June 30, 2006

Bin Laden Wants Zarqawi's Body for Necrophilic Sex

Bin Laden Wants Zarqawi's Body for Necrophilic Sex

Al Guardian story, so it has that truthiness factor.

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Playboy Models Investigated in Indondesia

First the news that the editor of Indonesian Playboy was under investigation, now news that two Playboy models are also suspected of, er, what crime is this again? Yes, we have pics. Just scroll down.

And before you go shooting your mouth off about how it's real progress that a Muslim country even allowed Playboy to be published in the first place and making yourself look like a fool, I'll remind you that it wasn't published in Muslim Indonesia. It was published in Bali. Bali is a Hindu enclave ruled by the Muslim Jakarta government. You know, Hindus? The people that gave us the Kama Sutra? Ringing a bell?

But, maybe there is a simpler explanation for all this. I might have to do some 'investigating' myself, if I were an Indonesian cop.


The editor of Playboy Indonesia and two models whose pictures appeared in the magazine's first edition are being investigated for violating indecency laws, police said on Friday.

Jakarta police spokesman Ketut Untung Yoga said models Andara Early and Kartika Gunawan had posed indecently in the edition, which was issued from the Indonesian capital, and editor-in-chief Erwin Arnada should also be held responsible.

"There are three suspects. Each will be processed based on their roles. Many more may come," he said.

Under Indonesian law, declaring somebody a suspect is a stage before formal charges are filed.

Yoga said under laws banning public indecency offenders face a maximum penalty of 32 months in jail.

Here is a scanned photo from the first issue of the Indonesian version of Playboy. It's Andara Early, as scanned by this dude in Indonesia, who was also the cover model. It's absoulutely pornographic and shocking! I'm sickened and disgusted. She ought to be locked up a long and the key thrown away!

WARNING: Safe for work. Really. Not even PG-13. Barely PG.

And this is Kartika Gunawan. Pretty.


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Pass The Duct Tape

I'm still trying to catch up on all the news that happened whilst I was frolicking in Dick Cheney's seekrit Undisclosed Bunker, where I was ordered by Rusty to go after the filthy Ottomans attacked.

A special thanks to the New York Times for causing my head to explode.

My friend Linda has been following the IDF soldier kidnapped by Hamas story. Just scroll down.

We at the Jawa Report pray for the safe return of Gilad Shilat and mourn the deaths of the Israelis slaughtered by Hamas.

This is for you, Hamass:

Picture 331.jpg

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Bin Laden Wants Zarqawi's Body for Necrophilic Sex

Al Guardian story, so it has that truthiness factor.

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University to Review 9-11 “Truth” Professor

It seems the University of Wisconsin-Madison is growing tired of being the center of conspiracy theory.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: The University of Wisconsin-Madison announced Thursday that it would launch a review of an instructor who argues that the U.S. government orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks for its own benefit.

The instructor, Kevin Barrett, is co-founder of an organization called the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, which claims the Bush administration planned the attacks to create a war between Muslims and Christians. He argues that members of the faiths must work together to overcome the belief that terrorists were to blame.

"The 9/11 lie was designed to sow hatred between the faiths," Barrett has written on the organization's Web site.

"Either we discuss the compelling evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, or there is precious little to talk about."

Never mind UBL’s claim of responsibility, London, Madrid or the USS Cole, etc, etc Move along.
Barrett, who did not return calls Thursday and an e-mail seeking comment, has taught a class on cultural folklore and is scheduled to teach an introductory class on Islam this fall in Madison. He has said he discusses his views on Sept. 11 in the classroom….
Never miss a chance to wash a young mind.
…Nass released a statement calling on Chancellor John Wiley to fire Barrett immediately.

…"The fact that Mr. Barrett uses his position at UW-Madison to add credibility to his outlandish claims is an unacceptable embarrassment to the people of Wisconsin and the UW System," Nass said. "Chancellor Wiley must act immediately to end any professional relationship between Barrett and the UW. He needs to be fired."

Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea.

Others Blue Crab Boulevard and Prospect.

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Jawa Report : "Hot Topic"

Further to my previous post, the Turkish jihadi wannabes have managed to make The Jawa Report a "Hot Topic Across the Blogosphere":


By bringing down the Jawa Report, you made it even more powerful. If you do it again, the Jawas will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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Oriana Fallaci and Criminal Speech

Highly relevant to what we generally do here everyday, Cinnamon Stillwell writes on the expanding criminalization of "offensive" speech:

Journalist and author Oriana Fallaci cannot visit her native country of Italy for fear of being thrown in prison because of a lawsuit brought against her by the Italian Muslim Union for the crime of "defaming Islam." . . .

College Republican Steve Hinkle is found guilty by California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo) for "disruption" for the crime of putting up a flyer advertising a black conservative speaker.

What do the above examples have in common? They are the logical outgrowth of a dangerous trend sweeping the Western world: the criminalization and censorship of speech.
. . .

Outright censorship and draconian speech codes have long been a staple of Third World authoritarian regimes. But Western democracies and in particular the United States (where the First Amendment is supposed to reign supreme) have always prided themselves on protecting free speech. Yet because of the creeping reach of political correctness, one can now be put in prison, lose a job, be kicked out of school or be otherwise censored simply for uttering an unpopular opinion.

It's called hate speech. If there ever were a more Orwellian concept, it would be difficult to find. For much like the concept of "thought crimes" in George Orwell's novel "1984," hate crimes and hate speech suppose intent on the part of the "perpetrator" that may or may not have any basis in reality. What is often mere criticism or disapproval is labeled "hatred" and thus made worthy of punishment. Such a perspective demands that one think only nice thoughts about others. But when it did it become law that we have to like everyone?

Sounds pretty bad, but what can one person do? Well, for starters, we can get off our butts and take a stand. In fact, we don't even have to get off our butts. Michelle highlights this online petition of solidarity with Oriana Fallaci:
We believe that freedom of speech is a universal value and should not fall within political, cultural or religious interests. Oriana Fallaci has been fighting for the freedom of expression in her work as a journalist throughout her whole life. As we intend to protect the freedom of speech we want to express our solidarity with Oriana Fallaci. Being aware of contentiousness of her latest statements, we still stand against the trial which is infringing the freedom of expression.
If anyone reading this doesn't think this is a big deal, you really need to wake the hell up. Courageous women like Oriana Fallaci and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are proverbial canaries in the coal mine of Western culture. The fact that these women can no longer live peacefully in Europe should send a chill down everyone's spine. If they are silenced, who will take up the banner. Will it be us? Will we take a stand? Or will we settle down in our quiet, comfortable little lives and try to avoid any trouble? The truth is, standing up today takes very little courage, but it does take some. Do we have within us even that tiny kernel of courage? For anyone inclined to do something to protect free speech, I suggest that sooner would be preferable to later.

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Snuff a Terrorist

My type of game.....

Now, you too can rub out the former al-Queda-in-Iraq leader.

Kuma Reality Games announced today the release of Kuma\War’s 75th episode, “The Death of Zarqawi", whicb simulates the strike that killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi on June 7th.

Created within two weeks of the real-life bombing, the episode allows gamers to join the U.S.-led coalition stationed just outside the house where al-Zarqawi is meeting with other insurgent leaders and choose between two strategies of attack: calling-in the real-life air strike that killed Zarqawi, or an alternate on-foot ambush which involves storming the guarded house and attempting to capture the terrorist leader alive.

Naw, much better to off him in the most brutal and painful way imaginable for bonus points.


UPDATE: Rusty finds the link! Play the game here. The download is free.

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More Soldiers Accused of Crimes in Iraq: MSM Propagating Blood Libel

UPDATE: One arrested. I still don't want to believe it.

More U.S. soldiers accused of mass murder in Iraq. It's time for General Casey to go. Not because of the alleged mass murder, but because it looks like the U.S. is taking these types of allegations far too seriously and doing so publicly.

It's bad enough that the mainstream press has begun to buy into the lies and slander levied at our troops, but for the U.S. military to take them seriously is a strategy for defeat. Every time a civilian dies, Islamists call it murder. Every time.

Many of you may not be aware of this, but al Jazeera has been carrying these types of stories since the day the U.S. toppled the Saddam Hussein regime. Long time readers may remember the blood libels levied by Giulana Sgrena against the U.S. in our Fallujah campaign.

There is a reason our enemies fight us. They fight us because they think we are the bad guys. These types of stories only reinforce that viewpoint.

There is a good argument to be made that by investigating these types of allegations the U.S. is shown to be the "good guys". All crimes ought to be investigated and prosecuted. Not because this is a good public relations strategy--it isn't--but because it is the right thing to do.

However, since every time a civilian is killed an accusation is levelled, how can the military possibly hope to sustain a policy of investigation in an urban military operation zone? It's simply impossible.

The specifics of this particular case, at least as reported by the AP, are too fantastic to take seriously, even if a soldier has allegedly confessed to being part of some of it.

It is quite likely that women in Iraq have been raped by U.S. soldiers. It's just a matter of statistical probabilities. For every X number of men, there are Y number of perverts and criminals. Even in the military. So, when hundreds of thousands of men are rotated into a nearly lawless situation, it is only a matter of time and opportunity that misdeeds will occur.

But to take seriously the notion that FIVE soldiers gang-raped a girl, murdered her, burned her body, and then murdered her family to cover up the crime is simply beyond the pale. It would make a good movie script, but it's just too far out there to even begin to take seriously.

And if the accusation is not that this is what happened, then the AP has done an excellent job of making their story sound as if that is what happened--which is a crime in itself.

To even begin to think something like this could occur is to buy into the Islamist stereotype of the barbaric U.S. military. It is to think the very worst about our professional and citizen-soldiers.

A soldier might murder, a soldier might rape, but not five. Five soldiers might accidentally kill a family and then cover up the evidence, but not murder them.

If the post-Abu Ghraib / post-Haditha strategy is to publicly investigate all accusations in an effort to win over world & local opinion, then those orchestrating this strategy are far more naive then I ever imagined. There is nothing we can do that will ever please our Islamist and Leftist enemies.

Public investigations can only demoralize the American people because it lends the authority of the U.S. military to our enemies who make the accusations. The American people are simply unaware that these types of accusations--and worse--are levied on a near daily basis. It's part of our enemy's strategy. When they see the news that soldiers have been accused of crimes and that the military is investigating, the only conclusion that can come from it is that there must be some merit to those accusations.

If crimes have been committed investigate them and prosecute those responsible. But since the public's information about these investigations are mediated through a hostile press, then do the investigations in private. If no charges are filed, then our soldiers ought not be subjected to media criticisms over accusations.

In war civilians die. If you cannot accept that, then you shouldn't go to war. You cannot ask our military to defeat the enemy, but only on condition that civilians are not killed. Tying one arm of our soldiers behind their backs on the battlefield with the cords of an ill conceived public-relations campaign is both immoral and a strategy for certain defeat.

Did our entire military learn nothing from Vietnam, or just the ones in charge?

UPDATE: Not only does the accusation seem like it's from a Hollywood treatment, Ace has seen the movie. Allah deconstructs the MSM reaction here.

AP, with thanks to George:

Five U.S. Army soldiers are being investigated for allegedly raping a young woman, then killing her and three members of her family in Iraq, a U.S. military official said Friday.

The soldiers also allegedly burned the body of the woman they are accused of assaulting in the March incident, the official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

The U.S. command issued a sparse statement, saying Maj. Gen. James D. Thurman, commander of coalition troops in Baghdad, had ordered a criminal investigation into the alleged killing of a family of four in Mahmoudiyah, south of Baghdad. The statement had no other details.

"The entire investigation will encompass everything that could have happened that evening. We're not releasing any specifics of an ongoing investigation," military spokesman Maj. Todd Breasseale said of the Mahmoudiyah allegations.

"There is no indication what led soldiers to this home. The investigation just cracked open. We're just beginning to dig into the details."

However, a U.S. official close to the investigation said at least one of the soldiers, all assigned to the 502nd Infantry Regiment, has admitted his role and been arrested. ...

One of the accused soldiers already has been discharged and is believed to be in the United States, two U.S. officials said on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The others have had their weapons taken away and are confined to Forward Operating Base Mahmoudiyah.

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All-Islamist Sex Act?

So Christopher Hitchens says fellatio is the signature sex act for America. I was thinking, what exactly is the signature sex act of Islamists?

Sodomy with horses, mules or donkeys?
Sodomizing young boys?
Sex slaves?

Maybe we should take a vote.

Update: or maybe pedophilia.
Or maybe lightbulbs in their anus?

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They Don't Call Us "Yanks" for Nothin'

Trying to get my head around the recent Hamdan v Rumsfeld ruling on the treatment of al Qaeda prisoners. By extending protection of the Geneva Convention to al Qaeda it appears to support the Moveon war opponents, by observing that captured al Qaeda detainees have the same rights as captured prisoners of war, even though they're non-state actors who wear no uniforms and adhere to no politically sanctioned statutes, constitutions, or governments. (Hard to imagine calling al Qaeda a "government" when its practical decisions don't have any such legitimacy with most of the people fighting for it. They do what the heck they want to do, including sawing the heads off infidels with a dull knife.)

But some are speculating that there's been a profound shift here. From The Belmont Club (building on a conjecture by Chester):

If protections that normally accrue to states after debate and ratification can now be given over to non-states which have no mechanism for ratification, let alone debate, one can easily imagine a scenario in which non-state organizations form themselves and immediately possess the rights of a state, with no corresponding need to adhere to any laws in their own activities.

If this is the case, then we have the answer to the war: it will be privatized, and its ultimate victories won by uninhibited private military actors, not the hamstrung citizen militaries of nation-states.

The Supreme Court has pulled out the stops. So, who would have the advantage in a privatized war? Ultimately it boils down to tactical and strategic, organizational and technological expertise.

Anyone laying odds?

I'm not sure we've taken the plunge yet, since as some have pointed out the congress might be able to correct and clarify, avoiding the implications above. However, if it does mean the "privatization of war" then the impact is difficult to predict. Essentially I think that because of their inherent advantages in the area of organization and materiel, states would still be the primary actors. But we might also see the return of the privateers, who could play a pivotal role in the conflict. And this might also signal an emergent "next stage" in the development of states, where the traditional nation state might no longer be the primary actor. Or at least no longer the only significant actors. There will now be actors on either side of that level of aggregation, in the form of near-state-like multi-state alliances as well as "privateers" who act in concert with states or multi-states. And no, I'm not talking about the UN. I'm talking, in our case, about something with elected officials and a Lockean Bill of Rights, because we simply wouldn't join anything less and any significant multi-state alliance will need the US as a member.

The problem with nation-states is that they're often too big for some things and too small for others.

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Muscab's Grave to be Unmarked, bummer

Really I had hoped Zaqueery's grave would be marked so I could you know, "drain my main vein" on it. Spitting is too good for him, he's not worth even a little spittle.

Times Online:Abu Musab al-Zarqawi will be buried in an unmarked grave in Iraq, the country he terrorised for three years, because his native Jordan has refused to take his remains.

“Zarqawi’s body will be buried in an unidentified site with no mark,” Mouwaffak al-Rubaie, the Iraqi National Security Adviser, told The Times. The remains have been kept near Baghdad airport.

Today, in Related News, Osama bin-Laden demands we return him to a nation that refused to accept his bloated, rotting carcass.
Via Andrew Cochran at The Counter Terrorism Blog: "I say to Bush, you should deliver the body to his family, and don't be too happy. Our flag hasn't fallen. Thanks to God, it has passed from one lion to another lion in Islam... You have prevented Abu Musab from entering his homeland alive. Don't stand in his way now..."
Hey Osama!

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Christopher Hitchens on the All-American Sex Act

This is a sentence I never expected to write:
Christopher Hitchens has a multi-page article in Vanity Fair regarding blowjobs.

Well, which is it—blow or suck? (Old joke: "No, darling. Suck it. 'Blow' is a mere figure of speech." Imagine the stress that gave rise to that gag.) Moreover, why has the blowjob had a dual existence for so long, sometimes subterranean and sometimes flaunted, before bursting into plain view as the specifically American sex act? My friend David Aaronovitch, a columnist in London, wrote of his embarrassment at being in the same room as his young daughter when the TV blared the news that the president of the United States had received oral sex in an Oval Office vestibule. He felt crucially better, but still shy, when the little girl asked him, "Daddy, what's a vestibule?"

Yes, Christopher Hitchens talks about fellatio.

It's an interesting read, mixing history, literary references and current events to explain how fellatio came to be what he calls "the nation's signature sex act."

The illusion of the tonsilized clitoris will probably never die (and gay men like to keep their tonsils for a reason that I would not dream of mentioning), but while the G-spot and other fantasies have dissipated, the iconic U.S. Prime blowjob is still on a throne, and is also kneeling at the foot of that throne. It has become, in the words of a book on its technique, The Ultimate Kiss. And such a kiss on the first date is not now considered all that "fast." America was not the land of birth for this lavish caress, but it is (if I may mix my anthems) white with foam from sea to shining sea. In other cultures, a girl will do "that" only when she gets to know and like you. In this one, she will offer it as a baiser as she is making up her mind. While this persists, and while America's gay manhood is still sucking away as if for oxygen itself, who dares to say that true global leadership is not still within our grasp?

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Filipina Celeb - Yasmeen Alexis

I'm not sure where she is from, but let's pretend she is a Filipina. More here.


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Hamdan Hyperbole

For a good summary of what yesterday's Supreme Court ruling really means, check out this Yahoo News article:

It does not:

Satisfy the supposed demands of "world opinion:" the closing of the Guantanamo Bay camp and the immediate release of its detainees.

Free Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the acknowledged driver and bodyguard for
Osama bin Laden.

Exclude Hamdan from a court martial or, if Congress decides, trail by a military tribunal...

Require that he, or other detainees, be tried before a civilian court, as some anti-war activists had demanded.

Read the whole thing before believing the hype.

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World Cup Destroys the Environment

A blog at the Guardian reports on the horrors created by the soccer World Cup in Germany:

This has prompted one scientist to warn that the Tiergarten's plant and tree life is in serious danger of dying because of the 100,000 litres of (almost exclusively male) urine being dumped on it every day. 'The urea sinks into the ground as ammonia. In small quantities this is a good fertiliser. But too much acidity leads to over-fertilisation and is bad for the soil,' biologist Tilman Lamparter, from Berlin's Free University, warned.

Ban soccer! Ban the World Cup! Save the Earth! Wait, I mean Save the Beer!

Or as Greg Gutfeld says:

My gut feeling: if you really care about the environment - and I mean ALGORE CARE, then we should be forcing our dogs to urinate indoors and invest taxpayer money to build large fragrant outhouses for other undomesticated members of the animal kingdom. And that includes any member of the Kennedy family.

Note: But it's still okay, i think, for women to pee outdoors. I don't know why I think that way. I just do.

And I have nothing to add to that image.

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Miami Seven Sought Multiple Bombings, Islamic Takeover

Durka-Durka Mohammed Jihad!

An AP article describes a hearing for the Miami seven, in which the prosecution's case is laid out. The cell was busted up courtesy of an FBI informant in the organization (G-d bless that man). Some rather scary stuff was going on in the city's seemy underbelly.

Here's the leader's plan, according to prosecutors:

The leader of a group accused of plotting to destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago and other buildings viewed the attacks as a prelude to the overthrow of the U.S. government and its replacement by an Islamic regime...
Nothing to see here, folks. Move right along. Maybe the New York Times should try outing FBI informants in cells across America. The radical Islamic public has a right to know when the government is monitoring them, you know.


Prosecutors also said they have video of the group's members swearing allegiance to Osama bin Laden in a March meeting, and that they had pledged to support a plan to bomb FBI buildings in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington.
Call Nancy Pelosi and email the SCOTUS liberals. Somebody may have offended these people's diginity by asking them inappropriate questions. They may have also tied the handcuffs too tight.

Aren't you glad the American left is helping us find these underground cells, recruiting networks, radical mosques, money trails, helping us to conduct effective raids, etc?

Cross-posted at Mein Blogovault.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali Brings Down Dutch Government

Repeat after me: Do Not Screw With Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

From the Financial Times:

A dispute over the citizenship of Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali brought down the Dutch government yesterday when D66, the junior member of the centre-right coalition, walked out after demanding the resignation of Rita Verdonk, the hard-line immigration minister. . . .

Six weeks ago Mrs Verdonk threatened to strip Ms Hirsi Ali of her citizenship because she gave a false name and age when she applied for asylum in the Netherlands in 1992. That meant her naturalisation five years later was unlawful, Mrs Verdonk said.

Ms Hirsi Ali resigned her seat with the VVD and brought forward the date of a planned departure to the US, where she has been offered a job with the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank.

The affair caused international outrage. The Dutch were branded intolerant and the government was accused of expelling Ms Hirsi Ali.

Again, repeat after me: Do Not Screw With Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

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Yes, We Can Feel The Love...

There's been a huge outpouring of support for the Return of the Jawa. I'm guessing all the Jawas are humbled by this show of support.

To translate for any Turkish jihadi morons in the audience, the aptals and ahmaks who hit the Jawa Report have managed to do nothing more than make this blog quite newsworthy. What this means is, the Jawa Report's exposure, including but not limited to the world-famous Karnival of the Koran Krapping, is almost guaranted to be higher after the goat-stuffers' little stunt than it was before. Good move. Way to go, Sherlocks. I'm guessing your mothers dropped you a lot when you were children. Do you think your moon god will still love you when he realizes you're a bunch of morons? I wouldn't count on it.

At any rate, given the scope of the support out there, I'm sure I've missed some, but here are a few of those who deserve gratitude (and traffic):

Protein Wisdom notes:

After fighting off a nasty case of internal Turkish log infestation (and we all know how painful that can be) The Jawa Report is now back up and running. . . .
JunkyardBlog: "In other words, this is a site the terrorists don’t want you to read. That’s a better endorsement than anything I could offer."

Banter in Atlanter: "They're Baaaaaaaaack!"

Liberty and Justice:"they're truly back... with the famous attitude."

Say Anything: "If you're a Jawa fan re-commence reading. If you're not, you should be."

Rachel at ChannellingChloe: "You don’t realize how much you miss a blog until it’s offline for 2 weeks."

Clarity and Resolve: "Welcome back to the ideological battle against the peaceful inner struggle, guys."

LeatherPenguin: "Armor upgraded; attitude intact: The Jawa Report is Back!"

Kate at small dead animals: "The Jawa Report has survived after being temporarily abducted by cyberjihadis"

Annika: "Dr. Rusty has returned, MacArthur-like, from across the waves of Islamist DDOS attacks."

Not Exactly Rocket Science: "the JAWAS have returned!"

Politechnical: "My Favorite Pet Jawa’s Back!"

Freedom Folks: "Dr. Rusty returns with a fiery missive"

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: "The Jawa Report is BACK! Take that, Islamotards!"

Atlas Shrugs: "My Pet Jawa is back! YAY!"

Sondra K: "can't keep a good man down"

Additional props to:

CDR Salamander


Don Surber

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

The Golden Gate

Expose the Left

Musing Minds

Riehl World View


Outside The Beltway

In the Bullpen

Rocket's Brain Trust -

Uncommon Truths

The Blorg

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Well, Isn't That Convenient

The day I get home from vacation is the same day Jawa is back up.

Turkish DDOS? I don't think so. My temporary Editor-in-chief skillz were so above and beyond the ordinary that Rusty demanded that Pixy Misa take the site down until I got back.

And THAT'S what happened to the Jawa Report.

And I'm full of shit.

But you knew that already.

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June 29, 2006

The Jawa Report is Back (*Sticky* scroll down for new posts)

Douglas_MacArthur-returning.jpgAfter nearly two weeks of fighting a cyberterrorist attack launched by Turkish Islamists, and then wrestling with a new server, The Jawa Report is back!

We promise to continue the reporting the news the only way we know how--with mediocre analysis & plenty of offense. If that's just a little bit more than Islam can allow, then to quote Kos, screw them.

For free thinking Muslims of the world we say: join us on our quest of exposing the danger of the bearded ones. While they may attack our website, we know you are exposed daily to much greater dangers which may result from offending their religous sensibilities.

Our website may have been beheaded for the last two weeks, but it is nothing compared to the barbarity, torture, and murder done in the name of Allah on a daily basis. We write from the luxury afforded by distance, while you face real danger on the front line. You have our sympathy and our solidarity.

In recent weeks we have received hundreds of messages of support. Thank you one and all. There were times that I toyed with the idea of calling it quits. If it wasn't for all the, "hey, I need my Jawa fix" letters, I may have actually hung up the ol' blogging gloves. Thank you.

Occasionally, though, I received "you have my sympathy, but" letters. Usually the but was followed by something like, you really deserved this and the world is better off without you.

I am under the impression that these people precisely fit Dennis Prager's definition of a moral idiot. They are not able to weigh the morality of actions against other actions, and are then left only to make statements of morality based on nothing more than---well, whatever whim may carry the moment. Usually that whim is some sentiment currently in fashion in elite cirlces.

They proclaim, you can't say that about Islam. It's hate speech.

To which I reply: So, we can kill our enemies, but we cannot make fun of them?

It's worse than upside down logic, it's an upside down moral compass. Idiots can always be dealt with, but moral idiots are dangerous because they are often times the most sophisticated and intelligent among us. Instead of muddling through life, they focus their energies on moral goals and then act, in a rational way, to ensure that those goals are accomplished.

Luckily, not all moral idiots pose the same level of danger to themselves or to their communities. Some are simply ignorant of true evil, while others are actively engaged in spreading it.

Marx was a moral idiot. Lenin was a moral idiot. Hitler was a moral idiot. Stalin was a moral idiot. Mao was a moral idiot. None of these men were stupid. None of them were ammoral, as is often argued. All of them were both brilliant and moral. It was just the wrong morality.

The postmodernists are wrong: moral conviction isn't responsible for the genocides of the last century, it was the wrong moral convictions.

Gandhi and King were also men of moral conviction. As was Dwight D. Eisenhower who led a self-proclaimed Crusade in Europe against the forces of barbarity in his day.

When I created this blog, it was because I was convinced of this one thing: our enemies fight us because they actually believe they are acting morally. They kill us because they believe we are the bad guys. They fight because they believe we are the source of their miserable lives. They are willing to die for the idea that only through instituting sharia law can the world be improved.

Our enemies are not dumb. Our enemies are not nihilists. They are dedicated idealogues of the worst kind. Like Communists before them, they believe their vision of the world superior to ours. Like fascists before them, they believe their definition of freedom is superior to ours.

No, I do not believe Muslims are our enemies, but I do believe political Islam is. The extent to which a Muslim believes in the institution of sharia law is the extent to which he is my enemy.

Some of these enemies can be dealt with. These enemies believe in the gradual and peaceful institution of sharia law. They don't want to kill you, but they do want to rule you after they have siezed power in a democratic fashion. But make no illusion about them, they are still your enemy, only a far less dangerous one.

So, we will continue to fight them in deeds, but also in words. As promised, I have returned.

Please help spread the word that we're back.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:49 PM | Comments |

Putin Orders Russian Hostage Murderers "Destroyed"

Vladimire Putin has reportedly ordered Russian special forces to hunt down and kill the al Qaeda terrorists who murdered four hostages on a gruesome beheading video. Finallly, the interests of Russia and the U.S. coincide in Iraq.

Russian Profile

President Vladimir Putin ordered the security services Wednesday to seek and destroy the killers of four Russian hostages in Iraq.

The tough remarks indicate the Kremlin is no longer shy about carrying out extrajudicial executions of suspected terrorists and radicals abroad. They also suggest Russia's security services are reclaiming the KGB's global reach in covert operations.

"The president ordered the special forces to take all necessary measures to find and destroy the criminals who killed Russian diplomats in Iraq," the Kremlin press service said.

Putin, speaking during a Kremlin meeting with Saudi Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, also said Russia would be "grateful to all its friends for any information on the criminals who killed our citizens in Iraq," the Kremlin press service said.

When will Russia finally realize that the U.S. is a natural ally? After all, it is Russia, and not the U.S., with Islamists already in open rebellion. And it is Russia, not the U.S., which shares borders with Muslims who consider large portions of that nation to be stolen land-- from Kazan to the Urals it was once part of the ummah. And it is Russia, not the U.S., that have Muslim neighbors enslaving Russian minorities to sharia law.

I have a vivid memory of the day a Russian friend was forced to leave the U.S. to go back to Tajikistan. 19, not Muslim, and forced to put on the veil for fear of rape---or worse.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:12 PM | Comments |

Welcome Home Rusty!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Jawa Report. Same as the old Jawa Report, only even more so!

Sorry about the prolonged outage. The denial of service attacks against this blog were taking down the whole of mu.nu, so I had to turn this blog off until I could get a dedicated server just for Rusty. Unfortunately, instead of the usual 24 hours, our hosting company took nine days to deliver the server. And even then, it was messed up.

Two days for me to reconfigure it and load up all the Jawa goodness (I somehow missed the Sung Hi Lee pic the first time and had to go back and get it) and, finally, here we are.

Comments are slow. I've tweaked things to speed them up, so now they are only really slow instead of apallingly slow. That will get fixed this weekend; we have a new comment system under test which is something like a hundred times faster. (And there's an even more advanced version to follow that is twenty times faster than that.)

In the meantime, I leave you in the capable hands of the Macktastic Dr Rusty!

By Reverend Pixy at 07:22 PM | Comments |

Blink 182 Singer Claims 9/11 an Inside Job

tom_delange_blink_182_picking_nose.jpgTom DeLange, former guitarist for one of my favorite bands, Blink 182, forgot to put the tinfoil hat on at a recent interview at a San Diego radio station. 9/11 was not the work of Muslim terrorists, but rather the work of our own government. From what I understand, this isn't the first time he's opened his mouth to reveal his stupidity on 9/11, but it's new to me.

Yeah, this is the same guy who wrote these lyrics from Aliens Exist

--we all know conspiracies are dumb.
Dumbass. Then again, this website claims Tom believes in aliens, that he has been abducted, and that he is the victim of alien anal probing....

Apparently, he was Eric Cartman in the previous life. That would explain a lot.

Via Drew Curtis's minions, this from prison planet:

During a hosting spot on a San Diego’s KAVA-FM radio station, DeLonge talked with Professor James Fetzer about evidence of 9/11 inside involvement.

"We do know that the buildings came down in a fashion extremely similar to a controlled demolition of a building - we do know that expertise that is needed to fly those gigantic planes into that exact location could never have been achieved by someone that just learned how to fly a small plane, said DeLonge."...

"Cheney knew that the planes are coming in and he capped the order to leave it alone so it could hit."...

"It's so weird how our own government did it to us, 9/11 was not perpetrated by a bunch of people that just learned how to fly planes,"...

"We're talking about 60-70% of the American people are actually starting to think that there's a different story, why are we as Americans sitting back and letting this happen to us?"...

"This isn't about the red or blue, this is about this administration being involved in something that is really really scary and really really dark and deceptive."

The thing that always attracted me to Blink was that they weren't part of the whiney Berkeley cowd (I'm looking at you Green Day) that tried to emulate the overtly political lyrics of the British punk invasion. Instead, they were solidly Orange County and seemed to follow the American punk tradition of the Ramones. Maybe they were trying to say something "important", but were just too dumb to get it right.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:40 PM | Comments |

Telegraph : Human Rights Ruling Leaves Anti-Terror Law in Tatters

The Daily Telegraph reports that British courts are systematically gutting the Anti-Terror laws:

John Reid, the Home Secretary, said the Government would seek to overturn the decision in the Court of Appeal. The appeal hearings are expected next Monday.

Mr Reid insisted . . .

. . . that control orders were necessary to protect the public from a threat from foreign nationals who could not be deported.

"Public safety is our top priority," he said.

Mr Justice Sullivan ruled that the Home Secretary had no power to make the orders, which breached article 5 of the convention, so they must be quashed. . .

It was not the first time that Mr Justice Sullivan had clashed with the Government over anti-terrorism laws.

Last month he ruled that nine Afghan hijackers should be allowed to stay in Britain, blocking Home Office moves to deport them. Tony Blair described that ruling as an "abuse of common sense".

The latest ruling is a serious embarrassment for the Prime Minister just over a week before the first anniversary of the July 7 London bombings.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:20 PM | Comments |

MEMRI on Zarqawi

D. Hazan posts an interesting retrospective on Zarqawi at MEMRI.ORG

Though Abu-Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi is no longer a player in the Iraqi arena, it is important to review and analyze the military and political circumstances in Iraq surrounding his killing. This report presents the deterioration, prior to Al-Zarqawi's death, of his relations with his Sunni allies, which had reached the point of violent clashes and mutual killings. This violence emanated from the increased political participation by Sunni organizations and parties in the elections and, subsequently, in the establishment of a new democratic government in Iraq - and from Al-Zarqawi's opposition to these developments.

Al-Zarqawi realized that this process was isolating him more and more, and that, consequently, the threat to his life was increasing. This realization led him to react in a contradictory, almost hysterical manner, repeatedly alternating between threats and pleas. On the one hand, he escalated his threats against his Sunni allies who had turned to take part in the political process in Iraq - first in the 2005 elections and later in the establishment of the new government. On the other hand, he implored them in flattering tones not to lay down their weapons but to continue the jihad, comparing them to the Prophet Muhammad's warriors. The following are examples:...
It's a long read, but for anyone who wonders whether Zarqawi's death matters in the "grand scheme," the report definitely sheds some light on the answer.
By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:04 PM | Comments |

Jawa Photoshops

Solidarity from Clarity and Resolve


Wild Bill finds this from Osama bin Laden himself


Keep 'em coming.

UPDATE: From Jim at bRright & Early


From Oyster (via Vinniemail):


By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Jonesin' for some Jawa...

Yes, the Jawas have been offline. But never alone, and never forgotten. Fellow bloggers never lost sight of what the attack on the Jawa meant for all bloggers who dare to speak out against Islamofascism. A sampling:

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy notes that Mu.nu is down for regularly scheduled Friday Islamofascism:

Well, it looks like the Islamotards got mu.nu again. These poor little babies whose feewings get so hurt really are just hurting so badly because of The Jawa Report’s Karnival of Koran Krapping–which was posted a YEAR ago. This group of delicate, blushing little ladies who are doing the DOS attacks are from the land of the great Mustafa Kemal Atatürk–Turkey. You know, he’s the guy that brought Turkey out of the Stone Age and brought at least the larger cities into the 20th century–much to the chagrin of the pedophiliac followers of radical Islam, who prefer 7th Century standards.

