November 19, 2009

How Sweet: Indicted Terrorist Writes Known NYC Terror Supporter a Love Letter

Tarek Mehanna, a man who has helped al Qaeda'a media wing in the past and who is currently under indictment on terror related charges, writes Joseph "Yousef al-Khattab" Cohen a love letter from jail.

In it he claims that he's innocent and that jail sucks. Shocking revelations on both counts.

As to the former point, there's an interesting conversation between Mehanna and an online associate that the AG's office released in a proffer document against bail. In it, he suggests that his parents suspected that he was up to something and that it was essential that they didn't find out about his activities in furthering al Qaeda's propaganda wing.

So besides the normal incentive to avoid federal-pound-me-in-the-ass prison, there's also a shame factor here.

As to the latter point about jail being a not so nice place -- ha!

Oh, and Tarek: Watch out for the cornhole buddy.

UPDATE: Ron Mossad wonders why we allow people like Joey to preach his vile hatred? I don't think that vile hate speech should be outlawed. What I do think is that in a time of war -- which our betters on the Left and at the Justice Department seem to have forgotten -- speech in support of our enemies is called sedition and that should be a crime.

PS to Tarek-- the next time Joey comes to visit, make sure he brings some of this. It might come in handy.

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