November 17, 2009

Should Congress Investigate Hasan?

Part of me says yes for the reasons given by Ed Morrisey -- namely that Congress has a duty to find out on what grounds Hasan was declared "not dangerous" by someone in the FBI; why information that he was communicating with a known terrorist was not passed on to the military; and why the military ignored all of its own red flags that Hasan held extremist views antithetical to core American values.

But another part of me says no. It may be a false choice, but if I had to choose between the military and the FBI on one side and Congress on the other side in investigating systemic failures then the choice seems obvious.

It seems to me that if some sort of PC concern about Islamophobia is at the root of the failure to oust Hasan from the military then let us lay blame square where it belongs: with the politicians in Congress who no doubt wish to point fingers elsewhere.

If there has been pressure in the past on the FBI and the military to treat Muslims who act in a suspicious manner with kid gloves for fear of alienating "the community" then I would propose that much of this pressure has come from the same Congressional Democrats who will be in charge of investigating the Fort Hood atrocity.

Let Congress summon the ACLU, CAIR, the ISNA, and other "civil rights" organizations that make a living off of screaming Islamophobia whenever another Islamist is tied to terror.

Do that, and maybe I'll be less conflicted.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:22 PM | Comments |