November 17, 2009

Having Spent the Morning Laughing at Islamotard from NY, We Now Turn Our Attention to Asking you to Refrain from Kicking His Ass!

First, he made you laugh. Now here's Joseph "Yousef al Khattab" Cohen dressed as Hamas TV's "Farfour" the mouse. Farfour is usually seen in the Gaza strip urging young Palestinians to murder Zionists. Or was. Before those devious and wily Jews murdered him!

In this "episode" of what is sure to become a staple for Cohen, "Farfour" lectures us on why Nidal Hasan was morally justified in killing so many and how he is not a "terrorist" since his victims at Fort Hood were uniformed members of the armed forces.

Fair enough, Farfour. If that's how you want to define the word then maybe Hasan wasn't a "terrorist". But he certainly meets every definition of the word "traitor".

Here's what "Farfur" says about Hasan's attack against his fellow Americans and fellow soldiers at Fort Hood:

Last week a Muslim [Hasan] made a decision...

He weighed the issues....

He [Hasan] had truth and he had falsehood [motioning "on one hand" and on "the other hand"].

He [Hasan] said to himself "Self, should I go overseas and become a kafir or should I die a Muslim."

That's probably what was in his mind. Any way he decided to die a Muslim.

It didn't work out that way, but do you guys watch boxing? The bottom line was 13 knockouts, like 38 TKOs, and zero losses!

Wow, I think I learned something about the fighting words defense somewhere along the way. But please, do no violence to Cohen. It would be a shame to turn the 'tard into a martyr.

FDR would have called his words sedition, but today we call it free speech.

In fact, I would argue that Cohen and his fellows involved in the online jihad are doing far worse than, say, Lynne Stewart. Smuggling messages from family members to terrorists by an officer of the court is bad, yes. But inciting others to acts of terrorism is far worse. Which is exactly what Anwar al-Awlaki did with Hasan, and what Cohen and others continue to do online. In fact, I look forward to finding out just which online forum Hasan was active on and what American eHadis he was in contact with. Surely these people have some culpibility?

Here's the video.

Here's a parting shot from Hitchens in response to underlying logic of Cohen's justification of Hasan: that America is at war against Islam.

his overwhelming and reiterated objection to the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, and al-Qaida in Iraq, is that it is "a war on Islam." It might be worth noting that this means that the Taliban does represent Islam, whereas the current governments of Iraq and Afghanistan somehow do nota core belief of the Islamic purists who use the dogma of takfir to excommunicate such Muslims and render them liable, along with many other kind of infidel, to holy slaughter.

One more parting thought, and this to my colleague Jarret Brachman who commented on this video that Cohen's own foolishness is commentary enough.

Maybe. Cohen is certainly no Abdullah Azzam. Hell, he's not even a Samir Khan or a Adam Gadahn. He's more like the Paris Hilton of the eHadi world. A publicity whore with little to no talent.

But nevertheless the narrative pushed by those involved in the media jihad is dangerous in that it reinforces the agenda of al Qaeda and other violent Islamist groups. I can't begin to tell you how many mushy headed students actually admire Paris Hilton. Cohen, I'm sure, has a following of his own.

Certainly by his own self admission he's rubbed shoulders with plenty of indicted or convicted would-be terrorists. Smoke is not always accompanied by fire, and there's no indication that Cohen has the balls to do that which he praises in others. But the narrative which he pushes is dangerous. And inasmuch as a certain percentage of morons look up to him, then he needs to be stopped.

CRITICAL UPDATE: This stuff below was premised on the idea that The Blotter correctly identifies that YouTube account with Hasan's friend Duane Reasoner. That account does belong to a Muslim, but one thing that seems off is that several videos which appear to show "ooklepookle" rambling semi-incoherently show someone that seems much older than 18 years old. He may live with his parents, but I doubt very much that he's 18.

Also, we have audio of "Duane Reasoner, Jr." here. The voice does not match the voice of "ooklepookle".

I'm not going pull the entire post yet, but there's something wrong with the Blotter's facts which have seriously screwed up our research. Keep that in mind as you read on. Let me know where the Blotter got it wrong. Is it just the YouTube "ooklepookle" that isn't Duane, or is it all of their links?

UPDATE: Step away from the office for a few hours and the world changes!

I've received several emails about this ABC story on Nidal Hasan's young protege, Duane Reasoner Jr. I plan to have an independent post up about his online activities in the next hour or so but here's a key bit of information that I think a lot people are going to overlook. My comments are in brackets:

On August 1, 2009, in response to a video that was posted on YouTube by user IslamicRevolution TV [That would be Joey Cohen's channel, as shown in the above video], "ooklepookle" [Duane Reasoner's YouTube handle] posted the comment, "Ya Abdullah do you have any vids on martyrdom operations or the ruling on them." The user [Cohen] answered, "No I don't but look around online on the Jihadi blogs."
So, the convert Hasan took under his wings "knew" [in the internet sense of the word] Cohen. It kind of makes you wonder if Hasan himself was aware of Cohen's work at Revoloution Muslim and to what extent did the propaganda he and others produced influence Hasan's decision to murder his fellow soldiers?

UPDATE: Reasoner also subscribes to Cohen's personal "Revolution Muslim" channel [see subscriptions here] and to YouTube account the boys at Revolution Muslims run for exiled Shiekh Abdullah al-Faisal [see subscriptions here].

I think it is fair to say Reasoner traveled in the same online circles as Cohen. It would therefore not be shocking to learn that so did Hasan.

UPDATE: Clearest evidence


Thanks to Stable Hand and Howie.

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