January 26, 2010

"Islam is...Bullshit" or, why Google About to Get Lots of Death Threats!

Remember the story about Google censoring it's auto-fill function for "Islam is" but not for "Christianity is" and "Hinduism is" etc? If you'll recall, when one typed in "Christianity is" a number of negative phrases popped up into the auto fill box, including "is bullshit" and "is a lie".

Here's a screenshot I took on Jan. 7th to confirm the story.

Well, Gharqad emails me to say that Google has apparently stopped censoring the phrase "Islam is". Type in "Islam is" now and you get nearly the same results as typing in "Christianity is", with "Islam is bullshit" being the top recommendation from the auto-fill function.

I took the following screenshot to confirm it.


Way to go Google. Now if you'll just stop helping terrorists by allowing them to use your YouTube and Blogspot services to spread their vile terrorist propaganda, then you and I would be squared away.

In any event, watch your sixes Google employees. The Religion of Peace tolerates no dissent.

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