November 25, 2009

Taliban Leader Wishes World Happy Eid; US Company Still Ilegally Helping Taliban

I had a long post on a new message from Taliban leader Mullah Omar wishing every one a happy Eid. That message was posted on the Taliban's official website, The Voice of Jihad. That website is registered by a proxy service run by the Portland, Oregon based Active Domains company.

But since my computer crashed and the post got lost this will have to do. I think you get the gist of it. It's illegal to help the Taliban. Yada yada yada. As if any one in our government cares anymore. Rough up a terrorist and it's, literally, a federal case. Actually aide and abed the enemy in a time of war and, heh, no big deal.

Here's the money quote from Mullah Omar. It sounds like it could have been written by any number of Leftist professors or "progressive" intellectuals:

You should not fall prey to the misleading assertions of your colonialist rulers as they call this war, a war of necessity. This is a farce weapon in the hands of your rulers under the colonialist pretext of fight against terrorism. Thus they want to throw dust into the eyes of people. It is the demand of your conscience and moral duty to raise your voice for the prevention of this savagery. ...

Fight against terrorism is an unjustified colonialist term fabricated by Pentagon and Washington. They want to colonize independent countries by using this proposition and bring under their belly natural riches and economic resources of these countries and trample on belief and religious traditions of these countries. [emphasis in original]

Right. All we want is Afghanistan's vast riches of, um, sand and dirt.

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