November 17, 2009

What if an American Was the Next Khalid Shiekh Mohammad? (UPDATED)

My latest article for PJM "U.S. Now Exports Terror: American Linked to Mumbai Attack". It ties together several posts I've written here on the potential involvement of a Chicago area man in India's 9/11 -- the Mumbai terror attacks.

Here's a teaser:

Since the 9/11 attacks, conventional wisdom has held that acts of terror on U.S. soil would most likely come from abroad. Much time and effort has been spent on beefing up border security to make sure the next Mohammad Atta never reaches the homeland. Yet the massacre at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Hasan underscored what has long been known in counterterrorism circles: Muslims born and raised in the U.S. might become radicalized and perpetrate acts of terror here at home, and more resources need to be directed inward.

Now, a string of arrests by the FBI over the past year has raised awareness of a new phenomenon: there exist Americans who wish to commit acts of terror abroad....

Late last month, two arrests in Chicago seemed to confirm a pattern of American citizens wishing to engage in acts of terror abroad but failing. But new reports from India indicate that at least one of the two arrested may have been involved in planning the coordinated attacks in Mumbai last year. Those attacks killed 173 people and have been described as India’s 9/11.

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I'm really at a loss as to why this isn't front page news here in the US. An American possibly involved in the planning stages of the worst terror attack in India in recent history? It's all over the Indian press but somehow our superiors in the MSM --- and even most bloggers --- have chosen to ignore this. In my mind it's a big deal.

Especially given that the first Mumbai attacks, several years before the one last year, were blamed by the Indian government on me. Yes, yours truly was fingered as inciting Muslims. My fault for printing not-so-flattering images of Muhammad and the Koran, you see. Muslims are like children not responsible for their own actions.

Well, it seems that India was right on one account: an American may have been to blame and I'm glad their general attitude has changed towards blaming terrorists rather than towards those that mock them.

Like I said, pass this along.

UPDATE: It looks like the Canadian press is begining to pick up on the connection between Tahawar Rana -- a Canadian citizen -- and the Mumbai massacre. CTV had this report: [Had to move the video below the fold. Scroll down to see it. Sorry.]

And the Canadian Prime Minister toured Mumbai yesterday, including the Chabad house. Seven people were murdered there during the Mumbai attacks. Four months prior to the attacks Rana's accomplice, Chicago's Daood "David Headley" Gilani cased out the Chabad house claiming that he was Jewish and in need of a place to stay.

Thanks to Writer Mom and Square Mile Wife.

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