December 11, 2009

Hmmmmm: Khattab Removes All Traces of Link to Ft. Hood Killer Hasan


Yousef al-Khattab has used a little known trick to remove his Revolution Muslim website's archives from Google's caching system which saves many webpages after they have been deleted. Those archives show that a close friend of Nidal Hasan was an active user and fan.

Previously, we have reported that a known associate and someone who may have looked to the Fort Hood Killer Nidal Hasan as a mentor was also a fan of Yousef al-Khattab. Published reports showed that Hasaan's protoge, the 18 year old Duane Reasoner, had praised Hasan in the aftermath of the attack. Other reports also showed that Reasoner used the handle "ooklepookle" online and that he followed Khattab's YouTube and other video accounts.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Khattab had also praised Hasan.

What we showed was that Reasoner also was a registered user at Khattab's website. We also showed that a person using one of Hasan's titles "Slave of Allah" appears to have left at least one comment at Khattab's site. Coincidentally, the Google cache of that page showing Slave of Allah's comments also reveals that Reasoner was on the webpage at the same time.

The Slave of Allah at Khattab's website may or may not be Nidal Hasan. As far as online jihadi nicknames are concerned, it's fairly unimaginative and you might expect others to use it besides Hasan. Further, the user at Khattab's website also claims to be a "revert" -- which is Islamic speak for "convert" (theologically, Islam teaches that all babies are born Muslim so one does not "convert" rather one "reverts").

However, as I noted previously some Muslims also use the term to denote that at some time they lost their way and have refound their faith.

But whether or not this particular "Slave of Allah" is Nidal Hasan is not important. Certainly the Revolution Muslim user "ooklepookle" is Hasan's friend Duane Reasoner. What is important is that Khattab has been busy removing webpages from his site connecting him to "ooklepookle".

When we originally reported the relationship we had to use a Google cache page. All webpages showing "ooklepookle" at Revolution Muslim had already been removed. Google's archive -- a snapshot of what the webpage looked like at a single moment in time -- remained.

All Google archive pages of Revolution Muslim are now gone. This has only happened some time after November 17th when we first identified Reasoner's activities at Revolution Muslim. This was done with a little known set of tools Google offers for those not wishing to have a history of their webpages stored.

Khattab has a history of writing outlandish things on his webpages, getting caught, rewriting his material, and then denying he ever said such a thing. Sometimes a Google cache of the page will catch the changes, sometimes it will not. It all depends on when Google's automatic "bots" snap a picture of the page -- before or after the change.

One way to ensure that such changes are not caught, though, is by adding scripts forbidding the work of the bots and by deleting the cache altogether. The same method could be used to, say, cover up the fact that a known murderer or a known associate of a murderer may have perused your website. Who knows, may be he was even inspired by it?

But it's not too late. Lest the online relationship between Khattab and Duane Reasoner get lost down the memory hole, I saved the webpage where both "ooklepookle" -- Reasoner's online name -- and Slave of Allah appear on Khattab's website.

Here it is. Some of the webpage's originally formatting has been lost as I haven't had time to clean up the html.

Even if that relationship was nothing more than one of Reasoner admiring Khattab's pro-terrorism website, Khattab seems to think that it was worth going through the trouble of deleting all evidence of it. And that, I think, speaks volumes.

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