November 30, 2004

American Roy Hallums Held Hostage in Iraq

UPDATE 9/07: ROY HALLUMS RESCUED IN IRAQ!!!! Details here. Or try the Main Page.

UPDATE 1/25/05: Roy HALLUMS hostage video emerges, click here for details. Thank God Roy is still alive!

American Roy Hallun has been held hostage in Iraq for the past 29 days. I first learned about this today. It was buried in a NY Times piece, almost to the end. I can't find any other information about Mr. Hallun other than incidental reports by the the press in the Phillippines. Roy Hallun was taken captive with a Fillipino named Robert Tarongoy and the Phillippines has now confirmed that they are in negotiations with the terrorists for his release.

Does any one have any further information about Mr. Hallun? Perhaps the more recent press reports have spelled his name incorrectly and this is why I was unable to fact check the story?
12/01 From this post: Remembering the Forgotten American Hostages in Iraq

A friend of his left a comment today and reports that the correct spelling of his name is "Roy A. Hallums". The last 'Butch' heard from Roy he was in Amman Jordan working for the Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction Company (SATCO). In an e-mail sent to Butch last July, Roy mentioned he might be headed to Iraq soon. Any news about Roy would be welcomed by his friends and family. Neither the Pentagon nor SATCO has been forthcoming with information. Roy was kidnapped with several Iraqis, a Nepalese, and a Fillipino man all of whom have been released. The Phillipine government now confirms negotiating with the terrorists for Robert Tarongoy's freedom, something the Pentagon had warned would could be dangerous to the welfare of other hostages being held in Iraq..

1/11/05: Tribute to American Hostage Roy Hallums

As close followers of this site know, a minor controversy was started when we published the name of an American civillian being held hostage in Iraq. His name first appeared as 'Roy Hallun' in a Fillipino newspaper and we republished that account here. In response to that initial post a friend of Roy contacted us and clarified that Roy's last name was actually 'Hallums'.

We published several posts about Roy Hallums, shocked that not a single mainstream media outlet had picked up on the story. Roy had been kidnapped with six other foreigners on November 1st. For weeks the State Department would only confirm that an American had been kidnapped but would not release his name. This seemed odd to us and we felt that the word should get out.

Members of Roy's family soon contacted us with words of encouragement. They too were perplexed that an American citizen could be held hostage in Iraq and yet no media would cover the story.

However, as some of you know, we took down several posts dedicated to Roy Hallums. A person close to Roy Hallums' contacted me with the concern that publicizing his account might jeopardize ongoing negotiations for his release. I was conflicted. On the one hand I felt a great deal of sympathy for this person. If I were in their shoes I would do everything possible, including paying a ransom to terrorists, for the release of my loved one. On the other hand, I wanted the whole world to know the depths of Islamofascist perfidy. As a matter of fact, my entire site is dedicated to that very goal.

In the end, the personal nature of the request won me over and I removed the posts as requested.

In the past few weeks, Roy's immediate family has been trying to get the word out about his plight and it seems the media is catching on. Just prior to my vacation I was contacted by a producer at CBS news who was trying to reach the Hallums family--I assume they ran the story although I've been out of the loop. Carrie and her mother Susan Hallums have also appeared on Good Morning America trying to get the word out about their loved one.

Carrie e-mailed me over my holiday letting me know that she had set up a web page dedicated to her father. If you have a minute I'd encourage you to go over there and look around. You can leave words of encouragement at this guest page. Also, please include Roy Hallums and his family in your prayers.


Hallums Family Reacts to Hostage Video, $12 million dollar ranson demand made

Ghadaffi calls for Roy Hallums Release

State Department Admits 3 American Hostages 'Probably' in Iraq

Jesse Jackson to Intervene on Behalf of US Hostage Roy Hallums

Phillipines Paying Ransom for Hostage (Again): Roy Hallums-Libya Connection

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Bloggers Jailed in Iran

There are reasons why I worry about Iran having a Nuclear bomb and not Israel, Pakistan and not France (yes, France), or North Korea and not, say, Sweden. Here is an an example from Reporters Without Borders via Michelle Malkin:

Reporters Without Borders has strongly protested against the Iran's relentless efforts to stifle free expression online after the arrest of five webloggers in less than two months, the latest on 28 November 2004.

"The government is now attacking blogs, the last bastion of freedom on a network that is experiencing ever tighter control," said the worldwide press freedom organisation. "At the same time, an Iranian delegate is sitting on a UN-created working group on Internet governance. The international community should condemn this masquerade," it added.

Three webloggers identified only by their first names were arrested on 29 October 2004. They were : Dariush, Omid, and Payvand.

Mojtaba Saminejad was arrested at the beginning of November for speaking out against the arrest of his three colleagues in his blog.

Farid Modaressi, a member of the student organisation the Office to Consolidate Unity, was arrested on 28 November on the order of the prosecutor's office in the city of Qom. He had posted a number of articles on his weblog exposing persistent harassment in the city by members of the conservative movement. Two of his brothers were reportedly arrested two days earlier and are apparently still being held.

Scott at Slantpoint points to the Editor: Myself blog for background and commentary including this post on why blogs provide a space for public discourse otherwise closed under the clerical regime:
It's in this context that Internet, and blogs in particular, are so much important in Iran today: They are providing a relatively safe space for a public discourse that the regime has effectively prevented during the past couple of years by shutting down opposition parties and newspapers, and intimidating journalists, and activists.

While the smarter divisions of the regime have realized the dangers of this remaining open space and desperately trying to close it, the world seems to be ignorant about this great Achilles'' heel of the Iranian regime.

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Free Muslim Coalition Petition

Dean had a link to the Free Muslim Coalition's petition to get the UN to support censuring religious leaders who sanction murders through the issuing of fatwas. I urge all to sign the petition (direction are at the bottom of the page).

I took a few minutes to look over the site, and I must say I like what I see. For instance, their position on terrorism:

The Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism believes that there can NEVER be a justification for terrorism.

The Coalition believes that fundamentalist Islamic terror represents one of the most lethal threats to the stability of the civilized world. The existence of Islamic terrorists is the existence of threats to democracy. There is no room for terrorism in the modern world and the United States should take a no-tolerance stance on terrorism in order to avoid another tragedy, along the lines of 9-11. With the added threat of biochemical weapons, the call to defeat terrorism has never been so urgent.

Among Islamic scholars, the concept of jihad ranges in definition from the personal struggle against temptation to holy war. All calls for jihad to create an Islamic state should be rejected as heretic and a threat to modern society. The Coalition feels that the concept of jihad should be reinterpreted for a modern day context in which holy war is obsolete. No holy war needs to be waged; there is no clear and present threat to Islam; the only war that needs to be waged in the modern world is one against terrorists and extremists. As militant Islamic fundamentalism increases, the Coalition will wage a battle of minds as we bring Islam into the 21st century and introduce a doctrine which is compatible with democracy and modern living.

Brave souls, all.

Check this out from their position on democracy, I fully agree:

The Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism strongly supports the promotion of democracy in the Middle East. However, the Coalition cautions that imposing democracy on the Middle East without first promoting secularism and destroying terrorism may lead to the creation of Islamic extremist states that will ultimately reject the democracy that brings them to power....

Democracy is rule by the people; a system of free choice where rulers are elected and held accountable by their constituents. The element of free choice of leaders is an explosive topic right now in the Middle East & North Africa. If fair and free elections were held tomorrow, the majority of Arab countries would probably elect totalitarian leaders with an intolerant pro-Islamist agenda. The election of extremists would spell death to democracy. We must first expel Islamic extremists and terrorists from Arab and Muslim societies before democracy sweeps the region.

The Coalition supports the right of all peoples to self government, but recognizes the importance of a solid system of government which guarantees a secular democracy protecting the rights of all people, regardless of gender, race or religion, and strives tirelessly to eliminate threats to democracy including extremism and terrorism. The Coalition fosters this secular environment by opening debates on the prerequisite of secularism in governments in the Middle East & North Africa, rallying against Islamist propaganda in media outlets, in institutions of education and in political campaigns, and by exploring the creation of secular democracy-preserving constitutions for Arab and Muslim countries.

The Coalition believes that Muslims must be reeducated about the benefits of secularism and that the failure of their governments to bring them peace and prosperity was not because they were secular. The Coalition also believes that democracy can not succeed unless terrorism is defeated and Islamic extremism is discredited.

Amen brothers. Finally some hope!!!

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Barking Moonbats in Canada Alert

Canadians protesting Bush's visit. I saw Christmas with the Kranks last Friday, this protest looks much funnier. Go check out the Ravishing Light's photo essay posted here, here, and here. (via LGF)

Ok, I think we all can agree that Bush=Hitler....but that Star Wars crack just goes too far!! I say invade Canada now!!

But seriously, moonbats like this are the reason Bush will probably be assasinated. Why? Because if you really believe Bush=Hitler then isn't killing him the right thing to do? A running theme on this blog is that people do terrible things because they believe that what they are doing is for a just cause. This is why the battle for ideas is every bit as important as the physical battles being fought by our brave soldiers abroad.

PS-Looks like turnout was lighter than expected.

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I didn't even know Wierd Al was Ukranian...

....let alone Prime Minister.

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Attacks on Troops Down After Fallujah Victory

The benefits of the Fallujah offensive just keep pouring in. The Zarqawi tape the article references was reported here a week ago. This NewsMax article explains it:

Terrorist attacks against U.S. troops and security forces in Iraq have plummeted dramatically in the wake of the Marine assault on Fallujah earlier this month, the Pentagon said Monday.

"Military officials report that attacks across all of Iraq have dropped from 130 to 50 per day," Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski told NBC's "Nightly News." ...

But terrorist leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi suggested last week that his forces were in no position to mount a counter attack - since the Fallujah offensive had devastated the insurgency.

"Hundreds of thousands of the nation's sons are being slaughtered at the hands of the infidels," Zarqawi said in an audiotape posted on an Islamic Web site known as al-Qala'a, which has been a mailbox for Islamic militant groups.

In an indictment of Muslim clerics whom he blamed for failing to support the insurgency, the Jordanian-born terrorist complained: "Are your hearts not shaken by the scenes of your brothers being surrounded and hurt by your enemy?

"How long will you continue to abandon the nation to the tyrants of the east and of the west, who are inflicting the worst suffering, cutting the throats of the holy warriors . . ."

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Al Qaeda Update

So what's al Qaeda up to these days? I've been speculating that Zarqawi, who is the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, is in Mosul. Thanks to the Reliapundit for this Novinite link which claims Zarqawi may be in Basra. Very unusual if true because Basra is a Shia area. However, considering that Novinite picked the story up from a Russian news source which conducted interviews with Basra locals, I'm less than convinced of it's veracity:

Iraqi and UK troops from the coalition forces, are conducting a massive search raid for Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

Al-Zarqawi is believed to have taken refuge in the city after fleeing Fallujah.

Locals say agents from the Iraqi forces are collecting information about Al-Zarqawi location, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

In other news, operation Plymouth Rock is also focusing on areas south of Baghdad. No indication whether Zarqawi is a target of the operation.

Al Qaeda's #2 man has also released a tape. Chad Evans speculates that the message is an indication of fragmentation among the top al Qaeda leadership. Me? I've no idea but it doesn't surprise me to learn that Dr. Zawahri thinks the J-O-Os are behind the recent US elections.

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Fish Blogging

I called in sick yesterday and went to a super-secret fishing hole of mine. My spot is just below the outlet of a little man-made reservoir down here. I was the only one there all day. I'd say the river is only 15-20 feet below the top of the levy so the slough I fish off of is pretty small. Every time we get a lot of rain the bass just start boiling but I've never seen so many fish as yesterday! It looked like an upstream salmon migration with fish trying desperately to make it up the slough. Literally hundreds of bass congregating in the foam where the water from the lake above hits the river below. I've also heard of jumping catfish before, but never seen it. At first I thought they were giant bass jumping out of the water every five or ten minutes, until I hooked into my first cat of the day.

The bite was definitely on! Final score: Three 5 lb+ cats (all released) and five bass (took three home, ate one for supper last night). The catch of the day was a 7 or 8 lb monster of a largemouth, although I can't be sure. I grew up a trout fisherman and you measure trout by length, not by weight. I'll post a picture as soon as I get the film developed. I'm just glad I switched over to 20 lb line before I went. As it was two grandaddies got off. One of them broke the line, the other broke the hook! All the fish were caught on various plastic minows, even the cats, but the large (I'm talking 4-5 inches) red tinted ones seemed to work the best.

Fishing also gives you a chance to reflect on priorities. I've come to the conclusion that too much of my time is devoted to this blog. I love to blog, to put my thoughts down in a public forum, to get feedback, to be part of a national conversation.... but clearly blogging can't be the most important thing in my life. However, if time is an indication of our priorities than an objective observer might think my life's greatest priority was blogging. So, somewhere between the fish that got away and the discovery that I was standing on an anthill I made the commitment to spend less time blogging. No, I'm not giving it up, I'm just going to cut down a bit. I average 6-10 posts a day. Expect 3-5 in the future.

More time fishing, less time blogging. More time with my family, less time with the public. More time devoted to the job that pays the bills, less time to my hobby. All blog and no play makes Rusty a dull boy..

UPDATE: All blog and no play also make Bill a dull boy. Oh and screw the Llama Butchers, I'm just keeping it real yo!

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November 29, 2004

The Edumacation of the Left

by Demosophist

I just watched a fascinating account on LinkTV's and Pacifica's leftist news program, Democracy NOW! concerning reports from sources in Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. One was from a London Guardian reporter in Kiev named Ian Traynor. (Here's a link to a story he wrote on the topic.) He has been close to the pro-democracy movement there, unlike many of his colleagues sitting at their desks in London, and maintains unequivocally that you can credit the US with launching and funding many of the citizen movements in that part of the world that were able to prevent autocrats from stealing elections. He also says that the movements are not oriented toward simply producing pro-American propaganda that favors a particular candidate, but rather their mission is to produce a level playing field. (For instance, the pro-authoritarian election in Belarus recently was allowed to stand without protest, largely because it was acknowledged that the anti-US candidate did, in fact, win.)

This apparently all began in Belgrade, with formation of a student movement called "Otpor" (means "resistance").

Funded and organised by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organisations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box.

Richard Miles, the US ambassador in Belgrade, played a key role. And by last year, as US ambassador in Tbilisi, he repeated the trick in Georgia, coaching Mikhail Saakashvili in how to bring down Eduard Shevardnadze.

Ten months after the success in Belgrade, the US ambassador in Minsk, Michael Kozak, a veteran of similar operations in central America, notably in Nicaragua, organised a near identical campaign to try to defeat the Belarus hardman, Alexander Lukashenko.

That one failed. "There will be no Kostunica in Belarus," the Belarus president declared, referring to the victory in Belgrade.

To their credit Democracy NOW didn't cut Traynor off, or attempt to censor his report. But clearly he was saying things that just didn't fit the propaganda orientation of that show. These US funded groups, with money funneled through organizations like Freedom House, use a variety of tools including satire and humor as well as exit polls, to undermine fear, intertia and disinformation. (Note, the final exit polls in the US agreed with the actual vote count. It was only the preliminaries that were skewed.)

After Ian Traynor's report they interviewed a former Newsweek reporter named Robert Parry, who made a number of startling points about US Democratic Party leadership. Parry wrote a scathing book about the Bush administration, so he's not exactly in their back pocket. But his observations are relevant to what has happened to the leadership of the Democratic Party, and (though he's unlikely to make the point himself) the overall effect of partisan operatives who have no experiential comprehension of the real opposition to liberal democracy. He observes that many of the people working for democracy in these countries of the former Evil Empire are members of the Democratic Party, and furthermore the rank and file of the Party have been mostly very concerned about the spread of democracy in former Eastern Block countries and Soviet Republics. But the leadership of the Party has been rather sanguine about the stolen election in the Ukraine, and were immediately prepared to accept the bogus results once they had been "certified" by the regime.

Now, this is all fascinating to me because I think the anti-Americanism we've been seeing, and what Bill Whittle and others have identified as an "auto-immune disorder" of western society, is founded on a pervasive lack of experience with the anti-democratic and "fear regime" forces in the world. It is based on what I call a "lust for peace" that is simply too impatient to formulate a program for peace that incorporates the notion of political and civil freedom. I know some of the people who have worked in the organizations funneling money to Otpor and similar groups, and though they are Democrats they voted for Bush.

Of course, after these reports were submitted the moderator of the show immediately launched into a long soliloquy about how the US involvement in this arena of fear was "all about the oil." One wonders if she was even listening. But I think there is a growing rift between the leadership of these western groups, and the dawning realization on the part of some of their members that possibly, just possibly, some of the people we're opposed to are, like... almost as bad as George Bush... sorta, kinda.

The US is, at least in the former Soviet Empire, "walking the walk." One could point out that they ought to be doing the same now in places like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and even Palestine... or the whole of the Middle East for that matter. One could point that out, if one cared... and weren't overly concerned that doing so wouldn't necessarily reflect all that badly on the Bush administration.

It's difficult to tell where this will go, but there's at least a chance that part of the left is "going to school," and might eventually start a sort of counter-movement similar to the anti-soviet left that once emerged as Neoconservatism in the alcoves of the City University of New York. God forbid, huh?

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November 27, 2004

Saturday Entry

I'm pretty much taking the weekend off. I made a commitment a couple of months ago to stop blogging on Sunday--kind of a blog Sabbath. Remember, blogs were made for man and not man for the blogs. In the meantime please go vote for Pat Tillman as Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year by clicking here. Tillman quit a lucrative job in the NFL to join the Army. He was killed fighting in Afghanistan. Vote early and vote often!

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November 26, 2004

Ransom Paid for UN Hostages?

Last week we were grateful that 3 UN election workers being held hostage and threatened with beheding by Taliban elements were released in Afghanistan. Today, this story via Captain Ed that ransom may have been paid for their release. The former hostages are Annetta Flanigan from Northern Ireland, Shqipe Hebibi from Kosovo, and Angelito Nayan from the Phillipines. Reuters:

A former British soldier and journalist detained over his role in the release of three U.N. hostages was himself freed on Friday and said he had passed on a message offering $1.5 million to a group for the trio's freedom.

Veteran war cameraman Peter Jouvenal, who now runs a guesthouse in Kabul, said he passed on the offer of money from Kosovan businessman Behgjet Pacolli to the Taliban splinter faction Jaish-e Muslimeen (Army of Muslims) via an intermediary. "But as far as I understand that money was not paid," he said. Pacolli, a family friend of one of the hostages, has denied paying any ransom but has said Jouvenal traveled on his behalf to the Pakistani city of Peshawar to contact the militants.

A government official, meanwhile, said he understood the hostages were freed on Tuesday after the payment of a ransom, but he did not know by whom it was paid or to whom. "As far as I understand money has been given," he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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72 Virgins Dating Service

Via No Pasaran! this Army Ranger shirt:

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Terrorists, Weapons, and Chemical Weapons Captured

A slew of happenings from Fallujah and Mosul yesterday, all the news positive. Abu Saeed, a top aid to Zarqawi, has been captured. Via Chad at ITB this AP piece:

A lieutenant of Iraq's most feared terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was captured a few days ago in Mosul, the government's national security adviser said Thursday. Qassem Dawoud identified the alleged lieutenant only as Abu Saeed but gave no further details.
Second, it looks like the terrorists were attempting to make chemical weapons in Fallujah. The Cabal of Doom has a few photos of the alleged lab. This Rueters report, via James Joyner, seems to indicate that the lab was either at the location shown in the first picture of this post or image #48 here:
A laboratory for the manufacture of chemical weapons has been found in Falluja, an Iraqi minister said on Thursday, but Marines in the city said they were not aware of any such discovery. "Soldiers from the Iraqi National Guard found a chemical laboratory that was used to prepare deadly explosives and poisons," Minister of State Kassim Daoud told a news conference. "They also found in the lab booklets and instructions on how to make bombs and poisons. They even talked about the production of anthrax."
Last, it seems we keep finding more and more weapons in Fallujah. Two days ago I reported a biographical sketch of Sheik Abdullah al-Janabi who ran the mosque where these weapons were found. Via James who e-mailed me this Bloomberg report:
Iraqi forces and U.S. Marines searching a mosque in Fallujah ``discovered the largest weapons cache to date'' in the city, where the coalition has been carrying out an assault on insurgents, the military said.

The stockpile of heavy weaponry was found yesterday in and around the compound of the Sa'ad Abi Bin Waqas Mosque in the Hey Al-Shorta District, the military said today in a statement e-mailed from the capital, Baghdad. The mosque was used by Muslim cleric Abdullah al-Janabi, leader of the city's rebels, to preach ``anti-coalition rhetoric,'' the military said.

The number of weapons recovered in the mosque complex is ``stunning,'' and is ``enough to mount an insurgency across the country,'' the Associated Press cited Lieutenant Colonel Dan Wilson of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force as saying. The military didn't indicate how many weapons were seized.

To our fighting men and women in Iraq: keep up the good work and God speed!

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Fifteen Bodies Found in Mosul

Fifteen bodies were found in Mosul today. This Reuters account puts the count of total bodies found in Mosul at 30. However, by my calculations at least 17 bodies were found in Mosul over the past week or so. That number includes two members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party whose murder by the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah was videotaped and released on the internet. It also includes the bodies of 9 Iraqi National Guard members, seven of whom were beheaded, found in Mosul. The AFP puts the count at 40. All of these bodies are of murder victims killed execution style. Mosul is now the center of terrorist activity in Iraq. Either we treat it like Fallujah or we let the Kurds take it over. The Arab police in that city are spineless and 80% or more have fled their posts. I like the latter option better. The Kurds will have no mercy. Reuters:

U.S. forces have discovered another 15 dead bodies in and around Mosul, a U.S. military spokeswoman says, raising to at least 30 the number of bodies found over the past two weeks in the tense city.

"We don't have any specifics on who they were or how they were killed at this point, it's all under investigation," said Captain Angela Bowman, spokeswoman for U.S. forces in the north of Iraq, on Friday.

Thirteen bodies were found on the western side of the city, which straddles the Tigris river in the north of Iraq, on Thursday, and two more were found in Tal Afar, about 40 km (24 miles) west of Mosul, the spokeswoman said.

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The Backdoor Draft and Pat Tillman as SI Sportsman of the Year

Johnny Walker Red has a great little story about his friend upset about her Dad getting caught up in the so-called backdoor draft. It's understandable that many mothers and daughters of those called up from Reserve or National Guard units are upset. Rarely, however, do we hear complaints from the men and women serving our country.

In my view, the men and women of our National Guard and Reserve are more like Pat Tillman than Michael Moore. Pat Tillman, as you may recall, walked away from a 3.6 million dollar contract from the Arizona Cardinals after 9/11 to join his brother in the U.S. Army. Earlier this year Tillman was killed in Afghanistan. My experience has been that those who serve our nation in a part-time capacity never flinch, never complain, and are happy to go fight when Uncle Sam calls them. Most may not leave a career in NFL football, but they do leave their jobs, families, and friends behind to protect our country at home and abroad when asked. For their service we are thankful.

Blackfive, SondraK, Right on Red, Pierre Legrande and others have noted that Sports Illustrated is taking votes on Sportsman of the Year. Pat Tillman is on the short list, but is running third. Please go and vote for him here. Tillman gave his life for the country he loved. Now lets do something for him.

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November 25, 2004

As God As My Witness...

I thought Turkeys could fly...

In the wayback machine we have the famous WKRP in Cinncinatti Thankgiving Turkey Drop, courtesy

Happy Thanksgiving, All!!

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November 24, 2004

Thanksgiving Photos of Georgina Verbaan's Boobs

On this day, I am grateful for Georgina Verbaan's boobs. Below are pictures, photos, and images of Dutch model Georgina Verbaan's boobs. * (SFW--it's not what you think) Happy Thanksgiving all! See you on Friday.

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Biographical Sketches of Terrorist Leaders in Fallujah

I just found this Knight Ridder report in the San Jose Mercury News. It lists the names of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's chief lieutenants and collaboraters in Fallujah. I also found some other stories which gave brief biographical sketches of the leaders of the Islamist insurgency. Very interesting. The leaders mentioned below are: Sheik Abdullah al-Janabi, Omar Hadid, Sheik Zafir al-Ubaidi, Moayed Ahmed Yasseen (aka, Abu Ahmed), and Abu Abdullah Hassan bin Mahmud.

Italics means from the Mercury News:

-Sheik Abdullah al-Janabi, the Emir of Fallujah. A firebrand cleric, he headed the Mujahedeen Shura, the insurgent council that controlled Fallujah for six months. His fate is unknown, but The Washington Post published an interview with him reportedly conducted in Fallujah on Nov. 15.

The Boston Globe adds this about Sheik Abdullah al-Janabi:

Al-Janabi, on the other hand, is a Sufi, a mystical version of the faith that seeks closeness to God through the cleansing of one's soul. Sufis abhor violence, but al-Janabi found in Hadid a like-minded partner as Salafis and Wahhabis began to prevail over Sufis in Fallujah.

''He's a Salafi in a Sufi disguise,'' said one native of Fallujah who says he knew both men.

Al-Janabi even joined Hadid in orchestrating the expulsion of a prominent Sufi cleric and mujahedeen leader, Sheik Dhafer al-Obeidi, from the Shura Council after they became alarmed by his growing popularity, say residents who knew the cleric. Al-Obeidi now lives in hiding abroad.

In 1998, al-Janabi, married with five children, was suspended by Saddam's government from delivering Friday sermons because of his public criticism of government policies. He returned to the pulpit of Fallujah's Saad Bin Abi Waqas mosque after Saddam's ouster, devoting most of his sermons to calling on Iraqis to join in a holy war against the Americans.

Fearing for his safety, he stopped giving Friday sermons after the April fighting.

Residents said al-Janabi never carried a weapon in public, but was frequently seen during the April fighting talking to front-line mujahedeen, exhorting them to fight on and telling them that those who died fighting Islam's enemies would be rewarded with eternity in paradise.

Interesting enough, the KR report leaves out the name of Omar Hadid as one of the terrorist leaders. Here is some information on him from the Boston Globe:
Hadid, an electrician who lived with his mother....Of the two, Hadid, thought to be in his early 30s, appears to have been the more influential, even though al-Janabi, in his 50s, headed the Mujahedeen Shura Council, which set up Islamic courts that meted out Islamic punishments, executed suspected spies and enforced a strict Islamic lifestyle. ....

Hadid led one of the bigger and better armed factions in the city, residents say, but they also stress there were other groups of fighters and all largely operated independently of one another.

Some U.S. and Iraqi officials believe Hadid was close to Jordanian terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, whose al-Qaida-linked movement allegedly used Fallujah as a headquarters. Al-Zarqawi's group has claimed responsibility for many of the suicide bombings and beheadings of foreign hostages.....

Those who knew him said Hadid came from a lower middle class Fallujah family. Since his father died a few years ago, Hadid had lived with his mother in the family home in the city's al-Moatasim area until the fighting in April. He's married but without children.

About two months ago, one of Hadid's brothers and a nephew were killed by a U.S. airstrike that also injured several other family members, the neighbor said. Hadid escaped with a minor injury, he said.

People who know Hadid differ over the depth and nature of his religious persuasion. Some said he is a Salafi, a conservative sect whose members try to emulate the appearance and behavior of Islam's 7th century prophet, Muhammad. Others said he is a Wahhabi, the austere and radical brand of Islam dominant in Saudi Arabia."

-Sheik Zafir al-Ubaidi. A prominent Fallujah cleric, he provided religious guidance to the insurgents' council and issued religious edicts that were enforced with public floggings and, some Fallujah residents said, executions without trial. Rebel sources say al-Ubaidi survived the Fallujah offensive.

-Moayed Ahmed Yasseen, also known as Abu Ahmed. Suspected leader of Mohammed's Army, a group for former intelligence agents, army, security officials and high-ranking members of Saddam Hussein's regime, Yasseen has been arrested by the Iraqi government, according to a Nov. 14 announcement.

I previously noted his arrest here. Here is is an excerpt from the Gulf Daily News about Yasseen's arrest:

Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said a key militant group and its leadership have been arrested. "The so-called Jaish Mohammed has been arrested...We arrested their leader," he said, identifying him as Moayad Ahmed Yasseen, also known as Abu Ahmed.

Allawi also said the group was known to have co-operated with Jordanian terror mastermind Abu Musab Al Zarqawi and Al Qaeda and Saddam loyalists. "They were planning to destroy Fallujah... by blowing up important positions," he said.

-Abu Abdullah Hassan bin Mahmud. The leader of Ansar al Sunnah, a deadly group said to include Kurdish Ansar al Islam operatives, foreign Islamic radicals and militant Iraqi Sunnis and allied with al-Zarqawi, Mahmud's whereabouts are unknown. His group has executed several hostages, including 12 Nepalese and 11 Iraqi national guardsmen, and claims about 40 suicide bombings.

Barely a day goes by that the Jawa Report fails to mention Ansar al-Sunnah. If you want to know more about that group, just scroll around the MAIN PAGE or search the site. Search tool is to the left. No biographical information is available on Abu Abdullah Hassan bin Mahmud. If you know anything, please e-mail me.

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Four More Arrested in Jakarta Bombing Plot

My only question: shouldn't the cops have let them detonate those suicide belts? VOA:

Police in Indonesia have confirmed the capture of one of the country's most wanted terrorist suspects. The man, known as Rois is one of four people detained for the September car bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, which killed 11 people.

Iwan Darmawan, more commonly known as Rois, is among four men Indonesian police say they have captured in connection with the September 9, Australia Embassy bombing in Jakarta.

The head of Indonesia's police force, General Da'i Bachtiar, held a news conference Wednesday.

He says that Rois - the mastermind - recruited suicide bomber Heri Golun, who carried out the attack, and hid a man called Azahari Husin - the master bomb maker of the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah.

General Bachtiar says Rois and the others were captured in the town of Bogor in west Java two weeks ago. He says the four suspects were wearing so-called suicide belts at the time, but they failed to detonate the devices.

Also: John Little

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Rebranding the Democratic Party

Rob from Say Anything sent me this link today. We here at The Jawa Report would never sink to the level of making fun of Oliver Willis! We do not approve. But in the spirit of helping our friends in the Democratic Party recoup from their sorrowful loss, we do suggest you mosy on over to the Tempus Fugit's new Rebrand Democrats Site and suggest a new slogan or two for the Democrats. Here's my favorite. Kevin Aylward, on the other hand, likes this one. Laurence Simon likes this one. And not to be outdone, John Henke adds his two bits here. I'm sure the problem with the Democratic party is simply one of image and that after a little rebranding the American people will no longer look at them like a bunch of whiny little bitches. But that's just me.

Go create your own DNC poster here.

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Zarqawi on the run, castigates Muslims for abandoning support

An image from yesterday's post showed one of Zarqawi's safe-houses filled with computers that had been abandoned by him after the assault on Fallujah. With Fallujah no longer a safe-haven for terrorists, Zarqawi has attempted to move his base of operation to Mosul although some accounts say he is moving to Baquba. Terrorists need some amount of local support if they wish to successfully operate for the long run. Unfortunately for Zarqawi, it looks like the environment he is operating in is becoming more hostile. Thanks to James for sending me this news from Bloomberg:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Qaeda- linked terrorist responsible for attacks across Iraq, accused the country's Muslim theologians of abandoning the jihad, or holy war, indicating his group may be feeling under threat.

``You have betrayed us in the darkest circumstances,'' said a statement posted on the Internet. ``You have left the mujahadeen alone to confront the biggest enemy.''...

``We detected six or eight weeks ago that tribal leaders were starting to organize their militias against Zarqawi,'' Sole said. Iraq's Ulema, the Islamic scholars, would be ``expected to follow the tribal leaders, not Zarqawi,'' he said.

Iraq's religious leaders may now become targets of Zarqawi's group, known as al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Jordanian has mainly organized attacks on Iraqi security forces, U.S. troops and anyone working with them.

``Zarqawi is trying to raise the stakes and force the Sunni clerics to increase their animosity toward the U.S.-led occupation,'' said Gohel....

The alleged Zarqawi message ``may be the first ray of sunshine we have had out of Iraq,'' said Michael Cox, a terrorism expert at London's School of Economics and associate research fellow at the London-based Chatham House. ``It won't solve Iraq's long-term problems but it may indicate that the offensive on Fallujah had some kind of impact,'' Cox said....

Two Sunni clerics have been assassinated in northern Iraq in the past 48 hours, the Associated Press reported. Sheikh Ghalib Ali al-Zuhairi was attacked yesterday by unidentified gunmen in Muqdadiyah, 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Baghdad, AP said.

Al-Zuhairi was a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars, a Sunni group that has spoken out against kidnappings, beheadings, the U.S.-led assault on Fallujah and national elections set for Jan. 30.

Sheikh Faidh Mohammed Amin al-Faidhi, a cleric from the Council of Muslim Scholars, was shot Nov. 22 as he left a place of worship in Mosul, north of Baghdad, AP said.

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Images of Geneva Convention Violations from Fallujah

UPDATED 11/24: A few more images added. The orignial images are here on John Donovan's server but due to traffic volume it may not work from time to time. Digger has uploaded some of the images to his site here.

A lot has been made of a single image of a single event which may or may not have been a violation of the Law of War documented by Kevin Sites in Fallujah. But what about images documenting how our enemies operated in that city? John Donovan has a post about this very thing and has uploaded images from a slide show presentation sent to him by the IMEF & MNC-I EFFECTS Exploitation Team. All of the images can be found here. I have a copy of the original powerpoint slideshow in ZIP format and can send it to you, just e-mail me. John has given me permission to share some of the images with you posted below along with some of my commentary. Please spread the word about this.

Attrocities and Hostages: I've decided to add this picture and move it to the front. Notice the flag. That is the flag of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda linked Tawhid and Jihad group. Click it for a larger image. The two images that follow are screenshots I took of the Kenneth Bigley and Jack Hensley beheading videos. The flag appears to be identical.

Below is an image of a room where hostages and other victims were murdered. The bags are full of sand used by the terrorists to clean up all the blood. On the walls you can see the dried blood the terrorists overlooked. Another image, not seen here but which is #33 here is of a handprint left in blood. Click to enlarge.

