August 31, 2007

Al Qaeda in Europe Recruiting Cyberjihadis, Whine About CIA Plot to Take Down Islamist Websites

Is it just me, or has al Qaeda in Europe's online jihad brigade at The Global Islamic Media Front [GIMF] become a bunch of whiny bitches? Seriously, these guys make the Taliban Marys look like Larry Craigs--you know, kinda butch but still ghey.

In a short-lived online announcement today (tragically cut short by the unfortunate death of the website) GIMF announced that it was seeking Muslims willing to fight the online jihad. The call was part of a longer post explaining what the online jihad is, why it is important, how the internet is used in the physical jihad, and lamenting the fact that so many pro-terror websites had been taken offline lately.

No doubt they had in mind their own Wordpress hosted websites, the last of which seems to have disappeared.......

In today's statement GIMF pointed to a concerted campaign at pressuring webhosts to take down jihadi forums and websites. That effort, they admit, is paying off. In addition to an unnamed individual and the 'mercenaries' this person has been able to marshal for the 'harassment' effort, GIMF also claims the CIA and FBI are now involved in counter-cyber-jihad efforts.

GIMF claims that the CIA and FBI are organizing conferences on how to fight the cyber jihad. They have also recruited Arab intelligence agencies in the effort, naming [the British-Zionist built] Jordan and Egypt specifically.

Triumphantly they declare that for every cyber-jihadi arrested 1000-3000 more will take their place. Maybe, but since arresting the cyber-jihadis isn't the only option, one has to wonder how many Salafi geeks sitting at a computer in Mommy's basement are really ready to go that far?

Recently, the group noted that Abu 'Abdallah Al-Maqdisi, webmaster of the Al-Nusra Al-Jihadiyya website, had been killed by Lebanese forces. Soooo, sad. That's odd, I don't see 1,000 cyber mujahideen volunteering to take al-Maqdisi's spot.

These guys claim they are real mujahidin, just like their compatriots fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Somalia. It's about time they were reminded that law enforcement isn't generally the model we use to fight wars.

Here we are GIMFers. Come and get us. We know you're in Germany, so it shouldn't be too hard to hop on over here. Just remember that in the US we have guns.

Q: With more and more complaints similar to this from the online jihad community, have we finally turned a corner in the cyber war?

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World's Shortest Lived al Qaeda Website

Looks like the World News Network lost its DNS service.....again. This time they were only online for two days before *someone* noticed and pwned them. The website was registered on 8/29/2007 but as of two minutes ago it has somehow vanished.

Oh, and you won't find the al Qaeda linked propaganda outlet masquerading as a "news service" at their old website either.

Just to clarify, this isn't some small time operation...not just some blog with a small readership. This is one of the biggest propaganda outlets out there. And it's directly linked to al Qaeda in Iraq.

So, if you would like to help Rusty buy his wife dinner so she won't be so pissed that he spends so much time fighting these vile websites, please feel free to donate.

If you can't spare the change, how about at least leaving a comment or maybe a link? I could use the ego boost.

UPDATE: Now with "Donger need food" image (stolen from W. Zip) to reiterate the point.


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Terror in Tampa Update: Terrorism Charge Filed!

The plot thickening even more. One charged with transporting explosives across state lines and the other charged with instructing how to use them for violence.

I don't think I'm going too far on a limb to suggest that by "violence" they mean jihad.

Whether or not that jihad was going to be waged in the U.S. or abroad is still a mystery. As I said yesterday, the fact that the Feds want DNA from these characters means they suspect that at least one of them is involved in some other plot. The terror charges today tell us nothing about what that plot was.

Despite what you learned on CSI, it will take some time before the DNA can be processed and compared to another sample. Think days or weeks rather than hours. Expect more charges to be filed at a later time against at least one of them. These charges may be the tip of the iceberg.

Two Egyptian students at the University of South Florida were indicted Friday for carrying explosive materials across states lines and one of them was charged with teaching the other how to use them for violent reasons.

Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 24, an engineering graduate student and teaching assistant at the Tampa-based university, faces terrorism charges for teaching and demonstrating how to use the explosives.

And to think that I spent all those years as a teaching assistant actually teaching the assigned subject material when I could have been having fun teaching people how to blow sh*t up! Oh, wait...this is USF...maybe learning jihad is part of the curriculum?

Thanks to Michelle for the tip and for reminding me just how right I was ;-) Looks like she will be doing updates, so check her out for the latest.

UPDATE: Michelle now has link to the actual indictment up. But what I find interesting is Dan Riehl's reminder that there is an unindicted third person involved who fled (or left) to Canada.

Hmmm, could the some other place where their DNA may link them be in Canada?

PS-I'm doubling down on the 'tip of the iceberg' statement above. CAIR went from seething about the two getting arrested to shutting up and 'letting the facts stand on their own merit' way too quick. When CAIR abandons your cause then you are up a creek.

UPDATE: For doriangray--why the Sami al-Arian connection matters:

If the Goose Creek two turn out to be the real deal, their recruitment and radicalization may have taken place in engineering school at USF.
Maybe, but I think a likelier explanation would be that they were radicalized on the internet and came to South Florida because of its jihad friendly atmosphere. The fact that the FBI seized their computers is a clue here.

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BBC Still Lying About Lebanon War Casualties

If every one keeps telling the same lie, after a while every one will simply know its true.

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De Palma's Vile Propaganda

I think this says it all about Brian De Palma's latest film on U.S. troop abuse of Iraqis:

"The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war," he said. [source]
In the film: U.S. soldiers doing bad things but who are later arrested and prosecuted for their crimes.

Not in De Palma's film: Our Islamists enemies beheading civilians and the celebrating their murders as the will of God.

Our side condemns and prosecutes the same actions our enemies celebrate, and yet Leftists like De Palma equivocate between the two and are okay with our enemies winning?

UPDATE: It gets worse. Geoff notes that al Qaeda beheadings are in the film. But, who does De Palma blame? Us, of course! That's the context of the whole movie. The point of the movie. The war must end.

As if the U.S. withdrawing would somehow end al Qaeda beheadings. Sure, there would be no more deaths of American soldiers in Iraq at the hands of al Qaeda. But since the vast majority of people murdered by al Qaeda, Ansar al Sunna, the Islamic Army in Iraq, and other groups are Iraqis then the horrible killings won't stop. In fact, far more people will be murdered by the Salafi and Khomeinist Islamists than now.

To the Left and in this film, I'm sure:

When we do bad things: our fault
When our enemies do bad things: our fault

There's really no winning.

UPDATE: Confederate Yankee has similar reactions.

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Millions Paid for South Korean Hostages

So, in addition to surrendering to the Taliban by pulling out their troops, then becoming dhimmis by submitting to Islamic law and forbidding missionaries, South Korea also was extorted and paid ransom? Unfreakingbelievable!


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My Dad Went to Mecca and All He Got Me Was This Stupid ROP Linkfest

I'm back to work which means I have more time than ever reading up on news from the Religion of Peace. Aint academia grand?!?

And to Professor Chaos and Steve the Llama Bitcher who are getting drunk and puking their Chicago deep dish pizza filled guts out at the American Political Science Association's annual meeting: screw you guys, I'm going home.

Islamist Website publishes how to create your own al Qaeda cell for dummies manual

No way, not al Qaeda! Terrorists Accuse al Qaeda in Iraq of Stealing Video

How are those forced marriages working out for you al Qaeda? Not so much.

Holy schneike! U.S. Senators fired on as plane leaves Iraq.

About those reports that Basra is already Iran Jr......t'aint so.

Shhhh, don't tell New York Times: Petraeus, Surge Working!

Taliban: hostage taking works so we're going to ramp it up a notch.

Mormons, Muslims, 6 of one half a dozen of the other.

A coup....the good kind: Military ready to step in to protect secularism from Islamist forces.

Domestic Dhimmis:
About the FBI meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood's North American front, Republicans no likey.

XXX Uncensored Video: The Opus Cartoon

Haditha: What crime?

Salome demands bin Laden's head on a platter.

Domestic Massochism:
Bad gay marriage coming to Iowa.

Craig will resign......taking a dump in public safe again!

Manbearpig sightings:
Global warming causes Cougar attacks*

*that, you know, never really happened

Ministry of Silly Walks:
Shelob is alive....and in Texas!

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Naughty Video: The Opus Cartoon

How long before enough YouTube jihadis flag this video as inappropriate and it gets yanked? I'll give it 48 hours. Thanks to John Ray.

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Petraeus: Surge Working!

Has Bush finally found his Ulysses S.Grant? Yes. The Australian:

David Petraeus, the top US commander in Iraq, said the build-up of American forces in Baghdad since late January had produced positive outcomes. These included the killing or capture of al-Qa'ida fighters, causing the terrorist group to lose influence with local Sunnis.

The strategic gains against insurgents would lead to a changed and possibly longer-term role for Australian troops, shifting from security operations to a focus on training Iraqi soldiers and police.

General Petraeus told The Australian during a face-to-face interview at his Baghdad headquarters there had been a 75 per cent reduction in religious and ethnic killings since last year, a doubling in the seizure of insurgents' weapons caches between January and August, a rise in the number of al-Qa'ida "kills and captures" and a fall in the number of coalition deaths from roadside bombings.

More to do? Yes. But at least we're finally on the road to Atlanta.......

The Victory Caucus has the Stand by the American Mission petition here.

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Haditha Was Tragedy, Not Crime

Jim Hanson, of Blackfive, takes an in-depth look at the tragedy that occurred in Haditha on November 19, 2005. As to whether or not the killings of Iraqis on that day constituted a crime, Hanson contends that "all available documents and reports and most of the testimony" say no.

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Utah Formally Protests Joseph Smith Cartoon

badcmuhammadcartoon_small.jpgBecause, you know, all religions are pretty much the same....right? Telegraph:

Fears grew of a new confrontation over images deemed blasphemous by Muslims as Pakistan joined Iran in protest over a sketch by a Swedish artist portraying the prophet Mohammed as a dog.

Pakistan's foreign ministry said it had summoned the Swedish charge d'affaires to condemn "in the strongest terms, the publication of an offensive and blasphemous sketch of the Holy Prophet".

Q: If Muhammed is really so pissed at these cartoons blaspheming him why doesn't he just use his Pyrokinesis powers to burn the Swedish artist to death? Or get one of the other Super Best Friends, like Jesus, to use his super-carpentry skills to build a giant statue of artist Lars Vilks and then burn it in efigy or something?

Thanks to Glen Jenvey for the link.

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August 30, 2007

A Few More Sites Flirting w/ 9-11 Twoof...

I don't know how many people outside the debunker community noticed this, but there seemed to be a recent small controlled demolition of mid-level to well known non-9-11-nutter blogs flirting with Twooferism - mostly on the left.

First, we have a profoundly idiotic post "just asking questions" making outlandish inferences and unsupported allegations at My Left Wing.

Then we have a heroically inept offering from The Dissident Voice; a self-dubbed "radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and justice."

Third, we have a gobsmackingly stupid call to action from The Muckraker Report, who apparently support all kinds of wingnuttery from both sides (think Dennis Kucinichitrons and Ron Paulbots).

And let's not forget the occasional mental illness that sometimes rears its ugly head at the Huffington Post.

Keep digging, ye superpatriots! There's a great CONSPIRACY to be found (cue X-Files theme)!

Don't believe to BOOSH's version of what everyone saw! Make it up as you go along!

ht: Screw Loose Change

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Gays Checking Out Kos's Junk, "Anti-Gay" Article Mysteriously Disappears

Kos-army.jpgHere is a letter in which Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, aka "Kos", defends the pre-Clinton policy of not allowing gays in the military. You'll notice the date on the article he wrote in The Northern Star, the student newspaper of Northern Illinois University where he was an editor, is January 25th 1993-- just three days after President Clinton was inaugurated and right in the middle of the gays in the military controversy.

I wonder how John Aravosis, the editor of the America Blog, feels about Kos? He's the same guy who called Clinton's policy on gays in the military, "anti-gay". So, if Clinton's policy is anti-gay wouldn't the preceding policy be even more anti-gay? You might even call it gobsmackingly homophobic and the product of the American Taliban!

This is the same Kos who thought it was ok to help Aravosis out Jeff Gannon because:

"He has been extremely anti-gay in his writings. He's been a shill for the Christian right. So there's a certain level of hypocrisy there that I thought was fair game and needed to be called out."
Hypocrisy, thy name is Kos!

What's even better? Markos pulls the "I served in the military but you [Bill Clinton] didn't" card. A message he would come to perfect as cover for his vile criticisms of the military because, you know, he's been in the shit and has therefore earned the right to call our men and women baby killers!

Thanks to the Jammie Wearing Fools who have more details as does The Truth About Kos.

Screenshot below of Northern Star article which mysteriously disappeared.

UPDATE: Ron at Jamie Wearing Fools, who sent the pic, tells me the image was actually taken by Orlando at Fort Hard Knox.

KKKos anti-gay.jpg

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God Speed

Bill is headed to Fallujah.

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Terrorists Accuse al Qaeda in Iraq of Stealing Video

A terrorist organization in Iraq, the Jaish al-Mujahideen, has criticized an al Qaeda front group, The Islamic State of Iraq, for stealing their video. No joke.

The recent al Furqan video shows what is claimed to be an al Qaeda IED attack on a police vehicle in Fallujah. But the video appears to be the same as an earlier attack claimed by Jaish al-Mujahideen.

You mean terrorists are stealing other terrorists videos? How could they stoop to such levels.

Top: Frame from Jaish al Mujahideen video
Bottom: Frame Islamic State of Iraq video

The complaint can be found here.

Most likely explanation? IED freelancers are videotaping their attacks and then selling them to the top bidder who then throw a watermark on it and then distribute via the internet.

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UPDATE: FREE!! Remaining Korean Hostages to be Freed Today [BONUS: email or call Taliban spokesman]

Update by Howie. The remaining seven hostages have been released. Four in one group, three in another.


Keep your fingers crossed that the Taliban scum actually let them go unharmed.

Then take out your lucky rabbit's foot, rub three times, and say a prayer to the patron saint of vengeance that a U.S. special forces team eliminates their Taliban captors within the hour.


Taliban insurgents are set to free the remaining seven South Korean hostages in Afghanistan within the next few hours, a spokesman for the militant group said Thursday.

The remaining hostages will be released from 4 p.m. (1130 GMT) in "groups of three and four," told Yonhap News Agency in a telephone conversation through an interpreter.


email Qari Yousuf Ahmadi:
call Qari Yousuf Ahmadi: (011 from US, then) 8821621515539

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Video : Fear the Reaper

h/t : Allah, who has more.

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Paper Bags: The Next Terrorist Weapon

To the troops in Iraq: beware of seedy young men carrying plain brown paper bags. No, it's not porn in the bag. It's a mortar.


From a short video showing the pair dropping the bag, firing the mortar from it, and then running like hell. I'm guessing the paper bag mortar isn't exactly accurate.

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Terror in Tampa: Suspects Linked to Another Plot?

UPDATE 8/31: Terror charges filed! Thanks to MM for the link.

Whether or not that jihad was going to be waged in the U.S. or abroad is still a mystery. As I said in this post yesterday, the fact that the Feds want DNA from these characters means they suspect that at least one of them is involved in some other plot. The terror charges today tell us nothing about what that plot was.

Despite what you learned on CSI, it will take some time before the DNA can be processed and compared to another sample. Think days or weeks rather than hours. Expect more charges to be filed at a later time against at least one of them. These charges may be the tip of the iceberg.

Updates here. Original post follows

Fellow Jawa Tim from Opinion Bug brings word that the case is definitely not closed on two University of South Florida Muslim students, Youssef & Ahmed Megahed. The two were arrested near the Goose Creek Naval Weapons Station on charges that they were carrying explosive devices.

Tampa Tribune:

A federal grand jury in Tampa is asking for DNA and hair samples from a University of South Florida student jailed four weeks ago in South Carolina on explosives charges, his attorney said.
What the hell would they want DNA evidence for unless they were implicated in some other plot? I mean, we know they were in the car with the explosives. So, the Grand Jury must be trying to figure out if they were also somewhere else doing something else and the DNA would link them to that other place.

But just what is that other place and what is it that they are suspected of doing in that other place?

Federal court records show that [Noor] Salhab leased the house in the early 1990s to World and Islam Studies Enterprise, a think tank run by Sami Al-Arian, the former USF professor accused of funding Palestinian terrorist organizations.
Michelle Malkin notes that that organization was convicted terror supporter Sami Al-Arian's World and Islam Studies Enterprise.

The plot thickens. I am beginning to come up with a few crazy theories about just what these two were doing. And none of them involve trying to attack the Goose Creek Naval Weapons Station with a bunch of illegal fireworks. But all of them have something to do with the pair's computers being seized by the the FBI.

And what would a terror investigation be without an appearance by CAIR?

Also appearing before the grand jury Wednesday was Ahmed Bedier, who has been a spokesman for the Megahed family. Bedier is executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and a frequent media spokesman for Muslims and Islamic causes....

Bedier declined to answer questions about his testimony, saying he wanted to check with the national headquarters of CAIR about what he was allowed to say.

Hmmmm, so does CAIR know something here or what?

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Hizballah Indiscriminately Attacked Civilians

That's the opinion of a new Human Rights Watch report on Hizballah's actions during the 2006 conflict that Iran's proxy started against Israel. Rather than address the accusations with facts as Israel did, Hizballah asked supporters to stop the news conference. Human Rights Watch, fearing a terrorist attack against the hotel where the announcement of the report as scheduled to take place, cancelled the press conference.

Via WAPO: BEIRUT, Aug. 29 -- An international human rights group has concluded that Lebanon's Hezbollah movement indiscriminately attacked civilians during its conflict with Israel last summer, a finding that prompted denunciations from both the Lebanese government and Hezbollah.

In that climate, New York-based Human Rights Watch canceled a news conference it had planned to hold Thursday in Beirut to release the report, and its officials said they were being unfairly silenced.

The 126-page report found that "as a party of an armed conflict governed by international humanitarian law," Hezbollah had "violated fundamental prohibitions against deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilians."

The full report on Hizballah's war crimes is located here at the Human Rights Watch website. Human Rights Watch has released this statement concerning the cancellation of the press conference.
(Beirut, August 29, 2007) – Human Rights Watch today canceled a news conference planned for Thursday, August 30, 2007 in Beirut, citing reports by Hezbollah-controlled media about planned demonstrations to prevent the scheduled event at the Crowne Plaza hotel, and the hotel’s decision to disallow the news conference.

Human Rights Watch had called the news conference to release “Civilians Under Assault: Hezbollah's Rocket Attacks on Israel in the 2006 War,” a new 128-page report criticizing Hezbollah for its conduct during the 2006 war with Israel, in particular Hezbollah’s practice of deliberately and indiscriminately firing rockets toward Israeli civilian areas.

“Hezbollah is trying to silence criticism of its conduct during the 2006 war,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa division. “But the fairness and accuracy of our reporting will speak for themselves, whether we hold a press conference or not.”

Two questions for Human Rights Watch. First, What took you so long, your report criticizing Israel was released months and months ago? And two, Why did you wuss out now? Could it be because you were reporting on terrorists who might kill you for your criticism?

Of course Iran can't be too happy about the report either, after all is was Iranian supplied missiles that Iran's war proxy was firing at civilians.

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August 29, 2007

Abducted Britons Believed to be Held by "Shiite Zarqawi"

A disturbing look at the death squad leader named as the mastermind behind the May kidnapping of 5 British security contractors (via Times Online UK):

Iraq’s most infamous Shia death squad commander was accused yesterday of masterminding the kidnapping of five British citizens who have not been heard from since their abduction in Baghdad three months ago.

Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq’s Foreign Minister, told The Times that a group led by Abu Dera, a legendary figure with strong Iranian connections who is renowned for his brutality, was behind the abduction of the five Britons from the Iraqi Finance Ministry on May 29.

Mr Zebari said there was a striking similiarity between their abduction and that of Iraq’s Deputy Oil Minister by Abu Dera’s supporters on August 14. In both instances well-organised forces broke into heavily protected compounds.

The minister and five colleagues were seized by gunmen dressed in security force uniforms who forced their way into the offices of Iraq’s crude oil marketing agency. The Britons were seized by armed men dressed as Iraqi policemen who broke into the Finance Ministry. “I believe the same group who did this did the Ministry of Finance [raid],” Mr Zebari said in an interview in which he also cautioned of “catastrophic consequences” if Britain and America prematurely withdraw from Iraq.

Abu Dera is thought to command a breakaway faction of Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army, which is responsible for numerous attacks on Sunni civilians as well as British and American troops. His militia killed thousands of Sunnis in reprisals for the 2006 bombing of a Shiite shrine in Samarra.

Stories of his barbarity are legion. A profile published by the Jamestown Foundation reports that he once commandeered several ambulances, drove them into a Sunni neighbourhood and announced on loudspeakers that Shias were slaughtering Sunnis. The young Sunnis who rushed to help were killed.

He allegedly offers his victims the choice of being executed through suffocation, shooting or being smashed to death with cinder blocks. There is a video recording of a man believed to be Abu Dera kidnapping Saddam Hussein’s lawyer Khamis al-Obeidi, parading him through the streets of Sadr City, and then shooting him three times in the head.

The British government has kept strict secrecy regarding the latest abduction, and has not released the names of the captives. Their families are briefed by the Foreign Office, but have been ordered not to speak publicly about the missing men.

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Katrina: Worst EVER?

I heard something blasted across the radio several times today from this AP article:

Hurricane Katrina made landfall south of New Orleans at 6:10 a.m. Aug. 29, 2005, as a strong Category 3 hurricane that flooded 80 percent of the city and killed more than 1,600 people in Louisiana and Mississippi. It was the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States.
Only thing is, the Galveston Hurricane in 1900 killed between 6 and 12 thousand people:
The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 is to date the deadliest natural disaster ever to strike the United States. By contrast, the second-deadliest storm to strike the United States, the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane, caused approximately 2,500 deaths, and the deadliest storm of recent times, Hurricane Katrina, has caused approximately 1,600 deaths.
So by what measure are we measuring "worst ever?"

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Elvish Girls Gone Wild: Hot Girls of Blizzcon 2007

Okay, make that hot girl (singular) of Blizzcon 2007. Q: Do they hire the hot ones or what? I bet Ace would know..... Requires Divx (Safe for Middle Earth but not for Narnia).



1) larger pop-up
2) full screen

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Palestinian Terrorists Murder 3 Pali Children

Cowardice? Yes, but not strong enough. Murder? That's it. I don't know what else to call it but murder when you send three children out to retrieve the rocket launchers you just used to launch a terrorist attack against Israeli civilians. As if they didn't know that Israel would try to get any one hanging around recently fired rocket launchers. But to groups like Hamas and PIJ a Palestinian child is worth more dead than alive.


The army explained that there were a number of launchers in the area which were pointed at Israel and that troops opened fire at several suspicious looking people who were handling them.

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza often send children to retrieve rocket launchers after Kassams are fired into Israel.

The IDF said that if the fatalities were indeed children the army regretted the use of minors for terrorist purposes.

Dr. Moaiya Hassanain of the Palestinian Health Ministry said 10-year-old Mahmoud Ghazal and his 12-year-old cousin Yehiya Ghazal were killed. Their 10-year-old cousin Sara Ghazal, who was critically injured, later died.

One guess: who does a relative of the dead children tell the AP they blame?

This brings to total number of dead Palestinian children involved in rocket attacks to five this week.

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Break His Fingers or Cut Them Off?

Yemeni President Saleh is just so sensitive, that if you write an article that reflects badly on him, he sends some goons to cut your fingers off. That should solve the problem.

Meanwhile Saleh receives international plaudits because he holds democracy conferences and has a "reform plan" which apparently does not include the freedom of the press to investigate government corruption or in this case conditions in jails.

Alert from the CPJ:

Yemeni editor abducted, severely beaten New York, August 27, 2007­­­—The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the abduction and brutal beating of a Yemeni editor by gunmen in Sana'a today. The local journalists CPJ spoke with suspected the gunmen are part of the government's security forces.

A silver Toyota SUV carrying six gunmen wearing civilian clothing descended upon Abdel Karim al-Khaiwani, former editor of the online newspaper Al-Shoura, while he was waiting for a taxi outside the offices of the weekly newspaper Al-Nedaa in central Sana'a at around 2 p.m. local time, eyewitnesses told CPJ. The perpetrators forcibly bundled him into the vehicle and sped away, the witnesses said. The witnesses said the license plates of the vehicle were covered with black material.

The gunmen blindfolded al-Khaiwani, tied his hands, and took him to the remote village of Mahalein in the Khawlan district, southeast of Sana'a, said Basheer al-Sayed, editorial secretary of Al-Nedaa, who spoke with al-Khawaini after the attack. According to al-Sayed, al-Khaiwani was badly beaten, with several blows to the face and chest. The men threatened him with a pair of shears. They asked him which hand he used for writing and when he told them the left one, they attempted to break his fingers, al-Sayed told CPJ. The gunmen confiscated al-Khaiwani's passport, identification card, and cell phone, al-Sayed said.

The gunmen threatened to kill al-Khaiwani and his family if he writes another word that harms Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh or the country's national unity, CPJ sources said. They specifically mentioned an article he wrote published by Al-Nedaa on August 16 titled "What's Before the State: A Homeland Behind Bars," al-Sayed told CPJ. In the article, al-Khaiwani discussed the status of prisoners, their treatment, the conditions in the country's jails, and the injustice they face.

CPJ sources suspected the gunmen belonged to the Yemeni security forces. Al-Sayed told CPJ that al-Khaiwani recognized one of his abductors today as one of the Yemeni security officers who raided his home in June. Interior Ministry investigative police officers took al-Khaiwani's statement at the hospital, al-Sayed said.

"This outrageous attack on Abdel Karim al-Khaiwani represents a grave threat to Yemen's already tenuous press freedom climate," CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon said. "The Yemeni authorities must investigate this vicious assault and bring those responsible to justice. The failure to do so would indicate that the Yemeni government condones violent assaults on journalists.

Al-Khaiwani was treated at Al-Ahali Hospital in Sana'a and discharged later in the evening. He suffered extensive bruising on his face, chest, and hands, al-Sayed said.

Al-Khaiwani faces vague terrorism charges brought by a state security court on July 4. He was detained on June 20 by Yemeni security agents, who also raided the journalist's Sana'a home. He was released on bail in late July. Security agents who placed him under arrest at the time severely beat him and dragged him to jail barefoot and in his underwear, according to his lawyer Khaled al-Anesi.

Al-Khaiwani has been a harsh critic of government nepotism and the government's fight against rebels in Saada. In 2004, as editor of the then-print weekly Al-Shoura, al-Khaiwani was sentenced to a year in jail for incitement, insulting the president, publishing false news, and causing tribal and sectarian discrimination through his published criticisms of the government's conduct in the fighting.

Since 2005, CPJ has identified at least six Yemeni journalists who have been the targets of assaults that were believed to be politically motivated. In all but one of the cases the perpetrators have not been identified by the authorities.

© 2007 Committee to Protect Journalists. E-mail:

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Caption This - If You Can Stomach It

The Associate Press has discovered a new way to trigger the human gag reflex:


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Sadr: No More Attacks on U.S. Troops

Why do I get the feeling that sometime last night a phone call was made to a certain ugly radical Shiite cleric telling him that the next Sadrist killed will be him?

Check and mate. AP:

Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has ordered a six-month suspension of activities by his Mahdi Army militia in order to reorganize the force, and it will no longer attack U.S. and coalition troops, aides said Wednesday.

The aide, Sheik Hazim al-Araji, said on Iraqi state television that the goal was to "rehabilitate" the organization, which has reportedly broken into factions, some of which the U.S. maintains are trained and supplied by Iran.

"We declare the freezing of the Mahdi Army without exception in order to rehabilitate it in a way that will safeguard its ideological image within a maximum period of six months starting from the day this statement is issued," al-Araji said, reading from a statement by al- Sadr.

In Najaf, al-Sadr's spokesman said the order also means the Mahdi Army will no longer launch attacks against U.S. and other coalition forces.

"It also includes suspending the taking up of arms against occupiers as well as others," Ahmed al-Shaibani told reporters.

I guess we're still not winning in Iraq?

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Is the Media the Enemy or Just Lazy?

Alas, a little of both:

The establishment media also has become more willing to show graphic video of US casualties at the hands of the enemy. CNN aired an insurgent sniper video obtained directly from the enemy. ABC News aired video of a Bradley armored vehicle blown up by an improvised explosive device as six American soldiers died inside, then exploited the grief of family members to attack the current “surge” of troops in Iraq. Similarly, CBS News spiked a story containing video originally posted on an al Qaeda propaganda website, but posted the same video on its own website.....

Take, for example, the coverage of events in Anbar province. In September-November 2006, the Washington Post ran a series of articles suggesting that the US military was unable to defeat the bloody insurgency in western Iraq “or counter al-Qaeda’s rising popularity there.” These stories were echoed in the New York Times/International Herald Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, NBC News, ABC News, CNN, the AP and others, down to local TV.

Twas not so. Read the whole thing.

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Where's Rusty? Moving to Ulster....


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The New Worst Problem in Iraq

Greyhawk is blogging from Baghdad and he's a little upset about reports that the media and the Left are already spinning the Petraeus report. When this biggest problem is solved the next biggest problem is considered just as bad.

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Huffpo Readers React to 100 Taliban Dead News

A post noting that 100 Taliban were killed yesterday by NATO and Afghan forces brought out the best in Huffpo readers. Kinda makes you wonder which side Huffpo readers are on, doesn't it?:

hope the taliban don't just blow you but first catch you and really crank up the "new and improved interrogation techniques, the same one we don't use and which don't amount to torture"...

what goes around comes around.

You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

How many babies have you slaughtered today you fucking piece of warmongering nazi vermin? ....

FUCK THE TROOPS ! ameriKKKan ones, nato ones...

The ever so willing and cheering intruments of nazi empire.

We mourn nothing...

they are not our "best"...

they are our greatest shame and dishonor...

heroin or speed (US issue) addicted rejects with the murder gene turned on...

slaughtering everything in sight, women, children, civilians...

what is there to be "proud" of?

criminals against humanity?

they all deserve to be hung for war crimes and following illegal orders.

If you disagree, you have serious cognitive dissonance issues...

Join me in PISSING, SHITTING, SPITTING on their graves or any combo thereof...


........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''............. _.·´

Thanks to locomotivebreath1901 who dropped this in the comments on Vinnie's previous post about the 100 dead Taliban. Every blog and website gets vile comments from time to time--ours is no exception--- but since Huffpo has comment registration there really is no excuse for this.

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GOP Senators Hoping to Probe Larry Craig? (UPDATED)

That's what I'm hearing:

WASHINGTON -- Senate GOP leaders called for an ethics investigation of Senator Larry Craig yesterday as he dug in for a legal and political fight to save his congressional career after acknowledging he had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges stemming from an incident with an undercover police officer in an airport men's room.
So, this is another one of those "shocked...shocked, I say" moments for the GOP leadership. I'm not buying it. I used to live in D.C. If you've lived there, you know it's a damn small town. Even as a bottom-rung nobody, I was constantly running into people I knew. And this is a town where the gossip mill runs at full clip. If Larry Craig's been looking for love in all the wrong places for any length of time, the "old boys' network" is well-aware of it. I'll wager there are plenty of Capitol Hill staffers with stories to share, should they be so inclined.

This isn't about whether Craig gets an impromptu prostate exam now and then. I really don't care about that so much. For my money, I think we'd all be better off if we could get past some of this stuff and just let the butt-pirates do their thing (in private). The truth is, though, that a closeted senator is, in this day and age, a prime target for blackmail, even if he's quiet about it. A senator whose hobbies include playing a rusty trombone in the back corners of a public john is a real problem. If your wife thinks that Snowball, Dirty Sanchez and Lucky Pierre are just the nicknames of your poker buddies, you may very well be a disaster waiting to happen. By knowingly allowing men like Mark Foley and Larry Craig to serve in positions of power despite their vulnerability to undue pressure, our nation's political leadership has, once again, let us down.

UPDATE : Below the fold, Sen. Craig from 1999, sharing his opinion on a "nasty, bad, naughty boy." (Warning: kinda creepy.)

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Clinton's Got a New Consultant: Zombie Fidel Castro

As we vigilantly man the Castro death watch front, el jefe has advice for Hillary Clinton: team up with Obama. Oh, and guess which U.S. President is the Cuban dicatator's favorite? Spoiler below.



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Abu Ghraib Officer Acquitted, Rights Groups Seethe & Whine

Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan has been acquitted of the three most serious charges arising from the Abu Ghraib scandal: failing to obey a lawful order by ordering dogs used for interrogations; cruelty and maltreatment for subjecting detainees to forced nudity and intimidation by dogs; and dereliction of a duty to properly train and supervise soldiers in humane interrogation rules.

Jordan was convicted on a lesser charge of disobeying an order not to discuss the abuse investigation. Jordan admitted to e-mailing others about the matter.

The usual suspects are seething and whining. AP:

"None of the cases brought to date has given the systemic accounting the nation needs of what happened, why and how far up the chain of command responsibility lies," Shamsi said. "It cries out for the kind of oversight and investigations that Congress can do."
How far up the chain of command did it go? It seems to me that by finding Jordan not guilty that the jury found that the scandal did not go up the chain of command at all. At least, the buck stopped somewhere below him.

Of course, nothing short of pinning the Blame on Bush of Rumsfeld is adequate for the Left. The same people who were shocked and horrified about our side building naked pyramids but say next to nothing when our enemies systematically torture and murder civilians.

As I've said many times before the sick cruelty of the prison guards at Abu Ghraib is torture in the same way that my three older brothers constantly tortured me. Abuse, yes....but torture, no.

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8 Hostages Go Free, Korea Loses It's Dignity

Thank God that the Taliban have released 8 of the remaining 19 hostages. However grateful we are, though, we should never forget that the price paid for these hostages' lives are the countless numbers of other hostages that will be taken. The lesson learned by the Taliban terrorists is simple: taking hostages works. Thus, more hostages will be taken.

We pray that God's vengeance on the Taliban will be swift and in the form of bullets from the end of a Marine rifle.


Afghanistan's Taliban militants on Wednesday released five more South Korean hostages, raising to eight the number set free following an agreement with South Korean officials, according to a mediator.

The four women and one man were handed over by elders of Ghazni to officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross outside Ghazni, capital of the province of the same name, Haji Zahir, who has been mediating between the Taliban and South Korean negotiators, told Kyodo News.

Again, let us not forget that the Taliban murdered two of the hostages for the 'crime' of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, a bit of clarity from an Afghan minister. Via AllahP this AP report:

"One has to say that this release under these conditions will make our difficulties in Afghanistan even bigger," the country's commerce minister, Amin Farhang, told Germany's Bayerischer Rundfunk radio. "We fear that this decision could become a precedent. The Taliban will continue trying to take hostages to attain their aims in Afghanistan."
Well, duh.

In addition, it also legitimizes the Taliban. When diplomats meet with a terrorist organization, it adds legitimacy to their cause and it helps them recruit more terrorists:

"Maybe they (the Taliban) did not achieve all that they demanded, but they achieved a lot in terms of political credibility," said Mustafa Alani, director of security and terrorism studies at the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center. "The fact that the Koreans negotiated with them directly and more or less in their territory ... is in itself an achievement."
People generally only fight if they believe they can win. By negotiating with the Taliban sympathizers are led to the inevitable conclusion that maybe the Taliban are a bigger threat than they thought and perhaps they have a chance of beating NATO forces.

Good job Korea, all the murdered hostages, beheading victims, and dead NATO troops that will result from your capitulation thank you.

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Greenpeace Stunt Backfires

(Bangkok, Thailand) Last April, the Thai government passed a law banning open-field trials of genetically-modified (GM) crops. Greenpeace was elated.

Recently, it was reported that the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry was going to seek cabinet approval for a lifting of the ban on open-field trials of transgenic crops. Assuredly, Greenpeace was not amused and reacted by dumping tons of papayas at the entrance to the ministry.

Three truck loads of transgenic papayas sent the message to the ministry that Greenpeace wanted the ban to continue. It was believed that public and political support to keep the ban would follow the papaya protest. But it wasn't to be.

Passers-by and onlookers formed a flood of people grabbing up papayas.

