April 30, 2006

Finish The Sentence

Since the much ballyhooed "Day without (illegal) immigrants" is now upon us, let's have some fun with it.

Finish this sentence:

A day without illegal immigrants is like a day without...

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Afghani RPG Fishing: Blog Sabbath Video Caption Contest

Since Vinnie punted on the Blog Sabbath Caption Contest, I thought I'd share this video with you. Caption this video made by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan of some of the locals using their Soviet made RPGs to do a little catfishing. That's a catfish, not a trout.

Winners get a shiny fatwa. Thanks to Imperial Minister of Culture, Ghost of a Flea for sending the link.

Yeah, and I know you can't exactly "caption" an entire video.....but say something about it!

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Mexican Lawmakers Pass Bill to Legalize Drugs

The federal legislature of Mexico has passed a bill to legalize "small amounts of cocaine, heroin, even ecstasy" for personal use. President Vicente Fox's signature is expected to be forthcoming since his office has voiced support for the measure.

From KFMB.com:

Currently, Mexican law leaves open the possibility of dropping charges against people caught with drugs if they can prove they are drug addicts and if an expert certifies they were caught with "the quantity necessary for personal use."

The new bill drops the "addict" requirement, allows "consumers" to have drugs, and sets out specific allowable quantities, which do not appear in the current law.

Specifically, the new law would allow a person to carry the following:
- Marijuana (5 gms),
- Heroin (25 mgms),
- Cocaine (0.5 gm),
- Peyote (2.2 lbs), and
- An array of other drugs, including:
- Methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA),
- Methylenedioxymethamphetamine/Ecstasy (MDMA),
- Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), and
- Amphetamines.
I am stunned! A person could be a legal walking pharmacy. More surprising is the fact that the measure is being pushed while drug addiction among Mexicans is increasing.

To be fair, though, the bill reportedly stiffens some penalties for trafficking and possession by government employees and near schools. In support of the bill, backers say it will free up police to go after major drug traffickers and avoid crowding jails with small-time offenders. Of course, using their logic, Mexico should legalize convenience store robberies to allow police to focus on bank heists.

Interestingly, the timing of the announcement of the intent to legalize drugs probably could not have come at a more troubling time. At present, tensions between the U.S. and Mexico are heightened due to a variety of factors. These include:

Monday's planned skip-work day by hard-working illegal aliens to prove that Mexicans are hard-workers. Ostensibly, the hardest workers will take the whole week or month off.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens demonstrating in the streets, demanding citizenship, and carrying Mexican flags.

Calls by activists to open the borders to hard-working trespassers while tagging as racist anyone who wants a secure border.

Prisons and jails, hospital emergency rooms, school systems, and welfare rolls all being overburdened by illegals.

And, not a small issue, calls for the Star Spangled Banner to be sung in Spanish.

Not to be overly dramatic, but I feel that someone unwelcome moved into my house and there is nobody to call for help. My only options are to tolerate the trespassers or leave my home. It didn't used to be that way. I recall when the government protected and defended the citizens and territorial boundaries of the United States.

Nevertheless, with all the existing problems associated with having an imaginary border between the U.S. and Mexico, the last thing needed is the implied promise that every illegal alien crossing the border will soon be carrying "personal use" amounts of a variety of illicit drugs. To quote the Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, it's "appallingly stupid." I agree.

From Interested-Participant.

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The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Movie Review Edition

This isn't the normal BSCC.

If you saw United 93 this weekend, share your thoughts in the comments.

No fatwas will be issued.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but spoilers are not an issue. We all know how it ends.

Why make this a caption contest? The images are in your head and mine.

Just...vent. Let it all out.

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April 29, 2006

Saudi Women Given Right to Sell Underwear

Currently in Saudi Arabia, only men are permitted to conduct retail business and the practice proves to be awkward when the items being sold are primarily female products. Therefore, whether purchasing panties, brassieres, see-through nighties, or lipstick and other cosmetics, women are helped by bearded and moustached male sales assistants. But times have changed and Saudi society is about to make a dramatic leap forward.

From Telegraph.co.uk:

It is hailed as a major step forward for women's emancipation in Saudi Arabia: in the coming weeks they will enjoy the right to buy lingerie from female shop assistants.

This may be a far cry from bra-burning feminism but in Saudi Arabia the notion of buying one's brassiere from a woman is nothing short of revolutionary.

A new decree requiring shop owners to hire female staff to sell undergarments illustrates the cautious liberalisation the kingdom is undergoing - and how far it has yet to travel.

The change will probably be quite welcome since most women are reluctant to discuss their unmentionables with men who are likely total strangers.

On the other hand, the lingerie shop owners are ambivalent. Some intend to darken their premises to hide the fact that women are working while others complain that business will be stunted since most customers for women's underwear are men. (As an aside, I'm astounded by the fact that Saudi men are buying most of the women's underwear in the Kingdom. There has to be a psychological angle here somewhere.)

King Abdallah is the impetus behind the recent liberalization of Saudi society. He's even hinted at lifting the prohibition on women driving. Naturally, traditionalists believe that the changes go too far and are "not compatible with Islam."

From Interested-Participant.

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April 28, 2006

Help me! (Updated/Sticky)

I've got nothing. Open thread. Leave a link.

UPDATE: Feel free to send TB pings. Fatwas are automatic. That way, people see your link without having to check comments.

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Nice Jugs, Bad Brain

Hey, if Mike Pechar can get away with naughty teacher posts, it's only fair to see Pamela Anderson (ahem) deflated.

Expect Atrios to start an open thread titled "Chimpy McGoldstein" in response.

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April Is Jihadi Awareness Month

Or so it seems anyway. Now Zawahiri throws out another softball:

CAIRO, Egypt — Al Qaeda's No. 2 said the terror network's branch in Iraq had "broken the back" of the U.S. military with hundreds of homicide bombings, in a video posted Saturday that was the latest in a string of new messages by al Qaeda's leaders.

Well, forget the "it seems." In the grand tradition of organizations that seem not to realize we're already aware of the causes they ram down our throats in the name of "awareness," I am officially declaring April "Jihadi Awareness Month."

To be followed by "Illegal Immigrant Awareness Day" on May 1st. Which runs concurrent to "Vinnies Daughter Awareness Day." She turns five.

And remember, don't use your curling irons whilst sleeping.


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Cab Driver Beheaded by Taliban

(Angoor Ada, Pakistan) Here's a gruesome reminder that the Global War on Terror is far from over.

From DailyTimes.com.pk:

Suspected tribal militants beheaded a cab driver in South Waziristan for being a "US spy" and a frequent visitor to an American military base in Afghanistan, official sources told Daily Times on Wednesday.

The body of the man, identified as Khan Mati, was found on Tuesday near Angoor Ada, the last Pakistani town before the Afghan border in South Waziristan, sources said.

Mati, who had been missing since April 17, was believed to be a frequent traveller to the US military base in Macha Dadkot in Paktika province in Afghanistan. He is the second taxi driver to be abducted and killed in Angoor Ada over suspicion of being a US spy.

Sources said that Haji Omar, the Taliban chief in South Waziristan, said that "we do not waste bullet on such suspects and prefer beheading them."

In my mind, the Taliban terrorists are murdering scum with no chance of redemption. Those poor cabbies were likely only trying to go with the flow and put food on the table for their families. Instead, they're murdered by Taliban fanatics.

And, all the while, Sen. Dick Durbin claims the U.S. is the bad guy and Yale University recruits students from the Taliban. The leftists have turned America into bizarro world.

From Interested-Participant.

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Air America Losing New York

According to MediaWeek, Air America will lose its flagship station in New York City. The lease with WLIB-AM runs out as of August 31. As a network, Air America will no longer determine programming for the station. Instead, station owners are expected to offer liberal local programs.

A spokesperson for Air America, however, promised that the liberal radio network would "not grow silent on the New York City airwaves." It's not clear what that means. Maybe Air America has found another station that has no interest in accumulating an audience. Given enough seed money to prop it up, Air America will surely find a taker. Then, I think it will only be a matter of time before the backers back out.

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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt to do Ayn Rand

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Atlas Shrugged? That's what the Hollywood insiders are saying. I guess anything with Angelina Jolie is bound to attract some attention from me--on top of the fact that she is going to star in the screen adaptation of one of the Right's most beloved works of fiction.

Personally, I'm not a big fan. Hang around with enough libertarians (like I do) and you realize that there is a kind of cult of Ayn Rand among certain circles. So what I'm about to say is bound to offend.

In addition to being bad gay, I don't think Ayn Rand was that great of a theorist. I don't really get Objectivism--Ayn Rand's philosophy. I find it tired and boring in the same way that I do Marxism. I just don't have a lot of patience for any theory of absolutes--which is why I describe myself as a 'Burkean libertarian' when asked.

In my dealings with Obectivists, I always got the feeling that they were the Right's version of Scientologists. You know, like they couldn't let an hour go by without dropping Ayn Rand's name into a conversation, and that every time they walked into a book store they had to buy a copy of Atlas Shrugged. No wonder Allen Greenspan dropped out of their ranks years ago!

And it's not like I hated the books, I just didn't love them either. No epiphemy for me--but maybe that's because I've always had libertarian leanings? Just a good read. No big deal.

So, will I go see Atlas Shrugged? Sure will. The last time an Ayn Rand novel was put on to the silver screen it turned into an instant classic. But then again, we had Gary Cooper to convince us that one man could stand alone against the world. I just don't see Brad Pitt pulling the same thing off as tycoon John Galt.

But Angelina Jolie as Dagny Taggart? I'm so there.

And for my Objectivist friends, on a note of redemption, they will be glad that I passed on this news: Angelina Jolie is said to be a big Ayn Rand fan---and anything Angelina is into can't be all that bad, can it?.

Except Brad Pitt. And it turns out, Brad Pitt is into Ayn Rand, too. Go figure.

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Separate and Unequal in Sweden.

Mulims in Sweden have no respect for Swedish law, in fact they would like a separate set of laws to govern themselves.

Via The Local :Sweden's largest Muslim organisation has demanded that Sweden introduce separate laws for Muslims, according to Swedish television. Sweden's equality minister Jens Orback called the proposals "completely unacceptable".

The Swedish Muslim Association, which represents around 70,000 Muslims in Sweden, has sent a letter to all Sweden's main political parties suggesting a number of reforms, SVT's Rapport programme reported.

The proposals include allowing imams into state (public) schools to give Muslim children separate lessons in Islam and their parents' native languages. The letter also said that boys and girls should have separate swimming lessons and that divorces between Muslims should be approved by an imam.

The letter provoked an instant, and damning, response from integration and equality minister Jens Orback.

"We will not have separate laws in Sweden. In Sweden, we are all equal before the law. In Sweden, we have fought for a long time to achieve gender-neutral laws, and to propose that certain groups should not be treated like others is completely unacceptable."

Orback said he had spoken to representatives of the Swedish Muslim Council, and they did not support the association's position.

"We have freedom of speech, we have the right to opinions and we have the right to make proposals - but if a law is going to be changed, it must be the same for everyone."

Asked whether the proposal plays into the hands of racists, Orback said that it did.

"I think it is very problematic and unfortunate that people who have been in Sweden for so long make proposals such as this that are so opposed to our intentions, when we are fighting for women's rights and the right to divorce," Orback replied.

Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg also slammed the idea of separate laws.

"Sweden has equality between men and women. To introduce exceptions for Muslims so that women can be oppressed with the support of the law is completely unacceptable to me," Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg wrote in a statement.

Sharia Law is unacceptable in general I think. I suggest that if Muslims in Sweden want to live in a nation with Sharia Law they should move to one. When in Rome…..

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Iran Don’t Give A Damn.

Iranian President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Via Yahoo News :

The Iranian nation won't give a damn about such useless resolutions,"
If leftist and Actors like Clooney finally see the evil genocide of Islamic Terrorism in Darfur they can also help with Iran. NPR reported that Iran is the #1 and only remaining producer of Caspian Sea Caviar. All other nations have stopped harvesting Caviar in the Caspian to preserve and prevent sturgeon becoming extinction there. You can start helping by boycotting all Caspian Sea Caviar. Iran may not give a damn about resolutions but they will earn 158 million dollars this year harvesting Caviar. I bet they do give a damn about 158 million bucks worth of unpurchased caviar.

Others : California Conservative and Hot Air.

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Terroists Murder Over 14,500 in 2005.

The State Department has released it’s summary report on terrorism in the year 2005. The vast majority of all terror attacks were carried out by al-Qaeda and other “radical” Islamist groups. Iraq remains the focus of terrorist activity. Iran remains the most active state sponsor of Islamic terrorist groups.

Bloomberg :Terrorists killed more than 14,500 people in 11,000 attacks across the globe last year, the U.S. State Department said in its annual report on terrorism.

Al-Qaeda Threat

The al-Qaeda terrorist network remains a threat, with plans to attack the U.S. in a manner to match ``or even surpass the terror of 9/11,'' Henry Crumpton, the U.S. State Department's anti-terrorism chief said.

``Al-Qaeda is not the organization it was four years ago,'' the report said. The group's leaders are scattered and on the run, while its Afghan safe haven is gone. Its relationship with the Taliban has diminished, and its finances and logistics have been disrupted, Crumpton said.

For these reasons, ``al-Qaeda and its affiliates are desperate to claim Iraq as their own,'' Crumpton said. ``We and our allies, along with the emerging Iraqi government, must deny Iraq to al-Qaeda.''

Al-Qaeda is fragmented and desperate to create a safe have in Iraq.
Yahoo News : "Al-Qaida is not the organization it was four years ago," the report said.

However, "overall, we are in the first phase of a potentially long war," it said. "The enemy's proven ability to adapt means we will go through several more cycles of action/reaction before the war's outcome is no longer in doubt. It is likely we will have a resilient enemy for years to come."

A new generation of extremists, some of them getting training through the Internet, is emerging in cells that are likely to be more local and less meticulously planned, the report said. These small groups, empowered by technology, are very difficult to detect or counter, it said.

"We must maintain unrelenting pressure against al-Qaida," Henry Crumpton, the U.S. ambassador in charge of counterterrorism, said Friday at a briefing at the State Department. "We know they aim to attack the U.S. homeland."

The terrorist have threatened the American people directly with attacks even larger then the 9-11 attacks. After this years failure to produce civil war in Iraq by bombing Shite holy places it seems that the desperate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s message last week indicates a change in strategy. Since he has been unable to drag large blocks of Sunni’s into a civil war he attempted to start he has not turned his attention to the Sunni themselves. Branding as Apostates any who cooperate with the new Iraqi government and targeting they and their families for murder. Just after Zarqawi’s message last week there have been several targeted murders of prominent Sunni politicians and their families. By turning on his own sect he hopes to use fear to stop the participation of Sunni Muslims in the advancement of a new Iraqi government.
Zarqawi to Sunnis : Be extremely aware, those who join these apostate forces have nothing with us except the sharp swords, and between them and us will be nothing except grave days and nights.
Sunni of Iraq, will you stand for this murderer ruling over you? He stands in the way of both your freedom and our exit. Destroy him for he is certainly a murderer of his own and cares for nothing but power. He ignores the orders of his commanders while singing their praises. Truly he is the liar and the hypocrite. Fight and destroy al-Qaeda so all our peoples can have peace. Surely you heard him ignore and do the opposite of Bin Laden’s call for you to come to Sudan. He has failed his assignment and now desperately rebels against his own, so has become his blood lust! Abu Musab al-Zarqawi must be destroyed.

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Join The 101st Fighting Keyboardists

Pajamahadeen Indeed(note: Captain's Qarters is back up!).

Freedomdogs :Frank J from IMAO and I want to try to steal a march on the port side of the blogosphere. We want to proudly usurp their insulting jargon and turn it against them, and have a little fun while we do it. We'd like to fully embrace the moniker "101st Fighting Keyboardists" and the chicken hawk as our mascot.
More here from Donklephant
When we looked into it, it turns out that the chicken hawk is a pretty impressive predator. It’s the largest of its family. This species vigorously defends its territory, getting even more aggressive when the conditions get harshest. It adapts to all climates. Most impressively, it feeds on chickens, mice, and rats.
Middle Earth Journal needs to get their head our of their Sci Fi books (substitute rectal reference here) for just a minute. Seems they would prefer that our troops not have the support of the nation they fight for. So we should just sit by and not support those fighting? Should an ordinary citizen not be allowed to support our nation and troops? Should we stop publishing the evil of the enemy or exposing their propaganda? I think not. I think ordinary citizens have a duty to help as they can with what they have. More than one way to skin a cat and there are also many ways to help in the fight. Men working at Centcom have thanked me for publishing their work. Hostages and their families and families of troops who gave their lives have thanked both Rusty and I for blogging their issues. We'll take their word for it that it helps. Wear the badge of The Pajamahadeen proudly.

Hmm funny, if we are so misguided why do we suffer so many attacks? Captain's Quarters is one of the targets today. We here have been suffering spam attacks for three weeks now. For a bunch of irrelevant Chicken Hawks there sure seem to be a lot of people trying to shut us up.

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Senior Al Qaeda Leader Killed

(Baghdad) I admit my addiction to this type of news. Keep 'em coming.

From Reuters.com:

Iraqi and U.S. forces have killed a senior member of al Qaeda in Iraq, Interior Ministry sources and the U.S. military said on Friday.

Humadi al-Takhi, who they said was a district commander of the group, was killed in a raid on a house on Friday about 10 km (6 miles) northeast of the city of Samarra, 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad.

Samarra is a stronghold for Sunni Arab miscreants, the city where a Shi'ite shrine was attacked in February. Intelligence reports led to the raid in which Humadi al-Takhi and two other thug terrorists were killed. According to Reuters, the news hasn't been independently verified. It appears that someone wants to see the body.

This latest success follows yesterday's news of the Iraqi Forces' capture of Abdul Khadir Makhol, senior leader of al Qaeda in the Tikrit region.

From Interested-Participant.

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April 27, 2006

Somewhere, General McAuliffe Is Smiling

The Screaming Eagles once again say "nuts," straight from Centcom:


Release Date:

Release Number:

APO AE 09363

TIKRIT, Iraq– An Iraqi civilian kidnapped in Samarra was rescued April 27 when Soldiers from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division stopped the would-be kidnappers’ vehicles and released the citizen.

Units stationed in Samarra had already been aware of a “be on the lookout” (BOLO) report for a silver sedan suspected of being involved in a kidnapping when some alert Soldiers noticed a pair of silver sedans along a major thoroughfare in southern Salah ah Din province.

The two automobiles were parked next to each other as observers noticed the occupants passing what appeared to be a rifle between the two vehicles. Soldiers began pursuit of the vehicles but were unable to maintain contact.
The pursuing Soldiers radioed other troops in the area to be on the lookout for the two sedans.

Soon afterward another patrol spotted one of the sedans and was able to stop the vehicle. Three occupants inside the car were detained while the vehicle was searched. While searching the vehicle Soldiers soon discovered the bound and gagged kidnap victim inside the trunk of the car.

Shortly thereafter Soldiers stopped two more cars matching the description of the suspected criminals involved, and detained their two occupants.

The victim was promptly transported to a nearby military medical facility and the five detainees taken to a secured location for further questioning.

Anti-Iraqi Forces, to include criminals, continue to victimize the common people of Iraq as they threaten and extort its citizens. Coalition and Iraqi security forces will continue to work together to eliminate this type of criminal threat so that the streets will be safe for all Iraqis.

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Pakistani Minister Vows to Support Iran Upon U.S. Attack

(Islamabad, Pakistan) Pakistan's status as an ally of the U.S. seems to disappear when one travels into the hinterlands. Fundamental Islamic roots are deep and many in the population want Shariah Law imposed globally. I see this recent news as troubling.

From NewKerala.com:

Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) Minister Sirajul Haq said the public would confront those who remained neutral if US attacked Iran. "As a Pakistani, I announce that if US attacks Tehran, it would be considered as an attack on Pakistan and Peshawar," he said.
In another development, the leader of Pakistan's largest Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Qazi Hussain Ahmed, announced on Sunday that he would have the religious parties' alliance, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), "force the government to support Iran if America attacked it." Ahmed also praised terrorists who are fighting coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And from the Northwest Frontier Post (no link), it's reported that the goal is nation-wide Shariah Law and that Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) is achieving considerable success at recruiting.

The NWFP Senior Minister Sirajul-Haq has said MMA government would pave way for enforcement of Shariah based on social justice to remove centuries old English system of human exploitation from the country.

MMA was gradually heading towards success and we would soon emerge triumphant in this mission, he added.

[ ... ]

On this occasion, eminent religious scholar and Muhtamim Darul Uloom Taleemul Quran Maulana Saleh Faqir announced joining J.I. alongwith 70 other Ulema and hundreds of students and followers by appreciating active role of the party for enforcement of Shariah in the country. A local political and social figure Bashir Shakargah also announced joining JI with his 72 supporters.

Prudent observers should also note that Senior Minister Sirajul-Haq has recently spent time assuring Iranian President Ahmadinejad that the Pakistani people would support Iran in the event of U.S. aggression. "The people of Pakistan would not shy away from making any sacrifice for their Muslim brethren," he said.

From Interested-Participant.

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Do the Geneva Conventions Cover Terrorists?

Two questions:

1) Do the Geneve Conventions protect terrorists? This is a question of fact.

2) Should the Geneva Conventions protect terrorists? This is a question of opinion.

I'll let Ace answer the latter first:

There are many reasons to object to extending Geneva Convention protections with full force to those, like Islamicists, who delight in cruelty and inhumanity. But one reason is psychological in nature, and nevertheless worth considering.

We cannot agree with the Islamists that we are subhuman and only they are entitled to honorable and humane treatement. We must insist, particularly with these racist thugs who consider those who do not share in their creed to be animals, that honor is based on reciprocal conduct and by compact.

We cannot agree that their status as fervent Islamists makes them our superiors and creates obligations towards them that they do not extend in return towards us.

For, if we do, are we not confirming their racist beliefs? Are we not telling them that we are, just as they believe, inferior to them by God's decree, and as such, fit only for slaughter or subjugation?

Do I have to even say read the rest?

So, the answer to #2 is no, terrorist [my word] ought not be covered by the Geneva Conventions. But are they covered? This is a question of fact.

The Conventions apply to all prisoners of war. Should we consider Islamist insurgents prisoners of war? Let's see if they meet the conditions of a prisoner of war according to Article 4:2 of the Conventions:

(b) That of having a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance...

(d) That of conducting their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

Do the brave mujahidin wear uniforms or other regalia recognizable at a distance? No, they do not. Unless, of course, one considers Addidas knock-offs a distinctive sign.

There's a reason those involved in armed conflict are required to wear uniforms: to protect non-combatents. Blending in with local civilians may be good strategy for assymetrical warfare, but it is also a recipe for getting a lot of civilians killed. The only people who can be rightly blamed for so many civilian deaths in Iraq are insurgents who do not follow the rules of war.

Do they conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war? Do the Conventions talk about what these laws and customs might be? Why, yes, they do. Including this from Article 3:1 which prohibits:

b) Taking of hostages
The mujahidin aren't guilty of that, are they?

Further, from the Geneva Conventions relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War:

Where, in the territory of a Party to the conflict, the latter is satisfied that an individual protected person is definitely suspected of or engaged in activities hostile to the security of the State, such individual person shall not be entitled to claim such rights and privileges under the present Convention as would, if exercised in the favour of such individual person, be prejudicial to the security of such State.

Where in occupied territory an individual protected person is detained as a spy or saboteur, or as a person under definite suspicion of activity hostile to the security of the Occupying Power, such person shall, in those cases where absolute military security so requires, be regarded as having forfeited rights of communication under the present Convention.

So, all of those alleged violations at Gitmo? Throw them out the window.

And Article 68 of the above Convention distinguishes between normal acts of resistance in an occupied zone and what the media likes to call insurgents--those dressed as civilians who engage in military operations:

Protected persons who commit an offence which is solely intended to harm the Occupying Power, but which does not constitute an attempt on the life or limb of members of the occupying forces or administration, nor a grave collective danger, nor seriously damage the property of the occupying forces or administration or the installations used by them, shall be liable to internment or simple imprisonment
And when a member of the resistance is engaged in espionage, sabotage, or killing?
may impose the death penalty on a protected person only in cases where the person is guilty of espionage, of serious acts of sabotage against the military installations of the Occupying Power or of intentional offences which have caused the death of one or more persons
Of course, all this only applies if the person is 'protected'--meaning a civilian or a uniformed member of an armed force. The Conventions are explicitly not extended to those who engage in acts outside the generally accepted rules of war.

The Additional Protocal is even more specific about who is and who is not a combatent, protected by the Conventions. Article 43: 1:

The armed forces of a Party to a conflict consist of all organized armed forces, groups and units which are under a command responsible to that Party for the conduct of its subordinates....[they] shall enforce compliance with the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict
While I'm sure Zarqawi and co. have some sort of internal discipline, it would be hard to argue that they enforce the rules of war.

Article 44: 3 conitnues:

In order to promote the protection of the civilian population from the effects of hostilities, combatants are obliged to distinguish themselves from the civilian population while they are engaged in an attack or in a military operation preparatory to an attack. Recognizing, however, that there are situations in armed conflicts where, owing to the nature of the hostilities an armed combatant cannot so distinguish himself, he shall retain his status as a combatant, provided that, in such situations, he carries his arms openly:

(a) During each military engagement, and

(b) During such time as he is visible to the adversary while he is engaged in a military deployment preceding the launching of an attack in which he is to participate.

Insurgents do not carry their arms openly. In fact, they try their hardest to blend in with the civilian population.

Burying an IED in the dead of night, wearing civilian clothes, cannot be considered within the rules of war. Detonating that IED with a cell phone while blending in with a crowded market is also outside the bounds.

This does not mean that such prisoners ought to be summarily executed, but that they lose their 'POW' status.

But wait, there's more. Various reports indicate that the muj are, in fact, substantially rewarded for their efforts. That they are mercinaries. And mercinaries, according to Article 47:

shall not have the right to be a combatant or a prisoner of war.
The Conventions, as Ace mentions in his post, are built upon mutual obligations. When one side has no regard for rules of war, the protections of those rules no longer apply to them.

The Conventions should not apply to Islamist insurgents, and they do not.

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Mohammed Cartoon Publishers Could Get Death Penalty in Pakistan

Papers have been filed in Pakistan to indict the publishers of the controversial Mohammed cartoons. Those named in the push for the indictment: The editor, publisher, and cartoonist responsible for the first publications of the Mohammed cartoons in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten; papers in France (not named in story, but cartoons reprinted in France Soir), Italy (La Stampa), Norway (Magazinet), Ireland (The Irish Daily Star), and the Netherlands (Volkskrant). Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail were also named in the suit for providing access to the cartoons.

Pakistan's Daily Times:

Police have registered cases against the editor and publisher of a Danish newspaper and several other European dailies over their publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), under a blasphemy law that carries the death penalty, an officer said.
Remember, Pakistan is a moderate Muslim country and an ally in the war on terror.
Internet giants Yahoo, Hotmail, and the search engine Google were also named in the cases for allowing access to the drawings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that were considered sacrilegious by Muslims. A lawyer who runs a citizens’ rights group submitted the cases.
Not that I wouldn't like to see Google stoned to death, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. I'm also a little disappointed that The Jawa Report wasn't named as co-defendant. Although, I did get a letter yesterday from a reader in Saudi Arabia who tells me that she can't access The Jawa Report there. Apparently the Saudis consider it a 'hate' website. This website is 'hate', killing homosexuals....that's just love differently shown. Go figure.
Islamic tradition bars any of drawings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), favourable or otherwise, in a policy to discourage idolatry. Lawyer Iqbal Haider, who runs Awami Himayat Tehrik or People’s Support Movement, had petitioned the Supreme Court against the publication of the cartoons under a blasphemy law that allows the death penalty for anyone guilty of insulting the Holy Prophet (PBUH) or the holy Quran.
All emphasis mine. What can you say about a religion that kills you for saying things they don't like? But I'm sure, these are just misunderstanderers of Islam...
Cases were registered on Tuesday against Jyllands-Posten, its editor, publisher, a cartoonist, and newspapers in France, Italy, Ireland, Norway and the Netherlands at a police station in Karachi on the court’s orders, said Tariq Malik, an official at the station.

“It is now the government’s job to contact the Interpol and bring the offenders to a court of law in Pakistan,” Haider said on Wednesday.....

A government prosecutor, who opposed the petition, says Pakistan’s courts have no jurisdiction over a crime committed abroad.

Don't expect this to go anywhere, but still, it says a lot.

Asia News adds this to the initial AP piece:

Since 1996, the year the law entered into force, dozens of Christians have been killed for defaming Islam, 560 people were charged with the crime and 30 are awaiting judgment. Often the law is used to settle personal scores.

Via Gateway Pundit who has more.

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We Support the Troops, Not the War


More & more.

UPDATE: Ian, "Don’t you dare question their patriotism!" Indeed.

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Oh THAT Pulitzer

The Pulitzer is a joke. Always has been. It's the journalism equivalent of the Academy Award. No, worse. It's the journalism equivalent of the Daytime Emmys.

Like the Oscar or the Emmy, it is simply an in-house award. The Oscar & Emmy represent what Hollywood think, not what America thinks. Or did you actually believe most Americans are impressed with gay cowboys as art?

The Pulitzer represents what the media thinks about itself. It's a pat on the back to reporters who report what other reporters want to hear.

It is masturbation. No, it's a circle jerk. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, why is it that Dana Priest got a Pulitzer for doing nothing more than report what had been reported before? Previous reports had not seemed to hurt the Republican administration, her's did.

Can the Pulitzer committee be so crass as to use a political calculus for determining worthy recipients? You. Bet. Your. Ass.

This is the Pulitzer committee. These are who they give the Pulitzer to: Pulitzer Prize Given to Terrorists

Color me unsurprised.

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Islam... in... Space!

Muslim scholars ask the tough questions. Not content with exploring the deep mysteries of whether or not it is forbidden to take a dump facing Mecca or whether the sunna forbids talking while taking a wiz (no word yet on whistling) comes news that Malaysians are worried about Sharia in outer space.


How do Muslim astronauts pray five times a day in space when a "day" in orbit is only 90 minutes? How does one determine where Mecca is in a constantly moving space station?

These were some of the questions Islamic scholars and scientists wrangled with in a seminar Tuesday, as Malaysia, a Muslim country, prepares to send its first citizen into space next year....

"Our astronaut will stay in the International Space Station for about seven to eight days. Among the important needs of this astronaut, should he be a Muslim, is a guide on how to perform the prayer ritual in space," Mohamad Ruddin Abdul Ghani, permanent secretary of Malaysia's Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, said in a speech at the "Islam and Life in Space" seminar.

Parenthetically, this is the same moderate country that fines people for not attending Friday prayers.
But as Zainal Abidin Abdul Rashid of Malaysia National University pointed out at the seminar, the space station circles the Earth 16 times in 24 hours, with a sunrise and sunset occurring about every 90 minutes.

"Does this mean we have to perform 80 prayers a day," he said in his seminar paper.

He proposed that Earth time, especially the time zone in Mecca, be used as the reference point to determine the prayer schedule.

On the issue of "qiblat" or the direction of Mecca, suggestions range from installing a special rotating seat so that the Muslim astronaut could turn easily toward Mecca, to using calculator that can determine qiblat direction and the prayer schedule.

Then there is also the question of how to perform ablution, a ritual cleansing of the body, with water-rationing in space.

Also, how does one do the prayer ritual of kneeling and prostrating under zero gravity?

pigsinspace.jpgSo, while the West was busy putting people into space, the Ummah was busy worrying about whether or not it's halal to drink Tang?


This goes a long way in explaining the myth of the 'Golden Age of Islam'. Never. Happened.

One important question not addressed at the conference is this: Does the prohibition against eating pork extend to outer space? And if it does, is there at least a Miss Piggy exception?

Hat tip Joel who found it at Nobody's business.

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Exxon Mobil's 'In Your Face' Rape And Pillage Of America: Part 3 - Fighting Back

Take home message below: Just Say No To Exxon Mobil - Get Mad, and pass it around!


In our first post on this topic I said that after hearing about Exxon Mobil's "in your face greed" involving their $400 million share of the booty awarded to their CEO (one Democratic Senator called it a "shameful display of greed"), I decided to do two things - establish a new category on this blog entitled "Corporate Greed", and never never never ever buy anything from Exxon Mobil or it's subsidiaries for the rest of my life. I also suggested that readers do the same, and to pass the word around.

Now it looks like Bee County in Texas has the same idea, and they're asking the entire state of Texas to take similar action:

This week, Bee County became the first in the state, possibly the country, to pass a resolution asking motorists to boycott (Exxon Mobile) fuel pumps beginning Monday.

County elected officials said they would ask others in the state to follow suit.

"Hey, the American people are tired," Martinez said. "What we did is we simply took action instead of complaining.

"We're offering our residents a beacon of hope."

... the boycott call is targeted only at Exxon Mobil gasoline until retailers agree to drop the price to $1.30 a gallon. Martinez said he's especially miffed about reports that former Exxon Mobil CEO Lee Raymond received a retirement package worth $400 million.

While I'm not suggesting we boycott until Exxon Mobile brings the gasoline prices all the way down to $1.30 a gallon, I am suggesting that we do so until prices return to pre-Katrina prices. It's time that we fought back against corporate greed and Exxon Mobile is as good a place as any to begin to engage the oil companies and fight back. Call it picking our own battleground and time - the place is Exxon Mobile and the time is now.

Continue reading ...

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Iraqis Seek Extermination of Small Vermin Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The recent video released by al-Qaeda in Iraq of Zarqawi has stirred up new interest in getting rid of this little fat rodent. Many in Iraq resent his foreign interference and murderous rampage.

Christian Science Monitor : "Before, I thought there was no Zarqawi, he was just a fiction. But now I believe in him. He's really out there,'' says Thalib Jabbar, a businessman in Baghdad. "Zarqawi wants to show his power and frighten people. But in reality, he's the one who should be afraid. We want him dead."

That's a common sentiment among many ordinary Iraqis, one played on by Iraqi officials Wednesday who condemned Zarqawi as a foreigner trying to destroy their country. Their strong response highlights the risk such a video poses for Zarqawi: The effort to show his strength within the insurgency also puts a foreign face on the movement, leaving an opening for his opponents to appeal to national unity.

In his video, the powerful and chipmunk-cheeked Zarqawi said the Iraqi government, "whether made up of the hated Shiites or the secular Zionist Kurds or the collaborators among the Sunnis, will be tools of the crusaders and a poison dagger in the heart of the Islamic nation."

Oh powerful chipmunk may you find your little fat cheeks be stuffed with cyanide and the cat waiting outside your burrow always.

The Jawa Report has full video and transcripts here.

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Al-Jazeera Egyptian Bureau Chief Arrested, Questioned

It seems the Egyptian authorities are investigating how and why al-Jazeera reported a terrorist incident in Sharkia that never occurred. Could al-Jazeera be getting advance notice of attacks from terrorist? That seems to be the question the Egyptian Authorities are trying to answer. The terrorists would like good coverage so tipping a trusted reporter who is sympathetic to your cause makes sense. Egypt is looking into the question of if Hussein Abdel Ghani had advance knowledge of attacks that were to be carried out and was unaware this attack was thwarted or abandoned.

BBC News :The Cairo bureau chief of TV channel al-Jazeera has been arrested by Egyptian police for allegedly spreading false information on the Sinai bombs.

The interior ministry said Hussein Abdel Ghani had falsely reported a blast in eastern Sharkia province.

Mr Abdel Ghani said in a phone call broadcast on the Qatar-based channel he was the victim of "a complete police kidnapping operation - beyond the law".

The interior ministry said the arrest concerned the false reporting of an explosion in Sharkia on Wednesday.

A spokesman said: "[Hussein Abdel Ghani] said there were incidents in Sharkia and nothing happened. He's spreading confusion.

"When he said there was an explosion in Sharkia, leading everyone to ask about it, about something that didn't happen, where did he get that from?"

Indeed where does the number one terrorist propaganda outlet, al-Jazeera, get a lot of things?

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I Bet You Think You're Tough

Yeah, but are you as tough as this chick?

A leading Cuban dissident has said she was badly beaten up by government supporters as she headed for a meeting organised by United States officials.

Not so bad, I guess...

Martha Beatriz Roque said about a dozen people pushed her to the ground in front of her Havana home and one of them punched her in the face.

The 60-year-old economist was jailed in 2003 with 74 other dissidents but was freed a year later on health grounds.

The coop de gracie:

A man then entered the building and hit her in the face after she shouted "Down with Fidel".

A 60 year old woman shouts "down with Fidel" with a fist aimed for her face.

Suddenly, 3 bucks a gallon doesn't seem so important.

I think Castro's grip is slipping, based on this part:

Human rights groups say attacks on dissidents are increasing and are part of organised attempts to intimidate government critics.

To quote Princess Leia to Grand Moff Tarkin:

The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems slip through your fingers
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April 26, 2006

Muslims on Toilets Prohibited From Facing Mecca

Here's another oddity about the practice of Islam which is passed along in the interest of developing an understanding of the everyday lives of average Muslims.

From The Sun Online:

Jail bosses are rebuilding toilets so Muslim inmates don't have to use them while facing Mecca.

Thousands of pounds of taxpayers money are being spent to ensure lags are not offended.

The Islamic religion prohibits Muslims from facing or turning their backs on the Kiblah -- the direction of prayer -- when they visit the lav.

Muslim lags claimed they have had to sit sideways on prison WCs.

But after pressure from faith leaders the Home Office has agreed to turn the existing toilets 90 degrees at HMP Brixton in London.

Jeez, with stuff like this going on, one would expect there to be a thriving community of Muslim comedians. And, what in the heck does a Muslim do in an airplane lavatory? I don't think it's possible to sit sidesaddle on an airplane toilet.

Hat Tip: PCWatch

From Interested-Participant.

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Clinton Golf Game Shuts Down 5 Yr. Old's Birthday Party

The Secret Service shut down a 5 year old's birthday party because it was somehow interfering in former President Bill Clinton's golf game. Here's the kicker: the little girl was the daughter of porn star Sophia Rossi.

Right. We're sure you were there for your daughter's birthday, Sophia.... Or maybe it was to see the baby daddy?

In any event, here's the story: Clinton was about to hit his second shot on the fifth hole at Las Vegas Country Club on Saturday when Secret Service agents shut down the fireworks about to be launched by Sophia's daughter.

Here's the scoop:

Bobby McKelvey, who had just set up the rocket on the edge of the fairway in the backyard of Rossi's home on Bel Air Drive, recalls hearing the stern words, "Sir, do not fire that rocket."

He looked up and saw two badge-flashing Secret Service agents running toward him, while three more agents came out from behind trees.

"We cannot have you shooting rockets at President Clinton," said one of the agents as he approached the party of 80, said McKelvey.

Clinton, in a party of more than a dozen, was about 50-75 yards away, said McKelvey, 41, who described himself as Rossi's manager.

The rocket, fired later, includes a parachute that explodes when the missile reaches a height of 300-350 feet, McKelvey said.

Rossi, a busty blonde who grew up in Las Vegas, is one of the stars in Jenna Jameson's Club Jenna lineup. "I'm just disappointed I didn't get a photo with him," said Rossi.

"If we'd known it was Bill Clinton, we would have invited him to the party," said McKelvey.

Pssst, Ms. Rossi. Had Clinton known a porn star was throwing a party on the back 9, I'm sure he would have invited himself.

No mention of whether or not Mrs. Clinton was accompanying the former President. Don't worry, though, Bill: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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U.S. Blocks Assets Related to Lebanese Assassination

President Bush issued an order today blocking the assets of anyone connected with the February 14, 2005, assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. We're glaring in your general direction, Syria. The noose is getting tighter. Kicking Assad.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:07 PM | Comments |

Terrorists Murder Civilians in Iraq on Video (Images)

A new video released by the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah shows insurgents in Iraq committing attrocities contrary to the Geneva Conventions. The video shows three Arab civilians being murdered by the group. The video can be seen here.

The terror organization calls the murders 'executions' after condemning the three for 'apostasy'. The maximum penalty for apostasy under Islamic, or Sharia, law is death.

After the three 'confess' to the 'crime' of working in a civilian capacity for the U.S. in Iraq, the three are shot in the head with pistols. Their bodies fall into a grave which has already been dug.

Unlike U.S. and other Coalition forces who have been accused of Geneva Convention violations, the Army of Ansar al-Sunna openly boasts of this murder. So far, the U.S. has prosecuted over two-dozen American soldiers over the Abu Ghraib scandal alone.

