January 06, 2010

A Request From Jawa Reader (Update X3; CYBER JIHAD DENIED!!!!)

Been reading your blog for some months now, relieved to find that someone 'gets it' when it comes to Islamofascism.

I'm recently out of unifom myself, but still dedicated to hunting these beasts down like the rabid dogs they are from within the zoo and cluster-f**k that is Washington D.C. But you, your fellow 'Sith Masters', and your readers have a more immediate and visible impact than I or my coworkers can, it seems.

Anyway, I read a press articles on the Wootten Bassett planned protest, which mentioned an opposition Facebook group formed to prevent the Islam4UK's protest, which in turn had a link to these guys:

Facebook Jihadi Arseholes [I kinda changed the name a bit but you get my drift, They are "Yes, We Can"....ed]

Within 30 seconds of reading their wall and looking at their photo album it's pretty obvious what this group is about.

I reported this group for inciting violence, urged all of my 3+ dozen Army buddies to do the same, and now I am BEGGING you to lay the smackdown on this group. I know that you know what Aulaqi's all about, and I can't explain any further. I'm so fired up about this I'm shaking. Please, please stop this group. Please shut down this source of hatred. Take away their voice. They keep re-creating this group, take away their digital safe haven and hunt them down until they run out of ways to hide.

I am so tired of fighting against these evil, evil, EVIL...people. I have had friends killed by these murders, they are attacking our country, and I'm facking tired of it being rubbed in my nose by spineless cretins like this. Please, Rusty, rally the troops.

Rally the troops we will:

Time to smack this group down...the jihadist go to guy....Shithead Shaikh Anwar Al Awlaki. They have been smacked down before, so lets do it again, for the troops.

Politely, but firmly notify Facebook that these arseholes promote terrorism through propaganda.



How I love that finger......hah!

Thanks everyone.

The force was strong with all of you!

Update II: From comments...

Mirror group here:
Imam Anwar al Awlaki

UPDATE X3: The above group has been pwnd!!! Thanks, again. The force is strong in all of you.

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