July 31, 2007

Insurgent Annihilated After Planting IED

One of John and Bo's freedom fighters gets what's coming to him - gloriously.

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Bad News For Democrats

Iraq casualties are down significantly.

Good news for the Troops (and by proxy, America) portends bad news for the Democrats.

Lieberman rips his former colleagues - you know, the ones who thought they could off him.

Bad day in antiwar/Democrat land.

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German Hostage Seen in Taliban Video

German engineer Rudolf B., kidnapped two weeks ago in Wardak province, appeared in a video released today by his Taliban captors. Via Reuters:

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Jazeera television broadcast a video on Tuesday showing a German man held by Afghanistan's Taliban insurgents and said he appealed to Berlin and Washington to withdraw their troops from the Central Asian country.

The man appeared in the video against a rocky backdrop in a hilly area. Al Jazeera did not play the sound of the video.

"The German hostage Rudolf B. ... urged Germany and the United States to pull out their forces from Afghanistan and urged his country to help save his life and secure his return to his homeland and family," an Al Jazeera presenter said.

One of the militants pointed a rocket-propelled grenade launcher at the man, who appeared to be unharmed.

Al Jazeera said it obtained a similar video showing the German engineer's four Afghan companions. It did not say how it obtained the videos.

Rudolf B.'s fellow engineer, Ruediger Diedrich, was murdered by the Taliban, who shot him in the knees and back after he collapsed on a forced march in the mountainous region.

A separate video showing Rudolf B.'s four Afghan colleagues was also aired. Al-Jazeera claims it doesn't know how it obtained the videos.

The Taliban is demanding the release of 10 rebel prisoners in exchange for Rudolf B. and the Afghans. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has repeatedly said he will not release any more prisoners after being sharply criticized for deal freeing 5 Taliban in exchange for Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo in March.

Let's keep up the prayers for Rudolf B. and his co-workers, as well the Korean hostages being held by the Taliban in a separate incident.

Thank you to George for keeping me up to date on this.

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Wonkette Jumps on Tillman Trutherism

Wonkette used to be reasonably funny. Yes, I laugh at jokes centered around sex in an uncomfortable place---and I don't mean the back seat of a VW. Is Tillman trutherism--the theory that Pat Tillman was murdered on orders from President Bush so that he wouldn't come home to meet Noam Chomsky and become the next great white hope of the anti-war movement, now that Saint Cindy Sheehan needs a replacement--contagious? Like an infectious disease?

I expect this stuff over at dKos, but not at Wonkette. I wonder what Anna Marie is thinking when she reads her old blog? It seems that with each day the crazy Left and the Democratic Left seem to be getting closer and closer together.

Wonkette: Who Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman? : Updated with link to Ace, rather than the Wonkster.

What's funny is that when you start checking the sources of the 'facts' that are thrown in with the facts--such as Tillman's plan to meet Chomsky, which are the basis of the conspiracy theory--they inevitably lead, in circular fashion, back to a conspiracy website.

Hat tip: Bad Candy via AllahP who's caught in a little conspiracy controversy of his own.

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Gitmo Better Than Freedom

Ahmed Belbacha.jpg(Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) A 38-year-old terrorism detainee, Ahmed Belbacha, has filed an emergency motion to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., asking that he not be released.

Zachary Katznelson, senior counsel with the human rights lawyers Reprieve and Mr Belbacha's lawyer, has asked the US courts to block any transfer.

"Ahmed is being held in camp six, the harshest part of Guantanamo," he said. "His cell is all steel, there are no windows, he is not allowed to communicate with other prisoners and he gets just two hours exercise each day in a metal cage."

"He says his cell in Guantanamo is like a grave and that although it sounds crazy he would rather stay in those conditions than go back to Algeria. The fact is that he is really, really scared about what might happen to him in Algeria."

Belbacha fears that the government will torture him or the Islamists will murder him. So, continuing to breath in a cold cell is preferable. I'm not surprised.

The Belbacha case complicates the efforts of the leftist human-rights outragees. It's much harder to convince the court that Gitmo is a torturous, inhumane hell-hole when inmates beg to stay.

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Bush Regime Sentences Journalists to Death

Oh wait, I thought it was Bush that was the real Hitler today? Iran sentenced two Kurdish reporters, Adnan Hassanpour and Hiva Boutimar, to death for being "enemies of God". Apparently writing against the regime is the same as taking up arms against them.

Has Bush sentenced Noam Chomsky to death yet? Didn't think so......


The two journalists have 20 days to appeal against their sentences, but if their cases are rejected by the Supreme Court the sentence will be carried out.

Iran has executed over 100 people so far in 2007, most of them by hanging.

A spokesman for the Iranian judiciary said that the two journalists had "taken arms to topple the system". ...

It said the two were writing for a Kurdish news magazine before it was banned in 2005.

Could be worse...they could be stoned to death.

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Buh-bye Taliban Website *Bumped*

taliban voice of jihad

*Bumped for self-congratulatory triumphalism* Newer posts below

It looks like Qari Mohammad Yousuf "Ahmadi" and his webmaster Adil "Murchal" Watanmal have misplaced their website. "Ahmadi" is the Taliban spokesman you've seen in the news daily talking to MSM reporters via his cell phone and making threats against the Korean hostages. Now if Yahoo! and Geocities would just stop hosting the Taliban's backup website, then we'd have this thing pretty well wrapped up. Update pwned!


You'll recall that when the Taliban re-opened the website earlier this month, they took a moment to gloat at The Jawa Report's expense. Who's gloating now, eh Adil?

Update: Yahoo boots the Taliban's backup website! You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.

Thanks to all the Jawa readers and friends for e-mailing the Taliban's U.S. service providers. FYI I've been hearing complaints from the online jihad community about so many websites being shut down lately and how its becoming harder and harder to find good quality Islamists propaganda. Gee, life is tough....

For more good news, go check out Aaron's killz for today.

UPDATE: Pssst...if you want to thank us.....

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Previous: U.S. Companies Helping the Taliban
The Taliban Challenges Jawa, Jawa Responds
Pwning More Taliban Websites
American Company Hosting Taliban Websites

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Al Qaeda Hearts GIMF

And to think I've let the latest edition of al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia's Sawt al-Jihad magazine just sit there next to the toilet, unread, when I could have been reading fascinating articles such as this:

“Special Thank You” to Global Islamic Media Front for their continued support
We hope that those webhosts, like Wordpress, that continue to host GIMF websites on "free speech" grounds will reconsider in light of al Qaeda's overt confirmation that the two groups are linked.

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Second Life: Jihad Training of Tomorrow!

And you thought Second Life was only for geeks and dweebs? No, you were right, but also geeks and dweebs of the jihadi stripe. To the right is an image of a "nuclear bomb" that has already been detonated in Second Life by "terrorists".News.com.au:

With the game taking such a sinister turn, terrorism experts are warning that SL attacks have ramifications for the real world. Just as September 11 terrorists practised flying planes on simulators in preparation for their deadly assault on US buildings, law enforcement agencies believe some of those behind the Second Life attacks are home-grown Australian jihadists who are rehearsing for strikes against real targets.

Terrorist organisations al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiah traditionally sent potential jihadists to train in military camps in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia. But due to increased surveillance and intelligence-gathering, they are swapping some military training to online camps to evade detection and avoid prosecution.

And just when you think it couldn't get geeky enough, they just had to throw in a World of Warcraft reference:
Kevin Zuccato, head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre in Canberra, says terrorists can gain training in games such as World of Warcraft in a simulated environment, using weapons that are identical to real-world armaments.
To be honest, I'm about as worried that jihiadis trained in Second Life will be able to pull off an act of terrorism as I am that all the "studs" using SL for cybersex will ever actually get laid.

Hat tip: Internet Anthropologist.

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Even Arabs Won't Employ Women with Veils

So, even Arabs don't want to hire women wearing a face veil? But aren't we told by CAIR and the ISNA that anyone that would require a woman to take her veil off must be motivated by bigotry and hate? Crossroads of Arabia:

The 22-year-old says several potential employers in the United Arab Emirates have turned her down because she wore the niqab, a face veil that usually leaves only the eyes uncovered....

"No one takes women with niqab in the retail sector," said [Aysha] Obeid who unsuccessfully applied for jobs at two retail outlets. She is now looking for back office administrative jobs where she believes she may have more chance of being employed.

Sweet, sweet irony.

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Funny Video: Taliban Graduation Ceremony in English


That's Mullah Mansoor Dadullah above advising students to blow up the French from a much discussed 'graduation' video that made the rounds in June. It's actually part 4 of the video, but it's definitely the funniest.

Seriously, listening to these soon-to-be-dead Taliban suicide shahids 'graduate' is funny. Each new accent is funnier than the last. Even the dude with the Russian accent, Chechen I'm sure. I swear that the guy that makes his appearance at the 4:18 mark is Apu. He even says "Islam is peace", bwahahahahaaaaaaaa!! Thank you, come again!

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Video & Images: Korean Hostage's Body Found

A short video of the Afghan Army finding the body of Korean hostage Shim Sung-min, murdered by the Taliban. May he rest in peace and may the pigs and scum who killed him meet justice in the form of a bullet to the head.

Warning: Disturbing images and video below. The monsters in the Taliban murder on a daily basis. However, the vast majority of the victims are Afghan nationals who oppose their extremism and who the Taliban label "traitors".

Friends and family of the Korean hostages should not view. Some of you, though, need to see this. If you are not outraged by the kidnapping and murder of these hostages, then please look. You need to be outraged.

Sung Sin Shim Sung-min_murdered.jpg

Sung Sin Shim Sung-min_murdered2.jpg

Sung Sin Shim Sung-min_murdered3.jpg

Hat tip: Stesoo

Korean hostage archive
Afghan Police Find Body of 2nd Slain Hostage

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It's Raining Pigs


Via The Daily Mail: A group of Muslims have opposed plans for a pet food factory to be built as possible pork emissions will violate their religious rights.

Butchers Pet Care could shelve plans for a factory in Coton Park, near Rugby, because angry Asian families have complained to their residents' association about pork smells drifting into their garden.

Muslim residents in the area also claim the pork will effectively "rain down" on their homes and gardens after the factory's 100ft chimney has pumped the meat extracts into the atmosphere.

The Coton Park Residential Association said they have received complaints from Muslims - who are directed to not eat pork by the Qur'an - and are taking the matter very seriously.

I suggest all non-Muslims protest the protest with a coordinated back yard hickory pork barbeque and beer bash. Ahh the sweet smell of boston butts roasting on a hickory fire. Mmmm, mmmm good. After the first few beers don't forget to yell, "Yeeeehaaaa!", or the British equivalent, really loud a few times, just for extra scaryness.

More here at Hot Air.

Hat Tip: Robert.

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Meat is to Horny Vegans What Garlic is to Vampires

Just one more reason to eat meat. A lot of it. Astute Bloggers noticed this:

A GROUP of vegans in New Zealand - vegansexuals - are shunning sex with meat-eaters because their bodies are made up of animal carcases.

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Muhammed on Hillary Clinton's Fat Ankles

Hillary_clinton_arafat.jpgAh, it's all making sense now:

It is mentioned that Imam Sadegh, one of the twelve holy figures in Shia after the Prophet, stated, “Whenever the prophet wanted to marry a woman, he would send someone to see her. He would tell them, ’smell her neck, because if that smells good, she would smell good and look at her ankle, because if that is fat, she would have a fat vagina‘”
Via Jules 'always on the lookout for a good smelling neck' Crittenden.

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Who Am I To Laugh?

I was going to make some snarky post about this:

Many residents of the southern city of Basra have convinced themselves that the British Army has loosed savage cattle-eating badgers onto its unsuspecting populace as a final gesture of ill intent before it departs the city later this summer.

Throw in, for good measure, the fervent belief that British soldiers have planted snake eggs in waterways and unleashed bomb-sniffing dogs purposefully infected with rabies.

Then two words popped in to my head.

Art Bell.

I'm not dismissing this out of hand, mind you, and neither are my sources in the CIA. As a matter of fact, they've re-tasked their rodent resources to deal with this threat to Iraq's stability. Pesky British, I haven't trusted them since the 1700s, and I'm glad to see we won't allow such despicable behaviour.


Badgers? We don't need no steenking badgers

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July 30, 2007

Afghan Police Find Body of 2nd Slain Hostage

Breaking news via AP/Yahoo News:

GHAZNI, Afghanistan - Police in central Afghanistan at daybreak Tuesday discovered the body of a second South Korean hostage slain murdered by the Taliban, officials said.

The victim's body was found in the village of Arizo Kalley in Andar District, some 6 miles west of Ghazni city, said Abdul Rahim Deciwal, the chief administrator in the area.

A purported Taliban spokesman claimed the hardline militia Muslim terrorists killed murdered the Korean hostage Monday evening because the Afghan government failed to release imprisoned insurgents captured Islamist terrorists.

Update by Vinnie: Okay, I've edited this quote with the actual truth.

UPDATE II:Taliban Set New Deadline

The Taliban commanders set a new deadline of noon on Wednesday.

“If the Kabul government does not release the Taliban prisoners, then we will kill after 12 o’clock — we are going to kill Korean hostages,” Ahmadi said. “It might be a man or a woman... It might be one. It might be two, four. It might be all of them.”

UPDATE: A video has been released of the body being found.

Complete Jawa Korean hostage coverage

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Friendly Reminder


If you missed it in the theater (what are you, nuts?) 300 comes out on DVD at midnight.

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Video: Korean Hostages in Afghanistan


A video given to al Jazeera from a source they claim is "outside of Afghanistan" showing some of the Korean hostages. The image above is from that video. The video simply shows some of the female hostages, with their hair forcibly covered, and cowering. The original is said to have 3 men in it, thus it is thought to be at least four days old.

Two hostages have already been murdered by the Taliban. They are Shim Sung-min and Bae Hyung-kyu. 19 of the 21 other hostages who were on a humanitarian mission to Afghanistan are women. The Taliban claim that the Christian missionaries are guilty of death under Islamic law. Under traditional sharia--Islamic law--the penalty for trying to convert a Muslim is death.

Both of the videos shown here are from al Jazeera. Interestingly, the reporter in the second video seems to be more of an advocate than a journalist. Not surprising coming from al Jazeera. She slips and says we are trying to pressure the South Korean government. She later goes on to say that the South Korean delegation is actively trying to pressure the Afghan government into a "hostage swap"--the standard Taliban and radical Islamist phrase, meant to equivocate the Korean hostages to Taliban prisoners of war.

Videos below.

Two seperate al Jazeera English reports.

Complete Korean hostages archives.

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On My Hopes Being Dashed

My hopes were just dashed. Lesson here: Never hope.

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Second Korean Hostage Murdered!

Sung Sin Shim Sung-min.jpg
Shim Sung-min, martyr. Murdered by the Taliban for crimes against Islam. The "crime"? Accused of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

UPDATE 16:40: Video of theTaliban's South Korean hostages.

Breaking news via CNN:

KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) -- Taliban kidnappers shot dead a male South Korean hostage on Monday, a spokesman said, accusing the Afghan government of not listening to rebel demands.

"We shot dead a male captive because the government did not listen to our demands," spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf told Reuters by telephone.

UPDATE: Michelle finds another article naming the victim as Sung Sin, most likely 29 year old Shim Sung-min. RIP. If any one has a photo of Shim Sung-min, please send it to me so we can honor this martyr. UPDATE: Found pic at Yonhap News.
In a video released yesterday, a female hostage claimed that the Taliban captors threatened to shoot them one-by-one if their demands weren't met.

UPDATE by Rusty: Where is the outrage?!?!!!!

Yesterday, Qari Youseff Mohammed posted this at the Taliban's website:

Since the captivity of 23 Korean, who had come to Afghanistan as a representatives or preachers under control of International Catholic Church to spread Christianity in Afghanistan, Kabul and Korea started negotiations with us but there in not any successful step in negotiations. In the beginning of negotiations we wanted our prisoners to be released and Korean to leave Afghanistan and showed them our plan but Kabul is not true or pure in negotiation and makes cleaver actions to delay the crisis. So we want from Kabul and Korean government to give us positive answer up to 12 o’clock 8th of (Zamari) month. If we don’t get positive response up to selected time Emarat-e-Islami will start killing Korean hostages.
Remember, this is the true face of the regime that Jihad Johnny Walker Lindh was defending, and now the L.A. Times wants him released!

UPDATE: AllahP notices that the Afghan government claims they have the Taliban who are holding the hostages surrounded. The only problem is that we've been hearing that from the beginning. Let's hope it's true and let's hope that they do go in after them. But I'm not holding my breath.

UPDATE 13:05
: I've decided to dedicate a single archive to the Korean hostages in Afghanistan.

UPDATE 13:33
: Tim at OpinionBug:

Folks, pleading with these monsters isn’t going to bring the hostages home. They are in the hands of men controlled by Satanic forces. And they are doing what is in their evil heart. Murder.

The hostages continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

Indeed they will.

UPDATE 13:42: Here are the names of the 19 hostages that are members of the church group: Bae Hyung-kyu (43), Lee Sun-young (37), Seo Myung-hwa (29), Cha Hye-jin (31), Seo Kyung-seok (27), Ko Se-hun (27), Kim Ji-na (32), Kim Kyung-ja (37), Yoo Jung-hwa (39), Je Chang-hee (38), Shim Sung-min (29), Lee Joo-yeon (27), Yoo Kyung-sik (55), Song Byung-woo (33), Lee Young-kyung (22), Han Ji-young (34), Kim Yun-young (35), An Hye-jin (31) and Lee Sung-eun (24). The other hostages are members of an NGO operating in Afghanistan. They have not been identified.

UPDATE 14:14: Fox News has a clip of a video of the hostages aired on al-Jazeera today. UPDATE: So do we. Video of South Korean hostages here.

UPDATE: Taleban rebels turn back on deal and kill second Christian hostage They lied. What a surprise.

Korean Hostage Pleads for Help
Taliban Issues New Deadline To Murder 22 Innocent Christians
A Korean Hostage's Plea for Help
Another Korean Hostage Deadline
What Not to Say When Your Countrymen Are Being Murdered
Taliban Kill MURDER One South Korean Hostage
Time is Up: Taliban to Murder Korean Christian Hostages (UPDATE: Deadline Extended)
Korean Hostages Get A Break, Taliban Spokesman Signs Own Death Warrant
Taliban Demands S. Korea Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan, Or 18 Christian Missionaries Will Be MURDERED
South Korean Christians Kidnapped in Afghanistan

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Top Taliban Commander Killed

I'm having a good day. NATO ISAF:

A senior Taliban leader, Qari Faiz Mohammad, was killed by Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF security operation July 23 in southern Afghanistan.

“The Taliban leadership has suffered another severe setback,” said Lt. Col. Claudia Foss, ISAF spokesperson. “Each successful operation ensures insurgent disruption that gives way for stability operations to take place.”

Who was he?:
ISAF says Qari Faiz Mohammad, a top Taliban commander with close links to supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar ... was one of Afghanistan’s ‘Most Wanted’ Taliban leaders. He acted as Chairman of the Taliban military council and allegedly financed many Taliban operations launched in Helmand province, according to the BBC.
Let's just hope it's the start of a good week.

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Hitchcock & the Baghdad PD

Totten in Baghdad:

This is what it is like most nights during counter-insurgency warfare. “It’s like we’re Baghdad PD,” one soldier put it. It isn’t always open war and explosions and bang-bang. Much of it entails patient police work and the chasing of ghosts....

The Iraqi counter-insurgency would be a hard war to film accurately. Most of the time it’s so quiet. But it’s the quiet of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, not of rural Middle America.

Read the rest.

Bonus: Is the New York Times about to concede that we just might win in Iraq?

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LA Times Wants Clemency for American Traitor

The LA Times pleads for a sentence reduction for American traitor, Jihad Johnny Walker Lindh. What they fail to mention is that Lindh should have been tried as a traitor, for which the sentence would have been death. All traitors claim that they really love their country, that they would never harm it. They always know better than the rest of the country and its policymakers.

And a note to the Times: when Jihad Johnny took up arms for the Taliban, he full well knew that the US was allied with the Northern Alliance. Hence, his actions were treason. I'd say he got off easy with 20 years. As for the other "comparable" criminals the Times mentions, none of them is an American citizen, and thus not traitors.

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Blame Bush: Brits had bin Laden Intel in 1998

Wow, this is outrageous if true. Of course, the Guardian author conveniently leaves out the fact that in 1998-99 it was the Clinton CIA that failed to promise MI6 that Osama bin Laden wouldn't be tortured. Guardian:

Ministers insisted that British secret agents would only be allowed to pass intelligence to the CIA to help it capture Osama bin Laden if the agency promised he would not be tortured, it has emerged.

MI6 believed it was close to finding the al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan in 1998, and again the next year. The plan was for MI6 to hand the CIA vital information about Bin Laden. Ministers including Robin Cook, the then foreign secretary, gave their approval on condition that the CIA gave assurances he would be treated humanely.

So, who is at fault? George W. Bush, of course, even thought he wasn't President until 3 years later. It's Bush derangement syndrome at its finest.

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Sharia Comes to New York

In America burning a flag is free speech, but flushing the Koran is a felony. Welcome to the brave new world.

Since I have several copies of the Koran laying around the house, I think it's time to flush another one. The image that got The Jawa Report officially banned in India, shortly after the Mumbai bombings. The Indian government apparently under the impression that Koran flushings cause terrorism.

: Like the dog and peanut butter, it is my Koran.

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Abu Hamza Dislikes Prison, Claims Abuse, Pain, Racism

nhamza129.jpgSo Abu Hamza is having a hard time doing his hard time? But I thought he welcomed being imprisoned as a blessing of Allah, who is testing him?

Via The Telegraph: The wife of Abu Hamza, the jailed Muslim cleric, has complained about her husband's treatment in a high-security London prison.

Hamza, 49, dubbed the "preacher of hate", is serving seven years for inciting the murder of non-Muslims.

In a letter to a London-based Islamic organisation, Nagat Mostafa, 46, said her husband claimed to be the victim of racist bullying and Islamophobia in Belmarsh jail.

Her letter to al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies was sent shortly after Hamza - who is fitted with hooks on both hands - underwent surgery in May to remove an inch of bone from his left arm stump, which had become infected....

..."My husband says the racist bullying and Islamophobia against him have intensified."..

One of the workers at the prison says,
"Put it this way, we're a power station and you don't want us to explode. The radical Muslims make the IRA look like kittens."
OK, I kinda almost feel sorry for the old cripple. Lets look back at one of Abu Hamza's statements and see how we feel afterward.
According to Abu Hamza, Jewish people were subhuman and no further up the evolutionary scale than monkeys. It was Allah's will that they should be exterminated. He even seemed to suggest that Adolf Hitler had been sent to earth by Allah to carry out the task. 'Not only did they become monkeys, but Allah put a law on Earth that wherever always Allah will send in people to humiliate them, to kill them, and to punish them. And Hitler is not far from us,' said Hamza....
Well as they say, cry me a river.

Hat Tips: Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler and Prairie Pundit.


Abu Hamza Videos: "Allah is Happy When the Kafir (Unbeliever) is Killed"

I'd link every racist call for murder we have on Abu Hamza, but that would take all day.

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July 29, 2007

From the Minds of Morons to Mouths of Morons

Ever wonder how moronic conspiracy theories are mainstreamed in the post-newspaper era of news?

Charles highlights the Arc of the Conspiracy
- from the most leftarded nonsense at the Daily Kos to a Soros-funded propaganda mill called Think Progress, to the newsdesk of the mentally-deranged leftist mouthbreather Keith Olbermann.

Pretty neat, huh? And by neat, I mean idiotic.

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Korean Hostage Pleads for Help

This news report contains audio of a hostage's call to the Reuters news service, begging for help. In the call, the woman says they have been held for 9 days (they were kidnapped on July 19). She says the Taliban are threatening to kill them one by one. Continued prayers for their safe release.

UPDATE: Female Korean captive interviewed by Reuters identified as English interpreter

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Autopsy Report: German Hostage Died of Gunshot Wounds

No surprise here: German hostage Ruediger Diedrich, kidnapped last week in Wardak province, Afghanistan, was still alive when he was cold-bloodedly gunned down by his Taliban captors. Mr. Diedrich collapsed during a forced march through a desert region, and was shot when he couldn't keep up. There had been questions whether he was already dead from a heart attack or complications of diabetes when his abductors shot him in the knees and back. Via Deutsche Welle:

An autopsy performed on the body of the hostage's colleague, which was found last week and returned to Germany, showed the man had died of gunshot wounds. German officials were previously uncertain whether the 44-year-old was executed or died of the [rest of line is missing].

The mass-circulation Bild am Sonntag said the man had been shot in the knees and back. It quoted German security sources after an autopsy carried out in Cologne on Thursday.

The German Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the report and staff at the forensic institution where the autopsy was carried out said further tests were being made before a final report was released, probably in the first week in August. The dead man leaves behind a widow and a school-aged son.

The surviving hostage, 62-year-old Rudolf B., is now in his second week of captivity. His abductors are demanding the release of 10 Taliban prisoners in Afghan custody.

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Sudan: Jooos Behind Genocide in Darfur

The Joooos made us commit genocide.

Ynet via Prairie Pundit: Sudan's defense minister, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has accused "24 Jewish organizations" of "fueling the conflict in Darfur" last week in an interview with a Saudi newspaper.

Hussein was interviewed during an official state-visit to the Saudi kingdom last week.

A journalist from Saudi Arabia's Okaz newspaper asked Hussein: "Some people are talking about the penetration of Jewish organizations in Darfur and that there is no conflict there?"

The answer Prairie Pundit's question, No, No there isn't anything worse.

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"A Trail of Broken Lives"

The Washington Post has a front-page article today on the security contractors kidnapped in Iraq last November. The author, Steve Fainaru, who has written extensively on private contractors in Iraq, serves up a scathing indictment of the lax management of the now-defunct Crescent Security Group, which employed the four Americans and 1 Austrian abducted when the convoy they were guarding was ambushed at a fake checkpoint near Basra.

Fainaru says that on the day of the ambush, none of the Iraqi contractors who were supposed to accompany the convoy showed up, but that the company allowed the trip to go forward with only 7 guards. The company says they were unaware of the situation and blamed the kidnapped contractors for "screwing up" the operation:

Former senior managers with Crescent denied any wrongdoing and said the guards who were seized had been well equipped and simply failed to thwart the kidnappers.

"We pretty much catered to them. We spoiled them," said Scott Schneider, the company's former director of security. "You know, basically the operators screwed up," he added. "I mean, you hate to speak ill of people, but the way the situation transpired, they just made mistake after mistake" as the convoy came under attack.

[. . .]

Security experts described the lapses as unconscionable. "It's insane. I don't know how you could sleep," said Cameron Simpson, country operations manager for ArmorGroup International, a British firm that protects one-third of all nonmilitary convoys in Iraq. ArmorGroup normally assigns 20 security contractors to protect no more than 10 tractor-trailers.

Fainaru describes how a month before the ill-fated trip, Crescent Security's entire arsenal of weapons was stolen and sold on the black market. Several employees were fired and were later identified as being in the group that attacked the convoy.

The article also includes excerpts from interviews with the five contractors just two weeks before the ambush, and previously unseen video clips:

Steve Fainaru will be available tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for a live online Q&A session.

Let's continue to pray for the safe return of John Young, Jon Cote, Josh Munns, Paul Reuben and Bert Nussbaumer.

Crossposted at Not Ready for my Burqua

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Taliban Issues New Deadline To Murder 22 Innocent Christians

The Taliban have issued another statement. Like little children throwing a tantrum over a lost toy, the Taliban says it will murder 22 innocent people, mosty women, who have nothing to do with holding their fellow criminal gangsters. I've added a few edits to the reuters story.

Via CNN: KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) -- Taliban leaders said on Sunday their fighters would kill murder 22 remaining South Korean hostages if the Afghan government did not release rebel prisoners Taliban criminals by a new deadline of 0730 GMT on Monday, a spokesman said.

Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf said the deadline had been set by the Taliban leadership council, headed by elusive leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, giving the threat added weight.

The kidnappers killed murdered the leader of the Korean group on Wednesday, but several further deadlines have passed without the rebels carrying out their threat to kill murder the remaining hostages.

"Since the talks between us, the Kabul administration and Korean government have reached deadlock and they are not honest ... hence, we will start killing murdering the hostages....

Is this Islam? The murder of innocents Christians in the name of Allah because a group of illiterate criminals, who can't even dress themselves, can't get their way?
You can express your offence directly to the Taliban spokesman here.
On the Taliban's old website, they listed this phone number for Qari Mohammad Yousuf, aka "Ahmadi". Presumably, this is how the AP called him.

(011 from US, then) 8821621515539

Or you can e-mail him here: qarimohammadyousaf@yahoo.com

A second phone number for another Taliban spokesman, "Mujahid"

(011 from US, then) 8821621360585

ROPMA. Nothing less than the immediate release of these people will do. Nothing can make up for the life already taken.

A Korean Hostage's Plea for Help
Another Korean Hostage Deadline
What Not to Say When Your Countrymen Are Being Murdered
Taliban Kill MURDER One South Korean Hostage
Time is Up: Taliban to Murder Korean Christian Hostages (UPDATE: Deadline Extended)
Korean Hostages Get A Break, Taliban Spokesman Signs Own Death Warrant
Taliban Demands S. Korea Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan, Or 18 Christian Missionaries Will Be MURDERED
South Korean Christians Kidnapped in Afghanistan

By Howie at 10:26 AM | Comments |

The Daily Kos Exposed

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is not a man, he's a mouse.

Thank you science!

By Vinnie at 02:07 AM | Comments |

July 28, 2007

Freed Gitmo Jihadis Rejoin Battle

You don't say?

Chalk another one up to the genius liberals who assert (with no proof whatsoever, of course) that these people are simply innocents swept up in BOOSH's massive power grab for world domination.

The blood of anybody these pieces of human waste kill (including US soldiers who did their jobs by capturing them once already) is on the hands of the Democrats, the ACLU and the liberal morons supporting the release of these terrorists.

Tough, smart leadership, courtesy of the left.


By Good Lt. at 09:48 PM | Comments |

CJR Moron Doesn't Know What Milbloggers Are

Yet another liberal makes an ass of himself while trying to defend Private Beauchamp.

He tries to "chickenhawk" conservative bloggers (a popular tactic suggesting that nobody but the military is allowed to support the military), but unfortunately for this preening jackass, he has no idea what he's talking about (par for the course of the leftarded this go round):

We do know that Beauchamp worked on Howard Dean's presidential campaign, that he edited a liberal student magazine in college, and that he marched with pro-choice demonstrators in 2004. Further, we know that he enlisted in the military "just to write a book" about his experience--not the noblest of reasons, but neither does it discredit his work. Writing under a pseudonym, though, did prevent readers from understanding that his perspective was not merely that of a soldier on the ground, but of a political activist.

How dare a college grad and engaged citizen volunteer to join the Army to fight for his country! (Which is something that most of the brave souls who inhabit the milblog community prefers to leave to others.)

Um, leftarded moron. Milbloggers have this little thing about them that most other bloggers don't have (especially lacking with liberal self-proclaimed-know-it-all-armchair-military-experts): THEY SERVED IN THE MILITARY - MANY IN IRAQ. THEY RAISED THE QUESTIONS ABOUT BEAUCHAMP IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Got it, libtard? Get your facts straight (hard to do when you make it up as you go along) - you just embarrassed your publication due to your rigorous fact-checking practices and vast knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

Any more leftists want to embarrass themselves defending this Warrior Poet? We've had a plethora of them doing so here, that's for sure.

By Good Lt. at 09:41 PM | Comments |

Taliban "Retard" Caption Contest Winners

What started out as a post about "Martyred" Taliban Commander Abdullah Mehsud, quickly became a caption contest. Looking at this "innocent" Gitmo prisoner who went back to Pakistan only to become a top Taliban emir, can you blame us for making fun of him?

Winners in no particular order

Watergate: Dude, will you get off the radio and give me my shoe back? Why do you keep losing one shoe, anyway? Who does that?

Romeo 13: But Osama, I just done know which ones to wear... both pairs just clash with the vest... so hard to accesorize out here...

Darth Bacon: All you orphaned shoes are belong to us.

Honorable mention because we kinda have to goes toEditor: Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal... Uh, we had a slight weapons malfuntioin, but uh... everything's perfectly all right, now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:30 PM | Comments |

'Not-a-Terrorist' Muslim Woman Arrested, Had Bomb

Kimberly "Asma" Al-Homsi arrested....again. This time on charges related to the "domestic disturbance" call that brought the police to her and Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad's house two weeks ago. They found bomb making materials at the time, but it looks like they've decided to press charges.

Q: How come it's al-Homsi that's always getting arrested and not Hamad? Is Kimberly the butch and therefore assumed to be the responsible man of the house.

Fox 4 Dallas:

During a search on July 16, detectives found dangerous explosives and a homemade bomb.

An arrest affidavit describes it as two plastic pipes capped off on one end, and shotgun shells placed into the opposite end. The affidavit goes on to say the pipes were X-rayed, which showed them to be filled with very small round balls which investigators described as buckshot, used in shotgun shells.

For a really effective pipe bomb, though, you need something more than a shotgun shell, and caps on both sides. I wanted to say it was a zip gun gone awry, but the same article says that she also had one of those.

How do I know this stuff? No one is going to accuse me of not getting anything out of Boy Scouts!

Al-Homsi had previously been detained on what looked like a casing of Dallas Love Field for potential terrorism. But charges were later dropped. She was also once arrested for threatening people with a fake hand grenade.

Anyway, it looks like she's just psycho to me. But, as I've said on a number of occasions: crazy + extremist ideology = dangerous.

And how does one know if a crazy Muslim woman also might have an extremist ideology?

Fire officials say while they are confident of what al-Homsi was making, they have yet to learn of her motives. But they soon may learn, as the FBI has seized her computer and is analyzing it to see if it will provide any answers.
The internet: more than just porn and stock quotes!

Hat tip: Jaret, who oddly seems to follow all things lesbian-Muslim.....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:09 PM | Comments |

An Email from Beauchamp's Co. First Sergeant

The facade of the TNR stunt continues to crumble:

SFC McElroy,

I’m not in the habit of answering these email’s. It would be far too many. I appreciate all the support from home and I can assure you that not a single word of this was true. We’ve been fighting this fight for quite some time. Numerous soldiers within my unit have served on several deployments and this is my third year as a First Sergeant in this unit. My soldiers conduct is consistently honorable. This soldier has other underlining issues which I’m sure will come out in the course of the investigation. No one at any of the post we live at or frequent, remotely fit the descriptions of any of the persons depicted in this young man’s fairy tale. I can’t and won’t divulge any information regarding this soldier, but I do sincerely appreciate all the support from the people back home. Again, this young man has a vivid imagination and I promise you that this by no means reflects the truth of what is happening here. I’m currently serving with the best America has to offer. I have worked and fought closely with every soldier within my company and they are consummate professionals in an area most people can’t fathom. I’m proud of my soldiers and would gladly give my life for any one of them. Please continue to keep them with you in your prayers and thank God that we have these courageous men willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Americans, and the people of this struggling nation.


1SG Hatley

The email correspondence is listed in full at this particular 'chickenhawk's' site, The Foxhole. And by 'chickenhawk,' I mean Iraq war veteran.

By Good Lt. at 12:36 PM | Comments |

WaPo Preparing to Send Fact-Challenged 'Reporter' to Iraq

From the Dept. of Education beat (on which he screwed up regularly, forcing a host of major corrections) to Iraq. Apparently, the left needs another Warrior Poet (minus the warrior) - TNR's little stunt didn't exactly work out the way they'd hoped.

The dextrosphere will be all over this guy's 'reporting' like white on rice. Can't wait for his first dispatch!

By Good Lt. at 09:16 AM | Comments |

Quran in School Toilet

(New York) Ahem, maybe it's time to raise the alert level. Copies of the Quran were found in school toilets.

A 23-year-old man was arrested Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Quran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions, police said.

Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes, police said. It was unclear if he was a student at the school. A message left at the Shmulevich home was not immediately returned.

The Islamic holy book was found in a toilet at Pace's lower Manhattan campus by a teacher on Oct. 13. A student discovered another book in a toilet on Nov. 21, police said.

Pace University officials first classified the Quran-toilet incident as vandalism but later referred the case to the NYPD's hate crimes unit after complaints by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but doesn't the Newsweek gang still have blood on its hands from a phony 2005 report that U.S. military interrogators at Gitmo flushed a Quran down the toilet? People died because of that stunt.

You have to wonder what kind of "peaceful" eventualities we'll see from these latest incidents. Unlike the baseless Newsweek story, this latest report involves actual Qurans and actual toilets.

ADDENDUM...If throwing a book in a toilet is now a "hate crime," then I'd hate to think of what this might be considered. Somebody email it to CAIR and watch them squirm.

By at 03:48 AM | Comments |

July 27, 2007

'The Rule, Not the Exception'

While the left tries their hands at supporting war crimes committed by their own, take this piece from Michael Totten (and a soldier/'Chickenhawk' in Iraq) in and be staid:

Having served with an infantry battalion much like the one subjected in the post during a year in Ar Ramadi when Ar Ramadi was at its most conflicted, I can assure you that the violence is not as you might expect. Our unit suffered pretty massive causalities during our year. However, we patrolled every single day of that year. Those patrols lasted many hours. And, typically, even in then “chaotic” Ramadi, most patrols followed the same peaceful format as the one described in Mr. Totten’s post.

Even in the worst places, day-to-day activity is mundane and quiet. When attacks occur, they do so viciously. In my case, these resulted in my unit’s heavy causalities. Nonetheless, I rarely patrolled in fear. I knew that on most days, our patrol would result in an absence of action. Again, this was in a city considered to be one of the most violent of the war. This peculiar dynamic of the situation in Iraq is lost on Big Media.

It’s not totally their fault either. They can’t be privy to such conditions because most Big Media types don’t patrol everyday, get to know the citizens, or understand the social dynamics. They are reactive types instead of proactive. But we can’t necessarily expect them to be otherwise.
I just wanted to do my part to make everyone aware that Mr. Totten is not reporting the exception, but is instead becoming aware of the “rule.” I base this on my two years experience in the country, on the streets. I implore you to trust my judgment and, because of it, trust Mr. Totten’s assessment as well.

Hey! Liberal military haters! What do you think?

By Good Lt. at 10:47 PM | Comments |

Pull It Together, GOP. Go YouTube.

As someone else said, if the questions are teh stoopid, say so. If the questions are loaded or biased, say so and answer them as you want to. Screw the minions of oxycotin liberals and potheads on YouTube. Let 'em make a mockery of Democrat voters on national television. Tell the children what needs to be done.

But whatever happens, you need to do it. If for no other reason than to point out that the Democrats are afraid of FOX. If you skip this, you give them ammo, and at this junction, you can't afford to do that.

No biggie. Moonbats are teh stoopid, so give 'em Hell. You aren't winning any converts by hiding.

More from Pat Ruffini, Ann Althouse, Pajamas Media, Hot Air, and Insty.

Get a clue, GOP. You need to get involved here. This is an opportunity for you, not a stunt.

By Good Lt. at 10:27 PM | Comments |

League of Jihadists in Iraq's Website Offline Again

This group is called Asaeb Al-Iraq Al-Jihadiya in Arabic. This is one of the websites that called for the murder of Christians in Iraq following the Pope's ill recieved comments on Mohammed last year.

The group's website (asaeb.org) was offline for quite some time, but came back on line this week on a US server. Today, something seems to have gone terribly wrong with their website. Thanks to not Everyone's Internet.

Oh and if you'd like to rub it in a bit with the League of Jihadist's webmaster, here's his email

Internet Haganah has an image of the, now defunct, website here.
Now, excuse me while I go paint another blue AK on the side of the sandcrawler.

More here at The Times

By Howie at 06:57 PM | Comments |

Liberal Fascists Trying To Silence FOX...Again

They're just so full of free speech mania that they can't help themselves.

The news networks they aren't 'going after' reveals what they think of those networks, too. Friendly.

9-1, libs. 9-1.

UPDATE by Rusty: Related: The conspiracy to shut John Edwards up! Bwahahahaaaaaa!!