More on the hostage connection. Perhaps the computers below were used to upload all of the beheading videos put out by Zarqawi? One thing is for certain, Zarqawi is under enough pressure that he has been unable to upload the Margaret Hassan execution video. Thank you Marines. Click to enlarge.

The Syria Connection: Below is an image of a GPS unit found by the Marines. GPS waypoints are known locations used for reference, thus the fact that waypoints in Syria were on this unit indicates that it had probably been used in that country some time in the past. Click for larger image.

Bomb-making: Remember that Texas registered SUV found in Fallujah I talked about? Here it is. Looks like a Chevy Suburban. The terrorists were turning it into a car bomb. Click for larger image.

The slideshow also highlights the terrorists use of holy places in war. It notes that 60 of 100 Mosques in Fallujah were used for fighting or weapons caches. It also notes that 3 of Fallujah's hospitals were used by the terrorists as bases of operation. A list of foreign fighters is also shown. More here. Trust me, it's incredible.

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Well, it's almost time for that neocon/fascist holiday again

Where we opress [the] Turkey and celebrate the escape from Europe. Meanwhile the French just aren't eating Mickey Dee's french fries the way they used to. Like that's gonna change our minds about Iraq, right? Or keep Lance from winning another TdF.

It's hell, being American.

Why is it that this year... of all years... the worst Hollywood studio fare that failed miserably and justifiably in the domestic market ("Troy," "King Arthur," "The Terminal") is doing gangbuster business abroad as never before, tripling, according to the WSJ, its US grosses in the very venues where our country is supposedly excoriated. In the immortal words of Sally Fields, they love us, they really love us. Or sort of. -- Roger L. Simon

So, apparently all Mickey Dee's needs to do is create some "special sauce" that makes the stuff repugnant to Americans, and the French will think it's truffles. Any creative sauce ideas?

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November 23, 2004

Yeah, but would you let George Lucas have his way with you?

Isn't that really the ultimate question of devotion? Would you, like Gary in Team America: World Police, you know....Via Flea the story behind the George Lucas Usenet Archive:

This morning, as I was riding the bus to work, I thought of all that I had to be grateful for thanks to the strange and wondrous genius of George Walton Lucas. Could it be that my very life was a gift from George? As I realized how he had touched me, I wept loudly, ignoring the stares and words of derision from my fellow commuters....

If you are reading these words, you too have probably been moved as I was moved. However, my admiration and love for George Lucas is better than yours. It's something different, something golden, and sometimes I can't stand how people like you think.

But George thinks about it. He is not aloof from the "madding crowd". No, he embraces it, manfully, like a tender brother. That is why he shocked the world one day by sitting at his computer for eight straight hours sending posts to Usenet newsgroups and Internet message boards. On subsequent occasions he did it again and again, taking the time to explain his views, to tend to the helpless, and to heal those who were ill with his words of encouragement and hope.

I know Flea would let Kylie Minogue have her way with him, but I just don't get how that would somehow prove anything but his raging heterosexuality. Now if he let her sing to him without resorting to self-immolation...I'd say that was an act of heroic devotion!

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The Jawa Report Celebrates 'Islam Awareness Week'

Thanks to Charles Johnson for pointing out that it's Islam Awareness week in England. In order to help foster the spirit of awareness that this festival is surely about, I offer you some of the following things to make you more aware of Islam. For some odd reason I am under the impression that this might not be the type of awareness the organizers had in mind.....

Were you aware that the Prophet Muhammed married a nine year old girl? I mean, he married Âishah when she was six but he had the class not to have sex with her until she was nine. Just wanted you to be aware of that.

Were you aware that Muhammed demanded that all Jews in the Arabian Peninsula be converted to Islam, be exiled, or be killed? If you were one of those idolators, say a Hindu, no such luck on the exile thing--convert or die. Of course, Muhammed justified his actions by saying that the Jews had broken their treaty in which they promised to be subjegated to the Muslim community, because, you know, they had sort of seen had the Prophet murdered all those disgusting idolators. So, I guess that makes things different. I just wanted you to be aware of Islam's tolerance.

Were you aware that Islam condones lying in order to further the goal of the Islamic nation? The practice of Taqiyah was used to spread Islam in its early centuries and is exposed here. This Islamic site apologizes for the practice. Pretty interesting defense if taqiyah was only applied to lying to save your wife. Of course, deception is practiced in all wars--but perhaps this would help explain why incidents such as this are so common in Iraq. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

Were you aware that the the majority of violent conflicts in the world are between Muslims and their non-Muslim neighbors or between Islamists and secularists within the Muslim world? Just wanted you to be aware on this most important week of the year!

Did you know that the penalty for adultery under Islamic law is death? For instance, the teenage girl who's death sentence was overturned here got off on a technicality. Read it carefully. Had she really been found to have committed adultery she would have been killed.

What other things do they kill you over in Islam? How about breaking your Ramadan fast? Ok, they didn't try to kill him....85 lashes seems reasonable for a 14 year old boy! How about if you're 13 years old and raped by your older brother? Death. Blasphemy? Death. Are you aware yet?

Of course, many liberal Muslims would reject all of this. Bravo! But many so-called moderates want Islamic law, be it in moderate form. So, maybe no beheadings or stonings. Call me old-fashioned but I don't want a jail sentence for adultery either. At least, I'm not aware that I do.

Daniel Pipes on raising awareness on Muslim moderates in an article in today's Front Page Mag:

There are lots of fake-moderates parading about, and they can be difficult to identify, even for someone like me who devotes much attention to this topic. The Council on American-Islamic Relations still wins mainstream support and the Islamic Society of North America still sometimes hoodwinks the U.S. government. The brand-new Progressive Muslim Union wins rave reviews for its alleged moderation from gullible journalists, despite much of its leadership (Salam Al-Marayati, Sarah Eltantawi, Hussein Ibish, Ali Abunimah) being well-known extremists.

Fortunately, the authorities kept both Tariq Ramadan and Yusuf Islam out of the United States, but Khaled Abou El Fadl got through and, worse, received a presidential appointment.

Even anti-terrorist rallies are not always what they seem to be. On Nov. 21, several thousand demonstrators, some of them Muslim, marched under banners proclaiming “Together for Peace and against Terror” in Cologne, Germany. Marchers shouted “No to terror” and politicians made feel-good statements. But the Cologne demonstration, coming soon after the murder of Theo van Gogh on Nov. 2, served as a clever defense operation. The organizer of the event, the Islamist Diyanet Iþleri Türk-Islam Birliði, used it as a smokescreen to fend off pressure for real change. Speeches at the demonstration included no mea culpas or calls for introspection, only apologetics for jihad and invocations of stale and empty slogans such as “Islam means peace.”

Hmm, thank you for making me more aware Mr. Pipes!

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Something Completely Different

I normally don't post humanitarian pleas, but a friend's bother-in-law recently contracted a catastrophic strain of hepatitis while on assignment in Lebanon and urgently needs some help. He's a journalist for Dow Jones, so is part of the exception to the journalistic profession that's not in service to the Chomsky/Moore paradigm. The fellow's name is David Bird. You may be familiar with his stories about the oil market. If not, you can view some of his articles here.

Now, I'm not actually much of an authority on Hepatitis, but I gather from his wife's letter (below), that he needs a volunteer willing to donate half a liver for a transplant. My understanding is that a partial liver will regenerate to become whole for the donor, but there's only a brief window during which a partial liver will regenerate for David. He needs a transplant ASAP. There's no reward, other than the satisfaction of saving someone's life, although all medical expenses will, of course, be covered.

Here is the letter from his wife providing background, donor specifications (a big fellah with type O blood), an email contact and further information on liver transplants:

The Gift of Life

He is the love of my life, the adoring father to our two young children and a man full of wisdom, laughter and now…tears.

My husband, David Bird, has been suffering from a severe form of Hepatitis since July 2004. He is a journalist who travels internationally. Weeks after a business trip to Beirut, David appeared jaundiced and extremely tired. We met with specialists and he underwent a battery of tests to determine the cause. It remains elusive.

We thought the worst was over when signs of his recovery appeared in late September. The jaundiced subsided, he wasn’t as tired anymore, he began to resume the Sunday afternoon hikes in the woods with our 6 year-old son, Alexander. He was feeling better.

As we prepared for our children’s most favorite holiday, Halloween, he delighted in the beautiful princess costume our 3 year-old daughter, Natasha would prance around in. I had begun to put him to work around the house again…he was looking forward to returning to work.

Suddenly, we were blindsided. One week before Halloween, David started having a relapse. He became jaundiced again and very tired. His liver functions started to worsen and he ended up in the hospital.

A liver biopsy and MRI have revealed that his liver is rapidly deteriorating. We have now been told that he needs a liver transplant to save his life. We are devastated.

You can help us. David needs a liver. He is currently a candidate to receive half of a liver from a compatible living donor. That means the donor gives up half of a healthy liver and David gets the other half. The liver is an incredible organ that can regenerate itself so that each person’s liver would grow to the optimum size. This is the quickest way to save David’s life. However, the window of opportunity is limited. As David gets sicker, and his liver deteriorates further, he will no longer be able to accept a liver from a living donor. He will then need a whole liver which can only come from a deceased donor. He will be placed on a list with thousands of other people waiting for a healthy donated liver.

David is 46 years young. Our children are 6 and 3. They need him.

If you or anyone you know meet the following criteria please consider the gift of life.

Blood Type O

Under 55 years old

Approximately 6”1 and 195 lbs.

Good Health

We realize this is a lot to ask of someone and please know it is illegal for us to compensate the donor but all donor medical expenses are covered by our insurance.
More information about the procedure and the NYU Transplant Center can be found at NYU Transplant Center

If you think you can help, please contact us at djdavidbird-at-yahoo-dot-com.
We thank you for all your prayers and best wishes.

Nancy Bird

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Favorite 1970s TV Shows

Professor Chaos asks what were the best TV shows of the 1970s? His list is rather exhaustive and I like the fact that it is Sid and Marty Kroft heavy. But what about Sigmund the Sea Monster, bitch!?!? My favorite, of course, was SWAT. Between the ages of 9-11 I played SWAT with my friends on a weekly basis (more if I had to take a break from playing Raiders of the Lost Ark because I was dumb enough to try swinging on the cheap bullwhip I had bought in the most recent trip to TJ). So what are the best TV shows of the 1970s?? Leave your comments with Dr. Leopold Stotch.

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Three UN Hostages Freed in Afghanistan

The three UN hostages taken by Taliban allied terrorists have been freed. Annetta Flanigan from Northern Ireland, Shqipe Hebibi from Kosovo, and Angelito Nayan from the Phillipines were in Afghanistan as UN elections workers. The three were captured in late October in Kabul by a group identifying themselves as the Taliban [earlier post here]. Later the group released a video of the three UN hostages pleading for their lives [earlier post here]. The group threatened "to kill them unless U.N. and British troops leave Afghanistan and Muslim prisoners are freed from U.S. jails." Later, the group threatened to behead female hostage Shqipe Hebibi because "She says she is a Muslim. If a Muslim helps infidels or America, that Muslim will be punished first" (earlier post here). After this, spokespersons for the Taliban tried to distance themselves from the group. Reports now indicate that it was a criminal gang that took the hostages, but this is not true. It was Muslim terrorists linked to the Taliban. This story via Chad Evans explains some, but not all of the events. What do you expect from the AP?

Three U.N. workers kidnapped in Afghanistan have been released unharmed after more than three weeks in captivity, officials said Tuesday. "They are out," U.N. spokesman Manoel de Almeida e Silva said.

Officials said the three were freed overnight and were in the Afghan capital. One Western official said doctors were examining the three at a NATO field hospital in Kabul.

The hostages were released late Monday and are in good condition, three Afghan officials told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Armed men seized Philippine diplomat Angelito Nayan, British-Irish citizen Annetta Flanigan and Shqipe Hebibi of Kosovo in Kabul on Oct. 28, the first such abduction in the Afghan capital since the Taliban fell three years ago.

Afghan officials earlier said they believed a criminal gang carried out the abductions, and that negotiations centered on a ransom demand.

News of the release came hours after U.S. and Afghan forces raided two houses in downtown Kabul on Monday and detained 10 people in connection with the abductions.

Most of the detainees were released after being questioned, an Afghan intelligence official said.

Afghan officials believe a criminal gang carried out the abductions, and that negotiations have centered on a ransom demand. But it remains unclear if the kidnappers are working for a Taliban-linked group that has claimed responsibility and demanded that Afghan and U.S. authorities free jailed comrades.

The leader of the group, which calls itself Jaish-al Muslimeen, or Army of Muslims, told AP it had no links to anyone detained in Kabul on Monday.

Akbar Agha also said in a telephone call Monday that the militants were "very close to an understanding" with government negotiators to exchange the hostages for 24 rebels in Afghan jails. [More... ]

Chad Evans has some good analysis also.

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Phallic Conspiracy: USC vs. USC

Quinton and I have been going back and forth in e-mail for months over who the real USC is. As a Trojan alumni I resent any use of the term USC applied to the Gamecocks! Jeff now informs me that Mike McGee left the Trojans for the Gamecocks and has been Athletic Director both places. Is Mike McGee gay? No! What could be gay about a guy who is really into phallic symbols? Anyway, for all the latest on the Gamecock scandals check out Quinton.

PS-Will Collier gets in on the joke.

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Terrorist Attack Averted in Russia

A large scale attack terrorist attack has been averted in the Russian province of Ingushetia. Ingushetia neighbors Chechnya and is largely Muslim. Just yesterday Russian forces arrested a top al-Qaeda linked terrorist. Russia is fast becoming one of our closest allies in the GWOT. Why? Because it is in their interest to do so. They stand at the front line between the West and Islamic civilization. Thanks to Jeff Quinton for e-mailing me this Russian Info article:

A large-scale terrorist attack was averted in Ingushetia, a republic neighboring Chechnya. The attack was ordered by Chechen separatist leaders Shamil Basayev and Aslan Maskhadov, spokesman for the North Caucasus antiterrorism headquarters Ilya Shabalkin said Tuesday.

"Operatives from the republic's FSB and Interior Ministry obtained information that terrorists under Maskhadov and Basayev's command were preparing a new large terrorist attack in Ingushetia," Mr. Shabalkin said.

He said that according to the plan, during a provocation, bandits wearing Russian solider uniforms would attack several public buildings and apartment houses with 120mm mortar and several large-caliber machine guns.

"The republic's law enforcement agencies conducted a series of search operations," he said, "and found a cache of weapons to be used in the terrorist attack in a forest in the Malgobek district."

A 120mm mortar, 74 120mm mortar shells, 35 antitank mines, four barrels for a 14.5mm machine gun modified for single round firing, and more than 8,000 14.5mm cartridges were removed from the cache.

An operations and investigation group is currently searching for the militants who were preparing the attack, he said.

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November 22, 2004

Kevin Sites, You're Still a Traitor

The thing about traitors is that they rarely realize that they have committed treason. Traitors tend to believe either one of two things (or both). First, traitors believe that they are acting in the best interests of their country. They believe that the nation's leaders are taking the country down a terrible path. Therefore, they justify there acts of treason as a higher love of country. If only the leaders of the nation were as smart as me, they think, they would understand that Israel needs these secrets. I'm doing it for the good of my country.

The second way traitors rationalize their acts of treason is by saying they have an obligation to something higher than country. America is my country, they say, but world stability and peace are a higher duty. It's not so much that I sympathize with Soviet communism, it's that I know the Russians having the bomb will ensure it will never be used again.

Several days ago I called Kevin Sites a traitor. Today, I am even more sure of it. By putting journalism above the lives of his fellow citizens Kevin Sites reveals that his devotion to journalism supersedes his love of country and of the Marines he claims to love. James Joyner says that Sites argument is persuasive, but do not be fooled. Sites rests his argument on the assumption that journalists have a higher duty to that of country--their duty is to journalism itself.

Here is what Sites' says:

For those who don't practice journalism as a profession, it may be difficult to understand why we must report stories like this at all -- especially if they seem to be aberrations, and not representative of the behavior or character of an organization as a whole.

The answer is not an easy one.

In war, as in life, there are plenty of opportunities to see the full spectrum of good and evil that people are capable of. As journalists, it is our job is to report both -- though neither may be fully representative of those people on whom we're reporting. For example, acts of selfless heroism are likely to be as unique to a group as the darker deeds. But our coverage of these unique events, combined with the larger perspective - will allow the truth of that situation, in all of its complexities, to begin to emerge. That doesn't make the decision to report events like this one any easier. It has, for me, led to an agonizing struggle -- the proverbial long, dark night of the soul.

Kevin Sites, I have also searched your soul. You love your job more than you love your country. I hope you rot in hell. Here are Sites' conclusion on the incident:
So here, ultimately, is how it all plays out: when the Iraqi man in the mosque posed a threat, he was your enemy; when he was subdued he was your responsibility; when he was killed in front of my eyes and my camera -- the story of his death became my responsibility.

The burdens of war, as you so well know, are unforgiving for all of us.

I pray for your soon and safe return.

Mr. Sites, you have pronounced judgement on this Marine and I now pronounce judgement on you. You are guilty of treason. You put your devotion to the story above your devotion to your nation. You put your devotion to the story above the lives of your 'friends' you are embedded with. You are not their friend, you are their enemy and you are now an enemy of the people of the United States.

Like most traitors, you did not pause to think of the long-term consequences of your actions. I'm sorry, as a journalist you should have known about how the Arab media would have covered this. You should have known that this footage would incite others to murder Americans. There is a reason Muslims around the world hate us, it is because they believe Americans are out to get them. They believe we are in Iraq to steal their oil. They believe American soldiers are just as bad as the terrorists we fight. Your video has just proved this to them.

Like most traitors you excuse your actions. You had reasons to do the things you did. Fine. You had a reason to release this video footage. And Charlie Manson had reasons to kill Ms. Tate. So what? Unlike Texas Native, I will not be so forgiving of you. If you wish my forgiveness then ask for it. An excuse is not an act of contrition neither is it repentance. But before you ask for my forgiveness I suggest asking for forgiveness from the 17 Iraqis murdered in Mosul last week. Before you released your tape, hostages were murdered in the garb of Abu Ghraib. Now, they will be murdered with a shot to the back of the head as a way to remind Muslim viewers that the terrorists are just doing what the Americans are doing. Ask forgiveness from the hundreds of American soldiers who will die because the resistance has found a new piece for their recruitment videos.

Erik at No Pasaran brought to my attention this article by Jack Kelly:

Fallujah ranks up there with Iwo Jima, Inchon and Hue as one of the greatest triumphs of American arms, though you'd have a hard time discerning that from what you read in the newspapers.
There is only one reason why the enormous victory in Fallujah seems so hollow, and that reason is Kevin Sites. All military offensive have questionable acts committed in them, but Kevin Sites has made one action the focal point of attention for a billion Muslims. It is as if D-Day happened and the headlines were about the act of a single corporal in a single French village.

Kevin Aylward at Wizbang wants to know what we think of Kevin Sites' response. Did I mention yet that Kevin Sites is a traitor? No? Ok, Kevin Sites is a traitor.

Charles Johnson at LGF writes of Sites response:

The importance of journalists in war can be debated. But if the ultimate objective of any war is to win, then having people like Sites accompany soldiers on life-and-death missions, when his objective is not to win but to record and publicize and play everything “straight down the middle,” is a very dangerous situation.
The solution to this problem is clear: replace embedded reporters with military pool reporters. After Vietnam, the military realized that reporters were not patriots. Reporters were interested in the story, not America's victory. At the end of the Gulf War, though, the military rethought their position. The US had just won the most decisive victory in military history only to find that there was no video of it. The propaganda value of such a victory was clear to them. The solution was the present system of embedded reporters.

Reporters embedded in US military units are there for a purpose. They are there to spread our version of the events of battle. They are part of the strategy of victory. When reporters no longer serve this purpose they should be cut off. Kevin Sites has proved that the embed system is a failure.

Reporters working for such organizations as NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. should be replaced by reporters working directly for the US Armed Forces. To these reporters their highest obligation will be clear. Such military reporters could then give pool feed to the networks. The networks would then be free to run stories as they wish, given the limitations of the information given to them by military reporters.

Chad mentions that Sites' did not want any special attention from this. Fair enough. But it is also fair for us, the American public, to ask whether having people like Sites around serves our national interests? If the answer is no, then let us end the embed system. If all journalists have a higher allegiance to journalism than they do to America, then it is the system that is broke. Sites is just a sympton of the system.

Pennywit suggests that Kevin Sites' response gives a hint at what it might have been like to be there. It does not. What it shos is what it was like for an NBC reporter to have been there. What Sites' response does not tell you is what it would have been like had another Marine been taping the incident. Facts are facts, but cameras and film do not just show facts. As Hindrocket notes, Sites story does not factually differ from that of the Marines. But stories can be told from more than one angle. And since images are tools of propaganda, then let the images coming out of Iraq serve our purposes and not the purposes of our enemy.

Al Jazeera understands this. This is why the Sites video is shown over and over. This is why the images they show coming out of Iraq are of dead children, burning houses, and of American GIs dead on the streets. What does al Jazeera know about journalism that Kevins Sites does not? Al Jazeera knows that America is their enemy.

Kevin Sites believes that journalism precludes one from having enemies. I do not blame Sites personally for believing this. That is what they teach you at journalism school: journalistic ethics are higher than all other moral obligations. Beck claims Sites account is unbiased, but he is wrong. Sites account is biased by the very assumptions he makes about a reporters ethical obligations. Just read this NY Times article which Boing Boing (found via Wes Roth) claims is a first of sorts. The Times takes Sites' version of the story as the final word on the subject. And why should they not? They share the same ethical standards, the same guiding principals of what is right and what is wrong. The NY Times is not shocked at Sites behavior. They would only be shocked had Sites chosen not to pass along the footage.

Via Sue Bob I found this article by Ken Myers in the Telegraph. Like Sue Bob, I also think Ken Myers gets it:

We in the media must learn what our role in that struggle will be. Vicarious indignation at so-called atrocities is a moral frivolity: it proves that we are unaware of the scale of the crisis we face, now and into the foreseeable future. Our common enemy has vision, dedication, courage and intelligence. He is profoundly grateful for whatever tit-bits come his way: our media have a moral obligation to ensure that we are scattering absolutely none in his direction. (emphasis Sue Bob's)
Let me end this ranting by stating that I am agnostic on the Marine in question's behavior. I do not know if what he did was a war-crime, a violation of military rules of engagement, or completely justified given the context of the situation. I will let a military tribunal decide that question. But I trust our military will do the right thing. Give them the tools, and they will win the war. But cameras are also tools of war. Cameras are can be just as deadly as guns. I would not trust a neutral observer to ride around with the Marines carrying a gun. Why would we let one carry around a camera then?

Either reporters are on our side or they are not. If not, remove them from combat.

I echo the words of the Editor when I say, "nice going asshat!" But Sites is more than an asshat. He is a traitor. A man who put his professional obligations above his country is a traitor by definition.

If there is any hope to be found in this story it is to let this story serve as a clarifying moment for us. The Islamofascists had declared war on the US long before 9/11, but that event woke us up from the slumber we were in. Fallujahgate was not the moment that the media declared they were not on the side of US victory, they had always claimed their neutrality if not hostility. However, let us now wake up from our slumber and realize that the media is not on our side. Let this incident serve as the 9/11 of the media. The Bush doctrine says that if you are not for us in the war on terrorism, then you are against us. What Fallujahgate reminds us is that the media is not for us. If not for us then they are against us. And if they are against us, then WTF are we allowing the enemy riding around in a Humvee full of Marines?

That's all for now. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

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All your blogs are belongs to us (A-K)

A stroll down the often unstrolled avenue that is my blogroll. Why aren't you on my blogroll? Because I'm lazy and forgetful, that's why. Let me know if you visit often and have been overlooked.

Here's some of the blogs that I don't link to often, but I should but I'm just one man and can't do everything so get off my back!!!!

Jeff at Beautiful Attrocities lampoons they which have never been lampooned: the French.

Tell Goldstein I'm still Matt's bitch. Saw this other places, but Margolis has the goods on the Saudi-Clinton connection. More on the Presidential trailor here. I wonder if Move.on will run commercials about it during Hillary's next Sen. bid? On another note, what's the deal with all the Wictory Wednesday reminders I keep getting from Polipundit? Like, we won. Get over it.

Curbside Prophet (or American Barbarian) thinks NPR is full of a bunch of traitors. I knew there was a reason he's on the blogroll.

Whoa! John Little and Ace are all over the DU reaction to the Bush plane crash.

Conservative Eyes on being a hero. Very good essay.

Don't blame me, I voted Michael Cooper. Seriously Mike, sorry I didn't answer that last e-mail. It got deleted after a slew of e-mails.

I agree, the rules change saving DeLay's rear is stupid and hypocritical.

The problem with Canada is that they are Canadian (except Flea and Kate).

Ereblog notes that a Harvard study shows repression, not poverty, breeds terror. Maybe, but ideology certainly doesn't hurt either.

Thomas Galvin has a news roundup on the NBA riots. I just hope some hip-cats come up with a thems song.

Jason at Generation Why has a really good expose on just who we are fighting. It turns out, a lot of the terrorists are ex-Saddam henchman. Hmm, now about that Saddam-terrorist connection........

The Crack Young Staff at the Hatemongers Quarterly have has more on the Vibe fight. The first rule about Vibe Club is we don't talk about Vibe Club.

Hot Abercrombie Chick is neither hot nor a chick but whoever the hell it is asks some pretty interesting philisophical questions. The answer to 'her' question What justification would be necessary for Affirmative Action? is Forty-two.

I haven't linked to David Anderson in awhile. Maybe it's because he thinks Michelle Malkin is a hate-mongerer. Me? I just think she's hot.

Speaking of 'hot', Infidel Cowboy on the Kofi Annan thingy. The best rule of thumb for this kind of thing is that if the guy is ugly, the chick being harassed is hot.

Iowahawk finally sold out to the man.

The cool thing about the Jump Blog is found in the right column. Just look for it. Oh, and Mickey Rourke.

And that's just A-K of those on my blogroll that I haven't linked in awhile. I can't wait to get to the Ts.

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NY City Anti-Semetic/Anti-American Art Exhibit

Zorkmidden over at Little Tiny Lies brings word of this fundraiser for Palestinians held in NYC over the weekend. Here's a piece of the 'art' with a description from Honest Reporting. I would only add that the 'art' in question also is clearly anti-American.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon collecting and boiling a young Palestinian's blood

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Happy B-Day, Bitches!!

Llamas turned one a few days ago. Did you know Llamas are a good source of protein and go great with fava beans?

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It's not so much the envy that he met Michelle Malkin as it is the horror of hearing a bunch of National Review readers sing along to Abba. Abba is bad enough on their own.....but add a bunch of drunk Republicans, that's just not right.

As I've already told readers, I hate cruises. Cruise ships are like giant hotels, only you can't leave. I guess if you had to be stuck on a ship you could do no better than to be stuck with Victor Davis Hanson.

Ok, pop-quiz: If you had to be stuck on a cruise ship with any famous person, who would it be?

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"My pet jawa doesn't bite, but that's not my pet jawa!"

News, links, and tales of interests from the Religion of Peas and from around the world!

Antiprotester Journal cites a Coalition report that Zarqawi is trying to start a civil war. I disagree. The facts on the ground have changed, against Zarqawi, who is now cooperating with Shia terrorists.

More on Dutch politician Geert Wilder who is in hiding for saying bad things about the Religion of Peace.

Iraqi terrorists fire on US troops after waving white flag. Now about that Fallujah mosque shooting....

You may recall that two of three relatives of Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi were freed last week. It looks like the terrorist group Ansar al-Jihad has released the remaing hostage, a cousin of Allawi.

Muslims finally holding a mass rally against terrorism. And to think, 9/11 was only three years ago!! Islam: always on the cutting edge of social progress. Dean has more. Alas, what is needed in the Islamic world is enough liberals willing to kill for liberalism.

The Pakistanis have promised to take control of the so-called 'tribal' areas where Osama bin Laden has long been rumored to be holed up. The Astute Blogger reports progress on the Waziristan front. Oh, and if you don't find bin Laden in Pakistan, please try Africa.

The good kind of lawyer (via Robert Spencer): Saudi man to sue cleric over inciting his son to jihad in Iraq!

I'm not a veteran, but I do play one on TV. No, really, if I were a veteran I'd write prose like this from Opinion Bug or this from Small Town Veteran.

Simon's Weekly Asian blog roundup is up.

Both Flea and I have the same reaction to this, "WTF?". But it has a good beat and you can dance to it...even in a burka!!

This post will be updated later....stay tuned.

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Russia Arrests Leader of al-Qaeda Linked Group

Russia's 9/11 was the Beslan Massacre. You may recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a strong critic of the Bush administration during the build up to the Iraq war. After Beslan, those criticisms stopped. America's new foreign policy must take this into account. Mosnews via Internat Haganah:

Russian law enforcement officials have detained the leader of a terrorist cell from the internatial Hizb ut-Tahrir organization, which intelligence has linked to Al Qaeda.

Alisher Usmanov, who headed a cell in central Russia’s Tatarstan, was arrested Wednesday, carrying explosives and Al Qaeda training manuals and flyers, the news site reported, citing police sources in the republic.

The explosives indicate that the man, who was already suspected of organizing a number of terrorist attacks, including a deadly blast in Uzbekistan last March, was planning yet another attack, Interior Ministry officials told the Russian Information Agency Novosti.

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November 20, 2004

Army of Ansar al-Sunnah Execution Video, More Beheadings in Mosul

hostage.jpgUPDATE: This is an archive page. For the latest information on terrorist communiques and videos, please go to the MAIN PAGE here.

UPDATE 5/10: Army of Ansar al-Sunna website releases images of Japanese hostage Akihiko Saito. Images, story, and link to website.

The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah has released a video of the murder of two officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul. This brings the total number of people murdered by terrorists in Mosul over the past week to 17. Images from the video are posted here. Graphic images posted below. The video may be downloaded here. The terrorists claimed the the two men were spies for the Coalition forces. Before shooting them in the back of the head, the terrorist put each of the victims in a robe with the initials PDK (Kurdistan Democratic Party). The PDK is a long-time ally of the United States. The PDK is the political wing of one of two main Kurdish groups that fought the Saddam Hussein regime for the last decade.

pdk1.jpgHaving fled Fallujah, Mosul is now the center of terrorist activity in Iraq. Mosul is in Kurdistan, but Saddam Hussein's 'Arabization' program has made Kurds a minority there. Mosul was initially liberated by Kurdish forces, but in a deal with the US the Kurdish partisans left the city. In the past week there have been rumors that the US would ask that Kurdish forces be redeployed in the area. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has claimed that he is now in total control of Mosul. In recent weeks the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah has joined forces with Zarqawi's al Qaeda linked organization. The Islamic Army in Iraq is a third terrorist organization now working with Zarqawi.

Mosul was once the exclusive territory of the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah, but having lost his main base of operation in Fallujah, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has now relocated there. Hopefully this is a sign that Zarqawi's own al Qaeda Group in Iraq (formerly known as Tawhid and Jihad) has fallen apart due to Coalition pressure.

Yesterday I noted that Zarqawi had beheaded two Iraqi National Guardsman in front of a crowd in Mosul. Today, the bodies of 9 Iraqi National Guardsman were found in that city. Seven of the bodies were beheaded. Four other bodies were found Thursday by US troops, but they have not been identified yet.

Images: Above, pictures of the victims from the video. After 'confessing' the two are put in robes marked PDK. Below, the victims' identification are shown on the video to 'prove' they are collaboraters.

id1.jpg id2.jpg



pdkgraphic.jpg pdkgraphic2.jpg pdkgraphic3.jpg

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Polish Hostage Teresa Borcz Khalifa Freed

Polish hostage Teresa Borcz Khalifa has been freed by her terrorist captors and returned to Poland. Teresa Borcz-Kalifa was taken hostage on October 28th by the Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Fundamentalist Brigades. The group had demanded the withdrawal of Polish troops from Iraq and the release of all female prisoners by the Coalition. Al Jazeera claimed that the terrorists made no death threat agains Mrs. Khalifa.

On a sad note, this means that the mutilated body of a woman found in Fallujah last week is most certainly that of Margaret Hassan. Keith Taylor thinks the same. Two days ago, the Prime Minister of Australia had announced the body was that of Mrs. Hassan, but later retracted the statement.

The Editor notes that Mrs. Khalifa may have a wee bit of Stockholm syndrome.

Others: Editor, Sortapundit James Joyner

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Censorship on College Campus

My anger at this guy showing Fahrenheit 9/11 to his class is only eclipsed by my anger at his suspension by the powers that be. College campuses are supposed to be filled with ideas--even stupid ideas--not subject to review by those in administration. Its called academic freedom. Jeff Quinton has more.

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The Muslim Double Standard In Iraq

UPDATE: The article has now been published in the Arab News, the official paper of Saudi Arabia. Jane has had her editorials published there before and its a good sign that the Kingdom is openning up--even if only a crack.

Our good friend Jane has this article posted at and at her blog. Here's a teaser:

All tactics of the insurgents are excused. Hide among civilians. Justified. Wear civilian clothes. Justified. Shoot from the holy mosque. Justified. Feign death to draw soldiers in (the way one marine died the day before the incident). Justified. Wave a white flag as a ploy. Justified. Booby trap dead bodies. Justified. That’s just Fallujah.

Moving outward- Deliberately killing Iraqi civilians daily. Justified. Bombing churches. Justified. Bombing cafes. Justified. Using schools as arsenals. Justified. Attacking the police. Just fine.