The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah has released dozens of similar videos in the past. It is common practice for the group to murder any civilians working in any capacity with the Iraqi government.

The group is based in Northern Iraq in areas with large Kurdish minorities. It is thought to have split off from the more well known Ansar al-Islam, once part of the larger al Qaeda network. The head of al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, had been in Iraq prior to the U.S. led liberation working with the group. The U.S. operation all but annhialated the group, with Arab remnants forming Tawhid and Jihad (later al Qaeda) and Kurdish remnants forming Ansar al-Sunnah. Peshmirga forces have effectively wiped out al-Sunnah remnants in Kurdistan.

Where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where is the U.N. investigation?


A statement accompanying the recording said the video showed "the confessions of three apostates working in ... a company dealing with American forces that destroyed weapons and ammunition of the former Iraqi army".

"I'm Ammar Nasser ... I work with the Americans," said one man with long hair. The other two men made remarks in response to an off-camera speaker, but the audio was not clear.

Thanks to Doubletap for finding the video.

Warning: Two graphic images follow.




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Gorgeous Pamela Rogers Busted Again

(McMinnville, Tennessee) Gorgeous Pamela Rogers (pics), the 28-year-old teacher who was convicted of a child sex offense last year and sentenced to nine months in prison, was released and then arrested earlier this month for violating the terms of her probation.

Contrary to the court's order, Rogers had contacted the victim's family via the Internet. At a subsequent hearing two weeks ago, Rogers was allowed to remain free on $10,000 bond until a July 12 hearing.

Well, hush my puppies! It seems Gorgeous Pamela Rogers was arrested again on Monday for contacting and sending sexually explicit videos to the now 14-year-old victim.

From KnoxNews.com:

"These were videos of the defendant involved in sexual activity and she was nude in the pictures," arrest warrant records show. "The defendant requested from the victim he send pictures and videos, and phone records indicate she received the same on her phone."
It's not clear what happens next but letting Rogers out of jail appears to be a mistake. Treating her leniently doesn't seem to work very well. In my opinion, Gorgeous Pamela needs a serious attitude adjustment.

From Interested-Participant.

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Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Share Lesbian Lover

Warning: Hot three-way girl-on-girl celeb "good gay" action below. Very good-gay.

Yeah, I know I was on vacation when the story broke that lesbian supermodel Jenny Shimizu revealed all about her "good gay" love affair with Angelina Jolie--but can one really ever go on vacation from Angelina Jolie lezbo action? Anyway, it turns out that Jenny Shimizu has got it going on when it comes to seducing celebs. Add a notch in her belt for Madonna. I wonder what Kabbalah has to say about hot lesbian celeb sex?

News of the World:

Crop-haired Jenny Shimizu grinned cheekily as she declared: "It's most guys' ultimate fantasy to bed Angelina or Madonna. But I'm a girl and I was sleeping with both of them—AT THE SAME TIME.

"They were both sensational lovers who got incredibly turned on by the touch of another woman."

"She spotted me on a casting video and called me out of the blue," said Jenny, 38.

"She asked me to dinner and I went to her house. Nothing happened that night, but we both felt an immediate attraction.

"Then two days later I went back to a party and instantly we both knew that we'd end up in bed together.

"From the age of 14 I'd watched her videos and thought, ‘I'm going to have sex with that gorgeous woman one day.'

"And that night my fantasy came true—again and again and again.
"For hours we explored each other's bodies, kissing every inch. Far from the domineering, sex-crazed woman many think she is, I found her a very gentle lover.
"It wasn't about whips and chains. Madonna wanted someone she could trust to call when she wanted pleasuring right there and then. I was her secret ‘booty call' available any time of the day or night for secret sex sessions.

"One time she was doing her Girlie Show tour in Paris and I was in Germany on a photo shoot.

"But she was so desperate to see me she booked me on a flight and demanded I go to her room at the Ritz. I was happy to oblige— this woman exuded raw sex appeal and I couldn't get enough of her.

"At 2am we met in her room as ordered and by 4am I was off, after two hours of slow, passionate sex. That was always how it was. We both gave each other what we wanted till we were satisfied, then I'd leave. It wasn't about an emotional bond, it was about taking each other to the heights of sexual ecstasy.

"I loved the fact I was at this woman's beck and call. It turned me on being ordered to her room whenever she felt like sex."

Suddenly, I've lost interest.

rebecca_loos_lesbian.jpgBut wait, there's more you say? A whole lot more. In addition to being Madonna's sex-slave, Angelina Jolie's lover, and make-out buddy for Naomi Campbell, Jenny Shimizu also had a thing with ex-wife of soccer superstar David Beckham, model Rebecca Loos.

"At one point we pulled away and Rebecca just went ‘Wow!' then kissed me again—a slow, passionate kiss which turned us both on like you wouldn't believe.

"She wanted me to go back to her hotel right there and then, but I'd made other plans. So it was two nights before we consummated our ‘marriage'—taking great pleasure in exploring each other for the first time.

"We pleasured each other into the early hours. She was so tanned with this wonderful slim body I couldn't keep my hands off. We fell asleep in each other's arms."

Have I ever been just a wee-bit jealous of a lipstick lesbian? Just a tad
Ask her who's the best of all her celebrity conquests and Jenny just laughs: "I couldn't choose. They were all amazing.

"I just count myself one very, very lucky girl."


(Disclaimer: The Smeagol half of the Editorial staff of The Jawa Report would like to distance itself from this post. The Gollum half takes full responsibility for this ode to our precious Angelina Jolie)

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Zarqawi Video (With Subtitles) [Updated: Transcripts}

You can watch the Zarqawi video with English subtitles by clicking here. The MEMRI translation only covers portions of the 34 minute long video showing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's monologue.

UPDATE: I've added the full transcripts below.

Interestingly, the video shows Zarqawi railing against Zionism and linking the fight against America in Iraq to the fight against Israel. Why is this so intriguing? Because the full video highlights the use of Qassam rockets in Iraq....the rocket developed by none other than the new leaders of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas.

Hat tip to Allahpundit, now blogging at Hot Air.

UPDATE: Allah now posts this little snippet from the NY SUN:

[I]t appears an intense rivalry is emerging between Messrs. Zarqawi and bin Laden. A letter from Mr. bin Laden’s deputy, intercepted in 2005, entreated the Jordanian to send money to his masters. Other captured letters and an e-mail sent to a London-based radical cleric demonstrate the Al Qaeda leadership’s increasing impatience with Mr. Zarqawi’s strategy in Iraq and his attempt to stir up a civil war by killing Shiite civilians.

“I think the key question is, why did they release the video? Showing up on a video shows that he is in a good position and that he can deliver messages just like Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri,” the director and co-founder of the SITE Institute, Rita Katz, said.

The only problem with Rita Katz's theory is:

a) Zarqawi praises Osama, calling him "my emir".

b) the video includes part of Osama's recent audio

c) the audio was released on the 23rd, but Zarqawi was taped on the 21st.

Hence, Zarqawi had access to Osama's audio before it was released over the internet. Further, the video was very well polished. In my estimation it was weeks in the making.

It probably came as a result of reports that the main al Qaeda group and the Mujahidin Shura Council of Iraq had either cut ties with Zarqawi, or demoted him.

UPDATE: Transcripts from Terrorist Press Release

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

Mujahedeen Shura Council of Iraq

Then fight in Allah\'s cause thou are held responsible only for thyself and rouse the believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the disbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment (Alnisa’a:84)

O’ Banner’s holders stand,
Where are the lions of Anbar?
Where are the lions of Salah Aldeen?
Where are Baghdad’s men?
Where are the knights of Ninawah and the champions of Dyalah?
Where are the courageous of Kurdustan?
Where are you the lions of Monotheism?

Be fully aware of the apostate media sources.

I swear by Allah, that they have nothing with us except the sharp swords, and between them and us will only be the frightened nights.

I swear by Allah that America will be defeated in Iraq.


(Field commander is talking):

As for the developing and manufacturing, the brothers, by the grace of Allah have developed and improved two missiles in Alanbar province in particular.

(When missile was fired):
Against the make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. (Alanfal:60)


A message for Mankind

(Sheikh Osama)
I focus this call to the young men of Islam; gather together in fighting the crusades and the Jews, and remember Allah at all times repeatedly, by Allah, it’s either victory or martyrdom. No one will surpass his fate, and he who ever turns out to be a martyr, his sole will freely be flying around the paradise as it wishes, close to the throne of Allah; what a great difference between being near his family and/or near his lord.
O’ young men of Islam every where, especially those near the battles, where the obligation is further; O’ young men in Aljazeera, Egypt, and Sham; O’ siblings of Salah Aldeen, O’ knights of Mohammad Alfateh, continue your support to your brothers in Iraq, whereby the gravest of the wars is continues, and its fire is on the rise, the crusades have invaded them, killed thousands of them, and abducted thousands, whishing to eliminate them. And they are instead, by the grace of Allah, fighting the crusades patiently, giving up all they’ve got for the sake of Allah and in order to defend themselves. May Allah be with them and those who support them.

(sheikh Abu Musaab)
All praise be to Allah granting might to his religion with his victory, lowering the infidels with his supremacy. Sorting circumstances by his order; Plotting for the disbelievers with his arrangement; He who alternated the days with his divine justice.
And peace be upon who Allah raised the minaret of Islam with his sword.

My treasured nation,
I am conversing to you not with falsehoods, hoping to find with you open ears and prudent hearts, for the honest man does not deceive his family.

The crusade enemy, when invaded Iraq, meant to control this nation and reinforce the Zionist state, from the Nile to the Euphrates. However, Allah granted your sons the Mujahedeen by standing firm before the strongest crusaders attack to the Islamic land.
They stood strong against this attack for over three years, disbursing their soles and their wealth. They stood against this massive military, media, and economical attack not for anything except to defend you, your religion, your sons, and your honor.
Allah dispersed the enemies’ gathering and their defeat became clearer to who ever has eyesight and prudent heart.
Here are your sons, by the grace of Allah, indulging into one battle after another, and attack after attack; they by the will of Allah hold the upper hand in the battle field now.

If it wasn’t for the continuous and ongoing media muting, you would’ve seen the astonishing. By Allah it’s the championships and the victories coming to us, and you my nation should thank Allah for this great bounty, that Allah prepared a group of your sons the Mujahedeen defending you and protecting your honor, otherwise the Sunnah in Iraq would’ve been in between a revulsion crusade and a betraying Shiite. And the women of the Sunnah would’ve been on the laps of the revulsion crusades and the betraying Shiites; Abu Ghraib and the interior ministry jails remain memorable.

My treasured nation,
We are in Iraq a stone throw from the Masjed Alaqsa, we fight in Iraq and our eyes are on Alqsa which will never be freed except with a guiding Quraan and a prevailing sword; “but enough is thy Lord to guide and to help” (Alforqan:31)

The history and experience had showed that you have no one after Allah except your Mujahedeen sons; they are your protection, your strong shield, and your beating heart. They become happy to your happiness and sad to your sadness; they stay up all night for your protection and have jealousy for you. Their hearts burst in sorrow for your state, and their tongues never stop chanting: O’ Allah elevate the state of humiliation and defeat away from my nation, O’ Allah bring back victory to my nation.

As for the American administration, and to its chairman the cross banner’s holder Bush, we say to him and to whoever is swimming in his space from the Jews and the crusades and form the Shiites and others, we say that you will never be safe in the Islamic land, and by Allah you will never feel secured so long we still have a beating nerve and a moving eyelash.
Previously, our leader Osama Bin Laden may Allah protect him, had offered you a long truce. It could’ve been better for you and those who are with you if you’d have accepted, but your arrogance pushed you to refuse. Here you are today, running from east to west trying to find solutions “will not stand except as stands one whom the evil one by his touch hath driven to madness” (Albaqarah:275). You turned to be a grave liar, betraying your own people that everything is under control, and then soon everyone finds out about your lies and so on. You became like the one who’s treating himself from alcohol by alcohol. You were never at any time truthful with yourself or your people, although it’s found some truth in your great grandparents you are fully detached from.
Why don’t you show the truth about your soldiers and their inferior state of struggle?
Why don’t you tell your people about the continuous suicides amongst your soldiers?
Why don’t you tell your people that your soldiers can never go to sleep unless they take the hallucinating and drugging pills? So they become like cattle driven by your war generals, the Neozionists, to the killing fate.
Why don’t you tell your people about the congregational escape and the defiance among your troops?

Listen you grave liar and insolent one; your dreams will never come true, our blood and bodies are between you and your imaginings. And what is coming your way is much greater than what passed by the will of Allah.

The game of rotten democracy that you brought to Iraq, after you gave hope to people about freedom, happiness, and the economical/personal security; all of these lies went with the winds and will never come back by the will of Allah.

There we see you today, trying with all what you got to bring together the clusters, the parties, the partners from your tails to bring about a handicapped government that it might pull you out from your crucial pitfall.

We believe that any government you place in Iraq, whether be it from the betrayal Shiites or Zionist Kurds, or your tails from the Sunnah; it will only be an apostate government that will aid the crusades, and it came only to be a poisoned dagger stabbed in the heart of the Islamic Nation.

America learned today that its planes, tanks, momentous troops, and its tails from the Shiites army will never be able to finalize the battle with Mujahedeen. Therefore, it’s trying to surround the Jehad by pushing its tails from those who are counted to Sunnah, those who accepted to play the role and be a rope that tightens around the Sunnah’s necks and pull the Americans from their defeat. They used those who use the Islamic slogans as a mask to spread their masters’ propaganda on the importance of organizing the military and the police, and confuse the Muslims with their mixed messages injecting poison in honey, forgetting intentionally or not that every occupier through out history used a cover up face from the occupied to use them in order to establish a solid base and embezzle the wealth of the country and its people.
Allah has said: “And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them” (5:51)
That is by constituting for this life and the hereafter.
And Allah has said: “for Pharaoh and Haman and (all) their hosts were Men of sin” (28:8)

Therefore, we repeat our warning to whoever is trying to reorganize and spread the military and the police forces, which was established only to be a tool for the occupier in their bigger plan, and to implement laws other than the law of Allah.
Be extremely aware, those who join these apostate forces have nothing with us except the sharp swords, and between them and us will be nothing except grave days and nights.
Allah has said;” Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil: so fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan” (4:76)

Having said the previous, and having mentioned the defeat of the enemy and his paraphernalia. The enemy is trying today to seduce two kinds of people to the alleged parliamentary game to harvest the fruits of the Mujahedeen whom only trying to make the word of Allah prevails.
The first kind of which is the one trying to attach oneself with the Mujahedeen, although they never lived the Mujahedeen life nor they ever supported them at the occupation time. The second of which is those who had at the beginning the honor of fighting the crusades, however what counts is the end; their efforts won’t be accepted by the law of Islam unless they strive with action to make the word of Allah prevails, using what Allah lawfully guided us with, the clean means, not by using evil parliaments striving to have the word of Allah mixed with other man made constitutions and laws. The aim does not justify the means here.
Although these two kinds, and whoever follows their footsteps, allege that they are trying with these parliaments to implement the law of Allah. However, the actions and the historical experiences oppose their myth. Anyone that is following the political map in Iraq knows that the majority of the parliaments’ members are from the Shiites and the atheists of Kurds and Sunnah, not to mention those of the mixed motion believes. Therefore, the heavy side in the balance of the parliaments will always be in the hand of evil.
Allah has said: “beware of them lest they beguile thee from any of that (teaching) which Allah hath sent down to thee” (5:49)

And Allah has said: “Fast thou not turned thy vision to those who declare that they believe in the revelations that have come to thee and to those before thee? their (real) wish is to resort together for judgment (in their disputes) to the evil one, though they were ordered to reject him but Satan\'s wish is to lead them astray far away (from the right” (4:60)

As for you patient truthful Mujahedeen, may Allah accept from you and us the best of deeds, and may Allah bless your Jehad. You were able by the will of Allah and his support to stop this crusades’ attack and you’ve bounded him with injuries. Thus, continue your Jehad and operations, and elevate your hits, it’s only the sign of victory and it’s the last breath of the cross worshipers in the land of two rivers. The low fighting self-esteem of the crusades’ soldiers is an only obvious sign in Iraq. Therefore, renew your intentions, and correct yourselves, and carry on together against your enemy. Your enemy is uncovered, by the will of Allah, weakened, unprotected, and broken in pieces. Do not give him a chance to take its breath, continue your stabbings one after the other, O’ Banner’s holders stand,
Where’s are the lions of Anbar?
Where are the lions of Salah Aldeen?
Where are Baghdad’s men?
Where are the knights of Ninawah and the champions of Dyalah?
Where are the courageous of Kurdustan?
Where are you the lions of Monotheism?
O’ siblings of Khaled and Muthananh, Saad and Meqdad and Salah Aldeen.
Where are the immigrants? Where are the supporters?
Where are the people of Surat Altawbah and Alanfal?
Where are the people of Alfath and Alqital?

O’ leaders of this nation; who is for the crying women, who is for the jailed dignified women, who is for the purified women in the jails of the Shiites.
O’ Allah, there is no life except the life of the hereafter, O’ Allah grant victory to immigrants and their supporters.

Be very aware from the embezzlers, with their masters the crusades, trying to surround you. Be aware and extremely aware from putting down your weapons, and then you will harvest nothing but the defeat, beat and crush in this life and the hereafter.
You were always supplicating to Allah day and night to ease the way for you to join the Jehad in Afghanistan and Chechnya or other places. After that, Allah chose you for the trade of Jehad at your own land, and opened for you the doors of paradise. Be extremely aware of closing these blessed doors, be aware “And be not like a woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun, after it has become strong”(16:92)

Do not let the trade of Jehad depart your land; otherwise you will be disgraced and you’ll be only ruled by the scum; “they set you hard tasks and punishments, slaughtered your sons and let your women folk live” (2:49)

“If ye turn back (from the Path), He will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you” (47:38)

Finally, I glad tied the nation by establishing the Mujahedeen Shura Council of Iraq, which will be by the grace and will of Allah as the kernel for the establishment of an Islamic State, in which, the word of Allah prevails. All praise be to Allah, the efforts are being joined, and the hands are being extended and shaken for the obedience of Allah and his messenger and the Jehad in the cause of Allah. And this Council will be, by the will of Allah, an umbrella for every truthful Mujahed. I am honored to be one member of this blessed Council under its blessed leadership. At the same time remaining the Ameer ( leader) of the Alqaeda Organization in the land of two rivers ( Iraq).

The servant of Jehad and Mujahedeen, glorifying Allah, your brother Abu Musaab Alzarqawi.
Friday, 23 Rabii Awal 1427,
April 21, 2006.

All praise be to Allah.


(One of the commanders in Anbar speaking)

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful, and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad his family and companions.

I welcome our beloved sheikh in the land of Anbar, the land of Jehad. And we ask Allah to keep it a thorn in the eyes of the disbelievers.

I would like to inform about the great victory in the battles of Ramadi, killing many of the disbelievers and taking over the center and headquarter of the infidels.
Taking over the city for several days, preventing the crusades from even coming near it.
And this operation was a clear message against the visit by the infidels’ ambassadors ( Rice and Straw).
In general, the self esteem of the Mujahedeen is high, in opposite to the infidels whom are always in continuous deterioration.

As for the developing and manufacturing, the brothers, by the grace of Allah have developed and improved two missiles in Alanbar province in particular.
, that will be used soon, one has the ability to travel 40km with a 50kg warhead, here’s a picture of it…

Then fight in Allah\'s cause thou are held responsible only for thyself and rouse the believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the disbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment (Alnisa’a:84)

And the other is anti armored vehicles, is carried on the shoulder and has been internally modified to penetrate armored vehicles, and here’s a picture of it.


فبما رحمة من الله لنت لهم ولو كنت فظا غليظ القلب لانفضوا من حولك فاعف عنهم واستغفر لهم وشاورهم في الأمر فإذا عزمت فتوكل على الله إن الله يحب المتوكلين}

“It is part of the mercy of Allah that dost deal gently with them. Wert thou severe or harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about thee: so pass over (their faults), and ask for (Allah\'s) forgiveness them in affairs (of moment). Then when thou hast taken a decision, put thy trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust (in him” (3:159)

{إن ينصركم الله فلا غالب لكم وإن يخذلكم فمن ذا الذي ينصركم من بعده وعلى الله فليتوكل المؤمنون}
If Allah helps you, non can overcome you: if he forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? in God, then, let believers put their trust (3:160)

Sheikh Ayman Alzahahre’s voice:
O’ Islamic Nation, the turf of Iraq now is the most dangerous field of Jehad in this century. Therefore, the nation must support the courageous Mujahedeen that are fighting in the very forefront defending the honor of Islam and its dignity.


Sheikh Abu Musaab: by Allah, American will be defeated in Iraq, by the will of Allah, and it’ll leave Iraq humiliated, crushed, and defeated by the will of Allah.

Do not forget us from your supplications.

Your brothers in the Media Committee.

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Fighting the Media Jihad

Still think killing terrorists is all it will take to win this thing? Think again.


Jihadis place a great deal of emphasis on developing comprehensive public relations and communication strategies to aid their side in the media war.
What an incredible smell you've discovered! You think maybe the terrorists media allies would be limited to the Arab News (the official organ of the house of Saud) and al Jazeera, but you'd be wrong. Try the two biggies as well: the AP and Reuters, both of which are great at spinning things exactly as the Islamists plan.
“Their strategies are crafted after careful audience analysis and message adaptation, two of the most fundamental rules underlying any communication or public relations campaign,” write the authors of a report released this week titled: “Communication and Media Strategy in the Jihadi War of Ideas.” ...

Professor Steven Corman, who co-authored the report with graduate student Jill Schiefelbein, says that in his experience “people are surprised the jihadis think of media as a weapon.”

Yeah, a lot of people are surprised. None of you, my dear paduan readers, but people. You know, retards and the like.

For example, in a letter to Emir Al-Momineen, Osama bin Laden writes, “It is obvious that the media war in this century is one of the strongest methods; in fact, its ratio may reach 90% of the total preparation for the battles.”
And, I'll add, a great deal of the media strategy uses the internet.
“First, they must legitimate their movement by establishing its social and religious viability, while engaging in violent acts that on their face seem to violate the norms of civilized society and the tenets of Islam.
Hence, the jihadis go to lengths at explaining why it is in line with Muslim norms to cut the heads off the infidels and Zionists. It's a way of rationalizing it to the public.
Second, they aim to propagate their movement by spreading messages to sympathetic audiences in areas where they want to expand.
A big way they do this is by showing images of civilian victims, and then lay the blame squarely on the U.S., Israel, etc.
Third, they seek to intimidate their opponents
Blowing shit up and killing people has that affect.
“Jihadis pursue these strategies using sophisticated, modern methods of communication and public relations,” notes Corman. For example, there’s evidence in the documents that the jihadis segment audiences and adapt their message to the audience, he says.
For instance, some jihadis in Iraq have tailored specific messages for consumption in the U.S.
“They place great importance on having good slogans and on after-action reviews to determine what worked and what didn’t,” Corman says. Jihadis use some of the same PR techniques used by large corporations; they deploy disinformation campaigns and coordinate communication with operations, the researchers write in the report.

In particular, the report notes that “jihadis are technically savvy and intent on pushing jihad into the sphere of new media.” The jihadis view new media, especially Internet-based communication and information technologies, “as a platform for global operations and virtual jihad.”

I absolutely concur with the authors of the report. If we are serious about winning this thing, more has to be done to fight enemy propaganda.

Hat tip: Rebecca

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Spanish Left: Give Apes Human Rights

I, for one, welcome our new simian overlords! Spanish Socialists: give apes human rights. More at Barcepundit.

Actual image of Spanish Socialist candidate for el jeffe.


Next on the Spanish Left's agenda? Inter-species marriage.


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Prince Harry Fighting to Go to Iraq

Pretty wicked cool. It's about time the Royals did more than blather on about how Islam is peaceful.

Daily Mail:

Prince Harry has threatened to quit the Army if commanders refuse to send him to the front line.

He told senior officers before recently passing out of Sandhurst as a Second Lieutenant: “If I am not allowed to join my unit in a war zone, I will hand in my uniform.”

More at Flopping Aces and Gateway Pundit.

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Firefight in Ramadi

Michael Fumento describes a firefight in Ramadi. It's good to know there are still some reporters like Fumento operating outside the Green Zone.


As soon as everybody was out of the houses the bad guys hit us big time. Machine gun and rifle fire seemed to come from every direction. In part, perhaps, this was because of sound reverberations off the walls and possibly it was because it was coming from every direction. Americans tossed several smoke canisters to conceal us as we crossed the first wide street, but since the Mooj tend to fire wildly anyway I'm not sure how much it helped. All they do is point their weapons in our general direction and squeeze off as many rounds as they can. But a haphazardly-fired bullet when it hits you has the same impact as an expertly aimed one.

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Trouble for Harry Reid in Nevada

Welcome Rush readers! Please feel free to comment and check out the MAIN PAGE HERE.

Most people aren't aware that Harry Reid is considered a conservative Democrat. The problem with Harry Reid has never been that he's a liberal, but rather his extreme partisanship. It looks like this may be hurting him at home.

On a personal note, I've spent some time in Reid's old haunts in small town Nevada. I can only say that if Reid's national supporters ever showed up there, they'd likely get their asses kicked.

Las Vegas Sun:

Sen. Harry Reid, once a fairly obscure conservative Democrat from the small state of Nevada, is all the buzz inside the Beltway lately - unfortunately for him, it's the Washington and not the Las Vegas Beltway....

But Reid's national stature among activist Democrats, concentrated on the blue-state coasts, carries risks for him at home, analysts say. His consistent opposition to President Bush and his need to mollify the liberals in his party is costing him in Nevada, where polls show he has lost support since becoming minority leader.

Although Reid, who won re-election in 2004 and still has four years in his term, said in an interview that he pays no attention to polls, his actions in Nevada during the two-week Easter recess suggested that he is keenly aware of his vulnerabilities. He spoke to groups that carry at least a patina of conservatism - chambers of commerce, police and firefighters, religious groups, military men and women, district attorneys.

Reid touted national security, faith-based solutions and anti-gang measures. In front of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, he reminded the audience of his support last year for legislation long sought by conservatives that made it harder to declare bankruptcy.

And yet, in the conflict Reid faces - between his more conservative Nevada roots and his new coastal liberal friends - he struggled to quell his bluest, Democratic instincts, launching a shot at Bush at the chamber event.

"How can Republicans support somebody who's running us into the ground like this?"

If it wasn't for the fact that Reid has 4 more years in his term, James Joyner thinks that Reid might be the next Tom Daschle. We'll see.

In the meantime, let me remind my Searchlight Nevada readers that's it's not polite to slash the tires of hybrid cars. Even when the guy driving it has a ponytail.

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Hallmarks of a Conspiracy Theory: 9/11

I love conspiracy theories. They're just cooler than your run-of-the mill every day type theories that produce falsifiable hypotheses. In fact, I plan to write the definitive book on the subject if I ever get the time (read: quit blogging).

Dean has the skinny on conspiracy theories:

In events with huge numbers of eyewitness events, it is entirely normal for there be witnesses who are confused, misremember things, contradict themselves, or contradict each other....
Read the rest.

Personally I think 9/11 was planned by the Illuminati and perpetrated by the Pentavarite. Or maybe the J-O-Os. I'm thinking Nessie had a hand in it too.

Actual photo of 9/11 conspirator:


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May Day

Apparently May Day will be celebrated this year by illegal aliens by not going shopping. Personally, I hate shopping. All shopping. Except for guns. And maybe for wicked cool robots. But I might just have to shop on May Day.

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Muslims Threaten Brothels in Germany

A brothel in Germany have been forced to remove the flags of several Muslim countries after being threatened with violence. On two occasions, groups of masked men threatened the owner of the whorehouse with knives. The owner has taken down the flags.

First they came for your brothels......


It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Europe's largest brothel, the Pascha in Cologne, which incidentally claims to be the world's only brothel with a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers, attached the flags of all 32 nations competing in the World Cup to its façade in a bid to demonstrate international flair and attract custom during the tournament this summer.

A giant poster covering the side of the seven-story, 126-apartment building showed a friendly-looking blonde woman lifting up her bra above the slogan "A Time to Make Girlfriends", in a play on the World Cup's official slogan "A Time to Make Friends." Right beneath her pink panties were posters of the flags, including those of strictly Islamic Saudi Arabia and Iran....

The campaign provoked excitement, but not the kind the management was hoping for. Men from the Muslim community came to the door complaining that showing the flags of Saudi Arabia and Iran was an insult to the Prophet Muhammad. Later, some returned in masks.

"On Friday evening we were threatened by 11 masked men who demand that we take down the Saudi Arabian flag," Lobscheid told the Kölner Express, a local newspaper. Not wanting any trouble, the brothel obliged and removed it and the Iranian one. But that still left the flags printed on the poster.

"On Saturday night there were 20 masked men armed with knives and sticks. They threatened to get violent and even bomb the place unless we black out the Iranian and Saudia Arabian flags on the poster as well," said Lobscheid.

Hat tip: Joel

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WTW Donald Rumsfeld To Zarqawi

"That little missile was a cool toy Muscab, [update: Confederate Yankee has pic of the missiles, one of which appears to be a Qassam] but get a load of my toy!”

CNN Bahgdad Wednesday 04/26/06: Rumsfeld was greeted at Baghdad International Airport by Gen. George Casey, the commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, before they then went to the U.S. Embassy for a one-on-one meeting.

The secretary arrived in Iraq on a C-17 military transport.

Earlier this week, PM-designate al-Maliki said he thinks U.S. troops could begin withdrawing in 18 months or less if his country's security forces get up to speed.

Come on Abu Muscab al-Zarqawi I want to see you ride that rocket so stick it up your #$$ and light the fuse boy!

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers

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April 25, 2006

Say A Prayer For Brother Bluto

Our good pal Bluto is undergoing surgery today to replace his "third leg" with a wooden peg have his knee replaced.

With what, God only knows.

That's the bad news. The good news is he won't be around for next week's Caption Contest.

I love it when the co-bloggers go on hiatus.

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Senior Terrorist Captured in Philippines

(Manila) Good news! Filipino authorities made a major arrest yesterday. Abu Sayyaf member Sharie Amiruddin, aka Abu Omar, is linked to al-Qaeda and the southeast Asian terrorist network, Jemaah Islamiah.

From ABS-CBNNews.com:

The military arrested a suspected Abu Sayyaf member linked to kidnappings and bombings that has killed Americans and Filipinos since 2000, an Army spokesman said Tuesday.

Maj. Bartolome Bacarro said soldiers seized Sharie Amiruddin, a suspected member of the Abu Sayyaf group, on Monday in Zamboanga City.

"He was the planner of the Dos Palmas kidnapping," Bacarro told reporters, adding Amiruddin was also blamed for bomb attacks in three Mindanao cities in 2002.

As a reminder, the Dos Palmas kidnappings occurred on Palawan Island (map) in 2001 and involved 20 people, including three Americans of which one, Guillermo Sobero, was beheaded. During a rescue mission in 2002, another American, Martin Burnham, was killed and his wife, Gracia, was wounded. They were Christian missionaries. The other hostages were Filipino tourists.

It's worth noting that the Philippine government appears to be quite determined and aggressive in its pursuit of terrorist cells and criminals in the country.

From Interested-Participant.

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Hung Jury in Lodi Terror Trial

Not surprised, given then weak testimony given by prosecution witnesses. Details here. UPDATE: It's official

Updated : Hat Tip Jay at Stop The ACLU Via Sacbee.com:

Hamid Hayat, the 23-year-old Lodi man on trial for terrorist-related activities in Sacramento federal court, was found guilty Tuesday, just hours after a mistrial was declared in the related trial of his father, who was accused of lying to the FBI to cover up for his son.

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New Video of Abu Musab al Zarqawi (Images/Video) [Updated: Transcripts/Subtitled Video

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, has appeared in a new 34 minute high-production value video released by the media arm of the terrorist umbrella organization known as The Mujahidin Shura Council. The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video. Images from it are shown throughout this post. A translation of a statement released by the Mujahidin Shura Council is posted below.

UPDATE: I've added a transcript of the video below. You can watch the Zarqawi video with English subtitles by clicking here. The MEMRI translation only covers portions of the 34 minute long video showing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's monologue.

For a copy of the video, please e-mail the author of this post directly at the contact information above. UPDATE: You can view the video here, but it is a mother of a download. UPDATE II: Apparently BKP is banned at some workplaces--alternate video downloading here. Update III: Here is a synopsis video from the MSM. The original is 34 minutes.

Several things are striking about the video. The first thing is that Zarqawi is shown with an American assault weapon, and not the standard AK-47 wielded by terrorists. Second, the high-production value of the video means that it must have been weeks in the making. If it was timed for release to coincide with the Egyptian bombings yesterday, then a great deal of coordination must have gone into it. Last, the high-production value of the video also suggests that it was not a reaction to the appointment of a new PM in Iraq. However, the statement released today by The Mujahidin Shura Council is clear that they are worried about it [statement below].

The video also comes on the heels of several reports which suggested that Zarqawi had a) been demoted from the leadership of al Qaeda in Iraq b) been officially disavowed by the Shura Council. Neither now appears to be the case.

What is not being reported in the media, though, is that Osama bin Laden's voice is also in the video. This suggests that Zarqawi's group was in possession of the audio before its popular release yesterday.


In a rare video posted on the Internet, al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi accused the West and the United States of waging a “crusader” war against Islam, but said Muslim holy warriors were standing firm.

He also said the formation of a new government in Iraq was an attempt to help the United States get out of what he called the dilemma it faces in Iraq.

“Your mujahedeen sons were able to confront the most ferocious of crusader campaigns on a Muslim state. They have stood in the face of this onslaught for three years,” Zarqawi said on the video.

Athena notes:
He is also wearing a suicide vest, which would corroborate statements by Sheikh Abu Omar al-Ansari, who met him in Iraq, that he wears this vest in order to "martyr" himself in this instance that Coalition forces (or angry Iraqis) come very close to apprehending him.
However, it looks more like a standard AK-47 ammo vest to me.
Over at CT, Bill Rogio notes that this may be a sign that the new PM of Iraq has hurt al Qaeda's cause there.

UPDATE: Walid Phares (personal note to Walid: what happened to you at the MPSA?) has a pretty detailed analysis here. Apparently the video was made on the 21st. The bin Laden audio was released on the 23rd.

Wizbang links this analysis from DEBKA:

Our sources reported Monday that the Egyptian authorities are investigating whether a 10-man cell reportedly held ready by Zarqawi in N. Sinai or Gaza for a large-scale attack was responsible for the third Sinai bombing attack in two years.
More at Stop the ACLU and Hot Air.

UPDATE: New York Times shows its brilliance with this headline, "Video Appears to Show Zarqawi Urging on Insurgents". Because, you know, we wouldn't want the NY Times to go out on a limb here. Here's part of the story:

The grainy images in today's video showed him accompanying armed fighters in black vests through sandy terrain in what was an apparent training mission. It also showed him seated on the floor in a room with several fighters with their faces covered in black.
Which leads me to believe that Christine Hauser at the Times hasn't seen the video which is about as crystal clear as I've ever seen. In fact, the video runs at 512 mbs. I had to make the images smaller for this post as the originals would have taken nearly the entire center column! If you read the rest of the column, you realize that what Hauser had done was read an AFP story and then simply repeated most of it!

Hat tip: AWOL GI at the forum

UPDATE: Transcripts from Terrorist Press Release

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

Mujahedeen Shura Council of Iraq

Then fight in Allah\'s cause thou are held responsible only for thyself and rouse the believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the disbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment (Alnisa’a:84)

O’ Banner’s holders stand,
Where are the lions of Anbar?
Where are the lions of Salah Aldeen?
Where are Baghdad’s men?
Where are the knights of Ninawah and the champions of Dyalah?
Where are the courageous of Kurdustan?
Where are you the lions of Monotheism?

Be fully aware of the apostate media sources.

I swear by Allah, that they have nothing with us except the sharp swords, and between them and us will only be the frightened nights.

I swear by Allah that America will be defeated in Iraq.


(Field commander is talking):

As for the developing and manufacturing, the brothers, by the grace of Allah have developed and improved two missiles in Alanbar province in particular.

(When missile was fired):
Against the make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. (Alanfal:60)


A message for Mankind

(Sheikh Osama)
I focus this call to the young men of Islam; gather together in fighting the crusades and the Jews, and remember Allah at all times repeatedly, by Allah, it’s either victory or martyrdom. No one will surpass his fate, and he who ever turns out to be a martyr, his sole will freely be flying around the paradise as it wishes, close to the throne of Allah; what a great difference between being near his family and/or near his lord.
O’ young men of Islam every where, especially those near the battles, where the obligation is further; O’ young men in Aljazeera, Egypt, and Sham; O’ siblings of Salah Aldeen, O’ knights of Mohammad Alfateh, continue your support to your brothers in Iraq, whereby the gravest of the wars is continues, and its fire is on the rise, the crusades have invaded them, killed thousands of them, and abducted thousands, whishing to eliminate them. And they are instead, by the grace of Allah, fighting the crusades patiently, giving up all they’ve got for the sake of Allah and in order to defend themselves. May Allah be with them and those who support them.

(sheikh Abu Musaab)
All praise be to Allah granting might to his religion with his victory, lowering the infidels with his supremacy. Sorting circumstances by his order; Plotting for the disbelievers with his arrangement; He who alternated the days with his divine justice.
And peace be upon who Allah raised the minaret of Islam with his sword.

My treasured nation,
I am conversing to you not with falsehoods, hoping to find with you open ears and prudent hearts, for the honest man does not deceive his family.

The crusade enemy, when invaded Iraq, meant to control this nation and reinforce the Zionist state, from the Nile to the Euphrates. However, Allah granted your sons the Mujahedeen by standing firm before the strongest crusaders attack to the Islamic land.
They stood strong against this attack for over three years, disbursing their soles and their wealth. They stood against this massive military, media, and economical attack not for anything except to defend you, your religion, your sons, and your honor.
Allah dispersed the enemies’ gathering and their defeat became clearer to who ever has eyesight and prudent heart.
Here are your sons, by the grace of Allah, indulging into one battle after another, and attack after attack; they by the will of Allah hold the upper hand in the battle field now.

If it wasn’t for the continuous and ongoing media muting, you would’ve seen the astonishing. By Allah it’s the championships and the victories coming to us, and you my nation should thank Allah for this great bounty, that Allah prepared a group of your sons the Mujahedeen defending you and protecting your honor, otherwise the Sunnah in Iraq would’ve been in between a revulsion crusade and a betraying Shiite. And the women of the Sunnah would’ve been on the laps of the revulsion crusades and the betraying Shiites; Abu Ghraib and the interior ministry jails remain memorable.

My treasured nation,
We are in Iraq a stone throw from the Masjed Alaqsa, we fight in Iraq and our eyes are on Alqsa which will never be freed except with a guiding Quraan and a prevailing sword; “but enough is thy Lord to guide and to help” (Alforqan:31)

The history and experience had showed that you have no one after Allah except your Mujahedeen sons; they are your protection, your strong shield, and your beating heart. They become happy to your happiness and sad to your sadness; they stay up all night for your protection and have jealousy for you. Their hearts burst in sorrow for your state, and their tongues never stop chanting: O’ Allah elevate the state of humiliation and defeat away from my nation, O’ Allah bring back victory to my nation.

As for the American administration, and to its chairman the cross banner’s holder Bush, we say to him and to whoever is swimming in his space from the Jews and the crusades and form the Shiites and others, we say that you will never be safe in the Islamic land, and by Allah you will never feel secured so long we still have a beating nerve and a moving eyelash.
Previously, our leader Osama Bin Laden may Allah protect him, had offered you a long truce. It could’ve been better for you and those who are with you if you’d have accepted, but your arrogance pushed you to refuse. Here you are today, running from east to west trying to find solutions “will not stand except as stands one whom the evil one by his touch hath driven to madness” (Albaqarah:275). You turned to be a grave liar, betraying your own people that everything is under control, and then soon everyone finds out about your lies and so on. You became like the one who’s treating himself from alcohol by alcohol. You were never at any time truthful with yourself or your people, although it’s found some truth in your great grandparents you are fully detached from.
Why don’t you show the truth about your soldiers and their inferior state of struggle?
Why don’t you tell your people about the continuous suicides amongst your soldiers?
Why don’t you tell your people that your soldiers can never go to sleep unless they take the hallucinating and drugging pills? So they become like cattle driven by your war generals, the Neozionists, to the killing fate.
Why don’t you tell your people about the congregational escape and the defiance among your troops?

