November 05, 2009

NY Muslim: "Get Well Soon Major Nidal We Love You"

New York's own Joseph "Yousef al-Khattab" Cohen, who's buddy wished my wife a slow painful death today, couldn't help but praise the Muslim terrorist who murdered 12 Americans today:

Major Nidal Hasan M.D.

An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a preemptive* attack.

Get Well Soon Major Nidal

We Love You

*as opposed to a USA's"Preventive War"(aka war crimes)

Clearly, Khattab wants his ass kicked. But regardless of Joey's sedition and treason, I've got to admit that he at least gets it: Hasan may have had mental issues but jihad seems to have been a motivation.

Crazy and motivated by jihad ideology are not mutually exclusive categories.

If Hasan's online statements in support of jihad are verified as coming from him, then clearly this was an act of individual terror. And as such Khattab is right to consider himself on the same side as the traitor.

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