November 05, 2009

Terror at Ft. Hood: 7 9 12 Dead, 31 Injured, Major Nidal Malik Hasan Wounded And In Custody

There has been a reported shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas. Up to seven 9 12 dead with another 12 20 30 confirmed wounded. Initial reports are conflicting, but they say that there were two to three shooters, and that one is still on the loose.

At least one captured. The shooters were said to be wearing military style camouflage.

No reports of any jihad relationship. Initial thoughts agree with AllahP and are that the plot is similar to that of the disrupted Fort Dix Jihad. But in 1997 a white supremacist group also plotted an attack on Fort Hood in order to rid it of it's "UN presence". So, go with either scenario. If you hear anything on who is behind the attack, please email or drop a comment below.


UPDATE by Jane: Early reports indicate two persons in military fatigues murdered seven today at Fort Hood in Texas. One shooter in custody and the other may be holed up. There may be a third shooter on the loose. Twelve were injured. Fort Hood is the largest US military installation in the world.

MSNBC: At least seven people are dead and 12 wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, the base's public affairs office told NBC News on Thursday...The base was reportedly on lockdown.

Fort Hood is adjacent to Killeen, and 60 miles northeast of Austin. The sprawling complex is home to at least 4,929 active duty officers and 45,414 enlisted. Civilian employees total nearly 9,000.

UPDATE by Howie: Breaking news here.

UPDATE by Rusty: Fort Hood's website is down.

UPDATE by Rusty: From the local ABC affiliate:

We've learned an incident has taken place at the sports dome, now known as the soldier readiness area.
Also, all local schools in Killeen on lockdown.

UPDATE: Tom Elia reporting that "shooting started at the House Theater and then moved to an athletic complex."

Also, unconfirmed rumors that Pentagon is already calling a terror attack.

UPDATE: Via Newbie, HLN reporting that one suspect "neutralized". One suspect "detained". One on the loose.

UPDATE by Kyros: the detained suspect apparently wore a military uniform with a rank of Major

UPDATE: Feds tell Fox News there is no terrorism nexus, meaning theres no direct link immediately available.

Update by Kyros: MSNBC is reporting one shooter, who apparently was a Major with an "Arabic" sounding name, was killed.

Update By Howie: One of the shooters is identified as Major Malik Nadal Hasan. Hes' dead, two more in custody.

Update by Kyros: URGENT need of ALL blood types at Scott & White Memorial Hospital which is receiving several gunshot victims from Fort Hood.

Update by Vinnie: 12 dead, 31 wounded.

Update by Kyros: Major Malik Nadal Hasan was a MD. Psychiatrist according to CBS News

Video of President Obama giving a 'shout out' to an audience member before addressing the tragedy at Ft. Hood.

[Update 6:45PM EDT by Mike Pechar] Pic of Major Hasan from here.

Nidal Malik Hasan.jpg

Update by Jane: FOX reports that Major Hasan received a poor performance rating while serving at Water Reed. Fox also interviewed Col Terry Lee (ret) who met Major Hassan during a conference and said he heard Hassan say that Muslims should "stand up to the aggressor." There was an investigation of Hassan's remarks, Col. Lee said

“They were telling him that one guy was shouting something in Arabic while he was shooting,”

Our amazing soldiers: AP: Greg Schanepp (U.S. Rep. John Carter's regional director in Texas) was at the ceremony when a soldier who had been shot in the back came running toward him and alerted him of the shooting, Stone said. The soldier told Schanepp not to go in the direction of the shooter, he said.

Fox News reporting the two suspects were released and another was brought in for questioning.

Update 8:42 ET by Rusty via iPhone: One other man now in custody, possibly an accomplice. Reports that a lone gunman behind this using only handguns - presumably a pair of 1911 Colts - doesn't seem to mesh with a dozen killed. Eye witnesses report automatic gunfire, which may have been return fire but would mak a lot more sense if it was Hasan or an accomplice given the number of killed/wounded.

Also, CNN says that Hasan was under investigation for Internet postings in which he talked of suicide bombings.

Update 8:20 pm by Vinnie: Press conference at Fort Hood. Hasan is not dead. He was wounded, and is in custody. He is also believed now to be the only shooter.

Update 9:50 by Barbarossa: AP article states that Army was aware of Hasan's statement in support of Islamic suicide bombings, but that there was no investigation pending.

Doug Ross found the original postings to Hasan's scribd profile:

There was a grenade thrown amongs [sic] a group of American soldiers. One of the soldiers, feeling that it was to late for everyone to flee jumped on the grave with the intention of saving his comrades. Indeed he saved them. He inentionally [sic] took his life (suicide) for a noble cause i.e. saving the lives of his soldier. To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate. Its more appropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause. Scholars have paralled [sic] this to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers. If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory. Their intention is not to die because of some despair. The same can be said for the Kamikazees [sic] in Japan. They died (via crashing their planes into ships) to kill the enemies for the homeland. You can call them crazy i [sic] you want but their act was not one of suicide that is despised by Islam. So the scholars main point is that "IT SEEMS AS THOUGH YOUR INTENTION IS THE MAIN ISSUE" and Allah (SWT) knows best.

Army confirms that Hasan is not dead.

Update 9:57 by Barbarossa: Interview with Fox News of former co-worker explains his repeated statements supporting the Little Rock Recruiting Station shooting back in June and other views in support of Islamic violence.

Ubiquitous condemnation by CAIR. Press release warning of "backlash" forthcoming no doubt.

“We condemn this cowardly attack in the strongest terms possible and ask that the perpetrators be punished to the full extent of the law. No religious or political ideology could ever justify or excuse such wanton and indiscriminate violence. The attack was particularly heinous in that it targeted the all-volunteer army that protects our nation. American Muslims stand with our fellow citizens in offering both prayers for the victims and sincere condolences to the families of those killed or injured.”

Bullshit there's no religious or political ideology that would justify such attack. It's the very ideology pushed by CAIR and its allies. What a bunch of pussies that they can't accept the consequences of their own ideology. Brave warriors of jihad indeed.

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