By Good Lt. at 03:41 PM | Comments |

Kos: Tillman Murdered for Chomsky Admiration, Antiwar Views

pat-tillman.jpgIt's about time someone finally connected Noam Chomsky to Pat Tillman's death. Another Kos diarist goes off the deep end. This time with help from the AP which leads yet another story about the tragic death of Pat Tillman with this:

Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead and tried without success to get authorities to investigate whether the former NFL player's death amounted to a crime, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.
By which, the Kosbats infer that Tillman was murdered. They don't believe part of that same AP article which says that eventually an investigation was done, including the murder angle, and that friendly fire was determined to be the cause. Nope, the official investigation is just propaganda. Manufactured consent.

Kosbat diarist kestrel9000 posts a number of news stories and quotes, carefully edited, to make it seem that Tillman was murdered because of his alleged anti-Iraq war views and because of a potential meeting with Noam Chomsky. Quoting another odd Leftist conspiracy theory website, the Kosbat sums up the "evidence" for the Chomsky-Tillman death squad theory:

We have confirmed that Tillman had arranged to meet with a leading anti-war intellectual, Noam Chomsky, upon his return stateside. One can imagine the panic in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the vision of the much trumpeted poster-boy hero of the War on Terror returning home and speaking out against the evil charade of the War.

That aspect, combined with the nature of the wounds, the destruction of evidence, the first-level coverup, and the dream promotion of the commander in charge... well, you see where this is going.

Ha, Bush or Cheney ordered the "hit" on Pat Tillman! I knew it.

You'll notice, here, the brief glimpse of honesty from the anti-war Left. Chomsky is not an anti-Iraq war advocate. He's an "anti-war" advocate. Yes, Chomsky and the hardcore Left opposed "the good war" too. You know, the one Tillman was fighting in Afghanistan.

Anyway, as long as we're coming up with conspiracy theories involving Chomsky, why not just assume Chomsky ordered Tillman's death because of his involvement in what Chomsky believed was an immoral and illegal war in Afghanistan? Howard Zinn was the gunman, I'm sure.

Is the post causing the others in the Kos community to shout down the author? Nope. I haven't read all the comments, but there are 357 as of this writing. None of the first 20 are even slightly critical of the lunacy, and of the last 20 comments only two try to argue that Tillman wasn't murdered or that the sources should be double checked.

The nutroots, naked, revealed!

UPDATE: Firedoglake's Tillman Trutherism

In other words, Pat Tillman was most likely murdered in the field. In cold blood. By other US soldiers.
Methinks some people watch too many movies. And a bonus, Tillman Trutherism hits Google News: Did Bush Admin Order Tillman Murdered to Silence Him?

UPDATE II: Wesley Clark, a Tillman Truther?

He essentially says that if Tillman was killed deliberately the orders “came from the top” and manages to invoke the idea of a Rovian plot along the way.
Wow. Just, wow.....

UPDATE III: Ah, the Tillman Trutherism rolls on in, of all places, Rolling Stone. Which stops short of calling it a hit ordered by President Bush, but which wonders if Tillman was fragged....for of all things, telling another soldier to shut up and stop sniveling. Yeah, that's unusual in the military. The kind of jive that gets you fragged...

It's the Oliver Stoning of American views of the military.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:31 PM | Comments |

Fred on Local Immigration Policies

Fred, making some sense:

Think about what this ruling means. Congress has preempted the field, so state and local governments are powerless to act. Then, Congress and the federal authorities do next-to-nothing to prevent illegal immigration, burdening the states and local communities around the country. But those communities cannot act because Congress said they couldn’t. What sense does that make?
Outsourcing DMV data to Mexico? I wonder if the Simpson's are going to have Selma and Patty saying they took our jobs!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:52 PM | Comments |

John Doe Passes

Audrey Hudson reports:

The Senate last night passed legislation to implement the final recommendations of the September 11 Commission that includes the "John Doe" provision to protect airline passengers from being sued if they report suspicious behavior that foreshadows a terrorist attack.
But Allah wonders if it really matters, and he makes a good point.

Seems like we must grant absolute civil immunity for tipsters, otherwise CAIR can still harass any one they want. The safeguard should not be the "objectively reasonably” standard, but rather criminal liability for falsehoods, misleading statements, or harassment. Which simply means that we should let the FBI, TSA, and other law enforcement agencies decide the line between harassment and a mistake, and not CAIR.

Of course this won't placate CAIR, since in their eyes everyone, including the FBI, is against Muslims. This is why CAIR so opposes this provision. They believe they are the only ones qualified to watch the watchers.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:35 PM | Comments |

Did Scott Beauchamp Violate Op Sec Regulations?

And I quote:

It most certainly is an OPSEC violation.
Seems like a technicality to me. This was on his pre-fame blogspot page apparently. I imagine that if the military started cracking down on military men and women with facebook pages trying to communicate with their friends, family, and loved ones---and generally spout off-- that we'd soon have hundreds,if not thousands, of people brought up on UCMJ charges.

But, maybe that's just me and my chichenhawkishness talking. Any one want to correct me and tell my why this is a serious violation? I think the argument would be something along the lines of "loose ships sink ships". Private SNAFU comes to mind (video below).

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:45 AM | Comments |

Korean Hostages Still Alive as Deadline Passes


The Taliban deadline of noon Friday Afghan time (3:30 a.m. EDT) has expired, but the hostages are still alive, according to the Afghan deputy defense minister. The demands now include the release of 8 Taliban prisoners held by the Afghan government.

Via CNN:

The Taliban spokesman said Afghan authorities had asked for more time after the insurgents presented the government with a list of eight prisoners it wanted released.

"The administration of Kabul has asked us to give them till 12 noon today," spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location.

"We are waiting for them. We have given them a list of eight prisoners and if they are not released we won't have any other option than to start killing the hostages."

South Korean chief presidential national security adviser, Baek Jong-chun, is expected to arrive in Afghanistan later on Friday to step up efforts to free the hostages.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has pledged not to swap prisoners for hostages after being criticized for releasing five Taliban from jail in March in exchange for an Italian reporter.

The president and ministers have remained silent throughout the latest hostage ordeal.

Let's continue to pray for the Korean hostages and for Rudolf B., the German hostage and his Afghan colleagues, who haven't been heard from for several days now.

Psalm 106:10

He saved them from the hand of the foe; from the hand of the enemy he redeemed them.

A Korean Hostage's Plea for Help
Another Korean Hostage Deadline
What Not to Say When Your Countrymen Are Being Murdered
Taliban Kill MURDER One South Korean Hostage

By at 09:32 AM | Comments |

Cindy Sheehan's Sheeple in New York

A question for Saint Cindy Sheehan and her supporters: since the majority of Americans now seem to support withdrawing troops from Iraq, does that mean you'll stop calling your opponents "sheeple"? Apparently not.


What's funny about these people is that they're also oppose to 'the good war'. You know, the one in Afghanistan. Of course, they really never talk about that. Let's just end one war at a time, comrades. One war at a time.

Kesher Talk has a report from the rally.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:29 AM | Comments |




From the comments at the (now fired) TNR staffer at Discarded Lies.

ALL NEW: Scott Thomas, International Soldier of Mystery.

By Good Lt. at 12:53 AM | Comments |

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's...

Ultra Islamic!!!!!

Buried in this good news from Afghanistan (the "approved" war of the left and the media) is this gem:

The ultra-Islamic Taliban launched a bloody insurgency after they were toppled from power by US-led forces and Afghan warlords following the 9/11 attacks.

Be careful, media, the Ultra Islamic get very offended if you confuse them with the Ginormous Islamic, the Mega Islamic, or the Islamic, Super Sized With A Coke.

Oh, wait, the Super Sized isn't allowed at McDonald's anymore.

I like Burger King better anyway, so it's Islamic, King Sized with a Coke.

By Vinnie at 12:45 AM | Comments |

July 26, 2007

"Worst Case of Voter Fraud in Washington History"

Courtesy of the leftwing group ACORN.

When the libs try to scream about stolen elections, oppressed voters, yadda yadda, all you need to do is say "How about ACORN?"

King County prosecutors filed felony charges Thursday against seven people in what a top official described as the worst case of voter-registration fraud in state history, while the organization they worked for agreed to keep a better eye on its employees and pay $25,000 to defray costs of the investigation.

The seven submitted about 1,800 registration cards last fall on behalf of the liberal Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, which had hired them at $8 an hour to sign people up to vote, according to charging documents filed in Superior Court.

Secretary of State Sam Reed told a news conference it was clearly Washington's most serious instance of voter registration fraud.

Color everyone on this blog SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say!

And who is that at an ACORN event - Democrat presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS? Awesome!

Much more from Michelle Malkin.

By Good Lt. at 09:17 PM | Comments |

Culture of Corruption: (D) Edition

An Obama-linked Democrat consulting firm dismissed Chad Schuldt, the liberal blogger formerly known as 'The Clean Cut Kid,' from its ranks after he allegedly embezzled $100,000 dollars.

One of Chad Schuldt's favorite chestnuts? Harping on Republican corruption.


ht: Insty

By Good Lt. at 08:50 PM | Comments |

Islamist School of Terror

(Perugia, Italy) Three Moroccan Muslim men were arrested last weekend by Italian Police for allegedly running a terrorist training school in a mosque at Ponte Felcino. The men included 41-year-old Imam Korchi el Moustaphthe, 47-year-old Mohamed el Jari and 46-year-old Driss Safika.

Police said they found evidence of in-depth training in explosives and poisons, and instructions on flying a Boeing 747 airliner.

Police say the suspects were running an "in-depth operation of instruction and training in the use of weapons and combat techniques suitable for terrorist acts."

Officers found chemicals - including acids and cyanide - in the mosque's cellar, officials said.

A fourth suspect is believed to have fled the country.

Since the weapons, explosives, poisons and 747 flying instructions were in the cellar, I'm assuming that the religion of peace activities were conducted upstairs. They surely wouldn't have mixed all those things up. Uh, or maybe they would.

By at 08:39 PM | Comments |

Buy This Book

I'm currently reading it, and it's just plain fascinating. Not only does it take you into the lives of ordinary Israelis during the war, you also get a modern glimpse at similar events in times past. What the British went through during the Battle of Britain. Or the South Koreans when the North started their offensive and were shelling Seoul.


Linda's on her second go around, and she has a good review up.

You can buy it here.

A brief synopsis:

33 days...3,699 missiles...500,000 Jewish refugees...Infinite faith and uncounted miracles. One year ago missiles rained down on Israel's North and began an unprecedented war whose consequences are still felt today. From her "safe corner" in Tzefat the author gives us riveting real-time emails, stories, diaries, and prayers from ordinary people living under constant fire during the war, and records the endless miracles and chessed during those fateful danger-filled days.
By Vinnie at 05:35 PM | Comments |

Is Everybody in al Qaeda This Stupid?

With the Taliban on the verge of murdering 22 more civilian hostages, even as it releases propaganda videos where they pretend they call off attacks because of too many civilians in the area, I thought I'd bring you up to date on a yet to be released as Sahab produced video from their al Qaeda allies, sent to me earlier today by Laura Mansfield.

The video is part of an ongoing series produced by al Qaeda of alleged attacks on U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The problem with the video? Well, it does show that someone was attacked. But it definitely isn't Americans. In fact, the destroyed vehicles are all distinctly civilian trucks. Oh, and all the people on the road are also distinctly Afghan civilians. Here's a rather poor vidcap


Seriously, are you all retarded or should I just blame Adam Gadahn for this?

UPDATE: Ahhh, it's all making sense......

Related: If you didn't already see this: Science! Taliban Suicide Bombers Suck and "Martyred" Taliban Commander Was Retard

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:42 PM | Comments |

A Korean Hostage's Plea for Help

All of the 22 remaining hostages held by the Taliban are sick and in fear of their lives (we know the compassionate treatment the Taliban gives to sick captives).

Via BBC:

The woman, who identified herself as Yo Syun Ju, told an Afghan reporter by telephone all the hostages were sick.

"Tell them to do something to get us released," she said in an interview carried out in the presence of the Taleban militants holding her captive.

A group of 23 Koreans was abducted a week ago. The kidnappers have since killed one of the hostages.

In an interview obtained by the BBC from an Afghan journalist, Ms Yo, who said she was from Seoul, described her situation as "dangerous", adding: "Day by day it is getting very difficult...

"We are all sick and we have a lot of problems."

We need to pray as hard as we can for these hostages, for the strength to endure their ordeal and not to despair. I love the prayer on Rusty's thread; here's another:

O blessed Lord, who thyself didst undergo the pain and suffering of the Cross; Uphold, we beseech thee, with thy promised gift of strength all those of our brethren who are suffering for their faith in thee. Grant that in the midst of all persecutions they may hold fast by this faith, and that from their stedfastness thy Church may grow in grace and we ourselves in perseverance, to the honour of thy Name, who with the Father and the Holy Ghost art one God, world without end. Amen

Anyone who would like to help keep vigil is welcome to post their favorite prayers or Bible verses in the comments.

By at 02:14 PM | Comments |

Scott Thomas/TNR Caught in Plame-ish Operation?

Ace has been doing some behind-the-scenes digging with a few other bloggers, and finds what appears to be a Plame-ish operation involving spousal recommendations of TNR staffers / associates and the selection of Scott Thomas as an official TNR war 'correspondent.' Or something.

Some of the info isn't fully confirmed yet. TNR also apparently fired someone over this kerfluffle this morning...something doesn't smell right over there (when has it ever), so stay tuned for the fact checking of this TNR writer's claims, and of the fallout that may ensue at TNR.

UPDATE by Rusty: Confirmed Scott Thomas Beauchamp's wife fiance (hmmm, or maybe right the first time, already married?) is Elspeth Reeve, a TNR staffer.

Does she get fired? Nope, the conservative TNR staffer that outted her did.

UPDATE 2: A Special Ops "chickenhawk" offers to be the new TNR Baghdad Diarist. Ace snarks:

He won't get the job. For one thing, he's qualified. For another thing, he can't be guaranteed to deliver the anti-military fictions Beauchamp did.

For a third thing, he's not going steady with anyone at TNR.

Check Hot Air and Ace for some of today's developments - they've developed pretty quickly since the gates of TNR were stormed. TNR apparently spent last night hunting down and firing a conservative writing there for tipping bloggers off to the incestuous/conflict of interest (and literal) relationship between Scott Thomas and TNR staffer Elspeth Reeve (Beauchamp). Kind of a key fact to know, dontcha think? Conflicts of interest? Compromised objectivity? An insider-orchestrated smear job on the military from a radical leftwing publication?

Dirty, dirty, dirty. TNR has apparently been sniffing around LGF as well.

Maybe we should check our IP logs.

TEH FUNNY: The she-males at Sadly, No! are wetting their pants at the very notion that this little stunt by TNR is (gasp) being examined for veracity and factual accuracy! That, and (shock) things are being discovered that cast doubt on the (heh) honesty and integrity of their newfound favorite dog-killing, atrocity-aiding misogynist Warrior Poet.

STING/SET-UP?...Some have speculated that this might be an elaborate "get the wingnut bloggers" rope-a-dope. Ace doesn't think so. If so, that means TNR is putting a lot of false information (fabricated websites and assorted other lies) into the air. Whose honesty and integrity is at stake here again? TNR's. They can't get away from this, and they've already fired someone over this story.


By Good Lt. at 01:44 PM | Comments |

Another Korean Hostage Deadline

The Taliban have set yet another deadline before they murder 22 South Korean hostages in Afghanistan. From the Taliban's website:

The deputy interior minister asked us to give them extra time until tomorrow [3:30 EDT] to be able to handle the issue. The Taliban leading council decided to give them time until tomorrow (Friday) noon [local time].

We want again from Korean government, public and parliament to pressurize Afghan government to do something about Korean fate.

Isn't that the central dilemma any time hostages are taken? Giving in to the kidnappers' demands saves the lives of these hostages, but only means that more hostages will be taken, and possibly more lives lost.

See Dub posted this prayer. I think it's appropriate, slightly modified:

ALMIGHTY God, the supreme Governor of all things, whose power no creature is able to resist, to whom it belongeth justly to punish sinners, and to be merciful to those who truly repent; Save and deliver [them], we humbly beseech thee, from the hands of our enemies; that [they], being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore from all perils, to glorify thee, who art the only giver of all victory; through the merits of thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:44 PM | Comments |

War Crimes and the Geneva Conventions Silliness in the Washington Post

Of course I'm not *shocked* that the Washington Post lets these two get away with publicizing an editorial called War Crimes and the White House: The Dishonor in a Tortured New 'Interpretation' of the Geneva Conventions. What I am shocked about is just how dumb the the editorial is.

First, P.X. Kelley and Robert F. Turner pull out the street creds. The first sentence:

One of us was appointed commandant of the Marine Corps by President Ronald Reagan; the other served as a lawyer in the Reagan White House and has vigorously defended the constitutionality of warrantless National Security Agency wiretaps, presidential signing statements and many other controversial aspects of the war on terrorism.
So, take their argument seriously!

The pair then go on to quote the Hamdi case, which declares all detainees captured in the war on terrorism are protected by Common Article 3 of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. They then go on to a laborious explanation of how it's not just torture that the Geneva Conventions prohibit, but also:

"outrages upon personal dignity, in particular, humiliating and degrading treatment."
Which is true inasmuch as the Geneva Conventions apply to prisoners of war. Then they go on to explain that an executive order prohibiting torture, but which might allow for humiliating or degrading treatment, is Presidential acquiescence to the breaking of the Geneva Conventions. And then warn:
that violations of Common Article 3 are "war crimes" for which everyone involved -- potentially up to and including the president of the United States -- may be tried in any of the other 193 countries that are parties to the conventions.
Be afraid Mr. President. Be very afraid!

Of course, it's not until far down into the editorial that the pair admit the obvious, which completely destroys their own argument:

Yet we did not find it necessary to compromise our honor or abandon our commitment to the rule of law to defeat Nazi Germany or imperial Japan, or to resist communist aggression in Indochina. On the contrary, in Vietnam -- where we both proudly served twice -- America voluntarily extended the protections of the full Geneva Convention on prisoners of war to Viet Cong guerrillas who, like al-Qaeda, did not even arguably qualify for such protections.
They admit that al Qaeda members do not qualify for Geneva Convention protection. More than that, they say that there's not even an argument about it.

So, since they admit that the Conventions don't apply to al Qaeda, how exactly is he going to be prosecuted for the "war crime" of humiliating them?

Parenthetically, giving the Viet Cong Geneva Convention protections sure worked out, right?

Why don't the Conventions apply to the likes of al Qaeda or other jihadi groups? Because the Geneva Conventions only apply to state and non-state actors who either wear a uniform or who can clearly be identified through other means as members of an armed group. Insurgents who attempt to blend in with local populations are intentionally excluded from the Conventions. And Kelley and Turner know it.

So, why extend Geneva Convention protection to al Qaeda, even though they admit that al Qaeda members don't even qualify for such protection?

The Geneva Conventions provide important protections to our own military forces when we send them into harm's way. Our troops deserve those protections, and we betray their interests when we gratuitously "interpret" key provisions of the conventions in a manner likely to undermine their effectiveness.
So, let me get the logic straight: if we treat al Qaeda prisoners with "dignity", then they will do the same to any prisoners they capture?

The Geneva Conventions never were intended to apply to groups like al Qaeda. The Conventions are an inducement for armed combatants to follow some basic notions of just war: try not to kill civilians and don't harm honorable enemies who have laid down their arms.

Terrorists like al Qaeda members are excluded to warn those who do not follow the rules of war that they should not expect to be treated well by their captors. The message that Kelley and Turner wish to convey is exactly opposite that of the Conventions: no matter how you act in war, you will be treated well.

I will agree with Kelley and Turner on this one thing:

The Geneva Conventions provide important protections to our own military forces when we send them into harm's way. Our troops deserve those protections
Of course our troops deserve those protections, because our troops follow the rules of war as established in the Geneva Conventions. Members of al Qaeda and other jihadi organizations do not.

If anything is outrageous, it is not how we mistreat terrorists but that we treat them so well. FDR knew how to treat foreign agents who were out of uniform and who meant to do harm to the homeland-- he executed them.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:54 AM | Comments |

FCC: Fairness Doctrine Not Needed

No sh*t, sherlock. Tell that to the delusional folks out there who pretend for the sake of their pathetically weak argument that conservative talk radio is the ONLY format you can hear on the radio dial.

Martin, in his letter, said government regulation was not needed to ensure public access to a wide range of opinion. "Indeed, with the continued proliferation of additional sources of information and programming, including satellite broadcasting and the Internet, the need for the Fairness Doctrine has lessened even further since 1987," he wrote.
Game. Set. Match. B.

By Good Lt. at 11:44 AM | Comments |

Taliban Behead Two "Spies"

Of course by "spies" they mean pretty much any one they even suspect of ever having talked to a Westerner. Here's a "press release" put out by the Taliban today:

Two spies beheaded in Qarabagh Ghazni.

The intelligence service of Islamic Emirate [Taliban] yesterday captured 2 spies, Sheer Mohammad and Mohammad Saleem, in the Qarbagh district of Ghazni province.

After an investigation and, they confessed to being spies for the American forces.... After a decision made by Islamic Sharia Law, they executed them in the same area.

Qarabagh is also where the Taliban are holding 22 South Koreans hostage. They murdered one of those hostages, Bae Hyung-kyu, yesterday.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:19 AM | Comments |

So Should Scott Thomas Face Charges?

UPDATE: Welcome Lefty trolls. Looks like we were right. Turns out Scott Thomas Beauchamp got his job at TNR because he is engaged to a TNR staffer. Oh, and it looks like they fired someone for outting this relationship.

Now that the TNR source has been revealed, the questions can now be asked of him and TNR - should he face charges for participating in alleged massacres and sociopathic behavior, for witnessing this kind of behavior without reporting it up the chain of command, or are the things he 'reported' merely exaggerations or at worst outright lies?

Probably more of A and B than C.

These questions have been raised at prominent milblogs by those who've served and who called out this TNR source.

And predictably (in typical leftist fashion), Scott Thomas is calling everyone questioning the veracity and factual accuracy of his highly suspect 'reporting' a "chickenhawk." That's right. The milbloggers, many of whom have served in Iraq and others that are career military men, are "chickenhawks."

Funny how the definition of chickenhawk, as defined by the left, morphs from "never served yet supports the fight against terrorism" to "is serving in Iraq/Afghanistan or has served and doesn't agree with the Democrat Party." Pathetic.

Not that it has bearing on this case, but it should also be noted that Scott Thomas was a lefty blogger and an antiwarbot before his stint in Iraq. By moonbat logic, that makes him a shill for the DemCong.

Let him flail - to me, the "chickenhawk" crap is a smokescreen and an indication that he wants the attention focused on him and not on what he 'reported' that caused the controversy in the first place.

TNR owes everyone an explanation as to why they appear to be complicit in this individual's behavior, up to and including multiple violations of the UCMJ. They only want readers, and this is a really disgraceful way to go about getting them.

Man up, TNR. Time to pay the piper.

By Good Lt. at 10:14 AM | Comments |

Sex Pistols on Gordon Brown


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:42 AM | Comments |

Taliban Retard Shot, Not Suicide Bomber

Fred Fry sends me this. LOL:

Taleban commander Abdullah Mehsud was killed by Pakistani soldiers and did not commit suicide, one of the owners of the house in which he died says.
Just remember the "genius" and ex-Gitmo prisoner the Taliban chose as a senior "commander"......

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:17 AM | Comments |

Fifth Column Attacks Giuliani

CAIR is going after Rudy Giuliani because he used the words "Islamic terrorism". CAIR:

CONTACT the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee to express your concerns about his promotion of linking the faith of Islam to terrorism.
Gee, wouldn't it be more appropriate for CAIR to start a letter writing campaign to the Salafi (al Qaeda types) and Khomeinist (Shia) jihadis who not only link the faith of Islam to terrorism but preach that Allah requires it?


To paraphrase SNL, "Also causing Islam to be linked to terrorism, terrorists."

Charles Johnson has all the details on how to counter CAIR's agitprop.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:07 AM | Comments |

What Not to Say When Your Countrymen Are Being Murdered

Asshole defined:

“Of course it shows you quite well how intimate with imperialism the Korean church is, in that it goes to “serve” on a battlefield in a way that speaks the same religious language as the invading nation."
Blaming the victim. That's real classy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:52 AM | Comments |

Mullahs Murder Student Activist

They said he was a "gang member."

Meisam spent six month in the infamous Evin Prison after the July 1999 student riots. His sister was also attacked by the Police and received 40 stitches. Meisam had spent 55 days in solitary confinement after he was accused of setting tires on fire during the protests which followed the fundamentalists’ raid to the dormitory of University of Tehran.

Gee, I didn't know that the Crips and Bloods had gone international. MS-13 has, but they're just running around in our borders.

I dunno, olive skin, black hair, maybe they thought he was Cosa Nostra?

To his family, we send our prayers.

stein hoist: The too tan man from Canuckistan.

By Vinnie at 12:42 AM | Comments |

Death Of An American Hero

Rest in peace, Jake.

NEW YORK - A black Labrador who became a national canine hero after burrowing through white-hot, smoking debris in search of survivors at the World Trade Center site died Wednesday after a battle with cancer.

Owner Mary Flood had Jake put to sleep Wednesday after a last stroll through the fields and a dip in the creek near their home in Oakley, Utah. He was in too much pain at the end, shaking with a 105-degree fever as he lay on the lawn.

No one can say whether the dog would have gotten sick if he hadn't been exposed to the smoky air at ground zero, but cancer in dogs Jake's age — he was 12 — is quite common.

"Man's best friend." Truer words were never spoken.

By Vinnie at 12:30 AM | Comments |

July 25, 2007

Two AQ Leaders Get Pwn3d After Attacking Troops

Here, we have the deaths of two senior AQ leaders - Khalid, Khalil, and Khattab al-Turki. Watch them fire at Coalition troops, and then watch them disintegrate in the return fire.

Of course, under the Democrat 'warplan,' they'd still be running around killing and plotting unmolested, because we should have retreated starting years ago (if we ever went in at all). They have a right to. We don't want to make them mad, after all. Tough, smart diplomacy with terrorist murderers.

By Good Lt. at 10:43 PM | Comments |

Get Ready For Some Patriotic Troop Supportin' - Hollywood Style

The drug-addled, anti-American, coke addicted, Democrat-supporting minions of Hollywood are preparing their antiwar screeds (shock!) just in time for the 2008 election cycle.

And how do they portray the military they claim to so vigorously support?

By portraying them as murderers, criminals, jail-bound psychopaths, indifferent killers of Iraqi families, questioning the sanity and mental capabilities of soldiers who enlist, making them into poor unwilling victims of PTSD, and by dragging out virtually every other leftwingnut smear they've ever used since their Vietnam.

You'll be just dazzled, people. Star-struck!

By Good Lt. at 09:58 PM | Comments |

Science! Taliban Suicide Bombers Suck

I never thought I would actually laugh out loud reading anything from The Jamestown Foundation. Are the Taliban really this inept? Yes, they are. No wonder they have to resort to murdering hostages--they're own suicide bombers can't get it right!

You really have to read these key findings:

An analysis of the attacks carried out in the last two years reveals a curious fact. In 43% of the bombings conducted last year and in 26 of the 57 [=46%] bombings traced in this study up to June 15, the only death caused by the bombing was that of the bomber himself. Astoundingly, approximately 90 suicide bombers in this two year period succeeded in killing only themselves. This number exceeds 100 when you factor in those who succeeded in killing only one person in addition to themselves. There was one period in the spring of 2006 (February 20 to June 21) when a stunning 26 of the 36 suicide bombers in Afghanistan (72%) only killed themselves.....

The cause for the Afghan suicide bombers' underwhelming performance, [Afghan police and soldiers] claimed, lay in the ineptitude of the people the Taliban were recruiting as fedayeen (suicide) bombers. Afghan officials continually told stories of lower class people who had been seduced, bribed, tricked, manipulated or coerced into blowing themselves up as "weapons of God" or "Mullah Omar's missiles." Afghan NDS officials also spoke of apprehended bombers who were deranged, retarded, mentally unstable or on drugs.

In one case, they told of a mentally deranged man who threw his vest at an Afghan patrol, assuming it would explode on its own .... Others, including a Taliban bomber who was arrested while pushing his explosives-laden car toward its target after it ran out of gas, appear to be inept beyond belief ... Coalition troops who have spoken of seeing bombers blow themselves up far from their convoys have characterized it as the act of drugged or mentally unstable bombers.

Also adding to the ineptness of Taliban suicide bombers?

Commanders like this.

Of course, not everything in the report is funny:

There have been several widely reported instances of the Taliban recruiting school children to be suicide bombers in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP)... 'As many as 30 students from each of the four government schools in Tank enlisted.' A similar number have also joined from private schools. The ages of those taken are between 11 to 15 years." ... The age of these bombers would explain why one of the courses in Taliban suicide camps teaches students how to drive a car....

In the video that was obtained by ABC, boys as young as 12 are shown "graduating" from a suicide bombing camp run by Mullah Dadullah Mansour, the successor to his brother, the recently slain Mullah Dadullah (ABC News, June 22).

In an incident that caused tears of fury among local villagers, a six year-old street urchin approached an Afghan security checkpoint and claimed that he had been cornered by the Taliban and fitted with a suicide bomber vest.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:29 PM | Comments |

Subsidizing Dhimmitude

Why am I not shocked to learn that the Federal government is subsidizing Saudi efforts to dhimmify my kids?

By lavishly funding several organizations that design Saudi-friendly English-language K-12 curricula, all that remains is to convince the “outreach coordinators” at prestigious, federally subsidized universities to purvey these materials to America’s teachers. And wouldn’t you know it, outreach coordinators or teacher-trainers at a number of university Middle East Studies centers have themselves been trained by the very same Saudi-funded foundations that design K-12 course materials. These Saudi-friendly folks happily build their outreach efforts around Saudi-financed K-12 curricula.....

The upshot of all this is that the close links between Saudi funded curriculum-development and teacher-training programs, on the one hand, and federally subsidized university programs of Middle East Studies, on the other, has opened up a back-door route to Saudi influence over America’s K-12 curriculum.

Just another day at the Department of Education!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:37 PM | Comments |


Bae Hyung-kyu.jpg

Christian martyrs die for their religion. Contrast that to the shahids (martyrs) who nearly always kill for their religion.

The Taliban released these two statements today on their website:

We have given them the list of eight Mujahideen prisoners for exchange (for eight Koreans) but they are dealing with the issue carelessly.

The deadline has already expired. We will kill some of the Koreans today if we don't see any developments in the negotiations the government of President Hamid Karzai was "not honest in negotiations.

The Taliban are not freed, then some of them will probably be killed. Our patience is running out
As every body knows that Afghan government is not true in negotiations as we had given them a list of our Mujahedeen prisoners but we have gotten no response and they have taken no action. There fore we killed one Korean (Han Que) son of (Huchonk) at 3:43 in Qarabagh in Ghazniunder Islamic constitution of Islamic Emirate We want again from Korean government, public and parliament to pressurize Afghan government to do something about Korean fate. If we do not get response from the government left Korean will be killed at 1:00 am.

Pray for Bae Hyung-kyu's family, and for the 22 hostages that are still alive.

Michelle Malkin has more.

Earlier: Taliban MURDER One South Korean Hostage

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:45 PM | Comments |

Two al Qaedas? This vs. That al Qaeda

I'm sorry, but this whole discussion of the links between this al Qaeda (in Iraq) and that al Qaeda (in Pakistan) is both uninformed about the nature of the worldwide Salafi jihad and about the organizational structure of al Qaeda in general. To speak of "linkages" between this al Qaeda and that al Qaeda is to imply that each organization is hierarchically run with some sort of intermediary running messages from "commanders" in Pakistan to "subcommanders" in Iraq.

It's simply not the case. Al Qaeda hasn't been hierarchically organized for years, long before the Iraq war. They simply don't have the ability to organize hierarchically. Even with a safe haven in Pakistan for the past year, its awfully difficult to to maintain span of control over jihadis in Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, Europe, and elsewhere from a cave in Waziristan or an internet cafe in Quetta.

It's also a misnomer to think of the al Qaeda as the terrorist threat. There are dozens and dozens of groups with the exact same ideology as al Qaeda, all intent to do harm on various societies around the globe, all of which believe intentionally killing civilians is an acceptable method of doing that harm.

Does it really matter to terrorist victims in Algeria whether those bombing them were calling themselves The Salafist Group for Call and Combat or al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb? Same group, different name, and victims just as dead.

So, too, does it really matter whether the people beheading "apostates" (Shia), "traitors" (Sunnis working with Iraqi government), and "crusaders" (any non-Muslim foreigner working with Iraqi government) call themselves Ansar al-Islam, Tawhid wal Jihad, The Mujahideen Shura Council, The Islamic State of Iraq, or al Qaeda in Iraq? Same people, different name, and victims just as dead.

It also doesn't matter whether the person murdering the Korean hostage is a "home-grown" member of the "Taliban" or a "foreign" member of "al Qaeda". In the end, both "groups" want the same thing and are willing to use the same methods.

Further, those arguing that President Bush is overstating al Qaeda's part in the Iraqi insurgency really should be grabbed by the collar and dragged down to the Pentagon for weekly briefings. Yes, there are "nationalist" Sunni Arab insurgent groups, but there are also non-al Qaeda affiliated Salafist organizations in Iraq too.

Somehow I don't think Red Cross worker Enzo Baldoni would take solace in the fact that his murderers in the The Islamic Army in Iraq no longer work with al Qaeda in Iraq. Nor do I think that Akihiko Saito would really care that Ansar al-Sunnah decided not to join al Qaeda's umbrella organization after Zarqawi's death.

There are a few Sunni groups which are not Salafist jihadis of the al Qaeda stripe, but some of those are now working with us. But by far the greatest threat to our troops comes from the Salafis.

Last, and what started me thinking about this post, is the misnomer that before Abu Musab al Zarqawi "pledged allegiance" to Osama bin Laden, there were no links between the jihadis in Iraq and the al Qaeda. In fact, Abu Musab al Zarqawi came to Iraq from Afghanistan. He only joined the fighting with Ansar al-Islam, which was the Kurdish face of the global Salafi jihad, after he left the al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.

And we have the documents to prove it. The original documents can be found here. As Laura Mansfield reminded me today, Iraqi intelligence documents identify a cell of al Qaeda working in Iraq prior to the invasion, headed by Abu Musab al Zarqawi who is identified as member of "Tanzeem al Qaeda", or the "Al Qaeda Organization". The memo is dated August 17, 2002.

So, whether or not that al Qaeda ordered Abu Musab al Zarqawi to personally behead Nick Berg really misses the point. And whether or not that al Qaeda ordered this al Qaeda to recruit Indian doctors for jihad in Britain, also misses the point. All terrorists who consider themselves "al Qaeda" are a threat. And those terrorists who don't consider themselves "al Qaeda", but have the same ideology, goals, and methods are also a threat.

And even if al Qaeda in Iraq was a totally home grown bunch of jihadis, it still misses the point. Because when the next plane hits the White House, it will be of little comfort to know that the Iraqi pilot didn't get his orders from Zawahiri's cave in Waziristan.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:32 PM | Comments |

Loose Change Producer Arrested for Desertion

Couldn't have happened to a smarter guy. He (Korey Rowe) probably won't be court martialed.

Wonder why he felt the need to pump his military service in numerous media interviews, but never seemed to get around to telling people he deserted.

ht: Hot Air, SLC

By Good Lt. at 11:28 AM | Comments |

Taliban Kill MURDER One South Korean Hostage

Breaking news via Fox:

Report: Taliban Kill One South Korean Hostage

KABUL, Afghanistan — A purported Taliban spokesman said Wednesday that one of the 23 South Korean hostages being held in Afghanistan had been killed, according to the Reuters news agency.

Earlier, Aari Yousef Ahmadi, who claims to speak for the militants, said the Afghan government hadn't responded to any of its demands and that the militants would kill "a few" of the hostages.

UPDATE: Via Fox:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A police official said Wednesday that Taliban militants told him they shot and killed one of 23 South Korean hostages, while two Western officials said some others from the group of captives were freed and taken to a U.S. military base.

Purported Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi said one of the hostages had been shot and killed around 4 p.m. (7:30 a.m. EDT), and a police official who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation said militants told him the hostage was sick and couldn't walk, and therefore was shot.

Some of the Koreans, meanwhile, were freed and were taken to a U.S. base in Ghazni, according to two Western officials who asked not to be identified because they weren't authorized to speak publicly. The officials did not know how many had been freed.

UPDATE II: Body of South Korean Hostage Recovered, Taliban Reportedly Release Others

Authorities recovered the bullet-riddled body of a South Korean hostage in central Afghanistan on Wednesday, a police officer who discovered the body said.

The male victim had 10 bullet holes in his head, chest and stomach, and was discovered in the Mushaki area of Qarabagh district in Ghazni province, said police officer Abdul Rahman.

UPDATE by Rusty: I hope Vicki doesn't mind me changing the headline. I think MURDER is a more accurate and appropriate word. It boggles the mind why the news media won't use it.....

By at 08:04 AM | Comments |

World's Most-Read Blogger

Last week, the Beijing News reported that Chinese actress and director, 33-year-old Xu Jinglei (pics), became the world's most widely-read blogger when her site logged 100 million page views within about 600 days.

Interestingly, her blog (Mandarin or English) focuses on her career as a director of films and everyday life, not the usual celebrity sleaze. Xu has transitioned away from acting to be behind the cameras. A bit of trivia, her favorite movies are The Godfather and Schindler's List.

To celebrate the 100 million page views, Xu has chosen 20 of her online fans to join her at a blow-out party.

The 100 millionth hit occurred on July 12, according to www.sina.com.cn, a popular Chinese website which provides blog services to many Chinese entertainers, including Xu who started hers in October 2005 and published a book of her blogged articles in March 2006.
Notably, Xu Jinglei was interviewed last week by reporter Ellen Lee of the SF Chronicle and she discusses her attitude toward politics and the impact of the Internet on Chinese culture. Listen here in either Mandarin or English.

It's worth mentioning that Technorati, which classifies blogs based on the number of incoming links, had Xu's blog ranked at 47th last week. Nevertheless, the Chinese believe they have the world's most popular blogger.

By at 07:25 AM | Comments |

German Journalist Missing in Afghanistan

A German writer for the magazine Stern and his translator have reportedly been kidnapped in Kunar province, Afghanistan. Christoph Reuter (above) was traveling in the remote, mountainous area where earlier this month, several civilians were killed in a NATO air strike.

Via BBC:

A senior security official in Kunar told the BBC that the German journalist had disappeared when visiting the village of Sangar in Wattapour district.

"We have sent a delegation to investigate this, at this stage we have to assume that they have been kidnapped," he said.

A local hotelier told the BBC that the journalist, who he said worked for a German magazine, had been staying at his lodge when insurgents arrived at the door. They dragged the journalist out of the building and took him away.

The hotelier said he was taken with two Afghans, a driver and an interpreter, but local officials say only two people were kidnapped.

Reuter speaks fluent Arabic and has covered both Afghanistan and Iraq for Stern. He is also the author of a 2006 book, My Life Is a Weapon: A Modern History of Suicide Bombing.

UPDATE: German man freed in Afghanistan

UPDATE II: Germany Can´t Confirm Hostage Freed in Afghanistan

By at 06:55 AM | Comments |

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Um, nobody?

"Our youth have no peace of mind. They are afraid to go out, they are afraid that if they go out they will be taken to the police. Aren't they saying that there is freedom?"

Sorry, ma'am, that's the price of radical islam.

If you could, but you can't, I'd suggest you listen to some Janice Joplin. She's the one who sang "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

You have nothing left to lose, it's time you gained your freedom.

Excrement question: Okay, this is the pop culture reference to end pop culture references. If I don't stump you with this, I'm done. What does the title of this post refer to? Hint: Nah, no hints, you bastards don't deserve it.

By Vinnie at 02:10 AM | Comments |

Afghanistan Adopts The Western Way Of War

If you've read "Carnage and Culture" by Victor Davis Hanson, you'll know what I'm talking about.

If you haven't, remember Mogadishu. Our side lost 19, theirs, 1,000 to 5,000.

That sort of ratio has been played out since the allied Greek city-states defeated the Persians at Salamis.

In southern Helmand province, Afghan troops ambushed by militants called in airstrikes and fought back with small-arms and mortar fire, the U.S.-led coalition said. The coalition said at least 36 insurgents were killed in the fighting Monday, but no Afghan or coalition troops were hurt.