The rules of war don’t apply to the insurgents, only the Americans. And if one horrible act occurs at the hands of one American soldier, the world howls. READ THE REST

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Lust for Peace

by Demosophist

I watch LinkTV via satellite every once in awhile, and it's just brimming with these authentic looking and rather exotic documentaries. I saw one today that stars a double amputee in Kampuchea, who invented some special wheelchair that he teaches people to use. Almost as an afterthought to this humanitarian presentation the filmmakers present the US bombing in the '70s and the land-mining of Cambodia that resulted in most of the amputees. And after mentioning that fact they more or less state flatly that the unconscionable bombing and mining left a disorder that "led to" the rise of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. So if I were watching this program and wasn't aware of the details, and perhaps had an innate revulsion for war, I'd just assume that this was all presented honestly. The unavoidable inference is that the US = Khmer Rouge = genocide.

But what has always amazed me is that otherwise intelligent people who swallow this perspective also believe that they're "independent" in spirit, when they do so. It never occurs to them that they're being spoon fed a point of view, and that there are flaws in the tapestry that really ought to be questioned by an intelligent and independent spirit. Like, yeah there are power vacuums created by lots of circmustances that are negative, indifferent, or even positive... but they aren't always filled by genocidal murderers. Like the fact that if the families of the amputees are economically devastated, left to prostitution and begging, might not the ideology and legacy of socialism be partly to blame for the dearth of opportunities? Like the fact that if the aftermath of the bombing left a power vacuum in Cambodia, what about the overnight exit of American forces from Indochina at the behest of the "peace movement?" And this raises the question that if we suddenly pulled out of Iraq at the urging of the current peace movement (the more war, but later movement) would the role of that pullout in the resulting internecine turmoil be forgotten, and the consequences simply ascribed to US aggression again? You bet it would. The 'peace movement" stands around with wide eyes and hands displayed, palms forward, saying "We din't do nuthin'," and we wonder, are they just stupid? Or is something else going on.

I really wouldn't mind supporting an exotic and humanitarian mission if it weren't infused with the sort of mind poison these folks are sewing like seeds of change.

Lloyd Cohen, a law professor at George Mason University, wrote a paper recently about the "Palestinian Problem" that has a novel thesis. He says that the problem is really the consequence of Israeli lust. He's basically building a case that for cultural and circumstantial reasons Israelis have been swept up by the dream that they could trade land for peace, without noticing that the Arab populations and leadership in the region aren't motivated by a desire for peace, but by a desire for revenge. The "lust for peace" has distorted Israeli thinking and policy and led to the development of a cancer. So, I'm thinking that if this thesis applies to Israel, perhaps it has broader implications?

A theme of a book I feel is one of the seminal works of the young 21st Century, Paul Berman's Terror and Liberalism, is that the peace movements of the last 150 years have been animated by "wishful thinking," which helps to explain their often self-destructive behavior. But my friend's thesis takes a step beyond that, to say that it's not merely a wish for, but a lust for peace that's the root of this evil. It makes sense because the tendency of lust to cloud the mind and induce a kind of tunnel vision, obscures causal chains that aren't part of the unnaturally narrowed focus of extreme desire. The concept explains not only the behavior of a few aging bell-bottom-wearing nostalgic ex-hippies or their modern deconstructionist emulators, but also the single-minded obsession of a Paul Krugman, or the lapse in professional judgment of a Dan Rather. And it's also something that could well have animated a Kerry administration had he won, in spite of what he claimed about his resolve to throttle the terrorists with his own bare hands.

I think it's time we begin to look beyond mere ideology, and to consider the role that lust may be playing at the heart of liberalism.

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November 19, 2004

Kerry Susses His Problem

by Demosophist
According to John Kerry his problem in the 2004 election was a combination of bad media coverage from conservative sources, and the Bin Laden tape that "scared Americans," before he had a chance to unscare them. So, I guess he missed the whole 9/11 "let's roll" message, huh? Here we are sitting calmly and passively in our seats waiting for the "authorities" to work their protective magic, and the terrorists got us flustered. Damn the luck!

He has a point about the media too. I mean, if liberal media had a total monopoly it would've been like a crew race where only one team gets a boat, and he could probably have managed to win a race like that. I wonder if his secret plan for Iraq and Al Qaeda employed a similar strategy? Come to think of it, isn't he essentially saying that Al Qaeda beat him?

Yes John, there may indeed be something right there under your finger.

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John McCain Lashes Out at al-Jazeera Over Mosque Shooting Video

A lot of conservatives hate John McCain. I've always believed there were two John McCain's: Smigel McCain and Gollum McCain. The Smigel McCain just wants to get along with his masters in the MSM. Smigel McCain brought us campaign finance reform. The Gollum McCain would just as soon kill master like as a sweet slimy fish. I like Gollum McCain. This is Gollum McCain:

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain scolded an Arab television station for repeatedly airing video of a U.S. Marine killing an apparently unarmed man in Iraq but not film of a British hostage being killed by her kidnappers.
"Shame on al-Jazeera and shame on those people for doing what they did," McCain said in response to a question after a speech Thursday....

On whether the government should exercise more control over film and reports by media embedded with U.S. military units, McCain - a Navy pilot held prisoner for years in Vietnam - said he didn't know, but is "deeply, deeply troubled" by the incident.

"We don't know what events led up to it," he said. "All we saw was a flash picture."

UPDATE: Featured at the Politburo Diktat's Show Trial #23

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Former Dallas City Engineer Linked to Hamas

Chad Evans has the goods on former Dallas City Engineer and Hamas fundraiser Mufid Abdulqader. From CBS 11 News:

this professionally accomplished, highly affable public servant by day, was on weekends singing the praises of the terrorist organization Hamas, encouraging martyrs to kill Jews and glorifying violent Jihad.
I'd suggest a more productive moonlighting gig. Maybe a bouncer at one of those upscale Dallas titty bars. They're always looking for closeted homosexuals who don't mind kicking the snot out of drunk accountants who get a little too feely.

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Jawa Roundup on the Religon of Peas

As I said earlier, very little time to blog today. Here's a few interesting tidbits you might find interesting.

Zarqawi beheads two Iraqis in Mosul in front of crowd. New tactic to terrorize population. Hey, it works in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps this is what he meant when he claimed a few days ago that the jihadis were in total control of Mosul? Digger and Alan Brain on the case. Maybe more later.

Jakarta Post: Only 59 percent of Indonesian Muslims "disagree with the (Bali and Marriott hotel bombings)" and 16 percent "support" the killing of innocent people in the name of Islam. The survey was based on 1,200 interviews in 32 provinces with a 3 percent margin of error.

Who really killed Margaret Hassan? Mossad, CIA, anybody--but not Muslims!!

Aaron:Where are the fatwas against Muslims who fight out of uniform, contrary to the Geneva accords?
Where are the fatwas against Muslims who use schools for military headquarters?
Where are the fatwas against Muslims who use hospitals for sniper lookouts?
Where are the fatwas against Muslims who use ambulances not to carry the wounded but to shuttle weaponry?
Where are the fatwas against Muslims who use women’s burkas to smuggle weaponry?


Yasser Arafat, still dead meat.

About those 'freedom fighters' in Fallujah who were just like, you know, George Washington and stuff (via Bill)

Did I mention a majority of the threats I receive are from Muslims in Europe and that of those the majority are from Scandinavia? You think maybe this might help explain that (via Robert): Dr. Zahid Mukhtar, spokesperson for Islamic Council in Norway, stated that he sympathize with reason why the Dutch film director Theo van Gogh was murdered.

But perhaps the Dutch are getting fed up (via James): Opinion polls show an overwhelming majority of citizens favor a crackdown on Muslim extremists, who are estimated to number as many as 50,000 in the country. "It was a great shock. A wake-up call," said Theo Kwakman, a construction foreman restoring an ancient building along the old Warmoesstraat. "I'm afraid that there will be more Muslims here soon than Christians. "I don't worry about the atheists. They won't do anything. [Muslims] are not all bad. But ... I'm afraid someday one of the tunnels [into Amsterdam] will be blown up."

I noticed this story a few days ago, but McQ does a great job of explaining why the Germans have every right to be afraid of the growing Muslim population there. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I reported that Zarqawi's Fallujah headquarters had been found two days ago in this post and this one. What I didn't know was that there was an al Qaeda sign outside. More evidence South Park is real.

Dead Iraqi killed in Fallujah mosque interviewed by Oprah. Hillarity ensues.

Iran agrees to stop refining weapons grade nuclear material (oh, but only after they have enough of it to matter).

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by Demosophist

Well, I realize that the Democrats' recent reflections concerning secession are rather whimsical (as is Ryan Sager's contention that it's a step in the right direction). But lest anyone take this proposal remotely seriously I'd like to point out that had the Democrats won a previous election many consider directly analogous to 2004, the election of 1864, the country probably would have split (or rather remained split). The South would have indulged slavery for a few decades longer, and might even have entered WWI on the side of Germany. It's also the case that by 1896 the same sophisticate vs. rube geographic political divide existed in roughly the same pattern as the 2004 red/blue divide, except that it was the Republicans who were the sophisticates and the Democrats who appealed to populism and traditional "aw shucks" values. There have always been times when the sosphisticated observations of the blue people have restrained the excess naivete of the red people, just as there are times when the good sense of the red people have kept the blue people from servile liquifaction in their excessive esteem for things Continental. But realistically, although as a culture we owe a great deal to Bodine and Montesque, we owe hardly a thing to Rousseau.

I'd also like to note that the graphic of the red/blue map is deceptive. Not only are there a lot of red people in the blue areas, and visa versa, but there is a deep and growing consensus in the country that is obscured by this recent electoral split. My impression is that the 2004 election wouldn't have even been close but for two things: the blatantly partisan machinations of the mainstream media to steer public opinion, and the fact that no WMD stockpiles were found in Iraq (which, to many, is the only possible justification for war). No one seems to point out the red/blue breakdown during the Reagan/Mondale election, because there was only one blue state. And Minnesota would be hard pressed to come up with a foreign policy of its own.

Daniel Elazar created a regional characterization of political culture in the US that probably has a great deal more staying power than the electoral breakdown in any given year, and in that typology the upper Midwest has a great deal more in common with Oregon, Washington, Main and Vermont than with the individualistic culture of the lower Midwest, or the traditionalist South. But that, again, obscures what most recent polling identifies as a growing consensus in the country around three *basic* values: equality of opportunity, individual responsibility and anti-statism, and religious sectarianism (or the open competition between religious groups for converts). It is those three values that define both the red and the blue areas of the country, though they may be interpreted somewhat idiosyncratically. What's more, there has been little change in how Americans view these values since we first began modern polling in the 1930s. And though the values are warped and distorted by "anti-American American Left," like Michael Moore, even those folks have a great deal less in common with France than they realize. Moore travels to France, but he doesn't even consider living there. Over the broad course of history it is these three basic core values that keep the nation, and its people, together through political upheavals that tend to toss the political parties right across the whole spectrum of allegiances and issues the way houses are tossed around by cyclonic storms.

As for the Urban Archipelago thesis, any typology that equates Denver with San Francisco is suspect. In fact, I think the only other area of the country that's similar to San Francisco in terms of political culture are a few precincts in southern Oregon, within the Ashland city limits (where they hold the Shakespeare Festival)... which are surrounded by a sea of red that includes Medford and Grants Pass. There are a lot more Oaklands than San Franciscos in the US.

The Democratic Party is at a tipping point right now, and probably can't afford to take a single further step in the direction of San Francisco's idiosyncratic political culture if it wants to ever win another national election.

I tend to think Sully has gone a bit nuts. He needs to talk to a few of the gays I know living in southern Oregon, who haven't the slightest interest in what they refer to with some amusement as "gay marriage." For them, as for their straight neighbors, the issue is US security and foreign policy. And if you ask them why they left the insufferable intolerance and bigotry of the San Francisco "community" you'll get an earful.

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Much Work at Tatooine U

Despite the rumors of the fabulous riches I'm getting for maintaing this site, I actually have a full-time job to hold down. Two tests to give today, three tests sitting on the desk still ungraded. Mucho work. Little bloggage today.

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November 18, 2004

Two Arrests Made in Russia over Beslan Massacre

More good news in the GWOT. From what I hear, federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison takes on a whole other level of meaning for terrorists in Russia. As a side note, the evidence against Marina Korigova seems pretty weak. It wouldn' surprise me in the least if she was let go in the future. It also wouldn't surprise me if she was never let go, guilty or not. That's how they play in Russia. MOSNEWS:

Russian security forces have arrested two young people suspected of having assisted the terrorists involved in the Beslan hostage taking in September this year, Russian media reported on Thursday.

One of the alleged accomplices Marina Korigova, 16, was detained in the town of Nalchik in Russia’s North Caucasian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Investigators claim the construction college student had talked 16 times with Musa Tsechoyev, one of the rebels who took part in the hostage-taking in Beslan. Tsechoyev’s body was found among the rebels killed during the storming and later identified....

Another alleged accomplice of Beslan hostage-takers, Akhmed Merzhoyev, 28, was detained in the village of Sapapshi, according to a report by the Vremya Novostei newspaper. Merzhoyev “initially was among the terrorists who masterminded the operation”, the paper reports citing sources in law enforcement agencies. In particular, Merzhoyev is believed to have provided a rebel base in the Magolbek district with provisions.

Furthermore, investigators claim that Merzhoyev had been aware of the terrorists’ plans and intended to take part in the seizure himself. He changed his mind at the last minute.

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More on Fallujahgate and jus in bello

Ace has an excellent essay on the limits of moral action in war. Without even trying, Ace has put forth one of the deepest insights into why the MSM and left are so up in arms over one incident in a Fallujah mosque. Here's the money quote:

We have a huge disagreement in this country about what is and what is not acceptable in this war. Part of this is all just a proxy fight for the leftists' insistence that war itself is unacceptable under any circumstances; having lost that debate decisively, they attempt to engage in guerilla-rhetorical tactics, simply sniping at each and every event that unfolds, in hopes that the accumulation of the little wounds they inflict will ultimately win the war they really care about-- the war on war itself. [Go read the rest!! ]
Jus ad bellum is just war theory that explores when it is moral for to begin or engage in a war. For instance, juss ad bellum theorists generally agree that it's not ok to go to war with another country just because you want its oil. On the other hand it is generally agreed in classic just war theory that its ok to go to war with a neighboring country if the government there harbors outlaws (see Grotius).

Jus in bello explores what is acceptable behavior in a war. For instance, jus in bello theorists generally agree that shooting a woman in the back of the head is not moral action. On the other hand its generally agreed that killing a guy with an RPG pointed at your convoy is ok.

What the modern left has been arguing since the end of WWI is that no war is justified. Thus the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 renounced forever the use of war as an instrument of national policy and the League of Nations was dreamt up as a way for nations to settle their differences peacefully. The UN would later replace the failed League of Nations as a way to end war, but with the proviso that war would be just only when the collective will of the great powers agreed.

WWI and WWII affected the mindset of Europeans in a much different way than it affected Americans. To modern Europeans, Hitler was bad because he had started the war. The war was only just because jus ad bellum had been violated. WWII then was just like any other defensive war, the only type of war the Europeans would ever see as just.

Americans may have had the same initial reaction to why the war was justified, but in hindsight we view Hitler's unjustness very differently. Sure Hitler's aggression made the war just, but there was something different about WWII. It was more just. Why was it more just? It is to jus in bello that we, unconsciencly I admit, rationalize WWII's war. WWII was the good war because of what Nazism did in the war. WWII was the good war not because Hitler or Japan started it. WWII was the good war because of what the Nazis and the Japanese did in the war. It was just because of what the Japanese did in Nanking. It was just because of what the Nazis did in the holocaust.

The average American leftist has more in common with a German because he believes the same thing. War is never justified accept in literal self defense. WWII was just only because it ended war in Europe. With war now over as a fact of life in Europe, the leftists believe that the conditions under which war is justified are so rare that no war could ever really meet their standard for jus ad bellum. All war is now immoral.

The average American, on the other hand is much more willing to accept war's justice if it can end the abuses of a foreign regime. The average American sees the liberating power of war. The average American believes that WWII was good because it liberated Europe from Nazism. The average American believes that WWII was good because it liberated Japan from fascist Imperialism. As long as fascism and its fellowtravellers are alive and well in the world, war will be justified. The average American rejects the notion that all war is immoral. War is moral when it liberates.

This is the basic philosophical difference between America and Europe, and between left and right, over issues of war and peace. The left could care less about the incident in Fallujah. What they care about is ending the war. The incident was just another piece of propaganda for them to use. The war, by definition, was unjust.

Just a few thoughts spawned by Ace. That's all.

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Which Light Saber Color is Rusty?

I'm giving a test right now to my night class. So what do I do? Surf the blogosphere, of course! Via the Llamabutchers (who say they got it from Big Stupid Tommy, who got it from Missives Anonymous, who got it from Allison, who got it from Tyler Durden, etc....[somewhere in here there is a philosophy paper to be written, I'm thinking infinite regressions.....])

You were destined to have a Red Lightsaber.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is
associated with energy, war, danger, strength,
power, and determination as well as passion and
desire. You have seen the Strength and Power of
the Dark Side of the Force and have you thirst
for more of it.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Was there even a question about what color I would get?

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Army of Ansar al-Sunnah Threatens Elections

Yawn. Is there any one the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah doesn't threaten to kill? I mean, these are the guys that kill you for driving a truck. They also kill you if you're one of those 'moderate' followers of Muqtada al-Sadr. I don't even want to think about what they'd do if they found out you love bunnies.*

*Related joke of the day via Jeff G.: Three young Islamofascist terrorists—a Saudi, a Yemeni, and a Pakistani—walk into a bar.

Then it explodes.

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French Terrorists Killed In Iraq

The benefits of the Iraq war just keep pouring in. This is called killing two birds with one stone. They're French and they're terrorists. Does it get any better than that? Maybe this is what Jacques Chirac meant when he said the Iraq war was causing a rise in terrorism in the world. Yeah, more French terrorists. BBC (via LGF):

Three Frenchmen have died fighting with insurgents against US-led troops in Iraq, reports say....The men were identified as:

24-year-old Tarek W, from Paris, killed on 17 September

19-year-old Redouane el-Hakim, killed on 17 July (my earlier report here)

Abdel Halim Badjoudj, 19, killed on 20 October.

Linked at OTB, because James Joyner is cool and needs to up that ecosystem thingy.

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Note to Friends

As you know I have always blogged anonymously. I originally began blogging anonymously as a way to safeguard my job and my professional reputation. On my blog I choose to let a side of myself out that I do not show my students or my colleagues. Also, I address some sensitive issues in a not so sensitive way. I knew some would take offense at the way I discuss a certain Religion of Peace, but never thought of the long-term consequences of it. In the beginning I expected no one would care about what I had to say. I was wrong.

As a result of the broadening of the audience I have received a number of death threats to me and my family. Hence, the need for me to stay anonymous has transcended my original goal. It is now a safety issue. Up until now I have not taken any of these threats that seriously. For the most part I still think that I'm pretty low on the hit list for Islamic extremists so I'm not terribly worried. But I am a little worried.

In recent days the number of people coming to this blog by doing searches for "Rusty Shackleford" has increased exponentially. I suppose that most of these searches have nothing to do with those death threats. But for safety's sake I must act as if it were otherwise.

Many of you, my friends I have made through this blog, know my real identity. Some of you I told. Others figured it out on your own. I'm sure none of you will go blabbing this information and would never intentionally let the cat out of the bag. Friends just don't do that. But friends do sometimes let information out on accident. Sometimes they do not see the harm in telling someone else, perhaps to someone who has no connection to the blogosphere.

I guess what I'm asking, no begging, from all the people that know me is to please not pass along that information. PLEASE.

Again, I am not in a state of paranoia yet. I sleep well at night. I don't suspect that I am being stalked. However, as a Boy Scout I was taught to be prepared. Muslim extremists have killed those that have criticized their religion in the past, therefore it is not outside the realm of possibilities that they would do so again. It's a one-in-a-million chance that any one would actually act on those threats. But was it Harry or Lloyd who said, "One-in-a-million. So you're saying there's still a chance?"

I appreciate your cooperation.

One final thought for my fellow bloggers. There was a time when I left comments at many blogs. I am no longer able to do that. Rest assured, I do read many of your blogs on a semi-regular basis. Don't take the drastic reduction in my comments the wrong way. I just don't have as much time as I once did on top of the security concerns. Plus, most of my blog surfing is done through bloglines, which I highly recommend.

If you wish to get in touch with me or want me to plug a post just e-mail me at my g-mail account. You can find it on the left sidebar of my webpage. I can't promise I will respond to all the plug requests, but I do respond to every personal e-mail I get.

Thanks again for all of you who come by on a regular basis despite the stupid "remember personal info" problem, despite my aloofness at times, and not responding to all the comments. And a special thanks to all of you who know the real Rusty and haven't let the cat out of the bag. Thanks again.

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Texas SUV Found in Car Bomb Factory in Fallujah

I blame Dick Cheney, Haliburton, and Enron. The real question was whether or not the Neocon Zionists drove the truck directly from Haliburton headquarters or if they took a detour through Israel, home of America's puppetmasters? Oh, and how much did Bush-Hitler know and when did he know it. CNN:

In a separate raid Thursday, the joint forces discovered a car bomb-making workshop in Falluja's industrial section where a sport-utility vehicle with a Texas registration sticker was being converted into a car bomb.

The SUV was sitting in a warehouse surrounded by "bags and bags" of explosive materials. It was being gutted and packed with explosives.

The vehicle had no license plate, but some 15 license plates were inside.

But seriously folks, WTF????

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Zarqawi Letters Found in Fallujah Safe House

Damn Kevin Sites for turning our victory into defeat. Damn him! CNN:

During recent house-to-house raids in southeast Falluja, U.S. and Iraqi forces uncovered what appeared to be an abandoned safe house used by insurgents loyal to both al Qaeda and wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

There were two letters inside the house, one from al-Zarqawi giving instructions to two of his lieutenants in the region. Another sought money and help from the terrorist leader....

It is believed that the two lieutenants mentioned in the letters lived in the house the troops found. It is unclear whether they escaped the violence or were killed in recent battles.

Symbols pledging loyalty to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network also adorned the walls of the house.

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Body Found in Fallujah May be that of Margaret Hassan

The Prime Minister of Australia announced yesterday that the mutilated body of a woman found in Fallujah several days ago was probably that of Margaret Hassan. The PM later issued a retraction. DNA tests are now being run on the body.

Jihadis delivered the videotaped murder of Mrs. Hassan two days ago to al Jazeera television. On the video, Margaret Hassan is dressed in the orange jumpsuit of a prisoner at Abu Ghraib and shot in the back of the head. The body found in Fallujah was mutilated beyond recognition, but news reports indicate the woman had her throat slit. The corpse was also that of a blonde woman. Mrs. Hassan was a brunette.

If this is Mrs. Hassan's body, then either earlier reports were wrong or the terrorists dyed her hair to escape detection while transporting her from Southern Iraq northward to Fallujah. It is also possible that the word 'blonde' was used by an Iraqi to indicate a hair color lighter than the darker brunette more commonly found among Arabs. The good people of Fallujah had chopped off the arms and legs of the corpse. The fact that the throat had been slit might indicate that they were trying to behead the corpse as a final act of humiliation.

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Morning Groan, Virus on My Compueter

Found a virus on my computer. Locked up just as I was about to post. Is today Monday?

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November 17, 2004

Daniel Pearl Murder Suspect Killed In Pakistan

Thank you Lord. Thank you. BBC:

Police in Pakistan have shot dead a suspected Islamic militant wanted in connection with the 2002 kidnapping and murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl.
Asim Ghafoor died in a shootout with security forces in the southern city of Karachi, police said.

Officials said he was closely linked to Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, on death row for masterminding Pearl's killing. Police say Ghafoor was a member of at least one banned group, and wanted in connection with other attacks. These include the May 2002 suicide bombing outside Karachi's Sheraton hotel in which 14 people died, 11 of them French engineers.

Police say they were acting on a tip-off when they raided what they describe as Ghafoor's hideout in western Karachi. He opened fire as he fled but was wounded when police returned fire, and he later died in hospital, said Javed Shah Bokhari, deputy inspector general of Karachi police...

Mr Bokhari said Ghafoor was a close aide to Pakistan's most wanted militant, Amjad Hussain Farooqi, who security forces killed in September.

"Asim Ghafoor was second-in-command to Amjad Farooqi and had a role in all the terrorist activities orchestrated by Amjad Farooqi," he told the Associated Press.

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More Fallout from Fallujah-gate

Bill Dauterieve sends this e-mail along with a report on how the Arab media uses the Marine killing of an Iraqi in Fallujah as a propaganda tool for anti-Americanism. Since he didn't call patent pending, I decided to share it with you. You'll have to scroll to the end to see the article. It's just as bad as I predicted:

This should have been the week of a great propaganda
victory for us. Now, the Marine might have violated rules of
engagement, but as I recall, the Geneva Convention also allows for the
summary execution of partisans (no uniforms, dressed as civilians,
carrying arms). So no violation of international law there. He may
have violated US and military law.

But come on. What is the matter with the marines who didn't pay
attention to the fucking camera in the room. Shoot the fu**ing
reporter and be done with it. Oops. Rebels got him. From a legal
point I can understand the marine's actions. But just from plain old
practical sense they should have never let this video out.

The whole point of the folks in the red states, who are generally
pro-military and pro-Bush, is that that have tons of common sense.
Common sense demands that you never let that video out. There were a
bunch of marines there and not a single one of them stopped to think
that maybe, just maybe someone should watch out for the camera.

That is inexcusable.

Then the fact that the Jawas know nothing about Hassan, the biggest
bleeding heart friend that they ever had, makes it even worse. This
should have been a tremendous propaganda victory. Hands down.
Instead, some marines forget to cover their asses and ruin the
reputation of all Americans.

San Jose Mercury News:

The chilling video of a U.S. Marine shooting and killing a wounded and apparently unarmed man in Iraq dominated the Arab world's media Wednesday, overshadowing the slaying of a British aid worker who had been kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents.

The Marine shooting in a mosque in Fallujah was played and replayed, debated and portrayed as "evidence" of what many Arabs believe: that the United States is destroying Iraq and Iraqis.

Frames of the Fallujah shooting appeared on many newspaper front pages Wednesday and Arab satellite stations repeatedly aired the footage taken by an American television crew.

Al-Jazeera was among the stations airing the Marine shooting. The station said Tuesday it also had received a videotape showing a blindfolded woman believed to be Margaret Hassan being shot in the head at close range, but had chosen not to broadcast it.

"We don't show acts of killing," Jihad Ballout, Al-Jazeera spokesman, said of the decision not to show the slaying of the longtime director of CARE in Iraq. "We've never done it before, outside war."

Adnan Abdul-Rahman, a 34-year-old Syrian government employee, was one of those loosely linking the two killings and placing blame for both at the feet of the United States. He said Hassan's death was "a normal response to the crimes which the Americans are committing in Iraq."

"Violence breeds violence," he said.

The U.S. military said Tuesday it was investigating the shooting in the mosque to determine whether the Marine acted in self-defense.

Some Arabs portrayed the shooting by the Marine as a war crime committed by trigger-happy Americans, and the video as revealing the true face of the U.S. invasion. Others saw it as another debacle in the Iraq war that hurts America's image and efforts to restore stability in Iraq.

One Lebanese newspaper, As-Safir, called the shooting a "cold-blooded" killing. A Saudi pan-Arab daily, Asharq al-Awsat, warned of "another Abu Ghraib," a reference to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by some of their American jailers.

Juan Cole, a University of Michigan professor who is an expert on Arab media, noted that at one point an anchor on Al-Jazeera "was almost having a heart attack, he was so angry," about the video showing the shooting by the Marine.

"He said, "Where are the Arabs? Where are the Arab states, why is nobody complaining about this?" Cole noted, speaking on the Public Broadcasting Service.

The pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat cited both killings as images of what is happening in Iraq now, Cole noted, calling it unfair for the Marine, whose case remains under investigation, to be compared to those who killed Hassan.

Amman car rental clerk Youssef al-Atoum was so disgusted by the pictures of the Marine shooting that "I switched off the TV."

"The Americans are criminals, they don't distinguish between a mosque and their places of battle, they want to exterminate Arabs and erase Iraq and its people from the map," the 29-year-old said.

Jordanian businessman Isa Samawi, 42, said: "Exterminating the Americans is the way to combat international terrorism."

Both declined to comment on Hassan, saying they had neither seen nor heard news of the killing of the 59-year-old aid worker who had been an opponent of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. She was abducted in Baghdad on Oct. 19 on her way to work, the most prominent of more than 170 foreigners kidnapped in Iraq this year.

A Lebanese Shiite Muslim cleric, Sheik Afif Nabulsi, said both the killing in the mosque and the shooting of Hassan were "barbaric acts that cannot be condoned.

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Jawapalooza in Los Angeles & Call for Help

Dr. Rusty Shackleford will be making his annual migration to his place of birth this Christmas. Any bloggers and/or readers in the LA area who would like to get together for some jawa food between Christmas and New Years should drop me an e-mail. Paparazzi need not apply.

Also, Mrs. Shackleford is dragging me off to a cruise shortly before Christmas. I hate cruises. To me, a cruise is like being held hostage at a Vegas casino. Any readers and/or bloggers interested in guest blogging should drop me a line. No talent necessary.

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Zarqawi Claims Control Over Sunni Triangle

Evan Kohlman's Global Terror Alert brings the news that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq (formerly Tawhid and Jihad) claims it controls the Sunni triangle. Yes folks, there are no Marines in Fallujah! You are not seeing what you think you are seeing. According to Evan Kohlnman's translation of the Zarqawi communique found here: The US only controls parts of Fallujah and Baqubah; Ramadi and Mosul are completely under the control of jihadi forces; the jihadis continue to thwart Coalition efforts in the rest of the Sunni triangle, including Baghdad.

To what extent the terrorists control the streets is unknown to me. Certainly yesterdays PR nightmare will not help.

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List of Hostages Killed in Iraq

As many of my long-time readers know, I had been keeping what I think was the most accurate accounting of hostages murdered in the name of Islam. The reason I stopped updating that list was because the terrorist scumbags began to murder en masse and I just couldn't keep up. Further, I wanted the names of each hostage to be included in that list. As groups such as Ansar al-Sunnah began to kill dozens of hostages at a time this became impossible.

Below you will find a list of foreign hostages killed in Iraq from AFP as reported in Turkish Press. I do not believe the list is complete, but it is a start. Let us never forget the victims of an ideology that justifies the calculated murder of innocents.


-- Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong, employees of a Gulf-based contractor, were beheaded by Al-Qaeda-linked militants demanding the release of Iraqi women prisoners after being seized with colleague Bigley on September 16.

-- Nicholas Berg, 26, a Jewish-American businessman was beheaded by Al-Qaeda-linked militants in May after being kidnapped the previous month.


-- November 16, The family of Margaret Hassan, a British-Irish aid worker, said she had probably been killed by her captors. A video received but not broadcast by the Al-Jazeera channel showed a blind-folded woman being shot and the British government also said she was probably dead.

-- October 8, the family of Kenneth Bigley, an employee of a Gulf-based contractor, said it had "absolute proof" that he was killed by his abductors.


-- On August 11, Bulgaria confirmed that truck driver Ivailo Kepov, 32, had been beheaded by a group linked to the Al-Qaeda network. He and another truck driver, Georgy Lazov, 30, were kidnapped on July 8 near Mosul.

Lazov was also beheaded and his body identified on July 22 after it was found floating in the River Tigris.


-- On August 26, the so-called Islamic Army in Iraq said it executed Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni, who went missing with two French reporters.

In April, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, one of four private security contractors who were kidnapped, was shot dead within days. The others were freed in June during an operation by US-led forces.


-- Hussein Olayyan, 26, a telecommunications employee, had his throat slit in June after disappearing near Fallujah.


-- On Oct 22, Macedonian officials identified from television footage two Macedonians -- Zoran Nasovski and Dalibor Lazarevski -- they said had been executed by Islamic extremists in Iraq. The body of a third victim was unknown. Nasovski and Lazarevski were kidnapped along with a third Macedonian, Dragan Markovic.


-- On August 31, 12 workers taken hostage in Iraq by Al-Qaeda-linked militants were executed, according to footage posted on an Islamist website.


-- In late July, migrant workers Sajid Naeem, 29, and Azad Hussein Khan, 49, were killed by Islamic militants.


-- In June, Islamic militants beheaded Kim Sun-Il, 30, after the South Korean government rejected an ultimatum to scrap plans to deploy more than 3,000 troops to Iraq and withdraw over 600 already in the country.


-- On September 13, grisly footage of the execution of Turkish trucker Durmus Kumdereli was posted on an Islamist website.

-- On September 2, militants said they had killed three other Turkish drivers, as the bodies of three Turks were found on the roadside north of Baghdad.

-- Fellow Turkish driver Murat Yuce was executed and a video of his killing was released on August 2.


-- The body of a blonde woman with her legs and arms cut off and throat slit was found on November 14 lying on a street in Fallujah, a notorious Iraqi enclave for hostage-takers, US marines said.

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November 16, 2004

Meet the next Washingtonienne (Ellen Simonetti) and the next Wonkette (Ace of Spades HQ)

***Ace of Spades Exclusive***Must Cite Ace of Spades HQ***

Ace of Spades HQ can reveal that another blogger has posted sexy pics of herself on the internet, and then was fired. He has the exclusive story* on the Diary of a Flight Attendant. Just like Jessica Cutler the Washingtonienne, are we now going to see a Playboy pictoral? And enquiring minds want to know if Ace is a natural redhead or if the carpet doesn't match the drapes?

UPDATE: Jeff Quinton informs me that Queen of Sky's server is slammed. I guess that will happen when the NY Times runs a story on you. Luckily, he found the Google cached page here.

*super-insider blogger jokes

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Iran and the Clash of Civilizations

Bill at INDC has an excellent analysis of the threat that is Iran. I agree, Iran declared war on the US 25 years ago. The problem with treating Iran like any other nation-state is that to do so assumes that rational actors are in control. The mad mullahs of Iran are clearly not rational. The people of Iran have tasted the bitter fruits of their Islamist utopianism. Let's only hope the Persian people can take back the reigns of government before the Mullahs take that nation to the brink of nuclera armegeddon.

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Zarqawi Website Shut Down For Good!!

