Moore says it's not unethical for an Iraqi photojournalist to document the actions of militia groups. "If he had contacts with the other side and they told him they were going to do something, it is in no way unethical for him to photograph that event.... If they had done anything special because of his presence, that would be unethical."

Let's go through the ethics of it once again.

Is it ethical for a journalist working for a U.S. company (the Associated Press) to know who the leading insurgents in at least two locations are .....and withhold that information from U.S. forces?

Is it ethical for an American company to encourage an employee to become "embedded" in the ranks of the enemies of the United States during an actual time of war? Related, is it ethical for that journalist to become embedded within forces that are intentionally breaking the Geneva Conventions by not wearing identifiable markings or uniforms? Intentionally targeting civilians? And murdering hostages?

Last, and most important, is it ethical for a journalist to have prior knowledge of an attack against U.S. forces and withhold that information?

Because it seems to me that a lot of what Moore calls "ethical", I call criminal.

And if the AP knew what Hussein was up to, I call that treason.

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Convicted Jemaah Islamiah Terrorist's Appeal Denied

Their sentences will stand.

Via Zee News: Jakarta, Nov 29: The Indonesian Supreme Court has quashed appeals by four members of a regional terror network jailed for assisting two senior Islamic militants, a judge said.

The four members of a Jemaah Islamiah cell based in Central Java's Semarang were convicted for assisting Malaysians Noordin Muhammad Top, who remains on the run, and Azahari Husin, whom police shot dead in 2005, the judge said on Thursday.

'We already have the copy of the Supreme Court's verdicts regarding the appeal of the four convicts and their lawyers,' said Mr Amin Sembiring, a judge who is also the spokesman of Semarang district court.

Let 'em Rot.

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Coalition Forces Target Foreign Terrorists, 12 Detained

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces detained 12 suspects during operations Thursday targeting al-Qaeda operations in central and northern Iraq.

Coalition forces captured a wanted individual during operations in Tarmiyah while targeting a foreign terrorist facilitator and associate of senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders. Coalition forces detained two other suspects during the operation without incident.

North of Samarra, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual during operations targeting foreign terrorist facilitators and senior terrorist leader associates. The wanted individual is also believed to be an al-Qaeda leader in Samarra.

During operations in Hawija, Coalition forces detained four suspects while targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq members responsible for assassination style murders. Coalition forces also targeted their associates in Mosul, detaining three suspects without incident.

In Bayji, Coalition forces detained one suspect while further targeting al-Qaeda terrorists involved in kidnappings, money extortion and sectarian-related murders.

"We're continuously attacking al-Qaeda in Iraq to bring down the networks responsible for conducting attacks against the Iraqi people," said Col. Donald Bacon, MNF-I spokesman

Source MNF-Iraq.

Read all the good news from Iraq the MSM won't print here.

(Note the press releases for the 27the and 28th are loaded full of good news. All content on is public domain and may be used freely. So blog it.)

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Inform on Abu Hamza al-Masri, Get Screwed

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the new Prime Minister in England. But the new administration should keep the former's promises. Informants and spies are critical in the war against terror. Britain should keep its word.

Via Times of London: An undercover agent who risked his life to infiltrate the extremist networks at Abu Hamza’s Finsbury Park mosque claims he has been betrayed by MI5 and Scotland Yard.

Reda Hassaine immersed himself in the radical circles around Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza al-Masri, who were indoctrinating Muslims and recruiting young men to join al-Qaeda and the Taleban. He signed no contract with his spymasters but told The Times that he was promised that the authorities would provide him with the safety and protection of British citizenship.

However, seven years after his cover was blown and he was beaten up by followers of Abu Qatada, Mr Hassaine is still fighting for his passport. His situation has parallels with that of the Iraqi interpreters who had to battle for asylum in Britain.

“Gordon Brown says he wants people in the Muslim community to help the security services, to pass information about terrorists,” said Mr Hassaine, 46. “But look how I have been treated. First I was discarded and now I’ve been frozen out.

By Howie at 11:36 AM | Comments |

Chaos in Manila - Call for President Arroyo to Resign

(Manila, Philippines) About eight hours ago (11 AM Manila time), chaos erupted in a courtroom of the Makati City Hall after guards of Sen. Antonio Trillanes brandished guns at his court hearing and called for President Arroyo's resignation. Sen. Trillanes and a group of soldiers were on trial for an alleged 2003 coup plot.

Subsequently, ABS-CBN News reported the following sequence of events. Pretty exciting night, I'd say. All times are approximate.

11:30 AM - Brandishing guns, Sen. Trillanes, Army Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim and his soldiers walked out of court and proceeded to storm the luxury Manila Peninsula Hotel while calling for the ouster of President Arroyo.

11:50 AM - National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales denounced Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and his renegade group of soldiers.

12:10 PM - Philippine National Police (PNP) placed on full alert.

12:50 PM - Lingayen Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz joins the rebellion in support of Trillanes.

2:00 PM - Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno said the government will end the crisis before day's end. Philippine Senate calls for a peaceful resolution.

2:40 PM - President Arroyo ordered the PNP to arrest rebel soldiers.

2:45 PM - Philippine military rushes 1,500 troops to Manila. Guests start evacuating the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

3:00 PM - Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said President Arroyo will not declare a state of emergency.

3:15 PM - Security forces of the military and police set to storm the Manila Peninsula Hotel to arrest renegade soldiers.

3:35 PM - Rebel soldiers refuse to accept arrest warrants. Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV said he expects the worst to happen.

3:50 PM - Commanding General of the Philippine Army said his chain of command in intact and President Arroyo is the Armed Forces Commander in Chief.

3:58 PM - At least 50 Special Weapons and Tactics Commandos (SWAT) are poised to enter the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

4:06 PM - Warning shots fired by police in full-battle gear.

4:45 PM - United States reaffirms support for President Arroyo's government.

4:53 PM - Tear gas canisters fired into the Manila Peninsula Hotel lobby. Gunfire commences.

5:00 PM - Government troops scale hotel, lob tear gas.

5:05 PM - Full scale assault by government troops, volleys of gunfire heard.

5:11 PM - Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) rams through the main entrance to the hotel.

5:20 PM - Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Army Brig. Gen. Danny Lim decide to surrender.

6:20 PM - Sen. Trillanes was dragged out of the Manila Peninsula Hotel in handcuffs (pic) after surrendering to government troops. He was put on a waiting bus of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

"I will face [the charges]," the senator said, adding that his group decided to surrender out of concern of the safety of civilians and mediamen trapped with them in the hotel.

"Like I said before we are going out for the sake of the safety .... for your sake," he said referring to members of the media, civilians and employees of the hotel.

After Trillanes, former vice-president Teofisto Guingona and Army Brig. Gen. Danny Lim were also hauled into the same bus.

Notably and it's not clear why, some members of the media were also arrested.
In the category of government takeovers, I think this one pretty much sucked.

By at 07:21 AM | Comments |

My Analysis Of Tonight's Republican DhimmiTube Debate

It's rather detailed and long winded, so I put it under the jump. Sorry if it makes you sleepy, but someone has to give an accurate description of these events when they occur.


By Vinnie at 12:35 AM | Comments |

November 28, 2007

Fact-checking Helen Thomas

How memes try...and get started in the mainstream press.

By Good Lt. at 10:59 PM | Comments |

The War Against al Qaeda in Iraq's Media Wing (bumped)

It took several years, but the military seems to be finally "getting" the propaganda war. They are actively going after enemy propagandists and this has had an important effect on the number of media releases from al Qaeda in Iraq's al Furqan video and al Fajr press release centers.

In the past week a couple of videos have come out -- one of a massive IED explosion and the other of the "Islamic State of Iraq" murdering civilians -- but the general trend is downward. Fewer and fewer videos and press releases each week.

Bill Roggio has this detailed account of the military's operations against al Qaeda propagandists in Iraq, and ends with this reminder:

Al Qaeda in Iraq's media wing is desperate to produce propaganda for multiple reasons. The terror group needs to demonstrate to its financial backers, supporters, fellow jihadis, the Iraqi people, and the wider world that it is capable of conducting meaningful operations. This is vital for fundraising and the morale of its forces, and to demoralize the West and the Iraqi people.
Hopefully, someone at CENTCOM realizes that other Salafi and Baathist groups are still pumping out the videos. They would be wise to go after these terror propagandists as well.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:36 PM | Comments |


"They killed 476 of my citizens, and I will not let them continue their killing..."

Just the one small quote and a link, because the whole article should be read. An AP article, about good news from Iraq, with little bias that I could detect.

Who'da thunk it? I think I'll mark this day on the calendar.

By Vinnie at 06:42 PM | Comments |

NATO To Fight Youtube Information War (updated)

Finally finally finally!!!!!! I thought they would never get it. I mean we've only been screaming for this for three or four years now.

Via CNN: KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CNN) -- NATO is acknowledging YouTube as its new battleground in the six-year war on Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, as the military alliance posts formerly secret surveillance and attack video.

The strategy aims to counter years of propaganda video posted on the Internet showing Taliban attacks on NATO forces which fighters use to claim that NATO's position in the Afghan war is deteriorating.

"The Taliban, who are literally cave-dwellers, are doing better than we are on a key battleground -- and that's video," said NATO spokesman James Appathurai. "They deploy with videographers. We don't. They have DVDs out in an hour, we don't."

Wielding video cameras like weapons, fighters quickly upload images of their attacks and create a valuable morale booster for their supporters.

Now, after much internal debate, NATO has begun declassifying and posting top secret combat video on YouTube and other Web platforms to try and beat the Taliban at its own game.

This is great!

I only have one problem with it. Getting your information out is all well and good. But control of the cyber battle-space must also include efforts to thwart the enemy's ability to distribute it's message.

Offensive teams must be formed to flag links on file sharing sites, flag youtube videos, take down enemy websites and other distribution points.

Impossible you say? Well not really. I just knocked off one website with a single email. It can be done and it can be won. It's not even that hard.

Update: Oh and I forgot the most effective methods. Intelligence to locate the media cells. Then soldiers and police to go and arrest the online terrorist cells and take their equipment.

Two cells in found in Iraq resisted, fortunately, and got themselves killed. I think dead works pretty well at stopping them. It is war after all.

Hat Tip: Dirty Blonde.

Update: The NATO Videos are available for download here.

Hat Tip: Garduneh Mehr.

Update II: Here is the website of a private group dedicated to removing terrorist propaganda from youtube.

Hat Tip: Allahakchew.

I've a uploaded a couple of the vids to youtube. Below the fold.

Insurgents identified by ISAF dress in Burqas and mingle with children to avoid

This clip shows how a suspect enters a house after placing a child at the doorstep, likely as a human shield.

Multiple suspects convene in a house. Here too children are placed at the dwelling’s entrance.

By Howie at 04:47 PM | Comments |

Another German GIMF Blog 404

I'd show it to you, but for some reason it's down already. Thanks to Jasmin Media Group in Hungary for their quick action. I didn't even have time to get a screen shot. Anyway, here's what it looks like now.


Howie took this one down all by his little lonesome. He accepts tips.

Amazon Honor System

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By Howie at 04:16 PM | Comments |

Video: Apache Taking Down IED Team

Yes, do shoot it with the 30!

Hat Tip: Captain S.

Bonus JDAM strike in color!

Looks like they've been Thunderstruck!

Howie sees your requests for the Thunderstruck reprise. Just have to be patient.

Extra! Island? What island?

By Howie at 02:50 PM | Comments |

Chechen "Rebels" Declare War on U.S., Establish "Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses"

I'd link to the Kavkaz center which published the recent declaration of an "Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses" by "rebel" leader Dokka Umarov if it weren't for the fact that the site is a thinly veiled booster club for al Qaeda in the Caucuses. Here's what Emir Dokka had to say:

I appeal to the Mujahideen who are fighting in the Caucasus and the oppressed Muslims of Idel-Ural, Siberia and other parts of the occupied Rusnya (Russia).

I would like to remind the fact that many Muslims are inclined to forget: Russian kafirs (infidels) have occupied our land and swinish life is being imposed on us for a long period of time. This is a punishment of Allah because we have moved away from his right path, because nothing could happen in the world without the will of Allah, praise to Him the Almighty....

Our glorious ancestors were waging Jihad against these enemies, and today Allah is testing out generation, as he tested our fathers. Everything is repeating. The Jihad reveals faith and disbelief. Today, as in earlier times, people are divided on Mujahideen, hypocrites, and apostates....

We, the Mujahideen, went out to fight the infidels not for the sake of fighting but to restore the Shariah of Allah in our land....

Today, as throughout history, our condition can only be changed with a weapon in hand. If Allah's Religion could be established on Earth using another method, then our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, would not have engaged in twenty seven battles....

I am officially declaring of creation of the Caucasus Emirate.

All lands in Caucasus, where Mujahideen who gave bayah (oath) to me wage Jihad, I declare velayats (states) of the Caucasus Emirate including Dagestan, Nokhchiycho (Chechnya), Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia), Iriston (Ossetia), the Nogay steppe and the combined areas of Kabarda, Bulkar and Karachay....

I do not believe it is necessary to draw the borders of the Caucasus Emirate.

Firstly, because Caucasus is occupied by infidels and apostates and it is Dar al-Harb, the territory of war. Our first task is to make the Caucasus Dar al-Islam, establishing the Shariah throughout the land and expelling the infidels.

Secondly, after expelling the infidels we must reclaim all historical lands of Muslims, and these borders are beyond the boundaries of Caucasus....

We will wage irreconcilable war with anyone who would oppose the establishment of the Shariah, inshaAllah. Let not think those who openly violate the establishments of God, defying Islamic religion, leave it with impunity. This is a serious mistake....

Today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Palestine our brothers are fighting. Those who attack Muslims are our common enemies wherever they are. Our enemy is not Russia only, but also anyone who wages war against Islam and Muslims. They are our enemies because they are enemies of Allah.

Hat tip: Beowulf

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:12 PM | Comments |

Hoax: "Journalist's" Family NOT Murdered in Baghdad

Reports that the 11 family members of propagandist Dia al-Kawaz were murdered in Baghdad by Shia militia are all over the media--especially in leftist publications. It turns out it was a big hoax propagated by al-Kawaz, who is called a "journalist" in the MSM. His family is safe and sound in Baghdad.

Jim at Gateway Pundit has the background and denials from everyone in Baghdad, including the MNF.

I'll also add that the Voice of Iraq quotes the "dead" family members as being alive, well, and not on the best of terms right now with al-Kawaz.

The original murder story was all over the leftwing press as more "proof" that things are not getting better in Iraq. Expect no follow up on the revelation that it was a hoax.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:29 PM | Comments |

GOP Congressional Candidate Plagiarizing Bloggers

Looks like former (and likely future) Minnesota GOP Congressional candidate Michael Barrett has been plagiarizing right-of-center bloggers for his own Seventh Son blog.

Double Plus Undead noticed he was stealing some of his stuff and calls him on it here.

I don't want to defend the indefensible, but I'm want to just say a few words to bloggers. I've noticed a lot of my blog posts plagiarized over the years. The few times I've called people on it I realized that they didn't really know that what they were doing was outside the bounds of blog etiquette. They thought it was okay to cut and paste an entire post, as long as they linked me.

When I've confronted bloggers guilty of this they universally apologize, saying they just didn't know you weren't supposed to do that. Newsflash: it's not.

Go ahead and cut and paste part of a post. The idea, though, is that if someone wants to read the post, they'll go to the original source to see it. My words, my hits.

In addition to being discourteous, it's against copyright law!

Now, I've looked at the posts in question by Seventh Son, and it seems that this douche didn't even do that. He didn't even link the people he plagiarized from! Which makes what he did even worse.

PS: Another related problem is with bloggers cutting and pasting entire news stories. Major problem. I'm not likely to sue you for plagiarizing me, but the AP has more than a few lawyers well versed in copyright law.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:07 PM | Comments |

Mohammed-Teddy-Bear-Gate: Day 3

The hearing for British teacher Jillain Gibbons resulted in her being charged with insulting religion (Islam/Muhammad) and inciting hatred for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Muhammed. The name was chosen by a student named er uh Muhammad

Via Fox News: KHARTOUM, Sudan — Sudan charged a British teacher on Wednesday with insulting religion, inciting hatred, - a crime punishable by up to 40 lashes, six months in prison or a fine, Reuters reported.

The charges come a day after a 7-year-old Sudanese boy said Gilliam Gibbons, 54, asked him, as part of a school assignment, what he wanted to call the stuffed animal and he said, 'Muhammad,' after his name, Reuters reported....

...Gibbons, of the private Unity High School in Khartoum, was arrested Sunday after one of her pupils' parents complained, accusing her of naming the bear after Islam's chief prophet. Muhammad is a common name among Muslim men, but connecting the prophet's name to an animal could be seen as insulting by many Muslims.

Several Sudanese newspapers Tuesday ran a statement reportedly from Unity High School saying that Gibbons had been "removed from work at the school" and apologizing for any offense, though it said the incident was a "misunderstanding."

The boy said when he suggested they name the bear Muhammad, he wasn't thinking of Islam's Prophet, Reuters reported.

He also said most of the class agreed with him on the name, Reuters reported.

Religion of something something.....(coughidiotscough)

Hat Tip: Vicki.

UPDATE: Michelle has contact info for Sudanese embassy.

By Howie at 11:18 AM | Comments |

Afghan IED Murderers' Sentences Reduced from Death to 3 Months

With each passing day I become less and less convinced that anything good can come from Afghanistan. Ever. Seriously, I want to believe that the democracy project can succeed, but I'm losing faith.


Finland has issued a written diplomatic note to the government in Kabul, requesting an investigation into the basis of pardoning of the Afghan assailants whose roadside bomb killed a Finnish peacekeeper earlier this year.

Peacekeeper Sgt. Petri Immonen, 29, was killed in a roadside bomb attack in Maimana in the north of Afghanistan in May. The blast from an improvised explosive device or IED also killed a local passer-by and injured three Norwegian peacekeepers....

Originally, the perpetrators were sentenced to death. Then the verdict was reduced to 20 years' imprisonment, and ultimately the men only served three months, the Norwegian daily VG reported yesterday in its online edition.

According to the Norwegian information, the secret decision to free the men was made by the Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

The accused were set free on October 9th.

Hat tip: Fred Fry, who's back in the tip business.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:08 AM | Comments |

Andrews Air Force Base Security Guard Prosecuted for Hiding Ties to Radical Mosque

A member of a radical mosque as a security guard at Andrews Air Force Base. What could possibly go wrong? AP:

A former security guard at Andrews Air Force Base who failed to put his Muslim name on a job application was trying to conceal his ties to a controversial Washington imam, federal prosecutors said Tuesday....

[Darrick Michael Jackson, aka "Abdul-Jalil Mohammed"] already was a security guard at Andrews when he reapplied in 2005 after the contract for security at the base changed. He had to fill out a federal form, which asked whether he had any aliases.

At the time, he was affiliated with the Masjid Al-Islam mosque in southeast Washington, which is led by a fiery imam named Abdul Alim Musa. Musa is not on trial in the case, but prosecutors said Jackson tried to hide his ties to Musa and the mosque to avoid an investigation that might have led to the denial of his application.

Marked Manner has more.

Here is a two part video of Imam Musa on Hannity's America. In it, he admits that he's a fan of international American killing terrorists Hizbollah. Part 1 here; part 2 here.

Here's more video of Musa praising the terrorists in Hizbollah along with more of his statements in support of terror. In it he also talks about a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

Check out his MySpace quote, "The most glorious death is the death of the martyr."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:29 AM | Comments |

Multiculturalism & Preemptive Surrender

Interesting thoughts from Evan Coyne Maloney:

If we convince ourselves that all of the blame for the current state of the world should be placed at the feet of Western civilisation, then why would any Westerner think that our civilization is worth fighting for? Or even worth saving? The rules of Multicultural Hierarchy require us to pre-emptively surrender, because any crime committed against us by a more worthy Victim is somehow deserved. And if we deserve it, then fighting against what we deserve amounts to fighting the administration of justice…”
David Thompson has related thoughts.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:15 AM | Comments |

Gates' Recognizes Jihadism

Wow, very interesting. Gates actually uses the word jihadism. But I wonder if he only means Iran and Venezuela when he talks about oil rich countries? I'm hoping it was also a subtle swipe at Saudi Arabia, but I doubt it:

Unfortunately, the dangers and challenges of old have been joined by new forces of instability and conflict, among them:

* A new and more malignant form of global terrorism rooted in extremist and violent jihadism;
* New manifestations of ethnic, tribal, and sectarian conflict all over the world;
* The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
* Failed and failing states;
* States enriched with oil profits and discontented with the current international order; and
* Centrifugal forces in other countries that threaten national unity, stability, and internal peace - but also with implications for regional and global security.

Blue Crab Boulevard has more commentary.

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November 27, 2007

How's That Troop Supporting Going, Kosbots?

This well:

Yeah. Nothing says 'support the troops' like a condescending mockery of a recruiting shortfall.

Get out of the way, wingnuts! Let KOS show how it's done!

By Good Lt. at 08:57 PM | Comments |

Miss Puerto Rico Sabatoged!!

Wow, who knew the bikini circuit was so competitive? Apparently, her evening gown was laced with pepper spray and her makeup was spiked, causing her to break out in hives. Just click on Ingrid Marie Rivera below for info.

miss_puerto _rico.jpg

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:13 PM | Comments |

Somali Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Terror Charge

A guy who was just "mad at U.S. policy in Afghanistan", he sure hangs out with some nefarious types. You know, al Qaeda. AP:

A judge on Tuesday sentenced a Somali immigrant to 10 years in prison for plotting to blow up an Ohio shopping mall with a man later convicted of being an al-Qaida terrorist.

Nuradin Abdi, a cell phone salesman before his arrest, will be deported to Somalia after serving the sentence. U.S. District Judge Algenon Marbley imposed the sentence as part of a plea deal Abdi agreed to in July....

Abdi pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support for terrorists. Three charges were dropped as part of his plea deal; Abdi could have received 80 years in prison had he been convicted of all the counts he had faced.

Prosecutors said Abdi made threatening comments about the unspecified shopping mall during a meeting with two other alleged terrorists on Aug. 8, 2002, at a coffee shop in suburban Columbus.

Abdi and the two ''could attack the mall with a bomb,'' Abdi told his friends as they sipped $11.25 in refreshments at the coffee shop, according to court documents.

One of the men with Abdi that day was Iyman Faris, who pleaded guilty in May 2003 to providing material support for terrorism. A Pakistani immigrant, Faris was convicted of plotting to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The third man alleged to be at the meeting is Christopher Paul, a U.S. citizen who grew up in suburban Columbus. He was charged in April with plotting to bomb European tourist resorts frequented by Americans as well as overseas U.S. military bases, and his trial is scheduled for January 2009.

Yup, he was just venting.

Thanks to Allahakchew.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:09 PM | Comments |

Court Okays Questioning of Muslims at Border

Wow, it's almost as if our borders mean something again. Almost.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:04 PM | Comments |

Stephen King: Victim of His Own Success

Just shut up and write your increasingly less scary stories. Stephen King in Time:

So I said something to the Nightline guy about waterboarding, and if the Bush administration didn't think it was torture, they ought to do some personal investigation. Someone in the Bush family should actually be waterboarded so they could report on it to George. I said, I didn't think he would do it, but I suggested Jenna be waterboarded and then she could talk about whether or not she thought it was torture.
Fine Stephen. Since you want US intelligence services to eschew a proven method of interrogation so untorturous that leftist street performers voluntarily undergo it at demonstrations, we suggest that one of your children be placed at a high value terrorist soft target for the duration. Sauce for the goose.

We are more and more disappointed with Mr. King, who used to write nice horror stories, but whose editors are apparently too cowed by his success to point out to the novelist that he slipped, sometime around Gerald's Game, into self-indulgent, feminized pap.

Good news for Dean Koontz, whose work is equally prolific and untainted by King's cynicism and literary affectations.

By Bluto03:47 PM | Comments |

Is Wired's David Axe Ignorant?

Any one see the problem with this analysis from Wired's David Axe?

As in Iraq, a pre-emptive war targeting potential terrorists has backfired. Thanks to the U.S. intervention, Somali fighters now have common cause with extremists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and elsewhere. Don’t believe me? A couple days ago a Somali journalist showed me an anonymous text-message death threat he’d received, apparently from the nationalist insurgent group Al Shabab.

It was signed “Al Shabab = mujahideen.” The local guerrillas had morphed into international jihadists.

Al Shabab is not a "nationalist group". Wahdat al-Shabab is the "youth arm" of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU). It is one of the founding organizations that came together to form the ICU.

The ICU is now and has always been supported by al Qaeda. In fact, al Qaeda is probably diverting much of the resources once spent on Iraq to Somalia.

And if that doesn't convince you, the pro-ICU Somali website "al Mujaahid" is run by an administrator with the e-mail

So, the al Shebab goons are now and have always been international jihadists.

The rest of Axe's analysis is flawed in that it does not compare the status quo of today with the pre-invasion status quo. Things are much worse today in Somalia. But had we let the Islamic Courts Union consolidate power as they were doing in the months before the Ethiopian invasion, instead of the present anarchy we would have a Taliban state in the Horn of Africa.

Remember what happened the last time we let the Taliban have a state? 9/11.

Ray Robison has more.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:37 PM | Comments |

Mohammed-Teddy-Bear-Gate: Day 2

The Mohammed-teddy-bear-gate crisis enters day #2. Infidel blasphemer Gillian Gibbons still being interrogated by Sudanese police.

The civilized world holds its breath.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:59 PM | Comments |

Good News! Saudis Release 1,500 al Qaeda

By popular request, this story from our 'friends' the Saudis. Sun:

"The committee has met around 5,000 times to offer counseling to 3,200 people, who were accused of embracing the takfir ideology. The committee has successfully completed reforming 1,500 people," he said.

The ideology of takfir is prevalent in both fundamentalist interpretations of Sunni and Shiite Islam, and it holds that there are separate rules that allow Muslims to kill, lie to, and steal from nonbelievers.

Yesterday, an American intelligence analyst who was following the story said he was wary about the release of the prisoners. "This Saudi process of reform has been so opaque. What no one knows right now is whether the people who have gone through this program have pledged to stop practicing terror or whether they are only pledging to stop terror inside the kingdom."

Next for the newly released militants? Iraq.

Saudi Arabia:
Gang rape victim = lashes

al Qaeda terrorist = counseling.

Mahvelous country you got there.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:33 AM | Comments |

Welcome to Fallujah. A Terrorist-Free City.

Totten reports from Fallujah, once the center of terrorist activity in Iraq. A gentle reminder to the lets-pull-out-now party:

Security isn't everything in Iraq, but none of these cities can function properly without it....

The U.S. is winning in Iraq right now, but losing in Afghanistan. (American conventional wisdom is terribly out of date in both countries.)

Read the rest.

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Help British Heroes

Average Gay Joe e-mails with this link for Help for Heroes. Finally a good cause worthy of our British readers.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:59 AM | Comments |

Lott Hired Gay Escort? NOPE!

Benjamin_Nicholas.jpgBig Head DC is claiming that blogger Benjamin Nicholas is a gay escort that "met" with Trent Lott. The implication is that Lott is gay, has hired a gay manwhore, and his resignation comes because of an impending outing.

They use Nicholas' decline to comment e-mail as evidence that such a relationship existed.

Oh, and since Lott was against many gay rights issues and was good friends with Larry know what that must mean.

Because of the hypocrisy!

The problem?

Benjamin Nicholas has this to say on his blog today:

It looks like a Washington DC-based blog called BigHeadDC is making claim that there was (or, is) a working relationship between myself and Senator Trent Lott. There are falsely pieced-together quotes that serve no purpose other than to sensationalize a completely fabricated scoop.

I will continue to offer a great sense of confidentiality to the people I see. I have not, nor have I ever seen or had contact with Senator Trent Lott. It's as simple as that. It never happened.

So, is this a non-story or has Trent Lott become yet another victim of the militant gay-outing Nazis?

Seems to me its just wishful thinking by those who believe that the anti-gay marriage crowd is motivated by their own latent homosexuality.

Thanks to Howie who was surfing for "+gay +Congress +porn" this morning.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:39 AM | Comments |

Need Viagra? Al Gore Can Help!

Looks like Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth website got hacked. I blame manbearpig.


The source code also indicates that the Westmont College server, in Santa Barbara, has been compromised.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:15 AM | Comments |

The Other Terrorists


Riley Ann Sawyers, age two. Murdered by her mother and stepfather.

In a statement to police included in the affidavit, Trenor, 19, said she and Zeigler, 24, killed Riley July 24.

The girl was beaten with leather belts, had her head held underwater in a bathtub and then was thrown across a room, her head slamming into a tile floor, Trenor said in the document. She said they kept the body in a storage shed for one to two months before they put it in a plastic bin and dumped it into Galveston Bay.

Why isn't there a Gitmo for these types of people?

Stories like this are why leftist squeals about waterboarding fall on my deaf ears. Just watch, these two oxygen wasters will probably get light sentences for involuntary manslaughter. They surely won't get the death penalties that they both richly deserve.

If their burned bodies were hanging from a Fallujah bridge, I would rightfully declare "Screw 'em."

By Vinnie at 01:35 AM | Comments |

November 26, 2007

BREAKING: Fat, Drunk, Bigmouth, Lady-Killer Congressman to Get Even Richer

The free market system working for Teddy Kennedy (D):

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the most prominent surviving member of the Kennedy family, has agreed to sell his memoirs for an advance of more than $8 million, people with knowledge of the negotiations say.

I wonder what the Mary-Jo chapter's gonna be like.


By Good Lt. at 11:51 PM | Comments |

Ron Paul Picks Up Crucial Pimp/Whore Endorsements


Ron Paul + prostitutes = important news

The pimp/whore endorsement was inevitable given Ron Paul's libertarianism. And I know this is going to disappoint some of you, but Rusty actually supports the legalization prostitution. It's just not the government's job to regulate vice IMO.

Anyway, with all the gay themed posts today it was time for a palette cleanser.

Above is Brooke Taylor's only SFW pic from her Bunny Ranch whorehouse webpage (NSFW link here). A pic of the second whore that kinda-sorta endorsed Ron Paul, "Air Force Amy", is below (NSFW link here). Not as good looking as Brooke Taylor, but twice as patriotic!

And if you've ever wanted to be MySpace buddies with a Ron Paul supporting whore, here's Brooke Taylor's MySpace page here and Air Force Amy's MySpace page here. This paragraph calls for a punchline, but honestly my funny bone is in overdrive and I just can't pick one out.


[Bunny Ranch owner] Hof and two of his prostitutes, Brooke Taylor and a woman who goes by Air Force Amy, attended a Paul news conference.

The women said they liked Paul's message, but wanted to learn more about other candidates before making a decision.

It's kind of funny that the brothel owner brings the two whores with him, but neither of them really endorse Ron Paul or know much about him. Why does a mental image of him bitch slapping them into coming suddenly pop into my mind?

Thanks to Bryan Preston and his prurient interests for this. Following Bryan's advice, I notice that Tucker Carlson (yes, that Tucker Carlson) is buds with the Bunny Ranch owner. Never trust teh dudes with teh bow ties!

UPDATE: I like this from Wretchard:

In a world of limited government, there's got to be some bad to go along with the good.

PS: It's times like these that I miss Feisty Republican Whore.

Oh, yeah, here's the Air Force Amy pic.


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Islamic State of Iraq's Bad Gay Wedding (Update Video Added)


Via CNN: BAGHDAD (CNN) -- Soldiers manning a checkpoint near Baghdad stopped a wedding convoy to find that the purported bride and groom were wanted terror suspects, an Iraqi Defense Ministry official said Monday.

The Army set up the checkpoint last week in the Taji area, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

The soldiers became suspicious of the convoy because its members -- save the "bride" -- were all male and because one of the cars in the convoy did not heed orders to stop, the official said....

...Upon inspecting the convoy, soldiers found a stubbly-faced man, Haider al-Bahadli, decked out in a white bride's dress and veil.

Bahadli was wanted on terror-related charges, as was his groom, Abbas al-Dobbi, the official said.

Bwhahahahaha! Caption contest time. Write the vows for the happy young couple.

Update: Fatwa's Issued!

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Marcus Aurelius for:

Ya Allah Habibbi, Vote for Ron Paul!

The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against Brad for:

I don't know Howie, that doesn't look like Haider al-Bahadi to me. It looks like that other terorist, Hida Salami.

The "why you insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Kevin for:

Evil Bush regime bans gay marriage... in foreign country!

The brand new "O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family" fatwa, which will replace the "why you insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Mrs. Abe Froman for

Cover your face WHORE!

Update II: Video below the fold!

Note: The al-Qaeda supporters claim this is a Mahdi Army insurgent. The Shia supporters question that. I'm going with al-Qaeda's ISI because everyone knows al-Qaeda and the Taliban are a bunch of fags and hide in Burqas and wedding dresses regularly.


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Dead Man Talking: New Bin Laden Audio to Address Europe


Expect more audio from "bin Laden". Apparently al Qaeda is getting good at the whole séance thing. The animated banner above is the one announcing the new audio, the pic below that is from the last "bin Laden" video.


"Soon, God willing, (we will post) a new message to the European people from the lion Imam who defeated the Americans and tyrants, Sheikh Osama bin Laden," said the pro-al Qaeda Web site which regularly posts messages from the militant leader.

"Let this message be posted by various Western Web sites so that we deliver to them the truth of their lost war and (confront) them with the purposely hidden fact," it said, adding that the message was produced by al Qaeda media arm As-Sahab.

Again, an audio with no video.

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Video: Exoskeletons Turn Soldiers Into Superheroes

Effing kewl!

I'm not sure if the proper comparison is Terminator, Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, or Robocop.

Thanks to Noah Shachtman and Allahakchew.

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GIMF Raising Money Online for al Qaeda

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) has upped the ante in the "financial jihad" and is now raising money through a popular forum on behalf of the mujahideen of al Qaeda. Andrew Cochran believes that this is an indication of the success of the Coalition in breaking al Qaeda's financial networks.

CT Blog has this bit from the forum:

“Oh Muslims !! this is a call for you from the fighters to the entire Muslims. Following the campaign against Islam to dry its sources, many of the people who support this religion suffer from lack of equipments and basic means for their Jihad, after the belief in Allah. The situation became really bad. Imagine brothers, that some of them carry weapons with no ammunition. Sometimes they have no food or place of refuge. I see you calling for Jihad day and night without implementing it, as if the Jihad is just carrying weapons.

Brothers, in many cases the financial Jihad is not less than Jihad by fighting (Al-Jihad bil-Nafs). How could the Mujahid fulfill his huge tasks without weapons? Or without the support for his family while he is away or martyred?

Read the rest.

Leaders of the Global Islamic Media Front and we at The Jawa Report have long been at odds. See our GIMF archives for past run ins with GIMFers.

And, again, just so this doesn't get lost in the memory hole, here is a message left by the former leader of GIMF, Mohammed Mahmoud---former because he's now in jail-- to American blogger and resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, Samir Khan (aka, "Inshallahshaheed").

muslimpad's avatar, pointed to by the red arrow, is the flag of the Islamic State of Iraq--al Qaeda in Iraq's front group.

But remember that according to The New York Times, "there is nothing to suggest that Mr. Khan is operating in concert with militant leaders, or breaking any laws." It's in the New York Times, ergo it must be true.

Hat tip: AllahP

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DePalma's Anti-Troops Film Circling the Bowl

Following in the tradition established by the recent spate of antiwar, anti-troops, anti-America films Hollywood has been trying to foist on the public, Brian DePalma's "Redacted" made just over $25,000 on its opening weekend.

From the New York Post:

Americans won't see their movies. While the public is staying away in droves from “Rendition," “Lions for Lambs" and “In the Valley of Elah," audiences are really avoiding “Redacted," De Palma's picture about US soldiers who rape a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, then kill her and her family. The message movie was produced by NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who insisted on deleting grisly images of Iraqi war casualties from the montage at the film's end. Cuban offered to sell the film back to De Palma at cost, but the director was too smart to go for that deal. “Redacted" - which “could be the worst movie I've ever seen," said critic Michael Medved -took in just $25,628 in its opening weekend in 15 theaters, which means roughly 3,000 people saw it in the entire country.
By Bluto01:32 PM | Comments |

80 Lashes for Naming Teddy Bear "Muhammed"


It's all so funny. A British teacher asks her students to name a teddy bear, so they choose "Mohammed". Teacher is convicted of blasphemy and is sentenced to 40 lashes.

Funny. Except for the lashes part. And for the laws against blasphemy part.

On second thought, it's just sad and depressing.

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80 Good Taliban


Nearly 80 Taliban rebels were killed in a series of air raids by international military forces near Afghanistan’s eastern border with Pakistan, a provincial government spokesman said on Sunday.
America, f*** yeah!!

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NAMBLA: Afghanistan Chapter

It's an older code, but it checks out. I'd say "thanks" to Republican Jen for forwarding the link, but I think she just ruined my lunch. Reuters:
They are known as "bacha bereesh", boys without beards, teenage boys who dress up as girls and dance for male patrons at parties in northern Afghanistan....

"Having a boy has become a custom for us. Whoever wants to show off, should have a boy," said Enayatullah, a 42-year-old landowner in Baghlan province.

"I was married to a woman 20 years ago, she left me because of my boy," he said. "I was playing with my boy every night and was away from home, eventually my wife decided to leave me. I am happy with my decision, because I am used to sleeping and entertaining with my young boy."

The men say they lavish money and gifts on their boys.

"I was only 14-years-old when a former Uzbek commander forced me to have sex with him," said Shir Mohammad in Sar-e Pol province. "Later, I quit my family and became his secretary. I have been with him for 10 years, I am now grown up, but he still loves me and I sleep with him."

Ahmad Jawad, aged 17, has been with a wealthy landowner for the past two years.

"I am used to it. I love my lord. I love to dance and act like a woman and play with my owner," he said.

Asked what he would do when he got older, he said: "Once I grow up, I will be an owner and I will have my own boys."

Hurl in 3....2.....1....

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French "Youths" Rioting (once again)

Nidra Puller calls it the "punk jihad". I call it just another day in gay Paris.

UPDATE: Moriarti has more.

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Michael Moore's "Minutemen" Murder Iraqis on Video


A new video from "The Islamic State in Iraq", the self-styled shadow government formed by al Qaeda, and released by their al Furqan media arm shows the murder of 9 Iraqis. The men appear to be civilians.

Laura Mansfield has the details and a copy of the snuff video.

Let's not let this comment from Michael Moore sink down the memory hole. This is from his official website:

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not "insurgents" or "terrorists" or "The Enemy." They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win.
Don't you dare question their patriotism!

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India Bombings - "This Is War for Civilization"

(New Delhi, India) Last week's near simultaneous bombings of three courthouses in the state of Uttar Pradesh was followed by an email minutes afterward to several national television stations.

The email was sent by a newly named or formed group called the Indian Mujahideen and mailed from an address ( that was created for the purpose of the message alone. The message was a listing of complaints which "forced us to take strong stand against this injustice and all other wounds given by the idol worshipers of India."

More interesting are the concluding statements in the email.

"This is not the war between two communities, but this is war for civilisation. We want to empower the society from injustice, corruption etc. which is prevailing in the society nowadays. Only Islam has the power to establish a civilised society and this could be only possible in Islamic rule, which could be achieved by only one path JIHAD [sic.]."
In summary, Islam's terrorists bomb three courthouses, killing at least 13 and wounding scores, and send out an email saying that jihad is the only path to civilized society.

What's much more interesting, though, is that the bombings and the message afterward are not in any manner related to the U.S. nor Israel nor Britain nor Australia. In fact, the terrorist acts don't appear to have been even remotely linked to any Christians nor Jews nor George Bush nor Iraq. The terrorism was directed toward the Hindu population of Uttar Pradesh.

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November 25, 2007

Postering the Democrat Party

Some of these are really good. Kudos to Michelle Malkin for rallying the army of photoshoppers to answer the BDS-zombies at HuffPo. I liked this one (among many others) from ScarletEye:


By Good Lt. at 11:42 AM | Comments |

Democrats Wrapping Themselves in Troops

I thought this thing was "unwinnable," listening to Murtha and Harry Reid. The Surge was a failure from day 0 and all...

Guess the reality based community was forced to come face to face with reality. And I know that's a shocker. More proof that the Democrats aren't principled leaders - they merely stick their fingers into the air and do what they think is popular or politically advantageous.

Where are all of the "BOOSH failed, the Surge is a failure, everything's lost, we're failed, the military can't do it" freaks now?

Care to argue with the Democrat's own house organ, le New York Times?

By Good Lt. at 11:35 AM | Comments |

Ron Paul Won't Do Glenn Beck's Show...

Interestingly, though, unhinged Troofer whackaloons screeching into microphones to masses of braindead pothead teenagers are preferable for America's Greatest Patriot.

Back to the gold standard!!

Build that support, Ronnie. Go mainstream. Become what you hate. I dare you.

By Good Lt. at 11:23 AM | Comments |

Andrew Sullivan: I don't know WTF I'm talking about

Well at least he's honest, if not polite.

Via The Atlantic: I do not know exactly who Bilal Hussain (is *) and do not know for sure whether the wild claims of the bloggy lynch-mob seeking his imprisonment are in any way merited.
Well, if Andrew Sullivan doesn't don't know who Bilal Hussain is, maybe he should STFU? Just like he should have shut his trap when Cokie was speaking on This Week. Personally, I'm interested in what Cokie Roberts has to say. Andrew Sullivan, not so much.