In Uruzgan province, police clashed for three days with militants blocking the road leading to Kandahar province, leaving 26 militants and two policemen dead, said Wali Jan, the Uruzgan deputy highway police chief. NATO-led and Afghan army troops joined the battle Tuesday, reopening the road for civilians traffic, he said.

Another 13 suspected militants were killed in Kandahar province, the Defense Ministry said.

Afghanistan isn't totally free, but they're more free than they were, and it seems as though they're going to fight hard for it.

stein hoist: Garden Myer

By Vinnie at 02:01 AM | Comments |

July 24, 2007

An All-Points Rant on the Illiberal 'Fairness Doctrine'

By now, I'm sure many of you have heard of this blogger's effort to subject Daily Kos to FEC regulations. I respectfully disagree with him (and so did the FEC, apparently).

Well anyway, whilst perusing the thread, I noticed a rather laughable lefty pretending that Republicans were trying to use the government to silence media outlets they didn't like. As a well-schooled media practitioner, I couldn't let that stand, and tried my hand uncorking an increasingly rare, civil but nonetheless righteous, rant. Windy, as it were, but righteous.

Enjoy (Comment #155).

I agree with the majority here that this is not only a bad idea, but has been decided upon already.

That said, I saw this old chestnut a ways back up in the thread, and it deserves a tangentially-related response:

"seems like a typical kneejerk response by today's brand of republicans -- instead of analyzing your own failure and trying to improve, you're looking at someone else's success and saying 'we have to get the government (which we hate, of course) to STOP IT.'"


I just had to chuckle, because it is the Democrat Party that is braying about, voting for, and advocating the return of the Fairness Doctrine, for the sole purpose of shutting down conservative talk radio (talk radio is a programming format in which liberals have traditionally struggled greatly for commercial success due to a saturated media marketplace that already promotes their opinions in a variety of formats and styles, ie. Air America, NPR, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, newspapers, magazines, movies, music, etc.). For those keeping score, that's using the government to silence political opinions and speech they don't like. In the older days, this was known as the "Hush Rush" Doctrine. It still is.

Don't gimme the BS about "public airwaves." That was written in a day where any one radio dial (radio being the only broadcast medium available) had three or four frequencies TOTAL. It was written to keep frequencies from clashing with one another, and since there were so few, they had to be a bit more "balanced" because of the scarcity of frequencies. There are dozens of radio stations every 50 miles in this country, with all kinds of talk, news, subject matter, political opinion, etc. There is now the Internet, TV, cable, Direct TV, satellite radio, YouTube, print media, etc. There are many choices for media consumers - they are not forced to listen to conservative talk radio. You can find it on one or two frequencies per market, among dozens and dozens of other stations and formats in each market. Its called choice. People choose to listen to it, making it commercially viable. That's freedom. Restricting the choice is not freedom, and using the government to do it is de facto censorship. The Doctrine was struck down because it was overly restrictive and nearly killed the AM band (under a Democrat congress, no less). The threats to return it and to expand the FCC's power to regulate political opinions, programming, and content on the air are violations of the First Amendment, which I've seen quoted on this thread many times.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..."

Pretty straightforward. No laws governing speech, opinions, media or the press. If the clowns in government don't like it, they should find another line of work.

Trying to act like "Republicans" are moving to stifle liberal opinions using the government is laughable given the Democrats' recent efforts to "threaten" people with an outdated piece of archaic and Stalinist legislation that Hugo Chavez is implementing in his own country to cement his stranglehold on the government. Simply laughable.

Otherwise, this motion is a bad idea. Let Kos be Kos. Let Red State be Red State. Let Rush be Rush. Let Olbermann be Olbermann. We're all better off with more choices, not less. I think (or at least hope) we can all agree with that.

By Good Lt. at 10:55 PM | Comments |

Chickens Come Home to Roost: Churchill Fired!

UPDATE II: Fraudulent academia comes home to roost: CHURCHILL IS OUTTA HERE! 8-1. Not even close. Watch the moonbats squirm - its glorious:

- - -
Ward Churchill has been fired! It couldn't have happened to a more despicable person.....Citizen Link:
Ward Churchill, the leftist history professor famous for offensive and inflammatory remarks, was officially dismissed today from his position at the University of Colorado. After meeting behind closed doors, the CU governing board announced the dismissal for academic misconduct.
Just to set the record straight, Churchill published his famous essay Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens in September of 2001, while the WTC buildings were still smoldering. In it, he called some of the victims of the 9/11 attacks "Little Eichmann's".

UPDATE: Oops. It looks like the report I linked above was wrong. The announcement has not been made yet. In fact, they've yanked the article. I'm guessing they already had an article ready in draft form waiting to go and somebody accidentally pressed the publish button. I found it on Google News so I figured they just had it up first. Nope. But keep fingers crossed......

UPDATE II: Fox News Confirms: University of Colorado Board Upholds Firing of Controversial Professor Ward Churchill

From Churchill's essay:

If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visiting some penalty befitting their participation upon the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers, I'd really be interested in hearing about it.

The men who flew the missions against the WTC and Pentagon were not "cowards."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:09 PM | Comments |

"Martyred" Taliban Commander Was Retarded

An image of Abdullah Mehsud in an interview with reporters in 2004. A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner released after he was found not to be a threat, and who later returned to Pakistan to become an important Taliban leader involved in multiple attacks against US and Afghani forces, died today after blowing himself and several companions up when they were surrounded by Pakistani forces.

Oh, and it appears he was also retarded. Is it just me, or is the Taliban gunman standing next to Mehsud staring at his one slipper and one shoe thinking, "I can't believe they put him in charge."

Hat tip: Stealth

UPDATE: This really calls for a caption contest. So, caption it!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:30 PM | Comments |

U.S. Companies Helping Hezbollah Terrorists

hezbollah_website_Israel.jpgRight: An image from Hizbollah's main website.

With the news today that another Islamic "charity" has been designated a foreign terrorist entity for helping to fund the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, I was reminded that dozens of U.S. companies are doing business with Hizbollah by providing them with webhosting, DNS, or registration services. Aaron, from Internet Haganah, e-mailed these to me recently and has given me the green light to publish them. As always, Internet Haganah is the best source of information about the counter cyber-jihad.

The following websites are providing business services to Hizbollah. There were more, but I only included those with active websites and with some kind of relationship to a U.S. company. UPDATE: As per Alan's suggestion:"Please contact the registrars of these domains and the Hosting companies, informing them that they maybe breaking the law by providing services to terrorist groups."

FYI--this seems to be Hezbollah's main website:

Update 03/24/08: Hezbollah's main site PWNED!

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Syrian Arab Republic - Syrian Arab
Republic - Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (Ste)
Domain name registrar is Network Solutions, LLC, USA

IP Address:
Hosting provided by Network Solutions, LLC, USA
Content loaded from moqawama.org
Domain name registrar is Network Solutions, LLC, USA

Many more below.....

IP Address:
Hosting provided by Fresh Lab, USA
Content loaded from moqawama.org
Domain name registrar is Network Solutions, LLC, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Syrian Arab Republic - Syrian Arab
Republic - Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (Ste)
Domain name registrar is register.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Syrian Arab Republic - Syrian Arab
Republic - Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (Ste)
Domain name registrar is register.com, USA

IP Address:
Hosting is provided by register.com, USA
Content loaded from moqawama.org
Domain name registrar is register.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Datacommunications Co. of Iran
Domain register is dotregister.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Everyones Internet (owned now by
Theplanet.com), USA
Domain name registrar is Intercosmos Media Group Inc., USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Everyones Internet (owned now by
Theplanet.com), USA
Domain name registrar is GoDaddy.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: versaweb.net, USA
Domain name registrar is GoDaddy.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Groupe iWeb Technologies inc., Canada
Domain name registrar is GoDaddy.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Syrian Arab Republic - Syrian Arab
Republic - Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (Ste)
Domain name registrar is TopSpot, Inc., USA (dba 1hostjapan.com)

IP Address:
Network access provided by: ServePath.com, USA
Domain name registrar is Network Solutions, LLC, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: ServePath.com, USA
Domain name registrar is bookmyname.com, France

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Interland, Inc., USA
Domain name registrar is Intercosmos Media Group Inc., USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: versaweb.net, USA
Domain name registrar is GoDaddy.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: Syrian Arab Republic - Syrian Arab
Republic - Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (Ste)
Domain name registrar is eNom, Inc., USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: softlayer.com, USA
Domain name registrar is GoDaddy.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: bluehost.com, USA
Domain name registrar is GoDaddy.com, USA

IP Address:
Network access provided by: NTT America, Inc., USA
Domain name registrar is Tucows Inc., Canada

Hosted by Yahoo!

Hosted by MSN/Microsoft

Hosted by MSN/Microsoft

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Boobs Against Hillary

Code Pink and Breasts Not Bombs protest Hillary Clinton. My eyes.....they hurt! Warning NSFW.....hell, not safe for any one who has recently eaten.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Amidst the Confusion, Details Emerge on German Hostages

This has been a difficult story to keep track of, as the known facts keep changing. First the Taliban claimed to have killed both German hostages and all six of the Afghans abducted along with them. The Afghan government denied this claim, saying that one engineer had died of a heart attack and the other was still alive. Then a body, said to be that of hostage Ruediger B., was discovered with gunshot wounds. The official story as of yesterday was that Ruediger, a diabetic, collapsed during a forced march and was shot by his captors to see if he was dead or alive.

Now the German newspaper Spiegel Online is finally putting the pieces of the story together. The dead hostage has been identified as 43-year-old Ruediger Diedrich, an engineer from the northeastern German state of Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania, who went to Afghanistan after the construction company he owned went bankrupt. He was reportedly afraid of going to Afghanistan, but saw it as his only opportunity to repay his debts.

Although his first trip to the country was successful, he became increasingly worried about the security situation in Kabul, where he lived, as violence in the city increased. He told the German broadcaster ZDF in a June 2006 interview of his fears. "I feel very unsafe," he said. "Afghanistan is a powder keg." He only left his house when it was strictly necessary, he said.

However he apparently gradually got used to the violence, and colleagues said he did not show signs of fear. It was perhaps this relaxed attitude that led him to decide to travel to the dangerous Wardak province with Rudolf B.

Rudolf B. is a 62-year-old construction engineer who suffers from diabetes and does not have his insulin with him. German officials say they talked to him by telephone on Sunday and are very concerned about the state of his health.

Speigel speculates that the real target of the kidnapping wasn't the two engineers, but an Afghan businessman, Eshak Noorzai, a member of a powerful family, and whose brother is the deputy speaker of the Afghan parliament. This doesn't seem likely however, as he was the only hostage released so far, and has given the only eyewitness reports of Ruediger Diedrich's death.

Mr. Diedrich's body is being flown to Germany for an autopsy scheduled for Thursday, to determine if he was in fact already dead when he was shot by his captors.

German aerial reconnaissance has determined the location of the hostages and negotiations with tribal elders are continuing. Let's continue to pray for strength and health for Rudolf B. and the remaining Afghan hostages, and for the comfort of Mr. Diedrich's family and friends.


Body of 1 German Hostage Recovered in Afghanistan

By at 02:49 PM | Comments |

Imperialist Occupation Surge Failing

Totten reports from Iraq on the surge:

We slowly rolled into the market area. Smiling children ran up to and alongside the convoy and excitedly waved hello. It felt like I was riding with a liberating army.

Graya’at’s streets are quiet and safe. It doesn’t look or feel like war zone at all. American soldiers just a few miles away are still engaged in almost daily firefights with insurgents and terrorists, but this part of the city has been cleared by the surge.....

“Most of what we’re doing doesn’t get reported in the media,” he said. “We’re not fighting a war here anymore, not in this area. We’ve moved way beyond that stage. We built a soccer field for the kids, bought all kinds of equipment, bought them school books and even chalk. Soon we’re installing 1,500 solar street lamps so they have light at night and can take some of the load off the power grid. The media only covers the gruesome stuff. We go to the sheiks and say hey man, what kind of projects do you want in this area? They give us a list and we submit the paperwork. When the projects get approved, we give them the money and help them buy stuff.”

There is some scary stuff in there, toward the end, but I think the most common adjective used by Totten and the soldiers he's embedded with was bored.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:23 PM | Comments |

NYT Deleting Quotes w/o Notice on TNR Story

UPDATE: The NYT has reinstated the "near certainty" quote. No explanation given for printing it, removing it w/o notice, then printing it w/o notice again.
- - -
Ace noticed that TNR said that they knew with "absolute certainty" that the TNR source was a soldier. The NYT, however, reported that TNR knew with "NEAR certainty," quoting the TNR author.

Then the NYT deleted the offending phrase without notice and without correction. The TNR author doesn't claim he was misquoted. What the hell is going on here?

Somebody doesn't have the story straight, and neither is coming forward to admit the error. With the infinite credibility of both TNR and NYT, we should all probably just bury our heads n the sand and stop questioning our journalistic superiors.

Bryan Preston noticed some other literary liberties "Scott Thomas" was taking with his stories as well.

Stay tuned.

A THOUGHT...If "Scott Thomas" is indeed a real soldier (which TNR strongly stands by), then this soldier is violating laws of UCMJ by failing to report such atrocious behavior up the chain of command...if it did in fact happen at all. The longer that TNR keeps him anonymous, the more abuses are likely to occur, and the more "victims" of the alleged "shock troops" have to suffer. That's why we have the UCMJ - to rectify and stop this kind of behavior if it is in fact happening (which many military bloggers and vets are surmising that it in fact did not).

So - if TNR is covering up this serial abuser and "witness" to these crimes, they're complicit in allowing them to continue. If they are lying or their source is a fake, then they're totally screwed - Truthouted, if you will. Either way, TNR is in some serious doo-doo here.

By Good Lt. at 01:22 PM | Comments |

Good News: No Death Penalty for Muslim Apostates
Bad News: Torturing of Converts Continues Uninterupted

UPDATE 7/24: Did I say there was a caveat, or what? He's now denying it:

"What I actually said is that Islam prohibits a Muslim from changing his religion and that apostasy is a crime, which must be punished," Goma'a said.
Maybe someone needs to break the sad news to Ali Eteraz?------

Wow, it's the 21st century and Egypt's Grand Mufti now says the Muslims are free to leave the faith without fear of the death penalty. Mostly. Notice the caveat. There's always a caveat. AFP via Dean's World:

Egypt's official religious advisor has ruled that Muslims are free to change their faith as it is a matter between an individual and God, in a move which could have far-reaching implications for the country's Christians....

In most Muslim countries, Muslims who convert to another religion are considered apostates and can be subject to capital punishment....

Mr Gomaa warned however that if the conversions undermine the "foundations of society" then it must be dealt with by the judicial system, without elaborating.

Good news, kinda. Meanwhile, I guess the Egyptian police didn't get the memo:
Eyewitnesses said family members of Shaymaa (Eman) Muhammad al-Sayed, 26, today dragged her screaming from the police station where she had been closeted. According to the eyewitnesses outside Alexandria’s Bab-Sharky police station, Al-Sayed’s relatives severely beat her in the Shatby Cemetery behind the police station at 4 p.m.....

One week ago, on July 16, these same family members openly threatened to kill Al-Sayed for leaving Islam to become a Christian, after spotting her walking through a fair in Alexandria.

Local police promptly took her into “protective custody,” allegedly to prevent her physical harm at the hands of her irate Muslim relatives.

But instead of protecting her, local police and State Security Investigation (SSI) officials have subjected the threatened woman to days of severe physical and emotional torture. Her maltreatment included electrical shocks, beatings and being photographed naked.

Her repeated requests to press charges against her family for attempting to kidnap and kill her were ignored.

Via Dhimmi Watch.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:20 AM | Comments |

Former Gitmo Detainee Blows Himself Up

How is that possible?

Everyone knows that these "jihadis" were just peaceful fig farmers swiped up in BOOSHCheneyRethuglikkkan's massive assault on human rights, and that releasing them means nothing but JUSTICE to the innocents of the world.

I'm sorry. I criticized the liberals and their mouthpieces in the Democrat Party. I just got a nasty email from the ACLU telling me that I'll be sued for noticing that the people they're fighting to release into our midst are in fact terrorists, jihadis and murderers.

End transmission.
ht: LGF

UPDATE by Rusty: Roggio has a lot more on this piece of work.

By Good Lt. at 11:18 AM | Comments |

Pelosi Diplomacy: Syria Occupies Lebanon...Again

Don't they know that the Road to Peace goes through the DemCong? Take that, Islamists!

Yes, world. Syria has invaded Lebanon. Again. Everything old is new again, yadda yadda.

Don't worry. Tough, smart diplomacy and stern actions are on the way from the DemCong. Any day now. See the Islamists, Hizbullah agents, Syrian army, and terrorists tremble in fear before the US liberals!

By Good Lt. at 11:08 AM | Comments |

Vigil: Another South Korean Hostage Murder Deadline Passes

As of this writing, the third deadline set by the Taliban for the murder of 23 South Korean Christian doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals being held hostage has expired.

We pray for their immediate release.


This should be the front page story on every newspaper, on every news channel, and the lead on every blog in the nation. The Taliban are very aware of their self image and public pressure does have an affect. Just last week the Taliban and their al Qaeda allies released a propaganda video showing an attack they "called off because there were civilians in the area"-- a clear response to their normal brutality that isn't winning them much sympathy in the world.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman and my personal "pen pal" Qari Mohammad Yousif "Ahmadi" claims today that the negotiations for their release are "going well". Hopefully, this means that they will be released unharmed. Unfortunately, it may mean that ransom will be paid or that Taliban prisoners will be released--which will inevitably lead to more kidnappings.

But the best news from Ahmadi?

We hope it will be finished before 7 p.m. If not, we might give them more time."
Let's also not forget that the Taliban are also holding a German hostage and an unknown number of Afghans.

We're grateful that Michelle Malkin has taken up the cause, and she notes the underground Christian movement in Afghanistan. Interestingly enough, just yesterday I listened to an interview by Matt Sanchez of a Christian convert in Afghanistan named "Hazrat".

UPDATE: Now they want money? I've been hearing reports of this on and off, it's difficult to say with any certainty what exactly the Taliban want. But it is always safe to say, that whatever other demands are made in public, that privately they will also ask for money.

Michelle also now has a picture up of local Afghans from a village near where the Koreans were taken hostage protesting the Taliban's actions.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:55 AM | Comments |

Korean Reactions to Hostage Crisis

The Marmot's Hole is following the Korean hostage crisis closely, with updates, including a call from the Korean "White House" for bloggers to stop condemning the hostages for going to Afghanistan.

I've heard similar sentiments here, in the comments section, that the South Koreans were "stupid" for going into Afghanistan. Maybe, but no more "stupid" than St. Paul going to Jerusalem.

The hostages and their families in Korea remain in our prayers.

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The Immigration Food Safety Connection

The food industry's dirty little secret revealed.

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Video : What the Dems think of Gun Owners

(For the record, I have a couple of "babies" like that myself, and while I may need my head examined, the reason has nothing to do with my "babies.")

h/t : Allah.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:44 AM | Comments |

Liveblogging The Democrat Youtube Debate

Oh, is it over already?

Oops. My bad.

By Vinnie at 12:19 AM | Comments |

July 23, 2007

LAT: Iraqis Cite Progress, Ask For More Time

Say WHAT?!

Don' they know that the Democrats are trying to pick up seats in Congress? Don't they know that Harry Reid, the Glorious Leader, proclaimed the war over and lost already? Why don't the Iraqis listen to General Reid? Maybe they're on the BOOSH payroll...

This simply will no do! More defeatism! More pullouts! More slaughter! More Senate seats!

By Good Lt. at 11:34 PM | Comments |


According to a report, New York Governor Elliot Spitzer's (D) staff has been using the NY State Police to harass and spy on his political opponents.

And guess what word is curiously missing from the 1,000 word NYT story:


By Good Lt. at 09:32 PM | Comments |

Pwning the Taliban

This one's for the Brits!

By Good Lt. at 09:02 PM | Comments |

Ace Honors the 'Hidden Heroes' of War


Double heh.

Rick Ellensburg and the Boyz from Brazil thank you, Ace.

By Good Lt. at 08:37 PM | Comments |

S. Korean Hostages Will Die Soon, Taliban Says

Despite an extended deadline, negotiations for the 23 S. Korean missionaries kidnapped last week in Afghanistan are "not going well":

The Islamic militant group set an extended deadline of 12.30am today for their demands to be met, including the release of 23 Taliban prisoners and the withdrawal of South Korean troops from Afghanistan.

The hostages are mostly teachers and health care workers.

"The talks are continuing, but it seems they are not going well," Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi said, challenging more upbeat reports from the Afghan Government side.

"If they continue in this way, I think the hostages will be killed."

Ahmadi blamed the problems on a delegation representing the Afghan Government not having the authority to free the Taliban prisoners.

Continued prayers for the safety of the hostages and for their swift release.

Time is Up: Taliban to Murder Korean Christian Hostages (UPDATE: Deadline Extended)
Korean Hostages Get A Break, Taliban Spokesman Signs Own Death Warrant
Taliban Demands S. Korea Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan, Or 18 Christian Missionaries Will Be MURDERED
South Korean Christians Kidnapped in Afghanistan

By at 08:12 PM | Comments |

NYT: War Support Creeping Up

NOT good news for the terminally leftarded. Good news for the Troops in battle, however.

By Good Lt. at 05:50 PM | Comments |

John Doe: Not. Dead. Yet.

Good news from Audrey Hudson on the John Doe immunity provision--looks like it's not quite dead yet. But the Senate Democratic leadership is still trying to silently kill it. It's time to chime in NOW NOW NOW. Michelle has the relevant politico contacts and AllahP has the relevant media contacts info, although I'm afraid that if we don't get heard TONIGHT it will be too late.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:02 PM | Comments |


Condolences to Jeff G. on the passing of his grandmother.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:40 PM | Comments |

Loch Ness Monster Outsourced to China

I'm thinking Nessie isn't going to be pleased with this new found Chinese competition....

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:44 PM | Comments |

Cindy Sheehan Speaks Truth to Power

Saint Cindy Sheehan writes:

The Democrats are the party of slavery and were the party that started every war in the 20th century, except the other Bush debacle. The Federal Reserve, permanent federal income taxes, not one but two World Wars, Japanese concentration camps, and not one but two atom bombs dropped on the innocent citizens of Japan -- all brought to us via the Democrats. [source]

Hat tip: Claire, who, like me, is just sitting back and enjoying the show......

PS: More of Saint Cindy Sheehan speaking, er, 'truth' to something something:

Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel. Am I stupid? No, I know full-well that my son, my family, this nation, and this world were betrayed by a George Bush who was influenced by the neo-con PNAC agenda after 9/11.....

It was the unstated threat. Iraq wasn't going to attack America or nuke America. But Iraq was a threat -- to Israel. That was the real threat and had been for fifteen years. But for the US government this was the threat that couldn't speak its name. Europe doesn't care much about that threat. And the US government didn't think they should lean too much on it, because going to war to protect Israel wouldn't be popular....

If we get killed out here, know that the Secret Service killed us

And who can forget:
This country is not worth dying for...

We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now...

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:22 PM | Comments |

Inside the Cyber Jihad

This week Newsweek has an "Islam in America" theme, one of which highlights the cyber jihad:

Using Web-based television as well as Internet chat rooms, "news" sites and what amount to virtual training camps for terrorism and guerrilla warfare, they keep up a constant rant of propaganda, indoctrination and ideological discussion about how best to defeat the United States....

The key, said [captured al Qaeda operative Abu Musab] al-Suri, is "individual terrorism" that cannot be thwarted by the disruptions of a command structure. Those killed on 9/11 and afterward are just a beginning, he said. "Our mujahideen [holy warriors] have only collected a small amount of the bill."...

Some American analysts worry that the United States isn't fighting back hard enough in this cyberwar of ideas. "We have failed to take the jihadists seriously, intellectually and culturally, and as a result their corrosive influence is progressing unopposed," warns Stephen Ulph, a research associate of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

The Newsweek piece plays down the importance of the internet in radicalizing potential home-grown terrorists. Which is odd given that the same article emphasizes al Qaeda's call for individual acts of jihad.

Is this a signs that the military is going to begin to treat cyberspace as real 'space' in which the war must be waged? Doubtful. If you actually read what the Army is proposing, it's nothing more than local PR. The cyberjihad is global and those we are trying to influence are a global audience.

Hat tip: Son of the Godfather who calls some of the Newsweek articles in this week's issue a 'poor Muslims fluff piece'.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:23 PM | Comments |

Hezbollah Child Abuse

Hezbollah youth celebrating 'victory' over Israel in last summer's war. You'll really want to see this.

That mother must be so proud.

I guess the local Hizbollah Girl Scout troop ran out of cookies?


FYI-the RPGs aren't real, they're 'toys' specially made for the parade. I'm sure they're just preparing for the Summer of Peace.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:27 PM | Comments |

Body of 1 German Hostage Recovered in Afghanistan

This story, if accurate, helps to explain some of the confusion over the weekend about the fate of 2 German engineers kidnapped from a dam project last week in Wardak province. The Taliban spokesman announced on Saturday that both the Germans and their Afghan colleagues were shot in response to Germany's failure to bend over for them. The Afghan government denied those claims, saying that one hostage died of a heart attack and the other was still alive. On Sunday, however, the body of one of the engineers, identified only as Ruediger B., was discovered with a gunshot wound to the back. So was he shot and the other hostage dead of a heart attack? Now it appears, pending an autopsy, that Ruediger collapsed from complications of diabetes and that his captors, instead of giving him his insulin, shot him the back to see if he was dead or alive. What was that part about Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate?

Via Expatica:

The German newspaper Die Welt quoted witnesses as saying that dam engineer Ruediger B, who suffered from diabetes, collapsed after he, another German and five Afghans were taken on a forced march in the heat. After lying on the ground for some time, he was shot.

On its website, the paper said that the kidnappers were not part of the Taliban insurgency but were Pashtun bandits. It said only an autopsy could show if Ruediger, abducted Wednesday, was already dead when shot.

It said that German consular officials had spoken Sunday by telephone to the second German hostage.

Another news website, Spiegel Online, identified a witness as Eshaq Noorzai, the Afghan who was freed at the same time as Ruediger's body was handed over to authorities. He is the brother of Arif Khan Noorzai, deputy speaker of the Afghan parliament.

The fate of the second German and the five other Afghans remains uncertain. Let's pray hard for their safe release and that their brutal abductors are shown the same mercy and compassion as was given to Ruediger B.

Thanks to George for the link.

Taliban Kill Two German Hostages

By at 01:01 PM | Comments |

Terrorist Blogger Sentenced to 10 Years

Daniel Joseph Maldonado, a.k.a Daniel Aljughaifi, has been sentenced to 10 years for receiving training from al Qaeda linked elements in Somalia.

Despite numerous complaints, his Wordpress hosted blog remains online.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:32 PM | Comments |

Time is Up: Taliban to Murder Korean Christian Hostages (UPDATE: Deadline Extended)


The deadline set by Taliban spokesman Qari "Ahmedi" Mohammad Yousuf for the murder of 23 Korean civilian hostages has passed. According to a posting at the official website of the Taliban, the deadline was extended to 7:00 p.m. local time today. As of this writing, it is 8:35 p.m. in Afghanistan/Pakistan.


UPDATE: Another 24 hours?

A purported Taliban spokesman said that negotiations for the lives of 23 South Korean hostages had stalled and that militants would kill the aid workers Tuesday evening if the government doesn't free Taliban prisoners.

Another purported Taliban spokesman, Qari Mohammad Yousuf said talks with the Afghan government were going nowhere. The deadline was extended to 14:30 GMT Tuesday, he said, quoted by Reuters.

I've personally e-mailed Qari Mohammed Yousuf asking for the release of the Korean hostages. Not that I think that my e-mail will have any effect on him. We're not exactly 'friends'.

But I'd like to remind the Taliban media spinmeisters that if these hostages are killed, in the eyes of the world it will be cold-blooded murder. The world is watching you.......

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Just A Reminder

Click here to get a limited but generally adequate refresher on the Constitutional Separation of Powers in the United States government. Take a look at the Executive Powers, and see how Congress (using, for example, the US Attorneys non-scandal, or the hundreds of aimless 'investigations') is abusing its power and that the White House is entirely within its Constitutional prerogatives thwarting the radical DemCongress's attempts to run the Executive branch (which is also, libs, a nationally-elected branch, unlike Congressional elections which are local)

Executive power is vested in the President. The principal responsibility of the President is to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." By using these words, the Constitution does not require the President to personally enforce the law; rather, officers subordinate to the President may perform such duties. It has been held that the Constitution, by empowering him to ensure the faithful execution of laws, permits the President to terminate the appointment of an executive officer. Congress may not itself terminate such appointments, except by impeachment, or restrict the President's power to do the same. Nevertheless, the President's control does not extend to non-executive agencies. It was held that bodies such as the War Claims Commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Trade Commission—all quasi-judicial or quasi-legislative entities—were not subject to the President's whims.

Congress may not unilaterally restrain executive officials in the performance of their duties. In INS v. Chadha (1983), the Supreme Court struck down a law which authorized either House of Congress to veto an executive decision made by the Attorney General. Further rulings clarified the case; even both Houses acting together cannot veto executive rulings. Nevertheless, legislation may prescribe regulations governing executive officers. Legislation differs from a unilateral congressional veto in that the latter is not presented to the President for his approval [...]

ADDENDUM: A moonbat in the comments tries to make the argument that "King George" is the greatest threat to our liberty EVUH by citing an Executive Order (gasp). Of course, King BJ (Sexual Assaulter in Chief) issued 364 Executive Orders during his Glorious Reign (increasing the number each year he was in office), compared to Bush's 246. Might wanna check the facts before spouting off, moonbats.

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The Skyharbor Security Mess

As someone who travels through Skyharbor airport several times a year, this is bad news indeed.

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Antisemitism at Wonkette? "Rudy Jew-liani"

Wow, I never thought I'd be the one saying this, but I sure do miss Anna Marie. Wonkette:

In a stunning rocket, Rudy Jew-liani basically admitted that he doesn’t know anything at all about foreign policy — or maybe that he knows too much. In an interview with the Jew York Times, Rudy inavertendly revealed that the US has been fighting an entire extra war these last few years that only he knows about. [emphasis mine]
Maybe this is some kind of tongue-in-cheek caricature of an antisemite being played by one of Nick Denton's writers over at Wonkette, the humor of which just escapes the every-so-often reader? But if it's a joke, it certainly isn't funny.

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That's what passes as "scholarship" these days. Oh, and he has tenure at Duke.

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More "Scott Thomas" Questions

Bob Owens has a few questions for The New Republic. They have some 'splainin to do.

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Islamic Rage Boy is "Offensive"

Are we sure Ibraheem Hooper isn't just a bit played in a Carlos Mencia CAIR sketch? Our friends at The Nose on Your Face make the pages of the Guardian:

Buckley F Williams, from the "conservative leaning" satirical news blog The Nose On Your Face, says: "We're anti-Muslim-extremism, the loudest voice of the Muslim world right now, which would lead one to believe it is the dominant voice of the Muslim faith.

The intention of the cartoon is, he claims, to open up debate. "Muslim fanaticism is the problem, not Muslims. Islam is not coming across, to the average person, as a friendly or inviting religion. There must be many Muslims who don't like what's going on, but we're not hearing it."

A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ibrahim Hooper, is unconvinced. Mr Hooper says: "I find the term Islamic Rage Boy offensive, as would anyone who applied the term to their own faith. It's an Islamophobic product by Muslim-bashers on internet hate sites."

He compares the cartoon to the anti-semitic imagery of 1930s Nazi Germany. "The cartoon is part of an overall growth of anti-Muslim rhetoric in this country. Someone is trying to link Islam with violence and anger and profiting from it."

The main difference, of course, is that Islamic Rage Boy is a real person. Go to The Nose on Your Face for all your Islamic Rage Boy swag needs.

UPDATE: A good observation.

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Have Contempt of Congress? Pelosi Says You're a Criminal

Heh. Questioning authority apparently only applies to one party. When the Democrat "questioners" get power, the questioning is apparently supposed to stop.

Cue liberal morons and 14%ers in the comments screeching "that's LEGAL contempt, not actual contempt!" No sh*t. Give 'em time. They're working on it. The Executive Branch telling Congress to go to hell when Congress tries to upset the checks and balances system by overstepping its designated authority is perfectly legit, and isn't illegal. Its in the Constitution. Go read it.

Pelosi sucks. Reid is a knuckledragging moron. Democrats are Stalinists. Go ahead, DemCong. Sue me.

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The Left Hates the Troops

News to you, I know. Some adept bloggers found a vile Kos diary entitled "KILLITARY" that was even more vitriolic than usual towards the military - so much so that the admins tried to shove it down the memory hole. Chalres is making sure that doesn't happen. I'll help him.


Screw them.

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Korean Hostages Get A Break, Taliban Spokesman Signs Own Death Warrant

The good news:

KABUL, Afghanistan - A purported Taliban spokesman said Sunday that the hard-line militia had extended by 24 hours the deadline for the Afghan government to trade captured militants for 23 South Korean hostages.
The better news:
He said the delegation made progress in their talks, but the Afghan military said Afghan and U.S. troops had "surrounded" the region in case the government decides the military should move in.
I don't understand the scare quotes around the word "surrounded" but, here's the best news:
"The Korean government should put pressure on the Afghan government to give a positive response to the Taliban's demands," Ahmadi told The Associated Press by satellite phone.
Keep up the good sloppy work, dumbasses.

Excrement question: Anyone have any ideas why they'd be so bold to use a traceable satellite phone and talk to the AP rather than the usual posting on jihadi websites and using personal couriers to Al Jazeera?

UPDATE by Rusty: The worst news--the 24 hour deadline extension expires today. Pray.

On the Taliban's old website, they listed this phone number for Qari Mohammad Yousuf, aka "Ahmadi". Presumably, this is how the AP called him.

(011 from US, then) 8821621515539

Or you can e-mail him here: qarimohammadyousaf@yahoo.com

A second phone number for another Taliban spokesman, "Mujahid"

(011 from US, then) 8821621360585

Just in case you want to give Ahmadi a piece of your mind........

UPDATE II by Rusty: Time's up.......

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July 22, 2007

Islam Gains in Turkish Elections

(Ankara, Turkey) The Islamist-rooted Justice and Development (AK) Party, led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (pic), won a decisive majority of Turkish parliamentary seats in elections today. The unicameral Grand National Assembly has 550 parliamentarians and at least 340 will now be AK members chosen by 47% of the voters.

The Republican People's Party (CHP), billed as equivalent to the European Social Democrats, is the main opposition to the AK Party, winning at least 110 seats and 21% of the votes.

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), known for its "ultra-nationalism" and militancy, won at least 70 seats with about 15% of the votes.

Independent candidates, the Young Party (GP), the Democratic Left Party (DSP), the Motherland Party (ANAP), the True Path Party (DYP) and the Democrat Party (DP) didn't pick up enough votes to be a factor. Under Turkish parliamentary rules, a party must garner at least 10% of the votes cast to qualify for proportional representation.

Key Points:

- The Islamist-rooted AK Party gained in strength, setting the stage for increased tension between Muslims and the secular establishment with its powerful army ally.

- The decrease in secular influences and the likelihood of more religion-based government could delay membership in the European Union.

- Despite high hopes, it appears that insufficient votes were cast to increase the number of women in the Grand National Assembly above the 4.4% garnered in 2002. Since women's rights are set as a prerequisite to EU membership, the low level of female representation could be a deal-breaker. Currently, female illiteracy is around 20 percent, honour killings are common and only 72 percent of girls enroll in secondary school.

- The MHP and the CHP are overtly and tacitly supporting a growing nationalism movement which fosters opposition to EU membership while continuing to stoke the conflict with the Kurds.

- Encapsulated, the outcome of the election went swimmingly against snuggly relations with the EU and the West.

Over 33 million voters went to the polls out of 42.5 million registered to vote.

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July 21, 2007

Screencap Of The Day

Fellow Jawa (at one time) See-dubya breaks Hot Air with a single post.


Just some more Saturday silliness.

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The Harry Potter Phenomenon

Every one else is playing nice about it.

I won't.

If J.K. Rowling wants me to protect her precious secrets, she can funnel me some serious coin.

Even so, I'll be polite and put this spoiler post under the fold. If you click it, it's your fault, not mine.

Sorry kids, but Frodo dies in this one. Samwise Gamgee leaves his wife for another man-hobbit.

Sauron resurrects himself from the rubble and turns Gandalf to the Dark Side of the Force.

The newly christened Darth Gandalf The Black proceeds to eliminate the Elfen threat.

He then invades Hogwarts with a few trusty Imperial Guards and proceeds to turn it into the first space-borne planet destroying Death Magic School

Harry sees this, and heads to Dagobah to become a Jedi. Unfortunately, he accidentally stabs Luke through the heart landing his broom.

He uses his "wand" to turn Yoda into a Hot Naughty Teacher, and passes Jedi training in record time. There's still some controversy about this.

Finally, he and his friends, along with the Rebel Alliance, the Men of the West, and Spider-Man team up to destroy the Death Magic School before it can destroy the Shire with Dr. Octopus' cold fusion generator.

File this post under "Saturday stupid."

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Public vs Private Face of Omar Bakri Mohammed: "Peace" vs. "Hooray al Qaeda!"

This IHT report, also published in the New York Times, portrays Omar Bakri Mohammed as a man who has moderated his views and who is trying to promote peace between the Lebanese government and the al Qaeda linked Fatah al Islam fighters holed up in Palestinian villages. I was stunned, literally stunned, when I read that Bakri Mahammed was actually promoting himself as a peacemaker between the two sides. He further had the audacity to advise clerics not to say that the Lebanese Army was an apostate force. As AllahP put it in his link to it yesterday, whitewash -- indeed.

Why? Because I have an audio of Omar Bakri Mohammed recorded around the time that the IHT report cites him as trying to mediate the conflict between Fatah al Islam and the Lebanese government, May 20th. In the audio sent to me by Glen Jenvey a few days after that, Bakri Mohammed is heard claiming that the Lebanese government was "attacking Muslims" and that al Qaeda in Lebanon and Fatah al Islam represented "true Muslims".

Jenvey has dozens and dozens of these recordings, many of them the source for stories published in the British press, so I have no idea why Bakri Mohammed doesn't watch his tongue when he has his little online chats with his followers in Britain like he does when he's talking to reporters.

Bakri Mohammed in the IHT:

This year he opened a public library, equipped with computers and Islamic texts, in addition to a lecture hall where he preaches. He also travels to various mosques.

Bakri has grown more rotund, less bellicose and more tactful to those of other faiths.

Bakri Mohammed to his followers in private:
So we don't know yet what going to be the response of al Qaeda's message, because he was very tough. Al Qaeda's message declared takfir [unbelievers], obviously on the Lebanese Army.

He declared condemnation on the head of the Christian Bishop in Lebanon, like the Pope of the Christians, he condemn him physically, and condemn him verbally and said to him, "If you do not stop this Lebanese Army from killing our brothers and our sisters we are going to start launching bombing operations all over Lebanon. And we're going to drive all the Crusaders out." ...[followed by a prayer, by Bakri Mohammed, for Muslim victory]
No condemnation of al Qaeda's message, only a prayer in support of them.

Bakri Mohammed in the IHT:

Bakri says that the violence was needless and that it violated Islam. He has worked to prod clerics in the area to persuade Fatah al Islam to end the confrontation.

"They keep saying the army is a force of apostates," Bakri said of Fatah al Islam. "We say, both of you, sort it out between you, but don't you dare try to apply the case of Iraq here."

Here is Bakri Mohammed in private:
But somehow, I think the Lebanese Army has breeched the truce. ...

It was their own advance warning, and when nobody take them [Fatah al Islam] seriously they take over, and there is a big fight, and obviously the Lebanese casualties beyond the imagination. But when they [Lebanese Army] start to lose so many so-called "chocolate Muslims", so-called Sunni muhaji, and the muftis, and the others [inaudible] who have not to do with Islam, nothing to do with this nothing to do with that....

Bearing in mind many people stand together from the Palestinians and from the so-called Sunni Muslims against Fatah al-Islam. And unfortunately people denounce them. And they [Fatah al Islam] are true practice Muslims. Through their own sharia courts, that is all of them have the Koran, have the Hadith [sayings of Mohammed]....