[A]fter the dumping, people flocked to load up on the free papayas, ignoring the environmental organisation's campaign against the dangers of GM fruit -- a message Greenpeace has been trying to get through to the government and the public for years.

Many passers-by, who mostly knew nothing about transgenic fruit, said they did not care about any health risks. They were just thinking about how hungry they were.

"I don't care if they're dangerous," said papaya salad seller Gig Krueyat, 70. "I don't know what the threat is ... nothing serious, I think ..."

Mrs Gig helped herself to three sacks of the fruit in minutes. Others, including some ministry officials and Rasi Salai dam protesters from Sri Sa Ket province who were camped near the ministry, also did not let the opportunity slip by.

A man waiting in traffic for the lights to go green near the ministry, leapt out of his car and joined the feast.

"I'm not scared of GM papayas. Rather, I'm scared I won't have any to eat," said Ubon Ratchathani villager Ampon Tantima, 31, before rushing back to his car with the free fruit.

Heh. Even ministry officials rushed out to get some papayas. And, although unconfirmed, there's a report that one person asked for mangoes next time.

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U.S. reportedly detains Iranians in Iraq raid

This just in from AP via MSNBC:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - American troops raided a Baghdad hotel Tuesday night and took away a group of about 10 people that a U.S.-funded radio station said included six members of an Iranian delegation here to negotiate contracts with Iraq’s government.

The Iranian Embassy did not confirm the report. But it said seven Iranians — an embassy employee and six members of a delegation from Iran’s Electricity Ministry — were staying at the Sheraton Ishtar Hotel, which was the one raided by U.S. soldiers.
Videotape shot Tuesday night by Associated Press Television News showed U.S. troops leading about 10 blindfolded and handcuffed men out of the hotel in central Baghdad. Other soldiers carried out what appeared to be luggage and at least one briefcase and a laptop computer bag.

A U.S. military spokesman, Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, declined to comment, saying the action was part of an operation that had not been completed. In Washington, State Department spokesman Tom Casey said, “I’ve seen that report but I can’t verify it.”

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August 28, 2007

7200 Raisins Ordered Up

MargaReuterVille takes appeasement to a new level. Note the scare quotes around the word insurgent in the headline.

Pretty soon, "insurgent" will be dropped just as "terrorist" was, and we will soon see the headline "Over 100 Taliban Freedom Fighters Killed..."

Still, who am I to quibble? Over 100 Taliban TERRORISTS have been sent to Hell.

KABUL (Reuters) - More than 100 suspected insurgents were killed in a battle with U.S.-led troops in southern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said on Wednesday.

The battle erupted after a convoy of Afghan and U.S.-led forces came under attack in Shah Wali Kot district in Kandahar province, it said in a statement.

U.S.-led close air support pounded insurgent positions in the battle, it added.

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Sen. Craig's Statement on His Guilty Plea

This is just wierd:

I did nothing wrong at the Minneapolis airport. I regret my decision to plead guilty and the sadness that decision has brought to my wife, family, friends, staff, and fellow Idahoans. For that I apologize.

In June, I overreacted and made a poor decision. While I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct at the Minneapolis airport or anywhere else, I chose to plead guilty to a lesser charge in the hope of making it go away. I did not seek any counsel, either from an attorney, staff, friends, or family. That was a mistake, and I deeply regret it. Because of that, I have now retained counsel and I am asking my counsel to review this matter and to advise me on how to proceed.

Video at HotAir.

h/t : Michelle

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Castro Death Watch

No corpse yet.......

When Castro does die, check out this post: Castro Reported Dead

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F.A.G.: You Can't Even ACT With Israelis

clooney_team_america.jpgActors, is there anything they don't know? Members of the Egyptian branch of the Film Actors Guild are mad that an Arab would appear in the same film as an Israeli. I guess when Egypt 'normalized' relations with Israeli that it didn't include Egyptian actors being allowed in the same film as Israelis.


The trade union of Egyptian actors threatened today actor Amr Waked with a ban of shooting films in Egypt if he plays together with his Israeli colleague in a TV film. A rising star of Egyptian cinema, Amr Waked was chosen to play the part of a son-in-law of Saddam Hussein in the TV film, a BBC and HBO co-production "Between the Two Rivers", about the life of former Iraqi dictator, who is played by Israeli actor Yigal Naor.
Waked, for his part, whines that he didn't know he would be working with a J-O-O, that he can't get out of his contract now, and besides, he argues, the film is critical of U.S. foreign policy and isn't that all that matters anyways? No joke.

Waked played in Syriana opposite George Clooney (pictured above from Team America: World Police). No complaint from Egyptian actors on that one.....

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Ace on Larry Craig (not literally)

Ace weighs in on the GOP's latest resident perv:

Over at Hugh Hewitt, there are some comparisons to the David Vitter situation. Here's one difference: Vitter isn't up for re-election and I'm not even sure whoring around is a misdemeanor in Louisiana.

And Larry Craig has repeatedly stuck his thumb in the eye of his conservative base. He was pro-amnesty all the way home.

I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps he thought tacking to the left would protect him from the liberal media when this all came out. He certainly was behaving as if he were compromised. Well, if he had thoughts along those lines, I hope he realizes he was wrong to fear the liberal media more than his own conservative constituents. Perhaps if he'd been a good soldier we could manage to swallow our misgivings and fight (reluctantly) on his behalf.

Instead, we're left wondering which part of the Craig Agenda we're the most psyched about: The pro-amnesty agenda or trying to suck stranger's dicks in public bathrooms, which will of course benefit his very tolerant Democratic opponent.

I'm not sure I'm especially keen on either of them.

Amen to that.

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All Your Fakes Anniversary

Because I'm an idiot, I totally missed that Friday was the one-year anniversary of the release of "All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us."

In any event, here's an encore presentation, for any of you who missed it the first time:

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Taliban Teen Beheads Pakistani Hostage on Video

pakistani_beheading_video.jpgThe return of Islamic beheading chic? A video showing a teenage Taliban beheading a Pakistani soldier has emerged. A frame from the video is right. The video was obtained by the AFP but has not emerged yet on the usual jihadi forums, usually an indication that it is being sold as a VHS or DVD recording in Pakistani markets where demand for such snuff films are high.

Khaleej Times:

Four teenage boys with Kalashnikov assault rifles, daggers and headbands with jihadi slogans are then shown along with one of the soldiers kneeling in front of them.

One boy cuts off the soldier’s head using a knife and holds it up for the camera. The soldier’s body was recovered on August 14 from a nearby town.

The video shows the victim saying just before his death that ‘security forces should not fight against the Taleban’.

The Taliban as they truly are.

At least the murderer is said to be a teenager. Recently a video showing a 12 year old Taliban child beheading a hostage was also released.

HT: Religion of Peace.

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Guess the Religion of the 'Seperatists' Murdering Buddhist Teachers in Thailand

No man dares speak its name. Bangkok Post:

Insurgent attacks on state schools and Thai-Buddhist communities have claimed more civilians lives in the past two days in the deep South, provincial officials said Tuesday....

Female teacher Kesine Timthep, 42, was shot dead Monday in front of her pupils by two gunmen as she was about enter the Sasanasuksa School in Sai Buri, Pattani. A male teacher was also gunned down Monday in Yalang, also in Pattani province.

Arsonists set fire to at least five state schools in the province Monday night, forcing ten schools to shut their doors to pupils on Tuesday.

Prapaijit Noonlaksert, 44, a female rubber tapper, was killed in an ambush early Tuesday as she entered a plantation with four other Thai-Buddhists workers, police said.

Six other civilians also murdered by these 'seperatists'.

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African Taliban Killing Children

Buried in this article about renewed fighting in Somalia between the African Taliban of the Islamic Courts Union and the Ethiopian backed Somali forces is this nugget:

On Sunday, a roadside bomb killed two children and an elderly man and wounded five people.
Apparently its just too obvious to identify those responsible. In addition, at least 4 other civilians are known to have died in Somalia over the past few days.

So, we have international conferences, awareness campaigns, and conventions on the use of land mines, how come we never hear any international outrage over the use of IEDs? Maybe the U.S. or its allies ought to start planting roadside bombs just so we can finally hear some condemnation of their use.

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Dan Abrams, Steven Emerson Hammer Christiane Amanpour

A well-deserved thrashing.

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Happy B-Day Gilad Shalit


Israeli hostage Gilad Shalit held by Hamas terrorists turns 21 today. May his captors rot in hell.

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Women Suffraging in Iraq, Plight of Yankee Imperialist Women Revealed

I think we all know why Sgt. 1st Class Rick Emert really showed up at the Women's Equality Day celebration at Camp Taji. I mean, how often do you find a room full of American women in Iraq?

By Sgt. 1st Class Rick Emert
1st ACB, 1st Cav. Div. Public Affairs

CAMP TAJI, Iraq – Soldiers from the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade and 15th Sustainment Brigade gathered at the Taji Ministry Center to observe Women’s Equality Day, Aug. 26.

The observance included remarks from guest speaker Command Sgt. Maj. Barbara Pettit, the top non-commissioned officer with the 15th Finance Battalion, based at Camp Liberty, Iraq, a reading of the presidential proclamation on Women’s Equality Day, and a video presentation.

The theme of the observance was “One Vote,” and a short video shown at the observance focused on the fact that 22 million single women did not vote in the last presidential election.

“If I had to choose one thing that we hoped to get across with this, it is that single women – all women – should exercise their right to vote,” said Sgt. 1st Class Robert Sanchez, the Equal Opportunity representative for 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st ACB, 1st Cavalry Division. The 1-227th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion sponsored and planned the event.

“The biggest thing I learned is that so many single women don’t vote,” said Sanchez, who calls Dallas home. “It took a lot of effort from many women to get women the right to vote (87 years ago), and this theme is designed to encourage every woman to practice her right to vote in any election.”

Pettit, a native of Appomattox, Va., spoke briefly about some of the key women who fought for women’s equality throughout time and then focused on equality for women in the military.

She recounted how in her early years in the Army enlisted women could not achieve “hard stripes,” being promoted instead to one of several specialist ranks. Although the military has come a long way during her 26 years of service, she said there are still doors that are locked, chained and dead-bolted to women.

Pettit spoke of how women are still restricted from enlisting in most combat arms positions, because, she said, “America is not ready to see women come home in body bags. The truth is that women do die in service (in Iraq) just like their male counterparts.”

The advancements made by women in aviation are something that Pettit said she finds encouraging.

“I see so many women doing things in the Army that we weren’t supposed to do – especially pilots,” Pettit said. “Women were always considered too temperamental to be pilots. Here, you have (several female) pilots in the brigade. That makes me see how far we have come since I joined the Army.”

“I’m no ‘women’s libber,’ but I feel that everyone is equal and should have the opportunity to do what they want to do. The sky’s the limit.”

Source: DOD

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No sh*t? "Al Qaeda Planning to Attack the West"

Well, duh. In related news Hillary Clinton plans to run for President, Bush still unpopular, and Franco still dead.

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Happy B-Day

Vicki's blog, Not Ready for My Burqa, is one year old today. Vicki and I share a passion in ending the brutal and disgusting practice of taking hostages.

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El Video de Wanda Nara--SIN CENSURA


Kinda SFW video aqui. NSFW video aqui.

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Koreans Bow to Taliban Demands, Hostages to Go Free

The scumbags in the Taliban have agreed to free the remaining hostages. Do you think this makes them look good? Remember, they already murdered two hostages. Oh, and the fact that they took hostages in the first place should tell you something--they are sumhuman filth!

But thank God for all miracles small and great, even if the price tag is high. It's really the hostage catch 22---we celebrate the fact that the 19 hostages will be coming home but mourn the fact that more hostages will be taken because South Korea bowed to at least some of the Taliban's demands. But, as Michelle said, "I’ll believe it when they are all back safe and alive."

The price? South Korea will withdraw all troops and ban Korean nationals from going to Afghanistan as Christian missionaries.

The last part is no big deal since it is already against the law in the newly "liberated" Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to try to convert Muslims. The only "missionaries" presently allowed in the country are those on humanitarian missions. Which is what the South Koreans were in Afghanistan for, on a medical mission.

According to Wikipedia the South Korean military has about 60 medics and 150 engineers in Afghanistan. So, it's not a big loss in strictly military terms.

However inconsequential the demands may seem, though, the fact that the South Koreans a) negotiated b) capitulated sends the wrong message and could have some very negative long term consequences. By negotiating with the Taliban the South Koreans legitimize them.

By capitulating they send a very clear signal to the Taliban: taking hostages works.

What we are witnessing is the Spaniardization of South Korea.

And as AllahP reminds us, the Taliban have other hostages they are still holding.

One of them, Rudolf Blechschmidt, was recently seen in a video saying that he was in bad shape. Another German hostage taken with Blechschmidt, Ruediger Diedrich, was murdered in cold blood by the Taliban

A third hostage, Christina Meier, was recently rescued. It boggles the mind that a rescue attempt was not attempted for the South Koreans.

For a more complete chronicling:
Hostage archives
Hostages: South Korean

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The Gonzo Departure


For what it’s worth, I can’t say I’ll miss him.
Baseball Crank:
Whatever his other merits or faults, Gonzales had to be one of the most politically incompetent people ever to hold such a high position in Washington. It's hard to think of anything he touched in six and a half years in Washington that didn't end up getting President Bush the worst possible press (with the arguable exception of when he advised Bush not to put Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court).
Brit Hume:
Gonzales was a man almost without fans in Washington at the end, because he was never much appreciated or accepted by the conservative base of the Republican party and the conservative activists in Washington. And he certainly wasn’t popular among the Democrats. He was simply a crony. And I don’t mean that word to sound any worse than it is, but that was the case here.
On the other hand, Paul Mirengoff offers a spirited defense of the embattled AG:
Gonzales’s only real offense seems to have been mediocrity. But mediocrity in an Attorney General is nothing new (think Janet Reno)

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Will Petraeus Downplay Surge Success?

Matt Sanchez is in Iraq and says the surge is working. So well, in fact, that he expects Petraeus will downplay surge success because it might look too partisan.

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Islamic Rage Boy on Opus Cartoons

Islamic Rage Boy responds to reader mail about the censored Opus cartoons.

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Rasmussen on the GOP Race : How the Media Gets it Wrong

Rasmussen weighs in on the media hype vs. electoral reality:

Both Romney and Huckabee received a minor bounce in the polls for a few days [after the Iowa Straw Poll]. But, two weeks later, the national polls show that the Iowa event had virtually no impact. Romney remains mired in third place barely ahead of John McCain. Huckabee's support continues to be measured in the mid-single digits....

[R]eporters have picked up on a story line that Fred Thompson's delay in entering the race has been a mistake. However, the polls show Thompson remains more of a threat to Giuliani's lead that Romney. His support is down a bit from its peak, but he's still showing a lot of potential.

Which brings us to our Fred Thompson Frank fact of the day:
Fred Thompson can know both the exact position and momentum of a particle. Furthermore, he knows Schroedinger's cat is dead because he personally strangled it.

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China Accused of Computer Espionage

(Berlin, Germany) Presumably marring German-Chinese relations, a news source has reported that computers in the offices of Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as computers in the foreign, economy and research ministries, have been infected with Chinese spy software.

The so-called "Trojan" espionage programs were concealed in Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint files which infected IT installations when opened, SPIEGEL reported. Information was taken from German computers in this way on a daily basis by hackers based in the north-western province of Lanzhou, Canton province and Beijing.

German officials believe the hackers were being directed by the People's Liberation Army and that the programs were redirected via computers in South Korea to disguise their origin.

German security officials managed to stop the theft of 160 gigabytes of data which were in the process of being siphoned off German government computers. "But no one knows how much has leaked out," a top official told SPIEGEL.

The Chinese government has vehemently denied the allegations, saying there is no evidence. Imagine that? Nonetheless, Germany's domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, uncovered the hacking operation which gives credence to the accusations. Statistically, one domestic intelligence agent estimates that 60 percent of alleged espionage cases involve China.

German companies now are fearing that China may have infiltrated their company computers to steal trade secrets. Concern has been expressed by the Economics Ministry.

Investigators caution that businessmen should not leave their laptop computers in hotel rooms while at official functions because of the risk of data theft. And all information transferred from China to German corporate headquarters should be encoded. "I have become really worried about Chinese espionage in the technology area," says Hartmut Schauerte, parliamentary minister in the Economics Ministry and a China specialist.

The suspicions are now so deep that the motives of Chinese researchers at German universities are being questioned.

Heh. I suggest that the same suspicions should apply to foreign researchers at American universities.

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Michelle : Larry Craig = "Lying Crapweasel"

Michelle weighs in:

He’s not just a weasel.

He’s a lying crapweasel.

Should he resign? Well, yeah. If he cared about the dignity of his office, he would. But he obviously doesn’t, does he?

OK, I'm not sure "crapweasel" is really a word, but it sounds like an appropriate moniker for a good chunk of our national politicians on both sides of the aisle.

With 1,034 votes cast so far in Michelle's poll asking "Should Larry Craig resign?," the emphatic "Hell Yes" has garnered 56%, followed by "They're all crapweasels" at 21% and the simple yet timeless "Yes" at 20%.

The stalwart "11th Commandment" contingent weighs in at a small but respectable 3%. Bless their hearts...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 07:31 AM | Comments |

August 27, 2007

San Fran Black Flight: Liberal Crisismania!

So those uppity blacks are casting off the yokes of city-machine politics and liberal programs designed for their betterment, and are leaving the city of San Francisco in droves.

Yeah. That's what happens when you promise everything in return for votes, and return nothing.

No single cause explains the continuing exodus, according to city officials, leaders in the black community, demographers and current and former black residents. The high cost of housing — one of the highest in the nation — is a dominant theme, but there are other factors:

•The loss in the 1950s and 1960s of a key black enclave to urban renewal.

•High crime rates in some of the city's surviving black neighborhoods.

•Substandard public housing, as acknowledged by city officials.

•Dissatisfaction with underperforming urban schools.

"Black people really don't matter in San Francisco. It's what this generation of political leadership inherited," says Chuck Collins, president of the YMCA of San Francisco. "There's been a very uneasy truce with the black population."

Hey. Complain to the San Fran Democrats - that is exclusively their turf (Pelosi turf, at that). Ask them why their progressive Mecca simply wasn't cutting it for anyone but the rich, elitist limousine liberals and their "culture.'

Cripes. They're acting like the advancement, financial improvement and uplifting of the black community is a bad thing because the blacks aren't choosing what is obviously (according to the liberals out there) 'good for them.' Even though most thinking folk know and have known for a long time that what the liberals offer isn't good for anyone except a small, elitist, wealthy subset of the population.

And what's the lib solution to this, um, "problem?" More government! A government "task force," no less!

The task force "ought to study what's wrong with the white power structure, why they can't be responsive to the African-American community," says Amos Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church and president of the local NAACP chapter. "They didn't need us anymore."

Stopping black flight will be "an uphill battle," Blakely says. "If you're a middle-class African-American, one of your dreams was to move into a nice mixed neighborhood and send your kid to a decent school."

Today, African-Americans across the USA are "suburbanizing" at a rate slightly higher than whites, he says. "As their incomes go up, they move out."

That's usually how it works. And the San Fran libs want to put a stop to it.

By Good Lt. at 07:57 PM | Comments |

Is Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) a Perv?

Looks like he might be.

That, in and of itself, doesn't bother me too much. I don't care if the guy smokes a pole or rides around on a meat rocket or whatever. In my book, that's pretty much his own business. I'm generally a "live and let live" kinda guy--though I'd sorta prefer that U.S. senators "get their freak on" in their own homes rather than public bathrooms. The word "embarassing" doesn't even begin to capture it.

That said, looks like there's another piece to this little puzzle. Turns out that Sen. Craig voted for cloture on amnesty. Whoops.

Like a lot of conservative/libertarian types, I might be willing to look the other way on a little public pervitude once in a while, but public pervitude + total abandonment of national sovereignty and the rule of law is just a little too much for me to take. If Sen. Craig "goes down" over this (as I suspect he might,) I won't be shedding any tears.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 05:59 PM | Comments |

Yemen Headed Toward Revolution

The more instability that arises from political exclusion and the lack of basic services, the more repressive the Yemeni government becomes, which leads to greater fustration and down that road is the revolution. My article:

Since Yemen's presidential election, the nation is experiencing several areas of instability. Crisis areas include the fourth recurrence of the Sa'ada war in North Yemen, popular protests in the former South Yemen, hostile tribal posturing, and the resurgence of terror attacks directed at the state. One causal factor common to all these conflicts is institutionalized inequality or state discrimination. This inequality is also the foundation of massive corruption that is destroying Yemen. With elitism so engrained and corruption so pervasive, structural reform is nearly impossible. One solution may be to dissolve the national mechanisms that function to perpetuate inequality and enable corruption, starting with Yemen's ruling party.
Read the rest at the Arab American News. The Yemeni regime seems to have a problem with free speech anywhere that it occurs. Maybe they'll call me a Zionist in the newspapers or block my website again. There is a new law pending in Yemen which criminalizes opinions:
SAN'A, Yemen (AP)--Critics of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh could receive up to 15 years in prison under a proposed law introduced by the government and sent to parliament on Sunday.

Under the draft law, 'agitators' could also face a death penalty if their anti-government incitement causes deaths during protests.

Yemeni newspapers said the draft law also imposes severe prison sentences on journalists, writers and rights advocates who 'incite' anti-government activities including protests. These acts, according to the draft law, undermine national security and are harmful to social peace.

Did I mention they kidnapped my friend al-Khaiwani the editor?

(IHT)A Yemeni opposition editor who was accused of backing the country's Shiite rebels and recently spent a month in jail, was found badly beaten and bruised on Monday, just hours after a Yemeni journalists union reported him kidnapped....

Later Monday from his hospital bed, al-Khawinay, 38, who also suffers from heart problems, told The Associated Press that one of the kidnappers was among officers who stormed his house in June and took him to prison.

He also said that his kidnappers discussed whether to cut or just break the hand he writes with, and opted for the latter.

I'm kinda irked about that. Oh and they think I'm a spy for the Pentagon. Seriously. Is that idiotic or what?

By Jane at 04:20 PM | Comments |

I'm Sorry But...

Shouldn't there be some standard on the quality of a cartoon depicting Muhammad before Muslims become outraged?

Like say maybe, the creator of the cartoon can at least draw? Getting all outraged over chicken scratch is just silly.

Via Opinion Bug

Iran is really ticked off that Nerikes Allehanda ran a sketch of the Prophet Muhammad. Lars Vilks created the sketch which depicts the prophet’s head on a dog’s body.
More here at LGF.

Since The Jawa Report is banned in Iran, that means I can post it here, right? This also means that many Iranians will never get the chance to laugh at this artist's er...uh...skillz.

By Howie at 02:33 PM | Comments |

Probably not worth mentioning but...

Image Credit - Cox and Forkum


(AP via Breitbart) - Alberto Gonzales, the nation's first Hispanic attorney general, announced his resignation Monday, driven from office after a wrenching standoff with congressional critics over his honesty and competence.

Republicans and Democrats alike had demanded his departure over the botched handling of FBI terror investigations and the firings of U.S. attorneys, but President Bush had defiantly stood by his Texas friend for months until accepting his resignation last Friday.

"After months of unfair treatment that has created a harmful distraction at the Justice Department, Judge Gonzales decided to resign his position and I accept his decision," Bush said from Texas, where he is vacationing.

Buh bye.

By at 12:38 PM | Comments |

Wordpress Blocked in Thailand, Turkey

According to the watchdog website Don't Block This Blog (, the nations of Thailand and Turkey just recently blocked the entire domain for all Internet users.

In Thailand, visitors to the blocked websites will see a message in Thai which translates as follows.

"Sorry. TOT Plc., as an organization of Thai people, has restrained the access to this website as it contains content, text, and/or picture that is unappropriated which affects the mind of Thai people all over the country and cannot be accepted."
Therefore, the government has determined that the "mind of Thai people" is affected by "unappropriated" material at It's not clear what "unappropriated" means.

Regarding Wordpress being blocked in Turkey, it appears that one blog owned by a proponent of creationism prompted a court order to block the entire Wordpress domain. However, an effort has been launched to collect signature on a petition to unblock blogs in Turkey.

Meanwhile, it appears that all Blogspot blogs are still banned in Pakistan. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority initially instituted the ban in March 2006 on Blogspot as a result of one blog carrying the infamous cartoons of Muhammad. However, a savvy blogger block workaround for determined bloggers has been developed using Google Docs.

By at 11:05 AM | Comments |

War Porn Fix #782

Video: AH-64 Warrior AC 130 FootageU.S. troops air assaulting a building where a car bomb is located as part of Operation Marne Husky. Aerial scenes include an Apache helicopter destroying the car bomb, a U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt jet firing a hellfire missile leveling the house the car bomb was attached to, and Soldiers leaving the scene in a Chinook helicopter. Produced by Task Force Marne Public Affairs Office.

Hat Tip: Stealth.

By Howie at 10:43 AM | Comments |

"A 400% increase in tuberculosis among children in San Diego County, California"

I don't know what any of this means, but it sounds pretty bad:

From 1985 through 1993, the state of California reported 29% of all cases of tuberculosis in children in the United States, ranking them first among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.1 During this period, tuberculosis cases in children and adolescents younger than 20 years old reported by the County of San Diego, California increased by 400% from 15 cases in 1985 to 75 cases in 1993. Reported cases were reviewed to provide possible explanations for this increase to better describe the epidemiology of tuberculosis among children and adolescents younger than 20 years old and to identify missed opportunities for prevention of tuberculosis in children.
A 400% increase in San Diego??? Odd. No idea what might be causing that. No doubt it has something to do with global warming...

H/t : Michelle.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:13 AM | Comments |

Opus Offends

The controversial Opus comic Strip for August 26th is up here and here. I'd post it here but CAIR might have me locked up and I can't afford to pay Berkeley Breathhead, but mostly I can't make it fit here without a bunch of hassle.


Hat Tip: Captain Ed.

By Howie at 09:39 AM | Comments |

If You Appease The Crocodile Long Enough

It seems that CAIR is claiming credit for forcing a Christian televangelist off the CBS network in Florida.

Via St. Petersburg Times: ST. PETERSBURG - For the first time in nearly five years, controversial Christian televangelist Bill Keller is going off the air.

Keller - known for his vitriolic criticism of religious, political and pop culture figures - said Thursday his program was yanked in response to pressure from local Muslims.

Earlier this month, officials from the Council on American Islamic Relations wrote to executives at CBS asking them to investigate Live Prayer with Bill Keller, an hourlong nightly program.

In a May 2 broadcast, the televangelist said Islam was a "1,400-year-old lie from the pits of hell" and called the Prophet Mohammed a "murdering pedophile." He also called the Koran a "book of fables and a book of lies."

Hmm, it seems to me that is Mr. Keller's religious opinion. Just as many Muslims believe that contemporary Christianity is a bastardization of Christ's teachings. But Mr. Keller goes even further.
“I do not hold any ill will toward Muslims. I want them to know the truth and find true salvation. And the truth is that Islam is a false religion that follows a false god that will lead them to eternal condemnation. Since the very beginning of the Islamic faith some six hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, Muslims have had a rich history of attacking anyone who disagrees with them. And this is just another one such historically redundant attack. This religious terrorism is conducted by an organization found to have deep rooted ties to terrorist groups, the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, to infringe on my First Amendment right of religious expression, and CBS Viacom is an accomplice.

CAIR, who is currently listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Dallas trial involving a terrorist fund raising operation, is viewed by much of the mainstream media as a Muslim version of the American Civil Liberties Union instead of the face of the radical Islamic movement that it has been proven to be since its inception here in the United States. CAIR believes that free speech ends when someone tells the truth about Islam....

...CAIR claims credit

After speaking with CBS executives, CAIR claims credit for Keller's demise on WTOG. His contract, set to end in December, will terminate on Sept. 11.

"They really based their decision upon our letter," said Ramzy Kilic, CAIR's civil rights coordinator. "They really did not know that Bill Keller was involved with this kind of anti-Muslim rhetoric."

Acting on complaints from bay area Muslims, CAIR officials began monitoring Keller's programs in May.

Mr. Keller has balls, he is openly preaching the gospel to Muslims. A crime punishable by death by Sharia law practiced in many Muslim countries. Just where the heck does Keller think he is? Some nation with guaranteed freedom of religion or something? Oh wait minute, he is.

Keller also points out that Cair is an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror trial. Cair really hates that. Just ask Dr. Adams, when you talk about CAIR supporting terror, or the fact that the the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) , Nihad Awad, calls Hamas Saham so he can skirt US laws restricting support to terror organizations or express your displeasure CAIR in any way, they will try to shut you up, or have you locked up.

If you would like to express your displeasure with CAIR or with the attorneys helping to Dhimmify America, feel free to do so. Just be somewhat more than bothersome and somewhat less than annoying.

If you appease the crocodile long enough, it will eat you. But throwing yourself into its jaws a not a very good idea either. No you must outsmart the croc, when the moment is right, you remove the man-eater from your midst.

Hat Tip: Macs Mind.

Sandcrawler PSA: Helpful hints for email complaints/campaigns.

Send one well written complaint and forget about it. It is the number of complaints that is powerful not your writing skillz.

Do not send multiple emails or make multiple calls.

You don't have to be nice, but not crazy might help. Things you might say in blog comments probably are not very helpful.

Be creative, use art to make your political statements. Even if it is mildly offensive, if it has some creative political satire, it is protected speech.

The law that CAIR is threatening DR. Adams with has never been tested in court. It is a new law and I feel it cannot stand strong constitutional scrutiny. But they can still give you quite a hard time. Be smart.

By Howie at 08:33 AM | Comments |

Video : Muslim Activists Stomping the Flag

Making friends and influencing people. That's what it's all about...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:11 AM | Comments |

August 26, 2007

Bill Moyers: Democrat Activist, Not Journalist

In his own words, redefining what it means to be a 'journalist:'

The journalist’s job is not to achieve some mythical state of equilibrium between two opposing opinions out of some misshapen respect -- sometimes, alas, reverence -- for the prevailing consensus among the powers-that-be. The journalist’s job is to seek out and offer the public the best thinking on an issue, event, or story.
Just in case you're wondering why his "reporting" seems to be little more than an echochamber of DNC talking points. Sounds a lot like the Seattle Times' take on what journalism is:
It’s not about "balance," which is a false construct. It isn't even about "objectivity," which is a laudable but probably unattainable goal. It is about independent thinking and sound, facts-based journalism -- the difference between what we do and the myopic screed that is passed off as "advocacy" journalism these days.
They can't seem to distinguish between fact and opinion, framing and straight reporting, journalism and punditry. These are the same types of chattering class clowns who argue that Rush Limbaugh doesn't have any "balance," and yet they admit openly (even proudly) that they don't want to nor do they need to provide any themselves. Journalists are supposed to provide "thinking," not facts. Interesting.

I think Ace said it best:

How reporters got conflated with analysts and general-purpose experts without portfolio is anyone's guess. But that conflation having been made (at least in the minds of some, particularly their own), they'll be damned if they're going to give that gig up now.

Reporters seem to think they sell the news at 75 cents a copy -- and they tell us all how to interpret and analyze that news at no additional charge.

They think they're being generous by offering us their scary talents in this regard for free.

The rest of don't give a whit how steeply-discounted their dubious expertise is offered -- we didn't subcontract our thinking to them and it will be an unseasonably cold day in hell when America complies with their demands to concede that they alone are capable of doing the intellectual work of democratic governance.

Just so you all know. The mainstream press, as a collective whole, is not a neutral entity. At least more and more of them have been taking the masks off as of late.

PS - If you want rich, creamy TEH STOOPID, look in the comments on the Moyers blog. Among the hilarity, you'll see commentor links to Daily Kos and Media Matters and idol worship of Moyers as a demigod. Bwahaha! Independent thinkers, those lefties.

By Good Lt. at 09:14 PM | Comments |

Political Progress in Iraq: Leaders Agree on Benchmarks

Good news on the Iraq political front, which is of course bad news for the Democrats. Now that they can't deny the military progress, they'll be trying to deny the political progress as well. From FAUX NEWS Reuters

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's top Shi'ite, Sunni Arab and Kurdish political leaders announced on Sunday they had reached consensus on some key measures seen as vital to fostering national reconciliation.

The agreement by the five leaders was one of the most significant political developments in Iraq for months and was quickly welcomed by the United States, which hopes such moves will ease sectarian violence that has killed tens of thousands.

We'll see how long it lasts. Given our Democrats, they'll try to see to it that this ends yesterday.

By Good Lt. at 08:45 PM | Comments |

Sunday Night Bill Frist

I was talking tonight with an acquaintance about his deceased wife who until today I didn't even know he had. She died before we met, he was remarried, and he had never mentioned her before.

She was born with a hole in her heart at a time that the general prognosis was death. Despite this, she lived for some time. Eventually, though, her health deteriorated.

The man took his wife to several hospitals in several states for what would become a double lung and heart transplant. All of them wanted the cash up front, over $150k. They couldn't afford it.

Eventually they found a hospital and a surgeon in Tennessee who would do the complicated heart and lung surgery and who would accommodate their financial situation. The surgery went well, and the woman lived several years past the initial prognosis.

"The doctor's name was William Frist," the man said to me, "I think he later ran for Senate or something."

The next time someone complains about how every one in government is bad, corrupt, or worse, remember this story.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:42 PM | Comments |

Theocracy In Full Swing: Obama Edition

Catch a glimpse of the coming theocracy. Those damned evangelicals just can't seem to find the wall between church and state, can they?

Can't we just separate religion and politics? Why can't he fascist Jesus-thumping wingnuts just put down the Bible and get real?

Our Republic has never been in greater danger of reverting into a Christian fascist state.

By Good Lt. at 08:40 PM | Comments |

CBS Allowing Hate Comments...

Using Greenwaldian/Sullivan methodology and logic, CBS has become a hate outlet for the most fringe lunatics on the Democrat left. Check out some of the comments they've allowed to stay on their site under this story (and I've got screenshots from when CBS deletes them and pretends they were never up there). Pay particular attention to the particularly vile commenter "seven-pesos":

OMG!!!! WHERE OH WHERE IS THE GOP REBUTTAL FOR THIS ARTICLE? Hold onto your butts Elvis--the neo cons have left the building!!!!!! RLMAO. Posted by toldyouso21 at 06:38 PM : Aug 26, 2007
Whoops, somebody is going to get in trouble for not telling those "TROOPS" not to respond in any way towards the idea that they do NOT support Bush''s eternal war of error on Terra. lmao.Posted by toldyouso21 at 06:34 PM : Aug 26, 2007
not one southern state will vote for hillary.
the south prefers upstanding, christian , faith professing republicans
and top notch leadership like george bush, jr.
the south would like to find another prez like george bush. jr.
the southern states are considering drafting rush limbaugh to be the republican candidate.
he has all the qualifications...
fat, bigoted, republican, christian, drug user, demogogue.
oh well, that''s the south for you, folks!
Posted by seven-pesos at 05:55 PM : Aug 26, 2007
the south now beats wisconsin as cheese capitol of america.
they''re harvesting all that cheese from those fat azzed dixie women.
grab yourself one of those obese southern mamas,
lift up that fat ol'' tittie and scrape yourself a handful of that dixie cheese.
hmmmm...foul, but aromatic.
don''t forget the saltines!
war, hate, christian creeps, republican snakes...
nothing good comes out of the south!
Posted by seven-pesos at 05:22 PM : Aug 26, 2007
"The man who talks endlessly about (other people''''s) bravery and courage, doesn''''t have the guts to face jeers and catcalls, much less bullets and bombs."--Posted by Iceman_1960
Bushit is a craven coward, not just shown by his disgraceful behavior during the Vietnam war, which he ardently supported, but did everything he could to personally avoid, but during all his campaign stops and phony "town meetings" where he would have his thugs evict anyone from the meeting that even had on a T-shirt questioning the lies that the "Great Decider" had spouted. For example, in Oregon, three elementary school teachers were forced to leave a supposedly public gathering at the county fair grounds in Medford by Bushit thugs. And in Jacksonville, Oregon, Bushit had cops open fire on unarmed demonstrators with small explosives and tear gas because some dared to ask him questions when he wanted to go stuff his face in some local bistro.
This is what the "patriotic", born-again evangelist neocons, who are always spouting like they own America, have brought to the White House.
Posted by gkc99 at 05:18 PM : Aug 26, 2007
roach9703,,,, Impeachment is too slow - Senate dems still need 9 repub votes & a lot more for 2 impeachment requires 2/3 of the Senate & dems have trouble now with getting 9
--- This entire White House & CIA director should be chaned & imprisoned for the Safety & Good of our Country
Posted by j-whitman at 04:47 PM : Aug 26, 2007
who is bush''s base?...those redneck, reborn, christian evangelist snakes.
where is bush''s base?... deep down in that dark, evil south.
what is bush''s base?... republican, christian, bible thumping, war making, flag waving, poor, superstitious and uneducated.
well, there you have it, folks!
nothing good comes out of the south.
Posted by seven-pesos at 04:07 PM : Aug 26, 2007
they kicked that cheerleading, faggott creep, bush, out of the north...
so bush moved to the south and became a big man.
rednecks, reborns, war makers, christian creeps, arrogant slave state republican snakes...
bush''s kind of people!
yep, the south elected bush, the south supports bush, the south loves bush.
war, hate, slimy christian hypocrite creeps!
nothing good comes out of the south!
Posted by seven-pesos at 03:42 PM : Aug 26, 2007
seven-pesos, you''re a bit of a radical, but you are funny as he11 and as honest as the day is long. Thanks for a good post during these dreadful "war" strewn days.
Posted by asor1 at 03:00 PM : Aug 26, 2007
No doubt Darth Cheney will impugne the courage of Puerto Ricans, while he excuses his own 5 deferments. Mitt Romney will question their patriotism as his own 5 sons avoid service. George Bushit will "decide" that Puerto Rico won''t get some of his tax breaks, as he dodges questions about the military service of his new son-in-law. Rush Limpdick will mock their accent, retired Marines who flew desks at Fort Ord will have bumper stickers calling for invasion of Puerto Rico "after we''re done with France," and American Legionnaires will enter into drunken rants fueled by cheap booze as to how the leetle brown spicanos don''t even spik EEngleesh.
Posted by gkc99 at 01:36 PM : Aug 26, 2007
And it goes on like that...
The tolerant, sane, level-headed, troop-supporting left. Loyal CBS audience members one and all. Gotta love it!