Listen you grave liar and insolent one; your dreams will never come true, our blood and bodies are between you and your imaginings. And what is coming your way is much greater than what passed by the will of Allah.

The game of rotten democracy that you brought to Iraq, after you gave hope to people about freedom, happiness, and the economical/personal security; all of these lies went with the winds and will never come back by the will of Allah.

There we see you today, trying with all what you got to bring together the clusters, the parties, the partners from your tails to bring about a handicapped government that it might pull you out from your crucial pitfall.

We believe that any government you place in Iraq, whether be it from the betrayal Shiites or Zionist Kurds, or your tails from the Sunnah; it will only be an apostate government that will aid the crusades, and it came only to be a poisoned dagger stabbed in the heart of the Islamic Nation.

America learned today that its planes, tanks, momentous troops, and its tails from the Shiites army will never be able to finalize the battle with Mujahedeen. Therefore, it’s trying to surround the Jehad by pushing its tails from those who are counted to Sunnah, those who accepted to play the role and be a rope that tightens around the Sunnah’s necks and pull the Americans from their defeat. They used those who use the Islamic slogans as a mask to spread their masters’ propaganda on the importance of organizing the military and the police, and confuse the Muslims with their mixed messages injecting poison in honey, forgetting intentionally or not that every occupier through out history used a cover up face from the occupied to use them in order to establish a solid base and embezzle the wealth of the country and its people.
Allah has said: “And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them” (5:51)
That is by constituting for this life and the hereafter.
And Allah has said: “for Pharaoh and Haman and (all) their hosts were Men of sin” (28:8)

Therefore, we repeat our warning to whoever is trying to reorganize and spread the military and the police forces, which was established only to be a tool for the occupier in their bigger plan, and to implement laws other than the law of Allah.
Be extremely aware, those who join these apostate forces have nothing with us except the sharp swords, and between them and us will be nothing except grave days and nights.
Allah has said;” Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil: so fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan” (4:76)

Having said the previous, and having mentioned the defeat of the enemy and his paraphernalia. The enemy is trying today to seduce two kinds of people to the alleged parliamentary game to harvest the fruits of the Mujahedeen whom only trying to make the word of Allah prevails.
The first kind of which is the one trying to attach oneself with the Mujahedeen, although they never lived the Mujahedeen life nor they ever supported them at the occupation time. The second of which is those who had at the beginning the honor of fighting the crusades, however what counts is the end; their efforts won’t be accepted by the law of Islam unless they strive with action to make the word of Allah prevails, using what Allah lawfully guided us with, the clean means, not by using evil parliaments striving to have the word of Allah mixed with other man made constitutions and laws. The aim does not justify the means here.
Although these two kinds, and whoever follows their footsteps, allege that they are trying with these parliaments to implement the law of Allah. However, the actions and the historical experiences oppose their myth. Anyone that is following the political map in Iraq knows that the majority of the parliaments’ members are from the Shiites and the atheists of Kurds and Sunnah, not to mention those of the mixed motion believes. Therefore, the heavy side in the balance of the parliaments will always be in the hand of evil.
Allah has said: “beware of them lest they beguile thee from any of that (teaching) which Allah hath sent down to thee” (5:49)

And Allah has said: “Fast thou not turned thy vision to those who declare that they believe in the revelations that have come to thee and to those before thee? their (real) wish is to resort together for judgment (in their disputes) to the evil one, though they were ordered to reject him but Satan\'s wish is to lead them astray far away (from the right” (4:60)

As for you patient truthful Mujahedeen, may Allah accept from you and us the best of deeds, and may Allah bless your Jehad. You were able by the will of Allah and his support to stop this crusades’ attack and you’ve bounded him with injuries. Thus, continue your Jehad and operations, and elevate your hits, it’s only the sign of victory and it’s the last breath of the cross worshipers in the land of two rivers. The low fighting self-esteem of the crusades’ soldiers is an only obvious sign in Iraq. Therefore, renew your intentions, and correct yourselves, and carry on together against your enemy. Your enemy is uncovered, by the will of Allah, weakened, unprotected, and broken in pieces. Do not give him a chance to take its breath, continue your stabbings one after the other, O’ Banner’s holders stand,
Where’s are the lions of Anbar?
Where are the lions of Salah Aldeen?
Where are Baghdad’s men?
Where are the knights of Ninawah and the champions of Dyalah?
Where are the courageous of Kurdustan?
Where are you the lions of Monotheism?
O’ siblings of Khaled and Muthananh, Saad and Meqdad and Salah Aldeen.
Where are the immigrants? Where are the supporters?
Where are the people of Surat Altawbah and Alanfal?
Where are the people of Alfath and Alqital?

O’ leaders of this nation; who is for the crying women, who is for the jailed dignified women, who is for the purified women in the jails of the Shiites.
O’ Allah, there is no life except the life of the hereafter, O’ Allah grant victory to immigrants and their supporters.

Be very aware from the embezzlers, with their masters the crusades, trying to surround you. Be aware and extremely aware from putting down your weapons, and then you will harvest nothing but the defeat, beat and crush in this life and the hereafter.
You were always supplicating to Allah day and night to ease the way for you to join the Jehad in Afghanistan and Chechnya or other places. After that, Allah chose you for the trade of Jehad at your own land, and opened for you the doors of paradise. Be extremely aware of closing these blessed doors, be aware “And be not like a woman who breaks into untwisted strands the yarn which she has spun, after it has become strong”(16:92)

Do not let the trade of Jehad depart your land; otherwise you will be disgraced and you’ll be only ruled by the scum; “they set you hard tasks and punishments, slaughtered your sons and let your women folk live” (2:49)

“If ye turn back (from the Path), He will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you” (47:38)

Finally, I glad tied the nation by establishing the Mujahedeen Shura Council of Iraq, which will be by the grace and will of Allah as the kernel for the establishment of an Islamic State, in which, the word of Allah prevails. All praise be to Allah, the efforts are being joined, and the hands are being extended and shaken for the obedience of Allah and his messenger and the Jehad in the cause of Allah. And this Council will be, by the will of Allah, an umbrella for every truthful Mujahed. I am honored to be one member of this blessed Council under its blessed leadership. At the same time remaining the Ameer ( leader) of the Alqaeda Organization in the land of two rivers ( Iraq).

The servant of Jehad and Mujahedeen, glorifying Allah, your brother Abu Musaab Alzarqawi.
Friday, 23 Rabii Awal 1427,
April 21, 2006.

All praise be to Allah.


(One of the commanders in Anbar speaking)

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful, and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad his family and companions.

I welcome our beloved sheikh in the land of Anbar, the land of Jehad. And we ask Allah to keep it a thorn in the eyes of the disbelievers.

I would like to inform about the great victory in the battles of Ramadi, killing many of the disbelievers and taking over the center and headquarter of the infidels.
Taking over the city for several days, preventing the crusades from even coming near it.
And this operation was a clear message against the visit by the infidels’ ambassadors ( Rice and Straw).
In general, the self esteem of the Mujahedeen is high, in opposite to the infidels whom are always in continuous deterioration.

As for the developing and manufacturing, the brothers, by the grace of Allah have developed and improved two missiles in Alanbar province in particular.
, that will be used soon, one has the ability to travel 40km with a 50kg warhead, here’s a picture of it…

Then fight in Allah\'s cause thou are held responsible only for thyself and rouse the believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the disbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment (Alnisa’a:84)

And the other is anti armored vehicles, is carried on the shoulder and has been internally modified to penetrate armored vehicles, and here’s a picture of it.


فبما رحمة من الله لنت لهم ولو كنت فظا غليظ القلب لانفضوا من حولك فاعف عنهم واستغفر لهم وشاورهم في الأمر فإذا عزمت فتوكل على الله إن الله يحب المتوكلين}

“It is part of the mercy of Allah that dost deal gently with them. Wert thou severe or harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about thee: so pass over (their faults), and ask for (Allah\'s) forgiveness them in affairs (of moment). Then when thou hast taken a decision, put thy trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust (in him” (3:159)

{إن ينصركم الله فلا غالب لكم وإن يخذلكم فمن ذا الذي ينصركم من بعده وعلى الله فليتوكل المؤمنون}
If Allah helps you, non can overcome you: if he forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? in God, then, let believers put their trust (3:160)

Sheikh Ayman Alzahahre’s voice:
O’ Islamic Nation, the turf of Iraq now is the most dangerous field of Jehad in this century. Therefore, the nation must support the courageous Mujahedeen that are fighting in the very forefront defending the honor of Islam and its dignity.


Sheikh Abu Musaab: by Allah, American will be defeated in Iraq, by the will of Allah, and it’ll leave Iraq humiliated, crushed, and defeated by the will of Allah.

Do not forget us from your supplications.

Your brothers in the Media Committee.

Here is a rough translation of the statement released by the Shura Council today. More images from the video posted below:

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists. And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety.

After the failure of the crusaders and their massacre in iraq they hurried to seek protection from sunnites by their introducing in the political operation – polytheist—for forming a government which will be responsible of execution rules of the constitution of infidelity made by their leaders, maybe they could retreat back from the battleground and making those facing the mujahdeens hits. [continued below]


And every muslim should know that the base of his belief and monotheism is (walaa and baraa) and without this nothing will be accepted by Allah, Allah says : [22] You (O Muhammad (peace be upon him)) will not find any people who believe in Allâh and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad (peace be upon him)) even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people). For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with Rûh (proofs, light and true guidance) from Himself. And He will admit them to Gardens (Paradise) under which rivers flow to dwell therein (forever). Allâh is pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allâh. Verily, it is the Party of Allâh that will be the successful.

This is why the necessity of comlete faith is loving and supporting believers and hate and enemity of infidels even though they were relatives.


Allah says: [1] O Prophet (Muhammad (peace be upon him))! Keep your duty to Allâh, and obey not the disbelievers and the hypocrites (i.e., do not follow their advice). Verily! Allâh is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise. [2] And follow that which is revealed to you from your Lord. Verily, Allâh is Well-Acquainted with what you do. [3] And put your trust in Allâh, and Sufficient is Allâh as a Wakîl (Trustee, or Disposer of affairs). [4] Allâh has not put for any man two hearts inside his body. Neither has He made your wives whom you declare to be like your mothers' backs, your real mothers. (az-Zihâr is the saying of a husband to his wife, "You are to me like the back of my mother" i.e. You are unlawful for me to approach.), nor has He made your adopted sons your real sons. That is but your saying with your mouths. But Allâh says the truth, and He guides to the (Right) Way.
For those who sliped we say: both of savant and ignorant knew that this government is delusive not real, they can do nothing without approval of their american leader who gave them chairs in this government but prevent them from freedom of action?.!

And which religion can they establish , in spite of the fact that they became infidels by accepting the constitution in replacement of the quran?.!

So the Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq is innocent of this government and call the sunnites inside and outside of iraq to annouce their innoncence of this government and disbelieve in it, and to support the mujahdeens untill the Allah word is the supreme or we die for it , and be prudent of being in the rank of the enemies of Allah the conspirators against your jehad the base of your religion and the sumit of your islam, and say like Allah order you:


[1] Say (O Muhammad (peace be upon him) to these Mushrikûn and Kâfirûn): "O Al-Kâfirûn (disbelievers in Allâh, in His Oneness, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadar.)! [2] "I worship not that which you worship, [3] "Nor will you worship that which I worship. [4] "And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. [5] "Nor will you worship that which I worship. [6] "To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islâmic Monotheism)."

And you should know that the signs of victory appear highly – by Allah willing- , and the sunnah of Allah predestined that there is no victory unless the distinction between the two sides, and the separation of the two ranks, Allah says: ([17] He sends down water (rain) from the sky, and the valleys flow according to their measure, but the flood bears away the foam that mounts up to the surface - and (also) from that (ore) which they heat in the fire in order to make ornaments or utensils, rises a foam like unto it, thus does Allâh (by parables) show forth truth and falsehood. Then, as for the foam it passes away as scum upon the banks, while that which is for the good of mankind remains in the earth. Thus Allâh sets forth parables (for the truth and falsehood, i.e. Belief and disbelief).


So wait, we too are waiting with you : ("Our Lord! Pour forth on us patience and make us victorious over the disbelieving people."

And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety.

Allah is great,

“Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not.”
The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq


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Italian Porn Star Offers Freebie to Osama bin Laden

cicciolina_porn_star_offers_herself_to_osama.jpgCrack reporter Mike Pechar, always on the lookout for a porn-terrorism connection, finds this story from Ananova. Technically it's not a 'freebie', I know. It's more of a quid pro quo:

Italy's most famous porn star Cicciolina has offered herself to Osama Bin Laden.

The 55-year-old actress said it was about time somebody tackled the terrorist and claimed she could be just the woman for the job.

Speaking at an erotic fair in Bucharest, Romania, Cicciolina said: "It is time someone did something about Bin Laden, and I am ready to do it.

"I am ready to make a deal, he can have me in exchange for an end to his tyranny. My breasts have only ever helped people while Bin Laden has killed thousands of innocent victims."

In 1990 she made the same offer to Saddam Hussein:
"I am available to make love with [Iraqi dictator] Saddam Hussein to achieve peace in the Middle East
Apparently bin Laden has refused the washed up porn star's offer. Sources inside the al Qaeda network have revealed that OBL is holding out for a similar offer.....but from Angelina Jolie.

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Palestinians Plan to Celebrate Holocaust Day by Killing Jews

While civilized people around the world pause to remember Nazi attrocities and world indifference to them, Palestinians planned to kick off today's Holocaust Day festivities by doing what they do best: killing Jews.

This is nothing new for the Palestinians. It should be remembered that while the German National Socialist Workers Party was still meeting in Munich beer halls, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem--and relative of Yasser Arafat--was busy trying to make Palestine Jew free. A common thread of Holocaust denial continues to unite jihadis, Arab nationalists, Islamists, and terrorists around the globe.

Via LGF, this from Ynetnews:

IDF soldiers detained Monday a terrorist planning to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel.

The would-be bomber was nabbed near the community of Adam, north of Jerusalem, without his explosive belt, which he was supposed to receive
later on. Security officials later told Ynet: "A terror attack on Holocaust Day or the next day was prevented." ...

On the eve of Holocaust Day, police forces across the country are on high alert for fear terrorist groups are planning attacks. At this time, authorities are dealing with 76 terror warnings, including 20 concrete ones. Most warnings originate in the northern West Bank, with the Islamic Jihad behind most plots.

How little has changed in 50 years....

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McCarthy Leak Whitewash Continues

McCarthy Leak Defender McGovern Tied to Subversive Left
Here's how Jim Lehrer of PBS described Ray McGovern to his audience last night:

Ray McGovern was an analyst for 27 years. He retired in 1990. He is now a member of the group Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, which has criticized the current administration for politicizing intelligence.
At least Lehrer mentioned VIPS, though he didn't tell us that they are barking mooonbats calling for the President's impeachment. The media meme is that McGovern is a 27-year CIA veteran who admires McCarthy's courage...no reason to dig any deeper, nothing to see here, folks...move along.

And no mainstream journalists are reporting that McGovern was part of a travelling hate-America freakshow featuring accused pedophile Scott Ritter, Iraqi anti-US propagandist Faiza Al-Arji (whose "A Family in Baghdad" blog actually comes from Jordan), and professional America-hater Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink.

Below: McGovern speaking at the "Emergency Truth Convergence" in 2005 and Camp Casey last year.
Cross-posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto, Stop the ACLU, and Vince Aut Morire.

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Hitler, Ahmadinejad, Neo Nazis, Just Logical Fellows.

Today is holocaust remembrance day. Let’s look at a few of the similarities of modern Islamic fascists and the historical Nazi and Neo Nazi thinking. The common thread is racism.

Times Online Via Jihad Watch : A NEO-NAZI whose ideas were said to be the inspiration for the man who let off a nail bomb in Central London in 1999 has converted to an extremist form of Islam.

David Myatt, a founder of the hardline British National Socialist Movement (NSM) who has been jailed for racist attacks, has changed his name to Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt…

…In a later interview, Myatt supports the killing of any Muslim who breaks his oath of loyalty to Islam, and the setting up of a Muslim superstate He describes himself as having been “staunchly opposed to non-white immigration into Britain and twice jailed for violence in pursuit of my political aims”…

Next he encourages other Neo-Nazis to convert to Islam.
Myatt said recently that he had given up hope of a breakthrough by the far Right and believed that Muslims were the best hope for combating Zionism and the West. “There will not be an uprising, a revolution, in any Western nation, by nationalists, racial nationalists, or National Socialists — because these people lack the desire, the motivation, the ethos, to do this and because they do not have the support of even a large minority of their own folk,” he said.

“If these nationalists, or some of them, desire to aid us, to help us . . . they can do the right thing, the honourable thing, and convert, revert, to Islam — accepting the superiority of Islam over and above each and every way of the West.”

So now we see the ordinary Neo Nazi Fascist is converting to Islam as his best hope to, “Tame the Jew”. Let’s look at a couple leaders, Adolf Hitler and Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements.
Hitler : The Jewish race will have to adapt itself to sound constructive activity as other nations do, or sooner or later it will succumb to a crisis of an inconceivable magnitude.

Ahmadinejad : "We ask the West to remove what they created sixty years ago and if they do not listen to our recommendations, then the Palestinian nation and other nations will eventually do this for them,"

Hitler : The deduction from all this is the following: an antisemitism based on purely emotional grounds will find its ultimate expression in the form of the pogrom.[1] An antisemitism based on reason, however, must lead to systematic legal combating and elimination of the privileges of the Jews, that which distinguishes the Jews from the other aliens who live among us (an Aliens Law). The ultimate objective [of such legislation] must, however, be the irrevocable removal of the Jews in general.

Ahmadinejad : We say that this fake regime (Israel) cannot not logically continue to live…

(paraphrased) The Palestinians and "other nations" will eventually remove Israel from the region.

"Whether you like it or not, the Zionist regime is on the road to being eliminated,"

Hitler : Jewish watchword "Workers of the world unite" will be conquered by a higher realization, namely "Workers of all classes and of all nations, recognize your common enemy!"

Ahmadinejad : The new wave of confrontations generated in Palestine and the growing turmoil in the Islamic world would in no time wipe Israel away

Hitler : From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie,

Ahmadinejad provoked a world outcry in October when he said Israel should be "wiped off the map."

Hitler : And outside, we have again today the same coalition as before, from the chief of that international Masonic lodge, the half-Jew Roosevelt, and his Jewish brain trust, to the Jewry of purest water in Marxist-Bolshevik Russia. They are the same enemies as before, the same foes as then.

Ahmadinejad and Iran’s top Mullah : "I tell the governments who support Zionism to ... let the migrants (Jews) return to their countries of origin. If you think you owe them something, give them some of your land," he said.

Iran's turbaned supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, also accused the United States of seeking to place the entire region under Israeli control.

"The plots by the American government against Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon aimed at governing the Middle East with the control of the Zionist regime will not succeed," Khamenei said.

Hitler: On instructions from the Fuhrer I make known the following:

Where the Jewish Question is brought up in public, there may be no discussion of a future overall solution (Gesamtlosung).

It may, however, be mentioned that the Jews are taken in groups for appropriate labor purposes.

Amadinejad: Addressing a mass demonstration in Tehran - one of many organized throughout Iran to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the Islamic revolution - he once again questioned the Holocaust "fairy tale".

So on that last one it appears, Ahmadinejad received the order loud and clear. What disturbs me is how calm and logical Hitler sounds even though we know what he was hiding. Ahmadinejad’s statements are even more radical in some ways. I shudder to think what he may be capable of if left to pursue his intent.

Here is just one image to remind us of just why Hitler issued that order.

From these sources as well as past AP and reuters stories linked on this blog.




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First to Fall to Sharia? The Academy

Yes, I actually teach at a university. No, I will never reveal my identity.

Case in point, Detroit Free Press:

An Islamic student group at Michigan State University demanded Monday that university officials publicly reprimand a professor whose Feb. 28 e-mail called on Muslims who don't "like the values of the West" to leave the United States....

In addition to a reprimand, the student group wants the university to implement diversity training programs for faculty and a mandatory freshman seminar on hate and discrimination.

Case in point #2, Daniel Pipes in FrontPage:
Who would have thought that Belmont University of Nashville, Tennessee, would apply the Islamic law to its staff? But just that happened earlier this month.
Indeed. Hat tip to Robert Spencer.

More from Michelle.

Update: So, you say bad things about Islam: you're fired or reprimmanded; you say only good things about Islam, yet are a partisan Democrat then Yale wants to hire you. The academy in a nutshell.

Former academic Joyner, and present academic Taylor chime in.

Another update: Speaking of Steven Vincent, it turns out that Cole took swipes at Vincent not a week after he had been murdered. Class act, all around.

And another former academic, Jeff Goldstein, has more on Cole here.

Warning: Image below clearly violates Islamic law and may be deemed offensive. View at own risk.

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Expert: Al Qaeda Has Deployed Nukes

Paul L. Williams will argue this Friday that al Qaeda is already in a position to use tactical nuclear weapons against the U.S. I have heard many experts claim that al Qaeda has sought to possess nuclear weapons in the past, or that they may already have several 'dirty bombs', but from time-to-time we hear the claim that they are already ready to use nukes against us. I'm not sure if the latter thinking is just low-probability worst case scenario planning or if some really believe al Qaeda has nukes. If they do, why haven't they used them yet?


A terrorism symposium featuring leading experts will begin with presentation of "tangible proof" al-Qaida not only has developed an arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons but also has begun to deploy them for use in its jihad against the United States and Israel.
Jeff Epstein has put together a fabulous line up of speakers for The People's Truth Forum. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend. If you are in the greater D.C. area, though, I highly recommend it. The symposium will be at the Doubletree in Arlington, VA this Friday. Here is the info.

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Remembering the Forgotten: Steven Vincent, Slain Reporter

Steven Vincent left for Iraq one year ago yesterday as a freelance journalist for several publications--including the Christian Science Monitor. He never returned. Although this article is a few weeks old, it is a fitting tribute to a Steven Vincent, who never played the moral equvialency card. R.I.P.

Here is a taste of Vincent's own words:

"Were we wrong in Iraq? Yes, in one major sense, beyond even the shortage of troops, failure to anticipate the Baathist-led insurrection and Abu Ghraib: we did not, and still don't understand the regressive, parasitical, unreasonable presence of tribal Islam - the black hole in Iraqi and Arab cultures that consumes their best and most positive energies. Because of our blindness, we find ourselves fighting an enemy we do not see, comprehend, or even accurately identify."

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April 24, 2006

Houston Hospital Seeks to Euthanize Woman

From John Hawkins at Right Wing News comes this horror story about a hospital's decision to discontinue treatment and allow a woman to die. The following message was posted at the Democratic Underground. We won't worry about the politics of the woman making the plea for her sister's life:


Mods, please don't move this post. I know it's not in the activist section, but there's so little time left now, we need it to reach as many people as possible. We desperately need help.

Fellow DUers:

My sister, Andrea Clarke, is at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, TX. St. Luke's is located at:

6720 Bertner Avenue, Houston, TX. Their phone number is: 832-***-****.

The hospital ethics committee met the day before yesterday and concluded that Andrea's treatment (respirator and dialysis) should be discontinued. We have ten days to move her from that hospital or they will "pull the plug" and let Andrea die. Andrea, until a few days ago, when the physicians decided to increase her pain medication and anesthetize her into unconsciousness, was fully able to make her own medical decisions and had decided that she wanted life saving treatment until she dies naturally. We have learned that this is part of the process, when hospitals decided to declare the "medical futility" of continueing treatment for a patient. But, this is not a Terry Schiavo case; not anything like it. Andrea, when she is not medicated into unconsciousness (and even when she is, and the medication has worn off to some degree) is aware and cognizant. She has suffered no brain damage to the parts of her brain responsible for thought and reason, or speech. She has only suffered loss of some motor control. The reason that the physician gave to medicate her so much is that she is suffering from intractable pain in the sacral region (in other words, she has a bedsore that causes her pain). This is not reason enough, in our books, and we are trying, as we speak, to get Andrea's medication lowered so that she can speak to us.

There is also some disagreement as to whether Andrea is really in that much pain, as well. When she is not medicated to this degree, and she sees her son, Charles, she smiles. She also mouths words (Andrea is very vocal, normally, even with a trach, and asks for food, etc., when she is not medicated to the gills). Once again, this is not like the Shiavo case, where there was brain death. Andrea has voiced her wishes, over and over again, and if she were not on so much pain medication, she would voice them again.

Houston hospitals have a policy in that once the medical treatment of a patient has been deemed "medically futile" no other hospital in the area will accept transfer of that patient to their facility. This means that the patient, who is usually in a very delicate condition anyway, has to be transported over a long distance, in order to receive care.

We received notice of the ethics committee decision the day before yesterday and we are organizing a protest to take place tomorrow, at 2-2:30pm outside St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital. Our family members number four and we will all be there, but we need more people. Please help us.

This protest is very likely to be filmed and get news coverage.

For those of you who will reply to this post with more questions, please see my other posts on this topic. I have done my best to answer all of your questions, but as you can imagine, my mind is not working as efficiently as it should, because I am upset. I assure you this is real; this is happening, and in Texas, medical professionals have the right, under the Futile Care Law, to discontinue life saving treatment, under these circumstances, even while the patient and the family is protesting that action. If you need more information, please see my other posts on this topic. For now, we need help, not questions or suggestions as to further courses of action. We are fighting on all fronts, ie., lawyers, news media, churches, internet, etc. We have left no stone unturned in this battle.

Many, many people, even some medical professionals in Texas, and other areas, don't know about this law. They have no idea that this can be done, and it is is being done every day in Texas hospitals, but is not covered by the news media. This needs to become common knowledge and this law needs to be overturned, of course, but we are fighting for the life of our sister. We are fighting to see that her wishes about how she lives, and how she dies, are honored. Perhaps these kinds of battles are fought in just this way, one by one, out of love, and this is how the war is won, in the end.

Please help us. Please lend your presence to our fight at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas, located at 6720 Bertner Ave. at 2-2:30pm CST tomorrow (Saturday). If you would like to bring a sign, please do so, because we only have a limited amount. If you don't, then please just bring yourself.

My name is Melanie Childers and my cell phone number is: 832-221-****. My sister (not the one in the hospital, but the one handling the protest) is Lanore Dixon and her numbers are: (cell) 214-577-**** and 254-874-****. Please do not call us unless you are calling to request some information that I have not posted here. We have our phones glued to our heads, trying to find a hospital that will take Andrea, before her ten days are up at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital. I am posting these numbers only to show you that this is not some kind of scam, or a joke or something even more idiotic.

Please help us.

Via Stop the ACLU.

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Muslim Small Talk Banned in Bathrooms

According to Islamic rules, talking in the bathroom is prohibited. In response to an inquiry from a reader concerning the acceptability of simple greetings in the john, an expert provided the following.

From ArabNews.com:

The Islamic greeting, Salam alaikum, uses one of God's names, Salam, which means "peace," and offers it to whomever we are greeting. We should always show profound respect to God and His attributes. A bathroom is not a place where people should indulge in conversation or discuss any matter. It is a place where people answer the call of nature and leave, or they take off their clothes to have a shower. Islamic manners make it clear that the less said in a bathroom the better.

Hence, we must not mention God’s name or the name of the Prophet Muhammad or any prophet there. We are better advised to do whatever we need to do and leave.

Reflecting on personal experience from working at a large firm with many Muslim engineers, the no-talking-in-bathroom characteristic was noticed but attributed to a general standoffishness. Who knew?

Nevertheless, the specific punishment for talking in the bathroom isn't discussed in the article. I would guess that it includes the washing of the offender's mouth with soap and a few Islamic demerits. Naturally, all infidels should be forewarned not to expect a response when they say, "Hey, Abu. What have you been eating, man?"

From Interested-Participant.

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The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Bad Rusty, Bad Bad Bad *Fatwas Issued*

Caption this photo of Dr. Rusty Shackleford greeting a fellow geek at the Midwest Political Science (there's an oxymoron) Association's annual meeting at the Rosie Palmer House in Shytown.

***Fatwas Issued***


Fatwas issued when Venom shows up. Which is normally late Monday. If he shows up earlier, then fatwas issued when he bitches that I haven't issued a fatwa yet. Bastard. (i apologize Mr. Venom, i wet myself after I wrote that)


***Fatwas (in no particular order)***

SPO: "These are not the tonsils you're looking for....
These aren't the tonsils we're looking for.
Move along....
Move along, move along."

Rodney Dill
(tie): "After meeting Stormtrooper Eduardo, John knew there would be no more Hand Solos." "This man is a member of the Rebel Dalliance."

: "Stormtrooper: Would it help if I got out and pushed?
Rusty: It might!"

Many, many excellent captions to choose from. Thanks everyone!

Oh, and welcome back Rusty. :::::running away:::::

Update by Howie :Bumped and updated on the Return of Dr. Rusty Shackleford below the break.

You miss Rusty? You have no idea howmuch we miss him. No really it takes a whole crew to keep up with what flows from his keyboard easy as pie. So be sure and leave lot's of captions for our master's return. Or else you will have to put up with us for another week. I expect him back Monday of possibly Tuesday

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Gratuitous Trey Parker Sighting Post

trey_asian_guy_hot_tub.jpgMy buddy Bill Dauterieve tells me he spotted South Park creator [and Lord and Savior of this blog] Trey Parker at the Apple Store at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica the other day. According to Bill, "he was buying socks for his iPod." Not sure what that means, but it must be some super-sikret Hollywood insider lingo.

But that's not the most intriguing part, after asking him if he genuflected upon seeing Trey, he told me no because, "he had this hairy, creepy Japanese manservant/bodyguard watching out for him."

Being Trey Parker's numero uno blog stalker fan, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. In my mind, since the latest Mohammed cartoon flap, he's had to hire himself a Shaolin monk to keep the angry suicide-bombers away.

The other explanation being far too painful to even hint at. Think of a happy place. Think of a happy place....

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It's Not Fair to Pick on Men Named Mohammed!

So a dude named Mohammed is pissed because it's taking his Visa a little longer to process than Brits with names like "Cecille" & "Roderick"? Fascists. People with the name Mohammed are no more likely to commit acts of terrorism than any one else, right?

Manchester Evening News:

A YOUNG Muslim fears his dream trip to America is threatened after US officials forced him to undergo extra security checks - because his name includes "Mohammed".

Umar Khan, 22, a student from Didsbury, was made to fork out £50 more than everyone else to have prints taken of all his fingers and checked with a terrorist database in Washington.

Umar - whose full name is Mohammed Umar Haleem Khan - is still waiting to hear if he will get his visa and fears he may now have to cancel his trip to work at a Camp America project in Pennsylvania....

"I feel completely discriminated against," Umar said. "I was supposed to be going on June 20 but if I don't get the visa soon I will have to do something else."

Mucho kudos to Flea, again.

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Michelle, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

To paraphrase Han Solo, "I'm out of it for a little while, and the whole blogosphere gets delusions of grandeur!" Two of my favs, Michelle Malkin and Allahpundit, start a video blog? At the risk of losing all of my readers, check it out here.

Michelle I can see as the perfect front woman for a video blog--both photogenic & hip, but Allah? Trust me on this, if ever there was a face made for old-fashioned blogging, it's Allah's! He does prove to be a competent video editor, though, in this video. Let's hope Michelle never convinces Allahpundit's mom to unlock the basement door. Since I've been out of town, I really don't know what to say about the CIA leak. Nothing. In fact, I hadn't even heard of it until I sat down to check my e-mail this morning. Not. A. Thing.

Le'ts also hope that Michelle's other long-time video collaborater Bryan from Junkyard Blog will be included in the mix at the new website.

The big question that this raises, in my mind, is whether or not bloggers such as myself can survive in a more high-tech blogosphere? I can't even manage to get an audio podcast going, let alone a video blogcast. That old Sparks [D'oh!] Buggles song comes to mind, but with a twist: Will video kill the blogosphere stars?

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Sully's No Match for the Theocons

I guess one shouldn't expect much from Andrew Sullivan these days, but this second-hand swipe at Robbie George by way of Max Blumenthal just struck me as unfair:

But I was struck by this quote from George about the killing of abortionists. It was the first time I'd read it:
"I am personally opposed to killing abortionists. However, inasmuch as my personal opposition to this practice is rooted in a sectarian (Catholic) religious belief in the sanctity of human life, I am unwilling to impose it on others who may, as a matter of conscience, take a different view."

George is being funny, of course. But he sees no moral difference between an abortion and the murder of an abortionist.

What got to me about Andrew's comment was that he, himself, starts by observing that Robbie is making a joke (about the pat responses of liberal Catholics like John Kerry and Mario Cuoma), but then proceeds to analyze both George and the "theocons" as though they were seriously proposing the murder of abortionists. Just for the record, Robert George is opposed to capital punishment and would probably be willing to impose that constraint on those who disagree with him if it were legislatively feasible to do so. The real motivation behind Sullivan's attack is today's article in the NYT: "A Religious Push Against Gay Unions"

Just who is being morally inconsistent here?

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Dutch Columnist & Friend of Theo Van Gogh Attacked by Muslim Youths

ebru_umar.jpgEbru Umar has reportedly been attacked near her home by Muslim youths. Ms. Umar is a vocal critic of the treatment of women in Muslim societies, is an author of a book on the subject, and was a close friend of slain Dutch filmaker Theo Van Gogh. She is also openly critical of the failure of the Netherlands--and Europe in general--to integrate Muslims into the mainstream of society.

Zacth Ei:

Ms. Ebru Umar, who befriended the late Theo van Gogh, has been attacked near her house in Amsterdam. (She lives a couple of blocks from my house, but for obvious reasons I will not disclose her address.) The attack was allegedly carried out by two youths of Moroccan descent....

Unsurprisingly, the culprits have not yet been arrested.

Ms. Umar has used confrontational methods in the past to make her points. For instance, it is reported here that she has confronted Muslim women wearing burqas in the past.

There is precisely zero news about this in the English press. One wonders if this is because attacks by young Muslims is so common in Europe--where they have been effectively ghettoized--and therefore not big news, or because the powers that be are afraid to talk about the problem? Thanks to Ghost of a Flea for the tip.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:32 PM | Comments |

Iran Issues Regular Daily Threat Against Israel.

Of course he again blames Europe for helping the Jews return to the land they were driven from. Seems he just can’t accept the fact that we have gotten over and are ashamed Europe’s unfortunate episode of Genocide. Well never fear Ahmadinejad intends to pick up where Adolf Hitler left.

Bloomberg :``You made Europe unsafe for Jews,'' he said at a press conference. ``Allow them to go back to their own fatherlands,'' he said in a speech about the consequences of World War Two, according to a translation carried live by Bloomberg Television. ``You have created a problem which you should solve yourself.'' He said the creation of Israel had resulted in the persecution of the Palestinian people.
More of Hitlers new apprentice here at Yahoo News :
Some 60 years have passed since the end of World War II. Why should the people of Germany and Palestine pay now for a war in which the current generation was not involved?" Ahmadinejad said at a news conference.

"We say that this fake regime (Israel) cannot not logically continue to live," he said.

He sounds more like Hitler every day.

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Iran leads in Islamic Women’s Rights But That Doesn’t Say Much.

After beating down women demonstrating for more rights and liberties Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threw Iranian women a bone and said Via Yahoo News:

"The presence of families and women will improve soccer-watching manners, and promote a healthy atmosphere," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said . "They will be allocated some of the best stands in stadiums," he added.
He also paid additional lip service to women’s rights with this statement.
"Some consider women as the source of corruption and this is a very wrong attitude," he said. However, he added women sometimes expressed objectionable views, or what he called "ideas that are not related to Islam."
Still the nation of Iran treats women badly and as less than equals.
Iran's Islamic law imposes tight restrictions on women. They need a male guardian's permission to work or travel, and have rarely been allowed to attend public sporting events. In 2001, a group of Irish women was permitted to attend a World Cup qualifier match between Iran and Ireland that was held in Tehran…

…Women in Iran are not allowed to become judges, and a man's court testimony is considered twice as important as a woman's. Iranian men can divorce almost at will, while women must go through a long legal battle and often relinquish rights in return for divorce…

…In March, police charged a peaceful women's rights protest in Tehran, beating women and men and provoking condemnation from international rights groups…

…Last week, some 500 conservative activists demonstrated outside the Majlis, or parliament, demanding full implementation of Islamic law, which bans women from wearing short coats and skirts in public as well as premarital relationships. They blamed police negligence for an increase in violations of strict Islamic law.

So Ahmadinejad is a politician. Iranian women fight for their rights and he gives them a sky box at the stadium. Somehow I doubt Iranian women are that stupid. Must say I’m impressed by the Iranian president’s ability to learn how to play politics “Washington Style”. The old bait and switch eh?

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Domestic Terror Watch: NY Muslims Rally for Islamic Domination of World

We've covered The Islamic Thinkers Society of New York for awhile now. Here is a video from an April 20th rally in which they hold up posters of the White House under an Islamic banner which reads "Islam will dominate" and praise terrorists. They also hold up a poster reading, "The Holocaust was a hoax" & chant "Jews, the Army of Muhammed is coming for you."

These are the same people who said of the 9/11 attacks, "Next time, we will get all of New York City."

Video below, scroll down. Thanks to Chris for sending the link.

Previous coverage of The Islamic Thinkers Society of New York:
Taliban Supporters Behind New York Rally Against Muhammed Cartoons
American Muslims Protest Mohammed Cartoons, Call for Destruction of America
The Enemy Among Us: The Islamic Thinkers Society of NY
Islamists in New York Flag Desecration, Anti-American Video
Flag Desecration Images From the Religion of Patriots
Terror Attack in New York: British Consulate Targetted
Muslims in NY: "next time we will get all of NYC"

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Islamic Extremists Love XXX Porn

So how does a pious Islamic terrorist pass the time? He watches hardcore porn. At least one of two Islamic terrorist planning attack on the US from Canada does. Funny in public these guys call for all women to be covered completely and say that sexual immorality is a huge threat to Islamic nations. Of course it is and the terrorists despite their rhetoric are the ones packing it around and spreading it. Hypocrites!

The Star dot com :Two Georgia men met in Toronto with Islamic extremists to discuss potential terror strikes in the United States, including attacks on oil refineries and military bases, according to U.S. court documents unsealed yesterday.

The documents say the pair met with at least three people, who are under international surveillance, to plot ways to disable the Global Positioning System which would disrupt military and commercial communications and air traffic. They also discussed a trip to Pakistan to receive military training at a terrorist-sponsored camp.

FBI agent Michael Scherk, a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Atlanta, says in a sworn affidavit 19-year-old Eshanul Islam Sadequee of Roswell, Ga., and Syed Haris Ahmed, 21, of Atlanta, made the trip to Toronto in March 2005.

Ahmed has been charged with suspicion of giving material support of terrorism and is being held at an undisclosed location. He pleaded not guilty during a brief court appearance Wednesday in Georgia.

Sadequee is accused of making materially false statements in connection with a terrorist investigation, and he was arrested in Bangladesh, where he told the FBI that he had gone to get married.

I wonder if his new fine pious Islamic bride approves of the porn?
The U.S. Attorney in Georgia, David Nahmias, said in a statement that the charge against Ahmed is "serious and involves national security.''

U.S. Justice Department officials, however, said there was no immediate threat to any strategic U.S. targets.

According to the court document, Sadequee and Ahmed travelled to Toronto from Atlanta on a Greyhound bus, leaving March 6, 2005, and crossed the border back to the United States on March 12.

Sadequee is accused of lying to federal agents when he was detained at New York's Kennedy airport in August 2005, saying he had travelled to Canada in January of that year, staying with an aunt he identified as "Manju Auntie,'' but being unable to name her husband.

I always forget my Uncles name don’t you? I've only known him my entire life. Now, on to the porn!
FBI agents confiscated computer hard drives and data CDs from their home last month.

Federal agents conducted a search of Sadequee's bags before he left for Bangladesh and found two CD-ROMS concealed in the lining of a suitcase.

One CD contained encrypted files that FBI technical experts still cannot decode, the affidavit said, while the other CD contained a bootleg copy of a hard-core pornographic movie.

You nasty, nasty boys.
They are also disillusioned in many cases, he (The U.S. Attorney in Georgia, David Nahmias) said, and sometimes take up Islam "in the radical form."

"I do believe that when the time comes, a number of these people will attempt to do something quite serious."

I don’t doubt that! After all their minds are all twisted by the Koran and porn.

I admit I like hot babe pics. Porn though, been there done that, watching other people do it gets boring!

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Totten More Than Breaks Even on Iraq Trip

Great news that blogging can pay at least a bit.