Andy, just in case you ever want to actually learn who Bilal is before you go shooting off your mouth again.

Try reading The Jawa Report's Bilal Hussein archive.

You can even ask questions in comments. Our readers here at the bloggy lynch-mob the would just love you to stop by so they can help you become informed.

Filed under Genital Puppets.

Related : Instapundit and Protein Wisdom.

The Pulitzer and Terrorist Embeds
Bilal Hussein and the Continuing Saga of Insurgent Propaganda via the Media
Bilal Hussein Alive, Still Anti-American
Editor and Publisher Apologizes for Terrorist Embeds *shock*
Pulitzer Prize Given to Terrorists
When Journalists are the Enemy
AP Urges More MSM Propaganda Over Detained Reporter
When Ethics Trump Patriotism and Morality: Ethicsgate
AP Responds to Bloggers: Cite Known Terrorist Sympathizer as Source
AP Reporter in Iraq has Ties to Terrorists
AP Reporter Bilal Hussein Detained for 5 Months

*Yes, little old Howie corrected Andrew Sullivan's grammar, how humiliating for him.

By Howie at 11:22 AM | Comments |

November 24, 2007

Something to Watch (If you want to throw things at your computer)

Both Ace and Michelle add context to this video of Yvonne Ridley apologizing for the Taliban. She would have made a great spokesperson for the German Bund.

Another lesson from 'The Greatest Generation':

With the start of World War II most of the Bund's members were placed in internment camps, and some were deported at the end of the war.
Where is the war Democratic party of FDR when we need them most?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:49 PM | Comments |

Libertarians "Sith Lords of American Politics"

See, I told you I was a libertarian. That must make Dennis Kucinich one of whatever Yoda's race was. But where does that leave Ron Paul?

Washington Times:

Mr. Gillespie chuckles at the dark images that talk of libertarianism inevitably conjures up. "We're the Sith Lords of American politics," he says, referring to the "Star Wars" baddies. "We can show up in any group. We're both terrifying and devilishly attractive."
Of course, I'm not a libertarian like Nick Gillespie. He's in the cult of Ayn Rand. Ontological and epistemological certainty scare me.

That, and all the black leather. Any one who's met Nick knows what I'm talking about. It's like being a libertarian for some is an extension of some overwrought sense of fashion. Or, for libertarians like Drew Carey, a metaphysical excuse to hang out at the Playboy mansion guilt free.

I've hung out with too many libertarians to know that they are really not that committed to the idea of freedom as much as they are addicted to some pet vice that they wish to legalize/normalize.

They are libertines more than they are libertarians. The epiphany came to me when I called the head of the libertarian party in my state offering to run for Congress and he said something like, "We need more people living the libertarian lifestyle, maaan."

I got the distinct feeling that his "libertarianism" was directly related to the hemp clothing I could tell from his voice he was wearing.

I describe myself as a Burkian libertarian. Committed to liberty on the basis that history should have taught us the lessons of statism, but not so naive as to think that all state functions should be abandoned in one fail swoop.

My commitment to liberty is also rooted in my understanding of morality. I do not believe that one can be both moral and a slave. Morality is ultimately tied to the decisions we make. Hence, limit one's decisions and you limit one's ability to be moral.

A person who is forbidden from taking drugs is neither moral nor immoral. He is a slave to society.

A person who is given the choice of taking drugs, and chooses not to, has made a moral decision.

Similarly a person who voluntarily gives to the poor is moral. Taking my money from me to give to the poor does not make me either good or bad. It makes me a slave. All of you may be good masters, but no matter how good the master that still makes me a slave.

Ultimately, in my way of thinking, America will be a better place morally if Americans were to choose to do that which is right.

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National Guard Terror Study: Conventional Wisdon Squarely Within the Box

Mundane and unimaginative recommendations by Dr. John Finney to the U.S. National Guard on how to confront jihadism. Marked Manner has a few other items to add to Finney's list.

Let me add that we will not win the long war against the jihadis until we begin to battle them on the most important front: the internet. The web is just as important as real space for terrorists to radicalize, recruit, train, fund raise, and coordinate.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:52 PM | Comments |

Teh Funny: Libyan Dictator Wants to Pitch a Tent

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has flummoxed presidential protocol service with a request that a Bedouin tent be erected in central Paris where he can entertain guests during a visit to France next month.

Jammie Wearing Fools has the details

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:46 PM | Comments |

An Open Mind: Redux

Leesa sends along this link (again). It's a video made by Jawa blogger Kafir. Sadly The Global Defense Group website is no longer around, but Kafir is, and he's always good for a South Park related joke or two. An oldie but a goodie for a slow Saturday.

PS--How 'bout them Arkansas Razorbacks? LSU #1? Gimme a break!

Update by Howie: Rusty broke the blog! Rusty broke the blog!

Ha! Now Master, you know what it feels like to be mortal!

Thanks to Kafir for the link to the youtube version, Howie.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:44 PM | Comments |

Michigan Attorney General : The Second Amendment Protects an Individual Right

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Not only does history demonstrate that the Second Amendment is an individual right, but experience demonstrates that the broad ban on gun ownership in the District of Columbia has led to precisely the opposite effect from what was intended. For legal and historical reasons, and for the safety of the residents of our nation's capital, the Supreme Court should affirm an individual right to keep and bear arms.
Read the whole thing.

h/t : Glenn

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:04 PM | Comments |

Video : "Trust Hillary Clinton or Your Children Will Die"

...or something.

h/t : Althouse

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:43 AM | Comments |

November 23, 2007

Rudy Giuliani on Illegal Immigration

Via The New York Times:

“There are times,” [Giuliani] declared, “when undocumented aliens must have a substantial degree of protection.” They must feel safe sending their children to school. They should feel safe reporting crime to the police. “Similarly, illegal and undocumented immigrants should be able to seek medical help without the threat of being reported. When these people are sick, they are just as sick and just as contagious as citizens.”

This was a fervent speech. And it’s one of many such speeches Giuliani has made over the years. On Sept. 19, 1995, he delivered an immigration speech at the United Nations in which he noted, “Sometimes leadership means taking unpopular positions, rejecting harmful political fads.”

Just last year, I saw him passionately deliver remarks at the Manhattan Institute Hamilton Award Dinner in which he condemned the “punitive approach” to immigration, “which is reflected in the House legislation that was passed, which is to make it a crime to be an illegal or undocumented immigrant.”

To “deal with it in a punitive way,” he said then, “is actually going to make us considerably less secure than we already are.” The better approach, he continued, is to embrace the Senate’s comprehensive reform and to separate the criminal illegals from the hard-working ones.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 07:32 PM | Comments |

China Orders Hotels to Stock Condoms

(Beijing, China) The Chinese State Council last year "urged" local governments to provide condoms in all public places. Today, the city of Beijing ordered all hotel rooms to be stocked with condoms.

Beijing, preparing to host the 2008 Olympics, has ordered hotels to provide condoms in all bedrooms in a bid to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS after cases of infection soared 54 per cent in the first 10 months of this year.
For the ChiComs to admit a problem with HIV/AIDS is significant since one can reasonably assume that the infection problem is likely much larger than reported. Remember, the information is being provided by communists.

On a related subject, I'm curious about whether Chinese hotels have bedbugs. Long considered eradicated in the U.S., a resurgence of bedbugs is now being experienced in American hotels after being introduced by international travelers.

The intriguing mystery to me is whether the blood-sucking insects can feast on an HIV-infected person one night and transmit the virus to a new host on a subsequent night. If so, condoms won't help.

By at 05:12 PM | Comments |

Religion of Something Something

So much death, oppression, and lunacy -- so little time.

There is no al Qaeda in Iraq: Al Qaeda Thugs Behead School Guard, Wife & Kids Forced to watch

Brave Mujahideen in Iraq attack pet market.

A border fence for thee, but not for we.

13 blown up in world's largest democracy: Jawa Report probably to blame.

"Moderate" Egypt sentences woman to 3 years for "illegally stating she was a Christian".

Denmark sentences followers of ROP for bomb plot.

Indian riots started by.....take a guess.

New terrorist tool: Skype

So sad: Islamists only win 7 seats in Jordanian election.

Finally an Islamist I can agree with: Bali bomber urges government to execute him soon.

Chechnya adopting sharia, ordering women to cover heads.

Great: Iran just about ready to export nuke technology

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:45 PM | Comments |

Numbers USA : As a Candidate, Fred Thompson Has Set a "High Standard" on Immigration

From Roy Beck of Numbers USA:


When Fred Thompson came out with a detailed immigration policy this fall, I knew it was very good but was too busy leading the fight against amnesties in the Senate to give thorough attention.

Reading Thompson's full proposed immigration policy this afternoon, I am blown away by its depth, its breadth and at how it would so fundamentally change Americans' future for the better.

Read more of Roy's analysis below...

As a Senator from Tennessee in the 1990s, Thompson had a mixed record on immigration. I've studied that record and believe it reflects the problem that we saw even in some of this year's Senate heroes who also were mediocre in the 1990s -- most of them just weren't paying much attention to this issue in the 1990s (just like a lot of you have only become active on this during the last couple of years).

NumbersUSA always gives ample credit to politicians who turn from bad or mediocre records and decide to become our champions. But less-than-stellar past records require us to look for signs of sincerity and assurance that they will follow through on their promises.

With Thompson, we will be watching closely for these signs. One strong point for him is that he finished his Senate career with an A-minus performance in 01/02 term after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. And since coming out with his official stance, he has not been equivocating when asked about immigration in media appearances or in strong immigration ads.


You can read the full Thompson immigration plan at:

I hope many of you will send messages of reinforcement to the Thompson campaign (as we've asked you to do for other candidates when they do positive things). Here is a link to the website



I don't find any other presidential website that explicitly has the end of chain migration as a goal. I have maintained since my first books in the mid-1990s that ending Chain Migration is the single most effective action for reducing negative immigration impacts. Chain Migration breeds all kinds of illegal immigration among extended family who feel they have an entitlement to immigrate and don't wait their turn. Chain Migration multiplies the harm of every immigration action by allowing each new immigrant and refugee to eventually import huge extended families and eventually whole villages.

Thompson would restrict immigrants and refugees to bringing in their spouse and minor children. No more adult siblings, adult children or parents. Hence, no more nephews, nieces, in-laws, aunts, uncles and cousins -- unless they earn the right on their own merits. Everybody could come to visit on carefully controlled visitor visas. But if people want to live with their entire extended families, they'll need to continue to live where their extended family lives.


Since 1990, this ridiculous program gives away the opportunity for U.S. citizenship to some 50,000 people a year based on totally random luck of the draw, with no regard to the national interest, the immigrant's skills, education or humanitarian claim.

Inadvertently, the lottery rules are set up so that people from terrorist sponsoring countries are a disproportionate percentage of the winners.

The lottery is a breeder of illegal immigration as it gives false hopes to tens of millions of people around the world who play the lottery each year, many of whom eventually decide to speed up their dream by moving illegally to the U.S. and waiting to win the lottery here.

(weakness) No Explicit Goal of Numerical Reduction.

Although eliminating Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery would reduce future legal and illegal immigration by 5-8 million per decade, it would do so only if Congress and the President abstain from increasing other categories of immigration. Thompson has left this issue unanswered.. I can find Tom Tancredo as the only candidate who actually promises total immigration reductions. Tancredo urges that legal immigration be reduced from its current 1 million a year to 250,000 a year, which is near our traditional average before the last three decades of abuse.


Thompson seems to rule out any kind of amnesty that would allow illegal aliens to remain in the United States.


Thompson promotes that very term. His goal is to drive as many illegal aliens as possible to voluntarily leave the country because magnets have been removed and the chances of being arrested and deported have been increased. He does not accept that we are stuck with the 12-20 million illegal aliens.



The IRS already knows all the employees who are working without valid Social Security numbers. This provision would simply authorize the IRS to disallow deductions for wages paid to those particular employees, thus increasing the costs of hiring illegals.



"Complete the implementation of a system to track visa entrants and exits, as has been required by federal law for more than ten years, and connect it to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC), in order to curb visa overstays and permit more effective enforcement."


"Adding resources for the Department of Justice to prosecute alien smugglers, people involved in trafficking in false identification documents, and previously deported felons. ... Maximizing efforts to prosecute and convict members of criminal alien gangs, such as MS-13 and affiliated gangs. ... Implementing fully and making greater use of the expedited removal process already allowed under federal law."



Cut off discretionary federal grant funds "as appropriate to any community that, by law, ordinance, executive order, or other formal policy directs its public officials not to comply with the provisions of 8 USC 1373 and 8 USC 1644, which prohibit any state or local government from restricting in any way communications with the Department of Homeland Security regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of an alien in the United States."

"Deny discretionary Federal education grants as appropriate to public universities that violate federal law by offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens without also offering identical benefits to United States citizens, regardless of whether or not they live in the state, as required by 8 USC 1623."

"Deny discretionary Federal grants as appropriate to states and local governments that violate federal law by offering public benefits to illegal aliens, as prohibited by 8 USC 1621(a)."

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:39 PM | Comments |

And then I can die happy: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed HD Trailer

I saw AllahP posted about this while I was away. If ever there was a killer app for the wii, the new Star Wars Unleashed game is it.

I see your lame YouTube vid AllahP, and raise you a super-high definition Divx. You can watch it full screen by double clicking screen or by clicking on the little screen thingy on the bottom right hand corner, just next to the X. It's near DVD quality.

Warning: Video is so super-geeky-awesome that it may cause teh wood. Cover pants before watching. You must have Divx codec installed to watch. Trust me, it's worth it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:11 PM | Comments |

Jawa in The Investor's Business Daily

Thanks to Mrs. Abe Froman for catching this editorial about the AP and Bilal Hussein in The Investor's Business Daily:

Hussein was so trusted by the terrorists that he coincidentally ended up in the same room as them and their bombs when U.S. troops picked him up in a raid in Ramadi on April 12, 2006, not knowing who he was.

He didn't tell them he was AP on assignment at the time and was only recognized by a military man who'd recognized him from the Jawa Report blog, whose Rusty Shackleford raised questions about how close Hussein was to terrorists based on the pictures he took.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:23 AM | Comments |

Honoring Heroes at the Holidays Tour

Starting Monday, November 26th, Move America Forward will wage a huge, cross country pro-troop holiday tour called "Honoring Heroes at the Holidays Tour."

They'll have pro-troop rallies and events in 40 cities across America for the next three weeks, and at each event they'll collect signed Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday greeting cards that we'll deliver to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan .

They are collecting over 100,000 cards in this effort - and given the current rate the cards have been coming in to they're headquarters at Move America Forward they could well exceed that goal.


When the "Honoring Our Heroes at the Holidays" national pro-troop tour ends on December 16th (in New York City), Move America Forward will then have a delegation fly to Iraq and hand-deliver the final batch of cards to our troops on Christmas Day.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:14 AM | Comments |

Fishing & Thanksgiving

Wednesday's dilemma: fishing or blogging

That one took about .01 seconds to resolve. The result? Dozens and dozens of fish, all caught within an hour. Even had several double hook ups.

Yeah, I know its deer season, but its the best time to fish. The top predator fish are starving as the food chain slowly shuts down for the winter, and most of the other outdoorsy types are busy freezing their butt's off in a deer stand waiting for Bambi to stroll by. The fish are biting and the lakes and rivers are practically deserted.

Good times.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving. This year I'm thankful for all who proudly wear the uniform of the United States of America, my family, my cobloggers, you readers, and the USC Trojans.

UPDATE: Matt from Blackfive sends this. Wow. I'll stop bitching and whining forthwith.

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Never Mention the "Islam" Word

Even when the terrorists say they're murdering Christians for Allah's sake the BBC calls them 'nationalists'.

The BBC: Taxpayer supported propaganda at its best!

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Evolution in Action

This enviro-nutcase decided to get sterilized at age 27 to reduce her family's carbon footprint and protect the planet:

"Having children is selfish. It's all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet," says Toni, 35.

"Every person who is born uses more food, more water, more land, more fossil fuels, more trees and produces more rubbish, more pollution, more greenhouse gases, and adds to the problem of over-population."

Actually, Toni is protecting the planet - just not in the way she thinks. We already have a surplus of imbeciles. Every whackjob who makes this decision is increasing the future average intelligence of mankind.

Let's hope this becomes a trend.

Bizarre non sequitur*: how dread pundits spend Black Friday, because we are vile, greedy capitalist swine.

*i.e., shameless linkwhoring.

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Giving Thanks

For teh funny.

Hope everyone has had the awesome Thanksgiving I had.

Oh, Go Big Red!!!

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November 22, 2007

Jawas Give Thanks for Dead Enemy Propagandists

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 10 suspects Thursday during operations targeting al-Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.

Coalition forces targeted al-Qaeda propaganda cells during operations in Samarra. As the ground force approached the targeted building, they called for the building's occupants to come out, but no one complied. One individual took a defensive position by the door and engaged Coalition forces. Responding in self-defense, the ground force returned fire, killing the terrorist. While securing the area, the ground force detained two suspects and found a weapons cache, which was safely destroyed by a Coalition air strike.

During operations in Hawija, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be the foreign terrorist leader in Arab Jabour, and who is allegedly associated with senior terrorist leaders in the Southern Belt. During the operation, the wanted individual identified himself to the ground force and was subsequently detained, along with one other suspect.

In other operations in Mosul, Coalition forces targeted a northern al-Qaeda in Iraq security leader, believed to be involved in kidnappings and assassinations. Coalition forces detained two suspected individuals during the operations. Coalition forces also detained four suspects during operations targeting associates of a former al-Qaeda media leader near Khan Bani Sad.

"Iraqi and Coalition Forces are continually hitting al-Qaeda, disrupting their networks, diminishing their manpower pool, and limiting their ability to strike innocent Iraqis," said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman.


The absolute best way to stop al-Qaeda propganda, kill the propagandist!.

So much to be thankful for today. Special thanks to our men and women fighting abroad.

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Speaking of the Second Amendment...


With the holidays coming up, I'm in the market for a new home defense / traveling gun. I'm currently leaning toward the Remington 870 Express Synthetic with the 18" barrel and 7-round magazine (image above).

Scoping around on the 'net, it looks like I can pick one of these dudes up for approx. $300 + shipping.

Jawa thoughts, pro or con? Any other models I should check out?

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November 21, 2007

Return of The Flying Imam Suit

Via Atlas Shruggs:

Another Clinton appointee asshat judge submits to CAIR
Federal judge’s ruling calls U.S. Airways/MAC defense ‘dubious’

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 11/20/2007) The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) welcomed a ruling today by a federal judge in Minnesota that rejected almost all of the arguments made by U.S. Airways and the Metropolitan Airports Commission in the case of six imams, or Islamic religious leaders, removed from a flight last year in Minneapolis

Semi Related: Jammie Wearing Fool is following CAIR's lobbying to have themselves removed as an uncharged co-conspirator from an indictment of The Holy Land Foundation.

Hey, if you don't have a legal leg to stand on, there is always the grease a congressman option. Now adays it's sometimes called the let your congressman grease you option.

Hat Tip: Larwyn.

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Fred Thompson : The Second Amendment Protects More Than a Right to Self-Defense

I'm sure the lefties, control freaks and anti-gun bedwetters won't like this one bit, but as a gun owner and student of the Constitution, I love this quote:

The Second Amendment does more than guarantee to all Americans an unalienable right to defend one’s self. William Blackstone, the 18th century English legal commentator whose works were well-read and relied on by the Framers of our Constitution, observed that the right to keep and bear firearms arises from “the natural right of resistance and self-preservation.” This view, reflected in the Second Amendment, promotes both self-defense and liberty. It is not surprising then that the generation that had thrown off the yoke of British tyranny less than a decade earlier included the Second Amendment in the Constitution and meant for it to enable the people to protect themselves and their liberties.

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Rudy's Electibility : Myth vs. Reality

Conventional wisdom : Rudy is the one candidate who can beat Hillary.

Reality : In a head-to-head match against Hillary in Florida, Fred outperforms Rudy.


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Ron Paul Courts 9-11 Troofers on Alex Jones Show...Again


Apparently, America's greatest patriot was on Loonwaffle/Trooferville's favorite radio show today with the King Nutbar himself, although I'm not sure if anyone grabbed audio.

If you want to listen to the rebroadcast stream, go here. I don't feel like it. Have fun.

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Boulder's Idea of Property Rights

An absolutely unbelievable tale of legal thievery and judicial corruption:

Despite owning the land, despite living only 200 yards from the property, despite hiking past it every week with their three dogs, despite spraying for weeds and fixing fences, despite paying homeowner association dues and property taxes each year, someone else had taken a shine to it. Someone powerful.

Former Boulder District Judge, Boulder Mayor, RTD board member - among other elected positions - Richard McLean and his wife, attorney Edith Stevens, used an arcane common law called "adverse possession" to claim the land for their own.

I'm not sure I see anything other than a difference in degree between this larcenous ex-judge and his land grab, and Uday and Qusay Hussein's habit of raping any Iraqi women who caught their eye.

Thanks to Emperor Darth Misha I of The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

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Taxpayer Money Shell Game

Follow me through on this. It's an exercise in following the money regarding a report in the Seattle Times.

1) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a part of the Bush administration, oversees the operation of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Hanford nuclear facility, also part of the Bush administration, and finds some violations of landfill requirements.

2) The EPA fines the DOE $285,000 plus the cost of emergency-response boats for Benton County and a greenhouse and nursery to aid habitat restoration.

3) The DOE pays the fine and buys boats, a greenhouse and a nursery with funds from its budget out of taxpayer funds authorized by Congress.

4) The EPA deposits the $285,000 fine payment into general funds of the U.S. Treasury.

5) The DOE submits future budget with increases sufficient to cover costs of the $285,000 fine assessed plus the boats, greenhouse and nursery.

6) Congress authorizes disbursement of new DOE budget funds from the U.S. Treasury.

7) DOE gets $285,000 back from the U.S. Treasury plus it get funds to cover the cost of the boats, greenhouse and nursery.

8) In summary, EPA tells DOE to surrender funds and buy stuff for the local community. DOE complies. EPA deposits funds in Treasury. DOE gets approved to take funds from Treasury. DOE gets money returned plus the cost of stuff for the local community.

9) To wrap up, the EPA is out no money and the DOE is out no money, however, the taxpayer picked up the tab for new boats, a greenhouse and a nursery.

If in error, please correct my logic.

All in all, it appears that there are no losers in the mix except for the taxpayers. Undoubtedly, the winners in the whole episode are the folks cruising in new boats and enjoying the flowers, ornamental shrubbery, medicinal herbs and other plants grown in the greenhouse and nursery.

Frankly, the next time the EPA has a hard spot with the DOE, considerable hassle would be eliminated if the Benton County Boats and Plants Department was paid directly from the U.S. Treasury.

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Three more stories that likely won't see the light of day in the Western mainstream press:


CAMP ECHO, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces, assisted by Coalition Forces, detained 81 suspected extremists and confiscated several weapons caches in Diwaniyah, Iraq, during Operation Lion Pounce Nov. 17 to 19.
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed six terrorists and detained 10 suspects Tuesday and Wednesday during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders in central and northern Iraq.
KIRKUK, Iraq – Determined to rise up against al-Qaeda terrorists, Concerned Local Citizens, working together with Coalition Forces, have recently started neighborhood watch programs in the area of Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

The citizens are calling the movement, “Sahwa,” an Arabic term that means “awakening.”

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November 20, 2007

9-11 TROOF Diary at Kos

They're normally all over these, quashing dissent when this mental illness pops up among the gaggle terminally insane monkeys that make up the Kos Kommunity, but they missed this one.

Screw Loose Change, as always, deflates the woo-woo balloon.

The TROOF will OuT!1!! InSIdE JORb!!23

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Kos Kidz Finally Remember to Support the Troops!

After they've spent 5 years convicting them of heinous crimes, running them and the mission down, not sending them money and supplies, ripping the "wingnuts" for supporting them and the mission, etc., NOW they're gonna show us how it's done!

Look out, Wingnuts! They're sending care packages! And you'd better recognize!

Except that the Boy and Cub Scouts, church groups, conservative bloggers (Project Valor, etc.), conservative groups like Move America Forward, individuals and families and others have been donating money, food, supplies and care packages, as well as supporting them publicly despite daily moonbat slanders for doing so, since day one.

Some of the commenters at Classical Values are priceless:

So where were these losers when Operation Gratitude was sending over 260,000 packages to the troops? Walk the walk? Eat our dust!
Lefties don't do care packages for the troops, not OUR troops anyway. Code Pink did send $600,000 worth of cash and supplies to the terrorist stronghold of Fallujah. And lefties do send Christmas cards to wounded troops at Walter Reed telling them they hope they would die.

If the lefties ever did send care packages to our guys, you can be sure that they'll include something hateful or at least some nasty letter to "educate" them.

I have a number of 6 year olds in my Cub Scout pack that could give them some pointers.

Maybe he could include in every package a print out a copy of his "famous Screw em!" post.

You know, just to show he cares.

UPDATE: Blast from the past, Kosbots. Show everyone how to support the troops!


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American Muslim: "Pray for al Qaeda in Iraq"

Just in case you didn't know where his loyalties lay, Charlotte, North Carolina blogger Samir Khan [aka, "Inshallahshaheed"] had this to say today [link through anonymouse]:

Finally, make du’aa for the Islaamic State of ‘Iraaq.
Remember that "dua'aa" is "prayer" and the Islamic State of Iraq is what al Qaeda in Iraq calls itself and it's allied Salafi jihadis. Translation: "Finally, pray for al Qaeda in Iraq."

Treason any one?

The context of the prayer for al Qaeda is a post by Akram Hijazi, a frequent essayist in support of violent jihad [anonymous link here], in which he claims that the much publicized rift between The Islamic Army in Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq is just a plot to cause disunity among the various jihad factions.

Note to Samir and "Dr" Hijazi: Psyops huh? I was under the impression that the cause of the rift was because al Qaeda murdered an entire family in Taji when a IAI fighter refused to join al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq "umbrella organization". They even murdered the IAI fighter's four year old daughter.

Below are some images from the Islamic Army in Iraq's 11 minute propaganda video against al Qaeda they posted at their al Boraq forum. They show a man, a woman, a boy, and a young girl murdered.

This is from The Islamic Army in Iraq's official media website.



















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Rusty on the Radio

I'll be on the radio in a few minutes. Well, the internet radio. You can listen here at 3:15 Central. I think we'll be discussing Bilal Hussein. Sorry for the short notice.

UPDATE: The show is over. Captain Ed joined us on air for awhile. Thanks again to Rick Moran for having me on.

Again, sorry about the short notice. I agreed to do the show right before I had to go to class, so I didn't have time to warn you guys.

Here's the podcast. I'm on for the last 45 minutes of the show. Do I really sound that lame? Don't answer that!!

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YouTube Jihad: Terror Supporters Using YouTube to Raise Money

Joseph Cohen, aka Yousef al-Khattab, a Jewish convert to Islam who hates America and Jews, is back up on YouTube. The image to the right is from his personal website.

Cohen is apparently using his YouTube account to raise funds for convicted terrorist supporter Sheik Faisel Mohammed.

How long til YouTube kicks Cohen off this time?

Don't hold your breath.

Charles Johnson has all the details.

An American al Qaeda Devotee in New York
NY Muslim Posts Daniel Pearl Parody on Youtube
NYC Muslim Calls Korean Hostages "Terrorists", Smiles at thought of Daniel Pearl Style Beheading

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Stupid Dems in Congress Moving to Cut Off Aid to Vital Ally Ethiopia

I've been reminding readers on a daily basis to keep an eye on the Horn of Africa. Somalia could well become the next Afghanistan if we allow the Islamic Courts Union (the African Taliban) to come back into power. The Ethiopian occupation of Somalia may not be ideal, but it is far better than the Islamic Emirate set up by the African Taliban. The Islamic Courts Union is backed by al Qaeda.

Even as Ethiopia has troops on the ground in Somalia fighting al Qaeda forces, the Democrats in Congress are preparing to end aid to that country. Ethiopia is fighting a proxy war on our behalf, and the Democrats want to cut off aid? Great timing.

Look, we should all be worried about human rights around the world. But Ethiopia's less than perfect record has to take a back seat to our own national interests.

We know areas controlled by the ousted ICU were scattered with al Qaeda training camps. Let's see...failed state....Islamists Qaeda sets up training camps....why does this all seem so familiar?

Oh yeah, does 9/11 ring a bell?!?!

The alternative to Ethiopia fighting the Islamists in Somalia is for U.S. ground troops to be sent in to do the necessary work. Does Congress really think that sending American troops to Somalia is a better idea then letting an ally do the work for us?

Even worse is the policy of neutrality between Ethiopia & Eritrea. The Islamists of the Islamic Courts Union are receiving money and arms through Eritrea. An all out hot war between the two countries would be tragic, but even more tragic would be to equivocate between our allies in the war against Islamic fanaticism in Ethiopia and a state that supports terror in Eritrea.

Now is not the time to end funding to Ethiopia. Now is the time to increase funding to Ethiopia. And I mean drastically.

Here's an op-ed from today's New York Times echoing the same sentiment, albeit in a bit more diplomatic and PC way.

UPDATE: Ace chimes in:

This measure -- an attempt to cut off our aid to ally-against-terrorism Ethiopia is part of an unmistakable pattern of Democrats seeking to undermine our allies and aid our bloodiest enemies.
And Bryan at Hot Air:
Democrats routinely let the perfect become the enemy of the good, especially if the imperfect good happens to be a US ally.
And The New American Citizen:
Democrats strong on national security? Yeah right. That’s like saying O.J. Simpson is an advocate of womens rights.

NY Times:

Sadly, Congress is poised to fuel the march toward war by passing a bill that threatens to cut off technical assistance to Ethiopia, one of our closest allies, if it does not, among other things, release political prisoners, ensure that the judiciary operates independently and permit the news media to operate freely. Ethiopia has already freed opposition leaders, reformed parliamentary rules to give opposition parties greater legislative responsibility and approved a new media law that meets international standards. By singling out Ethiopia for public embarrassment, the bill puts Congress unwittingly on the side of Islamic jihadists and insurgents.

A far better approach would be to buttress Ethiopia against threats to its survival — by helping it resolve its border conflict and ensuring that it reopens negotiations with insurgents and traditional leaders and permits international investigation of reported military abuses (including allegations of rape and murder). Ethiopia has begun this process by allowing the United Nations and humanitarian aid agencies to assist civilians in the Ogaden.

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Stupid Jihadi Video of the Day: Where are the burqinis?

Gateway Pundit has the background info on this stupid jihadi video from the Maldives. Seriously, you'll need to read it.

Just a bunch of jihadis sitting on the beach. I almost expected to see one of them sipping a Corona. After watching the video all I could think was: WTF?

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Genocide Through Tolerance

Austin Jews show their tolerance by celebrating "interfaith Thanksgiving" with local Muslims at Beth Israel Temple. What could possibly go wrong?


Of course, the article accompanying the photo about how a local Baptist megachurch was so intolerant for not letting these obviously enlightened & progressive followers of the Religion of Peace use their facilities for the event.

Thanks to dpaul

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Iraqis Detain Foreign Contractors

They're not Blackwater employees, they work for an Italian firm. I seem to recall an international incident when an Italian, Nicola Calipari, was accidentally shot by a U.S. soldier, Spc. Mario Lozano. In fact, the Italians opened up a criminal investigation into the matter as "murder". The case was later dropped for lack of jurisdiction by the Italian court.

To this day Giuliana Sgrena claims it was a plot, gone bad, by the CIA to kill her. Defense Talk:

"Iraqi soldiers arrested some men of an Italian PSD (private security detail) after they opened fire randomly on citizens in Karrada in which a woman was wounded," Brigadier General Qasim Ata of the Iraqi army told AFP.

"They are in custody now and the incident is under investigation."

An Iraqi security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said three Italians had been detained after the incident. The guards were in a convoy of three vehicles as it passed through Karrada, a busy shopping district.

"They tried to disperse the cars on the road and make their way through when guards in one of their convoy vehicles opened fire. One woman was wounded in the firing," he told AFP.

The Italians are claiming that none of their citizens has been arrested. It's possible that the PSD company is Italian, guarding an Italian diplomatic detail, but that the employees were of another nationality.

You hear over and over from the Left that these PSD types should be replaced by regular troops. Since Italy lost its sense of honor and no longer has troops from Iraq, who will Italian Leftists blame for the incident? Will they call for Italy to deploy troops to Iraq?



Case Against US Soldier in Giuliana Sgrena Indcident Thrown Out

Images of Sgrena's Car (Updated-now fortified with essential Sgrena lies!)
Soldiers Cleared in Sgrena Shooting
Soldiers Cleared, Sgrena Reacts, Italian Left Cries Murder on Senate Floor

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Muslim Marries Own Daughter per Allah's Instructions

(Jalpaiguri, India) A 36-year-old man, Afazuddin Ali, claims he was carrying out divine instructions from Allah when he impregnated and married his 15-year-old daughter.

Time of India:

Villagers of Kasiajhora found out about Afazuddin Ali's wedding when one of them found the girl showing pregnancy's swelling signs.

The sordid drama of what happened, however, unfolded on Monday when Ali was produced in court. When Ali, a daily labourer who has three daughters and two sons moved to marry his eldest girl child, his wife naturally was aghast and protested madly.

To placate Sakina, he told her he was only carrying out Allah's instructions and the family would be rewarded. The poor, illiterate woman saw no reason to doubt her husband's heinous act.

"He is a religious person and will never lie taking Allah's name," she said on Monday.

Villagers mobbed his house when the news got out and Ali had to be rescued by the police. He appeared in court and was released because the "police had filed the wrong charges."
Police said they would try to bring new charges against him.

"This is a very strange case as no one in the family has complained, but we will conduct medical tests to verify the girl's exact age, before filing a strong case against her father," said Ravinder Jit Singh Nalwa, a senior police officer.

I was feeling extra tolerant today until I read this story. I need to take some diversity pills.

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Sucks to be You

The moral of the story? Never sit next to a dirty, smelly, aging liberal douche bag hippie on an airplane.

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More Special Forces Headed to Pakistan

Good. It turns out the Pakistani Army really does suck. It might do them some good to get some proper training.

UPDATE: Kevin makes a good point in the comments:

The Pakistan army doesn't really suck, it's just infiltrated. I doubt our guys can help them with that.

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November 19, 2007

AP Photog & Terrorist Propagandist Bilal Hussein to be Charged (UPDATE: Jawa helped nab Bilal Hussein?!?!)

***Bumped: The Jawa Report credited with Bilal Hussein prosecution!! Scroll to end for details***

Above: Curiously, al Qaeda in Iraq fighters pose for Bilal Hussein. Al Qaeda in Iraq is known to routinely murder reporters and photographers. Bilal Hussein, however, was able to get dozens of photos of al Qaeda fighters--many of them posed. He helped the Associated Press win a Pulitzer prize for his photos of his friends in al Qaeda.

Bilal Hussein, a stringer for the Associated Press suspected of having ties to al Qaeda in Iraq, will be charged by the Iraqi government at the request of the U.S. military. Bilal Hussein was caught in an apartment with known members of al Qaeda-- with bomb making material.

Hussein, a native of once al Qaeda in Iraq "capital" Fallujah, alleged the U.S. committed war crimes when it retook the city. Absent from Hussein's reports were photos of al Qaeda torture and murder chambers as they killed any one in the city suspected of being 'too Western'.

True to form, the Associated Press is outraged.

This hot off the AP newswires:

The U.S. military plans to seek a criminal case in an Iraqi court against an award-winning Associated Press photographer but is refusing to disclose what evidence or accusations would be presented.

An AP attorney on Monday strongly protested the decision, calling the U.S. military plans a "sham of due process." The journalist, Bilal Hussein, has already been imprisoned without charges for more than 19 months.

A public affairs officer notified the AP on Sunday that the military intends to submit a written complaint against Hussein that would bring the case into the Iraqi justice system as early as Nov. 29. Under Iraqi codes, an investigative magistrate will decide whether there are grounds to try Hussein, 36, who was seized in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on April 12, 2006.

What is the line between spreading enemy propaganda, having contacts with the enemy, and actually being one of the enemy? In war, no such line exists. This is why, as I have argued extensively in the past, Nazi propagandists such as Joseph Goebbels were as guilty of war crimes as any of the other leaders of the Third Reich.

So is Bilal Hussein.

UPDATE: Michelle and I were working on posts simultaneously, she has more photos and background on Bilal Hussein here. Make sure to scroll through the whole thing.

UPDATE II: Bryan has this:

because they’re a global press organization, they’ll get the chance to try Hussein on their own wires and they will get have the power to demonize the US military, the Iraqi prosecutors and anyone else who disagrees with them. Out of maintaining the thinnest veneer of objectivity, the AP ought to recuse itself from reporting on the Hussein case at all.
Indeed. Wouldn't the AP be liable if a victim of terrorism in Iraq, say the family of Salvatore Santoro, were to sue them for their employee's role in the civillian hostage's murder?

Some enterprising lawyer somewhere has to see that there is a direct connection between terrorist propaganda and the deaths of hostages.

So, on top of the pure bad PR of an AP stringer being an al Qaeda propagandist, of course they're going to deny Hussein's involvement. By publishing these propaganda photos on al Qaeda's behalf, isn't the AP liable?

UPDATE: Holy crap, The Jawa Report credited with Bilal Hussein prosecution?!?!

A reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, informs me that The Jawa Report had something to do with Bilal Hussein's prosecution. Apparently Bilal Hussein had been picked up in a raid in which he wasn't the target. That target was a known al Qaeda operative, Hamid Hamad Motib, and bomb making materials were found in the house.

Hussein was arrested and taken to Abu Ghraib, but no one knew who he was. Just another low-level insurgent, I'm guessing.

He had been sitting in Abu Ghraib for a month, and nobody realized that he was the AP photog who had snapped dozens of staged photos with al Qaeda fighters. The reader was in Abu Ghraib as an investigator working on an unrelated case when he saw Bilal Hussein and recognized him from the extensive coverage we had on The Jawa Report.

He reported it up the chain of command and within days Bilal Hussein was transferred to a different facility, NCIS got involved, and eventually a criminal investigation opened on him.

He ends the e-mail with:

THANKS to you guys…you REALLY ARE making an impact on the [the war on terror] ... you can claim credit
Hell, I hope so! I've communicated with the source before, and he seems legit to me.

The Jawa Report, sticking it to al Qaeda propagandists from the comfort of our living rooms. Any one wish to complain about the "chickenhawk" bloggers now?

It's stories like these that make it all worth it!

UPDATE: Glenn wonders if this is another case of Pham Xuan or just a Walter Duranty?

UPDATE: AP digging in, their own internal investigation shows Hussein innocent reporter (aren't all reports, by definition, innocent?)....just extremely lucky that al Qaeda posed for him (dozens of times) ... that terrorists just happen to invite him to see body of murdered hostage....just unlucky to have accidentally invited al Qaeda leader to his house.


UPDATE 11/20: U.S. Military has:

"convincing and irrefutable" evidence that [Bilal Hussein] is connected to the insurgency in Iraq. ...

"additional evidence had come to light that the man was a media operative who had infiltrated The Associated Press."

Presumably they mean Hussein was a media operative for a terrorist group.

Hat tip: Jules Crittenden

UPDATE 11/20: So, how to put the news that the criminal case against Bilal Hussein began because a soldier in Iraq read this blog into context? Had the MSM been the only source of news and information coming out of Iraq, then there would be no case.

Why? Because to the mainstream media (MSM) Bilal Hussein was a hero for his photos of al Qaeda and other terrorist fighters in Iraq. His photos helped the AP get the Pulitzer.

Had Michelle Malkin, who was really at the forefront of this, and other bloggers -- like us -- not been so outraged by photos, then our reader may have never even heard of Bilal Hussein. Can you name another Pulitzer Prize winning photographer off the top of your head?

And as far as we can tell, Hussein would have eventually been let go only to return to his propaganda duties for the terrorists.

So, the blogosphere helped bring to light the outrages that the MSM considers standard operating procedure. Helping produce and disseminate terrorist propaganda is just showing "both sides of the story" to the MSM.

They call it journalistic ethics, we call it treason.

If you'd like to donate to The Jawa Report's "money so Rusty can hire a sitter and take his wife out to dinner so she'll let him park his rear in front of the internet searching for terrorist websites and propaganda" fund, just click below.

Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More

Complete Bilal Hussein archive here.

The Pulitzer and Terrorist Embeds
Bilal Hussein and the Continuing Saga of Insurgent Propaganda via the Media
Bilal Hussein Alive, Still Anti-American
Editor and Publisher Apologizes for Terrorist Embeds *shock*
Pulitzer Prize Given to Terrorists
When Journalists are the Enemy
AP Urges More MSM Propaganda Over Detained Reporter
When Ethics Trump Patriotism and Morality: Ethicsgate
AP Responds to Bloggers: Cite Known Terrorist Sympathizer as Source
AP Reporter in Iraq has Ties to Terrorists
AP Reporter Bilal Hussein Detained for 5 Months

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African Taliban Desecrate Ethiopian Soldiers' Bodies

Here are a few screenshots from a video produced by the African Taliban of the bodies of three Ethiopian soldiers being desecrated on the streets of Mogadishu and crowds of kids shouting Allahu Akbar.

What is it with Islamist fanatics that they love to parade dead bodies around? In this case, in front of children? Do they really, as bin Laden suggests, "love death more than they love life"? Or are they just so desperate for a victory--any victory--that the enemy dead are paraded around as trophies on display?

In any event, clearly these images are a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Expect no outrage from the usual suspects in the Club of the Perpetually Outraged.