By Good Lt. at 06:46 PM | Comments |

August 25, 2007

COPS in Baghdad

Saturday stupid from Iraq.

Another COPS in Iraq video below

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:16 PM | Comments |

Russians Kill Rustam Basayev

Rustam Basayev was a leader of the Chechen jihad. He was a cousin of the more famous (and dead) Shamil Basayev and of of his more famous cousin (with jihadi circle) Abu Bakr Basayev. He was also a close associate of Chechen jihad leader Doku Umarov. Sources inside the Chechen jihad claim that Basayev had recently returned from the Ukraine where he was recovering from a wound sustained in 2004. Reuters:

A close associate of Chechen separatist leader Doku Umarov was killed overnight in the volatile Russian region during a gun battle with local policemen, Russian media reported on Friday.

Rustam Basayev, one of Umarov's associates, was killed in the Leninsky region of Grozny, Russian news agencies quoted local interior ministry officials as saying. Two policemen were also killed in the gun fight.

Basayev was stopped by local police and asked for ID, but he refused and fled to a nearby home. A gunfight ensued in which he was shot and killed.

Not the biggest fish, but also not insignificant either. In any event he will not be missed. Russia is our natural ally and God only knows what Putin is thinking in trying to counter American influence in the world and cozying up to the very people that are the only real threat to Russian security--Islamists.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:01 PM | Comments |

Robert Fisk Goes 9-11 Twoofer

"I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm just saying what they say, and believing what they believe."

And now he proves to everyone (again) why he deserved...nay, was destined to become an internet verb.

What a dumbass.

By Good Lt. at 09:30 AM | Comments |

August 24, 2007

Support PMI's Iraq Coverage

Bill Roggio from "The Fourth Rail" and PMI is asking for a bit of help.

Over the next six weeks, Public Multimedia Inc. will have six reporters in Iraq. Wesley Morgan is currently writing from Iraq, and Joe Talley, a television producer and documentary filmmaker, just arrived in country and will be providing updates. In September, Bill Ardolino, who embedded in Fallujah in this past January, is going back to follow up on the progress of the Iraqi Police and Army, and their Police and Military Transition Teams. I will be in Baghdad with David Tate, a photojournalist, for most of September. Blake Powers, who writes at BlackFive, is scheduled to be in northern Babil and Anbar provinces in late September.

Some of these embeds were unexpected, and we are asking for your help to fund these efforts. We are looking to raise $20,000 over the next three weeks to cover the costs of the embeds. If you haven't donated, please consider doing so. Any amount you can give will help support our mission to provide embedded reporting from Iraq and other conflict zones. Remember, your donations are 100% tax-deductible as PMI is a nonprofit organization.
Thank you for your continued support.


By at 06:00 PM | Comments |

Nugent Video: Obama is Piece of Shit, Hillary 'Bitch' Can Suck It

Kafir sends this video of Ted Nugent telling Barrack Obama that he's a piece of shit and that he and Hillary Clinton can suck on his machine gun has it all: sex, guns, and rock & roll.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:04 PM | Comments |

Fred Thompson Announcing Tomorrow?

That's what the FredHeads are hearing...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:43 PM | Comments |

Castro is Dead....Again (UPDATED)

Final update 7/25: Castro is not dead.

UPDATE: Sources tell me that Castro is dead. I'm now getting more people who are telling me that Castro has died and that an official announcement is coming soon.

Val Prieto will probably have the news before me.

Commenters, e-mailers and Val are reporting that South Florida law enforcement are on some kind of alert and are preparing for a flood of immigrants...

Knock on wood, keep fingers crossed that this time the rumors will be true. But, don't get your hopes too high.


UPDATE 2:37: I'm listening to 610WIOD Miami and Schnitt, who is on the air, has a guest on from the local Fox News affiliate now reporting that the US government is officially denying the report and contacts in Cuba say police are not mobilized nor are police in South Florida.

UPDATE 3:37: Time for the announcement was 4 pm.....and that time has come and gone. Perez Hilton still thinks its coming, but I doubt it.

UPATE 4:26: Fox News reporting that the White House is denying that Castro is dead.

UPDATE 4:47: Estancia Cubana also claims Castro is dead.

What's interesting is that every one who keeps telling me that Castro is dead also links Castro's death to an official announcement today. They believe Castro died some days ago but that the Cuban government wanted to wait until today to let the news out.

If you happen to have any information or links, please leave in the comments.

Original post

Rumors that Castro is dead are circulating again. It's like clockwork, these rumors of Castro's death. Every four months or so. And for some reason I get a flood of e-mail every time Castro is rumored to have died.

So, for the record, as far as I know, Castro is not dead. But it won't be long now. I'll just have to wait a little longer before finally visiting my Dad's childhood home in Havana.

Related Jawa Rumormongering:
Fidel Castro Reported Dead
Rumor: Fidel Castro Dies
Fidel Castro Rumored Dead....Again

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:53 PM | Comments |

Killing Children in Iraq

By Maj. Joe Sowers
3rd HBCT Public Affairs

FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq – Insurgents who target coalition and Iraqi security forces sometimes miss the mark – with grave consequences for Iraqi civilians.

Soldiers from Troop C, 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, were targeted by insurgents while patrolling in Jisr Diyala, southeast of Baghdad, Aug. 21. U.S. Soldiers were unhurt, but two local children were caught in a roadside bomb explosion, killing one child and injuring another.

Capt. Darrell Melton, Troop C commander, a native of San Antonio, described the incident.

“The trail Bradley gunner was waving at two kids who were riding their bikes and were waving at my guys,” Melton said. “The next thing the Bradley commander knew, one of the kids was gone in a puff and he was thrown backward in the hatch. When he looked back, the other kid was crawling on the ground.”

Melton said his Soldiers immediately dismounted their Bradley Fighting Vehicle and cautiously approached the wounded child. It is not uncommon for improvised explosive devices to be emplaced in groups and detonated on first responders coming to provide aid.

“He (the wounded child) crawled a few feet, when the medic on site, despite the danger, ran out to him, picked him up and ran back to the Bradley to administer first aid,” Melton said.

The medic was able to stabilize the wounded child, Melton said. Troop C then evacuated the child to a U.S. Army medical facility nearby.

Such incidents are not unique to Troop C. Soldiers from Company A, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, came upon a grieving family in the course of a routine combat patrol, Aug. 13, in Salman Pak.

Capt. Chris Pearson, of Birmingham, Ala., met with a local banking official in Salman Pak to discuss issues and prospective solutions concerning the banking industry in the local area. After the meeting, a town councilman approached him with a father who had lost his son earlier in the day to a roadside bomb.

Pearson said he did not talk directly to the father, but the councilman explained the father just wanted to bury his son in accordance with Muslim tradition.

“I expressed the coalition’s condolences,” Pearson said. “Even though the IEDs target police or coalition forces, they can hit children and families. They are the ones that suffer.”

The councilman informed Pearson that the family was having trouble getting through checkpoints and requested U.S. Soldier assistance in traveling to the cemetery.

“Just to make it easier, we had them travel with us,” Pearson said.

After dropping off the family, Pearson’s element began movement to Combat Outpost Cahill, north of Salman Pak. While traveling to COP Cahill, Pearson’s unit received word that the grieving family had run into another IED as they were returning from the burial. No one was seriously injured in the second incident.

Pearson further explained that national police, local Iraqi police, governmental leaders and coalition forces all play a role in maintaining security in the area. When Pearson’s unit arrived in March, the local populace and Iraqi security forces had not yet developed a trusting relationship.

“There are still a lot of improvements that need to be made,” Pearson said. “Everyday it gets better. There are highs and lows. They’ve begun attending meetings together and as long as they are communicating, it’s helpful.”


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:15 PM | Comments |

Proof the Taliban Are All Gay....and I mean flaming


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:32 AM | Comments |

Opus Censored For Offending Muslims


Many papers are refusing to run the latest Opus cartoon for fear of offending Muslims.

Commandment #11: Thou shalt love Berkely Breathed.

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Porn Star Jenna Jameson, Heidi Fleiss Endorse Clinton

jenna_jameson.jpgLooks like Jenna Jameson isn't an Obama girl, she's a Clinton chick. I guess that explains all those girl/girl scenes.

Oh, and Clinton also picks up the crucial Hollywood whorehouse endorsement from Heidi Fleiss. WaTimes:

"I'm a big fan of Hillary's. Any woman who's smart, how can you not be?" Democrat Heidi Fleiss, 41, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal earlier this week. ....

And came while skinnier-by-the-moment porn star Jenna Jameson, who announced her retirement from adult films, recently set the public record straight that she is also solidly in the Clinton camp.

Like the old saying goes: whores love Hillary Clinton!

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Radioctive Money Helps Nab Insurgents!

It's from the Weekly World News, so it must be true:

“With the help of the American CIA, we put tiny, radioactive fibers in special bills,” said an anonymous source named ‘Tariq’ at the Iraqi mint. “These were given to suspected insurgents so that we could follow the money whenever it changed hands. Now we know exactly when it’s used to buy weapons from Iran or Syria.” ...

“Each of the ‘hot’ bills shows up as a tiny blip on our monitors,” he said. “As soon as one of them passes from Iraq, we close in on whoever is spending the money.

A super-sekrit source tells The Jawa Report that the bills are handed out by double-agent squirrels!

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August 23, 2007

CBS: "We're Not Responsible If Your Child Dies"

Geez. Mind-bendingly bad parents signed their children's lives away, and their right to sue CBS if the kids died during the filming of "Kid Nation."

Stay classy, CBS.

By Good Lt. at 10:36 PM | Comments |

Cro-Magnon Democrat Seeks Bumper Sticker Slogans for 08

I guess this kind of serves as counterpoint to the ridiculous assertion that conservatives engage exclusively in "bumper sticker slogans" - MUCH more than liberals do. Liberals REEEAAADDD books, or something.

No war for oil, brother. Chimpeach.

I guess James Carville, seeking the bumper sticker slogan that will carry the Democrats through 2008, didn't get the Patsy Shcroder memo the other day.

James - only Republicans succumb to bumper sticker slogans and politics. Read some books, dood!

For comparison, the two headlines of the two linked stories juxtaposed are suitable to mock these idiots to kingdom come:

"Book Chief: Conservatives Want Slogans"

Days later:

"Carville Wants Bumper Sticker Ideas"


By Good Lt. at 10:29 PM | Comments |

American Soldiers Waterboard Iraqi Child


...PSYCH! Got you leftwingnuts all excited, didn't I?

I know- that was mean. Here's some US soldiers kicking around some Iraqi's decapitated head...


And a vicious warmongering USAF thug suffocating an Iraqi girl in a vicious sleeper hold...


WHEN WILL IT END?1! Sullivan and Greenwald wept.

G-d bless the Troops.

ht: Free Republic

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al-Qaeda Murders Imam, Destroys Mosque, Kidnaps Women & Children

Via BBC:

A Sunni leader in the Iraqi province of Diyala, who encouraged his community to confront al-Qaeda in Iraq, has been killed by the group, police say.

The militants exploded a bomb in his house in the town of Kanaan, and fired mortars and rocket-propelled grenades at other houses and a Sunni mosque.

There are conflicting reports, but police in nearby Baquba said a total of 22 civilians died in the dawn attack.

The attackers then seized at least seven people before retreating.

Some of those kidnapped were women and children, residents said....

..."They blew up the mosque then they bombed houses crowded with family members," he told the AFP news agency.

One of the houses belonged to Sheikh Yunis al-Tai, an imam well known in the area for his opposition to the al-Qaeda in Iraq, he said. They killed him and at least one of his family members and wounded others.

al-Qaeda supporters have only one response. It's a lie/not true/propganda. So tell me was it a lie/not true/propaganda when al-Qaeda/Islamic State of Iraq vowed revenge against those who failed to yield to al-Qaeda? Are all these people talking to AFP, who normally calls al-Qaeda's murderous thugs freedom fighters, lying? I think not.

It seems the Jihadi supporters now call the 1920's Brigades liars too? Eh boys. Murdering Muslims, blowing up mosques, killing and kidnapping women and children, does this not sound like al-Qaeda? What justifies this?

it was the house of a sheikh affiliated with the socalled "awakening council"
Just what I thought. al-Qaeda's normal method of dealing with opposition, murder the opposition.

Damn those jihadis get on my nerves. Nothing but a bunch of brainwashed fools. If al-Qaeda murdered their mother right in front of them they'd support it.

By Howie at 05:07 PM | Comments |

Heartache Video: 5 Year Old Set on Fire in Iraq (Updated, Bumped)

Jesus wept. There has been some discussion in the Sandcrawler over whether or not the Shriners might be able to help. I hope so.

It's not clear who set this five year old child on fire, the assailants were wearing masks. We can be certain of one thing: it wasn't U.S. soldiers, regardless of what future Scott Beauchamps might suggest.

Warning: tears may flow.

UPDATE 6/23: CNN adds this addendum to the story:

This story has generated an amazing amount of support for Youssif and his family. CNN is in touch with aid organizations that may be able to help. We know how concerned you are and how much you want to help. So we'll pass on information as soon as we have it.
We certainly hope this child will be helped. And soon.

Update II 6/23 (by Howie) Great news, help is on the way for Youssif!

Via CNN: The Children's Burn Foundation -- a non-profit organization based out of Sherman Oaks, California, that provides support for burn victims locally, nationally and internationally -- has agreed to pay for the transportation for Youssif and his family to come to the United States and to set up a fund so you can donate. Photo See photos of Youssif before and after the attack »

The foundation says it will cover all medical costs -- from surgeries for Youssif to housing costs to any social rehabilitation that might be needed for him. Surgeries will be performed by Dr. Peter Grossman, a plastic surgeon with the affiliated-Grossman Burn Center who is donating his services for Youssif's.

Officials are still trying to get the appropriate visas for his travels. Youssif could be in the United States for up to a year for the various treatments he needs.

You can make a donation at the foundation's site by clicking here. There's a drop down menu under the "general donation" area that is marked "Youssif's fund."

When informed of the news in Baghdad, Youssif ran around his house, saying, "Daddy, daddy, am I really going to get on a plane?!"

"I feel like I am going to fly from happiness," his father told CNN's Arwa Damon, who reported the story on what happened to Youssif.

What a great response from people all over the internet and around blogosphere. I truely believe that things like this are just as important as fighting the enemy. Some times allies must be won one at time.

Jesus smiles again!

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Iran Canes Man for Having Sex, Drinking

The Jawa Report is banned in Iran for reporting on things like public lashings and the hanging of 16 year old girls for crimes such as making love, or fighting back against your rapist. Heh, the moderate Muslim State of Iran, looks like a repressive dictatorship to me.Via The Daily Mail:
His face covered by a balaclava, an official brandishing a cane repeatedly lashes the back of a man found guilty of breaking Iran's morality laws.

Two police officers hold the legs of 25-year-old Saeed Ghanbari and another his arms to ensure there is no escape from the punishment of 80 lashes handed down by a religious court.

Traffic was brought to a halt in Qazvin, 90 miles west of the capital Tehran, as more than 1,000 men gathered behind barricades to watch the public flogging...

...One police officer held his hands together beneath the bench, two others gripped his legs to ensure there was little movement.

Two police officers stood-by, their faces covered with balaclavas - each to administer 40 lashes.

Both men then lashed Ghanbari, taking the cane back behind their heads to guarantee maximum impact, each stroke leaving a distinctive red mark and bruising on his back.

Several wounds began to bleed.

It was unclear exactly what his offence had been as the country's strict morality laws cover many areas, but it was reported he had been convicted of abusing alcohol and having sex outside of marriage.

Somehow I fail to find much about Sharia law that is in any way moderate. But there is resistance amongst the people of Iran against the hard line religious regime. See this video for example.
Video hat tip to Gerald. If you are like me, you probably had a bit of trouble understanding what was said in the video. Garduneh Mehr has graciously provided us with these links about Iran shelling and massing troops on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan and also a full translation of the video above as well. See below the fold.

Here's a bit of background needed to understand the context of poem. The poem is by a great Iranian philosopher named "Hafez" who from childhood had been raised to be a Muslim scholar. However, as he matured and investigated Islam, he grew increasing disgusted with it and rather than promoting Islam he started encouraging the Iranian people to relearn our ancient pre-Islamic faith of Zoroaster. Needless to say this raised the ire of the Islamist who subjected him to decades of torment and exile. Despite this Hafez continued his subtly anti-Islam and pro-Iran message to the end of his life.
"Glad tidings that the days of sorrow will pass." "All things pass and this [day of sorrow] too will yet pass." "The song of the Court of Jamshid [a mythical king] it is said was this: Fetch the King a chalice of wine for the King too will pass." "Upon the tablet of wisdom it is engraved that all but the goodness of the righteous will pass." "You who are proud of your present might, your wealth and might too will pass." "[Heavenly] inspiration reassures me that the suffering of the meek and the iniquity of the tyrant too will pass." "I may have endured humiliation at the hands of my enemy; yet my enemy will taste greater humiliation." "Where the tyrant puts the innocent to the sword, no one's dignity is safe." "Be reassured fragile butterfly that your anguish will not last the night." "... Be reassured Hafez that every vesitge of tyranny too shall yet pass."
I guess the guy above should count himself lucky he was not a woman accused of adultry.
For helping us out so much, I hereby issue an official Jawa Report Fatwa against Garduneh. Unlike the Mullahs of Iran, we won't be issuing and lashes with that. Did I mention The Jawa Report is banned in Iran?

PS. I also owe Cube Neighbor Dave a Hat Tip for the Iranian lashing story and Image, via no linky Drudge.

By Howie at 01:04 PM | Comments |

NYC Muslim Calls Korean Hostages "Terrorists", Smiles at thought of Daniel Pearl Style Beheading

American Muslim convert and New York City native Yousef al-Khattab outdoes himself and compares the Korean hostages to "terrorists" and suggests that because they are guilty of the "crime" of trying to convert Muslim children that they are worthy of Daniel Pearl's death--beheading.

Khattab's Youtube account was suspended because of outrage generated by LGF and other blog readers, including this one, over remarks praising the murder of Daniel Pearl. It looks like al-Khattab has stealthily reentered the Youtube community as SeeFourAtUrDoor. We know this is Khattab because it has his photo up (image right) and also a link to his website where the video is embedded and labeled "Korean Terrorist Crusaders in Afghanistan".

In his Youtube description of the video which shows Afghan children reciting Christian prayers and singing songs, Khattab, who was born Joseph Cohen before converting from Judaism to Islam and taking a new name, says:

Don't fool yourselves the Taliban are not barbarians like the US & it's coalition forces NAY, these Korean Crusaders were tried and sentenced just as the spy Daniel Pearl was. No apology from this Muslim, rather a BIG smile and lots of Duaa (supplications) for my Taliban brothers in Islam.

P.S. I neither support nor condone the Taliban.

He doesn't support them, but it makes him smile to think that the Taliban will behead these civilian hostages? And he asks for prayers for the Taliban, who he, you know, "doesn't support"?

How long before Youtube suspends Khattab's account this time? Hopefully sooner than all the other awful jihadi supporters on Youtube.

I had seen this video several times before on Islamic forum, all with similar reactions, but hadn't thought twice about it until Howie pointed out that Khattab had it up at his website and Youtube page with his despicable comments.

I'm not saying that trying to convert children to ones religion is the best way for any type of missionary to go--Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or whatever-- but for whatever lack of class that might show it certainly isn't something worthy of death.

Of course, Islam alone officially prescribes the death penalty (as a maximum penalty) for both the apostate and the missionary trying to induce the Muslim to leave the faith. Barbaric.

But I find it absolutely outrageous that an American living in New York City would have such sentiments!

It's not even clear why the children are there. Islamists on the forums linking the video make it sound as if the children are tricked into saying the Christian prayers and songs. But it's not clear that they aren't the children of Christian converts. Nor is it even clear that those leading the prayers and songs are Korean missionaries let alone the same Koreans being held hostage by the Taliban.

I hope the NYPD and the FBI have an eye on Khattab. I know he claims he doesn't support terrorism, but that means nothing from a guy who excludes the beheading murder of civilian hostages from his definition of terror.

Video below.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin notes that today is day 35 of the Korean hostage crisis and the Taliban have renewed their threats to murder the hostages. Check out the photo she posts of the hostages, do they look like 'terrorists' to you? Somewhere on the streets of NYC Khattab is smiling.......

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:55 AM | Comments |

Taliban "Constitution": We the Taliban in order to form a more perfect Emirate...

...establish sharia, ensure domestic dhimmitude, provide for the common jihad, promote the general heroin trade, and secure the blessings of 72 virgins for ourselves and our 12 year old martyrs, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Or something like that.

Interestingly enough, while the writing of this "Constitution" began when the Taliban were in power it wasn't "passed" by the "Supreme Shura Council" until June of 2005. The Taliban have been calling themselves "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" for sometime in an effort to project a "shadow government" vibe. This Constitution-in-exile reiterates the Taliban's public stance, as put forth by Qari Youssef Mohammed and other spokespeople, that they are the "legitimate" government of Afghanistan.

Laura Mansfield has the entire document, but you have to subscribe to her Strategic Translations services for it.

I hadn't seen this before, so if you're interested, here are some highlights of the "Taliban Constitution". Note the references to jihad, prohibition of religious conversion, and sharia within the text of the Constitution itself.

Article 3: Islam is the religion of the Afghan nation.

Article 4: The Hanafi jurisprudence is the official set of religious guidelines of Afghanistan.

Hanafi is the oldest of the four types of Sunni Islamic law.
Article 5: The Islamic Sharia is the only source of lawmaking in the country, governing all aspects of individual and social life of people in the light of life constructive teachings of Islam. Laws and resolutions should not be, in any way, contrary to religious provisions and foundations....

Article 9: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers the call to kindness, the propagation of virtue, and the prevention of evil the responsibility of all Muslims..

Article 26: It is prohibited to acquire a confession, testimony, or statement from the accused or any other person by force, threat, torture, or enticement.

Article 27: No person, even with the intention of acquiring testimony, can resort to torture or order the torture of another person who may be under prosecution, arrest, or imprisoned, or convicted to punishment.

Given the Taliban practice of hostage taking, this one is laughable. To be honest, a lot of the provisions seem rather liberal. But so did the Soviet Constitution. It's the implementation of laws--how laws are actually carried out--that they should be judged by.
Article 34: Freedom of expression and statement, within the Islamic Sharia limits, is inviolable. Every Afghan citizen has the right to express his thought through speech, writing, illustration, or other means, according to the provisions stated in the law.
Oxymoronic...there is no freedom of speech because sharia forbids blasphemy, conversion, or saying anything bad about Mohammed but there is freedom of speech.
Article 39: The education of women is regulated within the limits of the Islamic Sharia by a special law.
At least their honest about women being second-class citizens.
Article 41: Preserving the gains of jihad, defending the borders of the Islamic Emirate, and preserving the laws of the people are the responsibility of all citizens of Afghanistan.

All citizens of Afghanistan are obliged to perform military service in accordance to the provisions of the law.

Again, jihad is a fundamental duty of Muslims. Not surprising.
Article 42: B. Promoting non-Islamic beliefs is prohibited and those who violate this--locals or foreigners--will be tried according to the Sharia.
The maximum penalty is death.
Chapter Three: Islamic Shura

9. Protecting the values and goals of jihad

In addition to the Shura, there is an "emir" or leader who's power seems almost absolute since he appoints members of the Shura and can declare a state of emergency. He must be an Afghan and a follower of the Hanafi school of Islamic law.

There's a lot more. It's interesting that they still act under the belief that they will one day come to power again. Even if the U.S. and NATO pulled out of Afghanistan, the best they could hope for would be partial control of the country and an even greater civil war.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:01 AM | Comments |

German Hostage: "I Am in Very Bad Shape"

A German news report shows video footage of hostage Rudolf Blechschmidt, coughing and grasping his chest as he speaks:

"I am a prisoner of the Taliban here in Afghanistan," said the man, who identified himself as Rudolf Blechschmidt.

"I ask my friends, my family, my two sons to put more pressure on the German authorities in order to get us free."

"I am in very bad shape," he said. "My medication for my heart issue will run out in three days."

Blechschmidt was abducted in Afghanistan July 18 along with fellow engineer Ruediger Diedrich and 6 Afghan colleagues. Diedrich was shot to death a few days later after collapsing on a forced march through the mountains of Wardak province. One of the Afghans was released along with Diedrich's body; the other 5 are still being held by the Taliban.

One of the five Afghan hostages also sent a message to President Hamid Karzai, begging for help: (via Reuters):

"In the name of God, we are five Afghans and two Germans, abducted by Taliban, among us one of the Germans had a heart attack and has died, and the second German has diabetes, he has heart problems, he is sick," one of the Afghan hostages said.

"We Afghans demand the Karzai administration's help to release us because of our children," he said, standing with a group of men in front of a rocky outcrop.

"We are Afghans. The Taliban are also Afghans, we are sure there is possibility the Karzai government can release us."

Continued prayers for the health and safety of these hostages, and the strength to endure until they can be rescued.

By at 07:23 AM | Comments |

Insurgents Shuffled Loose the Mortal Coil

More fun, courtesy of the USAF.

By Good Lt. at 12:02 AM | Comments |

August 22, 2007

Seattle ferry evacuated - "suspicious package" found (IMPORTANT UPDATE ADDED - BUMPED - DEVELOPING...

Seattle's Ferry Terminal

Just days after the FBI posted an alert about two "middle eastern" men acting suspiciously aboard Seattle ferry boats, comes word that today a Seattle ferry had to be evacuated when a "suspicious package" was found.

From AP, via KOMOTV:

A "suspicious package" was found at the height of the Wednesday morning commute on one of the largest ferries in the Washington state fleet, idling the vessel for about an hour.
Patrol Sgt. Craig H. Johnson would not disclose any details on the object, describing it only as a "suspicious package," but said investigators determined it did not pose any immediate threat and carried it off the vessel for further examination.
Earlier information from law enformcement officials indicating that the package contained sparklers was erroneous.
No arrests were made and no identified individuals were being sought, but "we'd like to find the person who left it there," Johnson said.

Hat tip: Resa LaRu Kirkland, aka "Warchick"

Update by Vinnie Dude, it's just a bong.

By at 11:46 PM | Comments |

People Mocking Muslims in UK Accused of "Racism"

Free speech meets the UK's thought police.

Newsflash to the empty-headed grievance hordes - ISLAM IS NOT A RACE. IT IS A BELIEF SYSTEM AND A RELIGION.

By this standard, anybody who criticizes or mocks Christianity or Judaism is a racist. That puts a LOT of 'racists' squarely on the left.

Thank you. Next.

ht: LGF

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Portrait of Objectivity

Via Ace, with the "cache of the day" (thanks, realipundit):

The hallowed halls and magical inner sanctuary of modern journalism.

Of course, once caught, ABC changed it. But if it was right, why change a thing?
Democrats? 18%ers?

Remember your MSMspeak:

It’s not about “balance,” which is a false construct. It isn’t even about “objectivity,” which is a laudable but probably unattainable goal. It is about independent thinking and sound, facts-based journalism — the difference between what we do and the myopic screed that is passed off as “advocacy” journalism these days.
Heh. It sure is.

MORE via Insty... It used to be "Listen to the generals." Now it's "Don't listen to the generals."

The ever-changing nuance of the Democrat "position" on Iraq. Vote for the war in Iraq, vote unanimously to approve its commanding general, and then claim you're against him and everything he says and that you're against war in Iraq.

Until you can't actually ignore the facts anymore.
Then you just move the goalposts.

Rove - you magnificent, retiring bastard!

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No, not the answer to life's ultimate question, the number of books I've read this year.

Most recent non-fiction book read: The American Presidency: Origins and Developments 1776 - 2007

Most recent fiction book read: Orson Scott Card's The Ships of Earth

So, I guess that's (according to how they operationalize this) 1 non-fiction book about politics and and 1 sci-fi/fantasy in the last week? Lengthen that time to 3 weeks and you'd get two more OSC books (I'm reading the series), a 'religious text', and at least one more non-fiction politics book.

Here I am a liberal and I just never knew it!

PS-Card is becoming quite the blogger. I wonder if he considers himself one?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:31 PM | Comments |

Flying Imams Drop John Doe Suit

Audrey CAIRbane Hudson:

A group of Muslim imams today dropped all charges in a federal lawsuit levied against "John Doe" airline passengers for reporting the men's suspicious behavior that led to their removal from a U.S. Airways flight last year.
I guess I can go back to just plain 'ol Rusty Shackleford.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:38 PM | Comments |

Iraqi Citizen Sacrifices Life to Thwart Suicide Bomber

FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq – An Iraqi man saved the lives of four U.S. Soldiers and eight civilians when he intercepted a suicide bomber during a Concerned Citizens meeting in the town of al-Arafia Aug. 18.

The incident occurred while Soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, were talking with members of the al-Arafia Concerned Citizens, a volunteer community group, at a member’s house.

“I was about 12 feet away when the bomber came around the corner,” said Staff Sgt. Sean Kane, of Los Altos, Calif., acting platoon sergeant of Troop B, 3-1 Cav. “I was about to engage when he jumped in front of us and intercepted the bomber as he ran toward us. As he pushed him away, the bomb went off.”

The citizen’s actions saved the lives of four U.S. Soldiers and eight civilians.

Kane felt the loss personally because he had met and interacted with his rescuer many times before the incident.

“He was high-spirited and really believed what the group (Concerned Citizens) was doing,” Kane said. “I have no doubt the bomber was trying to kill American Soldiers. It was very calculated the way the bomber tried to do it. If he hadn’t intercepted him, there is no telling how bad it could have been.”

Kane believes the citizen is a hero.

“He could have run behind us or away from us, but he made the decision to sacrifice himself to protect everyone. Having talked with his father, I was told that even if he would have known the outcome before hand, he wouldn’t have acted differently.”

Capt. Brian Gilbert, of Boise, Idaho, the commander of Company D, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, currently attached to 3-1 Cavalry, echoed Kane’s sentiment.

“I spoke with the father,” Gilbert said. “He said he has no remorse in his son’s death because he died saving American Soldiers.”

Later that night, the Concerned Citizens group contacted the local National Police director, Lt. Col. Samir, with the location of the al-Qaeda cell believed to be responsible for the attack. The National Police immediately conducted a raid that resulted in four arrests.

Despite the citizen’s death, Gilbert is encouraged by the cooperation between citizens and the Iraqi National Police.

“The effort of the Concerned Citizens group has made the area much safer,” he said. “They are proud of who they are and their area, and want to get rid of the terrorists in their area.”

Gilbert also praised the Iraqi National Police’s role in eliminating insurgents in the area.

“The cooperation between them and the Concerned Citizens has been key,” Gilbert said. “The NP has done a great job of responding to the tips they have been given by the group.”

Gilbert said he believes the area is improving because of the efforts of local citizens. The death, while unfortunate, demonstrated how close many in the area have become with the American Soldiers operating there.

“I consider many in the town friends, and I know they feel the same,” Gilbert said. “This is a tough situation, but we’ll move on and try to prevent things like this from happening again. I’ve talked with his family and told them how brave their son was. This is a huge loss for everyone involved.”

Source: MNF-Iraq.

Hat Tip: North Shore Journal.

Care to bet on which one gets the 72 virgins?

Filed under "Heroes" for obvious reasons.

By Howie at 12:56 PM | Comments |

Video: Bakri Mohammed Followers Threaten Beckham, Timberlake, Usher?

david_bekham_threatened_terrorists.jpgHowie e-mailed this story earlier this morning (another story here) which claims a new video threatens soccer superstars David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Thierry Henry. The video is also said to threaten singers Justin Timberlake, Usher, M&M, and P. Diddy.

The story says the video was posted at Youtube by "a Glasgow-based website named after Al-Qaeda that encourages attacks on Westerners."

I immediately knew what website they were talking about and who was behind the video. The website is that of the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed, Islam Base. "Base" in Arabic is "qaeda".

The website, which is run by the followers of the exiled radical cleric, was once registered to one of Britain's largest Islamic houses of worship, the Birmingham Central Mosque. After we exposed the connection, the website changed its registration to an address in Glasgow, Scotland.

Coincidence or not, that change in registration came only shortly before a cell of al Qaeda in Iraq linked doctors carried out acts of terror in Glasgow and London.

Several groups led by Bakri Mohammed were banned by the British government, but each time they ban a group the same followers simply form a new one. They now call themselves the followers of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah.

While the video is not up at the group's Youtube channel, it is up at their official website as an embedded Youtube video. I've posted the video below.

The video is called "Who is your role model" and was uploaded by dujanah. In another amazing coincidence (or not, I think), one of dujanah's subscribers is Sword of Baghdad who we mentioned in a post earlier today about the web of terrorist supporters who use Youtube to spread their propaganda.

Another one of dujanah's subscribers is AbuMarwan23 who uses an image of Osama bin Laden as an avatar.

This story goes so far as to say that the celebrities shown in the video "are the targets of an alleged Al-Qaeda murder plot." Neil Doyle apparently believes that the video may be a prelude to setting up the soccer stars as potential al Qaeda targets. He cites the fact that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad has admitted that al Qaeda had plans to attack the World Cup in 2002.

After viewing the video, though, it seems less like a threat against the famous (as the story suggested) than a warning to Muslim youth not to follow the example of the famous. For instance, they call 2Pac Shakur "the follower of Satan" and say Snoop Dogg is "among the wrongdoers".

Hmmmm, for once they may have a point. I'm not sure about the hell part, but I'm pretty sure I don't want anyone's kids following the example of today's celebrities.

Neil may be right in his analysis of the video, but he cites the images of graves, for instance, as an implicit threat. However, given the context of the sermon, it seems to me that the grave images are simply a reminder to the target audience that everyone will eventually die and then a day of judgment will come.

I have no doubt that the Salafis who are behind the sermon would love to put Justin Timberlake to death-- sex outside of marriage is punishable by the death penalty under their desired version of Islamic law-- but I don't see this video as an overt death threat.

I hate to be put in the position of defending Omar Bakri Mohammed's minions, but they are guilty of far worse and of threatening a lot of other people--including the Pope! And there's also no doubt that they support al Qaeda--they named their website after bin Laden's group after all--and as such they are the enemy.

