November 17, 2009

Hasan Friend Was Jihad Enthusiast, Linked to NY City Radical Muslim (Hasan also Linked?)[UPDATE: Blotter gets it wrong and so do we?}[UPDATE #2, will the real ooklepookle please stand up.. ]

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This post was premised on the idea that The Blotter correctly identifies that YouTube account with Hasan's friend Duane Reasoner. That account does belong to a Muslim, but one thing that seems off is that several videos which appear to show "ooklepookle" rambling semi-incoherently show someone that seems much older than 18 years old. He may live with his parents, but I doubt very much that he's 18.

Also, we have audio of "Duane Reasoner, Jr." here. The voice does not match the voice of "ooklepookle".

I'm not going pull the entire post yet, but there's something wrong with the Blotter's facts which have seriously screwed up our research. Keep that in mind as you read on. Let me know where the Blotter got it wrong. Is it just the YouTube "ooklepookle" that isn't Duane, or is it all of their links?

Blotter is usually so good with their info, so this is kind of a let down. Especially since I may have to offer a scumbag like Cohen an apology!!

That, and the fact that I just spent the last three hours of my life on this.

Seriously, I could use some help figuring out what went wrong here. Are there two "ooklepookles" and the Blotter, and therefore we, just assumed the two users with the same nickname were the same guy?

PS - Oh, and the Blotter article has a lot of quotes from Jarret. He didn't even know they published it. He was just used as an expert and didn't have any knowledge of the link they were making between Duane and "ooklepookle".

Update #2 by Stable Hand: It appears the blotter could have made a mistake by trying to compare two different ooklepookles. By searching it appears the apparent real ooklepookle (Duane Reasoner) is 18 years old and is from Copperas Cove, TX which is part of the Kileen, Temple, and Fort Hood Metropolitan area according to wiki.

Ooklepookle #2 appears to be Duane Edwards who goes by the same handle. His Myspace site says he is 32 yrs old and is also from Texas.
UPDATE 3 by Stable Hand..After further research they are both the same Duane,apparently he changed his profile including removing his pix. The YouTube, as Rusty noted, is the wrong ooklepookle.

The question remains, have both been in contact with Joey?

I've received several emails about this ABC story on Nidal Hasan's friend, frequent dining companion, and protege Duane Reasoner, Jr. According to that report one of Reasoner's online handles was "ooklepookle".

I had already written about some of this, but thought it deserved it's own post.

While the Blotter story does tell us that Reasoner had at least one online conversation via YouTube with someone using the "IslamicRevolutionTV" account, what it doesn't tell you is that "IslamicRevolutionTV" is run by New York City's Joseph "Youssef al-Khattab" Cohen. Cohen's voice can be clearly heard in this video posted by IslamicRevolutionTV here.

The profile page for IslamicRevolutionTV also links to Cohen's Revolution Muslim website.


From the Blotter with my comments in the brackets:

On August 1, 2009, in response to a video that was posted on YouTube by user IslamicRevolution TV [Cohen's channel], "ooklepookle" [Duane Reasoner's YouTube handle] posted the comment, "Ya Abdullah do you have any vids on martyrdom operations or the ruling on them." The user [Cohen] answered, "No I don't but look around online on the Jihadi blogs."
So, the convert Hasan took under his wings "knew" [in the internet sense of the word] Cohen. It kind of makes you wonder if Hasan himself was aware of Cohen's work at Revoloution Muslim and to what extent did the propaganda he and others produced influence Hasan's decision to murder his fellow soldiers?

Reasoner also subscribes to Cohen's personal "Revolution Muslim" channel [see subscriptions here] and to YouTube account the boys at Revolution Muslims run for exiled Shiekh Abdullah al-Faisal [see subscriptions here].

Reasoner also added Cohen as a "friend" on his JustinTV page (see image at top of post).

I think it is fair to say Reasoner traveled in the same online circles as Cohen. It would therefore not be shocking to learn that so did Hasan.

In fact, there is evidence that Hasan also followed Cohen's website.

While doing a search for "ooklepookle" Howie came across his name as a registered user on Cohen's website on a Google cache page of it. It seems that the "robot" that snaps pictures of websites for Google just happened to take the image at the exact moment that "ooklepookle" was online.


At first this seemed to be the most significant piece of information from that Google cache page. Hasan's friend was a registered user at Cohen's website. It also appears Cohen is trying to purge the site of Reasoner's tracks.

Until you look closer at the post. The post is actually a comment by "Slave of Allah". Which is what Hasan had printed on his own business cards --- "SoA".

It's a generic enough name, but appearing on the same web page as a known friend of Nidal Hasan? That would be quite the coincidence, indeed.

The one thing working against this theory is that the "Slave of Allah" posting here identifies himself as a "revert" -- which is what Muslims call converts. However, I know of many times when those who were born into a Muslim family, strayed, and then "found the truth" also called themselves revert.

In any event, if this is not Hasan we do have proof positive that his friend Duane Reasoner was definitely a fan of Khattab's Revolution Muslim website and his YouTube propaganda videos.

Another example is here.

The Blotter article also mentions another YouTube user that Reasoner subscribed to:

On another unknown date Reasoner became a subscriber to the YouTube channel of a YouTube user named Sahab929 who posted videos of al-Qaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. "Sahab" is the name of the media company that produces al-Qaeda's videos and, said Brachman, might be adopted as a user name by a fan or supporter of jihad.
We actually posted this morning about the notorious Sahab929 with the good news that his site had been owned by the YouTube smackdown team. We had no idea that Reasoner was a fan at the time.

And what of his other online activities?

Well, like his mentor Nidal Hasan we learn that Reasoner was once supportive of President Obama. His photobucket account show a mixture of terror symbols, such as these Hamas and Hizbollah symbols ....

... and several campaign images for Barack Obama.

Other images, though, show that Reader, like his mentor Hasan, may have become disillusioned with Obama. For instance, this image of the President:

Or this image of the White House with Osama bin Laden over it:

The point of all this is that jihadis do not exist in a vacuum on their own. They feed off each other, giving each other support, send each other propaganda which reinforces their radicalism, and they egg each other on to transition from what Jarret Brachman calls "jihobbyist" to becoming terrorists.

As I said earlier, Cohen is certainly no Abdullah Azzam. Hell, he's not even a Samir Khan or a Adam Gadahn. He's more like the Paris Hilton of the eHadi world. A publicity whore with little to no talent.

But nevertheless the narrative pushed by those involved in the media jihad is dangerous in that it reinforces the agenda of al Qaeda and other violent Islamist groups. I can't begin to tell you how many mushy headed students actually admire Paris Hilton. Cohen, I'm sure, has a following of his own.

That following included one of Nidal Hasan's freinds, and may very well have included Hasan himself.

Certainly by his own self admission he's rubbed shoulders with plenty of indicted or convicted would-be terrorists. Smoke is not always accompanied by fire, and there's no indication that Cohen has the balls to do that which he praises in others. But the narrative which he pushes is dangerous. And inasmuch as a certain percentage of morons look up to him, then he needs to be stopped.

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