Beth was not alone...

Susie at Practical Penumbra posted The pause that refreshes:

Ordinarily, inability to post or to read my favorite blogs would be a major annoyance. But, under the circumstances, I feel proud to be a Munuvian rather than irritated that I've been inconvenienced.
Being American in T.O. posted Letting people choose:

... despite the inconvenience, there's also some satisfaction that a fellow Munuvian is pissing off the right people but that is offset by the infuriating fact that the Jawa Report is still off-line...

Greg at Rhymes With Right posted Jawa Report Under Attack By Cyber-Jihadis:

And may these Islmaist sons of swine, who keep attacking the free men and women of the blogosphere in a futile attempt to silence the truth, one day receive a gift ordered from the same catalog as that recently delivered to Abu Musam al-Zarqawi.

Little Green Footballs posted Jawa Report Attacked by Islamist Hackers:

The Jawa Report is the latest victim of Islamic “web terrorism,” a Distributed Denial of Service attack originating in Turkey.

Michelle Malkin tipped her hat:

MuNu hacked again by cyberjihadists targeting The Jawa Report

Terri Goon at I think ^(link) therefore I er... said this:

The Jawa Report has been attacked, again. You know you're good when they keep shutting you down.

Tim at OpinionBug.com posted Jawa Report Attacked By Islamic Cyberterrorists

cobalt blue at Pure Gum Spirits posted Jawa Report Under Attack

One of my favorite blogs has been put out of commission. The Jawa Report has come under attack by Islamic fascists who cannot tolerate your freedom of speech if you disagree with them.

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove posted Islamotards Take Down The Jawa Report. For Now:
Those peace and free speech lovin' Islamotards have taken down The Jawa Report with a denial of service attack, at least for the time being. The Pirate's Cove and American Flag League stand in solidarity with Rusty et all in defying the scumbag Islamotards, who are so loved by so many on the Left.
Banter in Atlanter posted Jawa Report Still Down:
... to tell you the truth, I'm jonesin' for some Jawa.
Ground State Blog posts these words of support:
One of my favorite blogs, the Jawa Report - is under attack. ... I'm sure the Jawa Report will use the force to get back online soon and issue me a fatwa.
Phibian Salamander at CDR Salamander posted on The Siege of Tatoonine:
Right now, what I would argue is one of the most important foot soldiers in this war is under siege. For the last couple of weeks, Field Marshall (Dr.) Rusty Shackleford's main site, The Jawa Report, has been under a denial of service attack.
Mike W at Naked Villainy posted:
Keep checking in on Dr Rusty.
If you don't, the terrorists have won. And, unfortunately, that is not any hyperbole. They will have shut down a site that exposes their deeds for any who want to see.
Amen to that. Thanks to all of you for keeping attention focused on this common and serious threat to the freedom of speech.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 02:13 PM | Comments |

Thanks to Allah I feel Much Better Now.

OK so I have some doubts about his story myself.

Yahoo News : MULTAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - Fateh Mohammad, a prison inmate in Pakistan, says he woke up last weekend with a glass lightbulb in his anus.

Wednesday night, doctors brought Mohammad's misery to an end after a one-and-a-half hour operation to remove the object.

"Thanks Allah, now I feel comfort. Today, I had my breakfast. I was just drinking water, nothing else," Mohammad, a grey-beared man in his mid-40s, told Reuters from a hospital bed in the southern central city of Multan.

"We had to take it out intact," said Dr. Farrukh Aftab at Nishtar Hospital. "Had it been broken inside, it would be a very very complicated situation."
When I woke up I felt a pain in my lower abdomen, but later in hospital, they told me this," Mohammad said.

"I don't know who did this to me. Police or other prisoners."

Let me translate for you. I lost the light bulb up my ass and could not get it out.
The doctor treating Mohammad said he'd never encountered anything like it before, and doubted the felon's story that someone had drugged him and inserted the bulb while he was comatose.
Well they they always said bad gay sex was anonymous. I guess so.

By Howie at 01:31 PM | Comments |

Withdraw! Surrender! Redeploy! No Amnesty for Insurgents!

Hey all! Welcome back!

Above is the Democrat leadership plan for the war effort. Well, at least a portion of it (knowing full well that all options which aren't "win first, withdraw when ready" are untennable and irresponsible).

Q & O nails the left down with one of their new glaring and laughable inconsistencies. Do these people ever think their arguments through before spouting them?

The logical fallacy:

Oh, and one final note on the whole withdrawal/national reconciliation issue: If your position is that US troops should be withdrawn from Iraq immediately, you are automatically foreclosed from complaining that an amnesty negates the sacrifices of US troops. If your primary policy goal is a US withdrawal from Iraq in a fixed time frame, regardless of the security situation, or the consequences to US interests of such a withdrawal, then please, at least have the courtesy of refraining from shedding crocodile tears for the sacrifices of our troops at the prospect.

That's what happens when your poisitions on the war are based on pure emotion and not on strategy-centered logic.

Cross-posted at Mein Blogovault.

By Good Lt. at 12:19 PM | Comments |

SCOTUS Rules Against Bush

The Supreme Court ruled 5-3 against the administration in the Hamdan case. Terrorists can not be tried by special military commissions.

From SCOTUSBlog:

The Court expressly declared that it was not questioning the government’s power to hold Salim Ahmed Hamdan “for the duration of active hostilities” to prevent harm to innocent civilians. But, it said, “in undertaking to try Hamdan and subject him to criminal punishment, the Executive is bound to comply with the Rule of Law that prevails in this jurisdiction.”...

The Court’s conclusion … “ultimately rests upon a single ground: Congress has not issued the Executive a ‘blank check.’… Indeed, Congress has denied the President the legislative authority to create military commissions of the kind at issue here. Nothing prevents the President from returning to Congress to seek the authority he believes necessary.“

In short, holding terrorists at Gitmo or other detention facilities is allowed. However, Congress has not authorized the administration to create special commissions to try the detainees for war crimes. If Congress creates the law, Bush can create the commissions. Until then, either a) no trials, b) court martials or c) criminal prosecution in criminal courts must be used.

One other important point:

The Court appears to have held that Common Article 3 of Geneva aplies to the conflict against Al Qaeda. That is the HUGE part of today’s ruling. The commissions are the least of it. This basically resolves the debate about interrogation techniques, because Common Article 3 provides that detained persons “shall in all circumstances be treated humanely,” and that “[t]o this end,” certain specified acts “are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever”—including “cruel treatment and torture,” and “outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.” This standard, not limited to the restrictions of the due process clause, is much more restrictive than even the McCain Amendment.

This part of the ruling is a serious handicap to intelligence gathering, but not insurmountable. It does allow the ACLU and Amnesty Intl to play games in the media and courts with a comfortable SC ruling to rest their arguments on, but it may have come to late to have real impact on the War.

SCOTUSBlog is the place for updates.

By at 11:55 AM | Comments |

Midwest Blogmeet

Mr Right sent this in several days ago.

Okay, listen up! There is a Midwest Blogmeet coming up in Schaumburg, IL, near Chicago, on July 14, 15 and 16 at the Wyndham Hotel.

I have been asked to help spread the word, and I would like to stop by and meet some of you folks there.

Details are HERE:

Thanks to Leslie of Leslie's Omnibus...

...and Og of Neanderpundit...

...for setting this thing up.

Now, what do you say? Who's going to be there?

Sincerely, Mr. Right

The Right Place.

p.s.: You do not have to be a blogger to attend! Blog readers are most welcome!

By Howie at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Good News for Hockey Players

The Canadians have found a way to re-grow teeth and repair jawbones.


By at 10:37 AM | Comments |

"I hate all that obligation"

Poor Japanese. You've read about their disinterest in sex, wives turning into porn actresses to get some action, and lonely women turning to male love dolls. A recent poll says things really are bad:

The magazine bases its judgment on a survey of 3,000 single men aged from 20 to 39 in which it discovered two thirds do not have a girlfriend and a startling one-third haven't had a partner for three years or more...

"That's precisely why I'm unattached," says Dragon Odawara, a manga artist who's become famous by drawing cartoons about remaining a virgin well into adulthood. "When you go out with a woman, you've got to meet once a week, call her up and all that stuff. I hate all that obligation. Besides, how often do relationships go as you want them to?"...

"Guys who don't have much of a chance to meet women, and instead relieve themselves through such alternatives as adult movies or sex services, get used to being aroused by the beautifully-built women they see in these things and can't be satisfied by the average woman on the street."

There is only one thing to do: post another Japanese edition of Filipina Celebs. Ladies and gentlemen, Jun Natsukawa. Please help her find love.

Related here.

By at 10:29 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA

Yes we are up and running. However the co-bloggers will need some information to begin. Email Rusty or Howie (Vinnie is on the beach) and I'll help you get started.

Also since we only have a few posts showing on the front page you can click the archives to see older posts. These types of issues should settle down over the next few days.

By Howie at 10:19 AM | Comments |

3PO!!! 3PO!!!

3PO: Yes Master Vinnie we ran into some problems...

Master Vinnie: 3PO! I'm in kind of a hurry, so would you shut up and listen to me! I need you to have R2 shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level! I repeat, shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level!

3PO: Sir?

Master Vinnie: Have R2 shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level!

3PO: We're trying Master Vinnie! Hurry R2!

R2: Whistle-beep, chirp.

Master Vinnie( with louder and more desperate screaming): Shut down all the blog smashers on the mu.nu level!

3PO: No! No! R2! Shut them all down!!!!

R2: Affirmative beep.

(Rusty and The Princess screaming in background).

Howie(In very short wookie suit): "AAAARGHHH!"....then all screaming......

3PO: Listen to them! They're dying R2. Curse my metal body. I wasn't fast enough. It's all my fault. My poor master.

(Sound over the com becomes cheering)

Master Vinnie: You did it 3PO!!! You did it! (sound of all cheering)

Rusty : Let's hope the old man was able to knock out that tractor beam, otherwise this could be a real short trip. Hit it Chewy!

By Howie at 10:13 AM | Comments |

Well It's a Dog Eat Dog

Eat cat too
Fish eat frog
And I eat....


Hat Tip Filthy Allah.

By Howie at 10:05 AM | Comments |

June 27, 2006

First Post!

Sung Hi Lee says hello and welcome back!!


By at 10:45 AM | Comments |

June 19, 2006

3PO!! 3PO!!!

3PO: Yes Master Vinnie we ran into some...

Master Vinnie: 3PO! I'm in kind of a hurry, so would you shut up and listen to me! I need you to have R2 shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level! I repeat, shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level!

3PO: Sir?

Master Vinnie: Have R2 shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level!

3PO: We're trying Master Vinnie! Hurry R2!

R2: Whistle-beep, chirp.

Master Vinnie( with louder and more desperate screaming): Shut down all the blog smashers on the mu.nu level!

3PO: No! No! R2! Shut them all down!!!!

R2: Affirmative beep.

(Rusty and The Princess screaming in background).

Howie(In very short wookie suit): "AAAARGHHH!"....then all screaming......

3PO: Listen to them! They're dying R2. Curse my metal body. I wasn't fast enough. It's all my fault. My poor master.

(Sound over the com becomes cheering)

Master Vinnie: You did it 3PO!!! You did it! (sound of all cheering)

Rusty : Let's hope the old man was able to knock out that tractor beam, otherwise this could be a real short trip. Hit it Chewy!

By Howie at 07:59 PM | Comments |

Well It's A Dog Eat Dog

Eat cat too
Fish eat frog
And I eat....

Hat Tip Filthy Allah.

By Howie at 02:12 PM | Comments |

'Like a Bag of Rocks'

Joseph Godfrey, Jr. had only been home from his tour in Iraq for three months when he was stabbed to death on the banks of the Oswego River. His killer bragged to friends that Godfrey "...went down like a bag of rocks."

The only mercy shown to Godfrey's family is that his murderer plead guilty. They will not have to endure a trial. Paul Leary was sentenced today to 17 years to life in Oswego County Court. Here's hoping that his prison guards, who will know about his crime, provide this scumbag with an appropriately enthusiastic cellmate. And privacy.

From Newsday:

Leary killed Joseph Godfrey Jr., a 24-year-old former Army specialist from Mexico, N.Y., by severing his spinal cord with a knife during a late-night fight in an Oswego park in January 2005. Leary, who netted $60, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in the deadly confrontation, told police he had been drinking with Godfrey at a bar earlier.
Cross-posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

By Bluto01:24 PM | Comments |

June 17, 2006

Filipina Celeb - Melissa Leslie

Melissa has an interesting bio: she is a freelance artist (sculpture and oil painting), currently attending the Academy of Arts in San Francisco after getting an Associates Degree in Computer Graphics. She is 23, 5'2, 100lbs, Filipino-mix. More of her here, along with the daily roundup.


By at 02:42 AM | Comments |

Haditha Coverup Report

The first report, regarding any possible cover-up of the Haditha deaths, has been completed and is being reviewed. The LA Times gives a leaked summary:

The general charged with investigating whether Marines tried to cover up the killing of 24 civilians in Haditha has completed his report, finding that Marine officers failed to ask the right questions, an official close to the investigation said Friday.

Nothing in the report points to a "knowing cover-up" of the facts by the officers supervising the Marines involved in the November incident, the official said. Rather, he said, officers from the company level through the staff of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force in Baghdad failed to demand "a thorough explanation" of what happened in Haditha.

The Times then moves on to discuss two other atrocity claims.

The man who compiled the report was profiled in the WaPo and sounds like a real soldier.

The 59-year-old general is seen as unlikely to bend to pressure to sway his conclusions, both by virtue of his character and because he plans to retire this year after nearly four decades in the Army. "He has unimpeachable integrity," said retired Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Lambert, a Special Forces officer who has known Bargewell for decades. "He has no constituency that could influence findings. Bargewell is his own man."

Bargewell is considered so unflinchingly candid that another officer suggested that military leaders "may be sorry they chose him" to lead the probe.

Overall, this is good news. We still need to wait for the report on whether the Marines did anything wrong. My gut feeling is that they will not be charged, but Rules of Engagement will be tightened.

By at 02:29 AM | Comments |

Beer, Coffee, And PIZZA!

On top of the great news about coffee helping your liver, 17 beers per day helping your prostate, today we learn that pizza prevents cancer.

I can't think of any better news than this.

Friggin' Ace beat me to this post. I suck.

P.S. - What about cigarettes, don't they cure anything? Maybe watching football cures heart disease? Nachos cure sterility?

By at 02:17 AM | Comments |

Bling for Baby

The text from the Consumerist is as good as the story:

If your Beverly Hills infant can't put one of your massive silicon jugs in its mouth without unhinging its jaw, it may be time to consider a pacifier. This will cease its incessant wailing as you dodge paparazzi in your Ferrari or pose naked for glamour shoots. But what self-respecting MILF would give her post-embryonic pimpfant anything less than a diamond encrusted binky?

While starving African villages erupt into ghoulish orgies of cannibalism, what better way to indulge your baby's sense of tacky entitlement and growing instinct for ceaseless attention whoring? And all for the low, low price of $17,000.00.


By at 02:13 AM | Comments |

June 16, 2006

Cynthia McKinney Gets off Scot-Free

Remember, if you are I hit a cop its a crime; but if you are one of the select (or as the Calvanists would say "elect") you don't have to follow the law.

By at 04:15 PM | Comments |

Ansar al Islam Gets Squeezed

Via email:

BERLIN (AP) - An Iraqi man has been arrested in Germany on suspicion he transferred money to a radical Islamic group in Iraq linked to al-Qaida, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The 36-year-old man, identified only as Burhan B., was arrested Monday at Frankfurt's airport. A federal judge ordered him to remain in custody Tuesday on suspicion of supporting a foreign terrorist organization and violating German export laws, federal prosecutors said in a statement.

They said the suspect was in contact with a man, identified only as Ata A.R., accused of playing a central role in the terror group Ansar al-Islam's European network. Ata A.R. is due to go on trial in Stuttgart next week as the alleged ringleader of a December 2004 plot to kill then-Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi during a visit to Germany.

No deutschmarks for you!

By Vinnie at 03:38 PM | Comments |

Stick A Fork in Dan Rather

Dan Rather is done. He won't, however, admit that Rathergate was his undoing. I'm not surprised.

From USAToday.com:

Dan Rather, who stepped down as anchor of The CBS Evening News 15 months ago in the wake of the Memogate scandal, said Thursday that he'll soon leave the network after 44 years -- at the request of network executives.

"They wanted this resolution, and I'm willing to accept that and move on," said Rather, 74, whose contract expires in November.

It's not clear what Rather is moving on to. Maybe he can help O.J. find the killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

By at 12:48 PM | Comments |

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Submission 2"

If you thought the cartoon jihad was a big deal, wait 'til Ayaan Hirsi Ali releases her next political bombshell. Predictably, European leaders are trembling:

The Dutch authorities fear that “Submission 2,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s soon to be released new movie, might make the Netherlands a target of angry Muslims worldwide. The movie criticizes Muslims for their intolerance of gays. In a report published last Wednesday the country’s National Anti-Terrorism Coordinator (Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding, NCTb) warns that one must seriously take into account the possibility of an international Muslim boycott of the Netherlands, similar to the boycott of Denmark by the Islamic world earlier this year over the Muhammad cartoons.

The NCTb writes that “Submission 2” has already attracted attention in the Arab world and in Iran. The Dutch authorities are working on a plan about what to do if the movie does, indeed, stir up international Muslim indignation. “Controversial debates or artistic quotes about Islam in the Netherlands can be abused by radical Muslims abroad to agitate against the Netherlands,” the NCTb report says. It states that the Danish cartoon affair shows how minor local incidents can rapidly escalate into violent tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims. “Not only political interests but also economic interests as well as the safety of embassies and Dutch troops abroad can be in jeopardy.” ...

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has announced that her new movie will be released later this year. “Submission 2” criticizes the “lack of sexual liberty” of homosexuals in Muslim societies.

The famous Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa criticized the Netherlands this week in an op-ed piece in the Lima newspaper El Comercio. He wrote that he had “applauded the Netherlands in the past when it was a pioneer in allowing euthanasia, legalising drugs and institutionalising gay marriage. Now I am disillusioned by the disgraceful surrendering of a government and the public opinion of a democratic country to the blackmail of terrorist fanaticism.”

Hirsi Ali has identified two of the many gaping faultlines within the international leftist coalitions. Feminism vs. multiculturalism was the first fault line. As with the Clinton fiascos earlier, where left-wing women were more than willing to lay their core feminist principles aside for "the team," they have again turned out to be toothless, and willing to roll over for the dominant multicultural absurdity of left-wing thought. They have a choice between sticking up for their principles or sticking up for their coalition. They have, so far, chosen the latter.

We may soon learn whether leftist homosexuals are as willing to put aside their sexual identity as the leftist women so far have been, thereby laying their own necks on the Islamofascist chopping block.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:16 PM | Comments |

A Little Competition for Michelle Malkin?

HotAir notes the arrival of RealVerse, a Christian vlog. Why would you care about this if you're not a Christian? Two reasons:

First, it's yet another excellent example of effective use of internet video in politics

Second, and perhaps more importantly, the RealVerse spokeschick is a hottie



For my money, Michelle still gets my vote:



By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:48 AM | Comments |

Man Overboard

It appears that not waiting for actual charges isn't restricted to the Marines.

Man, you guys are ruthless.

Oh well, I guess you gotta keep up the phony appearance of purity.

By Vinnie at 10:31 AM | Comments |

So Much for 'Elevating the Level of Discourse'

We often hear Bush-haters denounce the right for "hate speech" and preaching that we should raise the level of political discourse. Their comments would carry a lot more weight if they would lead by example. You'd have thought they would've learned their lesson after the negative reaction to Kerry-Edwards' attempt to use Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter as a wedge issue. Apparently, using personal issues and family tragedies is still considered clever by some. Former CIA officer and New York Times columnist Larry C. Johnson, who blogs at No Quarter has been a real sweetheart lately:

Karl [Rove] is a shameless bastard. This could explain why his mother killed herself. Once she discovered what a despicable soul she had spawned she apparently saw no other way out. It would be one thing if his vile tactics were simply mere smears of politicians like Kerry and Murtha. They are big boys and should be able to defend themselves quite ably against this turd. But Rove, like Josef Goebbels, has used fear and smear as his primary tools to keep George Bush in power. And to what end?
Nice. One could perhaps mark this nastiness up as the hateful ranting of a single individual and not reflective of lefty sentiment in general. Surely Larry's fellow Rove haters will take him to task for stepping over the line? Surely this is going too far, even for the lefty bloggers. Guess not. Check out these "enlightened" comments to his post:

Larry isn't sick, he is just pointing out a fact... He was explaining that he understood why she could have done it, not that he was 'glad' she had done it... choose YOUR words more carefully. You are playing in the big league here. This is not myspace. dot whatever...


Well I say good for Larry! I would kill myself too if I had produced such a putrid son as Karl Rove. Would it that he had never been conceived, let alone born into this world.

Wow, it's amazing how some people can dish it out but can't take it. And the only thing taking the high road got democrats was a one way trip over a cliff.

Larry brought up two facts:

1. Rove's mother committed suicide.

2. Rove is a loathsome human being based on his smearing Kerry and Murtha.

Maybe number one has something to do with number two. If it's true, it's not a smear. If Karl Rove can question John Kerry's and John Murtha's patriotism. We should be able to question whether or not Karl Rove drove his mother to suicide. Karl Rove, Ann Coulter and their ilk have damaged this country with thier lies. If it takes implying that Rove played a role in his mother's death in order to stop him I'm all for it.

Larry's mother probably would have aborted him had she been able to read then the screed he writes today.

P.S. Rove's mother committed suicide in Reno, Nevada, when Rove was 30 years old. Whatever reasons she had to kill herself, knowing the sort of son she brought into the world may have been a contributing factor. Because, by age 30, Rove had already become practiced in the fine arts of lying, cheating, stealing, smearing, libel, breaking and entering, etc.

Thanks to Sweetness and Light and LGF for the heads up.

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More on Zarqawi's Successor

From the Department of Defense:

BAGHDAD, June 16, 2006 – The new lead terrorist in Iraq is a founding member of al Qaeda in Iraq and had a close relationship with the now-killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, coalition officials said.

Officials revealed yesterday that Abu Ayyub al-Masri succeeded Zarqawi following the Jordanian terrorist's elimination June 7 in a precision-bomb attack on his safe house in Iraq. They said Masri fully bought into Zarqawi's bloody tactics that have left thousands of innocent men, women and children across Iraq dead or maimed.

Al-Masri - which means "the Egyptian" - is another foreign fighter who trained in Afghanistan like Zarqawi, coalition officials said. No one knows his real name.

The terrorist is said to be about 38 years old and got his beginning in Egypt, where he joined the Islamic Brotherhood. He fled from Egypt and moved to Afghanistan, where he trained in explosives at the al-Faruq Al Qaeda camp. There he met Zarqawi, officials said.

After the fall of the Taliban, Masri escaped to Iraq and set up with the Jordanian-born Zarqawi. The Egyptian specialized in vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. He helped establish the Baghdad cell of Al Qaeda in early 2003, officials said.

William Teach comments:

Of course, you know that the Lefty media will call this guy a militant and insurgent, despite being Egyptian and a known long term terrorist.

Doesn’t he remind you a bit of Ike from Up The Academy?

Fiesty Republican Whore likes his wicked unibrow.

GOP and the City sez:

The US military unveiled the image of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the man who has taken the place as head of al-Qaida in Iraq. Al-Masri means "dead meat" in Arabic. Abu Ayyub al-Masri should be nervous, because the US military is using the same picture frame that once held the last photo ever taken of Musab al-Zarqawi. Anyone who shows up in that frame, ends up on the business end of 500 pounds of GPS-guided bad news. Showing up on that frame is akin to having your image show up on Jack Bauer's PDA.

The New York Times notes:

The link between Mr. Masri and Mr. Zawahiri is intriguing, in part because of a letter that American officials captured last year that they said they believed was written by Mr. Zawahiri to Mr. Zarqawi. In that letter, Mr. Zawahiri, believed to be hiding along the mountainous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, questioned Mr. Zarqawi's emphasis on killing Shiite civilians, suggesting that such killings alienated Iraqis and detracted from the larger goal of driving out the Americans.

That raises the possibility that the leadership of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia could be contemplating a change in tactics.

Australia's The Age headlines that Al-Qaeda is 'struggling' in Iraq:

Documents and computer equipment retrieved from the rubble where Abu Musab al-Zarqawi died last Wednesday indicated that the group was struggling to get recruits and losing both members and weaponry to regular US raids.

Mowafaq al-Rubaie, Iraq's national security adviser, said a memory stick, laptop and other documents had been found in the rubble yielding "a huge treasure of information" about the terror network.

One document suggested that the way to ease the pressure would be to stir up war between the US and Iran.

"We believe this is the beginning of the end of al-Qaeda in Iraq," Mr Rubaie told a news conference in Baghdad.

"We feel we know their locations, the names of their leaders, their whereabouts, their movements." A senior US military official in Iraq said US forces were now in possession of some of the best intelligence since the invasion in 2003.

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I'd Like To Order 2,880 Virgins

Or is it raisins? I prefer to think they get 72 toothless French whores, myself.

Whatever, they're getting the job done in Afghanistan:

MUSA QALA, Afghanistan - Coalition forces killed 40 militants during combat operations linked to a large-scale anti-Taliban blitz launched across southern Afghanistan, the military said Friday.

Note the inaccurate use of the word "blitz." But no, they're not biased.

And lest we get accused of just reporting on good news, a mosque is attacked in Iraq.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A shoe bomber blew himself up inside an important Shiite mosque during Friday prayers, killing at least 10 people and wounding 20, as violence persisted in the capital despite a massive security operation aimed at restoring order.

There is a nugget of good news in this piece, though. The fact that the bomber had to resort to a shoe bomb is evidence that the clampdown is having an effect.

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James Carville's Foot

While getting ready to go to work this morning I was listening to James Carville complain about the recent rise in George Bush's (and America's) fortunes. As part of his argument that we're applying the "soft bigotry of low expectations" to the Bush administration he made the comment that the Stock Market is currently 10% below what it was when Bush took office. I grew a bit skeptical of that claim, so looked it up. It appears that the DOW closed at either $10,088 or $10,078, depending on whether we're talking about Clinton's last day or the first market day of Bush's term. Yesterday the DOW closed at $11,015. Using the CPI deflator that is $5976 and $5440 in 1983 dollars, respectively. Carville is right to the extent that the average is down (after accounting for inflation), but 0.6% is a lot different than 10%. [See note below for--ahem--correction.]

Moreover, it's arguably unfair to make this comparison since Bush really wasn't able to influence the economy until Clinton's budget year ended, and that extended through the end of September, 2001. Not holding Bill accountable for the consequences of 9/11, on the day prior to the attack the DOW closed at $9,606, which deflates to $5388 in 1983 dollars. Either way one looks at it Carville wasn't even close. The stock market is either very modestly lower, or higher, than when Bush's watch began.

Note: For some reason both my adjusted index for Clinton and the calculation of the percent change were off, the latter by an order of magnitude. And I calculated it twice! Beware of calculators before morning coffee. At any rate the actual percent drop in the Dow was about 5.5% from Jan. 2001 to now. But again, if we use as our point of comparison the end of Clinton's policy domination of the market on Sept. 10, 2001 the market has actually gone up.

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Bom Bom Bom Bah Ba Dom Bah Ba Dom

Yes the evil Darth Odie er uh Darth Howie needs to be educated in the moral complexities of simple matters. Like why fighting those who seek to dominate us through fear and terror is just wrong. Check out this loving tolerant piece of reader love mail.

On 6/15/06, leavenow iraq leavenowiraq@yahoo.com wrote:


I would take the time to educate you on our way of life and our constitution but how? and to what end- augustus bushie II /MacClinton & Heil Hilary Lady MacClinton/ at the end of the day these british socialist shitbags of the left and right that follow the sons and daughters of satan instead of jesus and are british instead of american are not to blame for perverting the american experiment in liberty and freedom into the frankenstein monster of a police state and empire- you are people who don't even want to think just kill f*ck kill f*ck kill f*ck oh yeah and eat and watch tv.

Yes I do watch the news and Andy every night. Next he will attempt to instruct me on how I can waste mental energy by over thinking how to start my car in the morning. Note the racial tolerance of this liberal’s speech. Also note his assumption that we are pro war because we just don’t know any better. A theme I’ve noticed a lot lately," The unwashed masses need sophisticated liberals to look out for them because they are stinky and stupid. So we should take pity and get those foul smelly fools to vote for us. Then we can help them". Thanks but no thanks.

Credit Jim Davis for the image from my tie. Now remember you all should fear imperialists in Darth Odie ties.

It's also fun to watch them turn on Hillary. Of course she is attempting to pick up the middle vote. I agree with what she said but I don't feel her stance is genuine. When has any Clinton done anything that was not driven by polls? Sorry Hillary the middle just doesn't like you. It's not your position. So by going after what She can't get anyway she is suffering the wrath of the moonbats. So I'm not sure my description of this guy as liberal applies to all liberals. Just the nutty ones.

The other theme I noted yesterday was done by a Murray KY writer on WKMS. He droned on and on about how the NSA surveillance violates the constitution. He however left out one detail. Those protections are intended to protect citizens from criminal prosecution. They are not related to military activity. The military can gather all the intelligence it wants to protect the people. Now if that information is used in the prosecution of ordinary criminal cases then that may be a violation. A small but important detail he conveniently left out of his essay.

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Isn't Irony Delicious?


This has to be the laugher of the day. Mr. Pot, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Kettle. You two should get along great together.

From the NY Daily News:

Here are some examples of Olbermann "confronting hate":

"Given how far you are from knowing your a- from your elbow about my industry, you couldn't be stupider, wronger, or dumber ..."

"Go f*ck your mother."

"You 'Americans' still watching that evil f*ck O'Reilly?"

Apparently, they are. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly draws six times the viewership of his 8 p.m. weekday rival.
- -
Ouch. Now you know why envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

Worst. Journalist. Ever.

ht: Michelle Malkin

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Filipina Celeb - Anna Tan, Semi-Celeb

Anna is almost unknown on the web. She is apparently a model without a website or any advertising. Hmmm, maybe not really a celeb, but cute. More here.


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Krauthammer Hammers Gaza Terrorists

Charles Krauthammer asks, "Who is to blame if Palestinians are setting up rocket launchers to attack Israel -- and placing them 400 yards from a beach crowded with Palestinian families on the Muslim Sabbath?"

This is another example of the Palestinians' classic and cowardly human-shield tactic -- attacking innocent Israeli civilians while hiding behind innocent Palestinian civilians. For Palestinian terrorists -- and the Palestinian governments (both Fatah and Hamas) that allow them to operate unmolested -- it's a win-win: If their rockets aimed into Israeli towns kill innocent Jews, no one abroad notices and it's another success in the terrorist war against Israel. And if Israel's preventive and deterrent attacks on those rocket bases inadvertently kill Palestinian civilians, the iconic "Israeli massacre" picture makes the front page ,of the New York Times, and the Palestinians win the propaganda war.

Being a terrorist who targets Israel seems like an easy job; you are never to blame for anything, you get to play with guns and rockets, and your victims give your government support. The whole "getting blown up by a missile strike" thing is definitely a downside, though...

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The Media and Iraq

I read several good posts today regarding the phenomenom of poor reporting in Iraq. I will pull them together and provide a few excerpts.

First is JD Johannes via Wretchard:

I get a call (about a month or two ago) from a TV news director who had known what I had done in Iraq. He was hoping I was still there so he could hire me to go out and do what I had done in the past because there was a reserve unit from their area being deployed. But the parent affiliate said: "nope, we don't leave the Fortified Hotel -- ever." So a lot of the employers aren't willing to bear the risk. And that is the structural program that really tilts the war.

Also, and this is probably the most disturbing part, many journalists have not figured out that they're being targeted by the enemy on purpose to help shape the coverage of the war. The insurgents don't want the reporters out and about running around. They're completely satisfied with the "balcony" report and some video shot by a stringer of the daily car bomb. That's the message that the insurgents want to get out. They don't realize that warfare is both the kinetic and non-kinetic. And, therefore, they miss how they're being played by the insurgents. I wish more reporters realized that.

Reporting from the hotel balcony just isn't enough if you want to get the real story. Read the rest of the interview with Johannes to see what the MSM is missing.

The second is from Op-For:

Second, the U.S. mainstream media (MSM) who send reporters to the combat zone do not like to have their people embedded with our troops. They claim that the reporters get “less objective” when they live with the soldiers and marines – they come to see the world through the eyes of the troops. As a consequence, a majority of the reporters stay in hotels in the “Green Zone” and send out native stringers to call in stories to them by cell phone which they later write up and file. No effort is made to verify any of these stories or the credibility of the stringers. The recent serious injuries to Bob Woodruff of ABC and Kimberly Dozier of CBS makes the likelihood of the use of local stringers even higher.

It's not good to see the war through the eyes of American troops; you might understand that this is a war on America through the media. It also shows how easy it is to get an atrocity story into newspapers: just get your local Iraqi stringer a video and some interviewees and the scandal is in motion. The media can't leave the hotel to do any fact checking.

You want worse? I have worse. A study (pdf) shows that the media and terrorists have a symbiotic relationship. From the Washington Post:

The results, they said, were unequivocal: Coverage caused more attacks, and attacks caused more coverage -- a mutually beneficial spiral of death that they say has increased because of a heightened interest in terrorism since Sept. 11, 2001.

Even if we ignore any Left-ward bias in coverage, the media causes more deaths by their terrorist coverage. This should not be a surprise, since the goal of terrorism is to cause public pressure on the government through media coverage of carnage. It is interesting that the media gains as well, causing a spiral of violence.

There was a time that journalists were allies of the country and of our troops. Today, their objectivity extends to keeping neutrality between liberal values and fascist terrorists.

Update: Strategypage notes that the terrorists know all about manipulating the media:

Other documents stressed the need to manipulate Moslem and Western media. This was to be done by starting rumors of American atrocities, and feeding the media plausible supporting material. Al Qaeda's attitude was that if they could not win in reality, they could at least win imaginary battles via the media.

Powerline's view: "When it comes to Iraq, the news section of the Post has become an anti-war spin machine, and nothing more."