Michael Totten :I decided to try a little experiment. Instead of lining up an assignment from an editor to cover Northern Iraqi Kurdistan, I struck out on my own without asking permission from anyone. Almost all my material was posted directly to this Web site. I wanted to see if the amount of money I can raise from readers competes with the industry’s going rate.
It does.
My paltry sum added to your paltry sums add up!

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Osama: Kill the Blasphemers!

From Reuters:

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has called for people who ridiculed the Prophet Mohammad to be killed, weighing into the furor that erupted after a Danish newspaper ran cartoons lampooning Islam's holy messenger.

"Heretics and atheists, who denigrate religion and transgress against God and His Prophet, will not stop their enmity toward Islam except by being killed," the Saudi-born militant said.

Osama is correct on this point: the only way to guarantee that people's freedom of speech will not be exercised is to kill them. Unless they're mainstream American journalists. Then threats of violence will suffice to get them to censor themselves.


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Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight

Rusty is back. Chicago was great. Thanks to all for covering for me while I was busy rubbing elbows with other political scientists, eating pizza, re-enacting scenes from The Untouchables, and hanging out at the Art Institute. Good times, all around.

At the MPSA I attended a panel of political scientists who blog. When I said my name was "Rusty Shackleford" they just looked at me like "so what?" Which was odd, because I had thought pretty much every one knew about The Jawa. If my plans for world domination are to ever come to fruition, I'm going to have to start working harder here. Much harder. Also, if any one has a spare monkey's paw, that might also help.

I have several hundred e-mails to answer. It might be a few days until blogging is back to normal.

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Book Review of Team of Rivals

Via Real Clear Politics :

One is struck by the parallels in reading Doris Kearns Goodwin's masterful new book, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.

By Howie at 09:00 AM | Comments |

Carnival of RINO’s

Hosted this week By Strata Sphere.

And also why were doing Carnivals see Carnival Of Liberty XLI that I missed last Tuesday. Sorry Left Brain Female.

Carnival Of Liberty XLII tomorrow at Cape Cod Porcupine.

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April 23, 2006

Yale Looking For Face-Saving Way to Oust Talibani Student

Evidently Yale doesn't like the negative publicity it's received since welcoming Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the unreconstructed Taliban knuckle-dragger admitted under their non-traditional student program. Writing in the WSJ Opinion Journal, John Fund reports that Yale plans to toughen up admission standards for non-traditional degree students, which currently accept three quarters of applicants (compared to the 10% of applying high school students).

This will allow Yale to reject Hashemi's application to a degree program without admitting that they were utterly stupid and morally bankrupt for admitting him in the first place. Or maybe they're just afraid they'll be beheaded.

Cross-posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto, Stop the ACLU, and Vince Aut Morire.

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Top Democrat Leaves House Ethics Committee.

Yes it’s just the Republicans who are crooked.

CNN :The top Democrat on the House ethics committee, Alan Mollohan, will leave the panel -- at least temporarily -- while he defends his own financial conduct, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday.
Mollohan's decision comes in an election year when his party is accusing majority Republicans of allowing a "culture of corruption" in Congress.
Mollohan, of West Virginia, will be replaced by Rep. Howard Berman of California, a former ranking Democrat on the panel. Mollohan has denied any wrongdoing.

The Wall Street Journal reported two weeks ago that Mollohan steered millions of dollars to nonprofit groups in his district -- with much of the money going to organizations run by people who contribute to the lawmaker's campaigns.
Also, a conservative group filed a complaint with federal prosecutors this year questioning whether Mollohan correctly reported his assets on financial disclosure forms.

Hmm guess not. More to this than we now see, methinks.

By Howie at 05:38 PM | Comments |

New Bin Laden Audiotape Whines About 'Crusader War'

Al-Jazeera, the terrorists' voice of choice, has broadcast a new audiotape, purportedly from Osama bin Laden, in which the Saudi terrorist complains about the West's treatment of Palestinian terrorist government Hamas:

In the recording, aired on Sunday, the al-Qaeda leader said the isolation and cutting off of aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government reaffirmed that the West was at war with the Islamic nation.

"The blockade which the West is imposing on the government of Hamas proves that there is a Zionist crusaders war on Islam," he said.

This is the sort of twisted logic that appeals to the average ignorant Muslim on the street and in the terrorist-breeding madrassas, aided and abetted by "media outlets" like al-Jazeera. After whining about aid being cut off to the Hamas government, bin Laden then whines piteously about Western people supporting the War on Terror:
"They send their sons to armies to fight us and they continue their financial and moral support while our countries are burned and our houses are bombed and our people are killed."
The only people indiscriminately burning mosques and murdering civilians are his own supporters, but many, if not most, Muslims are either deliberately misinformed by Arab media or too intellectually dishonest to admit the truth.

The rationalizations in Osama's comments may be a signal that a new terrorist attack is planned, which he is trying to justify in advance.

Bin Laden also railed about the Danish Mohammed cartoons and urged Islamist terrorists to help out their buddies in Sudan.

Al-Jazeera, of course, is careful not to mention the words "terrorist" or "terrorism", referring to the world's most notorious terrorist as "the al Qaeda leader".

Via the Stop the ACLU.

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Osama Speaks Again Finally

As reported earlier (so i'll make his post come first even though it looks like later) on this blog by our co-blogger The Dread Pundit Bluto, Osama Bin Laden has issued a new video. I have just few things to add.

Today we get more jew hating blah blah blah from the increasingly Irrelevant Osama Bin Laden

MSNBC via NBC News and News Services : In his first new message in three months, bin Laden said the West’s decision to cut off funds to the Palestinians because their Hamas leaders refuse to recognize Israel proved that the United States and Europe were conducting “a Zionist crusader war on Islam.”

“The blockade which the West is imposing on the government of Hamas proves that there is a Zionist crusader war on Islam,” said the speaker on the tape broadcast by the Al-Jazeera network.

Al Jazeera? Err, who else.
Israeli government spokesman Raanan Gissin said bin Laden had decided to attack Israel to deflect growing Arab animosity toward al-Qaida.

“When he attacks Israel, this is something the Arab world can agree upon,” Gissin said. “He has been criticized for the destruction and carnage he’s causing the Muslim nation. He’s looking for another justification ... Criticizing Israel sounds more politically correct.”

Al-Qaida is believed to have no direct links to Hamas, which is an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, but they share an anti-Israel ideology that calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.

I thought you picked a fight with America? Now you are after the joooos again? What happened to crushing the infidels in the land of two rivers? What, do you fear what may happen if the majority of the Arabs get sick of your doctrine of hate and murder? You should be! You should also fear that we already have gotten sick of it. Really you can see this coming for 60 years. Nut's like him have been blowing up this or that consistantly for decades. Stop or be stopped!

Just one more thing. It looks like Rusty’s speculation that Bin Laden is in Africa may be right on target as Bin Laden was, “calling on his followers to go to Sudan to fight a proposed U.N. force.” The stench rising from the genocide in Darfur smells of Al-Qaeda more each day.

Others Dr Sanity And Tigerhawk.

Updated: Full English translation here and also in the extended entry.

AlJazeera Via KavKazCenter: The following is an edited translation of an audiotape attributed to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, parts of which were aired by Aljazeera on April 23, 2006. (It is not known where or when the recording was made.)

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the world, prayer and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his kin and all his companions.

Peace, Allah's mercy and blessing be upon you, as I am directing this speech to all the Islamic Umma, to continue talking and urging them to support our prophet Muhammad, and to punish the perpetrators of the horrible crime committed by some Crusader-journalists and apostates against the master of the predecessors and successors, our prophet Muhammad.

The holy verses of the Quran and the holy prophetic teachings have all clarified the need for according love, respect and obedience to our prophet. Allah, the Almighty, has made it a taboo to offend him, saying in the Quran those who harm Allah and his messenger would be damned and severely punished.

It was also confirmed by an authentic source that prophet Muhammad said no one could be faithful until he loves me more than he loves his parents, his sons and all other people. Therefore, the Umma has reached a consensus that he who offends or degrades the messenger would be killed. Such offence is regarded as kufr (infidelity).

We ask Allah to give his blessings to whoever decried the behaviour of the infidels who have offended the prophet in every part of the world, and blessings to those who have died in the process, while we vow to Allah to avenge for those whose blood have been spilled.

The West is incapable of recognising the rights of others. It will not be able to respect others' beliefs or feelings. The West still believes in ethnic supremacy and looks down on other nations. They categorise human beings into white masters and coloured slaves.

This is why they established institutions and enacted laws to maintain their supremacy by creating the United Nations and the veto power ... . They regard jihad for the sake of God or defending one's self or his country as an act of terror. US and Europe consider jihad groups in Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq and Afghanistan as terrorist groups, so how could we talk or have understanding with them without using weapons?

On their part, the rulers of our region consider the US and Europe as their friends and allies while looking at the jihad groups that fight against the Crusaders in Iraq and Afghanistan as terrorist groups as well. So how can we reach understanding with those rulers who deny us the right to defend ourselves and our religion without carrying arms?

The net result of their thinking is for us to abandon jihad and acquiesce to remaining as their slaves. This is impossible, God willing.

The Palestine question is a manifestation of such injustices when the allied forces of the Crusaders and the Zionists decided to hand over Palestine to the Zionists to establish a state after committing massacres, displaced the indigenous Palestinians and brought Jews from all over the world to settle in Palestine.

The ongoing injustice and aggression did not stop in the last nine decades, while all attempts to reclaim our rights and exact justice on the Israeli oppressors, were blocked by the leadership of the Crusaders and Zionists' alliance by using the so-called veto power.

Such attitudes were also reflected by their rejection of the Hamas movement and its victory in the elections ... . Their rejection to Hamas has reaffirmed that they were waging a crusade against Islam.

The US sought to reach southern Sudan, recruited an army of southerners, supported them with weapons and funding and directed them to seek separation from Sudan. Then it exercised pressure against Khartoum government to sign an unjust agreement which permits south Sudan to gain independence from the north within six years.

[Sudanese President Omar] al-Bashir and [US President George] Bush should have been aware that this agreement is not worth the ink by which it was written, and we do not accord the least concern to it. Nobody, whoever he was, has the right to accede an inch of the land of Islam and the south will remain an inseparable part of the land of Isalm, God willing, even if the war continued for decades.

The US was not satisfied by all the sedition and crimes, but went on to incite sedition, the largest of which was the west Sudan sedition by exploiting some disputes between the tribes and sparking a savage war between them that will spare nothing, prior to sending in Crusader troops to occupy the region and steal its oil wealth under the pretext of peacekeeping.

This is a continuous Crusader-Zionist war against Muslims. In this respect I am inviting the mujahidin and their supporters in the Sudan and other countries around, including the Arabian peninsula in particular, to prepare all that is needed for a long-term war against the Crusaders and thieves in western Sudan.

Our objective is obvious, that is defending Islam, the people and the land but not Khartoum government since our differences with them are so enormous, mostly when it backtracked in implementing the Sharia law and abandoned south Sudan.

I urge the mujahidin to get acquainted with Darfur state tribes and land and its surroundings, keeping in mind that the region is about to face the rainy season that hampers means of transport.

This is one of the reasons why the occupation was adjourned for six months. So it is imperative to speed up action and benefit from the time factor by stocking a large amount of landmines and anti-armour grenades such as RPGs [rocket propelled grenades].

What was the aim behind barring arms from the unarmed people in Bosnia and letting the Serb army to massacre Muslims and spill their blood for years under UN cover? It was a Crusader war against Muslims.

What was the aim of the pressure against Indonesia by the Crusaders countries until East Timor, 24 hours after a warning by the UN? A Crusader-Zionist-Hindu war against Muslims.

Meanwhile, a UN resolution passed more than half a century ago gave Muslim Kashmir the liberty of choosing independence from India and Kashmir. George Bush, the leader of the Crusaders' campaign, announced a few days ago that he will order his converted agent [Pakistan President Pervez] Musharraf to shut down the Kashmir mujahidin camps, thus affirming that it is a Zionist-Hindu war against Muslims.

With respect to Pakistan, some Muslims have done a good job by assisting their fellow Muslims, God bless them, but the Pashtun tribes must be aided after the Pakistan army devastated their homes in Waziristan in order to satisfy the US.

What does the silence over Russian atrocities inside Chechnya mean, along with mutilating their bodies by tying them to tanks while the so-called free world gives its blessings and even secretly supports the aggression ? This is a Zionist crusade.

What does the humiliation of Muslims in Somalia and killing 13,000 Muslims mean, along with torching Muslims' bodies? This is a Zionist-Crusaders war.

I will remind Muslims to fear God and to save their brothers in the African Horn from the famine that hit them.

What does the destruction of the infrastructure in Iraq mean and the tragedy that befell them mean? And the use of depleted uranium, besieging Iraq for years, causing the death of more than one million children which amazed all who had visited Iraq, including the Westerners themselves? It is a malicious crusade against Muslims.

What does the reoccupation of Iraq mean by using lies and deception along with murder, destruction, detention, torture and creation of huge military bases to dominate the whole region? It is a Zionist crusade against Muslims.

What about the continuous cultural domination through the setting up of radio stations and TV channels along with the Voice of America, London and others to continue the cultural domination of Muslims, combat our beliefs, change our values, encourage vice and even interfere with school curricula?

How can we explain France's stance on the headscarf and the banning on wearing it at schools, its relentless dealing with the Muslim community and its plan to establish a TV channel in Morocco to combat Islamic awareness there? This is a Zionist-Crusader war.

In conclusion, a war is under way to offend the messenger of Allah, his religion and his Umma (nation). The Muslim preparedness and their jihad should be on a par with these events. The duty of our Muslim nation over this Crusaders' campaign with its different aspects is to focus on supporting the prophet, his religion and the Umma to the best of our ability in all fields.

Despite the numerous Crusader attacks against our Muslim nation in military, economic, cultural and moral aspects, but the gravest of them all is the attack against our religion, our prophet and the our Sharia tenets. The epicentre of these wars is Baghdad, the seat of the khalifate rule. They keep reiterating that success in Baghdad will be success for the US, failure in Iraq the failure of the US.

Their defeat in Iraq will mean defeat in all their wars and a beginning to the receding of their Zionist-Crusader tide against us. Your mujahidin sons and brothers in Iraq have taught the US a hard lesson while in the fourth year of the Crusaders' invasion, they are steadfast and patient and keep killing and wounding enemy soldiers every day.

It is a duty for the Umma with all its categories, men, women and youths, to give away themselves, their money, experiences and all types of material support, enough to establish jihad in the fields of jihad particularly in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kashmir and Chechnya. Jihad today is an imperative for every Muslim. The Umma will commit sin if it did not provide adequate material support for jihad.

O fellow Muslims, pay no heed for the number of the enemy and their arsenal of arms because victory is a gift of God while the enemy, praise be to God, is experiencing a critical situation.


By Howie at 05:13 PM | Comments |

Hilton to Screw Hundreds at Friday Night Bash in DC!

An update on the Hilton Hotel corporation failure to make help make new arrangements for a group of disabled veterans about to be displaced by a remodeling. If you do help out these vets I think It would be a very nice gustier if Paris and Nikki came down and helped feed a few vets. Also it would be nice if they came by our place in bikinis and personally thanked Howie & 8ackgr0und N015e for pointing out the errors of their ways with a big smooch on the cheek for each of us. Then take us out to party. I’m old and there is not much party left in me but I’ll try.

Via 8ackgr0und N015e who Also included is this quote from Republican Abraham Lincoln::"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."

I really want to thank Howie for the support here. This is not a matter of Right v. Left, it is Right v. Wrong.
You are quite welcome. I’ll place my rants and most of the stuff 8ackgr0und N015e sent in us in the extended entry along with more Hilton chick pics like this one.

Sign Petition to help these vets here.

8ackgr0und N015e said

We all support our troops because they are our brothers, our sisters, our sons, our daughters, our fathers, our brothers, our neighbors, and our friends. They do not belong to the government, to any political party, or to any class. They were not given away, they were provided on a temporary basis as a precious gift. Many have now been returned to us damaged and broken. Those who willingly took them are happy to abandon them, to return them to us so they will not be burdened in their pursuit of fresh fodder.
8ackgr0und N015e I want to make a point here. We on the right do not willingly or gladly send our precious men and women to battle. We have judged with great heartbreak and gravity that this fight is worth it. We fight for freedom and equality as well. We do the best we can. Any and all policies including war policies are flawed. It’s the ideals of the fight that we have embraced. I feel those ideals are the one thing we have in common. It’s honorable to fight those who seek to spread the doctrine of hate. It’s just as much the lefts duty to fight this as well. If Islam truly means peace then Muslims must fight as well and we must help them. I applaud your support of these veterans. And I support those on the left who fight and those who do not but work for freedom in his/her own way. I do not support attacking ourselves. Call us on freedom for the sake of it but be careful you do not serve the enemy. He does not believe in or support the ideals we have in common. I seek that my countrymen shall not be exploded and more and better freedom abroad.
There are a lot of people who say "I support the troops," put a yellow ribbon on their car, or hang a star in their window. The owners and staff of Fran O'Brien's Steak House have gone WAY beyond the call when it comes to showing their support. You need to read this.
Why is Howie doing this? Because when a lefty does follow what lefty values are supposed to be that’s a big shift. I feel I have to support. We have all gotten caught up in the left vs. right thing. Our common enemy’s advantage I fear. I would also like to give a word of encouragement. It may seem Hilton is not listening. Let me clue you in on a little lesson I’ve learned. Corporations always resist these things at first and always publicly out of the reasonable fear that they will be seen as soft. They fear that to cave once will lead to a rush of people asking them to cave over and over until broke. But eventually they may help out quietly or publicly. It’s a good cause and I’m sure they see that. They may warm up to the idea they could do a service for these guys. Just give em some time. Plus I think is safe to assume we both like silly headlines like “Hilton to screw hundreds at Friday Night bash in DC!” and posting hot pics of Paris Hilton and her sister. Another thing we have in common. Plus he wants to ride the google train so he needs the Jawa. And more than happy to help as I’ve seen but will have the bond s brotherhood and heartbreak men have. So is 8gound noise just trolling me again? I could care less if 100 veterans get a free steak out of it and I get to post lots of hot Hilton Sister babes. It’s a win win in my book.

I’ve been towing the party line too much. The left has been too. I got to thinking and I have access to this damn good blog. What to do with it? Well once in while when I have time I suppose we should just speak our mind or attempt to write to write something real.

Don’t worry I’m not suddenly converting to the left. My trolling of the President this week does not indicate that I don’t support him. He just screwed up one little thing that’s all. He did well on the summit and I understand the “you get more flies with honey” thing. But sir it looks to me like you sold out that other Chinese issue called freedom of speech. I don’t think China will or should change too quickly. But we cannot just stop asking. Bush sold out a core American value on this one. He looked weak and by extension so did America. Yes that woman is a thorn in the side of China and probably under the letter of the law you can prosecute her. Bush tends to hand the opposition a good issue without knowing it. I actually think the press helped her in on purpose but still it’s just handled poorly too roughly Sometimes when you stand for freedom the wise thing to do would be not charge her let it quietly go away. Looks like you not only kissed his ass, he also made his policies ours. I fail to see how jailing annoying people is a political win for us. Maybe for the base but the next election does not ride with the base. It rides with the middle. Your stubbornness is a great advantage in the war but will someone please grab W by the ear and say,” Hey this is not the time or the place, It’s a looser politically”. Our base is a bit short sighted at times. We in the middle right understand them. They think they are always correct and I don’t know what will change their minds except getting their ass kicked at voting time and that’s a shame. Despite that they are good people and do their best so don’t be afraid of em. They have a limited experience in life and have trouble seeing others as good people too. It’s the same as a minister who rather than trying to save you lists the 23 reasons why he thinks you are going to hell. He thinks he is dong the right thing, he just doesn’t know how to do it correctly because his prejudice clouds his mind. Same on the left they think they are doing the right thing they just have a different prejudice.

Background emailed me and said that our treatment of the CPT hostages impressed him. Thinking that maybe we conservatives were not the evil cruel bastards we have been made out to be. Amen it’s not that were against pacifism, peace or being nice. The CPT should be working to do good things for Arabs ad Muslims. It’s Christian to help those in need I think it’s admirable to stand for peace to the extent that you say combat is not my thing.

8ackgr0und N015e : The way you guys handled the whole Tom Fox/CPT issue really got me to thinking about the need and potential
for doing that. Sure we can disagree vehemently on a number of things, but we shouldn't lose sight of what we share. When we do, people we all care about
suffer. I saw how you treated Kember and the fact you haven't forgotten Ake. I'll admit, I was embarrassed to realize that a) I had not even heard of
him, and b) I was not as emotionally involved with his story.
This war is not being fought just in battle. Hell no the left who believe in fighting must fight if they can. But those of us who are not soldiers we can fight too in different ways. We must both fight the enemy and support and cultivate friends who want a better future to our cause. In war things happen that upset people it’s unavoidable. We need you fighting with us both in battle and in the political fight against those who seek war. The right does did not seek war and it’s unfair to say so. Our politicians and Parties can’t and or won’t win the war without we the people. People in the Middle East will not have a better life without we the people. Some will not respond and will still fight. Sadly, by necessity we will have to fight them until their will to fight us is destroyed.

If you want to read the rest you should go to his blog. So what have the rest of you sent me to blog lately? hmm.

Paris Hilton wallpaper now that's hot!

Helping out disabled vets now that's even hotter.

Paris and Nikkie Dressed classy now that's hot.

Feeding a disabled veteran. Hotter.

Nikkie Hilton wet and nekkid pretty darned hot.

Helping a disabled vet get together with his buddies. Yep Hotter.

Nikkie Hilton nekkid in body paint. Now that is hot!

Imagine that one too (Our friends have a point the last two were a bit strong. In order to you know not piss every one off first run I'll take em down...grumble grumble gripe whine bitch)

Helping a vet get free steak. even hotter.

Nikkie Hilton nekkid(hey what is it with al the nekkid pics of her anyway. You need to catch up Paris) very hot

Ok now you just have to imagine a cool nekkid pic

Hot chick helping a vet cut his free steakYou guessed it, Super Super Hot Hot!

But I prefer Heather Paris just a bit over Paris and Nikki. Even though I had the Paris wallpaper and the Nikki wallpaper I never get to use em because of the the bossman and he mean old wife (in fact I'm in trouble now for this post and the Miss USA post too not looking too good for getting any) But remember no matter how hot she is Helping vets is hotter.

(but not this one dammit)

By Howie at 04:12 PM | Comments |

ABC's Contribution to McCarthy Whitewash

As Kim Priestap, writing for Wizbang! notes, the American mainstream media are regaining their footing and circling the wagons to rally to the defense of Mary McCarthy, the CIA analyst fired for leaking information to the press.

ABC News is answering the partisan call. In a Saturday story on their website ABC manages to put together a remarkably dishonest piece of "journalism" predicting the fall of the Republic if leaking classified information remains a crime.

Not only did ABC fail to mention McCarthy's political leanings (she contributed $2000 to John Kerry's unsuccessful 2004 bid for the Presidency), there is also this:

"This a matter of principle," said Ray McGovern, a former fellow CIA analyst, "where she said my oath, my promise not to reveal secrets is superceded by my oath to defend the constitution of the U.S."
ABC leaves out the inconvenient, but telling, fact that Ray McGovern is one of the lunatic fringe who now makes his living calling for the impeachment of President Bush.

Prepare for much more dishonesty from the media, especially now that European investigators have found no trace of the CIA renditions that McCarthy whispered of to Dana Priest at the Washington Post.

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By Bluto12:20 AM | Comments |

April 22, 2006

WaPo Editor Offers Idiotic Defense For Treason

While Dana Priest, the Washington Post post reporter at the center of the Mary O. McCarthy CIA leak scandal refused to comment to her own newspaper about the story, one of the Post's executive editors offered this remarkably obtuse excuse for McCarthy's partisan:

Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. said people who provide citizens the information they need to hold their government accountable should not "come to harm for that."
Now, think about that. Downie is actually advocating trying to run a government in which not a single bit of data can reasonably be expected to remain confidential. Downie doesn't explain what disclosures match his criteria for "holding their government accountable". Evidently, those determinations are up to any of the hundreds of thousands of government employees who are privy to classified information.

Presumably, based on the WaPo's history, any revelation that can be used to damage a Republican administration is "sharing information" and holding the government accountable. Revelations that damage Democratic politicians or support Republicans are "leaks" that are betrayals of public trust.

Are you a CIA officer pissed off because the candidate you donated $2000 to lost the Presidential election? Disregard your oath, your secrecy agreement, and the law, and hold the government accountable by leaking classified information! Leonard Downie Jr. has given his okay.

Cross-posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto, Vince Aut Morire, and Stop the ACLU.

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April 21, 2006

No Proof of CIA Renditions in Europe

I'm convinced this report will not get much exposure by the mainstream media.

From SeattleTimes.com:

(Brussels, Belgium) Investigations into reports that U.S. agents shipped prisoners through European airports to secret detention centers have produced no evidence of illegal CIA activities, the European Union's anti-terror coordinator said Thursday.

The investigations also have not turned up any proof of secret renditions of terror suspects on EU territory, Gijs de Vries told a European Parliament committee investigating the allegations.

The European Parliament's inquiry and a similar one by the continent's leading human-rights watchdog are looking into whether U.S. intelligence agents interrogated al-Qaida suspects at secret prisons in Eastern Europe and transported some on secret flights through Europe.

The left will likely experience chafing. Of course, the seriousness of the charges always trumps their veracity.

From Interested-Participant.

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Danish Supermodel Arrested

Danish supermodel May Andersen has been arrested for assaulting a flight attendant. Fox News:

Danish supermodel May Andersen has been arrested for hitting a flight attendant on a flight from Amsterdam to Miami, police said.

Airport police arrested the woman when the flight landed. She continued her unruly behavior with officers, police said.

Obviously, Andersen can be dangerous, but the mug shot below isn't a particularly good likeness. Therefore, as a public service, The Jawa Report has uncovered some other pictures of Andersen to aid concerned citizens in identifying her and taking appropriate precautions.





Posted by The Dread Pundit Bluto.

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CIA Officer Fired For Leaking to Media (Updated)

A CIA officer, not assigned to public relations, has admitted to passing classified, operational information to the media, specifically, the Washington Post. From Fox News:

WASHINGTON — A CIA officer has been relieved of his duty after being caught leaking classified information to the media.

One official called this a "damaging leak" that deals with operational information and said the fired officer "knowingly and willfully" leaked the information to the media and "was caught."

A second law enforcement official confirmed said the CIA officer had provided information that contributed to a Washington Post story last year saying there were secret U.S. prisons in Eastern Europe.

The CIA is expected to prosecute. Expect Leftist traitors all over the country to spring to this weasel's defense.

Via the Drudge Report.

Update: NBC News has identified Mary O. McCarthy as the CIA officer fired. Interestingly, Fundrace.org identifies a Mary O. McCarthy, with occupation listed as "Analyst" for the U.S. Government as having donated $2000 to John Kerry's 2004 Presidential campaign.

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Co-Blogger Thanks

Thanks this week to all our co-bloggers for helping out while Rusty is off doing whatever the heck he does.

Thanks to Demosophist.
Mike Pechar.
See-Dubya who also posts here.
Chris Short.
The Dread Pundit Bluto.
Chad Evans.
Jane from Armies of Liberation.
And let’s not forget Wine-O-Holic and the mysterious El Guapo.

And last but not least I'm your little Paduan Beotch Howie.

Also thanks to all of you who sent links and information that was a big help. Also thanks to our regulars and new visitors for participating in the comments this week despite the difficulties. And thanks to some a$$hole for forcing me to learn at least a little perl.

If I’ve left anyone out feel free to email me or update this post. If you need to read something I suggest this article via Jihadwatch.

Jihadwatch :Andrew Bostom in FrontPage reviews Efraim Karsh's Islamic Imperialism, a new book that is refreshing in acknowledging what I have been saying for years: that Islamic jihad violence and subversion is not a "hijacking" of Islam, but a recrudescence of traditions, teachings and assumptions that are deeply embedded within the religion:
We expect my master the Macktastic Rusty Wicked will return on Monday.

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Michael and Sean’s Trip to Iraq, The End

Read how they almost became evil tobacco smugglers too. And if poor old Howie can spare some change for Michael so can you. I enjoyed the whole series. Worth every cent I reckon.

Michael Totten :Hey, Joey. Have you ever seen the inside of a Turkish prison?

I did not want to see the inside of a Turkish prison.

Himdad handed Sean five cartons of cigarettes and pointed at his backpack. Sean looked at me without a word.

“I don’t know,” I said. “What do we do?”

If we didn’t carry five cartons apiece Himdad would be busted for smuggling again before we even got back into Turkey. Then what? He was our ride. Would we get in trouble, as well? Aside from stupid tourists like us, who on earth goes into Iraq for six hours? Who tries to bribe his way across the border except people who are up to no good?

By Howie at 01:01 PM | Comments |

America's Sons Come Home After 62 Years

From a Department of Defense press release:

The Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO)
announced today that the remains of eleven U.S. airmen, missing in action from World War II, have been identified and are being returned to their families for burial with full military honors.

They are Capt. Thomas C. Paschal, El Monte, Calif.; 1st Lt. Frank P. Giugliano, New York, N.Y.; 1st Lt. James P. Gullion, Paris, Texas; 2nd Lt. Leland A. Rehmet, San Antonio, Texas; 2nd Lt. John A. Widsteen, Palo Alto, Calif., Staff Sgt. Richard F. King, Moultrie, Ga.; Staff Sgt. William Lowery, Republic, Pa..; Staff Sgt. Elgin J. Luckenbach, Luckenbach, Texas.; Staff Sgt. Marion B. May, Amarillo, Texas.; Sgt. Marshall P. Borofsky, Chicago, Ill.; Sgt. Walter G. Harm, Philadelphia, Penn.; all U.S. Army Air Forces.

On April 16, 1944, Paschal and Widsteen were piloting a B-24J Liberator with the other nine men aboard. The aircraft was returning to Nadzab, New Guinea after bombing enemy targets near Hollandia. The plane was last seen off the coast of the island flying into poor weather.

Most of the men will be buried today in Arlington National Cemetery. The families of three of the men have decided to bury them in their hometowns.

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Student Indicted in Terror Plot

Syed Ahmed(Atlanta, Georgia) A 21-year-old mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech, Syed Ahmed, was arrested last month by FBI agents on charges related to terrorism.

From 11Alive.com:

"Mr. Ahmed knowingly and unlawfully attempted to provide, conspired to provide materials, support, and resources, knowing the materials, support and resources were going to be used in the preparation for and the carrying out of two other federal terrorism laws," said U.S. Attorney David Nahmias.

Ahmed's family suspects a videotape of their son made of a building is what made authorities suspicious but FBI agents will not confirm that. The family reportedly allowed federal agents to take computer information from their son's room.

"Yesterday, Mr. Ahmed appeared in court for his initial appearance and arraignment in front of Judge Feldman," said Nahmias. "He entered a plea of not guilty and is presumed not guilty until the government proves his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt."

Ahmed's family came from Pakistan in 1997 and became U.S. citizens. Syed is reported to have become increasingly involved with Islam and allegedly attended a terrorist training camp in Pakistan last year. If he's guilty, it seems obvious to me that Ahmed was recruited through a mosque in the U.S.

Ahmed was taken into custody and ordered held until trial. No date has been set.

From Interested-Participant.

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Cologne Killing Young Saudi Men

(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) Social science experts are calling for a national awareness campaign after a rash of deaths of young Saudi men who drank cologne containing methyl alcohol. Although alcohol is prohibited in the Kingdom, 17 young Saudis have died in the recent past believing anything that lists alcohol as an ingredient is safe to drink.

From ArabNews.com:

Al-Nadwa daily recently launched an investigation into the practice in an effort to warn young people and hopefully save lives.

"This problem started four years ago when a number of university and high school students fell victim to it," said Dr. Saleh Awad Al-Garni, an expert in Islamic studies. "At that time, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry withdrew all the cologne from the market where ethyl alcohol exceeded 90 percent and methyl alcohol exceeded 50 percent."

Unfortunately, a typical result of banning a product is the creation of a black market.
"It's very sad that these people are buying the cologne to drink it," said Dr. Muayad Al-Hashmi, a general practitioner. "The Ministry of Commerce warned us about these colognes and limited sales to spray bottles. Smugglers, on the other hand, import the dangerous colognes into the Kingdom caring only about making fast money -- not about people's health.
Experts blame a variety of causes for the behavior of the young men. These include personality disorders, social and family troubles, and satellite television. I don't know, but if I lived in a hot, desert environment, I'd want a cold beer. You could blame it on my . . . uh . . . personality disorder . . . or anything you'd like. And despite flowery-pleasant breath, I'll pass on the foo-foo.

From Interested-Participant.

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Hamas Appointment Reaffirms Terrorist Roots

Hopes held by some that Hamas' new responsibilities as the elected government of the Palestinian Authority would civilize the terrorist organization fade a little more each day.

From Reuters:

GAZA (Reuters) - A militant leader appointed to a senior security position in the Hamas-led Palestinian government said on Friday he would not abandon the fight against Israel which has long sought to kill him.

Jamal Abu Samhadana, high on Israel's most wanted list as leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), was appointed on Thursday to supervise the Interior Ministry and set up a new police force from militants to crack down on anarchy and chaos.

"Factions and security services should unite in one trench against the daily Israeli aggression against our people," Abu Samhadana told Reuters in an interview.

In case there was any hope that high office and its responsibilities would mellow Samhadana:
"I will continue to hold the rifle and will pull the trigger whenever required to defend my people," he said.
As has become apparent from recent events, "defending" the Palestinian people still means killing Israelis in falafel houses.

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George W Bush China’s Beotch

Yesterday a heckler heckled Chinese President Hu Jintao. Today I read that she was not only removed she has been charged with Disorderly conduct and more serious charges of “annoying important people” are being considered.

NEWS24 : Secret Service spokesperson Jim Mackin said Wang had been charged with disorderly conduct and a separate charge of intimidating or disrupting foreign officials also was being considered.
I kind of worry about being critical of W, some days it does not go over too well. But when your President has his head up the ass of a communist dictator it's pretty much required (plus It's Friday). See we are asking for China to free political prisoners like Hao Wu. Then at the slightest provocation we charge a person and are considering even harsher charges for political speech. Does any one else see the hypocrisy in this? We are falling all over ourselves to apologize for this when China deserves to be heckled on human rights.
Yahoo News : China "must know that this Bush administration is good at controlling crowds for themselves, and the fact that they couldn't control this is going to play to their worst fears and suspicions about the United States, into mistrust about American intentions toward China."
Let me translate that for you. It’s a good thing Hu Jintao was kept busy yesterday for if he ever came to a complete stop it would have taken the Surgeon General an hour to remove George W Bush’s head from the Chinese President’s rectum.

China can now say,” What do you mean? You hypocrite you arrested that woman in DC. You have your nuts, we have ours. Get lost!”

I’m sorry Mr. Bush for being a troll but it’s all I’ve got, make a few calls and have the charges dismissed. Worse than giving China a pass, you turned right around and did the same damn thing at least in spirit. Some times I wonder just what the hell our President is thinking about besides what he is doing.

Others : Michelle Malkin who is hosting the video of the hecklingand Gateway Pundit who has a good post on China recent Human rights record.

Hey Rush translates too.

Chinese President Hu Jintao : We will bury you!

Hat Tip : Steve Keeper of the Crimson Love Monkey.

For those of you without broad band click the Fatwa below or here for Church and States transcript of Rush's translation.

By Howie at 08:35 AM | Comments |

Senior Al-Qaeda Suspect Killed

(Khar, Pakistan) There's strong indication that a close associate of Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed yesterday in a gunfight in northwestern Pakistan. As a reminder, Zawahiri is second in command of al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden.

From Aljazeera.net:

The suspect, thought to be Saudi-born Abu Marwan al-Suri, was killed on Thursday close to the Afghan border.

Major-General Shaukat Sultan, the Pakistan army spokesman, said al-Suri was in a vehicle on the outskirts of Khar, a town near the Bajur tribal region.

Al-Suri opened fire when he was asked to stop his vehicle at a roadblock. He killed a Pakistani security official and wounded two others before he himself was killed.

His body has been transported to a hospital in the city of Peshawar for identification.

Seized from al-Suri's vehicle were a video camera, a laptop computer, hand grenades and some documents. However, according to a Pakistani intelligence officer, al-Suri is probably not the man's real name. Nonetheless, since al-Suri was so closely associated with al-Qaeda leadership, I tend toward the thought that his elimination means the perimeter around bin Laden is tightening.

From Interested-Participant. Also posted at In The Bullpen.

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April 20, 2006

Mr. Hu Jintao Free Hao Wu

Today's visit by the Chineese head of State also marks the 58th day of this bloggers captivity. According to Chineese law that's illegal.

Washington Post reporter Rebecca MacKinnon: He (Hao Wu) continues to be held -- this is the 58th day of his detention -- despite the fact that Chinese law limits the maximum detention without charge to 37 days.

Hat Tip: Glenn Reynolds Via Instapundit..

By Howie at 02:16 PM | Comments |

The Preaching of Hate

Via Jihad Watch we have these fine snippets from Muslim Friday services. Makes me want to run out and convert right now, not.

Spiegel : In a Berlin mosque, a television crew secretly recorded the sermon of a Turkish imam who described the Germans as godless and railed against their alleged stench. In London, hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri called upon the faithful to murder female tourists in his native Egypt, saying: "If a woman, even a Muslim woman, is naked and you have no way of covering her up, it is legitimate to kill her."
Woah! These people are screwed up in the head. When I see a hot half nekkid chick walking around killing her is the last thing on my mind! What I am thinking I doubt will even come close to killing her. I get tired.
In an interview with SPIEGEL, television imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, perhaps currently one of the most influential Islamic scholars around, magnanimously conceded that there is also room in heaven for devout Christians and Jews. But on his Arab-language website a short time later, he made it clear that he believes that Christians and Jews are ultimately nothing more than infidels.
Rouge Eh? Infidel eh? Why them’s fighting woyds!
But at the same time, often in the same sermon, imams ask God for help in confronting everyday woes, issue moral appeals to their own political leaders and constantly return to the Islamic world's greatest lament: a comparison between the gloomy present and the glorious past.
Yes a glorious past of blood and death that’s just what I was searching for so I can find peace in my heart. To be fair some people are fighting this doctrine.
Dr. Id Abd al- Hamid Yussuf, 65, is completely against the use of Islam for political purposes.

The Prophet forgave those who committed injustices against him. He pardoned the murderer of his uncle, Hamsa. He forgave his people when they banished him from Mecca … Islam spread throughout the world through argument and conviction, but not through the sword, as the enemies of Islam have claimed. Islam only used the sword when it was attacked … The Prophet forbade extremism and fanaticism. He said: "I was sent to you out of the generosity of God. Night became day. Anyone who strays from this path will fall victim to ruin." For some, religion is like a maze. Enter it with caution, because whoever approaches religion as an extremist will perish in his extremism.

Perish they shall because we’ll bring the perishing to them.

By Howie at 01:36 PM | Comments |

DPRK Accuses US of Planting Counterfeit Bills

Hey at least they didn't blame the jooooos

Yahoo News :A spokesman for the Ministry of People's Security said in a statement the North had obtained "shocking evidence" Washington and Tokyo are producing false material that gives the impression Pyongyang is a criminal state, the North's KCNA news agency said late Wednesday.

"The CIA secretly enlist(s) experts on counterfeiting notes claimed to be the 'most sophisticated in the world' and invite(s) them to issue lots of fake currencies at 'counterfeit notes printing houses of North Korean-style' operating in U.S. military bases in different parts of the world," the spokesman said.

Apparently conspiracy theory is a favorite sport in more than just the Middle East.
U.S. Treasury officials have briefed various governments about Washington's suspicions that North Korea has for years been producing a high quality copy of its $100 bill. U.S. officials have dubbed the copy the "supernote."

"Although Pyongyang denies complicity in any counterfeiting activity, at least $45 million in such supernotes of North Korean origin have been detected in circulation, and estimates are that the country earns from $15 million to $25 million per year from counterfeiting," the U.S. Congressional Research Service said in a report in March.

North Korea doesn’t’ need us to foster the impression they are a criminal state they do just fine on their own.

By Howie at 01:21 PM | Comments |

Students Protest “Radical” Teaching in UK.

At least some Muslims realize the damage and shame Islam suffers at the hands of those who preach the doctrine of hate.

