January 27, 2010

Good News!! Yemen To Host GITMO "Rehab" Center

What could go wrong?

Via Telegraph

The move would help President Barack Obama achieve his elusive goal of closing the controversial US prison.

The issue will be raised for the first time in an international setting on the sidelines of a ministerial meeting in London on Wednesday[...]

A source close to the Obama administration said the Yemenis had agreed in principle to the establishment of a Reintegration and Risk Reduction Initiative, which would be internationally funded and monitored.

Aimed at steering detainees back into society, it would be modeled on previous efforts in Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The project has support from within the US state department and is gaining ground among White House advisers, said the source....

Yes, it has worked so well in other settings, lets do it in a damn terrorist hotbed.

God help us all....

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