While it should, I doubt that the Iraq War will make it into journalism case studies as a lesson in media failure.

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June 15, 2006

BBC : Documented Evidence of "Large-Scale Massacres" in Sudan

The BBC has an update on the Darfur Jihad:

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says he has documented evidence of thousands of killings of civilians in Sudan's Darfur region.

Luis Moreno Ocampo, investigating alleged crimes against humanity, says the killings include large-scale massacres and hundreds of rapes.
. . .

Some 200,000 people are thought to have died in Darfur, a vast region in the west of Sudan, in a three-year conflict.

Most have died in attacks by pro-government militias against civilians.

Rebel forces took up arms in February 2003, accusing the government of discriminating against Darfur's black Africans in favour of Arabs.

I seem to remember the world's leaders promising "never again" after the Rwanda genocide.

I guess they meant "not too many more times?"

Props to Jihad Watch.

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***Breaking, Must Cite Jawa Report***

A viable 3rd party has been established to challenge the status quo.

Do you have what it takes to be one of us?

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Hajji Girl

If some version of CAIR had existed in ancient Greece, Homer would have been crucified for the Iliad.

But it's not ancient Greece, and CAIR does exist. And despite our best efforts, they have influence in our PC world.

This message is for our military members. You let us do this stuff, and post it for the world to see. You keep your heads down and keep killing the enemy.

You want to sing "Hajji Girl," that's cool with me. Just don't let it get on the internet. Our enemies have enough ammo as it is.

A little perspective for our lefty friends from wars past:

WWI: The Hun

WWII: Krauts, Japs, Nips, Wops

Korea: Gooks, Chinks

Vietnam: Dinks, Zips, (zipperheads), Slopes

And that's just scratching the surface.

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How to Identify a Terrorist, Part II

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled blog posts to bring you an important free message from Jawa Report's ongoing Terrorist Infiltration Effort (TIE) fighting public education program.

As always, please be on your guard. This person, whose sex appears to that of a girl, may be a terrorist. You will note her hairstyle, with its upturned ends, which has been described by a number of witnesses as "horny."


Please note that, although this person's sex appears to be female, this person's sex may not, in fact, be female. Because this person is not naked (aka nude), it is impossible to conclusively determine this person's sex. Although we are not, of course, philosophically opposed to nudity as a general proposition, nor are we opposed to lesbians, we are all about quality entertainment and enlightenment and are not in the business of promoting porn (aka pornography or smut) here at The Jawa Report, particularly porn involving Ann Coulter, Heather McCartney, Paris Hilton or Karl Rove.


This person is believed to be Italian, but may be Arab, Persian or Egyptian. This individual is not believed to be Asian.

As always, readers are encouraged to investigate further, if there is uncertainty as to whether or not a person, of any sex, and whether naked or not, is a terrorist.

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Daily Kos Blogger on Abandoning Israel

With each passing day, I find myself more and more perplexed by those who claim to love Israel and yet align themselves with the political left. This day is no exception. From Grand Moff Texan over at DailyKos:

Israel is not my problem. Unlike these fringe radicals on the right who put another country first, I can go entire days without thinking about Israel at all. I'm interested in my own contry's priorities, and those are enough of a mess. The US no longer needs Israel to force a Soviet Union that doesn't exist anymore to exhaust itself in the region. The Cold War utility of Israel has been defunct for over a decade, but the think tank hacks who justified it for a generation (largely by calling everyone "anti-semites") didn't want to have to get real jobs. So why is it that the US, and by extension American academics, have to go on supporting a policy that even Israel is abandoning? Because that's the way we discipline intellectuals in the USSA. Much of the American right is still bogged down in the habits of self-deception they cultivated during the Cold War. They have created the "War on Terror" to keep themselves in power.
(Note to self: never rely on a Kossack to watch your back in a fight.)

So, America should be a "fairweather friend" to its closest allies, to cynically use them when it suits America's interests and then drop 'em like hot rocks when they "outlive their usefulness"? Realpolitik, indeed...

America should abandon its troubled friends, break all bonds of fellowship and adopt all the more efficient tactics of the Galactic Empire? There would, of course, be the requisite amount of gunfire, some bombs, rounding up, torture, death camps, mass beheadings, etc. Then again, I suppose ya can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. There'd be big money to be made from serving up the "enemies" of our "friends." Judas Iscariot got a pitiful 30 shekels for selling out Jesus (which is, I think, something like 500 bucks in modern terms). In exchange, he lost his immortal soul. By way of contrast, we could probably stand to gain TRILLIONS (plus permanent world peace) for selling out a whole COUNTRY of Jews. So, this would be a somewhat better deal than Judas' deal. Yes, doing this would make us complete amoral whores, but the French would think we were cool...well, cooler, at least. If we play our cards right, we could be up to our noses in wine, cheese, mimes, and hot, smelly French chicks. Whaddaya say to that?

But wait, there's more!!! I have it on good authority that abandoning the Jews would immediately end all of our recent unpleasantness with al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the rest of them in one fell swoop. The world could return to a simpler, more peaceful time of love and harmony between all religions. I'm envisioning a warm Summer day in Vienna, the way it might have been hundreds of years ago, long before the modern Nation of Israel ever existed. The world can be just like that once again.

Thanks to LGF for the tip.

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He Should Be The One Converted, Into Compost

Abu Bakar Bashir.

A reputed leader of the al-Qaida-linked terror group blamed for deadly bombings across Indonesia on Thursday accused President Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard of waging wars against Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Militant cleric Abu Bakar Bashir also called on Bush and Howard to convert to Islam, saying it was "the only way to save their souls," adding that families still grieving after the 2002 Bali blasts that killed many foreigners should also become Muslim to find "salvation and peace."

I'm sure Bush and Howard are breaking out the prayer rugs.

Many thanks again to our allies in the GWOT for their harsh punishment of this guy.

In Indonesia, not only can you orchestrate the deaths of 200 people in a nightclub bombing, you get to mock their families later by imploring them to join the religion that teaches it was just ducky to kill their loved ones.

But if you're caught with a little bit of the ganja, you're sentenced to death.

Stein hoist: JW.

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Heather Mills McCartney's Porn Video

Another day, another former Beatle wife nude. Thankfully, Heather Mill's McCartney is no Yoko Ono. This time, the soon to be ex-Maco is in a video.

It's not quite as 'hardcore' as the pics she claims are not-porn-but-merely-educational. Still, it's the stuff of adolescent' dreams, which, in my somewhat prudish book, qualifies as porn.

In related news, Heather Mill's McCartney is suing for libel over allegations made in tabloids that she once was a high-class hooker. I'm not sure weather she used to sell her body to wealthy Saudis, but since Paul McCartney is about to pay her tens-of-millions of dollars for the last few years of lovin', I'd say that qualifies as fairly high priced.

Don't watch this video. Nothing good can come of it. Seriously.

To see the video go here and click the link. [NSFW]

Anyway, why are we linking this? It's the hits, baby, the hits. Oh, and our love for the Beatles. And the hits.

But let's not forget that winning the war on terror remains the ultimate goal. So, how can this post further that goal? By far, the vast amount of hits we get coming out of the Muslim world are related to sex. For instance, as I type this post somebody from Egypt found us with a Yahoo search looking for +Egyptian +sex +free.

Because if a Beatle wife can't bring world peace, who can?

File under: Ministry of Exporting Freedom to Muslim World

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Carl Rove, Honestly Innocent

Today we have this in from Mr. Right. I enjoy his stuff so it goes up.

The Right Place: Ms. American Spy
(Sung to the tune of Don McLean's American Pie)

A short, short time ago
I can still remember
How the "Plame Game" used to make me smile
And as I read those D-Kos rants
I got a big bulge in my pants
And thought maybe we'd get "Chimpy" for awhile

But then June 12th made me shiver
Fate became an "Indian Giver"
Bad news on the Internet
Precisely what I had fret!

Oh, I remember how I cried
When I thought of Wilson's "outed" bride
Something deep within me fried
The day that Fitzmas died...

I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your time!

Mr. Right

Go read the rest and sing along at The Right Place. I’ve not posted on the Rove dismissal (or non-charge) yet. However it seems the left is mighty sad about it. See this comment on Good Lieutenant’s post.
General Jack D. Ripper


Rove is a criminal. At best, he is unscrupulous, dubious, and unethical. What about the Alan Dixon incident? Why did Bush Sr. fire the man after leaking sensitive information to the press?

The Republican's secret??? Being able to, like Karl Rove, break the law and not get caught…

Of course he goes on with his moonbattery suggesting we made al-Zarqawi ourselves. I was surprised he did not claim we bombed ourselves or it was Carl Rove doing the cutting in all those videos.

As you may recall I called on President Bush to reappoint Patrick Fitzgerald. A risky move indeed unless you are confident in your position. Judging from the digging I had to do to find the post not many conservatives agreed with me. Old Pat is a pit bull. He would indict his own mother for jaywalking to church on Sunday morning. I can see how he makes people a bit nervous.

But we conservatives want honest government. There can be no stronger indication that no crime was committed than not being indicted by this man. If he doesn’t find it, it’s not there. Shame about Scooter though, he wriggled himself right into trouble over a non-issue.

For Howie there is no better endorsement than passing a Patrick Fitzgerald investigation. Congratulations Mr. Bush for doing it right. No question now that Carl is innocent and that is what is upsetting the left so. You can’t second guess this guy, look at his record. I’ve seen calls for a final report. I doubt we will get one as Mr. Fitzgerald does not play politics. A grand Jury only accepts prosecutorial evidence to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with a charge. To release grand jury info on a person who is not indicted goes against the whole reason they are secret to start with. So as to not ruin the reputation of those who are not charged.

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Post-Zarqawi Raid Results

You want results? How about this:
452 raids.
104 insurgents killed.
759 "anti-Iraq elements" captured.
28 weapons caches found.
A captured document: "a blueprint for trying to foment a war between the United States and Iran and also appears to show that the insurgency in Iraq is weakening." (Full text here.)

Summary? National Security Adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie called it "the beginning of the end of al-Qaida in Iraq." If we assume that the "anti-Iraq elements" are foreign Al Qaeda fighters, we have probably wiped out the foreign contingent and reduced the number of future attacks on civilians.

Overall, very good news.

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Iran Throws a Geographical Hissy-Fit

Iran has banned The Economist magazine because it used the term "The Gulf" instead of the Persian Gulf. It was done not to offend neighboring Arab states who prefer the term "Arabian Gulf." Now cartographers are torn on who to placate- the Iranians or Arabs.

Good thing Iran does not have bigger problems.

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Video : A Tribute to Reagan

We miss you, Gipper.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 07:17 AM | Comments |

Commence Tragic Milestone Watch

From Mein Blogovault.

As opposed to real milestones like dually elected governments emerging from tyranny or terrorist leaders meeting their well-deserved ends, the media is trying to rescue its now lost "everything is bad for the GOP/America/Iraq" narrative by "reminding" people of things that they already are well aware of.

According to Lt. Smash, it looks like the Democrats are going to once again try to use the (apparent) significance of "two side-by-side zeroes" to formulate another negative headline and soundbytes to caterwaul around the media. The media, predictably, will be all too happy to oblige them since being knocked upside their collective skulls with the Rove non-indictment, the surging economy, the surprise and well-recieved trip into the warzone by the President and the death of a major (media hyped) al-Qaeda leader has left them a bit...off their game. And make no mistake - it is a game to the press.

None of these people (Democrats or press members) seem to be able, when pressed, to explain what exactly is so insignificant about fallen hero #2,499. Their emphasis on certain military deaths as headline-generators is sickening and sadly typical of a group of people who are more grounded in personal hatred of their political opponents than in the well-being and support of the nation's military.

And don't you dare question any of their "patriotism." Just don't, you massacre-covering, mass-murdering, cold-blooded fascist baby-killing, American-hegemonic-enabling monster. Speak truth to power instead. Right?

Their best attempt at discerning the "newsworthiness" of this number is that it (somehow) is a "psychologically" significant number. The fact that fallen hero #2,499 and #2,500 (or #2,501) are "different" in their minds is a point of contention to me and no doubt to many others. Both laid down their lives for their nation. Both have families that are no doubt grieving and dealing with the loss. But #2,500? That's a different story altogether! That's a "milestone."

It rather effectively supports the thesis that the media and that the Democrats do not really care about individual troops, their sacrifices or their accomplishments - so as long as we get to the next double-zero. Further evidence of this sickening obsession with evenly-rounded body counts comes from Common Dreams (a leftist Democrat supporting group), who chose to "commemorate" this "milestone" with a silent (oh, how reverent) anti-war/pro-surrender protest march. Rather than do something honorable, like perhaps laying a wreath at a memorial or raising money for slain troops families, they felt that making political and media-centric hey over the death of # 2500 is the right way to "honor" the memory of the fallen.

If that wasn't enough, the agit-prop brigade made "visuals" so that everyone can see how much these marchers "care" about the troops. These visuals included "banners, signs and flag-draped coffins." Actually, they aren't coffins. They are cardboard boxes created by puppeteers who think that street theater is going to stop the United States from pursuing Islamic terrorists worldwide.

Where will they be, however, when # 2,501 falls? I'll tell you where they'll be - right where they are right now. Home in their mothers' basements, bragging to their Kossak and FireDogLake minions while patting themselves on the back for a job well-done and a fun afternoon of "caring."

Support the troops - erradicate leftist agit-prop and troop smearing whenever confronted with it.

Also - Check out this DUmmie thread to verify that the nutroots do indeed follow the aforementioned pattern like Pavlovian dogs.

Update: Gateway Pundit has some prespective for the historically and proportionally challanged members of the Democrat party, as well as members of the mainstream press (two weeks old - still perfectly relevant):

By Good Lt. at 04:59 AM | Comments |

Filipina Celeb - Jae Angel

Jae is a Filipina living in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is an ex-dancer who now models for a living. She is 5'3 and 96lbs. More here.


By at 04:32 AM | Comments |

Suitcases of Cash

What is going on with the Palestinians? First, they lost $450,000 in a hotel room. Then they were caught with $80,000 at a checkpoint. Now they have carried $22 million into the territories in 2 days in suitcases:

A Hamas government minister returned to the Gaza Strip on Thursday with $2 million in his luggage for his money-starved government, a day after the foreign minister brought $20 million in cash into the coastal strip.

Security officials said Information Minister Yousef Rizka turned over the money to the Finance Ministry after crossing the border Thursday.

Fearing U.S. anti-terrorism sanctions, international banks have refused to allow Hamas to transfer money electronically to the Palestinian areas. In recent days, Hamas officials have taken matters into their own hands, physically carrying donations in their luggage.

Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar arrived with $20 million on Wednesday.

Where are the Ocean's 11 when we need them? The gang from The Italian Job? The Usual Suspects? All busy...anyone have a gun so we can go make some money?

By at 04:26 AM | Comments |

Soccer Player Healed

A miraculous story from SportsPickle:

Moments after a slide tackle dropped him to the ground and left him writhing in pain with what seemed to be a broken femur or some other serious injury, Paraguayan midfielder Christian Riveros popped up and continued playing after referee Hans Kimmel failed to produce a yellow card.
“It’s amazing. I see it all the time in matches,” said Kimmel, a longtime referee. “I seem to have the power to heal serious injuries simply by deciding if the felled player was taken down legally or illegally. I can’t explain it, but I guess you could call me a miracle worker.”

Read the rest, it is pretty good satire.

I'm glad they got tough on this stuff a few years ago. The diving and whining and whinging is mostly absent from the English league but still happens in every Central and South American match I watch.

(What? Yeah, I'm American. You want me to watch Asian golf tournaments, 9-ball pool, and 90lb weightclass boxing all day? Of course I watch soccer. And rugby. And cricket. Want to make something of it?)

By at 04:01 AM | Comments |

Superman Is God!

It's no longer a Trinity, its a Quadrity: the Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Superman. The new movie features elements which link the superhero to Jesus:

The preview shows the hero with his eyes closed as the voice of his father -- Marlon Brando's, courtesy of 1978's "Superman" -- tells him he was sent to Earth because humans "lack the light to show the way."

"For this reason," continues the voice, "I have sent them you, my only son."

Online message boards and Web logs quickly latched onto the biblical resonance of those lines.

"The allusion to Jesus Christ could hardly be accidental," wrote Christian blogger Tom Gilson.

"Is this a new Superman for the new Evangelist red state America? Superman as Jesus?" asked one contributor to the Portland-based blog site Urban Honking.

The premise of the new Superman movie alone has fueled speculation that it's wearing its biblical comparisons on its long, tight sleeve. Superman, in the film, returns to Earth after a long absence, a narrative that's been likened to Jesus' death and resurrection.

Meanwhile, news reports that "Passion of the Christ" star James Caviezel was originally in the running for the lead role in "Superman Returns," which eventually went to Brandon Routh, convinced others that the film's makers were playing up the New Testament comparisons.

Hmmm. Stabbed in the side, standing with arms outstretched as though crucified, the father sending his only son to save the Earth. Yep, sounds like Hollywood want to make an allegory of some sort.

By at 01:24 AM | Comments |

YearlyKos Tinfoil Party : A Rovian Conspiracy?

I know we all got a big kick out of the Kossacks and their tinfoil hats this last weekend.

For those who missed it, this pic pretty much sums it up:


It raises the question: with the news media buzzing around all over the place, and the Kossacks straining for credibility in the real world, who could possibly have thought it was a good idea to slip the Kossacks several rolls of tinfoil?

Thanks to our deep cover operatives embedded around the globe, working at great personal risk in the cause of truth, we may be a little bit closer to finding an answer to that burning question:




By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:39 AM | Comments |

June 14, 2006

We Get Results #3285

From deep within his Fort Collins bunker, Macktastic Rusty Wicked sends this comment from one of his posts:

Name: vanezza hashmi Email Address: vene786@yahoo.co.uk URL:

"" can you stupid f****** idiots stop going on about islam, leave our
religion alone,just why you have no religion or faith and you feel it
is ok to talk about islam,you have no right what so ever to discuss
islam ,mind your own business,you are nothing but a bunch of p**
eating,fanny licking sons of million dad's,just go home and ask your
slag,whore mother's who your father's are and you will be given the
names of all the men in the neighbour hood,go to hell you pigs

Well, vanezza, before this pig heads to hell, I'll give you the Official (not) Jawa Report Wikipedia entry, sent out by stalwart co-blogger The All Seeing Eye:

Jawa on Wikipedia, the Most Accurate Source Of Information Ever.

I feel sorry for the residents of Niue Island as jihadis search mercilessly for the Official Jawa Report Secret Base.

By Vinnie at 10:34 PM | Comments |

Stick With Interviewing The Dogcatcher, Dude

Omaha radio talk show host Tom Becka, doing his best to be "edgy" and "provocative," not to mention "hip," gets the smackdown from Ann Coulter.

Listen to it here.

The money quote, "Christianity is not a religion."

Like PTG, I don't care what you think about Coulter, this guy should stick to interviewing Neighborhood Watch captains or some of the usual low-level ineffectual city bureaucrats.

In his own ad for his own show, he states "I'm no Rush Limbaugh..." and how true that is. I don't care what you think about Limbaugh, either, but you can't deny he's good at radio.

As the wife says about this interview, and I quote, "he's disrepectful, rude, and disgusting."


By Vinnie at 10:03 PM | Comments |

A Closed-minded Conservative Speaks

I repeat here a comment I received from some left-winger a while back. It was in response to something I wrote. I don't recall what I wrote, exactly. Frankly, it could've been just about anything I've written in the last two years. At any rate, this is what the lefty had to say to me:

You sound bitter, but more importantly, you sound unwilling to listen to an opinion other than one in agreeance with yours. You also seem eager to use terms like "leftist" and "peace" in a derogatory manner.
I started to read the above, but then the part of my brain I've programmed to not read anything which doesn't agree with my preconceived opinion preemptively whited out from my vision everything between "more importantly" and "You also seem." so as to prevent me from having to view a dissenting opinion. ...

Since I'm unable to read it, I can only guess at what it may say. But I presume it says something to the effect that I'm a closed-minded bigot or some such tired and overworn lefty insult.

As to whether I'm "bitter", I'm not sure how "bitter" differs from "angry". There's no doubt I'm angry, and I'd like to know what lifeless shell isn't angry these days. I live in a country that spent the middle of the 20th century driving fascists from Western Europe and Asia and the last half of it keeping the Communists out of Western Europe and Korea, the country that, more than any other, drove the Soviet Union into a financial bankruptcy to match its ideological bankruptcy, and has been a beacon of hope to millions around the world for much of its 230 year history.

Our fathers and brothers and sons have fought and bled and died on foreign soil around the world so that others, people of other races, creeds and religions, might live lives of freedom and prosperity. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are in graves, in wheelchairs, on prosthetic limbs and on life support in order that the people of this place or that place might be free of fascism, Communism or Islamism or some other oppressive nutbag-ism that would tell those people who they are to be and what they may say, and what they are to think. For all its flaws, this country is a freakin' MIRACLE, and I want you to freakin' ACKNOWLEDGE IT.

This country spent the better part of the last century standing up against real fascism and the guys with the real gulags. If you don't know what a "real gulag" is, go read about the fun things that happened in Soviet Russia under Lenin and Stalin. If you want to understand real fascism, go study all those lovely projects they came up with in Nazi Germany. These were really bad places controlled by really bad people. In the fascist version of "suppression of speech," the speakers themselves disappeared, not just their ratings and quarterly sales figures. The real fascists did real torture. "Real torture" is where they do really sweet things like pull out your fingernails with pliers and smash your toes with hammers, nice things like that. This nation has given much to the effort to oppose these things, and for very good reasons.

My lefty friend commented that I tend to use the terms "leftist" and "peace" in a negative way. I certainly hope so. I use these terms in the most negative way possible, consistent with the full measure of derision that they deserve. Leftists, and by this term I mean true leftists, are responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in this century alone. Hundreds of millions more have been forced to live in a slave-like existence that the left has wrought on Earth. Whatever there may be to commend equality, I submit that this is a pretty heavy weight on the "negative" side of the scale. And yes, I know there are those that claim to be "warm fuzzy" leftists--all the equality, none of the firing squads. Problem is, they've had their chance to distance themselves from the hard-edged communists for most of the last century, and most chose not to do so. Tell me who your friends are, and I know who you are.

For at least the last 40 years, the principle of "peace" has been very selectively applied by the "peace" movement. With respect to the term "peace," it is now well beyond reasonable dispute that the easiest way to identify the KGB front organization in your town in the 1980s was to find the largest "grassroots community" group incorporating the word "peace" in its name. That was almost guaranteed to be a Soviet-backed group. We suspected it at the time, and now we have the proof.

What kind of nonsense is it to say you're consistently "pro-peace" or "anti-war?" That's like being "anti-fire." In order to be 100% pro-peace above everything else, one would have to be willing to accept a lot of unpleasant things in one's perfectly "peaceful" world, including the continuation of black slavery in the American South, the complete extermination of European Jews, a unified Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong-Il and a Kuwait dominated by Saddam Hussein, as a few examples. We didn't go to war in Rwanda. That worked out well. Happy now? Point is, like it or not, war often does solve things. True, sometimes war is meaningless. But often, and particularly when the U.S. is involved, war has a purpose, and while ugly and terrible in its execution, is the right thing to do. Anyone who is unwilling, or unable, to accept this is simply a moron.

So yes, I am ANGRY. I'm ANGRY because so many people today claim to not be able to see the difference between Adolf Hitler and George Bush. I'm ANGRY because so many people claim to not be able to see the difference between a Soviet Gulag and an American military prison that does unspeakably brutal things like putting panties on a man's head. I'm ANGRY because so many people claim to see moral equivalence between a thug like Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who intentionally murdered Iraqi civilians by the dozen, and George Washington. I'm ANGRY because the people who claim to see the world this way are in any way taken seriously.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 08:19 PM | Comments |

Are a Million Spanish Protesters Newsworthy?

Apparently, it depends on what they're protesting.

Protesting a war? Newsworthy.

Protesting the Spanish government's appeasement of terrorists? Not so newsworthy.

From PubliusPundit:

Madrid has been flooded with over a million people who marched to say a sound NO to Zapatero and his appeasing policy toward [leftist terrorist group] ETA. The Spanish Prime Minister decided to open a dialogue with those who terrorized and murdered hundreds over the last decades.

This demonstration was not at all meaningless. It showed how not all of Spain’s population supports their prime minister’s absurd policies. And yet, there has been a total media blackout.

However, I found tons of photos in several Spanish blogs. It fills the media vacuum!

Google News search for "spain".

For background on the ETA and Basque separatists, look here.

Thanks to LGF for the heads up.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 06:13 PM | Comments |

The Bad Guys Win

What am I saying. They're all bad guys. It's just that some of the bad guys are slightly better than the worse bad guys.

The 1400 year old jihad machine chugs on:

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Islamic militants captured the last strategic town held by their warlord rivals Wednesday, consolidating their hold over a large swath of Somalia even as the country's parliament called for help from foreign peacekeepers.

The brave troops of the U.S. backed warlords show us how they earned our hard-earned tax dollars:

Hours after the Islamic force attacked the town of Jowhar from three directions Wednesday, the last of the warlords' remaining fighters fled east, some in pickup trucks with rooftop-mounted machine guns. Militiamen seized the airport, just outside town. Residents were fleeing and witnesses reported as many as 19 dead.

Talk about take the money and run.

So the country's ineffectual and worthless parliament is calling for international peacekeepers. Sorry chums, we've been down that road and we've seen what happens.

It may not be realpolitik, it will never be given the Official Government Seal of Approval, but it's plausible that the only thing now to keep Somalia from being the new base of operations for Osama and Co. is a nice carpet bombing.

It's either that, or wait until Somalia is used as a base to launch another 9/11.

And, since you didn't ask, but were thinking it, yes, nearly 13 years on, I'm still bitter. If you were doing word association, and said "Somalia," the first thing that would pop into my head would be "fuc* 'em."

By Vinnie at 05:01 PM | Comments |

Home Grown al Qaeda Cells in the U.S.

A terrorism expert informed the U.S. Senate today that the threat from home grown al Qaeda terror cells is real. How is it that al Qaeda can recruit terrorists in the U.S.? The internet.

Trust me, many of you would be genuinely shocked at reading the amount support terrorists get from American Muslims on bulletin boards. Of course, they always hedge this support by first declaring that the terrorist in question is not really a terrorist.

So, when many of them say, I don't support terrorism, they really mean it. The devil, though, is in the details of exactly what constitutes a terrorist.

Muslim parents, do you know what your children are up to on the internet? Between porn and Islamic message boards, I'd be more worried about the latter.


"We are uncovering the spread of new violent extremists networks and cells that lack formal ties or affiliation with al-Qaida or other recognized terrorists groups," said John Scott Redd, the direction of the National Counterterrorism Center in testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday.

"These new networks are often made up of disaffected, radicalized individuals who draw inspiration and moral support froom al-Qaida and other violent extremists. Group members are most often young, in their teens and twenties, and froom families that are second or third generation immigrants to their western communities. To the outside observer, these terrorists might well appear to be fully assimilated members of their western communities." ....

"In one case, two individuals who are U.S. Muslim converts were c caught robbing a gas station to support their attack plans in California. Possible targets included synagogues, the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles, and a National Guard facility," Redd said....

"The emergence of this new brand of al-Qaida inspired, homegrown terrorism group poses real challenges to the intelligence community, and we are grappling with a whole new set of questions," Redd said. "The challenge of countering these cells is complicated by the fact that they may operate virtually, with much of their communication and planning taking place over the Internet. This network of virtual contacts increases the relative stealth with which these terrorists can organize, communicate and plan potential attacks." [emphasis mine]

Back to vacation.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:55 PM | Comments |

France Jails 25 Unitarians for Eiffel Tower Plot

Did I say Unitarians? I meant Buddhists. Remember, all religions produce an equal proportion of murderous nuts and thugs. Repeat that mantra 20 times while genuflecting in the UN's general direction.


A PARIS court sentenced 25 Muslim militants yesterday for planning attacks against the Eiffel Tower and other targets with explosives in support of rebels fighting Russian forces in Chechnya.
Team America could not be reached for comment.

Yes, I'm that bored in Ft. Collins that I've resorted to blogging.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:40 PM | Comments |

Jawapalooza: Rocky Mountain Edition (Fort Collins)

Any one in the Fort Collins area who wants to meet Rusty Shackleford for a night of debauchery* later in the week drop me a line.

I'm looking in your direction Goldstein and Green.

I'm at mypetjawa-AT-gmail-DOT-com

And by 'debauchery' I mean a trip to a local bar where I watch you get shitfaced and hook up with Helen Thomas' twin sister. Rusty doesn't drink, but does enjoy the company of both sinners and saints.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:04 PM | Comments |

Happy Flag Day!


Happy Flag Day everyone! Wave them high!

By at 01:12 PM | Comments |

Is the Right Being Outgunned in Online Video?

OK, so I had this idea. Being a huge believer in online video as an effective medium, I figured I'd do my part to highlight conservative / libertarian videos I could find posted on the web.

Of course, Michelle Malkin and the other talented folks at HotAir.com are doing an excellent job of producing and highlighting conservative video, but they certainly don't need any help from the likes of me. I was specifically looking for some amateur videos "off the beaten path," so to speak.

To make a long story short...

I had to spend forty-five minutes searching YouTube.com to find an amateur video that supported a conservative / Republican / libertarian position. I found plenty of amateur videos about conservatives and Republicans, but the vast majority were negative.

And, no, I don't think there's some sort of vast left-wing conspiracy to squeeze out conservative video. Most likely, there are simply many more left-wing videos being produced right now. More importantly, there are impressionable young minds soaking in their messages. That's something to think about.

At any rate, here's the video I found. As I find more, I'll be posting them in the future.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:21 AM | Comments |

Marine Corps Builds Mosque in Pentagon

Simply unbelievable.

From FrontPageMag.com:

We are at war with militant Islam, but you wouldn't know it from the Pentagon, which is busy erecting a shrine to Islam just five short years after Islamic terrorists destroyed a good chunk of its own building and killed more than 100 of its occupants. Worse, it's consulting on the project with a Wahhabi-educated cleric posing as a moderate.

Last week, military brass -- along with representatives from the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations -- dedicated the first Muslim prayer center for the Marines as a symbol of the military's "religious tolerance" and "respect" for the faith the enemy uses to attack us. Already, plans are in the works to build by 2009 a bigger mosque at the Marine base in Quantico so Muslim service members can have a "proper place" to worship, and one that "honors their religious heritage," officials say, not realizing that the mosque can also be used by the enemy to build a Fifth Column inside the Marines.

The idea for the center came from Navy Lt. Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam, a young, smooth-talking Muslim chaplain, who wanted a permanent place of worship -- and "education" -- for the growing number of soldiers who are interested in -- and converting to -- Islam.

I'm in shock. Just what in the world is the U.S. military brass thinking? Political correctness has obviously gone too far.

There's more at the link.

[Update 06/15/06]

In response to my email, the author of the FrontPageMag.com article (Paul Sperry) provided clarification indicating that the title of this post is incorrect. The subject mosque is being built at Quantico, not the Pentagon.

My interpretation of Sperry's piece was mistaken and was based upon statements that a shrine to Islam (prayer center) was dedicated last week and that a "bigger mosque" is to be built at Quantico. If a "bigger" mosque is being constructed, I allowed myself to assume that a smaller mosque, dedicated last week, already existed in the Pentagon.

Apologies to the readers and thanks to Vinnie for noting the error.

From Interested-Participant.

By at 10:11 AM | Comments |

Filipina Celeb - Aiza Marquez

Aiza is 22 years old, a star of tv, movies, and commercials. More here.


By at 07:12 AM | Comments |

Quitting in Japan

Working in Japan ain't for me. Due to staff shortages and difficulty in finding replacement workers, companies are demanding compensation from resigning employees before allowing them to leave:

Short-staffed companies are requesting that employees who quit pay damages as the resurgence of Japan's economy is placing a strain on labor levels, Tokyo's Labor Consultation Center said...

One of them, a 29-year-old man who works for a computer system development company offered to resign in March. But an official of the firm told him, "We won't allow you to quit until the system development job finishes in September. If you quit now, you have to pay several million yen in compensation."...

A top official of the Rodo Kumiai Network Union Tokyo said since sometime around 2002 the problem of overwork had become serious in some companies. "Those who managed to survive those tough times now want to quit or change jobs. But their employers don't want them to leave," he said.

Now, who in their right mind would accept a job offer from a company that demands compensation from resigning employees? I'm not sure that the HR departments have thought this issue through completely. It smacks of indentured servitude or slavery.

Update: Don't get any ideas, Vinnie.

By at 06:05 AM | Comments |

Religion of Peace

The National Journal has a lengthy article on Islam called, "Islam: A religion of peace?" It is interesting reading and I will provide a few excerpts.

David S. Powers, professor of near eastern studies at Cornell University, has noted that Muslim scholars of abrogation such as Ibn Salama (d. 1020) claimed the "sword verse" cited above (9.5) had abrogating power over 124 other verses, including "every other verse in the Koran which commands or implies anything less than a total offensive against the non-believers." U.S.-born historian John Wansbrough found that the sword verse "became the scriptural prop of a formulation designed to cover any and all situations which might arise between the Muslim community and its enemies." Influential Islamist authors such as 'Abd al-Salam Faraj, Maulana Maududi and Sayyid Qutb have all expressed their agreement with the classical interpretation of the commands to fight and kill.
Abrogation: some verses were provided later in time and are considered to preempt verses earlier in the chronology. In other words, all of the peaceful verses come earlier in chronology than the sword verse, hence the sword verse should be considered the passage to follow.
Indeed, one of the greatest challenges facing peace advocates in Muslim nations is that the Islamist voices that seem to have the greatest appeal to youth are those that portray the Koranic commands to kill as clear and unequivocal. Some of these Islamists have already carefully processed Western criticisms and have deliberately reasserted the classical understandings. For instance, Egypt's Sayyid Qutb, a guiding force of the Muslim Brotherhood (from which al-Qaeda sprang), wrote that the tendency to interpret the Koran as if it enjoins only defensive war is an error of Muslims minds "defeated by the pressure of unfavourable conditions and the treacherous propaganda of the orientalists."

