December 31, 2009

Houston-based group hawked Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki's cds even after Ft. Hood massacre, Undie-bomber attended their "Ilmfest" Houston conference, two London seminars in 2008

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What a small world it is when it comes to domestic terror. CNN reported yesterday that NWA Flight 253 Undie-bomber Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab attended the 16-day "Ilmfest" in Houston sponsored by the Al Maghrib Institute in August 2008 and two other Al Maghrib seminars in London before that (HT: JihadWatch). Al Maghrib trots out Yasir Qadhi to claim he's shocked, SHOCKED! to see a terrorist associated with their organization (except, oops!, so was convicted terrorist Daniel Maldonado; DiscoverTheNetworks has more on the Al Maghrib Institute "moderates").

But we can report exclusively at the Jawa Report that Qadhi's Houston-based Ilmquest was selling more than a dozen different CD sets by none other than Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki as recently as last month. Ilmquest continued to hawk Awlaki's wares even after the Ft. Hood massacre, but scrubbed any mention of Awlaki from their site as soon as he was connected to the Ft. Hood incident. Ah, but thanks to Google cache, they couldn't hide all the evidence. A screenshot of Ilmquest's Awlaki offerings is below the fold.

Yes, these fine moderate Muslims just happen to be selling CD sets of an Al-Qaeda cleric, and a would-be terrorist attends their events on two different continents and just happens to end up meeting that same Al-Qaeda cleric in Yemen. Will these random occurrences never stop!!!!????

And CNN informs us that Yasir Qadhi was a featured speaker at the U.S. Counter-Radicalization Strategy conference organized by the National Counterterrorism Center in the summer of 2008. The same NCTC that epicly failed to connect the dots on AbdulMutallab.

OK, we're all going to die.

(Ilmquest's Awlaki offerings below the fold, click for a larger image, thanks to Howie for the graphic magic and Stable Hand for the full-page screen grab.)

UPDATE: OK, I can't resist. Here's is the NCTC's "moderate" de-radicalization expert Yasir Qadhi preaching Holocaust denial:

Click for larger image

IlmQuest _ EmanRush Productions - Anwar Al-Awlaki2small.JPG

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