Some of them are from students of [Arabic], these were known scholars of supporting al Qaeda, and his students from al Qassim, and from Berada, they came there [Lebanon] and some people came from Iraq and joined them [Fatah al Islam] and some people came from Yemen and joined them. Some people inside the camp from Bangladesh as well.

Yup, supporting al Qaeda in Lebanon and an al Qaeda linked group, Fatah al Islam, against the Lebanese Army. Sounds like he's really moderated to me.

The reason I didn't publish this conversation previously is because this recording is so absolutely damning of Bakri Mohammed that I thought it best to pass it along to law enforcement in Lebanon. So, I sent it to Michael Totten to see if he could pass it along to his contacts there. We talked about maybe running a story together on it, but unfortunately both of us got distracted by other pressing matter. Totten is back in Iraq, I had kid #4, and then simply forgot about the recording. Until I saw the IHT piece, which AllahP knew would goad me into writing something. Well, he was right.

A more complete, yet still partial transcript below. Unfortunately even as an MP3 the audio file is still over a megabyte, so I don't have the bandwidth to host it. Hopefully Charles will find the time between debugging to put it up. Charles has put up the audio of Bakri Muhammad here. But since Bakri Mohammed claims he's being taken out of context when people claim he supports al Qaeda, I'll make the audio available to any one that wants it. If anything, the complete audio makes him look even worse.

Transcript follows:

There is a global campaign against Islam and the Muslims. And USA now sending the weapon and forces in order to help the Lebanese Army in their own fighting against Fatah al Islam, another Islamic organization, launched in al Barad camp, got with it all, or most of the student of [Arabic?] many of sharia [Islamic law] student from Arabia and other countries.

However, it seem to me there is a conspiracy against [Arabic?], in particular amongst all other Muslims. That's why when they see there is attack against the Muslims there with mass bombing, al Qaeda decide to launch its body. This is why I think the situation become so difficult.....

[Description of fighting between Fatah al-Islam and Lebanese]

My views about Fatah al Islam? I believe they are an Islamic movement. Have the [Arabic?], and got many sharia student which has joined them, and they are sincerely...was established in order to prepare Muslims for the fight in Palestine, or in Iraq, or to defend the Sunnis in general and to balance because they are the only people who got weapon.

And because of the situation inside the Palestinian camps, as agreement with the Lebanese authority, for years now, that is the Palestinians have a right within their own camps, of their own autonomy there, and to have their own weapon, etc. On condition not to fight the Lebanese or Syrian Army.

But somehow, I think the Lebanese Army has breeched the truce. And this is why they put up a siege. Certain people who are belong to Fatah al Islam, and those other people who do not belong to Fatah al-Islam support them and protect them, because apparently they was building themselves to be al Qaeda in Lebanon, and then the security has discovered some of them.

So when they tried to raid their own building...so they sent Fatah al-Islam, sent them immediately to the Lebanese security saying, "If you do not release them [captured Fatah al-Islam members claiming to be "al Qaeda in Lebanon"] and fulfill the truce with us and come safely to the camp then we have to attack the Lebanese Army at their own checkpoints."

It was their own advance warning, and when nobody take them seriously they take over, and there is a big fight, and obviously the Lebanese casualties beyond the imagination. But when they [Lebanese Army] start to lose so many so-called "chocolate Muslim", so-called Sunni muhaji, and the muftis, and the others [inaudible] who have not to do with Islam, nothing to do with this nothing to do with that....

[History of Fatah al-Islam as pro-Syrian movement started by Syrian government as "Fatah" and then "sold out to America" and then becoming Islamists, also a note on the establishment on that day of "al Qaeda in Lebanon" as real group not connected to Fatah al-Islam]

I think people were not sympathize with Fatah al Islam in the beginning, and they was accusing them of a lot of accusations out of hatred toward Islam and Muslims, or out of jealousy of them. However, after the bombing of al Barad camp and many civilian people suffer--no electricity, no water, people start to be killed. And obviously Fatah al-Islam until now got at least 17 of their own people been killed and they declared them a shahid [martyr].

What is the casualties of the Army is become over 70 and whereas the casualties of the civilian people was become very high....

Bearing in mind many people stand together from the Palestinians and from the so-called Sunni Muslims against Fatah al-Islam. And unfortunately people denounce them. And they [Fatah al Islam] are true practice Muslims. Through their own sharia courts, that is all of them have the Koran, have the Hadith [sayings of Mohammed].

Some of them are from students of [Arabic], these were known scholars of supporting al Qaeda, and his students from al Qassim, and from Berada, they came there [Lebanon] and some people came from Iraq and joined them [Fatah al Islam] and some people came from Yemen and joined them. Some people inside the camp from Bangladesh as well. It is quite serious issue.

So we don't know yet what going to be the response of al Qaeda's message, because he was very tough. Al Qaeda's message declared takfir [unbelievers], obviously on the Lebanese Army.
He declared condemnation on the head of the Christian Bishop in Lebanon, like the Pope of the Christians, he condemn him physically, and condemn him verbally and said to him, "If you do not stop this Lebanese Army from killing our brothers and our sisters we are going to start launching bombing operations all over Lebanon. And we're going to drive all the Crusaders out." ...

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Taliban Demands S. Korea Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan, Or 18 Christian Missionaries Will Be MURDERED

After claiming that they killed two German and 5 Afghan hostages earlier today, the Taliban said that the lives of 18 Christian missionaries hinge on South Korea pulling its 200 troops from Afghanistan (via MSNBC):

[Taliban spokesman] Ahmadi said that 18 kidnapped Koreans would also be killed Saturday if South Korea didn’t withdraw its 200 troops in Afghanistan.

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun urged the Taliban to “send our people home quickly and safely.” He said 23 South Koreans had been abducted.

Roh also spoke with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and asked for cooperation to quickly win the release of the South Koreans, Roh’s office said.

The S. Korean troops mainly work on reconstruction and health care projects. The captive Koreans were on a mission trip to work in a Khandahar hospital.

Joseph Park, mission director of the Christian Council of Korea, said: “They are young Korean Christians who were engaged in short-term evangelistic activity and service for children in Kandahar. We cannot turn away from poor people and children there just because of safety risks.”


South Korean Christians Kidnapped in Afghanistan

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Wordpress FINALLY Closes al Qaeda Linked Websites

After dozens of posts here at The Jawa Report about Wordpress hosting The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), a German al Qaeda support group, they've finally responded to complaints. The two main Wordpress hosted GIMF websites are down. The Weasel Zippers have the details.

Unfortunately, Wordpress is still hosting GIMF's al Battar Media in support of the Islamic State of Iraq (al Qaeda) here, and dozens of other al Qaeda support websites. But, one battle at a time.....

For their diligent efforts, we hereby pass along the blue AK-47 to the Weasel Zippers--first passed to Rusty by Sith Master Aaron of Internet Haganah for similar efforts-- for helping bring this to the attention of Wordpress, and to Blackflag for quietly working behind the scenes on the same project. We also elevate The Weasel Zippers and Blackflag to the status of "Sith Lords" and charge them each with taking a paduan learner until they too can pass the blue AK-47, signifying another jihadi website being pwned, to the next generation of online counter-jihadies.

Well done!


Wordpress Hosting Terrorist Websites

Wordpress Still Hosting Convicted Terrorist's (and others) Websites
Wordpress Hosted Terrorists Announce Media Campaign to 'Infiltrate' Infidel Websites, Support al Qaeda in Iraq.

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Taliban Kill Two German Hostages

Two German engineers kidnapped Wednesday in Afghanistan have been murdered by their Taliban abductors (via Fox News):

A purported Taliban spokesman said the hardline militia on Saturday shot and killed two German hostages because Germany's government didn't announce that its troops would leave Afghanistan.

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said the Germans were shot to death. They had been kidnapped on Wednesday, along with five Afghan colleagues, in the southern province of Wardak while working on a dam project.

"The German and Afghan governments didn't meet our conditions, they didn't pull out their troops," Ahmadi told The Associated Press by telephone from an undisclosed location.

Ahmadi offered no proof for the claim of the killings; he said the Taliban would give further information about the two bodies later.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government would not negotiate with the Taliban. Neither would she withdraw German troops from Afghanistan.

'We can't give up on our efforts now. The Afghan people must not be left in the lurch,' Merkel said in the interview printed by the Passauer Neue Presse newspaper in southern Germany.

She said a Foreign Ministry crisis team was working very hard to obtain the hostages' release, adding, 'In the interests of those affected, I cannot say more than that.'

Germany has about 3000 troops stationed in Afghanistan, most are engaged in reconstruction projects such as digging wells. The two civilian engineers were working on a dam project in Wardak province. There is no word so far on the fate of 6 Afghan colleagues kidnapped with them on Wednesday.

5 Afghans Hostages Also Killed Via AP:

A purported Taliban spokesman said the hard-line militia killed two German and five Afghan hostages on Saturday but said the militants were willing to release 22 South Korean Christians in exchange for the freedom of imprisoned Taliban fighters.

The Afghan government, however, said it had contradictory information concerning the Germans, casting doubt on the purported spokesman's claims.

A contradictory report from the AFP:

An Afghan foreign ministry spokesman said Saturday that one Taliban-held German hostage is alive and that a second had died of a heart attack, denying claims that militants had killed both.

"According to information from Afghan security organisations, one of the hostages died of a heart attack and the second is still alive," said ministry spokesman Sultan Ahmad Baheen. "Efforts for his release continue."

South Korean Christians Kidnapped in Afghanistan

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July 20, 2007

Phish + Jay-Z = Mildly Awesome

As I sometimes do, I peruse YouTube for old Phish vids (being a Phishhead) when tipsy from too many screwdrivers. This is pretty awesome. 6-18-04, Brooklyn.

C'mon. You know that was straight-up dank.

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Literally: The Scott Thomas "Smoking Gun"

Everyone else is doing a great job of debunking this, especially Michael Goldfarb of The Weekly Standard, but I just saw this quote over in Ace's excellent post, I figured the TNR editors just might want to see a few photos I have in the archives. "Scott Thomas" at TNR:

Someone reached down and picked a shell casing up off the ground. It was 9mm with a square back. Everything suddenly became clear. The only shell casings that look like that belong to Glocks. And the only people who use Glocks are the Iraqi police.
I only became interested in this debate when it became clear to me that it was really about a claim of the brutality and callousness of our own troops and allies. While war is brutal, and bad things happen in it, I will remind readers that while our side, our soldiers, and allies do lapse in to brutality from time to time, they are punished for it and we are embarrassed by it.

Our enemies, on the other hand, celebrate their brutality and reward those engaged in it.

No 9mm's in Iraq? I'm guessing at least one of these pistols is a 9mm and at least one of them is a Glock.

WARNING: Some images below NSFW and show the "insurgents" in Iraq treating their captives the only way they know how: murdering them.

Islamic State of Iraq, present al Qaeda front group, executing prisoners.

The "Mujahideen Shura Council" (old front group for al Qaeda in Iraq) executing prisoners.

Ansar al Sunnah murdering Turkish truck driver.

I have dozens more, literally. The preferred method seems to be--when beheading is not involved, which has fallen out of vogue in the last two years among Iraqi "insurgents"-- to line up the victims and then gun them down with an AK. A pistol is then used to "finish off" any of those still alive.

So, please excuse me if I yawn whenever people discuss the "brutality of the occupation" or of the "callousness" of our troops. I find it a bit hard to take as someone who watches our enemies celebrate death, murder, and destruction on a daily basis.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:22 PM | Comments |

Islamic Rage Boy on NPR

It turns out Islamic Rage Boy's job is to protest. A guy getting paid to be pissed off at the West full time.....are you sure his name isn't Michael Moore?


UPDATE: A guy getting paid to be pissed off at the West full time.....quick, somebody give him tenure in a Liberal Arts department.

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Italian Priest Freed in Philippines

An Italian priest kidnapped by Abu Sayef terrorists on the southern island of Mindanao last month has been released unharmed, but not until after 14 Philippine marines searching for him were killed last week. Via BBC:

Father Bossi said he had been told upon his abduction that his kidnappers were with Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic extremist group known to have ties with al-Qaeda.

But the Philippine military said it believed rogue members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the main Muslim separatist group in the southern Philippines, to be behind the kidnapping.

The priest also said he had been told the purpose of his kidnapping was to extract a ransom.

But Philippine officials insisted no ransom was paid, saying Father Bossi's release was the result of negotiations with the kidnappers.

It appears that for once, neither Abu Sayef nor the MILF is claiming responsibility for the deaths of the 14 Marines, 10 of whom were beheaded. About 300 Abu Sayef militants ambushed a group of about 50 Marines searching for the missing priest.

Father Bossi will be flown home to Italy for a visit with his family, but hopes to return soon to his parish in Zamboanga Sibugay province. He also hopes to visit with the families of the dead Marines.

Bossi said the President had told him that 14 Marines had been killed while searching for him on Basilan island.

“She told me that many people had been working hard for my freedom,” he said.

Bossi said he would visit the families of the dead Marines and vowed to resume his parish work in the southern town of Payao.

“My plan from the beginning was to go back to Payao and tell the people I’m still alive,” he said, wiping away tears as his voice broke. “My heart is still in Payao.”

Terrorist Group Abu Sayyaf Beheads Ten Phillipine Marines

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Islam Is Peace?


While condemning terrorism is always the decent thing to do, lying to people about Islam isn't. You'll notice that "Not in Our Name" website is islamispeace.org.uk. Islam doesn't mean peace, it means submission.

Why do these ad campaigns inevitably lead me to the conclusion that those responsible think bigotry and prejudice are more problematic than suicide bombs, murder, and terrorism?

I'd feel a lot better if the campaign was designed to convince Muslims that Islam is peaceful, rather than convincing non-Muslims of it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:52 AM | Comments |

Videoblogging Afghanistan

Matt Sanchez reports from Afghanistan.

Apparently Matt and I share the same sense of humor:Bad gay or Afghani?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:15 AM | Comments |

Is TNR Making Up A 'War Atrocites' Story?

Bullsh*t detectors are spiking at the Mudville Gazette , the Weekly Standard and Blackfive.

Questions have been raised. Questions like "did they fabricate a load of bullsh*t (again)? Do they think military members who might read it are idiots? Who is 'Scott Thomas?' Is he a liar, a sadist or both? Do civilian contractors walk around in unrecognizable uniforms carrying weapons in violation of the Geneva Conventions on a regular basis? Don't soldiers recognize uniforms of other military and non-military personnel when they see them? Doesn't UCMJ mandate that such alleged behavior like that of "Scott Thomas" be reported up the chain of command?"

You know - basic factual information that needs to be corroborated and usually is prior to publication. Not so with TNR, but hey! Leftists need something to believe in! We'll see as the Pentagon has been contacted to verify some of the information. And I'm sure TNR will be forthcoming with corroborating details

By Good Lt. at 10:04 AM | Comments |

Study: Most Terror Websites Hosted in U.S/West

A new study by MEMRI shows that nearly all jihadi and terrorist websites are hosted in the West, most of them in the U.S. This is a big problem. As the jihadis tell each other over and over, the internet is the tool that makes the global jihad possible.

American webhosts routinely ignore complaints about terrorist or pro-terrorist websites. Two days ago I received a reply from a large webhost's legal department telling me they could not verify my claim that the website belonged to a jihadi group in Iraq advocating the killing of American soldiers and distributing plans to build IEDs. This despite the fact that much of the content was in English, and the webpage and its URL was actually named after the jihadi organization---in English! They told me to take it to the FBI if I thought the content was illegal.

American companies selling the rope to the terrorists on which they will be hanged.


Islamist organizations and their supporters prefer to use Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the West - and especially in the U.S., which is a key provider of Internet services - and thus exploit Western freedom of speech to spread their message.

In many cases, Western countries even host websites of organizations that have been officially designated by these very countries as illegal terrorist organizations. It must be stressed, though, that the ISPs themselves are frequently unaware of providing services to extremist elements. ...

Large Internet companies, for example - Google, Yahoo! and MSN - are offering Internet services for free and these free services are indeed used by Islamist/Jihadi organizations.

So, what can be done?
More effective and immediate ways to fight the phenomenon are, firstly, to expose the extremist sites via the media, and thus to inform ISPs and the public at large of their content, and secondly, to bring legal measures against ISPs that continue to host extremist websites and forums....

This suggests that an effective measure against the extremists' online activities would be to establish a database - governmental or non-governmental - which would regularly publish information about Islamist/Jihadi sites, and/or provide it to ISPs upon request. This database would provide a service similar to that of government bodies that inform the public at large on various kinds of threats to its safety such as bodies that provide weather alerts and travel advisories; the Better Business Bureau, which provides businessmen with information about individuals and companies convicted of fraud; or the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control that provides information to banks, which are bound by the regulation of "know your customer."....

Thank you MEMRI for this valuable study. In addition, MEMRI is offering to help Webhosts locate jihadi websites on their servers through their new Islamist Websites Monitor project.

Below is a video from MEMRI illustrating the type of content found on jihadi websites.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:15 AM | Comments |

Baghdad: Embracing the Suck of 'Not-War'

Totten is in Baghdad, again:

I tried to embrace the suck....

After having spent several days Baghdad’s Green Zone and Red Zone, I still haven’t heard or seen any explosions. It’s a peculiar war. It is almost a not-war....

You’d think explosions and gunfire define Iraq if you look at this country from far away on the news. They do not. The media is a total distortion machine. Certain areas are still extremely violent, but the country as a whole is defined by heat, not war, at least in the summer. It is Iraq’s most singular characteristic. I dread going outside because it’s hot, not because I’m afraid I will get hurt.

Wow, you mean to say the media distorts the picture? It's almost too shocking to believe...

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:47 AM | Comments |

South Korean Christians Kidnapped in Afghanistan

UPDATE 7/21/2007: Taliban threatens to murder 18 Christian missionaries, demands Koreans remove troops from Afghanistan.


Eighteen members of a South Korean Presbyterian church on a mission trip to Afghanistan were snatched off the church bus by the Taliban Thursday. The group of 3 men and 15 women were traveling from Kabul to Khandahar when they were attacked by 35-40 armed Taliban who drove the bus into the desert and forced the missionaries to walk for more than an hour to a nearby village.

Taliban spokesman Yousef Ahmadi said the abductees are safe for now.

"The Taliban have kidnapped the South Korean nationals," Ahmadi said from an unknown location. "There are 18 South Koreans - three men and 15 women. "They are with the Taliban now and they are safe and sound. They are under investigation and once the investigation is over, the Taliban leading council will make a final decision about their fate."

Last year about 1200 South Korean Christians were ordered out of Afghanistan because of fears for their safety. A report by the S. Korean foreign ministry detailed plans by the Taliban to kidnap travellers in the Kabul area.

It said the insurgents appeared to be trying to barter the release of one of their top leaders, arrested about a year ago.

"The reason they picked South Koreans as their target is believed to be because South Koreans often travel by land," with the least security measures, the ministry said.

The Taliban are also claiming to have kidnapped two German engineers and 6 Afghan associates, and are demanding the withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan:

Afghan authorities searched on Thursday for two Germans and six Afghans who were abducted in an area southwest of the capital.

The group was travelling in a car when seized on Wednesday in Wardak province, the Interior Ministry said.

The identity of the group and who kidnapped them was not clear. Berlin said on Wednesday that two Germans had gone missing in Afghanistan and its embassy in Kabul and other appropriate authorities were working to find out what had happened.

One German national was kidnapped in western Afghanistan this month, but was released unharmed after few days.

These latest kidnappings follow two high-profile abductions by the Taliban earlier this year. In March Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo and his 2 Afghan colleagues, Sayed Agha and Adjmal Nakshbandi, were kidnapped with demands for the release of Taliban prisoners being held by the Afghan government. Mastrogiacomo was freed after Afghan President Hamid Karzai released 5 Taliban, 3 of whom were later killed with the infamous Mullah Dadullah. Agha was beheaded on video during the abduction, and Nakshbandi was beheaded on Easter Day.

In April French aid workers Eric Damfreville and Celine Cordelier, along with 3 Afghan colleagues, were kidnapped for more than 5 weeks before being freed safely.

Missionaries kidnapped by Taleban warned they face death

The Taleban forbid Christians from entering Afghanistan to convert Muslims, under threat of death. Yesterday Sayed Murard Shrifi, a religious cleric who is head of the public court in Baghlan, said: “In terms of punishment the one who comes to a Muslim country to convert people to their religion must face the strongest punishment. The first choice is death and the second life in prison.”

The Jawa Report's extensive hostage archives

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Barack Obama, The Pro Genocide Candidate

Yes, this is what we seek in a commander-in-chief:

SUNAPEE, N.H. - Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday the United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there.

So, does candidate Obama think that preventing a potential genocide in Korea isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there? How about Kosovo?

The Russians have some deep scores to settle with the Germans, shall we, after 62 years of "occupation" pull out of there?

The Chinese have some deep scores to settle with Japan, shall we, after 62 years of "occupation" pull out of there, too?

Does this statement mean that Barack Obama, on some level, supports genocide in Iraq? If not, then why not call for the pullout of troops from every other place they are stationed to prevent genocide?

Anyone this inept in knowledge of even recent history has no business running for president.

By Vinnie at 12:30 AM | Comments |

July 19, 2007

"It Doesn't Matter That Journalists Misquote Everyone"

Heh. A columnist calling herself a "journalist." Cute.

That's why you're not a journalist, Mrs. Trunk. You're a self-admitted "Reifenstahlesque propagandist."

Oh, wait - you didn't actually say that? Did I misquote you? Well, too bad. You need to get over it.

By Good Lt. at 09:41 PM | Comments |

Democrats Who Want You Sued For Reporting Terrorism

These morons voted against lawsuit protection from Islamic grievance rackets like CAIR for reporting such things as noticing jihad videos being developed by jihadis at Circuit City.

They're strong on national security - just not on letting the average person tip them off to suspicious behavior. They'll handle it, thank you. They can't even seem to pinpoint where 7 billion of their pathetic pork projects is going, but they have a lock on knowing what Johnny Jihad is up to at any one moment.

Akaka (D-HI)
Biden (D-DE)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Byrd (D-WV)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Dodd (D-CT)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feingold (D-WI)
Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lincoln (D-AR)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Sanders (I-VT)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Tester (D-MT)
Webb (D-VA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)

By Good Lt. at 08:50 PM | Comments |

Potential Holy Land Foundation Trial Jurors Fearful

Some potential jurors in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation have asked to be excused out of fear for their lives.

Three potential jurors in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial were sent home Monday after each said they were afraid their service might put them or their families in danger.

"Sounds like some pretty serious charges to me," said one man, moments after he was told why he was asked to show up at the federal courthouse. "I don't feel comfortable. ... This ain't like a parking ticket."

"Would the fear of retaliation affect the way you looked at the case?" defense attorney Greg Westfall asked.

"Yes," the man said.

Then you have this, er, dumbass:

When asked whether he could follow a law that says any aid – be it diapers, soccer balls, money or other humanitarian aid – given to a designated foreign terrorist organization is illegal, the man balked.

"I'll be honest with you. I couldn't find them guilty," he said.

And, it seems these jurors are right to be fearful. Weapons cache found in apartment close to the federal building where the trial is being held.

Authorities have not yet arrested anyone, but were searching for the tenant of the apartment. Authorities told the television station that the tenant travels to the Middle East frequently and just returned from there this morning.

Given it's Texas, I don't see a problem filling the jury box, even after this news.

Stein hoist: Linda

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Video: Saudi Girls Gone Wild!

I've seen a number of these videos posted by "Iraqi Translator Marines" over at Liveleak. He seems to be an Arab himself, and he always addresses his videos to the "jihadis", mocking their hypocritical puritanism.

To be honest, I've hesitated posting them because I'd hate to be the one that brought the Saudi Ministry of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to their houses for a questioning the would lead to a lashing or worse-- beheading. But since these are fairly popular videos in Saudi Arabia anyway, I thought it only proper to spread them to the infidel viewing public.

Consider this agitrop against the fanatical Salafs and Wahabs. For every terrorist shipped off to Iraq or Afghanistan to fight the kuffar, they leave behind 20 more young Arabs who may claim they hate the West, but in secret they mimick some the worst parts of our culture. You know, the Jerry Springer and MTV America.

So, without further ado, Girls Gone Wild: Saudi Arabia Style! Warning: Some of the vids not exactly SFW. Okay, they're all SFW (I didn't embed the naughtier ones), but they're definetely NSFW if you're in Saudi Arabia!

Two Saudi girls dancing on Iraqi Translator Marines Car.

Cleavage, and the hijab: what a glorious combo!

Dirka, dirka, Mohammed, Jihad, doing-da-butt?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:53 PM | Comments |

Plame Lawsuit Thrown Out Of Court

And that is the end of that, moonbats. Was it all worth it? Didn't think so.

For entertainment, look at the DU nutcases trying (and failing) to find something, anything to keep the delusion alive:


By Good Lt. at 02:14 PM | Comments |

Fatah: Hamas Worse than Israelis

What did you expect from a group of terrorists pledged to the enactment of sharia law? MEMRI:

Fatah Central Committee member Zakariya Al-Agha has called the deeds of Hamas members "barbaric, to say the least," and stated that the torture that Hamas is using against Fatah, as seen in the past two days, is worse than the torture used by the occupation.
Me? I'm feeling conflicted.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:31 PM | Comments |

Suspended Jihadi Hatemonger Back On YouTube

Jihadi subhuman Yousef al-Khattaband, banned from YouTube for uploading nauseating hate videos while gloating about being glad Daniel Pearl was murdered (and that's the light-core stuff) had his previously suspended account reinstated at YouTube.

Let YouTube know what you think about this. For reference, this cockroach is the subhuman Islamic filth who gave us such towering genius as this:

And this:

Previous Jawa Report coverage: An American al-Qaeda Devotee in New York

ht: LGF

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What Indicted Muslim Says while out on Bail: "Terrorize them", "Kill Jews", "Support Global Jihad"

Mizanur Rahman was sentenced to 6 years in jail yesterday for inciting Muslims to murder after telling a crowd assembled to protest the Mohammed cartoons in front of the Danish embassy in London to "bomb the UK". Three others were also convicted with Rahman on related offenses, all of them followers of exiled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed.

You'll recall that Rahman, Umran Javed, Abdul Muhid, and Abdul Saleem all claimed at trial that they did not really have "extremists views" and that they were "simply following others rather than leading the protests." Something I thought might be true, given that the rally organizers seemed to be Anjem Choudary and Abu Izadeen.

But what does this "not-an-extremist" do while he's out on bail awaiting trial? Has some nice voice chats with other "not extremist" Muslim followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed and former members of the now banned Al-Muhajiroun, Al Ghurabaa, and The Saved Sect --- now calling themselves the followers of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.

Here's some audio of Mizanur Rahman on June 24th, 2006. He had been arrested on March 15th and was out on bail. The audio was recorded by Glen Jenvey and a colleague of his.

Or right click and save to download


You go to the demonstration not to call them to Islam. You go to the demonstrations to anger them, to tease them, to make them terrified, to terrorize them, to support the jihad abroad. That is the whole point of the demonstration......
Yup, he was innocent all right.

On July 15th, he had more to say on the obligation all Muslims had to fight the infidels all over the world, including a prayer to Allah that the only Jews left in Israel would be in graves. UPDATE: Charles Johnson of LGF converted the file to MP3 format and has it up at his site now, so I've removed the link to my copy of it. Go listen to it at LGF.

Transcript below:

....And now when we are facing occupation in Muslim land: in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in Chechnya--all over the world occupation. And people fighting and bombing Muslims everywhere from the kuffar, from the Americans, and the British, and the Israelis. So, what must we do? Indeed, at that time when the kuffar enters the Muslim lands it is an obligation upon all Muslims--especially nowadays when it is global jihad, when the jihad is spread all over the world. Occupation has spread to every single country in the Muslim lands. When it becomes a war being declared openly to be global war affecting everybody. Now it has become such....that the jihad has become part of the [?ein] of every single Muslim.....it is [Arabic = obligation] to fight the jihad physically, financially, and verbally. All three according to your capability. Those of us that are far away from the fighting, far away and not able to reach it. Or some people have the excuse because they are disabled or they are blind or for the women, for example. Those people, maybe they have an excuse from the physical fighting, but it does not mean that we cannot support them. We can support them. We can support them verbally. We can support them [jihadis] financially. We can support them with our tongues. Incite the believers. We can tease the enemy. Anger the enemy. Promote the jihad and the mujahideen. Inform the people of their obligation. Let the kuffar know that they are not fighting a few Muslims in Beirut, or a few Muslims in Palestine, they are fighting 1.5 billion Muslims. One Ummah [Muslim nation] united.

If they fight us in Palestine, the Muslims which will anger in London. And we're going to speak out. We're going to condemn them. And whatever else somebody has no capability at all. No money, no even a tongue to speak he can do [Arabic=prayer] at least. The least he can do is make [prayer] for Allah to destroy them. To throw them out. Not for ... we're not going to make [prayer] for Allah, "Oh Allah give us two countries, two states in Palestine. To give us compromise. To give us back some land in Israel, and let them have the rest." No, we go to make [prayer] for Allah to destroy them [Israel] completely. To make [prayer] to Allah to not one of them [Jews] is left in Israel, unless they are underground [dead]. Let Allah destroy them and give victory to the Muslims, all of the Muslims, and give us all of our land back and destroy all of our enemies.

Muslim Cartoon Protesters Jailed
Omar Bakri Mohammed Archives

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Democrats Trying to Stifle Terror Whistleblowers (UPDATED: Good News?)

They tried to quietly kill a provision to protect "John Doe" whistleblowers from civil lawsuit by the terrorist enablers in CAIR once before. Thanks to blogosphere outrage, it didn't happen. Looks like they're trying to do it again. Again, quietly in conference committee, in hopes of not raising the alarm.

Too late.


Democrats are trying to pull a provision from a homeland security bill that will protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack, according to House Republican leadership aides...

Republicans aides say they will put up a fight with Democrats when the conference committee begins at 1 p.m., to reinsert the language, but that public pressure is also needed.

Michelle Malkin has the relevant phone numbers to put that pressure on.

: Preliminary good news report:
A Senate Republican aide says they scored one victory when the chamber's parliamentarian ruled this morning that the "John Doe" protections are within the scope of the legislation and can be included by amendment.

"Combine that with the public outcry and Democrats may be forced to cave," the aide said.

Andy McCarthy explains the relevant amendment which the Dem leadership is trying to kill:

Congressman Pete King (R., NY), the ranking member on the House Homeland Security Committee, sprang quickly into action, concluding that the lawsuits were cheap attempts to intimidate everyday Americans from taking action to help protect our country. Congressman King introduced an amendment to protect passengers and commuters against frivolous lawsuits such as those filed by the imams.
I don't know what the flying imams were up to, but it is better to err on the side of caution and encourage citizens to report any suspicious activity.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:06 AM | Comments |

9-11 Twoofers In A Nutshell

Kind of funny.

ht: SLC

By Good Lt. at 01:26 AM | Comments |

If It's True

Someone's got some 'splainin' to do.

According to Patterson, Congressman Henry Waxman (D-California) facilitated the transaction for CODEPINK by signing a letter allowing them to get the cash and supplies into Fallujah.

"Here is an American Congressman .... Here are American citizens who belong to these organizations," says Patterson. "They travel to Iraq and they are materially supporting, they are aiding and abetting the enemy that is killing American Marines. If that's not treason, nothing is."

I haven't read the book, I was sent the link via email, I present it with no judgement whatsoever.

By Vinnie at 01:02 AM | Comments |

July 18, 2007

Life Imitating South Park, Vol III.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told Planned Parenthood Tuesday that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is "age-appropriate," is "the right thing to do."
The left, at the rate of almost several times per month now, is intent on mimicking South Park's proverbial "theater of the absurd" in real life and real time. The episode? Season 5's "Proper Condom Use," in which the school board decides that condom use has to be taught to progressively younger grades to the point that the kindergarteners are learning about it.
The liberals are literally becoming cartoonish parodies of themselves.

Previous entries in the ongoing Life Imitating South Park series:

I. The "Tunnel of Oppression"
II. Ginger Kid Mania!

Cross-posted at Mein BlogoVault.

By Good Lt. at 09:36 PM | Comments |

Emerson to Scheuer : "You`re the most educated person in the world, yet you know nothing"

Steve Emerson and Michael Scheuer were on Glenn Beck duking it out on the subject of Islamic motivations. Video here.


SCHEUER: Yes. I think really, Glenn, that the problem we have is -- is the motivation is very important. They don`t hate us for who we are. They don`t like who we are.

But why they`re attacking us is because we support governments like the Saudis, like the Egyptians, because we`re on the Arabian Peninsula.

Islam is a very diverse civilization, and the only reason bin Laden has been able to generate any unity is because Muslims, extremists and whiskey drinkers running the spectrum, hate U.S. foreign policy.

BECK: Steve, last word here.

EMERSON: I’m sorry. With all due respect, that`s a lot of malarkey. They may hate U.S. foreign policy. They hate the United States . They hate secularism. They hate the separation of church and state. They hate our values, and nothing will stop them, other than to see our obliteration.

Whether in fact that’s a possibility or not, they believe it is, and that`s the only thing that’s motivating them.

SCHEUER: That’s a very silly statement, and it`s dangerous because.

EMERSON: It`s not a silly statement, Michael. I mean, come on, Michael. You know as well -- you have been under...

SCHEUER: Only an uneducated person would make a statement like that.

EMERSON: I’m sorry to be uneducated.

SCHEUER: I’m sorry you are too, sir.

EMERSON: I`m sorry. You`re the most educated person in the world, yet you know nothing.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:32 PM | Comments |

Google's Blogger: Terrorists=OK; Counterterrorists=Spam

Apparently The Gates of Vienna was being listed by Google owned Blogger as a "spam" blog for about 18 hours. Thankfully, the blog is back online. In a related incident, Atlas Shrugs seems to be blocked in some areas as well.

So, Google's Blogger and Blogspot platforms are taking complaints against antijihadi sites seriously enough to take them offline, at least for a time, wheras dozens of terrorist websites remain up?

Need I remind people some of the scum and filth Google is hosting on their blogspot sites?

Caliphate Voice Channel -- pro-al Qaeda propaganda from the Global Islamic Media Front--al Qaeda in Europe.
Press Release--al Qaeda in Iraq's English language al Furqan Media Front.
Islamic State of Iraq/al Qaeda in Iraq support blog
Juba Online -- Islamic Army in Iraq website celebrating Baghdad sniper (related site here)
Nuruddin Islamic Media Network -- An official website of Al Qaeda's affiliate in the Russian Caucuses (related blogspot sites here, here, here, here, here, here, and here)

The list just goes on and on and on and on........hypocrisy, thy name is Google.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:27 PM | Comments |

Byrd: ... ... ... Is Anybody Listening?... ... ...

Don't operate heavy machinery while watching this - you may fall asleep. For those awake, its one of the funniest things you'll see in Congress evuh. A nice attempt at a stemwinder, but it lacks a certain, shall we say, "punch."

And it is important to watch it to the very end - the reaction of Bob Casey (within the last three seconds) is the clincher.

ht: AllahP

By Good Lt. at 02:38 PM | Comments |

Four Terror Suspects Arrested in Manchester

Why not just make this an all UK terrorism themed day? Three in the Manchester area have been picked up on terrorism related charges, and a fourth on related "immigration charges". Not much more information, but the charges are not related to the Glasgow and London bombings. I have some unconfirmed information about the arrests which I may share when more facts are known.


Anti-terrorism detectives said they arrested four men in Manchester on Wednesday after a tip-off warning of "the existence of a potential threat".

The arrests were made in the Stockport Road district of Longsight, Manchester and are linked to alleged terrorist activity in the area, a Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman said.

A fourth man was arrested under immigration legislation at an address in Hamilton Road, in the Longsight area of the city.

Police acted after receiving intelligence of alleged terrorist activity and the existence of a potential threat.

Expect an update or two.

UPDATE: More from 24 Dash:

Neighbours said a group of men of Middle-Eastern appearance moved into the rented property two weeks ago.

Its ground-floor windows were already boarded up when they moved in, having been smashed by the previous tenants.

The neighborhood is said to have a huge "Asian" population, which is what the Brits call Indians/Pakistanis.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:03 PM | Comments |

Michael Moore's Minutemen Torture Iraqi Man

Via a B-Roll from operation Ithica in Diyala province, we see evidence of how al-Qaeda in Iraq treats the Iraqi people in areas they control and why the Iraqis want them gone.

Via MNF-Iraq: BAQOUBA, Iraq – Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces, using tips from local citizens, targeted al-Qaida operatives outside Diyala’s provincial capital July 11, in a continued effort to deny any safe-haven to the terrorist group.

Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army Division, and 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, conducted Operation Ithaca, targeting al-Qaida operatives near the villages of Haimer, Abu Nasim, and Jamil, Iraq, resulting in 29 al-Qaida gunmen killed, 23 detained, eight hostages released, two weapons caches discovered and a safe house destroyed.
There is some video of hostages that al-Qaeda held from this operation. In the video, al-Qaeda guards flee a safehouse. Upon entering the safehouse, US forces find three prisoners --- one has obviously been tortured. One of the marks is shaped rather like an iron. As you may recall, one of the methods in al-Qaeda's torture manual is to burn hostages with a hot iron.

The man then turns around and his back is completely covered with bruises.

That some group of freedom fighters you have there Mr. Moore.

More images and video below the fold.

Soldiers fire at the guards attempting to escape. They do but not for long.
An al-Qaida safe house was also identified with gunmen moving in and out of the building. 25th CAB attack helicopters engaged and killed the gunmen fleeing the area along canals and palm groves, and helped destroy the safe house with Hellfire missiles.
Soldiers enter.
The men being held inside
A US Soldier requests to photograph the man's injuries
The man removes his shirt to reveal his injuries.

Entire Video these frames were taken from

Al-Qaeda Torture Manual Released
Video/Images: 18 Iraqis Murdered by al Qaeda
Michael Moore's Minutemen to Murder 14 Hostages
Terrorists Murder 15 Civilians in Iraq
Michael Moore's Minutemen Murder Civilians in Iraq (images/video)

By Howie at 12:01 PM | Comments |

Another British Jihadi Sentenced

What's that, five jihadis sentenced in Britain on a single day? This one tried to smuggle weapons plans into the country.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:50 AM | Comments |

Muslim Cartoon Protesters Jailed

Four of the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed have been jailed in Britain for their role in attempting to incite violence at a protest over cartoons depicting Mohammed.


Mizanur Rahman, 24, Umran Javed, 27, and Abdul Muhid, 24, were each jailed for six years for soliciting to murder after telling a crowd to bomb the UK.

A fourth man, Abdul Saleem, 32, was jailed for four years for stirring up racial hatred at the protest in 2006....

Rahman, from Palmers Green, north London, was filmed at the rally talking over a loudspeaker and calling for UK soldiers to be brought back from Iraq in body bags.

He said: "We want to see their blood running in the streets of Baghdad.

"We want to see the Mujahideen shoot down their planes the way we shoot down birds. We want to see their tanks burn in the way we burn their flags."

Javed, from Birmingham, was filmed by police shouting: "Bomb, bomb Denmark. Bomb, bomb USA."...

Saleem, from Poplar, east London, chanted, "7/7 on its way" and "Europe, you will pay with your blood".

Finally, Abdul Muhid, 24, said to be the leader of the demonstration, chanted "Bomb, bomb the UK" and waved placards with slogans such as "Annihilate those who insult Islam".

The four claimed they weren't in charge of the protest and were just shouting what they were told to shout. So, who was behind the protest? Omar Bakri Mohammed, and his lieutenants Anjem Choudary and Abu Izadeen, of course.

His followers at U.K. Captive Support are calling the four convicted men "hostages" and were behind today's protest in front of London's Old Bailey. Here is the flyer they've been distributing online.


To end this post on a positive note: the same group has a branch in New York City called The Islamic Thinkers Society. Isn't it great to know that bunch of al Qaeda supporters are walking around the streets of NYC? Freedom, baby!