Several websites linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi have been shut down by the Texas based company that hosted them. Hosting Anime has shut down all terrorist related sites on their servers. Apparently the new owners are less tolerant of pro-al Qaeda sites that justify the beheadings of hostages. I have one word for them: itsaboutfreakingtimeyouamoralterroristsupportingscumbags!!

Correction-Hosting Anime is not a Texas based company. The physical servers they leased belonged to EV1, a Texas based company. Thanks to Chad who brought this to my attention.

The website had been previously hacked on several occasions by a group calling itself Teamz USA. The story was first reported here (and then ripped off by MSNBC) and a second hacking was reported by Chad Evans (also ripped by MSM). Might I just add that a certain Star Wars themed website gave out the URL for Zarqawi to well over a hundred people promising to take down the site again....Perhaps the new owners just got sick of all the hackers?

Below is an image I captured from one of Zarqawi's websites. The same message can be found at other terrorist websites previously hosted by Hosting Anime. Click to enlarge.

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Margaret Hassan Murdered on Video (UPDATED)

The terrorists have murdered Margaret Hassan, a woman who spent the majority of her life trying to help innocent Iraqis. Although I believe the organization she worked for was politically misguided, no one can question Margaret Hassan's motives. Rest In Peace. I will post images from the video when available. Why? You think you are outraged at the terrorists now, wait until you see the utter depravity of their actions. Watch one of these videos or see images from them and then try to equivocate between us and them. Developing....


The British embassy in Baghdad confirmed on Tuesday that a video tape had surfaced appearing to show the killing of kidnapped British-Iraqi aid worker Margaret Hassan, and said it was probably genuine.

"We can confirm there is a tape that appears to show Margaret's murder," an embassy official told Reuters. "We believe it is probably genuine."

UPDATE: The terrorists have taken to dressing their victims in the garb of Abu Ghraib prisoners. While Mrs. Hassan was probably murdered some days ago, I no longer think the appearence of the video and the announcement of another Abu Ghraib like scandal coming on the same day is a coincidence. The terrorists wish to convince the Muslim world that what they are doing is an eye for an eye. The repurcussions from Kevin Sikes' video showing an American Marine killing an unarmed man have already begun. Fox News:
The video shows a militant firing a pistol into the head of a blindfolded woman wearing an orange jumpsuit

UPDATE II: Lady Bird drops a comment letting us know that Margaret Hassan was her teacher. She has an amazing post of her own. It's a fitting tribute to Mrs. Hassan.

UPDATE III: You may donate to CARE International in Margaret Hassan's name here.

I should have knocked on wood after that earlier post. Thanks to Chad, Straight Banana, and others who notified me.

Others: Chad, Straight Banana, Ed, Mike, Digger, Chris, Lee, Slant Point, David, Jane, Laurence,

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:24 PM | Comments |

13 Zero Days Since Last Beheading Video, and why Kevin Sites is a traitor

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Margaret Hassan has been murdered in a new video tape.

I has been 13 days since the last time terrorists released a beheading video. The terrorists are on the run. For the past several months they have released a new snuff film at least once a week, sometimes more. With increased US pressure on terrorist strongholds like Fallujah, it seems that the groups responsible no longer have the luxery of producing propaganda films aimed at weakening the resolve of the Allies and at showing the Iraqi people that we are not invincible. This is a good sign. Keep them on the defensive.

Our campaign in Fallujah has uncovered the depths of the morally bankrupt system that is the jihadis dream. Posters were found throughout the city which "listed religious infractions, such as women not covering their heads or men selling music, which would be met with death. " Prisons, torture chambers, dens of beheading, the corpses of the exectued, and even a mutilated body show what life under terrorist rule is like.

While an anti-American propagandist at the Associated Press claims that US Marines were intentionally shooting at all civilians trying to flee Fallujah, those poor souls who suffered under the Taliban like rule of the terrorists tell a different story; "some of whom recount how guerilla snipers shot anyone who tried to leave their home once the assault on the city began."

So, while the mainstream press attempts to focus our attention away from the horror of our enemies toward the infractions of a lone Marine in the heat and passion of battle, let's remember to keep some perspective. We prosecute those who kill the unarmed, they reward them. We are ashamed of such behavior, they celebrate it. Our goal is to liberate the individual from oppression, their's is to oppress the individual through coerced obedience.

Ultimately our moral superiority lies in the fact that the system we fight for is better. Every individual soldier is not better than they, but the system for which they fight is.

This brings up an important question: what should Kevin Sites have done with his story on a lone Marine who murdered a wounded insurgent? The answer is simple: he should have reported the incident up the chain of command, period.

By playing the journalistic whore that he is, he has made things much worse for our fighting men and women. Remember Abu Ghraib? This is worse than Abu Ghraib. Abu Ghraib was nothing more than a bunch of childish pranks which offended cultural sensitivities. This was murder.

When the terrorists murder innocent Westerners they go to great lengths to dress them in the garb of Abu Ghraib. Because of the reckless way in which the media portrayed that scandal, many in the Middle East became convinced that the abuse at the infamous prison was just as bad under the US occupation as it was under Saddam Hussein. Abu Ghraib was the turning point. After Abu Ghraib many in Iraq became convinced that since the Americans were equally brutal, they might indeed have been better off under Saddam Hussein--at least under Hussein there was peace.

Kevin Sites, more interested in a Pulitzer than in the lives of American soldiers, has stolen the victory which was Fallujah and handed us defeat. Already, al Jazeera and the Arab News portray the Fallujah assault as one of murder, mass civilian casualties, and a humanitarian nightmare. Add Sites' report to the mix of lies routinely broadcast around the Arab world and what you get is proof positive, in the eyes of many, that the US is exactly as Noam Chomsky describes it: the world's greatest terrorist.

If this is your worldview, then are you not justified in taking up arms against the US? Those who fight us do so because they believe what they see on TV--America is the oppressor; America is killing children in Iraq on a mass scale; America has brought mayhem to the region; America wishes to destroy Islam; and American soldiers are murderers just like Saddam Hussein or any other corrupt regime in the region.

Because Kevin Sites could not control his journalistic instincts, we will see another onslaught of beheadings. The terrorists will find that they have a sympathetic population and will find new places to locate their torture chambers.

More young men will join the insurgency, because what choice does one have when a foreign power brutalizes your nation. More Americans will die as a result.

Kevin Sites, you are a traitor. Kevin Sites, you have murdered our friends and neighbors. Kevin Sites, I hope you rot in hell.

It has been 13 days since the terrorists last released a beheading video. Do not expect another 13 days to pass before the next one.

UPDATE: It has begun. In addition to al Jazeera and Arab News running this as their headline story, NEIN reports that the jihadis have begun to post the video on Islamic bulletin boards.

UPDATE II: Make that Kevin Sites and Chris Matthews--traitors both.

UPDATE III: Via the Big Picture, this from Article 37, paragraph 1, of the Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949:

It is prohibited to kill, injure or capture an adversary and resort to perfidy. ...

The following acts are examples of perfidy... (b) the feigning of an incapacitation by wounds or sickness

Post Script-I wrote this post without seeing any blog reaction, but as I look around the blogosphere I am glad to see I am in good company. I'm adding what others are saying because, well, I'm just wondering how original my thoughts are. Not Very. I don't include all those commenting, just those that caught my fancy. If you, for some reason, want to be included in the linkfest, just drop me a line. Jane also has a good blog roundup. Chad also has more to say, similar to me.

Sue Bob: The media appears to already be reveling in the opportunities for spin this story presents--and to hell with the impact it has on the troops or the mission. I'm putting this one first, because she does a great job in actually researching Kevin Sites. The gist is that Sites' original story may not be nearly as bad as I have portrayed it, but that editors are responsible for taking the context out of the report.

Jeff Goldstein: I’m sick of moral scolds in the press and elsewhere buying cheap grace by singling out for scorn soldiers who’ve reacted in the heat of battle to threats they perceive to be real and grave.

Commissar: Too much to quote. Excellent post. Has made me rethink my position on this Marine being a war-criminal.

The Man: Suggests sending Lcpl Brian Hooper, the Marine who killed the Iraqi, a care package!

Armed Liberal: That's what makes us different from them. We put our murderers on trial. They put theirs on wall murals.

Brain Shavings: Keep in mind that our side isn't the bunch that decapitates hostages, targets civilians, fakes white flags, and lures the opposition in with fake wounded.

Johnny Walker Red: Responding to Atrios--We are at war with a murderous, totalitarian, racist ideology which has no remorse or honor, and swears allegiance to no country. If American Leftists were as outraged by the enemy’s atrocities as they are by our mistakes, we’d be a lot farther along in this war. The terrorists’ worst nightmare is a united United States.

Ace: The left's new Abu Ghraib?

Lorie Byrd: It will be interesting to see whether or not the media latches onto this video as the next Abu Ghraib.

Charles Johnson: Here comes the next Abu Ghraib scandal, brought to you with great relish by NBC

Total War: I believe that it is too early for Americans to begin to turn this incident into an Abu Ghrab. This America does not need.

Digger: This is a war, this plain clothes terrorist was attacking our soldiers from inside a "protected" mosque in direct violation of the rules of war.

Cameron: What will you rail against in your editorials? What horrifies you more? [1] Terrible things that come in the heat of the battle? [2] Or terrible things that come out of cold-blooded policy?

Jane: How many times a day will this video play on al-Jazeera vs. the tape of the Marines giving out food and water?

Six Meat Buffet: So prepare yourselves, CNNABCNBCCBSMSNBCNPRPBS will be all over this like a hood over an Abu Ghraib prisoner.

Froggy: By the way, terrorists who chop off civilian's heads are not prisoners, they are carcasses.

Kevin Aylward: War is not a video game, it's raw, unscripted, and emotional.

Rob at Say Anything: But before anyone gets too carried away in condemnig this lets take a moment to remember just who it is that we're fighting.

Alec Rawls: If he was in the right, or was at least not criminally in the wrong, I hope the Pentagon has the balls to come out and explain to the world media--who will doubtless be crying for the Marine's head--that this is war.

Jwookie (nice name): the PC vultures in the media and even those in the government are already circling this poor marine

American Soldier: You media fucks who want to burn those Marines are not worth the sweat off my......just go fuck yourself!

McQ: We STILL don’t condone murder ...unlike the enemy we face in Fallujah

Captain Ed: Unless someone comes up with a memo that shows Donald Rumsfeld telling our troops that they can shoot anything that moves, this isn't an indictment of the war effort; at worst, it's one Marine that committed a crime, and from where I sit, it's probably not even that.

Silflay Hraka doubts what was done was a war-crime.

Evil Glenn and the Space Monkey liken the incident to John Kerry. Maybe the guy deserves a medal, not an indictment?

Mitch at Shot in the Dark has the run-down on the lefty reaction to this. He notes that they are indeed doing what I feared the most--turning this into another Abu Ghraib.

Hyscience: One can always count on 'Whackos' who have never seen the fog of war, nor seen their comrades die beside them, nor spent days with only a couple hours of sleep, nor experienced the fear and anxiety of death for days on end, to make a sterile, clinical judgement on a fellow human being that volunteered to risk his or her life so that the rest of us can go shopping at WalMart without getting blown up!

Dave's Not Here: In fact, I'm sure it will reign as more important in the media than the turn toward instability in Gaza following the death of Arafat.
Blackfive: Sites chose headlines over our Marines.

Jeff Brokaw: I find it interesting that, given the evident depravity of the enemy, which hides in mosques, doesn't wear uniforms, cuts heads off live bodies, and booby traps dead bodies, American media would instead choose to sensationalize what might be a normal "everyday" type of war crime.

Feste: It's a pity that our networks and MSM cannot see beyond getting the scoop.

Sgt. Hook: I’m appalled at the prosecution by the media of the young Marine

Laughing Wolf: In other words, he was more interested in glory and headlines for him, and giving aid to the enemy, than justice for anyone. He also did so knowing that it would place Americans and American troops in harms way. This was not a breathless crusade to see justice done, but a grab for glory with other people paying a blood price.

Jeff: As for Kevin Sites, in journalism, as in any job, there's a way to do it with integrity, but if you lack that inner quality, no one can explain it to you. Turning the tape over to Al Jazeera, which has colluded with child killers & beheaders in Iraq, suggests Sites' soul is as dry & dessicated as sand

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November 15, 2004

Holiday Wish List

Via Flea

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:08 PM | Comments |

US Warplane Shot Down by Terrorists Identified


Mike at Sworn Enemy sent me this link from John of Argghhh! Could it be that we have solved the mystery we first noticed a little over a week ago? US 'Warplane' shot down by terrorists:

US 'Warplane' launched near Samarra as reported by John:

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:39 PM | Comments |

Zarqawi Update

Two quick hits before I go, via Chad. 1) Looks like another message from Zarqawi. It seems he's given up on Fallujah, but don't expect it to become pascified any time soon. 2) The leader of Jaish Muhammad, Moayad Ahmed Yasseen (also known as Abu Ahmed) was arrested in Fallujah. The man is said to have cooperated with Zarqawi in several beheading murders in Iraq.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:28 PM | Comments |

Fallujah Film

Some footage from fighting in Fallujah.

(Simultaneously launched by BRD from Demosophia, Anticipatory Retaliation, and The Jawa Post)

By Bravo Romeo Delta at 06:16 PM | Comments |

148 Killed in Chinese Jihad

Could China be on the brink of a bloody civil war with it's Muslim minority? Samuel P. Huntington noted in his groundbreaking book, The Clash of Civilizations, that, "The borders of Islam are bloody." In addition to China's large Muslim minority, it also shares borders with Pakistan, Kyrgistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan--all Muslim countries. While sectarian violence is not unheard of among the other great religions of the world, there is something unique about Islam in that 9/10 of those conflicts is between Muslims and their neighbors, or between Islamists fighting secular Muslim regimes. Here is a map of armed conflicts around the world for 2003. For all the latest news on China, I suggest following Simon's biweekly Asia by Blog report.


The fighting broke out after a Han youth crashed his motorcycle into a Hui builder's tractor, tipping it over. The confrontation soon escalated into pitched battles between mobs armed with shovels and hammers. Molotov cocktails were launched across the river between Nanren and Weitang - the former predominantly Hui, the latter Han - and Huis from around the country flocked to assist their beleaguered brothers.

A local imam said that one of his followers was found beheaded in rice paddy ditches, a Hui official told The Sunday Telegraph. "They share the same market, but the Hui people are insulted by the Han's behaviour," he said. "The Han stallholders try to sell them pork, pushing it in front of their faces all the time. Now the imam says the Han in Weitang are savages who mock our traditions by cutting our throats."....

At an Islamic centre in Zhengzhou, where writing on the wall is in both Arabic and Chinese script, passions were clearly aroused by the trouble between Nanren and Weitang.

Perhaps ominously, the mosque leaders appear sympathetic to the insurgents in Iraq. The mosque's Ramadan letter declares: "In our Muslim world, our brothers are suffering a great disaster.

"Their actions in self-defence have been judged to be extremist terrorism, but they are struggling in an imperialist war that is killing people and rotting modern civilisation."

The defiant mood in Iraq is apparently shared by mosque elders, a foretaste of further problems ahead for the Chinese authorities. "If our brothers are being attacked," said one elder, Lao Mai, "it is a duty in our religion to join them in the fight."

Hat tip: Robert Spencer

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Al Qaeda Bringing Nukes Over Mexican Border?

It's not so much that I'm anti-immigration as I am pro-controlling the border so I don't wake up one morning to find my native Los Angeles is lost in a nuclear holocaust. This Time magazine article reports that al Qaeda is keenly aware of weak border protections and planning to use it against us.

A key al-Qaeda operative seized in Pakistan recently offered an alarming account of the group's potential plans to target the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction, senior U.S. security officials tell TIME. Sharif al-Masri, an Egyptian who was captured in late August near Pakistan's border with Iran and Afghanistan, has told his interrogators of "al-Qaeda's interest in moving nuclear materials from Europe to either the U.S. or Mexico," according to a report circulating among U.S. government officials.

Masri also said al-Qaeda has considered plans to "smuggle nuclear materials to Mexico, then operatives would carry material into the U.S.,"

Both Charles at LGF and Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch connect the Time magazines mention of a missing plane to other similar incidents. My only question: Can you fit a nuclear weapon into a pinata?

PS- More here (hat tip Dan)

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Bilal Hussein Alive, Still Anti-American

Complete Bilal Hussein Archives Here

A week ago today I noted that the AP was using Bilal Hussein to cover the terrorists' side of the story from Fallujah. You can see some of Bilal Hussein's propaganda photos here. Mr. Bilal became APs 'embed' to those forces trying to kill Americans all over Iraq. By hiring a photographer to follow our enemies and to distribute their propaganda, the AP has betrayed our country. Let me suggest that there are higher standards of morality than so-called journalistic ethics. When your fellow countrymen are dying in a war, the highest obligation is to nation. By distributing images and messages of the enemy you bolster their support. There is a reason the resistance in Iraq is not getting any lighter, it is because the messages they recieve in their media is that they are winning. Why give up when you think you are winning?

Today the AP releases a story on the harrowing ordeal Hussein went through as he tried to escape Fallujah. It comes as no surprise to learn that Hussein's anti-American roots go deep. He is a native of Fallujah, the town that brought you 'We love you Zarqawi' and 'Let's mutilate the bodies of American civillians'. AP story via Boston News:

In the weeks before the crushing military assault on his hometown, Bilal Hussein sent his parents and brother away from Fallujah to stay with relatives.

The 33-year-old Associated Press photographer stayed behind to capture insider images during the siege of the former insurgent stronghold.

''Everyone in Fallujah knew it was coming. I had been taking pictures for days,'' he said. ''I thought I could go on doing it.''

Wow, you mean you didn't realize that a 'war zone' meant, you know, a 'war zone'??

In the hours and days that followed, heavy bombing raids and thunderous artillery shelling turned Hussein's northern Jolan neighborhood into a zone of rubble and death. The walls of his house were pockmarked by coalition fire.

''Destruction was everywhere. I saw people lying dead in the streets, wounded were bleeding and there was no one to come and help them. Even the civilians who stayed in Fallujah were too afraid to go out,'' he said.

Notice the dead and dying were the anti-American forces and terrorists. Yet Bilal Hussein describes the fact that no one came to help them as something bad.
''There was no medicine, water, no electricity nor food for days.''
Really? So sad.
By Tuesday afternoon, as U.S. forces and Iraqi rebels engaged in fierce clashes in the heart of his neighborhood, Hussein snapped.

''U.S. soldiers began to open fire on the houses, so I decided that it was very dangerous to stay in my house,'' he said.

Ok, so you have Iraqi terrorists fighting Americans from your houses, and yet somehow it is the Americans fault for firing at your houses?? Maybe you should have thought of this before you celebrated in the street as you mutilated the bodies of people who were there to reconstruct your country.
Hussein moved from house to house dodging gunfire and reached the river.

''I decided to swim ... but I changed my mind after seeing U.S. helicopters firing on and killing people who tried to cross the river.''

He watched horrified as a family of five was shot dead as they tried to cross. Then, he ''helped bury a man by the river bank, with my own hands.''

a) I'm sorry this family was killed, if true b) I don't believe for a second that it's true you vile piece of lying garbage c) if true you ever think for a second that terrorists have families too? Why did this guy not send his family away, like you? Could it be that he believed the bullshit propaganda out of your media that you were winning?
''I kept walking along the river for two hours and I could still see some U.S. snipers ready to shoot anyone who might swim. I quit the idea of crossing the river and walked for about five hours through orchards.''
When your friends, the terrorists, start wearing uniforms we will stop shooting people in battlezones. There is a reason the Geneva Convention requires all combatents to wear them, asswipe.
He met a peasant family, who gave him refuge in their house for two days. Hussein knew a driver in the region and sent a message to another AP colleague, Ali Ahmed, in nearby Ramadi.

Ahmed relayed the news that Hussein was alive to AP's Baghdad bureau. He sent a second message back to Hussein that a fisherman in nearby Habaniyah would ferry the photographer to safety by boat.

''At the end of the boat ride, Ali was waiting for me. He took me to Baghdad, to my office.''

The only thing I regret is that one of those snipers didn't take you out. Imagine if we had let Goebbels go simply because he was a journalist?

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US Troops in Iraq, "America, F**k Yeah!"

I knew there was a reason I think the funniest movie ever made is Team America: World Police. Thanks to Flea for e-mailing me this news:

The soldiers shared laughs during the more surreal moments, such as when a psychological-operations truck rolled through the city blaring the theme song to the movie "Team America: World Police." In the film, Rambo-like puppets hunt terrorists and blow up the Eiffel Tower in the process. There is no need to thank us, the puppets tell outraged Parisians.

Later that night, 500-pound bombs fell on Fallujah.

Tim Blair adds, "Surreal? It's perfect."

Frank J agrees with me.

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Body Found: Margaret Hassan / Teresa Borcz Khalifa Feared Dead

This is very sad. Chad at In the Bullpen has some interesting analysis. Let me just add that this is not a slam-dunk identification. The Islamist terrorists who are behind this murder could just as easily have killed an Iraqi woman for dying her hair blonde. In any event it reveals the type of scum we are up against.ABC News:

On Sunday, U.S. Marines found the mutilated body of a Western woman as they searched for militants still holding out in Fallujah. The woman could not be immediately identified, but a British aide worker and a Pole are the only Western women known to have been taken hostage....

Marines also found the disemboweled body of a Western woman wrapped in a blood-soaked blanket on a street in Fallujah. Two foreign women Margaret Hassan, 59, director of CARE international in Iraq, and Teresa Borcz Khalifa, 54, a Polish-born longtime resident of Iraq were abducted last month but the body could not be identified without further tests.

(Images-- Above right:Polish hostage Teresa Borcz Khalifa in terrorist video. Left: Margaret Hassan pleads for her life after terrorists threaten to behead her.)

ABC (Australia):

“It is a female… missing all four appendages, with a slashed throat and disembowelled, she has been dead for a while but only in this location for a day or two,” said Benjamin Finnell, a hospital apprentice with the Navy Corps, who had inspected the body.
Others: In the Bullpen, Blogs of War, Backcountry Conservative, Interested Participant, Digger, Command Post

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No Blood for Ivory / France Invasion Compared to Soviets

Incidentally, I'm agnostic on France's illegal invasion of the Ivory Coast. I'm just wondering when International ANSWER will show up at the French embassy to protest?Reuters:

Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo accused France on Monday of backing his rebel opponents and compared its military behaviour in his country to the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia....

"Using the death of its soldiers at Bouake as a pretext, France has destroyed our absolute security," Gbagbo said, referring to the fighter jets he said had been bombing rebel positions and had brought his forces within a day of retaking the rebel stronghold of Bouake.

"Objectively, it has taken the rebels' side," he said.

Asked about Chirac's warning about the danger of leadership emerging in Abidjan with fascist tendencies, Gbagbo recalled that the French president had supported the single party that ruled Ivory Coast for 40 years.

"What could be closer to fascism than a single party? We were in prison under the single party supported by France. This is an insult," he said.

Gbagbo said French troops were now less visible on the streets in Ivory Coast but added that their deployment after the air raid that killed the French peacekeepers was intolerable.

"It was like the invasion of Prague in 1968," he said.

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Palestinian Civil War Watch

The Palestinian people are headed for a civil war. One of my good friends sent out the warning to bloggers last week that we should not celebrate Yasser Arafat's passing. Gee, and I already had the party hat on!

Let me just say that it is good diplomacy for the President to pretend that he cares about Arafat's passing. It is also a good idea for the State Department to pretend that this represents a historic turning point for Middle East peace. Thank goodness, though, that I am neither an Administration official or an employee of the State Department. I am a blogger--an amateur pundit. I practice speaking truth to power something or other.

I'm not going to tow the party line. Yasser Arafat? Good riddance. Middle East Peace? Pipe dream. The Arabs in the occupied territories are headed for a civil war. Here is more evidence from CTV:

On Sunday evening, militants firing assault rifles burst into a mourning tent for deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, killing two security guards and wounding six others.

Abbas had just entered the tent, along with 10,000 others, including about 3,000 armed men, most of them police officers. He stood with Gaza strongman Mohammed Dahlan and shook hands with mourners.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia insists the shooting was not an attempt to kill Abbas, who is also known as Abu Mazen.

"What's happened, we're sorry for what's happened, but anyhow it is not targeting Abu Mazen personally," Qureia said....

For his part, Abbas also denies that he was targeted, saying a "random shooting" broke out. "But not in my direction." He also denied reports that the gunmen shouted any slogans against him.

The Associated Press reported that the gunmen barged into the tent shouting, "Abbas and Dahlan are agents for the Americans!''

Commissar wonders if there is a Zionist conspiracy here? Misha wishes the PM all the best.

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Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's Relatives Freed

Two of Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's three relatives being held hostage have been released. The group Ansar al-Jihad had threatened to behead them if the US led assault on Falujah was not stopped [previous entry here]. Well, we stopped. See this is how you reach peace in a warzone--you win. Xinhua:

Two relatives of Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who were kidnapped last week, have been released and a third relative still remains in captivity, said a spokesman for Allawi on Monday.

The two women relatives of the prime minister were released on Sunday, but there was still no word on Allawi's cousin, said the spokesman, without giving further details.

HT: James

Others: Backcountry Conservative, Digger

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November 13, 2004

Kenneth Bigley Memorial Service Held

Kennethh Bigley was memorialized today in a service held in Liverpool. Bigley was murdered by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the man who is arguabley the most dangerous terrorist in the world. Rest in Peace Mr. Bigley. It is my belief that we honor your memory best by hunting down those resposible, and killing them like the dogs they are.

(Pictured right: An image of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and followers shortly before they murder Kenneth Bigley)

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Italian Hostage Held by Muslim Rebels in Phillipines Freed

Earlier report on Andrea Cianferoni here. I'm glad to hear she was freed. AGI:

The plane travelling from Amsterdam carrying Andrea Cianferoni, the young aid worker taken hostage in the Philippines and released after circa 48 hours, landed in the 'Amerigo Vespucci' Airport in Florence just a few minutes late. Cianferoni was picked up from the plane by police agents and brought by police car to their offices in the airport. Awaiting Andrea were his parents, brother and a small crowd of friends and acquaintances.

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News Flash

Dick Cheney admitted to hospital (probably George Washington University Hospital), based on complaints about shortness of breath.

(Simuntaneously launched from Demosophia, Report du Jawa, & Anticipatory Retaliation)

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GWOT Benefits Continue--Pakistan to Take Control of 'Tribal Area' by Year's End

Before GWOT-Pakistan openly supports Taliban and exports radical Islam and nuclear technology all over the world.

After the GWOT-Pakistan becomes an ally, closes radical madrasas, ends it's nuclear exporting business, arrests or kills hundreds of al Qaeda terrorists, and is hunting for the remaining few.

This AP piece in the Billings Gazette gives me hope. One thing not mentioned in the quoted part below, is that the General interviewed said he does not believe Osama bin Laden is in Waziristan as many in the West have speculated:

Between 7,000 and 8,000 Pakistani forces have been deployed in a three-pronged offensive in the eastern reaches of the rugged region this week, the latest in a series of bloody military operations that have left at least 170 Pakistani soldiers and nearly 300 militants, including 100 foreigners, dead since March.

Using artillery and helicopter gunships, the army says it has overrun several rebel bases and killed between 30 and 40 militants _ although it has so far only recovered six bodies.

Among the villages taken is Nano, the home of Abdullah Mehsud, a one-legged former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who has emerged as a rebel leader since he was freed from U.S. custody in March. The 28-year-old rose to prominence after allegedly masterminding the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers last month. He remains at large...

But Khattak claims success. He estimated that the number of foreign guerrillas has dwindled from 500 or 600 in March, to around 100 now. He says the rest have died, fled or been captured, although he could cite only one, a young Tajik, who had been caught alive.

He contended that the entire western portion of the region, controlled by the Wazir tribe, had been pacified. Five renegade leaders signed a peace deal with the government this week. However, a bomb attack in the main town of Wana on Saturday that killed at least three soldiers and one passer-by showed the threat of sporadic attacks remains.

In the eastern portion, home to the Mehsud tribe, about 300 local fighters are still putting up resistance alongside the foreign militants, but Khattak expected the entire region would be under army control within the next two months.

"I hope we should not take long. By the end of this year, we should be able to see a very peaceful South Waziristan," he said.

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No Blood for Ivory Update--Ivory Coast to Sue France in Hague

Look, all these anti-France posts of late have a point. The point is not that France should not have invaded the Ivory Coast without UN approval. The point is that when the Left talks about the invasion of Iraq being illegal, they are being hypocrites. The fact is that the Left, just like the Right, doesn't care one iota about the UN when their causes are being pursued. It just so happens that the Left's cause celebre is always anti-Americanism. Via Jeff Quinton this news:

Ivory Coast is to file suit with the International Court of Justice against the French military which it accuses of killing some 60 Ivorians when it allegedly cracked down on anti-French riots in Abidjan.

"Ivory Coast will go to the International Court of Justice to seek measures to protect its territory and people," Ivorian Human Rights Minister Victorine Wodie said in a statement read out late on Friday on television..

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November 12, 2004

Jawa Polls

The Llamas want to know who will be the first up and coming blogger to beat Wonkette in the TTLB ecosystem? Honestly Steve, since you're the only one of us who's met her, maybe you could tell us if any of would really want to get on top of her in the Ecosystem.....But it should be noted that Mrs. Shackleford is a redhead, so I do know how to treat them. Go vote for the Jawa now!! I can't let Bill, Ace, Goldstein, Commissar, or Jeff mount her before I do!! Go vote!!

In a related poll, yours truly is losing to David Anderson in Digger's 'favorite blog' competition. I like David and all, but if I'm going to get beat by any one it's gonna be Michelle Malkin or Jane Novak--not some dude. Now go vote here too!!

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Army of Ansar al-Sunnah & Islamic Army in Iraq Confirm Working with Zarqawi

UPDATE: This is an archive page. For the latest information on terrorist communiques and videos, please go to the MAIN PAGE here.

UPDATE 5/10: Army of Ansar al-Sunna website releases images of Japanese hostage Akihiko Saito. Images, story, and link to website.

UPDATE 4/22/05: Islamic Army in Iraq shoots down civilian helicopter, murders survivor. Story, images, and video here.

Buried in this story is the news that the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah, the Army of Islam in Iraq (Islamic Army in Iraq), and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq (formerly Tawhid and Jihad) now confirm working with one another in anti-Coalition terrorist activities. I have reported several times in the past that various terrorist organizations have been cooperating in Iraq, but until today there was no official confirmation from the groups themselves. Also, no mainstream publication seemed to have picked up on the odd cooperation that was happening between these formerly unrelated groups with different political visions of a future Islamist state.

Zarqawi's terrorist group (formerly known as Tawhid and Jihad) is a Sunni organization operating in the former Ba'athist strongholds of the Sunni triangle. The Army of Ansar-al Sunnah operates in areas in and around the Kurdish areas in Northern Iraq, although it's operatives are probably Sunni Arabs. The Army of Islam in Iraq operates in Southern Iraq and is a Shia organization modeled after Hamas and Hizballah--with possible links to the Iranian government.

During two of the Army of al-Sunnah's videotaped beheading murders at least one person present identified themselves as a member of Zarqawi's group (Oct. 15th and Oct. 11th). Earlier today, I also noted that one of the hostages freed in the Fallujah assault was a Syrian man "taken by the Islamic Army in Iraq, a Shia terrorist organization which operates in the south of Iraq....More evidence that terrorists are willing to set aside sectarian differences for the sake of a common goal." I guess my hunch was confirmed.


Also Friday, another well-known Iraqi militant group, Ansar al-Sunnah Army, claimed in a statement on its Web site to have joined forces with al-Zarqawi's group and the Islamic Army in Iraq, which claimed responsibility for kidnapping two French journalists who remain missing.

Ansar al-Sunnah Army claimed to have carried out a "joint operation" with the two groups in Youssifiyah, 12 miles south of Baghdad. There was no way to confirm the veracity of the statement.

All three groups have claimed responsibility for several deadly attacks, kidnappings and beheadings of foreigners and Iraqis.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:47 PM | Comments |

New Zarqawi Audiotape on Internet Reveals Terrorists on the Run

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has posted an audio message to his followers on an Islamist bulletin board. In the taped message, Zarqawi praises those resisting the US offensive in Fallujah, and urges them to fight on. He also claims that victory is near for those fighting the American troops. However, the tape also implies that Zarqawi himself has fled Fallujah, an indication that he does not believe the city can be held. CBS reports that in a written statement introducing the audiotape at the internet site, the poster wrote that the tape was "short and hasty" because of the "grave" circumstances--another indication that Zarqawi and his al Qaeda in Iraq are on the run. For over a month now, internet websites linked to Zarqawi's terrorist group (formerly known as Tawhid and Jihad) have been abandoned. All of Zarqawi's recent communications have been posted to Islamic bulletin boards--perhaps another indication of the increasing pressure the US is putting on him. CBS News:

"As for you heroes of Islam in Fallujah, praise for your Jihad, praise for your nation, praise for your religion. (Have) one hour's patience, and then you will see the results," the speaker said after identifying himself as al-Zarqawi.

"Rejoice my nation. There is no doubt that God's victory is on the horizon," the speaker said, adding a challenge to "the Americans to show the truth of what goes on on the battleground."

The speaker also said Kurds and Shiites serving with the Iraqi forces have "sold their religion" and claimed the U.S.-Iraqi offensive in Fallujah had been blessed by "the infidel's imam," Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Others: Chad at ITB, DeWaun at ViMH


The voice on the tape sounded like that on earlier tapes attributed to al-Zarqawi. The statement was peppered with verses from the Quran and poetry, typical of recordings linked to al-Zarqawi.

The statement appeared as American and Iraqi soldiers pushed deeper into the southern reaches of Fallujah, cornering militants being backed into smaller pockets of the city, on the fourth day of an offensive launched in part to clear out militants linked to the Jordanian-born al-Zarqawi.

His followers have beheaded at least six hostages: three Americans, a Briton, a Japanese and a South Korean. The United States has offered a $25 million reward for al-Zarqawi's capture or killing - the same amount as for Osama bin Laden.

