January 07, 2010

Google Suggests Christianity is "Bullshit", But Islam is .....

So, a buddy of mine sent me this link to a Blame it on The Voices demotivational poster. I'll send you over there to see the whole thing, but here's a partial of it.


It goes on and on like that with Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism all with similar Google suggestions. Like, "Judaism is false" and "Hinduism is wrong".

But what of Islam? Islam is ....


And yes, I double checked Google to see if it was real. It is.

I'm pretty sure people have sent me something on this before in the past, and maybe we've covered it, but if we have let me just reiterate what I think is obviously going on here: Google is scared.

Because even if the suggestions are automatically generated based on a proprietary algorithm someone could get killed for suggesting that "Islam is Bullshit". Which is pretty good motivation for overriding the system.

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