January 04, 2010

Law enforcement source: Jamaat al-Fuqra/Muslims of America involved in tax return fraud plot (bumped)

Last month we reported on new videos obtained by the Christian Action Network which showed terrorist training at the Jamaat al-Fuqra/Muslims of America headquarters compound in Hancock, NY.

In the past few days we were contacted by a law enforcement source about a plot by members of the same Jamaat al-Fuqra compound in Hancock to engage in a massive tax return fraud plot using contacts obtained through mosques in New York and using the money to send to their sheikh, terrorist leader Mubarak Gilani, in Pakistan. Al-Fuqra recruits heavily in prisons, and many male members of the group are convicted felons.

According to the source, most of the men from the Hancock compound have been engaged in tax training for the upcoming tax season (which explains some recent reports about the men in Hancock going missing). Leaders of friendly mosques in the New York City area (the source specifically mentioned Brooklyn and the Bronx) are directing mosque members to storefront tax outfits run by Jamaat al-Fuqra. Using information from these mosque attendees, the tax fraud operation will then use that information to file false tax returns (probably without the knowledge of the tax filer) and collect 24 hour rapid returns. A referral fee is given to the imam and the remainder of the money will then be forwarded overseas to accounts controlled by Gilani. The filer is then on the hook for the fraud if it is discovered.

The documentary produced last year by the Christian Action Network on Jamaat al-Fuqra, "Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Camps Around the US", discusses the group's extensive history of fraud and corruption. For example, the group perpetrated the largest charter school scam in California state history, with ringleader Khadijah Ghafur, sentenced to 14 years in jail. Jamaat al-Fuqra members in Colorado were also convicted of a massive workers compensation fraud ring. And back in 2007, CAN reported on a FBI investigation that found a $7 million fraud ring selling counterfeit-label clothing in Virginia. Seven Al-Fuqra members were convicted in that scheme.

With a long history of domestic terrorist acts, murders and fraud, it is amazing that federal law enforcement officials are reluctant to take action against the group despite abundant evidence that it is a continuing criminal enterprise and a known domestic terror threat (e.g. the al-Fuqra videos released last month by CAN). What more does Jamaat al-Fuqra/Muslims of America need to do before their operations are shut down for good? We should be afraid to find out.

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