So, Posh Spice's hubby is safe--for now. At least until the Islamists come to power. After that, all bets are off.

Video below. Judge for yourself.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:16 AM | Comments |

The Web of YouTube Terrorism

You'd think with a name like "Mujahidin Media" that Youtube would, you know, kind of figure out who they are allowing to use their platform. You know, the enemy.

Youtube is an American owned company, right? Or should we call it by its proper name, Jihadtube?

1006youtube user1.jpg

There is quite a web of interconnected jihadis on Youtube. Hundreds of them at least.

The channel which features enemy propaganda and Jewish conspiracy videos has 216 subscribers, 3 of which are similar pro-terrorism "channels" with their own videos up.

One of those subscribers is "Sword of Baghdad" who claims he's quitting Youtube because of "harassment of other youtubers and the admins". Harassment by Youtube admin? So, Youtube knows that this jihadi is using their platform to spread enemy propaganda and yet they still allow him to do so? The best they can do is, what, send nasty e-mails warning him to stop?

Another vile channel is that of msb2pac who uses the image of indicted American traitor and al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn for his avatar.

Or how about an Iranian calling himself CyberDIGIHADi who rightly admits the purpose of jihadis using Youtube, "PROPAGANDA... the Biggest Bomb-shell of today. So InshaAllah Propaganda shall be our way" and who has a video up called "U.S Marine PUSSIES! Soldier Pussy in Iraq!"

So, is Youtube still in denial that they are hosting enemy propaganda designed to demoralize American will to fight against the jihadis and to convince the jihadis that they have a chance of winning? As I've argued many times before, it's very difficult to recruit soldiers to a losing cause. That is why the jihadis have intentionally engaged in a concerted propaganda campaign to convince Muslims that Islamists are winning on all fronts. Youtube is helping them do this.

Shame on you Youtube. If we had a President with any balls and a Congress that was interested in winning, we'd go FDR on your ass.

Thanks to Dan for reminding me that we haven't done a Jihadtube post in awhile.

PS-Cyberjihadi "Sword of Baghdad" says you should feel free to e-mail or MSM message him. Who am I to argue with his request?

UPDATE: Thanks to AllahP for the link, he also points out the good news that Al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf terror group (or their sympathizers) has a Youtube page....and they are using it to raise money!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:50 AM | Comments |

August 21, 2007

One More Time, For Good Measure

It's like hearing your favorite song over and over again...

By Good Lt. at 11:16 PM | Comments |

Surprise! No Plan to Get Bin Laden During Clinton Admin.

But we already knew that, didn't we?

* The CIA’s analysis of al-Qaida before Sept. 2001 was lacking. No comprehensive report focusing on bin Laden was written after 1993, and no comprehensive report laying out the threats of 2001 was assembled. “A number of important issues were covered insufficiently or not at all,” the report found.
ht: Ace, Bane of Franklin Foer.

By Good Lt. at 09:24 PM | Comments |

Gallup: DemCong at 18%

Gallup shows the Democrats nosediving among Democrats and Independents.

Probably because (shock) the military is winning in Iraq, and they can't figure out who to blame for the success.

It's the lowest Congressional rating since Gallup began polling in 1974.

It's a race to 0%!

By Good Lt. at 08:23 PM | Comments |

Cowbell Alert: Jawa Report Banned in Iran!

I was reading that Emperor Misha had been banned in Iran and I said to myself, self, if any one should be banned in the Islamic Republic of Iran it's the Jawa Report!

So, I ran the same test Misha talked about at Host Tracker, and what do you know.....

The Jawa Report is banned in Iran!


403 means "Forbidden, access denied"

Judge a man by his enemies......

Is any one counting how many countries we're banned in?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:30 PM | Comments |

Blogger PWNS NASA Global Warming Data

How did I miss this? Blogger Stephen McIntyre of the Climate Audit blog recently caught an error made by NASA in calculating changes in temperature. The data had been used to "prove" that 1998 was the hottest year on record. More "evidence" of global warming.

After McIntyre pointed out the error out, NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Science (GISS) in New York conceded to him that 1934 was, in fact, the hottest year on record. NASA, of course, is sticking by their guns saying that the data does not disprove global warming citing such evidence as "changing migratory patterns among animals".

Animal migration? Uh, I've never been much of a climate skeptic in the past, but I have to wonder if NASA is trying to make me one? Will a study of manbearpig migrations be next?

I know most of you are probably aware of all this, but better late than never I guess.

UPDATE: It's not data, it's an anecdote, but if "changing migratory patterns among animals" isn't an anecdote, I don't know what is: NYC Coldest August, evah.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:18 PM | Comments |

Video: Beyonce's Shirt Comes Off at Concert

beyonce-knowles_hot.jpgVideo below. Beyonce's shirt kinda flies up at a concert. No bra (I think, vid not that great). So off only in the sense that's its not exactly covering what its meant to cover. Looks more like a real wardrobe malfunction as opposed to, you know, a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

You'd think that in the age of small portable cams and the internet that one would think these things like, I dunno, wearing a little boob support. I saw one MSM outlet that is running the video describe Beyonce Knowles as "Bootylicious". I. Kid. You. Not

I know, she's no Mojo Nixon, but she's sooo hot. Besides, we need the hits. Think of the hits!

Two versions of the video below. One of them ought to work for ya. Neither of them really show much. I wouldn't really put this in the NSFW category as much as I would file it under celebrities ought to know better. Or, at least, celeb wardrobe people ought to.

Youtube version

Liveleak version

Linked with Joyner's linkarama because Allie should know bout this.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:24 PM | Comments |

Video Shows Elvis Gun Thief, Mojo Nixon Prime Suspect

We'll just go ahead and make this an all Mojo Nixon themed day. Why? Because this blog could use some fixin......

The surveillance video showing what I presume is Mojo Nixon stealing Elvis's gun is below. Who else but Mojo would have the balls and motive to steal the King's 9 mill?

Here's the story on the gun's recovery from what I'm guessing is an intern:

Security video shows a man, a real "devil in disguise" walking to a display case at an Elvis museum in Memphis last week...The gun was taken from the Elvis after dark museum last Tuesday during a week where fans from across the world converged on Graceland to mark the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death.

The museum is across the street from Graceland....

A cleaning person found the gun in the portable toilet, and handed it over to police.

Oh merciful Lord, wilt thou smite the person who wrote the article, the original of which has so many puns that an eternity in hell would be too kind. Lord, the worst offense would be:
And realizing it's "Now or Never", the "Hound Dog" palmed the pistol and "left the building".
I think I just threw up.

Video below

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:03 PM | Comments |

Yathink? Supporting Terror Leads to Decline in Funding

Audrey Hudson, I dub thee CAIR-bane. WaTimes:

CAIR is asking a federal judge to strike it as one of the more than 300 Muslim groups listed as unindicted co-conspirators in the government's case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which is currently on trial in Dallas.

"The public naming of CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator has impeded its ability to collect donations as possible donors either do not want to give to them because they think they are a 'terrorist' organization or are too scared to give to them because of the possible legal ramifications of donating money to a 'terrorist" organization," CAIR said in an amicus curiae brief filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.


Seriously, CAIR hates the Washington Times' Audrey Hudson so much, they've actually taken to physically barring her from press conferences.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:21 PM | Comments |

Iranian Hostage Haleh Esfandiari Freed!

Thank God! Dr. Haleh Esfandiari (right) of The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars had been held hostage on trumped up espionage charges by the Iranians since Dec. 30th of last year. It is not immediately clear if she will be allowed to return to her home in the U.S. or will be prohibited from leaving Iran pending trial on these trumped up charges.

Two other Americans are being held hostage by the Iranian government. They are Parnaz Azima from the U.S.-funded Radio Farda and UCI Professor Ali Shakeri. A third American, Kian Tajbakhsh of the Open Society Institute (above), is barred from leaving Iran.

I call them hostages because it has been clear from the beginning that these Americans lives were being to be used as leverage in the ongoing dispute over Iranian nuclear ambitions.

The Wilson Center has this up:

n Iranian official this morning announced that Dr. Haleh Esfandiari has been released on bail from Evin prison. Esfandiari, director of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Middle East Program, was incarcerated in Tehran on May 8, 2007, on allegations of endangering Iranian national security.

“We rejoice at the news of Haleh’s release,” said Lee H. Hamilton, president and director of the Wilson Center. “This has been a long and trying ordeal for her and for her family. Her physical and mental well-being is now the urgent priority. We want to see her well, we want her to be permitted to return to the United States, and we want to see her reunited with her family.”

“Haleh has lost close to seven months of her life. She was subjected to untold hours of interrogation and an isolation that we cannot imagine. She was denied time with her husband, her daughter, her son-in-law, her two granddaughters, and literally hundreds of other family members, friends, and colleagues who care deeply about her.”

“We thank all who offered their prayers and their efforts on behalf of Haleh’s release. An extraordinary amount of people from around the world rallied to Haleh’s side. We have had many interlocutors—official and non-official—on Haleh’s behalf. We have had many staff members at the Wilson Center who worked tirelessly in the hope that this day would come. This outpouring only reinforces Haleh’s life’s work on behalf of dialogue, understanding, and bringing people together.”

“We look forward to the day when Haleh is fully recovered from this ordeal, and she can return to her colleagues and her important work. We continue to hope and pray for the safe and quick return of Kian Tajbakhsh, Parnaz Azima, and Ali Shakeri, who have also been unjustly detained in Iran.”


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:23 PM | Comments |

Iraqi Spies Like Us

Totten rides along for some intel gathering, which consists mostly of sitting around and eating food. There seems to be genuine affection building between American soldiers and Iraqis. Their biggest fear seems to be that we would leave prematurely, not stay too long.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:11 PM | Comments |

3 Korean Hostages Begin Hunger Strike

Pray for the strength of these brave captives (via Gulf Times):

Three South Koreans held in Afghanistan by Taliban militants have gone on hunger strike to demand that all 19 remaining hostages be held together rather than in separate groups, South Korean state news agency Yonhap reported yesterday.

Citing an informed source speaking on condition of anonymity, Yonhap said one male and two female hostages went on hunger strike from Sunday morning.

The hostages are reported to have been split into as many as five groups and are being detained at different locations in Ghazni province in central Afghanistan, where they were taken hostage on July 19.

The latest round of negotiations between the Taliban and the South Korean government has come to a standstill (no surprise there) and Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi said that further talks are pointless:
Further talks would be "a waste of time," Ahmadi said, saying that the Taliban's leadership council would now consider the further fate of the remaining 19 South Korean hostages.

A source involved in mediation between the Taliban and the South Korean officials said the Koreans yesterday sent a delegation of tribal chiefs to persuade the Taliban into a solution.

"The Koreans sent a delegation to the Taliban to ask them what they want other than a prisoner exchange," the source said, asking not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.

I'm not really sure how effective a hunger strike is going to be against the Taliban since the basic premise is that the striker is more valuable to the captor alive than dead. When used against civilized countries like the U.S. or Britain, it is a powerful weapon of non-violent resistance. Against a barbaric enemy like the Taliban, I'm afraid it's more like throwing appetizers to a hungry crocodile. However, maybe it will steel the resolve of the Koreans and Afghans to go for a rescue mission, such as the one which liberated German hostage Christina Meier on Sunday.

The Jawa's complete Korean Hostage archive

By at 11:38 AM | Comments |

Predator PWNS Terrorist

All your IEDs are belongs to us....bitches.

Bonus Pwnage: Hellfire Rains on Terrorists.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:55 AM | Comments |

TheWit and Wisdom of Che Guevara

che_guevara_mickey.jpgDavid Thompson has a few tidbits today on Che chic:

in 1961, at a hemispheric conference in Uruguay, where he predicted a 10 percent rate of growth for Cuba ‘without the slightest fear,’ and, by 1980, a per capita income greater than that of ‘the U.S. today.’ In fact, by 1997, the thirtieth anniversary of his death, Cubans were dieting on a ration of five pounds of rice and one pound of beans per month; four ounces of meat twice a year; four ounces of soybean paste per week; and four eggs per month.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:32 AM | Comments |

The Religion of Peace

Friend of the Jawa, Robert Spencer, is like Mojo Nixon's Elvis today: he's everywhere.

John Derbyshire reviews his new book Religion of Peace?—Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t. Robert Minter interviews him here. And Pam interviewed him yesterday.

He also has a discussion of Islam and women here.

Bonus MoJo Nixon video below: Elvis is everywhere. If you don't like Mojo Nixon, then, well, you suck.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:23 AM | Comments |

Harvard, USC what's the difference?

I guess my dream of doing nothing (blogging is nothing, right?) will never come true, since I didn't go to Harvard and I'm not exactly what you'd call a 'hard worker'.

I'm sure Berkley was the key to helping Ana Marie Cox's blogging stardom and that ass-sex themed posts had nothing to do with it. The moral, I think, is not that well-educated bloggers are better bloggers (they aren't) but that when MSM types want to hire bloggers, they, like most of the public, are in awe of these stupid and meaningless letters that come after a persons name. Respect my authoriteh!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:58 AM | Comments |

Terror Dry Run on Seattle Ferries?

seattle_terror_fbi.jpgThe FBI are seeking assistance in identifying these two men. The two men have been reported behaving in an unusual manner on a number of Seattle area ferries.

The photos of the two men were taken by a quick thinking ferry worker. More photos below.

The FBI has been searching for the two for a couple of weeks, but have now asked the public for help. The FBI cautions that the two may have done nothing wrong and that what looks suspicious to some people may be nothing at all. But it seems obvious that those who thought they were acting suspiciously had terrorism on their mind.

Just a precautionary measure? Yes, but Reliapundit reminds us that the Millennium Plot was foiled when a single border guard did something unusual: detained an Arab getting off a ferry.

Several ferries run between Seattle area cities and the Great White North. Ahmed Ressam, the would-be Millennium bomber, was traveling between Victoria, B.C., Canada to Port Angeles.

Michelle Malkin also notes that ferries have been attacked by Islamist terrorists in the past.

Again, precautionary. Probably no big deal. They may be nothing more than curious about how ferries are operated. But if you have information about them, please contact the Seattle FBI.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:26 AM | Comments |

Rudy on the Right to Bear Arms

Sorry, folks, I just don't see the guy who said this getting the GOP nomination:

"My position for many years has been that just as a motorist must have a license, a gun owner should be required to have one as well. Anyone wanting to own a gun should have to pass a written exam that shows that they know how to use a gun, that they’re intelligent enough and responsible enough to handle a gun. Should both handgun and rifle owners be licensed...we’re talking about all dangerous weapons."
And no, it's not an anomaly:

We need a federal law that bans all assault weapons, and if in fact you do need a handgun you should be subjected to at least the same restrictions -- and really stronger ones -- that exist for driving an automobile.

The United States Congress needs to pass uniform licensing for everyone carrying a gun.

Needless to say, Rudy's not a big fan of the NRA:

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:47 AM | Comments |

AP: BOOSH's War Shorting Our Cops of Ammo

Unfortunately for them, the reality and factual accuracy of the AP's "reporting," shall we say, is about as vetted and accurate as Scott Beauchamp's mindthoughts.

By Good Lt. at 12:32 AM | Comments |

August 20, 2007

9-11 Twooferspanking on History Channel Tonite!

UPDATE: Follow along as the Twoofers kick and scream helplessly at Loose Change forum.

Also, follow the Debunkers laughing at them at the JREF forums (last page is most recent update).

Enjoy 'Loose Change Debunks Loose Change.' These people and their mouth-breathing disciples are Grade-A morons.

- - - -
You may recall that the History Channel Australia airing the submoronic fiction film Loose Change earlier this summer.

Tonight, its American counterpart looks to deliver a crushing, jack-booted swivel-kick to the shriveled jewels of the Twoofer movement in response (for the mental picture, thanks BC/Misha).

The Twoofers are predictably getting a case of the vapors, calling it a "hit piece." Sane people call it "the truth about 9-11 nutters."

More from Screw Loose Change. 9pm EST (check local listings). Tune in, laugh, and marvel at one of the largest self-imposed mental disorders affecting the nation (and particularly the political left) today.

By Good Lt. at 07:47 PM | Comments |

Fear the Fred!

Somehow I've been put on the left-wing Media Matters e-mail list (thanks a lot readers, ha-ha). Today I got an e-mail from them whining about that hard-hitting journalist John King not challenging Fred Thompson on his abortion stance.

But other than the general stupidity of the Media Matters article, isn't it telling that they decided not only to attack Fred but also to send out mass e-mails about it? It's almost as if they were afraid of something.....

UPDATE: Sock puppets for the DNC fear the Fred?

UPDATE II: You expected me to read a MM article? Post corrected with less stupid.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:07 PM | Comments |

Roy Hallums Gives New Hope to Hostage Families

five-iraq-hostages_cote.jpgIn November 2006 Joshua Munns, Jonathon Cote, John Young, Bert Nussbaumer, and Paul Reuben were taken hostage near Basra by a group calling itself "The Islamic Mujahedeen Battalion", a group feared to have links to the Iranian goverment. The five worked for the Crescent Security Group, a private firm which guarded civilian convoys.

In January a video was released showing the hostages alive. The five have now been missing 277 days.

Yesterday Roy Hallums, who was held hostage in Iraq for nearly two years, talked in a conference call to four of the families. The fact that Roy was held for so long and yet survived the ordeal gives hope that these men are still alive.

The Columbian:

"A lot of us were reassured by talking with him," said Jackie Stewart, 44, of Brush Prairie, who is the mother of one of the hostages, Joshua Munns, 24, of Redding, Calif. "Roy has been there, and he got out. He's a nice man. We felt less alone and a lot better after talking to him."

The families are working to raise money to support their sons, husbands and brothers when they are released. Hallums told them to go ahead if that makes them feel better, but he said the U.S. government's efforts are key.

He was found, he said, because U.S. agents were able to capture an Iraqi who knew where he was being held....

He said the families of the captured contractors should speak publicly as they wish about the hostages, but only in generalities.

"No amount of cheers on TV is going to get them free," he said. "But the families want to do something, and if they want to, if it makes them feel better, then go ahead and do it. Just don't do anything that is going to hurt the situation."

He wishes the FBI, CIA and state department would tell the families more of what is going on in efforts to free hostages.

He said he trusts the government, which insists on working in secret. He now works as a consultant on terrorism. This week, he was at Fort Lewis, advising troops getting ready to deploy to Iraq.

As always we pray for their safety and demand their immediate and unconditional release.

Friends and families of the hostages have set up several websites on their behalf.

The Missing Warrior Project
Hostage Recovery Team
Save Five!
Free Jonathon Cote
Paul Rubens Website


Jawa Report Hostage Archive
Four Americans & One Australian Kidnapped in Iraq
Kidnapped Security Contractors Alive
Crescent Security Hostage Video
Friend Of Hostage Paul Reuben Speaks Out
New Hope for 5 Hostages?
Roy Hallums

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:08 PM | Comments |

Turkish Hijacker Had Al Qaeda Training

No surprise here, thousands of potential jihadis came through the al Qaeda camps during the late 1990s. But what is interesting is that the hijackers wanted to go to Iran before hopping the border for jihad in Afghanistan. This suggests that the word on the jihadi streets is that Iran is definitely a player and supporting al Qaeda and the Taliban in at least some limited fashion.

What's also interesting is that they wanted to go to Afghanistan. My experience is that Turks are much more likely to try to go to the Caucuses for jihad than Afghanistan. Since Chechens are ethnically Turkish, that's the logical place to go.

The last thing worth mentioning is that they met in college. Can we please put the terrorists are the downtrodden meme to rest?

Fox News:

One of the hijackers of a Turkish plane received training at an Al Qaeda camp and wanted to be flown to Iran so he could eventually join Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported Monday, citing police.

Authorities didn't say at which Al Qaeda camp 33-year-old hijacker Mommen Abdul Aziz Talikh, an Egyptian of Palestinian origin, received training....

The two hijackers [Talikh and Mehmet Resat Ozlu of Turkey] had met in northern Cyprus a year ago and were living together at the same house for a month, police said. Ozlu was registered at the literature department of a university in the breakaway Turkish Cypriot state in northern Cyprus, Anatolia said.

Police said that during their interrogation the two suspects confessed that they wanted to divert the plane to Iran and travel to Afghanistan to join the "jihad."

Hat tip to Hot Air for the link.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:29 PM | Comments |

Beauchamp "Hates the Army"

Beauchamp's former fiancée:

“He hates the army. The only reason he joined was because he wanted to have more experience to write about.”
Read the rest. What was that Novak was bitching about again? That bloggers don't fact check their work? Beauchamp is married to a friggin fact checker at TNR!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:11 PM | Comments |

Novak: Bloggers Suck!

I really wish Hawkins had gone after Robert Novak for his dissing bloggers. Sure, there's a lot of crap on the internet, but so what? There's also a lot of crap in the New York Times, and presumably they do fact check.


Robert Novak: I think it [blogging] had a hugely negative impact for several reasons. A lot of the bloggers just put out whatever comes to their mind....

The other aspect is that good, honest reporters are told that it's not enough to do their story for their station or their newspaper, that they have to get out and do a blog on it right away. It puts a high credence on speed, rather than care. A lot of things are said without due diligence being given to how accurate they are and how complete they are.

Read the rest. As opposed to the MSM which puts a high value exactly? When even carefully crafted and researched pieces are full of errors or bias, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the methodology. At least blogging is an iterative process where we fact check each other. Instead of one or two editors we have an army of editors always ready to pounce when we make the slightest error.

And unlike the MSM none of us are masquerading as 'objective' journalists. Our agendas are clearly known and readers are usually sophisticated enough to tell the differences between our own blustering opinions about the facts and the facts themselves.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:35 AM | Comments |

Ujamaa Won't Testify, Hamza May Walk

Well, this sucks. Looks like American al Qaeda supporter James Ujaama is now refusing to cooperate in the prosecution of Abu Hamza al-Masri. His testimony is key to the case. Ujaama and Abu Hamza had attempted to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon and both are al Qaeda supporters. On the one year anniversary of 9/11 he organized a conference praising the mass-murdering hijackers.

Notice that The Sun uses the word evil to describe Hamza? Ballsy.

The Sun:

The evil cleric — serving seven years in the UK for inciting murder and race hatred — faces extradition to the US on terror charges.

But supergrass James Ujaama, 41, has broken a deal he made with the FBI to escape charges of trying to set up a terrorist training camp with Hamza, 49.....

He now faces 30 years in jail and refuses to give evidence against Hamza.

Eight of 11 counts facing Hamza rest on Ujaama’s testimony.

If Hamza isn't extradited to the U.S., then he may be out on parole next year.

Hat tip: Glen Jenvey

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:18 AM | Comments |

Darwin: Bear Eats Man at Beer Festival

Ouch! CNN:

A 23-year old Serb was found dead and half-eaten in the bear cage of Belgrade Zoo at the weekend during the annual beer festival.

The man was found naked, with his clothes lying intact inside the cage. Two adult bears, Masha and Misha, had dragged the body to their feeding corner and reacted angrily when keepers tried to recover it.

"There's a good chance he was drunk or drugged. Only an idiot would jump into the bear cage," zoo director Vuk Bojovic told Reuters.

An idiot.....gee, ya think?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:04 AM | Comments |

Kidnapped German Woman Pleads for Release (UPDATE: Freed! RESCUED!!)

A German aid worker abducted in Kabul yesterday appeared on Afghan television to ask for help in obtaining her freedom. Christina Meier, who said she works for the NGO Ora International, spoke in English and read a statement in Dari (via Reuters):

"I am fine ... I ask my country to urgently help and cooperate for my release," she said in a video aired by private television station Tolo, while displaying an identity card that read Christina Barbara Meier.

The woman, apparently in a small room, introduced herself in English and said she was an employee of "ORA International" aid agency. A man who was not seen in the tape asked her questions in broken English.

A bespectacled young man who had covered his face appeared on the video to say the abductors were not Taliban, adding they belonged to a "special network".

He demanded the release of the group's men held by President Hamid Karzai's government. He did not give any figure or names, adding details would be passed to the government through special channels.

Meier and her husband have worked in Kabul for Ora International since December 2006. She was kidnapped Saturday from a Kabul pizzeria by 4 armed gunmen. Afghan police say they do not think the Taliban is behind this abduction, but do not know who may be.

UPDATE: Thank God: Kidnapped German 'freed in Kabul'

UPDATE II: Officials: Afghan Police Free German Hostage

As pointed out by several astute readers in the comments, Christina was not "freed" by her captors, but RESCUED by the Afghan police, who also arrested her abductors. Thank you to the Jawa readers for pointing out this bit of bias on the part of the BBC, from whom my previous report was taken.


More Kidnappings Reported in Afghanistan

By at 07:52 AM | Comments |

Video : Enter the Jawa

Jawa + lightsaber = lots of dead stormtroopers.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:10 AM | Comments |

August 19, 2007

Terrorist As*hole Blows Himself Up

This is just too funny. These are the idiots that the Democrats/NYT/antiwarbots want to surrender to.

Maybe the funniest war porn vid posted yet.

BONUS: More terrorist as*holes blowing themselves up accidentally.

By Good Lt. at 07:52 PM | Comments |

August 18, 2007

Beauchamp: One Month After the Lies...

Bob Owens rounds up the Beauchamp affair a month after Beauchamp's 'literary liberties' were called to the carpet...

* Glock pistols do not fire a unique "square-backed" 9-millimeter pistol cartridge.
* Glocks, far from only being used by the Iraqi Police as the author claimed as he libeled the Iraqi Police for murder, are instead one of the more common handguns in Iraq.
* Thee was never a "burned woman" in the dining facility at Camp Falcon as the author alleged. Nor was there a burned woman at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, a fact attested to by both named military personnel and named civilian contractors.
* There is no evidence there was ever a garbage-stratified grave as the author alleged (though there was a cemetery that was relocated), and no support than anyone could or would wear a section of rotting human skull under the close-fitting helmets currently used by the U.S. Army.
* There is no evidence of a dog-murdering Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle driver, and literally dozens of Bradley crewmen, commanders, drivers, infantrymen, and even the spokesman for the company that builds the Bradley all consistently stating it is all but impossible for a Bradley to be used as the author described.

By Good Lt. at 11:23 PM | Comments |

Nirvana Pwns (Sat. Night Drunk MusicBlogging)

Yes - I worshiped this band in high school. Compared to the garbage you hear on the radio nowadays, this positively scorched.

Breed. 2:50 of tear-your-face-off kickass.

Lets just say I've been running a parallel-to-LGF semi-regular music feature here at TJR that focuses more on prog, jamband, classical and rock that lights my fire. Gotta cover the bases.

I'll leave the jazz-fusion-guitar virtuosity gig to Charles, as he's the seasoned expert. Although I must admit that I have been listening to my ole Porcupine Tree collection a lot more since he started posting stuff from their new album and from Deadwing.

All highly recommended. Now go listen to the Nirvana, fools.

By Good Lt. at 09:55 PM | Comments |

"I f-ing told you nothing but bacteria would live!"

After a fierce fire-fight with Taliban insurgents, three 1000 lb. bombs were dropped on Mazdurak, a villiage in Kajaki, Afghanistan.
Poof. No more insurgents.

By at 02:47 PM | Comments |

More Kidnappings Reported in Afghanistan

The Taliban have been busy today:

Taliban kidnap four engineers in Afghanistan
Gunmen abduct German woman in Kabul

Meanwhile, the 19 S. Koreans and German hostage Rudolf Blechschmidt remain in captivity. Continued prayers for their safe release, as well as for the new hostages.

UPDATE: The German woman kidnapped today has been identified as Christina Meier, who is 5 months pregnant. Fervent prayers for her and her unborn child.

By at 02:30 PM | Comments |

9-11 Twooferism at HuffPo

Good catch by proverbial Twoofer smasher Pat Curley. Daily Kos's short-bus cousins/compatriots at the Huffington Post are once again basking in the "glory" of the mental disorder known as 9-11 Trutherism. BOOSH did it!!1!

Like clockwork, Twoofers come out of the woodwork in the comments.

Go Donks!

By Good Lt. at 10:33 AM | Comments |

Chavez Declares Himself President for Life

The America left's favorite fat fascist pig has just crossed the line into dictator territory. What a amazing advocate of "people power!" That whole takeover of the opposition media that happened under the Venezuelan Fairness Doctrine? Necessary for the people's own good! As is this:

The Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez has anointed himself president for life by proposing sweeping changes to the country's constitution.

Setting out his plans for completing his socialist revolution in the oil-rich Latin American nation, he proposing radical constitutional reform which has at its centre indefinite re-election for himself.

Life imitating The Onion.

And with friends like these...

imageCAR10201291942.jpg have absolute moral authority to do so!

Go leftists!

By Good Lt. at 09:50 AM | Comments |

Plane Hijacked in Turkey...


The identity of the hijackers was still unclear: the transport minister of Turkish-backed breakaway northern Cyprus, Salih Usar, said they were two Iranians protesting against the United States. But Turkey's Cihan news agency reported one was Palestinian and the other Turkish.
So these unidentified hijackers were Iranians protesting the US...but nobody knows who they are? Well, here' a hint, I think.
Soon after the plane was forced to land for refueling -- as it did not have enough fuel to go to Tehran as the hijackers wanted -- most of the passengers were either released or broke out through emergency exits.
Hijackers trying to take the plane to the capital of Iran...a total mystery as to who they are, though.

Note to self - never fly in or to Turkey.

By Good Lt. at 09:22 AM | Comments |

August 17, 2007

Aussies Set to Deal Uranium to Russia

The Australian government is preparing to sign an agreement to supply Russia with uranium, ostensibly for its nuclear power industry. The deal is expected to be finalized when President Vladimir Putin visits Australia next month.

The Aussie Greens and Democrats are not happy with the uranium deal. There is a fear that Russia will supply Iran with nuclear materials.

In other news, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that, after a 15-year suspension, Russia is resuming a Soviet-era practice of sending its bomber aircraft on long-range flights. Putin's statement merely confirms suspicions from recent observations and supports last week's assertions of a Russian Air Force General.

Could it be said that Putin is developing an itch in his trigger finger?

By at 10:13 PM | Comments |

Video: Naked Burka Girl Kicks al Qaeda Ass

PoliSat's new video: Burka Babes Booting Bombers. Warning: Cartoon boobie alert.

Normally I'd send you over to Jim's website to view it, but somebody over there forgot to embed it.......

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:55 PM | Comments |

Ron Paul for Mob Rule?

These folks at the Iowa Straw Poll had a message they wanted to get out about Ron Paul:


By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:02 PM | Comments |

Army Worse than Bloggers

Looks like the Army is worse than bloggers when it comes to violations of operational security policy. So does this mean that my point about Scott Beauchamp being not a major douche, but only a minor one for violating OPSEC rules make more sense now?

PS--TNR editorial staff? Major douchebags.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:00 PM | Comments |

Agent France Presse Claims US Military Images as Its Own

473small.JPGEven worse they were apparently attempting to resell the image taken by Sgt. Brandon Aird, 173rd ABCT and posted on Centcom. Centcom's material can be distributed freely, but not resold.

Via Confederate Yankee: Fresh off of being caught trying to pass off unfired civilian ammunition as evidence of soldiers shooting into the home of an elderly Iraqi woman, the French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) has been caught once again in a photography scandal involving the U.S. military, this time misidentifying a U.S. military photo taken by a member of the 173rd Airborne in Afghanistan last month as one of their own.
Thanks to Confederate Yankee for the excuse to repost, All Your Fakes Are Belong To Us.
In fact Rusty posted the very same centcom story here at TJR on the 6th.

By Howie at 01:49 PM | Comments |

Muslim Sensitivity Training

Leonid sends this in. It appears to be some sort of workshop intended to help government executives understand Islam.

I actually think this sort of workshop is potentially a good thing. The vast majority of Americans don't even have the slightest understanding of Islam. Either they embrace it without question as a religion equal with all others or they blanket condemn it as singularly evil. Neither of which is the case.

Islam is not like other worldwide religions in that it accepts the use of political violence for religious goals and, in fact, has no corollary to the Western notion of separation of mosque and state. But since most Muslims in the West reject these core concepts of traditional Islam (just like most Catholics reject Papal rulings on birth control), then the essence of Islam as it is practiced is quite a different thing altogether and probably a force for good.

The problem is that these sorts of workshops are usually apologetics for the worst aspects of other cultures or they whitewash the truth. So, will this government training on "Working with Muslim communities" actually address some of the fundamental problems of reconciling core Islamic doctrines with American values? Since I've heard these kind of lectures before I certainly hope so, but I'm not holding my breath.

For instance, the workshop includes a disscussion on interpretation of the Koran and Hadith. These types of workshops usually sidestep any of the tough questions, such as Quranic commands to either convert, kill, or subjugate the infidel. Nor the rather complicated apologetics that developed in Islam for the conditions under which Muslims may permit themselves to be ruled by the kafir and not kill, convert, or subjugate them. Nor do they address the rather noncontroversial and widely accepted hadiths approving of the death penalty for adultery and apostasy.

There will also be a discussion of the difference between religion and culture. Very good, the problem is that usually anything good that comes out of the Muslim community is attributed to religious teachings while anything bad is attributed to cultural influences. Thus Islam is good but parts of Arab or Somali culture are bad. Which is true enough in that female genital mutilation or the Arab practice of honor killings is a cultural practice found nowhere in the Quran or hadiths,.

But these kinds of discussion are incomplete if they don't discuss cultural practices which are approved in the Quran and hadiths---such as slavery, polygamy, and child molestation.

So, probably a good idea for public officials to become more aware of Islam and Muslim practices, but it's never a good idea to substitute apologetics and propaganda for frank and honest discussion.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:46 PM | Comments |

al-Gore's Carbon Credits Promote More CO2

Heh, I told you these carbon credit schemes were nothing more than a money making venture.

Via Reuters: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The current carbon market actually encourages cutting down some of the world's biggest forests, which would unleash tonnes of climate-warming carbon into the atmosphere, a new study reported on Monday.

Under the Kyoto Protocol aimed at stemming climate change, there is no profitable reason for the 10 countries and one French territory with 20 percent of Earth's intact tropical forest to maintain this resource, according to a study in the journal Public Library of Science Biology.

The Kyoto treaty and other talks on global warming focus on so-called carbon credits for countries and companies that plant new trees where forests have been destroyed. Trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas emitted by petroleum-fueled vehicles, coal-fired power plants and humans.

At this point, there is no credit for countries that keep the forests they have, the study said.

Hmmmm, I wonder if Manbearpig owns any stock in timber companies that log the Amazon rain forest?

Hat Tip: The Astute Bloggers

By Howie at 01:14 PM | Comments |

Mirror Mirror

A Russian Neo-Nazi group has posted a horrific video showing the murder of two Muslims. In the video one of the victims is beheaded and a second is shot so as to fall into a freshly dug grave. The video appears to be patterned after the dozens and dozens of snuff films released by Islamic terrorists in Iraq.

Via The Telegraph: A previously unknown Russian nationalist group has posted a video on the internet showing the execution of two Muslim men, prompting fears that neo-Nazis are beginning to ape the techniques used by Islamic extremists in Iraq.

The footage surfaced on the Russian version of the popular social networking website LiveJournal over the weekend. It was quickly taken down.

The three-minute video, titled “Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani”, begins with two men kneeling before a masked extremist in combat fatigues.

Apparently unprompted, they mumble that they have been taken hostage by “Russian Nationalist Socialists”.

The masked man then uses a knife to decapitate one of his prisoners in a grim sequence lasting 90 seconds.

The second captive is later forced to kneel in front of a grave before he is shot in the back of his head. The clip, which has a caption claiming to have been filmed by “The National Socialist Party of Rus”, ends with a still image of a red and white flag emblazoned with a swastika.

The reaction to the video by Jihadi supporters on internet forums has been one of outrage. Oh the irony, I've read dozens and dozens of posts by these same al-Qaeda supporters justifying the murder of numerous westerners and hundreds of Muslims.

Where was the outrage then? Well, there were some Muslims outraged by these murders, but they were quickly shouted down by the Jihadis calling them false Muslims and tools of the crusaders. Amongst the Jihad supporters there was glee. When the terrorists in Iraq murdered two Russian diplomats, the excuse was they were spies. They had it coming. When westerners were kidnapped and murdered it was they are the cross worshipping occupiers of Muslim lands. When Muslims were murdered by the dozen the excuse was because they were apostates working with the crusaders.