Times Online :MUSLIM students training to be imams at a British college with strong Iranian links have complained that they are being taught fundamentalist doctrines which describe nonMuslims as “filth”.

The Times has obtained extracts from medieval texts taught to the students in which unbelievers are likened to pigs and dogs. The texts are taught at the Hawza Ilmiyya of London, a religious school, which has a sister institution, the Islamic College for Advanced Studies (ICAS), which offers a degree validated by Middlesex University.

The students, who have asked to remain anonymous, study their religious courses alongside the university-backed BA in Islamic studies

Asked to remain anonymous? Let me translate that, wished to keep their heads attached to their bodies.
Mr Moezi is also the director of the Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale, a large mosque and community centre that is a registered charity. Its memorandum of association, lodged with the Charity Commission, says that: “At all times at least one of the trustees shall be a representative of the Supreme Spiritual Leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Both the Irshad Trust and the Islamic Centre of England Ltd (ICEL) were established in 1996. Mr Moezi’s predecessor as Ayatollah Khamenei’s representative, another cleric called Mohsen Araki, was a founding trustee of both charities.

It is strange why they tolerate this from Iran. Note the nesting of politics and Islam because Islam is both religion and politics they are not separate.
‘The water left over in the container after any type of animal has drunk from it is considered clean and pure apart from the left over of a dog, a pig, and a disbeliever’

‘There are ten types of filth and impurities: urine, faeces, semen, carrion, blood of carrion, dogs, pigs, disbelievers’

(You get that? Your blood is equated with fecal matter)

‘When a dog, a pig, or a disbeliever touches or comes in contact with the clothes or body [of a Muslim] while he [the disbeliever] is wet, it becomes obligatory- compulsory upon him [the Muslim] to wash and clean that part which came in contact with the disbeliever’

Filthy Kufr! Let me again translate for you. Disbeliever means you most likely and that includes liberals. I again heard calls for “bridges of understanding” in the Middle East on NPR this AM. That’s all fine and dandy if you are dealing with people who consider you human and act in a civilized manner. The terrorists and those who follow their doctrine will cross over that bridge to cut your throat. As long as the first cut is in the direction of Mecca it’s all good. Now do you understand?

Also see Jihad Watch, Michelle Malkin, who includes new pic of Muhammed on her post and USS Neverdock.

By Howie at 08:55 AM | Comments |

Free Breast Exams

Philip Winikoff(Lauderdale Lakes, Florida) A 76-year-old door-to-door illegal breast examiner, Philip Winikoff, was arrested for playing doctor and sexually assaulting women.

From Local10.com:

The man found at least two Lauderdale Lakes women who took him up on his offer.

One 36-year-old woman said she let Winikoff into her apartment. She (sic) after he touched her breasts, he moved his hand to her genitals. She said one (sic) she realized that Winikoff was not a real doctor and she called the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Investigators said by that time, Winikoff had already found another victim; a 33-year-old woman who lives in the same complex. That woman told deputies that Winikoff also sexually assaulted her.

Obviously, Winikoff didn't read the rule book which specifies that a person must quit playing doctor after promotion from grade school. Winikoff instead might want to consider playing a congressman. By his picture, there's a remarkable resemblance to Rep. Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania who has recently shown that he would help the country more by being a breast examiner. Okay, that was a cheap shot. I apologize.

Winikoff has been booked into the Broward County Jail on sexual assault charges.

From Interested-Participant.

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Iran Doesn't Think We're Serious

From Reuters:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran scoffed on Thursday at the idea of U.S. military action to halt its nuclear program and gave no hint of compromise before a visit by U.N. inspectors to assess Iranian compliance with Security Council demands.
Iran is correct to scoff at us. Partisan political opportunists, subversive organizations, and outright traitors on the Left and in the Press have given the Iranians every reason to think that the United States is a paper tiger.

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April 19, 2006

The True Voice of the Left

What appears below is not the usual fare for this website. It is a reprint of the bile and abuse that conservative blogger Michelle Malkin has received following her reposting of a Students Against War press release that contained contact information for SAW head conspirators. SAW is the group that rioted against military recruiters at UC Santa Cruz.

Now the SAW fools are claiming that Michelle's repost of their press release is resulting in death threats. Of course, since they themselves first posted this information it's hard to see their complaint.

This is how the Left reacts when they become too unhinged to maintain the veneer of civilization. If you're easily offended by gutter language, don't read any further:

From: Joe Smith joejoe90211@yahoo.com Date: Apr 17, 2006 7:48 PM Subject: You belong in prison.You are a disgusting waste of oxygen.

You WILL burn in hell you disgusting cunt.


From: NorthCentralGuy@aol.com NorthCentralGuy@aol.com
Mailed-By: aol.com
Date: Apr 17, 2006 7:47 PM
Subject: TIP

Someone ought to sew your cunt up with barbed wire. Not that it gets any use, you facist, hate spewing, disgraceful piece of shit.


Michael McPherson michaelmc123@comcast.net
6:42 pm (1 hour ago)

You are a fucking slanty-eyed cunt.

Have a nice day


From: outorsafe@adelphia.net outorsafe@adelphia.net
Mailed-By: adelphia.net
Date: Apr 17, 2006 6:31

you miserable cunt... too bad your parents were not killed in a war...


From: James Ventura jvent68@yahoo.com
Date: Apr 17, 2006 3:45 PM
Subject: you are a CUNT


From: Steve McQueen michellemalkintraitorous@hotmail.com
Mailed-By: hotmail.com
Date: Apr 17, 2006 7:24 PM
Subject: You are a traitor

Ms. Malkin,

Your decision to release the contact information of people who disagree with
you is reprehensible, irresponsible and ignorant. If you had a conscious I
would expect you to be ashamed of yourself, but I know you do not.

To leave it on your site after they have requested it be taken down AND
after your supporters have made death threats against them is disgusting.

Grow up, you fucking princess.


From: JBD jaked1963@yahoo.com
Date: Apr 17, 2006 8:17 PM
Subject: I guess it's time...

To post not only YOUR personal information on the web, but that of your family as well...After all, Michelle, it's only fair. Hmmm...who should we start with and where shall we post it? You are a reprehensible excuse of a human being.

Jake Daab
Chicago, IL


Craig Mayor trilevel@shaw.ca
Date: Apr 17, 2006 7:24 PM
Subject: chink scum

listen chink

leave the students alone

lets call YOUR friends and family

From: J. Beeson emg@cox.net
Mailed-By: cox.net
Date: Apr 17, 2006 8:44 PM
Subject: UCSC Death Threats

Fuck you for printing those SAW numbers, you bitch. Hope you get harassed and your numbers printed. Did I say "fuck you"....Oh yeah...I guess I did. Bitch.

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Syracuse University: Duke Lacrosse Players Not Welcome

Syracuse University Athletic Director Daryl Gross told the Syracuse Post-Standard today that he would not allow any Duke Blue Devils lacrosse players to transfer to the Syracuse lacrosse program.

At least one Duke University lacrosse player has indicated an interest in transferring from the troubled program. But Syracuse University athletic director Daryl Gross said Tuesday he will not sanction the transfer of any former Blue Devil to Syracuse.

"I think it would be inappropriate," Gross said.

SU coach John Desko said he's received written notification from Duke that sophomore attackman Zack Greer is seeking his release from the school. Athletes intent upon transferring from one program to another ask their athletic departments to issue releases to schools the athlete is interested in attending.

The Duke lacrosse program is under a cloud following allegations by a woman hired to perform at a party at the house of three Duke lacrosse captains that she was beaten and raped. Two Duke players have been charged in the incident, which carries racial baggage. Zach Greer has not been implicated.

The players are white and the woman, hired as an exotic dancer, is black. Michael Nifong, the white Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney, is running for reelection in a largely black district. The case has outraged many black residents who fear that rich, white college students will be given special consideration against a black accuser.

The SU booster blog Orange::44 notes that at least one black athlete who was the subject of criminal allegations is attending the school on a scholarship. This seems to indicate a double standard.

SU Athletic Director Daryl Gross is black.

Could this be a job for the American Civil Liberties Union?

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Egypt Breaks Terror Cell

Twenty two more “insane people” were picked up in Egypt this week. It appears they were planning to you know blow shit up. Like pipelines and Christians and Muslims that you know disagree with them.

VOA :The Interior Ministry says the secretive organization called itself the Victorious Sect, and its targets included tourist sites, religious leaders, and a natural gas pipeline.

A ministry spokesman, Major General Abdel-Karim, told VOA that all 22 members of the group have been arrested.

He says, this group was planning and organizing to conduct a number of terrorist operations, attacking some economic and tourist targets in greater Cairo. They were also targeting some religious figures, both Muslim and Christian, to create a split in Egyptian society.

The ministry says the secretive organization used code names and was led by a 26-year-old student named Ahmed Mohamed Ali Gabr, also known as Abu Musab. The ministry says his second-in-command is a preacher.

The general says the men used the Internet to research how to make explosives and poisons. He did not say whether they were successful in actually making them.

On Good Friday “insane people” were captured after stabbing Christians while yelling, “There is no god but Allah!” Now on Wednesday a cell of Islamic Radicals is taken down. And they guy calls himself Abu Musab? Coincidence?

By Howie at 09:28 PM | Comments |

Costa Rican Scammer and Spammer Busted

Western KY: An immigrant from Costa Rica was arrested April fourth after attempting to cash a 35,000 dollar forged income tax return check drawn against the US treasury. Paul Lichtenstein was arrested after tellers became suspicious of the forged check. After searching his residence WPSDTV reported that police found other forged documents including forged postal money orders and a computer. Evidence was also found during the search that indicated Mr. Lichtenstein was also involved in Nigerian phishing scams via the internet.

Mr. Lichtenstein fell on hard luck after loosing his second technology job. First he was fired from an Atlanta based DP firm. He is also a strict vegan and bicyclist when he’s not scamming. He says he was once so heavy he could not walk and was in constant pain. He claims becoming vegan cured him. His father migrated to Costa Rica after WWII and he came to the US seeking his fortune.

I expect he will be deported upon conviction as he is not a citizen. Locals also reported that Mr. Lichtenstein is also a bigamist having more than one wife. He never bothered to divorce his wife in Costa Rica before marrying again in Florida. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and French. I wonder if he is who he claims to be. If you recognize him as someone else please email me.

Photo via McCraken Co Jail.

By Howie at 03:03 PM | Comments |

Chad Warns Sudan

Of course Sudan denied any involvement. We need to stop allowing nations who allow terrorists to operate without fear. The government of Sudan repeatedly refuses to cooperate when asked by the rest of the world to stop the genocide and cross border violence. Lack of action against the terrorist equates to support. So these killers are either thwarting the authority of the sovereign nation of Sudan or that government supports them. It’s time to stop asking Sudan and demand action.

Reuters : Chad President Idriss Deby said on Tuesday Sudan had attacked his country in a drive to export Khartoum's fundamentalist system to sub-Saharan Africa.......Deby accuses Sudan of promoting and arming rebels who raced in pick-up trucks from the east to raid N'Djamena on Thursday but were driven off in fighting that killed and wounded several hundred people.

"Sudan has attacked Chad up to the very gates of N'Djamena. What do you call that if it isn't war," Deby said. "If we're attacked tomorrow, we'll respond. We don't want war, but we'll defend ourselves."

Deby said Sudan's Arab government was trying to export its "fundamentalist system" to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

"Chad is a bridge. If that bridge gives way to Khartoum then the whole of sub-Saharan Africa runs the risk of being destabilised," he said."It'll be worse than Ivory Coast or the Balkans," he said referring to other territories split by war.

By Howie at 01:55 PM | Comments |

Condolences Due Mohammad at Iraq The Model.

What impresses me the most is the sheer determination he shows in the face of terrorist murder.

Iraq The Model : Last week our little and peaceful family was struck by the tragic loss of one of its members in a savage criminal act of assassination. The member we lost was my sister's husband who lived with their two little children in our house.

He was a brilliant young doctor with a whole future awaiting him, the couple were the top graduates in their branch of specialty. They had to travel abroad to get their degrees and the war started while they were there but months after Saddam fallen they decided to come back to help rebuild the country and serve their people.

The terrorists and criminals are targeting all elements of life and they target anyone who wants to do something good for this country…They think by assassinating one of us they could deter us from going forward but will never succeed, they can delay us for years but we will never go back and abandon our dream.

We have vowed to follow the steps of our true martyrs and we will raise the new generation to continue the march, these children of today are the hope and the future.

What a difference between those who work to preserve life and those who work to end it…it's terrorism and crime and there are no other words to describe these acts.

Quite correct that’s exactly what these people are criminal terrorists. Freedom and prosperity come at a price. Took us hundreds of years, set backs, civil war and we still can improve. If the people of Iraq can maintain that drive, that incredible determination there will be no stopping them.

Also see Hyscience.

By Howie at 01:40 PM | Comments |

Purdue Student Ordered Held Without Bond

Indian national made internet death threats against President
Vikram Buddhi, the Indian national studying in the US on a student visa, who made online threats to murder the President, Vice President, First Lady, and Secretary of Defense, is now being held without bail pending his next court appearance on April 26. From the (West Lafayette, IN) Journal and Courier:

A Federal district magistrate in Hammond has ordered Vikram Buddhi, a Purdue University graduate student accused of writing Internet threats against President Bush, be held without bond, saying he is a flight risk, Buddhi's attorney said this morning.
Buddhi's attorney, John Martin is trying the boys-will-be-boys-it-doesn't-count-in-cyberspace argument, and if that doesn't work, is asserting a First Amendment right to threaten assassination, murder, bombing, and rape.

Can the American Civil Liberties Union be far behind?

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WTW Hilton Screws Over 100 Vets

No, not Paris screws over 100 vets you dirty, dirty boys, Hilton Hotels “screws over” 100 vets. There hope I made that clear. Paris does seem to have a heart and as we all know rich hotties like Paris pretty much get their way. So Paris, have a heart , raise some hell and get some arrangements made for this group. I’ll even put up a bottle of Howie’s wine for you. You can’t buy it with money honey! Only by helping these guys out.

Lisa Hoffman Via Capital Hill Blue :At Fran O'Brien's Stadium Steak House, hundreds of
soldiers and Marines maimed in the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan have dined gratis on thick steaks, tossed
back a few cold ones and basked in the normalcy and
comradeship offered there.

But come May 1, those much-anticipated outings from
local military hospital wards will cease. Hilton Hotel
Corp., landlord of the restaurant, is evicting Fran's
from its decade-long location in the basement of the
Capital Hilton in downtown D.C.

"For strictly business reasons related solely to the
inability to reach a new lease arrangement, the
Capital Hilton has elected to terminate the lease,"
hotel general manager Brian Kelleher said in an
e-mailed statement.

Help these vets Paris. You are their only hope!

More discussion here.

Hat Tip: 8ackgr0und n015e.

Additional contaqct Info for Hilton Hotels so you can express your support for these men who have given so much

Barron Hilton - Chairman
Stephen F. Bollenbach - President & CEO

Thomas L. Keltner - Executive Vice President and
President - Brand Performance
Thomas_L_Keltner@hilton.com (310) 205-3311

FYI: Keltner served as an officer in the U.S. Navy
Submarine Service.
alternative contact for him via:

Jeff Diskin - Senior Vice President - Brand Management
& Marketing

Kathy Shepard - Vice President - Corporate
Phone: +1 310 205-4656


9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
main number 310-278-4321
toll free 800 286-0645

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers

By Howie at 09:48 AM | Comments |

Wal-Mart Media Conference

(Bentonville, Arkansas) The 2nd Annual Wal-Mart Media Conference began yesterday with about seventy credentialed media representatives in attendance for a tour and various presentations by the company. They came from all across both the print and broadcast spectrum and included, among many, the New York Times, Washington Post, US News & World Report, The Guardian, Women's Wear Daily, ABC News, CNN and CBS News. Notably, two bloggers were also invited and were able to break away from their normal lives and travel to Arkansas. At their own expense, I might add.

Tom Forbes of Palousitics traveled from western Washington State to Bentonville and spent the first day of the conference attending presentations by Wal-Mart executives and taking notes. At intervals, Tom was able to post some of the more salient aspects of the information presented by the speakers.

One of the presentations pertained to Wal-Mart employee health care programs and how they are evolving. Tom provides a good overview and remarks that Wal-Mart's health care programs continue to improve and are quite competitive when compared to others in private industry.

In another session, Tom listened to Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee eloquently support Wal-Mart as an example of free market competition which benefits low-income customers through low prices and benefits communities by providing jobs and taxes.

The other blogger in attendance, Rob Port of Say Anything, spent his day among a group of elite media representatives and found himself more engaged by their attitudes and antics than the presentations of the convention. Rob indicates that most of the 'jounalists' exhibited strongly negative attitudes toward Wal-Mart and he wondered whether they were capable of reporting objectively.

Anecdotally, Rob's reporting is a good snapshot of the people producing news about Wal-Mart. However, his most interesting remarks describe how the union ambushed and hijacked the media afterward.

After the tour we arrived back at our hotel. Upon walking through the front door I encountered a woman talking on a cell phone pointing those of us getting off the bus to a dining area off the lobby. Since a bunch of the reporters were headed in that direction, I followed.

What I was greeted with upon entering the dining area clearly wasn't on Wal-Mart's agenda. What we were being directed to was a press conference put together by the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (a part of the AFL-CIO) through their front group "WakeUpWal-Mart.com."

The press conference speaker was Rev. Markel Hutchins, a civil rights advocate, who voiced inaccurate and nonsensical attacks against Wal-Mart. In one, Hutchins said poor people don't go to Wal-Mart for low prices, they go because they're poor and oppressed. In another, which I consider to be race-baiting and obscene, Hutchins said that Wal-Mart's health care programs are "like lynching somebody from a seven foot tree instead of an eight foot tree."

Rob doesn't believe the mainstream media will report on the comments at the UFCW press conference. I think he's right. I also think that Wal-Mart's public strategies to burnish its image always seem to backfire because the leftist media use the opportunity to give the microphone and the headlines to Wal-Mart's opponents. As an example, take a look at this morning's Los Angeles Times and you'll find that virtually all of a two-page report of the conference is devoted to demonization of Wal-Mart by its enemies.

Trusting the mainstream media to be objective about Wal-Mart is a mistake.

From Interested-Participant.

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Blame George Bush

Today, April 19th, 2006, is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

A direct result of George Bush's policies regarding Iraq and the war against Islamofascism.

By Vinnie at 12:23 AM | Comments |

April 18, 2006

McKinney Report: 'Assault on a Police Officer'

A little person would already have their trial date set, but when you're Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), accused of assaulting a Capitol Police officer, and willing to shamelessly play the race card, things go a bit slower.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published details from the official report of the incident:

The DeKalb County congresswoman struck the officer "in his chest with [a] closed fist."

The "event report" — obtained Tuesday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution — describes the altercation as an assault on a police officer.

There had previously been reports that McKinney "stabbed" the officer with a cellphone or that she slapped McKenna with an open hand.

McKinney said she was the victim of racial profiling and that the officer had touched her inappropriately when he tried to stop her.

The Fraternal Order of Police wants the officer, identified in the report as Paul McKenna, to sue McKinney. It may be the only way for justice to be served in this case.

Via the Drudge Report.

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Terrorists Recruiting Non-Arab Fanatics

The desire of terrorists to recruit non-Arabs to conduct attacks has been known for some time, however, now an official report of the practice has been prepared.

From SunTimes.com:

Terrorists have been working to recruit non-Arab sympathizers -- so-called "white Muslims" with Western features who theoretically could more easily blend into European cities and execute attacks -- according to classified intelligence documents obtained by The Associated Press.

A 252-page confidential report jointly compiled by Croatian and U.S. intelligence on potentially dangerous Islamic groups in Bosnia suggests the recruitment drive may have begun as long as four years ago, when Arab militants ran up against tough post-9/11 security obstacles.

This is nice to know but hardly surprising. However, it would be nicer to know how the Ass. Press, with apparent ease, obtains classified intelligence documents.

Nevertheless, since there will always be a segment of the population that succumbs to the lure of fanaticism, it's logical that terrorists would attempt to recruit those they can. And despite the augmented security obstacles, suicide bombers are single-use only and must be replaced.

From Interested-Participant.

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MPSA in Chicago--Any one else here?

Hey all. I'm at the Midwest Political Science Association's annual meeting at the Palmer House in Chicago. If you're a fellow geek at the conference drop me a line (my info is at the "contact" link above).

Or, you can just wave me down. I'm kind of hard to miss. I'll be the only guy there wearing a fur coat, with an entourage--complete with at least two washed-up former child stars-- and four big Samoan bodyguards protecting my precious self. Come to think of it, better e-mail me first. The last guy that sought an audience with the Macktastick Rusty Wickedmeister without a formal letter of introduction had his arm broken by Tagiilima--the big one.

I'll be back Monday. TALOFA!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:15 PM | Comments |

Aarons.cc Recovered

Aarons cc is back online this morning. Remember he had been down about five days after being attacked twice.

Aaron: I'm back!

By Howie at 04:20 PM | Comments |

Taliban Commander Killed

(Qalat, Afghanistan) Breaking news.

From UPI.com:

A Taliban senior commander has been killed and two other militants have been captured during a raid by police in the southeastern Afghan province of Zabul.

The police, having received a tip that the militants were planning an attack on Qalat, the provincial capital, surrounded the band Monday night, shooting Mohamad Haleem and arresting two of his accomplices.

Haleem and his group are responsible for numerous attacks on schools and government offices in the Zabul Province bordering Pakistan.

By at 12:17 PM | Comments |

Today's Al-Qaeda Joke

Scottish Police Chief Constable John Vine stunned the guests at a bar association dinner with a joke.

During the toast, towards the end of the evening, Mr Vine told a joke about al-Qaeda fathers comparing notes about the careers of their suicide-bomber sons.

Many in the audience at the event on March 24 were stunned when he delivered the punchline: "Kids blow up so quickly these days."

Apparently, the crowd reaction prompted Mr. Vine to apologize. Sure, it wasn't a great joke but I thought it was okay.

Of course, it wasn't the quality of the joke that was objectionable. It is simply not politically prudent in the United Kingdom to speak ill of terrorists. What a bunch of wankers.

By at 12:10 PM | Comments |

Soliciting Murder And Mayhem On The Internet

Nine people were killed in Tel Aviv by the 21-year-old Islamist jihadi nutcase, over 60 were wounded, in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad-conducted Passover bombing!


There are Five Official Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Sites (currently active online)

Eight Service Providers Keep Them Online, and they have been doing so for months - in some cases, years.

You will find that six of Those Service Providers are American Companies.

Should we be waiting for someone else to deal with the problem?

Bonus: Here are the top ten Salafyist/Jihadist sites on the Internet.

Hat tip - Internet Haganah

Cross posted from Hyscience

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Student's First Amendment Rights Violated

John Martin, Vikram Buddhi's lawyer is appalled at the blatant trampling of his client's First Amendment right to free speech. Buddhi is a graduate student and teaching assistant at Purdue University who has been here for the past ten years on a student visa. Martin hopes that everything can be cleared up by Wednesday so that Vikram can get back to his studies:

“What was allegedly said certainly is derogatory and may be inflammatory,” Martin said. “But there’s no real serious threat more than it was chat on the Web.”
Just the sort of everyday stuff that the Left puts out. Like detailed threats to kill President Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. Oh, and a plea for anyone reading the messages to bomb the United States, rape and mutilate British and American women, and kill all Republicans.

Maybe when Vikrim gets out somebody could set him up with Maryscott O'Connor.

Via the Drudge Report.

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April 17, 2006

Sami Al-Arian Pleads Guilty

University of South Florida professor Sami al-Arian, who became a cause célèbre to the ACLU crowd, has admitted to being involved with Palestinian Islamic Jihad (the group responsible for this outrage), and, as a bonus, turned snitch on his co-defendants.

From Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON, April 17 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Former University of South Florida Professor Sami Al-Arian has pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to provide services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a specially designated terrorist organization, in violation of U.S. law, the Department of Justice announced today.

In the plea agreement, Al-Arian admits that he was associated with several organizations, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in the late 1980s and early to mid-1990s. He also admits that co-defendants Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, Bashir Musa Mohammed Nafi and Mazen Al-Najjar were associated with PIJ.

Al-Arian's agreement with the government calls for a recommended prison sentence of 46 to 57 months in prison, based on a five-year maximum statutory sentence. Al-Arian, 48, who has been in custody since his arrest on Feb. 20, 2003, has agreed to stipulate to deportation to another country by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement once his prison sentence has ended. Al- Arian has lived in this country for approximately 30 years.

This bastard should be deported to Hell.

Via Stop the ACLU.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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Pulitzer Gives Award For Treason

Jeemany Christmas

Forbes Via Mike Hampton at The Department of Home Land Stupidity :
The jurors awarded the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting “to James Risen and Eric Lichtblau of The New York Times for their carefully sourced stories on secret domestic eavesdropping that stirred a national debate on the boundary line between fighting terrorism and protecting civil liberty.” While the Times sat on the story for over a year and ultimately edited it due to national security concerns, many called the revelation of the program’s existence a threat to national security. President Bush himself called its publication “a shameful act.
Pullitzer Prize my....who are these "jurors" anyway?

Oh wait we have them right here on comments via Mike again., eh eh ah-hem....

Narda Zacchino, deputy editor, San Francisco Chronicle (Chair)

Mike Connelly, executive editor, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Kenneth Paulson, editor, USA Today

Delia Rios, national correspondent, Newhouse News Service, Washington, DC

*George Rodrigue, vice president/managing editor, The Dallas Morning News

*past Pulitzer Prize winner

Well it may not be treason it just feels the same without the actual charge.

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Hanoi Jane Passes the Torch

Update your programs. There's an official change in the leadership of the anti-war movement.

From ContraCostaTimes.com:

Jane Fonda says she would like to tour the country and speak out against U.S. involvement in Iraq, but her controversial history of Vietnam War protests leaves her with "too much baggage."

"I wanted to do a tour like I did during the Vietnam War, a tour of the country," the Oscar-winning actress said Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America." "But then Cindy Sheehan filled in the gap, and she is better at this than I am. I carry too much baggage."

Maybe it's just me, but I can't think of a more damning indictment than to be happy about having Cindy Sheehan as your replacement.

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'Condoleezza Holds a Watermelon'

Some people believe that political statements probably don't belong in a mathematics course. I agree.

From SeattleTimes.com:

(Bellevue, Washington) Bellevue Community College Board of Trustees issued a statement Saturday condemning the behavior of an instructor who wrote a racially insulting math question recently brought to the college's attention by students.
The math question is considered contrary to the college's core values of respect for diversity and elimination of stereotypes.
The question began, "Condoleezza holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300-foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second." It went on to ask when the watermelon would hit the ground, based on a formula provided.
BCC President Jean Floten wouldn't name the instructor who wrote the question, however, she said there was no intention to connote the negative caricatures of blacks eating watermelon. Instead, according to Floten, the instructor was fascinated with the name "Condoleezza." Yeah, right. Notably, before being rewritten the question logically referenced the entertainer Gallagher who at least uses watermelons in his comedy act.

As corrective action, the math department issued an apology and the college announced the creation of a new vice-president for diversity and blah, blah, blah. No mention was made regarding the oozing liberalism of an infected institution of high learning.

From Interested-Participant.

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Can't Say I Feel Bad For George Ryan

Ryan cheated to win an election he had in the bag and now Illinois Republicans and the people have paid the price for it. He's next. One story I read called him a strong fighter aginst the death penalty. No, he never was, he took that issue to shut up the papers and avoid being impeached.

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Frustrated Zawahiri Risks Detection to Send Email.

It’s hard hiding in a cave when you are supposed to be in command.

MSNBC :CAIRO - In January 2003, one of the two most wanted men in the world couldn't contain his frustration. From a hiding place probably somewhere in South Asia, he tapped out two lengthy e-mails to a fellow Egyptian who'd been criticizing him in public.

"I beg you, don't stop the Muslim souls who trust your opinions from joining the jihad against the Americans," wrote Ayman al-Zawahiri, deputy leader of al-Qaeda. He fired off the message even though it risked exposing him.

"Let's put it this way: Tensions had been building up between us for a long time," explained the e-mail's recipient, Montasser el-Zayat, a Cairo lawyer who shared a prison cell with Zawahiri in the 1980s and provided this account. "He always thinks he is right, even if he is alone."

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Zawahiri has broadcast his views to the world relentlessly. Despite a $25 million price on his head, he has published memoirs, given interviews and recorded a dozen speeches that find their way to the Internet and television. Video of a speech was posted Thursday on a Web site.

Zawahiri's visibility, eclipsing Osama bin Laden's, reminds al-Qaeda's enemies that the network is capable of more attacks. But a closer look at his speeches and writings, and interviews with several longtime associates in radical Islamic circles, suggests another motive: fear of losing his ideological grip over a revolutionary movement he has nurtured for 40 years.

All who have power fear loosing it.
"He's trying to stay in control and give the impression that he's behind everything in the Middle East and everywhere else, fighting against the Americans in Iraq and against Britain in Europe," Rushdi said in an interview. "He is trying to take responsibility as a leader for what is going on in Iraq. But he knows, and everyone knows, that that is not true, that he has nothing to do with anything in Iraq."

Al-Qaeda was founded as a decentralized coalition of Islamic extremists. That structure has complicated efforts by intelligence services to penetrate the network. But the lack of clear chains of command also can make it difficult for leaders to maintain control.

And that’s a good thing. The lack of control means they will make even more errors than we do. In the long run al-Qaeda’s structure (or lack of) may become it's greatest weakness.

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KY Adds New Joint Tax

Hey that’s one way to balance the budget.

Courier Journal :But careful readers of the final state budget bill can find a new tax on Page 624: 25 cents on each package of cigarette rolling papers. A typical pack of 32 papers costs $1.49 now.
This tax is about 0.78128 cents per doobie. Kentuckians are expected to burn about 959963 doobies this year resulting in an additional 750,000 bucks for the state. What? You didn’t think those were actually for cigarettes did you? Just think how much they earn by taxing the stuff people put in “cigarette” papers. Bong makers efforts to lobby for an even greater tax failed to make the final budget.

Yes I know but it's funnier the way it is just multiply by 100

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Will Iran use THE Bomb?

I seldom post over here at The Jawa Report, mainly because this site is usually flooded with quality posts, but I wanted to bring a matter to the attention of readers here. Much has been said about Iran's nuclear program, where it's going and what the intentions are, but I feel a key point is often missed.

That key point assumes Iran wants to acquire a nuclear weapon, which their own statements lead to that conclusion, and whether or not they will actually use a nuclear weapon if they sucessfully built one. That does not mean Iran equips one of their new Shahab class missiles (Shahab-3 has been announced and they working on Shahab-6) with a nuclear warhead and fires one into Tel Aviv, but the nation also has control over groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Lending even a small amount of radioactive waste in the form of a "dirty bomb" to either of those groups, not to mention any other radical Islamic group the nation at least supports ideologically, would change the face of this conflict and should rightly be considered when discussing whether striking Iran's nuclear facilities is in our best interests. This is not necessarily a debate of should we keep Iran from obtaining a bomb, the nation already has radioactive waste and with the announcement it will increase uranium enrichment more radioactive waste will be produced.

While a dirty bomb would create havoc wherever one is detonated, it is still a small type attack when compared to a suitcase nuke or a nuclear weapon. This is an important distinction to make because a dirty bomb would not do the damage to Israel that Iran seeks, and there is a religious belief it is the duty of the Islamic Republic of Iran to destroy Israel.

I believe Iran would have no qualms with sending a nuclear warhead into Tel Aviv because it is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's firm belief he must wipe out Israel to pave the path for the return of the 12th Imam. It is his religious fanaticism that is alarming and needs to be considered while his nation continues their pursuit for nuclear weapons. Unfortunately many naysayers fail to even bring this up in discussion perhaps because we don't fully understand the role of the 12th Imam and Ahmadinejad's own belief he is one of the chosen people to help the 12th Imam return, but we must begin to.

That said, there are many Islamic religious structures in Israel that certainly would at least be damaged in such an attack. Would the nation that wants to be the center of the Islamic world risk damaging where Mohammed ascended into Heaven to sit by Allah?

Contrary to what is constantly being reported, Ahmadinejad's own statements confirm his quest to destroy Israel, but Israel's destruction must come after the United States has been put to the side. At a conference in Tehran dubbed "The World without Zionism," the imagery that was widely reported and republished included a globe bearing the markings of the Star of David, which is of course also the markings of the nation of Israel, falling from the rest of the world. Cropped from most pictures was that a globe bearing the American flag was already on the ground and broken as Israel's globe was falling.

This symbolism of taking down Israel after the United States however isn't the only evidence Ahmadinejad seeks to destroy the United States first. Also at the same conference Ahmadinejad proclaimed "to those who doubt, to those who ask is it possible, or those who do not believe, I say accomplishment of a world without America and Israel is both possible and feasible.” Naturally the crowd also threw in England for good measure.

The three nations of England, the U.S. and Israel comprise of what I have termed "the family satan." I certainly don't believe any of those nations are actually satanic, but over the course of the past few years in particular Iran has ramped up the rhetoric citing all three are in the same satanic family. The United States is the "great satan," whereas I would assume England is the "mother of satan" and Israel is the "incestual offspring of satan."

It is this reasoning that I believe Iran won't immediately strike Israel but rather they would strike the United States if the nation acquires a nuclear weapon. Iran knows any attack on Israel would be met with swift retribution by the United States. It must therefore end the "great satan" from protecting the "incestual offspring of satan" before it can once and for all pave the way for the 12th Imam to return the Islamic glory to the world.

In the religious battle of good versus evil the imagery of Satan is strong, and so too in Shia Islam is the imagery of the 12th Imam returning to the Earth to help build an Islamic state. To those unfamiliar with the comcpet of the 12th Imam, think any other religious end of days scenario that involved a prophet, the son of God or any other religious entity reappearing to punish those who do not believe and reward those who do.

To some of us, this type of scenario is nothing more than a story passed down through time and warped through the many translations and interpretations all religious texts have been through. To others, the religion we worship is right and the end of days scenario written in our religious texts is accurate.

But there's a huge difference with those that believe our end of days scenario is accurate and the end of days belief of Ahmadinejad. Most Christians who are proclaiming this is the end of life on Earth or that the end is near don't actually feel that it is their duty to accelerate the end of days. As many end of days sites as there are on the Internet, very few actually state they want the end to come now, but rather they are exposing what they believe are the signs towards that advancement.

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad is a student of a religious belief that Allah wants his followers to wage war for his own fancies and die in his name; it is that belief that treasures death more than life. When he is not dropping notes to the 12th Imam who has been hiding in a well near Qom, Iran for centuries, Ahmadinejad is shining in divine light at the United Nations. Not only does Ahmadinejad feel he is chosen to help the return of the 12th Imam, he feels it is his duty and these notes he tosses down the well indicate he is trying to help the 12th Imam return.

We are stuck in a secular society, for good or bad that's for others to decide, that doesn't take into consideration the fanatical religious beliefs that predicate future events. In contrast, the government of Iran only knows religion and feels their own nation's quests are predetermined in an effort do Allah's bidding on this Earth. So while we as a nation and as an international community have now seemingly resigned ourselves to the fact Iran is a nuclear nation and while at least some diplomats, journalists and so-called pundits are resigned to Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, we need to shift our discussion to whether Iran will use a nuclear weapon and if so, where would one be aimed.

I certainly believe Iran would use a nuclear weapon for the leaders of Iran see it is their religious duty to do so, and from the statements made by Ahmadinejad, I feel the United States will be the first hit in an effort to make the United States impotent in defending Iran's short-term religious goal which is the destruction of Israel. While other nations including Saudi Arabia realize Iran's nucler weapons won't only be pointed towards Tel Aviv, the same quieted condemnation out of the Middle East of Ahmadinejad's "wipe Israel off the map" statements at "The World without Zionism" conference will likely be heard, or not heard of course, if Iran were to strike Israel first. There is no better target for Iran to strike that would strike up the religious fanaticism the nation exudes than to strike Israel, but it must first eliminate "the great satan" from protecting "the incestual offspring of satan."

Posted by Chad Evans of In the Bullpen

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Americans Deliver Delivery Ward

I’m almost impressed by Islamic charity except for the FACT that western nations out perform Islamic ones hands down. The terrorists talk about being for the common man and helping the poor but we actually do it. Who lowered infant mortality in Afghanistan? It was not the Taliban it was the USA.

Centcom :KABUL , Afghanistan – The command surgeon of Combined Forces Command – Afghanistan presented the renovated Rabia Balkhi Maternity Hospital to Afghanistan ’s minister of public health in a ceremony here April 9.

The U.S. Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services invested a combined $10 million into renovations, Air Force Col. (Dr.) Donald Thompson said.

The renovations and related training programs have already improved the care provided by the Rabia Balkhi, which is Kabul ’s second-busiest maternity hospital, delivering more than 15,000 babies each year. “When we first started, there were three to four maternal deaths per week. Last year, (Rabia Balkhi) had 18 maternal deaths for the entire year,” Thompson said.

While those numbers, plus the 50 percent decline in the mortality rate for newborns weighing more than 5.5 pounds, show a positive trend, there are still too many deaths, and that is what continuing programs will attempt to reduce, Thompson said.

Well done she’s a cutie.

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Hamas Officially Endorses Suicide Attack

A Palestinian suicide bomber murdered 8 people outside a falafel house in Tel Aviv today, the carnage limited because a security guard prevented the teenager from entering the restaurant.

From the New York Times:

A Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri called the attack "a natural result of the continued Israeli crimes against our people," adding that Palestinians were "in a state of self-defense and they have every right to use all means to defend themselves," according to Reuters.
So here we have the raionale used by brave jihadi babyhunters everywhere: self-defense - a view endorsed by a majority of the Palestinian people.

All those Jews armed with falafels; who knows what they might be capable of?

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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Hold On To Your Noggin.

Via Michelle Malkin we get this cool new Italian political cartoon.

Translation to English.

"Isn't that man there, split in two from head to navel, Mohammed?" Dante asks Virgil.

"Yes and he is cut in two because he has divided society," Virgil replies. "While that woman there, with the burning coals, represents the politics of Italy towards Islam

Cartoon Inspired by:

Fatwa Anyone?

I noticed that I don't actually see Muhammed in this cartoon. So either he is farther to the left and has been chopped off (hey that's funny) or else now it's offensiive just to mention him or be of the opinion that he's hell bound.

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Totten’s Trip Part IV or V

This latest post Michael and his traveling buddy Sean get a little worried.

Michael Totton Via his blog: What do we do if he takes us to a bad place?" Sean said.

Hell if I knew. Fight him, I guess. It would be too late, though, once we figured out that such a thing would be necessary.

"Just make sure he sticks to the mountains," I said. "Mosul is down in the plains. As long as this road hugs the mountains, we're still on the way to Dohok."

I was annoyed at myself for feeling paranoid. I was the one who had earlier said We can hitchhike in Northern Iraq.

A half-hour later our driver took us back on the main road at a Peshmerga checkpoint. He turned the car toward the mountains, toward Dohok. Not toward the plains. Not toward the dangerous red zone and Mosul.

"I guess that was a shortcut," Sean said.
I guess so," I said. "He's fine. We're fine."

I’m fine too. You guys OK? Good. I've really enjoyed these at it's the kind of thing I probably would never get to do but like to dream about.

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April 16, 2006

In the Shadow of MacArthur

General Douglas MacArthur, a man used to winning wars, was deeply dissatisfied with the limited Allied goals in Korea. He bitterly resented sending men to die for such goals, and, while still Supreme Allied Commander, spoke out publicly about his frustration with the way Harry Truman was conducting the war.

Truman's response:

With deep regret I have concluded that General of the Army Douglas MacArthur is unable to give his wholehearted support to the policies of the United States Government and of the United Nations in matters pertaining to his official duties.
The President's hand was forced. Regardless of the relative merits of Truman's strategy versus what MacArthur believed was right, the American military must submit to civilian authority. We are not, after all, the Soviet Union. General MacArthur knew this, and spoke out anyway, knowing that it would lead to his relief from command, and the end of his long and distinguished service. Perhaps he considered the lives of the men he led more important than his career.

What then, to make of the six American generals who have publicly demanded the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld? Their statements about the conduct of the Iraqi theater of the War on Terror would suggest that things are quite dire indeed. Men are dying needlessly, they say.

Why then, did not one of these generals feel that these men were more important than his own career?

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto.

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Homeless Sleeping on Sidewalk Protected by Constitution

(San Francisco) Get a load of this. Obviously, a person has to be really, really smart to be a U.S. Appeals Court judge because, no matter how many times average people read the Constitution, they're not going to see what the judges find. This is from the 9th Circuit.

