January 02, 2010

Democrats Worst Nightmare: Terrorism On Their Watch

The nightmare has been happening and all they are doing is finding ways to blame Boooosh.

No reason for pig face UBL, just want fatwa

Via Big Government

From the time he launched his campaign for president three years ago, Barack Obama had to consider how he would react to the first serious act of terrorism during the campaign, or if he won, on his watch. His fellow Democrats had been thinking about the moment even longer – since the September day in 2001 when attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon defined George W. Bush’s presidency and gave Republicans a decisive advantage on a defining political issue.

And yet the White House’s response to last week’s attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit could rank as one of the low points of the new president’s first year. Over the course of five days, Obama’s Obama’ reaction ranged from low-keyed to reassuring to, finally, a vow to find out what went wrong. The episode was a baffling, unforced error in presidential symbolism, hardly a small part of the presidency, and the moment at which yet another of the old political maxims that Obama had sought to transcend – the Democrats’ vulnerability on national security – reasserted itself.

Indeed, it appears Obama and the democrats are more concerned in passing Obamacare than anything else. Terrorism is a backburner thing. A simple annoyance as was the Fort Hood Terrorist Nidal Hasan.

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