December 03, 2009

No More Benefit Of The Doubt For Obama by Brad Thor

No one wants to believe that their government, or the people within it are intentionally trying to ruin their country. We, as Americans, inherently look for the good in people.

Rush has been saying from the get-go that Obama is intentionally destroying the economy and demonizing capitalism. Obama has been called a Socialist, a Marxist and a Communist. I believe the Democratic party does not represent the "nice Democrats next door" at all anymore. Good Democrats have allowed their party to be hijacked. The hijackers are the far (and in some cases not-so-far) left. They are hardcore Statists bent on an endgame utopia with Communism as the model.

Obama's administration openly lauds and employs Communists, Maoists, Socialists, etc. His cabinet is filled not with people experienced in true, "real world" economics like running a private sector business and creating jobs, but leftist elitists, academic eggheads, and Government carp:


Look below at this 1934 cartoon that the Chicago Tribune reran in July and tell me that you still think Obama is simply naive. I do not believe that. I believe he surrounds himself with hardcore Leftists, Statists, Progressives, Maoists, Marxists, Socialists and Communists because they share his views 100%. Show me your friends and I will show you your future (h/t Glenn Beck's mom).

I do not have one single friend who is a Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Maoist... How about you? How about your spiritual guidance? Does it come from a man whose pews you sat in for 20 years (1,000 Sundays) who denigrates your nation and praises Socialism and Marxism?

No more benefit of the doubt for Obama. We need to fight him and his agenda with every last breath in our bodies in order to stop what he and the American-hating-leftists are trying to do to our great country.


"Members of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administration are seen shoveling money out of a wagon with a billboard on the side declaring, "Depleting the resources of the soundest government in the world."

Check out what is being written by the little man in the lower left. This cartoon was drawn 75 years ago!

The above was originally posted by the author on his reader forum. It's being re-printed here with permission.

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