December 11, 2009

Breaking: Terrorists Use the Internet


National Public Radio: Five young Muslim Americans were detained in Pakistan this week. Investigators close to the case believe the five wanted to train in terrorist camps, making them the most recent Americans known to have been radicalized in the U.S. who then traveled abroad to act on their beliefs.

FBI agents have started interviewing the five young men, who are said to be cooperating with investigators. Officials are now beginning to piece together the outlines of a case against the men. For example, U.S. officials say the young men used the Internet specifically the social networking site Facebook and videos on YouTube to link up with extremist groups in Pakistan.

"Basically most of the noise on the Internet are the clarion calls to battle from the jihadis, the inspirational and motivational messages that they communicate," says Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Georgetown University. "And there has really been almost no concerted, systematic and strategic effort to counter those messages."

Really? Almost no effort at all? I mean no one has ever, you know, bitched about Jihadtube or Online Terrorism till they are blue in the face? Really?


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Update: The Blotter:

ABC News has obtained the investigative report prepared by Pakistani police that offers insight to what had become the road to jihad for five young Americans.

The authorities said the recruitment began on the web site YouTube after 20-year old Ahmad Mini praised videos that featured attacks on American troops.

G#$343effing Da^^%it freaking Jihadtube $%%$#$ lazy terrorist coddling &&%^%^^ bastages!

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