November 24, 2009

Why, Google Without Terrorist Propaganda is Like Whip Cream Without the Cherry!

Star has an excellent post about YouTube's continual aiding and abetting our enemies in a time of war.

Put up a video featuring TnA and it's down in minutes. Videos pushing al Qaeda's agenda? Eh, no big deal.

As a reminder the YouTube channel purporting to belong to the Taliban remains up. What have your complaints wrought? An adult content warning.

At one time I was considering helping get a lawsuit going against Google for their contribution to the deaths and maimings of Americans abroad and at home. That effort kind of fizzled out since I was trying to do it behind the scenes for fear of being outed.

No more. If you or your loved ones have been killed or injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in the recent Fort Hood shootings let me know. It's time to sue Google. They help spread the propaganda that inspires the jihadis, including Nidal Hasan.

Also, if you are in the military and may soon be deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq you also might have standing in such a lawsuit.

I'm serious about this. Email me at the contact link above and just ignore the snarky and condescending emailing instructions left my be.

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