December 09, 2009

New Evidence of Saddam Terror Ties?

Ryan Mauro lays out the case that the Saddam Hussein regime did, in fact, work with al Qaeda at times. I'm skeptical but am willing to be schooled in the subject.

Even if high level Baathists did at times talk to al Qaeda or took no action against them I'm not sure that that level of involvement is worse than, say, the Pakaistanis with any number of terrorist organizations. The Pakistanis have nuclear weapons and we are not likely to see them giving them to Lashkar-e-Toiba.

What can't be denied, though, is that the Baathist regime itself was one massive terrorist organization. Also, no one denies they supported other terrorist organizations.

As for the alleged cooperation between former Baathists and al Qaeda as evidence that the two could have cooperated prior to the invasion there is plenty of evidence that the Arab fascists did ally themselves with the Sunni Islamofascists for a time after the invasion. However, as the Awakening Movement showed, those alliances are usually fleeting. The movement itself tracing its roots to the assassination by al Qaeda of a tribal leader who was also involved with the 1920s Revolution Brigade.

But, go check out Ryan's analysis here and decide for yourself.

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