The link to the five-minute tape was posted by an individual who signed himself Abu Maysarah al-Iraqi, known as the media coordinator of al-Zarqawi's group, al Qaeda of Jihad in Iraq.

In an unusual written introduction, al-Iraqi said the recording was "short and hasty" because of the "grave" circumstances. A longer statement would follow in which al Qaeda strategy would be outlined, al-Iraqi said.

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French Reader Love Mail: Or, why stereotypes are usually so right (you cheese-eating surrender monkey)

How come these guys always use so many capital letters. Incidentally, this is a Frenchie living in the Netherlands (I traced his IP). That's the Dutch to all of those in my Intro class. Yes, the land where they are now learning the price of dhimmitude is not worth it and are paying for it in blood. So, without further ado--a letter from a cheese-eating surrender monkey to my dear readers:

Mongrels, yes--and proud. Racist? Maybe, we all have our blemishes. But I seem to recall that the Vichy collaborated in the Holocaust.

This is where Europeans and Americans see war in such different ways, I suppose. You have me there. Americans see Hitler as immoral because of the holocaust. Europeans see Hitler as immoral because he started a war of aggression. I understand your point. But by the European standard, Hitler should have been left in power as long as he kept the Holocaust an internal matter. Something, I cannot agree with.
Spanish American War, Mexican American War, easy....We fought the Iraq war alone, and won it. What we wanted help was in the occupation, something we seem to suck at.
Ah, now we get to the heart of the matter.
Remember now, it's we in the US who are racists.
Last time I checked, PBS was the least watched TV station in the country. It is in Europe where state controlled media dominates. Are you so ignorant?
You're doing such wonders in clearing up those stereotypes! Who would have thought a Frenchie would be virulently anti-American and use such foulness to describe us? Who would have thought a European would believe the Marxist propaganda of Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, and Edward Said?
I love the swipe at the Brits. Anglophobia, I guess. It just kind of drones on from there. Actually gets boring. Oh, but here's a couple of the juicy parts.
Yes. You certainly gave me pause to reconsider my French stereotypes!!
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Man Opens Fire at Eiffel Tower


A Venezuelan man swiped a policeman’s pistol and opened fire today at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, injuring a police officer and two security guards, officials said.

The man, aged in his 30s, was taken into custody after the incident, which took place as he was being questioned for attempting to enter a restricted area of the Paris monument, police officials said.

The suspect grabbed the pistol while he was handcuffed behind his back, the officials said. The man was not further identified, and an investigation was under way.

The officer was hit in the arm, and a security guard suffered a bullet wound to the shoulder. The other security guard was grazed by a bullet.

No word yet which member of Team America took this guy out, or if the Eiffel Tower is still intact. Hat tip: Bill Dauterive

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French Hostages' Syrian Driver Liberated

More benefits from the Fallujah invasion. One of the hostages that was freed yesterday (earlier report here) turned out to be the Syrian driver of the two French hostages that have been missing since August. What is so interesting about this is that the French hostages were taken by the Islamic Army in Iraq, a Shia terrorist organization which operates in the south of Iraq. Fallujah is a Sunni stronghold and said to be the base of operations for Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq. More evidence that terrorists are willing to set aside sectarian differences for the sake of a common goal. Xposed:

A Syrian man found handcuffed in a house in Fallujah is the driver who was taken hostage with two French journalists by militants in August, U.S. military officials said Friday.

Mohammed al-Joundi, discovered late Thursday by U.S. Marines sweeping through the city, told military officials he had been separated from the journalists about a month ago, Marine Capt. Ed Bitanga said.

There have been no signs of journalists Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, a U.S. military spokesman said. The trio disappeared Aug. 20 on a trip to the holy city of Najaf.

"We can confirm that the driver of the two French hostages has been rescued," the spokesman said....

At one point, al-Joundi was blindfolded and interrogated by his captors in a room where he saw a black flag with crossed swords, Bitanga said.

The driver also said he saw several other hostages being held, including two Czech nationals - one of whom was injured. He did not specify how many others he saw.

The hostage said he doesn't know what happened to the two Frenchmen after he was separated from them, Bitanga said.

Hat tip: James

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New Hostage Video Shows American Dean Sadek (Updated)

UPDATE: Al Jazeera:

Iraqi armed fighters have kidnapped an American who works as a manager at Baghdad airport.

In a videotape sent to Aljazeera, the captors identified themselves as the 1920 Revolution Brigades, a group which has previously seized foreigners working with US forces.

Arabic TV station Al-Jazeera has broadcast a videotape showing what it says is an American contractor of Lebanese origin held hostage in Iraq.

The balding, middle-aged man was shown carrying a US passport and an identification card in the name of Dean Sadek. He was sitting in front of a green wall.

Al-Jazeera did not air any audio but quoted Sadek as saying all businesses should stop cooperating with US authorities.

The Qatar-based television said the kidnapping was claimed in the name of the 1920 Revolution Brigade, a known insurgent group. The name refers to the uprising against the British after World War I.

It's not immediately clear when or where Sadek was kidnapped.

Hat tip: Slant Point

Others: Slant Point, Quinton, Joyner, Alan Brain

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Today's Fight Club Homework: Fight a Kerry Supporter (and lose)

Via M.H. King this post from Craig's List. Loyal minions are hereby ordered to respond to this ad--and to lose the fight. Hell, why not just pick a fight with any Kerry supporter and lose?

Straight male seeks Bush supporter for fair, physical fight

I would like to fight a Bush supporter to vent my anger. If you are one, have a fiery streek, please contact me so we can meet and physically fight. I would like to beat the shit out of you.


It looks like Ace and the Headmistress found it too.

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Is Al Qaeda Finished?

Chad at In the Bullpen brings this WaPo article to my attention, which forwards the thesis of Michael Clarke, director of the International Policy Institute at London's King's College, that al Qaeda will begin to fragment and cease to be a global threat in the upcoming years. Chad's take is also very interesting. I would only add that al Qaeda's demise is ultimately meaningless for long-term security planning. It is the ideology of al Qaeda that threatens our way of life, not it's organizational structure. When al Qaeda ceases to exist, I will bid it good riddance. But another jihadi ideology bent on bringing about the global caliphate will only take it's place.

Clarke said he envisaged the network breaking down into smaller, disparate cells which would be more easily infiltrated and dealt with, bringing an end to the group's ability to carry out major attacks along the lines of the Sept. 11 attacks

"Terrorism will go back to being about more local issues. It will be reduced to a level which people can live with," he said....

Clarke pointed to Iraq, where Baathist supporters of deposed president Saddam Hussein were fighting alongside foreign Jihadists linked to al Qaeda although the groups had nothing in common.

Ultimately the Baathists would go their own way and pyramid would be weakened.

Clarke noted that even association with bin Laden's network had proved damaging to the cause of other militants such as Chechen separatists.

Chad continues the conversation with this post. Very good thoughts, and well thought out.

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Visit the Politburo Diktat, Get a Free Map

The Commissar is back in the map making business. As usual, bloggers will find this iteration of his now famous blog-stunt superbly done and funny.

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Romanian Judge Stars in Porn

Sometimes the snide remarks just come too fast to process through your brain and to your fingertips. Too.... many... one... liners..... can't... get... brain... to... focus... Ok, it's been a long day and this was just too funny to pass up.

CNN (via Simon who says It gives new meaning to "All rise"):

A Romanian judge has quit after being accused of starring in an X-rated video, officials said.

Simona Lungu, 36, a judge at the Bucharest Tribunal, was investigated by judicial authorities over allegations that she acted in an adult video that was sold in Denmark.

Warning: Pics below are SFW, but not very attractive.......

This is just so funny on so many different levels. Here's a SFW pic of the judge in her OJ "if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit" moment. Apparently, she took some photos of herself to prove that she couldn't be the woman in the film. Ewwww. You've convinced me. No one in their right mind would cast you in any film, let alone an adult flick.

And here's a SFW image of " Simona Lungu " from the film 'Secretele Seductiei' or Secrets of Seduction.

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The Fruits of the Clash of Civilizations in Europe

I read Robert Spencer's two weblogs (Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch) on a daily basis, so I was pleasently surprised (and a bit flattered) when a few days ago he dropped a comment over here at the Jawa. An essay of his appears in today's Front Page Mag:

The problem, in short, is not the race, but the ideology of Muslim immigrants. For over thirty years, besotted EU officials have concluded pact after pact with the Arab League that made for massive Muslim immigration into Europe without assimilation. Would the new European Muslims accept European pluralism? That was assumed — betraying a shocking naivete and ignorance of what Islam has historically taught about the nature of society and the proper relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The problem is not racism, but precisely a clash of civilizations, or a clash between two radically opposing views of how society should be ordered. Another news item from Holland last week vividly illustrated that fact: when Dutch artist Chris Ripke commemorated van Gogh by painting a mural featuring the words “Thou shalt not kill,” a local mosque leader complained to police. The mural, you see, was “racist.” The police obediently sandblasted away the offensive message.

Another story via Robert in The Guardian:
Patel insists that Hizb is no threat to the west, but part of it. But he adds that the west "needs to understand what is really an inevitable matter, and that is that Islam is coming back, the Islamic caliphate is going to be implemented in the world very soon ... The Muslim people need to realise that the way in which they will restore a form of dignity and bring civilisation back to the Islamic world is to establish a modern caliphate."

The call to re-establish the caliphate, the single Islamic state that existed for a millennium and a half, until the end of the Ottoman empire in 1924, forms the thrust of the group's message. But its call for Muslims to be strong is not just political; it is also religious: "Secularism has failed the world" declares a Hizb poster.

Bringing the caliphate back will not be easy: at one debate on the future of Iraq, held just off Brick Lane, an American journalist warned the audience that America, China and India would never tolerate an Islamic state "strung like a belt across the world. There would have to be a response."

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Sarin Gas Found in Fallujah (Updated)

UPDATE 11/17: An image of the Sarin found may be found here.

UPDATE: Christian Science Monitor:

In the course of locating seven weapons caches in a single block around a mosque in northeast Fallujah, an Iraqi platoon Wednesday found a suitcase full of vials labeled "Sarin," a deadly nerve agent.

While further analysis determined that the find was probably part of a Soviet test kit with samples, its discovery in a room with mortar shells appeared to indicate an intent to weaponize the material.

NPR reported yesterday afternoon that US troops had found what they believed to be Sarin gas in Fallujah. I would caution that the report had not verified whether or not the substance was Sarin, only that troops suspected that it was.

According to NPR, Iraqi forces attached to Bravo Company found a truck that was loaded with weapons. In the truck was a briefcase with four packages containing ten vials each. The packages were labelled "Sarin-VGases" in English.

One Marine is reported as saying, "Awesome" upon the discovery of what potentially could be WMD, claiming that he now felt vindicated that the war was justified. The Marines also had intelligence that Sarin was in Fallujah and came prepared carrying gas masks.

It should be noted that the NPR report noted that the substances have not been independently analyzed yet. I was going to save this until it was confirmed, but since Glenn and James have put it out there, I figured I'd let my readers in on it too. Occasionally these reports turn out to be true, but often these early reports don't pan out.

Related logical string.

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Fallujah: Hostages Freed / Helicopters Down

UPDATE: Make that three hostages:

US troops have found three Iraqi hostages in the basement of houses in Falluja, handcuffed and starving, a marine officer said.

"We have found Iraqi hostages in basements, handcuffed by their hands and ankles, starving, thirsty and tortured," said marine Major P.J. Batty, adding that three hostages in total had been found.

No word on the hostages name yet. WaPo:
A battered hostage, his wrists and ankles shackled to a wall, has been rescued by U.S. Marines moving through Fallujah, military officials said Thursday, providing further evidence that the rebel-held city was being used as a hideout for kidnappers.

Marine spokesman Maj. Francis Piccoli said the hostage was found about 4:40 p.m. Wednesday as troops engaged in a house-to-house sweep as part of the ongoing assault on Fallujah, the rebellious, mostly Sunni city about 35 miles west of the capital. Piccoli said the hostage's nationality was unknown. The rescued man said he was a taxi driver and that he had been held for 10 days without food or water.

Hat tip to James Joyner.

In other news, Jeff Quinton confirms something reader Laura sent me this morning, that two Marine Cobra helicopters were shot down in Fallujah. Luckily, it looks like all Marines were accounted for and unhurt from the incident.

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Palestinian Leader AIDS

***Exclusive to The Jawa Report***

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat Is Dead, Several independent sources confirmed to the Jawa Report. Arafat's Inexplicably Diagnosed Syndrome is said to have caused a massive shut down of his entire immune system. Mrs. Arafat Is Doing Solace in her chic Paris home, but would not comment on whether or not Arafat's Illness Did Sew contention and confusion in the ranks of the PLO leadership.

Asked If Dozens of Infidels Saw the corpse, France's top military physician would not comment. His Immediate Version of the story was a simple statement, "Mr Yasser Arafat, president of the Palestinian Authority, has died at Percy military hospital at Clamart on November 11 at 3:30 am (0800 IST)"

The AFP reported that Arafat's illness was somehow related to a low blood platelet count, something insiders call "Anemic Intravenus Dilated Sucrosis", possibly a complication of His Intensive Very sad days of exile.

Articles In Daily Serials abound as to the mystery surrounding his death. Arafat was rarely seen with his wife in recent years and was constantly surrounded by young men, adding to the speculation that Arafat Indeed Did So for fear of Israeli retaliation. One young man who was constantly by Arafat's side confided to the Jawa Report that He Is Very grateful for all the affection given him by the PLO leader.

"His Infectous Very seductive smile made me proud to be a Palestinian," said another lad who claimed to be one Arafat's many supple young bodyguards.

Meanwhile, the PLO leadership is in chaos over Mrs. Arafat's Highly Intense and Volatile state. "The Palestinian leader Arafat Is Done Syphoning off millions from the needs of the Palestinian people," say some PA insiders.

The reaction in the world was mixed. Arabs Issued Death Sentences to all Highly Irritating, Very mean pajama pundits who celebrated Arafat's passing. Except for a few right-wing hate-mongers, the whole world seemed to mourn. Oh, and Jews (alternatively spelled J-O-O-S). Analysts Immediately Declared Several days would be needed to assess the situation on the West Bank.

The French, As Is Doubtlessly Sure, were in great mourning over the loss of the great anti-Semite. The German Chancellor Has Intentional Vagueness in his statements. Other world leaders also mourned Arafat's Improbably Demise, Saying in a joint statement, "We mourn this loss for the Palestinian people, and Arafat was not gay. Definitely. At least, not all the way." The leaders were responding to speculation in the Israeli press that the skeletons in his closet were more than the bodies of dead Jewish children.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority named Rauhi Fattouh as successor to Arafat, Interim, Declaring Said man would serve for at least 60 days. "He Is Very eager to begin doing to the Palestinian people what Arafat did to the many teenage boys he used as bodyguards" said one PA insider.

While the PA sought to downplay the transitional period as one of peace and calm, "Suicide bombers, as young as three, have begun to line up to kill Arafat's Infidel Doctors," Said one source who believed that the PA leader's illness was a Zionist plot. Most of the world, though, discounts this Highly Irrational Version of why Arafat died. Although one prominent American author, now living in Paris, claims that "Arafat was shot down by a US missile. I have conclusive evidence."

"Hysteria is Very alive," said on high-ranking State Department official in an off the record interview with the Jawa Report. "The chances are, that Arafat's Immediate Demise Signals an openning for peace." However, a top CIA analyst, who also wished to remain anonymous claims that the news would mean a "Hiatus In Violence, at least in the near-term, but Arafat's death would probably have no impact on the overall prospects for a long-term solution to the Palestinian question."

Another Interesting and Disturbing Side-effect of Arafat's Impromptu Death Seems to be whether or not the Palestinian people themselves are willing to admit that the intifada has been a failure.

The majority of people polled by the Jawa Report said that "Arafat Is Dead, So what?" Or, as one popular pundit opined, "Good riddance to bad rubbish."

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Sitemeter or My Site Down?

Sitemeter shows zero people visited this site in the last hour. Is Sitemeter, like, totally messed up? Any one else notice a problem this morning?

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November 10, 2004

Islamic Army in Iraq Shoots Down American Warplane

UPDATE: 4/22/05 Islamic Army in Iraq shoots down civilian helicopter, murders American survivor--report, video and images here.

UPDATE: This is an archive page. If you are looking for more recent news about terrorist communiques or videos, please go to our MAIN PAGE HERE. Updated daily.

****Exclusive**** Must Cite Jawa Report****

The Islamic Army in Iraq has shot down a US warplane, the Jawa Report has learned. Below is an image taken yesterday from a website claiming to speak for 'The Islamic Army in Iraq'. The website has since been shut down, possibly by certain unnamed patriotic hackers. Yesterday we reported the story, but unable to speak Arabic misunderstood the photo of the lone masked terrorist as a threat that jihadi forces now had unmanned drones that would be used against Coalition troops. Thanks to long-time friend Evariste for providing a translation of the website, we can now confirm that the photo is that of a US 'warplane' shot down by the Islamic Army in Iraq.

Continue below to see the 'warplane' photo and part of the translation of the threat that went along with it.


May I just say, "ha-ha!!" Is this all you got, Islamic Army in Iraq? Murdering the innocent and unnarmed, taking people hostage for ransom, and the occasional roadside bomb? This is what you shot down?


Translation provided by Evariste of Discarded Lies:

"In the name of Allah, the most this, the most that, the Islamic Army in Iraq

The Felling Of The American Spying Plane

'fight them Allah will torture them by your hands and scorn them and aid you against them and he can see into the breasts of a believing people'-[qur'an quote].

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the two worlds, the powerful, the dear
And our most favorable prayers and peaceable supplications on the prophet of the gift and the prophet of the slaughter and on his tribe and host altogether (this is a reference to Ali, whom Shi'ites revere, and not to Muhammad).

And anyway. [it really says that, it's a common phrase to set off the meat of a message from the formulaic ritual invocations]

It has met Allah's favor, on the morning of this day of comity, Nov 6 2004, in the al Dulu3iyya area, that an American spying plane has been felled before one of the militias of the Islamic Army in Iraq.

(and your Lord is a watchful guardian)
And Allah is Great and Glory Be to Allah
The Islamic Army in Iraq.
The official website of the Islamic Army in Iraq."

I would also note that the Islamic Army in Iraq is a terrorist organization that works in the Shia areas of Iraq south of Baghdad.

All of the above is real. The photo was actually taken from a now defunct Islamic Army in Iraq website. The terrorists actually claim to have brought the 'spy plane' down. The terrorist actually use this photo as part of their propaganda effort

***PS-this isn't even close to an exclusive, other than the fact that I found the pic and wanted to poke fun of the jihadi terrorists. Everiste should get most the credit. I just thought it would be funny to build up to the exclusive photo of the 'warplane' before letting you see it.

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Chirac=Hitler / No Blood For Ivory

HT: No-Pasaran!

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Kos To Commit Suicide!

It must be true, it's in the Onion.....(ht Charles)

BOSTON—By examining web-traffic data for left-leaning, researchers have predicted that the mass suicide of 14 political bloggers will likely be discovered sometime in mid-December. "After months of doing nothing but sit alone in our rooms at our computers, trying to get our message to the people, we lost the election anyway," read the still-unread suicide pact posted Nov. 3. "We'd rather be dead than live in a country as f**ked up as this one." The bodies will most likely be found by property managers, long-estranged parents, or neighbors returning copies of Joe Trippi's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
Is it wrong to wish it were really so?

Related--If the NYT thinks you're 'liberal' then you know you're in left field.

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Same As It Ever Was

by Demosophist

Hostage Slaughterhouses, Death Camps, Gulags

Anyone recognize The Beast?

(Cross-posted by Demosophist to Demosophia and Anticipatory Retaliation)

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Zarqawi's 'Hostage Slaugherhouses' Found in Fallujah

Apparently earlier reports that Zarqawi had slipped away may have been true. One thing that struck me about this article, which is an AP wire story, is that the author lists the names of some of the French and British hostages, but not the Americans. If any one sees any photos of the so-called 'hostage slaughterhouse' I would be very interested in seeing them. Zarqawi has used several of these houses to murder in the past, and comparing this one to the many beheading videos might give us a clue as to the last time he was in Fallujah. My gut feeling is that he slipped out of Fallujah long-before the present assault started. USA Today:

Iraqi troops have found "hostage slaughterhouses" in Fallujah where foreign captives were held and killed, the commander of Iraqi forces in the city said Wednesday.

Troops found CDs and documents of people taken captive in houses in the northern part of Fallujah, Maj. Gen. Abdul Qader Mohammed Jassem Mohan told reporters.

The most notorious abductions in Iraq have been by the al-Qaeda-linked group led by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was believed to be in Fallujah but who commanders now say likely fled the city before the huge offensive launched this week by U.S. and Iraqi forces.

Mohan did not say that remains of captives were found and did not comment on whether the houses were believed linked to al-Zarqawi or any of several other militant groups that have claimed kidnappings.

"We have found hostage slaughterhouses in Fallujah that were used by these people and the black clothing that they used to wear to identify themselves, hundreds of CDs and whole records with names of hostages," the general said at a military camp near Fallujah.

Mohan was unsure if the hostage records included the names of any of the at least nine foreigners still in the hands of kidnappers — most notably, British aid worker Margaret Hassan, French journalists Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot and two Americans.

Hat tip to James Joyner who also notes, "It would be nicer to find Zarqawi and the other perpetrators." Indeed it would.

Other coverage: Digger, In the Bullpen, Command Post, Cranky Neocon, Kevin Aylward, and others.

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George Lucas, I am your biyatch!

Dear George Lucas,
I just got through watching the trailor for Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and although I am not gay I would gladly let you have me now if you were so inclined. I must admit that I was bracing myself for the worst when I clicked View Theater Trailor, but something began to tingle in me, it was something primal, when the first voice I heard was that of Alec Guiness....... If the movie is half as good as the trailor, I will personally buy the KY. I'm yours. You're the pitcher and I'm the catcher.

Does this make me gay? No, but like Gary I am willing to take one for the team.

If it is your will, my Master, I am also willing to kill Daniel Drezner. Supply me with a lite-saber, and I will strike him down so he can bad mouth you no more!

I also emplore you to send the Death Star to take out Kevin in Korea. I know you have a heart, Master, even if it is the good kind--you know, artificial.

Pejamanesque, I believe my Lord, may be converted to the dark-side. I can feel the hate growing in his voice. Pejamanesque, I am your father!

I know, Sith Lord Lucas, that I have been guilty of Drezner's crime in the past. I humbly beg your forgiveness. If it be Thy will, you may also strike me down like the dog I am. But if you do, know that I will be more powerful in death than you can imagine. But even in death, I would serve you.

So, Lord Lucas, I humbly pray that those who bad-mouth you will be striken by the curse of Jar-Jar. I know, Master, that it could not have been you who introduced that idiotic character--I blame the Hollywood liberal elite.

In conclusion, Sir, I will always remain your humble Paduan learner/biyatch.

Rusty Shackleford

PS-Master, this man seems to think himself some Jedi Knight. What is thy bidding on this imp Ace?

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Saudi Forces Kill Terrorists in Gun Battle

More evidence that nations will only fight terrorism if they believe it is in their national security interests to do so. In the case of the House of Saud, it is because the jihadis wish to replace that regime with one that is even more harsh. Get it? The Saudi's Wahhabism doesn't go far enough. In the case of Pakistan, they help us because the alternative is a US invasion or harsh sanctions. In the case of the French....oh, sorry, my bad. Arab News:

Saudi security forces clashed with four suspected terrorists in the Al-Jamia district early yesterday morning. One terrorist was killed, and three were captured during the two-hour long siege. One of the three was a foreign national, the Interior Ministry said.

According to Brig. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, a ministry spokesman, two security officers were injured in the operation that resulted in the confiscation of eight Kalashnikovs, 100 locally made bombs, machine guns, hand-grenades and live ammunition.

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Dutch Police in Standoff with Van Gogh Murder Terror Suspects

On the day that Theo Van Gogh was put to rest, the Dutch police have raided a suspected terrorist network's safe house. Three Dutch police officers were injured. While the story quoted below implies the injuries may have been the result of some sort of accident, according to another source the hand grenade was thrown at them. ITV:

Dutch police have raided a building in The Hague as part of an ongoing anti-terror operation.

Three officers were injured when a hand grenade exploded during the in the early morning operation.

A number of suspects are understood to be holed up in the building.

The area was sealed off and the airspace above The Hague was closed.

Tensions have been running high in the Netherlands since the murder of controversial film director Theo van Gogh last week.

Detectives investigating the killing have arrested ten people and are still holding six including prime suspect "Mohammed B" who has been charged with murder and suspected links to a terrorist group.

The words of van Gogh's mother seem quite fitting here, "You must also help ensure that Theo is not forgotten. Liberty is not for frightened people." Amen sister.

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Ansar al-Jihad Threatens to Behead Allawi Relatives

This is the first time I have heard of Ansar al-Jihad, which means Partisans of Holy War or Holy War Followers. Allawi, for his part, has refused any negotiations with the terrorists. Notice the article calls the terrorists 'militants'. Xinhuanet:

A militant group kidnapping three family members of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi threatened on Wednesday to kill them if Allawi doesn't order a withdrawal from the besieged Fallujah.

In a statement, the group known to be Ansar al-Jihad (Partisans of Holy War) claimed responsibility for the abduction and threatened to behead the three if Allawi fails to meet its demands in 48 hours.

"We demand the agent government liberate all the prisoners in Iraq, women and men, and lift the siege over Fallujah and stop the military action against the city," said the previously unknown group.

Gunmen have abducted at least two members of interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's family from their Baghdad home on Tuesday. The militants are threatening to behead them if their demands are not met. ...

"We promise Allah and his messenger that if the agent government doesn't respond to our demands within 48 hours, they (the hostages) will be beheaded," the group says on the website.

Interim government spokesman Thair al-Naqeeb says the prime minister's first cousin Ghazi Allawi was seized along with the cousin's daughter-in-law as they were leaving their home in southwestern Baghdad Tuesday evening.

"Ghazi Allawi is 75 years old. He has no political affiliation, and is not holding a government post," the government statement said.

Reuters says Ghazi Allawi was taken along with his wife and son. Sources also tell Reuters that there had been a short gunbattle at the cousin's home before they were seized.

Ansar al-Jihad also said in its Web posting it abducted three people.

Others: Jeff Quinton at BC, Steve at PoliBlog, Michele at Command Post, Alan at Command Post, James Joyner (still hasn't made the Jawa his home page), and others.

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For Some, Not So Good

by Demosophist

The following post by a friend from the UK helped me cope with the fact that there are people at the BBC who've apparently taken the liberty of producing a three part series promoting the idea that Totalitarianism 3.x is just (to use a phrase from Ebeneezer Scrooge): "a piece of over-ripe potato." My friend's post proves that some Englishmen haven't bothered to master the dexterity that must be required to poke their heads up their @$$es without wrinkling their ears:

What a terrible week it's been... if you're a Guardianista that is.

Ist off, that hick Texan warmaniac gets re-elected with an increased vote, but that was all the fault of redneck creationist gun oilers, who wouldn't listen to the voice of reason as set out in the letters to the voters of Clark County, endorsed by Lady Antonia Fraser & other world renowned politically correct philosophers.

Then the Great Light of Palestine is about to go out. We all wept in solidarity with the BBC correspondent, who also wept, when the hero's hearse lifted off into the skies. Too bad he didn't arrange for a succession; but we can't have him compared to the Fascist General Franco who did, & anyway we need continued chaos there in order to maintain our righteous indignation against the doings of the Zionist oppressors.

On the Home Front, the far-seeing deputy Prime Minister had his attempt to modernise the Constitutional Arrangements in line with EU directives, & balkanise England, rejected 4:1 at the ballot box by the sort of retard Little Englanders whose opinions one curls one's lip at, at smart media cocktail parties.

Don't even mention the 71% of the population who in a recent poll want an Oklahoma style 'Make my Day' law in the UK.

Looking on the bright side though, the fox hunting season has started again, so there should be some good opportunities for those amongst us of the direct action persuasion, to defend the right of nasty, smelly, vermin to eat the throats out of new born lambs.

Just be a bit more careful than you used to be; there are rumours that the toffs have manipulated the dregs of the rural proleteriat, into considering taking the sort of measures against the 'sabs', last seen when the Russian peasantry chopped up the remains of the Grand Armee in 1812.

-- Pat Dorrity

OK, so I don't actually know what a "toff" or a "sab" is. I could guess, but I'd probably be way off.

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November 09, 2004

Can't Win Fer Losin'

by Demosophist

I'm just guessing, but I figure Ken Layne's Jesusland essay is where a lot of folks who've all but disappeared around the bend are getting their vitriolic edge concerning the sinister impending Christian theocracy. But if you're just tired of all this cr@p, and want a good chuckle, check out the Google ads on the lower left of the page. (Hat tip: Gerard)

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Islamic Army in Iraq Using Unmanned Airplanes

This is an archive page. For the latest news about communiques and videos coming from terrorists in Iraq, please go to the MAIN PAGE HERE.

The new website for the Islamic Army in Iraq had this picture posted at their website. On closer inspection, their new weapon seems to be nothing more than a model airplane. I guess you could strap some dynamite on to it..... The Islamic Army in Iraq operates south of the Sunni triangle. Allied forces should be on the lookout for these airplanes.


If anyone would like to translate, I'd love to hear the threat that went along with this.

UPDATE: We have a translation--this is really a plane they shot down. See this post.

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Christianity is Just Like Islam

Oh, I forgot about that. And that.

Hat tip, I mean 'Thanks for the Memory' to Brian B.

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Election Vindicates Jacksonian Views?

Now the election is over and the fallout is in the process of settling down, a retrospective.

First, I have made only one public post, and that was on September 16th. In this post, I (Bravo Romeo Delta) made two predictions, one of which turned out to be true:

"I officially announce the upcoming Presidential Election to be over."

The other prediction was that it would be a 10 point Bush win was just plain stupid. A milder prediction I've been making in other circles is that the election wouldn't be that close - the polls would make fools of us all. As it turns out, it was closer than I expected, but at the end of the day, the (exit) polls did make fools of us all. Doc Jawa has a very interesting analysis of that whole fracas.

But all that said, let's dig into some of the more interesting bits of this car wreck we call democracy.

First off, you've probably all heard about the red/blue state impending cultural civil war. Well, this silly myth is put paid to effectively with the purple state map. However, for those of you who are a bit more of either a political junkie stripe, or have a large dose of morbid curiosity, here are a few highly recommend sites with some excellent maps.

First is by the owner of the Geomblog, who does, as it happens computational geometry. As it happens, long, long ago, when I was still on blogspot, Suresh linked Anticipatory Retaliation (my home blog), and I promptly lost the e-mail and forgot to put him down as a reciprocal link. So, at any rate, I hope to have redressed that mistake by adding him to my roll. Among other things, I would recommend you check out the site, because it has some really cool election data links you may want to play with.

Another really good mapping page is this one: which tackles some of the same issues, but using a somewhat different approach.

As an aside, here's an animated GIF with 2004/2000 vote comparisons from Blog Junky. (Courtesy comments on Michael Totten's site)

The other Grand Prize of election-map-blogging goes to Obsidian Order for their analysis of vote shifts from 2000 and 2004 as well as another comparison-by-density map. The page also contains a great round up of other links worth noting. (Courtesy comments on Michael Totten's site)

One of the things that is quite interesting is that if you look at the vote shift between 2000 and 2004, you'll see a shift from the north and west to the south, which I think tracks with the Jacksonian tendencies of the Scotch-Irish. The other bit that's fascinating is comparing that map to this breakdown of the country into 10 political regions. According to this scheme (see also here and here, Bush picked up a lot in Appalachia, the Southern Lowlands, and Southern Comfort - although the maps both show a distinct split in the Sagebrush and Farmbelt regions between north and south. But at any rate, there seems to be more than a passing similarity between this map of people who claim Scotch-Irish heritage (compare with the maps of Irish -by percent; Scottish - by percent; Welsh - by percent; and English - by percent) and this map showing percentage shift towards or away from Bush from 2000 to 2004. At least at first glance, it would seem that one might be able to link the presence of Scotch-Irish and attendant Jacksonian (and to a lesser extent English) cultural values with predisposition towards aggressive prosecution of the War on Terror).

Ok, all that out of the way, let's take another look at some of the other interesting movements about. First off, we have Roger El Simon's preliminary data on voting among traditionally very pro-Democratic voters. However, to be fair, given recent exit polling problems, take this with a grain of salt.

Elsewhere around the blogosphere, Andrew Sullivan makes a truly fascinating observation (if you click on the link, go to the "Moral Values" item. Key bit:

"In 1996, [the portion of voters voting on moral values] was 49 percent. In 2000, it was 49 percent. So the domestic moral focus halved in 2004. Obviously, the war took precedence, especially if you combine the categories of the Iraq war and the war on terrorism more generally."

This is interesting in light of the lack of appreciable shift in voting amongst gay voters - Bush went from 25% of the gay vote in 2000 to 23%. Well, it's either that, or that the gay population assumes, axiomatically, that the Republicans are so hostile to their interests that he can't do any worse than he's already doing.

Well, that's about all the election stuff I can stomach right now, so enjoy folks!

(Simultaneously launched by Bravo Romeo Delta from Anticipatory Retaliation, Demosophia, and The Jawa Times)

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Taliban Threatens to Behead Female UN Worker on Video

Last week the Taliban took 3 UN election workers hostage and released a video of them pleading for their lives [earlier post here]. The hostages are Annetta Flanigan from Northern Ireland, Shqipe Hebibi from Kosovo, and Angelito Nayan from the Phillipines. I have previously noted that the deadline set by the Taliban terrorists for their demands to be met had passed. Luckily, the deadline seems to move back at a constant rate. Today, a a spokesperson for the terrorists threatened to behead Shqipe Hebibi tomorrow. Reuters:

Another militant spokesman, Mullah Sabir Momin, had said Hebibi would be killed first and the "beheading" shown on video. "The decision on the other two will be taken after seeing the reaction of the Afghan government and the U.N.," he said.