Hat tip: Glen Jenvey

Omar Bakri Mohammed Archives
American Muslims Protest Mohammed Cartoons, Call for Destruction of America
Omar Bakri Mohammed Followers Screed Against Jawa Report
Omar Bakri Mohammed: "Cartoonists Should Be Executed"
British Muslims: "Behead Those Who Insult Islam"
Exiled Muslim Cleric Behind London Protest Calling for Pope's Death
British Muslims Threaten Pope: Islam will Conquer Rome
British Muslims Mock 7/7 & 9/11 Victims, Support Terror. U.K./Birmingham Subsidizing
Bakri Celebrates British Deaths
Al Qaeda Behind British Beheading Plot; Bakri Mohammed Implicated; Suspects Identified
The Omar Bakri Mohammed -- al Muhajiroun -- al Qaeda Connection
Two Charged over Mohammed Cartoon Protest
Video: British Imam Urges Terror Attacks
Izadeen's Group Banned!!!
Muhammed Cartoon Protester Guilty
UK Bigley Beheading Supporter Identified
(Audio) British Cleric Encourages Muslims to Behead Hostages: Birmingham Connection
Online Recruiting, Inciting of Jihad in Britain
UK Muslim 'Almost Ashamed' for Advocating Beheading Cartoon Blasphemers
No Killing "Innocents"-- Innocents = Muslims, everyone else is fair game

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Jawa: What's Old is New

Trackbacks and comments are back. Phin decided that a temporary fix for the problem was to just go back to haloscan. Which is funny, because one of the main reasons I moved from blogspot was because MT had trackbacks and comments as a standard feature of the platform. It's just like going back in time. Makes me feel like trolling for readers in Charles', Allah's, and Ace's comments sections once again.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:00 AM | Comments |

Leader of Islamic State of Iraq Captured, al-Baghdadi is Sock Puppet

ht_mashhadani_070718_ms.jpgI have good new in my inbox this morning. The Islamic State of Iraq has been beheaded. VIA ABCNEWS:

"Al-Mashhadani is believed to be the most senior Iraqi in the al-Qaida in Iraq network," Bergner said. He said al-Mashhadani was a close associate of Abu Ayub al-Masri, the Egyptian-born head of al-Qaida in Iraq.

Bergner said al-Mashhadani served as an intermediary between al-Masri and Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri.

"In fact, communication between the senior al-Qaida leadership and al-Masri frequently went through al-Mashhadani," Bergner said.

"Along with al-Masri, al-Mashhadani co-founded a virtual organization in cyberspace called the Islamic State of Iraq in 2006," Bergner said. "The Islamic State of Iraq is the latest efforts by al-Qaida to market itself and its goal of imposing a Taliban-like state on the Iraqi people."

This man was the the leader of the infamous Ansar al-Sunnah before he joined ISI. Ansar al-Sunnah is a particularly brutal group of terrorists who are famous for beheading hostages on video. Personally, knowing we got a leader of Ansar al-Sunnah and the Islamic State of Iraq is the greatest news ever. It's like a two for one sale on terrorist scumbags.

By golly I was right, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi can be anyone on any day. He has been described a a "phantom" by many including some groups opposed to al-Qaeda's front group. Turns out al-Baghdadi is just another sock puppet on the internet.

Bergner said al-Mashhadani had told interrogators that al-Baghdadi is a "fictional role" created by al-Masri and that an actor is used for audio recordings of speeches posted on the Web.

"In his words, the Islamic State of Iraq is a front organization that masks the foreign influence and leadership within al-Qaida in Iraq in an attempt to put an Iraqi face on the leadership of al-Qaida in Iraq," Bergner said.

He said al-Mashhadani was a leader of the militant Ansar al-Sunnah group before joining al-Qaida in Iraq 2 1/2 years ago.

Hat Tip: Hot Air.

UPDATE by Rusty: Let me add a few words to Howie's post. First, for those of us who have been following the "insurgency" in Iraq, we know just how brutal Ansar al Sunnah was. We remember the dozens and dozens of sickening beheading videos they produced while Al-Mashhadani was with them. One particular moment in their history that stands out was the desecration of the body of Corporal Jeffrey Boskovich. The death sentence is too good for this guy.

It's not clear, to me at least, when al Mashhadani left Ansar al Sunna to join the Mujahidin Shura Council, which later became the fictitious entity called The Islamic State of Iraq. I had noticed a sharp drop in the number of Ansar al Sunna produced videos over the last year. I guess I now know why.

As to the al Qaeda connection, the current debate about al Qaeda in Iraq vs the al Qaeda is stupid and pointless. Those engaged in it --mostly journalists and politicians -- fundamentally misunderstand the global Salafi jihad. These jihadis do not see themselves as "al Qaeda operatives", they see themselves as true Muslims and mujahideen--warriors for God. We could kill every single al Qaeda operative in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, and the global jihad would continue under another banner. Al Mashhadani and the Islamic State of Iraq illustrate the point.

The al Qaeda in Afghanistan sent aid to local Islamists opposed to the secular Kurds who had established an independent region under the U.S. no-fly zone in the North of Iraq. Those local Kurdish and Arab fighters called their group Ansar al-Islam. Al Qaeda's emissary to them was one Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

After the invasion, Ansar al Islam's bases were completely annihilated and its fighters fled to Sunni Arab regions of Iraq. Here, Zarqawi rallied some of the remnant under the banner of Tawhid wal Jihad. Other, mostly Kurdish Islamists, operating around Arabized Kurdish cities, such as Mosul, gathered under the banner of Ansar al Sunnah. But both Tawhid wal Jihad and Ansar al Sunnah had prior contact with and financing from the al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Later, after Zarqawi had become famous for beheading hostages and posting those videos on the internet, he "pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden". But only the ignorant or those with a political agenda would ever suggest that Zarqawi wasn't already a member of al Qaeda before he ever got to Iraq. "Al Qaeda in the Land of Two Rivers (Iraq)" may have been born at that moment, but clearly the two groups were linked prior to that time.

After Zarqawi's death, al Qaeda in Iraq decided it needed to rebrand itself. Some will recall that Zawahiri had castigated Zarqawi for too many brutal beheading videos, especially of civilians. It just didn't look good to the consuming public. So, after Zarqawi died, al Qaeda formed The Mujahideen Shura Council. (MSC) A "shura council" is an Islamic court and ruling body, thus legitimizing the many murders carried out by al Qaeda as the implementation of Islamic law.

When nobody bought the MSC, they came up with the Islamic State in Iraq and its fictitious leader. But, in the end, the Islamic State of Iraq is really the Mujahidin Shura Council, which is really al Qaeda in Iraq, which is really Tawhid wal Jihad and Ansar al Sunnah, which is really Ansar al Islam, which is really al Qaeda. Different names, same goals and methods.

I'm happy this piece of human filth is captured, I'll be even more happy when he is hanged. For more on this see Bill Roggio.

Video celebration and more below.

Imperial Good News Indeed!


Main Insurgent Group, Ansar al Sunna, Decapitated in Iraq
Army of Ansar al-Sunna Murders Iraqi on Video
Army of Ansar al-Sunnah Murder Hostages by Beheading, Video Released (Images)

Ding Dong Abdul Latif al-Jubouri Dead!
Al Qaeda Retards Name Shadow Ministers to Iraqi "Government"
Even More Rumors of Omar al-Baghdadi Capture
Omar al-Baghdadi Captured (Updated, Bumped, Now With 100% More F*ck Yeah! (vinnie)
Islamic State of Iraq Suffers Crushing Defeat

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38 Years Ago Today - Ted Kennedy Killed A Woman

And he was well on his way to becoming the soul of the Democrat Party. Pathetic.


UPDATE: Previous math error corrected. 38, not 28. Heh.

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Sounds like good news:

TRIPOLI (AFP) - Libya's highest judicial body commuted to life in prison on Tuesday the sentences of six foreign medics who have been on death row for infecting children with the AIDS virus, an official said.

"The Judicial Council decided to commute the death sentence to life in prison," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor, who has been granted Bulgarian citizenship, could serve out their sentences in Bulgaria, as the two countries have an extradition treaty

Let's keep our fingers crossed that these people get sent to Bulgaria to *ahem* "finish out their sentences."

As the old saying goes, however, follow the money.

The decision came after the childrens' families dropped their call for the death penalty following a compensation deal worth millions of dollars.

Yeah, if I truly believed someone deliberately injected my kid with the AIDS virus, I'm not going to take cash over the death penalty. Especially if I'm in Libya, not known for its soft stance towards Westerners.

I believe these people were railroaded to cover up shoddy conditions at the hospital, and then Qaddafi figured out a way to wring cash back from the EU after the payout he had to give in the Lockerbie case.

But, that's just me. I also think that once we got hold of his WMD technology, we should have thanked him with another bombing run.

Yanno, cuz we missed the last time.

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July 17, 2007

Wasting a Jihadi Sniper

Hello, Benny. Its your Uncle Bingo. Time to pay the check.


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Leia vs. Padme, Who's Hotter? Luke Speaks!

I know Padme isn't really his daughter, and Leia isn't really his sister. But still, coming out of Luke's mouth it gives me the creeps. Agent Bedhead quotes:

"Nothing against Carrie - because I had a great crush on her as well - but there's just something about Natalie's stilted dialogue. She's gorgeous and one of the great beauties of the world." ---[Mark Hamill]
Honestly, the dude is out of his mind.

Hat tip: Phin

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Fred Thompson is Headed to Texas

He'll be in Houston and Dallas on July 25th. More details here and here.

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CAIR: War on Terror is Bad, mmmkay

Is CAIR suffering from teenage angst, or what? WaTimes:

Mr. Ahmed, who spoke at CAIR symposium at the National Press Club, said the war against terrorists is driven by an "irrational" fear that the Bush administration has inculcated in the American public....

"The popular discourse in America today remains mired in stereotypical denouncements about Islam. As a result Muslims and their faith remained misunderstood, feared and shunned."

Also contributing to fear of Muslims, terrorism!

David Keene's response to CAIR's lunacy here.

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Site Rebuild & Appeal to Pixie

I had to rebuild the entire website today. It took 6 hours, and comments still don't work. The problem was that with comments down the old archived posts wouldn't open as browsers couldn't find comments to insert, making it appear as if the page wasn't there, or making loading time so incredibly slow that it would often time out. As a result, traffic dropped dramatically. I let it slide for about a week, but then couldn't handle it anymore. The end result of the rebuild is a Jawa that works, but still without comments.

I got word from Pixie that we were migrating to a new platform over the weekend. Alas, we're still stuck with MT as the migration didn't happen. Apparently he's busy helping Ace out first. And I also hear, via the grapevine, that Phin is too busy to help his ol' pal Rusty redesign Sandcrawler Central, but drops everything to help out Ace.

I see how the pecking order works.....Save us from MT Pixiewon Phinobi, you're our only hope!

note from phin: haloscan comments and trackbacks temporarily installed, so Rusty won't keep throwing rocks at me. Not that the rocks bother me much since he throws like a girl, and not one of those hairy liberal unkempt chicks either, a real life girlly girl.

note from pixy: Sorry, Rusty! Your site is pretty big, so I had to test things carefully before moving you across, and I needed a few days for that. I was hoping that things would be okay until next weekend, but if your site is falling over we need to get you moved pronto. I'm on it like a hamster on... another hamster.

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Duh...Whose Earmarks are These?

Watching the Senators play dumb with $7.5 billion in "mystery" earmarks in the face of reform is like watching a kid who stole a cookie from the cookie jar pretend that somebody else did it.

Cute, but pathetic and ultimately destructive of anyone's trust (if you had any left, that is).

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Friendly Reminder about Democrat Hypocrisy On Iraq

Something to keep playing over and over in the background as you watch the all-night, meandering, pointless political kabuki theater mandated by the Democrat Party tonight. I'll be posting this until somebody in the mainstream press decides to (gasp) cull their video archives to do some side-by-sides for these selected "leaders."

Yes - that means I'll be posting it periodically forever.

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Is it On in Pakistan?

With all the attacks in Pakistan, is it safe to say that it's on? If it is, then can Mushareff win? Or will taking on the Taliban leave us with one less "ally" in the region and a nuclear armed Taliban?

Photos of today's attack here.

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Al Qaeda in Iraq Leaders Killed, Arrested (UPDATE: Video Added)

Another al Qaeda in Iraq cell leader, Abu Jurah, sent to Allah, and it looks like we got two more. A top cell leader in Mosul and an al Qaeda "emir" in Qayyarah.

UPDATE: Actual video of Abu Jurah getting wasted. No joke. The second video is that of an F-16 dropping two 500 lb bombs on a second house, where those that escaped the Excalibur rounds had fled. Thanks to Brian for the video tip.

BAGHDAD — The top target for al Qaeda in Iraq south of Baghdad was killed July 14 in Arab Jabour by precision-guided munitions, the Excalibur.

Shortly after 12 p.m., 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, received a call that Abu Jurah and 14 anti-Iraqi forces were meeting at a house in Arab Jabour.

Abu Jurah was an AQI cell leader and was responsible for improvised explosive devices, vehicle-borne IED and indirect fire attacks on Coalition Forces in Arab Jabour.

At approximately 1:12 p.m., the house was positively identified allowing 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment to fire two Excalibur rounds destroying the meeting house.

An unmanned aerial vehicle observed persons leaving the house, loading injured individuals into a sedan and fleeing the scene.

An AH-64 Apache helicopter engaged the sedan destroying it.

Three people were observed running from the meeting house to a nearby house.

A U.S. Air Force F16 Fighting Falcon dropped two 500-pound GPS-guided bombs on the second house.


Coalition Forces detained three suspected terrorists during operations in Mosul targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders Tuesday.

Coalition Forces captured an alleged al-Qaeda in Iraq leader in Mosul who is believed to have been promoted within the organization after recent Coalition operations created numerous vacancies in the terrorist leadership structure. Intelligence reports also indicate the individual is responsible for mortar and sniper attacks against Iraqi forces and a December attack against Coalition Forces. Two other suspected terrorists were also detained during the Tuesday operation.

“We’re putting continuous pressure on al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders and their networks,” said Maj. Marc Young, an MNF-I spokesperson. “We will continue attacking these networks so Iraqis can live peacefully, without fear of vicious terrorist attacks.”


Elements of the Iraqi Army Second Division, with Coalition Forces as advisors, captured the alleged emir of Qayyarah for Al Qaeda during an intelligence driven operation July 15 in Qayyarah.

During the operation, Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces also detained three other individuals at the residence and recovered terrorist propaganda, passports and Korean currency.

The capture of this individual will disrupt terrorist networks operating in eastern Ninewa Province. The individual has high level contacts in the Al Qaeda network, cells for foreign fighters and improvised explosive devices.

No Iraqi or Coalition Forces soldiers were injured in the operation.


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Electronic Jihad Group in Syria

As the saying goes, It's an older code, sir, but it checks out.

Internet Anthropologist has tracked down one of the cyberterrorists that pushed Electronic Jihad v. 1.0 & 2.0 to Syria. The Cyber Jihad program facilitates ddos attacks against Western targets by networking cyber jihadis. With the main hub of the software, al Jinan, down, it's time to start looking for the individuals behind it.

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Love Field Terror Suspect Arrested ... Again

Aisha Abdul-Rahman HamadKimberlyalHamsi.jpgKimberly "Asma" Al-Homsi is in the news again, this time arrested after a "domestic disturbance" call was made and a six hour a standoff with the police. But alls well that ends well: the cops used the taser on her.

You'll recall that she has previously been questioned by the FBI after she and Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad were spotted near Southwest Airline's main hub at Dallas Love Field in what appeared to be a "dry run" to some. She had also been arrested previously for making threats with a fake handgrenade. After the two incidents she claimed the authorities were harassing her because she was dressed in traditional Muslim garb.

I'm sure the police are just out to get another Muslim. I mean, isn't that what they do?

Oh, did I mention the police found four explosive devices in her home?

The two also go to the same mosque that is associated with the Holy Land
Foundation, which was a money laundering scam for terrorists.


Before the day ended, Arlington police had negotiated a six-hour standoff, their robot had been shot at with a paintball gun, and they had called in a bomb squad over four potentially explosive devices.

Kimberly Al-Homsi called 911 about 12:40 a.m. Monday. She said her friend, Aisha Hamad, had threatened her with a knife....

Police say that Monday morning, when an officer came to the door, Ms. Hamad threatened to shoot him. She told him the only way she would leave was in a body bag.

So began the standoff, during which she fired a paintball gun at a tactical robot and missed, police say, and at the end of which a negotiator persuaded her to come out peacefully. Once outside, Ms. Hamad, 50, fought with them while they tried to handcuff her, police say, so they used a Taser on her....

Meanwhile, police searched the home on Wembley Road and found four explosive devices, one of which was sitting on a bedroom table....

"We do not know whether they would function as [explosive] devices until we have time to study them and look at them and test the materials," Mr. Lea said. "I can tell you this; there wasn't anything in there that would have blown her house to pieces."

That's cryptic. What could be characterized as an explosive but not be all that dangerous?

Anyway, Schlussel thinks they're lesbians--the bad kind. I have no idea where that idea comes from other than you have two butch chicks living together and threatening each other. Maybe the police found explosive vibrators?

If its just a guess of Debbie's, then why not just assume that the two are the polygamous wives of the same husband. Don't laugh, I've seen it before. Okay, feel free to laugh.....

Anyway, parting thought: crazy and terrorist wannabes are not mutually exclusive choices.

Hat Tip: JarvisW

UPDATE: Debbie clarifies to me in an e-mail that she interprets the report that the two are "domestic partners" as lesbians. So, maybe the exploding vibrator hypothesis I had isn't so far off the mark?

Previously: Terrorism at Love Field?

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Yemeni Journalist Al-Khaiwani Convicted Before Trial: Laywer

We all remember my friend, journalist Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani who has been unjustly imprisoned by the luntic dictator of Yemen. Al-Khaiwani's lawyer wrote him a letter saying, "You are tried for thoughts that have not been published yet."

In Apology Letter to Al-Khaiwani from His Lawyer Khaled Al-Anesi: What Can Be Done by Lawyer in Cases Where Accused Is Convicted Until Proved Otherwise

Monday 16 July 2007 / hoodonline.org

Dear Mr. Abdulkareem Al-Khaiwani,

I believe that you are aware that sitting in the spectators seats in a just case like yours is not the right place for a lawyer who believes that his defense for your case is a defense for free expression and not a mere defense for your freedom of expression.

However, dear, I think that the simplest service I can offer in this case is not to participate in this unfair trial before a court that lacks the constitutional and legal jurisdiction and the trust of people in its rulings. It is meaningless to stand before a judge who does not have the power to decide in the lowest request such as the request of your release. It has been proved that the function of this court is to convict people and then others will grant pardon and forgiveness! If the judge accepts the lowest request by the accused, it will not be implemented unless it is approved responded to the liking of those who stand behind making such cases. Frankly speaking, I hope that this court does not investigate in any of the attacks against you, your daughter and your home as this goes beyond the role assigned to this court.

Thus, please don’t blame me if you find me sitting in the spectators seats as I will not accept to participate in an advanced ruling of convicting you at the moment of detaining you and terrifying your family and children. They will not accept to interrogate those who scattered your dignity before your children and neighbors because they are unknown even for those who try you!

Those who try you think that they are not concerned to investigate in the wounds resulted from the abuse when detaining you, terrifying your wife, your children tears or your family photos which are violated when detaining you without (arrest order) as your personal things were looted without a (looting order).

Your release does not need a defense memo or a lawyer request, but needs a moment of euphoria by the one who gave the directions to arrest you that he heard enough about the champions of detaining, beating and insulting you, preventing others to visit you and ignoring your requests and your case details to the extent that they detained you in your underwear.

The relief is from (Allah) as we think and from (their God) as they think, so you should expect it from the one who owns it and not from those who are waiting for it like yourself.

Father of Iba’a (his daughter’s name), remember that your detention is not justified and the order of inspecting your home has not reason and the order of extending your imprisonment (presently) in your (absence) if want to know what is the authority of those who try you.

The (investigation) judge was not concerned to meet your requests as he was concerned to accuse you and I hope that the (ruling) judge is not only concerned to convict you. Father of Wala’a (name of his second daughter), note that the judge and prosecution voices were transferred through microphones whereas there is no microphone in the hands of defense or in your hands and then you will understand why I refused to stand when I was requested to stand to defend you as I prefer not to be a defendant without a voice.

My brother Abdulkareem Al-Khaiwani, you can ask the judge about his position on the matter of forged order of extending your imprisonment and you can ask him to investigate in the requests that the General Prosecution refused to investigate in though that most of them are evidenced in the records of investigations and this is a proof that the investigations process was for the favor of one unknown party not for the favor of justice. You can ask the Head of the Prosecution if he has ordered them to (arrest you): Did he order them to bring you in your underwear? Did he order them to bring you (forcibly)? Did he order them to violate the sanctity of your home? Did he give his directions to attack you while you are sleeping and you are suffering from heart disease and blood pressure? In other words, did he order them to bring you forcibly dead or alive? Was he the one who asked them to beat and insult you before your wife and your children?

You can ask the Head of the Prosecution if he is the one who asked to inspect your home and if he asked them to violate your personal life and to seize your photos with your wife and female relatives and their photos with your children?

If he justifies that they were hoping to find photos of you with Al-Houthi, you can ask him: Did he order them to search for Al-Houthi photos? Or did they think that they will find such photos among the photos of your wife and female relatives? Were they searching for such photos in the music cassettes that have been detained with you?

You can ask the Head of the Prosecution if he issued the two orders of arrest and inspection before detaining you and inspecting your home? If so, why he did not attend the execution of those two orders? Did he order them to inspect your home in your absence?

Just ask him who were those who inspected your home and you will find them unknown as those who detained you and beat your daughter?

You can ask the Head of the Prosecution: What is my accusation? And how come that 26September Newspaper came to know about your accusation before he directed it against you?

My brother Abdulkareem,

What can a lawyer do in cases that are administered by that the accused is convicted until proved otherwise and therefore copies of mediation documents are presented as evidence against you instead of war documents and an empty CD is presented to convict you. You are accused of supporting a gang that has already been granted pardon and you are tried for thoughts that have not been published yet and furthermore the prosecution still has the right to present any evidence against you that might be discovered in the future. This might be something like unloading your dreams or articles that they expect you would write!

Finally, I hope that you realized that sitting in the spectators seats is the least bitter choice for a lawyer who refuses to plead in a case where a ruling is previously issued before the sessions are held.

My warmest regards,

Lawyer/ Khaled Al-Anesi

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Prosecutor Patterico on Ramos and Compean

Johnny Sutton is testifying before Congress today on why he decided to send two border patrol agents to federal prison for ten years for shooting a drug smuggler in the butt.

In advance of the testimony, Patterico forwards some talking points on the case:

The testimony of Agent Oscar Juarez, who corroborated parts of the story of drug smuggler (and shooting victim) Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, is in DRJ’s opinion “of questionable reliability” because he gave several conflicting stories before trial. Indeed, DRJ notes, even the Government’s investigator didn’t believe Juarez had been fully honest.

The facts at trial demonstrate that Johnny Sutton originally misstated the nature of the immunity given to Aldrete-Davila. In a previous press release, Sutton claimed that the government had merely agreed that Aldrete-Davila’s testimony at trial could not be used against him — a limited form of immunity. DRJ notes, with citations to the transcript, that the immunity agreement was actually much broader. It was essentially a promise of transactional immunity — i.e., Aldrete-Davila cannot be prosecuted for his actions on the day he was shot.

Regarding the immunity agreement, DRJ notes: “There was no provision in Aldrete-Davila’s immunity agreement that the deal was off if he lied.” As a prosecutor, I must say that I find this astounding. The first rule of an immunity agreement is that the witness must tell the truth; thus, it is a standard condition that the deal is off if the immunized witness lies. I can’t imagine a legitimate reason that Aldrete-Davila’s agreement apparently contained no such stipulation.
The full list of talking points is here.

More on Agent Juarez:

Agent Oscar Juarez corroborated parts of Aldrete-Davila’s version of the events of February 17, 2005, but Juarez’s testimony is of questionable reliability. The government’s investigator, Christopher Sanchez, did not believe Juarez’s initial statement, and he later learned that Juarez did not tell the whole truth. (Vol. XII, p. 18) By the time of the trial, Juarez had given 4-5 conflicting interviews and statements about the incident that Sanchez believed were incomplete or false. (Vol. XII, p. 15, 20-21,78-80, 84-88) Juarez’s testimony was so questionable and different from his initial interviews that ultimately he was threatened with indictment by the government. (Vol. XII, pp. 87-88) Thus, it’s interesting that the U.S. Attorney primarily relied on Juarez’s changeable testimony as conclusive proof that supports the verdict.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 09:57 AM | Comments |

Zawihiri Close to Capture?

This is what DEBKA is claiming:

Until the middle of last week, Zuwahiri sheltered with the local Pashtun tribes in Bannu, a town in the northwest Pakistan tribal federation of North Waziristan. The approach of Pakistani and US intelligence and special forces caused him to switch hiding places and move to Tank or Tang, a town 120 km south of Bannu.

On Saturday, two soldiers were injured by a bomb explosion in that town, having just missed their quarry.

Since the report also claims that the search for Zawahiri has put them on the trail of Osama bin Laden, then color me skeptical. After last week's "new" Osama bin Laden video, I also have a pretty good guess where he is: hell.

Hat tip: Rocketsbrain

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Clintonistas *Shock* Endorse Clinton

Yellowcake Joe Wilson has endorsed Hillary Clinton. So, too, Tom Vilsack. I'm shocked.

Come on.....is this really news?

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Video: AH-64 Warrior AC 130 Footage

OK, so the video of the F-16 dropping a bomb on a IED factory racked up over 500 hundred views. Yesterday's Freedom Journal Iraq had grand total of two. So I get the hint. You people want to see us kill the enemy. Kill! Kill! Kill! You want to see blood streaming guts, veins in the teeth, see people eat Milky Way bars taken from dead burnt bodies! KILL! KILL! KILL!

Video: AH-64 Warrior AC 130 Footage
As they say, Give The People What They Want.

Hat Tip: Stealth.

Does this mean I'll stop running Freedom Journal Iraq. It might, but here is FJI #690. I've already uploaded it.

This edition features stories on U.S. Soldiers isolating Baqouba to catch insurgents heading in and out of the city, Soldiers calling in air support to deny terrain to enemy forces and Soldiers joining Iraqi soldiers delivering aid to citizens in Ramadi. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #690
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #690
If you don't watch this one, this is it. I hate to because this is the kind of news there just isn't enough of.

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Hillary/Schumer want $1 Million For Hippie Museum

Yeah - that's really essential to the nation's survival.

How many Troops will have to go without supplies, armor or food because Hillary and Schumer want to fund a church to hippies?

The grassroots free-market group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today released a list of Senate earmarks slated to be included in the Fiscal Year 2008 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill.

The 1,016 earmarks total nearly $392 million, and include millions for questionable projects such as $1 million in tax dollars for a museum dedicated to recreating the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival experience and $250,000 to help fund the Polynesian Voyaging Society, which makes and sails ancient canoes from Hawaii to Japan.

Maybe these two Democrat nudnicks could open their own vast coffers and cough up the dough themselves, rather than force the taxpayer to fund a shrine to the smelly, socialist, know-nothing generation.

ht: Freepers

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July 16, 2007

ABC Devotes 64 Minutes to Democrats, 0 to GOP

No bias here.

Journalists donate to Democrats by a 9-1 margin. Former journalists acknowledge the leftwing culture of the newsroom. The public perceives by almost a 2-1 margin a liberal bias in the press. Major network newscasts and newzines dedicate hours of free air-time (free campaign advertising) to Democrat political candidates, and none to GOP candidates.

Eh. Its just everyone's imagination. Its not bias if the Democrats agree with it.

By Good Lt. at 08:52 PM | Comments |

Iraq Adopts U.S. Immigration Policies

UPI sez:

BAGHDAD, July 16 (UPI) -- Iraq Interior Ministry officials said 24 Iranians being held on illegal immigration charges escaped custody in the town of Badra.

Oh, I'm sorry, my title is misleading. It appears Iraq actually enforces its immigration laws. My bad.

According to the article, some Iranians enter Iraq illegally to get to Najaf and Karbala. I think, however, that if these people were in that category, they wouldn't have tried to escape.

Therefore, we must look on the bright side. There are 20 Iranian agents (4 were caught, btw) running around Iraq waiting to get killed by America's finest.

stein hoist: The scary brown person who stands out in the frozen tundra.

By Vinnie at 06:28 PM | Comments |

Islamic Rage Boy vs. Fictional Bloggers on BBC

Click on the Islamic Rage Boy to hear The Nose on Your Face vs. CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper.


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:09 PM | Comments |

Iran TV Shows American Hostages

KianTajbakhshHalehEsfandiari.jpgI think it is proper to call Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and Kian Tajbakhsh, a respected Urban planner, hostages and not political prisoners. Is there really any question as to why the Iranian regime has trumped up charges of treason and spying against them?

Leverage in Iraq and leverage in negotiations over the nuclear issue.


Iranian TV has shown the first pictures of two Iranian American academics - Haleh Esfandiari and Kian Tajbakhsh - who have been held in Iran since May.

The footage was a trailer promoting a programme to be aired later this week.

Another American, a journalist named Parnaz Azima, is also accused of spying.

Hat tip: Fred Fry

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:44 AM | Comments |

U.K. Embassy Bombed in Chile


A small bomb exploded outside the British embassy in the Chilean capital Santiago on Sunday night, causing minor damage to the building but no casualties, police said on Monday.

Senior police officer Jorge Rojas described the device as "a cylinder filled with powder and with a detonator on a timer."

Pipe bomb with a timer? The Israeli embassy is also nearby. But however stupid and inept terrorists and "peace activists" are, I just can't imagine they're so stupid that they can't tell the difference between the British and Israeli flags.

Hat tip: Laura

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:23 AM | Comments |

People in the Military are Stupid

That just isn't the case, and it's an insult to suggest it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Iran: A Plan of Attack

A brief plan for bombing Iran. I agree that it's not likely and I'm also in the camp that thinks it would be a mistake. For now.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:55 AM | Comments |

Fear the Reaper!

Killing jihadis by day, hitting the Las Vegas strip by night. Man, I have got to get me one of these:

The Reaper is loaded, but there’s no one on board. Its pilot, as it bombs targets in Iraq, will sit at a video console 7,000 miles away in Nevada.
File under: war porn.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:51 AM | Comments |

With 'Moderate' Muslims Like This, Who Needs Terrorists?

Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, has wedged his foot firmly in his mouth, and started to chew:

Addressing a gathering of atheists in his home state of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, a Democrat, compared the 9/11 atrocities to the destruction of the Reichstag, the German parliament, in 1933. This was probably burned down by the Nazis in order to justify Hitler's later seizure of emergency powers.

"It's almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that," Mr Ellison said. "After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it, and it put the leader [Hitler] of that country in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted."

To applause from his audience of 300 members of Atheists for Human Rights, Mr Ellison said he would not accuse the Bush administration of planning 9/11 because "you know, that's how they put you in the nut-ball box - dismiss you".

Perhaps this ignorant, posturing jackass wouldn't have played the Nazi card if he were aware of the actions of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WWII; the Muslim leader who raised a division of Arab SS troops for Hitler.

By Bluto10:49 AM | Comments |

Sleeping With the Enemy: AP in Bed with Terrorists

I hate to admit it, but I certainly like the terrorists in the al Aqsa martyr's brigades better than the terrorists in Hamas or al Qaeda in Palestine. Apparently, so does the AP.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:33 AM | Comments |

Freedom Journal Iraq #689

This edition features stories on U.S. Soldiers training Iraqi military, a press conference with Brig. Gen. Kevin Bergner detailing success stories in Iraq, and reconstruction missions and military operations in Iraq. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #689
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #689

By Howie at 09:02 AM | Comments |

Video: F-16 Fighting Falcon Destroys IED House

B-roll of an F-16 Fighting Falcon destroying an IED house used by insurgents. Produced by Spc. Alexandria Corneiro and Spc. Rebecka Reyes.
F-16 Fighting Falcon Destroys IED House
Google video copy of F-16 Fighting Falcon Destroys IED House

By Howie at 08:44 AM | Comments |

Parents of Exonerated Haditha Marine Speak Out

On Pundit Review Radio. Listen to it all - Murtha (D) is looking worse with each passing development. Of course, we shouldn't have to keep digging this story out of the blogs - it should be blared from the mountaintops until this corrupt piece of crap is driven in disgrace from Congress forever.

Apparently, the Marines knew the accusing parties who got this travesty rolling were two sources who were little more than insurgents. Don't expect the mainstream press to be running around, proclaiming and supporting the moral authority of these two wonderful and infinitely patient military parents in the same wall-to-wall manner as they were parading the atrocious behavior of John Murtha (D) or the daily media-whoring of Cindy Sheehan (D/I).

That would put Murtha on the hot seat, and the mainstream press just can't have Democrats looking bad before 2008, can they? Lest Think Progress and the nutosphere call them "right-wing!" Oh, the horror!

By Good Lt. at 01:07 AM | Comments |

July 15, 2007

Webb vs. Graham Fireworks

You gotta laugh at Webb - I think the man has, in his recent years, let his temper get the best of him (could explain why he switched to the Donks).

In his typically skull-duggish manner, he tried to beat Lindsay Graham about the head with OUTRAGE on Meet the Press. Unfortunately, the facts (as they often do) got lost in the "speaking truthiness to power:"

The Democrat, a Vietnam veteran, lost an effort in the Senate last week to require specified periods of home time for troops deployed in the war, his bill winning majority support but falling short of the 60 votes needed to proceed. He took sharp objection when Graham asserted that high re-enlistment numbers are a vote of confidence in the Iraq policy by the troops.

"This is one thing I really take objection to — may I speak? — is politicians who try to put their political views into the mouths of soldiers," Webb said over his opponent's interruptions. He placed his hand briefly on Graham's back, then jerked his thumb in the Republican's direction.

"Have you been to Iraq?" Graham demanded.

"I've covered two wars as a correspondent," Webb said. "I have been to Afghanistan as a journalist."

Graham: "Have you been to Iraq and talked to the soldiers?"

Webb: "You know, you've never been to Iraq, Lindsey."

The Republican pointed out he's been there seven times.


By Good Lt. at 05:28 PM | Comments |

Ayesha and the Prophet

Disputing the general belief that Prophet Mohammad married wife Ayesha at the age of nine, Adil Salahi of the Arab News provides an argument.

I have written at length discussing this issue and concluded that Ayesha was between 18 and 22 at the time of her marriage to the Prophet.
Relying on a series of convoluted explanations, Salahi concludes that anything else is "highly unlikely" and "totally unreasonable." Being unlikely and unreasonable apparently makes something untrue.

So, there. The issue should now be clear to everyone.

Also, since it is unlikely and unreasonable for two jetliners to crash into the World Trade Center Towers, it obviously didn't happen.

By at 04:08 PM | Comments |

July 14, 2007

Answering Ted Rall

Click Here.

Hi! I'm an anti-American dipsh*t! Want my autograph? I'm a real man. Hey! Where are you going?

By Good Lt. at 11:42 PM | Comments |

'Fairness Doctrine' Would Have to Balance Networks, NPR/PBS

If the Democrats want to usher in an era of Stalinism not seen in America since the earliest 20th century (that's regressive, not 'progressive'), they'll unfortunately have to play tinker-tinker with the news networks as well as their chosen sole enemy - AM political talk radio.

There is data to suggest that the networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), CNN, and public airwaves (NPR, PBS) are overwhelmingly perceived by the public as liberal-slanting outlets.

Get ready to add some conservatism to the news, Democrats. Open wide!

By Good Lt. at 07:08 PM | Comments |

Old Bin Laden Footage In New al-Qaeda Tape

More here at ABC's The Blotter.

Laura Mansfield, who was first to obtain the video, has once again pwned al-qaeda. The buzz has been that UBL would appear in a video. the footage appears to be old.

Via Laura Mansfield: Those are the words of Osama Bin Laden in a short clip from a longer As Sahab video obtained this morning by LauraMansfield.com.

The Bin Laden clip appears to be a short portion of an older video of the Al Qaeda leader speaking to his followers about martyrdom. There are no indications as to the date when the clip was filmed.

So it appears the Jihad supporters are going to have to groan again. This is the fifth tape from as-Sahab in just a few days. It seems very little truely new propganda is coming from iraq. The GIMF campaign to defend ISI was nothing more than old messages spliced together.
(click image for video)

It may be as-Sahab is trying to take the lead and make up for the propganda recent propaganda losses, they might be releasing everything they can ASAP because thye are under pressure. It could indicate an attack. Most likely it's just more terrorist rerun bull.

Embedded copy below the fold.

Update: Gateway Pundit has footage from an old message that matches the dress and background of the "new" tape. More here at Hot Air. You compare both the video from 2001 and this one. Same thing.

By Howie at 04:39 PM | Comments |

Hello Dad, I'm Cyber-Jihading from Jail!

Tariq Al-Daour.jpg
Oh. My. G*d. The British give Tariq Al-Daour, a co-conspirator of the most famous online jihadi of all time, Younis "Irhabi 007" Tsouli, a computer with internet access in his jail cell and what does he do? Set up a pro-al Qaeda jihadi website....from his frickin jail cell!

He's in jail for being an cyber terrorist and the Brits give him internet access!!

It's surreal, really. The Mirror:

AN al-Qaeda fanatic jailed for inciting murder online was caught making a website urging terror attacks - from his cell in Britain's most secure prison....

The laptop was seized after a violent struggle when prison officers suspected he was misusing it and the hate-filled website called Global Jihad was found.

They fear Al-Daour may have used it to contact other al-Qaeda terrorists and are scrutinising calls he made....

Al-Daour's website - built while he was on trial - was full of al-Qaeda propaganda calling on extremists to wage war on the West.

But now I'm seeing where the chaps from Monty Python got their sense of humor.

Hat tip: AllahP, once again.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:26 PM | Comments |

Bad Day to Be an eJihadi/Cyber Terorrist

As mentioned earlier by Howie, the website which was sponsoring online terrorism against anti-Islamists targets through their software, Electronic Jihad 2.0, is now offline.

http://www.al-jinan.org/ -- down

Just wanted to mention that before welcoming the refugees from one of the oldest and most popular pro-jihad message boards, who seem to also be having a bad day.

http://www.al-ekhlaas.net/ -- down

This was the website on which the al Qaeda linked terrorists who kidnapped Alan Johnston posted their videos. And they just happened to be co-conspirators with al Jinan in organizing the e-jihad.

That's some cyber jihad you got going there..........retards.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:45 AM | Comments |

UN Human Rights Commission Member Bombing Civilians in Sudan

The Sudanese military is, once again, bombing civilians in Darfur. Sudan is a member of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Will somebody remind the U.N. enthusiasts about these two facts, please.


"After a halt in the bombing between the beginning of February and the end of April in 2007, the Sudanese government has resumed bombing in Darfur," [U.S. envoy Andrew] Natsios said.

"This should end and the ceasefire that was agreed to sometime ago should be respected. We urge the Sudanese government to end all bombing in Darfur immediately," he said. ....

Natsios also said the United States was disturbed by reports that the Sudanese government was deliberately trying to change Darfur's demography by settling non-Sudanese Arab tribes there.

In layman's terms, that last paragraph is about ethnic cleansing.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:01 AM | Comments |

Video: Adul Rashid Ghazi Dead

A video of the slain leader of the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Pakistan, Adul Rashid Ghazi. No tears, this guy was a supporter of al Qaeda and wanted to bring Taliban style government to Pakistan. Good riddance.

Warning: Graphic

Thanks to AllahP for the tip.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:40 AM | Comments |

Democrats Vote to Block Political Speech

Those Democrats - the freedom-loving, pro-media choice, pro-debate, First Amendment-supporting advocates of robust debate and free expression- moved to block free speech. Again.

Go DemCong!

By Good Lt. at 10:24 AM | Comments |

Progress in Iraq?


Progress in Iraq? Not the only indicator of progress, but certainly a good sign.

Jules Crittenden and Small Wars Journal has related. Thanks to Larwyn.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:23 AM | Comments |

Ted Rall Hates the Troops, Liz Edwards Has No Comment

Maybe this is what Elizabeth Edwards referred to as "poisoning the political dialogue." Courtesy of Troop-smearing, liberal Democrat dipsh*t Ted Rall:

Don't you see? This, folks, is patriotism. This is support for the military. Behold, peons.

