February 04, 2010

Daughter of top CAIR official joined HAMAS caravan, met with HAMAS leaders with father's support and approval

In late December and early January, a convoy loaded with supplies, vehicles and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash under the banner of the group Viva Palestina, led by far-left UK politician George Galloway, wound its way through Europe, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt to its final destination - the awaiting arms of the Hamas terrorlords of Gaza. Along the way, this convoy was met by a number of Hamas leaders, including several who have been designated as global terrorists by the US government. In early December, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, asked for both the FBI and IRS to investigate the illegal fundraising and support of Hamas by Viva Palestina in the US.

Included in this Hamas support convoy were approximately 50 US citizens. But we can report here exclusively at the Jawa Report that one of the members was the daughter of a top official for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization identified by FBI Agent Lara Burns in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial as a front group for Hamas. CAIR is currently the target of a federal grand jury investigation for its ongoing support of the terrorist group.

Needless to say, this Hamas support convoy from the West garnered much attention by the Middle East press, including Al-Jazeera. When the Hamas support convoy reached Jordan on December 26th, Al-Jazeera interviewed some of the convoy members, including this young lady pictured below, "Jenna Daoud", who the report identifies as "a 16 year old Palestinian-American from Ohio" (around 2:00 in the video clip):


We can reveal that "Jenna Daoud" is actually Jana Al-Akhras, daughter of CAIR national vice chairman Ahmad Al-Akhras. In fact, after Al-Akhras was interviewed by Al-Jazeera, she bragged about the interview on her Facebook page:


The participation of Jana Al-Akhras is also confirmed by a list of US participants in a trip alert published on the Viva Palestina website (the page still exists, but has been scrubbed of any names). Al-Akhras was joined by three others from the terror-riddled Columbus area: Mohammed Soltan (president of the Ohio State Muslim Student Association and son of international terror sheikh Salah Soltan), Kareem El-Hennawy, and Ammar Zahar. According to the list, the elder Soltan himself also participated in the convoy.


Apparently the proud papa, CAIR vice chairman Ahmed Al-Akhras forwarded update messages to the local Muslim community from his daughter updating them on their progress. The local CAIR chapter in Columbus also published these email updates from Al-Akhras and the parents of the other local convoy members. The Central Ohio Muslim community held a fundraiser featuring Galloway himself last April to raise money for the Hamas terrorist group, sponsored by the Ohio State Muslim Student Association and the Noor Islamic Cultural Center (yes, the very same mosque involved in the Rifqa Bary case).

During their travels, the convoy members, including Al-Akhras and her Ohio co-conspirators, met with a number of Hamas officials, including several designated terrorists. MEMRI has video of two Hamas officials greeting the convoy, Osama Hamdan, the Hamas representative in Lebanon, and Musa Abu Marzook, the deputy leader of Hamas and a designated terrorist. They were also greeted by Hamas spokesman Talal Nasser, and the head of Hamas himself, Khaled Mishaal.


As reported by the Investigative Project two weeks ago, based on Middle East media reports, the head of the Hamas Qassam Brigades, the terrorist wing of the group, collected $600,000 in cash that had been delivered by the Viva Palestina Hamas support convoy. The Investigative Project has a full report that is worth reading concerning the three Viva Palestina Hamas support convoys and their fundraising efforts in the US during 2009.

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