But this need not be the only way of interpreting these texts. One alternative -- quite common in some faith communities -- might be to decide that these were commands for a very particular set of circumstances, but that they no longer apply to modern believers in this time. Another option, advanced recently by the Turkish scholar Israfil Balci, is to reject the classical interpretations of these commands as a product of the political tensions of the period.

I see the major issue as the infallibility of the text. The literal word of God can not be changed. This is why the above attempts at reinterpretation are often trumped by extremists: the extremists quote the text accurately so they seem to be following Allah accurately.

In other words, Muslims seeking to find a peaceful message in the Koran must fight not only the plain meaning of the Koran's text and the current fashion for militancy, but also the arrow of Muslim history.

Interpreting the words of Muslim scripture so that they pose no threat to peaceful coexistence with non-believers thus seems a large challenge. In view of the high stakes in the world today, however, it is certainly a challenge worth taking up. Otherwise, Canadian proponents of multiculturalism will have a harder time arguing that traditional Islam is just another peaceful element in Canada's multicultural quilt.

Exactly. Koranic literalism* is the problem; it is unclear whether reinterpretation is possible if the new meaning contradicts the actual words in the Koran.

Read it all and do some thinking. Crossposted here.

*"Belief in the Qur'an's direct, uncorrupted divine origin is considered fundamental to Islam by most Muslims. This of course entails believing that the Qur'an has neither errors nor inconsistencies.

By at 05:21 AM | Comments |

June 13, 2006

Mark Steyn on Denial

If I had to list my top 2 writers, they would be Tim Blair and Mark Steyn. Mark has a new column/book review in Macleans entitled, "You can't believe your lyin' eyes." It is hilarious and makes some good points.

I believe the old definition of a nanosecond was the gap between a New York traffic light changing to green and the first honk of a driver behind you. Today, the definition of a nanosecond is the gap between a Western terrorist incident and the press release of a Muslim lobby group warning of an impending outbreak of Islamophobia. After the London tube bombings, Angus Jung sent the Aussie pundit Tim Blair a note-perfect parody of the typical newspaper headline:

"British Muslims fear repercussions over tomorrow's train bombing."

An adjective here and there, and that would serve just as well for much of the coverage by the Toronto Star and the CBC, where a stone through a mosque window is a bigger threat to the social fabric than a bombing thrice the size of the Oklahoma City explosion. "Minority-rights doctrine," writes Melanie Phillips in her new book Londonistan, "has produced a moral inversion, in which those doing wrong are excused if they belong to a 'victim' group, while those at the receiving end of their behaviour are blamed simply because they belong to the 'oppressive' majority."

He forgets claims of torture of the arrested terrorists, which arrive at the same time as fears of Islamophobia. Torture, in the Canadian case, translates as "being kept in jail."

Well, if Hizzoner wants to make himself a laughingstock, what's the harm? Only this -- that the more rubbish spouted by officials in the wake of these events, the more the averagely well-informed person will resent the dissembling.

And here Mark hits the nail on the head. The blogosphere, as one example, rants about the "broad strata of society" who are inevitably pious Muslims. Is this intellectual dishonesty on the part of the police and government? Yes, of course.

Is it good policy? I believe it is. As the Guardian pointed out, we are winning the War on Terror because the mass of Muslims are sitting the thing out. We don't want to make this a Muslim vs. the West issue; we want it to be a "tiny minority of religious extremists" vs. the West and keep everyday Muslims on the sidelines. Bin Laden and his ilk want all Muslims to rise and fight, we want them comfortable on their couch, watching the World Cup.

By at 11:52 PM | Comments |

Indonesia Releases Bashir

Alleged mastermind of the Bali bombing, Abu Bakar Bashir, has been released from prison.

But don't worry, he's learned his lesson and paid his debt to society:

"I will maintain my struggle to uphold sharia (Islamic law), he added, before getting into a black van.

Phew, it seems our allies in the War on Terror showed him the error of his ways. It must have been easy to rehabilitate a gentle miscreant like this:

The 67-year-old cleric, who has called al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden a true Islamic warrior, denied any wrongdoing. He insists Jemaah Islamiah does not exist, and Indonesian courts have dismissed charges that he led the network.

Of course Jemaah Islamiah doesn't exist, and neither does taqqiya.

Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah: Allah's Apostle said, "Who is willing to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?" Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, "O Allah's Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?" The Prophet said, "Yes," Muhammad bin Maslama said, "Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab). "The Prophet said, "You may say it." —Bukhari 5.59.369

Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah: The Prophet said, "War is deceit." —Bukhari 4.52.69

Above quotes courtesy of Patrick az-Kafir

Previous Bashir posts:

Bali Bombing Mastermind Sentenced to 4.5 days in Jail per Victim

US 'Disappointed' with Bashir Sentence of 4.5 Days per Victim

Bali Bombing Mastermind's Sentence Reduced from 4.5 Days in Jail Per Victim to 3.8 Days in Jail Per Victim

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In the Interests of Multiculturalism...

...I present a Spanish-language blog entry on a Japan-oriented site about an American TV show. Crazy Japan writes about Japan's infatuation with Knight Rider.


Google (mostly) translation of the Spanish:

This post was born in the same way that the previous investigation carried out by this his blog: Finding by chance an image: To see that mixed Japanese typography with one of the series of my childhood did that the big eyes will be illuminated to me and discovered stupification bottomless a well of fantastic cars, merchandising passed of returns and Japanese fanatics. Treats that today, happily, I offer to them. With you THE PAST JAPANESE OF the FANTASTIC CAR

No, there is no point to this post.

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Topless Female Troubles

1) In Hot Springs, Arkansas, a 38-year-old sheriff's deputy, Dawn Rene Roberson (pic), lost her job for going topless at a campground.

From Local6.com:

According to incident reports, a marine patrol deputy and a park ranger told a topless Roberson to cover up in separate encounters Sunday.

Later, authorities received a complaint that a woman without a top was in view of children.

One report said a grandmother complained that the topless woman became "loud and disorderly" after she told the woman to cover up. Another camper told authorities the woman became belligerent when confronted.

Roberson must be eligible for some kind of an award for stupidity. She is due in court on July 18 to face charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

2) In Austin, Texas, the local school board wants to fire 29-year-old Austin High School art teacher, Tamara Hoover (pic), for publishing her topless picture on the Internet. The Austin School Board voted yesterday to commence the termination process for Hoover.

From Tamara Hoover's web page on MySpace.com:

ARTIST AND ART Teacher (termination pending) at a high school in Austin, Texas. Looking for help with funding the gathering of evidence to defend myself against the Austin Independant School District. (both civil and criminal). They are firing me for pictures of me being on a website (celesta) and claiming the website is pornographic. [sic all]
For those that donate, Hoover states that she will send them "something something sweet." Isn't that special?

From Interested-Participant.

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In defence of honest mistakes.

I like Michelle Malkin. I like her writing, I like her speaking and, of course, I like the fact that she is, without any doubt ... hot.

I've begun to like Good Lieutenant (even though there's no evidence of hotness) but I have to wade into the 'hyperventilating anti-US reporting' post made earlier today and which has been running on Michelle Malkin's site for some time.

You are shooting at the wrong target.

The Times is not an Anti-American paper. It supported (and continues to support) the war in Afghanistan. It supported (and continues to support) the war in Iraq. It supported (and continues to support) the war on terror. It criticises, but it criticises tactics not strategy and we all do that.

Somebody (probably a hungover picture editor) made a mistake. S**t happens. When the mistake was pointed out to them, they apologised.

They didn't apologise in 36 point Times New Roman on the front page. It would be commercial suicide and the Times isn't some lefty cooperative that thinks that losing money is morally invigorating.

Demanding that they do makes us sound, well, a bit left wing. Its the left that continually hyperventilates, its the left that thinks that everyone who disagrees with them is an idiot, its the left that believes that there's a vast conspiracy plotting to undermine them. Let’s continue to allow them to monopolise that particular set of qualities. It's what they're good at. It's why they keep on losing.

There are Anti-American newspapers here in the UK (perhaps a post about the media scene here might be useful in the near future?) but The Times is not one of them. In the meantime, if you want to criticise a UK media source, might I suggest that a suitable target would be virtually anything written or broadcast by Al-BBC?

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Fiske a la Kosbot

Cross-posted @ Mein Blogovault.

I couldn’t resist – I delved into the Kos dungeons to seek out a juicy reaction to Fiske, and I came up with a doozy. And we’re off! - - -

Because its so obvious that Rove, Bush and Cheney are all guilty of obstruction of justice

Well, that’s new. Fitz said its done. Before that I thought it was perjury. And before that, conservatism. And before that, effectiveness.

that it boggles the mind how people lose sight of the forest for the trees.

You’re still washing dishes with Merry and Pippin back in the shire, dear friend.

Have they changed the testimonial oath to "tell the whole truth?"

Nope – Rove didn’t rewrite it with his arcane powers. Much.

Has that part been deleted? Why is that part of the oath never taken seriously, even by prosecutors?

Kenn Starr (I know, I know. I had to do it. It was a hanging curve).

I guess it's just a quaint, pious relic.

Or one less “weapon” in your war on “BushCo.”

So, even though they all three have known what's been going on for three years, it's just fine that they can stand there, arms folded, saying "come and get me if you can, sucker!" ??

Is that what was written by the Rove/Luskin team in the filings? Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…

This is appalling, and any D.C. jury, and many Main Street USA juries, would find them guilty.

DC? Is that because the courts there are reliably, I don’t know, BLUE in color?

I'll steer clear of any fascist rhetoric—

Well, THAT'S a relief…

Fitzgerald is obviously a fact hound

Gee. A prosecutor looking for facts. IMAGINE THAT.

and has gotten bogged down in minutiae,

(translation: facts)

figuring that even though it should be a crime to out a CIA agent, it really isn't

So you want an indictment on something you think should be a crime? Any other tyrannical notions you’d like to entertain today? It’s statements like that one that make me glad the Founding Fathers wrote that pesky little thing called the Constitution.

because a) the 1917 Espionage Act is too much of a reach

You mean the law is too much of a reach for a nonsensical “case” like the one against Rove? Ha!

and b) the Intelligence Identities Act is too narrowly written and sets the bar too high.

Damn laws!

Why is the bar so nit-pickingly high?

It wasn’t. Plame wasn’t a covert agent. That’s what this is all about, you nincompoop!

The clear and obvious circumstances

…which seem to be escaping you…

of the whole disgraceful affair are plain for all to see.

Apparently not to Fitzgerald – your version of the affair, that is. I’d bet he’s a little closer to the action than you are. Call me crazy.

BushCo has stonewalled for years, and they are getting away with it, just like they've gotten away with all their other crimes.

Oh yeah. All of those mythical, illusive crimes floating mysteriously in the ether, just impending the hell out of everything.

It really, really is a bad precedent to allow a criminal to have free rein in the White House.

That’s why Bush was voted in, silly.

Why can't people see it?

I’ll leave you to come up with an answer for that one.

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Because its so obvious that Rove, Bush and Cheney are all guilty of obstruction of justice

Well, that’s new. Fitz said its done. Before that I thought it was perjury. And before that, conservatism. And before that, effectiveness.

that it boggles the mind how people lose sight of the forest for the trees.

You’re still washing dishes with Merry and Pippin back in the shire, dear friend.

Kos dungeons to seek out a juicy reaction to Fiske, and I came up with a doozy. And we’re off! - - -

Because its so obvious that Rove, Bush and Cheney are all guilty of obstruction of justice

Well, that’s new. Fitz said its done. Before that I thought it was perjury. And before that, conservatism. And before that, effectiveness.

that it boggles the mind how people lose sight of the forest for the trees.

You’re still washing dishes with Merry and Pippin back in the shire, dear friend.

Kos dungeons to seek out a juicy reaction to Fiske, and I came up with a doozy. And we’re off! - - -

Because its so obvious that Rove, Bush and Cheney are all guilty of obstruction of justice

Well, that’s new. Fitz said its done. Before that I thought it was perjury. And before that, conservatism. And before that, effectiveness.

that it boggles the mind how people lose sight of the forest for the trees.

You’re still washing dishes with Merry and Pippin back in the shire, dear friend.


Did the Sunni Establishment Serve Up Zarqawi?

Most media outlets have been telling us that Zarqawi was fingered through good detective work in and around Baghdad. Stratfor has a different take. It claims that Zarqawi's head was something of a "peace offering" from the Sunni establishment to the Shia elites:

The political explanation is supported by two facts. The first is that within minutes of al-Zarqawi's death being publicly verified, the final positions in the Iraqi Cabinet were filled. The second is that almost immediately after al-Zarqawi went down, some 17 other sites were raided, and even more were raided after that. We doubt that the intelligence gathered at the scene of the first strike could be interpreted that quickly and an operation mounted that fast. That means that whoever passed intelligence to the United States had a lot of intelligence to pass. Al-Zarqawi kept things compartmentalized; he was a professional. So either the head of his operations turned, on his own, or someone above him who had a lot of information did. We think it is the latter.
Now, I'm not sure I'd agree that these facts necessarily lead to the conclusion that Zarqawi was sold out. The raids could have been planned based on intel from a number of corners and timed to coincide with the bombing for any number of tactical reasons, not the least of which might be an interest in preventing the flight of high-value targets. Similarly, I'd want to know more about those appointments to cabinet posts before I could be persuaded. If all (or at least most) the new cabinet appointments were Sunnis, that would certainly lend credence to Stratfor's conclusions.

Assuming that there is at least some truth to Stratfor's conjecture as to how the facts actually played out behind closed doors, why would the Sunni establishment eliminate one of its most useful tools? According to Stratfor:

The Sunnis realized that their political position meant they no longer required the "services" of the jihadists -- who were not under Sunni control, though the Sunnis allowed them to operate on Iraqi soil and were able to exploit their actions. The situation regarding negotiations had also reached a point at which the Sunnis had to demonstrate their worth and good faith -- hence the delivery of al-Zarqawi.

Giving up the jihadists not only advanced the Sunnis' position, it also allowed them to avoid having to scale back the insurgency as a whole. The Sunni political leaders do not want to be targeted by both Shiite militiamen and jihadists angry over their betrayal, and thus do not want to give up the insurgency until the Sunnis have security guarantees from the Shia.

QandO Blog expands on the Stratfor position:
The circumstances surrounding the death of Zarqawi may support the notion of a political detente between previously unreconciled Shiite and Sunni factions. Though some suggest Zarqawi was sold out by an erstwhile compatriot and that his death may lead to political progress, there's some reason to believe his death may have been the result of a political accomodation rather than the cause of it. That, as Stratfor argues, "his betrayal was the result of a political decision by senior Sunni politicians who had used al-Zarqawi in their insurrection, knew where he was and gave him away."
The difference in these two theories is, as noted, far from trivial as concerns the future of Iraq:
If Zarqawi's death was merely the death of one terrorist, albeit a prolific one, then it's of relatively little strategic value. If Zarqawi's death was the result of a Sunni buy-in to the political process, then it is monumentally important.
It's pretty clear that somebody ratted out Zarqawi. We're just not sure who, or why. Whatever the facts, I'm not convinced that Zarqawi's death can be so easily dismissed as being of "little strategic value." Zarqawi's elimination may turn out to be a significant setback for al-Qaeda, considering the fact that he was both a strong and rspected leader among the al-Qaeda ranks and a huge pain in the arse to the coalition forces. Then again, it may have been a blessing, considering the fact that Zarqawi's propaganda campaign in Iraq was an unmitigated public relations disaster for al-Qaeda. Only time will tell whether Zarqawi's death will help or hinder the promotion of al-Qaeda's ultimate goals, and to what extent.

However the game may ultimately play out, nothing can diminish the excellent work of the personnel who took Zarqawi out. A sociopathic monster is dead, and the rest of the world owes a big, collective "thank you" to the folks who did us all the favor.

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Some Photog Hijinx

Today's post at Newsbusters made me think of a few other instances of editorializing via photography.

1. Reuters, 3-10-06.

3. Reuters, Today (6-13-06).

3. CNN, 11-23-05.

4. Guardian, 11-11-00

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Project Valour-IT needs your help

Thanks to NZ at The Truth Laid Bear for the heads-up:

"Project Valour-IT provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse."

They are out of money, and need your help! Please donate here, and check out the blogs participating in this drive such as Blackfive, Castle Argghhh, and Mudville Gazette --- or find more on the TTLB tracking page for Valour-IT.

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Iraq the Model: Arabs Mourning Zarqawi

The sociopathic monster known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has died. Many (understandably) rejoice his passing. Others (inexplicably) mourn it.

Mohammed at Iraq the Model lays out his feelings towards those who would mourn their "hero" Zarqawi:

It is totally unimaginable why someone would describe the head chopping, children murdering terrorist as a hero. It's disgusting and infuriating beyond words.

This wrongful description of evil is a major reason for misery in this region and it only contributes to justifying more unjustifiable death and violence. This makes one sometimes wishes that Iraq is somehow lifted away from these perverted sociopaths who surround us.

To say I was angry is the least I can say to describe how I felt reading the comments from Arabs on a BBC forum. There was no surprise that all Iraqi commentators were pleased that we got rid of that vicious terrorists but on the other hand there was probably 90% of non-Iraqi Arab commentators who mourned him as a martyr....

I'll end this with a comment from Iraq…

I used to be against killing people because of their perverted opinions or their anti-freedom doings but after I have seen and lived through their terrorism and anti-humanity extremism I say now that the only solution is to end the life of those who are not even humans. They poison the minds and thoughts of sane people.

People, let the world live in freedom and happiness…
I say it to all the sane and rational people; congratulations on the death of Zarqawi. [emphasis added]

I couldn't agree more, so if you are sane, come celebrate the moment with us, but if not, get prepared to mourn more demons.

Amen to that, brother. Amen to that.

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NYT: No Rove Frogmarch; Democrats, Press Devastated

According to the NYT, the progression of the much-ballyhooed CIA Plamegate case just plopped a heaping pile of dissapointment on the left-wingut blogosphere. There will be no frogmarch for The Evil One, Karl Rove. No charges, nothing. All that hyperventallating on Hardball, all the CNN pontification, the hoping, the praying, the "Truthout" BS - gone in a puff.

Watch for exploding heads and ripped tinfoil hats. Sombody make sure Jason Leopold is on suicide watch. Drudge is noting that the nutroots and internet "indictment pushers" who have for months been huffing and puffing (including disgraceful "anchor" Keith Olbermann's pathetic assurances on 26 different programs), are dragging their collective behinds reporting the actual truth today. I wonder if this little faux-pas will cause Keith Olbermann qualify for his own "Worst Wanna-be Journalist Person in the World" segment. Doubt it.

I await tonight's Countdown and Hardball with giddy anticipation and will take great pleasure watching these leftwingnuts eat their crow all day. After they shut up for five minutes and let sink in what actually happened in reality, of course.

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Filipina Celeb - Rachelle Secreto

Rachelle is a swimsuit and import car model. More here.

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Why Attack Canada?

I ranted about this at my own blog, but The Jawa Report is a nice place so I will be tone it down here.

The Washington Times explains why home-grown terrorists planned to attack peaceful, liberal, unassuming, toque-wearing Canada:

But if the real motivation for Islamic terror is an aggressive U.S. foreign policy or Israel's supposed oppression of the Palestinians, why did 17 young Muslim men allegedly plot to strike Canada?
Canada has no soldiers in Iraq. Few would consider it a good friend of Israel. Canada has offered its warm embrace for Muslims from around the globe. Canadian Muslims experience minimal discrimination, let alone anything even resembling oppression.
Leaders of Islamic terrorist groups, from Osama bin Laden to Shiekh Ahmad Yassin (the late "handicapped" and "elderly" founder of Hamas), universally agree that no government is legitimate unless it is Islamic. Establishing an Islamic state is, in fact, what most unifies jihadists around the world.
So why Canada? Because it is not an Islamic state.
But the drive for an Islamic state is probably not enough of a salient motivator for foot soldiers, as it is still a somewhat intellectual ideal. Hence the slanders. Telling young Muslims that their non-Muslim neighbors are going halfway around the world to rape Muslim women strikes a raw nerve.

So there you have it. If Canada would just accept Islamic supremacy there would be no problem. To motivate restless, causeless youths, you need high-octane propaganda, and that is provided by Islamists and our own media.

Can anyone list all of the atrocity claims that the media has has given credence to in Iraq? How many in the last month? Now, how many have turned out to be true? Our media enables Islamist propaganda, fueling our enemies.

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Norks Plan Missile Test

Via Spook86, the Financial Times is reporting that the North Koreans plan to test a missile with enough range to hit the Continental United States:

Test preparations are far more advanced than on previous occasions when North Korea appeared to be gearing up for a launch. The Taepodong-2 is a two, or three, stage “integrated” missile. The three-stage version consists of a solid-fuel booster rocket strapped atop a Scud missile attached in turn to a short-range Nodong missile.

The US is monitoring the launch site to see if North Korea starts final assembly of the missile. If North Korea fuelled an assembled Taepodong-2, it would increase the probability of a test, since the move is difficult and dangerous to reverse.

My first thought was: I am damned glad Reagan started researching anti-missile defenses in the 1980's so we have partial protection against psychotics like the North Korean regime.

Sure, the missile sounds like jury-rigged mess...but when equipped with a nuclear warhead, it is a dangerous jury-rigged mess. From the Spook: "Some analysts have speculated that NK may be using the preparations to gain attention from the U.S. and South Korea. With no substantial progress in the six-party nuclear talks, Kim Jong-il may attempt to restart the process--on his terms--by reminding the other parties that he has nuclear weapons, and with the TD-2, a mechanism for striking targets well beyond the peninsula."

I think that can be summarized as nuclear blackmail. And it points up why we need to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis before it reaches the same stage.

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Why Corrections Need to Be A1 Above the Fold

This picture is Exhibit A of what happens when hyperventallating anti-US reporting outruns the facts at "objective" news outlets - they end up printing propaganda for the enemy. As the old saw goes, truth is the first casualty in war (especially within the press).

The ever-vigilant Michelle Malkin has been following the propagation and dissemination of a dishonest smear attempt an "editorial oversight" that has been popping up in media outlets all over the world. The UK Times ran a photo (an AP photo and caption) showing Iraqi civilians bound and shot in a long row about two weeks ago. The paper incorrectly captioned them as victims of Haditha, while attributing the killings to the US Marines. In reality, the photo was taken months before the Haditha incident even took place, and the people were killed by Islamic terrorists (in typical Islamist fashion, might I add). All of this must be done keeping in mind that not a single charge has been filied against any US soldier in these incidents.

Not a big deal, you say? Bollocks. The UK Times has issued a retraction and apology - and...? The picture, already making its way with phony caption around the world time and again, became fodder for a leftwingnut political cartoonist for the Chicago Sun-Times, who was also forced to issue a retreaction (post-publication, so that the damage was already done). Terrorist news network Al-Jazeera also picked up the photo and broadcast it across their airwaves and on their website. The "echo chamber" of the anti-war press in effect:

More on the now established mainstream press tactic pattern of "smear first, ask / verify/ contextualize/ fact-check later" here. We are now seeing the mask come off the press, who collectively think that they are re-living 1968 all over again (aka, they want another US loss and failure). This ain't 1968, and if it weren't for fact checkers on the Internet, this vicious smear attempt would continue to be blasted nightly over cute little chirons and customized Haditha graphics at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, TOday Show, MSNBC, the NYT, etc.

Given that the individuals in this photo are killed in typical Islamist fashion (civilians used to make an example out of them, bound, blindfolded, shot in cold blood, dumped in the street, etc.), it begs a set of questions about left-wing conventional wisdom. If these kinds of atrocities were being committed en masse by our troops as alleged by anti-warbots on a daily basis, then why are there so very few of these incidents that are reported? Why is the first instance in the entire conflict of such "alleged war crimes" so badly reported and so grossly blown out of historical and practical context? Could it be that the press has been chomping at the bit to get stories like this? Could it be that the US military, acting in the restrained and professional matter in which it always has, has been doing a nearly impeccable job of controlling and limiting civilian casualties and "alleged cold-blooded massacres?"

Where are the A1 corrections - above the fold in 36 point Times New Roman? Retractions and apoligies are lovely, but again, the damage to the troops is done whether the picture has anything to do with them or not (and it doesn't). I'll leave the readers and old media devotees to figure this one out, as their favored information sources backpedal, retract, misreport and misinform them.

Cross-posted at Mein Blogovault.

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Saddam's Brother Protests Against "Dictatorship"

Funny, I don't remember him protesting any "dictatorships" back in the day:

THE chief judge in Saddam Hussein's trial barred the former Iraqi leader's half-brother and co-accused Barzan al-Tikriti from attending today's session after guards forced him out of court the day before.

"The court decided to continue keeping defendant Barzan away for his repeated violation of the order of the court," Chief Judge Raouf Abdel Rahman said as the trial resumed at a heavily-fortified courtroom in Baghdad.

Former intelligence chief Barzan, who like Saddam and six other defendants face charges of crimes against humanity, was forced out of court on Monday screaming "This is a dictatorship" after an argument with Mr Rahman.

I think I smell something. I think it may be irony.

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Adler: X-Men Aren't Human

The frighteningly intelligent minds at The Volokh Conspiracy have been engaged in a vigorous discussion as to the constitutional rights of the X-Men. Jonathan Adler sets the record straight:

It seems that discussions about whether the equal protection clause applies to the X-Men and other mutants is moot. As the Disenchanted Idealist notes, a federal court has already determined that the X-Men (and other superheroes) are "nonhuman creatures," at least for the purposes of U.S. trade law.

'nuff said.

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Oriana Fallaci on Trial for Connecting the Dots

Oriana Fallaci is on trial for "defaming Islam." This is apparently prohibited in Italy. From the Guardian:

The trial of Oriana Fallaci, a journalist and author accused of defaming Islam in a book, was opened and adjourned yesterday in an Italian court.

The charge stems from a recent book, The Strength of Reason, one of a trilogy she has published since the September 11 attacks on the US. In the book, Fallaci, 77, is alleged to have made 18 blasphemous statements, including referring to Islam as "a pool that never purifies".

Theodore's World quotes the Telegraph, noting that Italian Muslims are seeking to send her to prison for up to three years:

The Italian author Oriana Fallaci, who once wrote that Muslims "breed like rats", may be facing up to three years in prison after she vowed to blow up a mosque.

Ms Fallaci, 75, who has cancer, is due to appear in court next week charged with the lesser offence of vilifying Islam, punishable with a ÂŁ3,450 fine.

But after her latest outburst in the New Yorker last week Muslim leaders are demanding that she be tried for inciting religious hatred, which carries a three-year jail term.

Clarity & Resolve has it right on the money:

Just another chunk of the Italian soul being sold for a pittance to the multicult/death cult consortium.

Michelle Malkin pays tribute to Fallaci's courage:

This lioness has taught me much. Opened my eyes. Talk about speaking truth to power. Her trial in Italy for insulting Islam--for insulting Islam--commenced in Italy today.

Where are the free-speech champions? The feminists? The human rights brigade?

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

I predict that the only sound you'll hear coming from the left is deafening silence. The left abandoned true free speech some time ago. A pity, really. There was a time when even the most despicable communist or child molester could count on help from the ACLU to defend his rights. But that was weeks ago.

As Michelle is probably aware, Fallaci's right to free speech does not exist in the eyes of the leftists. Her speech, being critical of a (non-Christian) religious group, falls squarely within the leftist construct of "hate speech." "Hate speech" is, by construction, not protected. To a leftist, there is no right to utter or write any word which constitutes "hate speech." There is no reason to allow the utterance of "hate speech" because "hate speech" has no value. In order to silence someone, then, one must merely classify his or her words as "hate speech" and thereby remove his or her right to speak. QED. Unfortunately, the frightening implications of this tactic seem to be completely lost on the leftists.

This unfortunate idea of the "valueless" nature of "hate speech" may no longer be confined to the left wing. David Weigel at the libertarian Reason.com, for example, isn't convinced that Fallaci's writings have any function other than to foment hatred:

[Ayaan Hirsi-Ali] exposed very real oppression and discrimination in the Muslim community, but it's worth asking if Manichean views of an Islam-West confrontation - expressed more floridly by Oriana Fallaci, who shares much of Hirsi Ali's American audience - have any use beyond getting readers' (or in Hirsi Ali's case, voters') blood boiling. If Islam is more creative, less oppressive, and contains more pockets of liberalism than its most famous critics are willing to admit, isn't that promising?

To the extent that they could be found to exist, "pockets of liberalism" within Islam would be promising. The problem is, there's little evidence of "pockets of liberalism" within Islam. There are, perhaps, discrete points of weak-kneed (and very quiet) liberalism within certain individual Muslims, but that's about as far as it goes. Tell me, which of the major schools of Islamic thought would be considered the "liberal" school? Which professors at Al-Azhar University are the "liberal" professors? When someone can give me answers to those questions, then we can begin to have a dialogue about the promise of "pockets of liberalism."

Lets face the facts with realism, shall we? Islam is a seventh-century religion completely out of place in a twenty-first century world. The evidence of this is all around us, and Oriana Fallaci must be left free to say so. Some speak of the potential for a "modernized" Islam to take root. That's a great idea, but we should be honest and acknowledge the idea as the shell game that it is. Those who speak of "modernizing" Islam are really saying we should come up with a different religion, call it "modern Islam," and then try to get the fundamentalist Muslims to buy in to it by telling them it's really the same religion, only with slightly different application. Good luck with that. Then again, a similar idea worked for Mohammed, so who knows?

Just remember to take your sword along on your "missionary trips." It's likely to come in handy.

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June 12, 2006

Just A Link, Don't Mind Me

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil" - Thomas Mann

I don't think that Rusty chose that quote for his blog lightly.

We are in a war. Not a cold war, not a proxy war, but a red hot shooting war.

To date, no war has been won by American jurisprudence.

Under the United States Constitution, the prisoners in Guantanamo have no rights.

Under the Geneva Conventions, the prisoners in Guantanamo have no rights.

None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Yet we have gone out of our way to make their stay in the tropics as comfortable as possible. From meals prepared in accordance with Islamic teachings to prayer rugs given upon arrival. Riots have occurred over fictional accounts of Koran flushing, never mind that we have no obligation to provide them with Korans. In short, they are being treated under the Geneva Convention even though it doesn't apply to them.

Were German POWs, who actually wore a uniform, and carried arms openly, given copies of Mein Kampf and shown newsreels of Hitler's speeches? Hardly.

While the focus is on three terrorists who committed suicide, no mention is being made of the dozens released who returned to their chosen vocation of killing Americans.

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Who Buys This Crap? (Pun Intended)

So there I am, sitting on the gilded Editor In Chief Pro Tempore throne, minding my own business and thumbing through the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly (shutup, bastards) when I notice that the Dixie Chick's latest..uh..album is in week 2 at the top of the charts.

The natural question is in the title of the post.

But then I notice the numbers. And the undisguised attempt to put lipstick on a pig:

Life may be twice as "Nice" for the Chicks, still on top in week 2 with 271,000, a less than 50% drop

I think they scored around 500 large with the first week, and 271 large this week, with a grand total of about 871,000 plus-minus sold.

In a nation of 280,000,000 people.

What an accomplishment. I felt better after thinking about that.

I like irony. The anti-American Dixies Chick's defiant, triumphant return to the CD shelves dropped almost 50% in the same week that Kos had his Konvention.

In his shining city on the hill, Reagan smiles.

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The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: How Much Is That Dent In My Forehead In The Window Edition


Since the "Translate This Mumble" post garnered requests for a contest, caption the photo for poor 'ol Ayman. Remember, he just lost a good friend.


Fatwas will be issued.


"i will cut ur neck" fatwa:

mychimo, for: ...and always remember to yell "Fore!"

"devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa:

, for: "Pay no attention to the Jewish stars on the curtain behind me. We're just making do while we reconstruct a new safehouse."

Honorary right back atcha with a fatwa fatwa:

Some islamotard with: "i will fuc* you,zarqavi is my favourite man,and usame bin laden,Adam olun" (as previously noted by Howie.)

If you didn't finish in this one, there's still this one.

As always, thanks for the chuckles, and a new BSCC starts on Sunday.

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I Think This Would Be A Good Place For Lunch

Courtesy of my high-powered super-duper Jack Bauer phone:


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Net Neutrality : Who do you trust?

I've been hearing more and more about "net neutrality" lately. It came up often at YearlyKos (they apparently like it). To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to the issue prior to last week. Apparently, net neutrality comes down to a conflict between increased government regulation (which I'm generally against) and the interests of a coalition of huge corporations (of which I'm also not the biggest fan). Further complicating the issue is the fact that MoveOn.org is apparently taking a lead in favor of net neutrality regulation.

Jason at RedState.org has a short summary of the issue, at least as he sees it:

A conservative-leaning colleague from a previous life emailed today and asked if I could break down the dicey `net neutrality issue in the simplest terms possible. "Sure," I replied, "it stinks." This complex issue has been simplified in recent weeks to this simple question: Who do your trust?

Do you trust MoveOn.org and their celebrity network tech experts including Moby, Alyssa Milano and rockers REM? Of do you trust every free-market and limited government advocate including think-tanks and associations?. . .

For my part, I'm going to have to learn quite a bit more about "net neutrality" regulation before I form a strong opinion, but additional government regulation of the internet sounds, at least in principle, like a questionable idea.

It seems there are a lot of questions remaining to be answered. Would this truly allow unelected government bureaucrats to determine how and in what manner traffic flows across the internet? If so, what safeguards would we have that "unapproved" speech wouldn't be squeezed out or throttled down by those bureaucrats? Is this the internet equivalent of "equal time" in broadcasting? Most importantly (to me, at least), why is the far left so turned on by this idea?

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 04:49 PM | Comments |

Mujahid Caption Contest


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Papal Bulls to be given out sometime around noon tomorrow! (Photo props to TDAXP)

I declare you all winners! But two commentors have been elevated to sainthood. They are: Marcus Aurelius and JustPlainJoe and Howie. Everyone else is now "blessed"!

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Reader Love Mail Turkish Fatwa Edition

As Rusty noted earlier we here at the Jawa Report have a brand new Fatwa from Turkey. Now Rusty promised to update us on the details but has not gotten to it. So all I know now is a Jihadi website based in Turkey has been making us even more infamous. So far it has resulted in DDOS attacks on mu.nu as well as lots of cool spam attacks. We have survived this so far. So lets all do a collective phttttt.

Today we have some cool reader love mail. We’ve not been getting so many of these lately since we always post them. But a new Fatwa brings new suckers.

