January 07, 2010

Reader Love Mail; All Your al-Mosul Are Belong To Us Edition

I'm not sure why the Akhi at al-Mosul are so upset with us? I mean ya do something nice for for your bros and this is the thanks we get?

Abu Hamza179:

Hey Pig you Are So fool Hill is Waite For you son of pigs Kuffars ur lieing rusty pig we love our death u lols now cant join our forum we block ur ips dandapeer our brother ansa you soon pigsssssssssss iam happyt then i kill pig inchaa Allah Ansar Al Mujahideen Hacking Group soon hack u pigggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Allahu Akkaber

Akkaber? Silly Akhi, your feeble skilz are no match for the powah of the dark side.
Ibn Ubaadah "the beheader"

Go to hell! You Idiots! You Kuffar of Jawa....listen, 1 more attack on Al-Mosul Forum...and you will wish you didn't know whats internet...

Was that Rusty playing a sock puppet playing another sock puppet?

I dunno either it was that or a FATWA?


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