November 27, 2009

Al-Qaeda imam emailing Ft Hood killer was repeatedly arrested for soliciting prostitutes

I was reading some background info on Anwar Al-Aulaqi, the Yemeni-American Al-Qaeda cleric that was corresponding with Ft Hood killer Maj. Nidal Hasan, and remembered something curious I saw several years ago. It took me a while to track it down, but a 2004 article in US News and World Report on Al-Aulaqi provided this curious tidbit about the "imam":

The probe of the 9/11 attacks soon led Washington FBI agents back to San Diego, where they found that al-Awlaki had twice been busted for soliciting prostitutes in 1996 and 1997 but had avoided jail time. Al-Awlaki has previously described these charges as "bogus." But FBI agents hoped al-Awlaki might cooperate with the 9/11 probe if they could nab him on similar charges in Virginia. FBI sources say agents observed the imam allegedly taking Washington-area prostitutes into Virginia and contemplated using a federal statute usually reserved for nabbing pimps who transport prostitutes across state lines. But in March 2002, al-Awlaki abruptly left the country for Yemen. "When he left town, it was as if the air went out of the balloon," says one FBI source. Al-Awlaki briefly returned to the United States in October 2002, but federal authorities did not have sufficient cause to detain him, even though his name popped up on a terrorist "lookout" database. Now he's back in the Middle East, where FBI agents are said to be keeping their eyes on him.

That's right, just like Nidal Hasan frequenting strip clubs, the Al-Qaeda imam has a taste for infidel whores.

Just thought you should know.

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