The poor quality of the pics can be attributed to the fact that this was shot on someone's cell phone. Apparently video cameras haven't made it to Somalia yet. The video, though, is highly edited. There's even a soundtrack with a heroic Islamic nasheed in the background.

And I don't read Somali, but I do know what the editors of the video over at Qaadisiya meant when they added the words Allahu Akbar. Qaadisiya is hosted in Burlington, MA.


Bad photo, but doesn't that van look like it might be an ambulance? The video shows some of the mujahideen getting in to the van, some of them with RPGs.


Warning: Graphic images below.

A dead Ethiopian soldier seen in the five minute video.


A Somalian steps on the head of a slain Ethiopian soldier as a gesture of disrespect.


Another dead Ethiopian soldier on display by Somalian rebels linked to al Qaeda.


Thanks to Frank for pointing me in the right direction.

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Afternoon Zionist Spy Cat

Busy week for me, so enjoy this photo from Internet Haganah.


All your mice are belongs to us!

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Study: Blondes Make Men Dumb

(Paris, France) A group of scientists at Paris Nanterre University conducted research to gather evidence that blonde women make men dumb.

The methodology was to have men view a series of pictures of women with different-colored hair and then make the men take a general knowledge test.

Those who had been shown pictures of blonde women scored lower marks than those who had been shown pictures of brunettes and redheads.

Professor Thierry Meyer, joint author of the study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, said: "It proves that people confronted with stereotypes generally behave in line with them.

"Blondes have the potential to make people act in a dumber way, because they mimic the unconscious stereotype of the dumb blonde."

Notably, there is no scientific evidence that blonde women are less intelligent than brunettes or redheads. Sadly, though, there apparently is scientific evidence regarding the intelligence of the men they are with. Personally, I think the study is flawed.

In fact, according to a study conducted in 2004, blonde women became dumber when subjected to negative prejudices toward blondes.

"But after exposure to negative social-stereotypes about them, the fair-haired participants performed significantly more slowly in the tests," said Jens Foerster, a social psychologist from the International University Bremen in Germany.

When people are told they can't perform a task well, they work more slowly to try to make fewer mistakes, explained Foerster.

Regarding men, I think they may actually become smarter when in the presence of a blonde woman. It's been suggested that a smaller auxiliary brain is triggered to work when men are around blondes and this results in an actual increase in total brain mass.

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Lacking Their Own Gandhi, al Qaeda Tries to Kidnap One

We're always asking, "If Muslims are so oppressed, where are all the Muslim Gandhi'?".

The Australian

A SENSATIONAL plot by al-Qa'ida-linked terrorists to kidnap Rahul Gandhi, scion of India's leading political family, was disclosed last night as police said they had arrested three men trained at terror camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The men are said to be members of the Jaish-e-Mohammed, which has long been at the forefront of jihadist militancy in India and the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The organisation is closely allied to al-Qa'ida. Indian newspapers said police had been tracking the men for six months and that when they were arrested on the weekend, they were found to have an arsenal of weapons, including grenades and AK-47 assault rifles and RDX explosives, as well as detonators.

It was claimed the men also had a list of 42 jihadi terrorists being held in Indian prisons whose release they would demand in return for sparing the life of Mr Gandhi - including Afzal Guru, who is on death row in New Delhi following his conviction for the December 2001 attack on the Indian parliament.

If you can't produce a Gahdhi yourself, just kidnap the closest one.

File under: surreal Thanks to various readers.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:57 PM | Comments |

UK Lesbian Soldier Sent Topless Photos

(Leeds, England) Updating a previous post, lesbian Lance Bombadier Kerry Fletcher, 31, is suing the Ministry of Defense at an employment tribunal claiming discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Much of last week's testimony covered the details of Fletcher's lesbian relationship with 29-year-old Sergeant Louise Ashman. Fletcher and Ashman are accused of engaging in a sexual encounter in the Army stable.

Gunner Ashley Yates testified that he arrived with his wheelbarrow to see Fletcher kissing Ashman.

"Fletcher was stood with her back to the wall facing me.

"They were both wearing combat uniform and I could clearly see that L/Bdr Fletcher had her trousers open.

"Cpl Ashman had her hand inside the front of Fletcher's trousers, in the groin area. I dropped the barrow and left. I was so embarrassed, I put my head down not to look." [sic all]

WTF! Just what kind of soldiers do they have in the British Army?

Gunner Yates apparently didn't have even a speck of curiosity as he watched two hot lesbians doing kissy-kissy and rubby-rubby. A furtive glance and he drops his wheelbarrow and flees in embarrassment? What's that all about?

I'm real skeptical of Gunner Yates' testimony.

Nonetheless, Fletcher denies ever having any sexual contact with Ashman, maintaining that they just cuddle, but her case has likely been weakened since it became known that she sent topless pictures of herself to male soldiers.

During her tribunal in Leeds, the Equal Opportunities Inquiry Team issued a statement based on an earlier hearing which said it had learned, "that soldiers in the unit had received photo messages on their mobile telephones from Fletcher and in the photos she was exposing her breasts."

"Fletcher stated that she had sent the photo of her to a male friend, at his request, of her in the gymnasium after a workout. The photo depicted her toned muscles, but also included her breasts."

But the statement added that she had more racy photos on the phone, which were seen by Staff Sergeant Michael Chalk. "Staff Sergeant Chalk explained that she has shown him photos of herself," it said.

"He stated that some of the photos were ones of her on holiday wearing a bikini, but some were photos of her exposing her breasts."

Readers can decide who to believe in this case. It seems that Fletcher's claim of harassment and discrimination may or may not be true but there is no doubt that she helped set the stage. Word of cuddling lesbians and topless photos probably blazed through the Royal Artillery faster than a California brush fire. Surely, the entire regiment viewed Fletcher in that context.

The tribunal continues.

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Terror Threat at Fort Huachuca, Arizona

These kind of non-specific terror threats come in all the time. And from the looks of it, the FBI warning came in May, some months ago. So, the fact that Fort Huachuca hasn't been attacked should say something--the threat was probably never anything more than general.

If I had to guess, I'd speculate that the threat came from an internet source. Most of the online jihadis are all bluster. But since it's difficult to tell which threats are serious and which threats are made by some teenager typing away in his mom's basement, they all have to be treated seriously.

National Terror Alert has the relevant links. Thanks to Tim.

UPDATE: Allahakchew pointed out the Adam Gadahn connection. But since the threat actually came in May, and since we've seen footage of Adam Gadahn since May, then I doubt there's a connection.

Gadahn only went MIA from al Qaeda videos over the past three months or so.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:36 PM | Comments |

Recall Petition Targets Sheriff Joe Arpaio

(Phoenix, Arizona) A group called Arizonans for the U.S. Constitution and Recall of Joe Arpaio wants 283,300 valid registered county voters to sign up for the recall of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas. The signatures must be turned in by February 26th.

I mentioned this story on Interested-Participant a couple days ago and the man who claims to be the head recall person visited and commented. His name is Leonard Clark and he left his phone number and email address along with some interesting commentary. As an example:

Hello, my name is Leonard Clark, I am the chairman of both recalls. William Crum is the treasurer

We are trying to get this recall off the ground and use all the help we can get to restore democracy and justice to Arizona by recalling these two anti-constitutional thugs: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

Clark is also big on name-calling, accuses Arpaio of fascist intimidation and threats of lynchings and implies that Arpaio and Thomas will send out death squads.

As I understand, Arpaio and Thomas are comfortably popular so the recall will probably fail to get enough signatures. Even so, they do also have their political enemies. Leonard Clark likely typifies the adversarial mindset.

The Jawa readers might enjoy the comment thread. In fact, I'm hoping Clark is assertive enough to show up here on the Jawa with some comments.

[Update 11/21/07]

According to a poll conducted by Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and Eight/KAET-TV involving 697 registered voters, three out of four respondents oppose the recall.

Poll director Bruce Merrill, a retired Arizona State University professor, said the support for Arpaio and Thomas will make it difficult for a citizens group to collect the more than 200,000 signatures necessary to require a recall vote.

"It's going to be very difficult for the people who want to recall both of them to get enough signatures ... because two out of every three voters have a favorable opinion of them."

Recall organizer Leonard Clark said "the movement will gather steam as his group spreads its message."

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Video : Pajamas Media Interviews Fred Thompson on The War on Terror


Cross-posted at FredHeadsUSA.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:13 AM | Comments |

Cote Family Told Son Still Alive

In an interview (in the video above) following a prayer service for his kidnapped son, Francis Cote said that within the last three weeks, his family had been told by the State Department that "they had some good news, . . . that they were aware that the guys were still alive."

This is wonderful news, pray that it turns out to be reliable, and that Jon and his fellow hostages Josh Munns, John Young, Paul Reuben and Bert Nussbaumer will soon be found and free.

UPDATE 11/20/07: Apparently Mr. Cote received this news from Crescent Security, not the State Department, which says it is unable to confirm the information:

Caution greets new hope about Cote

Please continue to pray that whatever behind-the-scenes efforts are being made will bear fruit and result in the safe release of all 5 men.

Thanks to George for this update.

One Year of Captivity for Kidnapped Contractors
Jawa's Hostage Archive

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Taliban Hang Mutilated Bodies From Trees

A gruesome reminder of why we are still fighting in Afghanistan (via MSNBC):

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Taliban militants slashed the hands and legs of five abducted policemen in southern Afghanistan and hung their mutilated bodies from trees in a warning to villagers against working with the government, officials said Sunday.

The discovery of the bodies came as officials said that recent violence and clashes had left at least 68 people dead across Afghanistan.

The officers had been abducted two months ago from their checkpoint in southern Uruzgan province, said Juma Gul Himat, the provincial police chief. The Taliban slashed their hands and legs and hung the bodies on trees Saturday in Gazak village of Derawud district, he said.

“The Taliban told the people that whoever works with the government will suffer the same fate as these policemen,” Himat said. “This village is under Taliban control. There are more than 100 Taliban in this village.”

May these demons rot in hell and may the people of Afghanistan finally be free from their curse.

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Man Shoots Burglary Suspects

This is the 911 tape of Joe Horn's call to report that men were breaking into his next door neighbor's house. At about -2:20 in the video, Horn has had enough and goes out to confront the men. Gunshots are heard, and two alleged burglars are down.

From the CBS story:

The incident may prove a test for a new law recently passed in Texas which expands the right of citizens to use deadly force.

Under Texas law, people may use deadly force to protect their own property or to stop arson, burglary, robbery, theft or criminal mischief at night.

But the legislator who authored the "castle doctrine" bill told the Chronicle it was never intended to apply to a neighbor's property, to prompt a "'Law West of the Pecos' mentality or action," said Republican Sen. Jeff Wentworth. "You're supposed to be able to defend your own home, your own family, in your house, your place of business or your motor vehicle."

Thanks to LC Brendan at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

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November 18, 2007

British Hostages to Be Free Soon?

Conflicting reports on the status of five British citizens kidnapped in Baghdad in May. A video of the five men was released to British authorities Sunday and showed the captives to "psychologically and emotionally tired" but otherwise well-treated.

The Sunday Times reports that the men could be "held for years" pending negotiations over the release of imprisoned terrorist spokesman Qais al-Khazaali, who helped mastermind the Karbala raid in which five American soldiers were murdered:

Senior Baghdad government sources said at least three negotiating sessions had taken place in the past few weeks between the kidnappers’ intermediaries and British, US and Iraqi officials.

The demand for Khazaali’s release is believed to have been high on the agenda, but the talks reached an impasse. “The kidnappers apparently came to the conclusion that the British position was weak and that they [the British] were unable to resolve this alone - that everything they sought was tied to the USA.”

The Americans refused to free Khazaali, the sources added.

The Telegraph, on the other hand, claims that the hostages could be "freed within days":

Five British hostages who have been held in captivity in Baghdad since May could be freed within days, an Anglican church mediator has claimed.

Canon Andrew White, the Vicar of Baghdad, said that attempts to negotiate with the captors through intermediaries linked to a Shia Muslim political faction were showing signs of progress. The talks had already produced evidence that the men were still alive.

“We just need another week of quiet,” Cannon White said from his home in Baghdad. “We’re engaged with the right people at a very high level and have had 'proof of life’ linked to the talks.”

The Telegraph article also links the hostage-taking to the capture of Khazzali, but hints at behind-the-scenes efforts to break the impasse. This strikes me as wishful thinking, however, as the US would be crazy to release Khazzali:

US officials said that the military was very unlikely to release a figure with direct links to the murders of its servicemen.

An American officer serving in Baghdad said: “He’s one of the biggest figures we’ve captured this year and that’s saying a lot because there have been so many of them caught.”

Critics of the Foreign Office decision not to publicise the plight of the men have pointed to the success of a worldwide campaign to free the BBC reporter Alan Johnston, who was seized in Gaza and held for nearly four months.

But unlike Mr Johnston’s kidnappers, the captors of the five men in Iraq have not release any information about the hostages on the internet.

Prayers for these hostages and their families, but also for the US authorities who are being pressured to swap a monster for innocent lives. Pray that the hostages will be freed without the burden of knowing that they were exchanged for a murderous terrorist who would only return to plot more death and destruction. Then they will be free indeed.

H/t George

UPDATE by Rusty: Bill Roggio has more on the Iran connection here.

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Video : 3 Doors Down - "Citizen Soldier"

Great song, great video...

Update by Vinnie: 3 Doors Down also did this song "When I'm Gone" and dedicated it to the U.S. Military. You may have heard it before, but it's cool nonetheless.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:59 PM | Comments |

AP Tries, Fails to Hype Military Desertion Rate

The AP "journalist" couldn't be bothered to do five minutes of research that would have destroyed the entire premise of the article.

Learning time, MSM: AWOL and desertion are not interchangeable terms, the rates are not "the highest since 1980," and this AP writer needs to find a new line of work.

By Good Lt. at 04:21 PM | Comments |

Come Home

Michael Yon's follow-up to last week's reopening of St. John's Church in Baghdad:

Most Reverend Shlemon Warduni, Auxiliary Bishop of the St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Diocese for Chaldeans and Assyrians in Iraq officiated standing directly beneath the dome under the Chaldean cross. Speaking in both Arabic and English, Bishop Warduni thanked those American soldiers sitting in the pews for their sacrifices. Again and again, throughout the service, he thanked the Americans.

Today, Muslims mostly filled the front pews of St John’s. Muslims who want their Christian friends and neighbors to come home. The Christians who might see these photos likely will recognize their friends here. The Muslims in this neighborhood worry that other people will take the homes of their Christian neighbors, and that the Christians will never come back. And so they came to St John’s today in force, and they showed their faces, and they said, “Come back to Iraq. Come home.” They wanted the cameras to catch it. They wanted to spread the word: Come home. Muslims keep telling me to get it on the news. “Tell the Christians to come home to their country Iraq.”

This is a very uplifting and encouraging sign. Will this good feeling last forever? Knowing human nature in a fallen world, probably not. But it's a start, and it gives people something to build on, and to look back on the days ahead when Al-Qaeda or other groups try to set neighbor against neighbor again. May God bless these brave people and give them the peace they desire and deserve.

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November 17, 2007

CNN Rigged Democrat Debate: The Evidence Mounts

Four plants made by CNN, who are stepping forward to claim that CNN screened them and made sure they asked what CNN wanted them to. Also, the post-debate analysis had two former Clinton staffers and James Carville praising Hillary's performance as the most flawless thing ever witnessed.

Sorry - all SIX plants were Democrat supporters, former staffers or politicos.

Even the KOSBOTS noticed the failed attempt to portray the plants and analysts as "undecided voters."

CNN - guys, the mask slipped. The jig's up. You're toadies for the Democrat Party, protecting Hillary (the lead Democrat candidate) from the big bad eeeevil questions that may hurt her polling numbers and make her appear to be the ignoramus she obviously was shown to be when Russert (GASP) asked her an unscripted series of questions and follow-up questions.

PATHETIC, and with potentially disturbing implications. Here we have a major, supposedly "objective" news network actively colluding with the Democrat Party to create in the public consciousness a false and staged image of the political candidates in that party to make them look better than they really are.

They told me if George Bush was reelected, that the media would be beholden to certain political parties and that messages of those parties would be mindlessly parroted (in direct cooperation with those networks) as "news" that was "fair and balanced." And they were right!

By Good Lt. at 11:43 PM | Comments |

Britain Arrests YouTube Jihadi

Via Christian Today: The man who placed an "obituary" on YouTube of one of the leading opponents of plans to build Europe's biggest mosque near the London Olympics site has been arrested by police.

The video, "In memory of Councillor Alan Craig", features the Leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance party, his wife and two daughters.

The two-minute video, which has now be taken down, was added by a man calling himself "abdullah1425" and was set to the strains of Elvis Presley's song Always On My Mind and opened with its title and the words 'To God we will all return'...

...Commenting, Cllr Craig said: "This incident now seems over. I will not be intimidated by threats of any kind as important issues about this mosque have to be addressed in an open and fair fashion. This whole episode has exposed the reality that some Muslims accustomed to using either violence, intimidation, or the threat of violence are linked to the idea of this mosque.

"I cannot say it often enough: the proposed mosque will be bad for London, bad for the community and an invitation for the propagation of separatist and fundamentalist Islamic ideas. Up to now, Mayor Ken Livingstone and the Labour establishment have turned a blind eye to the real nature of the organisation behind the mega-mosque. I hope they will look more seriously at them now."

Mr Craig represents Canning Town South ward in Newham borough, where he has the support of many Muslim residents in the area in his opposition to plans for the "mega-mosque" at Abbey Mills, near West Ham tube station, which will have a 12,000 capacity.

It is being proposed by the controversial Islamist group Tablighi Jamaat, whose previous adherents include Glasgow airport bomber Kafeel Ahmed, shoe bomber Richard Reid and the July 7 bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer.

Despite this arrest, YouTube still has not taken down the video.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs.

I now return myself to my regularly scheduled vacation.

By Howie at 07:56 PM | Comments |

Beowulf Movie : Angelina Jolie Naked, With Dragons


Well, it's not exactly Angelina Jolie you see naked. It's actually a computer-generated mother of Grendel who just happens to be shaped almost exactly like Angelina Jolie.

My take: the movie may or may not be as mind-bendingly awesome as some of the reviews would have you believe, but it's pretty good. The movie's done entirely in CGI animation. There's no live action whatsoever. There are many shots where the image looks real, but the movement of the characters is always just a little odd, particularly when it comes to facial expressions. CGI animators have always had trouble creating realistic skin and hair, but the large number of extreme facial close-ups in this movie reveals that the technology's getting pretty good these days.

Of course, the key thing here is that Angelina Jolie--or rather, Angelina Jolie's nearly perfect body double--is naked on camera for entire scenes of the movie. (I say "nearly perfect" because a few notable details are quite obviously missing from the virtual Angelina.) Beowulf is a big WWF-looking dude who kicks a whole lot of monster ass and even gets his freak on with the Angelina demon at one point. (For reasons that aren't fully explained, Beowulf also spends a lot of time running around and fighting in the buff.) Beowulf's lust for power (and for Angelina) ultimately costs him dearly at the hands of a huge, fire-breathing dragon. But most importantly, Angelina Jolie is naked--a lot.

Bottom line: If you don't like this movie, it's probably because you've come down with teh ghey.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:25 AM | Comments |

"Redacted" Gets 0 Stars

The worst movie Michael Medved has ever seen.

Listen to this hilariously awesome skewering of this loathsome piece of anti-military, anti-American propaganda. You'll be glad you did.

By Good Lt. at 10:46 AM | Comments |

November 16, 2007

More Democrat Plants in Debates?

As an undecided voter, I'm concerned that the Democrat party is not doing enough to field genuine questions from their audiences, and are instead relying on campaign-approved softballs deliberately planted by their campaigns (or the media) into willing mouthpieces in the audience to mindlessly mouth their agenda. Would any of the candidates care to answer these charges, keeping in mind that there's proof of this happening on a now regular basis?

By Good Lt. at 11:47 PM | Comments |

One Year of Captivity for Kidnapped Contractors

This is an anniversary that should never have been allowed to take place. One year ago today, five employees of Crescent Security were guarding a convoy of trucks taking supplies from Kuwait to Iraq, when they were stopped at a phony checkpoint. The contractors, Americans Paul Reuben, John Young, Jonathan Cote and Josh Munns, and Austrian Bert Nussbaumer, were abducted by men including some believed to be disgruntled former Crescent Security employees. Others have described the kidnappers as being part of Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army.

Whatever happened to the spirit of "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead!"?

I agree with the government's policy of not negotiating with terrorists, but that assumes that the hostages aren't just being abandoned to their fate. To me that means searching for and rescuing the hostages and then killing or arresting the abductors. It doesn't mean that families should have to shoulder the responsibility of finding their loved ones and selling t-shirts to raise money for their ransom. I greatly admire the families that have refused to give up and let their husbands and sons be forgotten. But it shouldn't be necessary.

Please continue to pray for the safe release of these and other hostages in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pray that their families will be strengthened and renewed to continue their efforts, and that they will be blessed by a happy reunion with their loved ones.

By at 08:51 PM | Comments |

7 Terrorists Nabbed in France

Seven men training in the woods of France for jihad in Iraq have been nabbed. Six of the seven are Bosnian, the last is Algerian.

What is it with the woods and jihadis? They always seem to march off to the forest to play jihad.

Why do I get the feeling that going to the woods to play jihad is a lot like hanging out in the bathroom stalls at a San Francisco public park?


French authorities have detained seven suspected Islamic militants who allegedly trained to fight in Iraq by firing weapons in the woods of eastern France, police officials said Friday.

Six of the men are French nationals of Bosnian origin, and the seventh is Algerian, the officials said. The men, ranging in age from early 20s to mid-40s, were arrested on Tuesday in the towns of Besancon and Pontarlier in eastern France. At least one was a student; another is a teacher.

That makes seven this month, and seven last month in France. 14 down, tens-of-thousands to go.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:13 PM | Comments |

Most Liberal Court in Nation Upholds "Warrantless Wiretapping"

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the most liberal in the nation, ruled that the "warrantless wiretapping program" is covered by the "state secrets" privilege. Each of the three judges on the panel were appointed by Democrat Presidents.

The suit was brought by a Muslim "charity", the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, which was shut down by the Treasury Department's OFAC division, after it was designated a Foreign Terrorist Entity. The "charity" was really an al Qaeda money-laundering scheme.

Patterico has info on today's decision.

The Left to go apeshit in 3....2.....1....blastoff!

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Kyla Ebbert, Booted from Southwest Airlines, Lands in Playboy (UPDATED)

Nice abs!

More photos and video posted here. Kyla's cached MySpace page is here.

UPDATE : Ace's boys found the even less SFW pics here via these guys.


*Update by Rusty: Image put below the fold....because I'm at work.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:00 PM | Comments |

Osama bin Laden Sighting?

Ahmad Farooq, a Pakistani Taliban leader has told the Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, that he knows where bin Laden is. According to Farooq, bin Laden is moving between Chitral and the "corridor of Waqan", a region of Pakistan bordering China and Tajikstan.

Bin Laden, he claims, is surrounded by 20 bodyguards at all times. His posse is constantly moving from village to vilage, sometimes across the borders. He's even been to China. AKI:

"There are always 20 armed men with him, free from satellite telephones so that they did not risk detection by the Americans," he told the newspaper.

"Not far from him there are two other similar groups that move in parallel. Osama passes from one to the other often many times in a week. No-one knows which group he is with at any time."

Farooq said bin Laden had also managed to hide in the Pakistan-China border area of Karakorum, an uninhabited remote area, because it is guarded by Chinese troops.

It's only later in the article that Farooq admits he hasn't personally seen bin Laden since 2003. If he's to believed, it's an interesting story:
Farooq gave many details about where bin Laden had been since September 11 2001 - hiding in the Afghan province of Khost until it became too dangerous for him.

Then, he said, the al-Qaeda leader moved to the Chitral region, in northern Pakistan.

"I saw him for the last time on 17 September 2003 not far from Dir, my village, " he said. "His caravan was moving slowly. They told me he was not well. They didn't seem worried about being detected by the Americans.

"Instead, they were looking for medicines and a warm place for the night. In that area winter arrives early. With the first snow fall the passes are closed at more than 4,000 metres and you have to wait for spring.

"I think they only went to China in summer, when the paths are clear."

Let's suspend disbelief for a moment and imagine that we finally have a Taliban leader not lying (it's difficult, I know). There are really two sources of information here. The first is hearsay: Farooq doesn't tell us how he knows bin Laden is traveling through the region, he just makes the assertion.

The second, though, is Farooq's own sighting of Osama bin Laden. That leaves us with the last bin Laden sighting in 2003. So, even if the story is true then its possible that bin Laden died sometime after that.

My money is on dead, but as longtime readers know I have a hedge bet on bin Laden being out of the region entirely.

Hat tip: Astute Blogger.

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Teri Hatcher....Conservative?

I knew there was a reason I've had a longtime crush on Teri Hatcher. She's hot.

Turns out she's not a liberal, either. And maybe even a Conservative.

That's not why I get a special feeling whenever Ragnar sends me pics of her ... but it ain't hurting!

Sexy women are hot, regardless of party affiliation. But liberals annoy me.

Most men can stand an annoying woman, who is hot. But there are diminishing margins of return to hotness. At some point, no matter how hot you are, all that we see is annoying.

Terri Hatcher is hot enough that she'd have to be two degrees left of Janeane Garofalo before she'd register on the annoying scale.

So she's not a Republican--big deal, neither am I--but at the very least we now know she's not a leftist. And as hot as she is, can you ask for anything more?

Washington Times:

While Democrats enjoy very public support from Hollywood's top actors and musicians, who often hold lavish events for their favorite candidates, Republican supporters in Hollywood try hard to keep their political views quiet....

Teri Hatcher, an actress on the television show "Desperate Housewives," even forwarded an interview request to her attorneys. Ms. Hatcher, who had lunch in February in Beverly Hills with former President George H.W. Bush, has repeatedly turned down invitations to be on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher." MSNBC reported that "a source" said "she's not in-sync" with the aggressively liberal host, prompting some to wonder if she is secretly conservative.

"Please be advised that Ms. Hatcher is not a Republican, but more importantly does not choose to have her political affiliation or viewpoints on any particular candidate or issue in the current presidential campaign included in your proposed article," lawyer Barry W. Tyerman said in an e-mail.

Former Jawa posts crushing on Teri Hatcher:
Terri Hatcher Uses Sex Toys, Needs Gigilo

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At Hillary's Campaign Headquarters

Sorry, that should have been Hillquarters.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:03 PM | Comments |

Grim Milestone: 10,000 Terror Attacks Since 9/11

grim_milestone_10000_terrorists_dead.jpgA grim milestone int he war on terror was reached overnight. Since the September 11th attacks there have now been over 10,000 terror attacks carried out by Islamists.

Most of the victims of these attacks are Muslims. This week alone there have been 52 attacks carried out in the name of Islam. 304 people have been killed by the jihadis, 231 injured.


For all of the stale, half-hearted pronouncements that Islam "has nothing to do" with the killing (usually made by individuals or organizations which don't otherwise seem all that concerned), the ugly truth is that it is the "radicals" who have Islam's history and holiest texts on their side. Thus the terror continues - now having reached 10,000 attacks since 9/11, as documented here.
Does Islam have something to do with terrorism? Of course it does. Just like Marx has something to do with Communism, and Communism had something to do with the deaths of tens of millions of people.

This does not mean that Marxists can't reject the worst parts of Communism. Or that Communists can't reject violence or the one-party state.

But to argue that Marxism and Communism had nothing to do with the murder of millions in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. would be to stare empirical reality in the face and declare it a myth.

It is the same with Islam. One cannot look around the world today and say that Islam has nothing to do with terror. Clearly it does since nearly every act of terror in the world comes from Muslims acting in the name of Islam.

I know this will hurt the feelings of some Muslims. I'm sorry. Most Muslims reject terror. I know this. And maybe there is some other factor here that I'm missing.

Maybe I'm wrong. But if I am wrong then please don't try to argue with me. You're wasting your breath.

Instead of trying to convince me that Islam is a religion of peace, why don't you use your energies convincing the jihadis?

Once the Salafis and the Khomeinists stop killing people on a daily basis then I'll rethink my position. I'm an empiricist. When the killing stops then I'll rethink my theory of causation.

And since their victims are far more likely to be Muslims than an infidel like myself, then I'd say you have a vested interest in convincing the jihadis. You are far more likely to be the victim of their acts of violence than me.

UPDATE: Speaking of "Islam is Peace", Robert Spencer has a new Jihad Watch video up.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:07 AM | Comments |

Bestselling Author: Torture is "Far more effective than liberals would have you believe"

Vince Flynn on torture:

I think it should be done in the rarest of situations. Anybody who says torture doesn't work hasn't studied the history of torture. Torture, or aggressive interrogation, is only as good as the interrogators. Take Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, for instance. He got waterboarded and he sang like a canary ... he ended up naming operatives and giving up a treasure trove of financial secrets as well as plans for future attacks. This was not Uday and Qusai Hussein at work. This was done with clinical precision, not brute force....

I know Amnesty International would disagree with me, but every American needs to ask themselves, "If you could turn back the clock one week [before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks] would you want Zacarias Moussaoui to have been interrogated by waterboarding?"

I'm still uncomfortable with torture. Almost as uncomfortable as I am with dying at the hands terrorists.

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Im in ur commie calendar, makin the lolz

I love this.

On today's agenda:

How To Hate America Without Having Your Patriotism Questioned Conference

Keith Olbermann: Two Pump Chump?

Happy Birthday Juanita Broddrick!

Sensitivity Training For Entropy

LECTURE: How to Celebrate Abortion by Sticking Your Head in a Vacuum

FORUM: Will Tattooing Your Genitalia Green Save the Earth?

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:36 AM | Comments |

Video : Swift Kids Break the Truth about Hillary

This is awesome.

"You'll be sorrrrry!!!"

h/t : LGF

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:59 AM | Comments |

Liveblogging Tonight's Democrat Debate

Aw, hell, did I miss it again?

Well, discuss my wife's* nipples then.

* Full disclosure, those aren't really my wife's nipples. In order to preserve disk space and bandwidth, Howie had to go with a much smaller, but reasonable facsimile.

The fact remains, however, that I get to fondle them and you don't, so therefore, it sucks to be you.

By Vinnie at 01:55 AM | Comments |

November 15, 2007

Supporting the Troops Liberal Style

The Cambridge Election Commission has had Boy Scout donation boxes for the troops removed from polling stations because someone called to complain that they were "too pro-war." So much for the oft-repeated leftist lie that they "support the troops, but not their mission."

From Wicked Local Cambridge:

Marsha Weinerman, executive director of the city’s Election Commission, said the boxes were removed after a resident complained to commission workers about their implied “pro-war” message.

“We contacted the law department, and it was determined that the best course of action would be to remove the boxes,” Weinerman said.

In a column that appears in this week’s Chronicle, Troop leader Jamisean Patterson said the commission twice granted the scouts permission to set up the boxes at the polling stations.

“We have never seen anything like this decision in Cambridge before,” Patterson wrote. The city is changing for the worse if decisions like this are allowed to be made.”

Nothing gives a BDS-suffering lefty wood like screwing the troops and the Boy Scouts at the same time.

Hat tip: Jay at Stop the ACLU, who has video of local coverage.

By Bluto11:17 PM | Comments |

Peaceniks Drop Their Babies on the Curb...FOR TEH CHILDREN!!1

Swinging for the bleachers, the antiwar left's Olympia contingent swings and misses, instead stooping to an all-time low. The nutosphere is strangely out-rage free over this.

Can't imagine why.


This reminds me of something I read in the NYT yesterday, recalling an incident in 1970 when a member of the Weathermen blew her apartment up while attempting to make bombs in the basement, killing three...because she was angry at the Vietnam War.

Until now, neither Ms. Wilkerson nor Ms. Boudin have spoken publicly about the events. Now Ms. Wilkerson has written a memoir, “Flying Close to the Sun,” which unsparingly maps the idealism, fanaticism, moral absolutism and personal passions that carried her to the town house.

She writes, “I abandoned myself to the sanctimoniousness of hating my enemies.”

In a walk down 11th Street, in an interview, and in the book, Ms. Wilkerson, now 62, a math teacher and the mother of a grown daughter, describes her own acquiescence to violence as a slow-motion personal collapse, taking place in a wider cast of people who had lost their bearings in anger at United States policies in Vietnam and elsewhere.

When you see images like the one above that drive self-appointed saviors of the world to use their children as human shields in their quests for "peace," you begin to wonder if some of todays self-described leftwing super-patriots aren't flirting with this kind of fanatical violence in the name of their so-called causes.

ht: Michelle Malkin

By Good Lt. at 10:24 PM | Comments |

Heartache: Rare "Disease" Causes Woman to Have 200 Orgasms a Day....We feel her "pain"

sarah_carmen.jpgAn unnamed Jawa source is perusing the headlines from around the world to bring you the important news.

Meet Sarah Carmen. Sarah "suffers" from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). A rare and socially embarrassing disease. Sarah has up to 200 orgasms a day.

Poor, poor Sarah.

The story claims she's a "beautician" and a "skin care specialist" who works in a salon, and that much of the her condition off.

But a quick Google search reveals that Sara Carmen is really an exotic model (warning: NSFW link) willing to do "girl/girl" and "video" for $140 an hour. Sorry fellas, Sara doesn't do "boy/girl".

But I'm guessing she does kinky interviews with trashy magazines for about the same rate. The interviewer claims she had five orgasms during the interview.


Same Sarah Carmen? Yup. I'd post the other pic she has up which matches with the "news" story, but this is a PG-13 blog.

The moral of the story? Never Google search a story that you desperately want to be true!

News of the World:

Sarah is a beautician and working in salons filled with whirring hairdryers and skincare gadgets can cause problems.

"If I start coughing and run to the loo, the girls know to fetch the client a magazine or a cup of tea," she said, adding, "Sometimes I'd like to just have a normal life."

And the related story:
She explained: "Anything can set me off. Even the hairdryers cause funny pulsations through my body.

"As a skin care specialist I have to use tools which vibrate a lot of the time for micro-dermabrasion and they sometimes set me off.

"I find if I'm nervous I'm less likely to get over-excited. So sometimes I try to psyche myself up and worry to control my orgasms.

"Some of my regular customers know my problem. But with new clients it's hard to explain.

"I have been in the middle of a treatment and it's happened and I've had to carry on.

And a doctor asks us to understand poor Sarah's condition:
Either way, a woman with PSAS can be in mental and physical pain and really needs sympathetic medical help.

The more women like Sarah speak out, the more the medical profession will realise this is something they need to treat with sympathy and understanding.

PSAS sufferers, be sure to leave a comment. I am a "doctor". Maybe I can be of some service?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:51 PM | Comments |

Online Jihadis Urge al Qaeda to Behead Bush on Saudi Visit

Isn't the al Hesbah forum just so fun these days? It's a lot like Ekhlaas, only fewer videos and more death threats. MEMRI:

"This Saturday, Bush Will Be in Riyadh; Lions of the Peninsula, [Get Ready] to Cut Off His Head." ...

This Saturday [November 17, 2007], the Arabian Peninsula, home of the Prophet Muhammad, will be trodden upon by the Crusader dog, the foolish leader of the worldwide heresy and evil, [George] Bush. He will attend a summit, which will, to the best of my knowledge, be dedicated to world trade.

"Oh young [followers] of Muhammad! Hasten to assassinate this leader of heresy! [In reward], may Allah promote you to the highest spheres of Paradise. Oh brigades of martyrs, go forth with Allah's blessing and lie in wait for this scoundrel everywhere, just as the Al-Qaeda fighters have been ambushing his soldiers in Iraq."

Zarqawi chic, it's back baby!

Hat tip Leesa.

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Al Qaeda in Somalia Promises to Behead Ethiopian Children

Aden Hashi Farah Ayro (alt. "Eyrow), the leader of the African Courts Union's Hizbal Shabaab youth movement today threatened to kill any and all African Union troops sent to Somalia as peacekeepers. He specifically threatened Ugandan and Burundi troops which are preparing to enter Somalia.

He also warned that Somalian jihadis would someday reach the capital of Ethiopia and behead women and children there.

[The website most likely to have published the audio seems to be down at the moment. It's hosted by Yahoo! UPDATE: Nope, website back up and can't find audio there. Another Somali website, affiliated with the Islamic Courts Union and hosted in Michigan doesn't have the audio either. If you know where this is, please e-mail me.

UPDATE: Audio can be downloaded here from this Somali website.]

And if there was any doubt that the Islamists of the African Courts Union, who I've dubbed the 'African Taliban', are connected to al Qaeda, please let this put it to rest: Ayro's began his audio address by greeting Osama bin Laden.

Just so this won't get lost down the memory hole: many in the State Department, prior to the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, were urging the U.S. to recognize the African Taliban as the legitimate government there in an effort to reach out to 'moderates' and to 'bring stability' to the war-torn nation even as supporters of the African Courts Union were holding up signs praising bin Laden.


A Somali Islamist commander, thought to be al Qaeda's man in Mogadishu, has ordered his fighters to attack African Union (AU) peacekeepers in rare taped comments intended to bolster an anti-government insurgency.

Somali Web sites that posted the 20-minute recording named the speaker as Aden Hashi Ayro, who has been in hiding since his sharia courts group was ousted from its southern strongholds by joint Somali-Ethiopian forces in January....

Ayro, who security and intelligence sources say trained in assassination and insurgency tactics in Afghanistan in the late 1990s, vowed to take the fighting to the Ethiopian capital.

"They beheaded our children, women and elderly people in Mogadishu and we must behead theirs in Addis Ababa," he said.....

He prefaced his message with a greeting to all Mujahadeen groups and al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Hat tip: Beowulf

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Ronald Reagan's Jeep

Little Miss Attila on Ronnie's Jeep and the Reagan Ranch Center.

The coolest part of the evening was meeting three Marines at the event. Stacey McCain describes it a little bit here.

The Marines were on leave prior to their deployment to Iraq and were grabbing a picture outside the Center, since one of them was a big-time Ronald Reagan fan.

The good people at the Young America's Foundation invited them to the private banquet honoring former Attorney General John Ashcroft. They became the guests of honor, receiving a standing ovation. Since the next day was the Marine Corps anniversary, we all sang the Marine Corps hymn--led by John Ashcroft.

Shouts of 'hoorah' came from around the room from Marine veterans.

I couldn't help but wonder if the 'troop-supporters' on the Left would have treated the Marines so enthusiastically and so well? I'm told that at other events, organizers sometimes have to remind the audience to be nice and to applause. No joke.

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U.S. State Department Acting Like KGB in the Ukraine

I just got this letter from a long time reader. She was in the Ukraine to adopt a child. The child was conceived in vitro through a surrogate.

When she went to the embassy to present her new baby's birth certificate, a State Department official accused her of human trafficking and called the Ukrainian police!

The State Department's ineptness got Jeanette arrested. She spent some time in jail, and now will be formally charged.

The State Department got her into this mess and, to make matters worse, isn't helping her out of it either. She's been a longtime reader of The Jawa, although rarely comments, she sends me tips from time to time.

I'd appreciate the help with this one. You'd expect the same if it happened to you.

Please contact the U.S. State Department on Jeanette's behalf here and the Kiev embassy here.

Her letter is below.

UPDATE: Cristi Li has more details at

Friends I had hoped to keep this part of my life private but it seems I am no longer able too. As a few of you know I was going to the Ukraine to adopt a child. Well the real truth of it is I had a child using a surrogate. The child is not genticly related to my husband or myself. I felt that this information was private and didn't want to burden my daughter with this unnessary information.

However now i must reveal the truth. Surrogacy is legal in the Ukraine After my daughter was born and the surrogate signed away all rights (even though the baby was not her gentic child) I got a birth certificate in my and my husbands name. I went to the US consolate here in Kiev.

You are not going to beleive what they have done to me. They accused me of having a fruadulent birth cettifcare. They called the Ukrianian police and child wealfae. When the hospital ISIDA where I had made arraments for all of this tried to contact the US consulate they refused to speak to them. It seems thruth doesn't matter I was arrested for trafficng in persons and my daughter was taken from me.

I am innocent of these charges and I don't understand why the US consulate felt nesscary to do this for me. But now I'm trapped in an old soviet sytem. Proof as in documentation of what I did was legal doesn't seem to matter.I was detained in a cell that was dimaly lit with no food water or heat for three days. Sometine I was locked in a closet with just a peep hole. I don't now why. They realeased me with just 100 dollars. They still have my wedding ring, my cell phone, my computer and my credit cards. I owe my landlord rent. I am using what money I have to email everyone I know. My husband has contacted CNN and other news agencies but they can't beleive the consulate has done this to me.

Tomarrow I will be formaly charged with traffcing in persons. A crime that is up to 15 years in jail. Why the state departement refuses to help me I don't undrstand.

Please everyone write to the state department and the news. Don't let this happen to me and my daughter. The US Consulate should not be acting like the KGB!!

Jeanette Runyon

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Woman Fined for Penis Biting

(Skovde, Sweden) A 22-year-old woman has been convicted of assault and sexual harassment for biting a man's penis in a fast-food outlet.

The incident occurred after the woman approached the man and asked him several times if he would like her to perform oral sex on him. The pair were not acquainted and the man declined the offer. He then kept trying to reason with her as he turned his body away from her advances.

But the woman would not take no for an answer. Catching the man off guard, she pulled his trousers down and sank her teeth into one side of his penis. She then scratched him in the face.