But now suddenly there is outrage amongst the al-Qaeda supporters. They are calling the Russian Nazis dogs, terrorists and barbarians. Which is perfectly correct. But since seeing the reflection of their own barbarity they have vowed guessed it......murder some more Russians.

Well they never learn? You reap what you sow. These Nazis are nothing but a refection of the barbarity used by al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The terrorists and these Nazi scum bags deserve each other.

The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video. I've not viewed it myself but judging from the frame grabs below the fold I don't need to. I've seen the Islamists murder enough people, I don't really need to see another group of idiots murdering more innocents. But if you must, email Howie and I'll forward you a copy.

Frame grabs below the fold. Warning graphic images.

Graphic images, do not proceed unless you are of age and are prepared for what follows.


By Howie at 12:44 PM | Comments |

Turkish Imams Seek Overtime Pay

(Istanbul, Turkey) It appears that the lure of a religious calling to Islam loses some of its luster when one is working 18 hours per day for poor pay. Therefore, the Muslim prayer leaders want to be paid overtime.

Some 70,000 government-paid preachers rose at 4am to begin the daily call to prayer and did not finish until midnight, said Huseyin Demirci, the head of Diva-Sen, one of the smaller clerics' unions representing 2000 imams.

Turkish public servants were paid overtime for exceeding a normal five-day, 40-hour week but imams, also government workers, were excluded, Mr Demirci said. In Sunni Islam, imams lead prayers five times a day, starting at dawn and often finishing late at night.

At $760 per month, imams are the lowest paid government workers in Turkey. For that amount, imams also have to keep their mosques squeaky clean. As a result of low pay for long hours, many Muslims consider the job a poor career choice and a reported 6,000 mosques lack an imam.

Logically, with a union representing tens of thousands of imams, they should be able to go on strike and deny the believers their five-a-day sermons. Right?

All in all, though, it appears that the actual conflict is not between the imams and the government, rather it's between Islam and money.

By at 05:18 AM | Comments |

August 16, 2007

Taliban Jihad "How To" Manual

I'm sure Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi or Taliban webmaster Adil "Murchal" Watanmal will be placing their "how to conduct jihad" manual on their website shortly.

What's that? You say the Taliban no longer have a website to call their own? That's sooo sad.

Maybe they'll put it up at their second favorite outlet, the al Hesbah forum. What? That's down, too? Gee, that sux.

Hat tip: Larwyn

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:39 PM | Comments |

Forget the Jedi Mind Trick....

...the Sith have the same power, but know what to use it for.


Thanks to Locomotive Breath.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:02 PM | Comments |

62 Instances of Journalistic Malpractice

An excellent, excellent list of "the pros" doing what they do best - fabricating, lying, skewing, misreporting, sneering, denying it all, trying to throw elections to Democrats, etc.

And this is just the well-publicized journalistic malpractice we've all heard about. It doesn't include the small dailies, the local media outlets all over the country, etc.

Remember - "It's not about's not even about objectivity..."

Or if that doesn't work, follow the money to the desired political party.

By Good Lt. at 07:45 PM | Comments |

Terrorists Pwn3d, Vol. CVXXII

"Oh, you got it."

By Good Lt. at 06:59 PM | Comments |

Padilla Headed for Dock...MahaBlog Headed for Asylum

Guess who gets TEH OUTraGE!!1 from Mahablog on the Padilla conviction?

It goes right where it belongs - Michelle Malkkkin!!

When a few righties stopped by to challenge the almighty, allknowing Mahablogger on her rhetoric, she shut the comments down. Effectively STIFLING DISSENT, as it were.

High fives all around today! Another terrorists goes to face justice - the way the left has wanted him to since day one. Through the legal system.

A victory for America is apparently a defeat for the leftnutosphere. Go figure.

By Good Lt. at 06:34 PM | Comments |

Slow Jawa *Sticky*

I don't know what the problem is with the Jawa today. May be another ddos attack. Hopefully we'll have things resolved soon.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:25 PM | Comments |

Rice Presents Power-Sharing Plan To Pakistani President

Benazir Bhutto is reportedly the subject of "hush-hush" talks between Washington and Pakistan's President Musharraf. According to AFP, Secretary of State Condi Rice presented a power-sharing plan to Musharraf by phone last week:
From AFP - US officials believe that an alliance with Bhutto would be Musharraf's best chance of remaining president, the report said, noting declining domestic support for the military general, a key US "war on terror" ally.

The White House said Thursday that top US officials had met with major Pakistani political players in an effort to bring about "a moderate political center" and free and fair elections there.

"We support free and fair elections in Pakistan. We have met with various parties there. This is ultimately decisions for the people of Pakistan to make," said national security council spokesman Gordon Johndroe in Crawford as Bush took a vacation on his Texas ranch.

"What the United States wants to see is a peaceful, prosperous, secure, stable Pakistan -- that's in the interests of the Pakistanis, the interests of the region, and interests of the whole world. We want to see a moderate political center form there, following democratic processes," he added.

But Johndroe stopped short of confirming reports that Washington was prodding Musharraf to share power with Bhutto.

Bhutto has a long and sordid political history, and her performance has rarely lived up to her pre-election rhetoric. However, in this case, it seems she is prepared to make good on her recent promise to return to Pakistan from her self-imposed exile before the end of 2007.

It appears the U.S. government is hoping to usher in round three of Bhutto's political career.
Somehow, I doubt that will be a good thing for America in the long run.

By at 03:22 PM | Comments |

Why White Soldiers Shouldn't Dance

Stupid self-made dancing videos meet Iraqi war porn--gauranteed to go viral. It's a formula, but it works!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:38 PM | Comments |

Q: Where Do Polish Generals Keep Their Armies?

A: In Afghanistan killing Taliban scumbag mother-f*ckers, that's where.

Video of Polish military in Afghanistan engaging Taliban with small arms fire. Flash plugin required.

UPDATE: Poland boycotts anti-Israel conference. Man, I am digging on Poland today.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:23 PM | Comments |

It's On in Tora Bora

America, f*ck yeah! 50+ bad guys dead, 3 good guys dead. If any one finds video or images of this (and not stock footage which is everywhere) please send it along.

Elsewhere, in Helmand Province, Taliban idiots decided to attack. The last mistake they'll ever make........

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – A battle that began this afternoon as an attempted insurgent ambush northwest of the Sangin District Center, Helmand province, ended with yet another lopsided defeat for the Taliban who unsuccessfully tried to attack Islamic Republic of Afghanistan national security forces (ANSF).

A combined force led by an element of Afghan national auxiliary police (ANAP), advised by coalition forces, was on a combat patrol, near the village of Regay, when an unknown number of insurgents attacked from multiple compounds and trenches using small-arms fire, mortars and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

The ANAP-led force repelled the attempted ambush with accurate small-arms fire and artillery. When the insurgents reinforced their fighting positions with additional fighters, the ANAP requested coalition close air support. Coalition aircraft performed precision air strikes on the insurgents who were firing from the compounds and trench line.

Two insurgents were wounded and four were killed in the engagement. No coalition forces or civilians were reported injured.

“The ANSF are defeating the extremist fighters in the Helmand River area because the ANSF forces are trained and cohesive warriors who have become seasoned and skilled defenders of their country,” said Army Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, a Combined Joint Task Force-82 spokesperson. “Credible intelligence suggests the Taliban will continue their attempt to maintain a strong presence in the region as part of a self-destructive effort to block forces supporting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan who are clearing the insurgents from the Musa Qala area.”

Source: DOD

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:10 PM | Comments |

Padilla Guilty!!!

padilla-jose-jihad.jpgBreaking: Jury finds Jose Padilla and co-conspirators guilty on all counts!!!!!

UPDATE: Breitbart:

Jose Padilla was convicted of federal terrorism support charges Thursday after being held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant in a case that came to symbolize the Bush administration's zeal to stop homegrown terror.

Padilla, Adham Amin Hassoun and Kifah Wael Jayyousi face possible sentences of life in prison if convicted of all three charges in the case.

Michelle Malkin has the charges:

The charges:

Count 1 - Conspiracy to Murder, Kidnap, and Maim Persons in a Foreign Country as part of a conspiracy to advance violent jihad
Count 2 - Conspiracy to Provide Material Support for Terrorists
Count 3 - Material Support for Terrorists
Counts 4 and 5 are against Hassoun for unlawful possession of a weapon and making a false statement
Counts 6 through 10 are against Hassoun for multiple charges of perjury
Count 11 is against Hassoun for obstruction

Every one covering this: Hot Air and STACLU running updates.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:29 PM | Comments |

Happy Sex With Hot Russian Babes Day!

russian_chick_hot_jawa.jpgI lived in Russia for a year--the women there are smokin' hot-- so it just boggles the mind that the Russian government would have to pay their dudes to have sex with them. Jules Crittenden has this:

The baby-poor Russian region of Ulyanovsk wants to its people to procreate, and has come up with a holiday and prizes to encourage them to their duty for Mother Russia.

Ulyanovsk has declared Sept. 12 the “Day of Conception” and for the third year in a row will give couples the day off from work . . . so they can work on making babies.

Couples who “give birth to a patriot” nine months later during “Russia Day” festivities - June 12 celebrations marking the end of the Soviet Union - will win money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes.

Any volunteers?

Okay, I know they're really paying people to make babies not just have sex. But, come on....the headline....think of the headline!

Image: 24 year old Yulia is from Moscow and is looking for a 'real man'.

File under: Ministry of Reproduction and Russian Bureau.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:07 PM | Comments |

Where is our Propaganda?

Ace makes the point I've been trying to make for years. In fact, it's the reason I started this blog. Ace:

Has anyone noticed how very, very little pictures or footage we see of American or coalition forces actually doing what Americans like to see them doing-- killing Taliban and Al Qaeda?

Why is that, do you think? ....

The net effect is a decrease in morale. We see every torn body of every child killed by Iraqi terror-bombs, meticulously and lovingly documented by the media, but barely a single terrorist coming to a bad end. We see US soldiers killed by terrorists -- the terrorists sometimes bring cameras -- and that's shown on CNN.

But showing terrorists blasted to hell would be, what, pandering? Jingoistic? In bad taste?

This is balance?

Read the rest. Since Ace and I no longer share the same phsycial server, it looks like his site is up and running smoothly.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:11 AM | Comments |

D.C. Mosque: Embezzlement or Wahhabi Retribution?

The scandal at the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. centers on embezzlement allegations made against Farzad Darui. Darui claims that the money was not embezzled, but was being used to pay off the mistresses of Abduallah M. Khouj. Polygamy is officially sanctioned under Islamic law, but since the practice is illegal in the U.S., some of these 'mistresses' were really wives. Except for the ones that weren't. At least one of these 'mistresses' is said to have been held against her will.

I'm not sure how that is a good defense. Surely paying off Khouj's wives wasn't in the mosque budget--even if Abduallah M. Khouj is well connected with the Saudi royal family and was a former official at the Muslim World League and even if he was the mosque administrator.

But the crux of Darui's argument is this:

the charges against him had been manufactured by unnamed Saudi government officials as part of a scheme to oust him from his post. Their goal, Darui maintains, was to claim control over the mosque after Darui resisted Saudi efforts to have “radical” Wahhabi figures deliver messages of intolerance there.

“Because Darui barred Islamic radicals, from the [Islamic] Center, the Saudis, via the Center, have falsely accused him of embezzlement,” Darui’s filing claims.

Khouj is said to have invited Ali Al-Timimi, who is in serving life in prison for encouraging Muslims to join the Taliban and engage in jihad against U.S. forces, and Osama Basnan, who was deported because of his known association with 9/11 hijackers Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi, to speak at the mosque. Darui objected to the radical messages being preached.

The conflict between the Saudi Wahabbi Khouj and the more moderate Iranian born Darui came to a head when Khouj decided to step down and the Saudi government, which funds the mosque,

intended to replace him with a former director of the Institute for Islamic and Arab Sciences, an organization that has been investigated by U.S. officials for possible links to terrorism. (No charges have been filed against the group.) After Darui sought to thwart the move by calling a rare board meeting, “the Religious Section of the Saudi Embassy began spreading the rumor that Darui was embezzling funds.”
And I thought church politics were bad in the Baptist church!

Hat tip: Laura Mansfield

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:46 AM | Comments |

August 15, 2007

E&P: "It's Not About Balance...It's Not Even About Objectivity..."

E&P pens a piece pretending to scold journalists for wearing their dyed-in-the-wool Blue politics on their sleeves (prompted by the Seattle Times' newsroom erupting in applause at the news of Unterfurher Rove's resignation), but can't bring itself to actually engage the real problem - that newsrooms are overloaded with Democrats by ridiculous margins, and that this slants news coverage consistently and egregiously.

First, the magicians and magic:

A good newsroom is a sacred and magical place in which we can and should test every assumption, challenge each other's thinking, ask the fundamental questions those in power hope we will overlook.
If only that were reality. But, as evidenced most recently by the hijinx at Seattle Times, it isn't. The preaching gets funnier from there. Color me not shocked:
If we wore our politics on our sleeves in here, (ed.- IF?!!!) I have no doubt that in this and in most other mainstream newsrooms in America, the majority of those sleeves would be of the same color: blue. Survey after survey over the years have demonstrated that most of the people who go into this business tend to vote Democratic, at least in national elections. That is not particularly surprising, given how people make career decisions and that social service and activism is a primary driver for many journalists.

But if (ed. - again, pretending it isn't happening) we allowed our news meetings to evolve into a liberal latte klatch, I have no doubt that a pathological case of group-think would soon set in (ed. - yet again, in denial that it is actually happening). One of the advances of which I’m most proud over the years is our willingness to question and challenge each other as we work to give our readers the most valuable, meaningful journalism we can.

The result: A newspaper that is known nationally for aggressive watchdog and investigative reporting, without fear or favor. From a Democratic United States senator (Brock Adams) to our region's biggest employer (Boeing) to a large advertiser (Nordstrom) to our school districts and courts and police, we have confronted them all with tough questions to which they had no good answers. The result has been a better community, laws changed, lives saved.

It’s not about "balance," which is a false construct. It isn't even about "objectivity," which is a laudable but probably unattainable goal. It is about independent thinking and sound, facts-based journalism -- the difference between what we do and the myopic screed that is passed off as "advocacy" journalism these days.

It's not "advocacy journalism." It's just "advocacy," and that advocacy always seems to flow (with the money) to one particular political party - The Democrats.

The problem hasn't been fixed, E&P. It is rather fixed quite firmly into the culture of the daily newspaper and nearly every broadcast outlet in the United States.

You've all got a LOOOONG way to go before you can claim what you do is "independent thinking." From Dan Rather to Eason Jordan to Keith Olbermann to Chris Matthews to NPR to Pinch Sulzberger to Dana Priest to Bill Moyers to the fact that the NYT hasn't endorsed a Republican for president since Eisenhower, the evidence piles up every day. And those of us who have been paying attention, that is just a small fraction of .001% of the pile.

Need a recent case and point? The AP's favorite Democrat operative next to Jennifer Loven: Nedra Pickler.

9-1. Never forget. Money talks. Bullsh*t walks.

By Good Lt. at 09:44 PM | Comments |

Wiccan Arrested for "Practicing Religion..."

...well, actually, she was building a huge bonfire ten feet from her house while shouting incantations at the New Moon. When neighbors got a tad freaked out, they called the police.

Reality is stranger than fiction:

Neighbors called police shortly after midnight Tuesday and, after an officer arrived, he heard the woman yelling in the backyard and found her wearing headphones, a T-shirt and underwear, the captain said. [...]

He said Barney at one point poured lighter fluid on the fire, in which she was burning rubber car mats and a cooler. Barney refused to cooperate with police and was belligerent, and her breath smelled of alcohol, Babe added

But the kicker doesn't come until the last line of the dispatch:

Wicca is a nature-based religion based on respect for the earth, nature and the cycle of the seasons.
Respecting the burning coolers and rubber floor mats in huge bonfires while screaming drunk inanities.

That sounds about my speed! Where can I sign up for this "religion?"

I leave you with this:

Wiccans, celebrating the Summer Solstice

By Good Lt. at 08:05 PM | Comments |

Beauchamp Foot in Mouth Roundup

An excellent post rounding up a gaggle of lefty bloggers who supported Beauchamp's lies come Hell or high water, even as the were debunked, and excerpts of the vitriol they spat unconvincingly at his detractors (who were right).

Done masterfully by a Vet, no less. The leftikkks who stop on through are convinced (now) "it doesn't matter." Boy - they sure wrote a lot of hateful things and got themselves worked into quite a lather over something that "didn't matter." I'm sure that if any of Beauchamp's crap were actually true, it would've "mattered" a whole hell of a lot to these same "reality-based" morons.

How's that crow taste? Bo? B? John? Any of the other leftikkk mouthbreathers who spent lotsa pixels trying to defend the liar over here?

That's what we thought.

ht: LGF

By Good Lt. at 05:41 PM | Comments |

Britney Spears' Hot Topless Girl on Girl Action!

And now for something completely different. Too good to fact check: Britney Spears is having a lesbian affair with her 21 year old assistant Shannon Funk. And get this: OK magazine has pics of the two fooling around topless.

Yes Timmy, there is a God. Er, or Allah. Or something.


National Ledger:

The report claims that Britney has been experimenting with girls since her teen years. She even put the moves on porn queen Jenna Jameson. "Jenna told me that Britney hit on her and that she hooks up with girls," says adult-movie actress Tera Patrick.
Jenna Jameson and Britney spears getting it on? Has the entire world become a porn movie?

More about Britney's lesbo action:

“Britney seemed more into this girl than she has ever been into a guy.”

“Britney did get raunchy with the guys, but that was nothing compared to what she did with Shannon.”

“Even though the hunks were hot, Britney made a beeline to cavort with Shannon.”

”Shannon’s been a great pal to Britney through very tough times. It was inevitable they’d end up very close – but no-one knew just how close.”

Ah, a fitting role-model for America's youts. What's next for Britney?

Let's face it, it's inevitable.

Hat tip: Mandy

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Jihad Are the Champions My Friends.....

A new video release from the Filipino arm of the global jihad movement, Abu Sayyaf, is entitled "Asian Jihad Champions". The video can be downloaded here.

Thanks a lot you filthy terrorist bastards, now I can't get that damn song out of my head! For that alone you should be summarily executed.....

Bonus video below.

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Al Qaeda Media MIA? + Disgusting "insurgent" Images of the Day

The jihadis are all abuzz about all the prominent forums that have been taken offline lately (we wish we could take credit for all of them), but something I haven't mentioned and which could be important is this: Al Qaeda in Iraq's (or, if you prefer, the Islamic State of Iraq's) al Furqan Media has been MIA for weeks.

No new videos from an organization that used to release propaganda all the time. How many videos? Try at least one new video a week, and sometimes many more. Nothing for awhile. Nada. Zilch.

This isn't necessarily a sign that al Qaeda in Iraq is finished. Not necessarily a good sign, but it's definitely not a bad sign either.

Especially given that al Furqan has promised a "new" video, which looks to be just a collection of old video clips. It features images from several old executions, including the ones below. What's old is new, eh? If you can't upload your Islamic snuff videos on to the internet yourself, then I guess you have to rely on some entrepreneurial jihadi-wannabe sitting in his mother's basement to splice together some old clips, throw in a nasheed, and declare victory over the Zionist-Crusaders.

WARNING: Disgusting images posted by the 'insurgents' in Iraq themselves.

Last Chance. Very graphic images below.


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Iran: Bush, CIA to Assassinate Messiah!!


News reports out of Iran are saying that the Shia Muslim "messiah" (the Mahdi) is being hunted down by the CIA on orders from George Bush. I guess that makes Bush the anti-Christ? I knew it!

Hat tip: Brian who is having trouble with his servers at the moment.

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Home Grown Terrorists A Real Threat, Internet Blamed

Really? Ya think? You mean the internet is a major source of radicalization of Muslims? The Blotter:

U.S. law enforcement officials say they have identified more than two dozen "clusters" of young Muslim men in the northeast United States who are on a path that could lead to homegrown terror, ABC News has learned
They use the word "cluster" because to use the word "cell" would be to imply a greater deal of cohesion and control from outside. But if you think about it, that's at least 24 groups of young Muslim men who live in the Northeast U.S. that may be plotting to blow you up as we speak.

At least one of these "clusters" is certainly the Islamic Thinkers Society of New York.

"The threat is real; this is not some bogey man we are creating here. There are individuals who are proselytizing, inciting angry young men to go down this path," said Jenkins, who reviewed and contributed to the NYPD report.

The report identifies mosques, bookstores, cafes, prisons and flop houses as what it calls "radicalization incubators" that provide "extremist fodder or fuel for radicalization."....

The report, in its conclusions, asserts that the most significant threat to the homeland is not al Qaeda but the spread of the ideology promulgated by violent extremist Muslims, such as those belonging to al Qaeda, into the United States where it helps to radicalize residents....

We assess that the spread of radical -- especially Salafi -- Internet sites, increasingly aggressive anti-U.S. rhetoric and actions and the growing number of radical, self-generating cells in Western countries indicate that the radical and violent segment of the West's Muslim population is expanding, including in the United States," the NIE says in its most significant paragraph on the topic.

Wow, so insightful, new, and shocking.

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Real Baghdad Magic Bullet Photo Found


For use on my 'magic bullet'.

Ace has more.

UPDATE: Bean sends this one in..

Iraqi Women Faux Bullets I_JKerry.jpg

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:52 PM | Comments |

U.S. Hosted Website Teaches Terrorists to Kidnap Americans-- UPDATE & BUMPED: PWND!



Wow, that was quick :-)

PS---Speaking of terrorist websites masquerading as "news" outlets, it looks like W-N-N is down, too. Again. Looks like someone is having trouble holding on to their DNS.......
------------------- =

OrgName: Colo4Dallas LP
Address: 3000 Irving Blvd
City: Dallas
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 75247
OrgAbusePhone: 1-214-630-3100

Al Hesbah has long been a favorite information outlet for the online jihadis, especially al Qaeda. The forum legitimizes itself by citing MSM organizations as "members" of the forum, when they are really there to monitor what the online jihadis are saying.

The guide to taking hostages itself is not actually new, it's been around since at least 2002, but it's once again making the rounds.


The guide begins by enumerating goals that a kidnapping can achieve, including the release of prisoners, extraction of information from the hostage, weakening the enemy's morale and creating deterrence, raising international awareness of conflicts in which the kidnappers' organization is involved, blackmailing the enemy for money, and generating anti-government sentiment in the hostage's country of origin.

In the section dealing with selecting a target, the guide recommends choosing someone of importance to the enemy (such as a high-ranking military officer or a prominent businessman). However, he should not be a physically strong person who can put up significant resistance. In order to ensure that the operation goes smoothly, it is recommended that he be knocked out with tranquilizers.....

The last section of the guide deals with the demands stage, and states that after stipulating their demands and setting a deadline, the kidnappers must conduct negotiations using a mobile phone registered under a false name, or else a pay phone (a different one for each call). The guide also explains that if it becomes necessary to execute the hostage, this is best done by hanging or poisoning rather than by shooting. This is because soldiers regard death by shooting as an honorable death, and because shooting leaves considerable bloodstains at the scene.

Funny, they don't mention a thing about beheading the victim.

Infidels are Cool has more.

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Iraq Car Bombs Revenge for Stoning?

A series of 4 massive car bombs in the Kurdish area of Iraq, near the Syrian border, killed more than 250 people yesterday. The attacks were aimed at the Yezedi sect, a pre-Islamic religious community that has been persecuted for centuries. Tensions escalated earlier this year however, when a 17-year-old Yezedi girl was stoned to death for falling in love with a Muslim boy and converting to Islam.

Via the New York Times:

The bombs — including at least one rigged to a fuel tanker — detonated in quick succession around 8 p.m. in Qahtaniya and Jazeera, two towns populated mostly by Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking sect that mixes elements of Islam with the teachings of an ancient Persian religion.

The group has long been a minority in Iraq, and after some Yazidis stoned a Yazidi woman to death for dating a Sunni Arab man in April, members of the sect became frequent targets of Sunni attacks. When a video of the Yazidi woman being stoned appeared on the Internet, gunmen stopped minibuses full of Yazidi laborers and killed 23 of them. Many Yazidis have recently moved to villages farther west, where they make up a majority. The deadly assault on Tuesday crushed the hope that there would be safety in numbers — especially near the border with Syria, which American officials have long described as an entry point for foreign fighters.

The Yezedi practice a syncretic religion that has been considered to be devil worship, because they believe that Satan repented of his rebellion against God and was restored to his position as head of the angels. They worship him as a manifestation of God. There are about 500,000 Yazedis living in areas of northern Iraq which the Kurdish autonomous government would like to annex in a referendum set for later this year.

By at 12:18 PM | Comments |

Border Agents Bribed by Terrorists?

Those are some serious allegations. I hope to God that they aren't true. The worst part is that it seems that ICE is so badly understaffed that they cannot even investigate the allegations as a criminal matter. Sara Carter in the Washington Times:

A criminal investigations report says several U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees are accused of aiding Islamic extremists with identification fraud and of exploiting the visa system for personal gain....

Two District Adjudications Officers are allegedly involved with known (redacted) Islam terrorist members," said the internal document obtained by The Washington Times.

The group "was responsible for numerous robberies and used the heist money to fund terrorist activities. The District Adjudications Officers made numerous DHS database queries to track (Alien)-File movement and check on the applicants' status for (redacted) members and associates."

I'm not sure whether to file this under "Immigration and Border Issues" or "Domestic Terror". I guess both.

This reminds me of a time when we sent out one of our calls to e-mail a terrorist supporter. When the al Qaeda supporter actually responded to one of our readers, we traced his IP to an immigration law firm in Britain. The immigration issue is intimately tied to the threat of terrorism.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:00 AM | Comments |

"Magic Bullets" Found in Baghdad


Tuesday August 14, 2007: An elderly Iraqi woman shows two bullets which she says hit her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City.....(AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

The only problem, of course, is that the bullets are still in their casings. For Kos readers, this means that they have never been fired.

Confederate Yankee has found more photos from Wissam al-Okaili.

Quick, somebody call Oliver Stone!

Hat tip: Mrs. Abe Froman

UPDATE: Another pic of another woman holding another unfired round---same photographer. And Sulli is running a photo by the same guy as evidence the hell Sullilvan thinks we're up to in Iraq.

Hot Air has more.

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Video : What Ron Paul Spammers Look (and Sound) Like in Person...

Footage from the Iowa Straw Poll:

If you listen closely, you can hear a small group of FredHeads chanting "Fred Thompson!" in between the chants of "Ron Paul!"

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:44 AM | Comments |

August 14, 2007

Video: James Ujaama on Jihad

James Ujaama pleaded guilty to terrorism related charges today. Watch the video below of Ujaama and you'll see why he really had no choice.

The video, which was first found by Glen Jenvey, linked Ujaama to Abu Hamza. It wasn't until after seeing the video that Glen had taped and which had worked it's way to the FBI that Ujaama agreed to testify against Abu Hamza. After being released from jail, though, Ujaama fled the country. He was later returned to the U.S. where today Ujaama plead guilty and agreed, once again, to testify against his former associates.

Seattle Times:

James Ujaama, the Seattle man who pleaded guilty in 2003 to aiding the Taliban, admitted to a federal judge in New York on Monday that he fled to Belize last year to avoid testifying against his alleged co-conspirators.

Ujaama, 41, also pleaded guilty Monday to three terrorism charges, including a conspiracy charge related to Ujaama's efforts to establish a jihad-training camp in Bly, Ore., in 1999....

In exchange for the two-year prison sentence, which he completed in 2005, Ujaama agreed to testify against several high-profile alleged terrorism supporters, including al-Masri and at least two of al-Masri's alleged henchmen, Oussama Kassir and Haroon Rashid Aswat.

Aswat has been questioned about the July 7, 2005, London subway and bus bombings that killed 56. All three men have been indicted in the U.S. in connection with the Bly training-camp plot.

Ujaama fled the U.S. with a fake Mexican passport on Dec. 5 of last year....

Ujaama said Monday he fled because he did not want to testify against al-Masri....

Ujaama had said he feared for his life, but federal officials said they aren't convinced his life was in danger. They believe Ujaama may have been attempting to regain credibility within some radical Muslim circles by fleeing to avoid testifying against al-Masri, Kassir and Aswat.

He has also claimed in several occasions that he's "not guilty" of anything. Watch the video and decide for yourself. In it Ujaama speaks of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to destroy Islam. He also praises Osama bin Laden.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:37 PM | Comments |

Mind Boggling Headline Of The Day

Controversial blogger is arrested near children

Pedophiles are "controversial?"

stein hoist: SondraK.

By Vinnie at 05:36 PM | |

I'm Baaaack.....

Just in case you didn't notice, I'm back. Yes, I was gone. What, you didn't even notice? Thanks to every one for pulling double duty while I was gone.

Now, let the suckiness begin! Hey, suckiness is a perfectly promulent word.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:34 PM | Comments |

Afghan Cop Visiting U.S. Assaults Maid

I'm not sure how to read this. Is it just me, or does the article read as if this Afghan cop, who was in the U.S. to be trained, was trying to rape the maid? Why the kidnapping charge and not attempted rape? Or maybe there is some kind of legal distinction I'm missing here?

The State:

An Afghan police officer in town to train with Columbia police was charged today with assaulting and kidnapping a hotel maid, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said.

Mohammad Arif Nabel, 43, of Kabul, Afghanistan, was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and kidnapping. He was being held at the Richland County Sheriff’s Department until he could be taken to the county jail for booking.

Lott said a 38-year-old housekeeper at the Hampton Inn at 1551 Barbara Drive, Columbia, told deputies a man invited her into his room earlier today at the hotel and asked for shampoo.

When she entered the room, the man grabbed her and threw her onto the bed, Lott said.

The woman fought back and was able to free herself and flee the room, Lott said.

Hat tip: Jeff Quinton for the IM.

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Sick of Waiting for Bush, Border Patrol Volunteers Building Fence

Sometimes the headlines just make themselves up. WaTimes:

The U.S. Border Patrol is asking for volunteers among its agents to help build fences on the U.S.-Mexico border, even as President Bush is withdrawing half the National Guard troops he sent there last year to build fences.

A memo circulated last week to Border Patrol sector chiefs said fence-building efforts on the Southwest border were going to fall short of Mr. Bush's goal of finishing 70 miles in fiscal 2007, which ends Sept. 30, "so the Border Patrol is now going back into the fence-building business."

Where do I sign up?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:47 PM | Comments |

Juan Cole, "Academic"

I especially like the part where Juan Cole argues that since he had never seen the recent as Sahab video with a few old bin Laden clips in it that it was, in fact, new as he claimed and that his point that bin Laden is still out there taunting us was valid.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:30 PM | Comments |

Embedded With Terrorists

An Associated Press reporter embedded with the terrorist thugs of Hamas. Well, at least the AP is finally admitting who's side they're on.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:21 PM | Comments |

Fred Thompson Inspired by the FredHeads

Apparently, Fred doesn't have any hard feelings against the FredHeads for their utter failure to win the Iowa Straw Poll for him. In fact, Fred says their efforts inspired him:

Well friends, the Iowa Straw Poll is done and there weren't many surprises. Except for maybe that small band of Fred Heads from Texas who drove up to Iowa. I enjoyed reading about their efforts to make a mark over the weekend!...

When I read about those kids from Texas it inspires me to keep working to get our message and our vision for America's future out to as many of our friends, supporters, and potential supporters as we can...

Of course, this could just be a clever ploy to get the renegade FredHeads to come out of hiding, but I'm thinking it sounds pretty genuine. Sounds like all is forgiven...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:00 PM | Comments |

Democrats To Scuttle Delta Queen

The Delta Queen riverboat has a wooden super structure. It has operated as a National Historic Landmark via a federal exemption to a Coast Guard prohibition against wooden hulls and superstructures since 1966.

Via the Tribune Review: Big Labor could sink the Delta Queen. If it does, a ripple effect will wash over the Pittsburgh economy. Local congressmen don't seem to care, even though the vessel will dock in the 'Burgh about a dozen times in 2008.

Built in 1926, the Delta Queen is a U.S. National Historic Landmark and the last original paddle-wheel steamboat offering overnight cruises. Her 19th-century charm includes 87 staterooms with period furnishings.

It's Americana with a calliope.

Please go online to see what the Seafarers International Union and its congressional cabin boys want to scuttle.

So why have Democrats suddenly become so concerned about safety on the Delta Queen after 41 years?
"The committee did not have an issue with the Delta Queen being a wooden superstructure," says Jeff Urbanchuk, spokesman for Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Hollidaysburg. Mr. Shuster is on the transportation committee.

A union dispute is the primary issue, Mr. Urbanchuk says.

The Democrats oppose the waiver because current ownership did not accept the collective bargaining contract when it bought the historic asset. Unfortunately, the Republicans did not have the votes to successfully introduce an amendment to grant another exemption, Urbanchuk says.

Two of the the congressmen blocking the exemption in committee are U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Forest Hills and U.S. Rep. Jason Altmire, D-McCandless.

For what it's worth, Democrat Brad Ellsworth of Indiana has pledged to support a new exemption.

Please voice your support for keeping the historic Delta Queen afloat on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. It seems to me that if the boat is scuttled it really won't matter if the jobs are union or non-union because those jobs will be gone.

By Howie at 12:32 PM | Comments |

Der Spiegel Can SMC

I really don't care what they said. Even if it's good, too much of our blood used as ink in their rag.

Sorry, I just can't get over their kissing GIMF's ass.

More here at Captains Quarters.

Hat Tip. Garduneh.

By Howie at 12:05 PM | Comments |

Shithead Can Keep His Headstone


It's not often that Uniontown, Kentucky is mentioned on morning drive radio programs across the United States, but the fate of a departed dog and it's final resting place have sparked national interest in a debate going on in the town of just over 1000.

Eight years ago, Judy Hagan buried her dog in a plot she purchased from the city, at the center of the Uniontown City Cemetery. The plot sits beneath a flag pole put up to honor veterans.

Hagan and the city didn't hear any complaints about the dog's final resting place until about two weeks ago, when Judy took some extra cash and invested it in a headstone for the dog. That's when things became very contentious in the small town.

The reason for the controversy: the dog's name. It's first name was a vulgar term for bodily waste. It's last name was Head. That name is inscribed on the headstone.

Hat Tip: Jason.

Video here, and here. Behold the inspiration for the dog's name.

By Howie at 09:05 AM | Comments |

On Karl Rove's Resignation

Ever at the forefront of breaking news, The Jawa Report has learned that Karl Rove resigned.

Did I mention that we've taken down 20 (count 'em!) Taliban websites?

Aw, who cares, we're working on an exclusive about Lindsay Lohan.

Drunk. Car. Handcuffs. No panties. You won't want to miss it!!!

By Vinnie at 12:52 AM | |

Just Doing The Job The NutRoots Won't Do

I blame Harry Pelosi and Nancy Reid.

SEOUL, South Korea - Heavy rains spawned flooding that left "hundreds" dead or missing in North Korea and destroyed more than 30,000 homes, the country's state media reported Tuesday.

I'm sure there's a Kos diarrhea-ist out there furiously scrambling to try and blame this on Bush.

I'll pre-empt them by blaming it on Kim Jong Il's useful idiots.

Let's face it, you can't take on Kim, because he has Arec Bardwin

By Vinnie at 12:36 AM | |

August 13, 2007

A Peek Inside the Deranged Mind


Slow news day, I know. Honestly - who cares about Der Unterfuhrer Rove when you've got Twoofer moron conventions out there?

Here's some frantically scribbled mindthoughts from a Twoofer watching the cult's high priests at a convention in Madison:

We’ve turned the chips over to someone else

I use my gray matter and figure out that 2+2 does NOT equal 5

OUTBREAK movie with Dustin Hoffman where he says, “I’m NOT moving!!!”

Thinks “flash and pods” extremely important in “9-11 RIPPLE EFFECT”

Joyce and he have had many attacks upon them for their courageous work to reveal profound injustices, most especially to the military and their families

Many pics simply not real

White phosphorous---white cloud

What role did planes play? Cover story: if planes hijacked, then they were the terrorists, etc.

