January 02, 2010

Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Billy Ayers & Wifey Stir Chaos In Middle East

ayers_flag.jpgThey are just trying to help out the poor, poor Gazans....sure, if Israel removes all blockades the Hamas suicide bombers would be in full force.

Via Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM Weatherman terrorists Williams Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn close associates for years of President Obama were involved in provoking chaos on the streets of Egypt this week in an attempt to enter the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to join in solidarity with the territory's population and leadership.

The protests were led in large part by Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink, a far-left activist organization formed in 2002 to protest America's war in Iraq. The group previously met with Hamas and with leaders of the Taliban. Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama's presidential campaign.

Also protesting in Egypt was Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the anti-Israel Electronic Intifada website. WND previously reported Obama spoke at pro-Palestinian events in the 1990s alongside Abunimah. In one such event, a 1999 fundraiser for Palestinian "refugees," Abunimah recalls introducing Obama on stage.

After arriving in Cairo, Evans appealed this week to Suzanne Mubarak, wife of Egypt's president, to allow some 1,400 activists to cross from Egypt into neighboring Gaza to march there, deliver humanitarian aid and stage a protest at an Israeli border crossing with thousands of Palestinian Gazans. Egypt's Interior Ministry had said the march was illegal and a threat to national security.

Mubarak reportedly offered to allow only 100 activists to cross into Gaza. The decision was at first reportedly accepted by Evans but was later rejected, leading to protests throughout Cairo all week under a heavy police presence.

A press release by organizers claimed: "Members of the Gaza Freedom March are being forcibly detained in hotels around town as well as violently forced into pens in Tahir Square by Egyptian police and additional security forces. Reports of police brutality are flooding a delegate legal hotline faster than the legal support team can answer the calls. The reports span from women being kicked, beaten to the ground and dragged into pens, at least one confirmed account of broken ribs, and many left bloody."

The website Big Government notes author Philip Weiss wrote of witnessing Ayers' and Dohrn's involvement in the debate about whether to accept Egypt's offer of allowing only a limited number of protesters to enter Gaza.

They must make Obama feel so proud knowing them....

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