November 06, 2009

Obama Can't Tell Difference Between Congressional Medal of Honor and Congressional Gold Medal

The person President Obama gave a "shout-out" to in his banter before his "address" to the nation regarding the Ft. Hood attack yesterday was Joe Medicine Crow.

Obama wanted to thank that "Congressional Medal of Honor winner" for showing up at the very important, very vital conference Obama was attending (skip to 0:56).

Only one problem -Joe Medicine Crow didn't receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. He won the Presidential Medal of Freedom (given to him by Obama, no less) and the Congressional Gold Medal.

In other words, Obama doesn't know the difference between a Congressional Gold Medal and the Congressional Medal of Honor (the highest award a member of the military can receive).

Your President, Obamacrats. So subtle. So smooth. So suave. So sensitive. So intelligent. The best ever.

F A I L.

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