January 08, 2010

Scheuer: Obama Terror Czar Nixed Killing bin Laden

Maggie has a lengthy post connecting the many times we could have killed Osama bin Laden during the 1990s to the recent attack in Afghanistan that killed several CIA agents, including the top al Qaeda expert on the ground. .

It's worth the read, but I think the most important piece of info comes from former head man in charge of hunting bin Laden, Michael Scheuer. The guy is no Bush partisan. In fact you may recall him from his outspoken criticism of how The war in Iraq diverted resources away from Tora Bora -- yet another time (maybe) that bin Laden got away. He's also been fairly critical of US foreign policy in general.

But here's the big takeaway:

one of the officers who got killed had arranged an operation in 1998 that would have killed or captured Osama bin Laden. And Mr. Brennan was instrumental in preventing that operation from occurring. Instead he said the Americans should trust the Saudis to take care of bin Laden.

So it's a painful-- it's a painful death, but more importantly it's a death that didn't need to occur had Mr. Clinton -- Mr. Brennan, George Tenet, and Mr. Berger had the courage to try to defend Americans.

And now the guy is Obama's chief advisor on terrorism. Don't you feel so much safer now that Chimpy McHaliburton is out of office.

Thanks to Larwyn.

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