December 22, 2009

Jihadtube Presents: Season's Greeting From Hezb,Allah

You know, The specially designated terrorist entity. The terrorist group who has killed 299 American servicemen October 23, 1983? Yeah those guys.


Thanks so much to Youtube for allowing them the space to glorify murder and the destruction of Israel not to mention what they have done to the once great country of Lebanon.

That's right you can get all the Hezb,Allah propaganda and al-Manar TEE VEE you want this holiday season right here at Google owned Youtube.


And never fear the US Depts of State and Treasury will probably have their heads too far up their backside to do anything at all about it.

Update: And thanks to the Tolerance of who quote in their won words..

We do allow all types of content except child porn and spam
for hosting Hezb,Allah's main website.

And to the wonderful US company Dynadot for being being the sponsoring Registrar for Hezb,Allahs DNS record.

Does it seem I may be starting to develop a rather cynical view of these things?

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