Apparently, she was drunk at the time and claims that she doesn't remember the incident.

Nonetheless, she was given a suspended sentence, fined 80 days' wages and ordered to pay the man 11,600 kronor ($1,800) in damages.

I guess she just wanted it her way. There's no confirmation that she shouted, "Where's the beef? I'm lovin' it."

By at 03:31 PM | Comments |

Bloggers PWN Peace Activists

The Olympia Freedom & Justice group, the same buckets o'scum that are pouring concrete on rail lines in order to disrupt supply lines to our soldiers, has a website! Even smelly dirty hippies have websites these days. Who knew?

Turns out they had a social/meetup/agitation calender that anyone could add to.

So, Ace's readers had some fun.

My favorite on the new-improved hippie calendar? "Scheduled monthly bath-time".

Here's a screencap for all to see.

UPDATE: Join the fun and add to the calendar here. I'd suggest, "wax nipples".

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:38 PM | Comments |

Brave Mujahideen Kill Kid for Teaching English

I guess English must be Shaitan's language?

Armed men arrived at the school in the Sayed Karam district of Paktia province and grabbed a 16-year-old student and dragged him outside.

“Taliban militants took the boy out and killed him outside the school just because he was teaching English to his classmates,” said General Esmatullah Alizai, the police chief of Paktia province.

The Taliban denied involvement but, you know, this is the Taliban. The same Taliban that used to beat girls for learning to read.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:06 PM | Comments |

America, F*ck Yeah! 25 al Qaeda Killed in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed 25 suspected terrorists and detained 21 suspects, four of whom were wounded, late Tuesday and early Wednesday during operations targeting senior terrorist leaders in central Iraq.

During a series of coordinated operations west of Tarmiyah, Coalition forces targeted associates of senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders believed to be in the area.

Coalition forces observed several armed men in the target area and, perceiving hostile intent, called for supporting aircraft to engage.

The supporting aircraft fired on the target, but intelligence reports indicated the men unloaded an anti-aircraft weapon from the target and moved to a secondary location.

The ground force engaged the armed men, killing one, wounding another and detaining one suspect.

Upon securing the area, the ground force found a weapons cache, to include anti-aircraft weapons and artillery.

Supporting aircraft was used to safely destroy an associated building, vehicle and site believed to be used for anti-aircraft attacks against Coalition forces.

The ground force also followed suspects from the initial meeting to several buildings in the area.

As Coalition forces approached the target areas, they were engaged by enemy fire from both locations.

Responding in self-defense, ground forces called for supporting aircraft to engage, killing 24 and wounding three.

As the ground forces secured the areas, they found two substantially large weapons caches, which were safely destroyed by supporting aircraft to prevent further use by terrorists.

The caches included numerous anti-aircraft machine guns, surface-to-surface missiles, rifles, pistols, grenades, mortar rounds and artillery shells.

Coalition forces also found a large quantity of ammunition and components used to manufacture improvised explosive devices.

Coalition forces also detained 16 suspects at the two locations.

All of the injured received immediate medical treatment on site by Coalition forces medical experts and were taken to a near-by military medical facility for further treatment.

“Al-Qaeda is being hit continually by Iraqi and Coalition Forces, so their networks are disrupted and their manpower pool diminishing, thus limiting their ability to strike innocent Iraqis,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman.

Source: MNF


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Is This Blog Cold?

Somehow, the vacationing Howie got this pic of the semi-retired Vinnie's wife. I'm guessing he bought it from eBay.


It's a theme.......

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:13 PM | Comments |

Crisis Averted: Italy Siezes Quranic Toilet Seats

It's an old story, but somehow I missed it. Apparently it's a crime in Italy to write versus of the Quran on a toilet seat. Muslims were outraged at the blasphemy. Laws against blasphemy in Italy?

If that is indeed, the law, then hasn't Italy already adopted sharia?

Islam Online:

Italian Muslims have swiftly acted to stop the sale in local stores of toilet seat covers that feature verses of the Noble Qur'an in an unprecedented blasphemous act, reporting the matter to appropriate authorities and politicians, who proved forthcoming.
Or are they just afraid that outraged Muslims might start blowing stuff up?
"We reacted astutely to this provocation and threw the ball in the court of security officials and politicians, demanding them to seize the products immediately to head off angry Muslim reaction," [Samir Al-Khalidi, the head of the Islamic Centre (Al-Huda) in Rome] added.

Following Muslim complaints, police raided the four braches of the company in the town of Latina, 60km south of Rome, and seized 2,000 such pieces on sale.

Interior minister Giuliano Amato met Friday with Italian Muslim leaders at the main Rome Mosque to reassure them that Italy would not tolerate such outrageous acts.

Maybe we should just write Europe off as a total loss and start over in, say, India?

Hat tip: The Opinionator.


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Video: Nipples, Nipples, Come See Me Eat Nipples

And you thought the Japanese had a corner on odd English lyrics? Lost in translation indeed......


Seriously, this is why the Indians will ultimately prevail over the Pakistanis. Let's see the Pakis compete with Bollywood. Sure, they've got nukes, but do they have the nipple song?

I swear, it's a coincidence that I referenced nipples already once today. Since Allahakchew sent me this, I'm guessing that she and Hucbald are secretly conspiring to see if they can't get me to drop a nipple reference in to each and every post today.

It. Won't. Work.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:53 AM | Comments |

Abu Hamza Heading to U.S. for Trial

It looks just a matter of one more signature, a routine matter, and then he gets to face American justice. I expect final approval for the extradition to come in a matter of days.


The Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri can be extradited to the US to face terrorism charges, a court has ruled....

City of Westminster Magistrates Court approved the extradition, but the decision has to be ratified by the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.

Senior District Judge Timothy Workman ruled that Abu Hamza, who preached at Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, had lost his legal arguments....

The US government wants to put Abu Hamza on trial on 11 charges, alleging he funded terrorism, organised a "terrorist training camp" in Oregon between 1998 and 2000, and conspired to take 12 Westerners hostage in Yemen in 1998.

Thanks to Glen Jenvey, who instrumental in the sting operation which connected Hamza with James Ujamaa, Hamza's webmaster and the leader of the Oregon plot.

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Hero Trading Cards

The DOD has a website devoted to American heroes and they've printed up hero "baseball cards". It would be great if they actually sold these. I'd pick up a pack or two.

Chances of MSM giving it coverage? Zilch. But their glaring indiference to heroic troops is just their way of supporting the troops.

Don't question their patriotism.

Check out the back of this one of Bronze Star awardee Jessica Kuge, a hero for countering enemy propaganda.


Thanks to Chuck

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:28 AM | Comments |

Next to Sean Young, the Best MP Ever

Go check out Moriarti the Kafir's blog. He's headed to Iraq as an MP and has a goal of "Take it to the jihadis every chance I get."

Good luck, and Godspeed.

Parenthetically, have you ever noticed there are no good MP characters in film? Always busting in just as the a good fight really gets going. Or running after soldiers who were just stealing the general's Jeep because have you seen the requisitions forms lately?

Except those two from Stripes. Hand down the best piece of tail Harold Ramis ever had.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:19 AM | Comments |

All Blogging and No Play Make Jules a Dull Boy

Congrats to Jules Crittenden on one year of blogging.

Blogging is a lot like a Stephen King novel. Only fewer clowns.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:10 AM | Comments |

Gratuitous Music Post (& nipple pinching)

For Hucbald. Because he seemed kind of depressed. Plus, what beats a good nipple pinching in the morning?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:07 AM | Comments |

Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Jiri Tlusty : "I Just Have Wide Stance"

Here's your stupid pro hockey controversy of the day:

Zack Taylor: Why are were there pictures sent to us of you and another man licking each other's tongues?

Jiri: Because was really good night after his birthday and we had really good time all our group from home town

Zack Taylor: Are you gay or bisexual?

Jiri: I am not gay or bi nothing

Because after all, when it comes to having a "really good night" as a straight man, what tops making out with a dude?

...except maybe NOT making out with a dude? I think that makes for an even better "really good night." Even better than that: making out with a chick. That's even more better! What about making out with a hot chick, or with two chicks?

No wonder Canada seems so screwy...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:39 AM | Comments |

November 14, 2007

Huckabee Caught in Another "Misremembrance"

Some folks are accusing Huckabee of lying here. Kinda tough to believe he was intentionally lying. It's just too easy to check the facts on this.

Then again, this isn't the first time Huckabee's been less-than-accurate about his tax hikes in Arkansas.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:41 PM | Comments |

Britain Cracking Down on Terrorist Propaganda

Lord, if I have to read one more time about how "difficult" or "impossible" it is to take down terrorist websites, I swear I'm going to bust a nut!

Seriously, it's neither difficult nor impossible. In fact, its easy.

That is, it's easy when webhosts cooperate. So a law demanding that enemy propaganda be taken off the web would sure go a long way in inducing uncooperative webhosts to, well, f*cking cooperate!

The goal in the counter-online jihad is not to eliminate the jihadis altogether. That is impossible.

But so what? We're also never going to get rid of child porn on the web completely.

The goal is not to eliminate the cyber jihadis, the goal is to make it difficult for them to operate. To drive them further underground. To make it more difficult for their propaganda to be spread and consumed.

Good luck to Gordon Brown, I hope he gets this past the pinheads in his own party. AP:

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants Internet companies to help stifle online terrorist propaganda, he told lawmakers Wednesday, as officials say they plan to meet leading service providers to find ways of putting a lid on extremist content.

But the providers argue they already do all they can to fight illegal terrorist material online, and experts say even powerful filters cannot block determined users from getting their message out.

"Fundamentally, it's a losing proposition," said Ian Brown, a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, noting that even countries such as China and Myanmar have had trouble with their online censorship efforts.....

Although the removal of child pornography is relatively uncontroversial, service providers have expressed unhappiness at having to shut down their customers' sites over, for example, allegations of libel, where guilt is difficult to determine at a glance. They are unlikely to welcome similar demands over material that allegedly glorifies terrorism.

"Allegedly" glorifies terrorism???

Earth to idiots: if al Qaeda produced the f*cking video, it's a good f*cking bet that it f*cking "glorifies terrorism".

F*cking morons.

Hat tip: Ace

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:54 PM | Comments |

Please Taze Them Bro!

Seriously, someone needs to break out the tasers in Olympia.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:16 PM | Comments |

Looks Like the Lal Masjid Students Are Having a Bad Day......

Officially the website belonged to the Jamia Hafsa madrassa, which is the school affiliated with the famous Lal Masjid or Red Mosque in Pakistan. Since I found the link through the Red Mosque's website, I'm pretty certain it belongs to someone at the Jamiah Hafsa.

You may have heard of The Red Mosque. It was recently occupied by Jamiah Hafsa students and led to a standoff between them and Pakistani forces. The mosque was eventually stormed by Pakistani troops leaving 102 dead.

But we know who the Jama Hafsa school really supports: The Taliban.

And just in case there was any question as to this fact, here is what you would see at their website, which was 'under construction', but alas, will never be completed.


I have transcribed it at the very end of this post. The website also hosted various jihadi audio, video, and even poetry. But no more. Here is what you see today.


Buh-bye.........oh, and I have a little message for 'Hamza' below.

The message reads:

Oh Pakistani nation! Rise up and overthrow this apostate who has rebelled against the Allah’s commands.

O' Pakistani Ulema! Come forwards and join hands with the innocents of Lal Masjid and shed your fear of this tyrant.

O' Pakistani Islamic politicians! Shed your hypocrisy and ambiguous stance for Allah shall surely make you accountable.

O'Pakistani Youth! Rise up and prepare for Jihad against the great evil, the United States and her client the Musharraf regime that is worst hypocrite on the face of this earth.

O' Allah! Grant help to the oppressed women and children who are being slaughtered in your cause by the munafiqeen forces.

O'Allah! Destroy this evil army and replace it with the believers, and strengthen the hands of Mujahideen to strike them hard.

May Allah destroy all those forces of Munafiqeen [hypocrites] who have supported this tyrant regime overtly and covertly through their reporting in the media and their evil designs.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:48 PM | Comments |

Stupid Jihadi Propaganda of the Day (Or, When Juba Suddenly Turns & Kills Achmed)

A Turkish language website in support of the jihad in Chechnya is hotlinking an image from Internet Haganah. The image shows a mujahideen sniper scoping in on an infidel to kill. Or does it?

Click the image for a closer view.

That's really a U.S. sniper! If it was me I'd swap out the sniper photo for some Turkish porn, but Aaron obviously has too much class. Besides, it's kind of funny as it is.

The commentary on the image is Aaron's. And, yes, the sheep are on the original webpage. WTF?


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:54 PM | Comments |

Bambi Plots Revenge on Vinnie

It's hunting season. A vicious rumor has been circulating in the Sandcrawler that Vinnie is out to kill Bambi. But a sooper-sikret source reveals to The Jawa Report, that Bambi is plotting revenge. And this time, it's personal.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:30 PM | Comments |

Poverty/Education Inversely Related to Terrorism

This article by Princeton economist Alan Krueger asserts the impossible: that poverty and education level are not associated with terrorism.

Impossible did I say? But for the empirical data, even I, who think that ideology is the most important factor, wouldn't write off poverty and education levels as being contributory.

It's the problem I have with reductionist arguments in general: did X cause Y. As if X must be the only cause of Y.

So, when people argue why terrorists do the things they do I usually sit that argument out. Maybe there are causes, and complex ones at that.

But while science isn't all that great at generating lists of potential causal factors (intuition and the good old fashion literature review do that), it is pretty good at falsifying assertions.

Assertions like: poverty and lack of education leads to terrorism.

The American:

The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project conducted public opinion surveys in February 2004 in Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, and Turkey, involving about 1,000 respondents in each country. One of the questions asked was, “What about suicide bombing carried out against Americans and other Westerners in Iraq? Do you personally believe that this is justifiable or not justifiable?” Pew kindly provided me with tab­ulations of these data by respondents’ personal characteristics.

The clear finding was that people with a higher level of education are in general more likely to say that suicide attacks against Westerners in Iraq are justified. I have also broken this pattern down by income level. There is no indication that people with higher incomes are less likely to say that sui­cide-bombing attacks are justified.

For the methodologists in the argument, I'd point out that Krueger is using individual level data. Which is important, since those who hold the income/education theory of terrorism are generally using country level data to support their hypothesis.

In other words, they back up their assertion by saying that since support for acts of terror is higher in poor countries, then poverty must be the causal factor.

But by using individual level data, we can disaggregate between what the middle-class/educated/wealthy think of terrorism in these same countries from what the poor/uneducated think.

And it turns out that in the countries surveyed that the more education you have the more likely you are to support terrorism.

But it's not just Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Another source of opinion data is the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, headquar­tered in Ramallah. The center collects data in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. One question, asked in December 2001 of 1,300 adults, addressed attitudes toward armed attacks on Israeli tar­gets. Options were “strongly support,” “support,” “oppose,” “strongly oppose,” or “no opinion.”

Support turned out to be stronger among those with a higher level of education. For exam­ple, while 26 percent of illiterates and 18 per­cent of those with only an elementary education opposed or strongly opposed armed attacks, the figure for those with a high school education was just 12 percent.

The least supportive group turned out to be the unemployed, 74 percent of whom said they support or strongly back armed attacks. By comparison, the support level for merchants and professionals was 87 percent.

So, among Palestinians, support for attacks against Israel is generally high, but among the educated and the middle class it is highest.

Krueger then goes on to cite two studies showing thatPalestinian suicide bombers and Hizbollah martyrs were more educated and wealthier than their peers. And then:

his is also the case, apparently, with al-Qaeda. Marc Sageman, a forensic psychiatrist and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer, has written a book titled Understanding Terror Networks. He found that a high proportion of mem­bers of al-Qaeda were college educated (close to 35 percent) and drawn from skilled professions (almost 45 percent).
Anecdotally, think about al Qeaeda members. Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri. Mohammed Atta was a graduate student in Germany. Etc.....

Let the intellectual legacy of Marxism on the study of terrorism die with this article. Too much evidence suggests that the primary motivation for terrorists is a commitment to an Islamist ideology.

Sure, they claim it is our foreign policy. But it is their Islamist ideology that frames their view of it. Like their Marxist intellectual allies, they see a world in which the U.S. is to blame for all that is bad.

The whole article is just great. I suggest you read the whole thing. Krueger also addresses proximity and suppression of civil liberties. His findings? International terrorists are most likely to come from wealthy Muslim countries which suppress civil liberties.

Perhaps the neo-con position on the spreading of democracy as a way to curb terrorism isn't as far off as some have thought?

Thanks to Ashley for the tip.

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The Next Abu Ghraib Abuse Scandal: Laughing

If you read David Smith's embed journal today over at The Guardian, you really have to wonder if this guy is a moron or just a complete tool. In it he recounts how a patrol in Baghdad picks up some young men as potential terrorists. The young men are bound and blindfolded.

Why is Smith an asshat of an embed? Because he emphasizes over and over just how scary it must be to be one of the suspects, and the tone of the piece is that the "barely out of their teens" suspects are probably not guilty of anything.

He says:

there was something about the scene that made me uncomfortable
What made him uncomfortable was that a) the suspects were handcuffed b) the suspects were blindfolded c) the soldiers were laughing.

Laughing. I. Shit. You. Not.

The US soldiers stood around, chatting and laughing, which must have been a disconcerting sound to the suspects, who were eventually led away for questioning.
To set the context and tone just right, he even drops an Abu Ghraib reference.
Later I asked a major at Prosperity why it was necessary to physically compromise these young men - one of them injured - who had not been found guilty of any crime. He said that the Stryker vehicles don't have separate compartments so "it's best if we restrain them, it keeps everyone quiet". He added that this small detention centre had opened after the Abu Ghraib scandal and "all the lessons have been learned".
Wow, just wow.

Does this guy actually think soldiers ought to treat potential terrorists in the same manner that police treat suspects? Does he not realize these aren't police arresting criminals? These are soldiers in a war.

You know what else might make Smith uncomfortable? Getting blown up by an IED.

Hat tip: Paul

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Witness Testimony From the Dungeons of Yemeni Prisons

***Jawa Exclusive***

Complaints of children arrested with regard to Sa’ada war
In a violation for article 48 of the constitution and articles no. (70,11,13,72,73,76,77,172) from the law of court procedures. (ed- the children are imprisoned because they are Shiites.) The children mentioned below have been met by (The Parliamentary Committee on Rights and Freedoms) during the visit on 1/5/2007. The children have told us the following:

Nabil Mohamed Saleh, “I am 12 years old, the soldiers told me that the officer asks me to tell my younger brother to come, and we did come they caught us in their camp in Abs town for 2 weeks. They kept us in under ground floor, I told the soldier that my cousin is about to die, so he said let him die. After two weeks they transferred me to the political security in Al. Hudeida where we were imprisoned for 12 days. Until now we have been arrested since three months, we have been beaten by the soldiers and officers, we have been beaten with sticks while we were handcuffed. They beat us and lay us faces down”.

Hussein Ali Saleh al-Qu’ait, "I am 13 years old and I am imprisoned since three months, first two weeks in Abs then another two weeks in the political security, we have been beaten, handcuffed, they beat us as soon as we arrive before even interrogating us. I saw Qasem Al jahf fainted while his head bleeding. Some of us have been made naked and they took off all our clothes”.

Yehya Ahmed Al-Dobi, “I am 12 years old. They came to my school – Al Salam School – at Fowt. They asked me to answer the commander, they took me to him and the commander sent me to Al Khamis prison. I stayed to months there, after that they took me to the political security where I was exposed to the extremely hot sun for hours; they kept me hungry and thirsty. They arrested me in a cell. I have got now pimples on my body from the prison, and they refuse to give me any medicine”.

Abdulkhalik Mofarah Khursan, “I am 11 years old. They took me from my school – Al Taqwa School at al Fowt – the soldiers asked me to answer the commander telling me that I will go back to my family they took me to Khamees Maran prison. They kept me there for two months. Then they transferred me to political security prison and kept me there for three months where I was roasted under extremely hot sun for an hour and then they took me to a very crowded Isle; we were eighty-four persons there while there was no room for half of us. The cells in the political security are two-by-two meters. And I was transferred to the central prison in Hodaidah yesterday.”

Salah Ahmed Salah Afara, “I am 12 years old and I am in prison since about three months. They took me from my school – Marteer Ghathaya – at Khamees Marran. They asked me to answer to the police commander telling me that I will go back to my family soon. Then they jailed me in an underground room at Khameed Mrran where I was kept for two months; then they transferred me with the second batch to the security police where I was exposed to the sun and they left me four days on the necked floor. After that, they gave me a mattress and put me in a cell for a month. Then I was transferred to the central prison.”

Mohamed Yahya Saleh al-Kuaayd, “I am 14 years old from Marran. When they arrested me, they told me it is for security reasons. I am in prison since about three months. They took me from my house and to answer to the commander. Then they transferred me to Abs. A Colonel from Abs camp told us that he wants true information from us or he will kill us. We were four young boys. Then they transferred us to the political security where we were beaten very hard and broke my arm and treated it later. They kept us in closed cells where no fresh air and refused to allow using the lavatory. “

Yahya Mohammed Kasem Gahaf, “I am 14 years old. They took me from my house and asked me to answer to the commander. They imprisoned me at Al-Gamima. They kept me there for nine days, two of them without food or drink. We were nine of us. After that they transferred us to Al-Khamees where the soldiers beat us by their rifles kicked us, they degraded us, they insulted our families. The soldiers told us that they will take us to Al-Hodaidah and … After that they transferred to the security police where I am now in prison for two months and half.”

Abdulrahim Quail Abdullah, “I am 14 years old. They took me from the street while I was going to the school – AlTadamoun School at AlMajazeen and asked me to answer to the commander for two hours and I will go back to school. Then they jailed me in an underground for a month. They opened the door every other day. They denied us pray. Police investigator said to me, “Tell the truth and I will let you go home." but they transferred me to Abs and then to the political security. I am in prison now with my father, my uncle, and my brother. We have a big family that nobody taking care of. I am in prison since three months and what happened to my colleagues has happened to me.”

Zakarya Hussein Ahmad, “I am 14 years old I was jailed at Khamees Mrran where for 7 days then they transferred me to the political security, my leg is injured, a soldier shot it. I am in prison now with my father, and 3 of my uncles. We have a family that nobody is taking care of.”

Hammed Abdullah Jarallah, “I am 14 years old. They took me from my house in Marran, and asked me to answer to the commander of the police, and that I will leave soon. On arrival he ordered me to the sell. They kept me there for 20 days, after that they transferred mere to political security. What happened to my colleagues has happened to me.”

I started with the kids to get your attention. If you can stand it, testimony below the fold includes:

-When they execute you, they don’t allow your family to visit
-The judge sentenced me to be imprisoned and stoned till death.
-Rice even a cock can’t eat
-When you go to them, they tell you the nurse did not come
-The coroner says that I am a virgin
-Arrested without any charge or committing any crime
-Hot, crowded and full of disease
-Sentenced with four years and jailed eight years.
-My opponents are torturing me
-He raped me and denied it and two years without a verdict
-They put an electrical cable on my annus.
-While I was hung, they used black cable

From Dammar center of Investigation, a torture complaint:

"My name is Ali Mohammed Ali Nasser. I was beaten by the police of Investigation upon my arrival to prison and remains are still on my back. I have been here for ten days. They put an electrical cable on my annus. They still torture me to force me into confession"

"My name is Yousif Mohamed Nasser AL-Haimy. I have been here for eleven days with a charge of stealing a mobile. They did not refer me to the court of law, rather, they beat me on before-the-past Wednesday, smacked me, hung me on a piece of Iron. While I was hung, they used black cable. My hands are still swollen, so are my feet and my face".

Mohamed Ali Mohsen from Aden – Al Shikg Othman – is imprisoned in the dungeons of the political security since one year and half, he was accused that he wrote a letter to the president of the republic regarding the deteriorated conditions and corruption in the political security and he is still imprisoned. A memo from the general prosecutor based on a plea from the family of the imprisoned, demanded that the president of the political security should either release him or transfer him to the prosecution authority, but the political security proved once again that he is above the law - this case was recorded on 26/9/2007.

From the central prison in al Hudeida The cases mentioned below have been observed by us during the visit of the liberties and rights committee of the parliament on 1/5/2007. Although imprisoned in relation to Sa’ada war, none were accused or brought to court.

Khaled Taib Ghuthaia: “I was called upon by the commander of the brigade among many people; some have been taken from their house and their farms. He kept us for three months and some for two months and others for one month. We were in prison at Al Jamima School and Al Ghuthaia School and other schools. We saw them shelling the houses by tanks and artillery, and exploding the houses by dynamite. Then they took us handcuffed to abs camp and they kept us in an underground room where there is no fresh air. About twenty persons fainted. They denied us eating and drinking, after fifteen days in the underground room where there are people kept for more than two months, they transferred us to political security in al hudeida where we were beaten while handcuffed and later we were sent to the central jail of al hudeida. We were about eighty and there were bigger groups. The treatment in the central prison was good relatively because we were offended many times before. In the prison, we found elderly of eighty and seventy and sixty years old as well as ten years old children”

Abdullah Ali Hamza : “I am from Fawt district in sa’ada they called upon six of us from our houses. Mohamed Ahmed Jami’l hanish, Yahya Mohamed Ibrahim Al ajri, abdalah Mohamed Ibrahim Al ajri, Hasan Abdulrahman Alqasim, Abdulsalam Ibrahim Alajri. They told us to answer the commander when we arrived they told us that he is busy. Then, they jailed us handcuffed us and they treated us badly. The police commander (Alfirasi) asked me to give up my car so that he can use it, I refused, and after that they handcuffed us and sent us to the political security. I have been jailed now for more than two months”.

Salman Hamel min aal al Samiq: “I am from Al Dhaher district, I was driving some patients form my family to the clinic. When I reached to al madafen checking post I handed over my gun, and I continued my way. The soldiers told that they will hand back my rifle when I come back. On my return and while the patient females were in the car the soldiers detained me and transferred me to harad where they took everything I posses, blind folded me and since then I don’t know what happened to the females on my car. What they took was mu rifle, my dagger (Jambia ), my mobile phone, two ID cards, my car and sacks of wheat that I bought and kept on my car. I am detained since three months. No one of family has an idea regarding my whereabouts and I don’t know anything about them”.

Saleh Daifallah Almutairi: “I was called upon by the commander when he saw me he detained me in Aljamima and he denied me going to the bathroom. I stayed there for a month and twelve days then they transferred me to abs. Five men fainted in abs cells. They detained us for about fifteen days, then they transferred us to the political security chuckled. There we were beaten up, broke my hand, and later I was treated in the central prison. My detention just entered its fourth month”.

Ahmed Daifallah Salem Alhaqami: I was among the second Batch taken. They detained us at khamees Maraan for two months in under ground cells then they attacked us in the prison, and handcuffed us. My son came to me in the prison among others and told us has harvested our Qat farms and took away our flour and refused to any supplies to our house. After two months they transferred us to political security at midnight, there they roasted us for two hours under the hot sun. They beat up anyone that has a piece of cloth over his head. We remained twenty days in their custody in their under ground dungeon and never allowed to go out from it, some of us were infected. The food was a piece of bread in the morning and evening, very bad food indeed”.

Mohamed Yahyah Daifallah: “I was arrested on 16/2/2007 we were in a mission, the medical doctors at al khamees centre salah ahmed salem ridwan and my self, abdulkareem saleh dafshan came with us. Our official mission was to reicieve medicine from haradh for the centre. Upon return they took us from the checking point to almohsen camp where we were detained for fourteen days , then they transferred us handcuffed to the prison they looted the medicine which costs hundred and thirty thousand and another hundred and ten thousand in cash and two mobile phones that costs eighty thousand. We demanded their return upon our arrival to the political security centre but they said there is nothing. More than forty five days past and still the political security says it’s not there”.

Saleh Mahdi Salem : “I am from Nawar, age sixty. The commander called upon us we were detained upon arrival for a month and a half. While detained the exploded our houses, they took our sheep, I am still detained while my family have no place (homeless), they sent me to the political security where I suffered like my colleges”.

Hussein Saleh Mohamed Jra’an: “I am from Fowt area. We were called upon by the commander, ordered us to guard our mountains, we did and nothing happened not even one bullet. Then they said come to the commander he will give you money and supplies, instead they detained us for a full mlonth at Alkhamees and another month in the political security”.

Ahmed Nasser Abdullah AlMahram I am from Saqeen district from Sada'a they took me from my farm along with my uncle and his two sons; nobody was left except the females with half sack of flour for supplies. They told me to answer to the commander, we answered to him. The soldiers took my (apple brand) blankets and my personal rifle that I use for watching the farm. After that they transferred us to Haidan and detained us for a month, then they transferred us khamis Marran where they detained us for two days without food, they didn’t feed us but beat us then they transferred us to the political security.

Complaints from Jailed persons for criminal accusations at the central prison in AL-Houdaida:

Hot, crowded and full of disease
The Capacity of the central prison in AL-Hodaida is 350 prisoners only while it accommodates more than 1220 prisoners. The prison is very crowded, the heat is very high, the patients are not attended to, water can be cut for a long time and some of the water taps are broken. The reserve prison attached the central prison has no car, when a patient is ill and needs to be transferred to the hospital they have to rent a taxi or big for transportation.

An insane
Fadhl Mohammed Qassem AlDobi is insane, mad, and was never transferred to a clinic.

Arrested without any charge or committing any crime
Molki Mohammed yousif, age 24 was detained since one month. She complained that she was not provided with a mattress or even with a blanket, she is very hungry and did not wash for a month. She added that she has no family or anybody to ask for her.

Syphilis in the prison
Soad Mohammed Hassan Suffers from syphilis with a high discharge, she was not quarantined although her disease is contagous. She was sentenced with one year in the first degree court and she was supposed to be released but, the appeal court sentenced her for three years. Her health condition is very bad and no health care what so ever was provided, the ugly condition of her disease makes you shy away and repelled. When we asked why she was not transferred to a hospital or to a quarantine facility, we were told that the main public hospital in AL-Hodaida refused to receive her.

A penniless lady
Fatima Hassen Mohammed said that she have been jailed several months beyond her sentenced period because she couldn’t pay the sentenced amount YR 350,000 and that she has four small children.

Penniless persons
Mohammed Ali AlShadheli was sentenced by the first degree court to pay back YR 170,000 and to be fined YR 120,000 and to six months suspended jailed time and the appeal court canceled the fined and decided that time spent in jail was enough but he was not released till now and his is in jail since 5/9/2004. He said that he has nobody to get bankruptcy note from AlSohra court and I can’t do anything while I’m in jail and I don’t know how long I am going to stay in prison.

Tariq Mohammed Saif AlQadasi: "I was sentenced to pay YR 2,600,000 and YR 600,000 as a find, I have bankruptcy note and I am in jail for five years and I don’t know till when I will be detained".

Mohammed Said Garsab AlQadasi: "I am in jail since two years and five months, I was not sentenced by court and I am detained in order to pay YR 672,000. I don’t have a bankruptcy note because I have nobody to follow up on my behalf and I am in jail and can’t do anything about it".

Ali Mohsen Alsendi: "I am in jail for eight months on case of paying back YR 157,000 the court sentenced me since seven months and I didn’t receive a copy of the sentence".

Ahmed Obaid Omar AlAhdal: "The court sentenced me a year in prison a paying back YR 470,000 plus a fined of 150,000. I am in jail for two years and eight months; I don’t have a bankruptcy note or anybody to help me".

A Saudi citizen: I want the Chief Prosecutor

Fahd Nasser Aldosari: "I am from Saudi Arabia, the first degree court sentenced me for six years, and the appeal court annulled the primary court sentence and sentenced me instead to pay a man slaughter blood money and deportation. The money is available and the guarantee is available and I want the chief prosecutor to explain to him I was in jail for five years".

Sentenced with four years and jailed eight years.

Ahmed Sa’ad Mohammed AlAhmadi: "The fist degree court in Rayma sentenced me for four years and the appeal court in Hodaida approved and sentenced me to pay YR 1,100,000. I am a pour person and have a bankruptcy note but I am in jail for six years because I didn’t pay the required amount. The prosecutor office of Rayma says it is Hodiada prosecutor issue and vice versa. I have a big family of twenty two between females and children and nobody to care for them".

Faisal Yousif Nasser: I was jailed four years in the juvenile detention center. I am eighteen now and I was trialed yet".

The new judge has a stork

Allaallah Mohammed AlHosami: I am from Al Jafarai Rayma, I’m in jail for six years without a trail. Now they say that the new judge has a struck and I am still without a trail and jailed since 2002 they should have jailed me in Rayma province. My family can not visit me or follow up my case here. If you need a copy of the integrations you should get them from Rayma. At first they took me to Rayma court which says that the jurisdiction of Hodaida south court but the south court was put under the jurisdiction of Rayma court by decree of the minister of justice".

Since 2005, the primary did not decide

Mohammed Hamood Usof AlHakami: "I am from east of AlHosainia. I am in jail since 18/11/2005; the fist degree court didn’t make a verdict. The case is with judge AlSharafi. The last time the court decided to adjourn for two weeks but a month had passed and this happens always".

My opponents are torturing me

Abdulqasim Hussain: "I am from Zabid, the primary sentenced me for four years the appeal for five. The opponents send me a message here that they are going to appeal after years to Sana’a appeal court. I demand that the prosecution office give them a copy of the verdict so that they don’t torture me and keep me in jail for long period. I also want a copy of the verdict for myself".

I demand the high court to make it’s verdict

Mansoor Abdullah Ahmed Shajhah: "I am in jail since six years. The primary court sentenced ten years in jail and blood money and the appeal court sentenced me to death. Now the case is in the high court, I begged them to make their verdict this way or the other; I am fid up with the stole and delay".

When the execute you, they don’t allow your family to visit

Yahya Ali Hadi: "I am from Bajel. I am jailed since six years, the primary and the appeal courts sentenced me to death the high court announced me in the druidical magazine six months ago, I want the way out this way or the other. When they are to execute you, they only tell you in the night before and do not allow your family to visit you, to take your will or give you a chance to see your children and say good bye".

I want a copy from the verdict

Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed: "The first degree sentenced me three years, blood money and YR 1,000,000 expenses. I demand a copy of the sentenced from AlZaidia prosecution office, they didn’t provide me with one, I want to know how long should I stay in jail according to the sentence".

Rice even a cock can’t eat

Solaiman Abdo Kaid Hossain: "There is no medicine in jail. A chicken is distributed among twelve prisoners. Even a cock cannot eat the rice provided. Medicine does not reach us".

They sell the medicine to the prisoners

Ameen Ahmed Mohammed AlSharqi: "I am in jail since five years and I am sick for six days I informed the management and the officer in charge but they didn’t care. I have a pain in my throat, headache and dizziness".

When you go to them, they tell you the nurse did not come.

Sometimes he writes a prescription and tells you to buy it from outside, every time they tell you to buy from outside, medicine is sold to the haves and the no haves gets nothing.

Delays in informing us with the high court verdicts

Mohammed Sagheer Ahmed Ben Ahmed: "When somebody is sick they say no medicine. They write prescriptions and tell you to buy it with your own money; most of the prisoners have no money. The sentenced which has been forwarded to the high court we have not been informed with its result since a year and a half or two years, we don’t know what is the reason of the delay. They should provide a feed back as soon as it arrives so that the prisoner can have a peace of mind".

Sentenced for three years and jailed for three and a half

Ibrahim Hamid AlAhdal: "Bait AlFaqeeh court sentenced me three years, they have passed and I’m now three years and half in jail, I demand a release even with a guarantor. My case is in front of the appeal court, it was a murder case and my brother has been sentenced to death".

Saleh Nasser Ibrahim AlAhmadi: "I am passing through the fifth year in jail, during two or three sessions in Rayma court, they say its south Hodaida jurisdiction. I refused in front of the judge and asked him to transfer me to the proper court and he refused".

Mohammed Saad AlJubari: "I am from Rayma in jail since three year, the primary sentenced me for two years, and my case is in the appeal court. The primary prosecution agreed to release me with a guarantee but the appeal refused, I am jailed a year and a half above my sentenced".

From the dungeons of Dammar central Prison, May 2007

Total prisoners 676 while jail capacity is 400 prisoners only. There is on reserve jail in Dammar. The health care budget of the prison diminished from 50000 YR to 42000YR only.

Prisoners without crime in the background of sa’da war

Hasan Mohamed abdulah al-Washali: "I am from Dammar, age 52, father of eight. Two security patrol cars came to my house and took me to the political security in Dammar on 23/2/2007 only after a week of arresting my son Ahmed Hasan Al washli on 16/2/2007. No charges were pressed. I was not transferred to the court. They said it was I prevention imprisonment. My health condition is bad. I have been taken in an ambulance to the main hospital of thamar several times. The medical records say that I suffer a heart blood circulation deficiency and a cardiac arrest”.

Mohamed ahmed alkhojah: “I am a teacher with a high diploma, married and the father of three. I was arrested in 16/2/2007 by the political security in Dammar and detained there; the conditions and the dealings in jail are bad. I have been detained for seven months by the political security without any charge or transfer to court. This is the second time that I have been taken from my home and from my children and relatives without any guilt or charge. I have lost my hearing ability last time and I was not allowed to get medical help. This time also I am suffering the same disease and I was not allowed to be treated. I was suffering also from a burn in my urine and a disease of joints”.

Ibrahim Ahmed Ahmed Aldailami: “Two police cars took me from my house in 16/2/2007 and detained me in the political security in Dammar. My mother is almost insane at home, my sick father died after my detention, his heart condition deteriorated severely. I tried while in jail to allow me to visit him but in vain. I wasn’t transferred to court and no charges were pressed despite me being in jail for 4 months. They say that I am in preventary custody on the background of sa’ada events which I am not related to in any way. I am in jail suffering pain in my joints due to lack of movements. I lost my job and my family’s life conditions became more difficult. Because of jail I had to stop the preparation of my master degree. In jail water is scarce, sanitary is bad, and no ventilations. Visits are not allowed except on Fridays”.

Ali Ahmed Saleh Alawsh: “ I am detained in the political security in thamar since 4 months without any guilt or charge. I suffer from psychological and neural stress due to the pressure and hardships in detention. I suffered several times from severe neural episodes. The food of the prison is not good for human consumption. We are always locked and pass urine in water cans.

Mohamed Hussein Ahmed Hatem: “I am detained since three months in the political security without charge they asked me to go to them in a telephone call. But it seems that the case is predetermined judgment without guilt or crime. My six children are all sick by light small pox while I am in jail. My wife had a major operation and I don’t know what her condition is. I am the eldest among my brothers, my profession is teaching, and my brothers one is a 94 war martyr and the other is with the government in sa’ada”.

Abdulkarim Ali Abdallah Musa: “I am from Dhuran Ans , a medical doctor. The security manager called me and asked me to answer to him. They took me suddenly and didn’t bother to inform my family. I am detained since three months in the political security in Dammar. I asked them to transfer me to the prosecution office and they refuse. My brother is an officer fighting with the government in Maran in the first and the second war of sa’ada while I am jailed in the political security in Dammar. They don’t allow us to read or write. I demand to be released or transferred to the general prosecution office. Our main demand is freedom. They just threw us here and left”.

Ali Ahmed Ali Fare: “I am jailed since four months in the political security in thamar. I don’t know what my charge is. They came to my house in military patrol cars and I don’t know why. They terrorized my children and female relatives I didn’t do anything wrong and no charges were pressed. I don’t know AlHothi except through the radio. The central security detained me on the order of the political security. I have two brothers fighting against alhoothi. Omar in the first armed brigade and mohsen with al amaliqa forces. My wife is sick, and suffered both breaks in her leg she was supposed to go under the knife since two months. I am sick in jail since 15 days. I suffer from pain in my chest and an infection in my right ear”.

From the female section in the central jail of Dammar, The judge sentenced me to be imprisoned and stoned till death.

Asma Abdulrahim Aldailami: “If I have been educated I wouldn’t have been here. They forged my age in the file and made it 20 while I am 16 according to the coroner. My father refused to let me marry me my fiancé. We ran away to Dammar where we were arrested and detained. My father came and gave a testimony against me saying that I am a married woman. The judge sentenced me to two years imprisonment and to be stoned till death, the judge is a member of our family. I am now sick and sometimes I go into a coma and nobody visits me”.

The coroner says that I am a virgin.

Dalal Mohamed Afif: “I am 16 years old I was charged to be in a private condition with a man. I ran away from my family to my sister. They caught me and said that I ran away. They beat me up in the criminal investigation police and forced me to confess by force that I am a runaway and committed adultery. I am a virgin; the coroner report assures that I am a virgin”.

He raped me and denied it and two years without a verdict

Hayat Mohamed Abas: "I am two years in jail without any sentence. My cousin raped me after he sedated me and denied it. He gave them ( ……. ) and they let him go.

Eight months without a verdict

Zuhoor Aziz Ali: “I am twenty one and I am in jail since 8 months. I was not sentenced yet, the charge was adultery, my husband divorced me and my mother cut the paper into pieces”.

The judges are not just

A.E : “They sentenced me to one year and a hundred lashes. I have nobody to appeal on my behalf. I am in jail for more than one year”

E.SH: “The guard which locks us brings medicine from outside and when they gave me money I gave them. Sometimes the governor or the ministry of social affairs pays us three thousand per month, but they didn’t pay except this month. Our rulers are unjust”.