From SacBee.com:

The Eighth Amendment, which prohibits "cruel and unusual punishments," bars punishment of "involuntary sitting, lying or sleeping on public sidewalks that is an unavoidable consequence of being human and homeless without shelter in the City of Los Angeles," said a divided panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
I confess. They lost me at "involuntary sitting." And, truthfully, I have never thought about the "unavoidable consequence of being human."

The court specifically ruled that the city of Los Angeles could not roust derelicts off the streets unless the taxpayers had previously provided a cozy shelter for every conceivable vagrant that drifts in. In other words, the taxpayers must provide shelter or the homeless have the right, per the Constitution, to involuntarily sit, lie and sleep anywhere they damn well please on city sidewalks.

In conclusion, law school apparently not only teaches the law but also gives students X-ray vision. I still haven't found any reference to "homeless" in the Constitution, much less "involuntary sitting." I don't want to go to law school but I'd sure like to git some of that there X-ray vision.

From Interested-Participant.

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Happy Easter

I wish all of you a happy Easter. May this celebration of our Lord's resurrection fill you all with a renewed sense of hope in the days we live in.

Remember this, it may seem that these are the darkest times, but, it just seems. Read your history, we've been here before.

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April 15, 2006

Mexicans Declare 'Nothing Gringo Day'

May 1st has been dubbed "A Day Without Immigrants" for the U.S. and, presumably, many illegal aliens will stay home from work to show the American public that trespassers from Mexico are indispensable. To coincide with the illegals playing hooky in the U.S., Mexican unions, political groups, media and government offices have called for a boycott of all American companies in Mexico.

Dubbed "Nothing Gringo Day," the intent is to discourage all Mexicans from conducting business with any American company on May 1st, ostensibly to harm sales and demonstrate the influence of a cross-border Mexican power-lobby. Paradoxically, the campaign to hurt American businesses south of the border targets the illegal aliens' strongest supporters for guest-worker and legalization initiatives. Of course, this is consistent with the ridiculousness of demonstrating for U.S. citizenship while carrying Mexican flags. Leave it to the Mexicans to be their own enemy.

For news junkies, May 1st will likely be very entertaining. From a personal perspective, if employees of my business took a unauthorized day off from work to demonstrate their political activism, they would likely be fired.

From Interested-Participant.

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Easter Bunny Brings Blogger Unemployment

Nashville Blogger Bill Hobs has resigned or lost his job at Belmont University over blogging.

Glenn Reynolds via Instapundit : BILL HOBBS HAS LOST HIS JOB FOR BLOGGING: The Knoxville News-Sentinel's Michael Silence calls it "sickening" and "pathetic." He's right
Just a bit more of that good old liberal "tolerance" .

Updated : Glenn Reynolds is on the case with this update: Glen makes a good point too

one crucial difference between bloggers and journalists: Get a columnist or reporter fired, and you might actually silence him/her. Get bloggers fired from their day jobs, and you've given them more time -- and more reason -- to go after you and yours

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'Illegal Alien' Is New Ethnic Slur

Political correctness is changing the rules of 'free' speech daily. No longer are cartoonists able to freely draw the world as they see it and now 'illegal alien' is deemed offensive.

From AnnCoulter.com:

On CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" on Monday, Dobbs was interviewing Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican-American Political Association about his demand for "full immediate, unconditional legalization for all persons currently in the United States."

Dobbs posed this innocuous question about Lopez's planned boycott, "You're talking about a boycott of all illegal aliens in this country?"

Lopez exploded: "Well, first off, I refute your terminology. You don't say 'kike,' 'patty,' 'WOP,' OK. You don't say "nigger"! ... You're using language that's offensive to me and offensive to my people! ... You pollute the air every day, Dobbs. ... That language is offensive, it's derogatory, it's denigrating, and don't use that terminology to me again, referring to my people!"

Jeez, I could understand a bit of snippiness if Dobbs had mentioned 'beaners' or 'wetbacks' but he didn't. Dobbs said 'illegal aliens' which, in my mind, is a fair and descriptive dictionary definition of people sneaking into the U.S. My preference would be 'trespassers' since it carries a more precise and accurate meaning.

Political correctness creates an immense amount of anxiety because there is no way to be certain regarding who is going to be offended or not offended by what a person says or does. Tiger Woods got harshly criticized for saying 'spaz' at the Masters Tournament. Someone was apparently offended. Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi recently said all leftists are dickheads and apparently nobody was offended.

Add to all this the fact that Scottish police have been prohibited from calling homosexuals 'homosexuals' and it's not clear what they should be called. Presumably, 'queer' and 'fairy' are also out of the question. I'm guessing that 'gay' is acceptable. 'Queen' and 'poofter' are questionable.

So what's a person do? I recommend that research scientists develop an offendometer to measure the level of offensiveness of words and things in society. And then, on a regular basis, take comprehensive surveys with the offendometer and publish the results so everybody knows what is inappropriate. Otherwise, arbitrary political correctness just keeps people fearful. Even so, there's a lesson here. Don't dare call someone a homosexual spaz because some dickhead will likely sue you.

As a final tip to all those people who are offended by their own shadow, grow thicker skin.

From Interested-Participant.

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Norman Kember is Thankful to Be Free

Peace Activist Norman Kember has given an interview to BBC. Kember is one classy peace activist. Norman was on eof the four CPT hostages. Kember also speaks well of Tom Fox who was murdered by the terrorists who held them.

Via BBC :Peace campaigner Norman Kember has given an emotional account of his ordeal as a hostage in Iraq.

Mr Kember, 74, of Pinner in north west London, was held in Baghdad for four months before his rescue on 23 March.

American peace worker Tom Fox, 54, was killed weeks before the rescue. When asked about his fellow hostage, Mr Kember said he was a "remarkable man".

His voice breaking with emotion, he spoke of the moment his rescuers arrived.

"We had this sort of futon thing on the floor, and we were lying there, and suddenly we heard noise outside and then somebody calling out and then the breaking of glass and then up the stairs came these SAS gents," he said.

"It's unbelievable because it was so sudden and first of all, because they were British, they wanted to know if 'Mr Kember' was there, and I said, 'Yes' and then they said, because I was the person at that stage chained to the door, 'This is a bolt-cutter job,' so they went down and cut the padlock and released me."

Mr Kember said he "continues to thank" his rescuers.

"They were brave. I disagree with their profession, but it is ironic isn't it - you go as a peace activist and you are rescued by the SAS, which is perhaps the most violent of all the British forces.

"Anyway I am grateful to them. I met one of them by chance on the way out of Baghdad and he was quite happy to chat to me and I was happy to chat to him."

We are glad you are safe too Mr. Kember.

Norman Kember Acrchive here.

The Jawa Report's Hostage Archive Here.

Don't forget hostage Jeffrey Ake and many others are still missing.

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Taliban Gets Good Old Fashion A$$ Kicking

In fact 41 Taliban butts were terminated. They had gathered in preparation for an attack. Coalition forces took advantage of the fact they were all on one place made the first move. They of course tried to run but not before we got 41 of em. Now that’s a swift kick in the hindquarters if I ever saw one.

AP via Yahoo News : "Acting on intelligence reports that Taliban have gathered in Sangisar to plan an attack in Kandahar, we launched this operation Friday and the fighting continued from morning to evening," he said.

Khalid said security forces were pursuing Taliban fighters who fled to a nearby village. He said security forces had seen the bodies of 41 rebels but had only retrieved 11.

AH-64 Apache helicopters provided by coalition forces fired rockets to support Afghan forces on the ground, said U.S. military spokesman Lt. Mike Cody. He declined to comment on casualty figures.

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Seixon Finds Evidence of “Hydrogen Cover Story”

Not only that but he also points out that Iraq had imported 17 larger “hydrogen generators” with a much higher capacity. Being a red neck I see people but one thing to scavenge parts for another thing all the time. After Clinton’s article and now this it’s fairly clear that whatever Iraq was doing they weren’t too keen on sharing information. I have a few quotes (one from each section) below but I suggest you go read the entire post as it’s very detailed.

SEIXON : Thought I would pass along the news that Iraq imported over a dozen hydrogen generators right up until the Iraq war that had twice the production rate of the supposed hydrogen carriages.

The ISG bought into the hydrogen production story mostly due to documents provided by the Director General of the Al Kindi State Company. On 4 June 2003, a week after the CIA and DIA published their report claiming the trailers to be BW facilities, he sent a dossier of 12 documents to the American Authority in Mosul. One listed the 10 people who had worked on the trailers and other supporting documents that seemed to show a contract from the Republican Guard to produce the vehicles.

With these facts, which have most likely never been revealed until now, it would seem that Dr. David Kay may have been more right than wrong in suggesting the notion of hydrogen production to have been a rather silly one.....(continued in extended entry)

........Why would the Iraqis go to so much trouble to fabricate large, inefficient, road-bound hydrogen generators when they already had access to and could order smaller, efficient, portable systems? In fact, the Iraqis were importing and ordering hydrogen generators far more suitable for their needs while building the trailers. The preponderance of evidence suggests that the Iraqis had no reason to create these systems to produce hydrogen, and evaded UN inspection of these vehicles, with a cover story on the shelf in case they were ever found.
In the next section he addresses what purposes these lab could be used for multi-purpose is a good term.
Are the trailers capable of producing hydrogen? Sure, without a doubt. Were they “built exclusively” for that purpose? This is yet another example of a dual-use setup, or in fact, possibly a multi-use setup. A plausible usage is established, while an ulterior one is the reality. What couldn’t Iraq import? What would they want to keep hidden from inspections? What would they use so much effort to create? Just as a nuclear program can be used for both power and nuclear weapons, it is obvious that hydrogen is not the only substance this system can produce. The key to the mystery may be the facility where they were produced: the Al Kindi Research, Testing, Development and Engineering Facility.
What is Al Kindi
Curiously absent from the Duelfer report assessment of the trailers is any mention of what the Al Kindi facility actually is – which eerily haunts the rest of the omissions from the report. The facility is Iraq’s largest missile development site, home of the infamous Al Samoud 2 missiles that Saddam fought to keep, but eventually agreed to destroy. Why was a missile development site producing hydrogen generators for weather balloons? Weren’t there more important things to do in the run-up to the looming possibility of war?
Makes you go hmmm doesn't it? What is clear is that Saddam was intentionally trying to keep banned programs secret and deceive the UN. It was never about just what Iraq did or didn't have it was about Iraq's non-cooperation and thwarting of the security council that made it subject to further action.
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This One is Truly Unhinged

The Washington Post profiles one of the folks who bring us those shrieking lefty emo blogs:

She smokes a cigarette. Should it be about Bush, whom she considers "malevolent," a "sociopath" and "the Antichrist"? She smokes another cigarette. Should it be about Vice President Cheney, whom she thinks of as "Satan," or about Karl Rove, "the devil"? Should it be about the "evil" Republican Party, or the "weaselly, capitulating, self-aggrandizing, self-serving" Democrats, or the Catholic Church, for which she says "I have a special place in my heart . . . a burning, sizzling, putrescent place where the guilty suffer the tortures of the damned"?
Unfortunately for America, the Democratic party is pandering to loons just like Maryscott O'Connor, who writes for DailyKos (of course) and her own blog, My Left Wing.


Also unfortunately, writer David Finkel can't resist shading the truth (this is, after all, the Washington Post):

Not that long ago, it was the right that was angry and the left that was, at least comparatively, polite. But after years of being the targets of inflammatory rhetoric, not only from fringe groups but also from such mainstream conservative politicians as Newt Gingrich, the left has gone on the attack.
Translation: now that the liberal mainstream media deathgrip on "the truth" has been loosened by talk radio, Fox News, and the right lobe of the blogosphere, liberals find that they can't handle the truth.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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April 14, 2006

"The Man" is Keeping Rusty Down

Stupid "the man" is always keeping me down. Can you believe these fascists around here want me to "work"? Anyway, I'll be back a week from Monday.

A reminder to any Chicagoland area bloggers that I'll be in the area. It looks like a few of us are going to get together next week if you're game.

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Surely Not

I’m speechless. At the risk of making people feel unsafe I recommend people read the Dune series if you wonder what human culture could devolve into if Islamic ideals alone shape our future.

Allied Defense Fund :COLUMBUS, Ohio — Officials at the Ohio State University are investigating an OSU Mansfield librarian for “sexual harassment” after he recommended four conservative books for a freshman reading program. ADF has demanded that OSU cease its frivolous investigation, yet the university is pressing forward, claiming that it takes the charges “seriously.”

“Universities are one of the most hostile places for Christians and conservatives in America,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel David French, who heads ADF’s Center for Academic Freedom. “It is shameful that OSU would investigate a Christian librarian for simply recommending books that are at odds with the prevailing politics of the university.”

Ace of Spades HQ adds
Given the fact that these charges come from adult f*&!ing women claiming to feel "unsafe" based on book recommendations, I retract all skepticism. This is unbelievable.
Eugene Volokh reports that these women were upset that one of the books, “The marketing of Evil” may be anti-gay. I suspect these women may be “Bad Gay”.

Related : Liberal Professor Destroys Pro Life Display Via Michelle Malkin.

Northern Kentucky University professor Sally Jacobsen tears the "Cemetery of Innocents" sign on Wednesday evening.
Sheesh these “tolerant” liberals aren’t very tolerant of others opinions and hard work. What's the word for that oh yeah hypocrit. And yes I would file charges too if all my hard work was ripped up. She won’t need the abortion she is fighting for because well look at her. Going to be tough to get some man to…….never mind, it’s Good Friday.

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Iran says Israel headed for “Annihilation”

More of the Same from Iran.

Yahoo News :President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel a "permanent threat" to the Middle East that will "soon" be liberated. He also appeared to again question whether the Holocaust really happened.

"Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation," Ahmadinejad said at the opening of a conference in support of the Palestinians. "The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm."

Also see California Conservative and Riehlworldview.

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Abu Muscab al-Zarqawi Flees From Iraq

Ok so if he really left I need a new name for him. Since he will be trying to hook up with other terror groups now that he is unemployed I like Muscab (short for mucous scab).

Washington Times : Al Qaeda in Iraq and its presumed leader, Abu Musab Zarqawi, have conceded strategic defeat and are on their way out of the country, a top U.S. military official contended yesterday.

The group's failure to disrupt national elections and a constitutional referendum last year "was a tactical admission by Zarqawi that their strategy had failed," said Lt. Gen. John R. Vines, who commands the XVIII Airborne Corps.

"They no longer view Iraq as fertile ground to establish a caliphate and as a place to conduct international terrorism," he said in an address at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Gen. Vines' statement came as news broke that coalition and Iraqi forces had killed an associate of Osama bin Laden's during an early morning raid near Abu Ghraib about two weeks ago.

Rafid Ibrahim Fattah aka Abu Umar al Kurdi served as a liaison between terrorist networks and was linked to Taliban members in Afghanistan, Pakistani-based extremists and other senior al Qaeda leaders

Gen. Vines said the foreign terrorists had made a strategic mistake when they tried to intimidate and deny Iraqis a way to vote.

"I believe Zarqawi discredited himself with the Iraqi people because of his willingness to slaughter Iraqi people," he said.

If this is true now is the time for the Sunni insurgency to call a cease fire and come to the table. Hey we Republicans may have to and have had to face loosing our majority. So have the Democrats. Get used to it. It does not mean you have lost all your power you just have to work a bit harder. In many respects is easier because you can cast blame when things don’t go well. If the new kinder gentler insurgency really cares about Iraq and the Iraqi people you will start working for a peaceful future now. Iraq has suffered enough! If Saddam or maybe this man has any honor or any concern for the people of Iraq they will call for a stop to the violence now. I doubt they will and if so that just shows how little they care. Are Arabs willing to be less honorable and smart than the Kurds? We’ll see.

Hat Tip: Carlos.

Chad Evans Smells a rat on this one.

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Clinton W. Taylor Talks Trash

I say, I say trailer trash that is. What is an uneducated hillbilly like me doing linking a Yale grad? Is that not unusual, for the classes to mix like that? Well not when you have as much class as Clinton does. Plus I’m a reading addict and he provides just the fix for that.

Clinton W Taylor Via The Spectator : Flash back to February 5, 2003, when Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the U.N. General Assembly about Iraq's WMD program. He played audio of an intercepted phone call between an Iraqi Brigadier General and a Colonel, dated November 26, 2002, and showed slides of their transcribed conversation:
COL: About this committee that is coming...
GEN: Yeah, yeah...
COL: ...with Mohamed El Baradei [Director, International Atomic Energy Agency]
GEN: Yeah, yeah.
COL: Yeah.
GEN: Yeah?
COL: We have this modified vehicle.
GEN: Yeah.
COL: What do we say if one of them sees it?
GEN: You didn't get a modified...You don't have a modified...
COL: By God, I have one.
GEN: Which? From the workshop...?
COL: From the al-Kindi Company
GEN: What?
COL: From al-Kindi.
GEN: Yeah, yeah. I'll come to you in the morning. I have some comments. I'm worried you all have something left.
COL: We evacuated everything. We don't have anything left.
GEN: I will come to you tomorrow.
COL: Okay.
That sure got the General's attention, didn't it? There was something about the mention of a "modified vehicle" from the "al-Kindi Company" that made him want to visit this colonel's site, wherever it was, "in the morning." That would be November 27, the first day that IAEA and UNSCOM inspections resumed. And on the very first day of the inspections, this general was rushing out to tend to this particular vehicle.

Probably because of those darned hydrogen generators. Yeah? Yeah.

Plus my master, The Macktastic Rusty Wicked says, “Link him Howie or else!”

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Egypt & CNNjazeera Ivoke Moussoui Defense

Reading this CNN story you get the idea that anyone who runs around stabbing Coptic Christians is just nuts.

CNN : A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press, characterized the men as "insane" and said they were carrying tranquilizing medication.

One worshipper, Nushi Atta Girgis, 78, was killed, according to the semiofficial Middle East News Agency.

Father Augustinos, who heads a different Mar Girgis Church, said the attacks occurred just after Mass began at 9 a.m. (0700 GMT).

"They could be Islamic activists. They consider this as jihad," he said of the attackers, who broke through regularly stationed security barriers and police to enter the churches.

So now go read this same event as reported in Britain
Times Online UK :"The attacker stormed the church armed with a knife and shouted ’There is no God but Allah’ and ’Allah is the greatest’ before stabbing the worshippers," one of the Marie Girgis church employees told an AFP reporter at the scene.

"We closed the doors of the church as soon as he started attacking the worshippers and we fought back with sticks but he tried to flee through one of the church’s underground passages."

Father Augustinos, who heads a different Mari Girgis Church, said the attacks occurred just after Mass began at 9am (0700 GMT). "They could be Islamic activists. They consider this as jihad," he said of the attackers, who broke through regularly stationed security barriers and police to enter the churches.

The attack comes on what is Good Friday to many of the world’s Christians. However, Egypt’s Coptic Christians and other followers of the Greek Orthodox church commemorate the holiday a week later.

But Abdullah Osman, an official with the ruling National Democratic Party, questioned the sanity of the attackers.

Well I question the sanity of the act too but it seems there is quite a bit of contagious insanity in the Middle East. So either Arabs are the most insane people on earth or there is some other factor. Seems to me that shouting, “There is no God but Allah!” right before you attack innocents could indicate there may be some Islamic angle to this. But that’s just me.

By Howie at 10:10 AM | Comments |


Could it be possible that the same personality traits that lead you to become a facist dictator can be easily detected by visual observation? Several Jawa Report regulars think so. Click the link for more finger pointing fascists.

Hat Tip : Improbulus Maximus and Oyster.

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Good Friday

Saw a news story this week where they interviewed children and asked them the meaning of Good Friday and Easter. The kid's didn't do very well. I'm not sure why, embarrasment, ignorance or both I suppose. Not the kids fault is it?

Bible Gateway book of John : 23Then the soldiers, when they had crucified Jesus, took his garments, and made four parts, to every soldier a part; and also his coat: now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout.

24They said therefore among themselves, Let us not rend it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be: that the scripture might be fulfilled, which saith, They parted my raiment among them, and for my vesture they did cast lots. These things therefore the soldiers did.

25Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.

26When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!

27Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home.

28After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.

29Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth.

30When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.

31The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day, (for that sabbath day was an high day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.

32Then came the soldiers, and brake the legs of the first, and of the other which was crucified with him.

33But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs:

34But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

35And he that saw it bare record, and his record is true: and he knoweth that he saith true, that ye might believe.

36For these things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of him shall not be broken.

37And again another scripture saith, They shall look on him whom they pierced.

Bible gateway has added new translations including Arabic. Hint, hint.

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April 13, 2006

The Right and the Duty to Insult

Don’t make me go back and find where I’m getting this from, because I think it was a lot of places, but it may have been nowhere. It’s possible I am setting fire to a straw man completely of my own imagination here. But maybe this is worth saying anyway:

During the cartoon jihad, and now again with the South Park/Cowardly Central chickenout, there’s been a lot of discussion of the need to exercise our rights. One of the justifications for printing the offensive material is that if we don’t exercise these particular free speech rights, we’ll lose them.

Let me speak freely here: that’s crap. I’ll grant, of course, that South Park or the Danish Cartoonists have the right to print and say what they like about whatever or whoever they like, even if it is offensive, without retaliation from private or public actors. But the tenor of the discussion as I am hearing it implies not only a right, but an obligation to insult things, in order to preserve the right to do so.

I have two problems with that. The first is that it confuses rights with customs. Customs don’t necessarily give rise to rights. In fact, customs and traditions can infringe on rights (see, e.g. religion v. free speech, or slavery v. self-ownership). We don’t enumerate our rights and make them a law because everyone agrees on them or because it’s a widespread custom. We codify and delineate rights because they are potentially controversial, awkward, or inconvenient. The fundamental ones, like those in the Bill of Rights, don’t go away just because customs change. The right to bear arms, although often regulated (and often illegally), endures even in places where guns aren’t popular. And even when rights are violated regularly, it doesn’t mean they no longer exist. (One exception to this is international law, which depends heavily on the practice of nations. Another is trademark law, which must be enforced and challenged against adverse use for the right to be recognized.)

But in everything else, rights and customs are independent of each other. Therefore it’s not necessary to preserve a right to insult by establishing a custom of insulting people. It might make it more widely accepted (which I’m not sure we want), but the right to insult Scientology or Islam or Presbyterianism won’t vanish just because it isn’t done for a few years. Like an unused muscle, it may be a little sore when you exercise it again, but it is always a right.

On the other hand, insulting things just for the sake of insulting them is pernicious. It’s uncivil. It’s not a good small-r republican virtue. It’s my obligation to exercise my rights responsibly, sensibly, and respectfully, and I don’t see any reason to insult or ridicule other people’s deeply held beliefs for no other reason than that they are deeply held.

(Yes, there’s a “but” coming up. Don’t worry.)

That right’s written down, so I don’t have to worry about exercising it when I don’t need to use it. I don’t carry a gun around out of some fear that if I don’t, the right to do so will vanish. I’m free to own or carry a gun or not as I feel it’s prudent (and legal) to do so. If I don’t vote in this election, I don’t lose the right to vote. If I don’t go to church, I don’t fear that I will lose my freedom of religion. Same with the freedom to ridicule.

If you really believe that your free speech rights will vanish if you don’t regularly offend others, then how often do you deliberately offend your own mother? You should call up your mom right now, and say, “Mom, you skanky old hose-bag, f— you!” Then explain you just did it in order to preserve your right to offend. Repeat with everyone you know, just to remind them that you have the right to do so.

Which is my second problem with this concept of the mysterious, vanishing right to be offensive: what an ugly, paranoid, tedious world that would be if we really believed our rights were so fragile and tenuous that they vanished without constant use.

No, I think the right to insult, ridicule, and parody is like any other right: it ought to be used responsibly. There’s a reason you have a right to say unpopular things, just like there’s a reason you have a right to own a gun. Both are occasionally necessary for defense of yourself and of the Republic. But you have an obligation to use them wisely. In the case of offensive speech, it ought to be reserved for the things which really deserve your contempt.

I’m using the word ought because this obligation is governed not by force but by conscience. It’s up to you to use this right in good faith, and judiciously. If everything is equally laughable to you, it shows you have no judgment. Insulting others just because you can get away with it is pretty contemptible in itself, as is ridicule against the weak and the well-meaning. I believe someone who is worth taking seriously is very careful about what he laughs at.

Which brings us back to South Park. One of the most dangerous ideas in the world right now is Islamic exceptionalism. The pernicious notion that Islam is a force above and beyond all human law–and above all human rights–drives terrorism, empowers fascist movements, and immiserates a huge swath of the world. What insufferable airs. What an indefensible pretense. What a ridiculous pose.

What a laugh. Its consequences are tragedy and atrocity, but radical Islam’s source is a farce.

The same is true, to a much lesser degree, with Scientology, which hasn’t killed anyone but still regards itself with all the touchy, priggish self-importance of a bunch of new-age Ayatollahs. What a bunch of censorious ninnies. Get over yourselves.

If ever there were creeds that needed taking down a notch, these are the ones. Good for South Park for laughing at them. I don’t like South Park because they are indiscriminate with their scorn and insult things for the sake of being insulting, but they sure got this one right. And jeers to Comedy Central for shutting them down. Not only does Comedy Central scorn the things that don’t deserve it, but unlike South Park, they turn away from insulting the things that really do deserve it. As a civic institution, they’re a complete failure, and they’ve misused this important freedom we are fighting to defend.


(cross-posted at Patterico's Pontifications.)

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MSM's South Park Hypocrisy

The story of the censored South Park episode has hit the mainstream media, after, of course, being exposed on blogs first (See Howie's post below). Wednesday's episode was supposed to contain a scene of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, in reference to the famous Danish Mohammed cartoons that caused Islamic zealots to indulge in rioting, arson, and murder throughout the Islamic world.

From ABC News:

By DAVID BAUDER AP Television Writer NEW YORK Apr 13, 2006 (AP)— Banned by Comedy Central from showing an image of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, the creators of "South Park" skewered their own network for hypocrisy in the cartoon's most recent episode.

The comedy in an episode aired during Holy Week for Christians instead featured an image of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag.

In an elaborately constructed two-part episode of their Peabody Award-winning cartoon, "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker intended to comment on the controversy created by a Danish newspaper's publishing of caricatures of Muhammad. Muslims consider any physical representation of their prophet to be blasphemous.

The mainstream could hardly ignore the South Park scandal after creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone went public to confirm that they were, indeed, censored by Comedy Central. But the Associated Press account published by ABC goes on to say this:
When the cartoons were reprinted in newspapers worldwide in January and February, it sparked a wave of protests primarily in Islamic countries.
Now I'm calling shenanigans. It's inaccurate to say that the Mohammed cartoons were published "worldwide", unless "worldwide" has been redefined to exclude the United States. Even a French magazine ran them (though the editor was later fired by the mag's Egyptian owner). So the American mainstream press is more cowardly than the French. Now there's an accomplishment.

And it's hard to blame Comedy Central for refusing to run the Mohammed scenes when virtually every mainstream media outlet in America has been too gutless to show the Danish cartoons. Now it's come down to two goofy cartoonists defending the US Constitution from the barbarians while the Fourth Estate quivers in fear. I'm sure Edward R. Murrow is pleased.


Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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Your Turn To Make My Day Now

In another display of the Jihadi mindset, Zacarias said he expects he will be send back to Britain by the US before his term is up. Well, yes, you will be sent back. In a pine box! Now that will make my day.

CNN : Confessed al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui said it made his day to hear accounts of Americans' suffering from the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Moussaoui also said on cross-examination that he is convinced President Bush will free him before the end of his term and that he will return to London.
Prosecutor Rob Spencer tried several times to get Moussaoui to say he didn't really believe that, but Moussaoui was insistent.

"I haven't doubted it for one single second," said Moussaoui, adding that the vision came to him in a dream just like his dream of flying a plane into the White House.

Dream on Alice
:Offering a lengthy explanation of why he hates Americans, Moussaoui criticized the United States' support for Israel. He said Muslims have been at war with Christians and Jews for centuries. Israel, he said, is "just a missing star in the American flag."

Moussaoui told jurors that Islam requires Muslims to be the world's superpower as he flipped through a copy of the Koran searching for verses to support his assertions. One he cited requires non-Muslim nations to pay a tribute to Muslim countries.

"We have to be the superpower. You have to be subdued. We have to be above you," Moussaoui said. "Because Americans, you are the superpower, you want to eradicate us."

Sounds crazy to western ears doesn’t it? But no this man is sane. Faith is not a sign of insanity. Moussaoui is simply repeating the dogma of al-Qaeda. They believe that we are lesser beings, not human, and must be subdued. This is the doctrine of hate that al-Qaeda preaches. Of course no matter how many times western ears hear it they just can’t quite digest it. No it’s not crazy, it’s real.
VOA News : Rosemary Dillard's husband Eddie was aboard the plane that smashed into the Pentagon on September 11. She has been watching Moussaoui in court.

"Witnesses would be up there pouring out their hearts and he is sitting there smirking," she said. "I mean, to have no concept of a what a life is worth, I just can't imagine a person being that way."

Also the bastard wants us to suffer more and has no regrets.
NEWSONE : Moussaoui said he had "no regret, no remorse" about the 9/11 attacks. Asked by prosecutor Rob Spencer if he would like to see it happen again, Moussaoui responded: "Every day until we get you."
I’m counting the days until we get you Mr. Moussaoui. My only regret, the method of your execution will be far more humane than you afforded our people. Daisy Red Rider firing squad until dead might make me happy. It would take a while, but it should because you deserve it.

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Comedy Central Censors South Park

Michelle Malkin has the story. She includes a clip of the censorship as well as this link for feedback to Comedy Central. And Michelle has open comments on this post so go go and express your dismay.

Ok let me get this strait, Muhammad handing Peter a helmet = offensive enough to censor.

Jesus and Friends Crapping on George W Bush = not that bad.

Is the world a F*^&ed up place or what?

Others Volokh Conspiracy and In the Bullpen.

Add this Image from Republicanjen. Hat Tip: Dr. Rusty Shackleford.

I'm sooooo pissed off too!!

Related : The Jawa Report South Park Muhammed Cartoon Episode.

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Operation Big Mean Ass Kitty

Er uh, I mean Mountain Lion. I know a lady who had several big cats and the cool thing is cougars purr, they really are a great big mean ass kitty. Actually they were very sweet and wanted to play with you. Play with you to death that is.

DEFENSELINK : This operation is helping the government of Afghanistan set the security conditions so democratic processes can take root," said Air Force Maj. Gen. Allen Peck, deputy air component commander for Combined Forces Command Afghanistan. "Our job is to bring airpower to bear on the anti-Afghan forces and support the coalition troops on the ground."

Operations today began with predawn air-and-ground assaults in the Pech River Valley, an area notorious for terrorist activity, Combined Force Command Afghanistan officials said.

Soldiers from 3rd Brigade of the Afghan National Army's 203rd Corps are fighting alongside servicemembers from the coalition's Task Force Spartan, made up of soldiers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division and 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment Marines from Task Force Lava.
More than 2,500 Afghan National Army and coalition forces are involved in the operation.

"We're taking the fight to the terrorists in their own backyard," said Army Command Sgt. Maj. James Redmore of Task Force Spartan. "They gave their victims no sanctuary. They'll receive none from us."

Amen, give em hell boys.

Also See Bill at The Fourth Rail.

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Poll Shows US Perception of Islam Lower than Bush

Hey now that takes some doing! But just above Scientology? So I reckon Tom Cruise is a bit nutty but I really thought he might rate as less nutty than say terrorists.

(CBSNEWS) : Although Americans believe they are better informed about Islam than they were five years ago, a new CBS News poll finds fewer than one in five say their impression of the religion is favorable.

Forty-five percent of respondents queried April 6 - 9 said they have an unfavorable view of Islam, a rise from 36 percent in February. And the public’s impression of Islam has diminished even more compared with four years ago. In February 2002 – less than six months after the terrorist attacks of September 11 – the country was evenly divided in its impression of Islam.

When compared with some other religions practiced in America, positive views of Islam rank below those for mainstream Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism, and Christian fundamentalist faiths. Only Scientology, of all the religions asked about, ranked lower.

Also see Hyscience, USS Neverdock, Transterrestrial. I liked Danny Carlton of the Jack Lewis blog snarky statement best.
Boy, aren't you glad they did that poll! Because I would never have guessed that blowing up innocent women and children and sawing off the heads of innocent civilians on the internet could make you unpopular. That's such a handy thing to remember, isn't it. I'll have to make sure I make a note of that somewhere so I don't forget.
Good idea things like that tend to slip the mind some days. Right along with WTF are my keys.

By Howie at 09:37 AM | Comments |

US Embassy Bombing Terrorist Dead

Still they have to scrape up enough of him to make a positive ID.

ABCNEWS :Multiple intelligence sources in Pakistan confirmed to ABC News that they believed Abu Mohsin Musa, also known as Abdul Rahman, had died in the overnight raid.

Rahman was one of the FBI's most wanted men with a $5 million bounty on his head. He was indicted in absentia in a New York court for his alleged involvement in the bombings of the United States embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and Nairobi, Kenya, on Aug. 7, 1998.

Seems to me the thing to do would be after the attack you should secure the area with troops to stop the locals from carrying off the dead but that's just me. More here from Reuters
A Pakistani TV channel reported that an al Qaeda operative, wanted for the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa, was killed, but officials said there was no confirmation.

Cobra helicopter gunships armed with missiles struck just before midnight on Wednesday in Nagar village, six km (four miles) south of Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan.

Neither Ahmed nor Pakistan's chief military spokesman, Major-General Shaukat Sultan, could confirm whether it was the same man, but a senior military official based in Peshawar said it was likely.

We received a tip that Abdur Rehman al-Misri was hiding there and we conducted the raid. But there is no confirmation as yet about whether he was killed or not," Ahmed said

"There is a strong possibility of him being one of those killed in action last night. But we have no confirmation of that as yet," the official said. "He used to frequent that place."

Atwah allegedly sat on the al Qaeda consultation council that approved the synchronized attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam that killed 224 people.

So is he dead? We sure as hell hope so.

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New Zawahiri Video

Zawahiri says he just loves beheading terrorist bad gay boy Abu Musab Al-Zaqueery.

BBC : He describes Zarqawi, a Jordanian and the leading Jihadi militant in Iraq, as his "beloved brother" and calls on Muslims to support him. "I have lived with him up close and have seen nothing but good from him," Zawahiri says in the video.
Hat Tip: Chad Evans who adds...
Chad Evans at In The Bullpen : What’s almost humorous is that Zawahiri sticks to the idea that nations want to negotiate with Al Qaida and put them on what we would see as a level playing field. In fact some people have advocated opening up negotiations with Zawahiri or Osama bin Laden in order to effectively move on. Even OBL has offered a truce to the West, though in reality OBL doesn’t want a truce of any kind unless it involves the full submission of the West to Islam, but Zawahiri makes it clear Al Qaida would never abide by such a truce.
I reckon Chad is right as rain on that one.

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Build a Fence $#$%*&*!!!!

If you thought Howie was a bit slow this AM it’s because well I am. We had a horse on the road last night. My neighbor too cheap to build a decent fence and for some reason traffic always stops at my place. She did bring me donuts once for herding (saving from certain splatter) her horses once. Next time I’m charging her a C note otherwise why would they build it when they have a free shepherd right next door.

More Dopery From The Washington Post Via Ace :

Learn to imitate Richard Burton and you can “Get More”.

Dean Esmay has the shocking truth that Iran is he leader of Islamic terror..

NASA owes Chuck bit time. Hey now that is tough! Must be that ultimate workout doohickey he is selling.

Politically correct BS of the day.

BBC : European governments should shun the phrase "Islamic terrorism" in favour of "terrorists who abusively invoke Islam", say guidelines from EU officials.
Online Jihadi dos and don’ts via Interested Participant.
Recent Internet postings by terrorist groups indicate a heightened concern about security and privacy. Apparently, not all terrorists are communicating in a manner to avoid detection and surveillance.

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You're Out of Order, Sergeant

It's not often that I find anything to praise in the Washington Post, but today I give them kudos for running this piece by the executive director of Vets for Freedom.

Democratic representatives Jim Moran of Virginia and John Murtha from Pennsylvania organized a purported "townhall meeting", which was in reality a cheerleading session for anti-war activists, including Code Pink and MoveOn.org, who helped organize the event.

During the question and answer session a wounded veteran got up and violated the agenda:

"If I didn't have a herniated disc, I would volunteer to go to Iraq in a second with my troops," said Mark Seavey, a former Army sergeant who had recently returned from Afghanistan. "I know you keep saying how you have talked to the troops and the troops are demoralized, and I really resent that characterization. The morale of the troops I talk to is phenomenal, which is why my troops are volunteering to go back despite the hardships. . . ."

"And, Congressman Moran, 200 of your constituents just arrived back from Afghanistan -- we never got a letter, we never got a visit from you, you didn't come to our homecoming. The only thing we got was a letter from the governor of this state thanking us for our service in Iraq, when we were in Afghanistan. That's reprehensible. I don't know who you two are talking to, but the morale of the troops is very high."

Representative Moran, apparently channeling Alex Trebeck told him that his statement wasn't in the form of a question.

Read the whole thing here.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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April 12, 2006

Police Detective's Death Attributed to 9/11 Dust Cloud

From the Associated Press:

A coroner's report released Tuesday found James Zadroga's death after developing respiratory disease was "directly related" to the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Zadroga, of Little Egg Harbor, N.J., died Jan. 5.

Researchers say it will take decades to determine which illnesses and deaths among ground zero workers were caused by their exposure to the asbestos-laden dust cloud.

Unfortunately, a few politicians took the opportunity of Zadroga's autopsy results to posture and shill for votes:

Reps. Carolyn Maloney, D-Manhattan, Vito Fossella, R-Staten Island, and Christopher Shays, R-Conn., say the report should prompt more action from the federal government in screening and treating sick ground zero workers.

"It is truly sad," Maloney said in a statement, "that four and a half years after 9/11 the federal government still does not have a comprehensive plan to treat those who are suffering."

Detective Zadroga retired on disability in late 2004; the progression of his pulmonary problems was evidently swift and brutal. I'm not sure what federal involvement could have done to prevent his death, but I wouldn't wish having to deal with the Department of Labor on anybody.

The AP story says that a class action lawsuit has been filed, but doesn't mention the cause of action, or who the defendants are. One hopes that they have Saudi Arabia addresses.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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A.P. Stringer Bilal Hussein Said to be in U.S. Custody

bilal_hussein_ap_stringer_terrorist_embed.jpgMichelle Malkin has the scoop that AP stringer Bilal Hussein has been detained by U.S. troops in Ramadi. Yes, that Bilal Hussein. The same Bilal Hussein that we opened a dead pool on in November of 2004. You know the guy.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That maybe the recent footage out of Ramadi shown on CNN was taken by a certain AP stringer who just happnes to know when the terrorists are about to strike?

Bilal Hussein seems to be the Clark Kent or Peter Parker of Iraq.....only the alter ego I'm thinking of doesn't wear a cape, but a kafiyah.

And it turns out Bilal Hussein is even worse than I thought. Michelle found out that it was Bilal Hussein that took the photo of two terrorists standing over the body of murdered hostage Salvatore Santoro in December 2004. Just to remind you, Santoro was an Italian civilian working for a British NGO trying to help rebuild Iraq. A group calling itself The Islamic Movement of Iraqi Mujahidin took Bilal Hussein to the body of the murdered hostage just outside of....wait for it.....Ramadi---where Hussein was picked up today!

It's just too bad that American soldiers aren't 1/10th as murderous as Bilal Hussein has made them out to be in the past. If they were, Hussein would be dead.

Just read all of Michelle's post from start to finish.

And the next time you meet a soldier in a bar or restaurant, do us all a favor and pick up the tab.

Complete Bilal Hussein Archives Here

Bilal Hussein and the Continuing Saga of Insurgent Propaganda via the Media
When Journalilsts are the Enemy
The Pulitzer and Terrorist Embeds
Pulitzer Prize Given to Terrorists
Editor and Publisher Apologizes for Terrorist Embeds *shock*
Bilal Hussein dead pool.
Bilal Hussein, still anti-American

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Scientists Smell Cow Manure

(Hays, Kansas) Researchers at Fort Hays State University are studying cow manure to determine what makes it stink. To determine the cause of the odor, Professor Ed Olmstead, cattle scientist John Jaeger and two students plan to sample manure deposits at a variety of feedlots and analyze the constituents.

