November 16, 2009

Worth Another Post: Fort Hood Terrorist Frequented Strip Club

Yeah, I know we already mentioned that Nidal Hasan was a frequent visitor to strip clubs, but it's worth an additional post on two fronts.

First, because it gives me yet another excuse to post an image of Omar Bakri Mohammad's stripper daughter. No, it never gets old. Especially since we know that many followers of the now exiled British cleric frequent our site.

Second, to point out that there is not necessarily a contradiction between devout Muslim terrorist and strip club goer. Those within the jihadi community often forgive themselves their sexual predilections based on the notion that the weight of whatever act of terror they are about to engage in will somehow wipe out the relatively minor acts of sin.

What's a lap dance compared to the killing of X number of infidels?

Bonus reason: strippers and guns.


The girls at the strip club Starz remembered Major Hasan well. He visited Starz, which features fully nude dancers, at least three times. According to Jennifer Jenner, one of the dancers at the club, he bought two $50 lap dances from her and one from another dancer. The devout Muslim brought his own beer and did not hesitate to pay the $50 cost for each lap dance.

Right next door to the strip club is the gun store, Guns Galore, where authorities say Hasan bought his semi-automatic pistol and bullets and in the weeks before the shooting, 13 extra ammunition clips that could hold up to 30 bullets each.

Thanks to Natalia.

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