Man. These liberals really have the patriotism, military-support thing down:


By Good Lt. at 10:14 AM | Comments |

Nude Victoria Bekham Playboy Pics

The only headline that might make soccer interesting. So, will Victoria "Posh Spice" Bekham pose in Playboy? It's the logical next step......

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:01 AM | Comments |

Fatwa Executed Against eJihad

I've been meaning to blog about this site mentioned by LGF last week.

The electronic jihadis are distributing malicious toolkits that make it so easy to attack web sites even a holy warrior can do it, with a slick admin program that uses virus-compromised ‘zombie’ computers:
The site was hosted on an American server and was in clear violation of terms of service.

But we had a couple projects going on. We have been pestering the Taliban's webmaster and were busy as well with Hamas in Iraq and Jaami. We don't want to assign our Zionist Internet Cabal too much at once. Jawas, except for our leader Rusty, are only capable of one, sometimes two, tasks at once.

I wanted to post on this because this kind of site is where attack and spamming software that take down our comments originates. We had comments back online for a short time the other day but they were quickly spammed under.

I know I would have liked to get a little payback! But, I'll be darned, someone has already beat us to it and the site is offline. Great job to whomever might have taken it down. Warm Fuzzies to you.

A little birdie told me there was more good news on this to come. Like a lot of spammers using the term, "Oh f*ck?!" We're looking forward to it.

Hat Tip: Tom.

By Howie at 08:10 AM | Comments |

Freedom Journal Iraq #688

This edition features stories on a combat outpost, night operations, remembering Ramadi and mass casualty training. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #688
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #688

By Howie at 07:05 AM | Comments |

Dude, We Already Shot Off The Fireworks

Apparently,Mansour Dadullah didn't get the memo:

As senior intelligence and law enforcement officials met again today in the White House Situation Room to deal with the "summer terror threat," a top terror commander said an attack was coming that would dwarf the failed bombings in London and Glasgow.

Taliban military commander Mansour Dadullah, in an interview broadcast on ABC News' "World News With Charles Gibson," said the London attacks were "not enough" and that bigger attacks were coming.

Hm. Zero equals zero, last time I went to math class.

So according to my calculations, setting off an M-80 in the middle of the street would be more successful and would "dwarf" the failed London and Glasgow affairs.

Way to raise the bar, Al Qaeda!

By Vinnie at 02:11 AM | Comments |

AP Poll: DemCong Ratings Still Below Bush

The Democrats are getting a lot of mileage out of the 'surrender now' movement in Congress, aren't they?

By Good Lt. at 01:18 AM | Comments |

Useful Idiots In Hollywood...Again

Charles highlights the latest Hollywood moronic convergence - the advent of "global chic:"

Totally chic, dood! I mean, this little scarf is just so symbolic, isn't it? She's so politically conscious!

The 9-11 hijackers sure were into that global chic:


So incredibly chic:

This anti-Semitic murderer sure loved it:

These Hitler-imitators aren't just chic, they're vogue, baby!

Here are some global chic dood preparing for Friday "prayers:"


And these kidz are getting into the global chic early!

So very, very chic:

By Good Lt. at 12:11 AM | Comments |

July 13, 2007

An American al Qaeda Devotee in New York

www.al-buruj.com.JPGI saw this video of Yousef al-Khattab praising the murder of Daniel Pearl over at LGF and was just sickened. Since most of my readers also visit LGF regularly, I figured I wouldn't say anything. But when I saw Allahpundit's post today, something seemed oddly familiar about his face.

That's because "Yousef al-Khattab", aka Takfiri, is one Joseph Cohen, who I first ran into via the cyber jihadis over at The Ignored Puzzle, the Wordpress hosted English language al Qaeda support website, where his blogspot hosted website is on Inshallahshaheed's blogroll.

Which is very interesting, given that Inshallahshaheed is a friend of convicted terror suppoerter Daniel Aljughaifi (given name Daniel Maldonado), who's Wordpress hosted blog remains despite numerous complaints. It's also very interesting to note that Yousef al-Khattab admits to knowing "Abu Muhammed" (Aljughafi's nickname) in this article:

Despite the guilty plea, some friends maintain Maldonado is a victim of religious persecution.

Yousef al-Khattab, a New York City bicycle-taxi driver, said in a telephone interview he believes the government trumped up the charges against Maldonado.

Al-Khattab said he never met Maldonado but has known him for four or five years through the Internet and considers him a friend.

And since I discovered Yousef al-Khattab through mutual "friends" of Omar Bakri Mohammed, my immediate suspicions were that he was a follower of the movement now calling itself Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah in Britain, and which maintains a website called "Islam Base".

And I'll remind you once again that in "base" in Arabic is qaeda, and the website once featured books by Ayman al Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden, before we exposed them.

Which makes a lot of sense, since al-Khattab has several books online which he downloaded from Bakri Mohammed's followers at Islam Base, including a book written by convicted terrorist financier Abu Hamza, Allah's Government on the Earth, on his website. He also has a direct link to Islam Base on his website which takes you to a lecture by Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki on The Constants of Jihad. And Islam Base reciprocates by linking Khattab's Judaism to Islam video.

Now, Khattab claims to be in Morocco, but his website has a New York contact phone number and the article above interviewed him last month also describes him as working in the city. And since we know he is connected to the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed, then the logical inference is that he is a member of his New York City affiliate, The Islamic Thinkers Society (their website, here).

Which brings us back to the original point: something familiar about that face.....Oh, yeah...

Allahu akbar, here's the video. Then again, the bearded look is popular among that group....

But the other evidence seems pretty solid. His connection to Omar Bakri Mohammed's followers, plus being in New York almost certainly means he is affiliated with The Islamic Thinkers Society.

How bad is this guy? Remember, he's a Jew, and he wrote this at an Islamist message board:

Dear brothers and sisters, it is as clear as day and night that the Jews are the enemy of mankind and even the environment. I have read this thread, and the Jew has been provided with more than ample proofs and evidences, but why waste time? It is crystal clear that the Jews (may Allah swt destroy them) run the media,banking,USA foreign policy,and the porn industry etc. etc.

Brothers and sisters rather than being kept 'busy' refuting this bacteria we should focus on ridding Judaism from this earth. To quote a brother that the USA government issued a postage stamp in his memory, "by any means necessary".
The Jew on this forum mentioned the Nazis in one of 'it's' posts, I felt it only fair to post Joseph Gobbele's essay that has ALOT of truth in it though not all truth. The essay is called The Jew and it was written in 1929 interesting how true it is to this day and time! ...

[He then quotes extensively from the Nazi's chief propagandist, Joseph Goebbels] ...

Brothers and sisters, I am not a Neo Nazi in fact I am a former Jew,but I urge you to rush forth in Allah's service in any and all ways legal to eliminate the teachings of Judaism aka The Jewish People.

Bad enough that he'd call for genocide against his own people.

Parting thought from Yousef al-Khattab, in a message he wrote at an Islamic message board:

My concern is a Sharia State inshaallah BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
Emphasis is not mine.

UPDATE: His Youtube account has been suspended ululululululululu!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:10 PM | Comments |

Harry Reid Afraid to Answer Tough Questions

Watch the "leader" of the Senate duck and avoid answering this rather important question, for fear the he would have to go off the talking points memo for five seconds and actually explain to the American people what the hell the Democrats' plan for winning Iraq actually is. Such a whining, cowardly piece of crap, this one. Schumer the shameless media whore stands pat, understandably. AllahP has it right - this is absolutely pathetic.

More on the illusive Democrat "warplan" here.

Compare and contrast Reid with this video, which I posted yesterday and which I think needs to be posted daily from here until 2008:

By Good Lt. at 01:31 PM | Comments |

Iraqis/Troops Dancing in the Streets!

Celebrating the Anbar Awakening (Glenn Greenwald doesn't want you to see this video):

BONUS: Insurgents planting IED get slaughtered (pwnage comes after 10:07).

By Good Lt. at 01:06 PM | Comments |

Bill Richardson's Macacca Moment

Well, he actually said "maricon," which is a Hispanic slur of homosexuals.

Richardson, a Hispanic and the governor of New Mexico, was a guest on Don Imus' syndicated radio program on March 29, 2006. Imus, who later lost his job over making racial comments, jokingly said one of his staffers suggested Richardson was "not really Hispanic."

Richardson replied in Spanish that if the staffer believes that, then he is a "maricon."

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation says the word means "faggot" in Spanish.

In a statement this week, Richardson said that in the Spanish he grew up speaking, "the term means simply 'gay,' not positive or negative."

He told the AP on Thursday: "It was a playful exchange between me and Don Imus that was not intended to demean anybody, but if I offended anybody, I apologize."

Will the media firestorm of endless criticism and OUTRAGE!! ensue that surrounded George Allen in 2006? Don't hold your breath - that would mean giving the Democrats the same kind of treatment that Republicans routinely get. And the mainstream press, knowing its role within the Democrat/media complex, can't have that.

By Good Lt. at 12:32 PM | Comments |

Reuters/NY Times Photog Killed in Iraq

A case of an innocent journalist tragically killed in the haze of war? Or is something else going on here?

Namir Noor-Eldeen, a stringer for Reuters and for the New York Times, and his driver Saeed Chmagh, were killed by U.S. forces yesterday in Iraq.

Jemime Kiss, in this Guardian piece, claims that Namir Noor-Eldeen was killed by "friendly fire". But is there any evidence to suggest that local Reuters stringers have every been "friendly" to the U.S. military?

The facts in the case really aren't very clear. The Iraqi police are saying that the Reuters photog and his driver were killed by a "random American bombardment". But, to be honest, I wouldn't trust an Iraqi police report any more than I would a Reuters stringer.

Why? Because however the two were killed, this much is certain: U.S. troops were battling Iraqi police and a police lieutenant involved in the battle has been arrested for ties to Iranian backed Shiite insurgents.

Reuters is trying to frame the story as if the Americans, as usual, are busy in Iraq randomly shooting anyone and everyone on the streets. And journalists are busy decrying yet another death of a journalist in Iraq.

But they fail to mention that stringers often have at least some working relationship to insurgents.

They also fail to mention that insurgents generally film their own attacks. Dozens of these videos are released weekly. Any one on the scene of a battle with a camera who is not embedded with U.S. troops should be considered an enemy combatant.

This is why the Geneva Conventions are so clear about armed combatants wearing clearly identifiable markings--so that innocent civilians don't get killed. When was the last time Reuters noted to readers that every insurgent group in Iraq breaks the Geneva Conventions every time it tries to blend in with the local population? It is the insurgents, not the U.S. or its allies, that are responsible for the deaths of civilians in Iraq.

The "report" obtained by Reuters alleging the random killing of the photographer was from "the closest station to the scene". But wouldn't one also assume that the police Lieutenant and Iraqi police killed by the U.S. were from that same station because of its proximity.

What kind of photos did Noor-Eldeen take? Hmmmm, it's almost like I've seen this photo before, somewhere.

A charred copy of the Koran lies in the wreckage, at the scene of a car bomb attack, in Baghdad, April 24, 2006. (Namir Noor-Eldeen/Reuters)

Question: Have the Zionist-Crusaders perfected the "Koran seeking bomb", or what?

And this one, seems, eerily familiar as well.......

A man walks inside a burnt Sunni mosque in Baghdad, February 23, 2006. (Namir Noor-Eldeen/Reuters)

Reuters has a whole tribute to Noor-Eldeen here.

Death is always a tragedy for the loved ones and friends of the deceased. But why is it that Reuters nearly always chooses to frame deaths in Iraq as if the U.S. was responsible and not the insurgents or terrorists? Could it be that Reuters places blame on the U.S. for nearly every tragedy because placing blame on the insurgents and Islamist terrorists hits closer to home?

UPDATE: How did Namir Noor-Eldeen get this shot?

Namir Noor-Eldeen_mosul.jpg

"A masked insurgent carries a police flak jacket and rocket propelled grenade launcher after a police station was attacked in Mosul November 11, 2004."
(Namir Noor-Eldeen/Reuters 2004/11/11)

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:04 AM | Comments |

There is No al Qaeda - Iraq Connection


Above is a map which bears the flag (upper right corner) of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), al Qaeda's front group, captured by U.S. troops near Samara last month. It shows what the ISI claims is al Qaeda contolled territory. This is what al Qaida claims, not what the Administration claims.

Just keep that in mind, and be sure to point this out to those questioning the extent of al Qaeda's presence in Iraq. Gateway Pundit compares al Qaeda's map with reality here.

Hat tip: Larwyn

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:19 AM | Comments |

Hollywood Welcomes It's New Muslim Overlords

I got tipped a couple of days ago about an impending storm over a film that was in the works which actually showed Muslims as the bad guys, but which suddenly had its funding pulled. The reader who tipped me claimed, at first, that the funding was yanked when an investment company run by al-Arabiya's Sheikh Waleed al Ibrahim and a Palestinian named Zeid Masri, who has ties to the PLO, became involved.

I didn't run the story, because in my mind it really wasn't notable: when was the last time there was a Hollywood movie where Muslims were the bad guys? Because if there's anything Hollywood has taught me, it's that Muslim terrorists are always just the low-level players. The real enemy of liberty are the greedy capitalists. Oh, and the government. Which uses Muslim terrorists for its own diabolical plans to suppress civil liberties.....

So, let me just say that I'm not convinced that al Ibrahim and Masri's connection to the movie is the key. Hollywood is just too full of all sorts of idiots who want to be "taken seriously". Which means adopting a "more sophisticated" narrative than one in which Osama bin Laden is the bad guy, terrorists are Muslim, and America is good.

Not convinced, but I wouldn't be shocked if a couple of rich Muslims put their thumbs down and made the project go away either.

The timing of the money for the project being pulled certainly is suspicious. The project was cancelled shortly after al Ibrahim and Masri joined the investment company. But timing is really never enough, is it?

So, I asked the tipster, who seems to have a connection to some of the players in the film, if there was anything more? She e-mailed back this morning with this Venture Beat article, which notes that the film's script-writer was told that it was the investors who were responsible for the decision. Which still doesn't tell us why, but does raise, I think, more legitimate suspicions:

But [Jason] Ressler wrote an international secret-agent action/love story called “Dove Hunting,” set in the Middle East. He says it included examples of ways that Saudis “influence Western governments by putting their money in the right places and playing both sides of the fence.” Bizarrely, he says, his screenplay came true in this case....

Ressler, who wouldn’t disclose his ethnic background but is nonreligious, says that Gill acknowledged to him by email that he couldn’t make the screenplay because of his investors.

Anyway, I for one welcome our new Muslim overlords. Because if this is the extent of their interference, then can anyone point out how this is different than yesterday's dhimmis in Hollywood?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:58 AM | Comments |

Hamas in Iraq Using U.S. Webhost (updated/bumped)

Update by Howie: It Looks like Hamas in Iraq is having a bad day.


Thanks to Host Department for their quick response.

Since comments are still down, if you would like to gloat directly to the Hamas in Iraq webmaster email alfatih_50@yahoo.com. As always if you get a reply forward the email to Rusty.

It seems when we forced Hamas in Iraq and Jaami to change servers Jaami (http://www.jaamiiraq.net/) moved to the same service. To complain email abuse(at)hostdepartment(dot)com.

Thanks to Black Flag and everyone who sent complaints. I would like to dedicate this victory to the memory of Vinnie's Dad.

Updated again: www.jaamiiraq.net's account has been suspended. Hooray!


Hamas in Iraq is one of the few groups that have had any new original video releases from Iraq lately. Good riddance.

(original post continues below)


Hamas in Iraq's website is back in operation, this time on a Delaware webserver. I'll just note that while I don't believe this "Hamas" is related to the better known Hamas organization in Palestine, Hamas in Iraq does routinely post videos of their members killing American soldiers. So, even if they aren't the Hamas, they are the enemies of the United States.

Call me "old-fashioned", but when a U.S. company helps facilitate the enemies of the United States in the killing of U.S. soldiers in a combat zone, then that makes me a little angry.

If you have a few moments, please go read Black Flag's post and contact the webhost. Also, just ignore the complaints to Yahoo!, the HamasIraq.com website is defunct.

Related: Looks like Hamas in Iraq and JAAMI are having a bad day

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July 12, 2007

The World Is So Cold, Now That You've Gone Away

***In honor of Vinnie's father, this post will be sticky for the rest of the day. Scroll down for newer posts.***

Picture 263.jpg

Dad, June 12, 1940 - July 11, 2007

Leaving flowers on your grave
Show that I still care
But black roses and Hail Marys
Can't bring back what's taken from me

I reach to the sky
And call out your name
And if I could trade
I would

UPDATE by Rusty: Since comments are down, on behalf of the Jawa community, let me express our deepest sympathies to Vinnie. Condolences can be sent to vinceautmorire(at)gmail(dot)com.

UPDATE by Vinnie: Thank you all for your kind words, and for taking the time to write them. Nothing I type can do justice to the gratitude I feel towards you all right now, both on my blog and in my email.

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Barbara Boxer is a Sub-Moronic Ass

"This is the closest we've ever been to a dictatorship?" Is she f*cking kidding me? Has this pampered little hussy ever lived in an actual dictatorship? And no, a meal served late at Le Bec Fin is not "oppression."

Did she recall her American history, where not more than several decades ago, a Democrat interred thousands of Japanese citizens in concentration camps for "the good of the nation" during wartime? Did she ever bother to pick up a book on Lincoln and read about how he threw politicians and journalists in prison for defying him? Has George Bush done either, or anything remotely close?

Why don't liberals know these inconvenient historical truths? Why don't they, in their infinite wisdom and intellectual honesty, step up to condemn the hysterical rantings of this yenta and put her in her proper place - washing dishes at Carabas?

How the haughty have fallen - this is the best and brightest (apparently) that the liberals have to offer. It is to laugh.

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How Not to Calm The Waters 101

In the wake of a bitterly divisive fight with the conservative base over immigration policy, and in the middle of a bitter struggle over Iraq, the Bush Administration is badly in need of some friends and support. It particularly needs to rally the traditional conservative base if it has any hope of salvaging its Iraq policy.

Given this state of affairs, the administration has apparently decided that gun owners have been unfairly excluded from "The Bush treatment" enjoyed by other conservative interest groups. In order to remedy this oversight, some genius has decided that this would be an excellent time to try to regulate retail gun stores out of existence.

Thus, the Bush Administration adds one more dumb politial move to its long list of dumb political moves...

h/t : Michelle.

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Nabbing Terrorists From Your Basement

I've been an admirer of Shannen Rossmiller's basement counter-jihad for awhile now. I did not know she was also involved in the Mohammed Radwan Obeid, which, long-time readers will recall, The Jawa Report had a minor hand in as well.

So, is it possible to fight the counter-jihad from your basement in your free time? Yes, it is. And what Shannen doesn't mention in her article is that you don't even have to speak Arabic to do it. In fact, while the preferred language of terrorists is still Arabic, English is a close second.

Here is the money quote, and today's food for thought:

Jarret Brachman, director of research for the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy, points out, "It is the strategic—not operational—objectives of the jihadi movement's use of technology that engenders the most enduring and lethal threat to the United States over the long term." He argues, "If Western governments made reading the online statements posted by Al-Qaeda ideologues a priority, they would better realize how the jihadi movement is not simply using technological tools to recruit new members, receive donations, and plan attacks. In actuality, Al-Qaeda's use of the Internet and other new technologies has also enabled it to radicalize and empower armies of new recruits by shaping their general worldview."
Read the rest. Hat tip: Scott at Powerline via Howie.

The Cyber Jihad is real
Jawa Report Helps Nab Would-be Terrorist

Online Terrorism Archives
Counterterorrism Archives

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Courtroom Laughs At Diane Sawyer/Journalists

Pretty hilarious, and she wasn't trying to be (audio/video at the link).

You can almost hear the bubble she lives in going POP.

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More "Guess the Party" at the AP


A federal grand jury indicted former Newark Mayor Sharpe James on corruption charges Thursday, accusing him of fraud in the sale of city-owned land and using city-issued credit cards to spend extravagantly on himself and several women.
Can you guess the party affiliation? It isn't mentioned in the article.

This is a 33 count corruption indictment. Maybe, given NJ politics, they just assume you know, and that mentioning it isn't all that important. Funny how only one political party in this country seems to get that kind of treatment in the mainstream press.

UPDATE: And again, guess that party! There's an awful lot of Democrats being indicted for crimes in the past week, but you'd never know about it. I wonder if the media's chosen political affiliation has anything to do with it.

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The Cyber Jihad is Real

Daniel Henninger has a lengthy piece in the WSJ today about the cyber jihad. In it, he accurately describes, mostly relying on an RFERL report, the state of the cyber war being waged as we speak. The cyber war is every bit as real as the war with bullets. The Islamist militants engaged in it understand, far better than our own Western governments, the power of propaganda in winning converts, resupplying the troops with fresh suicide terrorists, demoralizing the enemy, & raising money.

The young Muslims in Germany running the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) consider themselves jihadis and mujahidin engaged in acts of war and terror every bit as much as the suicide bomber killing Shia civilians that travelled to Iraq from Britain.

What's so odd, though, is the utter astonishment that many have at learning that the cyber war even exists. I was amazed--absolutely dumbfounded--listening to a reporter today ask the President to produce evidence that there was an al Qaeda presence in Iraq! When nearly every day al Qaeda in Iraq's al Furqan media or it's press release agents release statements and videos showing their work. Not to mention the fellow travellers in Ansar al Sunna, the Islamic Army in Iraq, etc., etc., etc.

Okay, so what should we do, Henninger asks and then doesn't answer:

The answer--technical or political--is not obvious to me. But the one unacceptable answer is doing nothing.
Well, it's obvious to me. It's very obvious to me: treat the cyber jihad as war, and treat cyberspace as a field of battle.

The cyber jihadis are enemy combatants, not criminals. What they do online is an act of war to be fought, not a crime to be investigated.

And to do this, we need warriors willing to fight and equipped with the right tools. And it really is very easy. Much easier than the gainsayers imagine.

Give me a staff of ten geeks, a budget lower than the cost of redecorating a general's latrine in the Pentagon, and a Presidential pardon or letter of marqee, and I can deliver a blow to the cyber jihad that would be devastating. Hell, give me a single additional tough sounding military liason officer authorized to make physical threats of violence to webmasters who fail to cooperate and I could be even more effective.

I estimate that we could reduce the number of people viewing the propaganda produced by terrorists and their sympathizers by 80% with nearly zero effort and within a week. There really are a small number of jihadi websites that have large audiences.

And propaganda, I'll remind you, is a numbers game. It is designed to appeal to certain mass publics. The more difficult it is for mass publics to be able to view this material the less capable these groups are at recruiting, fundraising, and shaping public opinion.

The work done at the Internet Haganah, or our own pale imitations of it here at the Jawa Report, to urge webhosts to stop empowering the cyber jihad just goes to show that even private actors can have some limited impact on the cyber jihad. Mention the name Wilenski on a jihadi website and see what kind of reaction you get. Or get a hold of the Taliban's webmaster and see if he knows who Rusty Shackleford is.

But our work is limited by the present legal system which assumes that a propagandist for al Furqan sitting at a cyber cafe in Morocco glorifying a suicide bomber, or an editor for as Sahab working from and Islamabad maddrassa encouraging Muslims to murder Americans, is the same as an online pornographer: perhaps bad guys expressing some sick points of view but there's really nothing we can do about it.

It's also complicated by intelligence agents who, erroneously, believe there is more value to be had by spying on the jihadis through their online networks than to taking these websites and their propaganda down. But for every jihadi they catch through this intelligence, ten more have been recruited and thousands more have been swayed.

Moreover, going after the websites, distribution bulletin boards, and propagandists would still leave plenty of cyberspace for intelligence to be gathered and bad guys nabbed. That is all I will say about that in public. And by making the space in which the cyber jihadis operate smaller, we limit the number of players to be monitored.

Anyway, if you are not up on your cyber-jihad 101, then go check out Henninger's piece for a quick brief.

Hat tip: Astute Blogger.

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Is Fred Thompson Gay?

Rumors are being circulated by the everyone-who-doesn't-celebrate-gay-marriage-is-a-homophobe left that Fred Thompson is gay. Fred Thompson has teh ghey? I'm convinced.

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DKos: Get Lost, Mama Moonbat

Extreme heart-ache over at Daily Kos today, as they've decided that the purity of the Democrat Party (as they envision it) must take precedence over absolute moral authority.

I thought this comment was interesting, given the Kos hordes' penchant for mindless lemming-like groupthink:

dKos is not about setting a progressive agenda (ed. - BWAHAHA!), it is about electing Democratic Party candidates. And to the dismay of many, that includes DLC dead wood and Blue Dogs.

This could get ugly, should Senator Hillary Clinton win the party's nomination for the presidency.

Yes, it will. I have 50 pounds of popcorn reserved for next year's Democrat nomination. Also, check out what some Kosbots tolerate in furtherance of "the common good/the narrative:"
I overlooked so many things about Cindy Sheehan in the past because I thought she was doing more good than harm. Our own daughter of a U.S. soldier has been attacked by "peaceniks" espousing Cindy's Code Pink views and still I supported her. That was my choice though and I make a different one today and Cindy hasn't done anything that has helped my children in a very long time, but she has done things that have hurt my children very recently.
Mother of the year!

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Buh-bye Jihad Unspun!

Apparently the pro-terrorists at Jihad Unspun are calling it quits....again. They pulled this once before, so hopefully its not just a ploy to raise money. In any event, the Weasel Zippers sent me the good news that prior to today there was a server down message. Must be those wascally Zionists again, eh Khadija?

It just baffles my mind that the uber-PC Canadians will arrest you for calling a homosexual a "fag", but don't think that calling for suicide bombings against Canadians is "hate speech".

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CAIR's Hypocrisy

I have no doubt that since 9/11, Muslims in America have been looked at with closer scrutiny and suspicion. I also have no doubt that this makes Muslims uncomfortable, conflicted, and suspicious. But if the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is so pro-America, then why are they not encouraging Arabic and Pashtun speaking Muslims to join the military, FBI, and CIA? Why is it that we still have thousands of intelligence, translation, and liaison positions open for lack of Arabic speakers?

During WWII the Japanese were put under a level of scrutiny and suspicion virtually unimaginable today. Movies such as The Siege portray a rather unrealistic slippery slope of Arabs being rounded up due to fears of terrorism, but we should never forget that the Japanese were actually rounded up and put into concentration camps on U.S. soil.

Yet, despite the real abuses they suffered at the hands of the U.S. government, Japanese Americans volunteered in record numbers and served with distinction above and beyond the call of duty. The all-Japanese 442nd Regimental Combat Team and 100th Infantry Battalion were some of the most highly decorated units during the War.

And having fought valiantly for our country, Americans looked back with shame on how they treated the Japanese. Their fears about them really were unfounded. The Japanese proved this with their lost lives.

Where is the Arab 442nd today? Where is the Paksitani 100th? If CAIR really was interested in bettering the relations of Muslims with non-Muslim Americans, then they would be out in the community demanding more volunteers to serve our nation. Instead they seethe and whine over every abuse, real or imagined.

And the vast majority of even the real abuses suffered by Muslim-Americans amount to no more than what all of us were exposed to on the playground. Ignorant words that hurt, exclusion, the look that says your not welcome, etc. If CAIR is right, than apparently my mother was wrong about words vs. sticks and stones.

Whining has become America's national pastime, though. So, perhaps, by being a bunch of whiners about their hurt little feelings, CAIR is just trying to show how American their members are?

Anyway, here's the story that started this rant. Joel Mowbray in WaTimes:

CAIR has mastered the art of appearing to oppose terrorism, while at the same time leading the charge against those who seek to thwart it....

CAIR has, in fact, condemned what it considers to be extremism and terrorism — when targeted at Muslims. If a Muslim is the victim of a possible hate crime or has been subjected to a religious slur, CAIR is there. There is nothing wrong with that, of course. And the group is well within its rights when it routinely rails against the United States and Israel.

What CAIR does not do, though, is denounce Islamic fundamentalists who promote a paranoid worldview in which America and Israel are the enemies of Islam, achieved by manufacturing mythical massacres that whip their followers into a lather.

During Israel's war last summer with Hezbollah terrorists, CAIR was firmly on the side of the fundamentalist Islamic propagandists. The organization issued at least eight condemnations of America and the Jewish state — but not one against Hezbollah.

Never in its history has CAIR specifically condemned Hamas or Hezbollah by name.

See why this set me off? Read the rest.

UPDATE: Aye carumba, another CAIR "John Doe" lawsuit coming?

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Senate Staffer : "The White House is not engaging [on Iraq] even 1/2 as much as they did on immigration"

via Kathryn Lopez at The Corner.

News stories like this make me wonder whether we'll be able to stop the march of surrender.

I do believe, however, we can at least slow it down. Even if we ultimately lose the struggle, it seems that we will have at least bought our troops more time to do what they need to do in Iraq. Whether that will ultimately matter in the grand scheme of things, I don't know.

What I do know is that millions of Iraqis have defied bloodthirsty militant Islamists to engage in a grand experiment in democracy. They did this because we gave them hope. They did this because we promised them

We are here for you. We will protect you. We will not let you down.
Because of our promises, the Iraqis have gone through hell on earth. They've endured torture, and suicide bombings, and targeted killings. In some villages, just being seen talking to a U.S. soldier can carry a death sentence, and yet many have still cooperated. They've cooperated because we promised them
We are here for you. We will protect you. We will not let you down.
My friends, our nation is preparing to send a new message to the Iraqis:
Oops! We changed our mind. Good luck!
Even if you are not pursuaded by the moral questions raised by our behavior, surely you can understand what this spectacle will do to the morale of pro-Western forces in places like Iran and Pakistan. When the going gets tough, the Ameriki will get out of dodge. That will be the lasting lesson of our premature withdrawal from Iraq--and it will be a lesson not soon forgotten.

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Democrats "Get Religion?"

More wishful thinking from TIME. Rosie O'Donnell won't be happy to know that her chosen political party has reverted into "radical Christians" that are more dangerous than Al-Qaeda. Amanda Marcotte will likely be flinging sh*t all over the walls at Pandagon on this horrible news, right? Didn't she work for Edwards at some point in the recent....ah, nevermind.

Will this apparently "newfound faith" find its way into legislation under the DemCong? Is the Christian fascist state on the rise now? Will the secularists who usually reside at the faith community's throat be agitated to stop the march of religion in politics?

I question the timing (which makes me the ultimate patriot - thanks, Olbermann!). And the veracity of the reporting. And the whole notion that the Democrat Party is more "faith based" than the party which the DNC chairman regularly lambasts in tirades as being in control of what he sees as the nefarious and boorish "religious right."

Just the title of the article suggests that the Democrats have a problem with the religious vote. "Leveling the Praying Field" is intrinsically suggesting that the "praying field (sooo witty)" isn't level. Hence, a much needed biased fluff piece propping up lame Democrat candidates who really don't give a rat's butt about religion, insofar as they can fool you into thinking they do to get your vote.

They've discovered religion just in time for the opening of the 2008 election cycle! Do you believe in miracles, people?

PS - Edwards's hair looks great in that stained glass, doesn't it?

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Freedom Journal Iraq #687

This edition features stories on the U.S. Army awarding Army Commendation Medals to two Iraqi army soldiers, U.S. Soldiers advising Iraqi soldiers as they go on searches and U.S. paratroopers taking a humanitarian approach to helping locals in Adhamiyah. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #687
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #687

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Name That Party!

One of the MSM's favorite little games is blaring GOP affiliations while burying or even neglecting to mention at all Democrat Party membership.

Come on down!

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Haditha Case Crumbling...

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

But now, legal analysts say the prosecution's case is in jeopardy.

They spoke after investigative officers recommended that two of the seven Haditha defendants should be spared courts-martial, largely because of weak evidence.

A third defendant was recommended for trial yesterday.

“I think that unless they get a Marine eyewitness to roll over, they are going to have a hard time prosecuting the cases,” said Jane Siegel, a former Marine judge and longtime defense lawyer in San Marcos. “The government has to know that as the investigation gets older and older, the case gets colder and colder and harder and harder to prove.”

John Murtha (D) should be forced to resign from Congress for his atrocious prejudging and slurring of our Marines. Hopefully, he will have a lawsuit brought against him. Tim McGurk of TIME should also be fired for getting this politically driven, insurgent-initiated propaganda witch hunt started.

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Me? I thought you had the bomb

SANAA (AFP) - Yemen security forces on Tuesday seized explosives in a taxi in the southern city of Aden, a week after seven Spanish tourists and two Yemenis were killed by a suicide bomber. The taxi driver told police that two men who hired his vehicle on Monday had left behind TNT explosives, detonators and a gallon of petrol, a security official told AFP on condition of anonymity. Security has been tightened around government buildings and Western interests in Yemen, he added.
The government of Yemen is fairly duplicitous. Many statements it issues are propaganda and wholly or partially untrue, whether it is statistics (unemployment figures), reforms (anti-corruption campaigns), or counter-terror efforts (like the idiotic bogus trumped-up terror charges against the journalist al-Khaiwani). So this anonymous security official's statement is either a) garbage designed for Western consumption or b) another case of, "Woops, I forgot the bomb in the taxi."
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July 11, 2007

Weird: Clinton Called DC Madame?

OK - I don't know what to make of this, so treat it with a large grain of salt and a chortle.

I've been perusing the DC Madame phone records, and whilst looking through the Sept. 1994 bundle, I Googled (202) 789-1234, and got some site called "Background Check." I can't find any other pages, but it seems to list a background check of GW Bush, while including numbers, residents, neighbors, etc. for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The number right next to 202-789-1234? William J. Clinton. Now, the number is also the number for the Park Hyatt Hotel, so I don' t know if this is just some weird page, or a hit job on GWB that inadvertently listed something it may not have intended to, or whatever.

Here's the phone record for September 7, 1994:


And a screencap of the "Background Check" site:
So was the Clenis a patron of the DC Madame? Who knows - somebody from the Park Hyatt in DC could have just as reasonably made the call. I'm not sure what their number was in 1994, and I do know from reading Gary Aldrich's Unlimited Access that Clinton had a habit of being whisked out of the White House unannounced to WH security and unaccompanied by Secret Service to hotels and other spots around DC. So fweh, I dunno. Maybe this "Background Check" site is just a fabrication. If you wanna dig deeper, be my guest. I'm too tired, and my sides hurt from laughing.

Exit Q: Given what we know about the Reign and shape-shifting legacy of Clinton, is this scenario entirely beyond the realm of possibility?

UPDATE: A commenter at Riehl's site points out that these calls were made by the DC Madame's service to the listed numbers. David Corn, as he claims, is treating the numbers as if the clients are calling the DC Madame. I'm not sure how much it changes things - the sex service calling congressional offices and such. We'll probably have to wait for some more serious analysis of these records. Still, Congressional offices and (alleged) White House numbers popping up on an escort service's phone records is still indicative of a problem, no matter who's doing it.

By Good Lt. at 11:59 PM | Comments |

DC Madame # Linked to Moynihan's (D) Office?

David Corn, looking to attach a Republican to the number, made a no doubt unpleasant discovery. Dan Riehl found out where it came from, and Ace is laughing himself silly:

So, David Corn thought he'd have some fun with "McCornthyism." (He was big on pimping "The List" of supposedly gay Republicans before last election day.)

Well, now buddy, we're gonna be looking to find out what Democrat was in Pat Moynihan's office the day after Christmas, 1998.

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Pretty Sad

That it took two idiots to write this. Worse yet, they were paid.

By Howie at 07:47 PM | Comments |

Officer: Haditah Case Lacks Evidence to Go To Trial

Man. In with a bang, looking to go out with a whimper. The MSM seems quite mum on Haditha recently. I wonder why.

Who was cheerleading the bang, other than the TIME, the mainstream press, John Murtha (D), terrorists, etc.?

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Terrorist Group Abu Sayyaf Beheads Ten Phillipine Marines

Via International Herald Tribune:

MANILA: At least 14 government troops were killed in some of the heaviest fighting with Muslim insurgents in the southern Philippines in recent months, officials said Wednesday.

Military officials said they had recovered the bodies of 14 marines after clashes with suspected Abu Sayyaf militants late Tuesday in Tipo-tipo, a hinterland town on Basilan island, and that at least 10 of them had been beheaded.

A marine spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Caculitan, said in Manila that 50 marines had clashed with more than 300 rebels. "We were totally outnumbered," he said.

Major General Ben Mohammad Dolorfino suggested that the marines had been beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in retaliation for the slaying of the son of one of the group's leaders. "They got angry, that's why they decapitated the marines," Dolorfino said.

Death to Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah.

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Moore/Sheehan Freedom Fighters Kill 13 Schoolchildren

Yet another suicide bombing- this time, on a NATO patrol in a marketplace.

The bomber struck around 9 a.m., when children usually arrive at a nearby primary school for a second shift of classes. Schools in Afghanistan often serve three rotations of students.

"Some of the children were walking to school while other children were selling goods in the market," said Gen. Abdul Qassim Khan, the provincial police chief.

He said the bomber detonated his explosives outside a pharmacy as the Dutch patrol entered the market, a central shopping area for people from nearby villages. Seven shops were destroyed.


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al Qaeda Video: Zawahiri on the Red Mosque


For the third time in a week, al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri has released a video through his as Sahab media arm. The four minute video features Zawahiri speaking on the conflict between the Pakistani government and the leaders of the Red Mosque.

In it, he castigates Pakistanis for failure to support the extremists in the mosque and for not taking violent action against the President Pervez Musharraf.

Like the video from two days ago, this video is really just an audio of Zawahiri superimposed over an image of him. However, unlike that video, this one is subtitled in English.

Laura Mansfield has a complete transcript and a download of the video here. Here's a taste:

Muslims of Pakistan: your salvation is only through Jihad. Rigged elections will not save you, politics will not save you, and bargaining, bootlicking, negotiations with the criminals and political maneuvers will not save you.

Your salvation is only through Jihad, so you must now back the Mujahideen in Afghanistan with your persons, wealth, opinion and expertise, because the Jihad in Afghanistan is the door to salvation for Afghanistan, Pakistan and the rest of the region. Die honorably in the fields of Jihad, and don't live like women with moustaches and beards. Aren't there any honorable ones in Pakistan? Aren't there any jealous ones? Isn't there anyone who prefers the hereafter to the life of this world?

Is it just me, or is Zawahiri sounding desperate to you?

UPDATE: Breitbart has the video up now.

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Messing With the Taliban

Just click on the permalink and keep it in one of your browsers tabs. It will reload over and over and over and over. I wonder how much bandwidth the Taliban really have to burn? Thanks to Nate for the code......

UPDATE: Oops, apparantly that bit of code also reloaded the main page, even though it was below the fold. So, had to delete it. But please steal these images and post them to your webpage. Just put each of these lines between (below the fold) <> and you're good to go.

Update II: Howie added a blog, so you can open this link in a new tab and it will refresh all day long. Just keep the tab open.

img src=""

img src=""

img src=""

img src=""

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Climate Stasis Myth

Don't miss this emotion free scientific article on Earth's ever changing climate.

Via American Thinker: The onset of each 100,000-year abrupt warming period has been coincident with emissions into the atmosphere of large amounts of both carbon dioxide and methane greenhouse gases, which absorb additional heat from the sun, a secondary warming effect. Solar radiation would appear to be the initial forcing event in which warming oceans waters release dissolved carbon dioxide, and melt methane hydrates, both of which are present in the oceans in vast quantities. Subsequent declines in radiation are associated with long cooling periods in which the green house gases then gradually disappear (are re-absorbed) into terrestrial and ocean sinks, as reflected in the data from coring the Antarctic Ice Cap and Sargasso Sea.

The current 100 year solar radiation cycle may now have reached its peak, and irradiation intensity has been observed to be declining. This might account for the very recent net cessation of emission of green house gases into the atmosphere starting about 1988, in spite of increasing generation of anthropomorphically-sourced industrial-based green house gases.

While it seems likely that solar radiation, rather than human activity, is the "forcing agent" for global warming, the subject surely needs more study.

See it is not evil carbon that is the main factor. It is evil sunlight that has caused the climate to shift and change for eons. The article says this science is not settled but what the heck do scientists know about anything?

This evil sunlight must be stopped! Therefore, Howie is expanding his solar offset program to include the whole solar system. We must protect not only the earth but also the planets of Mars and Neptune from having similar climate shifts due to evil merciless sunlight.