It's believed that specific unpleasant elements can be identified and possibly eliminated to make cow flop smell as enjoyable as Irish Spring. Notably, Jaeger said it might be something in what the cows eat. I'm not a scientist, but I think Jaeger may be on to something.

Presumably, the researchers will incorporate results from studies of animals known not to produce foul smells. For example, the in-depth statistical data derived by mainstream media analyses of people who produce no foul-smelling effluent could be most beneficial. Consequently, a close examination of the manure from Cindy Sheehan and Hillary Clinton could likely yield important results. The consensus of the media is that their stuff doesn't stink.

From Interested-Participant.

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Another Fake Ramadi Offensive

Last December we debunked a terrorist produced video claiming to show that al Qaeda controlled the streets of Ramadi. Today, Bill Rogio debunks another 'major' offensive in Ramadi over the weekend.

It's interesting how a 'major' offensive can be carried out by the exact number of terrorists that can fit into a Toyota Corolla. It's also interesting to note the similarities between the video produced by a CNN 'stringer' (linked by Bill) and the video I have produced by a 'stringer' for the Islamic Media Center from which the image shown below was captured.

For your enjoyment, here is an image from our earlier debunking:

Thanks to Michelle for the link to my post and for bringing Bill's discovery to my attention. I didn't think I was going to have time to post anything else today-- and I really dont-- but I couldn't resist.

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The Windy City

I'll be in Chicago next Wed - Sat on business, if any one wants to hang out. Please e-mail me directly at contact information above.

I'll be kind of busy until I get back. From today til Saturday I have to put the finishing touches on a presentation. Then Easter. Then I have family in town til I leave. So, I'll be pretty much swamped until then.

Reminder: I'll be in London in mid-May if there are any Brits who want to hang out then.

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Gorgeous Pamela Rogers Violates Probation

(McMinnville, Tennessee) In February, Pamela Rogers (Turner) was released on probation from jail after serving nine months of an eight-year sentence for a conviction of sex with a 13-year-old student. Yesterday, Pamela Rogers (pic) was arrested for violating the terms of her probation.

From WBIR.com:

Authorities say Pamela Rogers Turner may have committed as many as seven violations of terms of her probation. She had served six months in jail and was released February 26th. But terms of her conviction included an eight-year sentence and the prosecutor says his office might ask that Turner be sent to prison for the balance of it.

Terms include registering as a sex offender, performing community service, having no contact with the boy's family and not using the Internet.

Contrary to the court's orders, 28-year-old Rogers has been using the Internet to communicate with her victim's sister. In my opinion, Pamela needs a leash. She currently resides in the Warren County Jail.

from Interested-Participant.

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Turkish vs. Iraqi Kurdistan

I've just been absolutely enthralled by Mike Totten's travelogue describing his journey to Kurdistan through Turkey. Today's post is the best one:

The whole thing was just weird. I don’t quite know how to convey how surreal it is to leave a country that maybe, just maybe, might join the European Union and enter a country that is a poster-child for wrenching war-torn catastrophe and have everything around me dramatically improve all at once. But that's how it goes these days when you cross into Iraq from Turkey. Even though Sean had never been there before, he, like me, breathed a sigh of relief at our arrival in a tranquil place at peace with itself.
I understand that there may be some good reasons for not supporting Kurdish independence, but each time I read about Kurdistan those reasons seem to ring a little more hollow.

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Are You Inadvertently Offensive?

Tiger used the "S" Word
No, not that one, though golfing phenom Tiger Woods has managed to get some ripe language on the air following wayward shots, this time Tiger offended through insensitivity.

Tiger called himself a "spaz" for his poor putting at the Masters Tournament. Damon Rose of the BBC (via the Drudge Report) discusses Tiger's offense against the sensibilities of sensitive people who are constantly offended.

Tiger has made his bed, and now must lie in it, but what can we do, as sensitive, thoughtful people, to be sure that we don't offend other sensitive, thoughtful people, even inadvertently?

Well for a start, I've prepared a guide explaining why some words are inherently offensive:

"some" - this word is offensive to pacifists because of its colloquial use by military personnel as a belligerent invitation to their enemies to be killed - "Get some".

"words" - the root of the problem. It's offensive to sensitive people to invoke the hurtful feelings that "words" can cause.

"are" - the present participle of the verb "to be" is deeply offensive to advocates of euthanasia and assisted suicide. Shakespeare started it with his infamous "to be or not to be" slur.

"inherently" - this word is a tool of elitists and oligarchs everywhere. It boldly states that some characteristics are fixed at birth, implying that right-thinking, sensitive individuals cannot rise above their "station" or "class".

"offensive" - calling someone or something "offensive" is an open attack, and hideously offensive to sensitive individuals.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto.

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Oh the Irony

After seeing this photo while reading Michelle Malkin’s blog the other day I just could not help but giggle a bit today when I read this.

Clarification: Right now, unlawful entry is a civil violation -- technically not a crime; a majority of House Republicans wanted to elevate the violation to a misdemeanor; but Democrats proposed making it a felony -- to undermine the entire bill by making it appear too harsh, according its sponsor, Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.).

(CNSNews.com) - House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) issued a joint statement on Tuesday making it clear that it was Democrats who insisted on making unlawful presence in the United States a felony rather than a misdemeanor.

"In December, the House of Representatives passed a strong border security bill aimed at securing our borders and preventing illegal immigration," the statement said.

"However, on December 16, 2005, there were 191 House Democrats who voted to oppose House Republican efforts to reduce the crime of unlawful presence in the United States from a felony to a misdemeanor. Instead, they voted to make felons out of all of those who remain in our country illegally. (Some conservative Republicans also favored making unlawful presence a felony.)

"While we are disappointed with the House Democrat's lack of compassion and the continued efforts by Senator Reid to block action on immigration legislation so that Congress can proceed to conference, it remains our intent to produce a strong border security bill that will not make unlawful presence in the United States a felony."

Yes vote Democrat! It is the party of stab you in the back traitors these days. Pretty neat how the Democrats painted the Republicans and the right as the enemy of immigrants, while at the same time screwing immigrants over.

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Lodi Terror Trial Ends Today

As always, Cagey Mind has been following it closely. It looks like the defense strategy is to make the camp which Hamid Hayat attended in Pakistan look like a Boy Scout jamboree. It's possible that the camp wasn't a 'terror training' ground, but it certainly was a place to indoctrinate people in the ways of radical Islam.

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WAPO's Bias on Bioweapons in Iraq

What an incredible smell Confederate Yankee has discovered.

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WTW Tax Free Easter Booze

Just an update on my wine. I reckon since April 15th is this week and the due date on the wine is the 16th it’s fun to note that this wine is tax free. Buy your groceries in KY and no sales tax either. That’s sticking it to the man! Never mind it’s probably cheaper to pick up a bottle of ripple at the liquor store. Here in the first pic you see how the wine looked about 10 days ago. See the line it’s clearing up.

This morning all bubbling has stopped and the entire jug is now a dark red almost black color. The little woman says she can’t find the siphon hose for wine. Yes you have to have a special one. Don’t use the same one you use to “acquire” your fuel. Also I promise, since the Due date is Easter, not to “test” it until after Sundown.

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers

Also Memphis761 sent me this spoof letter this AM, pretty funny

Dear President Bush:

I'm about to plan a little trip with my family and extended family and I
would like to ask you to assist me. I'm going to walk across the border
from the
US into Mexico, and I need to make a few arrangements. I know you can
Help with this.
I plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration,
quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do
here. So,
would you mind telling your buddy, President Vicente Fox, that I'm on my
Way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the following:

1. Free medical care for my entire family.

2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might
need, whether I use them or not.

3. All government forms need to be printed in English.

4. I want my kids to be taught by English-speaking teachers.

5. Schools need to include classes on American culture and history.

6. I want my kids to see the American flag flying on the top of the flag
pole at their school with the Mexican flag flying lower down.

7. Please plan to feed my kids at school for both breakfast and lunch.

8. I will need a local Mexican driver's license so I can get easy access
To government services.

9. I do not plan to have any car insurance, and I won't make any effort
To learn local traffic laws.

10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from
President Fox to leave me alone, please be sure that all police officers
Speak English.

11. I plan to fly the US flag from my house top, put flag decals on my
car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any
complaints or negative comments from the locals.

12. I would like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, and don't
enforce any labor laws or tax laws.

13. Please tell all the people in the country to be extremely nice and
Never say a critical word about me, or about the strain I might place on the

I know this is an easy request because you already do all these things
For all the people who come to the US from Mexico. I am sure that Pres. Fox
won't mind returning the favor if you ask him nicely. However, if he
gives you any trouble, just invite him to go quail hunting with your VP.
Thank you so much for your kind help.

By Howie at 08:58 AM | Comments |

Online Terrorists Attack Blogger (Again)

Aaron is the victim of online terrorism...again. He's been put on a hit list at jihadi websites because of his over-the-top mocking of Mohammed. I'm soo jealous. Here's a screenshot of his website now. Good luck in getting it back up. Thanks to The National Institute of Truth for the tip.


Update: Egyptian Sandmonkey has a translation of the original message left by the infamous al3isnet crew the other day.

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April 11, 2006

Fitz Puts (Mis)Stake Through Shuster's Heart

Nathan Goulding of National Review Online had already called out Hardball's David Shuster for some quite blatant lies and distortions; and then George at Seixon used these same overt lies to discredit a fawning DailyKos entry about Shuster. George also notes that he has registered to comment at DailyKos; he might want to see how the Kossacks deal with infidels first.

Among other fabrications, Shuster concocted a "quote" from Libby saying that a "key judgement" of the NIE (meaning all were agreed) was that Saddam was "vigorously trying to procure uranium". MSNBC put it onscreen as a super - see the Seixon link for a screen capture.

But the most unkindest cut of all comes, oddly, from Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald who just posted a correction to his filing:

In a letter to U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton, Fitzgerald wrote yesterday that he wanted to "correct" the sentence that dealt with the issue in a filing he submitted last Wednesday. That sentence said Libby "was to tell Miller, among other things, that a key judgment of the NIE held that Iraq was 'vigorously trying to procure' uranium."

Instead, the sentence should have conveyed that Libby was to tell Miller some of the key judgments of the NIE "and that the NIE stated that Iraq was 'vigorously trying to procure' uranium."

While NRO and Seixon were shaking the limb Shuster had crawled onto, Fitz came along and cut it off.

Thanks to Sister Toldjah for the NRO and Seixon links.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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Wife of American Hostage Jeffrey Ake Speaks Out

The wife of American hostage Jeffrey Ake has spoken out for the first time since her husband was taken hostage in Iraq a year ago today. Jeffrey Ake is one of two Americans still being held hostage in Iraq. Dean Sadek, also held hostage, was kidnapped in November 2004.

We applaud Liliana Ake for breaking her silence. It is difficult to go against the advice of the U.S. State Department and private 'experts' working for insurance companies who have little knowledge about how the hostage situation in Iraq is different than in other areas of the world.

Many of Jeffrey Ake's friends and family have dropped comments or e-mails to me thanking The Jawa Report for keeping Jeffrey's memory alive. Now that Liliana has given us the green light, let us never let a day pass without mentioning Jeffrey Ake publicly.

As former hostage Terry Anderson once said, "The tragic thing is that the torment is as much from the outside by countries and people indifferent to their fate as on the inside by their captors."

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Jeffrey Ake and Dean Sadek. No politcal cause can ever justify the taking of civilians hostage. It is a form of barbarity with no excuse.

We can only hope that the media, Muslims, and Leftist organizations will begin to pay attention to the plight of hostages who may not be one of their political allies.

For more, visit the Jeffrey Ake hostage archive here. Visit our extensive hostage archives here. And please, keep Jeff and his family in your prayers.

CNN which also features video:

"Please take the next step to release my husband and return his children's lives to normal," said Liliana Ake during an interview from her home in LaPorte, Indiana....

"He was in Iraq making certain that the Iraqi people have fresh, good water to drink," she said....

Jeffrey Ake was last seen two days later when Arabic-language satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera broadcast a video from insurgents that showed terrorists holding Ake at gunpoint.

There have been no public claims of responsibility for the kidnapping.

Over the last year, Liliana Ake, other family members, and business associates shunned attention from the news media out of fear for Ake's safety.

"Right now it's been the whole year and I think it's time," his wife said.

She said she was spurred to speak out by the powerful media campaign that may have helped free kidnapped journalist Jill Carroll....

"I never actually doubted that Jeff is alive and I never doubted that Jill Carroll will be released and I am celebrating her release," Liliana Ake said. "I'm very happy for her."

Liliana Ake's statement for her husband's abductors said, "One year ago, Jeff Ake, my husband and father of four, was taken hostage, where he remains today. He was in Iraq making certain that the Iraqi people have fresh, good water to drink.

"To the individuals who are holding my husband, Jeff: You have had one year to know him. For that reason, Jeff's family and all our friends continue to believe Jeff is still alive. And you are responsible for his safety.

"When you kidnapped Jeff, you contacted me at my residence and we discussed matters of importance to us both. My telephone number remains the same and my willingness to continue this dialogue remains as strong as it was before.

"In order to resolve this matter and secure Jeff's release, you must call me again. Jeff should be able to give you the number. Please take the next step to release my husband and return his children's lives to normal." ...

During the interview she elaborated on the terrifying ordeal.

After Ake was whisked away, she said she heard from the kidnappers, who said "they were holding him and they would destroy him if I don't cooperate with them."

She said they called her at her home number, which came as quite a shock. She was able to verify that they had her husband because she asked the caller several questions and she received answers that only her husband would know.

She said the callers wanted money, but also made vague mention of political demands, including a reference to American troops.

However, she said she never heard from the callers again after May 1. ...

"I ask my family and friends to demonstrate and speak directly to the American government to open discussions with the Iraqi national resistance," Jeffrey Ake said on the video.

Liliana Ake said, "When I looked at that picture, I was shocked and I prayed that Jeff would be safely released."

During the time since the abduction, she said, it has been "a very, very hard year."

"I haven't slept all year. I wake up in the middle of the night at 1 and I cannot sleep."

"The children are suffering" and are afraid, she said, noting that birthdays have come and gone and Christmas was "never the same."

Her decision to go public has been a tough one.

She didn't make any moves because she was "afraid for Jeff's life. I did not know whether my request or plea would help him or harm him." ...

Liliana Ake said she agreed that the Carroll's public strategy worked and "that's why I decided to go public as well." ....

Liliana Ake said her husband has been all over the world in his work, traveling to more than 60 countries, including Egypt, Kuwait and Iraq. She said he was making his second visit to Iraq when he was kidnapped.

For Iraq, the company built a machine that fills containers of cooking oil and a system to provide water bottling services.

"He embraced every culture," Liliana Ake said.

Asked what she would want to say to her husband if he could hear her, she said "I would like to tell him I love him and I want him back."

She thanked everybody across the country who has prayed for her and sent encouraging letters.

"Please keep on praying for us."


American Kidnapped in Iraq
Hostage Video: American Jeffrey Ake urges US to Leave Iraq
Hostage Jeffrey Ake Safe in Iraq?
Remembering the Forgotten American Hostages: Jeffrey Ake
American Hostage Jeffrey Ake Still Missing (Muslim Clerics, Western Leftists Still Silent)

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:03 PM | Comments |

Islamists Post Hit List of 'Apostates'

An Egyptian group calling itself the "al-Jama’ah Consultative Council" has sent an e-mail hit list to people deemed 'apostates' yesterday. The group warned that those people on the list who had left the faith would have three days (as of yesterday) to repent or they would be killed. The group also warned that the wives and children of the Muslim apostates were being followed & would be killed.

Under Islamic Law, the maximum penalty for apostasy is death.

The list includes prominent Muslims living in the West who have spoken out against violent Islamic extremism and intolerance, some still living in Muslim countries, as well as Coptic Christians who have advocated equal treatment in Egypt.

According to Copts-United (hat tip: Clarity and Resolve) the group issued the following threat if the 'apostates' did not publicly repent:

we will follow them everywhere they go and at anytime; and they can never be far from the swords of truth, and they are closer to us that our shoelaces.

They are monitored day and night. We are fully aware of their hiding places, their houses, their children’s schools, and the times when their wives are alone at home.

We gave our rules to the soldiers of God to execute the rule of God so that their blood can become close to God [to kill them] and burn their houses.

And we thank God that many of those infidels and atheists do not exist in the land of Islam, so that they do not defile the Islamic land with their rotten blood. They are in the land of infidelity, the land of idols, pagans, and Cross worshippers: in America, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy.

If they existed on a spot in the Islamic land, let us wash the places of their slaughter and beheading seven times to purify the Islamic land of the impurity of their blood. And let us captivate their women and enslave their children loot them. Let us apply the Islamic rule to them; and whoever kills one of them, will get his loot.

The fatwa was signed by Abu Dhur Al-Maqdishi, media commander in Al-Jama’ah.

The list includes:

Wafa Sultan -- American Muslim psychologist who has spoken out against jihad, the silence of mainstream Muslims over terrorism, and the treatment of women in Islam. Sultan lives in the Los Angeles area.

Ahmad Subhi Mansur (Mansour)--a liberal Egyptian theologian condemned as an 'apostate' because he accepts only the Quran as authentic and rejects the sunnas. Mansur argues in his book "The Punishment of Apostasy" (out of print) that religious liberty is fundamental to Islam. Mansur's wife and children are also specifically threatened. Mansur live in the Virginia.

Adly Abadir -- Egyptian born Christian Coptic priest, exiled from Egypt and now living in Switzerland. Abadir is an outspoken advocate against the subjegation of Christians in Egypt and has testified before the U.S. Congress on the plight of Coptic minorities living under the thumb of Muslims.

Jamal Al-Banna-- moderate Egyptian theologian & brother of the founder of the Muslim Bortherhood who publicly disputes traditional Islamic teachings about the treatment of women & jihad, but like most Muslims justifies aggressiona against Jews. Al-Banna is probably under condemnation for his firm stance against dhimmitude and for freedom of religion and for his creation of the "Committee for the Defense of Victims of Terror-Fatwas"

Majdi Khalil-- American Muslim who has spoken out against terrorism and those that justify it in the Islamic world.

Hasan Ahmad Umar-- former President of the Egyptian Court of Appeals.

Muhammad Sha’lan--- possibly the same Dr. Muhammed Sha'lan who is a professor of psychology at the oldest and most prestigious Islamic universty in the world, al Azhar.

Father Zakarias Butros-- Coptic priest living in Holland who runs a website devoted to standing up for Christians in Egypt, against attrocities committed by Muslims against Christians, and which invites Muslims to engage in dialogue.

Sa’d Al-Din Ibrahim-- liberal Egyptian human rights activist , board member of the Ibn Khaldun Center, and Professor of Sociology at the American University in Cairo. Ibrahim is a leading human rights activists who was arrested by the Egyptian government in 2000 to the applause of Islamists around the world. He is accused by Islamists of being a 'Zionist'.

Salah Muhsin--Egyptian who has spoken out against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr. Shakir Al-Nabulsi -- a Jordanian born liberal Muslim, chairman of the American Academic Association in Jordan, and co-signer of an anti-Islamist petition to the U.N calling for an end to the preaching of violence against apostates. Nabulsi now lives in Denver.

Al-Afif al-Akhdar--72 year old Tunisian born French secular Muslim. The Tunisian Islamic movement Al-Nahdha, issued a death fatwa against the him for his book "The Unknown in the Prophet's Life". In addition to exposing the hypocrisy of Muslims on terrorism, Akhdar has also been at the forefront of exposing the political motivations behind Muslim regimes using the Danish Mohammed cartoons to drum up anti-Western sentiment. More on Akhdar here.

Unknown targets-- if you know who these individuals are, please warn them that they may be the target of Muslim extremists!

America -- Nidal Na’isah, Fatin Nur

Canada-- Uthman Muhammad Ali & his family.

Holland-- Nahid Mitwali

Italy--Khalid Hilal

Jordan--Umar Abu Rassa, Ramadan Abd AlRahman Ali

Syria--Samir Hasan Ibrahim

Egypt--Abd al Fattah Asakir, Muhammad Shibl, Muhammad Said al Mushtahari, Abd al-Latif Sa’id, Ayman Muhammad Abd Al Rahman, Walid Muhammad Abd al-Rahman, Taha Hilal, Isam Nafi, Ahmad Sha’ban, Amru Ismail, Abd-Al-Karim Sulayman

If you know any of the above individuals, they should be immediately warned. We hope that law enforcement officials are already aware of the danger posed to these people and pray for their safety.

UPDATE: Patrick from Clarity and Resolve in an e-mail points me to this story. Apparently, the threat was e-mailed directly to those who have been targetted, so I was wrong when I earlier stated that the threat had been posted on the internet.

Asharq Alawsat:

Dr. Wafa Sultan, who lives in California , pointed out that the source of the latest threat differed from the dozens she had previously received because it was made by a group and not an individual. She expressed fear for her life as the message included personal information about the recipients, as well as the names of some of their spouses and children. Sultan vowed to inform the U.S authorities of the email and seek their protection.

For his part, Dr, Shakir Nabulsi, a resident of Denver, Colorado, said he was not afraid of the threat as he had received several others before and refused to be frightened by terrorists.

Refusing to bow to the demands of terrorists, Dr. Ahmad Subhi Mansour, who lives I Virginia, said he would take the threat seriously and indicated the message was probably originated in Egypt .

The Islamic thinker Jamal al Banna, brother of the Hssan al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Bortherhood, denied any knowledge of the organization calling itself “Supporters of God’s Messenger”, which included his name in a list of 31 supporters. He described its threat as “nonsense” and said the authors were “Satan’s soldiers”.

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Jawa vs. Schlussel

Sources tell me that I'll be on the radio in a few minutes to challenge Debbie Schlussel. While I cannot reveal to you my sources, they seem pretty reliable. You can listen to Hoist the Black Flag here.

In case I'm incoherent, my main point is not that Jill Carroll was a saint or that she wasn't against the war, but only that she was a victim. Hostages are the victim and terrorists are the bad guys. In the middle of a crime, one does not attack the victim, you go after the criminal. That's all.

UPDATE: So, during the break, Schlussel says she doesn't want to talk with me and that had she known I was going to confront her that she wouldn't have agreed to the interview. She also had the audacity to call me a "nut". Me. The nut. Right Debbie, right. I'm a "nut" for saying it's not good manners to attack a woman who is being held hostage. You, on the other hand, are the voice of reason.

I won't be on. The offer was retracted after Schlussel threw a fit. I'm not blaming Ace or Goldstein. They were just trying to be good hosts and have some class since Debbie Schlussel was the original guest & I was kind of an afterthought.

Another update: I'm not even sure Ace knew I was calling in, but Jeff thought it would be good radio.

I'm the 'nut':

Oh, ye of little faith and reading comprehension skills. I never mentioned the video, only these facts, which remain the same. http:/(no link whoring for you! -Vinnie) Jill Carroll's an extremist. And you apparently have a problem with premature articulation. Next time, read first. You got something wrong, though. More than thirty seconds in a room with you, and I think I'd have to kill you. Debbie Schlussel
Yes, Debbie, I'm the nut:
Don’t expect “journalist” Jillie to “investigate” that one. But hey, she says her Islamic terrorist captors treated her “very well,” and she talked about the nice shower and bathroom they gave her.

Since things were so great in captivity, maybe she should have remained at Terrorist Day Spa. And maybe they should change the name from “Stockholm Syndrome” to “Baghdad Syndrome.”

That is what Debbie Schlussel wrote after watching Jill Carroll's last two videos which were obviously coerced. Yes, Debbie, I'm the nut.

Another update: Ace has a post about it here. Like I said before, I don't blame Ace. Okay, I do blame Ace. But not for dropping my call. For dropping a Patrick Swayze reference into an e-mail conversation we just had. Now that, my friend, is out of bounds. No need to bring Patrick Swayze into the conversation.

The real problem we (and there are a lot people in that we) have with Schlussel is that when some of us pointed out that we disagreed with her, she responded by leaving some pretty inflammatory comments on our blogs. Then, after some of us called her on it, she played the part of victim.

See how that works, you leave nasty comments on our blogs, and then we we say nasty things back and you claim to be the victim.

And it's not just a few people. This has happened over and over again with Debbie who has either left nasty comments or written fairly nasty e-mails.

Now, she claims that she was really trying to point out that the Left supported Jill Carroll because she was one of them--a form of hypocrisy. Fair enough, and true enough, but in the process she also claimed Jill Carroll wasn't faking it when her terrorist captors forces her to say the most vile things about America. That, I think, is just stupid and, to be fair to Debbie, something I might have said at one time--and in fact, have said. But since I've actually been in contact with the families of hostages, since it's become somewhat of my cause, I've decided that such criticisms are usually out of bounds.

Again, my problem was in Debbie's reading of Jill Carroll's motivations, not in pointing out the dispicable way in which the Left often vocally supports the release of Leftist hostages but are silent when the hostage has no connection to the anti-war movement. But that's just the point: we should be against hostage taking because it is a barbaric practice, not be vocal only when it suits our political agenda.

Seriously, and I do mean to brag a bit, if you want to know anything about hostages in Iraq, this is the place and I am the go-to guy in the blogosphere. Check out our hostage archives for some evidence.

So, it's not that I disagree with Schlussel--I think you'll find I linked to her several times in the past, all positive--it's just that I (shall I say we?) don't like Schlussel.

Thanks again to Ace for offering to have me on the show next week. I dunno, though. I'm just not sure that Schlussel and myself have a real bone to pick and the only reason this has escalated the way it has is because some people are rather thin-skinnied, an attribute not well suited to the blogosphere.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:05 PM | Comments |

Google News Promoting Terrorist Media

Al Manor is designated by the U.S. Treasury Department as a terrorist organization. Why then does Google News use al Manor as a "news" source? If al Qaeda had a "news" arm, would Google News carry that as well? And by promoting al Manor on their website, isn't Google in violation of federal law?

As Daveed Gartenstein-Ross says over at the Counterterrorism blog:

Reasonable minds can differ about the relative merits of MichelleMalkin.com, Little Green Footballs and Democratic Underground for inclusion in Google News [and I would add, The Jawa Report]. But the inclusion of al-Manar -- itself a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity, and known for its unrelenting support of terror against Americans and Israelis -- is simply indefensible.

Update: In a roundabout way (via Blogfather Charles, and Blogsister Michelle) I find this excellent post at Atlas Shrugs discussing the ins and outs of it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:49 PM | Comments |

A message to the Israelis

Please bomb me.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:04 PM | Comments |

The Road to Kurdistan II

Totten's second post about his trip through Turkey to Kurdistan is up. This one features a floating castle. I kid you not.

Question: How long would it take Chuck Norris and the Delta Force to take said floating fortress?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:57 PM | Comments |

Wild Bill Designs New Flag

Bill sends along his new flag for Amerexanada and a new National Anthem too.

Wild Bill : It looks like our government is not going to do anything about illegal aliens, so we should start calling North America what it really is, Amerexanada (or like some like to call it Mexamericanada). Here is my idea for our new flag.

By Howie at 12:55 PM | Comments |

Reformist Muslim Found

While tooling around on the internet I ran across this post at The Anchoress. I upset several people with this post a while back. When confronted on the comments I challenged Muslims to take care of the “radicals”. I got some good responses but I also got the standard “it’s happening” slogan. Remember that one website that was used to herald the 9/11 attacks and warn us of our impending subjugation. I think we have to change Islam by our pressure but too often Muslims either ignore the problem or attribute it to radicals. They are in denial that their own house is dirty and needs a good cleaning! Muslims have the power to change Islam from the inside so when we find reformers I feel we should give them all the support we can. The Anchoress, Captain’s Quarters and Jihad Watch are all involved in this ongoing conversation so join them.

The Anchoress : Instapundit linked to Clifford May asking, Where are the Moderate Muslims. Well, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to correspond with a “reformist” Muslim named Ali, who is very careful with his words - which is wise, in my opinion - but also very eager to dialogue. Bear in mind that there is a distinction, naturally, between a “moderate” and a “reformist.”
This will be a long post, but if we’re really interested in dialoguing instead of demagoguing, I hope some will plow through it.
Yes ma'am plowing now.

By Howie at 12:26 PM | Comments |

Zarqawi Fired From al Qaeda?

Has the leader of al Qaeda's branch in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, been fired by Ayman al-Zawahiri? Very interesting, indeed. Not nearly as interesting, though, as it would be to hear that he's dead.

I heard about this while I was gone, but had not time to blog it. From the Globabl Terrorism Analysis desk of the Jamestown Foundation:

Media reports during the past week have announced that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi—al-Qaeda's chief in Iraq—has been "replaced" or "demoted" from the leadership of Iraq's Sunni resistance coalition (Daily Star, April 3; al-Bawaba, April 2). The stories have said that al-Zarqawi was removed as "the result of several mistakes he made," including for taking "the liberty of speaking in the name of the Iraqi people" and for "targeting the Islamic states neighboring Iraq, particularly Jordan" [1]. On April 2, Jordan-based Sunni cleric Sheikh Hudayf Azzam—the son of the famous cleric, mujahideen leader, and Osama bin Laden-mentor Abdullah Azzam—told the journal al-Bawaba that "al-Zarqawi bowed to the orders two weeks ago [March 15-18] and was replaced by Iraqi national Abdullah bin Rashed al-Baghdadi." Azzam said that al-Zarqawi's "role has been limited to military action," but stressed that al-Zarqawi approved the change in his status and "has returned to where he should be as a man who came to champion the Iraqi cause" (al-Bawaba, April 2; al-Arabiyah, April 2)....

This week's reports that al-Zarqawi has been "demoted" likewise squares perfectly with the intimations al-Zawahiri sent him that there may be debilitating "sensitivities" over a non-Iraqi's leadership of the Iraqi resistance. Without even a whimper, al-Zarqawi allowed himself to be publicly rebuked—"he made many political mistakes"—moved to a lesser post, and was chastised for "speaking in the name of the Iraqi resistance and people." The manner in which al-Zarqawi's change in status was handled left the clear impression—as al-Zawahiri said would be desirable—that the resistance movement is an Iraqi insurgency, headed by Iraqis, and conducted in Iraqi interests. Foreign mujahideen are welcomed to support the Iraqi insurgents, but al-Zarqawi, by "bowing" to Iraqi wishes, publicly proved that they are playing a subordinate role....

While it is too soon to know how al-Zarqawi's new status "as a soldier of the resistance" will impact the Iraq insurgency, a strong argument can be made that Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri have reached out and persuaded al-Zarqawi to change his behavior in a way that will benefit al-Qaeda (al-Quds al-Arabi, April 4). Historically, al-Qaeda has been welcomed in Islamic insurgencies around the world precisely because it wanted to contribute force multipliers—military cadre, media and financial expertise, materiel, logistics assistance—and did not try to supplant local leadership. Based on the foregoing, al-Zarqawi now seems ready to play this traditional al-Qaeda role, which is likely to bring greater unity to Iraq's Sunni resistance. The foregoing also ought to give pause to those Western analysts who have concluded that bin laden and al-Qaeda are largely yesterday's news, an isolated, cowering organization unable to influence—let alone direct—the affairs of the many fronts of the worldwide anti-U.S. Islamic insurgency.

The only good Zarqawi is a dead Zarqawi. Hat tip: Professor Chaos who is no longer blogging.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:35 AM | Comments |

Infidel Queen

Islamist fools have forced out cool hot blonde Tamar Goregian due to the death Fatwa issued on her hot blonde self. The first and second runner up both Muslim women also declined the title due to threats of violence. The Brave Miss Teen Iraq, Silva Shahakian, has accepted the title-- but I thought the blonde infidel chick was much hotter.

ABCNEWS : Iraq's newly crowned beauty queen, Tamar Goregian, has decided to step down — just four days after her election, making this the shortest reign in the pageant's 60-year history.

On April 9, the 23-year-old, who was the first Armenian Iraqi to win the Miss Iraq pageant, announced her resignation after receiving threats by a group of religious extremists who referred to her as "the queen of infidels" for participating in the contest.

Miss Teen Iraq, Silva Shahakian, a Christian, accepted the title(pic below).

UPDATE: More hot Iraqi action here.

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Google Hosts Pedophile Websites

No, we're not talking about the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes, we're talking about the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Blogspot, as you may already know, is a fully owned subsidiary of Google. This is the same company that warns people against seeing my Flush the Koran parody blog by giving a content warning, yet no warning for those entering a website advocating child molestation. Way to go Google!

Here is the disgusting website. I hate to even link it, but there it is. According to this WND article forwarded to my by Jay at Stop the ACLU, the site recently removed a bunch of offensive posts advocating child molestation after a Christian therapist exposed it on her radio talk show.

But, thanks to the Google cache, we've been able to see what some of those posts were that were taken down--ironical that Google, the company empowering these pedophiles is also empowering us with the tools to expose them . All the April posts are now gone, but the Google cache does have several March posts which have been removed. I've archived the cache of these pedophile bastards' webpage here just in case law enforcement needs it in the future. And I certainly hope some one gets nailed for this.

As of today, the webpage features a prominent 'code of ethics' at the top of it's page, but that wasn't true last March. For instance, the March 21st entry features links to a podcast which was once up (now gone--the link is actually to this website which claims to be an 'open roundtable childlove discussion') and describes it this way:

This episode is an intimate interview with Technea, a long-standing boylover in the community. He's an extraordinary person with a resounding understanding of life. We hear about his life, hardships, accomplishments and philosophies....

"I am a human being." Thoughts of boylove.

How about this from the comments section:
Seriously though, Thankyou Jayden :) and this just proves another point. Pedophiles/Pederasts/etc... have greater self-control and LOVE than some individuals in the world.

We are ONLY here for the ONEs WE LOVE! To care for them and their interests!

REMEMBER to LOVE your boy, YF and SYF...and others Remember to LOVE your wives, children, neighbors

Disgusting. It gets worse. The poster, Ashleigh, also contributes to another Google operated blog here. One of the posts, by another pedophile named 'Little Boy' links to a Canadian child actor's website, in which he says:
I think Daniel is a real cutie!
Daniel is 8 years old. Another post wonders whether or not Amazon.com can figure out a pedophile's identity if too many movies featuring young boys are bought. One of the movies mentioned features Billy Gilman. I've cached the site here .

Another related blogspot pedophile blog is here. It's called Modern Boylove. You're telling me that Google was unaware that a blog named 'Modern Boylove' wasn't run by pedophiles? The website glorifies the rape of a seven year old boy. Seven. Years. Old. I've cached it here

Some of the authors of both of the above blogs have pictures of very young children on their blogger profile pages. Here & Here.

I'm. Freakin. Speechless.

All of this is eerily remindful of another online pedophile who blogged this way before becoming a mass murderer: Joseph Duncan III

Hat tip to Jay at ACLU who has more. The WND article is here.

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Carnival of Liberty XL

Michael Hamton is hosting the carnival this week.

Welcome to the 40th weekly Carnival of Liberty! As always, the Carnival is full of amazing attractions with fun-filled adventure for the whole family.

This is the first time the Carnival has been here at Homeland Stupidity, and I have to say that the hardest part of hosting the Carnival was keeping all of these excellent posts hidden away until Tuesday. And now that they’re here, come one, come all, and enjoy the Carnival!

Next week’s Carnival will be brought to you by Left Brain Female. See the schedule to follow the Carnival of Liberty or if you’re interested in hosting the Carnival.

Note Below the belway seems to be down at the time of this posting.

By Howie at 08:06 AM | Comments |

Wait 'Til Your Blogfather Gets Home, Young Man (Updated with response from Rusty)

I must disagree with the good Dr. Shackleford on his assessment of the importance of the cyber-jihad.

While I have no issue with American hackers being paid to take down jihadist sites and forums, I don't believe that it's an imperative to winning this war. I did a post back during the Cartoon Jihad wherein I pooh-poohed the reaction of people to the MSM's failure to print them, because all of us had already seen them. By us I meant blogs, and those who frequent them. A nice commenter reminded me of the total number of people who don't get news from blogs. Healthy slap in the face, that was.

Yes, the internet is a tool used to recruit terrorists, but it's just a tool. Recruitment of Islamic terrorists was going along just fine before the internet became a household tool. The Marine barracks in Beirut was bombed when the internet was in its infancy.

Rusty wrote:

If we cannot win the cyber war, we cannot win our war against Muslim ideologues bent on creating the Islamic utopia by any means necessary.
We've defeated [insert utopian ideology here] bent on creating their visions of our world by any means necessary, all long before the internet was created.

Mohammed had no internet, and now 1.2 billion people on this Earth are forbidden to gaze upon his visage. Saladin had no internet, and it didn't stop him from kicking Crusader ass. The mujahadeen in Afghanistan had no internet, and they stomped the Soviets.

Hacking jihadi websites doesn't stop madrassas being built in Eastern Europe. Hacking jihadi websites doesn't stop imams preaching on Fridays. Hacking jihadi websites doesn't do any more good than jihadis hacking our websites. They, like us, will just put them up somewhere else.

Hacking sites may even be counter-productive. We, the great unwashed, have no true idea of what our government's capabilities are. Most of that stuff is classified. If hackers start disabling jihad sites, who knows what information they would be depriving us of.

So I disagree with my blogfather. The best way to deal with jihadis is not to hack their websites, it's far more simple than that.

Kill them all, let Allah sort 'em out. It's hard to access Ummah.com when you're dead.

And before you spit in my face in the comments, "Kill them all" does not refer to all Muslims, just the jihadis. And yes, Improbulus Maximus, "Kill them all" does refer to all Muslims, not just jihadis. And no, Background Noise, I really don't mean all Muslims, just jihadis. There, have I covered my ass?

Rusty responds--the bitch slap! Ahhh, finally a debate! A debate, a debate, my kingdom for a debate!

Okay, how to respond? Since most of my posts are tongue in cheek, focus on lipstick lesbians, or are devoted to calling people names, it isn't easy slamming on the brakes and putting on the academic helmut so quickly. But here goes.

What Vinnie has just done is a classic example of not understanding two very important points and because he misses those points, is arguing against a straw man.

1) Probabalistic relationships are different than cause-effect relationships.

Contrary to what you were taught in both physics and logic, not all cause-effect relationships are direct. No one is arguing here that the internet causes terror, only that the increase in jihadi activity online has led to an increase in a) sympathy for terrorists which gives them room to hide among the civilian populations of the world b) recruitment of terrorists.

Thus, decreasing online terror activity will certainly decrease support for terrorism worldwide and therefore terrorist acts worldwide.

2) An effect often has multiple causes.

Before the internet there was jihad and after the internet there will be jihad, thus jihad must not be caused by internet. True enough, but the internet is a cause today if not the cause.

Wars are fought on many fronts and in many different ways simultaneously. So far, we have not even begun to fight the front that is cyberspace. My argument has never been that if we win this front we will win the war on terror, my argument is that if we wish to win the war on terror we must also win the cyber war.

Winning the cyber war will not mean we will win the war on terror, but it will certainly help. However, if we do not win the cyber war we cannot win the war on terror. It is a necessary condition for winning, but not the only condition.

Why? Wars are won when the enemy believes there is no hope for victory. When fighting an army, a nation, or even an organized resistance group, killing/capturing most of them or taking control of key physical territory usually serves as sufficient grounds for resistance to fall. But because in assymetrical and decentralized warfare beating individual cells is not enough to win, an atmosphere must be created in which enemy combatants have no hope of winning and therefore lay down their arms.

There are several other erroneous points Vinnie makes--such as not understanding the differences between Saladin's or Mohammed's very centralized armies and decentralized cells of terrorists--but I'll skip to the most important one.

The argument, if I understand it correctly, is that taking down terror websites is impossible since terrorists will just find new web space and new sites will pop up. That is, we should not wage war against the cyber jihadis because we cannot win it.

I'm sorry, but that just doesn't fly. How do we know we can't win it if we've never even attempted to fight it? Further, I would argue, effectively fighting the cyber war is actually much simpler than most understand. Since the vast majority of cyber jihadi activity only come from a handful of websites, taking out the most popular ones will drastically reduce the power of terrorists to shape the opinions of Muslims around the world.

We do not need to take down every jihadi website, we only need to take down the most popular ones. This could be accomplished today if we put our mind to it. That's right, today.

And, when the jihadis move to another website, we can follow them. Then take down that website. And the next. And the next.

Last, if you think taking down a few hundred websites is hard, how hard do you think it will be to find and kill a few hundred thousand jihadis? Impossible.


I still don't see how this is a necessary condition to winning the war. To me, a necessary condition would be, say, removing the mullahs from power in Iran.

Hacking jihad websites is more like H/I fire in my opinion.

So...could you elaborate on that for me?

