November 20, 2009

Poll: Moderate, tolerant Turkish Muslims not so moderate or tolerant

Surely CAIR will immediately denounce the rampant infidelphobia!?

From Hürriyet Daily News (HT RoP):

Turkish people strongly identify themselves as religious and also regard religion as a source of tolerance. But when it comes to religious worship, a significant number are not as tolerant of people from other religions, concludes a survey released Tuesday...

The findings on tolerance toward religions are remarkable as well. Ninety percent of the Turkish population reported having a positive view toward Muslims, but this ratio dropped to 13 percent for Christians and around 10 percent for Jews. Those who said they have highly positive views about non-believers of any religion totaled 7 percent.

When it comes to accepting political candidates from different religions, 37 percent of Turks said they would absolutely not accept this and 12 percent said they would most likely not accept it. However, 23 percent said they would absolutely accept it and 24 percent say they would probably accept it. Eleven percent of Turks said people from different religions should absolutely be allowed to organize public meetings to express their ideas, while 24 percent said they should be allowed to do so.

Thirty-six percent said people from different religions absolutely should not be allowed to organize such meetings, while 23 percent said they should not be allowed to do so.

Of course the exclusion of non-Muslims from high-ranking positions of government is standard Islamic law, and there is no freedom of speech or religion is Islam for non-Muslims both doctrinally or practically.

So why not let them into the EU?

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