Now this first one left a valid email. They posted from India and are trying to hide on an old thread. Of course as always it’s the joooooos!

joji cherian


who said there is democracy in us. us stands and exist for israel. it has no national interests, israels' interest are us intersts. there is no christianity. no freedom. every thing that us is doing is unchristian.americans are being murdred for israel. the slaves they are, they can not even wisper against it. americans are a terrorised people, condmned to to perish for israel. ppeople like bin laden are sending wake up calls to the american Christians

The next fun love mail comes from Istanbul Turkey and was posted on Vinnie’s Caption contest thread. But this brave mujahadbeen despite his threat to, “make love to us” was too chicken to leave a valid email. Pussy.
F*ck Anti Muslims

i will f*ck you,zarqavi is my favourite man,and usame bin laden,Adam olun



Also we have five, count em, five new authors here so welcome aboard one and all.

Update :

Vinnie, Editor In Chief Pro Tempore: What do you mean "we." You're retired.:)
Yeah I know retired, retarded something.

Update II: More reader Love mail from the UK Below the break.

MSM's South Park Hypocrisy

Ake (hmm interesting choice of names, trolling me isn’t he)


United Kingdom, England, Sheffield

u stupidmother fukers dnt u get it bush is takin u 2 hell all he wants is ur mums fanny crack and ur dads balls dats the devil talking. nw here the truth there is 1 god believe it or not and i promise u im not hypocritical but there is proof and im not tellin u 2 change but there wil b a judgement day and every1 wil suffer.bk 2 the devil u stupid fukrs its not alwayz abt sex unless ur mum wants 2 fuk me ill make ur mums fanny sweaT LKE THE HOLY PISS DAT U DRINK BYE BYE

By Howie at 04:08 PM | Comments |


England has been invaded. No, not by rampaging hordes of All Qaeda 'martyrs' (though they are probably here as well) but by England flags.

They are everywhere. Hanging from office buildings, shops, homes, fluttering from (not very well secured) antenna on cars and trucks. Even painted on people's faces.

Its World Cup time and England at least is looking as confident and patriotic as it always is just below the surface. Of course I feel sorry for my poor Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish brethren, who’s teams didn't make it to the finals (ha ha!) but at least my non-English fellow Britons seem to be taking this football* inspired burst of Englishness with good humour.

Not everyone is of course. The usual suspects are complaining that the flags which you now cannot now avoid are 'racsist' and 'intimidating'. Can you guess who those usual suspects are?

That's right, some of those who voluntarily came to this country to escape their own homeland's despotic regimes and their defender's in the 'we hate ourselves' liberal so-called elite.

Of course, what they really object to isn't the flag itself but the confidence in the country, it's dominant culture and political freedoms that it is indicative of. The bullishness it inspires amongst Englishmen and women of all colours and creeds.

The Islamofascists and their allies have successfully undermined large sections of the media and the establishment but the disconnect between those sell-out sections of our society and the majority of the population they supposedly represent is as comfortingly wide as it has been for decades.

As with any war, the real key to victory is confidence in the cause and the values it protects. Confidence is abundant, no matter what anyone might tell you.

(*Even for my guest slot here I'm refusing to use that hideous 's' word, just as I'm refusing to spell humour incorrectly).

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Yearly Kos : What Fame Will Bring to Kos

LGF links to an article by Byron York of National Review discussing the attention Kos is likely to garner in the wake of his convention:

While [Kos'] writings—and the controversies they have caused—are an old topic in the blogosphere, they have remained largely unexamined in major media outlets....

...For example, one of Moulitsas’s most famous statements, involving the brutal murders of four American contractors in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004—“I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries. They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.”—has been the target of extensive criticism on conservative blogs and in conservative media outlets, but, according to a search of the Nexis database, has never been mentioned in the Washington Post. (It was quoted, once, in the New York Times, deep in a September 2004 feature story on bloggers.) Nor has it been reported in any major newsmagazine or been the topic of conversation on any major television program. . . . the remarkable thing is how little scrutiny Moulitsas’s writings have received in major media outlets. Now, after YearlyKos and all the attention that came with it, it seems likely that will change.
I'd like to think Byron is right on this point, though only time will tell. Kos's fundamental plan is to convince the far left to keep quiet and stay in ranks long enough to get a critical mass of Democrats elected. Once that critical mass is achieved, the Democrats' debt to the far left is to be repaid with a laundry list of left-wing policy enactments. The problem for the Kossacks is, it's going to be tough for them to keep their mouths shut and keep up the veneer of moderation up long enough to capture that power. On top of that, and as Byron has pointed out, they've produced gigabytes of writings over the past few years, most of which were drafted back in the day when no one outside of the Daily Kos community was really paying any attention.

The Kossacks have been looking forward to the day when the people really paid attention to them. From the extensive media coverage, it appears that they have (at least temporarily) gotten what they wished for.

I seem to remember my Grandma advising me to be careful what you wish for...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:17 PM | Comments |

Castro Blacks Out U.S. Mission in Havana

Although the Cuban government has harassed the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana for years, the latest move is a troubling escalation.

From Miami.com:

The Cuban government has cut off electricity to the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana as part of a sharp increase in harassments that include holding up visas for American diplomats waiting to take up posts there and restricting gasoline supplies, the State Department said Monday.

The electricity to the U.S. Interests Section in Havana -- not quite an embassy because Cuba and the United States do not have formal diplomatic relations -- was cut off at 3 a.m. on June 5, said Ashley Morris, a State Department spokeswoman

Although electricity in Cuba is notoriously unreliable, Morris said no other buildings around the Interests Section on Havana's seaside Malecon boulevard have been affected, so U.S. officials believe the cutoff is deliberate.

Asked if the Cuban government had given any reason for the cutoff, Morris said, "you'll have to ask the Cubans. We'd like to know as well."

The mission has backup generators but lack gasoline. Restrictions have been imposed on the importation of equipment and supplies. I'd guess that all the harassment amounts to a not-very-subtle campaign to elbow the Americans out of Cuba. Understandably, mission staff are destroying documents that are not essential.

One expert believes the lights were cut off in retaliation for the "electronic billboard that the U.S. mission hung on the side of its building earlier this year to show anti-Castro messages." Yeah, that might have tweaked old commie Castro to cut the lights. Fortunately, the water hasn't been cut off yet.

From Interested-Participant.

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Yearly Kos : Monday-morning Quarterbacking

The Kossacks themselves are all over the map as to what went right and what went wrong this past weekend. Mark Warner's massive party is a hot topic of conversation on the internet:

Gov. Warner's Expensive Party -- Brilliant

Think about it this way: if Gov. Warner has now established himself in the front of the pack, and grabbed onto a great big piece of the mindshare of the blogosphere, for only $70,000 (or whatever it cost), then GOOD FOR HIM - it shows he knows how to reach the audiences he needs to reach, when he needs to reach them. It's called "marketing." If there's anything the Democrats need it's marketing know-how, and if it means we get to eat free sushi, all the better.

Another viewpoint:

Back from YearlyKos:

Warner had his now infamous party. It was pretty cool as far as I was concerned, but it did cause a lot of controversy. My main problem was that I was so tired that I had a hard time socializing. . . . I was concerned about the way the convention became a kind of near endorsement of Mark Warner, and I will probably have more to say on that later. But, by way of a quick clarification, I don't think Warner did anything wrong. I think Jerome Armstrong deserves a doubling in salary for the job he did for Warner.

Let me tell you, I've seen some lavish decadence in my day. The Mark Warner party was some decadence. Salon asks, "How much is that blogger in the window?" The party was hosted at the top of the Stratosphere needle, with a commanding view of the city for miles in every direction. Live bands, open bars all over the place, ice sculptures, food bars everywhere serving sushi, tender roast beef, chicken, pork loin, fresh fruit, a huge chocolate waterfall fountain. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but the point is: this, my friends, was a PARTY. Just check out the pictures. Salon predicts:

If the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries were held tomorrow, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner would easily win the contest for the best party planner. To date, no other candidate has rented an Elvis impersonator to perform for supporters in a circular viewing station 1,000 feet above the Vegas strip. And no other candidate has tried to ply voters with the deadly trifecta of a vodka-chilling ice sculpture, a chocolate fondue waterfall, and free roller-coaster rides. . . At a reported cost of around $50,000, Warner had rented out the highest bar in Vegas to entertain the nearly 1,000 bloggers and online activists who were in town for YearlyKos...
One Kossack has described the party as "surreal." Most of the reaction from the Kossacks themselves has been simple delight and awe at being hosted so generously by a wealthy and powerful politician.

Wonkette asks: "How Much Free Booze Did You Miss?"

The Kossacks tinfoil hats have also been quite a topic of conversation:

The Australian notes:

PEOPLE were walking around in hats fashioned out of tinfoil in Las Vegas at the weekend, the fruits of a workshop on the media at an inaugural annual convention of liberal internet bloggers.

"It's to stop them from frying our brains," said Lisa Schiff, who writes a regular blog - or web log - under the name of "Crkrjx". She said the tinfoil helmets were an "elaborate joke on the much-despised mainstream media".

"Everyone thinks that because we are on the Left we must be conspiracy theorists, even though we have some pretty good ideas," she said.

"I mean," she added with a sly smile, "look at my hat. I've given it a receptor aerial so it can pick up the truth."

A fellow Kossack asks WTF are you doing? Tinfoil Hats?!?!?

If I didn't think there was so much potential in this community I would call it quits now. There is no quicker way to make yourself look like a delusional whackjob than by sporting a tin foil hat. I don't care if it was a fun competition or a serious display of paranoia -- if we want to be taken seriously we don't need a group of our own showing up in the media wearing tin foil on our heads.

I tend to beat up on Karl Rove a lot, but I gotta admit: slipping the Kossacks some Reynolds Wrap was, indeed, a stroke of genius.

As I noted before, Kossacks tend to be quite an agreeable lot in person. Accordingly, there was a lot of community at Yearly Kos and not much discussion. Apparently, it's only when their typing on their keyboards that Kossacks become raving lunatics. Now that they're back at their respective keyboards, I predict we'll be hearing more sentiments like these:What I Saw at the Revolution

I’ve written before about my dismay with Democrats when it come to gay issues, and my frustration with Howard Dean and the direction the party seems to be taking where LGBT issues are concerned. And I suppose going into YearlyKos I should have known what I was getting into. Kos is, after all, known for saying that us "single issue" folks should zip it, sit tight on the back burner and support the party no matter what, even when it backs candidates that don’t support our concerns or issues. I should have known what to expect based on the comments I’d seen when the subject came up on netroots sites like MyDD and DailyKos. I should have figured I’d hear the same things I’d heard all along, even during the FMA debate.

I guess just hoped being there and bringing it all up might help, or might mean something. But I heard the same thing, even from gay folks who are just as frustrated as I am, and from supportive straight people too: this is what we have to do to win, and if gay issues have to take an extended back seat consider it taking one for the team. . . .

But I’ve burned a lot of bandwith on this only to realize something I already said above. I can’t fight the entire netroots, or convince them for that matter. As I drifted through the convention, through speeches by the political elite and panels of the blogging elite, and one truly surreal party hosted by Mark Warner (completely with an ice sculpture of Kos’ name), I realized pretty clearly my place in the blogging cosmos (or is that Kosmos?).

Echoing that sentiment: No love for labor?

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed YearlyKos and many of the panels were outstanding. But I did leave a bit dispirited that, not exactly to my surprise, there was minimal attendance at any of the four different sessions discussing issues of working families and the labor movement. None of those four sessions had more than forty people in attendance.
Kos makes no bones about his intention to "tame the fringes" of the left-wing and make them into loyal and reliable Democrat voters. He also dismisses labor as increasingly insignificant to modern politics, so it's not a surprise to see that labor isn't falling all over itself to join his club.

UPDATE: Some Kossacks are experiencing a little political hangover after their one-night-stand with Warner Saturday night. A few Kossack comments on Warner and his sushi-fest:

[Warner's] big coming out party was with the DLC last month.


...That tells me everything I need to know.

I'm happy to have candidates court the blogroots.

I wish they were progressive.

Sorry, Mark. I'm a Gore and/or Clark girl.

He is with the DLC on policy, with the netroots when it comes to picking up the bar tab. That isn't a leader, it is a lobbyist.

I am so sick of people here referring to the DLC like it is the worst organization in the world. Get over yourselves people!

Wasn't it Kos himself who just told us a few weeks ago that the DLC was one of the worst organizations in the world - that it was a dinosaur destined for extinction?

...if he fights and wins against the Swiftboating motherf[]ers, and then governs like a room-temperature Republican, where are we?

CNN thought it very funny that we could be bought off so easily.

I sad to say that I agree.

What's the difference from a candidate buying us or hey, a lobyist.

Would seem to me that YKos should not be open to such things.

Shame on us.
The Doc

...One of the reasons I read DKos is that I don't like the way politics and Government runs. Too many people on the take. Too much money influencing too many people.

Be it a dollar or 100,000 dollars I see little difference. Can you explain why a junket to Scottland is any different than a free drink? Or a free airplane ride?

Some membership groups prohibit "free" anything for those exact reasons. Why don't we?

So, if Warner's "first date" with the Kossacks wins them over, they look like they're bought and paid for. If they end up turning on him, he looks like a chump. Far from being a "brilliant" move, it looks like Warner's people put him in a "no win" position. Way to go, guys!

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 01:49 PM | Comments |

Fatah versus Hamas: Round 3,575

Fatah gunmen have set fire to the PA Cabinet Building. The reason? Because Hamas is there.

The center cannot hold in Palestine. Being half-way between liberalization and thuggery is no place to be. The one country in place to bring peace to the territories is Israel, but of course any attempts to establish peace would be "imperialism." The United Nations is all high and mighty at supporting Palestinians against Israel but who will stand up for Palestinians who want peace? The track record of the UN in this field is not good so don't hold your breath.

By at 12:57 PM | Comments |

Julie Banderas is on FIRE


Average Gay Joe says:

I think I'm in love now with Julie Banderas...

Hat tip to Michelle.

Of course, the left wants to place the loonies at this "church" into the category of "the right" for propaganda purposes. A fight with Fox News might, of course, tend to hamper that effort. Damage control is in order.

True to form, something called "The Carpetbagger Report" had this to say:

So, I guess there is some kind of line of decency that even conservatives don't want to see crossed. Far-right activists who revile gays are fine, but far-right activists who revile gays while protesting at slain soldiers' funerals are not. Good to know.

Good to see the left doesn't get into stereotyping, intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, etc.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 11:57 AM | Comments |

Zarqawi successor named

Dead man walking....

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda in Iraq named a successor following the killing of the group's leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, according to an Internet statement on Monday.

"The shura council of al Qaeda in Iraq unanimously agreed on Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, to be a successor to Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," said a statement signed by al Qaeda and posted on a Web site frequently used by Islamist militants.

Most experts had speculated that Abu Ayyub al-Masri would be the one to take over for Zarqawi. Could this be the reason they were wrong?


Companion OpiniPundit

By at 11:33 AM | Comments |

Zarqawi Survived Blast For 52 Minutes


BAGHDAD, Iraq - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi lived for 52 minutes after a U.S. warplane bombed his hideout northeast of Baghdad, and he died of extensive internal injuries consistent with those caused by a bomb blast, the U.S. military said Monday.
One hopes that during those fifty-two minutes Zarqawi's Maker was giving him a perfect understanding of his actions, that Zarqawi realized he was experiencing a tiny portion of the suffering he so joyously handed out.
He added that no decision had been made on what to do with the remains of al-Zarqawi and his spiritual adviser, Sheik Abdul-Rahman, who also was killed instantly in Wednesday’s airstrike.
We welcome your suggestions.

Originally posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto.

By Bluto10:15 AM | Comments |

The New Band of Brothers

The Weekly Standard published a fantastic article by Michael Fumento on troops in Ramadi. He has now placed a copy on his own website, with the addition of links, photos and videos. You need to read it all to get the in-the-action flavor of the piece. Here are a few excerpts:

Ten days before I arrived, during the night of April 9, 1st Battalion suffered its worst casualties of the deployment in a mini-"Black Hawk Down" situation. An IED flipped a Humvee, killing the driver from D Company. An M-1 Abrams tank went to retrieve it. For good reason, Corregidor has a large complement of tanks and other armored vehicles. Unfortunately, another IED made a lucky strike on the tank, cutting the fuel line and setting it ablaze. The men inside scrambled to safety, but now things got really messy...

So the troops set up a perimeter and waited. As with the real downing of the Black Hawks in Somalia, the burning tank attracted bad guys from throughout the city. They kept pouring into the area to kill the infidels. But with their night-vision equipment and laser pointers, Americans own the night. The enemy came in droves and they died in droves. "The insurgents were so desperate to gain momentum against us that they were literally running into the streets to plant IEDs right in front of us or throwing them over walls," says Claburn. "It was purely amazing." By the time the rounds had stopped flying and the tank was recovered, 30 jihadists were confirmed dead. Disaster had been averted. But the price in blood was high. Two more soldiers from Headquarters Company had died when another IED ripped their Humvee apart. Later the engineers whose job it was to detect and remove IEDs came into Col. Clark's office, apologizing with tears in their eyes. "I told them you tried; you did your best; but you can't get all of them all the time," Clark said....

Right place at the right time indeed. I look where I had been standing exposed to the windows. About where my head had been there's a large pock mark in the opposite wall. The bullet might have drilled me had I remained there; I can't say. Then I see the window. There's a nice clean hole just where my upper right side was – where my body armor has absolutely no protection, much less the new side ceramic plates everybody in 1st Battalion wears. This puts me in a pensive mood. No Killionesque whoops. But there's little time to contemplate my mortality before the order comes to "exfil" for real and start trekking back to the pickup point at a good trot. All quiet on the OP Hotel front. Or so I think. But now it's going to get really bad.

It is the single best article I have read on the war. Go read it!

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New Nukes for Ontario

The environmentalists and the not-in-my-back-yard liberals will surely protest this news. I'd suggest that the citizens of Ontario have left themselves with few options. Alternative energy sources won't come close to providing the anticipated 12,000+ megawatts of continuous capacity needed to meet demand over the next 20 years. It's either nuke plants or turn off the lights.

From TheStar.com:

The provincial government will announce tomorrow that Ontario is embracing more nuclear power plants, sources told the Toronto Star.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has privately spoken of his government's plans to confidants for days, insiders say.

In an off-the-record speech on Saturday night in Ottawa to the secretive Bilderberg group, McGuinty discussed the pros and cons of more nuclear plants.

While he did not divulge the government's plans to that audience of 160 business and political leaders, the premier privately admitted the public will officially learn of the plans tomorrow when his government announces its long-awaited response to the Ontario Power Authority's report on the province's energy supply mix.

The Sierra Club and Greenpeace have already weighed in with their disapproval. Nevertheless, it appears that $40 billion worth of new and refurbished nuclear generating capacity is now on the table as the primary focus of the Ontario Power Authority's next 20 years.

From Interested-Participant.

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Haditha, The Gatekeepers and The Groundshift

Cross-posted at Mein Blogovault

Much (not all) of what is contained in this post has been stated or articulated elsewhere in the blogosphere, so please forgive and indulge me for the sake of reflection on this important issue.

In its apparent zeal and fervor, the mainstream press may have shot itself in both legs with the outlandish and one-sided Haditha coverage over the past few weeks. It is certainly now evident that there have been glaring and troubling inconsistencies from the “eyewitnesses” to these alleged incidents. It is also evident that the “sources” for the TIME story were presented in a catastrophically misleading way. These corrections, backtracks, misleading statements, scrubbings, retractions and inaccuracies are now (thanks to the fact-checkers residing in the new media – the readers) surfacing on a daily basis. The mainstream press, it figures, can merely outrun the new media with their nightly news megaphone and printing presses; assuming quite correctly that irreparable damage to our image and our military has been done simply by printing allegations, misleading suggestions and hysterical “eyewitness accounts” from nameless, faceless sources who are turning out to be not-so-nameless, faceless or agenda-less.

There have also been rumblings in the blogosphere about the potential for this story to become a bigger referendum and embarrassment for the “old media” then the Dan Rather Memogate scandal. There has undoubtedly been a recent emerging of hasty and sloppy media coverage when it comes to certain incidents both tangentially and directly involving our war on worldwide Islamic terrorism (especially when it comes to the conduct and effectiveness of our military), but no proportional cynicism or distrust of the “sources” from which stories like Haditha emerge. Herein lies the root of the problem – the enemy gets the benefit of the doubt, and the military (by proxy, the US) gets smeared.

A few recent examples of this emerging pattern are in order. Newsweek published a completely bogus story of our troops in Gitmo flushing Korans down the toilet; the facts revealed that precisely the opposite was occurring on a daily basis. We often hear about how the military is broken and strained, and yet, we have stories indicating that the Army and other armed forces are meeting their recruiting goals. We have hyperventilating coverage of “alleged massacres” that come from hard-line Sunni insurgents bent on driving the US out of Iraq so that they can resume what they do best – slaughtering innocents. We have the incident at Ishaqi – released (intentionally released at the time this supposed story was breaking) to enhance the “pile-on” effect. Unfortunately for the anti-war left, that “massacre” turned out to be nothing of the sort, complete with acquittals. This is a partial and incomplete list, but there is an undeniable pattern of incompetence and gun-jumping now established.

Just what is it, then, that causes or allows for this hysterical and shoddy press coverage of the war? For one thing, it could be that the general political leanings of many in the media business fall on the left-of-center side of the aisle, and that these media have already “dug in” (starting after 2000) against the actions of the Bush Administration regardless of facts and reality. It could also be that the formative experiences (1960’s drug-addled hysteria, unmediated leftism and Viet Nam) of many of these media progenitors (think Pinchy, Bill Keller, Mary Mapes, Dan Rather, Eason Jordan, etc.) are disproportionately influencing their perspectives on modern events. It could very well be that the left’s go-to 40 year old narrative of “US bad, Military = baby killers, Vote Democrat or else" is deteriorating at a rapid rate. This rapid erosion of mainstream television and print media power and influence is causing the retaliatory emergence of tabloid-like sensationalism and “gotcha” journalism, sort of like how a fish desperately flails for dissolved oxygen on dry land. This is perhaps a predictable response from those who feel that their “integrity” and their “professionalism” is being challenged unfairly. As this current Haditha story is indicating, those criticisms are perfectly valid and are evidently getting under the skin of certain publications known by their “credibility.”

Whatever the collective and aggregate socio-psychological reasons that elicit such childish and knee-jerk reactions from members of the press on all matters military, it is almost irrelevant. For the most part, I’m willing to bet that the majority of members of the old media know that the ground is shifting as it did when they assumed power in the 1970’s. There is an entire world of information literally at the fingertips of anyone willing to look for it, and this is a terrifying prospect to media organs whose primary function is to act as what David Manning White termed the “gatekeepers” of information. Being the gatekeeper of information bestows upon said gatekeeper an inordinate amount of influence of power – for whatever reason you choose, you get to decide who talks about what, how much of it they can talk about, when they can talk about it , in what context, etc. These gatekeepers (reporters and editors, sometimes management and ownership) don’t necessarily tell the audience what to think (although this is debatable in many circumstances when linguistic biases within media writing are exposed), but the gatekeeper is essential in telling the audience what to think about. A recent Pew Institute report suggested that the Internet is now the most adhered-to source of information and news – surpassing long-time stalwarts like print and television.

To those who have built virtual empires on the commercial viability of television news and printed news, this is a potentially terrifying prospect. In response, the old media fires back with the only weapons in its arsenal that it knows how to use – their legacy influence over an unsuspecting audience and their ubiquitous “coverage” that permeates nearly every home and workplace in the country. It is during this loosely-coordinated counter-attack that the new media asserts its importance and relevance. For your convenience, I have assembled a representative roundup of counter-MSM Haditha coverage. Hopefully, this provides and continues to validate how the new media performs the editorial functions that those “gatekeepers” in the old media are either don’t perform or perform over-zealously at the expense of the entire story being laid out.

Sweetness and Light:

TIME’s “Corrections” About Haditha
Mudville Gazette:
Signal to Noise
The American Thinker:
Haditha: Is McGirk the New Mary Mapes?
Haditha in the Context of History
Haditha, Just War Theory and the Press
The Haditha Stratagem
The StrataSphere –
WaPo Explores Marine’s Side of Haditha
Al-Qaeda Snuff Films in Haditha
Riehl World View –
Haditha Media Errors Exposed
Michelle Malkin –
UK Times Smears Our Troops (with Response)
Democracy Project –
Now Let’s See Who the Drive-by Media Believes
Gateway Pundit –
Bad News for John “Cold Blooded” Murtha, Haditha Story Crumbling

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Rot in Hell, Zarqawi

The Z-man was a beheader, murderer of innocents, and a pedophile:

The Jordanian security official told TIME that the bombing killed Abdul-Rahman and Mr. X, in addition to al-Zarqawi's 16-year-old wife.

Since his baby was 18 months old, that means he impregnated his wife when she was 13 or 14 years old. That is one more reason to hope he is burning in hell.

H/t to LGF.

Update: The autopsy says Zarqawi died of internal injuries caused by the 2 500lb bombs. There were no firearm injuries.

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Filipina Celeb - Natasha Asbury

Natasha is a half-Filipina/half-American substitute schoolteacher and fashion model. And, based on my in-depth investigation, she is not a terrorist. More here.


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How to Identify a Terrorist...

For your safety and the safety of others, it is important to be able to quickly identify potential terrorist threats that you may encounter in your daily life.

This person, for example, may or may not be a terrorist:



One might want to investigate further, just to make sure.

One can never be too careful.

Please stay tuned for future Jawa Report public service announcements...

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 03:11 AM | Comments |

Hamas Shows Incompetence, Ends Ceasefire

Friday, 7 (or 8, depending on the source) Palestinian civilians were killed in an explosion on a Gaza beach. Hamas claims that Israeli artillery shells killed them and used the deaths as an excuse to end the fragile ceasefire with Israel.

Israel is now telling its side of the story:

An Israel Defense Forces intelligence officer has confirmed that the explosion that killed eight Palestinians on Friday, was caused by a stockpile of Hamas explosives.

"Shortly after we stopped defensive firing at Hamas rocket launch pads which were deployed behind Palestinian human shields, members of Hamas scrambled to fire more rockets at our positions," said Col. M. "We have eyes on every meter of Gaza, from the sky, from the ground and from the sea. One of their rocket tripods collapsed inadvertently setting off an explosion of a stockpile of Qassam rockets. The Palestinians killed their own children. And this was not the first time."

Hamas terrorists fired rockets and mortar bombs from a crowded Gaza beach at southern Israel. Some of the rockets fell near the Israel city of Ashkelon. Some 17 rockets were fired between Saturday and Sunday morning. A man at a school in the Israel town of Sderot was wounded, Israel officials said.

Israel Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant said today that the Israel Defense Forces has additional evidence that it wasn't Israel artillery that hit the beach in Gaza. Galant, who commands Israel's southern command, said Israel stopped firing 15 minutes before the explosion. It's all on secure videotape from both sides of the conflict. Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he was sorry about the deaths, which included three children.

Hamas knows what happened, they know their own incompetent terrorists killed their own people. And they still use the incident as an excuse to end the ceasefire. Why? Hamas is in a nasty fight with Fatah over control of the PA government, and the best way to maintain support is to find an external enemy to bring the faithful back into the fold. Wag the dog, if you will.

Roll the video, Galant.

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Yearly Kos Report : From the fingers of babes...

Did you know that if you mix equal parts home video camera and personal computer hardware, you can make virtual napalm?

Oh, yes. One can produce all sorts of explosive propaganda using simple household items--if one is so inclined.

For those interested in the Yearly Kos show, you're probably aware that Hot Air has been ALL OVER it from the get-go. Blogging on the Kossacks' Saturday night red-meat-o-rama, Hot Air's AllahPundit had this to say about the Kossacks' amateur video work:

[W]arming up for Harry [Reid] was a video produced and edited by a 15-year-old girl. It was just basic propaganda—images and text over some remix of “We Will Rock You”—but it was a great piece for firing up the base.
I think the Right is trailing in this particular arms race. Hot Air is a great start in countering the Left’s command of the creative culture—the quick response on the Zarqawi video was great—but I hope that this becomes a technology that’s widely adopted.

I have to admit, the Yearly Kos convention highlighted a number of well-done left-wing amateur videos, including the one mentioned above, which, in case you missed it, was put together by a fifteen-year-old. While it was simple, it was effective. There were a number of other videos featured at the conference. One of them, a comedy short titled "Mission Accomplished Man," involved a lot of original live action footage and stunts, including one in which the hero gets run over by a car. (All these videos are available on YouTube, though I don't have the links in front of me at the moment.)

Whether there's a right-left video technology gap, I'll leave to others to decide, but to the extent that you believe it matters, the Kossacks definitely have some video skills to be reckoned with.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 12:54 AM | Comments |

June 11, 2006

Just Good 'Ol Boys, Never Meanin' No Harm

The Pentagon releases the names of the three terrorists who took a long drop at the end of a short rope.

Read the whole article. It's kinda funny. It painstakingly outlines the egregious hand-wringing going on about this non-event.

It's simple. We are in a war. Club Gitmo is a POW camp. A POW camp is where Prisoners Of War are held. All the ridiculous carping about people being held without trial is just that. Ridiculous.

It should also be noted that many detainees released from Gitmo have cheerfully returned to their chosen avocation of trying to kill as many Americans as possible.

If you really want to read a howler, check out this editorial from a month ago in the Yemen Observer. You know Yemen, that country that sets the standards for humane incarceration in the world. That's like Tony Soprano lecturing Jack Bauer that he should stop killing people.

Muslihoon says "shut it down." Tongue firmly in cheek, of course.

By Vinnie at 11:19 PM | Comments |

Editorial Note

I just wanted to reiterate that Rusty is away for most of the summer.

If you have something blogging-related, feel free to email me, the address is at the top of the page under "Contact."

Or you can email one of the other co-bloggers as well.

You're still free to email Rusty, of course, but, in his own words:

I'll try to read e-mails from the road, but I may be gone for some time.

Please note that nobody has access to the Jawa Report blogroll but Rusty. So that's one request that I can't handle.

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Yearly Kos : A Revolution in the Making?

This was it. The netroots, coming together. The Kossacks, mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. A brave new political world being born. The left-wing blogosphere, planning their real-world revolution. You could feel the energy, even as far away as LGF and Malkin.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to pop in and have a look. Knowing that this was touted as the making of a brave new political world, and considering I was in the neighborhood, I figured I might as well check it out.

I suppose I was expecting something similar to DailyKos.com, except audible, and with chicken sandwiches, perhaps accompanied with a whiff of incense...

I expected a fair amount of venting and open discussion. I expected the Kossacks to be, in real life, more or less the way they are online--namely, loud, opinionated, and openly intolerant of dissent.

What I saw was disappointing. Actually, "disappointing" is an understatement.

In person, in the real world of flesh and blood, the Kossacks are probably the quietest and most polite revolutionaries the world has ever seen. The collection of left-wing bloggers coming together at Yearly Kos resembled nothing so much as a random collection of librarians. If there was a dress code, it apparently included khaki, with nary a t-shirt in sight. Outside of the organized panel discussions, political commentary and opinions were almost non-existent. Despite best efforts, and completely contrary to the energy with which they pound their respective keyboards, it seemed to be nearly impossible to engage the Kossacks in political discussion, in person, using the spoken word.

Of course, that's not to say that there wasn't political discussion at Yearly Kos. There was a lot of it. It's just that most of it seemed to be taking place between panelists on podiums rather than between the members of their audiences. There were a lot of focused panel discussions with titles like "What Progressives and Conservatives Mean by 'Freedom' and 'Liberty'" and "The South's Importance in the American Political Arena." A lot of the emphasis seemed to be focused on questions like "who are these 'conservatives,' where did they come from, and what are we going to do about them?" Even after listening to the panel presenters, at least some audience members seemed to be having difficulty with the idea that there are literally THOUSANDS of conservative voters, and they weren't ALL insane racist religious fundamentalists and/or confused by sneaky butterfly ballots.

There was a lot of discussion on dealing with conservatives. In one discussion group, an otherwise polite young lady asked a presenter whether it would be appropriate to ask someone to beat up the office "dittohead" with a baseball bat. I think the question was asked at least partly in jest, but I couldn't tell for sure. One of the panelists politely explained that it'd probably be counterproductive to beat up the conservative co-worker with a baseball bat. He explained that reacting angrily and/or violently only plays to stereotypes about the left.

In the same panel, one of the panelists described his group, which was, I think, called "Drinking Liberally." Apparently, they get together, drink beer and talk politics. One of their core traditions was that everyone drinks from a shared pitcher, which he explained as a metaphor for the progressive communitarian spirit. True, beer served in pitchers may not have the same quality as beer served in bottles, but progressives would rather, he explained, enjoy lower-quality beer communally than higher-quality beer individually. (I've known libertarians who'd rather enjoy low-quality beer individually than high-quality beer communally.)

A fair amount of the discussion I saw related to "re-framing" issues. Apparently, the conservative positions on abortion and gay marriage enjoy support in American politics is because both issues have been "framed" by the conservatives. If these issues could be "re-framed" by progressives, the progressive side could enjoy much broader support. While the conservative frames on "gay marriage" and "abortion" equate them to "gay sex" and "killing babies," respectively, the progressives should frame the issues in terms of whether the government should be involved in private decisions. In other words, as a moral principle, government shouldn't. The panelists didn't address how progressives might contain the application this general laissez-faire principle to these specific issues while preventing it from spilling over into general applicability. That, it would seem, is the rub. General application of a laissez-faire philosophy tends to libertarianism, a philosophy far from traditional "progressive" communitarian thought.

The quietness of the Kossacks was the first surprise of Yearly Kos. The second surprise was the degree of attention paid to 'mainstream' issues like the budget deficit, the trade deficit, economic growth and domestic energy policy. The war in Iraq was definitely the most reliable way for a speaker to get the Kossacks to their feet, but Virginia Governor Mark Warner's lunchtime speech was a huge hit, despite the fact that the speech itself dealt mostly with bread and butter issues. (Then again, the warm reception might have had something to do with all the Warner-supplied liquor and sushi they'd enjoyed at the massive Kossack party the night before--but maybe I'm just being cynical.) In the wake of the speech, I heard more than one Kossack remark that if it takes a centrist to retake power, they'll support a centrist. (Especially, I suppose, if they bring along liquor and sushi.) In general, all of the establishment Democrat politicians at the conference were well-received, particularly Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who received multiple standing ovations in the course of a 24-minute speech. I might even go so far as to describe the reaction of the normally-quiet Kossacks as "rowdy."

