November 19, 2009

Yemen: Child Refugees Starving to Death at "Alarming Levels"

I'm speechless. These kids are IN the UN camp, and there's not enough food or medicine apparently to save them. Imagine the thousands of families sheltering outside the camps without any support whatsoever. They must be starving to death rapidly. More than half of Yemeni kids are stunted from malnutrition on a good day. Those in the war zone and suffering the Yemeni government's blockade on food are extremely vulnerable. This article from the Yemen Times also has a good wrap up of Saudi troops fighting on Yemeni soil and the Saudi fatwa on the Yemeni rebels.

Yemen Times SA’ADA, Nov. 18 — Yemeni and Saudi forces continue their ground and aerial strikes against Houthi strongholds in the districts of Malahidh, Shada, Razih, Maqash, Hassana, and nearby villages. Houthis said that the Saudi army launches airstrikes and rockets while the Yemeni army fires mortar shelling and Katyusah missiles, plus intensive air raids on villages and farmlands stretching over 60km along the Yemeni-Saudi border. A Saudi official source said their troops used F-15 and Tornado jets, Apache fighters and heavy mortars in attacking Houthi hideouts.

Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz said on Monday that the kingdom’s territory were cleared of Houthis, and clashes between Houthis and Saudi troops are taking place on Yemeni soil...

UNICEF voiced deep concern at the escalation of the conflict in north Yemen, where the United Nations now says 175,000 people have been displaced by the fighting. More than 15,000 are staying in al-Mazraq camp in Hajjah province, the population of which has doubled in the past month, according to Kaag.

"Deaths have been recorded among children in the camp as malnutrition, already a chronic problem in Yemen, is reaching alarming levels," she noted. “More than 600 children in the camp are being treated for severe acute malnutrition.”

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