December 23, 2009

CNN: Terrorists lure recruits via YouTube Video (BUMPED)

What I find really disturbing at the end is Youtube's claim that "users police the site" while they routinely ignore user complaints. Also that there is no pro-active way to fight even the propaganda from specially designated terrorist entities. These are very easy to identify and flag. Should be just as easy to remove.

Next disturbing thing is that Obama's Secretary for Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, basically throws up her hands and says, "There is no magic bullet".

Look Janet, three girls and a few of us guys can create Youtube Smackdown and remove tens of thousands of Jihadi videos from Youtube.

A few Jawas writing emails can make a substantial dent in the amount of Taliban releases.

And we're just targeting the most obvious terrorist propaganda on the most visible platforms.

If Jihadtube and homeland security have lost hope and are looking for a magic bullet, we have one. Hire about half a dozen of us and let us work.

Freaking useless bureaucrat morons.

Update: Just like this. We found the known al-Qaeda supporting user Sahab(add a number here) post today as This user has been suspended multiple times.

So what is he uploading?

Why propaganda from the Islamic State of Afghanistan AKA the Taliban. A production called Swat5.

My tipster has reviewed and says.

Executions and beheadings. ....worse than animals

But see for yourself. Parts 1 through 7.!!!!

Update Heh that's three four videos PWNED on this terrorist user today. Just. Effing. Today. Under Youtube's TOS any user with three strikes will be suspended but has Youtube suspended this user.....NO!.

Wonder why? Me too. Ask them at

So we can catch these in a day or less, yet Youtube and Homeland Security are helpless in the face of a known terrorist user who simply ads three digits to his name each time he returns?

Give me a break.

Update: Please help flag the above production. I've reviewed and flagged. its very graphic. The worst parts can be found in parts 4 through 7. Beheadings and executions. Please point out those parts in your complaint.


Update 12/23/09: I went to work on this video this AM and its been removed for TOS violation.!

That's five videos on this user in two days. Suspended by Youtube yet? Er uh no.

Our biggest challenge, frankly, is not identifying who is doing what online, but in our assessment of who is, or who will become, a threat.
True dat, but then again how many whos in Whoville do we really want to have to make that determination on?


Ah noe ah iz stubrn.

Update: So I linked the counter take down opinion above. Gerald at Internet Anthropologist presents the take down argument here.

The more sites you have the more Intel to be collected.
And the more recruiting and members they get.
This paradigm increases terrorist growth.

Shutting down sites prevents recruiting,
decreasing terrorist growth.

Evan Kohlmann seems to be presenting the Intelligence communitys view of the Paradigm to track the wana be terrorists, but there is needed a balance between tracking the recruiting and stopping the recruiting.

So here we have a gain the classic watch vs fight argument. I feel given recent events that the "just watch" method is not serving us very well.

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