December 10, 2009

Report: Chicago Man Was Preparing More Attacks Against Jews in India

It's DEBKA, but it sounds plausible given that a) Daood "David Headley" Gilani had laid the groundwork for the massacre at Mumbai's Chabad house; b) Instructions on "how to pray like a Jew" were found on Headley when he was arrested by the FBI; c) the initial complaint against Headley have conversations in which his handlers urge him to focus more on India than his own plans of attacking targets in Denmark.

It should be remembered that Headley's job with Lashkar-e-Toiba seemed to have been reconnaissance. The report is all the more troubling, if true, because what if the recon had already been done and the attacks already planned?


US and Indian security sources say the arrest of the Pakistan-born American David Coleman Headley in Chicago on suspicion of complicity in the Mumbai terrorist atrocity in Nov. 2008 found him fully prepared to mount a wave of attacks this month on Israeli El Al airline offices, synagogues and Chabad hospitality centers across India, DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report.

A key figure in an al Qaeda-linked cell in Chicago, Headley changed his name from Daood Gilani to travel as an American without incurring suspicion. Four months after the Mumbai siege, in which 170 people lost their lives in including six Americans, he was back in India on the same mission as before: selecting targets, advance surveillance, laying in secret caches of explosives and firearms for the Lashkar e-Taibe operatives to pick up on the sites of attack, and determining their exit point.

Thanks to Ronin.

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