By Vinnie at 12:50 AM | Comments |

April 10, 2006

ACLU Rebuked in Upstate New York

From The Palladium Times:

ALBANY, N.Y. - A federal judge has ordered the Mexico school district to return bricks inscribed with evangelical Christian messages to a high school walkway, concluding their removal violated the free speech rights of the people who paid for them.

U.S. District Judge Norman Mordue ruled the bricks, with engravings like “Jesus Saves” and “Jesus Christ The Only Way!” didn't constitute a Mexico Academy endorsement of that religious view. The bricks containing such engravings were the only ones removed, while others also referred to God and some commemorated Methodist, Episcopal and Catholic churches.

“The undisputed evidence demonstrates that Mexico Academy engaged in viewpoint discrimination when it removed plaintiffs' bricks from the walkway,” Mordue wrote. “Further, the bricks at issue, which number 9 among 1,736, literally constitute an insignificant part of the walkway.”

Of course the Mexico Central School District only removed the bricks after being threatened by Central New York ACLU representatives. It's instructive that the ACLU, which supposedly champions civil liberties, used bullying to try to deny free speech to people because that speech was religious in nature.

Via Stop the ACLU

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

By Bluto11:05 PM | Comments |

Countering the Cyber Jihad: Cyber Privateering Part II

It's time we took the cyber jihad seriously. It has become obvious that the U.S. government is ill equippied to deal with the problem If we cannot win the cyber war, we cannot win our war against Muslim ideologues bent on creating the Islamic utopia by any means necessary.

Why is the U.S. government unable to respond adequately to the cyber jihad?

a) They are still in law enforcement mode.

Unless an internet website is breaking the law, no action is taken by the government. However, if we are in a war, then the normal rules do not apply. We cannot treat terrorist forces on the web as if they were simply exercising some Constitutional right of free speech. If this is a war, then fight it like one. If you can kill your enemies in war, then certainly censoring them is justified.

b) Intelligence agencies lack the institutional know-how to fight the online jihad.

Traditionally, intelligence agencies such as the NSA and CIA have been the information gathering arm of the U.S. government. Such intelligence is used by other agencies to act. They may monitor jihadi websites, but they obviously are not acting on their information.

Occasionally they do act, but when they do --such as with the arrest of Irhabi 007--they are in law enforcement mode. Irhabi 007 was charged with a crime, but if using the internet to wage war upon your own country is a crime, then doesn't this reveal the underlying problem of not treating this as a war?

c) The military lacks the tools to fight the internet jihad.

If this is war then it is the military--not the intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA, and not the law enforcement agencies such as the FBI -- that ought to be fighting it. The military is great at doing a lot of things, but taking down websites is not one of them. Even if we could identify each and every web server which hosts terror websites, the solution is not bombing the webhosts. For the most part, companies either are not aware that terrorists use their services or they do not care because there are no real consequences to doing business with the online jihadis.

The solution? There is no government solution. The only people really equipped to counter the online threat are hackers themselves. These cyber pirates have the necessary knowlege, tools, and experience in infiltrating and taking down websites. With minimum investment in equipment, with the assurance that they will not be prosecuted for activities which are normally considered illegal, and with the promise of a reward for each website taken down, these cyber pirates would be turned into cyber privateers. There skills which are normally deemed socially unacceptable, can be used to the advantage of winning the long war against militant Islam.

I will be posting on cyber-privateering from time to time. Stay tuned!

Michael B. Kraft at the Counteterrorism blog has some notes on Professor Gabriel Weimann's new book Terror on the Internet:

Prof. Weimann also describes various efforts by private groups or individuals to take down the web sites of terrorists –and the back and forth efforts between Israelis and Palestinians or their supporters to take down each other’s websites. He also discusses the efforts, largely futile, by governments to deprive terrorist groups of service providers because they jump to other providers or conceal their origin.

Hoffman emphasized another side of the coin—the need to take the offense as well as play defense. He said the United States and friendly governments should do more to make use of the internet get across reliable news and counter what he called the ”parallel world” in which terrorists and their supporters receive distorted perspectives and rumors on their web sites.

This may take more nimbleness and sophistication than US Government public diplomacy efforts have shown in recent years. But it is time to act and think outside the conventional box and should be given high priority. [READ THE REST]

To effectively counter the cyber jihad, it will take much more than public diplomacy. I will have more on this in the future.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:03 PM | Comments |


To Slu for baby Slu.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:26 PM | Comments |

Iraq Did Go Uranium Shopping in Niger

Bush lied, McHaliburton, Amerikkka, etc. Hitchens:

In February 1999, Zahawie left his Vatican office for a few days and paid an official visit to Niger, a country known for absolutely nothing except its vast deposits of uranium ore. It was from Niger that Iraq had originally acquired uranium in 1981, as confirmed in the Duelfer Report. In order to take the Joseph Wilson view of this Baathist ambassadorial initiative, you have to be able to believe that Saddam Hussein's long-term main man on nuclear issues was in Niger to talk about something other than the obvious. Italian intelligence (which first noticed the Zahawie trip from Rome) found it difficult to take this view and alerted French intelligence (which has better contacts in West Africa and a stronger interest in nuclear questions). In due time, the French tipped off the British, who in their cousinly way conveyed the suggestive information to Washington. As everyone now knows, the disclosure appeared in watered-down and secondhand form in the president's State of the Union address in January 2003....

However, the waters have since become muddied, to say the least. For a start, someone produced a fake document, dated July 6, 2000, which purports to show Zahawie's signature and diplomatic seal on an actual agreement for an Iraqi uranium transaction with Niger. Almost everything was wrong with this crude forgery—it had important dates scrambled, and it misstated the offices of Niger politicians. In consequence, IAEA Chairman Mohammed ElBaradei later reported to the U.N. Security Council that the papers alleging an Iraq-Niger uranium connection had been demonstrated to be fraudulent.

But this doesn't alter the plain set of established facts in my first three paragraphs above. The European intelligence services, and the Bush administration, only ever asserted that the Iraqi regime had apparently tried to open (or rather, reopen) a yellowcake trade "in Africa." It has never been claimed that an agreement was actually reached. What motive could there be for a forgery that could be instantly detected upon cursory examination?

Hat tip: Reynolds

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:24 PM | Comments |

Five Christian Aid Workers Murdered by Taliban

Reports are that the five civilians may have been murdered by drug lords. I don't buy it for one second. The Taliban in resurgent in Afghanistan and until there is some evidence to the contrary, should be considered the prime suspects. Why kill them? Because the Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (RRAA) is funded by Christian organizations. What more justification have the Taliban and their al Qaeda allies ever needed to kill? Notice that the aid workers were first tied up and then shot-- a sign that their murderers first gave them a Sharia kangaroo court, followed by a sentence of 'guilty' for 'apostasy' before 'executing' them.

Christian Aid:

Five medical staff working for a Christian Aid-funded organisation have been murdered in north-west Afghanistan.

The victims include a doctor, community health worker, and health educator who were part of a project run by the Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (RRAA), in Darrah-i-Bohm, Badghis province.

It is thought that at least four gunmen broke into their clinic at around 1am today (local time). According to reports, the gunmen tied them up before shooting them.

The local community, fearing for their lives, did not approach the scene until dawn when they raised the alarm with RRAA staff – government police forces do not operate in this isolated region.

Christian Aid’s Fazl Rabi said: ‘We work as a team with our partners and we are sharing their pain at this loss. This clinic was in a very poor area with no facilities but the dedicated staff were providing essential services. We’re all very upset.’

Sayed Abdul Hakim, of RRAA, said: ‘We express our regret and condolences to the families, friends and relatives of these innocents who have spent their lives serving the most vulnerable people living in this most remote area of Afghanistan. Peace be upon them.’

RRAA staff are retrieving the bodies of the deceased and returning them to their families.

And more of the Taliban's handiwork from al Jazeera:
Elsewhere in Helmand, Taliban militants stopped two Afghan trucks transporting food for coalition forces and killed one driver, while the other fled in his vehicle, according to a local district police chief.

The Taliban have regularly attacked aid workers and road construction crews, saying their work is supporting the government and foreign forces. About 30 aid workers were killed last year.

And WaPo:
A Health Ministry official blamed terrorists. "It's a terrorist attack to intimidate people working with the government side," said the official, Abdullah Fahim.

The attackers also set fire to the clinic, he said.

Can some one please notify Yale that there's a hot war going in against the Taliban right now.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:45 PM | Comments |

Bilal Hussein and the Continuing Saga of Insurgent Propaganda via the Media

Remember our good friend Bilal Hussein? He's an Iraq stringer who works for the AP and who's up-close and personal photos of terrorists in Iraq helped to gain that organization last year's Pulitzer. Well, he's back in the news. This time as part of an expose of how photos are staged, faked, & doctored by pro-terrorist stringers employed by the AP, AFP, Reuters, and Getty Images.

On one forum that I frequently visit, some of these doctored photos discussed in the article have been used to justify killing American soldiers in Iraq. In all cases they are used by Islamic extremists to justify their hatred of America and recruit new jihadis. Thus, the images used by the AP & other organizations--which are often staged and sometimes fake-- lead directly to the deaths of American troops and will eventually help justify the next act of terrorism against American civilians.

Via James Joyner here are some of the highlights of the National Journal article:

Thanks to digital technology, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the most photographed in history. Photographers with digital cameras have provided, almost instantaneously, an enormous flood of accurate, dramatic, and even shocking images to people around the world. But the daily downloads of news photos include some that are staged, fake, or so lacking in context as to be meaningless, despite the Western media's best efforts to separate the factual from the fictional....

The photo editors for Time and The New York Times' Web site declined to comment. Other publications printed images of damage from the missile strike that seem entirely accurate. For example, Newsweek and The Washington Times published wide-angle photos of locals standing beside houses that had obviously been severely damaged. The New York Times print edition published the same wide-angle photo on January 18.....

The problem sharpens when no Western reporter is on the scene, but a photographer, usually an Iraqi stringer, is. Photo editors, or even local Western bureau chiefs, have trouble judging the veracity of the images that come from such an event. Last October, for example, The Washington Post printed a striking image of four caskets, purportedly containing dead women and children, and a line of mourning men on a flat desert plain outside the town of Ramadi, west of Baghdad. The photo, provided by the Associated Press, accompanied an article that began this way:

"A U.S. fighter jet bombed a crowd gathered around a burned Humvee on the edge of a provincial capital in western Iraq, killing 25 people, including 18 children, hospital officials and family members said Monday. The military said the Sunday raid targeted insurgents planting a bomb for new attacks.

"In all, residents and hospital workers said, 39 civilians and at least 13 armed insurgents were killed in a day of U.S. airstrikes in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, a Sunni Arab region with a heavy insurgent presence.

"The U.S. military said it killed a total of 70 insurgents in Sunday's airstrikes and, in a statement, said it knew of no civilian deaths." ....

The funeral photograph was taken by Bilal Hussein, an Iraqi stringer working for the Associated Press. AP officials declined to make Hussein available for an interview, and National Journal was unable to contact him directly in Iraq....

A series of Hussein's photographs illustrate another dilemma for photo editors -- whether to publish images that may have been created for the photographer. Last September 17, in Ramadi, Hussein took pictures after a battle at a dusty intersection. At least one U.S. armored vehicle had been damaged and towed away, leaving behind its 40-foot dull-gray metal track tread. Hussein's photographs showed the locals piling debris and auto tires onto the tread, and then celebrating as they lit a fire. Without the fire, smoke, and added debris, the photo would have presented a pretty uninteresting image of people looking at a leftover tank tread. With the smoke, fire, and debris, the image seemed to convey that a major battle had just taken place.

Weeks later, USA Today published a similar Hussein photograph from a different incident in Ramadi, which featured celebrating Sunnis, burning car tires, and a tank tread pulled over on its side.

Lyon said that AP bars photographers from asking people to change a scene, but that a crowd's spontaneous decision to change a scene in front of a cameraman presents a different situation. "You have this [dilemma] every day all around the world," he said. "There's nothing new there."

Who is Bilal Hussein? Here is one of his photos:

Bilal Hussein was in Fallujah when it was run by a Shura Council known to murder people even looking too Western. U.S. troops found torture chambers, hostages, and murdered civilians throughout the city, yet Bilal Hussein made no complaint about this, but instead chose to make blood libel accusations against U.S. troops who liberated the city.

Neal Munro makes this powerful argument as well, and proves he is a Jawa Reader:

But even these remedies would not solve the deeper problem. Because images can have a powerful impact, all sides in the Iraq war are using and pressuring photographers to tell their story, making it difficult for the photographers to act as strictly neutral observers. Iraqi insurgents, for example, frequently use videotape and photographs of their attacks on U.S. forces to magnify the propaganda impact. Insurgent groups will then distribute these images on CDs throughout the Arab world and worldwide through the Internet. The videos, usually shot at some distance from the attacks, typically show a fiery explosion enveloping a U.S. armored vehicle, but the cameras rarely show the extent of damage to the vehicle or the fate of the passengers.

Clearly, terrorists and insurgents know the value of images. In an undated letter from Osama bin Laden to the Taliban's leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, bin Laden wrote about how important the media was in Al Qaeda's war with the West. "It is obvious that the media war in this century is one of the strongest methods; in fact, its share may reach 90 percent of the total preparation for battles." The translated letter was provided by the U.S. Army's Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point.

Baz said that, today, unlike in wars past, journalists are constantly pressured to choose sides, and that many combatants on either side don't believe that journalistic neutrality exists. This wartime pressure on photographers is "terrible," Baz said. "It is absolutely unbelievable that you are automatically branded East or West, Muslim or Christian, and you have [to] go on one side or the other." The Post's Elbert echoed the lament: "We're part of the story, and that's wrong."

Journalists do not want to choose sides in this war, and that, I would argue, is the heart of the problem. Being neutral between Republicans and Democrats is part of an ethic I support. Being neutral between America and her enemies is called treason. Either you want your country to win its wars, or you do not. It's really that simple.

Complete Bilal Hussein Archives

When Journalilsts are the Enemy
The Pulitzer and Terrorist Embeds
Pulitzer Prize Given to Terrorists
Editor and Publisher Apologizes for Terrorist Embeds *shock*
Bilal Hussein dead pool.
Bilal Hussein, still anti-American

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Iraqi Civilian Death Toll

Rob at Left Wing Lies has created this graphic way to keep track of the number of lives saved by the Coalition invasion of Iraq. Using figures from The Weekly Standard and Iraqibodycount.net, Rob calculates that 174 fewer Iraqis die every day since Saddam was toppled.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto.

By Bluto03:48 PM | Comments |

The Century War With Islam

I'll admit it, I'm a Dan Simmons fan. Both Hyperion & Return to Hyperion deal with the time paradox problem & I loved both books. Incidentally, one of the major heroes of the Hyperion series is a Muslim.

On that note, what if some one was to come back from the near future and warn you about the coming War with Islam, Eurabia, & a future global caliphate? And what if it was your society's own damn fault that they are enslaved in the future because they were so self-critical and unwilling to engage in the ruthlessness needed to win a war?

A brief conversation between Dan Simmons and a traveller from the future---read the whole thing:

I tried to relax. “What do you want to talk about?” I said.

“The Century War,” said the Time Traveler.

I blinked and tried to remember some history. “You mean the Hundred Year War? Fifteenth Century? Fourteenth? Sometime around there. Between . . . France and England? Henry V? Kenneth Branagh? Or was it . . .”

“I mean the Century War with Islam,” interrupted the Time Traveler. “Your future. Everyone’s.” He was no longer smiling. Without asking, or offering to pour me any, he stood, refilled his Scotch glass, and sat again. He said, “It was important to me to come back to this time early on in the struggle. Even if only to remind myself of how unspeakably blind you all were.”

“You mean the War on Terrorism,” I said.

“I mean the Long War with Islam,” he said. “The Century War. And it’s not over yet where I come from. Not close to being over.”

“You can’t have a war with Islam,” I said. “You can’t go to war against a religion. Radical Islam, maybe. Jihadism. Some extremists. But not a . . . the . . . religion itself. The vast majority of Muslims in the world are peaceloving people who wish us no harm. I mean . . . I mean . . . the very word ‘Islam’ means ‘Peace.’”

“So you kept telling yourselves,” said the Time Traveler. His voice was very low but there was a strange and almost frightening edge to it. “But the ‘peace’ in ‘Islam’ means ‘Submission.’ You’ll find that out soon enough”

Great, I was thinking. Of all the time travelers in all the gin joints in all the world, I get this racist, xenophobic, right-wing asshole.

“After Nine-eleven, we’re fighting terrorism,” I began, “not . . .”

He waved me into silence.....[snip]

“What do you know about Syracuse?” he asked suddenly.

I blinked again. “Syracuse, New York?” I said at last.

He shook his head slowly. “Thucydides’ Syracuse,” he said softly. “Syracuse circa 415 B.C. The Syracuse Athens invaded.”

“It was . . . part of the Peloponnesian War,” I ventured.

He waited for more but I had no more to give. I loved history, but let’s admit it . . . that was ancient history. Still, I felt that I should have been able to tell him,or at least remember, why Syracuse was important in the Peloponnesian War or why they fought there or who fought exactly or who had won or . . . something. I hated feeling like a dull student around this scarred old man.... [snip]

“Oh, hell,” I said, “this is going to be a lecture about Iraq, isn’t it? Look . . . I voted for John Kerry last year and . . .”

“Listen to me,” the Time Traveler said softly. It was not a request. There was steel in that soft, rasping voice. “Nicias, the Athenian general who ended up leading the invasion, warned against it in 415 B.C. He said – ‘We must not disguise from ourselves that we go to found a city among strangers and enemies, and that he who undertakes such an enterprise should be prepared to become master of the country the first day he lands, or failing in this to find everything hostile to him’. Nicias, along with the Athenian poet and general Demosthenes, would see their armies destroyed at Syracuse and then they would both be captured and put to death by the Syracusans. Sparta won big in that two-year debacle for Athens. The war went on for seven more years, but Athens never recovered from that overreaching at Syracuse, and in the end . . . Sparta destroyed it. Conquered the Athenian empire and its allies, destroyed Athens’ democracy, ruined the entire balance of power and Greek hegemony over the known world at the time . . . ruined everything. All because of a miscalculation about Syracuse.” ... [snip]

“All right, goddammit,” I said irritably. “Your point’s made. So we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq in this . . . what did you call it? This Long War with Islam, this Century War. We’re all beginning to realize that here by the end of 2005.”

The Time Traveler shook his head. “You’ve understood nothing I’ve said. Nothing. Athens failed in Syracuse – and doomed their democracy – not because they fought in the wrong place and at the wrong time, but because they weren’t ruthless enough. They had grown soft since their slaughter of every combat-age man and boy on the island of Melos, the enslavement of every woman and girl there. The democratic Athenians, in regards to Syracuse, thought that once engaged they could win without absolute commitment to winning, claim victory without being as ruthless and merciless as their Spartan and Syracusan enemies. The Athenians, once defeat loomed, turned against their own generals and political leaders – and their official soothsayers. If General Nicias or Demosthenes had survived their captivity and returned home, the people who sent them off with parades and strewn flower petals in their path would have ripped them limb from limb. They blamed their own leaders like a sun-maddened dog ripping and chewing at its own belly.” ... [snip]

I thought about this. I had no idea what the hell he was saying or how it related to the future.

“You came back in time to lecture me about Thucydides?” I said. “Athens? Syracuse? Sun-Tzu? No offense, Mr. Time Traveler, but who gives a damn?”

The Time Traveler rose so quickly that I flinched back in my chair, but he only refilled his Scotch. This time he refilled my glass as well. “You probably should give a damn” he said softly. “ In 2006, you’ll be ripping and tearing at yourselves so fiercely that your nation – the only one on Earth actually fighting against resurgent caliphate Islam in this long struggle over the very future of civilization – will become so preoccupied with criticizing yourselves and trying to gain short-term political advantage, that you’ll all forget that there’s actually a war for your survival going on. .... [snip]

“Those few others left alive who are allowed to vote?” I said, the words just now striking me like hardthrown stones. “What the hell are you talking about? Has our government taken away all our civil liberties in this awful future of yours?”

He laughed then and this time it was a deep, hearty, truly amused laugh. “Oh, yes,” he said when the laughter abated a bit. He actually wiped away tears from his one good eye. “I had almost forgotten about your fears of your, our . . . civil liberties . . . being abridged by our own government back in these last stupidity-allowed years of 2005 and 2006 and 2007 . Where exactly do you see this repression coming from?”

“Well . . .” I said. I hate it when I start a sentence with ‘well,’ especially in an argument. “Well, the Patriot Act. Bush authorizing spying on Americans . . . international phonecalls and such. Uh . . . I think mosques in the States are under FBI surveillance. I mean, they want to look up what library books we’re reading, for God’s sake. Big Brother. 1984. You know.”

The Time Traveler laughed again, but with more edge this time. “Yes, I know,” he said. “We all know . . . up there in the future which some of you will survive to see as free people. Civil liberties. In 2006 you still fear yourselves and your own institutions first, out of old habit. A not unworthy – if fatally misguided and terminally masochistic – paranoia. I will tell you right now, and this is not a prediction but a history lesson, some of your grandchildren will live in dhimmitude.” ... [snip]

“Your enemies have gathered and struck and continue to strike and you, the innocents of 2006 and beyond, fight among yourselves, chew and rip at your own bellies, blame your brothers and yourselves and your institutions of the Enlightenment – law, tolerance, science, democracy – even while your enemies grow stronger.”

“How are we supposed to know who our enemies are?” I turned and growled at him. “The world is a complex place. Morality is a complex thing.”

“Your enemy is he who will give his life to kill you,” said the Time Traveler. “Your enemies are they that wish you and your children and your grandchildren dead and who are willing to sacrifice themselves, or support those fanatics who will sacrifice themselves, to see you and your institutions destroyed. You haven’t figured that out yet – the majority of you fat, sleeping, smug, infinitely stupid Americans and Europeans.”

He stood and set the Scotch glass back in its place on my sideboard. “How, we wonder in my time,” he said softly, “can you ignore the better part of a billion people who say aloud that they are willing to kill your children . . . or condone and celebrate the killing of them? And ignore them as they act on what they say? We do not understand you.”

I still had not turned to face him, but was looking over my shoulder at him.

“The world, as it turns out,” continued the Time Traveler, “is not nearly so complex a place as your liberal and gentle minds sought to make it.” ... [snip]

I closed my eyes but that did not stop his voice.

“At least understand that such decency goes away quickly when you are burying your children and your grandchildren,” rasped the Time Traveler. “Or watching them suffer in slavery. Ruthlessness deferred against totalitarian aggression only makes the later need for ruthlessness more terrible. Thousands of years of history and war should have taught you that. Did you fools learning nothing from living through the charnel house that was the 20th Century?” .... [snip]

Read the rest here. Do we have the ruthlessness that it takes to win a war against so uncivilized an enemy? I fear that we don't.

Hat tip to Ghost of a Flea for sending me this. It's absolutely essential reading.

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An Arab, a Kurd, and a Palestinian Walk Into a Turkish Hotel....

Michael Totten takes a roadrip through Turkey to Iraqi Kurdistan and learns that hate is a universal value.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:38 PM | Comments |

Islamists Kill 13 Algerian Customs Officials

(Algiers, Algeria) Sources indicate that a convoy of Algerian customs officials was attacked by Islamist militants in the southern part of the country.

From Middle-East-Online.com:

Thirteen Algerian customs officials were killed (pic) and eight others injured Friday when their convoy was ambushed south of Algiers, security sources and the Algerian news agency APS reported.

A security source said the convoy of about 12 four-wheel-drive vehicles came under rocket attack by Islamist militants around 8:00 am (0700 GMT) at Ouardhia on a Saharan road to In Salah.

From ArabNews.com:

Algerian militants killed 13 customs agents in the North African oil producer's southern desert on Friday, a customs official said. The official, who declined to be identified, confirmed media reports yesterday that said the 13 were killed, and 10 wounded, in an ambush on a party of customs officials traveling in a convoy of all terrain vehicles 200 km from the country's biggest oil producing town of Hassi Messaoud.

One agent was also reported missing after the ambush in the southern province of Ghardaia, some 700 km southeast of the capital Algiers, state radio said.

Criminal and terrorist groups populate the southern desert of Algeria while maintaining cross-border smuggling networks throughout Africa's Sahel region. Exact responsibility for the ambush has not been established, however, it has been reported that the attackers were chanting "God is Greatest" during the ambush. I'm assuming that they weren't shouting in English. As such, it appears likely that Islamists are to blame.

Notably, the attack and murders come at a time concurrent with Algerian government officials patting themselves on the back for implementing a massive amnesty program. Called the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation, it forgives seemingly every thug criminal and terrorist group of all offenses and includes the release of convicted prisoners. Consequently, it's conceivable that the Islamists who allegedly committed the ambush and murders on Friday were, at the same time, being forgiven for their acts.

Amnesty mandates an approved breakdown of law and order and it should be rarely granted. Unfortunately, it's become a popular tactic of government leaders to cover for administrative incompetence and lack of courage. Amnesty does not mean compassion and forgiveness as it is trumpeted. Amnesty means that leaders cannot follow constitutionally prescribed rules because it's just too hard.

From Interested-Participant.

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UN Agency Handling Palestinian Aid Linked to Terrorism

On Saturday, I wrote that the United States and the European Union are cutting off funding to the Palestinian Authority now that Hamas has taken control. Apparently, the announced aid cuts are merely a shellgame.

On April 7, the Washington Post reported that US aid to Palestinians is being redirected through the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). As the Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal discovered three years ago, the UNRWA has been infiltrated by terrorist sympathizers, and the "refugee" camps administered by UNRWA are, in reality, terrorist training camps (via IRIS Blog).

Thanks to Tel-Chai Nation who has more.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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'Sex Cammandos' Hack Jewish Porn Sites

Somebody call Madonna, quick! Since we're constantly being accused of being a Zionist front, I figure we owe it to our readers to highlight this case.


A group of ultra-orthodox hackers, shocked by the obscenity of some porn sites, has launched an internet campaign in a bid to cause such sites to crash. The hackers, already named at some internet forums the "ultra-orthodox sex commando," or the "ultra-orthodox electronic underground," focus their efforts at this point on Hebrew sites.

The first target was the Hebrew porn site www.sexhack.tk – a mid-sized, not very popular site that features sex videos.

Those who tried logging in to the site found instead a photo of the Lubavitch Rabbi with the text: "We, the religious-net group, hacked into this site and erased all obscenities. The other sites we plan on bringing down are listed below."

The hackers erased the explicit content and wrote that "the holy kabbalah warns that the sin of spilling sperm in vain is the cause for most diseases and misfortune!"

But what I want to know is how come Bill Dauterieve, who sends along the link, was busy looking at Jewish porn? And for that matter, there's Jewish porn.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:06 AM | Comments |

Blogger Hacked by Online Terrorists Over Mohammed Cartoons

Our good freind Aaron has been hacked by the al3iznet crew. You can see a captured image of the hacked page here. It appears that he was targetted for his promotion of the Mohammed cartoons as this particular group of online terrorists has turned their attention to supporters of free speech in Denmark.

The group is well known and has hacked the Kingdom of Bahrain's website in the past. They've also targetted several Danish bloggers such as Nodblog and Uriaposten. So, Aaron ought to feel himself in good company.

Apparently, the cyber attack originated from Saudi Arabia. You mean to tell me there are terrorists from Saudi Arabia? I don't believe it!

Beth calls this the online equivalent of a fatwa. I'm sooooo jealous. All this time I've put in for a fatwa and what do I get? Nothing!

Ever wanted to e-mail an online terrorist? It just so happens that we have the e-mail address of the crew responsible for the wave of online terrorism:


Why not drop a line and let this guy know what you think of him.

UPDATE: It looks like another old friend, TC Leather Penguin, was also hacked, but he's back up again. As McGehee notes, both attacks were on Word Press users. The same can be said of the Danish bloggers who were attacked. Is there a flaw in Word Press that the ROPers have learned to exploit to their own advantage?

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More Federalism the Answer to Iraq's Woes

Qubad Talabani, son of Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, spoke to University of South Carolina students yesterday, advocating less centralized government in Iraq as the answer to some of his nation's current problems. Townhall:

Other parts of the country are looking at forming similar regions so they can govern themselves with as much autonomy as possible over their own affairs, thus reducing the powers of the central government. By reducing such powers, you will reduce the different communities’ insecurities because of the mistrust that exists today."

He adds, "At the moment, Baghdad is the prize and everybody is fighting over it. We need to reduce the relevance of that prize so that we reduce the level of tension throughout Iraq."

The mistrust and tension, Talabani says, is a part of Saddam Hussein’s legacy, pitting one community against the other, as well as instilling fear from cruelties committed by the former regime against all segments of the population.

"My own region, Kurdistan, was decimated by Saddam," Talabani says. "He destroyed about 4,000 villages, killed about 200,000 people, and used chemical and biological weapons in over 250 incidences – primarily against civilians."

Prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, most Kurds believed themselves to be the only victims of Saddam’s brutality. "But when the regime fell, we realized that Iraqi Arabs were also victims," Talabani says. "We recovered hundreds-of-thousands of bodies in mass graves across the country, many of which were dedicated to children three to six-years-old. Most had been experimented on by the regime. I cannot describe the carnage and brutality in a way that you would be able to comprehend just how bad it really was."

Interesting. But if that is the case, then why not let Iraq dissolve into three more homogenous countries?

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Blogger to Challenge Cynthia "Knock-em-out" McKinney

Dignan is going to challenge Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. No, not to a fight.

Question: How long before McKinney accuses Dignan of being a racist?

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Immigration Tit for Tat

I've been largely silent about the immigration issue because, frankly, I'm conflicted. But check out these immigration laws from Mexico. Draconian, to say the least. Thehomosayswhat:

Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country. This ban applies, among other things, to participation in demonstrations and the expression of opinions in public about domestic politics.

UPDATE: No Speed Bumps says the Democrats have sold out the working class by supporting amnesty for illegals. I dunno. That kind of assumes the Ds cared in the first place....

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Make Your Own Taco Day

Today is supposedly when millions of illegal Mexican squatters are being told to stay home from work and not buy anything to show the omnipotent power they have over the U.S. economy.

No word yet on whether illegal Chinese, Saudi, or Haitians (or any other nationality) have been invited to take part.

Racism has nothing to do with it. Since the illegals agitating for attention are Hispanic, then it's the illegal Hispanics who will get the attention. And the mocking that goes along with it.

Here where I live, some businesses, mainly Mexican restaurants, are closing for the day in solidarity with the insurgents. Therefore, if your situation is similar, I'm marking this as Make Your Own Taco Day.

Just trot down to your favorite still-open market, purchase the delicious fresh ingredients (no box crap allowed! That's too easy) and make your own scrumptious Mexican-style meal. If you want a nice frozen adult beverage to go with it, swap the tequila for rum and have a Daquiri instead of a Margarita.

Or, if you are just lousy in the kitchen, find an authentic Mexican restaurant that is open and offer them your patronage and hard earned cash.

Our current open-border policy is a bona fide national security threat. Anyone can sneak over our border, nobody's sitting there qualifying Mexicans over Muslims to creep in.

Seal the damned border, we can figure out what to do about those already here later.

And fly your American flag proudly today, if you aren't already.

By Vinnie at 06:12 AM | Comments |

Saddam Intended Suicide Missions Against US

Showing the sort of initiative that should be coming from an alert mainstream press, Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters has confirmed the translation of a captured Iraqi document asking for volunteers for a "Suicide Mission" against "American Interests".

Fearing that critics would claim the document had been mistranslated because the original translation had been done for the Free Republic, Morrissey hired two independent translators to confirm the original. Captain Ed has posted the results, both of which confirm the original translation:

The top secret letter 2205 of the Military Branch of Al Qadisya on 4/3/2001 announced by the top secret letter 246 from the Command of the military sector of Zi Kar on 8/3/2001 announced to us by the top secret letter 154 from the Command of Ali Military Division on 10/3/2001 we ask to provide that Division with the names of those who desire to volunteer for Suicide Mission to liberate Palestine and to strike American Interests and according what is shown below to please review and inform us.
This document, in and of itself, proves that Saddam had not only contemplated terrorism against US interests, but was actively recruiting martyrs for that purpose. The conclusion is obvious, as stated by Captain Ed: "...destroying Saddam's regime is an integral part of the war on terror, not a distraction."

The mainstream media has yet to report the existence of this document.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

By Bluto12:40 AM | Comments |

April 09, 2006

MSM Steps Up Propaganda Campaign Against US Military

How else to explain the grossly offensive way that Washington Post writer Thomas E. Ricks chose to phrase his "exposé" disclosing that [gasp] the American military would like Iraqis to think badly of brutal terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? [emphasis added to excerpt below]

The U.S. military is conducting a propaganda campaign to magnify the role of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to internal military documents and officers familiar with the program. The effort has raised his profile in a way that some military intelligence officials believe may have overstated his importance and helped the Bush administration tie the war to the organization responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
The idea that publicizing the undisputed terrorist acts of Zarqawi in an effort to cut off any support he has among the Iraqi populace is somehow nefarious is ridiculous. This is the man who sawed off Nick Berg's head.

Ricks is likewise outraged that the US "home audience" is part of the "propaganda operation". Horrors! Everyone knows that only mainstream journalists are allowed to target American citizens with propaganda. Actually, Ricks' outrage seems to be jealousy that a New York Times reporter, Dexter Filkins, was given a scoop that Ricks missed out on. Since it wasn't given to Ricks it's not a "tip", it's a "leak".

In his zeal to damage the Bush administration, reporter Ricks has betrayed his profession, as well as his country.

Also posted at The Dread Pundit Bluto and Vince Aut Morire.

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Playboy Launches in Muslim Indonesia on Hef's 80th B-Day

Playboy in IndonesiaOn Hugh Hefner's 80th birthday, Playboy magazine went on sale in Muslim Indonesia.

From the BBC:

An Indonesian version of Playboy has gone on sale in the world's most populous Muslim nation.

A spokesman for the magazine, which has promised to tone down its erotic photographs, said copies would be available in major cities on Friday.

The launch has drawn criticism from Muslim clerics, who condemn the magazine as a corrupting influence.

Earlier this year there were street protests in many towns when the magazine announced its plans to launch.

As previously reported (here and here), everyone is not thrilled. There continue to be protests by Muslim groups demanding that the sellers of Playboy be arrested and prosecuted under pornography laws. However, the magazine displays no nudity and is believed to be tamer than other magazines being sold in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, here's wishing Hugh Hefner a "Happy Birthday!" and congratulations on Playboy magazine's successful launch in the Muslim nation of Indonesia.

As an interesting side note, the last I heard, Playboy is still prohibited from being sold on military bases in the U.S. I guess this means that Muslim suppression of free speech doesn't hold a candle to good American political correctness. (H/T Pirate's Cove)

From Interested-Participant.

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Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: More Than Walnuts on the Lawn Edition.

Or posted way late edition, whatever

Ap Via Yahoo : An unidentified intruder, right, shouts as he is approached by a member of the Secret Service Emergency Response Team on the North Lawn of the White House, Sunday, April 9, 2006 in Washington.
Er uh caption the nut! I like the God says, “You really owe me for this one!” But it will be hard to beat what he actually said.
Yahoo : Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren identified the man as 40-year-old Brian Lee Patterson, "I have intelligence information for the president," he said, waving his arms in the air. "I'm not afraid of you!"
Update fatwa's issued should have titled this one "Not Much Response Edition". Therefore I will not bump it up.

Fatwa issued against the winner Improbulus Maximus for :

Time to up the dosage it seems.

Fatwa issued against Orlando for :

I will remain here until President Sheehan takes her lawful place.

Honorable mention to Venom becuase Vinnie says if I want to live a long life I'd better. And sorry Graeme you can't win very time.

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Terrorists Release Video of Two German Hostages

I hope they are returned and the criminals who took them face justice soon.

BBC : In an internet statement, their captors issued a threat to kill them if US forces did not release Iraqi prisoners.

Describing the men as "German agents", they said they would be killed if men and women were not freed from the "occupation prisons".

Bareknucklepolitics has a link to the video as well as the Reuters dispatch.
BERLIN (Reuters) via Bareknucklepolitics : - Two German hostages held in Iraq since the end of January have appeared in a video pleading for help, German media reported on Sunday.

The two men appearing in the video were identified by German broadcasters as Rene Braeunlich and Thomas Nitzschke.

The German government stopped short of identifying them, but confirmed it had received a video showing the hostages.

Looking distraught and exhausted, Braeunlich and Nitzschke were shown in front of a black banner with white Arabic writing on it.

One of the men, thought to be Nitzschke, could be heard saying in German: “We have been here for more than 60 days. We are at the end of our nerves. Please help us. We cannot bear this any longer. Please help us.”

The video has a March 28 date stamp on it and is believed to be the fourth video message showing the Germans.

Al Jazeera television also aired a brief portion of the tape, showing the two bearded men standing in front of a black banner bearing the name of the Ansar al-Tawhid Wa-Sunna group.

Hat Tip Orgish : Hosting the video here.

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Iraqi Shia Protest Against Bombings/Violence.

Gateway Pundit has a great post showing reaction to yesterday’s bombings. It seems they dislike al-Qaeda.

Gatewaypundit : As the media paints a picture of Civil War, the terrorists in Iraq continue to murder innocent civilians. The worst massacre of the year on Friday was blamed on Al Zarqawi and his thugs and NOT on sectarian division.

After the suicide bombings yesterday at the Buratha mosque in Baghdad that killed over 70 people, Shiites protested for unity today in Iraq..

Al-Qaeda = Failure

By Howie at 07:31 PM | Comments |

Oh Where Oh Where Are The Moderate Muslims?

They are not hiding here in the stove! No really guys where are you?

Instapundit : We need to make the moderates feel safer -- and the extremists much more nervous. That's why things like the pandering response to the Cartoon Wars by everyone from Borders to the Bush Administration, are exactly wrong. Plus, there's this:....

By Howie at 07:24 PM | Comments |

Secretary of Defense on Iraq Anniversary

Donald H. Rumsfeld talks about what we have gained in the last three years. He’s not been fired yet so what the hell.

Secretary Rumsfeld Via Centcom :Some have described the situation in Iraq as a tightening noose, noting that "time is not on our side" and that "morale is down." Others have described a "very dangerous" turn of events and are "extremely concerned."

Who are they that have expressed these concerns? In fact, these are the exact words of terrorists discussing Iraq -- Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his associates -- who are describing their own situation and must be watching with fear the progress that Iraq has made over the past three years.

The terrorists seem to recognize that they are losing in Iraq. I believe that history will show that to be the case.

Donald H. Rumsfeld

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Brothers Kill Sister for "Honor"

(Lod, Israel) Nineteen-year-old Rim Abu Ganem, an Israeli Arab, was allegedly choked to death by her brothers in an "honor killing." Rim had fallen in love with a Palestinian man who wasn't the family's choice for her mate. Shortly before she was murdered, police had warned that her life was in danger and referred her to a shelter. Tragically, Rim didn't heed the warning.

Rim's brother Suliman, a pediatrician at Assaf Harofeh Hospital, allegedly gave the other brothers an anesthetic to put her to sleep. While Rim dozed, they choked her. Rim's body was later found in a well.

The five brothers were arrested and they may actually face legal consequences since the crime was committed in Israel. I hope so. More here.

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April 08, 2006

9 April 2003


World opinion says that this war was illegal because the Coalition found no weapons of mass destruction. What have been found, however, are heaps of bodies, buried in mass graves, which would not have been discovered otherwise. Five-hundred thousand people — men, women and children — had been executed or buried alive. Saddam Hussein and many of his henchmen were captured alive and, in contrast to the way they treated people, are being treated humanely. Saddam Hussein's 35-year war against the population of Iraq cost over two million people their lives, and this campaign is not over yet. Now, however, we are no longer alone in this war. We have the United States on our side. We know that we can win this struggle.
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Use of Tactical Nukes Considered Against Iran

From the Telegraph:

The Bush administration is planning to use nuclear weapons against Iran, to prevent it acquiring its own atomic warheads, claims an investigative writer with high-level Pentagon and intelligence contacts.
The Telegraph is referring to this article by Seymour Hersh in The New Yorker. Unnamed sources quoted by Hersh say that the Iranian nuclear facilities are dug in too deep to be taken out with bunker busters using conventional explosives.

The Iranian nuclear program must be taken out, and if the vicious current regime goes with it, so much the better. The risk, not only of the mad mullahs using nuclear weapons, but of their providing them to one of the terrorist groups they sponsor is too great. If it takes tactical nuclear weapons to accomplish the destruction of the Iranian nuclear threat, so be it.

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