They acquitted who committed the crime with me

Hafsa Ma’ad Ahmed Moharem: "I am 18 years old. I am in jail since a year and a half. The primary court sentenced me 11 years and a half. Who committed the crime with me because he didn’t confess in the criminal investigation? I appealed my appeal is in the appeal court. Four men interrogated me. There were four

A Somali beating at a police station

"My name is Abdulkader Mohammed Mahmood, from Somalia. I have been in Yemen for six years, I am married, tow children. I work for Miad market. They give me seventeen thousands YR per a month. I was imprisoned in the Sawan-based, Al-wahda police station. I was brutally beat by six identifiable figures to make me confess stealing a mobile. I asked for evidence, yet they forced me to sign on the papers, let me sleep on the ground. My head ache me and I' m not able to take breath.

Complaints from the Sawan-based Al-wahda police station, Sana'a governorate

Haider Mohammed Mulhy: "I wrote on a piece of paper "Dear Bush, give a release to Mohammed Ali Al.moaid and all prisoners". Tow soldiers came and promised to take me to the embassy, while they took me to the police station. They took my drugs, which was for the nerves and kidneys. They refused to give it back. Three soldiers beat me be heavily in front of the prisoners".

Saleh Abdullah Al-shawbaty: "At 10 o'clock in the morning, on the public embassy street, they found me and forced me to get on the armed car. I have been, here and they neither asked what my problem nor let me out".

Ahmed Muhsin Gameel He is a driver. He is jailed a long with a car-station representative. When a private-bus driver came, a soldier forced him to go to Sa'wan car-station, but the car-station representative pr objected. The soldier scornfully pushed him to the station, about consulting his manager on my arrest and the latter approved.

Mansour Ali Hussein Suleiman He is a bus-driver. The soldiers forced him to get out of the bus, telling him that his brother is a guilty of a crime. They said "we will jail you till your brother comes" and really they did.

Mohammed Abdullah Sa'ad AL-Gamal: "I have been arrested since yesterday. In fact, I found a child with a mobile in his hand. I took the mobile and gave it to its owner, who is a friend of mine. This friend came to police station to forgive me, but did not accept and shamefully took the mobile".

Hussein Ali AL-Shuwaeiter: "I have been arrested since yesterday. They prevented me even from contacting the family to tell them that I am in prison. It is worth mentioning that my family does not know where I am"

Saleh Nasser Ali Yahia: "I am fifteen years old. They accused me of stealing a watch and selling for 300 Y.R. I have been with adult prisoners in the basement since yesterday".

Abdullah Mohammed Muhsin AL-Mattary: "I went to the prison to visit a friend when the police officer forced me to sit beside my friend"

From AL-Beiddah prisons, an innocent prisoner

"My name is Ahmed Bin Ahmed Amer. I am from sarar, Qeifa district. I have been jailed since tow months by the mayor. He did not refer me to justice. When I asked him whether this campaign targets the suspects or the innocents, he put me into prison. I want to ask if my question was a crime or not. The criminals are now out of prisons. The village has handed over fifteen hostages from Sarar tribe at Rada'a central prison. I would like to demand concerned authorities to differentiate between the accused and the innocent because this situation encourages spread of crimes so long as this country searches for innocents. We strongly demand justice".

Two hostages

The hostage Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, jailed at AL-Beidda'a central prison, narrates his tragedy as saying "I am a student, first year of secondary school. I have been in prison for three years. They arrested me at AL-Beiddah Market, in front of AL-Haiah hospital. I demand discharge for I am not a criminal"

Abdula'alem Ali Mohammed, a colleague of Mohammed Nasser, adds "I am also a student, second year of secondary school. I have been as a hostage for three months. We receive neither support nor visits and have no connection with what happens between "kazam" and "Hanashel" tribes. The mayor had jailed four hostages from "AL-Hanashel" and he let them out. Now I demand a release.

From Rada'a prison torture

"My name is Mohammed Bin Mohammed Saleh AL-Amry. I called for a forensic examiner to declare the brutal torture of the security apparatuses but they refused. I have been here for six months. I had been hung for a month, tortured after the first Islamic Eid in an isolated basement by identifiable figures to force me into confession. They used Acid, electricity and pincers from 2-4 o'clock in the morning".

"My name is Ahmed Bin Ahmed Mahdy AL-Dafer. I have been in prison for eleven months with a charge of stealing a gun. I was subject to live cigarette remains, which are still visible on my hands, by a person referred to as (a.m)".

Prepared by: Ahmed Saif Hashed

Member of Parliament and Member of the Rights and the Freedom in the parliament.

Publisher of Al "Mostakila" newspaper the chairman of the founding committee of change organization for defenders of freedom and rights.

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November 13, 2007

Rumor: Zawahiri Places Bin Laden Under 'House Arrest'


I can't find the original at Islammemo, but here's the post about it over at al Jazeera Talk. The other jihadis, two of them using the flag for the Islamic State of Iraq--an al Qaeda 'umbrella' organization--for an avatar, aren't too happy about the suggestion that al Qaeda's #2 has placed al Qaeda's #1 under 'house arrest'.

The reason Ayman al Zawahiri has allegedly placed Osama bin Laden under arrest? Bin Laden's recent audio in which he admits that things aren't going well in Iraq.

Anyway, there's more. Something about tricking people into believing that bin Laden has died. Which, of course, inevitably means that the Israelis are involved. I notice something about the IDF. So, well, there you are.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong. Maybe a better Arabic speaker can discern the skinny better than me.

Parenthetically, I'm sure that al Jazeera would be shocked---SHOCKED--to learn that a website devoted to chatting about their news would be dominated by members sporting al Qaeda avatars. And they'd be devastated to learn that one of them chimes in 'God Save Al Qaeda'.

Believable? Not in the least. But it's funny to see what the jihadis say to each other in order to explain the glaring absence of their glorious leader UBL.

The obvious that UBL is dead just isn't in realm of the plausible for the jihadi crowd.

Thanks to Robert from Alphabet City who spends his time these days cruising al Jazeera Talk for chicks.

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Illegal Alien + Islamic Terrorism + Espionage + Ron Paul

Wow, this story has it all! An illegal alien, who's brother fled the country because of his connections to Hizbollah, who worked for the CIA, & compromised an FBI investigation into....Hizbollah. Hell, there's even a Ron Paul connection!

File under so scary it's actually kinda funny.

Her name is Nada Nadim Prouty.

Via LGF, this from The Detroit News:

According to an information unsealed today, Lebanese-born Prouty gained U.S. citizenship in 1994 through a fraudulent marriage, joined the FBI's Washington Field Office as special agent in 1999 and joined the CIA in June, 2003....

Chahine, a fugitive believed to be living in Lebanon, was indicted for tax evasion in 2006 and accused by federal agents of supporting Hezbollah.

One of the allegations against Prouty is that while an FBI agent she went into a computer system without authorization in 2003 and obtained information about the Detroit's FBI office's investigation of Hezbollah.

CBS adds:
she is accused of passing information to sympathizers of Hezbollah,
Check this out from Robert Spencer. Her brother owned the LaShish restaurant.
La Shish was one of the sponsors, despite this indictment, of the [Arab American Institute's] recent conference, where Democratic presidential candidates and Ron Paul were falling all over themselves to condemn "racial profiling" -- anti-terror efforts be damned -- and grovel for the Arab vote.
Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and were there. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards addressed the conference via satellite.

Ron Paul was the sole Republican at the conference.

Let the outrage commence!!

UPDATE: Debbie Shclussel is really the expert on this one. She has a lengthy post here, but check out her main page for updates.

Here's the DOJ press release:

DETROIT – Nada Nadim Prouty, a 37-year-old Lebanese national and resident of Vienna, Va., pleaded guilty today in the Eastern District of Michigan to charges of fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship, which she later used to gain employment at the FBI and CIA; accessing a federal computer system to unlawfully query information about her relatives and the terrorist organization Hizballah; and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The announcement was made today by Stephen J. Murphy, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan; Kenneth L. Wainstein, Assistant Attorney General for National Security; Willie T. Hulon, Executive Assistant Director of the FBI’s National Security Branch; Brian M. Moskowitz, Special Agent in Charge of the Detroit Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); and Kurt Rice, Chicago Field Office Special Agent in Charge for the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service.

At a hearing in Detroit before the U.S. District Court Judge Avern Cohn, Prouty entered a plea of guilty to counts one, two and three of a second superseding information. Count one of the information charges conspiracy, for which the maximum penalty is five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. Count two charges unauthorized computer access, for which the maximum penalty is one year imprisonment and a $100,000 fine. Count three charges naturalization fraud, for which the maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine, and requires the court to de-naturalize the defendant.

“This case highlights the importance of conducting stringent and thorough background investigations,” said U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Murphy. “It’s hard to imagine a greater threat than the situation where a foreign national uses fraud to attain citizenship and then, based on that fraud insinuates herself into a sensitive position in the U.S. government. I applaud the excellent investigative work of the FBI, ICE and DHS, which led to the successful prosecution today.”

“It is a sad day when one of our public servants breaches our security and trust,” said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth L. Wainstein. “This defendant engaged in a pattern of deceit to secure U.S. citizenship, to gain employment in the intelligence community, and to obtain and exploit her access to sensitive counterterrorism intelligence. It is fitting that she now stands to lose both her citizenship and her liberty.”

“We became aware of this compromise in December 2005 and moved to address any further damage,”said Willie T. Hulon, Executive Assistant Director of the FBI’s National Security Branch. “The FBI worked closely with other agencies to investigate this matter. We continue to evaluate our security practices and will make any necessary changes.”

“Nada Proudy’s guilty plea should serve as a solemn warning to those who say they’ve pledged their allegiance to the United States and then make the conscious decision to place America’s interests at risk,” said Brian M. Moskowitz, Special Agent in Charge of the ICE Office of Investigations in Detroit. “Becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen is an honor and a privilege. ICE will do everything in its power to see that those who achieve this honor by fraud and deception are brought to justice.”

Naturalization Fraud

According to documents filed in court by the government, Prouty first entered the United States from Lebanon on June 24, 1989, on a one-year, non-immigrant student visa. After her visa expired, she remained in the country, residing in Taylor, Mich., with her sister, Elfat El Aouar, and an individual named Samar Khalil Nabbouth. In order to remain in the United States and evade U.S. immigration laws, Prouty later offered money to an unemployed U.S. citizen to marry her. On August 9, 1990, Prouty married the U.S. citizen. As planned, Prouty never lived with her fraudulent “husband,” but continued to live with her sister and Nabbouth.

Prouty later submitted a series of false, fraudulent and forged documents and letters to federal immigration officials to verify the validity of the fraudulent marriage in order to obtain permanent residency status, and, later, U.S. citizenship, thereby committing naturalization fraud. On Aug. 5, 1994, the former Immigration and Naturalization Service granted Prouty U.S. citizenship under the name “Nada Nadim Deladurantaye.” The following year, she filed for a divorce from her fraudulent husband, and later obtained a U.S. passport, which she used to travel overseas.

Talal Khalil Chahine

According to court documents, from May 1992 through April 1993, and again, from August through November 1994, Prouty was employed as a waitress and hostess at La Shish Inc., a chain of Middle Eastern restaurants in Detroit that was owned by Talal Khalil Chahine. During this time, Chahine wrote a letter for submission into Prouty’s immigration file attesting to the validity of Prouty’s false marriage.

Chahine is currently a fugitive believed to be in Lebanon. He, along with Prouty’s sister, Elfat El Aouar, and others were charged in 2006 in the Eastern District of Michigan with tax evasion in connection with a scheme to conceal more than $20 million in cash received by La Shish restaurants and to route funds to persons in Lebanon. Last month, Chahine was also charged in the Eastern District of Michigan, along with a senior ICE official in Detroit and others in a bribery and extortion conspiracy in which federal immigration benefits were allegedly awarded to illegal aliens in exchange for money.

Employment at FBI and CIA

In April 1999, through a series of false representations and use of her fraudulently procured proof of U.S. citizenship, Prouty, then known as “Nada Nadim Alley,” obtained employment as a special agent of the FBI. It was a prerequisite to FBI employment that she be a U.S. citizen. As a special agent with the FBI, Prouty was granted a security clearance and assigned to the FBI’s Washington Field Office to work on an extraterritorial squad investigating crimes against U.S. persons overseas. During her tenure with the FBI, Prouty was not assigned to work on investigations involving the international terrorist group Hizballah.

In August 2000, Prouty’s sister, Elfat El Aouar, entered into a marriage with Talal Khalil Chahine, the owner of La Shish Inc. In September 2000, Prouty, while employed as an FBI special agent, used the FBI’s computerized Automated Case System (ACS), without authorization, to query her own name, her sister’s name, and that of her brother-in-law, Talal Khalil Chahine. In addition, on or about June 4, 2003, Prouty accessed the FBI’s ACS and obtained information from a national security investigation into Hizballah that was being conducted by the FBI’s Detroit Field Office.

According to court documents, in August 2002, Prouty’s sister, Elfat El Aouar, and her brother-in-law, Talal Khalil Chahine, attended a fundraising event in Lebanon where the keynote speakers were Chahine himself and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah. Sheikh Fadlallah had previously been designated by the U.S. government as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist based upon his status as a leading ideological figure with Hizballah.

In June 2003, through a series of false representations and use of her fraudulently procured proof of U.S. citizenship, Prouty, then known as “Nada Nadim Prouty,” voluntarily left her position with the FBI and obtained employment with the CIA. It was also a prerequisite to CIA employment that she be a U.S. citizen.

On Nov. 6, 2007, Prouty resigned her position at the CIA. Pursuant to the terms of her plea agreement, she has agreed to fully and truthfully cooperate with the CIA on any matters the CIA deems necessary to transition Prouty out of its employment in a manner consistent with safeguarding the national security of the United States. This cooperation includes participation in debriefing and polygraph interviews.

The ongoing investigation into this matter is being conducted by the FBI and ICE, with assistance from the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service, and the Internal Revenue Service.

The case is being prosecuted by Eric M. Straus, Chief of the National Security Unit, and Kenneth R. Chadwell, Assistant U.S. Attorney, from the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Michigan, as well as Mark J. Jebson, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney and Senior Assistant Chief Counsel for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Prisons in Yemen: Torture by Acid and Electricity, Children Housed with Adults, Hostages, Political Prisoners, No Food for Some

My excusive interview with Yemeni MP Ahmed Saif Hashed at Global Politician:

Mr. Ahmed Saif Hashed serves on the Yemeni Parliament's Freedom and Human Rights Committee. An independent MP, Mr. Hashed represents constituency 70, which includes parts of Lahj and Taiz. Mr. Hashed is a prominent human rights activist with a special interest in the condition of Yemeni prisoners. He heads the Al-Tageer human rights organization and owns the Al-Mostakela newspaper. *

ahmed saif hashed.jpg

Q: Mr. Hashid, thank you for granting this interview. Can you tell us generally about the condition of human rights in Yemen? Which areas in your opinion require urgent attention?

ASH: Human rights in Yemen are totally absent. Crimes are committed by those responsible for protecting the law and its application. It pains me to find the security apparatuses practice torture, attacks and the worst kinds of mistreatments in the prisons and custody centers and also outside them.

This happens under the weak judiciary and the decorative parliament that was produced by terrible corruption and hasn't even the minimum degree of responsibility. This country supports the tribe with its ignorant traditions at the expense of the law. It stands against law, and uses its force over the victims and over the legal articles that protect the human rights.

Q: You have been very active in advocating for the humane treatment of prisoners. What are the conditions like for prisoners in Yemeni central prisons in terms of food, sanitary conditions, medical care and abuse?

AHS: The food served to the prisoners is unpalatable and prepared in unhygienic conditions. The Parliamentary Committee of Rights and Freedom recommended increasing food allocations two years ago. Unfortunately the parliament has decreased the allocation. The most painful tragedy is that hundreds of prisoners do not receive any food allocations at all. For instance, the Sana'a Migrations and Passports Jail and some jails in Al- Houdadah depend on charity and soldiers’ food remains.

Some jails don't have any infirmaries. Some others do, but they are in urgent need of medicine and equipment. Prisoners must purchase their prescriptions from the market; otherwise, they die in the jail.

Skin diseases are also common in some jails and are not treated. Some women are found to be suffering from diseases including syphilis and other skin diseases considered so disgusting that they are rejected by hospitals and are not kept in separation as a preventive measure.

The sanitary conditions in the prisons and custody centers are miserable. Heaps of urine bottles and defecation plastic bags were noticed at the corners of some prisons. The military police prison in Sana'a is one example. Other prisons, which are ancient and dirty buildings, do not have any good ventilation. This situation becomes worse during hot weather and when moisture increases. In some prisons, they use waste water due to the absence of drinkable water.

The prisons in Yemen are over crowded with the number of prisoners exceeding three times the capacity. It is unbelievable to find districts in Al-Houdeida governorate with no jails for women. In Alzaidia, female defendants are put in a house belonging to an old man. I visited this house and found five female defendants aged between ten and fifteen, accused of adultery, who have neither food nor health care allocations, but rather depend on charity .

Q: Is there a central authority that overseas all prisons? What kind of prisons exists in Yemen and how are they organized?

ASH: The central prisons and the custody centers in the governorates belong to the general prisons authority in Sana'a. The authority of prisons stems from Ministry of Interior. However, the security administrations exert greater influence on those prisons. Others prisons, holding hundreds, are controlled by their respective governmental security administrations and are not included into prisons department system. As a result, these prisons receive no official food and other allocations. Concerning the political security prisons, they are big, private and frightful, and it is impossible for anyone to visit them, even if parliament members.

Q: Can you explain the difference between tribal prisons, private prisons and central prisons?

ASH. Most of the sheiks in Yemen have their private prisons. These prisons are illegal. Among these illegal private prisons are the political security prisons in which there are horrible criminal acts against human dignity and rights. They are prisons in which you may spend years without justice. Then you may be released without charge or arbiter or even excuse. In its basements are horrible criminal acts and human indignities in such a manner that is unbelievable. It is a pity that the judiciary can not control such places.

Q: The Children's Parliament visited children in detention found them in miserable conditions, beaten, malnourished, sexually exploited, held without trial and held for minor crimes. A study by the Interior Ministry concluded that 77% of juveniles (15 and under) in jail had not been charged. Another report documented over 500 juveniles in adult jails. How young are the youngest children in jail? If Yemeni law prohibits imprisoning children without charge, why are so many in jails?

ASH: Sorrowfully, many acts and crimes are committed against children in Yemen. For example, in Al-Maflahi prison in Lahj, a fifteen-tear-old child was sexually abused by a police officer. The incident was proved by three forensic experts. In the Ibb Jail of Investigation, a female child, no older than 13, was tortured by the investigators. In Al Baida Security Prison, child hostages, one of them aged below 11, were also found.

In Al-Houdaida Central Prison, a lot of children were found arrested by the political security. Some of them do not exceed 12. They live with the adults in the same prison and are prevented from being visited, by the orders of the Political Security orders. Those children are free of any charges. In fact, they are innocent. Some of them are taken from their schools. Others were arrested at roads while going or coming back from schools some were also captured at their houses. In one case, Ali Yaslam Ahmed, aged 14, was imprisoned for seven months. The security forces say that the child was arrested in place of his older brother, who had been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

A 16 year old hostage recounted his tale of being imprisoned four months ago, "My father is an old and sick man. He was taken as a hostage to bring his son under the pretext that he guaranteed but this was not proved. I am here in his place based on an order by Sheik Hamoud, the governorate security director"

Q: Are there many adults in prison who have never been charged as well?

ASH: This is very common in Yemen. Through our field visits ¸we find many prisoners without charges, dozens of hostages in who have been there for months and some of them for years without any acts ascribed to them. Rather they were jailed on the basis of crimes committed by their relatives or tribal members. Some of these prisoners have been for more than a year without any charge except their (religious) affiliation to the (Shiite) Hashemite House. This arrest is sometimes attributed to what they called precautionary action, which may last for one year or even more.

Q: Many (Shiite) Zaidis have been imprisoned since the outbreak of the Sa'ada war in 2004. Can you tell us how many were imprisoned in total and how many remain in jail?

ASH: There no clear statistics on the number of the arrests on the grounds of Sa'ada War. The government once confessed existence of three thousands. Yet, the number is much more than this, we think. Many prisoners were arrested on the grounds of the Sa’ada War without charge.

Q: Are there many political prisoners?

ASH: Yes, there political prisoners. For instance, Nasser Al-Nawba, the chairman of the retired associations coordination counsel, Hassan Ba Awm, a member of the political office of the Yemen Socialist Party. Hundreds of the arrests of the southern governorates were jailed and released on grounds of peaceful sit-ins in southern and some northern governorates during recent past.

Q: Many cases of brutal torture have reported in the media. One such case is that of Shaif Al-Haimi who says he was tortured by the National Security Agency, chained, severely beaten and scalded with boiling water. For 16 days, he was hung from the ceiling. Investigators forced him to dance. Prisoners in Hajja jail said they were tortured by policemen in charge of the jail and affiliated with the Criminal Investigation Bureau. How prevalent is torture in Yemeni jails?

ASH: Not only torture and methods of forcibly extraction of confession are common in private political security apparatuses prisons, but also prevalent in murder investigation departments and the Ministry of Interior's police station. When I visited the murder investigation prison, as a member of the Parliament Freedom and Human Rights Committee, I saw, with my eyes, scars of stick beatings and heavy boots kicks, which are still apparent on the bodies of two persons. A report was made on this incident; however, the counsel of parliament did little. The murder investigation director is still in his position without being questioned by any official authority.

I also noticed other prisoners in police stations who were subject to torture and beatings. Among the victims is Abdulqader Mohammed, a Somali national, who has been in Yemen for six years. He was subjected to heavy beating a few months ago by five of the members of the Sana'a based Al-Wahda police station. Remains of this attack were proved by forensic examiners report.

Such acts happen daily in many police stations while Ministry of Interior does not stop or even reduce them, which indicate its partnership. It also does not consider them and send the criminals to the concerned authorities.

During one last visit to Al-Hodeida central prison on May 2005, we found out that many children, adults and disabled were complaining of torture, violence and isolated imprisonment by political security. These persons are jailed just on the grounds of Sa'ada War.

In Rada'a central prison, I noticed scars over the body of Mohammed Saleh, who demanded a forensic expert to testify them. He complained that they are remains of torture by acid and electricity. I took photos of these scars, recommending an investigation by the court of law. Others complained about being tortured with live cigarettes by the security.

Some prisoners complained about other means of torture, including hanging by hands or legs, beating by wires or cables, making hungry or thirsty, forcible long standing, prevention from sleeping for more than two days, psychological torturing, using acid and boiling water, pincers and others.

Q: Are you able to visit jails under the control of the Political Security Organization? What kind of prisoners are there?

ASH: No, we are not allowed to visit such jails. Since establishment of the parliament, its committee of rights and freedom did not pay even a single visit. An unsuccessful attempt made by the committee to visit the Political Security Prison in Hadramout. I personally tried to visit some political security jails, but was not allowed.

In example, Mohammed Ali Muhsen, from Aden, has been in the basements of the political security for one year and a half, on the basis of a letter he wrote to the president of the Republic, mentioning the bad situations and corruption in the political security system. He was arrested in Aden and sent to Sana'a political basements. The political security has been rejecting orders of the general director to release or even prosecute him, which, as usual, indicates superiority of the political security.

Q: The Ministry of Human Rights issued a report disclosing 100 hostages in five Yemeni prisons. What are hostages and how long are they held? Is this practice decreasing?

AHS: The number of hostages exceeds this figure greatly. While this figure was being stated by the Minister of human rights, I was visiting department of jails and found in official statistics dated 28 May 2007 that the number of hostages in Yemen reaches 545.

I have already visited AL-Baidah governorate, and found more than 70 hostages. The worst is that they include children. In the governorate security quarter prison, we found Abdurrahman Nasser Ahmed Ismail, below 10, Hussein Nasser Ahmed, aged 13. They are sons of the defendant Nasser Ahmed, whom the police could not arrest. Among them was the hostage Abdu-Alsalam Ali Ahmed, aged 15. He is a nephew of Nasser and a brother of the hostage, Abdraboo Ahmed Mohammed at the same time. In fact, they were released upon our visit.

We found Khalid Ahmed Abdu Hashem below 15, in Rada'a prison. While he was coming to bring bed-needs to his imprisoned uncle, Khaid was arrested by security guards and spent more than four months among killers and thieves. These hostages are mostly either some relative of escaped defendants or from their tribal members. In fact, crime involves only one, according to abiding law, and no one should be punished or jailed except on the basis of law. Sorrowfully we have never witnessed any positive and effective actions to reduce such a phenomenon.

Q: On June 26, 2006, Mr. Hashed you visited the Authority of Passports and Migration in Sana'a to conduct a field visit to the prison there. You intended to assess the condition of prisoners there after an Eritrean prisoner died under ambiguous circumstances. You report being beaten and kicked by prison officials, arbitrarily detained and threatened with death. Mr. Hashed, why were you treated this way?

ASH: This happened so that their crimes won’t be discovered by the public. Consequently, all the camera contents which I had were destroyed. These contents comprised a lot of photographs that unveiled the extent to which this authority is ugly. If a legal activist pays a sudden visit to these jails, this will scandalize the political system which pretends democracy and protection of rights and freedom. So, my attack could be a deterrent to any legal activist who may consider a sudden visit to these places.

Q: I understand that Parliament refused to hear some evidence about this incident. Why do you think they refused the evidence and where does the case stand now?

ASH: This issue was referred to the committee of defense and security, which is heavily biased towards the security apparatuses. The issue was initially rejected. This committee is the same one which had been entrusted to investigate the murder of my driver who was a relative of mine, Adel Saleh. It is the same committee entrusted with investigating my arrest at the political security apparatus headquarters after I participated in a peaceful sit-in, protesting against Ali Al-Dailami's arrest by the political security. Al-Dailami was a legal activist and a chairman of the Yemen Association of defending rights and freedom. Instead of conducting investigation, the committee forced me to accept a tribal solution about my driver's assassination and refused to investigate the second issue, my arrest, and it did nothing.

The committee intended to get rid of the issue of my attack at the passports and migration prison. It did not investigate. In fact, my intention was to direct them to question the prisoners who witnessed the crime. The committee refused to suspend the jail keeper during the investigation. It shamefully changed the facts, refused to investigate prisoners situations and was biased in all the proceedings, which is revealed by the report it has made. Instead of discussing these facts, and my explanation of the report of the committee, the parliament authorized another committee to solve my problems with the security committee which was formed for investigation.

It is in such a manner that the issue of prisoners' situations was neglected, which was the stimulant of my visit to prisons, resulting in the negligence of the attack I was subject to. It is in such a way that many issues of human rights discussed at the parliament are tackled. This is an aspect of a tragedy we experience and pay its cost every day.
Q. What are the other situations of these prisoners? How do the concerned Authorities treat them, what are the most repeated complaints?

ASH: Most prisoners complain that judicial apparatuses do not abide by law, mainly concerning the dates fixed for imprisonment. Some prisoners complain of being imprisoned without trial or investigation, and of negligence in implementing the decrees ordering release of prisoners after ending period of punishment.

Judicial and prosecution members complain of procrastination. They ascribe some of the above-mentioned defects to the fact that the number judgment cadres is limited; the judge appointed may be responsible for more than six or seven districts or his districts may be over-populated. This occurs at the expense of the prisoner's freedom.

Other issues include prisoners mixing with each other, children and adults. They are not separated on the basis of age, kind of crime, or stage of proceedings. Others have completed their period of punishment and are still imprisoned because of their inability to pay the costs, even if these costs are minimal. They may stay for a long time wanting for their legal decrees to be issued. Others say they don't know the contents of these decrees because they don’t receive copies of the original. Some of them say they are prevented by the judge from defending themselves, mistreated during investigation and before they are sent to the public prosecution.

As for the foreigners who are arrested due to their illegal entrance to the country, they spend long periods in Yemen prison, waiting for years being freed; this subject motivated us to make a special page on "AL-Mostakela" to tackle problems of refuges in Yemen.

* Interview conducted November 9, 2007 by Jane Novak.

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Islamic Army in Iraq Forum Gets PWNED

The Islamic Army in Iraq's main English forum has been PWND (that's geek speak for owned).

You used to see this.


Now you see this.


Which is funny, because it's actually one of these search engines and URL redirects--the kind you often get when you type in a URL slightly wrong. So, it looks like The Islamic Army in Iraq had their domain registration revoked, only to have snatch it up to benefit from their traffic.

An annoying practice, finally put to good use!


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Congratulations to Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Not that I'm a regular View watcher, but I hear that Elisabeth Hasselbeck-- the lone conservative on the show -- just had a baby.

Apparently she called into the show today to announce the name of the baby: Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck.

So, congrats to her and her husband Tim Hasselbeck, of the Arizona Cardinals, are due!

Plus, she's smokin' hot. Never pass up an opportunity to post a picture of Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a bikini.

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ROP Kills 12 Year Old at Internet Cafe

Disgusting. Dare I say even gobsmackingly vile? Yes, I dare. No, I don't mean taking a stance against gay marriage. I mean blowing up an internet cafe.

The Left likes to call the religious-right the "American Taliban". Yup, Jerry Falwell and the real Taliban seem to have a lot in common.


A bomb exploded inside an Internet cafe in northwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing a 12-year-old boy, police said....

Islamic militants regularly target music and video shops, and sometimes Internet cafes, in the region in what they say is a drive against obscenity.

Hat tip: ROP

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Lesbian UK Soldiers Cry and Cuddle

(UK) According to this report, Lance Bombadier Kerry Fletcher, 31, is suing the Ministry of Defense at an employment tribunal claiming sex discrimination and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation since she is a lesbian.

Fletcher's lesbian friend, Sergeant Louise Ashman, gave testimony yesterday indicating that an alleged lesbian encounter in the Army stable was a comforting session between friends (pic) even though it was preceded by a text message from one to the other saying, "I feel randy."

"Kerry and I have never indulged in a sexual act together. We are close friends and nothing more," said Miss Ashman.

Challenging the stable block allegation, she said she had gone to see Miss Fletcher, who is 31, after receiving a distressed telephone call from her.

"We were in her horse's stable and I was comforting her with a cuddle when Gunner Ashley Yates appeared with his wheelbarrow," she said. [As an aside, this sentence had me rolling on the floor.]

"We both turned to look at him and he smiled at us and carried on his way.

"When he saw us I did not have my hand inside Kerry's trousers and we were not kissing. I was cuddling a friend who was crying."

The hearing continues.

Recalling the words of Tom Hanks in the movie Major League A League of Their Own, "There's no crying in baseball," I believe it would also be best if, "There's no cuddling in the Army!"

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"Torture" vs. Egyptian Blogger Being Tortured

So much is labeled torture by the Left, that it's often hard to tell the difference between "torture" and torture.



Sand Monkey on the torture of jailed Egyptian blogger Abdel Karim Soliman:

* Being beaten inside ward Number 22 where he is imprisoned at the time of the assault, the battery was launched by another prisoner and a prison guard, in the presence of Officer Midhat Samir and under his supervision. Samir also gave the green light for the assault which resulted in a broken tooth "upper right canine tooth" along with a number of bruises and abrasions on various parts of the body.

* Transferring Karim to a disciplinary cell where he was handcuffed and had his feet strapped into shackles; he was beaten up again which caused him more injuries.

* Another inmate prisoner was brought over where they stripped him out of clothes and beat him severely in front of prisoner Kareem Soliman as they also threatened to inflict upon him the same punishment, if he didn't mind his own business.

Abdel Karim Soliman is in jail for "disdain for religion" and "insulting the president". Egypt is often described as a "moderate" and "secular" country, which it is.

This is what it means to be "moderate" in the Arab world. Scary.

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Terror in Philippines: Congress Bombed, Muslim Congressman Killed (UPDATED)

No official suspects now, but given that the Philippines has been engaged in a civil war against Islamists wishing to break away from the democratic republic and set up a sharia state in the South, I'd say that it's pretty clear who the likeliest candidates are.


A bomb exploded at an entrance of the Philippine House of Representatives late Tuesday, killing a congressman and a driver. Police and soldiers in the capital went on high alert after the explosion, which injured nine people.
The name of the dead Congressman is Wahab Akbar. Another Muslim victim of Islamist terrorism.

Kyodo news agency adds that at least 11 others were injured.

UPDATE: Mike Pechar and I posted at the same time, so I'm merging the two posts into one. From Mike Pechar:

House Speaker Jose de Venecia said the blast was likely terrorists who wanted to threaten Congress. National Capital Regional Police chief Geary Barias said it's too early in the investigation to know the specific origin of the explosion. The bomb is believed to have detonated in a parking area outside the building's south wing.

A driver for Congresswoman Luz Ilagan, Melchor Talbo, was confirmed killed.

Metro Manila is now on full red alert.

National Capital Regional Police chief Geary Barias has ordered check points around the metropolis while the police are coordinating with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Meanwhile, President Arroyo ordered PNP Chief Avelino Ravon to personally supervise the investigation.


Basilan Rep. Wahab Akbar passed away following the blast that took place at the Batasan Pambansa Complex Tuesday night in Quezon City.

Negros Oriental Rep. Henry Teves, meanwhile, is in critical condition after sustaining severe blast injuries and burns following the explosion.

Those who were rushed to General Malvar Hospital on Commonwealth Avenue were identified as Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan, who sustained shrapnel wounds to the legs and back; Ismael Lim, driver of Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza; Kim Ar, bodyguard of Akbar and Maan Abustanilo, a staff of Teves.

An aide for the Philippine Broadcasting System, Larry Noda, 34, is stable with burns to his head and face.

UPDATE: Here's a pic of Akbar.

UPDATE: Via LGF, it looks like Akbar was the target of the attack. He had been an Islamist rebel, but was party to a peace agreement with the government. AP:

Rep. Wahab Akbar’s chief of staff said the congressman, a former member of a Muslim rebel group that signed a peace accord with the government in 1996, died at the hospital. Metropolitan Manila police chief Geary Barias said a lawmaker’s driver also was killed in the explosion, which went off as the House ended its session.....

“It looks like Congressman Akbar was the target,” Barias said. Police and soldiers in the capital went on high alert.

Akbar, a former governor of southern Basilan province, had been targeted by the Abu Sayyaf Muslim extremist group in the past for launching offensives against them.

There's only one thing Muslim fundamentalists hate more than infidels: traitors to the cause.

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Heartache: Blacklisting of Terror Financiers "most grievous human rights violation" on Earth; Daniel Pearl Unavailable for Comment

Wow, are the Europeans really this hysterical over the U.N. and EU "blacklisting" suspected terror financiers? Yes, they are. By blacklisting they mean the practice of impounding the assets of suspected terrorists and banning them from flying.

In this U.S. we call this "designation", meaning that the individual or organization has been designated by the U.S. State Department a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).


The methods used by the United Nations and the European Union for blacklisting terrorism suspects are "totally arbitrary" and "violate the fundamental principles of human rights and rule of law," a European human rights panel said Monday....

"A serial killer in Europe has a lot more rights,"....

"Despite any recent procedural improvements, it remains nearly impossible de facto for an individual or an entity to get . . . removed from a blacklist," the committee said, adding that the new procedures "are just as flawed as the previous ones."

The panel said the "most grievous human rights violation" is the disregard for fair trial, noting that no type of hearing -- public or private -- is held before an individual or organization is listed.

After reading this, I have to wonder whether or not the panel is secretly being run by Andrew Sullivan?

Funny enough, they use the "plight" of an Italian Muslim Brotherhood leader & suspected al Qaeda financier, Youssef Nada, as their best case for why the process is so flawed. His Al Taqwa Bank was involved in secretly funding al Qaeda through a number of nefarious schemes. He is being tried in absentia in Egypt because the Italians refuse to extradite him.

Gobsmackingly vile!

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Africa Watch: Weapons Siezed in Mogadishu

Forget Iraq, the world's biggest failed-state nightmare is in Somalia. Even worse, it looks like a successful central government in that nation would be even more dangerous than the present chaos. Let's not forget that the African Taliban were fairly close to uniting the country and that they were already inviting in Islamist mujahideen, including al Qaeda.

Defense Talk:

Columns of joint Ethiopia-Somali forces scoured for weapons in the capital's main market on Monday to stem an escalating insurgency that has killed at least 60 people in five days.

The troops blocked roads then swooped from door-to-door in Bakara market, a suspected hideout of Islamist-led rebels relentlessly attacking pro-government targets in recent days. The usual bustle was absent.
As it is we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that the Ethiopians and their Somali allies know what they are doing.

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Muslim Attacks Swiss Mosque

Killing an apostate? Honor killing? Vendetta? Sunni-Shia violence? Teh crazy? All possible explanations.

All we know is that he was a Muslim & Swiss citizen. As a Swiss citizen he has a military issued weapon which he used to open fire on a mosque, injuring one.


A Muslim Swiss citizen opened fire late Monday in the Islamic centre at Crissier, western Switzerland, seriously wounding a fellow Muslim, police said.

...the 23-year-old fired a dozen shots in the prayer room on the first story of the Islamic centre where there were about 10 people present...

A 43-year-old Swiss Muslim was seriously wounded in the abdomen, but he was expected to recover.

The man used a weapon and ammunition given to him by the Swiss army.

The man was tackled before any one else was hurt. Hopefully he'll spill the beans so we can figure out just why he went Rambo.

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Slate Weighs in on Mike Huckabee


The world is full of disaffected Huckabee campaign workers, former employees and garden-variety Republicans who love to pass on tips about a governor they'd found self-centered and untrustworthy. If you think he left a well of warm feelings in Arkansas, note that Hillary Clinton had raised more money in Arkansas at last report and that a recent University of Arkansas Poll showed her a 35 to 8 percent leader over Huckabee in the presidential preferences of Arkansas residents. Only one-third of 33 Republican legislators have said they will support him for president.
But then, what can we expect from the notoriously left-wing Slate?

Over at The American Spectator, the notoriously NOT left-wing Quin Hilyer adds:

Fourteen times, the ethics commission -- a respected body, not a partisan witch-hunt group -- investigated claims against Huckabee. Five of those times, it officially reprimanded him. And, as only MSNBC among the big national media has reported at any real length, there were lots of other mini-scandals and embarrassments along the way.

He used public money for family restaurant meals, boat expenses, and other personal uses. He tried to claim as his own some $70,000 of furniture donated to the governor's mansion. He repeatedly, and obstinately, against the pleadings even from conservative columnists and editorials, refused to divulge the names of donors to a "charitable" organization he set up while lieutenant governor -- an outfit whose main charitable purpose seemed to be to pay Huckabee to make speeches. Then, as a kicker, he misreported the income itself from the suspicious "charity."

Huckabee has been criticized, reasonably so, for misusing the state airplane for personal reasons. And he and his wife, Janet, actually set up a "wedding gift registry" (they had already been married for years) to which people could donate as the Huckabees left the governorship, in order to furnish their new $525,000 home.

Hmmm...not looking so good for the Huckster.

Full disclosure: I worked on Mike Huckabee's first campaign back in 1992 and I really liked him. Not too long ago, I started looking into the Huckster as a potential backup should anything happen to the Fred! Based on my investigation...not so much.

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November 12, 2007

"cyber-jihadists think they are clever, but they are really morons"

The Washington Times had that quote right yesterday: yes, they really are morons. Related.

Speaking of morons, I notice that the latest as Sahab produced al Qaeda video isn't available in English.


Again I ask, where is Adam Gadahn?

PS--Another oddity, as Sahab has gone to 31 character passwords! But don't fear, dear readers, I can crack them.....with my mind.

UPDATE: "Inshallahshaheed" interviews Adam Gadahn:

Interviewer: Tell us, what is it about Pakistanis that you admire?

“Adam” Gadahn: I like uncut Pakistani boys.

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Hookers, Snakes, Viagra, Poison, Adultery, & Marrying Your Ex-Father-in-law

Possibly the greatest paragraph written, evah. Give this reporter a Pulitzer.

Independent Mail:

About 3 p.m. Nov. 3, the woman, who is divorced from the 60-year-old man’s son, reportedly accused her new husband of hiding “five hookers” in their house on Veterans Street. She also claimed he put a snake in her car, attempted to poison her and was going “crazy with younger women” after he obtained a prescription for Viagra, according to a report by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.
I'd like to comment, but really, what more needs to be said than Jerry Springer here I come!

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Why We're Winning in Iraq

I know I'm late to the party here, but a lot of factors have gone into the winning strategy. Long War Journal runs down the list.

The one thing I'd add is this: it seems to me that al Qaeda is ramping down it's efforts in Iraq. They now know it's a losing battle. They're not going to just pack up and leave, but I expect that we will see less and less of al Qaeda's time, money, and steady stream of jihadis (like a 'caravan of martyrs') going to Iraq.

So, where are those resources going? Africa.

Mark my words and keep an eye on it. Places like Somalia & Eritrea will be in the news once again very soon.

Things are happening in Africa that will have long term consequences for the U.S. The problem may be under the radar screen for John Q. Public, but thankfully (this time) al Qaeda operations in Africa are being closely monitored by the intelligence community. Hopefully we'll do whatever it takes to make sure these states do not become the next Afghanistan, exporting terrorism to our shores.

UPDATE: Add Nigeria to that Africa thought.

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al-Qaeda in Iraq's Diyala Media Emir Captured

alfurqanbannersmall.JPGBAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed six terrorists and detained 15 suspects, including two wanted individuals Sunday and Monday during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda propaganda operations in central Iraq.

During an operation southwest of Baqubah Sunday, Coalition forces targeted the alleged media emir of the Diyala province. Coalition forces observed four armed men in the target area, and, perceiving hostile intent, fired warning shots in an attempt to get the men to drop their weapons. When the suspects failed to comply, the ground force engaged the armed men. A vehicle associated with the men caught on fire from the engagement, and Coalition forces observed secondary explosions, indicating bomb-making materials were likely inside. As the ground force secured the area, they assessed four terrorists were killed from the explosions during the operation.