I saw a lot of things at Yearly Kos, but after hanging out with the Kossacks for a few days, it seems to me there are a few things that political junkies of all stripes should know: 1. the Kossacks are energized (in their own way,) 2. a significant number of them are politically savvy and 3. they're starting to be taken seriously by the Democrat Party establishment.

With apologies to Winston Churchill, Yearly Kos probably didn't represent the end of traditional establishment control of the Democratic Party. It likely didn't even represent the beginning of the end. But it may represent the end of the beginning.

UPDATE: Apparently, I wasn't the only one who noticed the quiet personal demeanor of the Kossacks:

So far, and maybe it’s the character of the particular panels I’ve been to, people are pretty nice. There hasn’t been much opportunity for venting, so I haven’t heard a lot of gratuitous grouching about the Right yet. I also haven’t introduced myself as a Hotair correspondent; that might change the reaction I get…but I think this is a case of the well-documented phenomenon of people who are nice and socially adept enough in person who lose all restraint online.

By Ragnar Danneskjold, Typical Bitter Gun-Clinger at 05:38 PM | Comments |

Don't Mess with Soccer

Lately bad news has reached the world. Islamists in the mold of the Taliban took over Mogadishu and are posed to take over the rest of Somalia. Too show how bad these people are one needs to look no further than the banning of the World Cup.

The people; however, are not pleased. At least two people have been killed as they fight off fascists in the name of freedom and soccer. Gunmen are patrolling the streets trying to clamp down on the unrest.

Let us all hope that soccer and freedom will triumph over those who wish to crush both!

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Filipina Celeb - Angel Locsin

Meet Angel Locsin, star of fantasy TV shows and commercials in the Philippines. She currently plays Darna, a Wonder Woman clone. More here.

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Saving Soccer

Now, this will sound like blasphemy to my fellow NFL fans, but, having watched nearly five minutes of the World Cup soccer match between Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago...the world has a point. It makes much more sense to use the word "football" for "soccer" than it does to apply it to...American football. After all, the wimpiest NFL players are the ones who specialize in kicking the ball, and they are increasingly drawn from the ranks of soccer players - Europeans.

That said, soccer continues to prosper in America about as well as the metric system; that is to say, it has approximately the popularity of a fart in an elevator. What can be done? Must "futball" forever abandon the world's most profitable market and fanatical fan base?

No! A few simple changes should suffice to bring soccer up to at least the popularity of ice hockey.

First, the soccer field is simply too big. Americans like high-scoring games, not scoreless ties settled by a penalty kick. One big reason is the amount of real estate the soccer players have to cover just to have the chance to shoot one by the goalie. Reduce the size of the field by fifty percent. Tighten up the action. Then put a wall on the out-of-bounds lines so that the constant play stoppages no longer occur. And while you're at it, get rid of the nets on the goals and move the goals themselves at least ten yards out from the sidelines so that players can score from either side of the goal!

Next, give the players some manly-looking pads and helmets so they can stop prancing around like city dandies at a barn dance and start hitting each other! Watching some pansy being carried from the field clutching his poor, bruised shin doesn't have the drama of a full-on snapped lower leg, a lá Joe Thiessman.

Last, and perhaps most radical, allow each team to have one sniper behind the goal, armed with a paint gun. Anyone shot by the sniper sits out for two minutes (five minutes for a head shot), giving the other team a power play opportunity. This should help stop the boring forty minute waits between shots on goal, and enliven the whole game.

I feel confident that, should the World Cup adopt these modest proposals, the sport of soccer will experience a dramatic jump in popularity with Americans, and easily draw abreast of such spectacles as county fair tractor pulls, or even demolition derbies.

Cross-posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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Trio of Great Articles

I posted it over at my old blog because I haven't figured out the blockquote feature on MovableType yet. Here is the summary:
"So...40% of the badass 2004 Class at Terrorism High are dead.
The friggin' Guardian says we are winning the War on Terror.
And there might be a simple explanation for Haditha.
Overall, a pretty great evening here in the deepest, darkest province."

Click the link.

Update: I can do blockquotes!

And, finally, the first real report of the Marines' versions of Haditha. The stories told by the Iraqis can almost fit into the Marine version, if you leave out the civilians begging for their lives and being shot execution style, that is.

Wuterich's version contradicts that of the Iraqis, who described a massacre of men, women and children after a bomb killed a Marine. Haditha residents have said that innocent civilians were executed, that some begged for their lives before being shot and that children were killed indiscriminately.

Wuterich told his attorney in initial interviews over nearly 12 hours last week that the shootings were the unfortunate result of a methodical sweep for enemies in a firefight. Two attorneys for other Marines involved in the incident said Wuterich's account is consistent with those they had heard from their clients.

And Wuterich's account of how it happened:

A corporal with the unit leaned over to Wuterich and said he saw the shots coming from a specific house, and after a discussion with the platoon leader, they decided to clear the house, according to Wuterich's account. ... A four-man team of Marines, including Wuterich, kicked in the door and found a series of empty rooms, noticing quickly that there was one room with a closed door and people rustling behind it, Puckett said. They then kicked in that door, tossed a fragmentation grenade into the room, and one Marine fired a series of "clearing rounds" through the dust and smoke, killing several people, Puckett said. ... Although it was almost immediately apparent to the Marines that the people dead in the room were men, women and children -- most likely civilians -- they also noticed a back door ajar and believed that insurgents had slipped through to a house nearby, Puckett said. The Marines stealthily moved to the second house, kicking in the door, killing one man inside and then using a frag grenade and more gunfire to clear another room full of people, he said.

According to a source in the article, the Marines probably were following the Rules of Engagement if this account is true. Note that civilians in an open area were not harmed while chasing other suspects soon after the house-to-house hunt.

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Neo-Nazi Idiots

From Spiegel via Doctor Zin:

In a guest editorial in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Knobloch wrote that neo-Nazis have stated their intentions of "showing their solidarity with the tyrants of Tehran" at the upcoming match between Iran and Angola in the eastern German town of Leipzig. The city is located in the state of Saxony, where the far-right, neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) won 10 percent of the vote in the last state parliamentary elections. Pockets of the state are a hotbed of xenophobia and it has also recently been the site of racist and anti-Semitic incidents at football matches. If a neo-Nazi presence is felt, Knobloch said, Germany could not just stand aside passively.

So, neo-Nazis hate Jews. The Iranian government hates Jews. Check.
Neo-Nazis mostly deny the Holocaust. The Iranian government denies the Holocaust. Check.
Neo-Nazis would like to install a Fascist government. Iran has a Fascist government. Check.
Neo-Nazis praise Hitler who tried to make nukes. Iranian President Ahmadinejad is oftened called a new Hitler and is trying to make nukes. Check.
Neo-Nazis are xenophobic, hate Middle Easterners and have been known to kill immigrants. Iran would love to take over the world (or at least destroy it) in the name of Islam. Oops.

Ok, I've got it now. Hating Jews is more important than your country being threatened by Islamism and nukes. I was just trying to work out that whole neo-Nazi hierarchy of values thing.

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Fox News' O'Reilly Visits Gitmo, Prisoners Commit Suicide

Well, somebody had to say it. Certainly odd but, I believe, merely coincidental.

From CNN.com:

Three prisoners at the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have hanged themselves in what is being called a "planned event," the U.S. military has said.

They are the first confirmed deaths at the compound. Prisoners have attempted suicide in the past.

"Two Saudis and one Yemeni, each located in Camp 1, were found unresponsive and not breathing in their cells by guards," said a statement issued by Joint Task Force-Guantanamo on Saturday.

According to Rear Adm. Harry Harris, commander of Joint Task Force-Guantanamo, there is a mythical belief that Guantanamo would be shut down if three detainees died. As a result, the suicides were planned, not spontaneous.

Human rights advocates are eagerly jumping on the incident to bolster their claims that America is bad and President Bush is evil. Expect their assertions to be repeatedly emphasized by the generally complicit mainstream media.

My take on the situation is that fanatics killing themselves is not, at all, an unusual event. And, in all candor, I'd much rather fanatics commit suicide in a cell as opposed to a bus or restaurant crowded with innocents.

From Interested-Participant.

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June 10, 2006

Introducing Me

I'm Chris, nice to meet you. I usually blog at Chris At Home, but will be posting primarily here. I am all about Filipinas, laughing at Jihadis and random interesting stuff out of Asia.

I am on an extended vacation from work, living in Mindano in the Philippines. (Job offers? Sure!) No, its not particularly dangerous here. No, I have never been kidnapped. Yes, there are a lot of scary Muslims here. Luckily, they don't read blogs or I would have to upgrade the training for my elite Filipina Security Squad.

Vanessa says hi!

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Geography of Islamism

Over at my home blog "Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze" I like to take looks at geographic trends. One of the things I have taken a look at is at Islamism. After obtaining new information I am beginning to see a trend with radicalization. The source of the problem lies with our “ally” Saudi Arabia.

Right now the main enemy in the Global War on Terrorism is Wahhabi Islam. The history of Wahhabism is a violent one. When the Wahhabis overtook Arabia from the Turks the Wahhabis smashed ancient buildings and shrines out of fear of idolatry. Those who opposed them were killed. Fortunately for the rest of the Muslim and non-Muslim world Wahhabism has stayed in Arabia for most of its history.

However, because of Saudi Arabia's oil wealth Wahhabism is now spreading. The Saudis have opened many madrasahs in the Stan countries, the Arab world, and Western nations. Schools in Jordan converted al-Qaeda in Iraq’s al-Zarqawi and many of his fellow murderers.

What they do not convert they ally with. The Taliban received much backing from Wahabbis. The Second Chechen War is unlike the first because the Chechens nationalists have become intertwined with Wahhabi Islamism. The terrorist who took over the Moscow Theater waved flags with Arabic writings on them and wore Arabic clothing. The nationalist trends have been overtaken by Islamism.

Outside the Arab and in the Western world Islam has a fairly peaceful modern track record. Muslims in the Bulgaria and Romania have lived peacefully with their Christian neighbors. The Balkan Wars dealt with nationalism and clan loyalties rather than religion. Turkey has been very Western traditionally. Tatarstan, home of the once uber-violent Tartars, is now a peaceful Russian republic with Christians, Jews, and Muslim Tartars living together.

The problems in the West are arising where Arabs and Wahhabi-backing go. Macedonia's peaceful Muslim minority is being "threatened by Arabs who wish to radicalize the faith". Violence in Europe is coming from immigrants who take their Saudi-backed radical ideas with them and refuse to assimulate into Western culture. One just needs to look at who are backing the "main stream" Muslim groups to see the Saudi-connection. Many of the terrorists arrested in the United States and Canada have gone to either Wahhabi educational and/or terror schools.

The normal theories core-region and distance decay methods of studying are not fully appropriate in this global area. One needs to overlay network-systems on top of the traditional theories to understand where problems are and will arise.

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Rusty Has Left the Building

I'm leaving for the summer. Welcome to our new Jawa contributors!

Okay, a little explanation. I have a lot of stuff to do this summer, and it looks like it will take up most of my time. This may be my last post until August. I hope, though, to post from time to time from the road. I'll mostly be back in L.A.

It's kind of hard leaving right now. We're in the middle of what might turn out to be our biggest traffic week since we started this little thing. On Wednesday, we got 45k views and 25k unique hits--a Jawa record. And the spike still hasn't tapered off.

I know, you're all thinking, "Hey Rusty, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." Yeah, yeah. I, for one, will miss this little obsession of mine I call My Pet Jawa.

I'll also miss the regular readers, posters, and other websites that regularly show up here.

A few new people have offered to join the staff. One is presently infiltrating Kosfest (no joke), one is from the Phillipines, and another is from the U.K. I wish I could give them a more formal welcome, but there it is. I think you'll enjoy their posts while I'm gone.

Vinnie has been promoted to Editor in Chief, and Bluto, Traderrob, and Mike from apprentice biyatches to Sith Masters. If you're lucky, you might also get a cameo appearance from Demosophist, Howie, and some other major stars of the blogosphere.

See you in August, and please don't break anything while I'm away.

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Ansar al Sunna Beheads 3 On Video [Images/Video]

The Army of Ansar al Sunnah has released a video showing the gruesome beheading murders of three Iraqi Ministry of the Interior soldiers. The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video. Links to graphic images from the video are posted below.

Contrary to popular media reports, this video has been available since June 7th, a day before news was released that the al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi was killed.

For instance, the AP claims the video was posted today and uses the video as evidence that the insurgency will not be stopped because of Zarqawi's death. However, I have personally known about the video for several days now, but due to time constraints, have not been able to post it.

Here is a portion of the AP report which is clearly misleading and based on a false set of facts. AP:

Insurgents signaled the fight is still on after Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death, posting an Internet video Saturday showing the beheading of three alleged Shiite death squad members in revenge for killing Sunnis.

The video as grisly as any the al-Qaida in Iraq leader issued was clearly designed to quash hopes that the Sunni-dominated insurgency might change tactics by ending attacks on Shiite civilians and institutions, especially the police.

The AP report does, though, get the details of the video right:

With its gruesome killings and militants chanting "Allahu Akbar", or "God is Great," the 15-minute video illustrates the depth of Shiite-Sunni rivalries.

It shows three men in military uniform, sitting on the ground with their hands bound behind their backs in a small concrete room with gunmen standing around them.

Under questioning, the men say they are members of the "Wolf Brigade," a special Iraqi police commando unit that Sunnis accuse of being a front for Shiite militiamen who kill Sunni Arabs.

Text in the video says the three were part of a "Shiite death squad" that kidnapped and killed Sunnis at checkpoints south of Baghdad in March and April. It says they were among 10 police commandos captured by Ansar al-Sunnah last month.

A militant off-camera asks them about the incident and other alleged slayings of Sunnis. The men reply in low voices, looking terrified. One mostly stares with his mouth hanging open.

"They (the Sunnis) were beheaded by those who took and detained them," one of the three says. Next the video shows the three captives lying on the ground outdoors. A militant sharpens a knife before he, with the help of others, beheads the men one by one.

At the end of the tape, the group warns Iraqis against joining the security forces: "Otherwise, you will live in terror until we eliminate you and your fate will be in Hell."

The Army of Ansar al Sunna is linked to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, but declined to join the umbrella group known as the Shura Council of Iraq that al Qaeda was part of. Zarqawi and al Sunna collaborated on a number of 'operations' and even in the production of several videos in which civilians were murdered.

The Army of Ansar al Sunnah is a Salaafist organization with the goal of establlishing a Taliban-like government in Iraq. It branched off of the more well known, but now mostly defunct, Army of Ansar al Islam at the beginning of the U.S. invasion. Ansar al Islam was a Kurdish Salaafist group which fought against the secular Kurds running Northern Iraq. The Kurds have succeeded in nearly eradicating the group.

Due to time constraints, we will not post images from the video. Ogrish has both images and the video here [WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC].

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:14 PM | Comments |

June 09, 2006

Bias Most Foul (UPDATED)

Conservatives have long known that the so-called mainstream media have a liberal bias that has only recently been offset somewhat by the rise of talk radio and rightwing blogs.

Apparently, talking points were distributed in the past year or so instructing liberals to argue that, in fact, the MSM is completely objective, or that, if bias is present, it doesn't tilt to either left or right in the aggregate. It's all reminiscent of the Left's love affair with the monster Stalin, denying his true nature even as his score of murdered peasants surpassed even Hitler's grisly record of innocent victims.

Well, for you folks on the Left who see the American Press as the epitome of evenhandedness, you've got some 'splainin' to do. If perceptions of media bias are false, then it should be no challenge at all for the lefties to find their own examples of right-leaning bias. Specifically, find examples of equal or greater prominence that offset the following blatant examples of leftwing bias:

Dan Rather
Eason Jordan
Mark Halperin
Linda Foley

Statistically speaking, three examples indicate a trend; let's add a couple more. Where are the right-biased incidents that offset these:

Calling Florida for Gore in 2000 before the polls in the heavily Republican panhandle were closed.

Eight months of nightly Katrina coverage on NBC.

The MSM embargo on video from the al Qaeda terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

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UPDATE: The purpose of this post was not only to point out the sorry state of what passes today for journalism, but to expose the dishonesty and disingenuousness of the Left. The "question" posed was a trick question. There are no "examples of equal or greater prominence" for the ones listed. One might as well demand the name of the American leader who was the equal of Hitler for villainy (and, of course, the Left's lunatic fringe would shout, "George Bush!").

I'm delighted to see that at least one commenter failed to see this Fool's Mate, and embarrassed himself with minor and imagined examples of Righty journalistic perfidy, only to be contradicted by one of his comrades who ascribed the gross liberal bias of the mainstream American Press to the free market. Actually, the free market explains the rise of talk radio, Fox News (which comes closer to unbiased reporting than any other network outlet), and the right side of the blogosphere. As did Mel Gibson in Hollywood, these people found a ready market. The free market also explains the precipitous drop in network news viewership and the dire straits many major daily newspapers find themselves in today.

This same commenter claims that American journalism has always mixed commentary with reporting. Not so. The real decline in American journalism began with the acceptance and codification of "interpretive reporting" in the sixties, devolved further into "advocacy journalism", and, one hopes, has reached its nadir in "agenda journalism".

The state of journalism today is not necessarily the result of intentionally evil motives or hard conspiracy. It's the outcome of editors, themselves liberals, choosing to hire reporters who also self-identify as liberal. When accused of bias, journalists tend to circle the wagons and deny the obvious, rather than taking positive steps to correct the problem. Ernie Pyle's unabashed patriotism (and recognition that true journalism was protected by the US Constitution) is out of style, but journalists can't bring themselves to admit that Edward R. Murrow, who is revered, was more a politican than a journalist, and abandoned objectivity in his war with McCarthy.

The solution is what is actually happening now. The market demands a counter to the obvious, yet unacknowledged, liberal bias of the traditional media. They are getting it, and people are making money by fulfilling that need.

It's just nice, now and then, to rub the Left's noses in their own disingenuity when they claim that ABC, NBC, and CBS are unbiased.

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Translate The Mumble

Traderrob's post has me, like you, asking "what did Zarqawi mumble?"

Feel free to submit your translation of Z-man's last words in the comments.

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Pete Stark's Conspiracy Theory

From the Washington Times (emphasis added):

Some Democrats, breaking ranks from their leadership, today said the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi in Iraq was a stunt to divert attention from an unpopular and hopeless war.

"This is just to cover Bush's [rear] so he doesn't have to answer" for Iraqi civilians being killed by the U.S. military and his own sagging poll numbers, said Rep. Pete Stark, California Democrat. "Iraq is still a mess -- get out."

It's depressing to think that a sitting member of Congress could make such an imbecilic statement. Stark has managed to slander both the President and the military in one breath. Previously, Stark likened the use of smart bombs in Baghdad at the beginning of the war to "...an act of extreme terrorism."

Stark implies a breathtaking conspiracy that would necessarily involve hundreds of public servants and thousands of military personnel. How else would the President be able to control the the timing of Zarqawi's death? And, like Jack Murtha, Stark has chosen to ignore the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" regarding allegations of Marines killing Iraqi civilians. Yes, Congressman Stark, that principle applies even to the men and women serving in our country's armed forces.

These chicken-with-its-head-cut-off reactions by Stark and other politicians from the Left indicate that, despite attempts to minimize the news, they realize that the killing of Zarqawi is an extremely significant event.

Stark's behavior cries out for official censure, at a minimum. Certainly the mainstream media would agree, if Stark were a Republican.

Via Stop the ACLU.

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Al-Zarqawi said to survive airstrike (Updated)

Pardon my unrestrained callousness but the thought of Zarqawi suffering before he died gives me more than a little satisfaction.

WASHINGTON - A mortally wounded Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was still alive and mumbling on a gurney when Iraqi police arrived at the site bombed by U.S. forces there, a top American military spokesman said Friday.

Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell, briefing military reporters at the Pentagon from his post in Baghdad, said he learned that al-Zarqawi was alive after getting briefings on the military operation that netted al-Zarqawi and several others.

"He mumbled something but it was indistinguishable and it was very short," Caldwell said.

Update: Thanks to reader Jack we have this:

Journalists accompanying the US military to the site in the village of Hibhib, near the town of Baquba, on Saturday reported seeing a woman’s leopard skin nightgown and other skimpy women’s clothes around the bombed house.

The original story assumed that the clothing was used buy some unamed women companion. Debby at Right Truth as well as myself are not so quick to make that assumption.

Companion OpiniPundit

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Slain Hostage's Family Relieved at Zarqawi Death

The family of Jack Hensley, an American civilian hostage murdered by Abu Musab al Zarqawi, says justice has been served.

[Right: Abu Musab al Zarqawi can be seen reading a message shortly before he murders Jack Hensly. Below: Jack Hensley appears on Zarqawi propaganda video in which the al Qaeda leader announced that he would murder the hostage unless all his demands were met]

Unlike the father of Zarqawi murder victim Nick Berg--who continued to blame President Bush for his sons death despite the fact that the al Qaeda leader personally cut his son's head off--the Hensly family seems to be having a more rational response to Zarqawi's death.


The brother of a Georgia man who was taken hostage and killed in Iraq said justice was served in the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the presumed mastermind of Jack Hensley's killing.

"I'm thankful this guy can't hurt anybody else," Ty Hensley told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday.

But Ty Hensley, who lives in Charlotte, N.C., also said he feels renewed sadness and anger toward Al-Zarqawi.

"It is a personal thing," he said. "He desecrated my family."

Hensley was kidnapped with fellow American Eugene Armstrong and Briton Kenneth Bigley. The three were in Iraq helping build medical facilities for the Coalition Provisional Government.
Pati Hensley [Jack's wife] was relieved by the news of al-Zarqawi's death, said Jake Haley, a family friend who spoke to reporters at her home at her request. She left town to avoid the media spotlight.

Jake Haley said he e-mailed the news to Pati Hensley before dawn Thursday. Shortly afterward, he visited the home and the two sat out in the back deck talking.

"We cried," Haley said. "We were both happy about it. It's not just Jack. This guy murdered a bunch of people. There were a lot of really nice Iraqi people that this man killed the same way."

And some people are saying its wrong to celebrate Zarqawi's death? Fools, all.

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Korean Hostages Freed

As predicted, the Koreans taken hostage by Nigerian rebels have been freed.


Five South Korean gas workers taken hostage in Nigeria were freed in good health on Thursday after a plea by the jailed militant leader in whose name they were abducted 40 hours earlier.

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Taliban Leader Mourns Murderer Zarqawi

The leader of the Taliban has expressed his sorrow and grief over the death of al Qaeda in Iraq's leader, Abu Musab al Zarqawi.


Monsters and Critics, with many thanks to George:

'The people of Afghanistan and I express our condolences over the martyrdom of al-Zarqawi but firmly believe that this will not weaken the ongoing resistance movement in Iraq,' the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) quoted him as saying in a statement on Friday.

'The struggle launched by al-Zarqawi is the peoples' resistance movement and every youth has the potential to become Zarqawi,' Omar said in his reaction, adding that thousands of young people would continue al-Zarqawi's movement.

Every Muslim youth would continue the struggle to safeguard their faith, honour and dignity, Omar said, against what he called the continued aggression by the crusaders.

'I want to give the good news to Muslims all over the world that such incidents will not crush the ongoing struggles against the crusaders in Afghanistan and other parts of the Islamic world,' the spiritual guru of the Taliban said.

Yes, Abu Musab al Zarqawi inspired so many people! He was a true Muslim martyr!

Above right: Abu Musab al Zarqawi and his Tawhid i Jihad fighters (now called al Qaeda in Iraq) read a statement condemning civilian hostage Eugene Armstrong under Islamic law. Zarqawi later personally murdered armstrong and then released the beheading video on the internet.

WARNING: Below is a very graphic image of Abu Musab al Zarqawi and Eugene Armstrong, a civilian he personally beheaded. Do not proceed unless you wish to see the disgusting works of a man praised by Islamists as a martyr.













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State Department Doublespeak in Egypt

The new U.S. Ambassador to Egypt was recently confronted with questions about bloggers who are in jail because of their opposition to Hosni Mubarak's version of Ba'athism. His response? See if you can decipher this:

We don’t know all the facts. We know that there are at least two sides to every story. We’ve heard one side. I think it’s incumbent on the Government — not to explain to the United States of America, we’re not owed an explanation — but to Egyptians, what are the true facts? And, if the facts are not as portrayed by the opposition, then they should be brought out. And if the facts are even remotely as portrayed by the opposition, then they should also be brought out. And, what measures the Government will take to respond to those facts should also be explained.
Clear as mud, don't you think? The State Department continues its long history of avoiding conflict at all costs, even that of the truth.

Egyptian Sandmonkey has the full story.

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June 08, 2006

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas?

CNN reports that Zarqawi was turned in by his own:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Betrayal inside his al Qaeda in Iraq terror group led to success in a painstaking U.S.-led operation to kill Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the U.S. military said on Thursday.

The article also states that 17 other raids were conducted simultaneously based on the same intelligence, garnering a "treasure trove" of information.

And this will make the Kos Kidz kringe:

Last night was the first time that we have had definitive, unquestionable information as to exactly where [al-Zarqawi] was located, knowing that we could strike that target without causing collateral damage to other Iraqi civilians and personnel in the area," Caldwell said.

Okay, back to my cowbell.

stein hoist to Cap'n Ed.

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What's OK for the Hitch is not for the Bitch?

'Scuse the language, but I've been mulling this over for a couple of days since I read about Ann Coulter's supposed gaffe on Drudge. I'm a little surprised at the reaction, because the accusations she actually levels at the Jersey Girls aren't that different from Christopher Hitchens' "ventriloquize the dead" statements about Cindy Sheehan in Slate. Except that the left was never quite able to demonize Hitchens in the way they'd have liked. But the truth is that these four women did pretty much what Cindy and Papa Berg did, by using their loved one's death to further their own socio/political agenda. If you agree with that agenda you'll probably see nothing wrong with that, but if not you'll see them as either crazy with grief or as manipulative opportunists. In either case they aren't sacrosanct. They made themselves public figures, after all. TigerHawk, who was a lawschool classmate of Ann's, has much more on the "defense of the indefensible."

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MSM Mourns Loss of Ally in War on Bush

While the average American is celebrating news that al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead, mainstream press reaction to the news of Zarqawi's death has been panic. The story, too big to simply ignore, endangers the carefully constructed memes of Iraq as a Vietnam-like quaqmire and President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld as ineffective leaders in the War on Terror.

In response, major news outlets are desperately trying to portray Zarqawi's death as a minor development that will have little or no effect on fighting in Iraq and the greater struggle of the War on Terror. If Zarqawi's death does have an impact, the MSM predict, it will be to increase the resolve of the terrorist insurgency.

Read the rest.

Update: comments have been temporarily suspended while we deal with a mentally ill individual trying to vandalize the site. We apologize for the inconvenience, but point out that this incident validates our points about the Left. They are not on our side in this fight.

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America's #1 Enemy, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Dead

Al Qaeda in Iraq's leader, Abu Musab al Zarqawi is dead! This post to be updated throughout the day.

[Right: An image of the dead al Zarqawi from Howie]

Vinnie's original report on Zarqawi's death. Demosophist: The Jeb Stuart al Zarqawi connection.

Today is one of the happiest days of my life. When I heard the news, I literally started crying.

To quote myself: Ding dong, the bitch is dead!!! Update: Great minds think alike.

Long-time readers know that The Jawa Report has had a personal grudge against al Zarqawi. Zarqawi first appeared on our radar screen when he was the leader of Tawhid and Jihad and began producing beheading snuff films distributed on the internet.

It was the murder of Nick Berg by Zarqawi, more than anything else, that set The Jawa Report on its present path. Seeing Nick Berg being murdered by al Zarqawi caused a reaction in my that is difficult to describe. It angered me. It made the war on terror personal. It made killing Zarqawi a personal goal for me.

In fact, over the past year or so not a single day has gone by when I have not fantasized that Zarqawi was either dead or captured. Today, my dream has come true!

Flashback: Nick Berg Gave Password to Terrorist

Log-time reader and hostage watcher George: Nick Berg and Eugene Armstrong's killer has finally died. I would have prefered he be beheaded but at least he's dead. Nick and Eugene are smiling from above. I am sure of that. Maybe now we'll finally get Bin Laden. I have more hope now. I always knew we would get Zarqawi since he was in Iraq. Today is a good day Rusty. RIP Nick and Eugene.


Report from Baghdad on Iraqi reaction:

Mid-morning local time the news broke, Abu Musab al Zarqawi has been killed. The celebrations on the street and the cheers at the press conference announcing this news may seem odd to some in the comfortable confines of the west. While a BBC reporter today referred to al Zarqawi as a “controversial leader of the resistance” the reaction among most Iraqis lacks such nuance, they are glad for one simple reason, al Zarqawi is dead.

The reactions among Iraqis to the death of al Zarqawi is quite different than that to the similar demise of Uday and Qusay. The deaths of the brothers Hussein was met with a jumble of emotions among Iraqis in 2003: some saw them as leaders while most saw them as the homicidal maniacs they were. The reaction to the death of al Zarqawi is far more visceral, akin to ridding one’s house of a menacing rat.

A reserved Sunni intellectual who is quite particular in the language he uses summed up the feeling surrounding al Zarqawi’s death: “Goddamn that motherfucker for what he has done to Iraq.”


The death came courtesy of Task Force 145.

Zarqawi Air-strike video

Video of al-Maliki announcing it.

Zarqawi family reacts:

The husband [of one of Zarqawi’s sisters], who identified himself as Abu Qudama, said: “We’re not sad that he’s dead.”

“To the contrary, we’re happy because he’s a martyr and he’s now in heaven,” added the man, who said he lost one of his legs fighting Russian forces in Afghanistan as part of the Islamic Mujahedein.

According to CENTCOM, one of Zarqwi's key lieutenants was also killed in the raid, spiritual advisor Sheik Abd-Al-Rahman.

Reaction from the Left. Cut-and-run. And more. More Lefty 'elation'.

Nick Berg's father feels no relief that son's murderer killed. More from the 'peace dad'.

More insanity from Mr. Berg: Zarqawi's death will foster anti-American resentment among Al Qaeda members


Image before it was cleaned up via Michelle who has a roundup of her own.

How is Haditha related to Zarqawi's death? Because pro-insurgent forces love to lie about each and every incident in which someone in Iraq is killed. For instance, Lawrence at Is Full of Crap points us to this reaction from a resident of the town in which Zarqawi was killed as reported in the NY Times:

"Zarqawi. Zarqawi. Zarqawi. That's all we hear about. Zarqawi was not here. This home belonged to displaced people,'' said a village resident, holding up a teddy bear and a child's knapsack buried in the destruction.
So, one of the most evil & vile scumbags on the earth is killed and the reaction is....blame the Americans for killing children. See how this works and why we should be skeptical of claims of massacres in Iraq?

Bush on Zarqawi death.

Think Bluto's post about the MSM reaction is overblown? Read this report from the Financial Times. Not only is the importance of the Zarqeermaster's death downplayed, the al-Qaeda link is also questioned.

Right reaction: Beth:

HAHA, you fucking son of a whore, may the maggots in hell choke on the stench of your filthy rotting corpse. Fuck you, you dead piece of less-than-worthless garbage! Let Satan himself and all his pet goats skull-fuck you until your ugly fucked up head pops off. 72 virgins? Heh. Virgin leper hogs, maybe.
Somewhere in Hell there will be 72 very sore sheep tonight

Welcome to hell, Abu, you goat-raping half-a-man.

Hot damn, pizzas for everyone!

Good News.

The elimination of Zarqawi and his henchmen will kneecap the foreign insurgency.

See-Dub: I guess that machine gun he was working so hard at firing didn’t come in to handy, now, did it?

Rest in pieces Zarqawi.

National Day of Mourning declared by French youth

Human Rights Groups Kill Abu Masab al-Zarqawi

Oyster: do not pass go, do not collect any virgins:

Pundit with good roundup. Lot's over at Hugh Hewitt from Hugh and Mary Katherine.

White House Press Release:

Zarqawi Was The Operational Commander Of The Terrorist Movement In Iraq. Osama bin Laden called him the "Prince of al-Qaeda in Iraq." Al-Qaeda identified Iraq as "the greatest battle" in its global war.

Special Operations Forces, Acting On Tips And Intelligence From Iraqis, Confirmed Zarqawi's Location – And Delivered Justice To The Most Wanted Terrorist In Iraq. Zarqawi was conducting a meeting at an identified, isolated safe house north of Baqubah.

Zarqawi's Death Is A Severe Blow To Al-Qaeda, A Victory For The Iraqi People, And An Opportunity For Iraq's New Government To Begin To Turn The Tide Of This Struggle.

Zarqawi Was The Operational Commander Of The Terrorist Movement In Iraq. He personally beheaded American hostages and other civilians in Iraq. He led a campaign of car bombings, assassinations, and suicide attacks that have taken the lives of many Americans and thousands of innocent Iraqis. Osama bin Laden called this Jordanian terrorist the "Prince of al-Qaeda in Iraq" – and called on terrorists around the world to "listen to him and obey him."

Zarqawi Sought To Defeat America And Our Coalition Partners – And Turn Iraq Into A Safe Haven From Which Al-Qaeda Could Wage Its War On The West. He had declared that "we fight today in Iraq, and tomorrow in the Land of the Two Holy Places, and after there the West."

Iraqi Security Forces Played A Critical Role In The Operation. Tips provided to Iraqi security forces, as well as intelligence from Iraqi senior leaders from his network, led forces to al-Zarqawi. Iraqi police were first on the scene after the air strike, followed by Coalition forces.

Zarqawi And Terrorists Affiliated With Or Inspired By Al-Qaeda Are A Small But Lethal Component Of The Enemy In Iraq. They are responsible for the most dramatic atrocities which kill the most people, and they seek to spread their ideology beyond Iraq. We can expect the terrorists to carry on without him.

