December 23, 2009

Rifqa Bary's attorney John Stemberger gives case update on Fox

An interview with John Stemberger this morning on Fox and Friends on the case of Rifqa Bary:

Stemberger makes some important points concerning this case:

1) The "Christmas card" motion is an example of the Bary's duplicity in publicly saying they want to respect Rifqa's Christian faith, but legally doing everything to possibly subvert and obstruct it. When it became public (reported here first at the Jawa Report, bitches!!!) it exposed this duplicity and they were forced to withdraw the motion. If the motion truly was about protecting Rifqa from dangerous "third-party messages", why then did they withdraw the motion?

2) As we reported last Friday (again, exclusively), the supposed "neutral" Muslim counselor that Barys demanded that Rifqa meet with filed affidavit in support of parent's motion to hold Rifqa in contempt. The magistrate saw through that and did not require mediation.

3) If Rifqa's parents are so concerned about reconciling with their daughter, why are they repeatedly doing everything to undermine her trust, such as filing criminal charges against her for being "wayward" (read: not submitting to their extremist version of Islam) or asking the court to hold her in contempt for refusing to meet with their "neutral" Muslim counselor? The answer is that this case is about using the courts to get her to submit to the control of the Islamic authorities controlling this case from behind the scenes. As we conclusively demonstrated in a post on December 14th, we have photographic evidence of CAIR's backstage management of the media in this case. Had the media disclosed the direct involvement of the terror-tied CAIR (currently the subject of a federal grand jury investigation) from the outset, it would have destroyed the "moderate" image her family and handlers were trying to portray.

Which brings us to the last point that Stemberger raises:

4) Since the CAIR attorney representing Rifqa's parents, Omar Tarazi, is pushing for the ultimate and only goal demanded by CAIR and the Noor mosque, namely ensuring that Rifqa is forcefully returned to her abusive family as a discouragement to other would-be runaways who also seek escape from the extremist elements in the Muslim community in Central Ohio and elsewhere, Tarazi clearly has a conflict of interest. By being paid by CAIR and the Noor mosque, he is advocating for their interests, not the interests of her parents. He clearly should be removed from the case by the courts.

The next hearing is scheduled for January 19th. We have additional exclusive information we intend to pass along after the Christmas holiday. Stay tuned for more!

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