Although climate stasis has never ever happened before and humans have been the most adaptable species ever, we must create artificial economic structures to drive toward the impossible tasks of sequestering carbon and controlling solar output. If we don't then we may all be destroyed or, may God forbid, adapt.

Why? Because there is a hell of a lot of money to be made that way! That is why. WTF is wrong with you people? Don't you care about anything?

By Howie at 12:42 PM | Comments |

Good News: Iran to Stone More People to Death!


Fresh on the heels of stoning Jaafar Kiani and Makroumeh Ebrahimi for the "crimes" of adultery and prostitution, the Iranian Mullah's announce that they will execute 20 more "criminals" in the coming weeks.

UPDATED: Hmmm, I wonder if the Venezuelan Ambassador and his staff will get diplomatic immunity for similar offenses?

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Osama's Son Marries Brit Grandma

(Cheshire, England) A 51-year-old British grandmother, Jane Felix-Browne, married 26-year-old Omar bin Laden, the son of Osama bin Laden, in a Muslim ceremony in Egypt last April.

Besotted bride Jane told last night how she fell for the son of Bin Laden on holiday -- and now has the perfect hubby except for his NAME.

The 51-year-old mum of three, from Cheshire, confessed: "I won't be using it myself."

"Because my husband's name is Bin Laden he finds it very difficult to travel anywhere. He rarely leaves Saudi Arabia because of the problems he runs into at airports."

Parish councillor Jane tied the knot with the al-Qaeda supremo's 26-year-old lad Omar in Egypt. (pix)

She insisted: "He is the most beautiful person I have ever met."

"His heart is pure, he is pious, quiet -- a true gentleman. And he is my best friend."

She also stressed she did not mind the scrap metal dealer ALREADY having a wife -- and a child. Jane has been married five times before and has three grown-up sons and five grandkids.

Since she has had five marriages to learn, I suspect she probably thinks she has it right this time. Interestingly, she only met Omar ONCE prior to their wedding night and he doesn't speak English. Omar lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and seldom travels because people look at him suspiciously due to his name. Imagine that?

Hey, does this relationship make any sense?

Omar says he hasn't seen his father in seven years, when he returned to Saudi Arabia from Afghanistan. Now, logically, that means Omar was the 19-year-old son of Osama in Afghanistan during the planning stages for 9/11 -- not to mention the bombings of the Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, and the U.S. Embassies in Africa.

Being in Afghanistan while his father was at training camps plotting terror attacks leads me to assume that Omar, in all likelihood, was present. Even so, the son denies being in communication with Osama and has publicly voiced condemnation of Osama's terrorist atrocities. Omar does say he misses him, though.


By at 11:24 AM | Comments |

The al Qaeda Occupation Forces

I never thought I'd live to see the day when I could honestly say that the words of the leader of the 1920s Revolution Brigades brought tears to my eyes.

"This is a free area. We will not allow any kind of occupation. And even al Qaeda, we consider them an occupation force." --- Abu Ali to Michael Yon.
I believe that after four years of fighting that we have finally found a winning slogan.

Al Qaeda is an occupation force. Hat tip: Andy Breitbart

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The U.S. Attorney Firings : Was There a Border Angle?

With all the hullabaloo going on around the shamnesty bill, the unfairness doctrine and the presidential primaries, I haven't spent much time looking into the U.S. Attorney firings.

Yes, I'm well familiar with the argument that Alberto Gonzales has the POWER to fire every single one of the U.S. Attorneys if he chooses to do so. I'm also fully aware that this information is ALL that die-hard W fans need to know. In other words, the Attorney General has certain legal powers. Gonzales (apparently) acted within those legal powers. Hence, there can be no scandal. By definition, in other words, there can never be a scandal in any situation in which the Attorney General exercises powers legally granted to him under the Constitution or laws of the United States.

As you may know, I'm not a Gonzales fan, so I don't find this argument persuasive. There are a whole lot of things a government official could legally do that would be completely unethical and scandalous. A President could, for example, pardon completely guilty people who just happen to be in a position to help him financially. That's legal. An attorney general could refuse to enforce the law against well-connected people who break it. That's legal, too. There are tons of other examples. The argument that a thing which is legal cannot be scandalous is ridiculous. I realize some people will stick with this administration no matter how many times it fails to tell us the truth, but I'm far beyond the point of taking this administration's word at face value. There was a time when I was willing to give the administration the benefit of the doubt on something like this, but that time expired a while back.

The fact that Gonzales acted WITHIN HIS POWER doesn't, by itself, establish that nothing untoward happened in this situation. If, for example, we found out that the U.S. Attorneys were fired because they refused to back off on their enforcement of certain laws, that would be a legitimate scandal. I don't know for certain that anything like this happened. I'm just starting to look into this. I have noticed that six out of the seven U.S. Attorneys fired in December and January were from states along a U.S. border, and four out of the seven were from states along the southern border with Mexico:

1. David Iglesias - New Mexico
2. Kevin V. Ryan - California
3. John McKay - Washington
4. Paul K. Charlton - Arizona
5. Carol Lam - California
6. Daniel Bogden - Nevada
7. Margaret Chiara Mar - Michigan
Is this significant, or only a coincidence? At this point, I have no idea. It's just something I've noticed. Stay tuned.

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How Many Twoofers in Congress?

Rob is trying to come up with the definitive list of 9/11 conspiracy twoofers in Congress. I'm guessing very few, but if one were to include Democrats who are afraid to criticize twooferism for fear of alienating their leftwing base, which is chock full of conspiracy nutjobs, then the list would be a long one.

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Manbearpig Sighting in Argentina!

Remember: hot = global warming and cold = global warming. In scientific theory we call this an unfalsifiable hypothesis. And if a theory cannot be falsified, then it is not considered science at all. BBC:

Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, has seen snow for the first time in 89 years, as a cold snap continues to grip several South American nations.
Fear the manbearpig!

Hat tip: Lucky

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Haditha Case 'Unsupported by Independent Evidence'

A hearing officer in the Haditha case has recognized the absurdity of the persecution prosecution's case and recommends dropping the charges:

The hearing officer, Lt. Col. Paul Ware, wrote in a report released by the defense Tuesday that those charges were based on unreliable witness accounts, insupportable forensic evidence and questionable legal theories. He also wrote that the case could have dangerous consequences on the battlefield, where soldiers might hesitate during critical moments when facing an enemy.

"The government version is unsupported by independent evidence," Ware wrote in the 18-page report. "To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary."

Furthermore, Ware recognizes the potential for propaganda:
He said further prosecution of Sharratt could set a "dangerous precedent that ... may encourage others to bear false witness against Marines as a tactic to erode public support of the Marine Corps and its mission in Iraq."
Ware's memo will likely raise an outcry among the MSM and other leftist traitors who are working for a humiliating American defeat in Iraq.

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Pole Dancer Party!

What would you do if you came across a limo full of pole dancers?

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Al Qaeda Cell in U.S.

I got news for you folks: there are already al Qaeda cells here. Call it a gut feeling. So, to claim that an al Qaeda cell is on its way, really misses the boat. The good news is that it looks like al Qaeda's operatives are mostly incompetent.


The Blotter:

Senior U.S. intelligence officials tell ABC News new intelligence suggests a small al Qaeda cell is on its way to the United States, or may already be here.
Let's just hope that the numbnuts, idiots, and crazies that make up most of al Qaeda 3.0 don't find a four leaf clover soon.

And, speaking of the immigration link, it would be good to remember that al Qaeda operative Adnan G. El Shukrijumah (pictured above) is said to speak fluent Spanish and passes as a Hispanic. He's the guy that was supposedly sent by al Qaeda to the U.S. to set off a dirty bomb. Oh, and there have been reports that he's been seen south-of-the-border....and even the occasional sighting in the U.S.

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Freedom Journal Iraq #686

This edition features stories on a Helo helicopter crew rescuing Soldiers after their helicopter was shot down by insurgents, the CSI lab who job is to run ballistic and forensic tests to solve crimes and Soldiers participate in the Bolder Boulder fun run. Produced by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #686
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #686

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German Woman Hostage Freed

After five months of captivity in Iraq, Hannelore Krause has been freed by her Arrows of Righteousness abductors. Mrs. Krause and her son, Sinan al-Tornanchi, who remains captive, were kidnapped in February 2007 by a group demanding that Germany withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. From Reuters:

A German woman who was kidnapped by militants in Iraq in February is free but her son remains in captivity, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Wednesday.

"After 155 days, Hannelore Krause's captivity is over. She has been free since yesterday afternoon," Steinmeier told reporters in Berlin, declining to talk about the circumstances of her release.

"We are relieved that Mrs. Krause is now free, but the worrying uncertainty about the fate of her son, who is still in captivity, remains," he added.

Iraqi militants had threatened to kill the two, seized from their home in western Baghdad on February 6, unless Germany withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.

Mrs. Krause and her son appeared in two videos pleading for their lives. Thank God one of them is free at last, let's keep praying for her son and for the other hostages in Iraq and the Middle East. And I don't want to hear any complaints when the "Arrows of Righteousness" find out what real righteous justice looks like.

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July 10, 2007

More Bloodletting at McCain HQ

This time, the shakeup goes all the way to the top:

WASHINGTON (AP) - John McCain's campaign today announced that Senator McCain has been let go from his role in the campaign. A senior McCain official stated that the Senator's parting was "amicable" but "we needed to tighten our belts, and we were spending a lot of money on his travel and support staff and didn't feel we were getting the best value for our dollar having him on the campaign." A high-level strategy meeting was being held to determine next steps, but the official insisted that the campaign was "still optimistic that we can be as competitive, if not moreso, without Senator McCain."
h/t : Dean Barnett

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News Flash : Fred Thompson Has Made Up His Mind!

And the decision is...

[drum roll, please]...

...actually, how 'bout I just let Haystack tell you about it.

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9/11 Chic

Innocuous observation of the day from the U.K.

.... it was only after 9/11 that the burqas and beards became popular
And wearing the Star of David after 9/11 in Britain? Not something the cool kids are doing these days.

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UK Lesbian Convicted of Bigamy

(Shrewsbury, England) A 29-year-old mother-of-three, Suzanne Mitchell, was convicted yesterday of bigamy. Mitchell (pic) left her husband, Charles, and before their marriage was annulled, she entered into a civil union with a woman she met at the bus stop, Caroline Beddowes.

Mitchell was impressed with Beddowes because she dressed in trousers, had short hair and "looked like a boy." However, "the sex wasn’t as good as it was with Charles." As a result, Mitchell returned to her husband.

Nevertheless, Mitchell pleaded guilty before Judge Robin Onions in Shrewsbury Crowne Court to violating the 2004 Civil Partnership Act with allows same-sex couples to "marry." She had falsified her application by indicating she was a single lesbian. Upon learning of the deceit, Beddowes (aka Beddows) was livid.

"It is her fault if she lied on the certificate and said she was single. When I found out she was still married to Charles about a month after our civil partnership ceremony I went ballistic. Before the ceremony Suzanne insisted I changed my name to hers so we would be a proper couple. Now I will have to change it back by deed poll."
Mitchell is free on bail as she awaits her sentencing appearance on August 6th. Judge Onions specifically instructed her not to talk to the media.

Obviously, questions remain. Was Beddowes just a lousy lesbian or can it be assumed that lesbians are no better at satisfying women than men are? Also, do UK lesbians usually hang out at bus stops to pick up women?

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Al Qaeda #2 Condemns Knighting of Salmon Rushdie

Ah, and now we know what this "big announcement" was supposed to be. We knew it would only be a matter of time before Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda's #2 man, spoke out against the British Knighting of Salmon Rushdie. This is the second time as Sahab, al Qaeda's production arm, has released a statement from Zawahiri this week. The Jawa Report has a copy of the statement, courtesy of Laura Mansfield's Strategic Translations.

The video--which is really just a still photo of Zawahiri accompanied by audio--is called "Malicious Britain and its Indian Slaves". SITE:

In response, Zawahiri threatens that a “very precise response” is in the stages of preparation, and addresses current Prime Minister Gordon Brown, stating: “The policy of your predecessor has brought tragedy and defeat upon you, not only in Afghanistan and Iraq but also in the center of London. And if you did not understand, listen, we are ready to repeat it for you, with the permission of Allah. We are sure that you have quite understood it.”
Word on the streets is that the planned action in Britain is supposed to be "bigger than 9/11". But isn't that what they're always saying?

Zawahiri goes on to praise the bombing of U.N. Peacekeepers in Southern Lebanon, and calls for jihad in Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Big words from a guy in a cave..........

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Are all terrorists dumb?

No, but the vast majority of them are. Hell if their doctors can't even carry off a suicide attack right, that should be a sign that high school dropouts may not be the best recruits. Allahu akhbar! News.com.au:

THE four would-be suicide bombers who attempted to blow themselves up in London two weeks after the deadly 2005 attacks failed because their ringleader could not do simple mathematics....

But Ibrahim, who failed maths at school, got his sums wrong when mixing the recipe, making the bombs - which were packed with nails and screws - harmless.

Hat tip: anonymous reader

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The Hypocrisy Oath

Do Muslims in Britain take a different Hippocratic Oath? Apparently, yes.

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¿Buscando Noelia? ¡Ella esta aqui!

Noelia se ha visto en un vídeo sexual. Si usted esta buscando el video, mire aqui. (Noelia no tiene ninguna conexion a Ron Paul excepto que ambos tienen partidarios insanos. Ron Paul desea ser amigos con Osama bin Laden y al Qaeda! ¿Loco, no? Cuidado, amigos y amigas. Vaya con dios y con Fred Thompson!)


Mas de Noelia aqui:





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Another Border Cop Targeted by the Bush Administration

Johnny Sutton is the federal prosecutor responsible for locking up border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Unfortunately for Sheriff's Deputy Gilmer Hernandez, Sutton took an interest in him, as well.

Hernandez' crime?

He shot out the tires of a fleeing vehicle:

(Part II is below the fold)

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July 09, 2007

Perspective: Vietnam and the GWoT

Dan Riehl adds another installment to the "Historical Perspective the Mainstream Media/Democrat Noise Machine Refuse To Add" series.

Four Years of War in Iraq and Afghanistan: Total of 4,000 fatalities (yet another 'grim milestone').

Vietnam fatalities: 1965 - 1,863; 1966 - 6,143; 1967 - 11,153; 1968 - 16,592; 1969 - 11,616; 1970 - 6,081; 1971 - 2,357.

Riehl notes that we lost four times as many soldiers in 1968 alone than in four years and two theaters in this war.

Yup. This war is just like Vietnam.

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RFK Jr: AnthroGW Skeptics Should Be "Treated As Traitors"

And the Brownshirts of Environmentalism march on. Any shred of credibility one placed in RFK, Jr. has been nuked by this hyperpolitical zealotry:

However, Etheridge aside, it was nonmusicians at this concert who made the most passionate pleas about demanding action for the environment. "Get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, who are nothing more than corporate toadies," said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the environmentalist author, president of Waterkeeper Alliance and Robert F. Kennedy's son, who grew hoarse from shouting. "This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors."
That seems more like a threat than a plea.

So when liberal political advocates and lobbyists urge giving prison time and hanging to those with whom they have disagreements, they're "passionate." When hawks note that Democrats have been advocating the defeat of the US Military in Iraq to pick up Senate seats, the subversion of Bush's foreign policy with rouge diplomacy and leaks of classified information to the press, the overreach of Congress into the Constitutional territory of the Executive Branch in military matters, etc., they're called "extreme," "wingnuts," and "fascists."

Funny, that. Its OK, though. NBC assured us all that their fawning and slobbering coverage of Live Earth was in no way indicative of their approval of a "political" viewpoint. Algore, RFK Jr., myriads of foul-mouthed "artists," etc. are all politically "neutral."

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U.S. Companies Helping the Taliban *Bumped*

*Bumped* --- scroll down for newer post.

Thanks to Victoria Taft for having me on her show on KPAM AM 860, Portland. Just scroll down and grab the images from the Taliban server, like I talked about on the show. E-mail me if you don't know how to do that.

Official Taliban website: alemarah.org =

These companies probably don't know they are doing business with the Taliban. It's best to:

a) let them know what they are doing
b) let them know it is illegal to knowingly or unknowingly do business with the Taliban under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). Each IEEPA violation carries a $50,000 fine.
c) once they know they are doing business with the Taliban, which they now do, they may subject to criminal as well as civil penalties. Knowingly aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States during a war could be construed as treason.

Webhosting provided to the Taliban by: NOC 4 Hosts
Tampa, Fla
Complaints for NOC 4 Hosts here or call 1-877-801-1443

Registry services provided to the Taliban: Public Domain Registry
Houston, TX
False whois reporting to PDR here.

DNS provided to the Taliban: Dotster
Vancouver, WA
Dotster complaints here.

PS--Thanks for the bandwidth......assholes!

The following images should be viewed over and over again and should be hotlinked by any one and everyone ;-)

The fact that the Taliban has to use external links (a lot of broken links there, eh Adil?) for file sharing is an indication that they don't have that much bandwidth to share. Do you see where I'm going with this thing?

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SFSU CR's Sue Over Stalinist Speech Codes

The academic illiberals are at it again - this time, they've tried to persecute San Fran State U. College Republicans for (seriously) trampling on Hamas and Hezbullah flags.

The University's logic? A student complained that they were being "intimidating" and were creating a "hostile environment" by doing so. Citing an oppressive speech code, the University "tried" them internally, but couldn't figure out exactly what to "try" them with.

It will be hilarious to watch the University try to fight this and uphold their censorship codes, but they'll eventually lose. FIRE and the Alliance Defense Fund are on the case.

Kiss another Stalinist speech restriction goodbye.

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La Times Changing Stories Mysteriously w/o Notice

Allah points us to a hit-piece on Fred Thompson, in which facts from the original version of the story "are disappearing without a trace." No corrections, no note of the changes, nothing. More important context left out is found at Newsbusters.

MSM 101 -most people don't read a story close enough to notice something changes, so do it whenever and however often you want.

Well, somebody noticed. I'm sure the LA Times will be as forthcoming as the AP in offering an explanation of the sudden and unexplained changes in their hit piece.

By Good Lt. at 08:09 PM | Comments |

Muslim Juror Arrested for MP3 Under Hajib

(London, England) Frankly, a person could hide many things under a hajib. However, it's not a good idea for a juror to be listening to an MP3 player during a high-profile murder case.

From TimesOnline:

In what is considered the first case of its kind, the woman was arrested for contempt of court after another member of the jury passed a note revealing the indiscretion to the judge, Roger Chapple.

The judge - who previously suspected that he had heard "tinny music" in the background, but dismissed it as his imagination - called the woman into court on her own, and said: "You are going to be discharged from this jury. You will play no further role."

A police officer then stepped forward and escorted her from court. Outside the woman - who is in her 20s, but cannot be identified for legal reasons - was searched, the MP3 player was found and confiscated, and she was arrested. Contempt of court carries a maximum sentence of an unlimited fine and indefinite imprisonment.

The woman involved was a problem juror for the court. She repeatedly tried to avoid jury duty and, when she was finally selected and seated, she couldn't show up on time. Also, some individuals in court were concerned about her lack of interest and participation. With the MP3 incident, she now has a court date of her own on July 23rd.

Regarding what she was listening to? I'm guessing Cat Stevens.

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For Sale: Chocolate Factory

(Oakdale, California) The Hershey Company is selling its 417,000-foot production facility on 85 acres in Oakdale for $18.5 million. Purchaser will also take possession of a nut storage building, bean storage areas and a warehouse. CB Richard Ellis, a major commercial real estate company, is handling the property.

The entire workforce of 575 employees will be gone by January with last Saturday being the last day for the 99 people on the Hershey's Kisses and Kisses With Almonds production lines.

The plant's closure is part of a system-wide restructuring plan that includes the closure of five other plants in the U.S. and Canada this year. For the future, Hershey long-haulers will truck Mexican Kisses to American customers.

Employees contacted by the Modesto Bee refused to comment about the closure due to confidentiality agreements. It's not known what was received in return for signing the agreements.

[Update 07/10/07]

An emailer notes that the shutdown of the plant curiously coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Hershey Company. Heh.

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Liberal Blogger/Porn Editor Wants Uncle Ted Dead

Hart Williams, Via WND (cause I won't link Hart): Whoever wants Ted Nugent is welcome to him, but I would prefer that you would call it now, so as to conserve on ammunition. We will need to manage it prudently. But when the day comes that they have finally set brother against brother, and sister against sister in the name of their pocketbooks, I won't approach exterminating them with anything approaching remorse. They've already told me what they think of me, of my friends and of my peers. Now, I'm returning the favor. Put that in your pipe and have the WSJ editorial staff show you how to smoke it, Nugent. Courage."
Typical liberal wuss! He can't stand up to Ted man to man, because Ted would rip his head off and crap down his neck, so his solution is to shoot dear old Uncle Ted. And for writing an article, oh my god, where are all those free speech liberals now?

Sneaking up on Ted Nugent's Ranch with a gun? Errrr....uh...good luck with that?! It appears Ted should be able to defend himself quite well.

This is the article that Ted wrote that upset the dead hippie worshippers.

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Live Earth: So Important, Nobody Cared to Watch It

Heh. Apparently, nobody told Algore that the emotional well has gone dry on this issue.

By Good Lt. at 02:30 PM | Comments |

Jawa Report Hits 10,000,000 Visit Mark

This calls for a celebration!

A message from our Glorious Sithmind leader, Dr. Rusty Shackleford:

Thanks for reading, friends and enemies! We love all of yous guys! Except the Islamonazis, the Twoofers and the leftist anti-American trash...

By Good Lt. at 01:57 PM | Comments |

Freedom Journal Iraq #685

This edition features stories on Soldiers coping with their duties on the front lines, building a combat outpost, Soldiers maintaining and deploying unmanned aerial vehicles, Soldiers donating to Iraqi children, Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #685
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #685

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Dem. Advice: Don't Appeal To People's Brains

Hilarious, especially since liberals hold themselves up as rational, intelligent, disinterested and emotionally level.

A brain researcher tells them not to attempt to appeal to people's rational, intellectual capacity. They're too smart for that. Everything we've ever said about Democrats appealing to the lowest common denominator while avoiding icky things like facts, details, rational thought, reason and intelligence have been confirmed. Hell, being hyperemotional has been their political leitmotif for decades.

He writes that when Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts let a Swift-boat veterans group drag his reputation through the mud (2004), when Al Gore put a nation to sleep with his talk of lockboxes and Medicare actuaries (2000), and when Michael S. Dukakis said he didn't believe in the death penalty even in the event of his wife's rape and murder (1988), Democrats were exhibiting their single worst tendency: intellectual dispassion.

That style is ballot-box poison, said Westen. "The political brain is an emotional brain," he said. "It prefers conclusions that are emotionally satisfying rather than conclusions that match the data."

FACTS BE DAMNED -THE EGO MUST BE PLACATED!! Appeal to their feeeeeeeelings, Democrats. Less brainpower required, easier to bowl them over with your propaganda, failed utopian fantasies, political agendas, etc.

In other words, pretend everyone is a three-year old child and just run with it.

By Good Lt. at 01:37 PM | Comments |

BTW, Syria is Invading Lebanon

Nancy Pelosi's all-healing trip to Syria apparently did nothing to prevent this - perhaps emboldened by the capitulation of the American Democrats and international left, Syria is now pushing forward. Totten notes the delicious media silence and hypocrisy:

If Israel sent the IDF three kilometers into Lebanon and started digging trenches and building bunkers it would make news all over the world. But Syria does it and everyone shrugs. Hardly anyone even knows it happened at all.
Appeasement worked for peace! Ask the Lebanese! See, neeeeocons?

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Wookiee After Nookie

He made his failed advance by placing the target of his affections hand on his massive schlong.

Via CBS2: (CBS) HOLLYWOOD, Calif. A Chewbacca impersonator sexually assaulted a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in front of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood in June. The wookie then evaded arrest, police said.

According to an officer with the LAPD, Chewbacca allegedly took the platinum-coiffed actress's hand and placed it on his private parts as the characters performed for tips from tourists.

Wookiees are verbally challenged, most Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes don't speak Shyriiwook. How is he supposed to let her know he's interested?

I'd give the wookiee a break for his language barrier, except this is not the first time Chewy has been overly aggressive in seeking a little attention from human females.


Once you go wookiee......

Hat Tip: Liz.

Image Hat Tip: The Chicagoist.

By Howie at 12:46 PM | Comments |

Anti-war Nutjob Shoots Soldier, Kills Self

The logical endgame of BDS and anti-war hate leads to this - trying to murder troops and then destroying yourself when it dawns on you what a spectacularly violent psychopath you are.

Media response? Zzzzzzz...

By Good Lt. at 12:15 PM | Comments |

Keith Ellison (D): 9-11 Twoofer...

He hasn't yet leaped all the way over the cliff rhetorically, but he's dangling one foot precariously over the edge. I wonder if he's interviewed any of the FDNY.

Is anybody the least bit surprised at this?

By Good Lt. at 11:25 AM | Comments |

Pakistan Arrests Top Taliban Aides

Looks like these top Taliban aides are having a bad day. Two of them, Mullah Jahangir and Mullah Mohid, are aides to Taliban leader Mullah Omar. You'll notice that they are said to handle Mullah Omar's personal correspondence.

On top of these two, two field commanders also in custody.


An Afghan intelligence source told the BBC four senior associates of Mullah Omar were being held after operations by Pakistani security forces.

The arrests took place in two areas of the city of Quetta in western Pakistan.

The source said those arrested included two men responsible for Mullah Omar's letters and communications....

Others now in detention are said to be Mullah Nazir, who was Taleban commander in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan, and Mullah Tahir, the former Taleban commander for the capital, Kabul.

One really ought to be more careful with whom one corresponds.........

Hat tip: Internet Anthropologist

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:17 AM | Comments |

In Which I Pwn a 9-11 Twoofer

Normally, these things don't warrant much more than a chuckle and a short and sweet verbal smacketh-down.

But I was feeling a bit frisky tonight, and couldn't let this particular Twoofer's sub-retarded rant go unanswered. So I did a line-by-line fisking, which I haven't attempted in a while because they take so much time. I'm honored to note that the comment fisking was promoted to a post at Screw Loose Change! Woot!

Enjoy (sorry for the slight syntax errors). Thanks to Pat at SLC for highlighting it!

Twoofers = dumpsters!

By Good Lt. at 12:09 AM | Comments |

July 08, 2007

Should We Lie More To Report "The Truth?"

That's the question being knocked around in this Poynter Institute column.

The question is framed as a great ethical dilemma for journalists, and their chosen case study (now the editor of Harper's) is angry that the Washington Press corp for being afraid to "lie" more to get to "the truth."

I'll leave it to you to decide whether this 'deception tool' is good for the already abysmal credibility of the mainstream press. The column's writer appears to be on the "use rarely, if ever" side of it, which I think sounds reasonable.

By Good Lt. at 09:02 PM | Comments |

Al Qaeda Trainees on British Police Force

The United Kingdom is being subverted through political correctness, the bane of all intelligent life:

Up to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qaeda.

Some are even believed to have attended terror training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Their names feature on a secret list of alleged radicals said to be working in the Metropolitan and other forces...

...Astonishingly, many of the alleged jihadists have not been sacked because - it is claimed - police do not have the "legal power" to dismiss them.

Yes, it wouldn't be cricket to offend to tender sensibilities of the headloppers. The effect, of course, is that no British citizen can trust a police officer who looks middle eastern, i.e., the political correctness encourages prejudice. Duh.

Hat tip: Robert O.

By Bluto02:11 PM | Comments |

250 Inept Terrorists to Walk Free

In a mistaken and potentially tragic vote this morning, the Israeli Cabinet voted to free 250 terrorists as a "goodwill" gesture to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (via Arutz Sheva):

The government, in its Sunday morning weekly session, approved the release of 250 convicted Arab terrorists from prison, as a goodwill gesture to PA chief Abu Mazen. Only terrorists without "blood on their hands" are to be released.

Some of the terrorists being freed attempted to murder Israelis but missed their targets.

[. . .]

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admitted at the cabinet session that releasing the 250 terrorists will not convince Hamas and Hizbullah terrorists to free their IDF hostages. He explained that the move was a “good will” gesture to support Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas’s new government.

“I have come to the conclusion that releasing the prisoners will not affect the chances of bringing Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser home,” said Olmert. The families of all three captives are in France to attend a rally calling for the freedom of their loved ones, who were kidnapped in the south and north by terrorists last summer. The families will meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on Monday.

Not only will this prisoner release (not even an exchange) not win the freedom of the 3 Israeli soldiers who were abducted last summer, it's not even likely that it will help Abbas all that much:

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promised Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) at their summit in Sharm el-Sheikh two weeks ago that he would release the terrorists. The Cabinet did not discuss the specific terrorists who are to be freed.

The General Security Service (Shabak) provided Olmert with a list of terrorists that could be released, but Olmert returned the list. He said it contained mostly terrorists who are to be freed within a short time in any event, and that releasing such terrorists would not help Abu Mazen.

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter agreed, saying that the release of terrorists whose jail terms end within 2-3 years would actually hurt the PA chief. Dichter also noted that “none of the gestures we made since 1994 (releasing terrorists in exchange for Israeli hostages, dead or alive) ever resulted in any PA action against terror.”

So let's sum up this proposal:

(a) 250 incompetent terrorists will get a second chance to improve their skills;

(b) Israel gets nothing but grief in return;


(c) It probably won't even help to prop up a corrupt Fatah tyrant against his more aggressive Hamas rivals.

Gee, it sounds like a plan to me! Let's go for it!

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Dingell (D) To Propose 50¢ Nat'l 'Carbon' Gas Tax

If you're wondering why the price of gas is high, look no further than your local or national gaggle of politicians skimming off the top with their greedy, grubby little paws.

This is sure to make the Democrat Congress (16%) even more popular, and will also likely go miles to make the argument that they care about the little guy at the pump.

Heh. Heroes.

By Good Lt. at 01:30 PM | Comments |

Internet Filter Gamer Identified

reverendjim.jpgRobert Spencer's blog Jihad Watch and many other blogs, including The Jawa Report and Hot Air have recently been blocked by several popular internet filters. I felt we were the victims of people gaming the system. That is people who go around flagging absolutely everything they disagree with.

It appears at least one internet filter, Webwasher has removed Jihad Watch from their master list. I've not checked on Jawa, but I do know who is behind it. Legions smelly hippies and Islamist supporters with nothing to do but sit around flagging righty blogs all day.

Via Vigilant Freedom: You get the jist of it. Of course they didn’t do that, because the boobs at Webwasher don’t want to eliminate their clients’ employees access to all discussions of religion, politics or news of the day, only those which don’t coincide with whatever Multicultural nonsense they were raised on. Note this isn’t the first time that this company has been found to being doing this sort of censorship on the sly either.

UPDATE: It appears that the ban has now been lifted. The censors have apparently repented and learned the error of their ways. For now.

OK now, look in the coments near the bottom.

It's Reverend Jim of http://hatewatchhallofshame.blogspot.com/

Via Reverend Jim's blog: WebWasher has blocked the hate speech sites of HotAir and MEMRI, and that the Foehammer's Anvil hate speech site has also been blocked or banned as hate speech by site monitoring services, and that other web filtering services are in the process of blocking Jihad Watch
Hot Air? MEMRI? hate speech?

I took a tour around hatewatch, it is a blog mostly dedicated to hating Robert Spencer and how the noble savages are the real victims. I was offended by this so, I flagged it ;).

Oh and he put up his email up so you can,you know, ask questions.

You know it's funny. A lefty blog was just criticizing TJR for our campaign against the Taliban websites. Free speech they said, how dare we use our speech to complain to internet providers about hosting terrorist websites in the USA. Go Figure.

Right on cue Reverend Jim took down this post(image of post), I took it from the google cache real quick before it updated. Acutally I probably would not have written this post but that makes me think Rev Jim is trying to hide something.
Good News on Spreading Ban of Hate Speech Site

Good News! Getting the word out about the dangers of hate mongers is working!

Over the past few days, we have received encouraging news that more and more corporations, agencies, and Internet filtering systems are blacklisting or banning access to Jihad Watch, properly identifying it as a hate speech site. First, we received word that Spencer's Jihad Watch site has, in very recent days, been blocked or banned by: City of Chicago, Chicago Police, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, Site Coach (an Internet filtering program), GE, JP Morgan Chase, Defense Finance and Accounting Services, the U.S. Government, the Dept of Defense, Goldman Sachs, MSNBC, AFSCME, Marriott Corp., American Airlines, the State of Connecticut, Johnson Controls, Boeing, Tenet Hospitals (North Carolina), Provisio, the Sabre Group TSG, and Wachovia Bank.


Now we've received an update on the rapidly spreading ban on Jihad Watch. It has now been including in the commercial filtering of Secure Computing's "WebWasher" as hate speech. This means that WebWasher's 19,000 customers, supported by a worldwide network of partners, include the majority of the Dow Jones Global 50 and the most prominent organizations in banking, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, public utilities, and federal and local governments, will now be blocking access to Jihad Watch. We have also learned that WebWasher has blocked the hate speech sites of HotAir and MEMRI.

Good job, and Congratulations to those who had the good sense to ban hate speech, recognizing that hate speech often leads to extremism, and extremism very often leads to terrorism. Secure Computing's Webwasher seems to be the most alert program to use for filtering Internet content from obscenities, hate speech, and other unwanted sites.



Update: I misspelled Vigilant Freedom's Blog title, apologies

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July 07, 2007

9-11 Truther/Anti-Semite Writing for Politico...

LGF pointed out this little gem from the Politico - What is the real cost of supporting Israel?

What the Politico seems to, shall we say, "sidesteps," is that author Chris Bollyn is not only a high priest in the 9-11 Truther movement, but also was recently a fugitive from the police after being arrested for being a belligerent drunk, attacking a cop, skipping out on his court date, and blaming it on the nefarious forces trying to "silence" him.

In addition, in a CNN interview, he revealed that he thinks al-Qaeda "has been exploited," and questions "whether such a group even exists."

Great caliber of "journalist" they've got over there at Politico.

By Good Lt. at 11:09 PM | Comments |

Jawa-ette Makes Front Page in Yemen

This is the front page of al-Thoury newspaper in Yemen, opposition weekly of the Yemeni Socialist Party. Thats me, thats my article about prisoner of opinion, journalist Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani. Thats al-Khaiwani's picture in the flag in the upper right. The article title is "The Voice of Yemen is in Jail."

For the English version, see World Press:

In 2004, prominent Yemeni journalist Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani wrote from jail, "I believe in democracy, freedom, equality and rights and am willing to suffer for their sake simply because I do not wish my children to suffer dictatorship and I will strive to provide them a better future."

Al-Khaiwani was released after seven months in jail. He continued to write about topics important to Yemen including corruption, nepotism and civil rights. He faced down a series of governmental harassments, censorship, threats and defamation only to be arrested last week on fabricated terrorism charges.

The politicized arrest of al-Khaiwani, one of Yemen's most respected activists, is part of a broader governmental campaign to clamp down not only on dissent, but also on information. The government's increased repression of the media comes in response to growing instability. A five-month rebellion in the North spawned a humanitarian crisis as up to 100,000 civilians in Saada governorate are internal refugees. In the South, protests and demonstrations that began in May are increasing in size and intensity. As hot spots flare across Yemen, the government blocked news Web sites, banned text message news alerts, and refused to grant new newspaper licenses or allow private ownership of broadcast media. Al-Khaiwani's arrest occurred during the sixth week of a sit-in by journalists demanding media freedom.

Read the rest to hear al-Khaiwani's story in his own words.

The CPJ condemns the sham charges:

New York, July 5, 2007—The Committee to Protect Journalists is deeply troubled by vague terrorism charges brought on Wednesday against the editor of an opposition news Web site. A state security court charged Abdel Karim al-Khaiwani, former editor of the online newspaper Al-Shoura, which is affiliated with the Popular Forces Union Party, with conspiring with antigovernment rebels.
Al-Khaiwani and 11 other suspects were accused, among other things, of belonging to a terrorist cell; carrying out terrorist operations; destroying military and security installations; manufacturing explosives; murdering two soldiers; undermining public opinion; and publishing false information about the government’s battle with rebels in the northwestern city of Saada, the journalist’s lawyer, Khaled al-Anesi, told CPJ.

The charges were brought collectively against the suspects, leaving unclear what specific allegations were being made against al-Khaiwani. If convicted, al-Khaiwani and the other men could face the death penalty, al-Anesi said.

The evidence cited against al-Khaiwani thus far appears to be related to his journalistic work, including the possession of widely available news articles and photographs. Al-Anesi said prosecutors have based their case on CDs found in al-Khaiwani’s home containing photographs of the government’s fight against rebels in Saada and the effects on local inhabitants; documents about ceasefire negotiations; and an unpublished article by al-Khaiwani allegedly criticizing President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s handling of the conflict. Authorities learned of the CDs when interrogating one of the other suspects, the lawyer said.

Security agents said they also found a fax of an interview that the United Arab Emirates-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Bayan had conducted with rebel leader Abdel Malik al-Hawthi, along with the interview questions stored on al-Khaiwani’s computer, leading them to accuse the journalist of coordinating the story, al-Anesi said. They also found the telephone number of Yehya al-Hawthi, the rebel leader’s brother, stored in al-Khaiwani’s cell phone, the lawyer said.

Al-Hawthi, his family members, and their followers have battled Yemeni government forces in Saada for three years. Fighting was heavy until a ceasefire was reached in June.

Al-Khaiwani was detained on June 20 by Yemeni security agents, who also raided the journalist’s Sana’a home. His case was transferred to a state security court where he was charged on Wednesday.

“We believe these charges are politically motivated,” said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon. “If the government has evidence to support Abdel Karim al-Khawaini’s involvement in criminal activity then they should bring it forward, or otherwise release him. Gathering and possessing news and information is not a crime.”

CPJ is also alarmed by the manner in which al-Khaiwani was first detained, and by apparent deficiencies in due process. Security agents who placed him under arrest severely beat him and dragged him to jail barefoot and in his underwear, al-Anesi said, adding that one of the security agents slapped the journalist’s 7-year-old daughter. Al-Khaiwani’s detention was improperly extended in late June without judicial review, according to the lawyer, who said he has been prevented from seeing his client in prison.

Al-Khaiwani has been a harsh critic of government nepotism and the government’s fight against rebels in Saada. In 2004, as editor of the then-print weekly Al-Shoura, al-Khaiwani was sentenced to a year in jail for incitement, insulting the president, publishing false news, and causing tribal and sectarian discrimination for his published criticisms of the government's conduct in the fighting.

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Musharraf to Mosque Militants: "Surrender or Die"

Apparently in a peevish mood after surviving another assassination attempt yesterday, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf told the militants holding the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) their time is up (via Reuters):

"If they don't surrender, I'm saying it here, they will be killed," Musharraf said, in his first public comments on the deadly stand-off in Islamabad.

Hundreds of troops have surrounded the fortified compound housing Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, and a girls' madrasa, where clashes between armed students and security forces began on Tuesday following months of tension.

The death toll rose to 20 after a paramilitary soldier was shot dead on Saturday morning, though the cleric leading Lal Masjid's Taliban-style movement said casualties were far higher. There were unconfirmed accounts of the mosque's defenders burying more bodies on Saturday.

Explosions have blown holes in the outer walls of the compound, and fierce gunbattles have raged, but there has been no assault. Officials reckon 50 to 60 hardcore militants are leading the fighting.

"We've shown great patience because we don't want people to be killed," Musharraf told reporters while visiting flood-hit Baluchistan province. "We could have done everything. The government has the power but there are women and children."

Mosque cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi has said he would rather choose "martyrdom," and has rejected government accusations that he is holding women and children as human shields.

Ghazi said he and his followers would lay down their weapons but would never accept arrest. "I fully stand by my position, there's no question of arrests," Ghazi told Reuters, speaking over the crack of rifle fire.

My prediction: Ghazi and his brave band of "freedom fighters" will follow the example of their captured leader Abdul Aziz and try to escape wearing burquas, leaving the women and children to face martyrdom.

