January 24, 2010

Bin-Laden Claims Flight 253 Attack Warns US of More Attacks


CNN) -- A new audio tape allegedly from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden claims responsibility for an attempt to blow up a plane en route to Michigan on Christmas Day and warns the United States of more attacks.

The tape, which aired on the Arabic-language news Web site Al-Jazeera on Sunday, says "the United States will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in Palestine."

The tape continues: "It is not fair to enjoy that kind of life while our brothers in Gaza live in the worst of miseries."

CNN could not independently confirm the authenticity of the message, but the CIA has in the past confirmed Al-Jazeera reports on tapes from the al Qaeda leader.

I thought Obi-One said he was going to kill this bastage first thing. What are you waiting on Mr. President?

This appears to be the original Arabic Audio
. I can't say much except it in his voice. And I recognize a few of the Arabic words.

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