Coalition forces conducted a separate operation targeting a suspected terrorist associated with the four terrorists killed southwest of Baqubah. As the ground force approached the target building, they called for the building’s occupants to come out. One man came out of the building, but ignoring their instructions he continued to move toward them and ignored warning shots. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged and killed the terrorist. As the ground force secured the area, they found two large weapons caches of rockets, mortars and improvised explosive devices, which the ground force safely destroyed to prevent further use by terrorists. The ground force detained two suspects on site.

Coalition forces captured a wanted individual west of Baqubah during operations targeting an associate of al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders, including the suspected Diyala media emir and an associate. Coalition forces secured the target building, finding a media cache, believed to be used for al-Qaeda in Iraq propaganda. The wanted individual was subsequently detained.

In an operation east of Samarra, Coalition forces targeted an al-Qaeda media headquarters and safe house, also believed to be used by foreign terrorists. As Coalition forces secured the target building and entered a room, a man reached for a suicide vest. Responding in self-defense, Coalition forces engaged and killed the terrorist before the vest detonated. The ground force detained seven suspects on site.

Coalition forces captured a wanted individual during operations in southern Tikrit targeting foreign terrorist facilitators and associates of al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders. The wanted individual was believed to be an associate helping with the movement of senior terrorist leaders in the Haditha region. Coalition forces detained four suspects in addition to the wanted individual.

“Many operations lead us to other targets,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. “These operations, with the help of Iraqi citizens and security forces, get us closer to a peaceful Iraq.”

source MNF-Iraq

Looks like Bill can scratch off some more of those wanted men on his post here.

Almost Nothing Left of al-Qaeda's al-Furqan Media Arm

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Universal Health Care: Cockroaches on Operating Tables

Alas, there are scandalous problems with the government-run health care system in Australia. The Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney is being investigated since a woman miscarried in the hospital emergency room toilets while waiting two hours to be treated. And, there's more.


A parliamentary inquiry into Sydney's Royal North Shore (RNS) hospital has heard a claim of live cockroaches being killed on operating theatre tables during surgeries.

A submission from retired RNS doctor Henry Slay Hughes also claims some of the hospital's operating tables are so old, one broke in two while a patient was anaesthetised.

With regard to the allegations of cockroaches on the operating tables, New South Wales Health Minister Reba Meagher stated that a recent thorough cleaning of the RNS facility was performed due to concerns about cleanliness.

When questioned about the operating table breaking while a patient was undergoing anesthesia, Area Health Service Chief Mattew Daly indicated that hospital staff acted quickly to catch the patient before he hit the floor and there was no injury.

The inquiry continues. Notably, considerable attention is being directed to the inadequacy of funding for the health care system. As with all socialized medical plans, the demand explodes toward the infinite while taxpayer resources to meet the demand are limited.

Consequently, waiting times for treatment become a mechanism to ration the limited health care services. If a patient can wait long enough, treatment will be provided. That is, of course, assuming that the patient survives long enough. And death sometimes does occur as demonstrated by the Canada Health Care System's practice of sending treatment notification letters with computer-generated apologies for patients who died while waiting.

However, in addition to unhealthy waiting times, the Australian problem of providing infinite services with finite resources presents itself also by evidence of inadequate equipment (operating room table breaking during a procedure) and degraded cleanliness (live cockroaches at surgeries).

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Muslims Love Porn (the really disgusting kind)

Too good to fact check: Mideast Youth:

Egypt is currently #1 for “fat sex.”

Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt are at the top of the list when it comes to “animal sex.”

For “children sex,” Pakistan is at #1, Egypt #2 and Iran #3. The most common languages used to conduct the search in are Arabic and Turkish.

Thanks to Locomotive Breath who found the post by Googling "fat chick Arab porn".

UPDATE: Just checked my sitemetere's map function. Two viewers from Arab countries on in the last hour. One, from Kuwait, has us bookmarked. The other? A Morrocon who did a Google image search for "porn" and found this post.


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Video : Mike Huckabee Pleads With Democrat-run Legislature to Pass New Tax Increases

"You will have nothing but my profound thanks."

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The Messiah Touches the Third Rail

Being (apparently) the resident left-wing commie Kossack/Greenwald/Sullivan/whatever here, I'm gonna stay true to type and give Obama kudos for having the cojones to raise the issue.

Fire away, GOP fanboys!

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24 Producer On Hillary, South Park, Blogs

After creator and producer of '24' Joel Surnow spoke at the Young America's Foundation on Saturday afternoon, a few media types, bloggers, and myself sat down with him and his lovely wife for about a half hour. Since I know a lot of you are '24' fans, I thought I'd post a few thoughts.

I asked him if he read any blogs, and he said not really. He reads Drudge, a few of the MSM types who also have blogs (like Kaus), but he did mention one: Hot Air. Yeah, I'm a little jealous.

I also asked him if he had seen the South Park episode which poked fun at '24'. He smiled and nodded. Yeah, he had seen the episode -- even knowing the name of it, "Snuke".

In fact, after seeing the episode he had sent South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone Mort Drucker's original artwork from Mad magazine spoofing '24' as a thank you present.

And since the 'Snuke' episode was also about Hillary Clinton, I'll let the Washington Times quote from Surnow inform you about his opinion on the former first lady's prospects:

"Are we nuts thinking Hillary Clinton could be president of this country? Honest to God, just stand back and think about it."
McCain's piece in the Times has more from Surnow on Hollywood, the Left, and jobs for conservatives.

So, who is the candidate of the non-left in Hollywood? Since it looks like Phil Klein from the American Spectator beat us all to this, I'll link him here:

"I'm probably going to get behind Rudy," Surnow said.... "I like him. I know him personally. I like his toughness."
Other than that, my conversation with Surnow was more along the personal. But Ace from Ace of Spades HQ seemed to be taking notes so I expect he'll have something up later today.

For a personal account of this weekend's YAF shindig, check out Little Miss Attila's post.

Note to Goldstein's pancake sized nipples: don't you know it's rude to leave when someone as important as [insert politician's name here] is about to leave?

UPDATE: As expected, here's a post from Ace on the Surnow meeting.

One point I'll add, after reading Ace's post, was Surnow's lamenting of the fact that P.J. O'Rourke is no longer as active as a right-of-center satirist. Forget an Army of Davids, what the world needs now is an army of P.J. O'Rourke's!

PS: Goldstein actually pitched this. No joke.

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November 11, 2007

Cyber Jihad of Loser's Super Cyber Dud

Via Washington Times:

A planned cyber-attack by al Qaeda supporters against Internet sites today has its intended targets in the U.S. on guard.

Robert Spencer, whose Web site Jihad Watch is a lightning rod for criticism from Islamist groups, said he is consulting with his technical advisers to ensure his page is inoculated from intrusion.

"Jihadists and their allies cannot compete in the arena of open debate, and so they resort to thuggish tactics to silence their opponents," Mr. Spencer said.

The plans were uncovered by several Web sites in October, one of which launched a counterattack earlier last week.

"Sheikh Osama [bin Laden] may Allah protect him said: '90% of the battle is through the media and the remaining is through weapons,' " according to a translation posted on the Jawa Report (http://, whose host blogger goes by the handle of "Dr. Rusty Shackleford."

"From this blessed forum I call on to the formation of 'Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet' for the triumph of truth in the age of darkness so contribute with us in establishing these blessed Battalions," the announcement said.

A Homeland Security Department spokeswoman dismissed the threat as rumor and said the agency did not issue any warnings in advance.

Aaron Weisburd, who operates Internet Haganah and has shut down more than 1,000 jihad and al Qaeda sites, predicts the attack to be "unsophisticated and will have minimal impact."

Rusty gets another quote on page 2.
"It may cause some problems on some Web sites, but it won't take down the State Department or military," Mr. Shackleford said.

"The reason why is that cyber-jihadists think they are clever, but they are really morons," Mr. Shackleford said.

Indeed Master, morons.

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Happy Veterans Day

How long will ye slumber? when will ye take heart
And fear the reproach of your neighbors at hand?
Fie! comrades, to think ye have peace for your part,
Whilst the sword and the arrow are wasting our land!
Shame! grasp the shield close! cover well the bold breast!
Aloft raise the spear as ye march on your foe!
With no thought of retreat, with no terror confessed,
Hurl your last dart in dying, or strike your last blow.
Oh, 't is noble and glorious to fight for our all,--
For our country, our children, the wife of our love!
Death comes not the sooner; no soldier shall fall,
Ere his thread is spun out by the sisters above.
Once to die is man's doom; rush, rush to the fight!
He cannot escape, though his blood were Jove's own.
For a while let him cheat the shrill arrow by flight;
Fate will catch him at last in his chamber alone.
Unlamented he dies; -- unregretted. Not so,
When, the tower of his country, in death falls the brave;
Thrice hallowed his name amongst all, high or low,
As with blessings alive, so with tears in the grave.

-Callinus, 7th Century

Filed under Heroes.

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Islamic Cars for the Global Market

According to a report in the New Straits Times, Malaysian companies and government officials in a 40-member delegation are touring the Middle East to explore possible joint ventures and to attract investment.

At a dinner last night in Tehran, an interesting plan was announced.

Malaysia, together with Iran and Turkey, plans to produce "Islamic" cars for the global market, according to Proton Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

From an idea mooted by Iran, the cars are expected to have Islamic features such as compass, kiblat reading and compartments for keeping the Al-Quran and scarves.

"What they (Iran) want is to call that an Islamic car," he said on the sidelines of a dinner organised by Multimedia Development Corporation here last night.

"They have identified and proposed Iran, Malaysia and Turkey. Why these three countries? I think it's because they are automotive-based."

The compass, kiblat reading apparently points to the direction of Mecca. Regarding a compartment for the Quran and scarves, one would think that the existing glove compartments on cars would suffice since nobody stores gloves in them anymore.

Since I've not heard a crush of complaints about existing vehicles on the roads not being Islamic enough, the venture seems odd. Also, it's not clear whether any market research was performed to determine if people would buy Islamic cars that are priced to make a profit. After all, the Islamic car manufacturers will have to compete with other automobile producers.

On a positive note, however, it's presumed that using an Islamic vehicle for a suicide car bomb mission would be un-Islamic. Anyone doing so would not be met in heaven by 72 virgins, rather Allah would send them to the hereafter to be greeted by 72 burly guys named Goodwrench.

If already chosen, the name of the new vehicle hasn't been made public.

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Making Something From Nothing

One of the best things on the Internet, hands down, are the Fark Photoshop threads. There are some genuinely creative, sharp, funny people with mad Photoshop skillz residing there.

Watch as they take a bunch of random gears and mechanical bits and make them into LOLz and pwnage.

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November 10, 2007

Nonie Darwish at YAF: "Islam is.... a totalitarian state"

The featured speaker at the Young America's Foundation luncheon today was human rights activist Nonie Darwish, author of Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror .

While the speakers earlier this morning were good, I have to be honest and say that Nonie's talk was the only one I was enthusiastic about. To hear about the other talks, go check out Gateway Pundit.

Ms. Darwish opened by telling the story of how her father was assassinated by Mossad agents in Egypt. Her father was a high level officer in the Egyptian Army in charge of operations in the Sinai against Israel during the early 1950s.

She recounted how difficult it was for her mother to do simple tasks such as drive a car since there was no man of the house. How in her mother's generation over 90% of Egyptian women underwent the horrible procedure of genital mutilation. Clearly, the place of women in Muslim countries is as second class citizen.

When she was 20 she went to visit her Christian friend's house on a Friday and the two couldn't help but hear the sermon being delivered at the mosque next door being broadcast on loudspeakers. The sermon ended with a prayer imploring Allah to curse the infidels and Jews. Because she was with her Christian friend, the cursing shamed her.

Growing up in such a culture, though, hearing this common curse on infidels didn't seem like such a big deal. In fact, the curse, coming at the end of prayers or sermons, almost become a holy saying.

To this day Christians and other minorities are persecuted throughout the Middle East.

After moving to America well into her adulthood she went to a mosque where the imam preached a sermon on how newcomers were not to assimilate into American society and how Islam would one day dominate in the U.S.

"Don't assimilate," she was told by the man delivering the sermon, "Islam will become the dominate religion."

Immigration and non-assimilation are a silent and non-violent jihad. But the end goals of the establishment of sharia law remain among some in the Muslim community even when violent struggle is shunned.

She was also urged to begin wearing Islamic clothes as a sign to her neighbors that she was Muslim. She never went back to that mosque and refused to wear the headscarf.

Speaking of the low birthrate amongst native Europeans and the large number of immigrants from Muslim countries, Darwish said, "They already feel that they've conquered Europe, now they have their eyes on America."

On 9/11 she witnessed the second plane hitting the World Trade Center. When she learned that Mohammed Atta was Egyptian, and remembering that Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman -- in jail for his part in the 1993 WTC bombings -- was also from her homeland, she called friends in Egypt. What could possibly be so wrong in her culture that would lead to such despicable acts?

But her friends rejected the notion that Arabs could be responsible for 9/11. It must have been the Jews. The saddest part? Her friends, like Nonie, were middle class Egyptians, not radicals or even overly religious. They were moderates and liberals. Good people corrupted by growing up in a culture which lacked any self criticism and which blamed the Jews or the West for any and all of its problems.

The same antisemitism found in Egypt is found throughout the Middle East, she says. And when Arabs speak to Western outlets, they do not speak with the same amount of antisemitic and anti-American rhetoric.

"We Arabs are fighting an imaginary Jew of our own making," said Darwish.

The Jew is blamed for everything in the Middle East, but never Arab leaders. A problem tied to antisemitism but also, claimed Darwish, because sharia exempts the "Caliph" --or leader of the Islamic nation -- from the normal consequences of violating Islamic law.

Even though there has not been a Caliph in the Muslim world for over 80 years, Arabs are accustomed to taking corrupt leaders for granted. And today's Muslim dictators think of themselves as Caliphs, exempt from the law.

This illustrates a major problem in the Islamic world. Muslims are taught that it's okay to lie if the lie helps Muslims against the infidels or if it helps unite Muslims. It leads to a society in which lies are told to one another in order to save face with the West.

Darwish also spoke about objections to the term "Islamofascism". The term "Islmofascism" was coined by moderate Muslims in Algeria used to describe the fanatics who were slaughtering them. The vast majority of the victims of Islamofascism are Muslims. Over 150,000 Muslims have been killed in Algeria alone in the war between moderates and those who wish to impose Sharia law.

She also argued that Islam is more than a "religion" since sharia is not just about how to live ones life, but is a legal system which covers the totality of social relations. For instance, the punishment for apostasy under Islamic law extends to death.

Can Islam be reformed asked one of the YAF students? Darwish is hopeful that it can and that many Muslims wish, privately, to reform Islam. Then how come there are not more voices crying for reform in the Middle East? Her explanation was as simple as it was disturbing. Because those calling for reform are often labeled "traitors" or "apostates" .

"Many of the true freedom fighters in the Middle east are sitting in Arab jails," she said.

Even in "moderate" countries such as Egypt where there are no formal criminal penalties, those who criticize or leave Islam face mob justice.

Another theme of the talk was the oppression of women in Islamic countries. She recalled how her families maid had become pregnant after being raped. She was murdered by her father and her brother because she had brought shame on her being the victim of rape!

"Islam is more than a religion, it is a totalitarian state," she said as she reminded listeners of the oppression found in nearly all Islamic countries.

Speaking of the death penalty for apostasy under Sharia law, Darwish said, "Sharia must guarantee that there is no defection across th Berlin wall of Islam."


The entire speech was moving and it was the first time during the conference that I felt like my standing ovation was done enthusiastically, and not merely because others were doing the same. I was truly moved by her speech. Both by compassion for those living under the oppressive conditions in Islamic lands and contempt for the American left for becoming apologists for political Islam.

"Doesn't the Left," she said, "understand that in the Middle East we are the liberals?"

But the most moving part of the luncheon came during the question and answer period. A young girl wearing the headscarf which made her stand out as a Muslm got up to the microphone to ask Ms. Darwish a question.

Oh no, I said to myself. I knew the girl was Palestinian because she had told me so earlier in the day as we walked together in the halls. Darwish is very much committed to a peace in the Middle East which includes a secular, liberal, & Jewish state of Israel. Here it comes, I thought.

Instead the young girl recounted how her parents were making her leave the U.S. because she had received threats from fellow Muslims here because of her pro-American views.

The girl was only seventeen. What should she do?

Darwish replied that she should do what her parents ask for now, fearing for the girl's safety. Growing up in Egypt Darwish knows what it is like for Muslim girls to go against their parents. She then encouraged the girl to come back to America as soon as she turned 18 and offered her personal assistance to help her in any way she could.

Can you imagine being forced to leave America and go live in the Middle East because you had embraced liberty and freedom? The girl said she was a committed Muslim, and her wearing of the headscarf (voluntarily, I presume) seemed to be an outward sign of that commitment.

Yet, even though she continues to embrace Islam, that wasn't enough for some radical Muslims. Apparently embracing an Islam which allows for freedom of conscience was just too much for them.

A standing ovation, this time not for Nonie Darwish, but for this brave young girl. A touching moment. She cried. Others cried. I cried.

A moving event. I'm glad to have been here today. I'm also appreciative of the time Ms. Darwish gave me after the talk, one-on-one.

I'm off to go see John Ashcroft speak, then I get to have dinner with him. I was never a big Ashcroft fan, but never understood the irrational hatred of him by those on the Left. Check back later and I might have something on Ashcroft's speech later tonight.

UPDATE by Rusty: I already updated this post once on Saturday, but something happened and I was shocked to see that my changes weren't updated.

Shortly after posting, I met the girl in the halls. She clarified for me that her parents were Republicans, and also embraced a liberty loving Islam. I had misunderstood her original comments. I have changed the post above to reflect this clarification.

I also didn't want to mention her name in the original post, fearing for her safety. But she says it's fine to mention her, so I will. Her name is Summer Kamal, and Jim from Gateway Pundit grabbed an interview with her on video later that same day. Check it out.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:20 PM | Comments |

Iz a Terrist Yemen Sez

More Fraudulent Evidence in the Al-Khaiwani case

In the last three years, the Yemeni government tried to bribe me, planted insulting and crazy stories in the yellow press, said I was a terrorist and suggested a foreign government arrest me, blocked my website, unblocked it and reblocked it, called me a Zionist, an opposition stooge, CIA, an Iranian agent and a woman of ill repute, and now...(drumroll please), has produced an entirely fraudulent document as evidence in a court case:

The prosecution showed al-Khaiwani an English letter translated into Arabic from a woman called “Jean,” which informed him that “al-Houthi told you that they were going to America for two weeks. They told you that [al-Houthi] would speak with congress and discuss the results with you.”
Al-Khaiwani's lawyer resigned in July and wrote, "What can a lawyer do in cases that are administered by that the accused is convicted until proved otherwise and therefore copies of mediation documents are presented as evidence against you instead of war documents and an empty CD is presented to convict you?" Some of the Jawa readers are mobilizing here.

By Jane at 06:41 PM | Comments |

Hillary Campaign Caught Planting Questions

From the LA Times blogs:

She [Hillary] called on a young woman. "As a young person," said the well-spoken Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, "I'm worried about the long-term effects of global warming. How does your plan combat climate change?"

"Well, you should be worried," Clinton replied. "You know, I find as I travel around Iowa that it's usually young people that ask me about global warming."

There's a good reason for that, too. The question was a plant, totally rigged in advance, like a late-night infomercial. Just before the public forum a Clinton staffer had chosen the young woman, a student at Grinnell College, and asked her to ask that specific question.

Trouble is, the young woman told others and today her account showed up on the Grinnell website, including mention that the staffer signaled Clinton who to call on.

It's hard to decide which is more pathetic, the utter dishonesty of planting questions, or the abject incompetence of getting caught.

By Bluto01:40 PM | Comments |

Yemeni Journalist Faces Death Penalty for Photos

Journalist faces possible death penalty over photos “liable to undermine army morale”karim0807.jpg

Reporters Without Borders today urged the authorities to stop the prosecution of Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani, a freelance journalist and former editor of the now closed weekly Al-Shoura, on a charge of “publishing information liable to undermine army morale” under article 126 of the criminal code, for which the maximum penalty is death.

“Khaiwani is critical of the government headed by President Ali Abdallah Saleh but that does not make him a rebel,” the press freedom organisation said. “We remind the authorities that journalists are, by definition, neutral observers and as such they should not be prosecuted for what they report.”

Al-Khaiwani is the same guy who the bloggers made a petition for in 2005. He was recently kidnapped and beaten by security forces while awaiting this bogus, politicized trial.

By Jane at 12:29 AM | Comments |

November 09, 2007

Michelle Lays the Smack Down on Rudy

Posted at

Giuliani still refuses to acknowledge his aggressive, proactive protection of New York’s sanctuary policies.

Hillary Clinton’s botched illegal alien license answer gave the GOP some breathing room. But when the Dem-on-Dem “pile-on” dies down, we are still left with a leading GOP presidential candidate who positions himself as War on Terror strong horse–but who exercised extraordinarily weak judgement in recommending his corrupted ally for the nation’s top homeland security post, continued to rationalize it, and fails to see his own culpability in perpetuating open-borders chaos in NYC.

Three years ago, the conventional wisdom from many parts of the NYC-DC punditocracy was that Giuliani’s Kerik problem wouldn’t matter in the ‘08 presidential election.

It does.

The grass-roots conservative base is sick and tired of cronyism and open-borders arrogance–two traits that dominate the Bush White House, two traits on naked display in the intertwined fates of Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerik, two traits that dangerously undermine public confidence and public safety.

If Republicans are going to decide that Giuliani is the best standard-bearer for the party, they better do so with eyes wide open and absolute candor. He is–at best–only marginally better than Hillary Clinton on immigration and border security. He was a bad judge of character at a key moment in the Department of Homeland Security’s history. And despite his lip service and cable TV-friendly talking points, he remains obstinately committed to non-enforcement of immigration laws when push comes to shove.

Caveat emptor.

That'll leave a mark.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:12 PM | Comments |

'Tis The Season


Wish me luck...or not.

Either way, to help steady my aim, if I have one in my sights I promise to whisper "Hello Samir" before I squeeze the trigger.

Feel free to use this thread to tell hunting stories. Or talk about guns, that's always fun. I'm hunting with a Weatherby .300 WinMag. Great for taking down wannabe cyberjihadis living with their momma and poppa from long distances.

By Vinnie at 11:08 PM | Comments |

Simultaneously teh Gheyest and Most Awesome Thing Ever

$64 question: Is Daniel in love with Mr. Miyagi or Kumiko? The video isn't entirely clear...

By Good Lt. at 10:29 PM | Comments |

To Readers From Rusty: Thank You

Hey everybody, just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all of your support.

Has Inshallahshaheed's threat against my family caused me alarm? Well, inasmuch as Samir Khan wished that I was "eradicated from the earth by a Mujaahid", and inasmuch as Samir has a pretty large following among self-styled mujahideens here in the U.S. then, yes, I was a bit alarmed.

Especially given that he also wished to terrorize my family, "O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family."

So, a little more worried than usual. Not as worried as when the Taliban noticed who I was. Not as worried as I was when I received my first death threat. But yes, worried. Maybe worried is too dramatic a word. Angst? A tad nervous?

What I want to suggest is that I'm not doing much of anything different than usual. A few more precautions here and there, nothing more.

I appreciate all the letters of support and the generous donations many readers have sent via paypal. Thank you.

But please, I beg of you, stop asking me to post Samir's address. And please, pretty please, do not respond to Samir's threats against my life in kind. I appreciate the sentiment that many of you have volunteered to offer me protective assistance in the form of a good ass-kicking to Samir, but if any actual harm came to him we would just be making him a martyr for his lost cause.

Please do Samir no harm nor threaten him in any way with physical violence. He's just not worth the effort.

The best thing we can do is be vigilant in exposing Samir and his cadre of online jihadis for what they are. By exposing the evil ideology that is political Islam.

Again, thanks to each and every one of you for your support.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:25 PM | Comments |

Video : Club For Growth Hammers Huckabee Over Tax Hikes

More at WaPo:

Pat Toomey, a former Pennsylvania Congressman and president of the Club, was similarly vituperative about Huckabee's record in an interview with The Fix this week. Toomey referred to Huckabee as a "serial tax hiker" and a "pro-life, pro-gun liberal."

Toomey explained the Club's jihad against Huckabee in simple terms. "For the sake of accuracy and because we think he would be so damaging to the Republican brand, we think it's important."

Not surprisingly, Huckabee has been far less sanguine about the Club's attack on his record. Campaign manager Chip Saltsman said that the Club's enmity toward Huckabee appears to be the result of a "personal vendetta," adding: "Most people are starting to figure that out. (Toomey, for what it's worth, insists that there is nothing personal about the attacks.)

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:30 PM | Comments |

Terrorists Plan Hollywood in Gaza

(Gaza Strip) Coming soon, Hamaswood! The leaders of Hamas are planning to build a $200 million media city and movie production facility.

So far, though, the Islamic group has raised only a tiny fraction of the money it needs for its own Hollywood, at a time when the Gaza economy has ground to a standstill and its people are struggling to feed themselves because of Israeli and international sanctions against the Islamic group listed as a terror organization.

Even so, Hamas envisions a glittering facility with production and graphics studios, satellite technology, gardens, water ponds, a children's entertainment area and an array of cafes and restaurants, said the Felasteen daily, a Hamas paper.

It will even feature mock towns and villages similar to those that Palestinians fled or were forced out after Israel's creation in 1948, the newspaper reported, quoting Fathi Hamad, a Hamas lawmaker and head of the project.

Not mentioned in the report is the presumed receipt in Gaza of a substantial quantity of strong, hallucination-producing hashish.

By at 12:50 PM | Comments |

Religious Pilgramage: Ronald Reagan Ranch

If you're wondering where I am, I'm heading up to the Ronald Reagan ranch courtesy of the Young America's Foundation.

I'll be the guy genuflecting and chanting I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.

UPDATE: I was overwhelmed by the simplicity of the ranch. It's small. Very small. And definitely not modern.

Reagan was as humble in his private life as he appeared to be in his public life.

I forgot my little plugin thingy for my digital camera, but Jim from Gateway Pundit has a few pics from today's trip to the ranch up.

UPDATE II: Stacey McCain, who is also here, has more.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:45 AM | Comments |

Why are there no more American heroes?

On November 2, First Lt. Walter B. Jackson was award the Distinguished Service Cross, our nation's second highest award for valor in combat. A google news search shows that not one media outlet other than the Army Times has published the story.

Not. A. Single. One.

Can we question their patriotism now?

North Shore Journal has the story of this hero.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:16 AM | Comments |

Why Are Democrats Wishing For Failure in Iraq?

Good question from IraqPundit, who's there (emphasis mine):

Before you start calling me names, let me say something. Nobody's saying everything's back to normal.


I know those who are wedded to the idea of a failed Iraq are calling me a deluded idiot and worse. But things are improving slowly. My relatives in Baghdad say there's no comparison; things are much better than they were six months ago. They can visit friends in different areas and walk about the neighbourhood in the evening.

Frankly, I don't understand why so many mock us for wanting a future for Iraq. Is your hatred for George Bush so great that you prefer to see millions of civilians suffer just to prove him wrong?

It really comes down to this: you are determined to see Iraq become a permanent hellhole because you hate Bush. And we are determined to see Iraq become a success, because we want to live.

Yes. And they call themselves "humanitarians" and "reality-based" while doing it.

Beyond parody.

ht: Ace (Purple Avenger)

By Good Lt. at 12:54 AM | Comments |

25 Pictures Taken At Exactly the Right Time

I can haz jumpkik?

Very cool.

ht: House of Eratosthenes

PS - the pic above is shopped. I'm not sure which other ones are, if any.

By Good Lt. at 12:29 AM | Comments |

Be Sure to Salute Your CO on Veterans Day

No, not that CO, your local Conscientious Objector. That's the message being presented by a teacher at Bay Haven Elementary in Sarasota.

From George Smiley at In From the Cold:

In case you missed it, El Rushbo had a rather disturbing call just before 2 pm (EST) today, from a woman in Sarasota, Florida. She explained that her son is a fourth-grader at Bay Haven Elementary School in the city, and was pleased to learn that the school will celebrate Veteran's Day tomorrow.

Then, her son asked: "Mommy, what's a conscientious objector?"

Turns out that her son's teacher plans to commemorate the holiday by recognizing those who refused to serve. The woman complained to the school's principal, who said she could not dictate how teachers observed Veteran's Day; however, she did agree to the mother's request that her son be moved to another classroom on Friday, for a more appropriate observation of the holiday.

On Mothers Day, the teacher will honor second cousins twice removed.

By Bluto05:18 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Concession Speech, Open Thread and Light Blogging Warning

Well the 2007 Weblog Awards voting has closed. Thanks to everyone for their support. We came in third in our category behind the winner, John Cole's Balloon Juice and Redstate. Just ahead of the great blog Gateway Pundit. and Jesus' General.

Congrats to John and we'll see you next year.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to TJR over the years. Here's a list of just a few.
Jane at Armies of Liberation
Good Lt.
Mike Pechar.
Chris Short.
The Dread Pundit Bluto.
Chad Evans.
Richard at Hyscience

Thanks to our fearless leader and Sith Lord, Dr. Rusty Shackleford.

And thanks to you, the Jawa readers, who really make this blog work. It's your support and emails that have helped us nail all those terrorist websites. Without your participation, no doubt we would be much less successful.

Rusty will be out for the weekend and Howie is also done for the week. In the mean time, our fantastic co-bloggers will pick up on any really important stuff that may happen. Thanks again to everyone.

Heh, for a giant lumbering tracked vehicle loaded full of used droids, the Sandcrawler ran a pretty good race.

Oh and comments are open, you can do your own blogging right here. May The Force be with you, always. The Dark Side of The Force of course.

By Howie at 05:04 PM | Comments |

Coalition Forces Capture a Suspected Terrorist "Judge"

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces captured a suspected terrorist and detained four other suspects Thursday during operations to disrupt terrorist networks in central and northern Iraq.

During operations in Mosul, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual reported to be a judge in a terrorist illegal court system in the city, who is believed to be involved in ordering and approving abductions and executions, as well as facilitating the transfer of money and weapons to local terrorist leaders. Coalition forces secured the target area without incident. The wanted individual identified himself to the ground force, and he was subsequently detained.

Farther south in Baqubah, Coalition forces detained four suspects during an operation targeting an alleged terrorist leader in the Diyala province. Information gained from previous operations indicates the targeted individual has ties to a terrorist media cell and other senior leaders operating in the province. During the operation, Ground forces called for a building's occupants to come out and they complied. Four of them were detained by Coalition forces.

"We continue to dismantle the terrorist networks that threaten the security of Iraq," said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. "The people of Iraq have chosen their future; Iraqi and Coalition forces will ensure al-Qaeda in Iraq stays out of their way."

Source MNF-Iraq.

Wow that is great news. Often terrorist groups like al-Qaeda in Iraq and Ansar al-Sunnah claim to have tried a victim before they publish a snuff video. Hopefully this man will be able to provide much needed intelligence.

Vote Jawa!

By Howie at 04:45 PM | Comments |

Tarik Shah Sentenced to 15 Years

He plead guilty to training people in hand to hand combat for al-Qaeda.

Via Reuters: NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York jazz musician was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Wednesday for agreeing to help train al Qaeda fighters in hand-to-hand combat in a case that centered on an oath he took before an undercover FBI agent.

Tarik Shah, 44, a martial arts instructor raised in New York, received the maximum sentence in Manhattan federal court under a plea agreement with U.S. prosecutors.

Previous Jawa Report Coverage below the fold.

Vote Jawa!

Al Qaeda Lawyer: "My client was set up."
One American Jihadi Pleads Guilty, the Other Not ...

By Howie at 04:24 PM | Comments |

Muslim Female Death Porn Poet Convicted


Via The Daily Mail: An airport worker who wrote poems about beheadings is the first woman to be found guilty under new terror laws.

Samina Malik, who liked to call herself a "lyrical terrorist", called for attacks on the West and described "poisoned bullets" capable of killing an entire street in her poetry.

The 23-year-old Muslim wrote of her desire to become a martyr and listed her favourite videos as the "beheading ones"....

....Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, told the court the defendant liked to be known as the "lyrical terrorist" or "a stranger awaiting martyrdom".

"She is a committed Islamic extremist, who supports terrorism and terrorists.

"She had a library of material that she had collected for terrorist purposes.

"That collection would be extremely useful for someone planning terrorist activity."

The court heard how police raided her home in Southall, West London, after an email from her was found on the computer of a terror suspect in October last year.

She had a profile on the social networking website Hi-5, where she called for the execution of "depraved" Westerners .

The British-born Muslim listed her interests as helping the Mujahideen "in any way I can".

She also wrote of how she enjoyed video messages from Osama Bin Laden and "videos that showed massacres of the kuffars", or non-Muslims.

Gee Sammy, you'll never find love now!

Here is one of her sick poems

'How to behead' - extracts

"It's not as messy or as hard as some may think
It's all about the flow of the wrist
Sharpen the knife to its maximum
And before you begin to cut the flesh
Tilt the fools head to its left
Saw the knife back and forth"
"No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream
But ignore the donkey's ass
And continue to slice back and forth
You'll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe
- But Don't Stop -
Continue with all your might
About now you should feel the knife vibrate
You can feel the warm heat being given off
But this is due to the friction being caused."

This demonstrates the the power online terrorist websites and their death porn to warp peoples minds.

Monitoring them is OK, but we must stop them from recruiting and warping young Muslim minds. Many sites with little or no intelligence value exist just for the purpose of creating monsters like Samina Malik. They must be taken down.

Hat Tip: Bryan at Hot Air, also see LGF.

Less than one hour left to Vote Jawa!

By Howie at 04:16 PM | Comments |

Help Us Obi-Wan Kenobi!


You are our only hope....

Jawa needs your vote!

(below the fold)

Vote Jawa!

I wanted to show you this video before, but your uncle wouldn't allow it. He feared you might follow Howie off on some damn fool crusade.

By Howie at 12:51 PM | Comments |

Praise The Lord!

He gave Rosie a big mouth, but sometimes that's a good thing.

Via Tokyo Rosie:
we were close to a deal
almost done
i let it slip in miami
causing panic on the studio end

what can u do

2day there is no deal
my career as a pundit is over
b4 it began

Tokyo Rosie's career as a pundit is over before it began?! Hooray!!!

Hat Tip: Noel.

By Howie at 12:21 PM | Comments |

Time : "What Hillary Clinton Stands For"

Time Magazine's Joel Klein puts together several thousand words on "What Hillary Clinton Stands For." I could give Mr. Klein the benefit of the doubt and assume that the following excerpt was meant to be ironic, but in the overall context of the article, I don't think it was:

[A] few minutes after the photo op, Senator Clinton offered the clearest statement of her own — and her husband's — philosophy that I've ever heard. It came during a brisk question-and-answer session with local residents. A retired dairy farmer complained about the deregulation of his industry and asked what she'd do about it. "During this campaign, you're going to hear me talk a lot about the importance of balance," she began, after acknowledging that the Bush Administration had gone too far toward deregulation in most areas. "You know, our politics can get a little imbalanced sometimes. We move off to the left or off to the right, but eventually we find our way back to the center because Americans are problem solvers. We are not ideologues. Most people are just looking for sensible, commonsense solutions."
I suppose one could read Hillary's quote to mean a number of things, but taken in the overall context of Hillary Clinton's life, the most reasonable reading of Hillary's quote is that Hillary Clinton doesn't stand for anything. Ideologies, apparently, are pretty much for chumps and radicals. Ideas are, after all, dangerous things. All those messy, troublesome, difficult discussions as to the ideal balance between freedom and security, between prosperity and equality, or between the short-term benefit of the current generation as against the long-term benefit of future generations should, apparently, be left to the pointy-heads in the ivory tower. Leave the governing to the Machiavellians, who will package their "commonsense" solutions in easily-digested, ten-second soundbites.

Is anyone other than Joel Klein buying this crap?

Anyone who's paid even passing attention to politics for more than about five minutes knows that this talk of "commonsense" policies devoid of ideology is a lie cooked up by charlatans and consumed by fools. On none of the big issues is there a "commonsense" solution that works best for everyone. With few, if any, exceptions, every change in policy results in somebody winning and somebody losing. What, pray tell, is the "commonsense" level of funding for care of the elderly and terminally ill? What is the most "commonsense" policy on funding for abortion in our inner cities? On the use of military power to stop genocide? On support for Israel? On unrestricted trade with China? The answer depends, as it does with so many things, on who you ask.

What Klein is so impressed by in Hillary's quote is nothing more than the "be everything to everyone," finger-in-the-air, focus group-driven politics with which we all became so familiar in the first Clinton administration, and which was clearly on display in Hillary's last debate performance. For my part, I find it sad that anyone finds it laudable.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:28 AM | Comments |

UK Export to Russia: Jihad

Don't miss this post, some of our favorite rectums are featured, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Abu Izzadeen, Al Massri and Abu Qatada. All calling for Jihad against Russia from the UK.

Via Lionheart: Even though nearly all of these men are now being detained at Her Majesties Pleasure, we must remember that the video's regarding Jihad in Chechnya were pre 9/11 and these Moslem terrorists were allowed to carry on for many more years, recruiting, radicalising and raising funds for the global Jihad before this Loony Labour government decided to act and ask the security services to bring them in.

These men have helped create the British born Moslem army that has now been birthed upon our shores and that is being exported around the world.

The reason for Russia asking Tony Blair's Loony Labour government about Islamic extremism in this country was because they knew that funds and fighters were ending up in their Country from Britain.

The Chechen Moslems you will remember were the ones who took hostage a school full of children in Beslan that ended in carnage, and the other high profile siege was the theatre siege that again ended with the loss of a lot of life.

This is the type of human beings that the Russians were being faced with, and that Islamic clerics here in Britain like those mentioned above were supporting from their nice comfortable bases, paid for by you, the good decent hard working tax payer.

Much more at lionheart, including four exclusive videos of Abu Hamza, Abu Izzadeen and others preaching hate against Russia from the UK.

I have the first of the four videos and Lionheart's description below the fold.

Hat Tip: Glen.

Video 1: This first video is of Omar Bakri radicalising his British Moslem audience to the Jihad in Chechnya and around the world, he says he is there to motivate them (radicalisation) and that he wants to hear that Russian soldiers have been attacked.

He keeps asking for his Moslem audience to give money until the boxes are full and that Mosque's and community centres should help, he says to ask all Moslems to help the Jihad and that Al Majaroun go door to door.

He takes out a large envelope full of money that he said he collected the day before from 3 Moslem business men, he uses this as an example for all Moslems to help the Jihad.

At one point he asks his American colleague to give a word to the British audience from America about jihad.

By Howie at 09:43 AM | Comments |

Another Image of Ahmadinejad Iranian During Hostage Crisis

Via Gateway Pundit:

Mahmoud at a meeting of the student hostage takers with their lord and master…the Great Satan himself, Ruhollah Khomeini.

This photo was posted on the Persian version on Iranian Press News on Monday, November 5, 2007.

Gateway Pundit has a larger copy at his post here.

Hat Tip Larwyn.

By Howie at 09:28 AM | Comments |

November 07, 2007

Thanks and Praise

An incredible photo by Michael Yon, who describes the scene as follows:

Thanks and Praise: I photographed men and women, both Christians and Muslims, placing a cross atop the St. John’s Church in Baghdad. They had taken the cross from storage and a man washed it before carrying it up to the dome.

A Muslim man had invited the American soldiers from “Chosen” Company 2-12 Cavalry to the church, where I videotaped as Muslims and Christians worked and rejoiced at the reopening of St John’s, an occasion all viewed as a sign of hope.

The Iraqis asked me to convey a message of thanks to the American people. ” Thank you, thank you,” the people were saying. One man said, “Thank you for peace.” Another man, a Muslim, said “All the people, all the people in Iraq, Muslim and Christian, is brother.” The men and women were holding bells, and for the first time in memory freedom rang over the ravaged land between two rivers.

A beautiful tribute to men and women of good will from all faiths, and to our heroes who have made it possible.


By at 11:52 PM | Comments |

Reader Love Mail: From Inshallahshaheed With Love Edition

It appears Sammy finally noticed the little hotlinking game we played with him today.

12. muslimpad - November 7, 2007

Assalam Alaikum,

Jazakullah Khair to everyone for informing us of what the enemy of Allah, Rusty Shackleford aka mypetjawa (qatalahumullaah), had done with some of the pictures. We initially had a bad feeling of what he might do if we were to link the pictures from his blog.

So now that this true enemy of Allah has shown his ugly face, we say to him: we pray that Allah does not guide you, makes your whole life miserable, and that you are eradicated from the earth by a Mujaahid. We cannot wait to see your expression on the Day of Judgment when reality hits you in the face and the Angels who don’t know the meaning of Mercy will tear you apart into pieces for eternity. We hope that Allah gives you a severe torment in both worlds for your evil deeds. We pray that you die the way Pharaoh died… at the last minute, when his soul was about to be taken by the Angels, he wanted to become Muslim when he saw the truth (i.e., death)… but Allah rejected it and the Angel threw mud in his mouth so that he couldn’t pronounce the testimony which would take him to Paradise.

