December 07, 2009

Warmist Conspirators Reveal True Goal in Mass Editorial

Fifty-six newspapers around the world have joined the Guardian in publishing an editorial devoted to the demands of the cult of Man-made Global Warming.

Climategate is blandly dispatched with a single sentence:

The controversy over emails by British researchers that suggest they tried to suppress inconvenient data has muddied the waters but failed to dent the mass of evidence on which these predictions are based.

If you had any doubt that the whole thing is a political movement based on junk science, buried within the common editorial is the real purpose of the hysteria:

Social justice demands that the industrialised world digs deep into its pockets and pledges cash to help poorer countries adapt to climate change, and clean technologies to enable them to grow economically without growing their emissions.
Copenhagen has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the planet. It's all about using the manufactured "crisis" to fleece the citizens of the United States.

And now we know of fifty-six "newspapers" that, either through naivete or venality, are really only propaganda outlets.

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