November 13, 2009

Feds Offered Mehanna Chance to Flip Prior to Arrest

This is the guy who tried to receive terrorist training in Yemen among other places but was rejected. The big revelation today is that the Freds tried to flip him. Isn't that standard procedure for the FBI in Mafia and corruption cases? They use the little fish to get the bigger fish (or at least they do on TV). So what's the big deal?

AP: A Massachusetts man accused of plotting to kill Americans was portrayed by federal prosecutors Thursday as a jihadist who is too dangerous to be released on bail, but the man's lawyer said he was charged only after he refused to become an FBI informant against Muslims. (ed- Muslims or jihaddists?)

Tarek Mehanna, 27, of Sudbury, was arrested a year ago and charged with lying to the FBI. New, more serious charges were added last month, when Mehanna was accused of conspiring with two other men to shoot shoppers at U.S. malls, to kill two unnamed prominent U.S. politicians and to kill American soldiers in Iraq....

(His lawyer) Carney said the FBI twice approached Mehanna in 2007 and urged him "to become a cooperating informant against individuals in the Muslim community."

Carney said FBI agents made a third attempt in 2008, when they spoke with him about charging him with lying in 2006 about the whereabouts of Daniel Maldonado, who is now serving a 10-year prison sentence for training with al-Qaida to overthrow the Somali government. The FBI "said he would be charged with a crime if he did not cooperate," Carney said.

I'm not having a problem with that.

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