So let them laugh now, but we will be the ones laughing in the afterlife.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

May this Kaafir rot in this world and be tortured forever in the Hereafter.


Are you outraged Sammy? Good!

[UPDATE by Rusty: Part of me is proud. I've been begging for a death fatwa for ages.

When an American al Qaeda apologist and propagandist, featured on the front page of the NY Times, threatens your life---well, it doesn't get much better than that, does it?

On the other hand, he threatened my family. Unlike Samir, I don't live with my parents and produce al Qaeda propaganda from my mommy's basement.

And I have guns. Lots of them.]

UPDATE by Vinnie: Further pwnage. Samir is beseeching Allah to kill a cartoon character from the Fox animated series "King of the Hill." Maybe if he knew Rusty's real name, like we know his, Allah might answer. Even then, I doubt it.

Still, I'm not a fan of "King of the Hill," so Allah is free to do with Dale Gribble aka "Rusty Shackleford" as he wishes. I don't watch the show anyway.

Update by Howie: I noted another hotlinked image on Sammy's blog this morning. It was one of ours of an insurgent holding a small UAV. The last image that was shown Sammy's blog all day long, below the fold

Updated again: Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! Thanks Michelle, Vote Jawa!


Posting hot chicks and beefcake for votes, zero dollars. Filling your Balloon with Juice via blegs on Dkos, zero dollars. Pissing off a traitorous Jihadi blogging from his mommy's basement, PRICELESS!

Vote Jawa! We don't get votes! We earn them!.

Seriously, vote for Jawa, we need to win at least once before they keeel Rusty.

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Eight Dead in Jokela Sturmgeist89 Shootings

A shooting rampage in Finland leaves eight dead. The shooter considered himself a "natural selector.":

The rampage, which began at 11.43am local time (2043 AEDT Wednesday) inside a classroom at the secondary school of some 450 pupils, came after Auvinen posted a video entitled "Jokela High School Massacre - 11/7/2007" on the video-sharing website YouTube.

The video, posted sometime in the past two weeks, zooms in on the school with heavy metal music blaring in the background and shows a young man against a red background pointing a gun at the camera.

Within hours of the shooting, the video had been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

In his profile on YouTube, Auvinen, calling himself Sturmgeist89, says: "I am prepared to fight and die for my cause.

"I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection."

"You might ask yourselves, why did I do this and what do I want? Well, most of you are too arrogant and closed-minded to understand," he added.

In other news, please Vote Jawa. Thank you.

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Where's Rusty?

I'll be in Santa Barbara at a Young America's Foundation shindig from tomorrow through the weekend. Since my laptop is pretty much dead there's a chance you won't hear from me til Monday.

If you're in the area and want to hang out with a me and a few other morons, drop me an e-mail.

UPDATE: Hey, I get to meet the producer of 24. Cool.

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Columbia Prof: "Muslim scientists have made all discoveries of the current age"

Dan Collins has the details of this idiotic Islamic supremacism, which, if you think about it, is pretty much standard at Columbia these days.

Islamic science is almost as oxymoronic as Christian science. Almost. With the latter you get some moron trying to prove that the theory of relativity was really revealed somewhere between Genesis and Deuteronomy.

Whereas the former is pretty much the same thing, only said moron is trying to prove his theory out of the Koran.

Oh, and his theory is the unified theory of beheading the infidels. And he thinks a demonstration on the nearest kafir would best illustrate his point.

But other than that, its pretty much the same thing.

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Al Qaeda's Coming Cyber Attack Cancelled

Some may recall that a well known al Qaeda forum announced the formation of "Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet" early last month. Debka reported that the attacks would begin on November 11th and would target 15 specific anti-jihad websites, but would then move on to target hundreds.

Those familiar with this sort of thing know that the cyber-jihadis have attempted organize cyber attacks in the past (including one against The Jawa Report). The most famous of these organized cyber-jihad squads at one time congregated at al-Jinan. And it looks like the Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet reopened the famous website to organize the dreaded upcoming attack.

But not for long.

How inept do you have to be when your own cyber jihadis can't protect their own website? That took, what, like three hours to from detection to pwnage?

Average member of al Qaeda's "Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet"


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UPDATE: Serious technical analysis from Dancho Danchev here. Including these interesting e-mails:
the_crusaders_hell @

: Thanks to Black Flag and Chuckles for the copy of Cyber Jihad 3.0

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Fun With American al Qaeda Supporters

Hotlinking is bad, want to see why?

Charlotte resident and al Qaeda supporter Samir Khan has posted more graphic and disturbing images of dead American soldiers on his blog.

Several of those copyrighted images are being illegally stolen from The Jawa Report.

Sammy used several of my images of a beheaded American soldier from a post about the brutality of the Islamist "insurgents" in Iraq. Oddly, just a few days ago Samir accused the U.S. of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and said that Muslims would never do the same. And here he is today posting images, that I took off an al Qaeda produced video, celebrating the beheading of American soldiers. Can you say Geneva Conventions Sammy? Religion of irony......

But something has went horribly wrong! Should you look at Samir's post now, instead of images of an American soldier being beheaded you would see this.


And this....


It just gets worse from there. Let's just say we've had some fun with Samir. The two images below the fold are mildly offensive, especially to Muslims. Sorry, but it really is the best way to piss Salafi jihadis like Samir off.



Vote Jawa!!!

Editor's note: this post was edited and updated by Rusty

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Disturbing Results from New GOPUSA Poll

This is disconcerting:

While 71% of respondents will vote for the Republican nominee in the general election even if that nominee was not their choice, over a quarter of the respondents indicated they would either vote for a third party candidate (7%), stay home (1%), or are not sure (19%).

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Proof of the End Times? Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani


The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. - Isaiah 11:6

As Ace notes, "politics makes strange bedfellows." Via Chris Cillizza:

Pat Robertson, one of the most influential figures in the social conservative movement, will announce his support for Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid this morning in Washington, D.C., according to sources familiar with the decision.

Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani is a significant blow to Mitt Romney, who has worked hard to court evangelical leaders. Robertson's support was coveted by several of the leading Republican candidates and provides Giuliani with a major boost as the former New York City mayor seeks to convince social conservatives that, despite his positions on abortion and gay rights, he is an acceptable choice as the GOP nominee.

The column goes on to explain that Robertson's approval
will quiet talk in social conservative circles that nominating Giuliani would lead "values voters" to abandon the Republican Party. The stamp of approval from Robertson should assuage the doubts of many (although certainly not all) of the rank-and-file social conservatives.
In less-surprising news, Switchback Brownback has endorsed John McCain.

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Gay Muslims

The Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco earlier this year included a Muslim float with about 15 gay Muslims walking alongside, largely disguised.

Their participation in the parade is a bit surprising since gay Muslims largely avoid being outed. Typically, they stay out of view while apparently trying to reinterpret the Koran to indicate that same-sex sex is okay.

Then, there's this report from today's NYTimes:

Ayman, the parade organizer, said his previous life in Jordan was marked by fear. Arrested at 17 after a sexual encounter in a public building, he said the police wrote "manyak," a homosexual slur, into his file. He denied being gay, but the word resurfaced whenever the police stopped him. He worried that one day it would happen around a relative.

He is convinced that a 22-year-old gay friend who died after a fall from an apartment building was the victim of an "honor" killing meant to clean the family's reputation. "I still feel like I'm a Muslim; I don't accept that anyone insults the faith," said Ayman, who avoids attending mosque. "When I read what it says in the Koran, then I fear Judgment Day."

A 26-year-old from Saudi Arabia who took the first name Liam after rejecting his faith said that as a teenager he fought his homosexuality by becoming a religious zealot. He eventually accepted his sexuality while at college in Colorado, but moved to the Bay Area because gay life in the kingdom was too depressing.

But a 39-year-old burly, bearded computer consultant who left Saudi Arabia to live in the United States said the cosmopolitan city of Jidda had a thriving gay underground. In other Arab states, he said, it is rare to find men who are both religious and gay, but the high numbers in Jidda made them relax somewhat. "They don't care about sex and alcohol, but they do avoid pork," he said.

Now, agree or disagree, these paragraphs make four interesting assertions.
1) Males can be victims of honor killings,

2) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has a thriving homosexual population,

3) Homosexuality is an antidote to religious zealotry, and

4) San Francisco is a sanctuary city for gay Muslims.

The third point appears to indicate that a tactic to win the war on terrorism would be to promote widespread homosexuality among the Islamofascists. Imagine that.

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Yemen: "Surrendered" American Elbaneh Recieves Terror Verdict in Absentia

A Yemeni court rendered a verdict against Jaber Elbaneh in absentia. Did they forget he surrendered in May and was reported to be under loose house arrest? D'oh!

The government mouthpiece, Al-Motamar: A ten-tear imprisonment sentence issued against two still at large defendants Jabr Saleh al-Banaa and Mohammed Saeed Al-Umdah.

On May 13, the Yemeni newspaper Ray News reported that fugitive terrorist, American Jaber Elbaneh (Jabr Al-Banna) surrendered to Yemeni authorities. He was placed under house arrest according to authorities. The FBI hasn't been able to confirm he's in custody, and apparently he's not.

Elbaneh is among the FBI's most wanted terrorists. He was charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization and conspiring to provide material support to Al-Qaeda in a 2003 federal criminal complaint unsealed in Buffalo, New York. Elbaneh reportedly trained at the al-Farook training camp in Afghanistan along with six other Yemeni men from Lackawanna, New York. The six pleaded guilty on terror related charges in 2003, and received sentences ranging from seven to ten years.

Elbaneh never returned to the US and in 2002, was reported to be in Yemen along with another American from Lackawanna Kamal Derwish. An Al-Qaeda operative, Derwish at the time was the only American known to have attained a position of authority in al-Qaeda. Derwish was killed by a CIA-fired Hellfire missile in Yemen in November 2002 along with Yemeni al-Qaeda chief and Cole bombing suspect, Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi.

In 2006, Jaber Elbaneh's uncle Mohammed was convicted in the US of illegally transmitting millions of dollars to Yemen. In a plea deal, Mohamed Albanna was sentenced to five years imprisonment and three years supervised release. Another of Jaber's uncles, Mohammed's brother, Ali A. Albanna received a sentence of 56 months imprisonment and two years supervised release.

At the time, US Attorney Terrance P. Flynn noted that Ali A. Albanna admitted in his plea agreement that in March of 2002, he handled a money transfer from Yahya Goba (one of the Lackawanna six) in New York to Kamal Derwish in Yemen. ( Goba recently testified in the trial of Jose Padilla, describing for the prosecution the al-Farook al-Qaeda training camp that the US charges Padilla attended.)

Jaber Elbaneh was reported in custody of the Yemeni authorities in 2004. Yemen never officially responded to US requests to hand Elbaneh, an American citizen, to US custody.

In 2006, Elbaneh escaped from a maximum security prison in Yemen's capital along with 22 other high level al-Qaeda operatives. Eight who turned themselves after negotiations in were later released. Recently Cole bombing mastermind, Jamal A-Badawi, surrendered, was released and later taken back to jail after strenuous objections from the US.

The US offered forensic assistance to the Yemeni government after four of the escapees were killed in a "thwarted terror attack" and their remains "strewn all over the place" according to an official statement by the Interior Ministry. The offer was not accepted US officials reported at the time. One of the escapees, Yaser Al-Humaikani, was killed in Abian in January 2007 after a random identity check sparked a shoot-out.

Although Elbaneh is an American citizen, its unsurprising the Yemeni regime didn't let a US representative go take his fingerprints. "We certainly do hope he is caught," FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said at the time of Elbanehs's surrender. Apparently, Elbaneh is in the wind again, since he was tried and sentenced in absentia.

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Why Vote Jawa?

Equal opportunity eye-candy:


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Naughty Kim Kardashian - Naked Again

Click the pic to get to the (obviously NSFW) photos:


And remember : Vote Jawa!

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November 06, 2007

Hilarious Fake Waterboarding Demonstration

Why is this guy sleeve-sniveling and whining when there is obviously a shield under the towel preventing the water from reaching his face? You can see the shape under the towel throughout the "torture," and the faker's actor's face is dry when the towel is removed after a grueling 9 to 10 seconds.

I'll bet this dude screamed like a little girl when his college buds pulled the old "Atomic Situp" trick on him.

In fact, this demonstration was so poorly staged and acted that one is forced to ask: are these people really waterboarding advocates trying some misdirection?

Thanks to Jay at Stop the ACLU.

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Vote Or Die

So, Jack Bauer didn't scare you into voting? Well then, maybe this will...


Vote for Jawa,
or I'll post naked pictures of myself.

Once I get that MSNBC gig, of course.

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Noose Tightening on European Jihadis

Italy, once again, going after the jihadis. This time they nab 20 across Europe, including two in Britain. One in Manchester, the other in Croydon.

Gotta love Glenn's comment, but it's fairly certain today's arrests are related to an arrest made in Italy in September of a man involved with al Qaeda agents recruiting for jihad in Iraq. At the time authorities confirmed that other houses in Italy were being searched.

Remember, you can vote once a day. Please Vote Jawa! .

UPDATE: Looks like I was wrong. A friend tells me that these arrests have nothing to do with the earlier ones and based on an entirely separate investigation that had been going on for years.

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New GIMF Video: Caravan of Martyrs in Iraq (Updated: GIMF's English Propagandist Identified?)

GIMF (The Global Islamic Media Front) has released a new video named Caravan of Martyrs in Iraq. The video refers to a phrase spoken by Osama bin Laden, but which also was the name of a popular Islamist blog with links to GIMF and a Charlotte, N.C. blogger named Samir Khan.

The video is a compilation of old assorted terrorist videos from Iraq. The video follows the theme stated in the title, taking various clips from martyrdom videos, and splicing them together.

The video starts with a common GIMF animated clip in which a truck is driven into a cross and explodes. The message is, "Kill the cross worshipers (Christians)!"


The video features old footage of Osama Bin-Laden, Abu Muscab al-Zaqueery, and al-Qaeda's "3rd" in command al-Liby. The clips contain water marks from Zarqawi's old Mujahideen Shura Council, Ansar al-Sunnah, and the Islamic State of Iraq.


So where did we obtain the video? From American GIMF operative and Charlotte, N.C. resident Samir Khan! Samir is directly related to GIMF.

His reply will be, "I have no physical contact with GIMF." Yeah maybe, but who is this contacting you on your old blog on Jan 28th 2007? And who's flag is that in your post right below?


By golly that e-mail belongs to GIMF's German language operative, Austrian citizen Mohammed Mahmoud. Where is Mohammed Mahmoud today? Oh, yeah, he's in jail for a piece of GIMF propaganda he was involved in which threatened the Austrian government.

And that flag Samir used to use as his avatar is a slightly modified version of al-Qaeda's former shadow government, the Islamic State of Iraq.

Here's Sammy posting under al-Qaeda's flag on another forum here.

So today Sammy is hosting GIMF videos in direct support of a call to aid al-Qaeda in Iraq and their propaganda arm, al-Furqan media. He is also posting more pics of dead Americans from April 2007 in an effort to convince American's that to continue the fight in Iraq is suicide.

The arrogance of some Americans is just amazing. It literally blinds them. We received hundreds of comments from typical Kaafir Americans on how they are so rough and tough and that they will do this and that. Our message to them is:

Please, stop fooling yourselves. You are loosing this war. You are throwing yourselves into suicide. So if suicide is what you want, then suicide is what you’ll get.

Kind of ironic that post is right below a video in which at least 20 terrorists blow themselves up.

Hmmmm, Caravan of Martyrs was a blog on Wordpress that was closely related to Samir's Khan's old Wordpress blog. Both sites shared images and links and similar content. I noted that Caravan and Inshallahshaheed's blogs were closely connected here.

[Update by Rusty: What Howie may not have known is that Caravan of Martyrs is back online again. Only this time, we know who it's author is. More below]

Given the title and the theme of the video maybe Sammy has taken to creating propaganda rather than just spreading it?

Regardless, it is clear where the traitor Samir Khan's loyalties lie--- with al-Qaeda.

Vintage Osama bin Laden from the video
Abu Muscab al-Zaqueery
(translation bad gay father of a mucous scab)
One of the dead al-Qaeda suckers and the explosion from his suicide.

I bet you thought that comment was long gone by now eh, Sammy? Nope, we've got the goods on you all saved up. Oh and Sammy, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not outraged. I've seen far to much of this crap. I'm just patiently awaiting your day of reckoning.

If anyone really needs a copy of this video, email Howie and I'll send you one.

Again, remember, you can vote once a day. Please Vote Jawa! .

UPDATE by Rusty: Video looks strangely familiar to me. Like it's old. I'll have to check my archive.

But I think Howie is on to something here about Inshallahshaheed's 'friend' being behind the GIMF video, if not Samir himself. Indeed, that 'friend', like many online jihadis, appears to go by a number of names. On the Caravan of Martyr's Website he goes by the name of "chameleon47" and claims to be blogging from Pakistan.

But is "chameleon47" really in Pakistan? No, he's not. He's in Britain.

How do we know? Because he also goes by the name of "sa'ad from pakistan". Check out the conversation "sa'ad from pakistan" has with a 'sister' in the comments here. Notice that "sa'ad from pakistan" hotlinks the Caravan of Martyrs blog from his name.

"Sa'ad from pakistan" asks Samir if he can put the article up on his blog, and Samir says to go ahead. Muslimah (Muslim sister) claims that Sa'ad is a fake. But then Samir backs Sa'ad if he's known Sa'ad for some time.

And indeed he has. As Howie noted, every time we were able to pressure Inshallahshaheed's hosts to take down his various blogs, the Caravan of Martyrs blog always followed Samir to his new blog home.

For instance: muslimpad's defunct website taken down the same day as Caravan of Martyr's old website...the same at other places....with almost identical content on both blogs.

What's interesting is that Inshallahshaheed has stopped referring to himself as "I", but rather "we". At first I thought this was the royal we, until it became apparent that over the past few months Samir took on a second blogger writing under the Inshallahshaheed pseudonym.

I'd be willing to be that the second author is the owner of the "Caravan of Martyrs" blog. That it is "chameleon47". But "chameleon47" also goes by the name of "sa'ad in pakistan".

And with that information, we know everything. Because "Sa'ad in pakistan" is really 29 year old Saad Bin Ahmed. And this is his picture (or the picture he purports to be of himself).


And the homepage he lists? --- Samir Khan's, aka "Inshallahshaheed", now defunct webpage.

And saadisonline's footprints are all over the internet. On the Islamic Network, where Samir used to be a regular. At the Red Mosque (lal masjid) forum.

He used to have his own yahoo group here, until it moved here. Just to show the connection, here's the banner, also carried on his geocities page. The original image was named "saadisonline.jpg"


Saad also has a YouTube account. No original content, but look at the videos he has linked as favorites. A few Islamist videos, par for the course. But two of them are videos about making a career in IT. And one of them is a how to guide for digital audio production.

It's almost as if Saad is a techie. The kind of person who might, I dunno, be able to produce high production value videos......

So is Saad bin Ahmed, aka saadisonline, aka Sa'ad in Pakistan, aka chameleon47---the owner of the "Caravan of Martyrs" blog and contributor to Samir Khan's "Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge" blog-- a member of the Global Islamic Media Front and responsible for the "Caravan of Martyrs" video?

I'd bet on it. I wouldn't be the farm, but, say, a case of beer?

Thanks to Darth Nudista for helping find Sa'ad in Pakistan's real identity.

Remember, you can vote once a day. Please Vote Jawa! .

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Iraqi-led Operation Nets 39 Detainees, Torture Devices

SALAH AD DIN, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces conducted a large joint operation Oct. 30 along the foothills of the Hamrin Mountains of Tikrit. The operation resulted in the detention of 39 suspected insurgents and the discovery of a torture cell, a mobile hospital, vehicle-borne bombs, rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns and a Katyusha rocket.

Acting on their own intelligence sources, provided by tribal leaders in the area, the Iraqi inter-agency force targeted terrorists within the region.

“This is a first in a lot of ways,” said Lt. Col. David Hsu, 1st BCT Military Transition Team chief. “This is the largest operation the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Army have ever conducted together in terms of detail,” he said. “The Iraqis are leading the way here.”

The operation was led by the 1st Brigade, 4th Iraqi Army, commanded by Maj. Gen. Abdul Jabar Saleh Rabiyeh. The Salah ad Din Provincial Police Emergency Service Unit battalions, led by Maj. Gen. Jassem, Iraqi National Police commander, planned, coordinated and executed Operation Makua, which means “to come together.”

Source MNF-Iraq.

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Vote Jawa (Sticky---UPDATE: NOT Sticky)

Jawa is now #2 behind Red State. We passed Gateway Pundit but he is still nipping at our heels.

So how did Red State gain so many votes so quick? I think it's because they are running and embed of the poll on a sticky post. I mean they don't have any hot chicks or anything. So it just has to be.

Update by Rusty: Okay, so I may be a whore....but if I am, I'm a high priced one. Sorry dudes, I'm unstickying the post. But still, vote Jawa!!

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Ladies, A Word Please

The half naked fireman wants you, he really really wants you,


to vote Jawa, and he wants it now.

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Stupid Jihadi Video of the Day

Here's a video from the Islamic Army of Iraq that NRO is running. Despite the cries of Allahu akbar, there's no evidence that the vehicle is damaged let alone any infidel crusaders killed.

Which just goes to show that the old proverb my grandmother used to tell me is still true: The Islamic Army of Iraq is full retards.

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Video: Muslim Death Threat Against Mosque Opponent

Charles Johnson has the details, but here's the vid. Despite numerous complaints--and a story in the Daily Mail--the death threat remains on YouTube.

My hope is that it remains up only so that the British authorities can look into it. The video not only shows images of the politician, Alan Craig, who opposes the building of the mosque, but of his family as well.

On the negative side, the video is an implied death threat against the family. But on the positive side it is done to the music of Elvis. So, it's not all bad.

What's so interesting about Abdullah1425 is that his internet tracks are all over the place. The vast majority of his posts, though, are in Arabic and seem to be related to education. Except this one.

Abdullah1425 on Muslim Match! The only internet dating site that asks if you're interested in ...... POLYGAMY (Abdullah isn't). Yes, that is the same Abdullah1425. You'll notice that his YouTube account features "Muslim Boxing" & that on his Muslim Match profile he is interested in "Boxing".

He's 28, divorced, no kids....and soooo ronery.

What's hip on Islamic dating sites?
Out: Polygamy
In: Death threats against local politicians

LGF readers can you do us a favor? Please Vote Jawa for best blog in the top 250 (not competing with LGF which is nominated for 'Best Online Community').

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Revenge of The Shameless Blogwhoreing Electioneering Post

howiegiselehotsmall.JPGVia The BEEB:

The world's richest model has reportedly reacted in her own way to the sliding value of the US dollar - by refusing to be paid in the currency.

Gisele Bündchen is said to be keen to avoid the US currency because of uncertainty over its strength.

The Brazilian, thought to have earned about $30m in the year to June, prefers to be paid in euros, her sister and manager told the Bloomberg news agency.

But wait.... Blue Crab Boulevard calls the bluff on this story.
The BBC, not deterred by the refusal, goes on at length about the dollar. One teeny, tiny problem.

The story is bogus.

But just a few minutes ago, CNBC Squawk Box producer Stephanie Landsman spoke by telephone with Anne Nelson, Bundchen's manager. Nelson tells us reports that Gisele wants to be paid in euros are "false." Nelson's take: "Some idiot in Brazil reported something just to make news."
Good deal, I was worried, there for a minute, that I was going to have to carry a big wad of Euros to the nudie bar!

Just what can you get for your good ol US dollars?

Click Gisele Bundchen's Backside to Vote Jawa now!

All is right with the world. More Hot Gisele images below the fold.

Vote Jawa!







Vote Jawa!

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Cheerleading Coach Fired for Topless Photo

(Goshen Ohio) There are reports that Victoria Schattauer, a 19-year-old cheerleading coach, was fired from the Goshen High School faculty for appearing topless with a 15-year-old cheerleader, also topless, in a photograph posted on the Internet.


Also shameless: please Vote Jawa! .

By at 10:13 AM | Comments |

'Hate Crime Masturbation' at GWU

I have a friend who teaches at GWU. I wanted to blame the swastika graffiti on him (a conservative is pretty much the same thing as a Nazi, right?), but it turned out that the 'victim' of the 'crime' was also the purp.

Maybe we should invent a term for this? Hate crime masturbation.

Remember, you can vote once a day. Please Vote Jawa! .

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:08 AM | Comments |

9/11 Firefighters Monument Dedicated


A 40-foot-high bronze monument called 'To Lift A Nation' and depicting three New York firefighters raising the flag over the ruins of the World Trade Center was dedicated yesterday at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park in Emmitsburg, Md. The statue honors the heroes of the September 11, 2001 attrocities.

It not only represents those fallen heroes who died during the September 11th tragedy, but it also honors firefighters all over the nation who die each year in the line of duty."

Sculptor Stan Watts stated, "The monument and its flag are symbols of hope and courage for a nation deeply impacted by this tragedy. It honors a moment in the history of our country and reminds us of the bravery and sacrifice made by our firefighters and by thousands of citizens, from all walks of life, who selflessly serve humankind in times of need."

343 firefighters from the New York area died on 9/11.

Never forget.

Thanks to Allahakchew. Remember, you can vote once a day. Please Vote Jawa! .

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"_________ is Too Important to be Left to the States."

Jonathan Adler on Fred Thompson's federalism:

Many politicians say such things. President Bush, for one, spoke quite a bit about the need for state flexibility when he was a Governor and a candidate, but seems to have forgotten about such things over the past six years. It appears Thompson actually means it, however, as he stuck to his federalist guns even when confronted with issues where many "conservatives" abandon federalism and embrace federal power. He even endorsed state autonomy where such a position meant rejecting policy positions favored by significant portions of the GOP base....

I have no idea whether Thompson's positions will help or hurt his electoral chances. But I also suspect I am not the only one who finds this apparent commitment to principle refreshing.

I think Jonathan raises a good question. In this modern age, where the federal government appears to be "the solution of first resort" for political activists left, right and center, is there still a place for a consistent champion of federalism?

Few, of course, are openly opposed to federalism across the board. Most political activists are OK with decentralization except as to their pet issue, "X". While state-level decision-making is all fine and good for most areas of law, "X" is invariably "too important to be left to the states."

It wasn't that long ago that the proponents of nationalization were found almost exclusively within the ranks of the left. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. These days, if you're FOR or AGAINST something, you apparently want a national resolution of the issue. It's no longer enough to answer the question for yourself, for your community, or even for your entire state. These days, once you've made your decision on an issue, you're likely to be bound and determined that the ENTIRE COUNTRY goes along with it.

"X" can be anything. Examples include: children's health care, personal injury law, primary education, family law, traffic regulations, wills and estates, protection of snail darters, drug policy, marriage, matters of life and death, stem cell research, etc., etc. Time and again, we hear the refrain, "X is just too important to be left to the states."

At one time in the not-too-distant past, there were a whole lot of Americans who believed "X is too important to be managed by federal bureaucrats." Are those days behind us?

Follow-up question: for any of you who are fond of the "X is too important..." argument, how am I, a third-party observer with no particular dog in the fight, supposed to decide which of the "too important" issues and pet projects really are "too important for states," and which aren't?

UPDATE: Hot Air has video.

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Israeli Official: Iran May Be Nuke-Armed by 2009

Israel's Head of Military Intelligence Research, Brig. Gen. Yossi Baldatz, reported to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee earlier today.

"Iran's conservative sect is gaining power. The Iranian regime is faced with internal issues, but there is no danger to its existence or stability. Assuming no difficulties are mounted against it, the worst case scenario is Iran obtaining nuclear arms by 2009."
So, there's nothing internally in Iran to dramatically impede a nuclear weapons and "wipe Israel off the map" agenda.

Some may disagree on time estimates but there is generally no disagreement about Iran's intentions. The Islamic nation's argument for a nuclear program for power generation lacks substance since overtures have been honestly made to build power plants for them. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad has stated that Iran's goal is to destroy Israel.

To all those in the U.S. who protest, or support, the drumbeats of war with Iran, think for a second. The issue is much larger than all the protest marches, political rhetoric and U.S. elections. If Iran doesn't back down on its weapons program, do you believe for a second that Israel will sit back and allow its guaranteed annihilation to proceed?

I don't. Iran will cease its nuclear weapons development or it will be done for them.

If Israel, for its very survival, is forced to act unilaterally against Iran, expect a global conflict to result. If the U.S. and its allies act against Iran, for the sake of averting a global conflict, a smaller, regional campaign is possible. So, friends, I see a simple choice. If Iran doesn't back down, the nation will be attacked. Either the U.S. does it or Israel does it. Take your pick.

Keep in mind one thing, though, either way the U.S. will be blamed.

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Now Beard Trimming is Torture

Ray Robison explains the horror of it all, as whined about by this bleeding heart at the Miami Herald.

Captured terrorists: you are now free to continue flinging feces, urine, semen, vomit or whatever else you choose at your guards without fear of suffering beard decapitation.

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Left Coordinates 11th Hour Push Against Mukasey

Two of the signatories (Colleen Rowley and Larry Johnson) of this "urgent" letter to the majority and minority leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee have posted it at the Huffington Post and No Quarter. The letter asks the committee to prevent Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey's nomination from moving to the Senate.

From Larry Johnson's website, No Quarter:

A group of distinguished intelligence and military officers, diplomats, and law enforcement professionals delivered an urgent message this morning to the chairman and the ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, calling on them to hold the nomination of Judge Michael Mukasey until he takes a clear position on the legality of waterboarding.
I suppose "distinguished," in the sense of "widely known" is technically correct here, but the list includes too many people who have been "distinguished" by partisan activity and relentless self-promotion for their letter to be taken as anything other than a political stunt. "Notorious" might better describe some, including signatory Mary McCarthy, who was dismissed from the CIA, allegedly for leaking classified information to the Press.

And, of course, when one of the most prominent signatories is a DailyKos diarist, as Larry Johnson is, there can be little doubt that the motivation for making so much noise over a technique that has been used three times is a partisan statement.

Bonus: screencap shows How Johnson's blog deals with dissent.

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Suicide Bomber Kills Group of Afghan Lawmakers

A group of Afghan legislators touring a sugar factory in Baghlan province, north of Kabul, were killed when attacked by a suicide bomber. One of those targeted was a member of the Northern Alliance, the group that fought alongside the US against the Taliban. Via AP:

KABUL, Afghanistan - A bomb blast targeted a group of lawmakers touring a factory north of Kabul on Tuesday, killing at least 20 people, including six parliamentarians, a lawmaker said.

The lawmakers were about to tour a sugar factory in the northern province of Baghlan when the blast went off. Six members of parliament were among at least 20 people killed, said Faizullah Zaki, a lawmaker from Jawzjan province.

Kamin Khan, a police official, said people "everywhere" were dead and wounded, including police, children, lawmakers and officials from the Department of Agriculture. Afghanistan's major television station, Tolo TV, reported more than 100 people killed and wounded.

Among the six lawmakers killed was Sayed Mustafa Kazimi, a former Afghan commerce minister and a powerful member of the Northern Alliance, said the lawmaker's secretary, Ahmadi, who gave only one name.

UPDATE: Hospital Tells Reuters 90 Killed, 50 Hurt in Afghan Attack

UPDATE II: Five of the dead legislators have been identified (via International Herald Tribune):

The former minister of commerce, Sayed Mustafa Kazemi, was among the dead, along with four other members of Parliament.

[. . .]

Afghan National Television gave the names of other members of Parliament killed as Abdul Mateen, a former communist engineer from the southern province of Helmand; Qudrutallah Zaki, from the northern province of Takhar; and Said Rahman Hehmat, from Kunar Province in the east. The fifth was Muhammad Arif Zarif, from Kabul, Ahmad said.

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November 05, 2007

For Inshallahshaheed: Rot in Hell you SOB Traitor!!!

In his latest post American traitor Samir Khan--a Muslim living in Charlotte-- shows a number of vehicles hit by IEDs in Iraq. He even shows some gruesome photos of corpses which he claims are U.S. soldiers. Please, don't look unless you want to go ballistic. I'm serious.

[UPDATE: I've had several readers in the military e-mail me to say that the bodies in the photos are of jihadis, and not of soldiers. We've tracked down the original photos to here. The consensus from mil readers is that these photos were taken by soldiers but are of jihadis. which is....ironic.]

But then he makes this ludicrous assertion about the behavior of U.S. soldiers:

Small note to all US Citizens: Please don’t act as if the soldiers were oppressed in this picture. No, they came into Baghdad as oppressors - raping women and little girls, beating up boys, killing women and children, torturing innocent Iraqi citizens (i.e., Abu Ghraib etc.), insulting Iraqi citizens (even children), supporting the oppressive Shi’a Government, and so on. You’ll never find that the Mujaahideen do such evil acts because unlike your religion, we actually believe in ours.
So, if I understand the accusation, Samir is saying that the Mujahideen in Iraq do not engage in such brutality?

First, when U.S. soldiers do anything even remotely out of line they are punished. Over 20 indictments were handed out over the Abu Ghraib scandal. Americans punish those guilty of abuse or crimes in war. We deplore such action. We are embarrassed by it. Especially when it turns out, on the rare occasion, that accusations against our soldiers are true.

But let's look at the mujahideen & their supporters. People like Samir. Samir the liar. Samir the traitor. They celebrate such barbarism.

Samir himself has openly admired Abu Musab al Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden. You know, "true Muslims". Some devout role models you got there!

Look below if you dare Samir and friends. This is the true face of "Gods warriors". From the videos they produced themselves. From the videos in which they celebrate the murders of innocent civilians.

WARNING: Graphic images. Don't look. Instead go vote Jawa for best blog. But if you must look be warned: you really don't want to see what our enemies in Iraq do---no, not just what they do, but what they celebrate.





Ken Bigley, murdered by one of Inshallahshaheed's favorite mujahideen--Abu Musab al Zarqawi. Kenneth Bigley was a civil engineer in Iraq to help with reconstruction.

This was Durmus Kumdereli, a truck driver and a Muslim. He was killed by the Army of Ansar al Sunnah. His crime? Driving a truck!!

This was Jack Hensley. An American civilian in Iraq. Murdered by Abu Musab al Zarqawi. This video celebrated his death.

This was Paul Johnson, a civilian working in Saudi Arabia. He was murdered by al Qaeda.

Oh, there's more. Much much more. Say what you want Samir. Justify the murders of these people. Celebrate them. But don't ever---ever---accuse the U.S.---the country in which you reside--of being anything like your barbarous friends. We're nothing like them.

You would be wise to remember this: we have the capability of killing every Muslim on the earth. If this was really a war against Islam, why wouldn't we just kill you all?

The answer is obvious: because this isn't a war against Muslims.

This is a war against Islamists and terrorists. People like Abu Musab al Zarqawi. People like Osama bin Laden. People like you, Samir.

It is a war against the uncivilized. Against the vermon. Against the inhumane. I hope you all rot in hell and we help you on your way.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:57 PM | Comments |

Feel the Power of the Dark Side! 500 lb Bomb

Close call......and that is one freaking big explosion! Money quote: It's not shrapnel it's debris, asshole!

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Apache Helicopter vs. Mujahideen IED Team

Two different angles of several mujahideen being vaporized. One video was taken by a UAV, but the other is from the Apache which also delivers the the missile. War porn at its best below!

Last conversation: "This IED is really going to kill a lot of Crusader infidels. Achmed, you did bring the video camera so we could film......" BOOM!

Same event, different angle. This one in color!

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Afghan Arrested for.... Translating the Koran

Our allies, the Afghans. Seriously, how effed up does your country have to be that you flee into Pakistan from the religious zealots in yours? BBC:

The distributor of a new translation of the Koran has been arrested after complaints from religious scholars that the new edition was un-Islamic.

Former journalist Ghows Zalmay is also the spokesman for Afghanistan's attorney general.

He was arrested on the border on Sunday while trying to flee into Pakistan...

Religious scholars are outraged at the new edition of the Muslim holy book.

They say that it is un-Islamic, that it misinterprets verses about alcohol, begging, homosexuality and adultery....

Both houses of the Afghan parliament have held emergency debates.

Senators have called for Mr Zalmay and the translator, himself a mullah, to be punished.

One said Mr Zalmay was "worse than Salman Rushdie", whose book, The Satanic Verses, caused widespread outrage in the Islamic world....

In the northern city of Taloqan 1,500 university students took to the streets in protest, while in the south-east province of Nimruz 1,000 local people, including several mullahs, took part in a demonstration.

I wonder what they mean by the accusation that the translation 'misrepresents' homosexuality? Like, maybe he's saying it's okey dokey to bugger a kid or two? Or is it the opposite: mullahs outraged that new translation frowns upon ancient local custom of buggering boys?

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Five Terrorists killed, 30 Suspects Detained

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed five terrorists and detained 30 suspects Monday during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.

During operations northwest of Baqubah, Coalition forces targeted an al-Qaeda in Iraq cell leader believed to specialize in sniper attacks and emplacement of improvised explosive device weapons. As the ground force approached the target area, the enemy opened fire from their defensive positions. Responding in self-defense, Coalition forces returned fire and called for supporting aircraft to engage the armed men, killing three terrorists, one of whom was wearing a suicide vest. As the ground force secured the area, they discovered multiple grenades, small arms weapons and ammunition. Coalition forces detained two suspects.

Coalition forces conducted an operation in Tarmiyah targeting the alleged al-Qaeda in Iraq leader for the Tarmiyah sector of the northern belt. Reports indicate the targeted individual was previously part of a terrorist group that conducted attacks against Iraqi citizens for not following Sharia law. During the operation, surveillance elements observed the targeted individual in the area and supporting aircraft was called to strike the time-sensitive target. Secondary explosions erupted from the building, indicating that weapons and ammunition were stored inside. As Coalition forces cleared the surrounding area, they discovered two terrorists believed to be killed by the initial blast, small arms ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades. The target building ignited from the secondary explosions, preventing the ground force from assessing the building’s interior.

During an operation in Kirkuk, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual targeting an al-Qaeda in Iraq leader and career terrorist considered an expert in making car bombs used to attack Iraqi citizens and an alleged associate of several al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders, including Abu Ayyub al-Masri and his predecessor, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, killed during a Coalition forces operation in June 2006. Reports indicate he was responsible for the suicide car-bombing attack that destroyed the Taji Bridge Aug. 14, killing approximately 10 Iraqi civilians and wounding six. Surveillance elements led Coalition forces to the wanted individual’s location and seven other suspected insurgents were detained without incident.

North of Tikrit, Coalition forces captured two wanted individuals during operations targeting an al-Qaeda in Iraq leader reportedly involved in weapons facilitation, mortar training, improvised explosive device emplacement and facilitating funds from outside of Iraq. Both are reportedly associates of terrorist leaders, and one of the captured individuals is believed to have ties to terrorist networks in Haditha and is allegedly a subordinate of the leader for the al-Qaeda network operating in the Salah Ad Din province. Coalition forces detained six suspects during these operations.

In Mosul, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual during operations targeting an alleged associate of a Mosul-based foreign terrorist facilitator. Additionally, nine suspects were detained without incident.

West of Tarmiyah, Coalition forces conducted an operation targeting an individual suspected of recruiting for al-Qaeda and allegedly an associate of a terrorist leader in the Fallujah area and a foreign terrorist facilitator. Two suspects were detained without incident.

“We are continuing a steady drumbeat against al-Qaeda’s leadership,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. “Our operations are diminishing terrorist’s ability to attack the Iraqi people.”

Source MNF-iraq

More good news from Iraq that the MSM won't be reporting.

Iraqi Army detains 81, discovers large weapons cache (Suwayrah)
Iraqi Police, U.S. Special Operations Forces capture IED bomber in Ramadi
Iraqi Security Forces detain 22 suspected extremists in separate raids
Tip leads to Iraqi Army to two caches, 6 detained (Zafaraniya) Tip leads to Iraqi Army to two caches, 6 detained (Zafaraniya)

You can read all the MNF press releases from Iraq here.

By Howie at 04:40 PM | Comments |

AFA Wants to Take Soldiers' Porn

marycareyhowiegood.JPGFirst it was my Ford, now they want to take away our soldiers access to soft core porn.

Via USA Today: WASHINGTON — Ten years after Congress banned sales of sexually explicit material on military bases, the Pentagon is under fire for continuing to sell adult fare, such as Penthouse and Playmates In Bed, that it doesn't consider explicit enough to pull from its stores.

Dozens of religious and anti-pornography groups have complained to Congress and Defense Secretary Robert Gates that a Pentagon board set up to review magazines and films is allowing sales of material that Congress intended to ban.

"They're saying 'we're not selling stuff that's sexually explicit' … and we say it's pornography," says Donald Wildmon, head of the American Family Association, a Christian anti-pornography group. A letter-writing campaign launched Friday by opponents of the policy aims to convince Congress to "get the Pentagon to obey the law," he adds.

Again the AFA is cutting off it's nose to spite it's face. As Rusty says, "One cannot act morally unless there is freedom to choose."

The AFA's fear of homosexuals costs auto workers their jobs, Their fear of boobies is downright un-American.

Hat Tip : PolyBlog.

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Pakistan: FUBAR

I don't really have much to say on the Pakistan situation, that's why I haven't mentioned it. The only thing that comes to mind is that Pakistan is FUBAR.

Michelle Malkin calls it a 'trainwreck'. I agree, there is nothing positive in this. Not. A. Thing.

I also see that 8 Gitmo detainess headed back to Afghanistan. Bryan gives them a month before they are back on the battlefield. I give them less than that before the first as Sahab video of one of them pops up.

