January 07, 2010

I Think I Have an Idea What May Be Wrong Here (updated and bumped Welcome Media Matters Readers)

After reading this Bloomberg story about Gitmo inmates being released and returning to the battlefield to fight or even blow themselves up on Baby Jesus's birthday, I think I may have have determined that we've overlooked a crucial and economic solution to the problem.


Most if not all of these men were captured "out of official uniform". Under the Geneva Convention that makes them all spies and they may be be er uh, shot.

The site above prices 7.62 mm rounds at 5.99 per 20 rounds.

All 198 remaining detainees can be effectively dealt with for 59.99 + shipping and handling. (less if you're willing to use a smaller round)

That is all.

Update: Welcome Media Matters readers! Thanks for the traffic, we loves ya!.

But while we're here, apparently the good folks over at Media Matters satire detector is broken. They also failed to notice I filed this under rants.

You know rants? Where like you read a story on the internet and you find it frustrating, so you rant about it a bit? Like ON A BLOG?

Would it be nice if life were that simple? Yeah probably?

Is it? No.

Do I think there was a day in WWII under Dems where a lot of these guys would have been interrogated on the battlefield and shot, Yes.

Do I think any of the above will actually happen? No.

But thanks for all the love and attention.

Don't you have anything better to do, like maybe go bitch about the Taliban actually sawing off the heads of their Muslim bros? Is that acceptable under Geneva? I'm not sure cause I've never heard you folks mention it?

Who's side are ya'll on anyway?

Update II: And while I'm ranting and have it on my mind. George Soros can S.M.C.!

Go decode that bitches.

Despite the fact that the Taliban and al-Qaeda have never signed the Conventions nor are they partisans of any state that has. I'll take just a minute to help them out in so far as irregular forces. Even then the Taliban lack even the qualifications of a partisan who can be shot or hanged.


Oh and....

), the partisan fighters in southeast Europe could not be considered lawful belligerents under Article 1 of said convention. On Wilhelm List
Wilhelm List Siegmund Wilhelm List , was a German field marshal during World War II, and at the start of the war was based in Slovakia in command of the Fourteenth Army.- Early Life and Career :...
the tribunal stated

"We are obliged to hold that such guerrillas were francs tireurs who, upon capture, could be subjected to the death penalty. Consequently, no criminal responsibility attaches to the defendant List because of the execution of captured partisans..."

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