Momin said Hebibi seemed the most important hostage. "She says she is a Muslim. If a Muslim helps infidels or America, that Muslim will be punished first."

Let's keep her in our prayers. (Does the head actually have to come off a hostage before Reuters will call the person a terrorist?)

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Another Beheading in Thailand


Suspected Islamic militants beheaded a 60-year-old Buddhist labourer in Thailand's south in the second such slaying to avenge the deaths of 85 Muslims at the hands of security forces last month, police said on Tuesday....
Hat tip to Greyrooster. There's more below.

On Tuesday, the decapitated body of Kaew, 60, was found in a hut at the rubber plantation where he worked in Changpeuk village in Narathiwat province, said police Lieutenant Boonserm Klaewatee. The victims's surname was not available.

Kaew's head had been slashed repeatedly, apparently by a machete, he said.

Police found four handwritten letters with the body that threatened more attacks.

"This is not enough," one them read. "More will be killed in revenge for the innocents that were killed in the Tak Bai massacre."

Kaew is the third Buddhist man to be beheaded by suspected insurgents this year and the second apparently in retaliation for the Tak Bai incident. The head of a Buddhist village leader in Narathiwat was found November 2.

Earlier Tuesday, a Buddhist couple - Srinuan Chindai and his wife Korn - were slain by a motorcycle-riding gunman in the Banangstar district of nearby Yala province, said police Lieutenant Colonel Jakarin Bampensamai.

Earlier Post: Muslims Behead Buddhist Thai Village Leader

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French Troops Massacre Civillian Protesters


French forces opened fire Tuesday as protesters massed between the Ivory Coast president's home and an evacuation post for foreigners. A hospital reported seven people were killed and more than 200 wounded.

Earlier, at least four days of confrontations killed at least 20 other people, wounded 700, and shut down cocoa exports from the world's largest producer.<

Left-wing groups around the world still silent on France's illegal invasion of the Ivory Coast--an invasion undertaken without UN approval.

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Saudi Aid to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Killed in Fallujah

The benefits to the Fallujah offensive begin already. If the residents of Fallujah are so keenly aware of the inner workings of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi' Al Qaeda in Iraq network, then why aren't we simply levelling the whole city? Winning the hearts and minds of a people begins with their own self aknowledgment that they have lost. It took a nuclear bomb to force the Japanese to admit to themselves that their resistance was futile, I'd say a few MOABs or maybe one of the new MOPs would do the job. Sierra Times:

Residents reported that a Saudi national known as Abu Waleed Saudi, a senior military aide to insurgent leader Abu Musab Zarqawi's, was killed in fighting west of Fallujah.
Others: Alan E. Brain, Digger, Gabriel, and others.

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Test Blogging

I'm giving a test right now. Shhhhh. Be very quiet.

Seriously, they should never have put this computer in this classroom. With me it's blogging, but who knows what other profs are doing on this thing? Let's check the history cache and find out, shall we?

Nicenet classroom assistant. Ok, sounds legit.
Born Magazine--art and literature in the classroom? Nonsense. (of course the 'art' that this person was looking at is entitled 'Alice Neel:Butt Naked at 80'--ewww)
Xombie, online animated cartoon. We college profs are so sophisticated in our tastes, eh?
Alternet movie review--shock, we profs read articles written by the Nation's film critic.
Killing the Buddha--Who Do You Love: The Gospel of Punk --I totally need to find out who went here. Completely awesome site. For a wannabe pseudo-punk like myself, I just can't believe there is another wannabe pseudo-punk prof in this building.

And that's it, the entire history of this computer for the last 3 weeks. Except for this 'Jawa' thingy I'm seeing. Must be porn.

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The Wand'ring Moon

by Demosophist

You know, I was mentally and emotionally prepared to lose this election, because in spite of the fact that I don't like Kerry very much I don't actually believe he's the incarnation of evil. Most of the people in the pro-war camp discussed this quite a bit, and although not everyone went along most of us did. Jeff Jarvis, at BuzzMachine, is probably a crossover figure, who happened to have voted for Kerry. There were even a few in the pro-war camp who did so as well. There really is a stigma that attaches to sore losers and that works against them in subsequent elections, and at the extreme threatens the peaceful transition of power at the heart of democracy. Indulging outrageous conspiracy theories is part of being a sore loser, that seductively leads to worse. There's a name for it: Political Paranoia. (I highly recommend this scholarly book, though the persons who probably most need to read it, never will.)

I'm not sure what one does about it, but this article from the NYT and a similar one in the Guardian a short time ago, cross the line. They both obliquely suggest correcting the "error" of the voters by assassination. Political paranoia, it seems, has moved into the mainstream, probably through vectors like Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Ted Rall and Daily Kos. I don't recall anyone in the mainstream media in 1969 speculating that it might be a good idea to shoot LBJ, though there was probably a lot of alternative press that did so. This present phenomenon is new in the way it coaxes, cajoles, and commands the sentiments and hopes of otherwise well-meaning people the way the moon commands the tides. And though it obviously signals an internal threat (that doesn't seem to alarm the "powers that be" very much) that's not the half of it. Crossing this line is also probably a signal that a threat from outside has actually achieved, for the first time, the distinction of at least having the potential to actually inflict a mortal wound on western civilization. And the mere fact that such a thing is conceivable brings out the morbid potential that lives in the shadowy hearts and minds of the super-empowered home-neighborhood fringe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we ever saw anything like this in the 1960s.

Now I've expressed the possibility, to a few friends, that some veterans might have been sufficiently angry at John Kerry that they'd have contemplated assassination, but I didn't think the mainstream conservative media would solicit such a thing. And if it had I think it would be appropriate to use the word "sedition." Perhaps what we're seeing is simply the growing pains of a culture that is transforming from Liberalism 2.x to Liberalism 3.x, compelled to mature by the next generation of Totalitarianism. But something is happening, and I don't think we've seen its like before.

To behold the wand'ring moon,

Riding near her highest noon,

Like one that had been led astray

Through heaven's wide pathless way

- John Milton Il Prensroso

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Australian Reader Love Mail

Running a site like this you might expect that I get a lot of hate mail...and you'd be right! What's so surprising is where the mail comes from. For instance, you might guess this next comment came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or maybe Pakistan. Nope, it just so happens that this reader comes from the land down under! As a matter of fact, I traced his IP address to Rockhampton, Queensland. So to any of my Aussie readers out there I'd give this word of warning: watch your backs!


mother f***ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Italian Aid Worker in Phillipines

An Italian born aid worker named Andrea Cianferoni has been taken hostage in the Phillipines, probably by the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization. The Abu Sayyaf jihadis are fighting for a seperate Islamic state in the Phillipines' southernmost islands. This is the same group that kidnapped American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham demanding millions of dollars in ransom. Martin Burnham was later killed by the terrorists during a rescue attempt. It looks like they are at it again:

An Italian aid worker was kidnapped in the Philippines early Tuesday by armed gunmen who demanded a ransom, Italian media reported here. The man was identified as Andrea Cianferoni, who works for Movimondo, an Italian non-government organization helping communities in conflict areas. Cianferone was kidnapped on the Philippines' main southern island of Mindanao, the center of a bloody Islamist separatist revolt.
Roberto Cianferoni, father of Andrea, the Florence-born agronomist kidnapped in the Philippines, attempted to call his son on the mobile. On the other end of the line, Roberto heard what were probably the voices of his son's kidnappers. A few moments later, however, the kidnappers hang up on him. The same happened the second time he tried to call.

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Hostage Standoff in South Ossetia Over

Long-time readers know that I have been following the low-level war in South Ossetia between the proxy armies of Georgia and Russia. The potential for this to turn into a 'hot war' between the two nations is real. I missed this news over the weekend, but apparently 40 hostages were taken by villagers on both sides of the conflict. While the hostages have been freed, it should be noted that the standoff started during a cease-fire agreement between the two sides. Despite numerous such agreements, the fighting always seems to start again. Both sides have agreed to withdraw troops from the region by Nov. 20th, but it seems unlikely that the agreement will hold. Like all such conflicts, peace will only be achieved when one side or the other realizes that it cannot obtain it's goals. Cease-fires, withdrawals, and negotiations do not solve the underlying causes of the problems.

Moscow Times:

Residents living in the border zone between Georgia and breakaway South Ossetia freed about 40 hostages Sunday, police said.

Georgia and South Ossetia have set a Nov. 20 deadline to withdraw troops and other armed groups from their border zone in an effort to reduce simmering tensions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

Both sides abducted the hostages after the disappearance of an ethnic Georgian man in the region Wednesday.

Eldar Kakhniashvili, 22, from the ethnic Georgian village of Kekhvi failed to return from a trip to collect timber in a nearby forest. Ethnic Georgians accused the South Ossetians of involvement, and they temporarily barricaded a main highway. Ethnic Ossetians then blocked the road themselves to retaliate.

On Thursday, about 40 people -- both ethnic Georgians and ethnic Ossetians -- were taken hostage by both sides as tension rose.

Alexander Sukhitashvili, police chief of the Georgian district of Shida Kartli which borders South Ossetia, said all the hostages were released Sunday in the village of Tamarasheni after successful negotiations between the two sides.

Related posts:War between Russia and Georgia in South Ossetia still looms
War Imminent Between Georgia and Russia
Ossetia Ceasefire Broken
Georgia and Separatist S.Ossetia Agree Cease-Fire
Ossetia: Impending War, Georgia vs. Russia
War Looms Between Russia and Georgia

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Car Bomb Kills One in Russia


Car explodes in Moscow, one killed person and injuring another, Russian news agencies reported.

It was not immediately clear what caused the blast. A police spokesman declined to comment on the incident and local prosecutors were not immediately available.

Police across Russia are braced for attacks by Chechen separatists who have claimed responsibility for numerous acts of violence in recent years, including suicide bombings in Moscow and the seizure of a school in southern Russia in September, where more than 330 hostages died.

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Terror Alert: Missing Crop Duster/Propane Tanks

Missing crop duster causes TSA to raise terror alert. AVweb (via Robert Spencer):

"Although there is currently no indication that this has any connection to terrorist activity," the TSA said, "the theft is cause for concern. Past information indicates that members of al-Qa'ida may have planned -- or may still be planning -- to disperse biological or chemical agents from cropdusting aircraft."
Michelle Malkin adds this interesting twist:
TSA doesn't mention it, but fugitive Saudi pilot and suspected al Qaeda operative Adnan Shukrijumah remains the subject of an FBI manhunt along the U.S.-Mexico border and was reportedly tracked to Sonora, Mexico in August. Shukrijumah has been linked by federal authorities to Zacarias Moussaoui (who researched crop dusters), Jose Padilla and al Qaeda's alleged dirty bomb plot.
Michelle doesn't mnention it, but Sonora is just across the Arizona border. The plane was stolen from Colorado (for those of you in my intro class, that's just the other side of Arizona). Yesterday Spencer noted that several large propane tanks have been stolen, implying their potential for use in terrorism. Michelle also notes the propane connection today. Me? I'm not so sure. My money is on this man.

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Zombie Arafat Dead (Again...sort of)

Arafat is said to be dead, again. You ever notice how the living dead never really die? Personally, I blame the worcester sauce. What will be Arafat's last words? That's easy. Via Jeff Quinton this news (or something like it) from Reuters:

Yasser Arafat may have only hours to live, a Palestinian source has said after Palestinian leaders discussed the president's health with doctors who are treating him at a French military hospital.

"They spent about one hour with the French doctors and heard a detailed report on his medical condition. He is not dead but we are counting the hours," the source said.

John Little finds another Reuters story claiming zombie Arafat is dead. Don't you people ever learn? You can't kill a zombie!!
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat is dead, senior Palestinian political sources said on Tuesday.

The information from sources close to Arafat could not immediately be confirmed.

“He is dead,” one of the sources close to Arafat said in Paris, where Arafat has been lying in a coma at a French hospital. Officials in the West Bank said they had not been informed that Arafat was dead.

More Zombie watch all over the blogosphere, including: Quinton, Digger, Joyner, Collier, Swanky, Baldilocks, Truth, Lies, etc., Poliblogger, and so many more. Humorous takes: Sparse Matrix, MUSC Tiger, Bits Blog, Christo-Rama, QandO, and others

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The New York Slimes

by Demosophist

Back in 1996 I got a phone solicitation from the New York Times and on the spur of the moment decided it'd be a good idea to subscribe.  After about three weeks I noticed that I hadn't seen a paper, and wandered down to the front desk to see if someone might be leaving it in my box.  At the time I lived in a high rise just inside the beltway.  Well, it turned out that rather than deliver the paper to me, or even leave it for me at the desk, the Times delivery service was just driving up to the front of the building and dumping papers intended for the residents unceremoniously onto the sidewalk.

So I called and cancelled the subscription.  Nonetheless, for the next six months I got nasty letters from the circulation department demanding that I pay my bill, until a threatened to take my complaint to a White House intern I happened to know.  (I don't know what the heck he could have done, but it sounded impressive.)

At that point I stopped getting bills.

So after that harrowing experience I wasn't shocked when the Howell Raines controversy broke.  And I'd almost forgotten about the way they pandered to the UN when they distorted the Al Qaqaa non-incident into... something.  But now they're  whining for an assassin's bullet to undo the election and I've about had enough.  It may be time someone started using the "s-word."

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November 08, 2004

American Exceptionalism

posted by Demosophist

Victor Davis Hanson's latest:

The Democrats now lament that America would prefer to be "wrong" with George Bush than "right" with them. They will no doubt adduce a number of other paradoxes, excuses, and sorrows. But the fact is that the Left was united, well-funded, and ran the most vitriolic campaign in the Democratic party's history — and still lost, taking all branches of power with it. The New York Times and the major networks have undone their legacy of a half-century, and in the desire for cheap partisan advantage have ruined the reputations of anchormen, the very notion of fair front-page reporting, and, indeed, the useful concept itself of an exit poll. 60 Minutes, Nightline, ABC News — these are now seen by millions as mere highbrow versions of Fahrenheit 9/11.

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Michael Moore Blames Angelina Jolie for Bush 'Stealing' the Election

A buddy of mine, who is also a lefty, has been trying to make sense of this report being pimped by Michael Moore and gang that Bush stole the election by sending super-secret hackers (I imagine Angelina Jolie) in through a backdoor left open by the Diebold Cororation. He's been bugging me to try to explain it. To be honest, every time I think of hackers my mind wanders to Angelina Jolie, which inevitably leads me to a Google Image Search.....Anyway where was I? Oh, yeah, how to respond? I'll let Frank J. do the talking, since I'm back doing a Google Image Search anyway:

Nuts. Plain nuts.
I'm trying to respond but Angelina Jolie, like Ulysses' sirens, keeps pulling me from the point at hand!! Anyone have a better reply?

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No Blood for Ivory!!

Kofi Annan demands France end illigal invasion of Ivory Coast. Thousands protest in Chicago street comparing the military action in the Ivory Coast to the slaughter at the Alamo. Kos up in arms about Chirac's folly--says 'screw them' when learns about murder of French civillian contractors. Atrios wonders if French Defense Minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, could be any worse at planning millitary strategy. Sullivan supports the invasion, but blames Chirac's stance on gay-marriage for his failure to control the former colony. Common Dreams: Illegal invasion could have been avoided had Chirac listenned to Kofi Annan. Wonkette: Ivory Coast? But what about Rove's penis?

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Size Does Matter

MOAB: Bigger. Longer. Uncut.

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Bilal Hussein Dead Pool

Complete Bilal Hussein Archives Here

Via Six Meat Buffet and Charles Johnson some interesting pics out of Fallujah. According to the Geneva Convention, soldiers caught wearing civilian clothing are not afforded protection and are thus subject to summary execution. I say we start with Bilal Hussein, the SOB working for the AP who is in Fallujah putting out enemy propaganda. If he's not already dead, that is. I give him 48 hours, tops. From the looks of it, he's hanging out in the exact areas that the 'shaping the battlefield' bombs are dropping. And now that the battle has begun in earnest, I expect to hear from journalistic rights groups complaining that we targetted him when the MOAB fell on his exact location (not that I have anything against targetting him. (PS-Is that MC Hammer and why is he wearing a mask?)

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Whores for Bush?

Yeah, but what about the hooker vote? (via QandO)

Question Three, which sought to ban prostitution in the rural county, was defeated by a two-to-one margin in Tuesday's election. In 1974, county voters supported letting two brothels operate outside Fallon.

George Flint of the Nevada Brothel Association says the vote stunned him and he's never been so surprised in his life. Alan Perazzo of the Coalition to End Prostitution in Churchill County says he's also shocked that two-thirds of county voters rejected the measure.

The county is a Republican stronghold that gave overwhelming support to President Bush. Fallon, a ranching and military community, is 60 miles east of Reno.

Flint says he now thinks the shuttered Salt Wells Villa brothel 15 miles east of Fallon eventually will reopen.

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Jawa is Fifth Best Blog

The Crack Young Staff over at the Hatemonger's Quarterly have named my little pet Jawa Report the fifth best blog out there. Am I grateful? Hell no! Fifth place? Fifth!! Was Clubber Lang satisfied being the fifth best boxer? Was Mary Ann satisfied with being the fifth hottest castaway? My new goal in life is to be #1 on The Crack Young Staff's list. I'm gunning for you Gordon, Steve/Robo, Seldom, and Armavirumque. I will be number one! Eye of the tiger, man. Eye of the tiger.

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CBS Story Misses it Again: 'Blogging as Typing, Not Journalism'

Q:What's wrong with this quote (via Paul at Wizbang)?

From early afternoon to very late in the evening, those who checked in with the leading political blogs like Drudge, Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan, evote,, Daily Kos, and others were given the distinct impression that John Kerry would win the election.
A: Who the hell thinks Wonkette is a leading political blog? It's like saying the National Enquirer is a leading political paper or that Montel Williams is a leading political talkshow!!

On top of that doesn't this reveal something even bigger? When the folks over at CBS want to check on 'leading political blogs' who do they go to? With the exception of Drudge, who isn't even a blogger, all of these sites are lefty sites!!! Ok, so maybe AS isn't 'lefty' so much as he's a partisan hack single issue voter who pretends he's neutral but would back Hitler so long as he was for gay marriage. Oh, I'm sorry, no bias over at CBS. Nothing to see here folks, nothing at all.

It's no wonder that CBS doesn't seem to get the whole Rathergate thing. To them, they didn't 'get their asses handed to them by the blogosphere' as Kate opines. They don't read the blogosphere, they don't get it, and when they do read the blogosphere it's a bunch of gossips (Wonkette) or leftists (Kos) so far out to the left that they feel perfectly centrist. What Rodney Dangerfield (RIP) line from Back to School? "If you want to feel thinner, hang out with a bunch of fat people"? Note to Bill--aint no way no one is going to get fired at CBS. Why should they? A simple retraction ought to be enough (when forced, oh and after the election).

Robert puts words to my thoughts exactly: When Toto pees on your foot, Eric, don't say we didn't warn you.

PS-Via Evil Glenn this WSJ piece which is good. I still say my explanation is the best among all the plausible ones I've heard. Oh, and I missed this earlier from Joyner, "Just think how messy it'd be if they weren't so professional? "

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Kim Jong-Il Responds: "North Korea, F**k Yeah!!"

Thanks to Bill and Flea for pointing this out. My favorite part? "You stole the Olympic Gold medal from us. You are dastardly thief. F**king USA!" Are we sure Noam Chomsky didn't write the lyrics here?

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The Myth of The Supreme Court as Agent of Desegregation

It's not often that I get to respond directly to another blogger's post. But I just wanted to bitch slap some sense into the Smallholder (since the Maximum Leader seems to have so much restraint these days). His post reminds me of the old Maxim. No, not an old maxim, an old issue of Maxim which I am reminded of every time I make it over to his site. Now where was I? Oh, the notion that it was the courts that desegregated our nation. I can't blame the Smallholder for holding this clearly erroneous view of history. No, wait, sure I can. I blame the Smallholder for holding this clearly erroneous view of history. But I also blame our educational elite for promoting the myth of the court.

As the Smallholder points out in his post, it was Truman that desegregated the military. That is correct, but he erroneously ascribes the rest of the desegregation of America to court action. Explain to me how come ten years after Brown v. Board of Education (1954) almost every Southern school remained segregated if the courts were so able to forward the cause of equality?

That question, as you might have guessed, was rhetorical since I already have the handy-dandy answer on my cuff sleeve for you. The fact is that it was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that led to widespread desegregation in the South. Of course, much of that Act relied on judicial enforcement, but such was the intent of Congress.

I would recommend to the Smallholder and any one else interested in the subject to consult Gerald Rosenberg's The Hollow Hope which debunks the myth.

Perhaps the best argument for an activist court is that it mobilizes interest groups to take political action. On the other hand, court decisions such as Roe v. Wade may result in serious counter-mobilization efforts with less Americans supporting abortion today than they did in 1973. Such is the way of the politics of the Court. I'm sure Steve the Llama butcher might chime in a little more on the subject since (other than porn) this seems to be his field of expertise.

As for the rest of his post, let's just say it sucks ass to claim that if the Maximum Leader had his way there would still be segregation. Such a claim is simultaneously ad hominum, a red herring, and a slippery slope. It was not activist judges that desegregated America, it was Congress and the American people. To claim otherwise is to promote a myth that is both untrue and denegrates the memory of the thousands of followers of Martin Luther King, that despite many Supreme Court rulings, found it necessary to march on Washington in support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Which Polls Called the Presidential Election Right?

Polipundit measures both variance and predictive accuracy among the Presidential election polls on a state by state basis. Excellent analysis. Which ones did the best? Surprisingly enough, the much acclaimed Zogby comes in sixth. Simon fills in the details on where Zogby missed and Randy has a few comments to add. With the two best being:

#2 - A close finish, but number two is Rasmussen Reports. RR made predictions in 33 states, and in 13 Battleground States. RR got all their calls correct, without a single miss, and they were off by an average of 5.82 points. What hurt them was their wide variance of accuracy in support. Three of their final polls were the closest for their state, but another 3 of their final polls were off by more than 10 points. In the Battleground States, RR got all 13 right, and they were off by an average of 4.15 points.

#1 - (drum roll, please) Survey USA. SUSA made predictions in 30 states, and in 9 Battleground States. SUSA got 29 right and 1 wrong, and was off by an average of 3.70 points. So, why does SUSA win with 29/30, and beat RR take second with 33/33? It comes down to hitting the bullseye. EIGHTEEN of Survey USA’s final polls were the closest for that state, almost twice as many as every other major poll PUT TOGETHER! Also, none of their polls were invalidated for being more than 10 points off. In the Battleground States, SUSA got 8 right and 1 wrong, and was off by an average of 3.44 points. Three of SUSA’s final polls in Battleground States were the closest for that state, again the best of any poll.

Hat tip:Bryan Scott over at Backcountry Conservative and Slings&Arrows.

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Khomeini Approves of Child Molestation/Beastiality??

I was checking out Aaron's Rantblog where he speculates on Arafat having AIDS, which would explain a whole lot of the mystery surrounding his illness. In that post he links to the Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation which claims to list a number of the odd writings of Ayatollah Khomeini. Look, I knew the guy was a psycopathic ideologue who was the leader of the most dangerous revolution in the latter half of last century--but I had no freaking idea was also a sick pervert. Aaron sites chapter and verse out of Khomeini's book Tahrirolvasyleh where these sayings come from. Can any one confirm Khomeini actually wrote this? Here is some of the more disgusting stuff:

-A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual act such as forplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed.

-A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.

-If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned.


John of Crossroads of Arabia does some work and finds that these quotes might be less than true. Here is what he drops into the comments section:

1. All citations eventually work their way back to, a website run by an Iranian female exile. References to "Vol. 4" are the give-away. There is such a book, but it runs to three volumes only. The reference may/may be factually correct if instead of "Vol. 4", "4th Edition" is meant, but I can't find a 4th edition or reference to a 4th edition online.
Let me just add that the first quote is found at the homa website, but I couldn't find that last two. So, the citations on beastiality seems much less plausible than the first quote--which seems incredible on it's own!
2. No mainstream media, in any country, has covered this as a news story. Reputable sites dealing with comparative religion or Shi'ism have no references to the original citations
The only problem here is the age of the quotes. That is, these are old quotes that would be previous to any news stories that Google would have. On the other hand, you'd think that these quotes would cause considerable intra-Islamic dialogue?
3. There are numerous blogs that discuss it, but none of them can be seen as either authoritative or lacking a tradition of bashing Islam/Muslims (e.g., Christian fundamentalists, Sunni, Hindus, atheists, anti-pedophile sites, as well as sites like Jihadwatch and Command Post that take a generally dim view of Islam).
Interesting. I'd love to hear more.

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Van Gogh Murder Linked to Spanish Terrorists, Muslim School Bombed

The plot thickens around the Dutch filmaker who was murdered for criticizing Islam. Expatica:

The assassination of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh may have been ordered by a fugitive Spanish terrorist, it has been reported.

Spanish authorities are assisting Dutch justice officials investigate possible links between the arrested suspect, Mohammed B., and Islamic extremists in Spain, the Wall Street Journal said on Monday.....

Police are holding six people in connection with Van Gogh's murder, including B., who was charged on Friday with the killing and membership of a group with "terrorist intentions". One of the suspects is a Spanish-Moroccan.

It had previously been revealed on 20 October that the Dutch intelligence service AIVD was investigating a Dutch link to eight people arrested for allegedly plotting a bomb attack on the High Court in Madrid.

A bombing before dawn Monday blew the front door off a Muslim elementary school in a southern town and extensively damaged the building in what police suspect was a revenge attack for the killing of a Dutch filmmaker last week.

No one was injured in the attack on the empty school, which came days after the arrest of a Muslim radical accused of killing filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh, a distant relative of Vincent Van Gogh, released a film titled "Submission" in August that was critical of how women are treated under Islam.

The Tarieq Ibnu Zyad Islamic elementary school in Eindhoven, about 75 miles south of Amsterdam, is run by the al-Fourqaan Islamic Center, which oversees the town's al-Fourqaan mosque.

More later. Related.

Others: James Joyner, Robert Spencer

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Morning Report

Took the weekend off to be with the family. Since I got the Christmas decorations out of the attic for my wife, I thought the least she could do for me is fix some breakfast. No go. It looks like I'll be having blogs for the most important meal of the day. At least I know I'm eating the breakfast of champions. So, what's up around the blogosphere today?

Chad Evans notes that Zarqawi's latest morning cartoons include blowing up British troops. And as long as were talking morning toons, Hyscience notes some pro-US home videos out there. Did you know that before the Phillipines was a US colony that it was controlled by Espagne? Hence, the reason why they are a bunch of gezpacho eating surrender llamas too. What does the Donald have for breakfast (besides his own face)? Democrats. Think Muslims were just so nice to Christians over the centuries? Uncle Mike says have a falafal and think again. Simon has all of Asia covered--Kimchi gauranteed. Digger decides to have an Arafat death conspiracy this morning, with a side of farber beans. New blog for me, The Modern Crusader, has the goods on the Fallujah assault--MRE? More Fallujah MREs served by John Little--comprehensive assault news and this very interesting news about foreign terrorists in Iraq.Bob Hayes has snails for breakfast and says we should try to bully the French. Kevin, was that fisks or fists? I always get those two confused. Mike King on the stupidity of the left, "The VRWC wants kosher!!" Do electors eat grits in Atlanta? Germans love David Hasselhoff but not as much as cars. Oh, and Flea, I was with you too man. Arm raised high. Don't shoot Commie!

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November 06, 2004

Kenny Revealed

by Demosophist

Kenny Revealed Kenny Floating

He'll be baaack.

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November 05, 2004

The Skinny on the Exit Polls, or how academia ruined the polling data

By now all of you have heard that the biggest fluster-muck of the MSM's coverage of the election was the pathetic accuracy of the exit polls. Since I have some first hand information on how the process worked, at least in this part of my little state, let me share some quick thoughts.

Some in the blogosphere are calling this a conspiracy of sorts. That the numbers were deliberately cooked. Others say the numbers weren't deliberately pro-Kerry, but that their early release was part of a plan to depress Republican voter turnout in Western states. For instance, over at Powerline:

It seems likely that Democrats ran the exit polling process, and deliberately generated bad data to create momentum for the Kerry campaign. This much, I think is a reasonable inference. It is also reasonable to suspect that the same people who created the bad data leaked it to Democratic bloggers as part of a strategy of depressing Republican turnout.
David Limbaugh adds:
Personally, I don't know if Democrats ran the exit polling process, but I'm sure liberals did, which is essentially the same thing. And there is very little doubt that those in control leaked it....

Someone somewhere in the process deliberately manipulated either the polling process, or the selection of participants, or something. With the pre-election polls as accurate as they were, it's virtually inconceivable that the superior exit polls could have been off like they were. Something smells very rotten.

David is right, and I have some evidence to back that up.

As most of you know, I blog from my desk at a small university somewhere in the vast hinterland of America. From my earlier posts on the subject, you know that my university is just as liberal as Berkeley or any other campus (in my department 9 full-time faculty voted Kerry, 2 for Bush, 1 did not vote, and 1 declined to state). So, why is this relevant? Because all those who ran the exit polls were students and the students were recruited by faculty members.

Two weeks or so before the election I received a phone call from a colleague on the English faculty. She had been contacted by one of the firms that had been subcontracted to conduct the exit polling for the Associated Press. They wanted her to recruit three students to do exit polling in the local vicinity and as many students as she could get to travel to nearby counties. Why is this relevant? Because she is a junior English instructor. If the firm had simply looked up our university in the phone book I would think they would contact me--the senior member of the political science faculty and the specialist in American government. They did not. So why did they contact her? No idea. However, I will note that she is an activist in the Democratic Party, an open Kerry supporter, and involved in many liberal causes.

Later, I learned the firm contacted one other faculty member to recruit students--the director of Social Work. If you do not know what Social Work students are like think of a typical lefty student stereotype, add a dash of love for all things Great Society, and throw in more than a spoonful of feelings of entitlement and there you go. The firm recruited all of their workers to conduct polling from among this group.

All of the polling in 1/8 of our state was done by Social Work students. All of it. My state, if you must know, was said to be 'too close too call' according to the exit-polling data. In actuality, Bush won by 10 points.

If the exit polls were conducted by students all across the country, I suspect that we may have one of the reasons why the initial data turned out to be so wrong. Students, generally, are more liberal in college than when they get out into the real world. Further, if the type of student recruited at my university was repeated across the country then we have an even bigger problem. The firm contacted two very liberal professors (even more liberal than the rest), who in turn asked their favorite students if they wanted a chance to make some cash.

From there it is not hard to figure out why the numbers would be so skewed, even if the students did not deliberately do it. You see, each of us has a natural tendency to feel more comfortable talking with some type of people over others. If I was to conduct an exit poll, I would feel quite comfortable talking to a guy in a cowboy hat. On the other hand, a guy wearing a Che shirt and Birks might be somewhat out of my comfort zone. Not that I wouldn't talk to any Che shirt guys, just not as many. If my bias is repeated over and over, by hundreds and by thousands of poll workers, than this bias becomes substantial when the numbers are aggregated.

This explains why the data were wrong. Students, possibly a lot of very liberal students, were hired for a day to run the exit polls. They tended to oversample other liberals--not in a huge way but enough to make a difference. These data were then turned over to the experts who aggregated them and then reported bad data to the major news outlets.

Two questions remain. First, why was it that a well known liberal and the head of a department renound for indoctrinating liberalism into it's students were contacted to recruit students? It may just be a coincidence, but I fail to see the logic in it. Second, why were the misleading data leaked out? Our explanation, thus far, only suggests why the data were bad. It does not explain why these data were leaked out. There may be no connection. It only takes one excited Kerry supported to call Wonkette and Sullivan and then let the 'good news' pick up steam from there.

Just a few thoughts. Many questions remain.

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Happy Blogoversary La Shawn

La Shawn Barber is a great blogger who celebrates her blog anniversary today. Hey La Shawn, what ever happened to that article you interviewed me for?

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Captain Scott Speicher's Body Found?

Via John Little this First Coast News story. Speicher was downed in the First Gulf War and was rumored to be alive and in Iraqi custody. When we liberated Iraq, an intensive manhunt was said to be pursued by the military in hopes of finding him alive.

First Coast News has learned a body has been found in Iraq and DNA testing is underway. Multiple sources tell First Coast News Captain Scott Speicher's family has been notified. They will not disclose the details of why they believe these are his remains only to say they have reason to feel confident these are his remains. Test results are expected within weeks.

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TheGhost of Herbert Hoover

Rember all those jobs that we lost? Yeah, that whole 'first President since Hoover to lose jobs' thang? Well, it looks like G. W. found them and that by the time of he is sworn in again more jobs will have been created than lost. Not that I think the President has much to do with these things, but it is nice to hear one of the Kerry crowds mantras will be finally put to rest. This calls for some cowbell!

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Rusty + Spoons =

Rusty + Spoons = Rusty Spoons.

(Yeah, more like a Flea thing, but I'm still sick and half coherent. Thanks Beth!)

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Why did you vote for G.W. Bush?

The BBC wants to know why Americans were dumb enough to elect Bush. Baldilocks says it for me:

I voted for George W. Bush to send a message to those who would like to see Western Civilization fall under the Islamic boot, as Islamist terrorist would prefer (yes, United Kingdom, you are on this hit-list as well): we will not go gently into that particular goodnight.

I wanted to help elect an American leader that will defend liberty; not just in word, like GWB's predecessor, but in deed.

Amen sister! The BBC may be slightly anti-Bush, but the Mirror doesn't hold back. Here's the headline, "U.S. ELECTION DISASTER: THE WORLD MOURNS.. " Misha has far more to say on this, most of it unprintable on my PG-13 site--but which I profoundly agree with.

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F-16 Fires on School in New Jersey

It's funny because it's true. Wait, there's a New Jersey? Guardian:

A National Guard F-16 fighter jet on a nighttime training mission strafed an elementary school with 25 rounds of ammunition, authorities said Thursday. No one was injured.

The military is investigating the incident that damaged Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School shortly after 11 p.m.