Let's face it, things aren't going well in Afghanistan. And who's to blame? Pakistan.

How pessimistic am I today? Let's just say I hope our tactical nukes are in working order. Because if Musharraf's antics backfire, then we're going to be needing them sooner or later. Probably sooner.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:50 PM | Comments |

Shameless Blogwhoreing Electioneering Post: Episode II

worldbacksidewinner.JPGKristina Dimitrova is the 2007 World Backside Champion.

Via Yahoo News: BERLIN (AFP) - A Bulgarian woman and a Romanian man have the world's best-looking bottoms, according to the jury of a backside beauty contest sponsored by a lingerie firm, a company spokeswoman said Thursday.

Beyond a 10,000-euro (14,400-dollar) cash prize, Kristina Dimitrova, 19, and 24-year-old Andrei Andrei each won a modelling contract for the company's next international advertising campaign as well as a year-long insurance policy for their rear ends in case of injury.

Some 15,000 people from 29 countries responded to a call by the European company Triumph to post photos of their backsides on the Internet three months ago.

And here is the glorious winner.

Click incredibly hot tight ass to vote for Jawa!

This is the kind of hard hitting in-depth coverage Jawa readers demand.

Vote Jawa!

More images and video! below the fold.

Update: Who ya gonna vote for? Gateway Pundit with his Bad Gay Mullahs post. Or incredibly hot chicks on Jawa? If you vote for Gateway Pundit you have teh ghey!

Backsides waiting to be judged, tough job.

You must choose!

Hat Tip: Stuff.

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Rosie Opens Miami Book Fair


The first F bomb of the evening came early, followed rapidly by the first insult of President Bush, which, not surprisingly, incorporated the second F bomb. This was not the end of the swearing, but then, this was not your usual book fair speaker. This was Rosie O'Donnell.
And, the leftist crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Heh, just lovely.

By at 01:34 PM | Comments |

Iranian Girls Gone Wild

Iranian girls gone wild! Thanks to Tom W. for the link.....which kind of makes me wonder if he hasn't been punching in way too many "under age Iranian porn" searches?

Tom's WARNING: No nudity, but... Holy schlamoly. Fully clothed adult content that leaves you scratching your head (and wondering if it's wrong to be, um, titillated). Maybe the Iranians--at least the women--aren't as bad as we thought.

Yes Tom, it is wrong. So very very very wrong. It's actually kind of disgusting. I mean, these are high school age girls, aren't they?

What's funny, though, is the same kind of behavior that I'd find disgusting in Western girls I find hopeful from slaves of the Mad Mullah. I mean, from the looks of it these Persian chicks have been viewing some very naughty videos.

And if they're watching porn banned by the Mullahs, it also gives you hope that they're watching other things the Mullahcracy finds offensive. Like maybe Schindler's List. Or the U.S. Bill of Rights. Or The Jawa Report.

Yes, I would like these girls to act morally. But right now they can't. Slaves cannot act morally. One cannot act morally unless there is freedom to choose. What they are doing in the video is rebelling against authority, not acting immorally.

Our first goal always has to be freedom. But I choose freedom as my paramount goal because I wish people to act morally. And as long as people are slaves to government, then they cannot be virtuous.

The vid is below the fold.

UPDATE: Yup, it all makes sense now. H/T: Bryan

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Che Guevara: Mass Murderer

Sweet poster from the Young America's Foundation


Stacy McCain describes it:

"The Victims of Che Guevera" poster, produced by the Young America's Foundation, centers on a collage that uses tiny photos of those killed by Cuba's communist regime to compose the face of the Marxist guerrilla, who has become a popular T-shirt icon.
The YAF is actually giving the poster away. You just pay the shipping.

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Don't Taze me Ann Coulter!

Hawkins interviews Ann Coulter. Classic:

Let's just say I'm looking into having the taser-armed University of Florida police doing security at my next college speech.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:22 AM | Comments |

Iranians CELEBRATE Hostage Takings: Happy "Death to America" Day!

On November 4th, 1979 Iran officially declared war on the United States. Never forget.

So, how do the Iranians mark the anniversary of the beginning of the hostage crisis? They celebrate it.

That's some Religion of Peace you got there.......

Brian at Snapped Shot
is calling it "Death to America Day". Never pass up an opportunity to post this al Jazeera parody from In Living Color oops, that would be MAD TV. What can I say: Fox, not very funny, late night, SNL ripoff.....what's the difference?

Death to America!

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Chinese Satellite Orbits Moon

(Beijing, China) Today, China proudly announced "a leap forward in the country's aerospace technology" with the news that a satellite has been placed in orbit around the moon.

From Xinhuanet:

China's lunar probe project, which aims to send the country's first circumlunar probe to a destined orbit for scientific explorations, will boost the nation's explorative and innovative spirit, a government spokesman said here Monday.

Chang'e-1, the probe, completed its first braking and entered the moon's orbit at around 11:37 a.m. Monday, which made it a real circumlunar satellite.

The project will exert deep influence on the nation and its people's life, said Pei Zhaoyu, spokesman with the China National Space Administration (CNSA), at a press conference in Beijing.

"We all see that there has been an increasing fervor for astronomical and aerospace knowledge among the common people following the probe's blast-off, which is a good display of the project's influence and will spark the nation's explorative and innovative spirit," Pei said.

"The project is a comprehensive demonstration of China's economic, scientific and technological power," Pei said.

"It has greatly boosted the nation's pride, cohesion and confidence," Pei said.

It's only speculated that a few American officials were sent thanky notes from the Chinese government for their technological assistance.

By at 08:06 AM | Comments |

Dear Samir Khan, Of Charlotte

Please accept my humble apology on behalf of my earnest and erstwhile colleague Dr. Rusty Shackleford.

He did not mean to refer to you as an SOB
, which as you may know is an acronym for "son of a bitch."

He would never demean a female dog that way, comparing it's noble self to someone of your ilk.

Personally, I would call you a parasite on the sperm cell of the latest goat ass-fucked by Osama Bin Laden, but I'm coarse that way.

You're about to get hoisted, yet again, on your own scimitar, Samir. While you wait for the axe to fall, by all means enjoy this video I made a year ago.

Feast on it.

By Vinnie at 01:38 AM | Comments |

November 04, 2007

Fred Addresses the Human Life Amendment

I agree with Fred 100% on this. Allah Bryan wonders:

...will this become a problem with social conservatives?
I think it's clear enough that it already is a problem for at least a certain segment of social conservatives. The bigger question is: how big a segment?

Are the social conservatives really going to turn their backs on a 100% pro life candidate because he's committed to federalism?

Viewed from another angle, are social conservatives going to back a pro-choice activist over a rock-solid pro-life candidate so long as the pro-choice activist promises the right legislative goodies on the back end?

If so, what sort of message are they sending to young politicians hoping to make a future Presidential run?

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:17 PM | Comments |

Italy Expels Romanians

The Romani and Sinti tribal communities, widely known as gypsies, have lived for a thousand years in Europe, primarily Eastern Europe, and with Romania joining the European Union last year, many have migrated to Italy. In fact,

"Nobody imagined having to face 500,000 poor souls that in one year have left Romania for Italy," Interior Minister Giuliano Amato said.
They arrived as vagrants, building makeshift camps on river banks and back alley slums. With them came a cloud of petty, and some not so petty, crimes. Last year, more than 15 percent of foreigners accused of murder, sexual violence and theft were Romanian.

The Italians are understandably irritated. Racial hatred has been growing and a recent attack, blamed on a Romanian, on a naval officer's wife has caused outrage. As a result,

Italian authorities have expelled Romanians they deem dangerous and torn down a Roma and Sinti camp in the wake of the killing of an Italian naval officer's wife. Some fear an increase of racist violence.

Italian officials raised fears of an anti-Romanian "vendetta" on Saturday, Nov. 3, following apparent reprisal attacks the day before over the death of a woman allegedly killed by a Romanian.

"Unfortunately, it's what we fear," Interior Minister Giuliano Amato told La Repubblica daily of Friday's attacks against three Romanians by masked men armed with sticks.

"We must prevent this terrible tiger that is xenophobic hatred, the racist beast, from leaving its cage," Amato said.

Notably, the expulsion of the Romanians can occur with only a judge's order and it's good for three years. No criminal history nor trial is necessary for someone to be sent packing.

So, in a nutshell, a half-million Romanians arrive in Italy and crime spikes. They get blamed and the citizenry gets angry. Random vendettas occur. The Italian government decides to expel the Romanians despite the fact that they are EU citizens who supposedly enjoy unrestricted travel among EU countries.

[Update 11/05/07]

The situation in Italy has prompted Pope Benedict XVI to make a statement.

"I hope that relations between migrant populations and local populations take place in the spirit of that high moral civilization that is the fruit of the spiritual and cultural values of every population and country," the pope told pilgrims in St. Peter's Square.

"May those who deal with security and welcoming programs know how to use instruments aimed at guaranteeing the rights and duties that are at the foundations of every true coexistence and encounter between peoples," Benedict said.

Also, the Romanian government is communicating with the Italians about the issue. I suspect that the situation will get worse before it improves.

By at 11:24 AM | Comments |

November 03, 2007

Bogus Terror Trial of the Century in Yemen

This is the most absurd, bizarre and laughable charade of a trial I have ever seen. And in Yemen, land of politicized retribution trials, that is saying a lot. They call this journalist a "terrorist" for doing his job and disseminating war news, and the terrorists like Jamal al-Badawi, they call "rehabilitated".

Due to unconstitutional court and political charges, Al-Khaiwani still suffers

SANA’A, Oct. 31 — Yemeni journalist Abdulkareem Al-Khaiwani appeared in person before the penal court specializing in terrorist acts last Wednesday to hear the charges directed against him by the prosecutor.

He was accused of contacting Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi and disseminating news of the Sa’da war between the state army and the Houthis on Al-Shoura website (affiliated to the union of the Popular Forces), as well as in other private opposition newspapers.

The Wednesday session was the seventh in which the court of appeals, chaired by the Judge Mohsen Alwan, reviewed the Al-Houthi Sana’a Cell issue. The court previously heard many statements from the 14 suspects, including two females, involved in this cell.

According to most monitors, authorities are trying Al-Khaiwani as revenge for his writings and strong attitudes against the regime in Yemen. They also think that the authorities fabricated the claim that Al-Khaiwani contacted the second Al-Houthi Sana’a Cell to accuse him of terrorism.

Al-Khaiwani is more than an editor; he is a modern hero.

Read the rest at the Yemen Times.

By Jane at 07:14 PM | Comments |

Online Jihadis To Launch Cyber-Attacks In November

With al-Qaeda on the ropes in Iraq, and a long, cold winter to look forward to in Afghanistan, it seems bin Laden's buddies are looking for easier pickings.
Enter the 1337 cyber-jihad warriors, to crush sites like The Jawa Report with their mad hacker skillz.

From Northeast Intelligence Network:

A variety of messages on Arabic language web sites are rallying Islamic hackers worldwide, especially those in the U.S., Canada and the UK to participate in a virtual jihad against anti-terrorism Internet web sites that shine the light of truth on the non-Muslim sites. Consistent with an article published by DEBKA this week, analysts of the Northeast Intelligence Network have found messages in near template format announcing the launch of an “electronic jihad” against Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate sites in the coming days, and other messages attempting to recruit additional Muslim “warriors” in their efforts to exact revenge on sites that report the truth behind their worldwide jihad.

The initial announcement was picked up by researchers on Monday, the same day as Debka’s counter-terrorism sources. According to the investigation performed by the cyber investigations unit of the Northeast Intelligence Network, English speaking Muslim college students in western countries, especially inside North America, have signed on to hack and deface open source news sites first. Concurrent with that endeavor, the hackers will attempt to strike government sites and online sites of importance to our infrastructure, from utilities to banks. As many of these hackers are in the United States and Canada, many who attend our universities and are adept at hacking skills, this most recent virtual jihad could well cause interruptions; system administrators should be vigilant in the upcoming days and weeks to potential vulnerabilities.

Oops. I just soiled myself.
I mean... that's some scary sh*t, right there.
A bunch of radical Muslim college students and out-of-work insurgents are planning to launch a minor inconvenience against us!!
Someone... please hold me.

As noted in the article quoted above, many of these would-be cyber-jihadists are residents of western nations like the US, UK and Canada.
Good! It will be that much easier to round their sorry asses up and prosecute them.

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He Doesn't Like You

Apparently there is one Muslim who wants a piece of Sammy. You know Mr Khan sir, maybe you should have let Sammy fight his own battle. An ass kicking might do him some good. May I suggest they settle this with a boxing match to be youtubed?

After I told him that it’s his fault, he replied with nothing intelligent or creative. He just played the game of “I know you are, but what am I” by saying to me, “No it’s yours!” So I just kept walking trying to ignore him. Then he pushed me again and said, “5 of my friends died on 9/11! Do you know that?!”
The upset man left a comment on GIMF terrorist Sammy's blog as well.
Did you forget to mention to your sad followers how you had to run behind your father you grown man P****…….I would have mangled your f****** face like you have no idea…… look like a f***** rat and didn’t have enough guts to stand up to someone confronting you……… are disgrace as a human being and even more to call yourself a muslim……..I hope you burn in hell over and over again………nothing would give me more please than to see you suffer you sick f****** rat……
Thank you Mr. Muslim who wants to stomp a mud hole in Sammy's ass and walk it dry. Thanks from the bottom of our little jawa hearts. We don't like Sammy either.

Best watch yourself Sammy.

By Howie at 05:51 PM | Comments |

Florida, Michigan Companies Hosting African Taliban Website


The Somali arm of the global jihad has two websites hosted by U.S. companies. My Somalian isn't so great, but I'm fairly certain this is the Islamic Court's Union, a group supported by al Qaeda. Since both websites carry their official logo as well as images of bin Laden and Zarqawi, it's a pretty safe bet.

Their indexes show the website being updated today.

Marked Manner has contact info on one of the websites. It's hosted in Florida.

Update: The first site that Marked Manner is running is Pwned!


A secondary website run by the same individual is here: =
Canton, Michigan

Bonus: e-mail a terrorist

Gateway Pundit, "Have pi$$ed off the mullahs today?"

Why yes, we have.

Vote Jawa! .

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:13 PM | Comments |

New al Qaeda Video Threatens Libya: Where is Adam Gadahn? (UPDATED)


A new video featuring al Qaeda's #2, Ayman al Zawahiri, threatens Libya. The video announces the joining of Jamaat al-Islamiyah al-Muqatilah with al Qaeda. Last year another group in North Africa, the GSPC (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat), pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden and changed their name to the al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb.

The video also features Abu Laith al-Libi, sometimes thought of as al Qaeda's #3 railing against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

I have a copy of the video, but unfortunately it is not in English. This is the second time in the last few weeks that al Qaeda's as Sahab media arm has released a video which was not subtitled in English---the standard practice for the group. The last one was a video interview of Taliban leader Sheikh Ustad Yassir, also not in English.

It is widely believed that English language productions for as Sahab are run by American traitor & Orange County, California native Adam Pearlman (aka, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, aka 'Azzam al Amriki').

So, what has happened to Gadahn? Could he be dead? Or has he finally moved from the propaganda arm of al Qaeda into its operational arm?

Hopefully the former--which would be cause to break open the champagne. Gadahn is currently under indictment for treason, and his death would be welcome news.

But if the latter that would mean that he's......


Al-Qaida's No. 2 figure harshly criticized Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in a new audio tape Saturday, accusing him of being an enemy of Islam and threatening a wave of attacks against the North African country because it improved relations with the U.S.

In the 28-minute audio tape called "Unity of the Ranks," Ayman al-Zawahri also announced that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group was joining ranks with al-Qaida.

"The Islamic nation is witnessing a blessed step ... The brothers are escalating the confrontation against the enemies of Islam: Gadhafi and his masters, the Washington crusaders," al-Zawahri said in the audio tape. The recording could not be independently verified, but it appeared on a Web site commonly used by insurgents and carried the logo of al-Qaida's media production house, as-Sahab.

The recording also carried a message from Abu Laith al-Libi, a Libyan al-Qaida commander in Afghanistan who accused Gadhafi of decades of tyranny.

"He is the tyranny of Libya and is dragging the country to the swamp," al-Libi said in the recording that also featured old video footage of him walking with other masked gunmen.

"After long years, he (Gadhafi) discovered suddenly that America is not an enemy ... and is turning Libya into another crusader base," said al-Libi, who has appeared in several recent al-Qaida videos.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit who has more.

UPDATE: I knew Evan Kohlmann would have something to say since he's been following the GSPC for some time now.

Abu al-Laith is a senior Al-Qaida military commander and likewise a key principle behind the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)...

While it is certainly interesting to see both Al-Qaida and LIFG leaders openly acknowledging a formal relationship with each other, this is hardly what one would term "new news."

Evan cites a NEFA foundation report in which there was already a litany of evidence widely available connecting the LIFG to Al-Qaida.

But, again, where is Adam Gadahn?

: So I finally got around to watching it (it was a HUGE download). Guess what? It's an AUDIO of Zawahiri and al-Libi. A picture of Zawahiri is shown, but it's static voiceover. There is some video of al-Libi, but it's old video. His voice is heard over the video.

Update: Full transcript of the video below the fold, courtesy of Laura Mansfield.

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri

In the name of God; thanks be to Him; and peace and prayers be upon His messenger, his family, companions, and supporters. Brother Muslims everywhere, may God's prayers and peace be upon you. Praise be to God Almighty who has made us witness the awakening of the Islamic nation in this critical stage of its history.

The Islamic nation, praise be to God, has survived again despite all conspiracies, cunning, plots, aggression, and criminality against it by the enemy Crusaders and Jews, chief of which is the idol of this era, America, its cunning, spiteful follower Britain, and their assistants, allies, and those begging for morsels of food which they leave behind - those rulers of treason, writers of deceit, merchants of religion, scholars of begging, muftis of the Marines, counselors of the throne, and brokers of retreat; together with their hunting dogs and slaves representing bandits, criminals, and executioners.

Despite all the aforementioned, and in an attempt to confront it, even winning over all this with God's help, the spirit of pride, dignity, and challenge spreads across our nation whose submission and capitulation to its enemies has lasted long. This spirit did not spread easily or move at leisure.

Instead, the Islamic nation and its pioneering mujahideen have paid a dear price of their own accord and conviction when cities were bombed and villages were burnt, and by becoming subject to killing, arrest, torture, and eviction, and turning into widows and orphans. Yes, the Islamic nation confronted all these wars and calamities and rallied around and supported its pioneering mujahideen, despite all misleading and distorting campaigns.

Also, despite all the attempts to vacate its potential, weaken its strength and doctrine, and cede its territory by the preachers of defeat and retreat; despite the campaigns that aim to distract thoughts from conscience and doctrines, coupled with the campaigns of burns (from lashes of whips) and electric shocks to which the United States applauds and asks its agents for more victims.

Despite all the aforementioned, the pioneering mujahideen were able to confront all types of cunning and aggression and to lead their nation victoriously under the banner of its prophet, may God's peace and prayers be upon him, toward the looked-for caliphate, which is coming soon, God willing.

The pioneering mujahideen of the Islamic Ummah have remained steadfast in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, and Algeria. Even in Egypt, Libya, the Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen they have not abandoned their religion and have been offering up martyrs. They have not abandoned their religion despite bleeding wounds. They have not abandoned their homeland despite the captives. And they have not flattered the injustice, oppression, and tyranny, nor openly spoken just, bitter words in the face of the unjust ruler. Thanks be to God, by whose virtue and generosity the pioneering mujahideen of the Islamic nation were blessed with more strength day after day, closely united one battle after another, and tightly strengthened one conquest after another.

Today, with God's blessing and grace, the Islamic nation is witnessing a blessed, kind, and generous step made by the pioneering mujahideen on the path of its tawhid, obeying God and striving for His victory and support. A group of men who began jihad, took the path of struggle, hoisted the flags of the call for Islam and jihad, and took the lead in patience and steadfastness of the elite Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, has announced that they have joined Qaeda't al Jihad in order to continue the fight of their brothers who sacrificed their souls in battlefields and spent their lives in prison of their own accord to satisfy their God.

My Islamic Ummah, my mujahideen brothers, dear captives, my bereaved and widowed sisters and mothers, and my orphan sons, you should all know that this blessed step has been taken with the aim of gaining God's pleasure. It is also an attempt to help you to stop the aggression against you, and take your revenge on the wolves that for a long time have spilled your blood and violated your dignity and sanctity.

Dear brothers, his eminence, the mujahid scholar Abu-al-Munzir al-Saidi, the amir of mujahideen, the patient and steadfast Abu-Abdallah al-Sadiq, and the rest of the captives of the fighting Islamic group in Libya, here is good news for you. Your brothers are continuing in your steps after you, following in your footsteps, holding high the flag that you hoisted, and escalating their confrontation with the enemies of Islam, Al-Qadhafi and his masters the Crusaders of Washington.

Be patient and steadfast, do not feel sad, and be strong with your faith against the affliction of captivity and the scheming of US slaves, who are trying to repeat the experiment of Mubarak's executioners through unsuccessful and scandalous retreat and concessions in Libya. Tell Al-Qadhafi's dogs, agents of the world Crusade, that here are our brothers who have confronted your futile scheming by stabbing you and your masters in the chest.

While I remember you, the grandchildren of Umar al-Mukhtar, may God have mercy on him, and while I remember your brothers the lions of jihad in Libya, I would like to recite the verse of Jibran eulogizing Umar al-Mukhtar, may God have mercy on him, saying: 'While the sword was brandished to take your life, you sacrificed your soul like a freeman facing injustice. Out of His wisdom, God has chosen you to meet what you had met with such feelings of injustice, your bones are broken without achieving your objective, but you will never feel sad because determination resists breaking.'

Our Islamic nation in the land of steadfastness and jihad, here are your pious sons coming together under the banner of Islam and jihad to fight America, France, Spain, and their sons. O people of the land of steadfastness and jihad, stand by your sons so that we can conquer our enemies, Al-Qadhafi, Zine El Abidine, Bouteflika, and careless Muhammad, and purge our lands of their slaves. Our Islamic ummah, you might have realized that Islam is your strong fortress, your pride on earth, and your prize after life.

The secular pan-Arabs like Al-Qadhafi and Mahmud Abbas have sold you out and turned you in to America and Israel. Therefore, I call on those secular people and pan-Arabs who still have little conscience and honor to rush to repent to God and adhere to the doctrine of monotheism, especially after it has become clear to everyone that those who used to say that they were ready to deal with the devil in order to liberate Palestine had sold out Palestine and became slaves to Satan.

I call on those secular people and pan-Arabs who still have some life in their hearts and some pride to join the march of jihad and martyrdom before it is too late; to part with what has passed of their life far away from Islam; and to realize that any struggle that is far away from the doctrine of monotheism will lead them to be blackmailed and killed by the enemies of the nation, like Arafat, work for them as informers, like Mahmud Abbas, or turn in their weapons and equipment, like Al-Qadhafi. Pride is for God, his messenger, and believers.

I call on the Fatah members and Al-Aqsa Brigades who still have some life in their hearts and some pride to confront their leadership that turned their organization into a branch of the CIA and a section of Mosaad. I call on them to liberate themselves from partisan slavery, to trust their God, the Creator and Provider with the means of subsistence, to return to their religion, and to join their mujahideen brothers in Palestine and the rest of the Islamic countries. The battle in Palestine has never been other than part of one jihadist battle by one Islamic nation against one Crusader-Zionist enemy. Fight against all polytheists as they are fighting against you, and know well that God is on the side of those who fear him.

Finally, I will leave you with the companion of my journey, the lion Shaykh Abu-Layth.

My last prayer is to thank God almighty, may His prayers be upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions.

Shaykh Abu-Layth al-Libi:

Thanks be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the best of mankind. Nothing is easy except what He makes so, and if He wishes, He can make difficult things easy. May God ease matters for us and accept the remnants of our bodies, blood, and toil as an offering of the competence of the Caliphate, and make our deeds worthy of meeting Him on doomsday. Amen.

Forty years after the tyrant Al-Qadhafi's domination of Muslims in Libya, and after afflicting them with calamities; dividing them into groups in order to bully each one separately; slaughtering their sons and embarrassing their women; and often forcing them to taste bitterness through their torture, killing, eviction, and impoverishment on the pretext of antagonizing the Jews on one occasion or confronting America and the West on another.

Under these circumstances, Muslims have been paying a dear price for causes to which they could not find explanations or of which they could not find significance, other than stupid, frivolous play, reckless behavior, unbalanced character, and being dragged behind Pharaoh's mentality, which consecrates the viewpoint of the ruler, a mentality that took hold of Libya's tyrant.

After this long journey of hardship, misery, strangling, and suppression, Libya's tyrant is leading the country and people toward a swamp that stinks more than his previous ones - a swamp within which he stranded a Muslim country and people for a period of 40 years.

Libya's tyrant is suddenly discovering after these long years that America, the defender of the cross, is not an enemy that should be told 'we are waiting for you and so are the fish,' and is not an enemy who should be threatened with fiery speeches and revolutionary chants until our voices are lost, but is in fact a close friend and trusty ally. He joined the line of the White House worshippers to kneel in submission and humiliation to the extent that he has become a model for humiliating submissiveness. Countries are being asked to follow in his footsteps for turning in all his installations equipment.

Libya's tyrant is paving the way for the flags of the protectors of the cross to flutter in the skies of Tripoli and is opening his airports to warmly receive their politicians after they became his masters. Libya has turned into a new crusader base in the Islamic Maghreb, from which the bitter Christians can reach out and crush any jihadist renaissance that rises in the face of the regimes of collaboration and its masters. Now he announces his full stand and blatant support to these criminals in their war against Muslims in all parts of the world. Unjust people follow each other, and God is the lord of those who fear Him.
Libya's tyrant makes a cheap commodity out of the blood of the sons of his afflicted people in order to gain the satisfaction of the infidel western Crusaders and to repair his collapsing rule.

This happened when the world witnessed the deal of the AIDS-infected children who were subjected to the Crusaders' hatred, who killed them with cold blood and in an ugly manner.

'If they were to get the better of you, they would behave toward you as enemies, and stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you for evil: and they desire that ye should reject the Truth.' (Al-Mumtahinah, 60:2)

Despite all of this and after the charges were confirmed several times against the butchers, the Bulgarian slaughterers and those accompanying them left the country as victorious heroes to please the West, win their approval, and be subservient to them. If the Al-Qadhafi rule continues to exist and the West is satisfied, all Muslims should be transcendent. 'In a Believer they respect not the ties either of kinship or of covenant! It is they who have transgressed all bounds.' (Al-Tauba, 9:10)

It is with the grace of God that we fully understand Libya's importance to the West geographically, politically, economically, militarily, and in terms of security, and it was for this that the West, led by America, could not afford not to capitalize on this important spot in the crusader war it is waging on Islam and Muslims in the East and West. It was out of this importance that the West senses that they rushed to Libya and resolved, willingly or unwillingly, all their problems with the apostate regime in Libya, so that this regime may take its place among the regimes of collaboration and play its fitting role in championing the new crusader attack on the Islamic world. The Al-Qadhafi regime prepared itself to become a loyal soldier and faithful supporter of its crusader masters. Al-Qadhafi opened his doors to the Crusaders and changed his policies in order to please them, forgetting all enmities in order to bolster them.

Thus, Libya has become a secure den of the CIA, and its oil -- of which its people were deprived -- has started to flow to meet the needs of the armies of the cross in various arenas. The Libyan cities have become sites of attraction for the leaders of infidelity, who are harboring designs against Islam and Muslims day and night.

It is with the grace of God that we were hoisting the banner of jihad against this apostate regime under the leadership of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which sacrificed the elite of its sons and commanders in combating this regime whose blood was spilled on the mountains of Darnah, the streets of Benghazi, the outskirts of Tripoli, the desert of Sabha, and the sands of the beach. The Group's leader lions are still imprisoned behind the bars of apostate criminals, rejecting deals and concessions. We ask God to bless them and us with steadfastness until death.

Continuing on this path, which our leaders and amirs have initiated; proceeding on the course of sacrifice and patience which opened the door for us; and adhering to the Group's method, whose features have become clear and whose basics are based on the Holy Koran and the teachings of the Prophet, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, as well as through understanding the method of the good ancestors and their imam followers in the past and present. For all the above we recite what the Prophet's companions said during the Al-Khandaq battle when they said that they were those who pledged to Muhammad to carry out jihad as long as they lived.

The imminent battle between the people of right and the people of falsehood will certainly take place, and the people of right should carry their weapons and ask for God's help to confront the enemies of God and His messenger, the apostates and their Jewish, Christian, and atheist supporters. They should enrich their minds with useful knowledge and good work.

Based on all that, and from our religious duty to close ranks and agree, we announce that we have joined Qaeda't Jihad so that we may, with the grace and support of God, be faithful soldiers, gentle to Muslims but fierce against apostates. We shall raise the banner of monotheism and jihad that was raised by our leaders and amirs, led by the sword of Islam, Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, may God watch over him, and may I redeem him with my life.

We shall raise it anew over Libya side by side with our brothers of the Al Qaeda Organization in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb, who took precedence in this virtuous action, and urged procession on this righteous path.

By doing so, they have gained high ranks and manifested the blessing of unity, as a result of which the agents of France experienced the taste of death and their struggle was refreshed with the spilling of their chaste blood. Following these sacrifices, world conspiracies began against them and the armies of infidelity started to encircle them after they had made the lives of apostates uneasy.

The hero men of this organization attacked these armies in places in which they never thought. 'That is the grace of Allah, which He will bestow on whom He pleaseth. And Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things.' (Al-Ma'idah 5:54)

All infidel nations should know that the Islamic nation is proceeding on the path of competency with firm strides, well-entrenched belief, harmonized feelings, and consolidated efforts and that we will face the coalition of infidels with the unification of the people of Islam.

We will confront the unity of the nations of the crucifix with the unity of the soldiers of monotheism; and we will drive back the alliance of Satan's soldiers with accord among the soldiers of the Merciful. God loves those who fight for His sake in one line like a strongly-built entity. If the Jewish, Christian, and atheist infidels stand behind America, the protector of the cross, in a manner in which they appear united but in reality are not, we urge all mujahideen to come under the banner of jihad that is raised by the Al Qaeda Organization, who have been loyal to their religion and expressed zeal about the honor of their nation. For the sake of their doctrine and religion, these mujahideen have sacrificed great men and leaders as prisoners and martyrs. The series of their sacrifices is still ongoing; we hope God will accept them.

May God's enemies die of their anger and keep thinking of black days to come that will disturb their lives and obliterate their plans and schemes, God willing. We will not give up confronting these enemies and we will never become weak. We have experienced the taste of pride and have known the meaning of jihad, which is our life and without which we will not live. It is our path; we have no other. It begins with pride and victory and ends with heaven and ease. We are adhered to it. Let those who prefer life after death to normal life fight for the sake of God. Those who fight for the sake of God and are either killed or win victory will be greatly rewarded at the end.

O Libyan youth, the grandsons of the shaykh of mujahideen Umar al-Mukhtar, the echoes of 'God is great' have returned and the cries of warning are going up loud to wake up those who are sleeping, alert the inattentive, and bring hope into the hearts of despairing and frustrated individuals. Be prepared and get ready for a new round of Islam's battles. Be prepared to engage in battles with the determination of men and the resolution of heroes. Be prepared to descend on the battlefields of jihad to train and launch jihad -- not only against the apostate Al-Qadhafi's regime, but against his keepers and masters the Americans and their brothers, the infidels of the West, who want to turn your territory into a safe haven and a fortified place where they seek refuge and from which they launch their blatant Crusader war against Islam and Muslims.

You should be united and consolidate with us to confront them. By God, the owner of Earth and Heaven we will fight them, God willing, until God disgraces them or we die before we accomplish this task. 'Can you expect for us other than one of two glorious things -- martyrdom or victory? But we can expect for you either that Allah will send his punishment from Himself, or by our hands. So wait; we too will wait with you.' (Al-Tauba, 9:52)

You should also know that the battle of monotheism against atheists and their followers has reached its climax of ignition and those who lean on earthly life and resort to ease will repent as they miss the train and watch it moving gradually away. They will stay motionless, unable to catch it or do anything, so that when the banners of victory flutter and the sun of competency rises they will bite their fingers with repentance and sorrow and wish that they were with them so they would be greatly rewarded.

Our Muslim people in Libya, you should seek help from God and be patient. The land is God's, inherited by whoever He wants of his people, and the winners are those who fear Him. There is nothing left in this life over which you are concerned after this tyrant has spoiled your religion and earthly life, turned you into a field in which to experiment with his corrupt ideas, annihilated you individually and in groups, ravaged your honor and property, and tore you up savagely.

There is no escape for you from this continuing hell other than returning to your real religion, abandoning cowardice and weakness which have dominated your minds for decades, and standing on the side of your sons who accepted to be the fuel for the battle, which begins with patience and determination and ends with competence and victory. Victory is granted by God, the Precious and Wise. 'But if it had been Allah's Will, He could certainly have exacted retribution from them; but He lets you fight in order to test you, some with others.' (47:4)

God is great, and pride is His together with His messenger and believers, but hypocrites do not know that.

Thanks be to God, the Lord of the worlds.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:49 AM | Comments |

Teach Them Well & Let Them Lead The Way.....

Behold, the future is ours!


Click the pick for info. Thanks to Jim.

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Obligatory Shameless Blogwhoreing Electioneering Post

Gateway Pundit appears to feel all dirty after posting this.

We feel no such shame. Linkwhores, Zionist Whores, regular whore whores. It's all good at Jawa.

Redstate has resorted to plying voters with booze! Let me just say we feel that is totally unethical, dirty, cheap and underhanded. Nice move.

We'll see Redstate's booze and Gateway's bleg and raise 1 boobie post.

Click on Boobies Now to vote for The Jawa Report!

Vote Jawa!

Update: Gateway Pundit challenges us to Piss off a mullah today. We see your miffed mullah and raise you one African Taliban website.

Vote Jawa!

By Howie at 10:25 AM | Comments |



Did you remember to VOTE FOR JAWA today?

If not, please remember to do so. You can vote once per day. Your vote is greatly appreciated.

More pics of Kim Kardashian here.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:16 AM | Comments |

Team Edwards Delivers a Smackdown

This is an absolutely brilliant campaign spot:

Who knew it was possible to rochambeau a woman?

Thanks to Jim Geraghty.

Via larwyn.

By Bluto12:40 AM | Comments |

November 02, 2007

Heartache: Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church Vandalized

Possibly the "saddest" news I've ever heard. KMBZ:

Topeka police are investigating vandalism at the Westboro Baptist Church, known for its protests at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq.

Police said graffiti spray-painted on the church read, "God hates intolerance'' and "God hates the Phelps,'' an apparent reference to the church's belief that God is punishing the United States for its support of homosexuals....

Two homemade firecrackers were found outside the church, and area streets were shut down as a precaution.

Wow, it's almost like God has lifted the invisible force field that protects the Westboro Baptist Church. Maybe God hates Fred Phelps for being, I dunno, a fag or something?

UPDATE: Because it's true...

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:30 PM | Comments |

Foiled Terror Attack at Nuclear Power Plant?

Breaking news about a man found with a small explosive device at an Arizona nuclear power plant Breitbart:

Security officials at the nation's largest nuclear power plant detained a contract worker with a small explosive device in the back of his pickup truck Friday, authorities said.

The worker was stopped and detained at the entrance of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, said U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Victor Dricks. Security officials then put the nuclear station on lockdown, prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving the facility.

Authorities described the device as a small capped pipe that contained suspicious residue.

The description seems to fit that of a pipe bomb, but instead of saying "filled with explosives" it mentions "residue", which would indicate a disassembled pipe bomb?

I get the feeling this is going to turn out to be no big deal. I hope......

Thanks to Allahakchew.

: Pipe bomb. USA Today via Michelle Malkin:

“The sheriff’s department has classified it as a pipe bomb,” Jim McDonald, a Palo Verde spokesman, told USA TODAY. “How big and how powerful — I don’t know.”
Hmmm, interesting. What could one do with a pipe bomb at a nuclear plant? I assume it wouldn't be big enough to cause damage which would lead to any kind of radioactive leaks?

UPDATE: From allahakchew:

FNC reported he normally drove a motorcycle to work. He has access to high level areas of the plant.
Disgruntled employee?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:10 PM | Comments |

Lefty Blogger on American Military Hero: "I Spit on Him"

Kay in Maine comments on the death of Paul Tibbetts, the man who flew the Enola Gay.

Paul Tibbetts died a coward today at the age of 92…

I spit on him....

Coward! ...

Not only was a he a typical reich winger throughout his life, meaning he had zero compassion for the people of our planet, but he managed to be the typical reich winger upon his death by being a coward....

Typical reich wing coward ole Tibbetts was.

Not surprised. Rest in peace if you can Paul! Spit. Good riddance.

But don't question her patriotism!

H/T: Mike

UPDATE: Bozoer Rebbe remarks on Tibbets in the comments:

The irony of calling Paul Tibbets a "coward" is that Tibbets was assigned the Hiroshima mission in great part because he was considered the finest bomber pilot in the US Army Air Force. He piloted the lead B-17 in the first daylight bombing raid by an American squadron over Nazi occupied Europe in Aug. 1942 and later flew combat in the Mediterranean theater of operations. He personally shuttled Gen. Eisenhower from England to Gibralter prior to Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa.

Tibbets' commendations:

* Distinguished Service Cross
* Distinguished Flying Cross
* Air Medal
* Purple Heart
* Legion of Merit
* Commendation Medal
* European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
* Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
* American Defense Service Medal
* American Campaign Medal
* World War II Victory Medal

My grandfather was a Marine killed on a beach in the South Pacific. Tens of thousands--if not hundreds of thousands--of his comrades would have been killed in the invasion of the Japanese home island had we not dropped the Atomic bombs.

My other grandfather, like Tibbetts, was a pilot in WWII. Had the bomb not been dropped, I might have lost him as well.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:52 PM | Comments |

Canada Won't Intervene in U.S. Death Penalty Cases

(Ottawa, Canada) Boy! The lefties are puckered about this news. Cries of "murderer" have been heard.

The Conservative government's announcement that it will no longer stand up for Canadians who face the death penalty in the United States is drawing fire from the opposition.

The Tories officially announced a change in Canada's foreign policy when it comes to Canadians on death row.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said his government will not plead for the life of Alberta-born Ronald Allen Smith, who faces lethal injection in Montana for the 1982 murder of two men.

"We will not actively pursue bringing back to Canada murderers who have been tried in a democratic country that supports the rule of law," Day told the House of Commons yesterday.

"It would send a wrong message. We want to preserve public safety here in Canada."

Canada has not had a state-sanctioned execution since 1962, and the federal government has habitually opposed the death penalty abroad in cases involving Canadians.

Having simply assumed that Canada's policy would continue, employees at Foreign Affairs indicated last week that they would seek to have Smith's sentence commuted.

But they were publicly corrected by their new political bosses yesterday.

Some Canadians fear that this action will renew debate on the country's own stance regarding the death penalty. I think it's a worthwhile debate to have.

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Why Iraq is Rarely on the Nightly News Now

Because western journalists are reluctant to report success in a campaign they had all but declared lost.

As conservative columnist and blogger Andrew Bolt writes at

The battle is actually over. Iraq has been won.

I know this will seem to many of you an insane claim. Ridiculous!

After all, haven't you read countless stories that Iraq is a "disaster", turned by a "civil war" into a "killing field"?

Didn't Labor leader Kevin Rudd, in one of his few campaign references to Iraq, say it was the "greatest ... national security policy disaster that our country has seen since Vietnam"?

You have. And you have been misled.

Bolt examines the figures and events and makes a compelling argument. Especially telling: Iraq's violent death rate right now is roughly equal to that of South Africa. How many are calling South Africa after apartheid a failed democracy?

A.J. at The Strata-Sphere predicts this column is the beginning of a trend.

At Jules Crittenden's blog commenter RebeccaH, sums things up admirably:

What a sad commentary on our own society that news of the war disappears from the front page because we are winning it.
Via memeorandum.

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U.S. Nuked Syrian Nuke Facility: A Conspiracy Theory Begins!

Yesterday Tim from Opinion Bug e-mailed this thread over at Islam Memo which claimed that the U.S. was involved in an Israeli airstrike which may have targetted a nuclear facility in Syria.

Oh, and they claim a U.S. tactical nuke was used. But nobody was killed. Oh, and then the Syrians attacked 25 planes over Cyprus. Right.

What's interesting is that it was posted yesterday, and it cited a "businessman" as a source, as well as a local security guard in Syria.

Today JPOST cites al Jazeera which claims to be citing Israeli & Arab sources about the alleged nuclear strike.

It seems to me that we've found the actual source of the rumors: Islam Memo, an Islamist forum. That's some reliable source there al Jazeera.

Wheels within wheels my friends. Wheels within wheels.

UPDATE: Interesting comment by David:

Why would they create this conspiracy? Because now when Nuclear fallout is found at the site they can claim it was American nuke that hit a building, not a building that got hit and spread nuclear waste around.

This is the way to justify nuclear traces on the ground……….it’s America’s fault.

Plausible. But then again given that Middle East papers routinely publish such conspiracies, maybe they're just idiots?

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Venezuelan Students Protest

Via Jammie Wearing Fool

The joys of communism are in full bloom down in Caracas.


More here at Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin.

Hugo lied! Freedom died! Or something like that.


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November 01, 2007

Al Qaeda Taking Over Taliban?

Well, it's an interesting theory. It's seems like a logical ar