Collusion or coincidence… Lasers may have controlled planes…

We are all choir members here at this conference

“LOOSE CHANGE I”---flash and pod

“LOOSE CHANGE II”---removed; efforts made to shut down certain types of topics

COINTELPRO went after him, Dave

THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE!!! We here are pretty much MIHPS (Made it Happen) here

There is PLENTY of additional stark-raving crazy in the form of hastily scribbled sh*thouse insanity at the "Muslim/Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth" site.

Here's the introduction to the notes, if it can even be called that. All-caps alert:

Make sure you have Advil handy - you might get a headache trying to decipher it.

ht: SLC

By Good Lt. at 11:35 PM | Comments |

Hamas Provides al-Qaeda Safe Haven in Gaza

Hamas says it does not support al-Qaeda. Kinda true, lately the case seems to be more of al-Qaeda supporting Hamas. Birds of a feather.....

Via JCPA: # The declared policy of Hamas to provide sanctuary to any jihadi fighter invites additional terrorist groups associated with al-Qaeda to plant themselves in the Gaza Strip.

# According to Dr. Zakaria Zain al-Din, chairman of Hamas' largest charity organization, the extremist views of al-Qaeda are spreading among the senior leadership of Hamas. Expressions of this were evident in the adoption of the radical world view of al-Qaeda that accuses other Muslims of being "infidels" and permits their being killed. Radical religious rulings permitted the killing of Fatah operatives.

# Abu Ashur, the right-hand man of Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) leader Mumtaz Durmush, confessed that their organization received funds and instructions from al-Qaeda outside of the Gaza Strip. Jaish al-Islam was responsible for the kidnapping of BBC journalist Alan Johnston in March 2007. Leading the cell that abducted Johnston was Khattab al-Maqdasi, a Palestinian who in the past had fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Hat Tip Aaron.

Right on cue, Hamas starts treating the Palestinians in the same manner al-Qaeda treats the Iraqis.

Via The Corner:It was less than two months ago, after the violent takeover of Gaza, that Hamas spokesmen took to the op-ed pages of American newspapers to proclaim that despite all the suicide bombings and summary executions, Hamas intends to create a good-government, pragmatic Islamic state in Gaza....

...None of this, of course, has happened, and the news that has been trickling out of Gaza over the past few days portends an even bigger horrorshow.

What splendid duplicity.

By Howie at 04:18 PM | Comments |

Coalition Soldiers Rescue 2-year-old Iraqi Boy From Well

powellandboy.JPGCAMP TAJI, Iraq – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers rescued a 2-year-old Iraqi boy from a dry well in which he fell Aug. 9.

Soldiers with Company B, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division responded to the pleas for assistance from the father of a 2-year-old boy who had fallen into a dry well near the family’s residence.

The company commander, Capt. David Powell of Newport Beach, Calif., was about to begin a scheduled security patrol when the boy’s father approached the gate of his Coalition outpost on foot. Using an interpreter, Powell quickly assessed the situation and sent the patrol to assist with the recovery of the child.

The father directed the Soldiers to the location of the well and Powell used his flashlight to find the child at the bottom.

“I could see that the baby had fallen some 25 feet and was lying at the bottom of the well,” Powell said. “He appeared to be breathing, but would not answer to our calls.”

Using a back hoe from the outpost, the patrol began a slow and meticulous process of digging a parallel shaft to the dry well, then tunneling to the well horizontally, being careful not to cause the well to cave in.

“The back hoe made quick work of the rescue shaft just to the south of the well. Then the real digging began,” said Powell.

Because of the instability of soil, a fear of a cave-in and desire to not risk any of his Soldiers, Powell selected himself and Staff Sgt. Raul Torres, a native of San Venito, Texas, to dig the horizontal shaft to the well.

Using an entrenching tool, a flat-head screwdriver, rebar and other primitive farming tools, Powell and Torres went to work.

After several hours of digging, a faint crying was heard from the boy.

“He sounded scared, but OK,” said Powell. “I don't think I have ever heard a more beautiful sound.”

After five hours of digging the horizontal shaft reached the well. The well was basin shaped at the bottom, making the boy very difficult to locate. After several attempts to reach for the boy, Powell was able to pull the boy to safety.

Coalition medics on the scene quickly assessed the boy, finding no serious injuries. The child was then returned to his mother and father, who were thankful for the assistance. The patrol then filled in the hole they dug, and returned to their outpost.

The following day, Powell visited the family’s residence with a medic to ensure the child was not having any medical issues from the fall. The medic determined the child was in perfect health.

“In my 18-years in the Army,” Powell said, “this is, by far, the greatest thing I have ever done.”

Source: MNF-Iraq.

Update: DVIDS has a pics of the well and of Captain Powell and the boy here.

Hat Tip: Chuck.

By Howie at 01:32 PM | Comments |

Video : A REAL FredHead...

And I thought I was a hardcore FredHead...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:40 AM | Comments |

2 Female Korean Hostages Released

An answered prayer (via Fox):

GHAZNI, Afghanistan — Two South Korean women hostages kidnapped by Taliban militants in mid-July were handed over to officials from the International Committee of the Red Cross on Monday, the first significant breakthrough in a hostage drama now more than three weeks old.

The two women, who broke into tears after seeing the Red Cross officials, got out of a dark gray Toyota Corolla driven by an Afghan elder and into one of two waiting Red Cross SUVs. The women did not say anything to reporters who had been alerted to the handoff location by a Taliban spokesman.

The women, who the Taliban have said are ill, were among 23 South Koreans kidnapped by Taliban militants on July 19.

The release is the first breakthrough in the hostage drama, which took a downturn in late July when two male captives were executed by gunfire.

Let's continue to pray for the safety of the remaining hostages, that they will receive freedom, and that their captors will receive the same mercy and compassion given to Bae Hyung-kyu and Shim Sung-min.


The South Korean Foreign Ministry identified the freed hostages as Kim Kyung-ja and Kim Ji-na. Previous media reports said they were 37 and 32 years old, respectively.

By at 08:53 AM | Comments |

August 12, 2007

Tonight We Dine In.....

I don't care who you are, that's damn funny right there.

stein hoist: Linda.

By Vinnie at 07:30 PM | |

Hizbullah Terrorist Pwn3d by IAF

Firing rockets into Israel makes the IAF angry.

Don't make the IAF angry. You wouldn't like them when they're angry.

By Good Lt. at 04:59 PM | Comments |

Kos and "The Cranks"

PJM Remix.

By Good Lt. at 04:28 PM | Comments |

FredHeads at the Iowa Straw Poll

The FredHeads are already making excuses for their failure to win the Iowa Straw Poll for Fred:

Through the course of the day, four volunteers handed out approximately 1,500 bumper stickers, 1,000 business cards and 900 premade buttons. We also manufactured and passed out another 500 buttons on-site and signed up almost 100 new Iowa FredHeads.

No, we didn't win the big game, but in our defense, we suspect the other candidates might have spent a little more than we did...

Full article, with photos, here.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 10:44 AM | Comments |

Coulter on Beauchamp

"Absolutely Fabulist:"

He had tried to stay out of ideological battles by writing made-up articles in a national magazine claiming soldiers in Iraq had become callous beasts because of George Bush's war, killing to "secure the riches of the empire." Alas, this proved an ineffective method of keeping his head low. Beauchamp's next bid for privacy will be an attempt to host "The Price Is Right."
Elizabeth Edwards could not be reached for comment.

By Good Lt. at 12:00 AM | Comments |

August 11, 2007

As A Gun Owner, Should I Be Worried? *Poll Sticky*

Here's the quote from our local paper:

Mayor Mike Fahey wants to add surveillance cameras in violent areas, boost the Police Department units that serve those neighborhoods and stiffen local gun laws in response to the spike in gun violence that has left nearly 40 people wounded in shootings since July 1.

Here's the poll:

Mayor Fahey Is Trying To Take Away My Guns
Free polls from

Okay, as Paul Harvey says, here's the rest of the story. What I quoted above was from the local paper. Here's what Fahey actually said via our local talk radio station:

The mayor announced several new initiatives that he hopes will reduce the violence, but also said the city can't solve the problem alone. Fahey will seek increased penalties for those caught selling illegal weapons, and the teens carrying them.

He suggested that the city install surveillance cameras in violent areas of the city's expressed a desire to have more officers in the police's gang unit.

So, I'm interested in seeing if the poll results start to change before the post unstickys.

By Vinnie at 11:59 PM | |

Baltimore TV Station Lifts Story from Blog Without Giving Credit

A reporter at WMAR, the local ABC affiliate in Baltimore, lifted a news story from Inside Charm City without giving any credit to anywhere else she might have seen it. The story about the Stop Snitching DVD in the UMBC library was covered on WCBM AM and the publisher* of Inside Charm City was interviewed on WBAL AM about it. The initial blog post as well as the radio mentions of the story (which did credit Inside Charm City) were all made well in advance of the news story by Linda So of WMAR.

Full details of WMAR's lift of the story can be found Inside Charm City.

* Jeff Quinton is the publisher of Inside Charm City for the record.

By at 05:47 PM | Comments |

Live from L.A. Nuclear Dirty Bomb Central

I woke up to find out that Los Angeles has been named as one of three locations for a possible nuclear "dirty bomb" attack. Since we may be attacked at any moment naturally I've decided to rush downtown where such an attack is most likely to occur.

That way if I happen to see Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, at least one person will have the presence of mind to kick him square in the nuts. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and tackle any guy who even remotely looks like Adnan. They say he tries to pass himself off as a Mexican national and that he speaks fluent Spanish. Nobody in downtown L.A.'s busy garment district on a Saturday afternoon could possibly fit that description, right?

The attack against Los Angeles, New York, and Miami are said to be imminent and from a credible source. You know, some jihadi jagging off to beheading videos and posting threats from his parent's basement.

Remember the last time when they threatened to blow up NFL stadiums, and then they detonated an atomic bomb in Colorado......or was it Baltimore? I always get confused over the written account of the attack and what I saw on tee-vee. Anyway, the good news was that although Ben Affleck survived the initial blast, six months later he died of fallout related leukemia. Too bad Alec Baldwin wasn't Jack Ryan on that day.......

Anyway, I'll leave you with the DEBKA report:

The al Qaeda communications accuse the Americans of the grave error of failing to take seriously the videotape released by the American al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gaddahn last week. “They will soon realize their mistake when American cities are hit by quality operations,” said one message.

Another said the attacks would be carried out “by means of trucks loaded with radio-active material against America’s biggest city and financial nerve center.”

A third message mentioned New York, Los Angeles and Miami as targets. It drew the answer: “The attack, with Allah’s help, will cause an economic meltdown, many dead, and a financial crisis on a scale that compels the United States to pull its military forces out of many parts of the world, including Iraq, for lack of any other way of cutting down costs.”

If I don't return to blogging today it's because I'm dead or being debriefed by the CIA. That, or because after I'm done with my shopping downtown (I really am going to the garment district today) I'm heading to my brother's wedding and I plan to be busy partying like it was 1999.

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L'affire d'Beauchamp Round-up

Old news to those paying close attention.

TNR is apparently still trying to pass off what they're doing as journalism. Rather than provide names and sources for their rigorous, extensive fact-checking crusade that can be cross-checked by other outlets like CJR, the NYT, the WaPo, etc. (not exactly spokes in the right wing noise machine, as it were), TNR has decided that people asking for verification of its "facts" have "ideological agendas" and that those questions don't deserve answers. That, and it's now the Army's fault.

Riiiight. It's everybody else's fault that TNR hired an aspiring anti-war writer who was hitched to one of its own researchers to get "the story" out, and when "the story" was held up to even the most rudimentary scrutiny, "the story" began to crumble like a sandcastle in the surf. Basic facts, like the differences between FOB's in Iraq and staging areas in Kuwait were lost in the fog of Beauchamp's overactive imagination, and TNR stood by it the whole time. When forced to admit their mistakes, TNR opted to double down and call everyone else a liar and an "ideologue."

Memo to TNR: The reporter at Forbes who started raising questions about Stephen Glass was, according to TNR's new standard, TNR's ideological opponent. A writer for a magazine who's audience was business leaders and "the rich" - the exactly kind of person that TNR and their leftwing socialist culture despise. That didn't make him wrong, did it? TNR, in its rush to believe what it wanted to be true, stopped fact-checking themselves, and it turned out that that "ideological opponent" was dead-on 100% right. TNR knew it then, and it isn't a stretch to assume that Franklin Foer and company know it now.

Bob Owens actually contacted one of TNR's own cited sooper seerkit "experts" who then refuted TNR's own statements, and yet TNR refuses to concede that it's over.

TNR arch-nemesis Michael Goldfarb augments Owen's catch. The ball goes back to TNR, and TNR simply throws it into the stands. Penalty.

Proverbial TNR bugaboo Ace puts it quite simple. "Stop lying."

Charles Krauthammer has a devastating piece that ran in the WaPo on the entire sordid charade going on at TNR.

Jules Crittenden puts the boot in the other mouth.

LGF, in light of TNR's latest dodge, yawns.

Powerline extrapolates the scandal out to the publishing industry in general. Oprah even gets a nod! The world is ending.

And no, this does not mean that Iraq has returned to the kite-flying human-rights-upholding, ultra-stable, stately pleasure dome paradise it was under Saddam Hussein. Nobody ever once asserted such a notion. It simply signals that ideologues who don't like the war are willing to lie about it and to attempt to spread those lies with little regard for facts or for larger truths. Unless they're the "correct" truths.

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August 10, 2007

Ever See A Flying Terrorist?

UPDATE: Unofficial caption contest in the comments. Winners:

"There's a "Flying Imams" joke in there somewhere." - Four Pointer
"Nice height but he didn't stick the landing... they may cost him points with the judges, we'll have to see." - Nicky

Well done, you bastards.
- - -
Hilarious, soaring PWNAGE.

BONUS FOOTAGE BELOW FOLD: Terrorists die in car courtesy of USAF! --->

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SLATE Doesn't Like Our Name?


The self-appointed deities of "hip" at Slate decided that The Jawa Report isn't a cool name because it's "geeky pop-culture."
For some reason (don't ask me why) conservatives christen their sites with geek pop-culture references more often than liberals do. The Jawa Report seems to think those hooded midgets at the beginning of Star Wars were acolytes of Milton Friedman, and the prolific and always-quotable Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters presumes to pilot not the ship of state but the Starship Enterprise.
I'm so glad that Slate knows what Rusty or any of us think at any given time.

Personally, I'd sooner read a blog named after the famed scavengers of robot parts trolling the endless dune seas of a cruel desert planet baked by twin suns than read the tired nothingness of droll scribbled on a bland slab of thin and brittle rock. And I don't really care what CNN thinks about it.

Fweh. Probably could be worse. In all honesty, we got off light.

We could be called "The Huffington Post." Or even "The Plank."

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Sandcrawler PSA #3947

INDC Bill is going back to Fallujah.

If you can spare some coin, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Via HotAir headlines.

Sandcrawler PSA #3948:

Comments are shut off on my posts unless or until we get some sort of comment moderation or registration going on this blog. Sorry, but, you know where my email address is.

Thanks and have a great day.

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Sabotage Suspected in Foot and Mouth Outbreak

(Dorking, England) Livestock at three farms within three miles of an animal research facility have been infected with foot and mouth disease (FMD) and authorities are suggesting it was sabotage.

The suspected new outbreak came as a scientist called in to investigate whether the virus had escaped from an animal health research plant said yesterday that sabotage was fast becoming the only explanation.

Andrew King, who was brought in by the Institute of Animal Health (IAH), in Pirbright, Surrey, suggested that it was time to call in the police.

Dr King, a former head of molecular biology at the IAH, said that biosecurity was so tight that he felt the outbreak had to have been caused deliberately. He told The Times:

"As far as I am concerned the authorities have failed to find any chink in the armoury of the establishment's bio-security. What you are left with is human movement, which is not a matter for the institute, it's a police matter. It's very, very unlikely that it could be spread by accident. People do not spread the disease easily."
Dr King added that the longest period after which the virus had ever been recovered from the human body after heavy exposure was 48 hours, and that involved a full body search. To pass the virus from human to cow “you would have to hug a cow and breathe down its nose”, he said.
I would suggest investigating possible "guess the religion" bumper sticker employees on the payroll at the animal research facility. One shouldn't ever rule out the chance of a sleeper jihadist.

On the other hand, the UK has tolerated a vigorous, and sometimes criminal, animal rights movement. It's possible that an activist could rationalize wiping out a few animals for the sake of destroying an entire industry.

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No Ambulance for Victim Who Wet His Pants

(Oslo, Norway) A 37-year-old man, known only as Ali, was seriously beaten by another man in an Oslo park last Monday. Head first, Ali was knocked to the ground and he lost consciousness (pic). Police and paramedics were called.

When the paramedics arrived, however, Ali had accidentally wet his trousers. Hazy, Ali, having gained conscience, stood up and wet his trousers for a second time, according to witnesses.

Witness Caroline Drefvelin was shocked by the paramedics' behaviour.

"The blood was running form his head, and he seemed very groggy. When he peed by the ambulance, one of the paramedics said 'You pig', and then they refused to take him with them," she told

Police stood by, but did not get involved when Ali was refused help, according to Ali's girlfriend Nordberg. She later took a taxi to the hospital with Ali.

After five hours of surgery, doctors said that Ali might suffer permanent brain damage. Lawyer Abid Q. Raja, representing Ali and his family, remarked, "This would never happen to a white man."

Okay, is this racial discrimination, a human rights violation, a "hate crime" or does the ambulance service have a "No Pee Allowed" rule? Your guess is as good as mine.

It seems odd that the whole episode occurred in a politically correct and wonderfully diverse Scandinavian country. If it happened in the U.S., there would likely be riots and lawsuits.

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NWO Gets to Twoofer Moron

This is a few days old, but hilarious. Some of you may remember that Twoofer jackass "John Connor" ambushing Danny Bonaduce in a cafe. Well, that same Twoofer jackass, Mark Dice, lets loose a snort-worthy seethe about (gasp) having to participate in real life:

With google video being so popular, many people just watch videos for free and never buy the DVDs and support the film makers, and it seems people are even more reluctant to buy books. I'm almost out of copies of The Resistance Manifesto and have NO MONEY to print the new run. It’s going to cost about $7 thousand dollars. That and my laptop, which is the only computer I have, is almost burnt. The screen flickers to black all the time, and I fear it may just not come back on. The thing crashes almost every day too. I have a ChipIn box on if you want to donate to help me get a new one.

I'm making about HALF the money at my day job than I did last year because business sucks and the economy is crap. I work in sales management. If I have to get a new job, I won't have all day to research and make videos since I will be forced to become a corporate slave so I don't start bouncing my rent check which I almost did last month.

I'm very disappointed in the movement, not only for not supporting my work, but for not fighting for the cause. I showed everyone how easy it was to jam radio talk shows like Hannity and O'Reilly. I should be hearing a half a dozen calls every day about the Illuminati and 9/11, yet I hear none. I have stopped listening to these clowns in hopes of hearing a caller slam them on the issues, because it doesn’t happen.

Oh, poor widdle baby! It's all about the Benjamins, I guess. I'll send my donation right over.

Ron Paul!!1 Fight the NWO!11!z FiRE cANt Mlt StEEl!3

Great catch by SLC.

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Undercover Mosque

I posted this here a looong time ago, but it's probably important to watch it again now that its being investigated by the Brits for media malpractice. Apparently, their jihadi supporters like to wage jihad and spread Muslim hate in privacy.

Probably won't be long before Google Vid yanks it as well.

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The Paultard Express Rolls Into Iowa Too!!!!

Not to be outdone by the FredHeads, the Paultards have their own "Ron Paul Express."


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The FredHead Express Rolls into Iowa

The Texas FredHeads set out this morning from Oklahoma and have now rolled into Iowa.


It is now only a matter of time...

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Vacation Alert

I need a vacation from my grueling summer vacation, so I'm heading to California for the weekend. Actually, my brother is getting married. So, you'll have to find your war porn (or regular porn) elsewhere.

Now if I could only get the Zionists to sponsor my vacations, then I'd be really happy.


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Video: "Dear People of Afghanistan" (Warning: Tissue Alert)

The families of the kidnapped S. Korean hostages plead directly to the Afghan people to help in returning their loved ones safely home. The spokesman explains why the Koreans went to Afghanistan:

"They went to Afghanistan with the burden in their heart to pay back the debt of love that Korea received unconditionally from numerous countries during the war 50 years ago. They are our sons and daughters. Each one of these twenty-one people under the custody of the Taliban is a precious child to us.

These children went to act on their love beyond race, religion, and borders. Tragic war that tore Korea into pieces is not forgotten. Instead, it is still engraved in our hearts. This is why the Koreans are ready to go wherever the people under suffering may be.

[. . . ]

Thanks to people like those 21 men and women in hostage who helped Korea from all over the world, we are now who we are. We believe in the near future children of Afghanistan will also act in love in other needy countries like those 21 Koreans.

Please send our children so that we can meet them alive. We believe these children will become strong advocates of Afghan when they return to Korea. In that respect I say that we are the one and only country that is in a unique position to be capable of understanding Afghanistan.

Dear people of Afghanistan, though we speak different languages, we believe that our heart will speak to your heart. We believe that Korea is still Afghanistan's friend and hope. Please send our 21 children home that we may hug them once again. May we hug our children once again? Can you send us our children? Please. Please send our family back."

Please keep praying that these families may be blessed by the safe and soon return of their precious loved ones.

H/t Michelle Malkin

Crossposted at Not Ready for my Burqua

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The Massacre Meme That Just Won't Die

The Taliban claim that 200-300 civilians gathered at a market are killed in a NATO bombing. NATO investigated the claim and found that zero civilians were being treated at the nearest hospitals. I thought we had put this to rest, but the massacre narrative just keeps going.

Notice that this IWPR report (also reprinted here) is being written by a "trainee", which means a local. You'll also notice that every single person interviewed was a) male b) of fighting age.

The author attributes this to the Afghan tradition of keeping women home, especially in Taliban strongholds in the South. Give me a break. Who can forget these women at a local market under Taliban rule? Or a more recent photo?

The "massacre" as described by "eyewitnesses"

“The bombing by foreign forces started when all the villagers were gathered for the traditional mela, where they buy all their requirements for the week,” said Sultan Mohammad, a local man. “This mela is close to a holy shrine. At three in the afternoon, the planes came and dropped bombs on the people, killing more than 200 and injuring 150......

Gul Wali, 18, was also among the injured. “Bombs were falling from the sky into the trees, and I saw pieces of flesh and bone,” he said. “These were our villagers, they were innocent people. They had just come to the mela to buy food for their families. Instead, they ended up looking for their loved ones among piles of bodies.”.....

The injured were taken to various hospitals in the area. Some were transferred to Musa Qala, a Taleban stronghold about 100 kilometres from Bughni. Others were taken to Kandahar, about 150 kilometres away, and more still went to Lashkar Gah, over 200 kilometres from the scene of the bombing.”

The problem?
Over 100 kilometers away, they found a total of 19 adult males and one 8-year-old child wounded in Lashkar Gah hospital. Over night, three of the adult males died. And in Kandahar hospital, they found wounded 14 adult males and three 10-11 year old males. There were never any women admitted with injuries, and none are reported injured or killed at Lashkar Gah hospital or any other local hospitals in the area.
Remember, the Taliban claim is that this was a crowded market place. But, oddly, no women are there.

They also claim that the majority of the injured were taken to Lashkar Gah hospital, more so than any other hospital. But only 19 men and one child were there. All of whom could have easily been Taliban fighters or sympathizers.

Given what we know about the Taliban, it's not surprising to find young boys at the gathering. The Taliban are known to recruit children, and go so far as to use them in suicide bomb attacks. The now dead Mullah Dadullah, who's brother may have also been killed in the bombing, personally supervised a 12 year old Taliban boy beheading a "spy".

The same "civilians" who claim they were just hanging out at the market actually, later in the same article, admit that the Taliban were hanging "spies". They can't get there story straight as to how many spies were being hanged, though:

“Armed Taleban were hanging three people on charges of spying for foreign forces,” said one man, Khan Mohammad. “Then the planes came, so I ran away.” ....

Another man, who had come to Lashkar Gah with an injured relative, also told of the executions. Dressed in long traditional Afghan clothes, with eyes red from rage and grief, he was only too eager to open his heart to a reporter.

“We went to watch the execution at the mela place. The Taleban were hanging people. There were seven spies to be hanged, but after the first two, the bombing started.”

So, which is it: were they there innocently picking up some food for dinner or were they there to witness a Taliban execution? The "trainee" who wrote the article doesn't bother to ask.

The narrative cannot be said to be pro-Taliban, what it is is an equivalency piece. No one can be trusted in war. Here's the summation:

All parties – foreign forces, the Taleban, and civilians too - have an interest in advancing their point of view, leading to wildly conflicting claims of casualties.....

The dispute over basic facts is unlikely to be resolved, and all sides remain entrenched in their positions.

I thought resolving the basic dispute over facts was the journalist's job? Fact checking was what the media was supposed to be doing? But how is interviewing injured Taliban fact checking?

Americans or Taliban, they're all the same. 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. Or so I am told by the media. And that's just how they are training their new recruits.

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An Airline Pilot Writes Muslims

Infidels Are Cool has this letter from an airline pilot to American Muslims:

What will you do for America - our great country - at this time of crisis, at this time of war?
If CAIR is the face of Muslim Americans, then whine and seethe I'm sure.

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Taliban Spokesman MIA?

This is a first, Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi "could not be reached for comment."

A prayer:

Please God, free the hostages.

Oh, and while you're at it

do me a favor and kill Qari Yousuf Ahmadi.

The slower and more painful, the better.


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August 08, 2007

The American T.V. Viewing Public Agrees With Me

When I'm right, I'm right.

The AFL-CIO Democratic forum last night on MSNBC, was the lowest rated-yet of the eight primary debates/forums held this election season. Based on live +same day data, Nielsen found the debate had 960,000 total viewers and 340,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo.

Well, I'm always Right, so change that to "correct."

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Jerome Armstrong Fined $30,000 for Stock Fraud

Also known as "When the SEC Crashes the Gates."

Bwahahahaha! Accountability.

What a worm.

UPDATE: Unbelievable. A Kosbot retorts: "You're a f*ggot, Drudge." OK - that's not the direct quote.

Sorry. "Self-hating closeted homosexual and right wing propagandist blogger Matt Drudge." Read the comments for a torrent of homophobic hate. Gobsmackingly vile.

That's it, nutroots. The hate is swelling in you now. Strike him down and he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Quoth a Kosbot in the comments:

I'll never get the fag thing for Drudge.

I support outing gay Republican hypocrites, but what is this? What does it do? After four years of seeing it - it ain't outing anymore. It just looks, to any eye first seeing it, homophobic.

I know you've probably heard this before. Just bugs me.

You don't say? That's because, Little butterfly, it is homophobia.

ht: AllahP

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Compare and Contrast: Insurgent Video & U.S. Video of Same Event

I posted this as an update, but it's just too good not to have it's own post.

Compare and contrast: two videos shot of the same event. One shot by insurgents. The other video from a U.S. Apache AH-64.

No, the Apache doesn't engage the insurgent. It's just surveillance. But it's an interesting study in how insurgents take raw video like this and turn it in to propaganda. I can almost imagine the nasheed (Islamic song) running and a few allahu akhbars thrown in. I've seen dozens of videos of insurgents firing off rockets. Of those, maybe three actually show anything getting hit. Usually it just shows the launch. Nothing else.

Their video:

Our video:

FYI--The 34 Iranian made missiles that are set up by the insurgents in the beginning of their video are never fired. Our guys dismantled them long before that, and the insurgents were captured. Images here. How do you think we got their video?

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CAIR: Acid Bomb Thrown at "Flying Imam" Mosque!

The American Krystalnacht has begun! CAIR:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said today that an "acid bomb" was thrown near worshipers outside an Arizona mosque early Monday morning. CAIR is calling on local and national law enforcement authorities to investigate the incident as a possible bias-motivated attack.
OMG! Oh, wait. This is CAIR we're talking about. So, what about this "acid bomb"? WaTimes:
"Calling it an acid bomb is kind of misleading," Officer Barnett said. "It was a plastic bottle with pool cleaner that expands and pops and squirts the pool acid. It's kind of like the Menthos (mints) and Coca Cola thing you see (on YouTube) -- the pressure mounts and it pops. It's not like a stick of dynamite was placed there." ....

We're not ruling anything out, we've had a few more pop bottle bombs in the area, and we're concerned and want to see if there is a motive against religion, or just a bunch of yahoos driving around and tossing these out the window," Officer Barnett said.

Sounds very similar to the pop bombs we used to make with dry ice when I was a young teenager. But with CAIR, every little incident is a sign of an impending pogram against Muslims. If they didn't scare people, how would they make their money?

So two Muslims are found with pipe-bomb materials in their car and CAIR cries "discrimination," but when a couple of teenage hoodlums throw a plastic Coke bottle out their car window near a mosque...

Definitely read Audrey Hudson's post all the way to the end. Especially that last sentence. Interesting question, no?

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Insurgents Using U.S. Rockets to Kill U.S. Soldiers?

The DOD today released a video taken by insurgents who were later captured. The nine minute video shows at least two rocket attacks against U.S. positions. One of those rocket attacks, on July 11th, killed a U.S. soldier.

What's so odd is that the second set of rockets appear to be U.S. or British. At least, all the identifying marks on them are in English. Can any one help identify these? UPDATE: Looks like these are Iranian missiles, just not 107mm. Bigger, 230mm. Possibly Iranian Oghab missiles.



I did a Google search and didn't find anything on the "M Rocket" or on the "FL1-A". And you'll notice that these rockets appear to have been made this year, 2007.

Are we looking at some of the vast quantities of ordinance that have recently been reported as missing? Were these insurgents using our own weapons against us?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, there is a news story running that a number of Iranian made 107mm rockets were found, that Matt at Blackfive cites in his post, as does SeeMonk in the comments. And BohicaTwentyTwo thinks they are of Chinese design, Type 63.

But I'm not sure if the stories that are being run aren't referring to the first set of rockets in the insurgent video. Here are a couple of vidcaps:



I'm also told in the comments that English isn't necessarily indicative of U.S. or British make. The Iranians, they say, also print in English for export. Update: I'm getting all sorts of advice that these are Iranian rockets, but just not 107mm. They are definitely not anything NATO uses.

I've posted the video as well as the story about how it was found below:

UPDATE: I've added video of an Apache AH-64 actually filming very same insurgents! I. Kid. You. Not. The dates, July 12th, and the location, FOB Hammer match up exactly.

Compare and contrast: our video vs. their video.

Apparently, this Apache was circling overhead even as they proudly filmed themselves. According to the DVIDS info that came with the video, the 34 rockets were disarmed before they were fired.

FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq – Soldiers of the 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment conducted a raid, Aug. 6, in northeast Nahrawan, resulting in the discovery of the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team’s most wanted insurgent.

According to Capt. Matthew Carman, of Allentown, Pa., battle captain for the 3rd HBCT, the insurgent was found hiding under a bed in a house adjacent to his own by Pfc. Doug Jones of the brigade’s Time Sensitive Target team.

After 3rd HBCT intelligence received information on the insurgent’s location, the TST team and Troop B, 3-1 Cav. moved to the target site on foot.

“The whole idea was to move covertly to the house so nobody would take off running,” Carman said. “They walked a significant distance to the house. Then they brought in the trucks.”

Jones said he was clearing the house of people before bringing in bomb searching dogs to the building. He searched a room that had already been searched once. While clearing closets, Jones said he saw one of the beds move.

“He must have been shivering a little because I saw the bed just barely move,” he said. “I thought it may have been a kid hiding because he was scared.”

Jones said he flipped the bed and still didn’t see anything because the insurgent was hiding between a bed and a wall. Jones saw the insurgent’s arm when he put the bed back down.

“I was smiling and I guess that made him smile because he smiled back up at me,” Jones explained. “I told him to stand up and then get on his knees. He smiled really big then, like he was happier about this than I was.”

Soldiers searched the entire house and found a video depicting insurgents preparing rockets to be launched against the 3rd HBCT’s main operating base. Video footage shows men setting up 49 rockets aimed at FOB Hammer, which were launched July 11, killing one Soldier and wounding 15. The video also shows the set-up and execution of an Aug. 5 rocket attack against FOB Hammer.

The unit detained nine individuals found inside the house, including the most wanted individual.


Their video:

Our video:

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Arafat Was Gay, Died of AIDS!

Ah, another example of death being funny! There have been rumors of this flying around since right after his death that Arafat was gay and had AIDS. Recently, MEMRI ran a translation of an Al-Manar TV (a Hizbollah station) interview with Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the PFLP General Command, who claimed that Abbas was informed that Arafat had the AIDS.

The video I link below is from August 5th. I'm told that it shows Arafat's personal doctor confirming that he had AIDS. Just click the image to watch.


As they say, too good to fact check!

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Rendezvous with Destiny: Reagan on Appeasement Redux

Ronald Reagan's speech updated for the war on terror. Thanks to Lao who has the text of the speech here. Video below.

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I Thought This all Seemed Familiar....

Michelle Malkin and Scott at Powerline have two must read posts about the parallels between recent MSM coverage of Iraqi vets and the Winter Soldier hearings.

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Pigs Fly: Paliwood Revealed

Two kids get blown up by a bomb. Palis claim it was an unexploded Israeli bomb, but reporters on the scene say otherwise:

Palestinian journalists, however, were pressured to report that the children were killed by an Israeli bombardment.
As Brian rightly notes, the amazing thing is that the Palestinian journalists reported that the explosion that killed the children was most likely caused by a Palestinian bomb--despite coercion to falsely report the incident.

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FBI Seize Goose Creek Suspect's Computer

Okay, so is this now a full blown terror investigation? SP Times:

Investigators have removed computers from the family home of a University of South Florida student accused of having pipe bombs in his car, according to Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

He said the FBI contacted the parents of Yousseff Samir Megahed of 4959 Anniston Circle, Tampa, who were on vacation, and got permission to search their home. When they returned, their computers were gone.

Plot thickens. The story also suggests that one of his roommates, from Mauritania, has now left the country. I wonder if that should read fled the country?

I'm guessing the FBI is looking for jihad related material on his computer. Hat tip: Liz.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl has a related news video posted.

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Congrats... longtime friend Rob Port. Now he can finally put to rest all those "ghey" rumors.

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Trading Celebs for Hostages

Probably the greatest idea. Ever. Just click on Mikey for the details.


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The "FredHead Express" is Heading to Iowa

FredHead Express-right side-small.JPG

Details at FredHeadsUSA.

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2008 Pin Ups for Vets Calendar Now Available

Remember the beautiful and lovely Gina Elise of Pin Ups for Vets? If you don't you need to find the nearest rock and crawl out from under it.

I got an e-mail from Gina last night saying that she is now taking orders for her 2008 benefit calendar. Gina says, "I am launching the 2008 calendar fundraiser now and accepting pre-sale orders because I completely sold out of calendars last year, so be sure to order early!" According to Gina's web site the Pin Ups for Vets calendar is produced for three reasons:

1. The calendars would be sold to raise funds for our hospitalized Veterans.

2. The calendars would be delivered as gifts to our ill and injured Veterans with messages of appreciation from the donors.

3. The calendars would be sent to our deployed troops to help boost morale and to let them know that Americans back home are thinking of them.

I know my morale is boosted every time I sit at my desk at home and see Miss Elise hanging on my wall. According to her e-mail this year you can, "buy a personalized autographed poster as well!!!" Great! I'm moving into a new apartment and could use something to hang on the wall.

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

I usually don't discuss global warming. I will admit that I don't think anyone really knows if global warming is real or if it is merely an opinion that has snowballed over time. When I was a young boy (back during Rusty's mild life crisis), I remember that chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs were, "causing the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica to grow." CFCs have been banned en mass for quite sometime and the hole in the ozone layer remains and is growing due to, what was recently admitted, solar activity.

My overall opinion of environmentalism, more specifically, environmentalists are that they are as loony, if not loonier, than the political left. The CFC comparison is one of the many reasons why I think that. However, what I have noticed recently is that the second you say global warming is a farce you are immediately shunned, shouted down, or threatened by those that are trying to tell the world we are all producing too much carbon dioxide. This is a pattern that I also noticed immediately after the 2000 Presidential election here in the United States. The second you said you supported President Bush after January 2001 you were treated as if you just told Al Gore that he was not exactly right about global warming today. Funny how the connection between the left and the environmentalists and their treatment of others comes back to Al Gore.