Hat tip to James Joyner and Jeff Quinton. How could I resist passing this along?

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November 04, 2004

Islamists Declared War on the US 25 Years Ago Today

Today is the 25th anniversary of the day the jihadis declared war on America. On Nov. 4, 1979 Islamist students in Tehran overan the U.S. embassy and took 66 Americans hostage. The hostages were held for 444 days. They were released on Jan. 20, 1981--the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office.

But the hostages were not released simply because the Iranians feared Reagan's wrath. Jimmy Carter may be responsible for our present woes. You see, Carter negotiated a deal with the terrorists. The deal was that the US would unfreeze $8 billion dollars in Iranian assets in return for the hostages. The jihadis learned a vluable lesson: America will give in to their demands when American lives are on the line.

The Iranian revolution was an Islamist revolution. It took secular and forward looking Persia down the path to the Middle Ages of barbaric Islamic law. While the Shia Islam of Iran may seem more moderate than Wahhabism to many in the West, the Islamic law of the Islamic Republic is that which routinely sentences people to death for blasphemy, adultery, or other religious crimes.

The worst part of the Iranian revolution was that it exported the notion of the Islamic revolutionary state. From Marxism it imported the notion that society could be completely revamped--that a sort of utopia could be found in Islamic law. And like Marxism, it took on a missionary zeal to export the Islamist ideal to the rest of the Muslim world.

Through funding and sponsorship of Hamas, Iran has destabilized an already volitile region. Through funding and sponsorship of Hizballah, Iran brought down an entire nation and thrust Lebanon into a bloody civil war. Iran funded those that murdered hundreds of American troops in the 1983 suicide bombing in Beirut. Iran continues to fund organizations that murder Jews wherever they may be found, revolutionary movements in North Africa, and is bent on turning any future Palestinian state into an Islamic Republic modeled after their own barbaric country.

Iran was a peaceful, forward looking nation until the Revolutionary zeal of the Islamist ideology gripped it. Like the French Revolutionaries before them, the Iranian jihadis were not content to murder their own intellectuals, businessmen, and non-orthodox religionists--they had a higher calling to spread the utopian Islamic state abroad. Napolean found that the English would not tolerate his Imperialistic goal of spreading the French Revolution, and so Europe was plunged into a war that would cost the lives of millions. The English people, though, were saved the misery of the Napoleonic wars by virtue of the English Channel. Enlish soldiers would bring the fight to the French Revolutionary Army and not wait for Napolean to bring the war to Brittain.

Like the English before us, America found itself in the position of standing between the Iranian revolutionaries and their vision of the global caliphate. The US became the 'Great Satan', the obstacle, the one nation with the power to stall the inevitable coming of Sharia law to all Muslim nations (and eventually beyond). So, the jihadis declared war on that day. Their war aims were simply stated and straightforward--weaken American resolve so that jihad could spread unchecked throughout the Islamic world from Morocco to Indonesia. Unlike the English before us, America retreated, only fighting the jihadis through our proxies and never fully aware of the dangers of this cancerous ideology. We had bigger fish to fry. The Cold War seemed much more imminent and the stakes certainly were much higher. We slept.

September 11th may have awakened us to the fact that we were at war, but that war had been declared long ago. It was declared 25 years ago today by the extremists in Iran. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is seeking nuclear technology--technology that could lead to the development of nuclear weapons--and the Europeans have taken the Carter route in dealing with the mullahs. For each concession given to them by the Europeans, the jihadis in Iran see Western weakness. They saw this weakness in the US as we gave them cash in exchange for the hostages. They saw this weakness as Reagan retreated from Lebanon. We can bear to show them weakness no more.

The time has come to realize when and who first began this Third World War of Islamists bent on taking one-third of the world back to the darkest days of the Middle Ages versus those that would see freedom and liberty become the inheritance of all mankind. That war was started 25 years ago today, and it was the Iranian revolutionaries that fired the first shot.

Earlier today, a friend of mine said: "I'm incensed that I can't find a single word in any newspaper about today being the 25 year anniversary of an unambiguous but unrecognized declaration of war against America." I'm doing my part. Please help spread the word.

Below is a list of others who are commemorating this anniversary. It looks like the Revolutionary Council is issuing fatwas against them. Please visit.

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Blog Barfage....

Since I'm sick, let me just heave some link droppage. I'm reading these posts on my sick bed, so why not refer them? I just can't keep them down--stuff seems to be coming out every oraface! Crumpets get puked. Southern fried chicken upchuck. Arafish sushi spewage. Baghdad is beautiful, even when you're sick. Truth tonselitis. Dancing dizziness. News Hour enemas. My penis...well, let's not talk about that. Broken camel heave. Lefty gland lumps. Stern spew. A spoonful of crow. Delaware diarrhea. Naked fever. Concession crappage. Anti-American fever. Cabinet chlamidya. West Nile Virus. Student loan shiza. Che caca. Europussy puke. Liberal lameness. Dan dung. Gazpacho goo. High-tech heaves. France (just France).Green roughage, too much. Democratic diarhea. Oil-for-food farts. Draft dry-heaves. More blog bargage. Celebs make me sneeze. Pat myself on my own aching back. Cat cough. Homo hives. Laughing makes me hurt. I'm so ronery rauphing ralphing. Traitorous tetnus. Left blogging barfage. Vodka vomit, inconceivable! Asshole leakage. Hetero-HIV. Vote or die death watch. DU drowning. Shatner.

I need a blessing.

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Russian Leaders Call for Taking Terrorists' Families Hostage

Last week Pravda reported that Russia's Prosecutor General, Vladimir Ustinov, suggested that a part of any future Russian special forces anti-terrorism contingency plan may be to take hostage-takers' families hostage. The comments were made during a session of Russia's lower parliamentary house, the Duma, earlier this week.

The St. Petersburg Times translates his suggestion this way: "Detaining relatives and showing terrorists what may happen to their relatives could help save people's lives, so let's not close our eyes or put a diplomatic face on it. When you live by the sword, you die by the sword."

Although his speech was met by applause, the suggestion seemed to have been met negatively in the Russian press. However, one important figure that has endorsed the plan is the Russian backed President of Chechnya, Alu Alkhanov. One source translates his endorsement: "We should do everything allowed by law, I think." He added that if the Duma were to pass such a law, then he would support it.

Chechnya's representative to the Russian Duma also chimed in: "Every terrorist has relatives, and they should bare responsibility for the criminal acts of their family members."

The reaction from the world community seems to be to unanimously condemn Ustinov's statements. Reuters, which has a special news service devoted to human rights abuses, reports that UN human rights experts have expressed concern:

Leila Zerrougui, chair of the United Nations working group on arbitrary detention, and Stephen Toope, head of the U.N. working group on enforced or involuntary disappearances, said this would "run counter to the principles of international law".

"Detaining innocent people as hostages of the state in order to combat abductions and terrorism is contrary to the most elemental international human rights principles and norms," the independent experts said in a joint statement.

No word from UN Human Rights Commission members Syria (a prominent state sponsor of terrorism), or from Libya (the country that trained terrorists for the past 20 years).

I do not endorse such tactics, but it seems odd that the UN would condemn what is really just an idea (probably with no chance of actually becoming policy) with such force and outrage, while they turn a blind eye and give official sanction to terrorists who actually engage in the practice of hostage taking and murder. I'm looking at you soon-to-be corpse Yasser Arafat and friends.

Linked at the BTJ, because I think it's a cool story and word should get out.

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Thank You Readers/Bloggers

I just wanted to thank all the people who have been linking me lateley. I really don't know all of the blogs that have linked me, but if you would like me to link back at you just drop me a line at my g-mail account. I didn't start blogging to become popular with other bloggers--in fact, one of the reasons I blog anonymously is so I can say outrageous things if I want--but I'm very happy that something here has resonated with the blogosphere. I was shocked to find that I was #49 at TTLB today. Now if only I was #49 in traffic rankings....

To all my regular readers, too, thanks. A shout out for you is in order. I especially appreciate all of you who leave comments--in spite of the fact that there are serious issues on this site about remembering your info. If you're a regular reader and don't comment, please do so from time to time. It's why I blog. I try to read most of the recent comments, but don't always respond.

Here's a secret, I have a full-time job. Yeah, I wish some one would pay me to sit on my butt and blog all day but they don't. So, since my time has to be spent either on responding to all the comments or on thinking up new stuff to write--well, I went with the 'more content' option. I do read most comments, though.

A few of you have suggested an off-site discussion forum of some kind. I guess it would be a place where regular readers could find each other and not have to search through each individual post. Is there really interest in this?

Okay, I'll end by saying thanks again. I don't get paid to do this (not yet, anyway!!). I do it because I like doing it. I do it because I think the context I provide for certain news items is important. I do it because I like hearing from readers. I do it because I like to add my own take to what other bloggers are saying. I do it because, to sorta-quote one author, "How do I know what I think until I write it down?"

Thank you for helping me do something I love.

I guess when you're sick you start waxing sentimental or something.....

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Sick Blogging, and the week was going so well!!

I'm sort of under the weather today, so light posting--and on such a wonderful day too! Yasser Arafat is dying, George Bush was re-elected, and Afghanistan has a it's first elected President. What a time to be alive. Good things are happening all around.

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The Real Losers

by Demosophist

Kerry may have lost the election, but there was really a much bigger loser. Mainstream media, which is to say primarily CBS, NY Times and LA Times really staked their credibility on a Kerry win. They threw caution to the wind, and stoked a partisan fire under the cover of the "objective" media, and had their cover blown for all to see. People will forget about the damaging claims that Kerry made, but they won't forget about Rathergate and a host of other betrayals of trust. More importantly, mainstream media knows it's under attack now, and will fight back to keep its privileged position with all the ferocity of the ancien regime that it is.

And if you want an emblem of how low this media monstrosity has sunk you need look no further than the former "most trusted man in America," Walter Cronkite. He who presented the victory of the US in the Tet Offensive as a defeat, and is almost single-handedly responsible for the loss of the Vietnam War, said on CNN's Larry King Show that it was quite reasonble to conclude that the Bush administration had ordered up the Bin Laden tape in order to energize its base.

The perverse old fool.

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November 03, 2004

Army of Ansar al Sunna Beheads Iraqi Officer, Hostage Taking Continues in Iraq (UPDATED)

iraqiofficer1.jpgThis is an archive page. For the latest news on The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah and other terrorist groups in Iraq please go to the MAIN PAGE HERE.

UPDATE 5/10: Army of Ansar al-Sunna website releases images of Japanese hostage Akihiko Saito. Images, story, and link to website.
The Army of Ansar al-Sunna posted the videotaped murder of an Iraqi Army officer today. The victim's name was Major Hussein Shunun and the terrorists claim that he was kidnapped in Mosul several days ago. As is their usual MO, the terrorists said the victim 'confessed' to 'collaborating' with the enemy and warned that any one who backed the 'crusader occupation forces' would be murdered in a similar fashion. So-called 'collaboraters' are routinely murdered in the Palestinian territories, in Chechnya, and in Kashmir.

UPDATE: I have obtained the video and it is gruesome. Images from the video are posted here. To the right is a still I captured right before the bastards murder Shunun. Graphic images are below. You can download the video at the Terrorist Media website, which is an essential resource for tracking terrorist propaganda films. The site is in need of donations, if you can spare some change. Straight Banana also seems to have the video. Unfortunately, videos are too much of a bandwidth hog for me to host them.

Chad at In the Bullpen tipped me on this, and also noted four Jordanian truck drivers have also been taken hostage. The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah has not claimed responsibility, but it is possible they were behind the act. However, since the drivers were captured in Ramadi, it seems unlikely. The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah has generally limited it's terrorist activities to areas in the north. Ramadi is located just west of Baghdad in the Sunni triangle. It is more likeley that these hostages will be held for ransom, like dozens of others before them.

Two days ago an American citizen was taken hostage in Iraq [earlier post here]. Today he was identified as Radim Sadeq, an American of Lebanese ancestry. He was in Iraq working as a civillian contractor working for a mobile phone company. Sadeq lived in the same neighborhood as murdered hostages Kenneth Bigley [info here], Eugene Armstrong [info here] and Jack Hensley [info here]. The three were beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda linked Tawid and Jihad organization.

The group claiming responsibility for Major Hussein Shunun's death also killed eleven Iraqi National Guardsman on Oct. 28th [information, images, and links to video here]. The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah murdered an Iraqi citizen named either Yassar Musil or Seif Adnan Kanaan on Oct. 23rd [information, images, and links to video here]. During the taped beheading of Turkish truck driver Ramadan Elbu on October 15th by the Army of Ansar al-Islam, one of the murderers identified himself as a follower of Zarqawi [information, video, and images here]. On October 11th, another individual claimed to be a member of Zarqawi's Tawhid and Jihad group on a beheading video released by the group--the victims were a Turkish truck driver and his Iraqi translator [information, video, and images here]. The Army of Ansar al Sunnah murdered an Iraqi named Barie Nafi'a Daoud Ibrahim on Oct. 2nd [images, link to video, and information here]. The same group murdered three Iraqis on September 16th (information, links to video, and images here). On August 31st, these terrorists executed 12 hostages from Nepal, one of them by beheading (information, links to video, and images here). On August 11th the group beheaded a man they claimed was a CIA agent (information and images here) and on August 25th the group beheaded a second alleged CIA agent (information and images here).

WARNING: Graphic images below!!!

iraqiofficer2.jpg iraqiofficergraphic.jpg iraqiofficergraphic2.jpg

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Note to self....

....never do an unfiltered Google Image Search for "the finger" again.

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Bush Speaks to Rather on Behalf of Bloggers


Via Bill at INDC:

DAN RATHER: One would expect that the blogging machine which the White House and the Bush-Cheney campaign has used for any number of purposes over their four years will start now, if it hasn't started already, to say, listen, Kerry-Edwards, for the good of the country, need to concede.

ED BRADLEY: I'm sure it's started already. If we could tune into the Internet we'd see that people are already saying that now. That's certainly the drum the White House is beating.

Ace fisks Rather and the Llamas lay some James Brown on his ass--inspired, no doubt, by the much classier and always more presentable Michelle Malkin.

See also Zee, Darleen, Tempus Fugit, the Commissar (related), and others

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Christina Aguilera: Hot, but not hot enough to matter!!!

Wait for it....

DDT: The increase in... voters could possibly be an effect of the campaign that includes promotions by celebrities such as P. Diddy, Ben Afleck, the Dixie Chicks and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

Chicago Tribune: David Kiecana can point to several reasons why he voted Tuesday. The war in Iraq. The 2000 recount that might have been avoided if more people had voted. And then there was the rap factor--P. Diddy, Eminem and other performers he admires who spoke out and told young people to vote.

Kiecana, 18, who lives on the border between East Village and Wicker Park, said P. Diddy's "Vote or Die" message was like a trigger to him. He was already thinking about voting, but watching BET and seeing the rap star's dedication to voting impressed on him just how important it must be.

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Today's Blog Theme, "The Bird"

Because I was up all night, I'm pretty psyched, and I don't feel the least bit magnanimous!

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Stocks Rally After Bush Win

Image courtesy Editors in Pajamas.

Reuters: Stocks Rally After Bush Win

Herald Sun: Bin Laden to make US bankrupt

More here, here, and here.

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103% Turnout in NM??

Simon has the evidence. As for me, my brother lives in Albuquerque. I know he voted at least two or three times.

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Kerry Concedes

Image stolen from Sacred Cow Burger via Precision Guided Cowboy who also has an awesome-o photoshop of his own.

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Army of Ansar al Sunna Beheads Iraqi Officer, Hostage Taking Continues in Iraq

iraqiofficer1.jpgThis is an archive page. For the latest news on The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah and other terrorist groups in Iraq please go to the MAIN PAGE HERE.

UPDATE 5/10: Army of Ansar al-Sunna website releases images of Japanese hostage Akihiko Saito. Images, story, and link to website.

The Army of Ansar al-Sunna posted the videotaped murder of an Iraqi Army officer today. The victim's name was Major Hussein Shunun and the terrorists claim that he was kidnapped in Mosul several days ago. As is their usual MO, the terrorists said the victim 'confessed' to 'collaborating' with the enemy and warned that any one who backed the 'crusader occupation forces' would be murdered in a similar fashion. So-called 'collaboraters' are routinely murdered in the Palestinian territories, in Chechnya, and in Kashmir.

UPDATE: I have obtained the video and it is gruesome. Images from the video are posted here. To the right is a still I captured right before the bastards murder Shunun. Graphic images are below. You can download the video at the Terrorist Media website, which is an essential resource for tracking terrorist propaganda films. The site is in need of donations, if you can spare some change.

Chad at In the Bullpen tipped me on this, and also noted four Jordanian truck drivers have also been taken hostage. The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah has not claimed responsibility, but it is possible they were behind the act. However, since the drivers were captured in Ramadi, it seems unlikely. The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah has generally limited it's terrorist activities to areas in the north. Ramadi is located just west of Baghdad in the Sunni triangle. It is more likeley that these hostages will be held for ransom, like dozens of others before them.

Two days ago an American citizen was taken hostage in Iraq [earlier post here]. Today he was identified as Radim Sadeq, an American of Lebanese ancestry. He was in Iraq working as a civillian contractor working for a mobile phone company. Sadeq lived in the same neighborhood as murdered hostages Kenneth Bigley [info here], Eugene Armstrong [info here] and Jack Hensley [info here]. The three were beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda linked Tawid and Jihad organization.

The group claiming responsibility for Major Hussein Shunun's death also killed eleven Iraqi National Guardsman on Oct. 28th [information, images, and links to video here]. The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah murdered an Iraqi citizen named either Yassar Musil or Seif Adnan Kanaan on Oct. 23rd [information, images, and links to video here]. During the taped beheading of Turkish truck driver Ramadan Elbu on October 15th by the Army of Ansar al-Islam, one of the murderers identified himself as a follower of Zarqawi [information, video, and images here]. On October 11th, another individual claimed to be a member of Zarqawi's Tawhid and Jihad group on a beheading video released by the group--the victims were a Turkish truck driver and his Iraqi translator [information, video, and images here]. The Army of Ansar al Sunnah murdered an Iraqi named Barie Nafi'a Daoud Ibrahim on Oct. 2nd [images, link to video, and information here]. The same group murdered three Iraqis on September 16th (information, links to video, and images here). On August 31st, these terrorists executed 12 hostages from Nepal, one of them by beheading (information, links to video, and images here). On August 11th the group beheaded a man they claimed was a CIA agent (information and images here) and on August 25th the group beheaded a second alleged CIA agent (information and images here).

WARNING: Graphic images below!!!

iraqiofficer2.jpg iraqiofficergraphic.jpg iraqiofficergraphic2.jpg

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The Concession

OK, I concede that my prediction of a Bush win was wrong. I'll need some good recipies for crow, but I'm delighted to eat it.

Now, regarding that other concession:

By my calculations if there are as many as 300,000 provisional and absentee ballots outstanding in Ohio Kerry would have to get at least 73% to win. If there are fewer, the necessary percentage goes up. Absentees tend to break Republican, if anything, and the provisionals are probably last minute registrants whose names didn't make it onto the rolls. Ohio has had provisional balloting for over a decade, so there's a history. But typically they're not counted, so we don't really know how they'd break. Except that the late registrants who did make it onto the rolls were about 50% Republican. (Lots of the new registrants signed up in order to vote for the Marriage initiative, and for Bush, apparently.)

With that, and the fact that Bush won the national popular vote by 4 million, I think Kerry will issue some sort of provisional concession later today. If he doesn't, he'll be seen as a sore loser. He may, however, after acknowledging how unlikely it is that the uncounted ballots would make a difference, insist that they be counted. Doing that would keep him true to his campaign promise.

As an interesting side note yesterday around the dinner hour Canadian (CBC) News stuck their neck out and projected that the marriage initiative in all but one of the states where it was on the ballot would be defeated. The exception, they contended, was Oregon. At this point the Marriage initiative passed in all states by wide margins. CBC biased?

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America F**k Yeah!!!

Turnout: Way up.
Conventional wisdom: Way down.

Bush Wins

F**k You Terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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November 02, 2004

Jawa Live Porn Blogging

BUSH WINS!!!!!!!!!! 12:50 AM and it's over.

Earlier I declared tonight to be Rated R at the Jawa Report. "Not so fast," say the Muses of the blogosphere, "why not go for broke with the Unrated Version of My Pet Jawa?"

"Aha!" says I to the Muse, "Brilliant!!"

Ladies and gentleman, I present you with the blogosphere's first Live Porn Blogging.

I've been sort of live-blogging all day, updating this earlier post where I call the election a 269-269 tie. But something's been bothering me...I just can't put my finger on it....oh yeah, "You said 69, dude!!"

I certainly did.

I just inserted this little doodad image. It is from Yahoo News. If you refresh the page, it will update automatically.

1:31: I'm going to bed, bitches!!!! Goodnight. Dreams of OBL weeping all night long. Oh, those will be wet dreams indeed.

1:20: Fox News has Bush 269. Let's see if I remember my math. Oh, yeah, 269 + 1 = 270. It's over biyatches. Bush wins. Now go home.

1:02: Drudge flashing siren--"Bush Wins"

12:44: Fox calls Ohio Bush!!!!!!!!!! Doornail in coffin. Bush 266.

12:36: Hugh Hewitt reporting 6 pickups for GOP in Senate.

12:28: Park County Colorado 58% Bush 40% Kerry. Turd Sandwich it is.

12:25: Co in the Bush camp. 246-199 Bush.

12:15: What's the appropriate pic on a live porno blog for a Bush win??

12:00: Bush 237, Kerry 188

11:45: ABC Bush 210 Kerry 188

11:43: ABC calls Florida for Bush!!!!!

11:40: Leopold Stotch says ""I haven't seen this much Bush since I was a TA in grad school!"

11:33: Thune up in SD. Oh yeah, I hate Daschle's punk ass!

11:29: Leopold Stotch tells me Chris Mathews looks sad. Awwww, poor Chris.

11:25: Forget the pundits, I call Florida for Bush!!! 94% in, and Bush leading by over 100k votes? Come-on, Kerry's lawyers aren't that good!!

11:10: Drudge flashes Ohio going Bush.

11:05: MSNBC has Bush 203 Kerry 133

10:49: NH back in the Kerry camp. But talk about a squeaker, he's up by like 200 votes.

10:40: In your face John Edwards you pansy ass ferry! Burr winning in NC!!!! No bunnies for you.

10:35: George points out an interesting factoid, 93% of Miami-Dade's precincts are reporting and Bush is still spanking Kerry's ass!!!!

10:25: NH breaking Bush!!!!!!

10:23: Bush 195 Kerry 112!!!!!

9:57: The Llamas are reporting that Traesports has a big Bush bounce all of a sudden....I wonder why?

9:50: Geraghty reporting that it might be time for Ace to whip out the old cowbell for Florida. Me? Not so confident yet. If you look at this map you'll notice a little tiny county marked '21'. If I'm reading this thing right, that's Dade. You know, home of Miami. In addition to being Kerry country, it's also the state's most densely populated area. Numbers look good so far, but knock on some wood quick!!

9:40: Mr. "not a Transvestite" K. drops a link to WBT which is calling the EV 171 Bush 112 Kerry

9:38: (from Commissar) Bush 169, Kerry 112. Some uncertainty about Maine CD2. Still no big swing states called.

9:31: Exit polls suck ass!! Look, I'm in the loop on this one. The peeps called me up looking for some students. I found some. When I called the polling company they said they already had found some students to work the polls in my state, sorry, too late. I was pissed. What students did the exit-polling here? The Social-Work students. Seriously, not only are they freaking retarded, they're also a bunch of nut-jobs with paranoia complexes that Bush is out to get them. I'm not joking.

9:30 (from JQuinton) Fox calls Louisiana for Bush and their count goes up 165-112 in favor of Bush

9:28: FNC has 156-112 for Bush.

9:16: Stop the presses. Here is an interactive map of Florida broken down by county. Now do you see why Bush seems so far ahead? Yup, the D counties haven't reported. Don't count your chickens before their choked......

9:10: Bush 155, Kerry 112. (ia Commissar)

9:08: Via Laura--Electoral Votes: Bush 102 Kerry 77

8:48:With 31% of the precincts in, Bush up in Florida 56% - 43%!! It's a little too much too swallow. I'll be amazed if Bush stays up all night.

8:29: Mr. K drops this in the comments "I am proud to report that my home state of NC has been declared a W for W by NBC" Now tell me that jackass Clintonista Bowles loses and I'll be happy!

Oh, and Flea, there's a real simple solution to your problem: move to America you Canadian disco-loving limey-head before the Liberal-Francophone jackasses string your Yankee-loving ass up!!!

8:21 ET: Early results show Florida going Bush.

What other lame pundit wannabes are live-blogging the night away?

The Llama Butchers: this space reserved for updated yips from Robo and Steve. Unrated for cruelty to animals.

10:11 The Bush reelect hits $63 at 1007 PM EST--that's a $30 swing in about 3 hours. Someone needs to do an audit of Drudge's bank accounts.....What's the line, Ted? "You are a steely-eyed missile man."


Fox affiliate in DC is reporting Marion Barry is cruising to victory. Let's repeal the 24th Amendment!!


My eyeballs feel like they are going to pop out of my head. Never mix porn with blogging!!


NBC concedes the Senate to the Republicans.

The "we can't call Virginia" stuff is crap.

The Commissar: this space reserved for clenched fist salutes from the Commie. Unrated for illicit cyber-sex in his 'chat room' which he opened up tonight. I'll be there if you want to find me. I'm tall, muscular, a little shy.....

9:00 - Bush 155, Kerry 112. Still no surprises; still no calls from swing states.

8:40 - Bush 102, Kerry 77.

Chadster is live-blogging, but since he's sort of the Commissar's bitch and all, I'll put his stuff right under him.

State count: 8:36 ET-

Bush: Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina

Kerry: Vermont, New Jersey, Massachussetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Maine, Illinois

JQuinton: this space reserved for game-cock lover J-dawg--if his server problems ever get resolved, that is.

9:00: FNC has 156-112 for Bush.

8:30: MSNBC says Arkansas is too close to call Not that I have anything against MSNBC, but they are full of shit. Jawa call--Arkansas=Bush

Steve Green: this space for the Vodka Pundit. Unrated for gratuitous alcohol consumption. (Damn, his server's down too!!)

Steve apparently caught on to the whole porn-blogging thang: I'm ready to vote - right now - for Barack Obama's wife for any orifice. Er, office.

James Joyner: reserved for Jimmy--and you know what that means in the LBC! Unrated for alleged abuses of interns at the ISA Annual Conference and for gratuitous use of military time.

(2043): MSNBC has gotten bold and called Virginia for Bush. Based on the numbers they're showing, it's a friggin' blowout.

(2050): Susan Estrich, correctly, notes that either the exit polls are way out of whack or Bush loses. That's hard to argue, since the exit polls show Kerry winning Ohio and possibly Florida. For some odd reason, she has acquired a Southern drawl. As someone who has met her, on numerous occasions, I can tell you she's a hack and a shameful blemish on the U she teaches at. Just sayin....

Six Meat Buffet is pseudo-liveblogging the election. What the hell does that mean? Doesn't matter, since he can't figure out what porn-blogging is. Anyway, he does have the word 'meat' in his name.

Ace is live-blogging. If he just puts some hot Kim Richards pics up he'd qualify as porn-blogging too. Well, what the hey--we do share the same server!! As of 9:15 ET, Bush is ahead in Ohio and Florida!! Yeah, that deserves some Kim.

Bill at INDC is beastiality blogging the election.

Hey, Chad is live-blogging too!! So is John Little.

MUSC blogging, and since they linked me I thought I'd link back--even though Clemson sucks this year.

Slithery D raises his satanic head and drops a TB. No, Republicans are not 'our kind of voters'.

Right-Wing Nuthouse is also live-blogging. Lot's more out there. Way too many to keep track of.

Hey, let's just steal links from other bloggers and do the ol roundup shall we?? So many livebloggers, so little time. E-mail or drop a comment if you want me to add your two cents to the fray.

Evangelical Outpost seems like a cool site, Sortapundit who has a bad-ass blog url and is always kind enough to drop a comment or two, Poliblogger shows us his brainpower from Troy State's poli-sci dept, new to me Peaktalk looks interesting, Heretical ideas has some thoughts --even if their logo looks sort of like half of the Ambigiously Gay Duo, La Shawn Barber is liveblogging and has an open thread, Command Post just owns the whole liveblog thingy, Chris Short is also on the scene, and the rest.....

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My Prediction

by Demosophist

And just to make sure that the reader doesn't confuse me with Rusty, this is Demosophist's prediction. Dr. Rusty probably doesn't agree with Dr. Demosophist on this.

Alas, I think George W. Bush is going to lose. My primary reasoning is that his campaigning abilities sort of mirror his statesmanship. He had (by my count) two late golden opportunities to break this election wide open (al Qaqaa, and the Bin Laden threat to US States) and wasn't sufficiently nimble to take advantage of either. So this prediction really has nothing to do with the polls. I'll say later why I think this mirrors his statecraft, and how that plays into his implementation of the "peace through democracy and prosperity" paradigm, but I think he failed the test.

I hope I'm wrong, and you can flail me with a wet noodle if he pulls it out. I have things to learn in this area. But my assessment is that Bush lacks a political instinct, and though I think it's not terribly impressive, I believe Kerry does have that ability. I endorse Bush, mainly because I have no real reason to vote for Kerry. He has not been sufficiently honest to tell me whether he grasps or understands the "peace through democracy and prosperity" paradigm, and if he can't do that I can't give him my vote. But if he wins, as I predict he will, I'll adopt a "wait and see" attitude.

His first test will be to seek reconciliation with the Vietnam vets. If he can manage that, I think the omens are pretty good... because maintenance of that reconciliation will mean that at some point he'll have to repudiate the peace crowd. This will be his naked lunch. If he comes through it, he'll be a good and important President. If he does not (which is probably more likely) the Presidency will destroy him. If he does not, I don't think 2008 will see Kerry running again. His political career will be dead.

Well, there it is. If I'm wrong, and I sincerely hope I am, then I'll take W Ketchup with that crow, please.

Again, this was not posted by Dr. Rusty Shackleford.

Update: Bill Whittle agrees with me, but there's madness in his method.

Update 2: Via Roger L. Simon: "In the short run, it feels as if we are all giving each other psychotherapy. Some people prefer to believe the worst inorder not to be disappointed."

Well, he may have my number.

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New Prediction: Electoral Vote Tie!!

Ok, call it a political-scientist's wet dream, but I just calls it likes I sees it. The Electoral Vote will be a tie!! Something that has not happened since the election of 1800, and in that election the tie was a mistake that resulted from a Constitutional flaw. This could get I the only one out there who now thinks this has gone from a possible scenario to a likely scenario?


UPDATE: In case of a tie, the decision goes to the House of Representatives. The interesting catch is that each state gets a single vote in choosing the President in this case. The Republicans have a 12 seat majority in the House, but that would not automatically translate into a victory for Bush. Why? Again, each state gets one vote. Here's a question for my readers, which I don't know the answer to: How many state delegations to the US House of Representatives have more Republicans than Democrats? The Constitution does not clarify how the state delegations would decide which person to vote for, but presumably each delegation would meet by themselves and vote amongst themselves.

The Senate would then get to choose the VP, and since the Republicans have an advantage, you have a Cheney victory.

Steve over at Poli-blog makes some good observations in his last Toast-o-Meter. Looking around at the predictions, I'd say I'm the only one that really thinks the 269-269 scenario is likely. This roundup of roundups has no one else predicting it this way.

Megapundit will be upudating their Unofficial Poll Results all day (via Discarded Lies)

Shout out to Bill for dropping the Sith Lord Cheney reference. Vote or Lord Vader will crush your windpipe!! And from Bill's post a link to one of Dean's which shows the Dark-Side must be powerful in the military.

Note to Dean: I get uncomfortable with all this talk of the 'back door' on the same day I do a Wonkette post. Anyway, even with so many military votes going Bush, I still think Florida goes Kerry and we end up with the 269-269 scenario.

Note from Demosophist: One of the W. Virginia electors has said that he won't vote for Bush under any conditions. He's a maverick. Have you figured that into your predicition?

No, hadn't thought of that. But I also hadn't factored in the fact that one of Maine's electors might go Bush (Maine splits their electors by House District). So, it's a wash!

Ok, Pixy Misa, the god of the munuvians, drops this in the comments: There are 30 Republican-majority state delegations in the House, 16 Democrat, and 4 deadlocked. So an Electoral College tie is a Republican win.

Ouch, are the early numbers really saying "Please Rusty, don't hurt em?" I mean, is this looking like vindication or what?

Linked with today's Jimmy beltway fest.

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New Margaret Hassan Video Emerges

UPDATE 11/16: Margaret Hassan has been executed. Check this post for 11/16 update or go to MAIN PAGE for news, links to video, and images of hostages in Iraq.

Al Jazeera calls the film 'too graphic' to air, by which they mean it makes the jihadis look like the animals they are. This is the third video released of Hassan and the first one which gives a definite timeline. The terrorists now warn that if their demand that all women prisoners are not released in Iraq, Hassan will be killed. Margaret Hassan is Care International relief director in Iraq. Though Irish by birth, she is married to an Iraqi and had been a resident of Baghdad for years. Care International openly opposed the US led invasion of Iraq and the US sanctions during the Clinton administration.

UPDATE: Just learned via reader Laura and from Digger that the threat to kill Hassan was much more specific than earlier noted. The terrorists have threatened to turn Hassan over to Zarqawi for beheading within 48 hours if their demands are not met. Call it death by Zarqawi.

Previous posts: New Video Threatens Hostage Margaret Hassan with Beheading: She pleads for Blair to cave to terrorist demands; CARE Director Margaret Hassan Taken Hostage In Iraq

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Warning: This Blog is 'R' Rated for the Rest of the Day

I usually keep this blog PG-13, but for the rest of the day we're going for the muched feared 'R'. The thing about cursing is, well, if you do it too much how will people know when you're really pissed?

PS-I totally blew off my friend Prof. Van Nostrom, so why don't you go check out this post where he refutes me. Now stop riding my ass, biyatch!

