January 15, 2010

Woman Flees Gaza With Children


Speaking to The Jerusalem Post just hours after her escape while on her way to her family's home in Ashdod to celebrate, she said she had reached the decision months ago to get away from her husband, Abdallah, who ekes out a living smuggling goods through the elaborate system of tunnels connecting Rafah with Egypt.

"That was no life for me and the children," she said. "The children had dreams that I wanted to make true. And we couldn't as long we remained in Gaza.

"Now I am trying to forget everything."

An opportunity to escape presented itself after Abdallah was arrested in Egypt for attempting to travel illegally to Europe.

She escaped despite the fact that her husband's family had threatened to murder her if she tried to escape from the Hamas controlled area.
But making it to Erez, on the extreme northern side of the Gaza Strip, from Rafah, located about 60 kilometers away on the extreme southern side, was not easy. Suspicious that she might try to escape, Ochana's in-laws were carefully watching her.

As she stood in downtown Rafah, her brother-in-law's threat that he would kill her if she tried to run away still rang in her ears. Still, she waved down a taxi. She knew she had to take the chance.

Look for a press release from the Palestinians accusing teh evil Jooos of harvesting her children for their organs in 5 4 3 2.......

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