December 09, 2009

Greyrooster is Banned (for the umpteenth time)

If you see Greyrooster in the comments spouting racist remarks please bring them to my attention. Thank you.

I blog in my spare time so I don't really have the time to patrol the comments section. I've unsuccessfully banned Greyrooster a number of times to no avail, so pretty much just gave up on it. But I'm going to put more of an effort into it. At least, that's the plan.

UPDATE: Just to make this clear, I'm banning Greyrooster for racist remarks. And I don't mean "racist" in the CJ sense of the word. I mean actual despicable racism.

I use the ban button very sparingly. I allow all sort of dissent, bad language, opposing viewpoints, etc. But the longer I let racist remarks go unchecked the less interesting the comments section is becoming.

If Greyrooster wants to come back under another name and he drops the racism then he's welcome any time.

UPDATE: From Greyrooster's comment he left on this thread, but which won't appear now because he's banned:

Damn it. I'm a racist. I keep telling everyone that. What's the problem with being a racist. 90% of blacks are racists. What is the problem with a white man being a racist to. Unfair, Unfair, us racists demand equality. We should have equal time on NBC, CNN, ABC. Rev Wright gets his time. He's not only a racist but he hates AmericaKKK. Louis Farrakhan is a racist. He claims white men are devils. He gets his prime time TV exposure. Rusty is unfair to racists. Black muslims are racists yet Rusty doesn't ban them.
Well, there you go. You're in good company Greyrooster. You, Farrakhan, and Rev. Wright should get together someday and discuss why it isn't fair that racism is considered bad.

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