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Ana Marie Sucks Cox

The thing about Wonkette, is, well you know, she's full of shit. Sullie--well, he's filled with something completely different. Relax. A little birdie told me that John Kerry was in Vietnam.

PS and Related: How come my sitemeter is spiking for my old post Jessica Cutler, Butt Ugly

Related from Right-on-Red: assf***ing is up 4 in DC, down 3 in Montana. Three-way (*wink-wink*) race between boy-boy-girl, boy-girl-girl, and boy-girl-other: 85-10-5. Drunken heavy petting is not even on the ballot in 15 states.

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Poll Watching: Voter Intimidation?

by Demosophist

Well, I've voted. It's now up to history. But the circumstances of my experience led me to pontificate a bit on the accusations of voter intimidation that have been eminating from the mainstream Democratic activists. (I posted a comment about this on my home blog, but decided to turn the comment into a longer post because the topic seems to have acquired gravitas that I would not have expected a week ago.)

I don't know where the idea came from that poll watching was invented by Republicans to intimidate Democrats, but the accusation manifests a lot more heat than light. I worked for a number of years as a Democratic Party campaign organizer, and it was always pretty standard practice to do a stint as a poll watcher on election day. As soon as you finished a few tedious hours at the polling place, you went to the "after" party and waited with your fellow activists for the returns to come in. The idea was simply to challenge voters whose bonafides looked suspicious (wrong address, name change, etc.) and the government poll worker would then check the name, or ask for further identification. Normally a check was done on the spot, but nowadays the person who is challenged just fills out a provisional ballot and, if necessary, the check is done later. A very good idea.

Poll watching has been practiced by both Democrats and Republicans for about as long as there have been elections in the US. When I was poll watching for Democratic candidates in Oregon I always had a Republican counterpart. Poll watching is, by definition, a partisan activity, and you are taking an advocacy position that guards against voter fraud by the other party. I might add that fraud potentially cuts both ways. It can just as easily dilute a liberal as a conservative vote. In light of this, one of the possible interpretations of the Democrats' sudden emphasis on poll watching as an intimidation strategy by the other party might be that they intend to perpetrate voter fraud, and simply don't want anyone around to blow the whistle. Another, more benign, interpretation is that they simply intend to use the accusation as a GOTU (get out the vote) strategy, primarily to motivate minorities. But either way the notion that poll watching is something new or that it is practiced exclusively by Republicans is nonsense, as anyone would know who has ever actually worked on a campaign. It may be the case that poll watching is now more frequent, but that's clearly because there's a valid concern about fraud. There have been stories today that vehicles intended to transport Republican poll watchers have been vandalized and sabotaged.

Regarding the concept of voter intimidation itself, I'd like to recount my own experience of voting this morning. I live near a large military base, and the voting place for residents of my neighborhood is on the base. Because my car battery had gone kaput, I had to bicycle 15 miles round trip to get to my polling place, and had to pass through a concrete barricaded checkpoint manned by marines armed with M-16s, who verified my identification and my voter card to make certain that I had reason to be on the base. If I were inclined to be intimidated, that would have done the trick. But these are the times.

The notion that someone would be intimidated by a mere "poll watcher" of one or the other party strikes me as just a tad whiney, especially considering that ten million Afghan voters recently braved death threats and possible kidnap and brutal execution in order to cast their vote in a brand new third world democracy. In fact, some election workers have been kidnapped.

Using Team America's brilliant typology of the War on Terror, one has to wonder whether we've become a nation of pussies. Nothing personal, but I'm just slightly outraged at the suggestions and thought processes of Democrat activists and spinmeisters who bloviate unknowingly on this issue. If people are too timid to vote because a poll watcher is in the room... they probably don't have sufficient judgment or integrity to make an informed decision.

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Muslims Behead Buddhist Thai Village Leader

What was that about all religions being basically the same? Oh, yeah, and remember the party line, "Beheading is un-Islamic, mmm-kay." More here.

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*Shocking* Results of A Straw Poll of the Profs. in my Dept.

I asked every single full-time faculty member of my department who they voted for. Here are the shocking results.



No vote or declined to state=2

Among the nine Kerry voters, seven say they would have preferred to vote for Ralph Nader. Of the two Bush supporters, one is an untenured political-scientist (wink-wink) and the other is a Full Professor of History with a specialty in military history. One Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice did not vote on prinicple, he is a Libertarian--although I openly speculated to him that he was a convicted felon. One Full Professor of History declined the invitation to state who he had voted for.

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Zarqawi Releases Beheading Video of Japanese Victim

koda1.jpgThis is an archive page. For the latest news on terrorist groups in Iraq please go to the MAIN PAGE HERE.

UPDATE 5/10: Army of Ansar al-Sunna website releases images of Japanese hostage Akihiko Saito. Images, story, and link to website.
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi al Qaeda linked terrorist organization has released the videotaped murder of Japanese hostage Shosei Koda. I have a copy of it and have posted graphic images from the video below. A link to the video is also below. Zarqawi had previously threatened to murder Koda if Japan did not withdraw its troops from Japan. The Japanese troops are engaged in a non-combat rebuilding role. Shosei Koda, for his part, was a civillian who apparently went to Iraq as a tourist. He was reported dead late last week.

Sofia News Agency:

A group led by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi showed the beheading of Japanese hostage Shosei Koda in Iraq in an Internet video posted on Tuesday.

The video showed the execution of the Japanese hostage while he was lying on top of a U.S. flag.

Al Qaeda Organisation of Holy War in Iraq also warned Tokyo to withdraw its forces from Iraq or "drown in the hell of the mujahideen" in the country along with "crusader forces".

koda2.jpgImages: Both right and left images are stills from the gruesome beheading video of Shosei Koda.


Al Qaeda Organization of Holy War in Iraq said Tokyo had offered a ransom of "millions of dollars" for 24-year-old Koda. It warned Japan to withdraw its forces from Iraq or "drown in the hell of the mujahideen" along with "crusader forces."

Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hatsuhisa Takashima denied the ransom claim. "It's just groundless. We have not done that," he said, denouncing the video posting as "disgusting." ...

The video showed the hostage, who was wearing a white T-shirt, kneeling with a U.S. flag laid out behind him. Koda's hands were tied behind his back and three masked men dressed all in black stood beneath the group's banner.

After reading a statement, the men grabbed Koda and put him on the flag before sawing off his head with a large knife and holding it aloft and placing it on top of the corpse.

"We had given the Japanese government 48 hours to save its citizen and meet our demands ... and after the deadline passed we cut off the head of this infidel," one of the militants said.

"Let the whole world know that Al Qaeda Organization of Holy War is firm in its jihad (holy war) despite the Japanese government's offer of a ransom of millions of dollars to release their parasite son," said a separate statement from the group dated Nov. 2 and posted on a Web site often used by Islamists.

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, a close ally of President Bush, has condemned the killing and vowed to keep Japan's troops in Iraq.

The beheading video can be downloaded here, but registration is required. Straight Banana also has the video at this post.

Others covering the news: James Joyner, Straight Banana, In the Bullpen, ISOU, Digger's Realm, M.H. King

WARNING: Graphic images from the video posted below.

WARNING: Graphic image from the beheading video below. DO NOT PROCEED.

kodagraph1.jpg kodagraph2.jpg

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Mmmmmm, doughnuts!!

It's been far too long since I had a good hearty blog breakfast. Since I cancelled classes today, I finally have time to do the important work of the untenured college professor: link drop!! But seriously folks, there's a whole lot of shakin goin on out there.

I also endorse Shit Sandwich. Ooh, and more SP related election news bitches.

Larry Sabato is to political science what, er, Rusty Shackleford is to political science (But at least Rusty Shackleford knows he's a hack and limits his pontifications to the four or five thousand people who come here daily while Larry Sabato's assinine opinions are heard by four or five million people. Oh, and he's a hack.)

Aaron reminds his gentile friends to call their evangelical goya relatives and tell them to get off their non-kosher asses and vote. This election could be decided by whether or not Christians get out the vote.

Walter Cronkite--moonbat. Speaking of moonbats, Kevin links OBL to the dreaded terror-meister Hello Kitty.

Q. Which Ayn Rand character is John Kerry?

Hey Maximum Leader, remember to protect the cornhole man.

Whoa, you haven't really seen the world til you've visited, I dunno, 500 blogs?

Oh boy!!! The Left Wing Film Festival brought to you by well-known right-winger Teddy Turner.

I'll have a cheesesteak with a double portion of electoral fraud, please. Oh, and cheesteaks are good at post-election parties.

Again, if you're this stupid, please don't vote.

Do they even serve sweet 'n sour chicken halal?

Vote early and, er, well just vote early. I hear they give you dougnuts!

The Aliens-2004 election connection--who woulda thunk?

Khaaaaan!!! Does it really have to come to poetry? I mean, come on.

Poseur alert.

Photoblogging the office move. Sweet. But do they have free doughnuts in the break room.

Is it wrong to think that she's hot? Dean has a clearer pic. Er, I'm undecided, I swear!

Yeah, but you have to admit-- Leif Garrett does have dreamy eyes still.

The Carnival of excuses when Bush wins.

Yeah, what up with the TLB Ecosystem lately?

Have I mentioned lately that I hate Tom Daschle? No. I hate Tom Daschle.


Isn't the real question: If all of them move to the Great White North will home prices fall low enough that I can move back to my beloved birthplace? Oops, I spoke too soon. I'll move back if Boxer dies or moves to Canada. Ditto for this guy too.

Good move. No really, congrats.

About your do realize she has no face?

Llama live-bloggin the key Hasselholf endorsement.

Maybe I'm the only guy on the right who thinks this, but I freaking hate this stupid ad. Talk about pandering to the Oprah crowd!

Come on, Hawaii? That's just crazy talk.

Why we all voted Bush.

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Oh, so that's what they meant by 'fatwa'!

The penalty for apostasy in Islam is the death penalty (for those of you in my intro class, 'apostasy' means you leave the faith).Dutch Filmmaker Who Criticized Islam Slain in Amsterdam:

A Dutch filmmaker who had received death threats after releasing a movie criticizing the treatment of women under Islam was slain in Amsterdam on Tuesday, police said.
A suspect, a 26-year-old man with dual Dutch-Moroccan nationality, was arrested after a shootout with officers that left him wounded, police said.
Thanks to Gordo the Cranky Neocon for e-mailing me this and reminding me of the reason why I've had to up the security measures. As a note to my blog friends, yes I've received threats and yes this explains why I've stopped commenting on most other sites.

Jane uses the news to note that "Freedom of speech is a corollary of freedom of thought."

The rest of the story is below. Commenting on the Dutch PM's PC comment that "Nothing is known about the motive," James Joyner responds: "please, is there really any doubt as to the motive of the murder? "

McQ: "That’s a pretty sad testament about a religion if you ask me."


Filmmaker Theo van Gogh had been threatened after the August airing of the movie "Submission," which he made with a right-wing Dutch politician who had renounced the Islamic faith of her birth. Van Gogh had received police protection after its release.

Dutch national broadcaster NOS and other media reported that Van Gogh's killer shot and stabbed his victim and left a note on his body. NOS said witnesses described the attacker as having an "Arab appearance."

A witness who lives in the neighborhood heard six shots, and saw the man concealing a gun. She said he walked away slowly, spoke to someone at the edge of the park, and then ran.

"He was walking slowly, like he was trying to be cool," she said, describing him as wearing a long beard and Islamic garb. "He was either an Arabic man or someone disguised as a Muslim," she said.

Another witness told Dutch Radio 1 the killer arrived by bicycle and shot Van Gogh as he got out of a car. "He fell backward on the bicycle path and just laid there. The shooter stayed next to him and waited. Waited to make sure he was dead."

The slain filmmaker was the great grandson of the brother of famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, who was also named Theo. In a recent radio interview, Van Gogh dismissed the threats and called the movie "the best protection I could have. It's not something I worry about."

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende called on the Dutch people to remain calm.

"Nothing is known about the motive," he said in a written statement. "I want to call on everyone not to jump to far-reaching conclusions. The facts must first be carefully weighed so let's allow the investigators to do their jobs."

Balkenende praised Van Gogh as a proponent of free speech who had "outspoken opinions."

"It would be unacceptable if a difference of opinion led to this brutal murder," he said.

Police spokesman Eric Vermeulen said the attacker fled to the nearby East Park, and was arrested after exchanging gunfire with police. Both the suspect and a policeman suffered minor injuries.

"They were conscious" when taken to hospital, Vermeulen said.

Van Gogh's killing immediately rekindled memories of the 2002 assassination of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn who polarized the nation with his anti-immigration views and was shot to death days before national elections.

In addition to his film, van Gogh also wrote columns about Islam that were published on his Web site,, and Dutch newspaper Metro.

The short television film "Submission" aired on Dutch television in August, enraged the Muslim community in the Netherlands.

It told the fictional story of a Muslim woman forced into a violent marriage, raped by a relative and brutally punished for adultery.

The English-language film was scripted by a right-wing politician who years ago renounced the Islamic faith of her birth and now refers to herself as an "ex-Muslim."

Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a member of the Dutch parliament, has repeatedly outraged fellow Muslims by criticizing Islamic customs and the failure of Muslim families to adopt Dutch ways.

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November 01, 2004

Who Will Vote?

by Demosophist

A great deal has been made of the Democrats' GOTV (get out the vote) program. I was a Democratic organizer and activist for years, and I'm pretty familiar with some of the rigmarole. My thesis is that Kerry's ambiguity is pretty much a wash with Democrats, so their motivation to vote for the candidate is no stronger than in any other year, and probably weaker. In fact, the more hawkish he's compelled to be, in order to match Bush, the less attractive he appears to the Deaniacs. Their motivation comes almost exclusively from their aversion to George Bush.

And, as you get closer to the middle of the partisan spectrum this aversion becomes weaker, and thus the resolve of the marginal voter to brave sturm und drang to vote for Kerry, or to vote at all, grows weak. This is the bane of pure oppositional politics, and it's not even touched upon in the media. It's just hard to inspire people for whom the advantage is diminishing. I haven't heard a single pundit mention this concept. Not one.

Thus, when I came across the following post on the left-leaning group blog Liberty & Power I felt somewhat vindicated:

As I've said before here, I'm "rooting" for Kerry, but I cannot force down my bile long enough to vote for him, as douche-y [as opposed to shit-sandwichy] as he is. Were I to vote, and I still might, it would be for Badnarik, and for largely the reasons David, Rod and Keith put forward. However, although he's neither a douche nor a turd sandwich, he is a wingnut (even by LP standards). I so agree with David's point about the LP (Libertarian Party) putting forward a candidate with name recognition who I could really get behind (Penn Jillette is perfect), but I do see the argument for voting LP to keep the "remnant" moving forward. It's just so hard to pull the lever for a wingnut, even with the lackluster alternatives.

So, I'll probably sit this one out.

Note that if he votes at all, it'll be for a third party, and I suggest that a lot of marginal and undecided voters on the left will either sit it out or adopt this approach and vote for Nader. The more anarchically rebellious will vote for Badnarik.

This feeds into Rusty's "Bad Weather Theme" because I suspect that there will be a lot more people on the left tempted to stay home in inclement weather than on the right. In fact, the closer the vote appears to be the more likely the right-leaning voters will take the trouble to vote for Bush. So all the hoopla about a close election actually helps the President.

Well, that's the theory anyway.

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My Electoral Vote Prediction: it's the weather, stupid!

Reaching into the depths of my vast well of political science factoids I pulled out this little semi-factoid: weather can change the outcome of a Presidential election. Who said it? I dunno, but it seems like something some political scientist must have theorized at some time and then found enough information about to get his findings published in the APSR (that's the American Political Science Review the flagship journal of the profession--mostly used for paperweight). Anyway it's sounds good and I'm too lazy to look it up!!

So, let's pretend for a moment that this very poli-sci-ish sounding theory is correct and try to game the Electoral College. Assume a couple of things. First, that a large voter turnout would mean a Kerry victory in close states. Second, assume that the poorer the weather the better it will be for Bush. This is based on a third assumption which is that Kerry voters are more likely than Bush supporters to have to hoof it, use public transportation, or drive cars which risk floating away in sudden rainstorms.

Ok, so using the above let's look at the states where the pundits have it too close to call. Too close to call is defined by Slate's 'iffy' states.

Florida=Sunny and 86 in Daytona, partly cloudy and 86 in Miami. The AARP goes out in droves, public transportation running smoothely, and convicted felons have no problem making it to the polls.

Jawa call Fla=Kerry.

Ohio=Rain all day in Cleveland, but a balmy 61--unseasonally warm. The same pretty much all over the state. Farmers and SUV loving Bushies will have no problem getting out the vote.

Jawa call Oh=Bush.

Wisconsin=Cloudy and in the mid to upper 40's in Milwaukee. Just chilly enough to suppress the Medicaid/welfare vote, but not so much that it stops the UW-Madison vote. That's a wash.

Jawa call WI=Kerry.

Minnessotta=Sunny and in the mid-40's in Minneapolis/St. Paul, low 40's in Duluth. Average temps all around.

Jawa call MN=Kerry.

Pennsylvania=Rain/heavy rains and in the mid-50's in Western and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia is partly cloudy with a high of 62. Fired lawyer-HIV-Springstein vote en masse on the liberal coast.

Jawa call PA=Kerry.

New Hampshire=Chance of rain increases throughout the day and a temperature in the mid-40's. But this is New Hampshire, which means that the richer you are the more likely you are to vote for John Kerry--because, naturally, how could you hold your head up high in your Boston office having voted for that dolt Bush?!? The quick-run-to-get-some-duty-free-Moulson's vote suppressed by old snow-tires and high price of gas.

Jawa call NH=Kerry.

Iowa=Partly cloudy and afternoon temps in the upper-40s. Practically summer in Iowa. Hawkeye kegger party weather-- togas, bonfire, and lots of College Republicans terrorizing the Women's Studies department.

Jawa call Iowa=Bush.

New Mexico=Albuquerque is unseasonally cold with temps in the mid-40's and some snow in the hours before the polls open. The Taos liberals are all still comfortably in the Bahamas--not enough snow to make the migration to the slopes yet--so no advantage there. But the Santa Fe art crowd will wake up to temps in the upper 20s and icy roads. The weather will be just cold enough to suppress the recently trimmed pony-tail laden.

Jawa call NM=Bush.

And as the song goes, and the rest........


The moral of the story is this: pray for bad weather!!!

Can't one of you, like, do a dance or something and rummage up a storm? How about another hurricane in Florida? Some nice hailstorms in Wisconsin?

*I actually think Bush will win, but hey, this was much funner than grading some stupid midterms!!!

*Double PS-As another good poli-scientist, Dr. Choas, noted to me, under this scenario Bush would only need to pull WI or MN to get the tie. Tie goes to the House. The House is Republican. Bush wins.

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Interview with a Swiftie: 3-D

Dean Esmay scores his final Swiftie interview, this time with Steve Gardner who served on Kerry's boat for 2.5 of the 3 months JFK saw combat. Money quote:

Just so you do understand, absolutely I do have a grudge against John Kerry for what he did in 1971 and 1972 for what he did when he met with the Viet Cong and said in Senate that we were baby killers and were committing war atrocities--that is absolutely a categorical lie. But the guys who really have a grudge are the POWs that he caused all the harm to because of his self-aggrandizing lies that he told.

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Something I Just Don't Understand

by Demosophist

Why the deuce isn't George W. Bush using this TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST BIN LADEN? Is he, like, politically tone deaf?

Update: Brit Hume just annonced the details of the MEMRI translation on FOX Special Report (6:15 PM). Every vote is important now.

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Ex-Guantanomo Inmate Behind Islamobad Marriott Bombing

Last week I reported that a bomb had gone off in downtown Islamobad's (that's the capital of Pakistan for those of you in my intro classes) Marriott hotel. While Pakistani authorities tried to play down the blast as an accident, the fact that the blast was in a lobby frequented by Westerners immediately gave rise suspicions. Turns out, these suspicions were well founded. While ex-Gitmo inmates in Brittain are busy suing the US for illegaly holding them for doing nothing more than studying the Religion of Peace under Osama bin Laden, and current Chinese inmates beg the US not to send them back to China, others have been busy bombing the J.W. Marriot in Islamobad. Via LGF this Reuters piece:

Abdullah Mehsud, a former Guantanamo Bay inmate who masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers, has claimed responsibility for a blast last week at Islamabad's Marriott Hotel, a journalist said on Monday.

Pakistani journalist Rahimullah Yusufzai said Abdullah, the target of a huge manhunt after the kidnapping of the engineers last month, made the claim after contacting him by telephone from an undisclosed location on Sunday.

"We carried out the Marriott bomb blast," Yusufzai quoted him as saying.

An explosion hit the Marriott Hotel on Thursday, injuring seven people, including a U.S. diplomat, two Italians and the Pakistani prime minister's chief security officer.

The government and the hotel immediately said it was not a terrorist attack and was most probably caused by an electrical short circuit.

But the State Department said it believed the blast, which happened while 11 U.S. officials were at the hotel for a dinner, was caused by a bomb and the U.S. embassy has advised its citizens to stay away from the Marriott.

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'Insurgents' Threaten to Use WMD in Fallujah

Note that the 'rebels' a) are led by remnants of Sadam Hussein's Army b) have chemical weapons c) are collaborating with Zarqawi's al Qaeda linked terrorist organization. The Australian:

AS the US reeled from the death of nine marines in Iraq at the weekend, insurgents in Fallujah claimed to have obtained chemical weapons and threatened to use them in any battle for control of the rebel stronghold.

Rebel commanders said chemicals such as cyanide had been added to mortar rounds and missiles that would be deployed against coalition troops reported to be preparing for a major assault on the town west of Baghdad.

A military committee made up of former officers in Saddam Hussein's army, including experts on chemicals and guerrilla warfare, is said to have been organising forces in Fallujah and planning tactics.

The committee is understood to include members of all the main insurgent groups, including that of Iraq's most wanted man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the terrorist leader behind the beheading of several foreign hostages and a string of car-bomb attacks.

Brian at the Command Post wishes to avoid using the term 'WMD', but I don't mind one bit. The insurgents claim to have chemicals 'such as cyanide'--not just cyanide. Cyanide is representative of a broader class of chemicals they claim to have in their possesion.

Others: Right on Red, NZ Bear

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If you're stupid, please don't vote

Since most of my intro classes are taught on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, today afforded me the last opportunity to give some advice to students who are about to get their election cherries popped. Here's what I told them: DON'T VOTE.


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American Kidnapped in Iraq

Thanks to James Joyner for alerting me that the BBC is reporting that four more hostages have been siezed in Iraq, including one American. Two of the hostages are reportedly non-Iraqi Arabs, while the fourth is from Nepal. The Washington Times reports:

The abductions, which reportedly left one kidnapper dead, occurred in the Mansour district of the capital. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but officials said Muslim insurgents were almost certainly behind the crime.
Now would certainly be a good time to say a prayer for these people. You might recall that over the weekend Japanese hostage Shosei Koda was beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's group. I fear the same fate for these poor souls.

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Osama Speech Mistranslated (Urgent!)

by Demosophist

According to MEMRI the Osam speech delivered on Saturday threatens each individual state in thet US that votes in favor of Bush. So, I guess that means that New York is OK but Virginia is "in trouble" unless we can float the excuse that his message was garbled by the press. Boy, if Hawaii goes for Bush they're sure gonna kick themselves, huh? From MEMRI:

The tape of Osama bin Laden that was aired on Al-Jazeera(1) on Friday, October 29th included a specific threat to "each U.S. state," designed to influence the outcome of the upcoming election against George W. Bush. The U.S. media in general mistranslated the words "ay wilaya" (which means "each U.S. state")(2) to mean a "country" or "nation" other than the U.S., while in fact the threat was directed specifically at each individual U.S. state. This suggests some knowledge by bin Laden of the U.S. electoral college system. In a section of his speech in which he harshly criticized George W. Bush, bin Laden stated: "Any U.S. state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security."

I wonder how they'll spin this to Kerry's advantage?

Waiter, there's a large elm tree in my beer... and I thought Dutch Elm Disease got them all?

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UN Hostages in Afghanistan Plea for Life in New Video

On October 28th we reported that three UN workers had been taken hostage in Afghanistan. Yesterday, a video was released of the three hostages pleading for their lives. The hostages were in Iraq to help with last months elections and all were employed by the UN. They are Annetta Flanigan of Northern Ireland, Filipino diplomat Angelito Nayan and Shqipe Habibi of Kosovo. As more evidence that involving the UN does not translate into support for US policies, the terrorists "threatened to kill them unless U.N. and British troops leave Afghanistan and Muslim prisoners are freed from U.S. jails (source: China Daily)".

The BBC reports that the deadline set by the terrorists has been extended. In what seems to be a precaution against raids aimed at freeing the hostages, their are also reports that the three have been split up.

UPDATE: Make that threatening to behead the hostages.

More on the video from China News:

In the video, obtained by Associated Press Television News in Pakistan, the questioner repeatedly asks the captives why they have come to Afghanistan, then asks why America and NATO have sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.

"We have nothing to do with America," Nayan says calmly. "We are here for the Afghan people." He adds later: "We all want to go home to our families. We are United Nations workers. We want to go home to our kids and to our parents."

Habibi explains that she is from Kosovo — the mainly Muslim autonomous region of Serbia — but her abductor seems unsure where that is.

"It is a Muslim country," she says. "I thought I could help a Muslim country, and I just want to go home and see my brother."

All three hostages appear frightened. Their interviewer at several points seems to try to reassure them, saying to Flanigan: "Don't cry. Why you cry?"

But he repeatedly — sometimes sharply — asks them what they are doing in Afghanistan, and does not seem to understand their answers.

Toward the end of the 15 minute video, obtained by APTN in neighboring Pakistan, the interviewer appears to ask Flanigan to cry for the camera, to which she replies: "I have cried and cried and I can't cry anymore."

Finally after 15 minutes, Nayan asks: "Are we going to be released?" and the tape ends.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:08 AM | Comments |

Iranian Parliament Moves Nuke Program Forward Shouting "Death to America"

From the same country that stones 13 year old girls to death for incest comes this news. AP:

To shouts of "Death to America," Iran's parliament unanimously approved the outline of a bill Sunday that would require the government to resume uranium enrichment, legislation likely to deepen an international dispute over Iran's nuclear activities....

Some lawmakers broke out with shouts of "Death to America!" after the conservative-dominated parliament after lawmakers voted to advance the nation's nuclear program, an issue of national pride that provides a rare point of agreement between conservatives and reformers.

Parliament speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel called Sunday's vote a message to the world.

"The message of the absolute vote for the Iranian nation is that the parliament supports national interests," he said. "And the message for the outside world is that the parliament won't give in to coercion."

The legislation said the goverment is "required to make use of scientists and the country's facilities ... in order to enable the country to master peaceful nuclear technology, including the cycle of nuclear fuel."

John Little of Blogs of War tipped me on this story, and he ads this food for thought: John Kerry, as recently as the presidential debates, has propesed supplying this regime with nuclear fuel.

Vic at "Does anyone reading this even know what Kerry's position on Iran is? Let's get our allies involved? Let's get France and Germany and Britain involved? Let's get the international community involved? Let's get the IAEA involved? Let's get the UN involved? They already are."

G. Turner over at AIR links to Kerry's own words from his own official campaign website: "If this process fails, we must lead the effort to ensure that the IAEA takes this issue to the Security Council for action."

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Patting Self On Back

Sometime over the weekend, my little pet Jawa reached one million page-views! Sit Jawa, sit. Nice Jawa. Good boy!

Yeah, it's not one million visits, but we're halfway there. Thanks to BRD and Demosophist for stepping up to the plate and becoming my partners in crime.

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Kerry's Non-Honorable Discharge (Updated)

As noted here a few days ago, the Swifties promised to break some big news about John Kerry's less than honorable discharge. I then tried to help spread the word that the announcement would come at a rally at the Capital. Well, it looks like the info the Swifties had was not as shocking as some of my readers had suggested it would be and they pulled the plug on the event. I know Beth is pretty pissed about this, but I would remind her that the early reports at the Swiftie board promised that a former Sec. of Navy would confirm speculation on Kerry's discharge and not a former JAG officer--which is what we got.

Still, this World Net Daily article by Earl Livey does a pretty decent job at piecing together the case that John Kerry was not honorably discharged from the Navy. The Sun also runs a story by Thomas Lipscomb, the man who had first speculated on Kerry's discharge on the 13th of Oct. Of course, John Kerry could clear all of this up if he would just authorize the DOD to release all of his records, something President Bush has done. From WND:

There is overwhelming evidence that the Navy gave John Kerry either a dishonorable discharge or an undesirable discharge – which is the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge without the felony conviction – and that, as a result of such discharge, he was stripped of all of his famous but questionable Navy awards and medals. And the kicker? The evidence is on his website! ...

What Mr. Lipscomb noticed (and I overlooked when I first read the document) was the date of the posted discharge, Feb. 16, 1978. This was six years after Kerry's six-year (1966-1972) commitment to the Navy ended. The anti-war detractor of our military did not re-up for another six-year term in 1972, so why the delay of his discharge? The only logical conclusion is that the 1978 honorable discharge was a second discharge given to replace an earlier undesirable discharge under less-than-honorable conditions, as unfit for military service.

From the Sun:
A former officer in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps Reserve has built a case that Senator Kerry was other than honorably discharged from the Navy by 1975, The New York Sun has learned.

The "honorable discharge" on the Kerry Web site appears to be a Carter administration substitute for an original action expunged from Mr. Kerry's record, according to Mark Sullivan, who retired as a captain in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps Reserve in 2003 after 33 years of service as a judge advocate. Mr. Sullivan served in the office of the Secretary of the Navy between 1975 and 1977....

"Mr. Meehan may well be right and all Mr. Kerry's military records are on his Web site," Mr. Sullivan said. "Unlike en listed members, officers do not receive other than honorable, or dishonorable, certificates of discharge. To the contrary, the rule is that no certificate will be awarded to an officer separated wherever the circumstances prompting separation are not deemed consonant with traditional naval concepts of honor. The absence of an honorable discharge certificate for a separated naval officer is, therefore, a harsh and severe sanction and is, in fact, the treatment given officers who are dismissed after a general court-martial."....

It is hard to see why Mr. Kerry had to file an "extremely late" application since he lost the congressional race in Lowell, Mass., the first week of November 1972 and was basically doing nothing until he entered law school the following September of 1973.A member of the Harvard Law School admissions committee recalled that the real reason Mr. Kerry was not admitted was because the committee was concerned that because Mr. Kerry had received a less than honorable discharge they were not sure he could be admitted to any state bar. [There's more in the Sun article, read the whole thing]

Ok, so I've had a few minutes to read the blog reaction to this. It looks like NZ Bear got the same tip that I did about the big revelation the Swifties were going to pop:
the information I received yesterday was that the story would go beyond circumstantial evidence, and have actual, on-the-record testimony from at least one senior military official with knowledge of Kerry's discharge.

That didn't happen. But if you read to the bottom of Sullivan's piece, you can see one potential reason why:

"All officials with knowledge of what specifically happened in Mr. Kerry's case are muzzled by the Privacy Act of 1974.The act makes it a crime for federal employees to knowingly disclose personal information or records."

Solid observation, but James Joyner remains very skeptical.

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The Terrorist Factory Fallacy

by Demosophist

It's a pretty gloomy Monday. The Redskins lost yesterday, the polls are ambiguous at best, a speech by Osama against Bush gets spun so that it helps Kerry, and logical fallacies repeated with mind-numbing frequency at a setting of 11 on the volume knob seem to count for valid argument. Beldar holds the theory that we're "creating terrorists" in about as much esteem as the theory that leaving the meat at room temperature will spontaneously generate maggots:

If what we were doing in Iraq was the forcible conversion of Muslims to Christianity and the extinguishment of their own culture, then yes, we could be "breeding more terrorists," just as if we deliberately salted rotting meat with fly eggs we'd be breeding maggots and flies. But I categorically reject — as racist and bigoted and shortsighted and wrong — the necessary presumption of the "we're making more terrorists" arguers that establishing democracy and freedom equate to that....

And by far the most effective way of minimizing and, ultimately, eliminating (in one way or the other) the sincere-but-confused terrorist converts will be to finish the jobs that we started in those countries when we toppled their governing regimes. Cutting and running will do the opposite — it will not only betray the less gullible and freedom- and liberty-loving Muslims (and others) in those countries, but encourage our enemies into believing that we are weak and easily defeated, and worse, lend credence to the deliberately misleading arguments of our enemies that our real motivations were to promote Christianity or serve the Jews of Israel or steal their oil wealth (or whatever).

Waiter, there's a hippo in this beer...

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It Just Ain't So

by Demosophist

Well, reading that little Mark Steyn piece helped (hat tip Gerard). I was pretty bummed, mostly by the apparent circumstance that the Osama speech, according polling guru Schneider, helped Kerry. So the aging Hamlet furrowed his brow, and stroking his razor-sharp chin decides that the thing to do after the man that orchestrated the murder of 3,000 Americans waggles his finger at the nation, is to take a freakin' poll! Just to test the waters with his toe lest he get a chill jumping in. And after "asking the audience" he decides that the way to play it is to hype the defeatism angle... like that's a new wrinkle for him.

If this is what Americans have become, the country's probably not worth fighting for. But it can't be, can it? Where are all those blue-collar types who can see that the guy is real unhappy with the treatment he's getting from George Bush, and just wants a little relief. "I'll lay off you, if you lay off me... please." So, where's the outrage at being threatened and massaged by this Creep of Araby?

Or were those indignant letters written to the Guardian after its little project to meddle in the US election, just forgeries? If we're indignant about the intrusion of Richard Dawkins into our sacred affairs, we'll just roll over for a tummy scratch from the old ratbag himself?

Waiter, there's a Cape Buffalo in this beer.

Update: Now this Iraqi blogger sounds American, to me.

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Kevin Aylward, Blog Pimp and Porn Dealer!!

What's worse: the guy who pimps the link free for all or the whore who links to him?

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