But Zarqawi's Death Is A Significant Blow To Al-Qaeda - In Iraq And Everywhere. Last summer, al-Qaeda's number two leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, declared Iraq to be "the place for the greatest battle." With his death, al-Qaeda has lost its senior leader in the primary front in the War on Terror.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:05 AM | Comments |

Zarqawi al Qaeda's "Jeb Stuart"?

I'm somewhat tentative about referring to Musab al Zarqawi as al Qaeda's Jeb Stuart, because I don't want to be misunderstood as suggesting that the two are comparable in every respect. The two commanders were alike in the sense that they were important second fiddles, but there's no comparison in terms of their ethics and morality. The difference is quite uncomplicated: Jeb Stuart, while arguably a defender of slavery, never blew up or sawed the heads off innocent noncombatants. And his military successes can rightly be called that, rather than the sort of piddling incessant vandalism that has undermined as much as advanced Zarqawi's co-called "cause." But the two are alike, in spite of what "terrorism expert", Richard Clarke, says, because they were both irreplaceable in the hierarchy of their respective armies, and their deaths will be seen to have marked a turning point.

Nonetheless, Richard Clarke, ABC News' terrorism expert, managed to dribble a small offering of icewater in support of his cause:

"Unfortunately for the loved ones of troops over in Iraq, this is not going to mean a big difference."

and advanced the opinion that neither Zarqawi nor al Qaeda were very instrumental to the Iraq insurgency:
Clarke said the modest size of the terrorist leader's organization and his minimal involvement in the daily bomb attacks on coalition forces made that claim unlikely....
"Al Qaeda in Iraq was probably the smallest of the 14 major insurgent groups."

But according to a different, and arguably less partisan, terrorism expert, Rohan Gunaratna [h/t: Security Watchtower by way of PJ Media]:
”Zarqawi didn’t have a number two. I can’t think of any single person who would succeed Zarqawi…In terms of effectiveness, there was no single leader in Iraq who could match his ruthlessness and his determination … it’s the most significant victory in the fight against terrorism. He was certainly the most active terrorist in Iraq. More than that, he was using Iraq to mount operations in the neighborhood, for instance the Jordan attacks (last year) were by his group…He had an extensive network overseas, in Europe and in the Middle East, and he was expanding this network.”

History will tell us whether the comparison is apt, but perhaps ABC News ought to go shopping for a new talking head, just in case?

Update: A commenter on TigerHawk thinks the more apt comparison might be with Stonewall Jackson. I considered that, and he might well be right. I was biased against that by the fact that Stonewall was killed by friendly fire, but the incident was much earlier than the death of Jeb Stuart, and I think these are still early days in the Long War on Terror.

I'm also sympathetic to Mark's objections on WoC (most of which I noted in the post), but think this is still a very significant event.

By Demosophist at 08:10 AM | Comments |

***Breaking*** Must Cite ABC News On The T.V., Then Cite Caltechgirl Then Cite The Jawa Report

Image from Fox News:

ABC News is reporting that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead, along with his "spiritual adviser."

I have nothing to link to, I haven't found any web-based corroboration. Not even on the ABC website.

It's 2:19 a.m. here, and I'll do the best I can. Look for updates.

Cnn.com has it as breaking news.

I admit, I saw this on Kos too, looking for fodder for a different post, but Caltechgirl beat us all!

Well, except for ABC on the teevee.

Update: ABC news is reporting that Zarqawi was injured in an airstrike, and then later died after being transferred to Iraqi authorities

Update, Too: Foxnews has a banner.

Update Again: According to Fox, Iraqi PM has announced that Zarqawi is dead, to a cheering room.

Watching live press conference now.

"It is a good omen for Iraq..."

Gen. Casey:

"This happened in an airstrike which was conducted against an identified isolated safehouse"

"We have been able to identify al-Zarqawi through visual verification"

Right before the PC started, the Fox reporter stated that Zarqawi's death was verified by DNA, but the anchor cut in for the PC

Update IV: Oh holy Shiite, as sure as the sunni rises in the East, I will wake up with a headache in the morning.

He's DEAD!

Update V: He's F***ING DEAD, YEAH!!!! Below the fold is NSFW

Update Seex: Expect the leftists to ask.."Where's Osama?" He's reading your blogs, you assmonkeys.

Update Seven: Even Vinnie sleeps. Take it away, Rusty.

America, FUCK YEAH!
Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah,
America, FUCK YEAH!
Freedom is the only way yeah,
Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer too,
America, FUCK YEAH!
So lick my butt, and suck on my balls,
America, FUCK YEAH!
What you going to do when we come for you now,
it’s the dream that we all share; it’s the hope for tomorrow

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June 07, 2006

The Idiot Returns

Michael Crook, of Forsake the Troops infamy, is back with a new pile of crap at www.disownthetroops.com.

Actually, it's just the same crap in a new bag. And nah, I won't link it, you'll have to type it in.

Crook is arguably one of the most hated people in America, so it always shocks me that he's still sucking oxygen.

By Vinnie at 05:14 PM | Comments |

Radical Islam in Mexico

Disturbing report by the ISN on the growth of Islam south of the border. I would be more frightened by it if I did not know that there is a much larger threat of home-grown Islamists here in the United States, than in Mexico. But still, the threat is real.

The ISN report tends to whitewash the rise of Islam in Mexico, citing lack of evidence of Muslim groups their to violent jihad. However, as we have said for a long time now, the threat is not just from jihadis committed to violence but to those who advocate the same goals as jihadis, even if they wish to pursue those goals non-violently. That goal, Sharia law and the Caliphate, is every bit as dangerous and evil as Communism was and must be fought with the same vigor.

In the same way that wherever Marxism has gone, political oppression followed, so to wherever Islam goes, radicalism must inevetably follow, since the core text of Islam, the Koran, advocates both violent jihad and the institution of Islamic law.

Here are some of the highlights from the ISN report. First, a this on an Islamic group with links to Nazi apologists:

The Murabitun (the Almoravids, after the African Muslim dynasty that ruled North Africa and Spain in the 11th and 12th century) also has a presence in Mexico (www.cislamica.org). The group is a well-funded international Sufi order based in Granada, Spain that claims thousands of followers across the globe, including many European converts. It is also regarded as one of the most aggressive missionary movements in Latin America and a major rival of Omar Weston's CCIM. It was founded in the 1970s by Sheikh Abdel Qader as-Sufi al-Murabit, a Scottish Muslim convert born Ian Dallas who was formerly a playwright and actor. Dallas is a controversial figure who, among other things, is a vocal critic of international capitalism and modern forms of finance. Although there is no evidence linking him or his organization to violence or terrorism, he has been accused of harboring pro-Nazi leanings and other radical ideologies. Othman Abu-Sahnun, an Italian Muslim convert and former ranking member of the Murabitun who had a falling out with the group, dedicates an entire website accusing his former leader of extremism, corruption and being party to alleged sinister conspiracies involving Freemasonry (www.murabitun.cyberummah.org).
Islam is spreading its anti-Western hate in Chiapas, where it finds an indigenous population already sympathetic to Qutbian arguments linking alleged Western Imperialism to a war against the ummah:
Muslim missionary groups, especially the Murabitun, which is led by Aurelino Perez in the region, and Omar Weston's CCIM, use similar tactics in an effort to win over adherents in Chiapas. In addition to providing much needed social welfare and humanitarian aid, the Murabitun argue that Catholicism represents a vestige of European imperialism that is directly responsible for the destruction of Mayan culture. Likewise, Catholicism is seen as a tool of the state that is to blame for the poverty and plight of the indigenous peoples. The anti-capitalist message of the Murabitun in particular also resonates with some of the impoverished locals. Murabitun discourse even emphasizes what it describes as the close cultural and ethnic links between the indigenous peoples of the region and the Muslim Moors who once ruled Spain. Therefore, conversion to Islam represents a reversion to their original identity, essentially an assertion of cultural and ethnic identity long suppressed by European colonialism. The Murabitun went as far as to engage Subcommandante Marcos and his Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), following the group's armed rebellion in Chiapas in 1994, in an effort to gain support (www.ezln.org.mx)...

Reports pointing to possible terrorist links with Muslim missionaries in Chiapas have surfaced in the Mexican and Spanish media. Spanish authorities have raised suspicions about possible links between Spanish members of the Murabitun living in Chiapas and radical Islamists in Spain. Other reports have even linked the group with Basque separatist movements such as ETA. Othman Abu-Sahnun is a proponent of this theory (www.murabitun.cyberummah.org). Mexican authorities have also investigated the activities of the Murabitun due to reports of alleged immigration and visa abuses involving the group's European members and possible radical links, including to al-Qaida [7]. Despite these allegations and extensive media hype in Mexico and other Spanish-language press, no concrete evidence has surfaced to date substantiating such claims.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:32 PM | Comments |

The Force is Strong With this One

Congrats to Padawan Interested Participant on his 5,000th post. At last count, nearly 4,000 of those posts were about hot female high school teachers having sex with their students. We see he has already been turned to the Dark Side. You are hereby elevated to Sith Master.

Also, we hear that Mrs. Participant is recovering from surgery. We wish her a speedy recovery.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:44 PM | Comments |

The Black Book of Saddam Hussein: 2 Million Dead

Lorie Byrd has an interesting post about a British Leftist whose view of the Iraq war changed when he read the new book Le Livre Noir de Saddam Hussein (The Black Book of Saddam Hussein). Saddam Hussein killed over one million civilians, and the book is a firsthand account of some of those murders.

It's a biting indictment of both the Hussein regime for the countless attrocities it committed against its own citizens, and the French government's support of that regime. Next to the Soviet Union (and later, Russia), Saddam Hussein's biggest arms dealer was France.

The book is especially condemning of Jacques Chirac's cozy relationship with the tyrant. Not surprisingly, Lewis Jones reports the book has been ignored by Le Monde & other leading French publications. You can read AEI's review of the book here.

Unfortunately, the book has not yet been published in English. However, it's publisher Oh Editions, has released several excerpts in English, some of which I've republished below. While the authors clearly come from the European Left--they repeat the tired arguements that the "neo-cons" were looking for any reason to justify the war, have naive faith in the power of the U.N. and its resolutions, and repeat the lie that the Bush Administration never mentioned human rights or democracy building during the lead up to the war--they do support the end result of the war--the removal of the dictator Saddam Hussein. I eagerly look forward to the English language edition.


Hearing the Victims

by Bernard Kouchner [of Doctor's Without Borders]

It was Saddam Hussein himself who proved to be his country’s main weapon of massive destruction. For 35 years, he turned brutally on his own people. Right up to the final days of his regime, he conducted an “Arabization” campaign against Kurd-populated areas. Code-named Anfal, or the “spoils” of war, it resulted in nearly 500,000 people vanished without a trace, most of them women and children, and more than 4,500 villages erased from the map. Sadly, victims can’t be identified since the Iraqis lack sufficient DNA testing capability. As of 2005, some 4.0 million exiles still seek to return to their homes. The years of war and military operations have left some 1.5 million wounded and handicapped. Spoils of war, indeed.

The road to Ruanduz

November, 1974. It all began for us on the road to Ruanduz, the celebrated Hamilton Road, which had served as a lifeline of British colonization. With Dr. Jacques BĂ©res and Dr. Max RĂ©camier, we struck out on the first independent Doctors Without Borders mission. Along with Chris Kutschera, we had found the Kurds to be a people without borders, a people we would never really leave.

On the way back, going towards Iran, Saddam’s helicopters launched an attack on us, amid a crowd of fleeing Kurds. I can still see the machine guns spitting out their rounds, the missiles exploding into the asphalt and dozens of bodies in the ditches. The aircraft and missiles were Made in France. Back then, Saddam Hussein was Iraq’s vice-president, and our country was doing good business in death.

The American war

By December, 2002, America was preparing for war in Iraq. I wanted to know what my Kurd and Shiite friends thought about it, and so I returned to the autonomous Kurd zone created after the first Gulf war in 1991. In a now democratic Sulaimaniyah, the mayor’s political opposition was demonstrating publicly on local issues, while supporting the war of liberation being prepared. Of the 4,000 women enrolled at the university, not one wore a veil. You could choose from a total of 17 dailies and weeklies, representing all convictions. I returned towards Halabja, where thousands of women and children had perished in a few seconds of Saddam’s chemical bombing. There, I encountered a veiled woman who in despair unleashed her long-repressed anger on me. What was I doing there, she asked? Why should I, a former cabinet minister who couldn’t save these people from their tragic destiny during previous visits, why should I now return to this wounded land? How could I now face the victims, Frenchman that I am, whose government supported the regime, she asked? And what hope could I possibly offer them, me the humanitarian physician, when the French Doctors had long ago left the scene?

How could one reply to her formidable accusation of western selfishness? What reasons could ease the consternation of this young woman with delicate hands whose veiled body had been entirely burned, still causing her constant, gruesome pain? All her family members had been killed by the bombs of a man who at the time claimed French support....

In France and in Germany, the year 2003 saw some sincere defenders of freedom inadvertently support the worst oppressors by protesting American policy choices. They accused us of selling out the right to involvement in favor of aggression, of preferring expediency over compassion. Weren’t they revealing a soupçon of revisionism in such simplifications? Putting aside Saddam’s crimes, they distanced themselves momentarily from defending human rights so they could express political enmities, forgetting our shared concern about protecting minorities. They hadn’t taken the time to listen to the Iraqi people, who wanted for a long time to be rid of Saddam Hussein. And yet, his victims had a first claim to be heard....

We didn’t claim we could have avoided war. We said that the French militant position, actually facilitated it rather than the opposite. France’s initial diplomatic move, aimed at forcing a Security Council debate, was in fact smart. Then our nation veered off towards a fruitless veto threat....

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Margaret Hassan Killer Sentenced to Life

Margaret Hassan(Baghdad) In late 2004, UK/Iraqi citizen and CARE International employee Margaret Hassan was kidnapped and murdered and her body has yet to be found. Hassan's death was known only because Al-Jazeera received a videotape of her execution.

Last May, five people were captured (See here and here) by U.S. Forces and admitted complicity in her killing. The trial of three of the suspected killers has concluded.

From Times Online:

The family of the British aid worker Margaret Hassan today said that a court's decision to acquit two of three Iraqis charged with her murder was a "green light" to kidnappers.

Mrs Hassan's relatives also criticised the British Government's "inept" handling of her abduction and chastised detectives for their "incompetent" investigation which led to today's acquittals.

One of the three accused, Mustafa Salman al-Jabouri, was jailed for life after a hearing lasting only two hours before a panel of judges in Baghdad. He was found guilty of aiding and abetting the kidnappers who snatched Mrs Hassan, 59, as she drove to work in October 2004.

Mrs Hassan's family believe that police failed to gather evidence which would have led to al-Jabouri's conviction for murder, for which there is a mandatory death sentence.

Consequently, three people who were directly complicit with the execution-style murder of an innocent civilian will not be required to pay the ultimate penalty. Personally, I believe the justice and law enforcement systems in Iraq have not developed sufficiently to properly investigate and adjudicate criminals, much less murdering terrorist thugs.

From Interested-Participant.

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William Jefferson: Bribe Money was "African Art"


William Jefferson claims that large bundles of cash he delivered to Nigeria's Vice President was "African art".

African-freakin-art? As in, "My wife and I just had a fight about how much African art this bathroom remodel is costing me." Or, "How much African art did it cost the Germans to get Heather Mills McCartney to pose for that porn?"

In related news, Jawa Report inspired DOS attacks on the mu.nu server are costing Pixie Misa fistfulls of African art.

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Hans Blix is a Fool

This conversation between Vital Perspectives and Hans Brix reveals what a truly foolish person he is. It's almost like I've heard this somewhere before........

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Navy Corpsman Shackled: Where is Cindy Sheehan?

A Navy Corpsman suspected of shooting Iraqi civilian shackled for months, no charges filed. Torture! Geneva Convention violations! Where is the Cindy Sheehan & the Left when they are most needed? But don't question their patriotism.

Update: I earlier said Marine, but the man is in fact a Naval corpsman. He's also shackled only during the time he's out of solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.

Vinnie said he'd kill me if I didn't change that. Apparently, to a Marine, there is nothing worse than being called a squid.

Which reminds me of an old joke about a certain number of submariners going down..........

UPDATE DEUX: Now I'm in trouble for calling the corpsman a "squid". Sorry. That's what you get when you try to hang out with the cool kids and use the lingo, but when you are in reality a certified geek. You may all now turn your backs and pretend you don't know me.

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Koreans Taken Hostage in Nigeria

Five South Koreans were taken hostage in Nigeria yesterday. Is this surprising? Of course not! Which part of this equation are people not getting?

Demand ransom + governments and firms pay ransom = more hostage taking


Gunmen kidnapped five South Koreans in an overnight raid on a gas plant in southern Nigeria owned by Shell, the militants and officials from the company and Seoul's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Unlike the last hostage taking in Nigeria, this one was immediately claimed by MEND. In the past, they've made similar political demands, but have settled for ransom. Also, notice the rebel leaders name which he took after his conversion. Another misunderstanderer, I'm sure.:

MEND indicated it wanted to exchange the hostages for the delta region's most prominent leader, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, who has called for autonomy for southerners and was jailed last year on treason charges. His release has been a top militant demand since they took up arms this year.

The statement advised the South Korean contractor to "close down its operations with immediate effect as a second attack will bring only death."

South Korea's Foreign Ministry said three of the kidnapped South Koreans worked for Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co., and the other two are from the state-invested Korea Gas Corp., the ministry said. A Nigerian was also kidnapped, South Korea said.

The Koreans were "in good health and have been returned to one of our bases," the militants said. "As long as the units holding these individuals do not come under attack, no harm will come to the prisoners. We do not kill those fortunate to be captured by our fighters."

Thanks to George for keeping an eye out on hostage takings.

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Heather Mills McCartney's Porn Pictures

Heather Mill's McCartney posed for a kama sutra like erotic guide to sex? You bet she did! What, you think Paul McCartney converted to Hinduism for the strict vegan diet and those groovy sitar rifts? No, it's the tantric sex, baby!

Thanks to the ever vigilant Ace for always keeping one eye out for all things nude and celebrity.

WARNING: PG-13 type lewd talk and links to Rated R photos below. These are the "censored" photos published by The Sun. The uncensored photos are more like NC-17. Proceed with caution.

The Rupert Murdoch owned Sun tabloid has printed all the steamy goodness of a nude Heather McCartney. Trust me, she's no Yoko Ono.

For her part, Heather claims it wasn't "porn", rather it was an "educational publication."

Right baby, an "educational publication" that shows you holding a pornstar's erect manhood.

Robert Page, the creator of the Lover's Guide explains this nuanced difference between porn and an erotic educational publication, “The way we do it is to show people the different positions and games they can play. But we do it in a tasteful manner — and that’s what makes it different from porn."

The way I see it, though, is that if a guy buys your erotic educational publication for the sole purpose of, well, you know, then it's probably porn. Unless, of course, by not porn you mean tasteful enough that a certain segment of wives out there will agree to watch it, or let their husbands watch it, without too much protesting.

Because, you know honey, it's not that you've let yourself go or anything and that I find your pig-like figure disgusting in bed, I bought this video for us. It's educational.

Anyway, it's porn, plain and simple.

The German book featuring Heather contained page after page of no-holds-barred images with NO WORDS.

One shot shows Heather naked and smothered in baby oil as she performs a sex act on a clearly-aroused nude male porn star.

The curly-haired man is then photographed performing an act on her with the help of a sex toy.

Nope, doesn't sound like porn to me. Then again, I'm much less experienced with porn than some of you. Maybe Professor Chaos would like to add his expert opinion to the matter? Or FARKers? It continues:

In other pictures Heather appears to act out bondage scenes with whips, handcuffs and edible underwear. She is seen smearing herself and the man with whipped cream.

Other images involve strawberries and cream — and in some snaps her nipples are covered with lipstick.

It seems the Brits can't get enough of Paul and Heather McCartney. It seems like every day I was in London a few weeks ago that they were front page news. This, on the other hand, seems more like Page 3 news.

In addition to her brief career as a not-a-porn-star, the future ex-Mrs. McCartney also may have spent some time as an escort. But I'm sure she was one of those look-but-don't touch type escorts you hear so much about, and not the other kind. You know, a whore.

The Sun has told how she was also a would-be escort girl who dated rich Arabs behind the back of first husband Alfie Karmal.

He said: “I caught her out lying over a job interview with an escort agency. Under that beautiful, caring facade was a manipulative, callous and cold woman.”

Ouch, that's gonna hurt. Perhaps all those allegations in the British tabloids that Heather Mills was just a gold-digger were true?

In any event, all this was before Mrs. McCartney was endowed with the protection of victim status. I don't think we're allowed to pick on her now that she's handicapped.

But a word of advice to her just in case this porn revelation hurts her chances of making off with Sir Paul's estate: You can always go back to being an escort, sweetie. I hear there's quite a premium on one legged whores these days.

Do you still want to see the photos? Trust me, you're better off not seeing them. You have better things to do with your life than look at nude photos of Heather Mills. It's a waste of your time. Do something productive, like write your Senator or something. Better yet, do some work. Nothing good can come of you seeing these photos.

What. You're still here? You must see the photos? Ok, go see the Sun for the photos here. From what I gather, more photos will be forthcoming. But don't say I didn't warn you.

UPDATE: As promised, the Sun publishes more "not porn" nude pics of Heather Mills here.

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Rusty's Fatwa Coming Soon?

Over the past week we've been inundated with traffic from Turkish language websites leading to our tongue-in-cheek "Karnival of the Koran Krappings", which was our little tribute to the religionists-of-peace going ape shit over a phony story about a Koran being tossed into a toilet by a human-rights-abusing guard at Guantanamo Bay.

Am I finally going to get that fatwa? Stay tuned.

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Liliana Ake Keeping Hope Alive

Liliana is featured in an article today today’s Washington Post. The small town of La Porte Indiana waits for word on his fate. Jeff has been missing longer than any hostage ever to return alive. Still her hope and prayers for Jeff’s safe return is touching. The town, his wife and children await some word, any word, of his fate while praying for his safe return. Being from a small town myself, trust me the whole town is his family.

Washington Post :Jeffrey J. Ake is 48 now, if he is alive. He is also a husband and son and the father of four children who miss him terribly. He is a storyteller, a Rotarian and a small-business owner who thrived in distant capitals.

He traveled to Iraq, tools in hand, on a private contract to repair machines at a water-bottling plant. Early one morning in April 2005, the telephone rang at a lakeside rambler in La Porte, 80 miles east of Chicago. An Iraqi man, talking fast in poor English, told Liliana Ake, "We have your husband."

Fourteen months later, nothing is known about his whereabouts, while his family waits and neighbors wonder what to expect after so much silence. No American has been held captive longer in Iraq and come out alive….

…"Nothing at all. For over a year, we haven't heard anything," Liliana Ake explained in her first newspaper interview since her husband's abduction. "We pray every night. My little boy says, 'Bad people in Iraq have my dad. It's not fair.' "

She believes he is alive, perhaps because she must. At the same time, she is bothered by the sense in LaPorte, where people have been supporting her and rooting for her husband, that Jeff is becoming mostly a memory. Signs like the one at the KarMel are fewer. It is as though Jeff Ake is slipping away….

…"Unfortunately, there are not many more cards coming," she said. "Time goes by."

Jeffrey Ake is specialist in water systems. And La Porte Indiana is hardly the center of a Zionist, Imperialist conspiracy. The abduction of Jeffrey Ake shows the callous indifference of the enemies if Iraq who routinely kidnap and murder innocent non-combatants in violation of all rules of warfare. These are the true war criminals! When our men loose their temper or commit a war crime, we bring them to justice. For the terrorist war criminals we fight there this is standard operating procedure.

Jeffrey Ake Archive.

Jawa Report Hostage Archive.

Howie's other Related Post.

Because some things just need blogged whether you want to or not. I’ll post an explanation for those of you who care at the Moisture Farm later. No the job is still open.

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Since I took a vacation day tomorrow, I went searching for a picture to do a mid-week Caption Contest. The guilt of not judging last Blog Sabbath's contest overwhelmed me, even though I never said that fatwas would be issued.

Anyway, at this link, I found this:


Well, imagine my relief knowing that the Left no longer has the "Where's Osama" meme.

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Day Two

June 7th, 1944:

Allied forces reach Bayeux and make contact with 6th Airborne Div. First Allied airstrip laid out at Asnelles, N.E. of Bayeux.

German light naval forces and U-boats commence frequent sorties (mainly by night) against Allied invasion fleet, but suffer heavy losses - including 2 destroyers - and sink only small number of transports and LC (landing craft) and 1 destroyer (RNN Svenner).

Italian front: 5th Army takes Civitavecchia, 56 km N. of Rome

[Reference: Chronology of World War II, the Day by Day Illustrated Record, compiled by Christopher Argyle p.158]

I'm going to do another 5 post D-Day, well, posts, from the same book.

If you thirst for more, then maybe I'll start from the beginning and do a post each day starting on September 1st of this year, the day Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.

Or, you can buy the book.

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June 06, 2006

No Offense Intended, Really

Wife upstairs on laptop, me downstairs, talking about the muslim that got eaten by the lion:

Vinnie (PBUH) says: About that zoo trip http://www.sptimes.ru/index.php?action_id=2&story_id=17804

M E R R I says:
what a stupid, stupid man!

Vinnie (PBUH) says:
No, just your typical muslim

M E R R I says:
I guess so...and now he's visiting the Lion's virgins.

If she didn't work so much, I'd nominate her as the new Padawan.

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Two Anti-tank Weapons Found in NC

Two light antitank weapons have been found by a contractor in the crawlspace of a home he was working on in Durham, NC. Terror related? Stay tuned. Bob Owens is keeping an eye on this one: Breaking: LAW in Durham

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CAUGHT! Police Hunt on for Jerry Buck Inman



If you see this man call 1-800-442-2746 and press 2 or call your local police. He is wanted for the murder of Clemson University student Tiffany Souers. His last known address was in Tennessee where he is a registered sex offender, but he is on the run.

More information about Jeffrey Buck Inman and the Tiffany Sourers murder here.

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Apocalypse Watch

It's 5:42 pm here in the Midwest and no sign of Impending Doom. The skies are bright blue, not red, and no reports of the seas boiling. The four horsemen have yet to appear, and the 12th Imam is still holed up in his well, passing up love letters to Mahmoud.

However, in less than half an hour, I will be hiding under the bed at 6:06:06 pm. I slept through it this morning though.

update Well, nothing happened. Except my dog's head turned 360 degrees and now she's talking to me. In French. But that could just be the alcohol. Had to brace myself, you know.

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Wanted: Sith Masters and Paduan Learners

Wanted: Talented Writers who will work for next to nothing to report for The Jawa Report while Rusty languishes at his second home on the Riviera is busy on other matters this summer. Enquire within.

The Jawa Report is an EEOC employer. Hot women Anyone is especially encouraged to apply.

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Lion Attacks Would-be Daniel Hidden Imam

I knew Daniel. Daniel was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Daniel.

Turns out the idiot was probably a Shia Muslim since he was an Azeri. Which means either a) he believes he's the "Hidden Imam" and thought the lion's den was the well where prayers are dropped into or b) he was attempting to develop the world's first lion powered suicide vest.

BelchSpeak thinks it was a bet. I guess he lost.

Seattle Times:

A man shouting that God would keep him safe was mauled to death by a lion in a Kiev, Ukraine, zoo after he crept into the animal's enclosure, a zoo official said Monday.

"The man shouted, 'God will save me, if he exists,' lowered himself by a rope into the enclosure, took his shoes off and went up to the lions," the official said. "A lioness went straight for him, knocked him down and severed his carotid artery."

Actually, this proves that there is a God and that he has a very keen sense of humor.

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Protecting Marriage as an Institution

The monogamous, heterosexual marriage is a fundamental institution of Western and other civilizations that has evolved to both legitimize the fruits of procreation and provide the basic unit for the socialization of children. As an institution, monogamous, heterosexual marriage has endured for thousands of years, indicating that it is an effective, if imperfect method for the propagation of societal values.

Read the Rest

By Bluto01:41 PM | Comments |

Will the Mormons Please Excommunicate Harry Reid Already

harry_reid.jpgOne thing I've always admired about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) is that they, unlike other denominations, haven't forgotten the time honored Christian tradition of excommunication. With Sen Harry Reid's (D-Nev) new found stance opposing the Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as betwen a man and a woman at odds with that of the Mormon church, isn't it time the Mormons disassociate themselves from him?

An organization, by definition, must have boundaries. That is, there must be a way to recognize who is "in" the organization and who is "out" of the organization. Excommunication has traditionally been the way a church proclaims a person is "out"--that that person is no longer part of the organization.

So, when was it that Christian churches stopped excommunicating their members who publicly oppose the official stances of the church?

My Catholic friends say to me that "you can be pro-choice, but you can't be a pro-choice Catholic." Okay, that sounds about right. The Catholic Church's official stance is that abortion is homicide. So, why doesn't the Catholic church go ahead and excommunicate Ted Kennedy?

Not to pick on the Catholics. That's just an example of a public personality at public odds with a church he says he "belongs" to. Protestants, it seems to me, are much worse than Catholics. At least the Catholic church does still excommunicate, albeit more rarely than I'd like to see.

I've never heard of a Protestant church excommunicating some one. Never. Perhaps it happens, but it must be a rare event.

So, back to the Mormons. These guys seem to have no problem with excommunicating any one for pretty much any reason. Good on them.

I know a couple of people who were excommunicating from the LDS church for adultery. Not only does excommunication tell the world, "we do not tolerate this sort of behavior," it also serves as a social sanction so that members of the organization are warned not to do certain things considered "out of bounds". People who wish to remain "in" the organization are warned that if you do something considered morally aggregious, you are "out".

Had the Baptists had the same policy, perhaps my Grandfather--a practicing Baptist minister--would not have been a serial adulterer. As far as I can tell, my grandfather loved the Baptist church, and had their been consequences for his actions perhaps he would have thought twice before the actions.

I've also often wondered what would Bill Clinton's Presidency have been like had the Baptists preached less forgiveness for sin and more don't do the sin in the first place lest you find yourself "out" of the group.

Which brings us back to Harry Reid. He is allegedly a good Mormon. I'm sure he's faithful to his wife, is honest, and does all the things good Mormons are supposed to do, but it seems to me that his political philisophy is now at odds with the Mormon church.


An apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stood with several other religious leaders at a news conference in Washington supporting a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles participated in a press conference with the Alliance for Marriage, and met with President Bush at the White House before giving a statement in support of amending the U.S. Constitution.

"Together we share a duty to preserve marriage and family as established by God," Nelson said. "The time has now come when a constitutional amendment is needed in this country to protect our divine inheritance. Such action does not reduce our regard for individuals who choose to live by other standards. But it confirms our conviction that marriage is the foundry for social order, the fountain of virtue and the foundation for eternal exaltation."

An apostle? Sounds like the Mormons are pretty serious about their support for this constitutional amendment.

But maybe that's just one leader's own opinion on the amendment. Or is supporting the amendment the official position of the LDS Church? KUTV:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has spent millions of dollars campaigning against gay marriage, urged members Sunday to lobby U.S. senators on the proposed constitutional amendment that would limit marriage to being between a man and a woman.

The church sent a letter to leaders throughout the United States that was to be read to the congregations Sunday.

The letter from the First Presidency – church President Gordon B. Hinckley and his counselors – noted the church leaders "have repeatedly set forth our position that the marriage of a man and a woman is the only acceptable marriage relationship.''

The letter noted that the Senate was scheduled to vote on the proposed marriage amendment on June 6, and said, "We urge our members to express themselves on this urgent matter to their elected representatives in the Senate.''

So, the offical position of the LDS church is that it's members should support the amendment.

So, what is Sen. Harry Reid's take on the amendment banning gay marriage? The Hill:

“The reason for this debate is to divide our society, to pit one against another. This is another one of the president’s efforts to frighten, to distort, to distract and to confuse America.”
Er, since Harry Reid's own church supports the amendment, why does he choose to be part of an organizationa that, presumabley, is engaged in an effort to "frighten, to distort, to distract and to confuse America"?

But the real question I have is for the Mormon Church. Why would you guys want to claim a guy like Harry Reid, who thinks your official support of a Constitutional Amendment is not only ill advised but ill motivated?

The highest elected Democrat in the country thinks you, the Mormon church hierarchy, are full of crap. Are you guys just going to stand there and take it?

If Harry Reid no longer feels the Mormon church leaders are speaking for God, then the logical step would be to either to stop calling himself a Mormon or for the Mormons to kick him out.

Just to make myself clear, my objection to Reid's stance is niether political nor theological. As a Christian Universalist I believe all people--even Democrats and gay people--eventually go to heaven. As a libertarian, I have no problem with two hot chicks going down to the local Unitarian church and getting hitched. Heck, I don't even really have a problem with three hot chicks getting hitched. Or even one guy, and three hot chicks getting hitched! (although I do object to states being forced to recognize such kinky unions as legally binding "marriage" contracts)

But I do have a problem with people who wish to claim they are part of an organization, but then are consistently at odds with it. This is not Europe. One is not "born" into a religion. Your religion and your ethnic identity are not the same here. One chooses which religious organizations one belongs to.

So, Harry Reid, if you are no longer a Mormon, please do us all a favor and be honest about it. And you Mormons, aren't you ashamed that this guy uses your religion as poliltical cover? And for the rest of the religious leaders out there: do us all a favor and start excommunicating people.

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear from readers about their thoughts on excommunication. Does your church or denomination ever do it? If so, under what circumstances?

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Islamists Take Mogadishu, Set up Sharia Courts: Echos of Kabul

magadishu_women_koran.jpgAs reported by Vinnie yesterday at The Jawa Report, Islamist militias with ties to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network have succeeded in taking over the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. It should never be forgotten that al Qaeda's first sucess was in fighting American troops in Mogadishu during the famous "Black Hawk down" incident.

Although not mentioned in the movie by the same name, Osama bin Laden later admitted that he had sent fighters into Somalia to help warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid. Bin Laden, it is said, had had a mystic "vision" in which U.S. was revealed as a paper tiger & that American forces would withdraw from Somalia, defeated. When his "vision" came true, many came to think of bin Laden as a man with supernatural powers.

Thousands of U.S. troops are currently stationed in Djibouti, which borders Somalia to the north. Strategy Page (via Glenn) has the Somalia timeline.

We cannot afford to lose the Horn of Africa to Islamists.


