January 01, 2010

Just Who Is Teh Enemy, eh Times UK?

From the looks of this article by Tom Coghlan: analysis, it would appear Coghlan is rooting for teh teroritz.

CIA caught in dirty and secretive war against al-Qaeda on Afghan border

The deaths of seven CIA agents in Khost province have brought into the limelight the secretive and dirty war being fought by America’s intelligence agencies — and the Taleban and al-Qaeda — in the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

First off, the families of the murdered agents are in my thoughts and prayers. Second, several commenter's there aren't too pleased with the article. Lastly, this comment says it best:
Terry Carr wrote:

How nice to see so many here defending the actions of the CIA, and by doing that defending America.

Of late it has made me sick to see the number of posts by English people attacking the US and her policies, though granted many of the names of these attackers bear little relationship to traditional Anglo names.

What we all need to remember folks, is that without America's massive industrial and financial aid from 1941 onward, the whole of Europe would have been, and still would be either crushed beneath the Jackboot, or flying the Hammer and Sickle.

Well said Carr, well said...

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