This morning, reader Don Hagen sent me an e-mail asking me to watch a movie on the topic of global warming as well as comment on the movie aptly named, The Great Global Warming Swindle. I usually don't talk about global warming because I think it is pointless to do so. The fact of the matter is that climate change is normal (remember the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age?).

Another reason I don't discuss it is the fact that real or not the topic of global warming is on the table and isn't coming off the table anytime soon. There are a lot of people dedicated toward reducing carbon dioxide emissions and a lot of taxpayer money being poured into climate research. Like it or not, the topic of global warming is going to be around for a while; at least until the next ice age.

Additionally, there is nothing wrong with humans cleaning up the planet a little, recycling, and planting more trees. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the United States seeking out new ways to power the country that exclude Middle Eastern oil as the main energy source. Hell, as a matter of fact, I've recently purchased a more fuel efficient car. Not because I'm worried about the environment but because I'm tired of paying so much for gas.

I really just don't talk about global warming because it is not a topic that interests me and it is certainly not a topic I feel needs to be debated. Nevertheless, I strongly encourage you to watch the movie Don Hagen asked me to so that you can take what you've heard from the media and what you see in The Great Global Warming Swindle and formulate your own opinion.

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Full English Video: Al Qaeda / as Sahab Hafiz Usman & Adam Gadahn Propaganda

Just in case you wanted to see the full English version of the as Sahab produced al Qaeda propaganda video featuring Hafiz Usman & Adam Gadahn, I have it posted below. This is the recent video which threatened both the U.S. homeland and embassies abroad. I finally figured out how to upload it to Google video. Thanks to Howie for the help.

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Hell Freezes Over: AP Calls it "Murder"

Buried in this article about the Taliban now saying that they will swap the Korean women hostages for females held in Afghan jails comes the most shocking thing I've seen in the AP since the beginning of the war:

Ahmadi, the Taliban spokesman, reiterated a murder threat against the Christian aid workers.
Seriously, I've never seen any of the major wires call what the Taliban routinely do to their hostages murder. It's always execution or simply killing, but never murder.

Sorta related: Is my old pen-pal and Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi really two people?

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New From McDonalds - The Hajji Happy Meal

One U.S. Army sniper.
One .50 caliber rifle.
Fifteen hundred yards.

This is what happened to one would-be "suicide bomber".
At least he got the "suicide" part of his martyrdom right.

WARNING: Very graphic. Do not view the following image if you are squeamish.

"One shot. One kill."

Image Credit: "John" at Global Defense Group

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A Letter to My Wife Held Hostage by the Taliban

Have tissue ready. A video letter from Ryu Hang-sik to his wife Kim Yun-yeong who is being held hostage by the Taliban.

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Hellfire vs. Insurgents

Your daily dose of joy.
It's clear that these two guys had no idea that they were about to be Valmorphanized™.

Peek-a-boo... we see you!

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TNR Denies Beauchamp Recanted, Cites Source Who Calls Him a Liar

My head, it hurts. I just was sent this link to TNR:

We've talked to military personnel directly involved in the events that Scott Thomas Beauchamp described, and they corroborated his account as detailed in our statement. When we called Army spokesman Major Steven F. Lamb and asked about an anonymously sourced allegation that Beauchamp had recanted his articles in a sworn statement, he told us, "I have no knowledge of that." He added, "If someone is speaking anonymously [to The Weekly Standard], they are on their own." When we pressed Lamb for details on the Army investigation, he told us, "We don't go into the details of how we conduct our investigations."
The only problem with this is that even if Beauchamp didn't sign a recantment, Major Steven F. Lamb, who TNR uses as a source to deny the retraction story, said on a seperate occasion that:
An investigation has been completed and the allegations made by PVT Beauchamp were found to be false.
So, well, there you go. TNR' cites anonymous corroboration as evidence that Beauchamp is not lying, and then they cite a guy, as even more evidence, that is on the record as saying that Beauchamp is a liar?

They even go out of their way to mention that The Weekly Standard's source is anonymous--which seems to be an important point to them--but then fail to mention that the people who allegedly corroborated Beauchamp's story also are anonymous. And the corroboration is singular: one guy says Beauchamp stories are true.

That's either odd logic or TNR is just in such a state of denial that they completely miss it.

And, as Allah notes:

Lamb isn’t denying it [that Beauchamp has recanted], just saying that if it’s true, no one’s told him yet.

Anyway, I've never felt like this was such a large infraction that Beauchamp should be given harsh punishment for. I'm not sure the "attrocities" that are referred to in this Fox News report that AllahP has up. At most, Beauchamp is guilty of being a first class asshole and trying to make other troops look like first class assholes. So, I'm glad to hear that he'll only get 'administrative punishment", which I hear is a lot less severe than in Starship Troopers.

The worst punishment given to this guy will be from the men and women who have to put up with his presence. UPDATE: Via Michelle Malkin who has a great roundup, Blackfive agrees about the punishment.

Another update: AllahP responds with an interesting question: Has TNR mentioned yet in any of its reporting the results of the Army’s investigation?.

As my Lefty friends are wont to say: interesting question.....

Update again: Ace sums up my thoughts better than I can:

Scott Beauchamp's strongest character witness at this point is the guy who's calling him a God-damnable liar.
UDATE: Jeff G also has an interesting question:
One wonders if the DoD would have concluded its investigation without bringing charges against Beauchamp had he not, in fact, recanted
UPDATE: The Franklin Foer dead pool begins. There's no way this lead's to Foer resigning. Hell will freeze over first.

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Western Tax Money Funding Hamas

I noticed a story about the U.S. Treasury Department freezing the assets of a charity which was really a Hamas front running this morning on LGF. CT blog shows the ties between the charity and Hamas here.

Fearing that the al-Salah Society may have a website that is hosted in the U.S. I did a quick Google search to find out. Instead, I found that your tax dollars have been used in the past to support the Hamas front.

The PNGO is a:

US$ 41.9 million project, funded by the World Bank ($19M), the governments of Canada ($0.6M), Italy ($9.7M), Saudi Arabia ($2.5M), and the United Kingdom ($8.4M), the Islamic Development Bank ($1.1M) and the Welfare Association ($0.6M).
The PNGO gave a grant of $12,900 to the Al Salah Islamic Society to help finish the Hamas run medical clinic in the al Maghazi "refugee camp" (think city) in Gaza.

So, we indirectly funded Hamas through the World Bank. The British, Canadians, and Italians even more directly funded Hamas through the PNGO. First give them the money, and then freeze it!

Your tax dollars at work!

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Korean Leftists Behind Hostage Demonstrations

Looks like a protest to help the South Korean hostages? It isn't. It's a front for a group that advocates the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Korea and unification with the North.

Sweetness and Light has the info on SPARK, the people behind the protest. Hat tip: Brian.

We continue to demand that the Taliban release the hostages unconditionally and support the position of no quid-pro-quo for hostages. The result of paying ransom or giving in to hostage demands is always the same: more hostages taken.

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Finally: A Weapon that Makes You Barf

It's like all my childhood fantasies coming true at once...... Next in line for science: the orgasmorator.

Thanks to Jim at PoliSat who thinks this is some sort of puke saber.

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Hackers PWN Dateline NBC Reporter

I know I'm late to the game on this, but I have a friend who was at Defcon 15 over the weekend and so I just had to post something. What was funny is how paranoid he was. He was was using wifi from his room and he was 100% sure that with so many people with mad haqing skillz around, all communication was being intercepted. As if sending up-to-the-minute Lindsay Lohan updates was information that somehow needed to be protected.....

Anyway, the crux of the story is that Dateline's Michelle Madigan went to Defcon "undercover". She's better know for her involvement in Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" series. She was told to wear a press pass, but didn't. Apparently she was trying to use hidden cameras, maybe to catch some hackers doing....whatever. But she was found out and--literally-chased off.

Hilarious video below.

Hat tip: the Jawa who is no longer a Jawa but really still is a Jawa.

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Israelis Warned to Leave Arab Countries "Immediately"

Israelis have been warned to leave Arab countries immediately because of a "concrete and severe" terror threat. There is also the possibility of kidnapping attempts by Hizbollah agents.

Q: Why the hell would a Jew want to go to an Arab country?

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Daily Masochism: Kos's New American Center

According to Kos, his fans are the "new center of American politics". If the new American center believes, like Kos, that the murder of Americans by Islamist fanatics in Fallujah, and the desecration of their bodies is worthy of saying "I feel nothing....screw them", then maybe it's time for me to move.

My guess, though, is that Kos is wrong. That the vast majority of Americans don't support his radical anti-Americanism*. That their lack of support for the war in Iraq comes from a different place. Americans like to win. The day America stopped supporting the war was the day they became convinced that we were losing. It's really that simple.

*I don't necessarily think that not supporting the initial invasion is anti-American. What I do think is anti-American is not wanting us to win. And I also think it is anti-American to think of Iraq as "Bush's war". Administrations do not go to war, nations do. Unless you are not part of this nation, then it is your war.

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Pakistan Attacking Taliban Forces

It's about freaking time.

Pakistani forces attacked suspected hide-outs of pro-Taliban militants near the border with Afghanistan Tuesday, while President Pervez Musharraf warded off proposals of unilateral US military action against terrorists in the tribal region.

In the first major military assault in North Waziristan since a fragile peace deal fell apart last month, artillery and helicopter gunships struck compounds near the village of Daygan, located about 20 kilometres from the region's main town of Miranshah.

This may thwart Barack Obama's invasion plans.

On cue, locals have said that only civilians were killed. Mostly women and children. Hmmmm, where have we heard that claim before?

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No Wonder Baltimore Has Such a High Crime Rate

Jeff Quinton found this DVD the UMB library. The back side is even worse. Go check it out.

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August 06, 2007

Beauchamp Recants Stories, Signs Statement Verifying Their Falsity

The new TNR/MSM standard for running stories - "smidgens" of truth.

Via the Weekly Standard:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp--author of the much-disputed "Shock Troops" article in the New Republic's July 23 issue as well as two previous "Baghdad Diarist" columns--signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in the New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods--fabrications containing only "a smidgen of truth," in the words of our source.
The flaming skull's up at Ace's (who's earned a promotion for rolling TNR on this story), and TNR's razor-thin hair of credibility has been torched.
Now that the military investigation has concluded, the great unanswered question in the affair is this: Did Scott Thomas Beauchamp lie under oath to U.S. Army investigators, or did he lie to his editors at the New Republic? Beauchamp has recanted under oath. Does the New Republic still stand by his stories?
We would ask them, but they're hiding out in a cabin or on a lonely beach somewhere trying to figure out what the hell to do.

Looks like TNR picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Stephen Glass redux...

UPDATE: Ace even got an advance, sooper seekret copy of Beauchamp's war memoirs. Friends in high places.

UPDATE 8/07 by Rusty: TNR now denying that Beauchamp has recanted, cite same guy who calls Beauchamp a liar.

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So, eh, War Support is Trending Up, Huh?

What are the Democrats going to do?

What are our resident trolls going to do?

The military is winning. Trouble for the Democrats, no?

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Video: al Qaeda Threatens Embassies

UPDATE: Full al Qaeda / as Sahab video of Adam Gadahn and Hafiz Usman in English here.

Okay, I've finally taken the time to watch the entire new as Sahab al Qaeda video. It runs well over an hour and there is an English subtitled version of it. I tried my best to upload the thing but it's over 200 MB and there are no free video hosts that will host something that big. The smaller versions are simply unreadable.

My opinion from last night hasn't changed: Gadahn and friends are all talk, no c*ck. But here are a couple of screenshots I thought you might want to see. They are from two long segments giving the Islamic justifications for attacking embassies and ambassadors.

The first mentions a global conspiracy against Islam in which the embassies are really used to control the Muslim countries.


The second rails against the United Nations as part of this grand conspiracy of Crusaders.


I'll end by embedding this video I found of just the Adam Gadahn speech. Any one who wants the entire English language video, just e-mail me and I'll send you the link and password.

PS--Does any one know of any free software that can be used to split FLV videos? If you do, drop me an e-mail.

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Someone Finally Paying Attention to Korean Hostages in U.S.

Michelle Malkin to the rescue. She'll be talking about the murderous pieces of filth in the Taliban holding 21 Christian hostages tonight on Fox News. They already murdered two of them.

I hope she mentions the fact that in the first few days of the crisis, the Taliban accused the medical missionaries of "crimes against Islam". Under traditional Islamic law, those found trying to convert a Muslim may be punished with death.

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Gay Couple Guilty of Child Sex Crimes

(Hartford, Michigan) In June 2007, two former foster parents and same-sex couple, Kurt Alfred Amundson, 42, and Robert George Shafer, 43, were indicted by a federal grand jury for alleged sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography.

Both were charged with exploiting a child by producing images of a young boy engaged in sexually explicit conduct. It seems the boy, described as under 13 years old, was a foster child of Amundson and Shafer.

In the latest development, both Amundson and Shafer have pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids to producing images of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

Investigators found several images of child pornography, including images of a child befriended by the two men, on computers, cameras, CDs and floppy disks seized from the Hartford men's residence in June 2006, according to a news release.

Authorities said the two were licensed as foster-care providers and were in the process of adopting a child for whom they were serving as foster parents. The foster child and the child befriended by the two men alleged that Shafer and Amundson sexually assaulted them, according to the news release.

Notably, Amundson was heralded as a homosexual foster parent in a 2003 article, "The Changing Face of the American Family."
When asked about his role as a same-sex foster parent he said mentoring children was not satisfying enough for him.

"It was helpful, but I wanted to carry the relationship beyond that," he said in the article.

Apparently, he did.

Shafer and Amundson are scheduled to be sentenced, respectively, in October and November. They each face a mandatory minimum 15 years in prison with a maximum 30 years. Fines of up to $250,000 are also possible.

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Guy Sues Hot Boss for Flashing Boobs, Groping Him. Did I mention she was HOT?




A man says he was unjustly fired after spurning the advances of his boss - who bared her breasts to him repeatedly, tried to touch his genitals and offered to help him quit smoking by substituting "real" kisses for cigarettes, according to a blockbuster lawsuit....

Carrion is seeking an unspecified amount of damages from Nephro-Care, for sex discrimination, which he says caused him to suffer humiliation, embarrassment, lost wages and benefits, as well as other injuries. A request for comment from Nephro-Care went unanswered.

It's just like that one movie where it was disclosed that a very hot Demi Moore tried to come on to that Michael Douglas dude. And it was disclosed that she was just using him. Then it was disclosed that she was ruining the company. And later it was disclosed that he was suing for sexual harassment.

I think it was called The Bus that Couldn't Slow Down.

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Lesbian Bigomist Convicted

Lesbians: the bad kind. You know, ugly.

The Sun:

A MUM of five who 'wed' another woman while still married to her husband was given a suspended prison sentence today.

Suzanne Mitchell, of Shrewsbury, pleaded guilty earlier to breaching the 2004 Civil Partnerships Act, which allows same-sex couples to “marry”.

She admitted falsely claiming to be single to enter into a civil union with Caroline Beddows in February last year.

More proof that Cinemax ought to be sued for false and misleading late night images of lesbians.

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Why Democrats Always Get the Union Endorsement

Notice anything missing from this National Association of Letter Carriers endorsement ballot? Not a single Republican name appears. So, it's not who to endorse, but rather which Democrat. Check it out below.


Thanks to David Lunde, NALC Branch 507, Madison, WI.

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Why Adam Gadahn Became an al Qaeda Terrorist

This explains a lot. I'm not sure which is less likely: Gadahn getting laid or the Dodgers winning the series.


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About those "300 dead women and children" .......

Remember the 200 -300 civilians that were allegedly killed by a U.S. airstrike against top Taliban leaders? The Taliban claimed that what the U.S. really bombed was a busy market. Upon hearing claims of heavy civilian casualties, NATO investigated. Number of actual civilians killed: ZERO.

It's not so much that the Taliban makes these claims that bothers me, it's that the Western press actually reports them.


KABUL, Afghanistan – Coalition forces, in support of ISAF, struck a large group of Taliban extremists meeting in a remote area of Helmand province Aug. 2. In response to allegations that the strike may have caused civilian casualties, ISAF sent a task force to conduct an assessment.

“All Allegations are treated seriously,” said Lt Col Claudia Foss, ISAF spokesperson. “This one is no different. ”

Several media reports quoted the Taliban extremist who claimed up to 300 civilians were killed during this operation. In addition, Taliban claimed civilian casualties were taken to Mizani district, Zabul province.

“For these individuals to receive treatment in a Zabul hospital, the injured civilians would have had to be moved over 180 kilometers of extremely rough roads in mountainous terrain through the provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul,” said Lt. Col. Bridget Rose, Regional Command South spokesperson.

After checking local hospitals in the general vicinity, Task Force Helmand officials found no civilians admitted for treatment.

Over 100 kilometers away, they found a total of 19 adult males and one 8-year-old child wounded in Lashkar Gah hospital. Over night, three of the adult males died. And in Kandahar hospital, they found wounded 14 adult males and three 10-11 year old males. There were never any women admitted with injuries, and none are reported injured or killed at Lashkar Gah hospital or any other local hospitals in the area.

“If there were actually a large number of civilian casualties as claimed by the Taliban extremist, it would be highly unusual that only fighting age males showed up for treatment at the local hospital over 100 kilometers away from the operation site,” Rose said.

There is no evidence of civilian casualties caused by the above mentioned operation. It appears that the current Taliban extremist statements are just another example of their overall disinformation campaign.

“Over the past weeks,” added Foss, “Several media have reported erroneous information on numbers of casualties from ISAF operations following Taliban extremist propaganda. But rushing to deny causalities is not the way ISAF communicates. We refer to confirmed facts, not hear-say and that obviously takes time. Unlike the Taliban extremists, we value the truth and our credibility.”

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Mr. T and Chuck Norris in Afghanistan

Chuck-Norris.jpgI think the title pretty much says it all. I had to post this.

By Sgt. Brandon Aird
173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team spent July 22-28 in Dangam District in Kunar province near the Pakistan border. Lush farms that thrive from a stream flowing through the valley surround the area.

The Soldiers are from Red Platoon, Charlie Troop, 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment (Airborne), and they were in the area to help fortify the position of an Afghan national police station and also to establish and reinforce observations posts (OPs) with the Afghan national army on nearby hilltops.

The OPs help monitor and stop Taliban extremist movement in the area. Red Platoon named the OPs after one Soldier’s mom, another’s daughter, Sandra and Haden respectively and famous TV stars: Chuck Norris and Mr. T.

“We thought of the 'baddest' dudes we knew,” said Army Staff Sgt. David Benoit, a squad leader in Red Platoon. “Naming OPs like we do helps keep morale up.”

Even though the atmosphere in Red Platoon is a little laid back, the Soldiers take their jobs seriously. From OPs Norris and Mr. T, the platoon observed cross-border activity, called for and adjusted indirect fires, and engaged the enemy with direct fire.

“Our mission was to establish a joint security station in the Dangam area with the Afghan national police and Afghan national army,” said Army 1st Lt. Jesus Rubio, Red Platoon leader. “We’re also out here to get situational awareness of the area and build friendships with the local leaders.”

The district center of Dangam is a sign of progress for the local ANP. The center has a store, mosque, police station and a school for girls and boys. It also has computers and Internet capabilities.

Red Platoon has built up the area around the ANP station to better safeguard against attacks from Taliban extremists. The district center fortifications are just a small piece of the mission.

The observation posts that Red Platoon maintains also help build cohesion between the Soldiers and the local populace.

“We met the new Afghan border patrol commander while we were out at Mr. T,” said Benoit. “A local villager walked all the way up the mountain to tell us the whole valley was talking about us. Everyone was very excited we were up here, he told us.”

Another benefit of establishing OPs throughout the valley is the intelligence that was gathered.

“We observed the bad guys moving on the mountain,” said Benoit. “We also got names of smugglers. We definitely laid the grounds for long-term relationships with the locals.”

Red Platoon is in the initial phase of helping build up the district center. Future joint operations will continue for the next 14 months that Red Platoon will be in Afghanistan.

Numerous times at OPs and at the district center, the local village elders would invite the Soldiers over to their houses for food and tea.

“The Afghans treated us like kings (during operation) Mr. T,” said Benoit. “It was awesome.”

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Taliban Leaders Captured

Two senior Taliban leaders captured by Afghan forces, world yawns. The two are said to have connections to other senior Taliban leaders as well as al Qaeda in Pakistan.

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Al Qaeda Cell in America?

Threats made by Adam Gadahn in his new al Qaeda video are getting some people nervous. I wouldn't be as worried about the American traitor's threats as I would be about new information which suggests that the failed Glasgow/London suicide bombers had contacts in the U.S.

Okay, worried may be too strong a word. Amused? Yeah, that's the word. Because if the al Qaeda cell in the U.S. received the same training as the moronic doctors who tried to pull off jihad in Britain, then we really don't have much to fear. Remember, these are the guys who couldn't pull off a suicide car bombing right. And they're doctors. Doctors, I am told by TV, are supposed to be really smart.

NY Sun:

E-mail addresses for American individuals were found on the same password-protected e-mail chains used by the United Kingdom plotters to communicate with Qaeda handlers in Europe, a counterterrorism official told The New York Sun yesterday. The American and German intelligence community now believe the secure e-mail chains used in the United Kingdom plot have provided a window into an operational Qaeda network in several countries.

"Because of the London and Glasgow plot, we now know communications have been made from Al Qaeda to operatives in the United States," the counterterrorism official said on condition of anonymity. "This plot helps to connect a lot of stuff. We have seen money moving a lot through hawala networks and other illicit finance as well." But this source was careful to say that at this point no specific information, such as names, targets or a timeline, was known about any particular plot on American soil. The e-mail addresses that are linked to Americans were pseudonyms.

Hat tip: He who must not be associated with the Jawa at work any longer so that he won't get fired.

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Al Qaeda's War Crimes in Iraq

Mike Yon on al Qaeda's war crimes, atrocities, and crimes against humanity in Iraq. NY Daily News:

Behind the village was a palm grove. I stood there, amid the crushing stench of death, and photographed the remains of decapitated children and murdered adults. I can still smell the rotting corpses of those children....

Anyone who says Al Qaeda is not one of the primary problems in Iraq is simply ignorant of the facts.

What's so odd is that al Qaeda in Iraq and other Salafi groups in league with them film themselves murdering people and post them on the internet. So, they celebrate their own atrocities and yet many on the Left still deny either their existence or the threat they pose? Madness.

Hat tip: Once-a-Jawa-always-a-Jawa.

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Stuck in Pit, Kos Frantically Digging Deeper

How dare anyone in the military defend the military!

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Blogger Labor Union

The idea of a blogger labor union seems to make as much sense as having a union for people who sing in the shower. Nevertheless, there is an effort underway.

In a move that might make some people scratch their heads, a loosely formed coalition of left-leaning bloggers are trying to band together to form a labour union they hope will help them receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining or even set professional standards.

The effort is an extension of the blogosphere's growing power and presence, especially within the political realm, and for many, evokes memories of the early labour organization of freelance writers in the early 1980s.

Organizers hope a bloggers' labour group will not only showcase the growing professionalism of the Web-based writers but also the importance of their roles in candidates' campaigns.

"I think people have just gotten to the point where people outside the blogosphere understand the value of what it is that we do on the progressive side," said Susie Madrak, the author of Suburban Guerilla blog, who is active in the union campaign. "And I think they feel a little more entitled to ask for something now."

But just what that something is may be hard to say.

Typically, a labor union has some leverage by threatening to strike against management. Bloggers threatening to strike would probably be greeted with a ho-hum or maybe even applause.

Of course, one must also consider that utopia is only achievable when the workers of the world unite.

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Magazines Seized in Morocco

(Rabat, Morocco) Although Morocco is generally considered to have a greater degree of press freedom than other Arab world countries, by no means is it truly free.

Morocco's government has seized copies of two current affairs magazines containing articles which it said showed a lack of respect for King Mohammed and harmed public morals.

Ahmed Reda Benchemsi, editor of Tel Quel (As It Is) and its sister publication Nichane (Forthright), was called for questioning by Casablanca police late on Saturday under orders from the judiciary, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

A reporter at Nichane, who asked not to be named, said Benchemsi had questioned the usefulness of parliamentary elections next month in a country where the monarchy wields ultimate power.

In his annual speech to the nation on July 30, the king said he hoped the September 7 polls would reinforce democracy, and he would oppose anyone who questioned their validity.

So, in some sort of twisted logic, the king will reinforce democracy by making sure that opposition voices are silenced. Sounds familiar.

Notably, this is not the first occasion that press freedom has been suppressed in Morocco. Last January, the editor-in-chief of Nichane, Driss Ksikes, and a journalist, Sanaa al-Aji, were tried and convicted for publishing jokes about Islam. Each was given a suspended sentence and fined over $9,000.

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August 05, 2007

When Leftists Attack

Yet another instance of liberals and leftist knuckledraggers perceiving themselves as infallible moral footsoldiers eliminating "racism," even when no racism is actually present. So much so that they are willing to inflict violence to communicate their "message."

They end up destroying dude's camera (a Navy vet) at a Minuteman protest and one of them gets his behind hauled off to the clink.

Sooo peaceful and tolerant of opposing viewpoints, these neo-Democrats.

ht: Jake @ AoSHQ

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MSNBC Finally Notices 'Global Cooling' Article From 1975

Its about damned time.

I only spent good part of the early year here at Jawa Report posting this 1975 Newsweek article with every hysterical piece of global warming agitprop. Good to see the MSM has finally caught up to us in getting ahead of the disinformation campaign.

Of course, this isn't actually news to those of us who've been paying attention to the Church of Algore for any length of time.

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Soltz Pics (In Uniform) Still Up

An Iraq soldier (the moderator at YearlyKos who shouted down a soldier citing facts to him) pictured in uniform advocating for Democrat political candidates - openly. I wonder if they'll notice anytime soon:


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Goose Creek Bomb Suspects Identified

goosbombersvert.jpgVia WISTV:

GOOSE CREEK (WIS) - Authorities demolished a suspicious item found in a car that led police to close a highway outside Charleston Saturday night.

WIS News 10 spoke with officials at the Berkeley County Detention Center who said 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and 21-year-old Yousef Megahed, the occupants of the car, are still in police custody.

So far they have only been charged with possession of explosive devices, but the FBI is working to see if more crimes have been committed.

The article goes on to say...
Officials say the men did not show up on any terror suspect list, and authorities don't think they posed a threat.
Hmmmm, it seems the al-Qaeda numbnuts who tried to bomb Glasgow Airport were not on any lists either. I'll say it again, it helps if the guys in your secret cell are, you know, secret.

Hat Tip: The Macmillans.

But wait, there's more. One bomb was ready to detonate and another was under construction.

Via ABC NEWS4: Goose Creek - Two men are being held in the Berkeley County Detention Center after police find explosive making devices in their car. The men had atleast one ready to go bomb and bomb making materials that include chemicals.
Hat Tip Larwyn.

Move along. These are not the middle eastern men with bombs and names similar to Megadeath we're looking for.

More coverage here at Riehlworld View.

Previous Entry.
Breaking: Car with Explosives in SC, 2 Middle Easterners Detained

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New al Qaeda Video Shows Zawahiri, Adam Gadahn, Threatening U.S. Homeland

UPDATE 8/07/11:22: Full al Qaeda / as Sahab video of Adam Gadahn and Hafiz Usman in English here.


A yet to be released video by al Qaeda's as Sahab media group shows Orange County, California native Adam Gadahn ranting against the West. Gadahn, who is known by Azzaz al Amriki, has appeared in several al Qaeda produced videos and is the only American indicted for treason in the global war on terror.

The video was intercepted by Laura Mansfield of Strategic Translations. The first few minutes of the video can be downloaded at Strategic Translations. UPDATE: Laura has gone ahead and uploaded the entire video.

UPDATE 8/06: AllahP has posted the short intro.

The video starts with a cartoon showing a car running into what appears to be a Presidential motorcade. Both cars, including what is presumably supposed to be the President's, explode. UPDATE: It seems that it's actually the recreation of an attack on an American diplomatic vehicle in Pakistan.



In a short introduction, we see Adam Gadahn saying, "The amount of respect we hold for your international law, is even less than the respect you hold for defying sharia (Islamic law)". UPDATE: More from Gadahn:

How can we recognize a law which states that the Embassy or Consulate is for all intents and purposes an inviolable fortress which the host country has no right to enter or monitor and when our sharia’h commands us to liberate every handspan of Islamic land occupied by the unbelievers?”....

Therefore, we shall continue to target you, at home and abroad...

Pulling even embassies from Islamic lands? Those are reasonable demands.

He also drones on railing against failure to recognize the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan"--which to you and I is the Taliban--as if they were a legitimate government to be negotiated with. It's surprising how few people know the proper name of the Taliban shadow-government. When we've done battle with the Taliban's official websites in the past, many service providers wanted proof that the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" website was connected to the Taliban.

CNN has this to add from the video intercepted by Laura:

In that video he issued President Bush a series of "legitimate demands" that he said must be met to avoid continuing jihad against Americans everywhere.

Those demands ranged from pulling out all soldiers from "every Muslim land," to halting support of the "enemies of Islam" and of Israel, to freeing all Muslims held in detention centers and prisons.

Failure to take any one of the steps, he said, would be "considered sufficient justification" for continuing the fighting and killing.

Ayman al Zawahiri also appears on the video condemning Pakistan for this or that crime (yawn).


The real star of the video appears to be Qari Uthman, a "martyr" who's example, we are told, should be followed. Since I neither speak Urdu or Arabic, it's not exactly clear to me what he "martyrdom operation" he is responsible for. AllahP and I were talking about it and I think he's right: this is probably Qari Usman, who was allegedly involved in a plot to kill Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

UPDATE 8/06: The Blotter identifies the man as Al Hafez Othman, who killed four people in an attack on the United States Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan last year


The video also tries to link the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to a greater war on Islam. Again, yawn.

So, this al Qaeda's "big surprise" they warned about two days ago? Yeah, big surprise that Adam Gadahn is still a traitor. Big surprise that Zawahiri still hates America. I'm, er, shocked.

Since I know Adam still reads the Western media and he's also online from time to time, here's a personal message. Dude, none of this makes you look cool. You're still a loser. And this video? It sucks. You're a major retard.

And if I should ever get my hands on you before your hideout in Quetta gets bombed, believe me one of us is not walking out of that room alive.

Double Hat Tip props to Laura Mansfield for keeping me in the loop on this. We would have posted last night, but I had to get some sleep.

UPDATE: Okay, I've finally taken the time to watch the entire new as Sahab al Qaeda video. It runs well over an hour and there is an English subtitled version of it. I tried my best to upload the thing but it's over 200 MB and there are no free video hosts that will host something that big. The smaller versions are simply unreadable.

My opinion from last night hasn't changed: Gadahn and friends are all talk, no c*ck. But here are a couple of screenshots I thought you might want to see. They are from two long segments giving the Islamic justifications for attacking embassies and ambassadors.

The first mentions a global conspiracy against Islam in which the embassies are really used to control the Muslim countries.


The second rails against the United Nations as part of this grand conspiracy of Crusaders.


I'll end by embedding this video I found of just the Adam Gadahn speech. Any one who wants the entire English language video, just e-mail me and I'll send you the link and password.

PS--Does any one know of any free software that can be used to split FLV videos? If you do, drop me an e-mail.

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August 04, 2007

Cognitive Dissonance @ Daily Kos

Charles captured a screenshot of a Kos diarist scolding the nutroots for treating a uniformed soldier like a criminal for expressing facts in uniform. The facts, of course, are political to the Kossaks.


Indeed, Mr. Intellectually honest Kos diarist. Hmmm...what exactly is Soltz doing in uniform advocating for Democrat candidates?


You'd almost think advocating for Democrats while in uniform was a violation of UCMJ regs or something.


Funny, that. Maybe he should be prosecuted, or something. That's what the Kossaks would do...

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Breaking: Car with Explosives in SC, 2 Middle Easterners Detained

CNN and local news are reporting that a car possibly carrying explosives has been stopped by police outside Charleston, South Carolina. Two men were in the van, both described as Middle Eastern.

The car was stopped in the community of Goose Creek, north of Charleston. The bomb squad and the FBI are on the scene. Highway 176, where the car was found, is said to still be closed.


Hat tip: Larwyn.

UPDATE: I know that CNN is retracting the "Middle Eastern" angle, but local media is still running with it. But get this, reliapundit dropped this in the comments:

Goose Creek is home to the Naval Weapons Station and the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig, a military prison where enemy combatants have been held."
That's interesting. It may be nothing more than cops with a heightened sense of security.

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E-Voting Decertified in California

(Sacramento) Apparently, electronic voting machines have been challenged by experts and lost.

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, bowing to fears of computer fraud, Friday decertified Los Angeles County's electronic voting system and sharply curtailed the use of two other machines that California counties had hoped to use to conduct the February 2008 presidential primary.

She said she would allow unlimited use of one system, Hart InterCivic, as long as security and auditing safeguards are implemented.

But in the case of two major companies -- Diebold Election Systems and Sequoia Voting Systems -- Bowen said she would allow just one machine per polling place, apparently to provide an accessible option for disabled voters.

A significant number of California counties have invested mucho dinero for their machines and now they won't be able to use them. I imagine they're pretty puckered. California's registrars will likely try to fight the decision.

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It Couldn't Have Happened to a Nicer Set of Jihadis

Looks like the jihad supporters over at the "World News Network" have encountered a little problem. What's a matter guys, too busy jacking off to beheading snuff videos to read the vBulletin manual or to back up your SQL database?


Apparently Lord Vader was wrong about you.

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Searching for Robert Levinson

God speed and good luck to Christine Levinson in finding her husband who has been missing in Iran since early March. He was arrested by Iranian police but hasn't been seen since and the Mullahs deny they have him in their custody. Right.

I have a bad feeling about this. The problem with paranoid and brutal regimes is that they're, well, paranoid and brutal. For now, I consider Robert Levinson a hostage.

Sun Sentinal:

The wife of a retired FBI agent who vanished in March while on a business trip in Iran plans to fly to the Middle East to search for her husband.

"I am positive he is alive," Christine Levinson told The Associated Press Thursday at her Coral Springs home. "If he were hospitalized or had been killed, we would have known by now."

Robert A. Levinson, 59, was a highly decorated FBI agent credited with taking down several notorious organized crime and drug lords.

He is a father of seven.

Hat tip: Mrs Abe Froman

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HIMARS - Highly Mobile Artillery Rocket System

This is the first launch of a HIMARS in a combat zone.

Get Some!

More information about the HIMARS below the fold.
Hat Tip: "scotte" at LiveLeak

From FAS:

The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) TD will provide a lightweight, C–130 transportable version of the M–270 multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) launcher. Mounted on a 5–ton family of medium tactical vehicles (FMTV) truck chassis, it will fire any rocket or missile in the MLRS family of munitions [MFOM]. The HIMARS launchers will some commonality with its older and heavier tracked cousins, the M270 and M270A1 launcher systems. The HIMARS design concept will include the familiar launcher module, fire control, and digital command and control systems, and a self-reload capability. The HIMARS uses the same command, control, and communications, as well as the same crew, as the MLRS launcher but carries only one rocket or missile pod. It will roll on and off a C–130 transport aircraft and, when carried with a combat load, will be ready to operate within 15 minutes of landing. The HIMARS will fire either six MLRS rockets or one Army Tactical Missile. Because of the lighter weight of using one pod rather than two, it will have a faster time, compared to the current M270, from the point the fire mission is received to the actual munition firing.

HIMARS is based on the need for a lighter weight, more deployable MLRS that can be sent anywhere in the world to provide the maneuver commander lethal, long range fires at the very beginning of a conflict. HIMARS is being designed and produced by the Army to support its Early Entry Contingency forces and its Light/Airborne/Air Assault Divisions with long-range, general support rocket and missile indirect fires. HIMARS battalion, (3x6) will be organic to FA brigades in support of light, airborne, and air assault Divisions. HIMARS will be fully interoperable with and use the same existing command and control support systems as the M270 and the M27OAl launcher. HIMARS will also utilize the standard Army Logistical Support System. The purpose of HIMARS is to engage and defeat tube and rocket artillery, air defense concentrations, trucks, light armor and personnel carriers. It also supports troop and supply concentrations. Deployment of HIMARS makes it very difficult for an enemy force to launch a counter attack. HIMARS is able to launch its weapons and move away from the area at high speed before enemy forces are able to locate the launch site.