The Islamic side, which supports sharia courts in Mogadishu, announced they controlled the city in radio broadcasts and public meetings. Both residents and some members of the warlords' own militia said the city was in Islamic hands.

"The era of warlords in Somalia is over," resident Mohamed Asser said. "This morning Mogadishu is under only one hand, the Islamic courts."

This is eerily similar to the takeover by the Taliban--which means "scholar" or "students"--of Kabul. The Taliban promised an end to the violence of the fighting warlords and a restoration of order. It was only later that we learned the harsh reality of Islamic law's "order" in Afghanistan.

Today, protests erupted in the Somali capital over the new Islamist masters of the city. The protests, though, seem to be along tribal lines. Times:

Hundreds protested today against the Islamist takeover of the capital of Somalia....

At least 1,000 protesters, from the Abgal clan, a faction of the Hawiye tribe that used to control much of northern Mogadishu, rallied in a football stadium and on the streets.

"We want to establish an Abgal sub-clan defence line, politically and militarily," said Hussein Sheikh Ahmed, an Abgal leader. "Advances into Abgal territory should be halted immediately."

And how has the U.N. backed interim government reacted to the take over of the nation's capital by Islamist militias who want to impose harsh Sharia law?
Today's protests, which were left unhindered by Islamist militias, came as the interim Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Ali Gedi, congratulated the Muslim forces on taking control of the city.

Mr Gedi called the Islamist victory, which the US fears could lead to the development of a Taleban-style African state, "an excellent step forward" today, telling Radio France Internationale that the fallen warlords had been "hurting the reconciliation, stabilisation and pacification of Somalia".

Echos of Kabul, ringing in my ears.

More on why we should worry from All Africa:

Al Qaeda elements responsible for the 1998 US embassy bombings in Nairobi and Tanzania and the 2002 attack on the Paradise Hotel in Kikambala near Mombasa have been moving in and out of Somalia with the aid of local sympathisers, according to US officials.

Preventing Somalia from becoming a second safe haven for al Qaeda has been a primary objective of American policy in the Horn of Africa ever since US forces ousted Afghanistan's Taliban regime in 2001. The Afghan Islamist group had provided al Qaeda with the protection and resources needed to plot the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington.

Apparently there is a faction within the State Department which believes we should be working with the Islamists to stabilize Somalia. Recently, Michael Zorick voiced that opinion and was immediately tranferred from his Somalia desk.

The theory goes that we should stabilize first, and then worry about al Qaeda sympathies later. Which, of course, is the same arguement I heard when Kabul was "liberated" by the Taliban. That "stability" was more important than the radical political philosophy of the group--which at the time no one really understood very well.

So, our covert proxy war in Somalia seems not to be working. But is the alternative the installatioin of another Taliban-like government in the Horn of Africa in the name of stability? Insanity!

Related: Kim at Wizbang: "As far as the Islamists are concerned, there is no Transitional Federal Charter of Somalia."

John at Op-For: "Another collapsed state that has the potential to turn into a big-time breeding ground. Somalia is starting to look alot like pre-Enduring Freedom Afghanistan." Indeed.

Malkin: Not Good.

Rule 308: "You want sharia? Have it, be my guests. But I bet you won't like it."

Sandbox: "True democracy cannot coexist with Sharia law."

If the Onion were half as funny as this, I'd subscribe.

This Boston Globe article reports on the covert operations the U.S. has been engaged in:

For two years, CIA officials have traveled frequently to the Mogadishu area and other Somali cities in hopes of learning more about and disrupting small bands of Al Qaeda members, who also operate in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, Kenyan pilots and two Somali warlords said recently in interviews. US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have said that three Al Qaeda members indicted in the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania were still being protected by Islamists in Mogadishu.

In surrounding countries, and even in Somalia's semi-autonomous northern regions of Somaliland and Puntland, US covert officers have developed close relationships with governments and local powers.

In southern and central Somalia, CIA officers have relied on electronic eavesdropping and developing close ties with various warlords, paying them tens of thousands of dollars in some visits, two warlords said in interviews. The two -- Yusuf Mohammed Said , the ruling warlord in Marka , about 60 miles south of Mogadishu, and Mohammed Dhere , the warlord in Jowhar, about 40 miles east of the capital -- along with Kenyan-based pilots, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation, said US intelligence relied especially on warlords who controlled airports to monitor traffic in and out of the country.

"In this country, the US has been able to do what it wants to do," Dhere, who said he had extensive contact with US intelligence officials for more than two years, said in February, just as the Islamist militias began their battle in Mogadishu. "I think that without the US efforts or interference, the country would fall into terrorist hands."

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:04 AM | Comments |

June 05, 2006

June 6th, 1944

Forget the "Omen" crap. June 6th, no matter what year, will always be a special day.

Soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force! You are about to embark upon the great crusade toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you." - Gen. Eisenhower's Order of the Day

D-Day Casualties:

British: 3000

Canadian: 946

U.S.: 6,603

114 Allied planes

German: c.6,500

(figures above taken from Chronology of WWII: The Day By Day Record 1939-1945)

"Casualties" meaning a total of dead, wounded, and/or missing/captured. A good breakdown is here.

June 6th, 1944, has so many lessons to be taught. So many perspectives which are at odds with the perspectives about the war we're fighting now.

Rusty update: Blackfive has an excellent roundup on D-Day remembered.

Fellow MU.NUer Confederate Yankee has reprinted Patton's Normandy Invasion speach.

(via Blogfather)

Ronald Reagan's tribute to D-Day (video)

By Vinnie at 07:29 PM | Comments |

Osama Been Redecoratin'

First off, a personal aside. I know what the long range strategy says, but it still pains me to see "U.S. backed" in front of "Somali militia." Seeing our dead being dragged through the streets gave me a Ramses attitude towards Somalia.

You know, the part where it says "and still Pharaoh's heart was hardened."

Anyway, it seems Mogadishu has been captured by the Islamists.

I found this the most interesting part:

"It is exactly the same thing that happened with the rise to power of the Taliban" in Afghanistan, he said, adding that the extremists are "using the people's weariness of violence, rape and civil war" to gain support for a government based on Islamic law.

Of course, once Islamic law is established, the people will rejoice in the violence, rape, and uncivil war that Sharia brings.

This is pure idle historical speculation on my part, but Somalia may shape up to be a repeat of Iraq. We should have marched to Baghdad in the first Gulf War and removed Saddam, and we should have exacted fierce retribution after the Battle of Modadishu aka Blackhack Down.

But, Mark Steyn says it best:

A superpower that wallows in paranoia and glorifies self-loathing cannot endure and doesn't deserve to.
By Vinnie at 05:40 PM | Comments |

Thank God For Osama Bin Laden?

Good grief.

That's about all I have to say. Well, I could say more, but this is a PG-13 blog.

BTW, next to mine and the missus', Plains Feeder is my favorite home state blog. I read it every day, you should give it a look-see often.

By Vinnie at 12:43 PM | Comments |

Canadian Jihadi Linked to Cyberterrorist Irhabi 007

One of the Canadian Jihadis arrested for plotting terrorist acts has been linked to the former cyberterrorist #1, Irhabi 007 (Irhabi translated means terrorist). You may remember Irhabi 007 from our previous lengthy discussions about the cyber jihad.

Irhabi 007 was a frequent poster at the Islamist mesage board Ansarnet. He first came to our attention after he posted a video of the beheading murder of Jack Hensley at the forum. He was banned from the forum, not for posting the beheading video, but for asking for money to cover his bandwidth costs!

Irhabi 007 was the greatest distributor of al Qaeda in Iraq propaganda videos on the internet for some time. Irhadi 007 is probably best known in the U.S. for the time he hacked the Arkansas State Department of Highways and used their server to distribute jihadi material.

Eventually, though, he got sloppy and was caught by British authorities as part of a three man cell of terrorists. Irhab 007 turned out to be Younis Tsouli, a 22 year old from West London. Tsouli has also been linked to terror plots in Bosnia, Sweden, Turkey and Holland.

So, the Canadian jihadis have been linked to both a British and American terrorist cell. What is the common thread? Internet forums dedicated to the Religion of Peace.

More background from Chad at In the Bullpen here and Allahpundit here.

The Star:

According to the Los Angeles Times, U.S. authorities were also watching the two Americans, and at some point discovered communications between the men in Canada and Atlanta and other suspected terrorists overseas, including a group arrested in London last fall that counted among its members a computer specialist who used the Arabic word irhabi — for terrorist — as his Internet handle, Irhabi007.

Talk in the group was wide-ranging, according to an American law enforcement official, "about a whole range of targets." Officials and U.S. court documents allege group members were scouting targets that included Canadian government buildings, American oil refineries, and a U.S. tower that they believed controlled global positioning systems used in aviation.

All of this leads to a very important question about whether we are fighting a 'war' against Islamist forces or only waging a common anti-crime campaign against them. If the latter, then the present strategy of lurking on Islamist messge boards and trying to find only those who are truly committed to jihad, and then arresting them, is a good strategy.

But if the former--if we are at war with Islamist extremists--then our cyber strategy is a losing effort. As I've advocated on dozens of occasions, the internet is a tool of war. One cannot wage this war without taking away the tool from the cyber jihadis.

The reason the would-be jihadis from Canada were detected was that they were communicating through these jihadi forums. But thousands of other Canadian, European, and American Muslims also express similar sentiments on these forums. The problem is not that extremists are drawn to the forums, it is that these forums create extremists from Muslims already at odds with the West.

We cannot hope to win this war if we do not stop these forums from spreading their anti-Western hate propaganda. For more visit our Counterterrorism and Online Terrorism archives.

Internet Jihadi #1 Irhabi 007 Captured, Name Revealed
The Rise and Fall of an Internet Jihadi
Countering the Cyber Jihad: Cyber Privateering Part II
Fighting the Media Jihad

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:27 AM | Comments |

B&N Employee Shuns Military

This is funny because it's indicative of the 'we support the military, just not the war' type of latte drinking liberal. From Sean in RI:

I went into the local B&N to do some reading this weekend. When I walked in the greater said hello to the people in front and asked them to join the B&N club.

When it was my turn to be greeted the nice lady looked me over and suddenly became busy fixing the books behind her. Didn't really think much of it because I hate greeters as much as the perfume spraying terrorists in mall stores. Next couple behind me got the greeters perky treatment, which made me look back to see if her books were all in odder or what.

Then it dawned on me, I got profiled. I was wearing my Army T-shirt, and a hat that said Hard Rock Cafe Saigon. The profile I matched, conservative former military Republican.

Now my question to you is should I go back in the same gear or go back dressed as a whiny liberal? This kind of burns my ass, I did all told between Marines and Army National Guard 14 years service, and this is the way some one showing any signs of supporting the military gets treated?

My advice? I'd stop bathing for a week or two, grow a goater, put on my Docs, and throw on that Che tee that's been languishing at the bottom of the closet since I was a freshman in college.

But that just might be my subconcience need for the undying approval of my intellectual & moral superiors on the Left.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:18 AM | Comments |

Selling Israeli Products is "Treachery" to Muslim Group

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee of the UK has declared that any Muslim company which sells Israeli products is "treacherously supporting Israel". And thus we how Muslims cajole and harass any and all who do not toe the "Israel is evil" party line.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:08 AM | Comments |

Lefties, Kyle's Mom, Blame Canada for Muslim 'Blowback'

I have no problem blaming Canada for pretty much anything. Let's face it, picking on Canada is just fun. But is it Canada's fault that so many young Muslims want to blow up Canada, Canadians, and Canadian shit? Of course it is! Well, at least that is how a good portion of the modern Left sees it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:02 AM | Comments |

I'm Going to Become an 'Undocumented Worker' in Mexico

That giant sucking sound you hear is The Jawa Report moving its corporate headquarters to Mexico.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:52 AM | Comments |

House Candidate Receives Funding from al Qaeda Linked Man

Here's a shocker, former Rep. Pete McCloskey of California is being forced to return $2,100 he received from a man being investigated for helping fund al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad. What possible reason could the terror supporter have for giving money to McCloskey? It seems that McCloskey bellieves that the Jews just have way too much power.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:42 AM | Comments |

Eight Western Hostages, including American, Freed in Nigeria

An American, a Canadian, and six Britons have been freed in Nigeria. Authorities declined to say whether a ransom was paid or not---which is a polite way of saying, yes, we paid ransom. Expect more hostage taking in Nigeria as this is turning into a lucrative business opportunity.

CBC News:

Eight foreign oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria — including a Canadian — were released Sunday, a local government spokesman said.

"All the hostages have been released. They are with the governor [of Bayelsa state] now," said Ekiyor Welson, a spokesman for the state in the southern Niger Delta region where the eight were kidnapped from an offshore oil rig on Friday.

Thanks to George, our unofficial hostage reporter.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:29 AM | Comments |

June 04, 2006

Update On The UK "Chemical Vest" Search

Via LGF, the Telegraph reports:

Senior police sources said they were searching for an "improvised device rather than a sophisticated weapon" capable of releasing chemicals. The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that intelligence obtained by MI5 suggested that terrorists were trying to acquire material via the internet which could be used to develop a nerve gas capable of killing and injuring thousands of people.

Security sources say that the terrorist threat facing Britain has developed into a "covert conspiracy" involving hundreds of men and women living ordinary lives in the nation's suburbs. They form an estimated 1,200 strong "army" of terrorists believed to be involved in at least 20 major terrorist plots.

Scotland Yard and MI5 sources were playing down reports in the media yesterday that they were looking for a "chemical vest", which could be used by a suicide bomber. The wearer would suffer a long and painful death.

Detectives believe it is more likely that sarin or an alternative nerve agent would be released from a canister or flask.

File it under Incidents, Isolated.

Related: AP is reporting that the Canadian Isolated Incident was the result of a clever sting.

Original post.

By Vinnie at 11:36 PM | Comments |

Newspaper Encourages Readers to Phone Conservative Letter Writer

Apparently stung by recent criticism citing a lack of balance in the selection of letters to the editor, the Syracuse Post-Standard in its Sunday edition suggested that readers telephone the conservative reader who raised the issue.

From the Editor's note (emphasis added):

A close reading of last Sunday's Feedback response would make clear that Richard Lindsay has earned his record as "most prolific" from the number of letters he writes, not the number published. Just because we say it, does that make it true? Here's more specific information: Lindsay sent us four letters dated May 26; two more dated May 27; two dated May 28; two dated May 29. And so on. Still don't believe us? Why not give him a call?
While the paper stops short of providing Lindsay's telephone number, the suggestion to call him implies that Lindsay does not have an unlisted number, and, in fact, there are two Richard Lindsays listed in the Syracuse phone book.

Apart from the accusations of editorial bias in the selection of letters (members of the Syracuse Peace Council do seem to be pretty successful at getting their visceral hatred of the President published), why Lindsay, a conservative who often disagrees with the Post-Standard's left-leaning editorial policies, is singled out for criticism for being "prolific" is a mystery. Apparently, prolific liberal letter writers are concerned citizens, while prolific conservative letter writers are cranks.

In any case, for a daily newspaper to encourage its readers to harass a man for stating his opinions is irresponsible and outrageous, and seems more driven by pique than reasoned counter-argument.

Cross-posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto.

By Bluto08:16 AM | Comments |

We're At War

My home blog, but not my post.

You rock, Muslihoon.

UPDATE: For some reason, probably due to the latest DOS attack, I've lost the last couple of day's posts. They just up and disappeared.

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June 03, 2006

The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: I Dunno, But It's Funny Edition

Got me, it's from France.


By Vinnie at 08:41 PM | Comments |

Haditha: The "Massacre" that Didn't Happen?

I read a lot of the Arab, Muslim, and extreme Left press. If I had a dollar for every time they accused American troops of committing "attrocities", "massacres", and "war crimes", then I'd be a very rich man.

How often do these groups make such accusations? Every time a civilian in Iraq is caught in the crossfire and killed. Every. Single. Time.

These groups already know what American troops are reallly like.

The most sympathetic opinion of our troops from these groups is that they are children. They do these bad things not because they are bad people, but because Bush-hitler and co. have put them in a bad situation.

Our childlike troops--who really signed up so they could go to college but were tricked and drafted into fighting a war for Haliburton's gain--snap every time an IED goes off and indiscriminately kill civilians.

The least sympathetic opinion of our troops, especially prevalent among Islamist sources, is that our troops like to kill Arabs. You know, it's just fun.

So, with this view of American troops in mind, every time a civilian gets killed in Iraq, it is our fault. It's not the fault of the terrorists who use mosques as command-and-control centers. It's not the fault of insurgents who--contrary to the Geneva Conventions--try to hide their identities by blending in with the local population. It's not the fault of these minute-men who fire on U.S. troops from the roofs, from the alleys, and from the windows of civilian homes.

No, it's always the fault of the U.S. troops.

So, when I hear that U.S. troops have been cleared in the alleged massacre at Ishaqi, I can't help to think about Haditha.

What do we really know about Haditha? So far, the allegations seem par for the course. The usual accusations. Civilians were killed and Americans must have massacred them.

But word massacre has a distinct connatation. It implies that American troops intentionally killed civilians. That civilians were rounded up and shot, or that our Marines went room to room methodically murdering children.

What we know is only that civilians were killed. What we know is that Marines originally reported that they were killed by a roadside bomb, but that those Marines later reported that they were killed in crossfire.

This is the major cover-up of a massacre that I've been hearing about?

We have dead bodies. The dead bodies reveal that the civilians were shot. But, isn't that what we've already known for some time now? That civilians were shot?

The only questions that remain, then, are two-fold. First, what were the Marines motives? That is, did they intentionally kill these civilians, or were they shot accidentally? Either in cross-fire, or because the Marines were careless.

If the former, then we do have a massacre. These civilinas were murdered.

But if the latter, then at worst we have some careless Marines who ought to be jailed for negligient homicide or not following the rules of engagement. Which is equally tragic, but far more mundane explanation than a massacre. It's also far more likely.

The second question is about the alleged "cover-up" and, according to Rep. Murtha, "how high it went." Of course, to the far Left it doesn't really matter how high up it went, because in their minds, it always goes up to the Sec. of Defense or the President of the United States. So, the real motivation here is not to get at the truth, but to score political points.

What we know is that an NCO filed an erroneous field report. There is no evidence--none--that even a single officer knew the report was wrong.

Will it turn out that Haditha was a massacre in its true sense? Did Marines go on a rampage murdering women and children? Maybe. As I've said in the past, if this is the case, I personally volunteer for the firing squad.

But since I've heard these accusations so many times before, let's just say I'm not holding my breath.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:44 PM | Comments |

Four Russians Kidnapped, One Murdered in Iraq

A Russian diplomat was murdered and four embassy workers were taken hostage in Iraq today. It's not entirely clear if this is the act of terrorsists trying to make a political statement or if it is the work of criminals attempting to make money---or a combination of both.

Some sources indicate that the four may have already been rescued. We hope that this is the case.

We pray for the immediate release of these men.


Gunmen ambushed a Russian diplomatic car in Baghdad on Saturday afternoon, killing tne diplomat and kidnapping four others, Iraqi police and the Russian embassy reported.

The car came under attack from armed men in two cars in the Mansour neighborhood of western Baghdad, police Col. Sami Hassan said. An opening fusillade of gunfire killed one embassy worker. When the shooting brought the convoy to a halt, the gunmen kidnapped four others, Hassan said. Iraqi security forces cordoned off the area and began a search for the missing diplomats.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:04 PM | Comments |

UK Police Searching For "Chemical Suicide Vest"

I saw this last night at LGF but couldn't get to it until now.

A DESPERATE search is under way for a “chemical vest” that a British suicide bomber was ready to deploy in a terror attack on London.

Police fear that the strike, using a home-made chemical device, was imminent after an informant told MI5 that he had seen the lethal garment at the home of two young men.

By Vinnie at 03:20 PM | Comments |

Terror Cell Busted in Ontario

(Pickering, Ontario) Seventeen males, mostly their teens and 20s, were arrested last night in a sweep of a terrorist cell allegedly plotting to launch attacks in Ontario. The suspects, 12 adults and five minors and mostly Canadian citizens, are believed to have trained at camps north of Toronto.

From TheGlobeandMail.com:

The RCMP says the sweep began Friday night in co-operation with an Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, or INSET. These arrests are the largest ever made since the inception of INSET. INSET teams are made up of members of the RCMP, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, federal agencies such as the Canada Border Services Agency and Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and provincial and municipal police services.

Police said they have recovered three tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Commissioner McDonell noted that this amount was three times the amount used by Timothy McVeigh to destroy the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Although the youths cannot be named, the names of the 12 adults arrested are:
1. Fahim Ahmad, 21, Toronto;

2. Zakaria Amara, 20, Mississauga, Ont.;

3. Asad Ansari, 21, Mississauga;

4. Shareef Abdelhaleen, 30, Mississauga;

5. Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, Mississauga;

6. Mohammed Dirie, 22, Kingston, Ont.;

7. Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Kingston;

8. Jahmaal James, 23, Toronto;

9. Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, Toronto;

10. Steven Vikash Chand alias Abdul Shakur, 25, Toronto;

11. Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21, Mississauga;

12. Saad Khalid, 19, of Eclipse Avenue, Mississauga.

The investigation into the cell's activities was conducted by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) whose building was a primary target along with the Parliament Building in Ottawa. Sources say the spy agency was targeted since the suspects were particularly "angered by media reports accusing CSIS of racial profiling of Muslims."

From TheStar.com:

The chain of events began two years ago, sparked by local teenagers roving through Internet sites, reading and espousing anti-Western sentiments and vowing to attack at home, in the name of oppressed Muslims here and abroad.

Their words were sometimes encrypted, the Internet sites where they communicated allegedly restricted by passwords, but Canadian spies back in 2004 were reading them. And as the youths' words turned into actions, they began watching them.

According to sources close to the investigation, the suspects are teenagers and men in their 20s who had a relatively typical Canadian upbringing, but -- allegedly spurred on by images of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and angered by what they saw as the mistreatment of Muslims at home -- became increasingly violent.

The terror suspects are expected to be arraigned today on terrorism-related and explosives charges.

I believe it's worth emphasizing that the media apparently were a major influence in prompting the suspects to organize and plan their terrorist plot.

From Interested-Participant.

By at 10:51 AM | Comments |

We Ticked Someone Off

MuNu came under a DDOS attack yesterday afternoon. Perpetrators unknown.

Many thanks to our wonderful benefactor Pixy Misa for getting us back up.

By Vinnie at 06:20 AM | Comments |

June 02, 2006

Now There's A Shocker

Muslims rioting?

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Thousands of Shiite Muslims enraged by a TV comedy that mocked the leader of Hezbollah took to the streets of southern Beirut on Thursday night, burning car tires and blocking roads, police and witneses said.

The trouble began after an actor spoofed Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, wearing the Hezbollah leader's trademark black turban and sporting a similar beard and spectacles on a TV show on Lebanese Broadcasting Corp, a privately-owned Christian channel.

Weird. I don't recall anything like that happening before. Just one of those isolated incidents.

By Vinnie at 03:02 PM | Comments |

HGTV: Still Ruining My Life

If I'm not around as much lately, it's because of HGTV. It convinced my wife that I could remodel the bathroom. HGTV was wrong. Very wrong. Bad HGTV. Bad.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:08 PM | Comments |

Florida Credit Union Smearing Troops

Look at this picture. Apparently, whoever put up this sign doesn't support our troops or our President.

Fair enough. It's disgusting, but this is a free country.

Now take a closer look.

The original sign was put up by employees of Cornerstone Abatement and Demolition Co. in Tampa showing their support for the troops and for the President. The "Not" sign is actually on the property of the Powernet Credit Union, which has the adjacent property. Pretty slimy tactics.

The President of Powerline Credit Union is also said to have forced an employee to park his car elsewhere because it had a pro-Bush bumper sticker on it. I believe that this is a violation of federal law.

Do you know what your credit union is up to? Richard at Hyscience has the rest of the story and what you can do about it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:45 PM | Comments |

Plea In Lodi Terror Case Reached

As usual, Cageymind is the place for Lodi coverage. I would add this, though. Follow the links to the Sac Bee article. Notice anything misleading about it? Such as how they conveniently leave out that the elder Hayat was charged with lying about his connections to a mosque in Pakistan which is known to support terrorism--something his son was convicted of.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:33 PM | Comments |

Terrorists Using Craig's List?

Frequent Jawa commenter Michael Hampton has discovered a fabulous new use for Craig's List. In addition to providing information on all the free local hookups, Craig's List may now being used to send secret signals to terrorist sleeper agents! Be sure to listen to the message, it's freaky.

Okay, so maybe the cryptic phone message isn't from terrorists. Maybe it's just one geeks way of telling another geek he loves her/him. Thus love blooms in the aftermath of The Da Vinci Code.

Then again, maybe it's Azzam Al-Amriki telling Ayman al-Zawahiri that he loves him, misses him, and that he has a special piece of lingirie picked out for when they finally reunite. Isn't love beautiful?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:26 PM | Comments |

The Strange Alliance of Socialists with Islamist Radicals

Dr. Sanity has a fascinating discussion of the intellectual evolution of the modern Left (see especially this chart) and the strange alliance it seems to have with Islamists. It seems to me explanation is quite simple: both share a common enemy, us.

Common enemies do create strange alliances. But don't question their patriotism.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:12 PM | Comments |

Easy Targets for "Moral Aggression"

This is an effective rendering, posted on NRO's Phi Beta Cons website, of the core issue involved in the recent Natfhe boycott of Israeli scholars. It's drafted by the president of the National Association of Scholars:

The decision by the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education, one of Britain's two professor unions, to call for a boycott against Israeli academics and universities unless they disavow its "apartheid policies", has been rightfully denounced as an affront to the free exchange of ideas, comity among scholarly truth-seekers and, not least of all, common decency. But it is also a most ugly instance of that habit of collective stigmatization now second nature in academe. White Guilt may not seem a very threatening concept when applied to cosseted, non-lacrosse playing, middle Americans, but when—with effortless mutation—it is visited upon a nation of Jews, things turn ominously dark. A demonized majority may, as a whole, seem safe from immediate danger, but it can be sliced and diced to isolate fragments for exemplary treatment. This is an especially inviting maneuver when victims can be cut out on the basis of thinly disguised prejudice.
A yellow-badge mentality shines through the justification given by boycott proponent Mona Baker for targeting Israel in a world filled with brutal oppression. It is valid to focus on Israel, she argues, because "Zionist influence (that is Israeli influence) spreads far beyond its own immediate areas of dominion, and now widely influences many key domestic agendas in the West." Yet it would be a mistake to attribute too much to the lingering influence of the Protocols. While it gathers what strength it can from historic antisemitism as an intellectual phenomenon, radical academe's hostility toward Israel is more a miniature of its general assault on free institutions and bourgeois civilization. Each makes an inviting target, immoderately successful, but easily attacked—rhetorically at least—without much cost or risk.

Our campuses specialize in raising elites whose weapon of choice is moral aggression, climbing in status on the bent backs of those they can shame. Lacking the warrior ethos, they seek easy marks. Western Civilization, both wealthy and tolerant, is their immense target of choice. But Israel, a most conspicuous and successful outlier, gets lavish treatment as well. Needless to say, the danger is far greater and pressing for a small country poised on the knife's edge, but the issue of survival is shared. -- Stephen H. Balch

By Demosophist at 12:08 PM | Comments |

Shades of Neville Chamberlain

In an essay for Time, Peter Reinart, enfant terrible of the "new" Left, argues that the proper response to Islamist terrorism is no response other than the "containment" the US used during the Cold War. Beinart would use the example of Iraq to encourage containment of Iran. The trouble is, containment assumes a halfway rational foe. JFK could threaten the USSR with nuclear annihilation and be taken seriously; the mad mullahs of Iran know that Allah will protect them from such a circumstance, and in fact, superstitious dread among the American populace makes even a tactical nuclear deterrent unbelievable.

Besides assuming facts not in evidence - that Saddam was an impotent tyrant who would have fallen eventually under the weight of sanctions without military intervention, that he possessed nothing with which to threaten the West - Beinart ignores inconvenient facts.

He doesn't mention French and Russian perfidy in the Oil-For Food Program, doesn't even acknowledge that decades of hands-off diplomacy in the Middle East served only to entrench and further radicalize anti-Western regimes; regimes that controlled oil resources vital to the survival of Western civilization. The Soviet Union and its natural resources could have disappeared overnight and barely registered a blip on the American and European economies.

Beinart also errs in comparing a nineteenth century atheist ideology to the fervor of a primitivist, and rapidly growing, major religion.

Most significant of all, Beinart does not mention 9/11, an attack most certainly endorsed and cheered by Saddam Hussein and his ilk, if not actively supported. It is 9/11 that should inform Beinart that he is pursuing the wrong paradigm: we face another World War II, not a repeat of the Cold War.

Of course Beinart's claim to fame is a book whose premise is that only liberals can fight terror, proof enough of delusional thought patterns.

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American Among 8 Taken Hostage in Nigeria

Eight Westerners, including one American, working in Nigeria's oil fields have been taken hostage. Unlike other attacks which are usually claimed by the separatist MEND group within hours, this one was not. Whoever is behind the hostage-taking, we demand their immediate and unconditional release.


Gunmen abducted eight foreign workers in a night-time raid on an oil rig off the coast of Nigeria on Friday, raising new security fears after a series of militant attacks that cut output from Africa's top oil producer...

"Some unknown persons boarded the rig at 3 a.m. (0200 GMT) and took eight workers. They are six from the UK, one Canadian and one from the U.S.," said an executive from one of the companies that operate the Bulford Dolphin rig. He denied reports that eight Nigerians were also abducted in the attack.

Hat tip: George.

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British Police Raid Possible Chemical Weapons Lab In London

AllahPundit has the scoop on a raid conducted by British police on a suspected chemical weapons lab in London:

Hotair.com—Sky News uses the C-word: “Police are not expecting to find conventional weapons. They are looking to find chemical ingredients of some kind.”

They had “specific intelligence” following months of surveillance, according to BBC sources. The search of the house will apparently take days. One of the residents was shot in the shoulder and taken to the hospital, where he was arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

Is Sky sure they were looking for chemical weapons? The report from Australia’s Sunday Times includes an ominous detail, "Police said the operation followed close liaison between security services and the Health Protection Agency, a body charged with guarding against infectious diseases…

"Officers wearing chemical, biological and radiological protection were sent to the scene in the ethnically mixed Forest Gate area of the capital while nearby roads were cordoned off."

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Google Maps: Lansdown Road in East London

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"Nasty in Manhattan" Quoted by Times of India

The Times of India is carrying the Lina Sinha story under the title "Lusty Lina Charged with Rape." Interestingly, the article quotes the entry posted on Interested-Participant and The Jawa Report. They didn't mention I-P specifically and they misspelled The Jawa Report calling it The Java Report instead.

Nevertheless, it's nice to be recognized.

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ACLU Demands Perverts Get Sporting Chance at Kids

Stop the ACLU reports on the latest ACLU pro-pedophile lawsuit, this one aimed at an Indianapolis city ordinance that requires convicted sex offenders to stay at least 1,000 feet from facilities like playgrounds and swimming pools when children are present.

The ACLU claims that the new law could prevent convicted sex offenders from attending church or going to work, but kiddy molesters are allowed to approach closer if accompanied by a non-molesting adult.

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Civil War Sells, But Who's Buying?

Not happy with being mocked in his feature film debut, Abu sends this one straight to audio:

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi called on fellow Sunnis to reject any reconciliation with "infidel" Shi'ites, according to an audio tape posted on the Internet on Thursday.

"O Sunnis! Prepare to get rid of the infidel snakes and their poison ... and don't listen to those advocating an end to sectarianism and calling for national unity. This is a weapon to get you to surrender," said the speaker on the tape who sounded like Zarqawi.

I don't know, my memory could be hazy, but I seem to recall that Zarqawi's bungled his mission in Iraq so bad he peeved off the Sunnis to the point that they're out to get him as well.

Eh, someone's going to shut him up eventually, I guess. Abu does have a comic streak in him though:

The speaker blasted Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, as the "leader of infidelity and atheism" and said his followers were more concerned about honoring their own saints than protesting against cartoons of Islam's Prophet Mohammad published in Danish and other European newspapers.

"We did not see them rise up with the same fervor when blasphemous pictures of the Prophet were published because they prefer their own leaders to God and his Prophet," he said.

This is the atheistic infidel Ayatollah who advocates killing homosexuals on his website. Sure, right. Abu, you're on the waterskis, almost to the ramp that'll take you over the spot where the shark is swimming.

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Woman Gives Boy Mercedes for Sex

(Garden City, New York) A 39-year-old putative "soccer mom" and married mother of two, Lisa M. Frodella (pic), culled a 16-year-old boy from her daughters' friends and groomed him for sex. At 16, the boy was old enough to deliver pizzas and, sure enough, soon he was regularly supplying the pepperoni deluxe to Ms. Frodella.

And, check this. Frodella would even call the boy's high school "pretending to be his mother, and say he was sick" so the pair could have sex during school hours.

In return, a gratified Ms. Frodella rewarded the boy with a souped-up black 2002 Mercedes-Benz S430, valued at $35,000. Understandably, the boy's mother was suspicious and alerted the police.

Yesterday, Lisa M. Frodella was arrested on two counts of rape and two counts of criminal sexual acts, each count carrying a maximum penalty of four years in prison. Bail was set by the Nassau County First District Court at $40,000 cash or $120,000 bond. Last I checked, she was still in the pokey.

By the way, the kid didn't get to keep the Mercedes.

From Interested-Participant.

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The Way To A Jihadi's Heart...

...isn't through his stomach.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - More Guantanamo Bay detainees protesting their indefinite confinement joined a hunger strike, raising the number of those refusing food to 89 from 75, the U.S. military said Thursday. Six of the hunger strikers at the isolated U.S. naval base in southeast Cuba were being force-fed, said Navy Cmdr. Robert Durand.

Force feedings? Why? Haven't they heard that starvation is euphoria? Besides, suicide by starvation doesn't blow up 20 other people, and I'm not totally sure, but I don't think it gets anyone a virgin in Paradise.

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Mea Culpa

I apologize for posting that rambling, semi-coherent piece that just disappeared. It should have gone in the comments section instead of a stand alone post.

Also, I should know better than to post something when I'm angry.

So, once again, I apologize.

Update: That should say rambling, semi-coherent piece of crap. And a special apology to those who took the time to comment, I'm sorry I wasted your time with it.

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