Update: Brainwashed children plead to die as martyrs in Red Mosque siege

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Enviromorons Create More Pollution Than Anyone On Earth

The Live Earth concerts should be outlawed, if we were really holding Algore and the Church of Gaia to the standards that they want to hold everyone else to:

The most conservative assessment of the flights being taken by its superstars is that they are flying an extraordinary 222,623.63 miles between them to get to the various concerts - nearly nine times the circumference of the world. The true environmental cost, as they transport their technicians, dancers and support staff, is likely to be far higher.
Pathetic, but utterly predictable from a group of know-nothings who blame the populace for "destroying the world" while they crnk out many times the pollution per "artist" than ten or fifteen "average folk." Apparently, the Church of Environmentalism suffers from a lack of mirrors.

The carbon footprint of these concerts is likely to be a permanent stain on our environment. Save the world! Ignore environmentalist and activist celebrities! They're killing us!

By Good Lt. at 12:06 PM | Comments |

July 06, 2007

Growing Fears of Violence in Aden, Yemen on Saturday 7/7

Initial reports from Jawa's sources indicate the protesters numbered well over 100,000. The protest was peaceful. Earlier regime efforts to thwart the demonstration included bribery attempts, the awarding of government positions, arrests of the movements leaders and threats of violence. Hundreds of military vehicles and tens of thousands of security forces were brought to the area. In Dahll and Abyan supporters of the Aden demonstration closed the roads from Sana'a and Hadramout. The demonstration highlighted the forced retirement of hundreds of thousands of civil and military workers after Yemen's civil war. Several prominent Southern oppositionist gave speeches addressing the broader issues of regional discrimination by northern elites, regime criminal behaivor and the looting of Southern resources.

Original Post:
Activists and human rights observers have expressed fears that a scheduled demonstration in Aden, Yemen on Saturday may turn bloody. The large scale protest is an effort to peacefully highlight the years of failure by the Yemeni government to equitably implement the unity agreements between North and South Yemen, organizers say.

The mass demonstration will take place in Al-Arood Square, recently dubbed Liberty Square, in the Khormakser area in Aden. Organizers say all attempts to resolve matters with the government have been exhausted. Their aim is to call attention to the plight of Yemeni citizens of the former South Yemen and the discrimination they have faced since Yemen's 1994 civil war.

In anticipation of the protest, the Yemeni government has made threatening statements and military units have been moved to the area. The Yemeni regime shows little regard for the lives, welfare or rights of the nations's citizens. Its military and security forces have weak command and control; top level positions are filled by the President's relatives and mid level ranks are awarded as patronage for loyalty, not skill or experience. Concerns are the government may just open fire in a Tiananmen style massacre.

Unrest has been mounting since May 22. Previous Jawa Reports below the fold:

Demonstrations and Armed Conflict Break Out in South Yemen

Increased Unrest in South Yemen

For more historical context, see my article at AAN Tensions Flare in Southern Yemen

And if that's still not enough for you, check out the "South" catagory at my place.

By Jane at 09:48 PM | |

Rusty on the Radio Tonight

I'll be talking to my brother from another mother tonight on the Rusty Humphries show around 9:35 Eastern. Just in case you ever wanted to hear the Jawa speak, here's your chance.

UPDATE: Here is a listening guide. I'm listening here.

UPDATE II: Man, was I nervous. As they say, embrace the suck.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:11 PM | Comments |

The Taliban Challenges Jawa, Jawa Responds

No joke, the Taliban have posted a message on a well-known Islamic forum addressing me, Rusty Shackleford, indirectly. In it, they gloat that their website is back online. I'll just add: for now.

Here's a rough translation:

Islamic Emirate / the return of the Voice of Jihad network web page on the Internet. The MERCIFUL return of the popular Voice of Jihad the Internet network.

In name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah, peace and prayer to the prophet Mohammed Messenger of God, and all his companions that follow his guidance.

For a long time now the official site of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan - Taliban has been shut down-- due to the exposure and prosecution it was closed by the enemies of Islam. [editor's note: the "infidel enemies of Islam" that got the website closed was The Jawa Report---mwuhahahaha!]

Now, we praise God for His generosity for returning the official site of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan-Taliban to work again on the internet by helping the officials of the party, most notably brother Karim / Abdullah minister-correspondent of the popular network.

You now browse the pages of the Voice of Jihad and follow the news of the country [Afghanistan] and news releases and informative material through connecting with


which you all know and pray to Allah Almighty that the Voice of Jihad pages remain and that the the arrows hit right in the heart of falsehood.

Peace and God is Greater, Glory to God and the Prophet and the believers in your brothers pages (Voice of Jihad) official site of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan long -

In essence, the Taliban webmaster is gloating that our temporary victory over their now defunct website was short lived. I believe the gauntlet has been officially thrown down.

The Taliban vs. The Jawa Report

In one corner: lone anonymous part-time blogger and his small circle of friends and readers.

In the other corner: large well funded Islamist party which once controlled an entire nation and which has millions of sympathizers around the world.

Who will be the ultimate victor? I wouldn't put my money on the Taliban.

For alas, if you follow the links at the new Taliban website it appears that the Taliban are having a hard time keeping them working.

Oh, look what else has happened. It looks like the whois privacy service that was protecting the webmaster, bought and paid for by the Taliban, is no longer working.

Having a bad day there Karim & Abdullah?

e-mail the Taliban: alemarah1@yahoo.com

PS--The official Taliban website is still receiving business services from the Vancouver, Washington Dotster company which masks the webmaster hosting the Taliban website through their Privacy Post service.

You can complain to Dotster here.

Webhosting complaints should be directed to:

Hat tip: Internet Anthropologist

PS-I was thanked by the Feds for helping get the last Taliban website yanked. So, spare yourself the worrying that they want this website to remain up. They don't. And providing business services (even free services) to the Taliban remains a Federal crime in the U.S. as well as in most countries.

: I'll be talking to my brother from another mother tonight on the Rusty Humphries show around 9:35 Eastern. Just in case you ever wanted to hear the Jawa speak.

UPDATE II: Beth recommends that if you want to e-mail anonymously, you can do so here. Personally, I use Gmail, which is also anonymous, but there are other programs and websites that do the same thing.

UPDATE III: Here is a listening guide. I'm listening here.

Another email address to their webhost here, abuse@hivelocity.net, Hivevelocity terms of service. Useful to quote in emails, as the site is in clear violation.

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Good vs. Bad Gay Haircuts.

Two chicks getting their hair on: good gay.
John Edwards getting his hair on: bad gay.


High five!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:20 PM | Comments |

3 Year Old British Hostage Threatened

I'm speechless. BBC:

Kidnappers who seized a three-year-old UK girl in Nigeria have threatened to kill her unless her father agrees to take her place, her mother says....

"The people who are holding her just called again and they were threatening to kill the baby," Oluchi Hill was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

"They accused me of trying to play games with them."

Interestingly, the main group which profits from the hostage racket in Nigeria is the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has agreed to help rescue the girl. Apparently kidnapping adult men is okay for MEND, but women and children are beyond the pale. The group, literally, kidnaps someone new nearly every week.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:36 PM | Comments |

Sixth Circuit Overturns NSA Decision

Remember the diktat decreed by Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, stating that plaintiffs (ACLU) have standing to challenge the NSA program in Federal court? You know - the one that leftists used to claim they had a right to dismantle a secret, international terrorist monitoring program because they said so with no evidence of its abuse or misuse?

YOINK. Just like that, her leftwingnut decision is overturned 2-1.

Score one for the good guys.

ht: Powerline

By Good Lt. at 12:16 PM | Comments |

Ending Religious Worker Visas for Islamic Extremists

Often bigots in our comments section (temporarily down, I'm afraid) call for the expulsion of all Muslims from the U.S. and Britain. When the sane among us tell them to go to hell, one of the most common replies is: okay, if deporting them all isn't the answer, than what is?

Reading this Telegraph piece which claims that only 8% of U.K. imams were born in Britain reminded me of a proposal I made some time ago: End asylum for Islamist exiles and make "religious worker" visas predicated on reciprocity of host nations

I think it's time to resurrect that proposal. Read it below.

First published here with all the links, italics, bolds, and fancy whatnots. Here it is.

Today, there are two main sources foreign born Islamist radicalism in the West. The first are political exiles who take advantage of Western tolerance for dissent--even dissent which advocates overthrowing the very liberalism which has generously given them refuge. The second are imams (Muslim clerics) brought to the West to lead congregations of economic immigrants and who bring with them all the social baggage of their native societies--disgust for Western society, conspiracy theories, antisemetism, anti-secularism, and a belief that the ills of the Muslim world can be laid squarely at the feet of Western Imperialism, etc.

Ending both sources of radicalism only requires minor adjustment to present law and, in the end, could prove instrumental in preventing further 7/7 type attacks.

Tony Blair today asserted that he would deport radical Muslim clerics from Britain. A bold move from a country which has historically tolerated the purveyors of hate. It should be remembered that it was from England that an exiled Karl Marx was free to give words to an ideology that would eventually kill tens of millions of people. He fled the corrupt and authoritarian Prussian state to find refuge in the Progressive British one--and then promptly advocated overthrowing both.

For too long those that promote evil ideologies have sought refuge in the pluralism and tolerance of the West. While the term 'political refugee' conjures up images of brave reformers persecuted by totalitarian regimes because of their love of Western style liberalism, the truth is that many refugees are forced into exile because they advocate replacing the current totalitarian regime of a given country with a new form of totalitarianism.

Such is the case with radical Islamists from all over the Middle East who are persecuted for their advocacy of replacing the corrupt secularism, militarism, Arab socialism of present regimes with far worse governments patterned after Afghanistan's Taliban or The Islamic Republic of Iran. Many of these exiles find refuge in the West and under present legal standards they certainly meet every definition of political refugee. In the West these radical purveyors of hate ideology find the resources to give voice to their totalitarian visions.

For instance, Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed was forced to flea his native Syria and found refuge in Great Britain because of his association with the Muslim Brotherhood and his support for replacing the secular Baathist regime in Syria with a religious one. According to this Los Angeles Times article, thousands of these refugees blend in with the large Muslim community of England's working class neighborhoods--the vast majority of whom came seeking economic opportunity. Among the immigrant community, these radical refugees find sympathetic ears, raise money, propagandize, and serve as intermediaries to the world-wide Salafist jihadi network.

It is time for Western countries to stop granting political assylum to those that wish only to destroy us.

Granting assylum to Islamists today reveals a suicidal tendency in Western Liberalism. Far worse than selling the rope, we are giving the rope away to those who openly tell us they wish to use it to hang us. It is a Greek tragedy being played out on a civilizational scale.

It is no longer good enough to know that the individual assylum seeker might be persecuted in his home-country, but we must also ask why he would be persecuted?

Are they seeking exile because they are critical of their home governments: alliances with the West? diplomatic relations with Israel? secularism? democracy? tolerance of religious diversity? lax attitudes on immoral behavior?

If the ansewer to any of these questions is "yes" then such a person should seek assylum elsewhere. I hear that Libya is very generous to such people. And Iran.

The second external source for the radicalization of Muslims in the West comes from the fact that the vast majority of Imams are foreign born, socialized under tyrannical systems, and often trained with the help of Saudi money or with the help of radical salafist congregations around the world.

For instance, one of the suspects in the Lodi al Qaeda ring is Shabbir Ahmed. How is it that Shabbir Ahmed got into our country in the first place? He received a "religious worker" visa to come to the U.S. from the madrassas of Pakistan in 2002. His alleged co-conspirator, Mohammad Adil Khan, also came to the U.S. on an R-1 "religious worker" visa.

While I believe it when the Muslim community in Lodi disclaims any association with the radicalism of two of their imams and terrorist intrigue of two of their fellow congregants, it is hard to believe that they were not at least aware of it. These are, for the most part, second or third generation immigrants who are well aware of the norms of acceptable social discoure in our country.

Part of the problem is how radicalism is defined. By far, the vast majority of imams I have heard are radical by American standards. However they may be quite moderate sounding in their own countries. By American standards, advocating religious-law, institutionalized discrimination against religious minorities, and censorship are so-far outside the mainstream that most of us find it a little hard to believe that these views are advocated by moderates in Islamic countries.

What seperates moderates from radicals in the Islamic world is only a matter of degree in how these principles ought to be enforced and what are acceptable methods for reaching these goals. The ends are rarely in dispute between moderate and radical Muslim theologans, only the means to the ends.

The moderate and radical imam both wish to impose sharia (Islamic law). The moderate wishes to install sharia through democratic and constitutional processes, the radical is willing to use violence. But in the end, both wish to end Western secular governments.

The moderate and radical imam both believe that it ought to be illegal to proseletyze Muslims. The moderate may wish only to expell missionaries, fine those caught passing out religous material, or give short jail sentences. The radical may wish to impse the Quran and Hadith prescribed punishment--death by stoning or beheading. But in the end, both wish to end freedom of relilgious expression.

Thus, even moderate religious scholars trained at the most moderate religious schools throughout the Islamic world bring to our societies an ideology antithetical to liberal notions of freedom of religion, expression, and secular governance.

Perhaps even worse than the ideology of Islamism is the cultural worldview which they bring with them and pass on to their congregants. For instance, a Pew survey in 2004 found that 51%-55% of Pakistanis believed the U.S. War in Iraq was either motivated by a desire to target unfriendly Muslim governments, to control Mideast oil, or to dominate the world. In Jordan the percent of population believing in such conspiratorial motives reaches 70%.

This anti-American worldview is taught in mosques, reinforced by sympathetic but homegrown Leftists, and then bolstered by media images which show the innocent casualties of war, equates the death of Palestinian terrorists with Israeli civilians, and which overhype even the smallest of abuses by American soldiers.

They come here as our guests and abuse our hospitality. But if these people are our guests, then why do we keep inviting them back?

In the U.S. today there are approximately 26,000 foreigners who have come as either 'religious workers' or their dependents. Of course, a large number of these are Christian missionaries, priests, and clergy. How many of these, though, are imams trained in traditional Islamic tenents antithetical to Western liberal values and socialized in anti-American and conspiracy ridden societies?

Is there a way, then, to reform the R-1 visa program yet remain loyal to our deeply held commitment to religious pluralism? A way which would neutralize criticisms from the left yet keep out the vast majority of those who would abuse our hospitality and wish to destroy our way of life? Perhaps.

No 'religious worker' visa should be issued to any country which does not allow recipricol 'religious workers' to enter their country.

Simply put, if you don't allow our religious people to legally set up shop in your country we will not allow your religious people to legally set up shop in our country.

How many foreign born imams would this affect? Well, to be honest, all of them. There is not a single Muslim country that allows foreign born 'religious workers' to openly practice their faith. None. Nado. Zilcho.

You see, when Muslims claim Islamic law tolerates the practice of Christianity and Judaism, they don't mean tolerance the way we mean tolerance. They mean, you can practice your faith in private, you can go to church, but you cannot fulfill the Great Commission nor could you read the Torah in public. They don't tolerate that.

So, enforcing reciprocity would mean that no imam could come to the U.S. if they were a citizen of any country in the Islamic world. ALL. OF. THEM.

The time has come to end assylum for Islamist fanatics and to end the inflow of religious leaders with the potential of turning our own citizens against their home country. Both of these proposals also have the added advantage that they do not require radical alterations of the law and do not erode the core value of religious tolerance and political pluralism which might be considered defining attributes of Western culture. Turning exiles away who openly wish our destruction--even through democratic meeans--seems a perfectly reasonable response by any society that wishes perpetuity. And reciprocity in the visa process is the norm rather than the exception. Very few countries, for instance, allow American citizens to enter visa free when the U.S. requires visas of their citizens.

Ending the dominance of these foreign born imams and cutting off the flow of radical exiles would go a long way in protecting Western liberalism from the long-term threat of Islamofascism. It would not end all home-grown terrorism nor would it mean that Muslim immigrants would automatically embrace the key value of secular government, but it certainly would cut off the source of much of the anti-Western sentiment so readily found in Mosques all throughut Europe and North America.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:28 AM | Comments |

Al Qaeda Leader Exchanged for British Hostage?

Is Shiek Abu Qatada, Europe's al Qaeda leader and one-time spiritual mentor to Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid going to be released as part of the deal worked out to free British hostage Alan Johnston? Please God, let this not be true!


In exchange for the release of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, Britain told the Hamas terror group through mediators it would free from jail an extremist sheik accused of serving as al-Qaida's spiritual adviser in Europe, Palestinian sources involved in the negotiations claimed to WND...

The Palestinian sources involved in the Johnston negotiations claimed the British government pledged through a third-party mediator to release Abu Qatada after six months so the release wouldn't appear connected to Johnston's freedom....

Qatada is wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, the U.S., Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Jordan.

Nineteen videotapes featuring Qatada's sermons were found among the possessions of 9/11 ringleader Atta. A Paris-based terror cell accused of plotting to blow up the U.S. embassy in France in 2001 reportedly was headed by a follower of Qatada.

A British immigration appeals commission report stated it concluded Qatada was a "key UK figure" in al-Qaida related terror.

Giving in to ransom demands (which is a near certainty in the Alan Johnston case) is bad enough--it only encourages more hostage taking--but this, if true, would be much worse.

The most hopeful sign from the article is that WND's source for the article is a Palestinian. Let's just say there's a track record.

Hat tip to Israel Matzav who has more thoughts and commentary.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:46 AM | Comments |

Biggest Breasts in China

(Shanghai, China) A 16-year-old girl from Shandong Province, Xu Haojia (pic), claims that she has the biggest breasts in China and she is trying to auction them to the highest bidder. Xu is seeking more than $50,000 for the pair and plans on giving the money to the needy.

Xu, measuring about 5'4" tall and an E-cupper at 33/28/34, advertised on her blog (in Chinese) "The No. 1 breasts want an auction for love donation." She says she hopes that five celebrated Chinese men bid on her breasts because "they may need the fat to change to be females in the future."

According to Shanghaiist, "Xu is literally auctioning her breasts. As in, she will have them surgically removed, and will literally hand her disembodied mammaries over to the highest bidder." I believe this would be a new high (low) on the Ewww! scale.

From Shanghai Daily:

"Thirty percent of the money will be used for a migrant workers' Website," Xu said in the article. "Sixty percent will be donated to a happy education program held by a Red Cross in Hunan Province and I'll use the remainder for plastic surgery."
It's suggested that Xu is simply seeking publicity and the idea is merely a ploy.

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Fumento has new videos up from Afghanistan.

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Yes, the Left Hates America

Two pieces of evidence. Blog-brother Zombie e-mailed about his new photo-essay about his Fourth of July spent with Leftists. It started out at a "F*ck the Fourth" party and ended up at a "Propaganda" art show. Here's one of the pieces of "art":


Go see the rest. If you can stomach it.

Second piece of evidence: Howard Zinn, the darling academic of the Left and one of its most popular spokesman (you'll notice his People's History of the U.S. is referenced in Good Will Hunting) says this:

On this July 4, we would do well to renounce nationalism and all its symbols: its flags, its pledges of allegiance, its anthems, its insistence in song that God must single out America to be blessed.
Professor Chaos deconstructs the rest, which is a long-winded and incoherent bemoaning of American exceptionalism.

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The Proxy War Against Iran and al Qaeda in Iraq

The war in Iraq is really a proxy war on one front, and a direct war on another. We are directly engaging al Qaeda in Iraq on a daily basis. But more and more it is becoming evident that we are also engaged in a war with Iran's proxies.

We are, therefore, stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we leave precipitously, both Iran and al Qaeda are the clear victors.

Jules Crittenden has more on Senator Lieberman's thoughts on the proxy war and its implications for the greater Middle East.

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Shots Fired at Pakistani President's Plane

Remember that Pakistan already has nuclear weapons: (via Telegraph UK)

The plane of Pervez Musharraf was fired on today as it took off from a military airfield, an intelligence officer said, in the latest apparent assassination attempt on the president of Pakistan.

Contradicting government denials, the official said the plane came under attack as it left the base in Rawalpindi, but arrived safely in the town of Turbat, where the president was due to visit flood victims.

A journalist for the Reuters news agency said he had seen two large guns mounted on the roof of a two-storey house in Rawalpindi.

Security forces sealed off the area around the house, arrested a man and seized an machine gun which had been modified for use as an anti-aircraft weapon.

Meanwhile, the siege continued at a mosque in Islamabad where the radicals holding the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, are said to be using women and chldren as human shields:

The interior minister, Aftab Sherpao, said the radical students besieged in the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles, hand grenades and Molotov cocktails.

"The total of casualties is 19," said Mr Sherpao. "There are 50 to 60 hardcore militants inside the mosque. They are keeping women and children who want to come out of the mosque and are not allowing them to leave."

Several students who had fled the mosque claimed in interviews with The Daily Telegraph that some men, women and children had been prevented from leaving the mosque and madrassa that houses Pakistan's largest girls' seminary.

The cross-dressing leader of the insurrection, Abdul Aziz, was captured Wednesday trying to escape from the mosque dressed in a burqua:

Aziz was captured by police on Wednesday as he tried to flee the mosque complex wearing a burqa. He told state television that about 1,000 male and female students remained inside.

"After coming out I saw the siege was massive and came to the conclusion that we should give up," he said. "The government has massive resources and I realised that people will not be able to stay inside for long."

Somewhat inexplicably Aziz made his television appearance wearing a black burqa under which his grey beard was partly visible.

The interviewer asked him to take off the veil, which he then did to reveal a bemused smile.

The cleric later appeared in court charged with plotting terrorist attacks and kidnapping people, including seven Chinese nationals abducted by his students from an acupuncture clinic for allegedly running a brothel. He was later remanded in custody.

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July 05, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Letter to Osama bin Laden

Hillary Clinton: Restoring diplomacy to US - al Qaeda relations.

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Science! Most Terrorists Are Muslims

Some things are so obvious, they beg for scientific investigation. Take #4 on Psychology Today's Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature List:

"4. Most suicide bombers are Muslim"

Gee, ya think?

It wouldn't be worth commenting on, except that any scientific journal admitting that publicly--even if it's only at their website-- is a newsworthy event. In fact, for any one in academia to ever suggest that there is a connection between Islam and terrorism is a one-way ticket to an institutional review board for hate crimes.

As surprising as that admission is, though, the authors attempt to wriggle out of the initial *shocking* headline, and get at the real cause of suicide bombers mass-murdering infidels and apostates. Here's a hint: it's not Islam.

The causal factor for 8,796 acts of terror since 9/11? Lack of nookie due to Polygamy.

I'm guessing that this explains all those suicide bombers coming out of Colorado City, Arizona?

To be fair, the authors suggest that the "72 Virgins" doctrine is also a causal factor. Which, I guess, could be read as a teaching of Islam inspiring suicide attacks. But the authors are really suggesting that it is lack of sex here combined with the promise of more sex in Paradise that is the real motivating factor.

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When Does A Massacre Matter?

From Bob Owens who, after forcing two retractions/corrections regarding the non-existent '20 beheadings' misinformation stories, is now trying to get the AP and Reuters on record for ignoring Michael Yon's discovery and documentation of a real massacre caused by terrorists:

Why is the Associated Press willing to run the claimed of a false massacre on June 28, but unwilling to report a well-documented and freely-offered account of a massacre that was discovered just one day later?

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More Iranian Linked Terrorists Captured in Iraq

Let's invite Iran to a peace conference. Then everything will be fine.......

The suspects were captured in the Shia dominated Sadr City region of Baghdad and they are believed to be connected to the Iranian Quds Force.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed one terrorist and detained six suspected terrorists before dawn Thursday in and near Sadr City. It is believed that the suspected terrorists were affiliated with secret cell Special Groups.

Coalition Forces conducted two raids to capture or kill terrorists suspected of providing logistical support to insurgent groups.

Intelligence reports indicate that the suspected terrorists targeted during the raid were connected with other key secret cell terrorist leaders and are suspected to have ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps – Quds Forces.

During the first raid, Coalition Forces were fired upon by terrorists. Coalition Forces returned fire in accordance with the rules of engagement killing one terrorist. There were no Coalition Forces casualties. Coalition Forces confiscated automatic weapons, communications equipment and personal body armor during the raid. In the second raid, Coalition Forces grabbed a single, suspected terrorist without firing a shot.

“Coalition troops will continue to target terrorists who have a penchant for killing Coalition Forces, Iraqi Security Forces and innocent Iraqis.” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesman. “Coalition Forces will target secret cells wherever they are.”

Source: MNF Iraq

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Religion of Gas Masks, Automatic Weapons and Smashing Cars

Lots more "holiness" courtesy of Pakistan's Red Mosque here.

I'd just like to float this idea - the Democrats seem committed to the idea of destroying what they call "hate speech" (which is simply dissent from their rigid ideology) on conservative talk radio. If they are trying to bring back the Fairness Doctrine based on "hate crimes" that are "caused by" talk radio, shouldn't Islam also be regulated and/or outlawed by this Democrat proposal? How many deaths are the direct result of zealous brainwashing in mosques being willed into reality by frothing followers of the opinions they hear in their 'religious' services?

Outlawing political opinions is as eggregious to the First Amendment as outlawing religion, but since the Democrats seem to be OK with outlawing the former, why not go the Full Monty?

Consistency, people.

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Pwning More Taliban Websites

I've been back, what, five hours? And I've already pwned three five Taliban websites. Yes, I'm that good.

UPDATE: Two more down.

Okay, to be honest, it really wasn't that hard. Since this particular webhost has had Taliban websites infecting their servers before, they pretty much knew to take my complaints seriously. In any event, we thank them for promptly taking the websites down.

And by prompt, we're talking within minutes. Thank you!

Official Taliban Pashtun language news service

Official Taliban Urdu language website

Official Taliban Farsi (Iranian) language website

UPDATE: I love playing whack-a-mole. It soothes the nerves.

Looks like these two were archives....but no more!


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Toughie: Sharing Intel With Muslim Leaders

Allahpundit, as usual, has the scoop. The gist of the plan was to warn Muslim "community leaders" before terror raids.

Hmmmm, I wonder why the Brits had second thoughts?

Incidentally, the Islam Base website (FYI-translate base into Arabic and you get qaeda) has changed its registration info. As the link above explains, the British al Qaeada sympathizers had registered their website to the same address as the Birmingham Central Mosque--one of the largest mosques in the UK.

New registration as of April 14th? Glasgow, Scotland.

Coincidence? Probably, but it does not bode well for Scotland if Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah (the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed) have decided to set up camp.

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Jihadi Forum Claim: Muslim Doctors Planned US Terrorism

The UK's Telegraph reports that 45 Muslim doctors were planning terror attacks against US targets on an online chat room run by three "cyber-jihadis" who have been arrested by British authorities:

One message read: "We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America.

"The first target which will be penetrated by nine brothers is the naval base which gives shelter to the ship Kennedy." This is thought to have been a reference to the USS John F Kennedy, which is often at Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, Florida.

The message discussed targets at the base, adding: "These are clubs for naked women which are opposite the First and Third units."

It also referred to using six Chevrolet GT vehicles and three fishing boats and blowing up petrol tanks with rocket propelled grenades.

This would be easier to laugh off if the recent UK terror plots hadn't been perpetrated by doctors.

UPDATE by Rusty: Looks like Younis "Irhabi 007" Tsouli resisted arrest. Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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Rage Boy Speaks!

The Islamic Idol sat down for an interview with Izhar Wani of AFP and wants his fans to know that his now-famous rage is not an act:

"If my photographs get published across the world, it is because my emotions are real and my looks are not deceptive. The photos show the anger inside," said the full-time demonstrator, who when off the street looks distincly modest and a little shy.

Shakeel Bhat is a 31-year-old Kashmiri activist who spent 3 years in prison in the 1990s for taking part in the violent Muslim uprising in the disputed territory. Now his only weapon is his face.

Bhat has been detained more than 300 times since he first took to the streets of Srinagar in late 1997. He even travels to other parts of the picturesque Kashmir valley to vent his Islamist anger.

"Police have registered 40 cases against me for taking part in the protests and I have to shuttle from one court to another to defend myself. I've been in almost every police station," he laughed, clutching a plastic bag full of court papers.

Although not a Shiite Muslim, he says his inspiration is Iran's late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

"I sometimes leave my home and return days later after being in police lock-ups," said Bhat, whose family run a handicrafts business.

"My family members are very supportive. They know I am not doing anything wrong. I am doing what every Muslims needs to do."

Bhat modestly denied knowledge of his fame in the West:

"I don't believe this! I have no knowledge about all this. Why do they do it?" demanded Bhat, who says he has no idea how to use a computer and the Internet.

But he courageously vowed to continue the jihad, one snarl at a time:

"I don't need any titles. I am a simple Muslim. Yes, I get enraged if someone, somewhere makes derogatory remarks about our religion or Prophet," he said.

"The Koran is my driving force. I will come out on streets as long as Muslims are victims of oppression, even if it leads to my death."

H/t Little Green Footballs

Crossposted at Not Ready for my Burqua

Update: Who Should Be the New Islamic Idol?
Update II: A Campaign Message from Krispy Khalid
Update III: And Now a Word from Jihad Mickey
Update IV: Day 2 of the Islamic Idol Contest
Update V: Rage Boy Sings
Update VI:
And Now, Your New Islamic Idol!

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Jawa V: The Revenge of the Rusty

Hey all, I'm back. The wife and new baby are doing just great. Thanks to all the well wishers.

Also, big thanks to every one around the Sandcrawler for ensuring that this place didn't suck while I was away. Now that I'm back, embrace the suck!

Did I miss anything important?

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Freedom Journal Iraq #683

This edition features stories on building facilities to accommodate additional troops, the Mine Resistant Armored Vehicle and the affects of an IED attack on one Soldier. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #683
Google video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #683

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Yemen Appeases Al-Qaeda

The Yemeni government has a deal with al-Qaeda. No attacks in Yemen in exchange for releases and a "hands off" approach. They also often get state jobs and money. The recent terror bombing in Yemen was al-Qaeda negotiating for more releases. The methods of release include direct negotiations, "rehabilitations", sham trials, and repetitive escapes.

The following is a very good article that explains direct negotiations. The whole thing is worth a read: AP via Yahoo. Here's a bit:

SANA'A, Yemen - Yemen is pioneering a novel approach for dealing with convicted al-Qaida operatives: Let them roam free as long as they promise to be law-abiding

For example, Ali Mohammed al-Kurdi says he sent two suicide bombers to Iraq and trained others. He was sentenced to death for his part in a hotel bombing in Yemen's port city of Aden, escaped and was re-arrested.

Fawzi al-Wajeh, a bodyguard of Osama bin Laden's, was convicted in the 2002 bombing of a French oil tanker and was one of 23 al-Qaida men to escape from a Yemeni high security prison last year. He later surrendered.

Naseer Ahmed al-Bahri, another bin Laden bodyguard, fought in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Somalia. He was jailed for nearly two years without charge after returning from Afghanistan.

All three continue to idolize bin Laden and they back jihad, or holy war, against U.S. forces, whether it's in the Middle East or Afghanistan. Yet they are now back on the streets because they signed an agreement with the Yemeni government promising to obey the law.

Yemen's policy of negotiating agreements with al-Qaida operatives appears to be unique among the nations working with the United States in its anti-terror campaign. Breaking the agreement means returning to prison or causing a relative, who often acts as a guarantor, to be jailed to finish out the sentence.

The risks of direct negotiations with al-Qaeda are of course a) regional instability as the deal only calls for no attacks in Yemen, b) spread of the ideology internally as the regime perpetuates the culture of acceptance of targeting civilians in certain situations c) that the regime is not co-opting the militants but rather the militants are co-opting the regime instiutions and d) as we saw this week, that emboldened terrorists will re-negotiate with the regime using car bombs, a skill probably picked up in Iraq.

As we know, according to US officials, 90% of suicide bombings in Iraq are perpetrated by foreigners, and Yemenis and North Africans make up the largest contingents of suicide bombers. The Syrians let them cross into Iraq, but they come from Yemen. There is an established suicide bomber production line in Yemen. The bombers are young guys who get sucked into the death cult. One Yemeni newspaper tallied 1800 Yemeni men who went to Iraq and listed them by town and age (mostly 18-24). And US officials constantly castigate ... Syria.

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July 04, 2007

New Zawahiri Video Released: "The Advice of One Concerned" (Updated, Bumped)

zawahiri_as_sahab_new.jpgUPDATE: Full video added below

A banner from al Qaeda's as Sahab video hit the Islamic forums yesterday announcing "a happy event". Speculation on the forums was that the video would show Osama bin Laden, a sentiment echoed in this Pravda piece. To the disappointment of Osama's millions of fans, though, the video is actually of al Qaeda #2 man, Ayman al Zawahiri.

Seriously, they're practically in tears with disappointment. On one forum, when it was suggested that no OBL video would be forthcoming, the gnashing of teeth was nearly audible.

I actually rushed to my computer when I heard the Fox News report about the new bin Laden video. Big news, I thought. But wouldn't you know it that my friend Laura Mansfield had the video, before it was released on the forums. Maybe Fox will think about subscribing to her service? Just a suggestion. Anyway, I really appreciate the heads up she gave me.

Laura notes that the video does not reference the London attacks, and is mostly put together from old clips. However, it is subtitled in English.

Laura Mansfield:

The video, entitled “The Advice of One Concerned”, is 1 hour, 34 minutes long, and includes clips from other videos and news broadcasts, including one from Al Furqan, the video production arm of the Islamic State of Iraq.

The video does not reference the London attacks, but appears to be more of a “state of the ummah” style address intended to try and provide advice to the Muslim world in a manner similar to the “fireside chat”.

He provides advice to the people of Iraq, and of Palestine. He reiterates the call for young men to rush to the jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan, and includes a video clip of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam reminding the Muslim ummah that jihad is the responsibility of every Muslim.

He rebukes the mujahideen of Fateh for battling HAMAS, and tells them to “Return to your religion, your Islam, your honor and your Arabness.”

The purpose of the video as propaganda is twofold. First, to Muslims the message is to bolster the belief that the mujahideen are not being defeated in the battlefield, and that 'Islam' will ultimately win. To the West, the message is the the U.S. and its allies are losing on all fronts and that we should give up the fight.

The Blotter, which got it's information from Laura adds:

The video also features a brief clip of Thomas Kean, chairman of the 9/11 Commission, speaking about the security challenges facing the United States. Also appearing on the tape is a clip of Abdul al-Bari Atwan, the editor of a London-based Arabic newspaper. In the clip, from an appearance on an Arabic news channel, Atwan declares that al Qaeda has become stronger since the September 11th attacks and that it is truly an international organization.
SITE notes that Zawahiri urges Muslims to support the al Qaeda in Iraq umbrella group, The Islamic State of Iraq:
Zawahiri also encourages greater support for the Islamic State of Iraq despite it lacking “necessary qualifications”, courts Kurds to join jihad, and lauds Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the deceased Emir of al-Qaeda in Iraq, formerly Tawhid Wal Jihad, for his opening of a path for greater unity in the ranks of Mujahideen by being among the first to pledge to Usama bin Laden and join al-Qaeda. He adds that other groups have also joined the organization, though they prefered that this news not yet be announced, but the declarations will come soon. Iraq is also the launchpad from which Zawahiri launches his diatribe against Saudi Arabia, using aforementioned evidence to warn that Iraq will fall if the Saudis gain significant influence in its politics.
The video of Zawahiri is a painful reminder that he remains on the loose, probably in Pakistan. Its English subtitles are also a reminder that one of our own--Orange County California born and raised Adam Gadahn--continues to help al Qaeda spread their vile propaganda.

So, will Pakistan ever get serious with al Qaeda? Or is this a hopeful sign that someone has again threatened to bomb them back into the stone age if they didn't go after our enemies and that al Qaeda and their sympathizers are once again on the run in Pakistan?

UPDATE: I now have a copy of the high production value video which has now been released. Just e-mail me for the video.

Update II: Howie has uploaded a medium sized copy to Google Video Here. Embedded copy below the fold

Update III by Vinnie: Zawahiri, dude, I just came back from blowing up hundreds of dollars of fireworks while simultaneously downing a beer or ten. Why you want to harsh my mellow? It's not like you're going to win this war. Go back to your cave, shut your f*cking mouth, and let us enjoy our holiday for once.

F*cking moron.

UPDATE IV by Rusy 7/05/07: Video still below. Thanks to Charles "blogfather" Johnson for the link and welcome fellow lizaraoid minions who (for the newbies) will be happy to know that I started out in LGF's comments section way back when.

For complete blog reaction to the video, check out Stop the ACLU.

Update by Howie: Higher quality copy with more legible subtitles here. I don't know why old callous head does this. As Laura Mansfield recently pointed out to me, Zawahiri speaks fairly fluent English.

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Man Kicks Flaming Terrorist Square in the Nuts

I'd just like to say, and I think I can speak for all of us on this one, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you very much. What's the website to buy this man a beer again?

Update: Here it is. 1200 pints already? this man should never ever have to by his own beer ever again. That's a very achievable goal and we can make it happen.

Hat Tip: Buckley F. Williams.

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Take My Seat Dude, I Like the Breeze

Pffft, why we are going to win, number 6325: these guys. (And the US has lots of these people in the service of the nation, thank God.) Short story, Apache helicopter pilot gives his seat to crashed, stranded fellow pilot under fire and the Apache flies out with the Apache pilot strapped to the wing and the other pilot who crashed is in his seat:

ABC News: The OH-58 Kiowa reconnaissance helicopter flown by Chief Warrant Officers Mark Burrows and Steven Cianfrini was flying a routine mission in support of ground troops when it was forced down by heavy gunfire.Burrows and Cianfrini survived the crash landing with only minor cuts and bruises, but came under immediate ground fire as the insurgents who had shot them continued to fire on the aircraft....

Having already sent out a distress signal, the pilots soon heard American aircraft overhead. Burrows made visual contact with a Kiowa helicopter from their unit that guided an Apache helicopter to their position on the ground.Apaches are narrow two-seater attack helicopters where the pilot sits behind the co-pilot. Designed to carry missiles on its wingmounts, there is no room on the aircraft for additional passengers.

When the Apache landed, Burrows said the co-pilot got out of his front seat to make sure they weren't injured. He then strapped Cianfrini into his seat and closed the hatch.The Apache pilot then led Burrows to the gun mount on the left side of the helicopter. "I then sat on a ledge up against the engine and clipped in with a little safety harness strap," said Burrows. "The Apache pilot then went to the other side of the helicopter where he strapped himself in as well."

Once both pilots were safely strapped to the gun mounts, the Apache took off for a Baghdad airstrip. The Apache pilots quickly unloaded their passengers then took off again to continue with their original mission.

Happy Fourth of July everybody, these are the people that ensure liberty. There are thousands of heroes that came before them. Soldiers, sailors and others that paid for freedom and for the security of the US with their courage and sometimes their lives. These two guys strapped to the outside of a helicopter for a forty minute ride are just happy everybody made it out, they say. But this is the heart and soul of America and has always been. The pilot unflinchingly gave his seat to the wounded guy and took the ride strapped to the engine. These are amazing people. They are not the first and not the last, but they are astounding and awe inspiring.

Update by Howie: I saw this was posted today on DVIDS. It had over 8000 views. That is very high for there so I just happen to have that one. I've not seen it yet but here it is.

I knew there was some reason they keep me around here.

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Unknown Internet Filter Filtering Blogs

Attn: Robert Spencer: Yeah I had a similar reports of MPJ being blocked by one of the companies on your list. What I think this is, these companies all use the same internet filter provider. It works like a virus scanner. It goes and gets updates to categories and then blocks those.

Companies can also customize the filters to softer or stronger settings. First find out who the filter is. Then find out the reason or category. Common ones are personals and dating, no happyness at work dammit! Also tasteless, sex, games, we don't like you, so on and so forth. Then request from them to be removed from the list. If you get taken off then if will take some time for the new files to make their way around.

People game (false report) these systems. My cube neighbor was blocked from nasa.gov one day this week as "personals and dating".

I don't know which filter is blocking you but I know of one that isn't. If you have any idea who's filter is doing the filtering, we'd appreciate to know who and why.

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The Wages of Shamnesty

A bet that John McCain would win the Presidency, which once traded as high as $39 on News Futures, yesterday hit a new all-time low of $3.

The probability of McCain taking the race currently sits at 9%.

Ouch. (h/t: HotAir)

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Freedom Journal Iraq #682

This edition features stories on U.S. paratroopers conducting a combat patrol, U.S. military policemen training Iraqi police forces and U.S. Soldiers adding a remote weapons system to the Mine-Resistant Ambush Vehicle (MRAP) to decrease its vulnerability to enemy fire. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.
Freedom Journal Iraq #682
Google Video copy of Freedom Journal Iraq #682

By Howie at 01:37 PM | Comments |