The HIMARS (launcher) will consist of a carrier (automotive portion) and a Fire Control system (FCS) that computes all fire mission data and a Launcher-Loader Module (LLM) portion that will perform all operations necessary to complete a fire mission. The HIMARS will also conduct reload operations with the use of a reload arm assembly. HIMARS retains the same self-loading and autonomous features installed on the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). The Improved Launcher Mechanical System (ILMS) upgrade and electronics of the Improved Fire Control System (IFCS), now being implemented onto MLRS M270 launchers, will be standard equipment on production HIMARS vehicles. HIMARS’ fire control system, electronics and communications units are inter-changeable with the MLRS M270 A1 launcher. The crew and training are the same as the current system. The launcher unit is equipped with an onboard land navigation system. This allows the crew to remain within the safety of the armored cabin while accurately monitoring their position.

HIMARS is operated by a crew of three - a driver, gunner and section chief - but the computer-based fire control system enables a crew of two or even a single soldier to load and unload the system. The fire control system includes video, keyboard control, a gigabyte of program storage and global positioning system. The fire control computer allows firing missions to be carried out in automatic or manual mode.

The HIMARS is mounted on the Army’s new Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) 6x6 all-wheel drive 5-ton truck supplied by Stewart and Stevenson, Texas. This system uses a wheeled transport vehicle versus the tracked transport system of MLRS. The HIMARS vehicle will carry a single six-pack of rockets and weighs approximately 24,000 pounds compared to the 12 rockets and more than 44,000 pounds for the MLRS M270 launcher.

Additional information here.

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Murdered Oakland Journo Was Writing on Raided Muslim Bakery

UPDATE: Via LGF, a handyman from Your Muslim Bakery admits to the murder.
- - -
Via Insty, the journalist gunned down and killed by a masked gunman the other day was incidentally working on a story on the chain of bakeries operated by a group of "black Muslims."

Firearms linked to the slaying of an Oakland journalist were seized during early morning raids Friday targeting members of a Black Muslim group that operates a chain of bakeries, police said.

Colleagues said Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey, 57, had been working on a story about Your Black Muslim Bakery before he was ambushed and killed Thursday morning in downtown Oakland.


Further developments as they break.

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CQ: Democrats Stole/Erased Vote, NYT Clueless

A new low in Congressional history - the 28% GLORIOUS DER LEADERS in the DemCong tried to steal and then erase a vote they lost, and they think nobody noticed.

Apparently, the NYT didn't notice it.

Pathetic. Let's watch the 28%er moonbats try to explain how erasing and stealing congressional votes is essential to the survival of the democratic Republic.

ht: AllahP

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Taliban: No Doctors for Sick Hostages

The Taliban has refused access to a team of Afghan doctors who volunteered to treat two seriously ill S. Korean hostages. Via Monsters and Critics:

The rebels did not trust the doctors, spokesman Qari Mohammad Yusif Ahmadi told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

If the hostages died because they had received the wrong treatment, then the Taliban would be held responsible for their deaths, he said.

Ahmadi had said on Wednesday that two of the abducted women were so ill they could die.

The Taliban had no medicine for them, he said.

Never mind that the Taliban would be responsible for their deaths in any case, since they were the ones who kidnapped them. We've already seen how successful the Taliban's treatment of sick captives is. Just ask Bae Hyung-kyu and Ruediger Diedrich.

Korean Hostage Archive

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August 03, 2007

Incoming! TNR Story About to Be Nuked by Army (UPDATE: KABOOM)

UPDATE: Investigation completed. Bob Owens: Beauchamp and TNR PWN3D. Your move, TNR.

An investigation of the allegations were conducted by the
command and found to be false. In fact, members of Thomas' platoon and
company were all interviewed and no one could substantiate his claims.
Hmm. AllahP:
Unless the Army comes up with compelling evidence disproving his story it’s going to end up as the military version of a he said/she said where each side simply believes whom they’d prefer ideologically to believe and leaves it at that. Let’s hope what they’ve got is as specific as Goldfarb’s quote implies.
Yes. Let's.
- - -
"[R]efuted by members of his platoon and proven to be false." That's apparently what passes for rigorous investigation at The New Republic these days. The Weekly Standard has this:
We are still working on getting something official. And we just heard from a reliable source that we should "stand by for a statement about to come from the Army saying their review of Beauchamp's story shows it to be a combination of complete fabrication and wild exaggeration."
Sounds juicy. Can't wait.

All that huffing and puffing by our resident trolls, all that blind support for "their guy in the sh*t," all that sneering self-righteousness, about to be brought low by an actual investigation. Not a TNR investigation, which (apparently) includes a week-long vacation in the midst of not fact-checking its stories, but a real look at what Beauchamp said happened versus what actually happened.

The milbloggers and soldiers were wrong to question Beauchamp and his lies, though. Questioning anti-military hacks and liars is unpatriotic. And how do the leftists respond to this imminent blow to their little self-imposed kerfluffle? Do they retract their smears, rants, psychotic ravings and slanders against those who actually want the truth in this matter? Do they repent for jumping reflexively to defend this gifted fabricator of a Warrior Poet who never thought he'd get caught doing what he did?

Sadly, no! They question your credibility sexuality!

The New Republic is likely to add another name to its wall of shame (not willingly, of course), and we're about to get another club with which to beat them over the head with forever.


Thanks to Ace, pointman extraordinaire.

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Flash Coolness Meets The History of Religion

According to Vinnie, this may have already been posted...
But according to Howie, I should go ahead and post it anyway.
So I am.

Because Howie said so.

If you'd like to see this larger, go here.

Remember, if you've already seen this here...
Blame Howie.

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I'm With Stupid

Friday fun post!

AUGUST 1--Meet Amanda Lynn Bailey. The Florida woman, 41, was arrested early yesterday on a drunk driving charge, her second DUI bust in the past three months. Bailey, a dealer at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, was booked into the Hillsborough County jail at 4:41 AM. There, a sheriff's employee snapped the below mug shot of Bailey, making sure that the photo's composition included the entire unfortunate message on her t-shirt.

Make sure you click through the whole slide show. Dr. Rusty Shackleford is at #10.

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Top Taliban Killed? A Taliban Execution Gone Terribly Wrong

Above is an image of Mullah Dadullah Monsoor at a "graduation ceremony" for up and coming suicide bombers. Jimbo dropped me the good news that he may have gone to meet Allah prematurely today.

And get this: the leaders were supposedly gathered to watch the Taliban hang two "spies".

Edmonton Sun:

The U.S.-led coalition said Friday it had launched an air strike on a meeting of top Taliban commanders in a militant stronghold in Afghanistan, and local officials said more than a dozen rebels and civilians had been killed.

The coalition issued a brief statement on the strike Thursday in a remote area of Baghran district in southern Helmand province, saying it targeted two Taliban commanders. It gave few other details and no word of casualties.....

An even higher-ranked leader, Dadullah Mansoor, commander of the Taliban for all of southern Afghanistan, was present at the meeting hit by the strike, but his fate was not known, Azimi said. ...

Taliban militants were hanging two local people accused of spying for the government. Other villagers had come out to watch when the bombs fell, he said.

Keep your fingers crossed....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:38 PM | Comments |

Obama Is Right About Pakistan

I haven't said this out loud. In fact, I've let others post their opinions about Obama suggesting that if Musharraf doesn't get busy destroying the Taliban then we might have to. What do I think? I think Obama finally got a foreign policy statement right.

Mike Fumento says what I've been thinking:

But give Obama this, he is the first candidate (that I know of) who has called the Pakistanis to task for allowing al Qaeda and other international Islamist terror groups to operate there with impunity. Western Pakistan today is what Afghanistan was on September 10th. Terrorists currently operate in Afghanistan but there's little evidence they operate out of it. SOMEBODY in some way needs to clear out the Pakistani rat's nest and if Obama stirs debate as to how, all power to him.
The point of Obama's statement, I think, was not to suggest that we must invade Pakistan, but a warning to the Pakistanis that its either them or us. Preferably them, of course, but let's not rule out the option. If they won't wipe out the al Qaeda safe havens in Pakistan, and we don't do it, then who will?

Yes, I know they have nukes. So do we. And, unlike the Pakistanis, we have the means of delivering them on our enemies.

By taking that threat off the table we give Musharraf another reason to try to negotiate his way out of the present conflict with the Taliban. And I'm always for keeping all options on the table.

Clarification: I'm not suggesting that Obama is right on anything else, nor that he's not uninformed about the very real al Qaeda threat in Iraq, just that he's right about this one particular thing: it's time to start threatening Pakistan again.

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Robots Deploy to Iraq, Cindy Sheehan Protests + YKos Shouts Down Soldier!

With news that the first armed robots have been deployed to Iraq, it's really just a matter of when......


As a bonus: early YKos Kidz shout down soldier who suggests surge might be working. File under *not shocked*

There's absolutely no way what this guy was doing could even remotely be considered 'political activity'. Since when is suggesting that the military is doing a good job a political statement? DOD releases on a daily basis similar statements. Clearly the moderator was trying to intimidate this soldier.

For instance, this video was released by the DOD today of a soldier talking about the effectiveness of the troop surge. They encourage this sort of thing.

As I told Charles when he e-mailed me about it: I wouldn't be surprised if the soldier was at YKos in an official capacity.

UPDATE: Allah has a good linkfest, but I don't see how this was particularly 'political'? Again, I'd suggest, given that DOD is finally playing offense in trying to get the word out that the surge is working, that this guy was probably there in an official capacity, and thus, "authorized by competent authority."

Maybe somebody should track this guy down and, you know, ask him?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:24 PM | Comments |

19 Arrested at Muslim Bakery: Oaklandistan Rising?

Is this the start of a new phenomenon in America: Oaklandistan?

From USA Today:

Police arrested more than a dozen people and seized a "small armory of weapons" during a raids this morning at the Your Black Muslim Bakery and other locations in Oakland, local media report.
I found the link over at LGF, but buried near the end is this important piece of information:

More recently, [founder of the bakery Yusuf] Bey's son and some other young men were identified as the young toughs who bashed liquor bottles in Oakland corner stores and berated the owners for selling alcohol in the community.

Also, longtime Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey was reportedly researching an investigative piece into Your Black Muslim Bakery before he was shot and killed Thursday morning.

Sounds to me as if Bey and his friends were trying to enforce Sharia law. The kind of thing that is common in Muslim ghettos all over Europe.

What was it that Chauncey Bailey was researching? Yet another gang in Oakland or a gang of thugs enforcing sharia?

It should be noted that by "black Muslim" that we are probably talking about members of the Nation of Islam--Louis Farrakhan's group.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:21 PM | Comments |

Terror Attack in Next Six Weeks on D.C.?

What could have prompted Capital Hill to ramp up security? This.


Raw Story:

An increased threat of another al Qaeda attack between now and Sep. 11 of this year has caused Capitol Police officials to step up security on Capitol Hill, Roll Call reported....

“Given the world situation and recently released snippet from al-Qaida threatening to attack Washington, we’re just being a tad more vigilant if that’s possible,” Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Terrance Gainer told the Capitol Hill newspaper. “Although, if you’re ready for a four-alarm fire at any time, it’s hard to be more vigilant.”

The frame is from an announcement by al Qaeda's as-Sahab production company about an upcoming "big surprise". To be honest, I would be surprised if al Qaeda were able to make good on a threat. Bunch of retards......

But, as a precautionary reminder, if you do happen to see this guy hanging around the Mall, do us all a favor and give the FBI a call ASAP.

Hat tip AllahP

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Islamic State of Losers in Iraq Lose Arms Cache

When one of al-Qaeda's fighters was captured the brave mujahadbeen spilled his guts.

A captured insurgent leads Coalition Forces to an Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) headquarters in Maqdadiyah, Iraq. The building is searched and destroyed.

By Howie at 10:56 AM | Comments |

The Coming Kos Operation Hummingbird

Remember Kos is the same guy who, upon seeing the bodies of Americans being desecrated by Islamists with ties to al Qaeda in Fallujah, said "Screw them." And he didn't mean the Islamists. I've reposted one of the horrible images below. Apparently, that's what passes for the center in the Democratic Party these days.

Rick Moran reports from the yearly gathering of the nutroots:

And as Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, AKA “Kos,” made crystal clear at a press conference this afternoon, the battle will not only be against Republicans, but also against Democrats who need to be “cleansed” from the party....

“There is no Jesse Jackson wing of the Democratic party anymore. We are the center,” he said.

If that's true, may I be the first to welcome our new Republican overlords in 2008!

PS-Operation Hummingbird was the codename for the 'night of the long knives' when Hitler purged the SA of 'undesirables'.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:46 AM | Comments |

Moronic al Qaeda Propaganda of the Day

Behold, al Qaeda's glorious parade through Baquba! That's, what, like 4 old Nissan sedans, a kid on a bike, and a few dozen onlookers? Yeah, Allah and the ummah are on your side alright.......

And wouldn't you know it that the Weasel Zippers found the video on our old friend Inshallahshaheed's Wordpress hosted website.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:20 AM | Comments |

An Army of Davids in Counter-Cyber Jihad

An interesting proposal similar to what I've advocated for years now. If the cyber-jihadis want to put their best geeks against our best geeks: bring it on, biyotches.

Only, it wouldn't be like an Army of our Davids vs an Army of their Davids. No, it would be more like an Army of Davids on our side vs a brigade of incompetent fools who should have been paying attention in hacking 101, but instead were too busy doing advanced research on whether or not it is harem or halal to wipe with the right hand.


But while there are some private groups (such as the SITE Institute) that monitor jihadist activity on the Internet, I haven’t heard of any that actually attack jihadist web sites. Maybe it’s already being done on a small scale, but much more could be done to target the thousands of Islamist web sites. Hackers, take it away . . .
Since the idea seems to be also hitting military circles, perhaps my idea of cyber-privateering might actually go somewhere in the future.

Hat tip: Soccer Dad

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More Kidnapping, Death in Afghanistan

Just another day at work for the Taliban. An Indian engineer abducted in Baghan province, in northern Afghanistan, and 4 judges kidnapped and murdered in Ghazni province, where the 21 remaining S. Korean hostages are also being held.

First, the kidnapping:

The Taliban on Friday claimed that it had kidnapped an Indian engineer in Baghlan province of northern Afghanistan.

A local Taliban commander Bahlol said Taliban fighters abducted the Indian engineer, who was working at a local power project, on Thursday in Puli Khumri, the provincial capital.

The engineer has been brought to the central Ghazni province, where 23 South Koreans were abducted on July 19, he added.

Now the murders:

Kabul - Police found the bullet-riddled bodies of four judges in southern Ghazni province where some 23 South Korean Christian Volunteers were also kidnapped nearly two weeks ago, police said on Wednesday. The four men were captured by suspected Taliban two weeks ago as they travelled in Ghazni province from neighbouring Paktika province. The militants had demanded the release of their jailed comrades for their freedom.

"This morning we found the dead bodies of four judges who were shot dead by enemies of peace and stability," Mohammad Zaman deputy police chief of Ghazni province told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

Zaman said that the bodies were dumped in Deh Yak district of the province and police were sent to the area after residents informed the authorities.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep track of every kidnapping and murder committed by the Taliban, as the majority of their victims are ordinary Afghans whose stories never make the news. Let's pray for the safety of this latest hostage and for the swift and total elimination of the Taliban.

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Fatwa Bans Honor Killings

(Beirut, Lebanon) Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah has spoken.

Lebanon's most senior Shia cleric issued on Thursday a fatwa, or religious edict, banning honour killings, calling the custom of murdering a female relative for sexual misconduct "a repulsive act".
There. That'll put an end to a practice that has been around for -- oh -- at least 1,000 years.

Realistically, though, the fatwa banning honor killings has to be considered the Muslim equivalent to Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" anti-drug message. Good idea but likely to be ignored by many people. In fact, the Grand Ayatollah only counts 1.2 million Shiites as his followers, leaving 99% of the world's Muslims not affected by his fatwa.

Nevertheless, it's a step in the right direction.

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August 02, 2007

Jack Bauer's Time In China Was Well Spent

Man, I don't even know how to begin a commentary about this.

The story claims that it's anti-corruption backlash, but, these are the ChiComs we're talking about here.

I'd like to believe it's an anti-Communism backlash.

Time will tell, I guess.

By Vinnie at 11:43 PM | Comments |

Polls: Democrats Panicking, Splitting on Iraq Good News

The resident Trolls here won't be happy about this: their beloved party of cowards and hacks is dreading good news from Petraeus in September - who they voted unanimously to confirm - and is getting wind of the current good news coming from the country. And they're scared - scared of victory.

The polls are shifting.
And the Democrats are fretting. Good news for the Troops and America, bad news for Democrats.

We must lose, the resident trolls say, for the good of the Democrat Party. Otherwise, they'd be WRONG. And Democrats just can't ever wrong about anything. Ever. Ever.


By Good Lt. at 11:23 PM | Comments |

You Made Me Cry, When You Said Goodbye

Kafeel Ahmed, who fried himself trying to kill infidels at Glasgow has died from his burns after 33 days of suffering.

Via Little Green Footballs: The Islamic terrorist who tried to blow up Glasgow Airport, and fought off police and bystanders while blazing like a human torch, is an ex-terrorist.
Ain't that a shame! I was hoping he would live long and suffer.

What a Cheap Trick! Going and dying on us like that. Tears like rain.

end: sarcasm.

Update: Exclusive audio of Kafeel's bandages being changed!

Hat Tip: Alex via Ace.

By Howie at 08:53 PM | Comments |

TNR Finds 'Minor' Errors After Fact-Checking

Let the slithering walk-back begin.

Yeah - that woman whose face melted at a forward operating base in Iraq?

She wasn't in Iraq in a forward operating base, as Warrior Poet Beauchamp "reported."

She was a country away in Kuwait, as was Beauchamp. Sorry - Kuwaite (Beauchamp's spelling).

Iraq. Kuwait. What the hell's the difference? Actually, if George Bush 41 hadn't done something, there would be no difference because Saddam was such a peaceful advocate of regional stability. Damn that BOOSH! Undermining TNR like that!

And the brutality of the war Beauchamp whimsically reported? Well, he wrote it nine months before deployment. Its the same, though. He is the first soldier in history to know in his heart, dammit, that war is brutal and hard work. And his prophetic, clairvoyant vision came to pass simply because he's the greatest poet in wartime history. Ever. Ever.

Click on over to Ace's to see TNR confirming things that weren't strongly contested, while ignoring and not confirming other things that were. Apart from the 100% true, accurate mistake just highlighted above.

Looks like Beauchamp was more than an idiot. I was a liar as well.

Exit phrase: "One soldier confirmed..." "One soldier confirmed..."

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Despite CAIR's Threats, the Show Did Go On

Robert Spencer spoke today at the Young America's Foundation despite CAIR's threat that they would sue YAF if Spencer made any defamatory remarks. I guess YAF called CAIR's bluff, eh?

Anyway, most of you already knew this since we all travel in the same blog circles. But since Robert has become something of a friend--in the online sense of the word--then I just wanted to give him some props. Good going man and good going to the people at YAF for standing up the the bullies in CAIR.

The man has a set of cajones much larger than me. Despite death threats he's out there in the public eye criticizing those elements of Islam that are most dangerous, repressive, and violent.

Robert has a roundup here and Michelle Malkin was there to see it live. Lucky. Anyway, it was big enough news that Brit Hume had something to say about it. Video here.

And Stacy McCain has a partial transcript of the speech. Here's a teaser:

If CAIR succeeds in smearing and silencing all those who dare to speak about the elements of Islam that jihadists use to justify their actions, and who dare to call upon CAIR itself and other groups to go beyond vaguely-worded condemnations of terrorism to real efforts to teach against the jihad ideology in schools and mosques, what chance do we have to resist the spread of that ideology? ...

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:19 PM | Comments |

Pakistan: Obama is Ignorant

I'd just like to thank Pakistan for this...

Via Yahoo News: ISLAMABAD (AFP) - Pakistan accused Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of "sheer ignorance" for threatening to launch US military strikes against Al-Qaeda on Pakistani soil.

Obama warned Wednesday that if he is elected president, he would order US forces to hit extremist targets on Pakistan's frontier with Afghanistan if embattled military ruler President Pervez Musharraf failed to act.

"Such statements are being made out of sheer ignorance," Pakistan's Minister of State for Information, Tariq Azeem, told AFP. "They are not fully apprised about the ground realities and not aware of the efforts by Pakistan."

I agree. What Obama said was almost, but not quite, as stupid as Pakistan's so called 2006 peace agreement with tribal militants the Taliban.

In the 2006 agreement, tribal leaders Taliban terrorists agreed to a peace deal with Pakistan a bunch of suckers. In the agreement the Taliban agreed to police themselves if Pakistan would just withdraw its troops from the area. Shortly afterward the al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists began using the area as a safe haven to launch attacks on Afghanistan and to resume kidnappings and murders.

So who's the more Ignorant? The Obama or Pakistan? I dunno, close call.

By Howie at 03:13 PM | Comments |

S. Korea Negotiates With Taliban Over Hostages

Despite reports yesterday that a rescue mission was underway to free the 21 remaining S. Korean hostages held by the Taliban, the U.S. and South Korea said today that no military action is being considered. Afghan troops, meanwhile, are conducting raids in the Ghazni area where the captives are being held, but insist that they are not aimed at the Taliban who seized the kidnapped Christians. Just other Taliban. Who just happen to be in the area.

Via Monsters and Critics:

Kabul/Seoul - The purported spokesman for Afghanistan's Taliban insurgents said Thursday that their members had the first direct talk by telephone with South Korean delegates aimed at securing the release of 21 remaining hostages held by the rebels for the past two weeks.

The spokesman said that the conversation was held between the South Korean ambassador to Kabul and a representative of the Taliban rebels after the South Korean government announced its readiness for direct negotiations.

'Today there was a contact via telephone,' Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yusif Ahmadi told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa by phone from an undisclosed location. 'Actually they have not asked us for face-to-face talks yet, and if they ask us for a meeting and specify the place and time, our representatives are in Ghazni, they are ready to meet them.'

Ahmadi said they will accept no substitute for the prisoner release they are demanding, and that South Korea should ask the international community and United Nations for help.

UPDATE: U.S. won't rule out force to free Afghan hostages

“All pressures need to be applied to the Taliban to get them to release these hostages,” said Richard Boucher, assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia. “We hope that pressure can be effective in a variety of ways, the goal is to get these people released unharmed, to get them released peacefully and safely.”

Korean Hostage Archive
Video & Images: Korean Hostage's Body Found

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Fixing FISA or Subverting National Security?

A.J. Strata has some thoughts on the Democrats proposal to "fix" FISA. Trust me on this one, it needs fixing.

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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Video

A security camera caught the yesterday's bridge collapse, John at Powerline has the video up here.

By Howie at 01:36 PM | Comments |

Censoring Saudi Criticism

Bryan interviews Dr. Rachel Ehrenfel who is fighting back at wealthy Saudis using the British courts to silence critics. Listen here.

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Counter-Cyber Jihad: It's the New Black

Counter-cyber jihad in the Weekly Standard. It seems that we have finally gone mainstream. You'll note that the article identifies one potential problem: that if an American webhost drops a site because of TOS violation, that site might pop up on a foreign server. And there may be some intel value in having those websites hosted in the U.S.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

I would caution, however, that the intel value of these websites are sometimes overstated. Most of these websites are used only to dish out propaganda, and there are simply far too many consumers of this propaganda and far too little in the way of resources to keep tabs on those consumers.

Aaron has a little reminder about striking the proper balance. HT: NC

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Another al Qaeda "Emir" Bites the Dust


MOSUL, Iraq – Iraqi Army soldiers from the 2nd Iraqi Army Division shot and killed three members of the Islamic State of Iraq terrorist organization, including its leader Safi, the touted al-Qaeda in Iraq emir of Mosul, after they were fired upon Aug. 1.

The incident took place during a series of combined operations involving the 2nd Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police throughout the city of Mosul. The 2nd Iraqi Army Division headquarters element, including Brig. Gen. Moutaa, commander of the 2IA, were conducting cordon and search operations in northeast Mosul when Safi and three of his bodyguards were spotted in a pickup truck.

The convoy gave chase and pulled the vehicle over. All four men exited the pickup and began firing at the IA soldiers. Moutaa and his security element returned fire, killing all three.

“This is a great example of the cooperation between the Iraqi police (who provided the profile and made sure his picture was widely distributed and familiar) and the Iraqi army (who actually stopped Safi),” said Col. Stephen Twitty, commander of 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. “The Iraqi Security Forces are leading the way here in Ninewah Province, unilaterally executing Provincial Governor Kashmoula’s security plan with incredible success.”

“The death of Safi will further disrupt senior AQI leadership in Mosul, which has been unstable since May, due to the combined efforts of Coalition Forces and ISF offensive operations,” said Twitty.

Hat tip: Sandcrawler crew

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American Convicted of Terrorism Charges

Michael Curtis Reynolds.jpg(Scranton, Pennsylvania) In October 2005, a 47-year-old Wilkes-Barre man, Michael Curtis Reynolds, starts communicating in an Islamist chat room looking for an opportunity to make money from al-Qaeda terrorists. For $40,000, Reynolds wanted to sell plans to attack the Alaska and Transcontinental pipelines and U.S. refineries.

Reynolds, now 49, is a divorced father of three who lives in Connecticut and has held a variety of jobs in the electronics field. Interestingly, he also once was involved with a paintball operation and is described as a loner.

Monitoring the Islamist chat room was Shannen Rossmiller (pic), a former Montana magistrate who has been independently hunting terrorists on the Internet since 9/11. After learning Reynolds' intentions, Rossmiller contacted the FBI who set up agents to impersonate al-Qaeda members to Reynolds. Ultimately, a sting was engineered and Reynolds was arrested.

In October 2006, Reynolds was indicted by a federal grand jury on terrorism charges.

Last month, Reynolds went on trial in Scranton before a jury of six women and six men.

In closing arguments earlier on Friday, defense attorney Joseph O'Brien said Reynolds had been attempting to communicate online with purported Islamist militants to expose them and not because he had any intention of working with them.

"His intent was the same as Rossmiller's," O'Brien told the court before U.S. District Judge Edwin Kosik. "He was out there trying to uncover terrorist actions."

But Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gurganus said Reynolds had admitted he told no one of his online contacts with purported militants, who also included an FBI agent posing as an attack plotter.

"He actively offered his services to commit acts of terrorism," said Gurganus, dismissing Reynolds' claim that he intended to trap alleged militants on the Internet. "He really is a person who thought he could make money helping al Qaeda."

On July 13th, the jury convicted Reynolds of four counts of terrorism, including attempting to "provide material support to al-Qaeda." With the conviction, Reynolds possibly faces more than 57 years in prison when sentenced.

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Al Qaeda Threatens Big Surprise

Update by Rusty
: I've added the image announcing the "big surprise" above.


A new al Qaeda propaganda ad, headlined "Wait for the Big Surprise" and featuring a digitally altered photograph of President George Bush and Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf standing in front of a burning White House, was posted on the Internet today.

The brief clip from al Qaeda's "as Sahab" propaganda arm juxtaposes the doctored photo of Bush and Musharraf along with previously seen images of al Qaeda's top leadership -- Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahri and Adam Gadahn -- as well as a photo of an SUV in a motorcade.

There is no additional information provided in the ad, and it closes with the words, "Soon -- God willing," written across the screen and repeated several times.

And the big surprise is?

Some Islamotard learned how to use Photoshop.

Sorry, I can't take these "ads" seriously anymore. Actions speak louder than words, and Al Qaeda (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 combined) hasn't been all that successful in the action department lately.

All I see here is a desperate cry for attention, an attempt to distract from the fact that they're getting their asses handed to them in Iraq.

Oh, we'll have an attack at some point, it's inevitable, but not all terrorists are Al Qaeda (either 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0). With that fact in mind, I'll respond to this "ad" with the ol' reliable...

UPDATE by Rusty
: AllahP wonders if one of the guys in the animated .gif above might be Adnan al-Shukrijumah who was allegedly charged by al Qaeda with the mission of getting in to the United States and setting off a dirty bomb.

The two look similar, but it's hard to tell. My gut instinct says no.

Geoff over at JYB offers some good insight into AQ's track record on carrying out their threats.

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August 01, 2007

The Obama/Democrat Warplan

Re-deploy to...Okinawa?

Cut the Troops off at the knees.

Meet with Kim Jong Il.

Meet with Chavez.

Retreat from Iraq.

Ignore Afghanistan.

Appease Iran.

Attack Pakistan, an ally (w/ nukes).

I suppose, by our resident troll logic, that if Obama supports invading a nuclear-armed ally, he should sign up for the military. Its the only way you can have an opinion, after all.

Boy - Islamists all over the world are shaking in their sandals!

By Good Lt. at 11:37 PM | Comments |

Random Troll Tweaking Post


Update by Vinnie: Michael Weaver notes that the poster above isn't written in "moonbatese" and perhaps they may not understand it. Maybe they'll understand this one:


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UFC's Tito Ortiz and Justin McCully Visit Troops

Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters Tito Ortiz and Justin McCully visiting troops in Kuwait. It's a rather long and uneventful video, but if you're a UFC fan, like me, it's good to see these guys out supporting the troops.

If you don't like the UFC, then it's not worth watching. You probably have teh ghey anyway. Here, you'll enjoy this much better.

The UFC has been to Camp Pendleton, showing its support of the troops, and it's been to Ireland, which shown it can have fights outside the U.S, why not take the UFC to an overseas base? Say, in Kuwait or the UAE? Better yet, why not UFC Baghram? Now that would be a fight worth paying for.

Note: I actually took the time to download the video from DOD's DVIDS site, rip it, then upload it to Liveleak. In the meantime, someone else did the same. They really need to fix the que time for video uploading..........

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Q: What do CAIR and Scientology Have in Common

A: If they don't like what you say about them, they threaten to sue.

YAF Responds:

“CAIR can go to Hell and they can take their 72 virgins with them.”
Wow, I couldn't have said it any better than that.

Exit Question: Is Ibrahim Hooper actually working for the evil lord Xemu?

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Moronic Jihadi Propaganda of the Day: Islamic Army in Iraq

This video from the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) purports to be of attacks on a U.S. bases in Iraq. Miraculously, the IAI not only manages to get video of the attack from the outside, but they also somehow got their hands on video of the attack from the inside of the base.


Apparently, the IAI producer who spliced together these completely unrelated clips couldn't detect the not-so-subtle differences between British and American accents. I'm guessing that his target audience, the Arab street, won't be able to figure that out either.

This isn't out of character for them. The IAI are the same jihadi douchebags that produced the Lee's Life for Lies in which a 'dead' U.S. soldier bemoams the war. It turned out to be a case of identity theft. Lee Kimball Tucker was alive, well, and not against the war. Apparently the jihadis found a memory stick belonging to him, and then just made the rest up.

For a good laugh, watch the video below.

Related: Terrorists Love Peace Activists: Lee Tucker Propaganda Film
Dead 'Anti-War' Soldier is 'Alive and Well', Not anti-war

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Live Free or Die?

Looks like Tony Blankley wasn't from New Hampshire after all:

"It does you no good to be dead and theoretically free," said Mr. Blankley, who served in the Reagan White House and as Newt Gingrich's press secretary before becoming editorial page editor of The Washington Times.
I agree. I'd really love to read the rest if any one gets a transcript.

I've been arguing for years that rights are ordered and that the "right to life" is higher on the importance scale than, say, "freedom of speech". Which is why I've claimed over and over that if its okay to kill your enemy, then its certainly okay to censor him.

Oh, and before you go quoting Ben Franklin to me, make sure you have the quote right:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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The Blood for Israel/Oil Meme Recirculating

Apparently there really is a meme machine on the Left. How else do you explain the fact that at least three Lefty blogs all jumped on a very old story about reopening an oil pipeline that used to run between Iraq and what is now Israel? The story was actually first published on Auguest 25, 2003---nearly four years ago. Oh, and the pipeline never got built. It never got past the exploratory phase after which all agreed it was, literally, a pipe dream.

The giveaway? The Israeli National Infrastructure Minister Yosef Paritzky, quoted in the article, was forced to resign in 2004. Good catch Israel Matsav, but it isn't Memerandom's fault. It's the people on the Left that won't let the meme die.

Professor Juan Cole, an "expert" on the Middle East, goes so far as to use the old article, which he seems to think is "news", to say this today:

You just worry that this crackpot idea was one of the motives for the Neoconservatives for the Iraq War. What a waste.
TPM Cafe uses the old story to say this today:
So this is one of the main reasons American troops are dying in action. Action directed against Iraqi civilians. Actions that have killed close to ONE MILLION Iraqi civilians to date and laid waste to that nation.

All of this death and destruction so Iraqi oil could be shipped to Israel. My, that must be a comforting thought to all of those parents still grieving the loss of their son or daughter, killed in action. Killed fighting not for Democracy, but for Israel.

I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad that a lot of people actually believe this. What's worse is that Dr. Juan Cole, a frequent talking head, also seems to at least toy with the idea. It adds an air of legitimacy to the discussion.

So, how did this old story happen to hit the Leftosphere on the same day? Doesn't that strike you as peculiar?

The wackiness of the underlying conspiracy theory aside, I will say in the Left's defense that the Haaretz archives are undated. So any one following a link to the cached article would only find one date on it, today's. That explains how they were duped into believing the U.S. is still exploring the idea of a pipeline to Israel, but what it doesn't explain is how all these blogs linked the same old story on the same day.

PS-The Newshoggers link the old article, but their post is actually pretty good and in no way do they even hint that they buy into the blood-for-oil/neocon/Zionist narrative. But still, how is it that the author there just happened to come by this four year old article today?

UPDATE: Fester, from Newshoggers, says that he found the article via Memerandom. So, how did Juan Cole and TPMCafe find it?

Ace speculates that maybe this has something to do with Ezra Klein's new secret e-mail list for 'elite lefty bloggers'.

I, for one, get e-mails daily that I also know get distributed to other right-of-center bloggers. Some of those e-mails, invariably, are from Ron Paul supporters who want me to link this or that about North American Union or about how anything but the Gold Standard is unconstitutional. Guess what? They go straight to the spam box.

Hint to Lefty bloggers: when the guy sending you tips starts connecting the dots between the "Zionists", "big oil", the "military-industrial complex", and the war in Iraq, you might just want to think about adding his e-mail addy to your spam list.

Oh, wait, that assumes you don't already believe that AIPAC is behind the war. My bad.

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Jawa vs Taliban: Jawa 20, Taliban 0

In the ongoing sport of hide and seek between The Jawa Report and the Taliban, the Jawa comes out victorious--once again. The Taliban's backup website is now offline.

By my count that makes at least 20 Taliban websites we've taken down, the vast majority behind the scenes and with the full cooperation of the webhosts.

Celebratory video below: We are the champions, USA version

Buh-bye Taliban Website
U.S. Companies Helping the Taliban
The Taliban Challenges Jawa, Jawa Responds
Pwning More Taliban Websites
American Company Hosting Taliban Websites

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:51 AM | Comments |

Hostage Rescue Operation Begins Or has it?

UPDATE by Rusty: Reuters withdraws original story:

Please be advised that the Kabul datelined story reporting that an operation to rescue 21 Korean hostages held by the Taliban had begun is wrong. The official cited in the story did not make the comment reported. There will be no substitute story.
That's odd....via Michelle who has constant updates.
Via Reuters:

GHAZNI, Afghanistan -- A military operation to rescue the remaining 21 Korean hostages held by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan began on Wednesday, hours after a Taliban deadline expired, a provincial official said.

"The operation has started," said Khowja Seddiqi, the district chief of Ghazni's Qarabagh district, where the Taliban kidnapped 23 Korean Christian volunteers nearly two weeks ago.

He did not give more details or say which forces were involved.

Any attempt to rescue the hostages is fraught with risk, as the kidnappers have split the 18 women and three men into small groups and are holding them in different locations across the mainly flat terrain.

Pray for the success of this mission and for the safety of the hostages and their rescuers.

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